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Jack Douglas

Jack Douglas is an American record producer. He was born in New York City. Starting out as folk musician and performer, he worked on Robert Kennedy's senatorial campaign as a song-writer.

John Lennon Toby Turner Barbara Windsor Cheap Trick Kenneth Connor Steven Tyler Jim Dale Bernard Cribbins New York Dolls Alice Cooper Rick Dufay Bernard Bresslaw Joe Perry

You have no idea. Fredrick Douglas was a ship builder. Many slaves were highly skill…
Beautiful Polish, Japanese and Hungarian posters for The China Syndrome (11am) with Jane Fonda, Michael Douglas and…
Travis King and Sacreea Douglas wedding video going viral with over 3.2 million views so far. Great words for...
Shakira, Rafael Nadal, Michael Douglas, Jack Nicklaus and Ferran Adrià come together for a good cause
United Airlines Flight 629, a Douglas DC-6 B, is bombed by Jack Gilbert Graham over Longmont, Colorado; all 44 on b…
Another Happy Halloween pic with our Jack Skelington 🎃🎃🎃 from
Meet Douglas. His costume is a dinosaur hug. An experiment in perception. Scary on the outside, gentle on the inside. 13/10…
The Scrubs playlist on spotify is 🔥 but with no disrespect, shouldn't it have the OG Carl Douglas Kung Fu Fighting,…
Its the nickname for the Jack Douglas pub next door!
The VK9MA crew depart from Port Douglas today at 5 PM (local time) on their way to Mellish Reef.
Michael Fallon: Looking sad discovering he finished last in a Jack Douglas lookalike competition. https…
This is what the human Liz said. Jack wouldn't hurt a fly. And he is too lazy to get up just because I enter the room!
What goes to the whips office stays in the whips office: via
Jack Douglas Puppers: youngest forensic intern on the force, 3rd year at Durham. Jack, afraid…
Jack's human had said he was old and lazy and probably wouldn't even notice me there. But I didn't beli…
Stud 27yo with Slender body, Average *** Brown eyes and Brown hair.
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Put a union jack after your name as well while you're at it 🇬🇧
BOL. I was visiting a place with a big old Newfoundland dog. I was too afraid to enter the room. Jack w…
Douglas having a Jack Johns of a day today
She sounds like Jack Douglas from the Carry On films.
Stud 27yo with Slender body, Average *** and Brown hair.
Britain is caught in a storm. We shall need to make the best of things | Ian Jack
Who has “dotted the I”? People like Jack Nicklaus, Bob Hope, John Glenn, and...Buster Douglas.
I love them all, the only ones I don't think match the others are Jack Douglas and the overrated Barbara Windsor.
Oh come on, Jonathan, get your specs on - that's clearly Kenneth Connor on the left of her maj and Jack Douglas on the right.
Carry on legends: Terry Scott, Bernard Bresslaw, Barbara Windsor, Jack Douglas, and Jim Dale. 2 of 2
Legendary producer Jack Douglas just got himself a Micro-VR stack and sent us a bass rig selfie to celebrate!
49 years ago today.Co-hosts Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, Jack Douglas & Reiko, Marilyn Maye and Mike Minor on 'The Mike Douglas Show.'
Jack Douglas identifies the Palace of Westminster as Norman Lear's house
originally frankojock then later about 5 name changes  and has jack douglas style fits when he sees the initials...
Very happy to see my great friend Warren Huart sharing his thoughts and in special what the genius Jack Douglas...
Ooof. Expect a run on remaining iPhone 6 and 6s by mobile filmmakers, because with the removal of a 3.5mm jack...
I'll never let go Jack. I'll never let go.
KYS if you're jack Douglas. Drink bleach if you know jack. Claim reward if you've killed jack. JK love your videos mate.
YIAYroses . Roses are red . Violets are blue . I like Jack Douglas . Now for some voodoo
Roses are red. Violets are blue. I'm super *** And Jack Douglas is too.
remember when Michael Douglas claimed he got throat cancer from eating fanny
"the book Till We Have Faces especially...which I think is probably one of Jack’s finest-ever work in any genre." - Douglas Gresham - amen!
It must be good to be Michael Douglas! LOL!
I feel so honored to have been in the same room as Jack Douglas (Grammy winning producer) whose worked w/John Lennon, Aerosmith, Chuck Berry
Nice-- see Douglas Grant in there a member at San Francisco and designed Pebble Beach with Jack Neville
Rockin' 7-11 Saturday night 97.9 fm Douglas Ga with Jack Martin after...
Jack Douglas, Mommy, and Daddy have finally made it home from the hospital. Time to figure out what life is going t…
Here's a fantastic little interview . with Jack Douglas..about his time. working with John Lennon.
Jack Douglas & Lewis Shand from equal course record of 67 in the Dalswinton Trophy. Lewis Shand holed his tee shot on 14.
Panic in the Streets (1950) dir by Elia Kazan. Starring Richard Widmark, Paul Douglas, Zero Mostel and Jack Palance.
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Kaneland's Jack Douglas throws four touchdown passes in win over Geneva
Munster Champions Cup Result. Douglas Hall 1 Carrick 3. Carrick progess to last 8 after goals from Ian Clery, Jack Walsh and Stephen Kerwick
I'm listening to "Pure Imagination" by Douglas Hodge, Jack Costello on
Kinda tempted to start a Bring back Tommy Douglas (or Jack Layton) campaign and see how many more likes I could get.
I don't get to read a ton of books these days, but I did get to read The Yeti (by Rick Chesler and Jack Douglas)...
Gen Jack Keane, Chairman of the Institute for the Study of War: "ISIS is a thriving organization."
Good to see athletes in the cross country rankings. Jack Douglas, Rebecca Murray, Tia Wilson, Steve Naylor
"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will." -- Frederick Douglas. Vote Bernie
I don't look like Will Self though. I'm somewhere between Sgt Bilko and Jack Douglas, post piemagedon.
Jack treating me to a maccies up Douglas head for valentines so spoilt
Can't wait to see jack o'Connell and Douglas booth on my television later 😍
I fond jack wheres suki and douglas
CCF party was a joke, Fred Rose, Tommy Douglas hence then became the NDP. Jack Layton was only leader that they had that I ever respected.
Celebrate with some of the best couples, like Jack & Ianto https…
this is jack Douglas everyone, he will be the next republican candidate for 2020, he likes to molest puppies and steal children
The third album of The Knack’s original run was Round Trip. Produced by Jack Douglas, it was marked departure...
Hanging out with one of the greatest record producers EVER -- Jack Douglas, AKA
Well done to Jack Douglas. 3rd at the Merseyside Open men's foil today.
1,229 Arabs at New Douglas Park today. What an effort! Safe journey home.
dude should call his Michael Douglas impression his jack Nicholson impression instead
Celebrate with a fine couple. Jack & Ianto from
Jack and Jack performing How We Livin tonight in Denver, Colorado!
..yeh,y'kno how I did a top4 greatest actors of all time on here.yeh,it was 1.robert de niro 2.jack nicholson 3.michael douglas pacino.
I added a video to a playlist Jack Douglas Dallys Models
I have Basil Brush in my mind now. Boom boom way hey or Jack Douglas maybe?
We all threw paper airplanes during flights & jack and jack were smiling so big
JACK DOUGLAS with the Original Cast COLUMBIA CL 1557 six eye label PROMO DEMO
Sooo Jack G & I want to call with one of YOU for V-day! Enter our sweeps: 
One of the greatest upsets in sports history ... 26 years ago today.
I've trapped a nerve in my back just sneezed did a fabulous Jack Douglas impression and nearly passed out. You're welcome
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Studying the discography of the great Jack Douglas Produce Like A Pro
The Rossoneri stepped-up preparations for today. Niang, Calabria and Jack trained apart from the group.
Charles Barkley, after Tyson lost to Douglas 26 years ago today (1991): "For $5M, Tyson can beat the heck out of me & I'd…
Freedom & tyranny;: Social problems in a technological society by Jack D Douglas
KISS' Gene Simmons with Jack In The Box employees Mike Douglas and Cher in March 1979.
Hi Douglas. I hope you have a healthy, wealthy and fulfilling week. Don't forget to smile and laugh. -Jack
When you have a bad practice, don’t let that leak into the next practice. – Mike Douglas.
From Jack Douglas producer and engineer for two of my all time favorite bands Aerosmith Cheap Trick. a wonderful...
Can't wait to have a collection of Jack and Jack albums someday in the future
Seriously This is out of hand, ... Good people like ➡are being targeted. https:/…
with respect : you sound like Jack Douglas !
¡ Thank you very much great Mr. Jack Douglas and great Mr. Warren Huart !. / ¡ Muchas gracias geniales ... !.
Just catching up on last nights threads. Would love to find some old clips of Jack Douglas on the Jack Paar show. Two funny guys.
According to Viz, it was former Carry On actor Jack Douglas
Great piece by in today's Why are the Gulf states bankrolling IS barbarians?
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Jackie Kennedy’s dad was nicknamed “Black Jack”. Yeah, no way he was connected to the mob SMH.
Jack Jacobs is a PAID military industrial complex SHILL ! Why is he on your show ? Is McDonnell-Douglas a sponsor ?
Jack Gilinsky My dream is for you to say: "I love you Douglas" Can you please make my dream come true?
If you're Jack Gilinsky thank you for always put a smile on my face, I'm happy to say I'm here to support you cuz you makes…
if you're Jack Gilinsky I want you to know that I exist (-:
for a DM to.. LOX. Shawn. Ethan. Nash. Jack J. (must turn my notifs on first)
for a DM to.. Cameron. Jack G. Matt. Hayes. (must turn my notifs on first)
Take me out by Franz Ferdinand is the funkiest song ever me Jack and Dre just banged it out on the walls and got a noi…
. I'd like to see Jack Douglas as Vader. Luke, I am your father…Wu-hey!!
Jack Douglas would surely have to be Jar Jar Binks...
GREAT ACTORS CANDIDLY:. Jack Nicholson on the set of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, with Michael Douglas.
Introducing John Douglas Casper. You can call him Jack. Born at 9:35 am yesterday. My heart is full.
Lewandowski, Thiago & Douglas Costa are just pure filth 😷😱
Rangers International Football Club is pleased to announce Douglas Park has decided to resume his seat on the Board: https:/…
All Dem candidates talking free, free, free college! Jack up the debt+taxes.
Me when Jack and Jack are online ...
📷 jwunderbread: wastetheday: A lot covered in one book…. where have you been, jack douglas what kind of...
Yes. Throw in Jack London and Douglas Fairbanks. Great drinking companion.
buster Douglas V Tyson is all I got to say
Douglas Costa selling hot dogs in Brazil training.
After Paris. 'We need to snap out of our multicultural fantasies'. Me in the Telegraph today:
So more like Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas then?Or is it like Marilyn and Jack and Tony…
Jake Douglas advances to the singles quarterfinals at the Jack Kramer Invitational. He will play next at 1:30 today
Jeremy Corbyn is sad the Met police didn't head to ISIS-controlled area, detain and question Jihadi John. I am not: htt…
I can confidently say Jack and I have found our sound as well. We know the music we are going to make and the sound th…
LewRockwellCom: In vigorous cultures ppl dont just call someone whatever they want or let them do whatever they want
Congrats to 2nd team all conference LHS players Seth Kemerer, James Boyd, and Jack Douglas!! Again earned and well deserved!
MULCAIR: a disgrace to Jack Layton, Tommy Douglas, and all union workers. Tax cuts to corps&nothing for the poor.
lol !!! Cannot beat a bit of Mrs Doyle 😜☺️ !!! Now all you need is Ted .. Douglas and Jack 😜☺️ !!!
Douglas Jack – Punch Taverns disposal is a good one via
Silly bear . I wonder if it's name is Jack or Jill?
The UK is home to 2.2 million children being brought up on benefits, among them Jack Douglas, 12, from Leeds ...
Mulcair is the opposite of the CCF!. Mulcair is not Tommy Douglas or Jack Layton just as Harper is not Dief the Chief
Perfect: “This is not Tommy Douglas’s NDP, this is not your mother’s NDP This is a very strategic, calculating NDP.” nor Jack's
Douglas Costa's insane elastico sends this defender for a hot dog.
This is not Jack Layton's NDP. And, that should bother anyone who's been a member, or a cheerleader since Tommy Douglas.
is 98 years old and still making an impact in the world, by giving away his $80Million fortune to...
Jack Crawford is based on a guy I really really like: John E. Douglas. One of the very first profilers of the FBI and co-founder of the BAU.
Jack king of the bed Jeff Douglas Fredrickson
British hostage freed in Yemen after 18 months of chaos and power struggles
» Formula 1 Renault in talks with Force India Formula 1 team over buy-in deal » UPDATE » ? GBR Douglas…
Jack Douglas is finally here and Charlie is loving the big sister role! Uncle Austin can't wait to meet ya bud!
I'm pretty sure Tommy Douglas would say.. Hey .. Kiefer Sutherland is my grandson... JACK BAUER YALL. . MY...
Liberals spent the anniversary of Jack's death attacking the NDP by evoking Tommy Douglas' name. Stay classy.
→ Pogba 'SUPERBOOM' as Chelsea table world record bid for Paul Pogba 360 ? GBR Douglas GBR
On anniversary of Jack's death, liberals bring out John McCallum and Chrystia Freedland to claim Tommy Douglas mantle. What a cheap stunt.
Liberals are shameless. On the anniversary of Jack's death when have they ever care about working people
Why am I just now seeing this verse *** jack that was wild as *** you're on some next level shi😎
so I have to take a chance and believe in the party whose policy roots are Tommy Douglas, Jack Layton. We each get to choose. 😊
I liked a video Sal and Richard's Jack and Rod Show - Crackhead Bob as Kirk Douglas
Jack Douglas taking only a short break in a hectic 2-day studio recording of Roxanne Fontana's song about JOHN...
GOAL!. 42' Baumann can't hold Douglas Costa's effort and prods level ht…
well, yours & sigs may do that but Jack Douglas' raises it again 😉
Jack Britt uses trickery to blow out Douglas Byrd 26-0
had the Saturday jamborees covered. Former Citadel QB Jack Douglas saw his son light it up for Dutch Fork.
Signed 1950s pic given to me by Jack Douglas of him wth partner Joe Baker & Norman Wisdom
No idea what 'I survived the Pine Knob' entails but this bloke doesn't half resemble Jack Douglas
Nice of them to let Jack Douglas have a go at singing though.
Derby back in the playoff hunt. Expect Richard Keogh to get a twitch worse that Inspector Dreyfus or Jack Douglas soon.
Not the Jack Douglas of Jack Douglas and Reiko fame. Can't be the same guy can it?
okay, so we missed jack and jack so we must find Tyler!
It is nice to see Jerry Douglas back on and helping Jack
Welcome to Jack Douglas, son of Heather and Joe, delivered by Dr. Stephanie Bantell.
what's the big deal fans, why should they not still be friends cos one moved on. Stupidity!
Jack Lemmon is, along with Kirk Douglas, one of the great older Simpsons guest stars who really got the tone of the show.
I hope we'll get to see more of Ghost John (Jerry Douglas) on his wife mentioned he was taping some episodes Jack needs John
I want 4 jack in the box tacos, 2 mc chickens from McDonald's some fries from in n out and a big *** shake from Douglas. And chicken wings
They don't make films like this anymore. Jack Lemmon, & Michael Douglas at their best!
New post: "The Tories are taking the British public for granted  - Douglas Alexander"
Lovely, although will disagree with you regarding Jack Douglas!
→ Nintendo announces its developing games for smartphone play Nintendo ? GBR Douglas GBR 83
Wow! Killer night at McCabe's with pal legendary producer Jack Douglas with the great Terry Reid.
TC Douglas and Jack Layton were Proud Activist's! Thomas Mulcair shares their Songs! Get up on the NDP Rayls and...
Was just speaking with jack about how there are heaps of you cuties yet we still remember A LOT of names
I'm so excited to be at my final sound mix for Gardeners of Eden w/the Great Jack Douglas 🐘
| New Review: Nice Job. Will use again. Fast service, good design by jack_douglas
I've missed Jerry Douglas so much, glad he's coming back. But always thought it was more Jack's conscious rather than ghost.
→ EastEnders catch-up: Les Coker&mystery woman revealed and Martin Fowler EastEnders…
Results for executive representatives (SEC) 2 of 2: Aleksandra Koziol, Jack Douglas and Rojan Kumar
Bede u13 7s team win the Emmanuel College 7s for the 2nd year in a row. Jack Douglas Bede's player of the tournament.
Jack Douglas has got my vote. What a great job he has done this year on summer support. Vital area moving forward!
Jack Douglas puts in so much of his free time into representing students
I'm also voting Jack Douglas for SEC, I feel Jack has great potential to achieve great things in the student movement
The best record both sonically and production/arrangement wise was done by the mighty Jack Douglas.
If u haven't already, check this out! Get to know
I have a hot date tonight with a man named Jack Douglas Lowary
Join Douglas Glendinning for a look at the life of Tommy Callaghan, the Geordie Jack London City Library 27/3 2.30pm
13/3/74 Everyone weary on this film! Except Jack Douglas who's discussing Queen Ann furniture to others & giving curry…
retropopcult: Mike Douglas, Gene Simmons and Cher “working” at Jack in the Box for charity, 1979 …
Jack Johnson's cover of Imagine is perfection.
Well my storage it's all taken up with pics of Mark, Jack, Jack Douglas, Yami, and Toby Turner
"Vodka is made from potatoes, and drunk by the peasants to give them strength—to plant more potatoes" - Jack Douglas
Jack Douglas at on working w/John Lennon:"We were working until his last day on Earth. We were working on a record that night."
Jack Douglas on ITV in Carry On Girls. A touching portrayal of one mans struggle against the early onset of Motor Neurone Disease. Poignant.
spoilt in many ways by poor performances, but especially Jack Douglas
I know a lot of you are asking yourself.geewiz...wonder what Mud's doing for Easter weekend. Well, looks like it's gonna be a good Friday night. I'm heading to LaGrange Californie to play some Western tunes with Joe Tomaselli and Tooloose Renwah at Louie's in a band called, "Spur of the Moment." Very exciting. Sat. I will be doing my guitar single for the folks in Columbia CA at the Jack Douglass Saloon, 1 till 4. Sitins may be tolerated Sun. the anal Columbia Easter Day stroll or event or something like that... will be marching right through the middle of town. It's something like a parade but as I understand, it's not called a parade... for, if it were to be called a parade, which of course it is not, there would be appropriate parade fees appropriated... so it remains an Easter Day Whatever... as so far no one has figured out how to attach a fee to a whatever, so far at least as far as my limited knowledge of such things goes, maybe. I intend to take time out of my busy 3 hour schedule...1 till 4... at ...
he's mumbling and making jack Douglas type jerks. uncle g is standing on a chair with a rope round his neck.
Tommy Douglas was a visionary, but since his death, the only time he's realistically remembered is when people see Jack Baeur.
Perth Sailing Club – Kinnaird & Spring Series The first race of the new 2014 season was for the Kinnaird Trophy, a short series of four races which was attempted in a strong south westerly wind, gusting force 6-7. The weather was dry and sunny as Sandy Rodger in a Club Feva led the fleet of six boats towards the first mark of a figure of eight course of three rounds. Unfortunately, Andrew Porteous in his Solo and Keith Fergie in his 420 crewed by Oliver Williams never managed to attain the start line due to equipment problems and a hard knock to the head. Jack Douglas crewed by mum Vicky in a Club Feva wisely retired after battling with the elements as did Ben Douglas in a Club Laser attempting to get to the start, but being pushed backwards by the force of the wind. Euan sailing a laser rigged with a radial sail successfully “bagged” the first trophy of the new season “The Rubber Duck” awarded to the first capsize of the season during a race before he even reached the first mark! The course ...
What have I searched for in the hrwiki search box?. delorted. douglas. haddiman. hremail. credemza. credenza. Polk. cgnu. jack 'em up kid
Keep an eye on these guys: Jack McGeorge stepping down as Needham Bank CEO, Whalen to take the reins in 2015 ~
I'll be your rose if you'll be my jack 🙋
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick... GIRL I KNOW YOU WANT THIS ***
New jack should do a jerry springer type show on where he would bring old and new "super stars"to air there dirty laundry
when Jack Douglas throws the last pint over his shoulder.
Lew Rockwell - Reject the Lies of the Secret Police
You will always get the table to yourself if you pretend to have nervous twitch like Jack Douglas.
Just woke up Michael Douglas is here he's filled the bath up with lucky charms again x
Get your thinking caps on .name Jack's team for him!. Jack Douglas (who visited Wanganui back in 1983) has...
in which he implies Douglas Murray intimidates people
Tail waggin' good news: Jerry Lee was adopted, and so was Cindy, Jack, Jada, and Dwayne from Douglas County...
So. Now Jack Steven is fit, who do I drop from my draft midfield? GAJ, Treloar, Douglas, Priddis, Ball, Libba & JPK.
How come when you sneeze whilst driving you turn in to Jack Douglas trying to drink his pint in a Carry on film?
Wes, Louis Thompson, Jay, Troy and Jack Stephens were quality today. Loved seeing ex-town men McCormack and Douglas on the losing side
Wow, Peter really does look like Michael Douglas.
he is: called Douglas and belongs to my son. He is a Jack Russell/Pug and is a menace:) xx
*** of an assist by Jonathan Douglas as well. Like he's never been away
Jack meet me in Douglas and we go then
please I'm crying please follow me jack
jack I'm literally crying please follow me
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Great interview today with music producer Jack Douglas for music doc.
My dogs missing last seen around Douglas, his name is Rua please contact me if you see him🐶
To play 200 consecutive NRL games is unreal, not to miss a game since debut is ridiculous, Luke Douglas take a bow
I'm convinced that Jack Douglas is the love of my life ohk.
Jenkins got torched where Douglas couldn't have been more open specifically in that 2011 game. Trufant always was near V-Jack.
jack douglas was probably the best addition to my YouTube subscriptions
Thank you, Angels Among Us, for rescuing Jack from Douglas County Georgia Animal Shelter.
Best Aerosmith concert moment: Sitting in Jack Douglas' seat (by accident) and having him give us backstage passes because of it :)
"Where have you been Jack Douglas, what kind of things have you seen..."
Port Douglas tomorrow isnt looking to good, cyclone hitting tomorrow afternoon. 350km wind.
Just so we're clear, Michael Douglas watched Jack win his 6th jacket in person, and then went to dinner to get pitched the Wall St script...
cool picture you have there on your website. Steven, Jack Douglas and you on the 70´s! Who´s the other guy?
Yup, same. The 787 would complete my Boeing collection. Bar the 717 which is technically a McDonnell Douglas.
no love for oden, haslem or toney Douglas? /sarcasm
Billy Moon is a beautifully told story-Jack Womack
Bruce Edward Clegg, 63, of Hartwick went home to be with the Lord on Friday, March 28, 2014. He was born February 18, 1951 in Paterson, New Jersey the son of the late Jack Douglas and Ruth Marie (O'Brien) Clegg, Sr. He was raised in Hawthorne, New Jersey and graduated from Hawthorne High School the class of 1969. On December 3, 1977, Bruce married Mary Lou Bader in Rockland County, New York. Together they shared 36 years of marriage. Bruce was a Deputy Sherriff for the Otsego County Sheriff's Department for 27 years until retiring in 2002. He was an avid outdoor sportsman, he especially loved hunting and fly fishing. He also enjoyed painting still-life pictures. Bruce was a member of the Main Street Baptist Church where he served as an usher and also helped with the Youth Ministry, "Fun in the Son". He was a devout Christian and loved reading the Bible. He was also a member of the Hartwick and Cooperstown Rod & Gun Clubs and a former member of the Hartwick Fire Department. Bruce is survived by his loving ...
Yes, but that means when we do Shillingbury Tales you can be either Jack Douglas or Bernard Cribbins. Fair's fair.
I forgot to post earlier. PBS: American Masters 'LENNONYC' Thursday, December 26 -- 9:00pm Archival footage, studio outtakes and remarks from Yoko Ono, photographer Bob Gruen, producer Jack Douglas and members of the Elephant's Memory band spice "LENNONYC," which chronicles John Lennon's life after moving from Britain to the Big Apple in 1971. 56.1, duration: 120 min
FRIDAY FACTS: (Jeff Vitolo & The Quarter Mile Rebels Bio) National recording artist and veteran musician JEFF VITOLO (a nominee for the TAMPA BAY MUSIC HALL OF FAME) is known for being in some of the best bands from the Tampa Bay area, of which a few of them have reached national & international status. From 1986 to now JEFF VITOLO has toured the country from coast to coast and has shared the stage with countless legendary national acts and from 1989-2013 he has released 13 great albums with independent and major label distribution that are sold worldwide on iTunes,, Rhapsody & other digital media outlets. With alot of great musical accomplishments and a wide range of music over the years from rockabilly, blues, rock and metal, JEFF VITOLO has a special crossover appeal that attracts a wide range of fans. JEFF VITOLO has worked with top notch producers including Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, New York Dolls, Alice Cooper) and Tom Morris (Beyonce, Seven Mary Three, Steve Mors ...
Another day at the office with Jack Douglas awarewolf1 and phil_lipe @ Spitfire Studio, Laurel Canyon
Please clarify on a scale of 1 - 10 how bad his book is. 4 being Jack Douglas, 8 - Ed Stewart and full 10 for Don Estelle.
Today was a good day. Today I 1. Walked six miles. 2. Did a small workout at the club. 3. Made progress on a thorny problem down at the office. 4. Attended a nice meeting tonight. 5. And ... I learned that ... ta da da ... slor receiver Victor Cruz (one of my heroes) is going to sign what amounts to a 6-year deal tomorrow and be a NY Giants at least until 2018, and hopefully until the lad retires. I love that kid. Hey, he plays for the Giants and he is an undrafted kid who made good because he had "throssos." I think that is the word. Go get 'em, Cruz! Your Fan, Jack Douglas
I seriously almost want to go to VidCon in California just so I can meet Jack Douglas, Toby Turner, Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla.
If you have to ask why our profile pic shows us standing in front of a Cheap Trick display you probably dont know us THAT well and you've definitely never been to Rockford Illinois. God bless Tom, Rick, Bun E. Carlos, Robin, Daxx, Rick's Picks Tod Howarth, Jack Douglas, Richie Zito Tom Werman and anyone we are forgetting. America's house band.
In 1980 Jack Douglas was Producer on John &Yoko's penultimate Double Fantasy album (for which he won a Grammy Award for Album of the Year).
I think Norman Reedus is attractive. So is Robert Downy Jr. So is Toby Turner. And Jack Douglas.
Last nite in NYC @ BB King's 2 see Robin Zander solo-known both of these men since the 70s-Henry Smith+Jack Douglas!
Would love it if Jack Douglas would follow me along with Toby Turner! And Griffin too! :3
23 years ago I was in a recording studio at 321 West 44th Street in NYC with Jack Douglas, Steve Stevens, and Nicky Hopkins. Steve and I wrote this song when I lived in a one room flat of 49th Street and 7th Ave. We wanted to do a song based on the guitar chords from Shaft along with a bunch of other guitar riffs we recorded on a 4 track demo machine. Years later, when I got into a real studio, Steve came down for three weeks to do pre production and record guitars. I wanted Jack to so a string arrangement like he did with Aerosmith on the song You See Me Crying. He brought in Nicky Hopkins to play piano on it and Flo and Eddie to sing on it. I found this girl violin player in the subway and we had her play on it along with a cello player. We used the computer programming that Steve and I did for the demo in pre production. We wanted to keep the vibe we had when we were recording in the room on 49th. It was the only track on the album that we didn't use Bobby Chounaird on or have real bass. It was a wild ...
who do you think is fit? — Gabe Turner, Toby Turner, Aidan Turner, Jack Douglas, Dean O'Gorman, Billy Boyd, Domi...
Starting the year with a "double header" next weekend. Friday night at the Jack Douglas in Columbia, and Saturday at Pine Mountain Lake country club. 8-12 both nights. Grab your dancing shoes.
With the uncontrollable convulsions I seem to be having more and more. I think I may have been possessed by the ghost of Jack Douglas
"We would sit and talk and talk and talk and he would say, 'Listen this is about a 40 year old man whose finally found some peace in his life. This is not about the rebel rocker John Lennon. This is about what my life is about now.'" - Jack Douglas, MOS Interview re Double Fantasy
Was great to see Jay Messina, Jack Douglas, Chris Botti and Lew Soloff at the event.
Carry On *** is the 26th Carry On film. The story is based on the *** Turpin legend and features Turpin (James) as an antihero, attempting to evade capture by the authorities. Carry On *** was released in 1974 and marked the end of an era for the series. It featured the last appearances of Sid James (after 19 entries in the series) and Hattie Jacques (after 14 entries) although both would make a further appearance in the Carry On Laughing TV series. It was also the 20th and final Carry On to be scripted by Talbot Rothwell, and Barbara Windsor's final acting role in a Carry On film, although she would co-present That's Carry On! (a film compilation) three years later. Other regulars in Carry On *** were Kenneth Williams, Bernard Bresslaw, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor, Peter Butterworth and Jack Douglas.
Jack Douglas and Warren Huart | Record Producer talking about Sontronics ribbon mice on the new Aerosmith Album recorded at Swing House Recording.
I am finally home, it has been a long day. Everyone is ok. Mom was having another episode with her heart racing. She forgot she had a medicine for that. David and I bought her a lift chair to make it easier for her to get up. Spent most of the day with her. She was feeling better when we left. Sorry I missed the Ultreya. Thanks again to my team, you were asosmwe ( I found out how to spell it from Toby Turner, Tobuscus, and Jack Douglas, Jacksfilms) Love to all. Sister Mary Lynnae.
"We called up Jack Douglas and said, 'Let's do it one last time. Let's do it the right way this time'. It was magic." Steven Tyler on
...+ Barbara Windsor, Kenneth Connor and Jack Douglas in the Carry On Banging segment of Harry Enfield's Norbert Smith: A Life, C4, 11.40pm.
(Wow,so much for a Heavy Metal album Joe Perry and I discussed 2 years ago,when he asked me what direction the new album should go in.this sounds all corny except the inclusion of Jack Douglas who made 2004's Honking On Bobo's a decent,old sounding affair,and Rick Dufay.Johnny Depp is corny to me,unless he's acting outside of being a Pirate.I loved him back in the day,don't get me wrong)Music From Another Dimension! finds the band working with a number of familiar faces: producer Jack Douglas (who helmed classic Seventies Aerosmith albums like Rocks and Toys in the Attic), songwriter Diane Warren and even guitarist Rick Dufay, who briefly replaced Brad Whitford in the early Eighties. Dufay joined the band on a cover of the Temptations' 1975 hit "Shakey Ground," which Tyler had initially planned to include on a solo album. The album also includes a number of newer acquaintances. Perry says he was initially skeptical about Carrie Underwood dueting with Tyler on "Beautiful," which Tyler describes as "a count ...
Music producer Jack Douglas and Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler talk about Tyler's unusual method of songwriting.
“Keith Moon used to play naked, except for this thing that made him look like a bee. He would wear that over his headphones." —Jack Douglas
Assange biopic? If only Jack Douglas were available for title role. Jeffrey Tambor is too old, I suppose.
Any heard the new Aerosmith song "Legendary Child"? It rocks, they used their producer from the 70's, Jack Douglas. I want to be Steven Tyler.
but do you have Jack Douglas at the board???
Breast Cancer Awareness
Read now my interview with from Jack Douglas to Todd Rundgren, 1974- 2009.
ok i found the quote from jack douglas here it is from sonicbids Hi Rob, I enjoyed your music but it is not quite what I am looking for right now. Thank you for letting me listen. You are a *** of a guitar player!"~Jack Douglas. Jack Douglas is a legendary producer whose credits include John Lennon, The Who, Miles Davis, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Super Tramp, George Harrison, Patti Smith Rick Derringer, New York Dolls, The James Gang, Cheap Trick, Mountain, Blue Öyster Cult
This message is to inform you of my intention to run for office. I, Jackie "Jack" Douglas, nominate myself as a Green Party Candidate for Justice of the Peace District 8 of Washington County, AR. Later this week, I will release a formal statement of where I stand on issues facing Washington County. Have a great rest of the weekend. Thank You! Sincerely Yours, Jack Douglas
Jack Douglas brought Rick Nielsen and Bun E. Carlos of the band Cheap Trick to play on Lennon's "I'm Losing You" and Ono's "I'm Moving On", but were eventual...
One of the last of a generation of notable local historians, Jack Douglas was known to scholars for tirelessly helping preserve San Jose
Even more importantly you get to hear Jim Dale, Jack Douglas, Bernard Cribbins, Alan Hume, Patsy Rowlands, Dilys Laye...;-)
At studio hangin w Jack Douglas & Rick Dufay 2 of my favorite people
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