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Jack Barakat

All Time Low is an American pop punk band from Baltimore, Maryland, formed in 2003.

Alex Gaskarth Rian Dawson Kellin Quinn Zack Merrick Michael Clifford Gerard Way Vic Fuentes Abigail Breslin Billie Joe Armstrong Austin Carlile Ryan Scott Graham Good Charlotte Louis Tomlinson Andy Biersack Mike Fuentes Jaime Preciado

"i cant sleep. i fear that bieber fans will try to kill me for being the better looking JB." -jack barakat
I would let Jack Barakat do basically ANYTHING to me kinky or not.
This isn't even dirty but taking care of Jack Barakat as though he isn't a grown man is my kink.
I stg tho you look so much like jack barakat it's crazy
I got a $80 ravens jersey for Christmas one year just because jack barakat had it, so I feel you
i would DIE for that jack barakat jacket
Please God give me a chance to hold Jack Barakat's hand again like i did in 2013 :(
just. quietly pointing out that Jack Barakat uses mask of magnaminty and bath bombs. it's ok to pamper yourself, guys.
My shirt could have caused jack barakat's demise
8) Jack Barakat is my favourite person in the multiverse
Can you believe I share my birthday week with Jack Barakat, Dan Howell and Chris Evans. I mean, we all are Geminis and we are awesome.
"I almost got into a car accident earlier trying to read your shirt" - actual words jack barakat said to me today
Have i ever mentioned how much i love jack barakat?
I love jack barakat more than I love myself
How dare you disrespect Jack Barakat like this
→Jack Barakat. →19 . →Estudiante de ciencia política . 【You've got to change the world. And use this chance to be heard】 https…
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THE YOUNG RENEGADES TOUR by Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson, and Zack Merrick happening on August 22,...
Crystal hung out w Andy Biersack, is friends w Jack Barakat and is dating Michael Clifford this girls living the life man
Does Jack Barakat even know that water exists???
"Jack Barakat is nominated for highest average of alcohol consumed on a weekly basis"
at this point you should be more specific, is it Jack Barakat? Justin Bieber? Jon Bellion? Jonas Brothers?
"Beauty isn't judged by the size of your jeans". -Jack Barakat
Jack Barakat, Jonas Brothers, or Justin Bieber??? Like be a little more specific here
Jack Barakat posted this picture with Ashton on his IG
they were with jack Barakat Monday night into Tuesday morning
Calum + Ash in Jack Barakat's story last night too !! | via -P.
I really wanna make a jack barakat pumpkin but I don't have the skill or patience
Video | Ashton e Calum no snapchat do Jack Barakat 😂🐶 | via
Never forget. I'll never let go jack.
Cashton e Mitchy Collins no snapchat do Jack Barakat (Atl) || - Pri
Ashton and Calum on snapchat with Jack Barakat and Mitchy Collins !
Update your maps at Navteq
Ashton and Calum with Jack Barakat and Mitchy Collins tonight
Ashton and Calum with Mitchy Collins and Jack Barakat last night
I wish I had a relationship like Jack Barakat and Taco Bell
I'm so excited to see my baby Jack Barakat and Jeremy McKinnon on stage.
📷 alexslullabies: Jack Barakat and Mike Fuentes @ the APMAs 2016 What a time to be alive
Sam Pottorff and Jack Barakat . Sam is so caring and Jacks an idot
I liked a video from "Jack Barakat made out with my grandma"— THE WORD ALIVE
"Full Frontal" by Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat is funny and often music related, also Psychobabble!
Ashton, Luke, and Calum are went to an Andy Black concert with Mitchy Collins and Jack Barakat! -B | via
Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat to run for president of the 2016 APMAs - APTV - Alternative Press
Michael, Calum, Crystal, Nia, Casey, Bryana, Jack Barakat, Mitchy Collins and more attended The Summer Set show last ni…
Ashton, Luke, Calum, Jack Barakat, Nia and Mitchy Collins went to Andy Biersack show last night in LA (tl)
Cal,Ash, Luke, Jack Barakat, Nia (Hey Violet), Mitchy Collins and Andy Biersack’s were at emo night in LA, last night.
Find yourself a guy who is as a goofy and chill as Jack Barakat
But I'm also in a Jack Barakat mood... and a Rian Dawson mood... and a Zack Merrick mood...
Ashton with Danny Kurily, John Feldmann, Brian Logan Dales, Mitchy Collins and Jack Barakat in LA last night -Ruth htt…
Michael here makes me think of a mix of Jack Barakat and Ryan Scott Graham on stage lol
Jack has learned how to float. Photo by Adam Elmakias Photography, Jack Barakat, All Time Low, Back
"He needs 20 kinds of different help" -Madison on Jack Barakat
"Yeah I'm gonna go tell him to stop being a drunk addict" -Madison on Jack Barakat
I got people I do not even know, Hayley Williams and Brenden Urie. I was so sure Jack Barakat was my soulmate 😒😭😭😭
That Jack Barakat comes on stage and just stands there. That's it. That's all he does.
I'm sad someone send me pictures of Jack Barakat and kittens to cheer me up pls :c
I'm just going to lay in bed for the rest of the day rewatching Jack Barakat's snapchat story because Good Charlotte.
There's this kid who goes to my school that looks like Jack Barakat, hair and everything
Michael and Jack Barakat deserve their own ship name
I'm fully on Jack Barakat's snapchat story
Jack Barakat is the mother of my children
"It's Jack Barakat he wants his hair back" LUKE IM CRYING (Vine by
fun fact of the day: if you put thumbs up to Jack Barakat he'll bow to you like he is my kinda man I'm all about that life
Who needs a valentines gift when Jack Barakat takes his clothes off on stage
Remember that time jack barakat literally looked me in the eye and shaked his balls at me yeah me toO GOOD TIMES :')
Ways to make my boyfriend jealous the day before Valentine's day: *show him the candids of Jack Barakat looking down into my eyes*
Someone fake jack barakat and love me
Why does jack barakat remind me of Ross Geller.
Jack Barakat is definitely my one and only hero. @ Manchester Arena
This gif of Beau Bokan, Levi Benton and Jack Barakat makes my life better
my love for Jack Barakat has only increased from tonight💖
Jack Barakat has once again proved himself to be the love of my life
just a psa for the ten billionth time . jack barakat interacted w/ me at yday's show in london. CAN U BELIEVE TGHAST
fortunately Jack Barakat can't see snapchats that people send him because I sent him one which was supposed to be for Laura 😅
Confirmed: Benji Madden is Jack Barakat's father lol, I love these bands :') Good Charlotte are phenomenal live!! Wheee Manchester!!
Jack Barakat (spills secret that All Time Low are to play Download Festival
I just got really cute lingerie and i want jack barakat to see me in it,,, should i snapchat him my nudes
If All time low do play Download and Jack Barakat isn't just lying to us all, it'll be the 10th time seeing them wut
Jack Barakat clearly loves me as you can tell by his facial expression :/
Jack Barakat revealed he's basically obsessed with & we love it:
Jack Barakat will be in a relationship with Taylor Jardine
'All time low are Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson, Alex William and Alex Gaskarth' nice one
Arzaylea hops from band guy to band guy, wanting attention: Austin Carlisle, Brian Logandales, Luke, Jack Barakat. When she doesn't get+
Overheard: Jack Barakat: I'm not just your average guy. Rian Dawson from a distance: YEAH HE WATCHES...
I'm going to name my first born son Jack and force him to play guitar until he's as bad *** as Jack Barakat and Jack Fowler
"How to be 5sos af". A guide by Jack Barakat and Kellin Quinn
How to be 5sos af:. a guide by Kellin Quinn and Jack Barakat
goodnight children of the earth. I love James Yammouni, Jack Barakat, Jaime Preciado and I kinda love Luke Brooks.
I have notifs on for Vic Fuentes, Kellin Quinn, Dan, Phil, Jack Barakat, Alex Gaskarth, Gerard Way, Ellen, Shannon+
i really like Jack Barakat. and Alex Gaskarth. and Rian Dawson. and Zack Merrick. that is all.
So here it is, my interview with Jack Barakat from backstage at is live, check it! 🎪💃🏻
my icon is getting on my nerves but jack barakAt has seen it so hey ***
Jack barakat is really funny and underrated I love jack
Aesthetic of choice: Jack Barakat pointing at Alex Gaskarth in Backseat Serenade.
All i want in life is to meet jack barakat
I want Jack Barakat to take off that striped shirt and strangle me with the sleeves
A combination of Louis Tomlinson, Jack Barakat and Michael Clifford but also Jaime Preciado
can I hve te pic of jack barakat at AMITW no one ebiebes me I'm drunk sorry help
"It's Jack Barakat he wants his hair back"
And the fact thay it was jack barakat who rt'd my last rt.
Jack Barakat has some furry *** eyebrows but I still love him and think he's the cutest thng ever. :)
I want to stay up until 3 am eating tacos with jack barakat and watching movies
*** Charlie; we haven't really spoke too much but you seem pretty rad & we bonded over jack barakat & being small & ur my fav *** out there😎
why do people seem to think i like jack barakat i hAte him
He looks like gabe saporta and jack barakat had a baby
In the next year I will have saw 2 or my 5 mains:. Pete Wentz ✔ . Jack Barakat ✔ . Vic Fuentes ❎ . Ben Bruce ❎ . Dan Avidan ❎
Ive met Arsenal players, Ive met Vic Fuentes and Oli Sykes like all thats left is to meet Jack Barakat and goals are achieved
Everyday Michael Clifford looks more and more like Billie Joe Armstrong and performs more and more like Jack Barakat
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Jack Barakat from All Time Low was wearing a 5SOS shirt in their new runaways music video! | via- http…
Zach Myers talked to me on Periscope about Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth I am crying 😂
hi I'm Anna and I love Ryan Scott Graham, Tyler Carter, Jenna McDougall and Jack Barakat !
Jack Barakat needs to stop acting like a 15 year old boy. Grow the *** up
Woke up to jack barakat being problematic again why is the guy actually 12 years old
Obama: good person, funny, cute, great president, daddy af. jack barakat: ugky, is in all time low, makes rape jokes
When will Jack Barakat stop being gross and problematic? When will he grow up?
I understand jokes about rape are not funny and I most certainly don't agree with what was said but hey, have you ever met jack barakat?
Since you deleted my fb comment I'll post it here . I'd let jack barakat roofie me
I liked a video from APMAs 2015: Jack Barakat kisses Alex Gaskarth
If you support Jack Barakat I will probably unfollow you. Next time I see a rape/roofie joke from his hairy *** I'm gonna spam the 1/2
One time Jack Barakat hit my boob with his water bottle when i wasnt looking so always be careful no matter where
i just remembered i saw jack barakat in person and DIDNT throw anything at him
my brothers girlfriend likes jack barakat he has to leave her QUICK
my name is Jack Barakat and I make jokes about rape constantly and everyone still stans me !
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
like Jack Barakat would never roofie a girls drink, or take advantage of younger girls (hard to believe but no way)
prob wasn't wearing pants 3hrs ago and/or right now.So Jack Barakat, are we best friends? Or?
Sometimes I think jack barakat is cool but then he says things that make me sad and I'm like "but you had so much cool …
Me: wakes up to see Jack Barakat made another rape joke. Me: isn't even surprised because trash. Me: goes back to bed
jack barakat n I'll unfollow so quick 👀
Alex All Lives Matter Gaskarth and Jack Rape Jokes Barakat are both problematic af
Photoset: ofmiceandmenz: [49-50/50] Pictures of Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat
My camera roll is full of random selfies, pictures of Devon Bostick, Jack Barakat gifs, & Tumblr posts about HP.. I think I need help..😅
Jack Barakat and Josh Dun both had birthdays and Memphis May Fire & Pierce The Veil both released new songs. I'd say today was a good day
Happy birthday! Paul McCartney, Blake Shelton and Jack Barakat have the same bday as you!
Be the Buddy Holly to my Mary Tyler Moore, the Gerard Way to my Lyn Z, the Jack Barakat to my Alex Gaskarth
If i ship Taylor Jardine and Jack Barakat, their ship name would be TaJack :((
"who is the lead guitarist for fall out boy" Ryan Ross, Tyler Joseph, and Jack Barakat were all options I love this quiz
Austin Carlile, Jack Barakat, Kellin Quinn and Mike Shinoda all at the cooperman wedding, oh my 😍
I came to this through jack barakat and now im seeing this as Mikey Way guess what I'm not the only one
Next episode of sex sent me to the er. . Jack Barakat masterbated too hard his *** broke😂😂
I want jack barakat to shove his *** so deep into my *** that i would need a shovel to take it off
"I look like 2008 jack barakat and thats not a good thing" me to my mom looking at pictures of me in middle school
Jack Barakat just said he liked my hair.nbd.
I TOUCHED JACK BARAKAT!! the all time low concert last night probably went down as one of my favs and…
I just saw jack barakat and now I can say that I've been in love
Jack Barakat flashed us, I've never been more honored.
Jack Barakat told me he likes my eyes and I'll never be sad again
Gerard Way, Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Kellin Quinn, Hayley Williams, Austin Carlile and Oliver Sykes are my heroes! 😄
6:17pm. 18:17. . Gonna wish for Jack Barakat to be in my bed tonight.
The way Jack Barakat talks makes me happy
Alex and Jack of sent us great pics. Thanks guys! :). more here: http:…
Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth have no chill. *** they're hot 😍
Jack Barakat is the most precious person in the world. Pass it on. 💁
I still can't get over the fact that almost 2 years ago jack barakat of all time low subscribed to my keek page and liked a heap of my vids.
I am going to meet Jack barakat. My dream is coming true
Jack Barakat is my spiritual animal.
going to make jack barakat, Ashton and Niall's edit bye zz continue voting people
Requested Jack Barakat and Rian Dawson. RT/fav if you saved please.
Tbh I'd probably end up punching Jack Barakat in the face before telling him to stop being such a ***
Photo: memphisgayfire: sleeping-with-squ1dgy: crystalpuke: who is this? it looks like jack barakat but idk...
Someone come with me to Birmingham on the 24th of March to an all time low signing pleeease I need some jack barakat lovin
The only reason I still have my keek is because Jack Barakat follows me on it tbh
I wanna throw a party with brendon urie, Jack Barakat, and Michael Clifford because I think it would be awesome.
Me and are trying to to think of girls that would be cute with Jack Barakat 💖😂
I got really sad a couple days ago while waiting to go into advisory and just said 'I just really miss jack barakat" like...thats a thing
Barakat is a precious last name I'm marrying jack just for his last name
Death by cute pictures of Jack Barakat.
When you have the same birthday as jack barakat's sister
I just called Jack Barakat a 'corny *** out loud and my mum won't believe me that I said 'corny' instead of horny.
Goodnight I leave you with this photo of jack barakat and my bra it has been a very good emotional night 😅💖
13 year old me was so in love with Jack Barakat & Gabe Saporta and 18 year old me still is
Relationship goals:. Will you be the Alex Gaskarth to my Jack Barakat. The Kellin Quinn to my Vic Fuentes. The Austin Car…
yo we need Jack Barakat and Rian Dawson and Zach Merrick
Oh and could you throw in Jack Barakat and Mike Fuentes, Santa? I know you're on break but I'd appreciate that
Hello my names Lauren and I love Louis Tomlinson, Jack Barakat and Kellin Quinn !
Check out the full uncut version of my interview with All Time Low members Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat on the Bamboozle Road Show 2010 Watch my ...
I always forget I actually had a full conversation with Jack Barakat and Rian Dawson
the fact that they dont know their own lyrics. All Time Low's Jack Barakat and Rian Dawson play the Serious Ly
I need someone that will love me the way Jack Barakat loves luke💖
try hard is a 5sos song,, and wow mentioning atl when jack barakat was her ex boyfriend Smart Move
"Jack Barakat and Michael Clifford are probably peeing their pants with laughter because they dated Abigail Breslin." JASMINE
Remember when jack barakat lifted me off the ground and spun me around
Photo: gorgeous-little-killjoys: Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low by jeddlopezphoto x
"Jack "I've been draaankin', I've been draaankin'" Barakat nO
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Jack "I've been draaankin', I've been draaankin'" Barakat
why? because you are NOT jack barakat and you're not supposed to break my heart.
Laughing right now cause someone thought that Abigail Breslin was singing about Jack Barakat.. when its obviously Michael.
I just read somewhere that You suck could be about jack barakat or michael and thats weird cause its so obvious that its about mikey
Apparently it's about Jack Barakat as well, okay I definitely hate her.
You either love Jack Barakat, or you're wrong❤
I was at a party and there was a guy who looked like jack barakat and i was like shcjgngkskahd
"Abigail Breslin wrote that song about Jack Barakat". "Abigail Breslin wrote that song about Michael Clifford". SOMEONES …
“Quote with pictures of tyler carter, Austin Carlile or jack barakat pls♥” 🌞
I want a follow up song by Abigail Breslin about Jack Barakat so bad
Abigail Breslin's new song should have been named "I can't get over jack barakat and Michael Clifford"
Abigail Breslin should have just named her song "I Cant Get Over Jack Barakat and Michael Clifford"
I saw a picture of jack barakat and I thought it was snape
just so u know, they "dated" for a day and then she went out with Jack Barakat. 😊 100% agree with you!
Jack Barakat for you ladies and gentlemen... 😂😂😂😂
Hi my name is Isabel. I'm 20 y/o with a fan account. I love BREAKING BENJAMIN. All time low and one direction. I'm in love with Jack Barakat
Photo: cause everybody needs a picture of jack barakat, shirtless, covered in bubbles on their blog.
I'm at this bar and Jack Barakat from All Time Low is here lol this like the 5th time I've seen him just out in Bmore lol
I want Jack Barakat to put his hand so far up my *** that he can use me as a puppet
I had a dream where Jack Barakat was my cousin and I got to meet Oli Sykes because of it? also I almost got killed by a lion??? idk
But seriously all my fave band members are guitarists... Jack Barakat, Tony Perry, Michael Clifford..
oh c'mon. Zack Merrick, Jack Barakat, Pete Wentz, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tré, all blink-182. Young girls need to chill out.
Dude, I saw Zack Merrick's and Jack Barakat's when I was like... 13. People who think that nudes are big deals are stupid. Sns.
I saved the world with Groot, Rian Dawson, Jack Barakat, a girl I know and a potted tree in my dream last night.
“quote with your idols apart from 5sos, I'm really curious!!” Billie Joe Armstrong, Jack Barakat
Jack Barakat is literally everyone's spirit animal
I s2g I thought this was jack barakat
I love jack barakat and his skunk looking hair! :)
This is my that Jack Barakat liked. Therefore we are getting married I think.
SIX FEET UNDER MY NIPPLES // jack barakat a love like tour 2014
Of course it is. The one and only Jack Barakat inspired it. :)
i wanna fangirl over Jack Barakat with you, cuzmuffin :-(
When you feel sad, what cheers you up? — Full Frontal (Alex's and Jack's radio show on idobi)
Jack Barakat just liked one of my random Instagram photos. My life is complete.
Jack Barakat indirected me once it was a fun day
follow me so I can send you DMs fangirling over Jack Barakat and we can fangirl together.
Can Michael Clifford love me like he loves Jack Barakat
It's confirmed: She Looks So Perfect is about Jack Barakat. Mind blown.
5sos may be bad 5sos may be good who cares I touched jack barakat in real life and that's all that matters
Remember the time i met jack barakat bc same
// I once got a high five from Jack Barakat.. sorry
“Why are there people who think jack barakat is hot”uh oh
🌺🌺" do what makes you happy, think later. " ~Jack Barakat 🌺🌺
Petition to kick Jack Barakat out of all time low
slsp is actually about jack barakat💁💁-🐙A
All purpose parts banner
I've met Jack Barakat, Jordan Witzigreuter, and Brooks from Mayday Parade and they were all really weird/awkward/short interactions.
he told me he was Jack Barakat then Kellin Quinn
Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? — Gerard Way or Jack Barakat. Gerard because we could j...
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