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Jack Black

Thomas Jacob Jack Black (born August 28, 1969) is an American comedian, actor and musician.

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I saw this one movie where I swear Jeremy Piven was acting just like Jack Black! But it turned out it was Jack Black acting like Jack Black
Jack Black showed up on Eric Andre's show but it was right up his alley
Wasn't worth it but Adam Lambert wasn't that bad. If anyone should've played Eddie it was Jack Black for sure.
Forever wishing I had a compilation of Jack Black singing all my favorite songs.
Skrillex once played spin the bottle with Payton Manning, Jack Black, Michelle Obama, and Martha Stewart. He ended up kissing Jack Black
Why do the lyrics remind me of Jack Black? Where Do You Go to (My Lovely) by Peter Sarstedt ♫
Also in the snap is Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Jack Black and Karen Gillan. The original, which came out in 1995 and starred t…
Kevin Hart, The Rock, Karen Gillian and Jack Black??? Is that right? OMG I'm watching this.
Looks like you need to get after Jack Black there Big guy!
Jumanji cast is seen in character as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan shoot remake in Hawaii …
Rock, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and Jack Black? Yup, I'll see it, laugh, enjoy and be happy.
Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black featured in the first cast photo.
Check out The Rock, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black on the set of... by via
They're remaking Jumanji with Kevin Hart, The Rock and Jack Black.. Can't wait to see that.
Jack Black and Betty White. Jennifer Grey trying to remain neutral.
Joker. he can do unhinged--exhibit A: just do it video and a sock puppet voiced by Jack Black would be better than Leto.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Tottenham Hotspur's 134th birthday today. It's also Jack Black and Shania Twain's birthday as well. Happy birthday to all 3.
Obscure Thoughts on Swing Time Victor Moore is basically Jack Black in black and white!
So the new Jumanji will be starring The Rock, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Nick Jonas smh.I'll pass! Chucky 7...
Myself, Kevin Hart & Jack Black will pay homage to the legacy of "Alan Parrish". We're excited.
What do you think of the Jumanji continuation with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black? I want the continuation to it.
I am living, breathing proof that Adele, Jack Black and Kevin Malone have a love child
An overcast day in Sag Harbor. I'm indoors, writing a new Goosebumps book called "Jack Attack." No, it's not about Jack Black.
The Pope, Pres. George H.W. Bush & Jack Black all agree on 1 thing. That we must Now.
SH: The second challenge is putting as many marshmallows in ur mouth as possible. The record in Infinity Challenge done by Jack Black is 14
Me gustó un video de Jack Black asks Sir Elton John to identify one of his own songs - The Graham
Tell me Aaron Pauley does not remind you of Jack Black tonight
It's whiter than my family reunion sadly. Jack Black is the only person of color there & that's just cuz of his last name.
Jack Black attends the European Premiere of 'Kung Fu Panda 3' at Odeon Leicester Square on March 6,
I see your Jack Black and raise you with a Mel Gibson.
Jack Black and John Popper would kill it!
Dad walked into my room and said "one of your OG boyfriends are on TV." Is it Jack Black or Orlando Bloom?
📷 liamdryden: A bonus baby. I’d be surprised too if I suddenly gave birth to Jack Black
Eventually, Mowgli left the jungle, moved to Mexico, and became a luchador with Jack Black.
Do you think Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Geller have kept in touch since co-hosting the MTV Movie Awards?
Father's Day FRIDAY! New key fobs, new shipment of Jack Black, Bellemonde luggage and Dopp kits and Jon Hart.
u know that scene in Saving Silverman when they push the car over the cliff and Jack Black loses his jacket? Reminds me of you.
@ my younger self: why did you ever think Jack Black was the lead singer of acdc???
okay let's not forget that Jack Black is the lead singer of a band called Tenacious D
myGC: Hacker behind reports of Jack Black death
Hacker behind reports of Jack Black death
Happy days. Jack Black ain't dead. Going to watch School of Rock tonight in celebration 🎸🎸
Oh so Jack Black isn't dead then...shame. 😒 . Was only every good in School of Rock and Kung Fu Panda 1/2/3 other than that, awful films. 🐼
Please tell me all this stuff about Jack Black isn't true 😭
People who have taken a kicking from group: Jack Black, Robert Walpole, and Tony Blair
at least you don't look like Jack Black
Watched King Kong with Adrien Brody, Jack Black was on Tv. Great movie.. but sad. Now i am bored ! :(
you're like Jack Black's friend in Shallow Hal
I think Dennis Hoffman and Jack Black are my favorite Chinese superheroes.
Jack Black Ready for Another Red Nose Day: . Jack Black is probably best known for comedies like “School of Ro...
I've not yet found the right voice for him. Jack Black would be Marax and David Hyde Pierce would be Droll.
I got my kung fu Panda crew like Jack Black
I see it now! Wow, now the two are going to be inseparable in my head, like Paul Revere and Jack Black!
What’s on TV Friday: Maria Bamford blasts her demons in “Lady Dynamite.” Jack Black and James Marsden surrend...
can you guys please put Orange County, the movie with Colin Hanks and Jack Black before June 4th?
Commercial started with someone singing. Thought it was Jack Black. Turned out to be Bon Jovi.
Jack Black as . Ed Norton as Dan. James McAvoy as Joe Starr. Michael Chiklis as JTE. Jason Lee as Ken.
Alex is like if Ryan Reynolds and Jack Black had a sexy baby that loves Corona.
Jumanji movie coming Next year : Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Tom Holland ( new...
The buffalo that Jack Black rides on in "Tropic Thunder" was pregnant. Halfway through filming, the calf was born and named "Little Jack."
to suggest Nazism was anything other than absolute nationalism is dishonest.
you should be talking about jack black and Dwayne Johnson in the new Jumanji remake. that's the big news
Paint it Black by is next ft. Jack Nitzsche & I'll tell u about his sdtk career -
Your church collaborated with Hitler. Never excommunicated him, and only Goebbels when he married a filthy Protestant. 🙌 😂😂.
neither do your smarts prove you are God...thanks for the dialogue Jackson- hope all goes well for you.
Do I look like a lean version of Jack black
Apparently, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart and also Jack Black, will be in the Jumanji remake... Robin Williams didn't die for…
First of all there doesn't need to be a reboot of Second of all Jack Black? Really? Jfc.
Eric Black says Jack is an 'outstanding young player' yet doesn't select him and prefers Bacuna and Sinclair instead. Rid…
with Jack Black joining The Rock in the Jumanji remake you gotta wonder if that much cheese is safe for lactose intolerants
Although sometimes you may be accused of avoiding the toughest... More for Taurus
Jack Black in talks for Jumanji reboot!
Jack Johnson first black Heavyweight Champion and founder of The Cotton Club
Cerakote gloss black looks good on our decapitated "the jack" lower. For cerakote work on your project give Romo...
Jack Black is confirmed for reboot and we're still not game for it ;
you are being intellectually dishonest. The Nazis showed Karl Barth the door, and all "confessing Christians" the noose.
Jack Black is slated to join the remake, along with Kevin Hart:
Jumanji is getting a reboot with Jack Black and Kevin Hart
I think you look like Jack Black and Kevin Smiths love child.
Jack Black, Kevin Hart Join Dwayne Johnson In Jumanji Remake. Jack Black and Kevin Hart are joining Dwayne Johnson in the remake of Jumanji.
You know I'm a man of Honor. I pay my debts.Is that what you're asking of me?To pay you with the life of Black Jack? htt…
"Jumanji remake--". Me: "Ugh alright fine". "...with Dwyane Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black" . Me: *rolls eyes into obliv…
Jack went to a titty bar and then met Drew. They then went to a Black Lives Matter rally and kidnapped a sauce.
Scoops: Jack Black in talks for Jumanji reboot!
JACK BLACK joins the cast of JUMANJI remake! 😨 Excited or scared? |
talks about the reunion between Jamie and Black Jack Randall!
Jack Black and Kevin Hart... meh... but I still haven't seen a film with the Rock that I disliked. :-)
I liked a video from Jack'd Date Gone Wrong! Black V Neck Roast
Outlander Season 2: Take a closer look at the Untimely Resurrection of Black Jack Randall
Jumanji reboot adds Jack Black and Kevin Hart to its cast
Jack Black will be joining 'The Rock' in the 'Jumanji' remake via
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Yo...That Corey Pegues show was Everything. A REAL Education that every aspiring black cop NEEDS to give a Listen!
Even if it was the case, it wouldn't prove that your fake God is more real than the other 3,000 popular and equally fake ones.
How times change: Jack Kirby describing creating the Black Panther character reads almost like parody.
Jack Black has joined the Jumani reboot. Kyle Gass continues to wait by the phone in the apt he shares with DJ Jazzy Jeff.
Tropic Thunder most underrated comedy of all-time. Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr, Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Matthew McCona…
Kyle Gass is my dad and Jack Black is my mum
When Ben Stiller withdrew from this movie Jack Black and Owen Wilson were considered before Jim Carrey was cast
I was about to say between Jack Black and Daryl Dixon 😜
I really relate to Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence, but I think I relate to Jack Black the most
I liked a video from School of Rock Reunion Concert - Jack Black - BEST QUALITY
OZ Modz called his mod 'Mad Scientist', it's an even better fit than casting Jack Black for a Blues Brothers remake. http…
Jack Black surprises the cast of Broadway's "School of Rock"
Jack Black surprises cast of Broadway's 'School of Rock': NEW YORK (AP) — The cast of Broa...
*wakes up in the middle of the night with a start and a cold sweat, sits straight up shocked*. Jack Black is suspiciously likable!. *sleeps*
Kind of, I was 1/4. Slippery answer was insight into character. He's surrounded by Jack Black in Bob Roberts which is worrying
Okay but why do we not have a Tex Avery biopic when Jack Black exists
Stunning organ recital. Though philistine that I am Bach's Bourree in e minor made me think of Jack Black's profanity-laced Classico. Tune
Jack Black; David Fury, writer/producer of 24 and Lost; and Friends producer David Crane all owe their success to...
Jack Black and Steven Adams are like the Before and After of Emile Hirsch going from fat to discovering the gym.
Jack Black in Wolfman makeup as M. Larson in a demented musical based on the PRESS YOUR LUCK! scandal. Directed by Phil Lord & Chris Miller.
Even at 0400, Tropic Thunder literally has me LOL'ing. Mixing 3 of my fave things: military, Jack Black, and Kenny Powers.
One movie I think is just terrific is 'Bernie,' with Jack Black and Shirley MacL
Shallow Hal is like my fav Jack Black movie omg
"Jack Black recalled that he played the recording for jazz double bass player Charlie Haden and Haden walked out of the room shortly after"
I just imagine Jack Black kicking Baxter over the bridge in Anchor man 😂
there's episodes w Tommy Chong, Eric Andre, Reggie Watts, etc. There is one where Jack Black gets anxiety
Washington lobbyists focus their efforts on making Jason Alexander a furry folk hero for Duckman and having a tail in that Jack Black movie
Real-life inspiration for Jack Black's Bernie returning to court in Texas
Remember when Phillip Seymour Hoffman played Jack Black in Along Came Polly?. That was weird.
Kung-fu warrior pandas in training... and a new supervillain to destroy. Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman and Angelina...
Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr, Jack Black, Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey in one awesome film. *** .
Documentary Now! is on Netflix. Fred Armisen and Bill Hader. Need I say more? Special guests like Jack Black. Boom. Enjoy.
Looks for a new apartment finds solace in Jack Black from School of Rock: "the legend of the rent was way hardcore" 🎶
Go behind the scenes of + get an insider's view from Jack Black & Kyle Gass on Podumentary Supreme.
People you can see in the original series of Giovanni Rabisi (SP), Jack Black, Lucy Lui, Bobby Wong...
Really just want Jack Black to play air guitar in the background of my life
The movie Shallow Hal lost immediately once they casted George Costanza as Jack Black's cool friend/sidekick They're both the loser friends?
I just remember Jack Black coming onstage and saying "the winner's name is David" during the David Archuletta/Cook finale
Jack Black is Great I am Hoping he and Kyle Gass do another Tenacious D movie
That wouldn’t have happened to Robin Williams or Edward James Olmos or Maggie Smith or Sidney Poitier or Jack Black. Well...
Sometimes I feel like I'm Jack Black and I need to find my Kyle Gass for my rocking future Yfm I need chemistry 🤘🏼
I don 't know what Jack Black, Bill Murray and Christopher Lloyd were wanting?
I liked a video Jack Black and the Malaysian Ringgit Challenge Box
Shallow Ham (2016 - Comedy). A fat Jack Black sees every woman as a buoyant ham and just has sex with all of them. (112 min)
Did I miss you at the Jack Black junket?!
Not a big fan of whover plays Laura, but Jack Black has never been better. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Todd Louiso too.
Jack Black was also on a old movie called the Neverending Story III he was the Leader.
I have Flynn Ryder and Jack Black for stage combat today, this is the best day ever
Got the old "you remind me of Seth Rogan" today, which is much better than when Hollywood "it big bloke" was Jack Black.
I would stop, laugh at Jack Black, and then drive away without giving him a lift. Same for Seth Rogan.
Top 3 people I'd go to lunch with;. 1. Tommy Wiseau. 2. Jack Black. 3. Bill Murray
After seeing Jack Black shove marshmallows in his mouth on the Jonathan Ross show God only knows what they've got in store for Richard Gere
.joins Richard Gere, Berry Gordy Jr and Jack Black on the Jonathan Ross Show (tonight at 10pm on ITV.
Genuinely though Jack Black was Matt Berry at first glance there
I don't know why they keep complaining, I'm sure Jack Black has been nominated before
"black history moment" appeared to honor Will Smith but turn that into a joke honoring Jack Black. Wow! No class
Jack Black top 10 most annoying actors ever...slowly closing in on Adam Sandler.
s3 Ep of X-Files with both Jack Black and Giovanni Ribisi. Trés nineties.
Jack Black and Giovanni Ribisi cameo in X-Files !!?? lol
LOL Giovanni Ribisi and Jack Black are in this X-Files episode.
Rewatching season 3 of The X-Files means young Jack Black and Giovanni Ribisi
Jack Black is a good example of a comedian like that, and Chris Farley was just the opposite, IMO
Hey guys don't you think Blumenthal looks like a classy Jack Black
X-watch 2016 continues. S3, ep 3. Is... Is that Giovanni Ribisi and Jack Black?!
Speaking of X-Files, I’m on s3e3 and I spotted 2 Giovanni Ribisi and Jack Black. Playing creepy arcade jerks.
says Black Jack was 200% man. Ive watched hundreds of hours of tape. Heart goes out to Barry, Kendall a…
idk about you but I'm gonna see Jack Black in the flesh
Wolves should punt Payne like Jack Black did Baxter and sign Thompson.
so, if Jack Black wasn't famous people would have been pronouncing his name wrong? What's so tricky about Kardashian? Lool
I personally don't see jack at 11. So if smith is that hurt I'm all for trading down
Listen to Black Jack - We Gon Be Straight Feat. Keyeon by Black Jack III on
Did a little sing-off with Jack Black for my friend birthday!
White ppl even ruin trends that they started smh. RT"My friend has been doing this all week 😂
If you could have a 10 minute phone conversation with one of these people who would you call
I really need Gamblers anonymous yo black jack numbers been running thru my head all day 😩😭
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Drafts black me optimal wit tipopils easy jack broad st. IPA
Why is Jack black in my fortune cookie
Gotta hit the black jack table soon feeling lucky 👏🏽
Remember when I thought Ayami Kojima's Black Jack doujinshi are super dark and edgy, maybe some cute Pinoko-chan moments here and there. yeah
jack black is Amazing and am I not allowed to say he is beautiful😏
My teacher is currently teaching us how to play black jack. This literally has nothing to do with what we're learning, I'm so confused
in the words of jack Black STEP OFF!!
What YouTuber would you rather watch?.
I will probably die when Jack Black does.
Never thought I would defend Black Jack Pershing, but I think he would be horrified at the thought. And I doubt he was easily horrified.
Dan Harmon and Jack Black are helping History reach millennials.
Jack 8yr old male black lab surrendered with Peek today...ref 83...neutered & chipped etc..htt…
Hi I bought the nuketown map for black ops 3 but it says the code was already used so I was wondering if you can send me another 1
I fell asleep almost directly after seeing Jack Black, I will be rewatching it tonight!
Not forgetting the incredible Tenacious D! Jack Black my man!
Order Miche Bag Online!
The black Tri with the two blue eyes is Jack. He lives in Mexico with his best friend Pippa. Thanks for the...
enjoyed that video of you and your wife discussing Black Love.
DONALD TRUMP talks about General Black Jack Pershing’s method of getting rid of the Muslim...
Are we sure Jack Black isn't actually a sorcerer supreme with all these hand gestures. I mean he's got history with beelz anyway
Gonna keep track of all the actors I recognize while binge watching the z files. Update: Giovanni Ribisi, Jack Black, Dean Norris.
What are your top 3 essentials? Watch what Jack Black and Kate Hudson have to say!
Jack Black or Jude Law? You can't have Eli Wallach as he sadly passed away...
Last one: Blast Led Zeppelin! Communication Breakdown or watch Jack Black sing Immigrant Song .
Enemy of the state had the weirdest casting ever. Jack Black, Jamie Kennedy, and Seth Green as the government hackers.
Jack Black with his head in a stocking, trying to blow out a candle.
Funniest roles in Tropic Thunder are the characters played by Jack Black , Brandon T Jackson , Robert Downey Jr and Tom Cruise lmao
Jack Black & Kim Thayil should do a Dave Grohl produced Black Album. Should've done one a long time ago.
Wow, he's changed quite a bit Jack Black. Last time I saw him was in that School of Rock film.
"Jack Black's latest cartoon caper karate-kicked the opposition to take the U.S. box office crown."
In honor of time to thank Jack Black, Karen Black, Clint Black, Lisa Hartman Black and Shirley Temple Black
advertising in creative ways . On tonight Jack Black as panda doing category. Now ad for movie on my fortune cookie
Jack Black was on tonight. I'm not kidding.
I like that the contestants all equally disdain the Kung Fu Panda commercialized category. Sorry, Dreamworks, Jack Black
Jack Black needs to perform more Shakespeare
Jack Black cracking me up with this category
when the *** did Jack Black turn into Burton Cummings?
Lovelyz met Jack Black and director Jennifer Yuh Nelson. It’s time for Kung Fu. View Article▶https:/…
So my boyfriend just mixed up Jack Black and Philip Seymour Hoffman. HOW?
is back in form with an enjoyable musical retread of the popular Jack Black film
Yep, he was a patient in the hospital when Jack Black and Billy Crudup were trying to score pills.
If Making a Murderer ever becomes adapted for film..Jack Black as Steven Avery
...My list now only has Jack Black, Curtis Armstrong, Anthony Stewart Head, Bruce Campbell, and Ron Perlman
great movie! I really enjoyed it. Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine ??? Who woulda thought. Perfect for these real life people tho
Bradley Cooper to star in Oliver Stone-directed movie about Sean Penn's meeting with El Chapo played by Jack Black
A girl just told me I'm cute in a Jack Black way, I told her she reminds me of Kirstie Alley in a before-Jenny-Craig photo
That Seann William Scott look alike sort of looks like Jack Black in that pose.
TIL Bernie Tiede II, portrayed by Jack Black in the 2011 film Bernie, was released from a... is
Jack Black presenting Charlie Kaufman with the Creative Impact Award in Directing https:/…
All these guest stars in s3 of the I forgot about - Jack Black, Ryan Reynolds, Lucy Liu, James Hong, etc!
Kung Fu Panda 3 will be Jack Black's magnum opus
L: I want to be a substitute teacher... LD: why?... L wife: To fulfill his life-long dream of becoming Jack Black in S…
Who would win in a fatal four way? Ells, Robert Roberts, or Jack Black?
The best parts of Kennedy Center Honors Led Zeppelin: Jimmy, Robert & JPJ crying, Heart and Robert's "i hate this guy" face to Jack Black.
Sorry, it starred Phillip Seymour Hoffman not Jack Black. My bad.
Jack Black on Kelly. Gray, but Still so cute.
I'm hoping Jack Black vs Roy Nelson happens at but my hate of Jack Black might be fueling that hope.
Reese Witherspoon she's the prom queen, Bill Gates captain of the chess team, Jack Black the clown, Brad Pitt the quarterback.
For me it's all about Jack Black's geeky film score knowledge
Will Smith, Regina King, Gene Hackman, Jon Voight, Jack Black... and I'd be completely fine with falling asleep before the end
Jack Black and Alicia Keys or Louis Armstrong for me! 😁
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
It could just be Jack Black lip syncing the entire song and I'd still be happy... extremely happy, actually
ofcourse! He's not looks like Roland as Jona Hill, Jack Black, Peter Dinkladge, Stallone and more and more and more actors
Mark Hamill, Jerry Seinfeld, Niel Patrick Harris, Joel McHale and Jack Black all walk on to a set of MST3K.
Watching Prince Avalanche, anyone else think Emile Hirsch is turning into Jack Black?
General Jack Black Pershing, we desperately need you. Is there none in Washington to stand up??Will the real Jack Black please stand up.
Jack Black, Tony Shalhoub, ummm Raymonds dad, Lily Tomlin!! Benicio Del Toro...I'm sure there are more.
Honestly tho this was the year I finally got to . 1) write for a cartoon. 2) make Vin Diesel play D&D. 3) make a 90s movie rap with Jack Black
Something deeply disturbing about Andrew Lloyd Weber channeling Jack Black in a musical version of School of Rock.
I am the future of comedy, I look like Chris Farley and Jack Black, sound like Sam Kinison and Redd Foxx,...
Before Bernie Tiede was played by Jack Black, chronicled his bizarre story
Hope you enjoy this sixth episode review on Young Black Jack!
Jack Gilinsky what is the black magic to get your follow ?
Wish I had money to get black ops 3 😔
The new Goosebumps movie with Jack Black is actually awesome. Would recommend
This is NOT About Jack Black or Lil Bub vía
Release date 10/13. Black Jack, cool name for a cool dog! This guy loves to have a conversation with
Elijah Wood and Jack Black were at my work today nice
Time for young black jack. How Much Gayer Can It Get
How selfish/retarded must you be to raise Black kids in Chicago.
Flight of the Conchords should do a thing with Jack Black.
Arkansas luckier than someone w $2 in his pocket at black jack table in Vegas.
u can they play welcome to the black parade by My Chemical Romance
goes to the black jack table. Hit on 20. Draw an ace.
Only Jack Black could have played you in this amazing movie.
Of the things I said to look forward to in 2015 they all happened (or better) except the 12 Black Jack OVAs Blu-ray release (rip animesols).
goosebumps better not disappoint because I'm a huge jack black fan
Cause the Devil wears black and goes by Jack, and he's really good at helping me forget.
straight guys watching Young Black Jack: this is a very heterosexual show
" luke and arzaylea ". Me : hey, have you seen the video where jack hemmings sings jet black heart ?
The should sing Welcome to The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
The movie Nacho Libre has ruined the word "Nucleus" for me. It's been years and I still giggle. Thanks Jack Black
Black Jack Randall is the character on television. Vote here: …
I added a video to a playlist Young Black Jack Episode 6 Review- The After Affects of War
The romantic comedy “Shallow Hal” starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Black was filmed in and around Charlotte.
Jack Black, skeleton coast IPA. Still one of my favorites. Really n... (Skeleton Coast IPA)
Jack Black covered Elliott Smith’s "Say Yes" at a tribute concert, and he forgot the words:
Jack Black may be speechless over the campaign, but world leaders need to hear your voice. via
Who doesn't love a good musical, with Jack Black as Jesus?
Tropic Thunder: Jeff "Fats" Portnoy was written with Jack Black in mind and is partially based on Chris Farley.
Anonymous said: I thought that Andrew Hussie didn't like Jack Black because he named one of the bad guys...
But it has Jack Black, so it's an instant 10/10 in my book
new jungler TSM Jack Black with support TSM TSM Ryan Gosling
Today I met Wesley Snipes, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Robert Englum, and Jack Black... All of them cool a'f but Wesley Snipes lol
Hmm. Jack Black as Mario. Kristen Bell as Peach. Emma Stone as Daisy. Verne Troyer as Toad. Brock Lesnar as Bowser.
I like Kristen Wiig, but agree about Melissa McCarthy. She does the same irritating shrieking adult-child shtick Jack Black does.
Nicky Whelan stars with George Clooney and Jack Black in new Nespresso ad || || Remarking on how easy newlywed Geo…
. Dylan Minnette as ZachbCooper. Jack Black as R.L.Stine. Odeya Rush as Hannah Stine. Amy Ryan as gale Cooper.
Honestly, the fake movie with Jack Black and Cloris Leachman might be the funniest thing The Office has ever done.
How am I the only 1 tht loves Jack Black like... Tenacious D ... Nacho Libré... Bruh
I literally just watched my computer get a virus all because I was trying to stream Tenacious D online smh to Jack Black and Kyle Gass
Boy will your face be red when Jack Black turns out to be a holocaust denier!
Jack Black says brother Howard's death led him to cocaine at age 14
Put Kevin Spacey in the Jeff Bezos biopic and Jack Black in the Kevin Smith biopic
So why didn't Sara Gilbert sit in on the interview w/ Jack Black on today? Hm... It was very deliberate and obvious
[overheard conversation]. person 1: *says something about Jack Black*. person 2: "OH I loved him in the shining. here's JOHNNY!". Jesus Christ
have you seen that new I heard Jack Black is in it
So are we just "ok" with Jack Black being in goosebumps? Like, should we have started a petition for Jonathan Taylor Thomas?! Or Leo?!
That was basically my reaction when we nailed the riff-- that combined with Jack Black in School of Rock.
have you seen School of Rock? It's a really awesome movie and Jack Black is Cool. I'd recommend it to you. :)
I agree Jack Black is really funny and I really liked him in Shallow Hal and School of Rock
domain names
3-star review of GOOSEBUMPS, starring Jack Black and kid-friendly monsters
Jack Black in Goosebumps looks like Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote.
Colbert's Late Show is really coming into it's own "My Kind of America" w/ Jack Black,
Is it just me or does he look like strangely Leo Di Caprio?? Mixed with Jack Black...
nice to see Jack Black's brother and Meghan Fox sister found love
Jack Black and are at Barnes and Noble in Union Square at 6. There are signed books!
I team up with Jack Black to play a little Five Nights at Freddy's in promotion of his upcoming movie Goosebumps!
Yes, Jack Black is joining me at Barnes & Noble Union Square NYC at 6 pm Monday. Will I see you there?
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