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Jack Barakat

All Time Low is an American pop punk band from Baltimore, Maryland, formed in 2003.

Alex Gaskarth Vic Fuentes Kellin Quinn Zack Merrick Alan Ashby Oli Sykes Taco Bell Tony Perry Rian Dawson Austin Carlile Jaime Preciado Gerard Way Hayley Williams Mike Fuentes Abigail Breslin Justin Bieber Oliver Sykes Ben Bruce

Manny my messages arent working. Kik me 'loveme278' my name is Jack Barakat on there
Jack Barakat (Princess FegFace) should just come out and tell Alex he's not *** -Anon
Jack Barakat (Princess FegFace) cheated on me, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was cheating on Alex.-anon
Jack Barakat (Princess FegFace) is secretly cheating on his husband with his ex-girlfriend who is in a relationship with someone else.-Anon
When I'm drunk I just whine to Shelby Morgan about how Jack Barakat isn't my boyfriend.
Hey, this is my boyfriend lemme introduce you, Jack Barakat, never touch him he's mine and mine only.. Any thirsty *** over hin here is a bottle of water!. He's the most, adorable, loving thing in the world so. Don't touch him, only I can, so ha. ;)
reminder that i accidentally touched Jack Barakat's butt once and he was totally ok with it "it wasn't an accident"
Goddes in bed??? Lol. I do sleep/nap/lay a lot :v Jack Barakat Watterson what's yours? Lol
I just pictured a collab video between Tyler Oakley and Jack Barakat and decided that needs to happen. And might be almost too crazy for YouTube to handle. I'm actually surprised more YouTubers haven't tried to collab, and still kind of want to know how MattG124 ended up doing it because that was cool. :)
Thank you Mike Fuentes for this wonderful picture of Jack Barakat
If you aren't Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson or Zack Merrick, please don't waste my time.
Foto: quality-band-photography: Jack Barakat & Zack Merrick by Amanda Wagner on Flickr.
Photo: Jack Barakat convincing us that his *** is bigger than Alex’s. ;) Spring Fever Tour 5/8/2013 Taken...
You can't talk about Alan Ashby or Jack Barakat, then get mad at me for fangirling. It doesn't work that way.
Is your name Alan Ashby or Jack Barakat? No. So gtfo, I don't even like you.
cross Zachary Quinto with Joe Jonas and throw in a 2009 scene phase and you've got Jack Barakat
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“Someone quote this with Alan Ashby, Jack Barakat or Tony Perry please bc guitarists make me happy" …
"who's Jack Barakat?". the overgrown 8 year old in All Time Low that laughs like HEAH HEAH HEAH
If I ever meet Jack Barakat or Jack Fowler I'm hugging them and whisper to them "ill never let you go,jack."
My hands have smelt like Vic Fuentes, Jack Barakat, Alex Gaskarth and Jenna McDougall And my whole body has smelt like Hannah Snowdon and Oli Sykes I'm going to go be happy now 🙈💕
Ben Bruce is sex. Chris Linck is bae. Justin Hills makes me sexually frustrated. Alan Ashby makes me purr. Jaime Preciado is an angel. & Jack Barakat is probably naked rn.
Do you have any boys on your mind — Really?. Oli Sykes. Jared Leto. Jack Barakat . Gerard Way. Austin Carlile. Josh Fr...
HOWLING! "I saw Jack Barakat wearing army pants and flip flops so I bought army pants and flip flops."
is like the lovechild of Billie Joe Armstrong, Jack Barakat and Gerard Way
I actually received the Holy Spirit when I kissed Jack Barakat's cheek
We should have a dancing with the stars goes punk. Imagine like Austin Carlile dancing and omg Jack Barakat c:~ BUT LIKE REALLY VIC DANCING THE SALSA wow this is the best idea I've ever had.
If I didn't marry Jack Barakat or Logan Lerman, I might as well not get married at all. LOL. jk. (But jokes are half-meant so yes.)
Alan Ashby and Jack Barakat though, they are so god *** perfect
Alan Ashby and Jack Barakat are my true loves
Merrikat: Merrikat is the shipping of Jack Barakat and Zack Merrick (of All Time Low).
Not to mention, Jack Barakat and Alexander William Gaskarth as well!
Vic Fuentes is older than Jack Barakat, Jeremy McKinnon, Kellin Quinn, Oli Sykes, and a bunch of other band members. Let that sink in.
Im composed of Jack Barakat, Chris MIW, Alan Ashby, Oli Sykes and just a bit of Josh Ramsay
"Do what makes you happy. Think later" - Jack Barakat
Jack Barakat looks hot when he drives
There are so many cool guys that have J as the first letter in their name. Jack Frost (RotG) Jack Barakat (All Time Low) Jack Dawson (Titanic) Jack Wilder (a bit. Now You See Me) John O'callaghan V (The Maine) Jordan Witzigreuter (The Ready Set) Jordan Eckes (We Are The In Crowd) Jordan something who is my friend Jaime Preciado (Pierce The Veil) Jared Monaco (The Maine) Josh Peck (I'm pretty sure you know him? Drake and Josh?) and many more
And here we have Jack Barakat giving Jack Barakat a ***
I'm gonna put a mini cardboard cutout of jack barakat on my desk with a motivational homework message on it ok
When people say that Jack Barakat is a "not good looking person" I'm just like
Jack Barakat why are you the hottest human being on this planet??
Jack Barakat is my one in 7 billion.
why does Jack Barakat love Taco Bell so much
get super rich and change your name to Jack Richie Barakat
The Jack Barakat Fund to buy and own a Taco Bell
I'll come and make tacos for you jack!!
Alex is hanna Montana he liveing the best of both worlds he straight to FANS by day but *** for JACK BASSAM BARAKAT by nit…
Jack Barakat is one of my favorite people tbh
Jack Barakat all day and all night woohoo.
in 61 days I will be breathing the same air as jack barakat
Shame on you if you were ever one of those girls that threw your bra on stage at Alex Gaskarth or Jack Barakat. Shame!!!
If you don't think that Jack Barakat is one of the most adorable humans alive, there may be something wrong with you
I just want to be Jack Barakat's best friend, is that too much to ask?
Photoset: bandgifsgalore: Jack Barakat on winning a Kerrang! (x)
Jack Barakat is the definition of cuteness.
Photoset: I could watch Jack Barakat talk for a thousand years (x)
Up at the butt crack o' down, heading back back to Cali Cali.
My brother just brought it to my attention that they opened a Nandos in Baltimore. This is great news
Only just realized I typed 'down' instead of 'dawn' earlier. Half asleep.
It’s suppose to burn when you pee. Right?
I hate jack barakat but I love jack barakat
What should there be in a perfect day? — Jack Barakat
Check out the full uncut version of my interview with All Time Low members Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat Watch my first interview with All Time Low HERE: ht.
Sometimes you gotta look at yourself in the mirror and say "You are the prettiest princess in all the land." I do it once a week. -Jack Barakat
All i want is Jack Barakat. okay. leave me alone.
"The frienship between Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn is just too cute." No. Jack Barakat & Alex Gaskarth. Get your facts straight. c:
just ran into Jack Barakat at Best Buy... no big deal.
Your birth month is who you will be stuck in a room with for the rest of your life. January: Oli Sykes. February: Jack Barakat. March: Josh Franceschi. April: Tony Perry. May: Andy Biersack. June: Kellin Quinn. July: Jake Pitts. August: Vic Fuentes. September: Jinxx. October: Jaime Preciado. November: Alex Gaskarth. December: Ashley Purdy. ~WeeRebelAngel
"A rare photo of Jack Barakat and Tony Perry. :3
Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low should go *** for each other already. Who agrees? Lol
you're beginning to get Alex Gaskarth/Jack Barakat eyebrows and that is a beautiful thing.
Jack Barakat doing the Macarena as he promised to ATL fans
Guitarists I know: uhm... Tony Perry is awesome... Matt Webb, Jack Barakat, Jason White, do Vic Fuentes and Josh Ramsay count?
C. 3: I want to meet Vic Fuentes, Alex Gaskarth & Jack Barakat. Then go hang out in our underwear while downing the shots of Jack Daniels 😂
But I need more celebrity's to draw so, should I draw Jack Barakat, Andy Sixx, Billie Joe Armstrong, Jaime Preciado, or anyone else?
would you rather eat Matty Healy, Kellin Quinn, Jack Barakat or Vic Fuentes? 😁😁😁
Little Miss Sunshine is dating Jack Barakat, and I love it. I like her and him together waay better than Holly Madison and him together.
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Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat need to write a book together
Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat on such a huge screen. Mm 😍
I spent my night in Baltimore screaming Jack Barakat's name while waiting for the light rail.
just remember all time low isn't just Alex Gaskarth ok. there's Rian Dawson and Zack Merrick and Jack Barakat too ok
had a dream i cuddled with jack barakat last night. Amazing
"My name is Jack and I encourage you to be your own kind of beautiful." . And THIS is why I love Jack Barakat more than anything.
omg I accidentally tagged jack barakat instead of fowler
That'll be fun to explain to my parents... "Yes mum, I bought a bra to throw at jack barakat"
“Ah how adorable was he when he was a little boy! Fetus Jack.
I like to think this is a disgusting lie
Jack barakat is seeing a 17 year old, wot
Had a dream I was BFF with jack barakat and he helped me solve all my problems.
now shes asking why Jack Barakat has a blonde streak in his hair... i dont know mother why dont you send him a letter
I just realised jb can also stand for jack barakat
I honestly want to make Jack's laugh my ringtone
"If someone tells me that I’m their favourite guitar player then they must be terrible." Barakat, Jack
one of the reasons why I love jack barakat
The little girl from zombie land is dating jack barakat. Like. Wot :')
it looks like Jack Barakat. Not that I'd put rock God and he together.
Vic Fuentes doesn't fit his age because of his looks and Jack Barakat doesn't fit his age because of his maturity level.
I'm so used to seeing Jack Barakat in women's clothing it doesn't even shock me now
Jack Barakat can become prettier than me when he dresses up as a woman it's so weird
"Jack Barakat, vocalist in all time low is dating Abigail Breslin"
I can't get over the fact that Jack Barakat is dating Abigail Breslin though
Jack Barakat and Abigail Breslin ohmygod why didnt i knew this i
“Beauty isn’t judged by the size of your jeans” - Jack Barakat... Preach bby i luv u ❤️
If you don't enjoy Jack Barakat or Alex Gaskarth's humour then your personality is as exciting as a brick
What are the 5 important things you would include in ... — jack barakat, Alex Gaskarth, Oli Sykes, Kellin Quinn,...
I have a very vague memory of Jack Barakat falling over at the first All Time Low gig I went to, think I'm imagining things tbh...
If anyone goes through my phone all they'll find is 268427 saved photos of jack Barakat in my camera roll oops
Does anyone have the pic with Jack Barakat in a big bouncie ball crate, with a caption "Come children! Play with my Balls!"? I need that photo xD
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you evidence as to why Jack Barakat was nominated for Hottest Female at the Kerrang Awards. xD -HustlerGirl
You're cute but you're not Jack Barakat cute
Take this quiz...My result was JACK BARAKAT of course :D
I partied with Jack Barakat while slapping myself .-.
I dated Jack Barakat after Listening to Pierce The Veil.. Makes sense xD
I partied with Jack Barakat before watching a movie XD
I partied with jack barakat in public cx
I've always loved making audio "gossip" videos about bands! XD I'm making a new one about Jack Barakat and his girlfriend and Craig Mabbitt, his son, and the Etf drama going on. Anyone interested? -ShotInTheDark
Pretty sure jack barakat from ATL is sitting next to me at del Pueblo.
Omegle! Okay so, we have four admins doing this, some may join in later if they want. Admins who are doing video - Haylsatan & JJ Admins who are doing text - Alexa & ovaries Interests : Jack Barakat's Bra Collection, JJ, Haylsatan, Alexa, Ovaries, Jack Barakat, & Spangled Plank LETS GO!
i was watching E news with my sister ' Abigail Breslin is dating All Time Low's singer Jack Barakat' my sister has never screamed and gave out to the tv for getting their facts wrong. ~Purple Star
(seen on tumblr, so calm) "Justin Bieber is so *** Fans; OMG NO HE ISN'T, HE DATED SELENA GOMEZ, UR JUST JEALOUS! 'One Direction is so *** Fans; NO THEY ARE NOT, THEY HAVE GIRLFRIENDS. 'Jack Barakat is so *** Fans; we know. (I don't think any of these singers are *** you know, except Jack Barakat c; )
Kirsty, that's what your like when you see Jack Barakat
Now owns 2 Jack Barakat *** shirts. I have lived a fulfilling life...
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//it's official, Jack Barakat is dating that girl
Jack Barakat is dating the girl from Little Miss Sunshine? I'm must be so old bc I swear that movie came out like a few years back. x.x
Jack Barakat has a girlfriend. how cute :D Ofmiceandjustin
HOLD UP. Jack Barakat and Abigail Breslin are dating!? Whoa dude.
Apparently Jack Barakat had surgery and they gave him a lot of medication. His sister is staying with him so he should be fine, other than that, I hope he gets better soon c: No, I don't know what he had surgery for and no, it isn't really bad. Jack says he's great, but really hope he gets better soon.
There are 7 other people in the world who look just like you. Searching: Jack Barakat, Parker Cannon, Rian Dawson, Pat Kirch, Ben Bruce, Zack Merrick, and Alex Gaskarth
Police:anything you say can and will be held against you. Me:Ashley Purdy. Me:Mike Fuentes. Me:Jack Barakat. Me:Alan Ashby. Me…
If you ship: Larry (Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles) Troyler (Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley) Shoey (Joey Graceffa and Shane Dawson) Kellic (Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes and/or Jalex (Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth) then we are officially best friends
But if you're pouting no one will love you? (Unless you're Jack Barakat or Jaime Preciado then your pouting is gr9)
I'm a cross-over between Dan Howell and Jack Barakat. (Minus the intellect and musical talent)
So one thing I will never understand. How do you just... HAVE Jack Barakat for an afternoon. TELL US MATT.
"Beauty is not defined by the size of your jeans" - Jack Barakat
//if you ever had a bad day. Just remember some teenage girl just googled Jack Barakat's nipple
I need to pluck my eyebrows so badly I feel like I have jack barakat's leg on my forehead
Guys I think we should do a fan of the day type thing. Okay, so, fill in these questions and you'll get a chance to win. Winning gets you a share, an edit by me, and I'll do a spam of your choice c: First round ends at 8:00 eastern time. Okay so round one is about pop punk! -BandMembers- 1) Gerard Way was the vocalist of what legendary band? 2) Who is the singer of Paramore? 3) What band is Jack Barakat in? 4) _ is the lead vocalist of Green Day 5) What band is Patrick Stump in? -GuessTheSong- 6) "Say it ain't so, I will not go! Turn the lights out and carry me home" 7) "Im in the business of misery lets take it from the top she's got the body like an hour glass it's ticking like a clock" 8) "its nine In the afternoon her eyes are the size of the moon" 9) "hello there angel from my nightmare" -BONUS RIDDLE THINGY- 10) It's 11 o' clock and you're at a night club in Hollywood. You meet up with Andy Hurley, Taylor York, Andrew Whiting and Frank Lero. Who's the odd one out, and why? -ANSWERS POSTED AFTER 8:1 ...
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Yes, Jack Barakat is now my boyfriend, and the ring on my finger is from him. WHAT.
I think I'm only going to refer to Jack Barakat as babe or baby or babylove or sweetie or sweetface now, so be ready for that
My boyfriend put blonde in his hair. He's basically the epitome of Jack Barakat ok it's cute
I'm watching videos of young jack barakat right now and I'm about to rip my arm out of my socket :)
“egg” not related to Jack Barakat in any way
Photo: Jack Barakat of All Time Low at the Bamboozle Road Show in Uniondale, NY on 6/26/10...
Teenage Jack Barakat makes me wanna burn down an orphanage & stab a nun (:
When people say celebrities are just normal people I dont think they mean jack Barakat cause theres no way he's not an angel sent from above
Idk about u but 48 hours ago I was talking to Jack Barakat so yeah
This a page that fangirls over bands while eating food. We specialize in photos of Jack Barakat and Kyle Pavone as well as other bands. Goal? 10k
better have a dream about jack barakat tonight or I'll cry
lets talk about how once gave me a framed picture of Jack Barakat for my birthday and it's still hanging on my wall
My cousin looks like a young Jack Barakat...
Jack Barakat's face gets me out of bed every morning.
"who even is jack Barakat he sounds like a flavor of ramen". dead
Yeah so Jack Barakat makes me v happy
jack barakat makes me feel INFINITE SADNESS
You're cute, but have you seen Jack Barakat?
Photo: gagarcticmuser: Tony Perry and Jack Barakat | ESP Guitars in the Crazy Dave's Music Tent 22/09
I just want to remind you that you're not Jack Barakat and that's unfortunate.
Jack Barakat was JB before Justin Bieber was sit down 12 year old girls
i didn't think i could be more in love with Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat than i already was. that just changed.
I love Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat, and your point is invalid.
being Alex Gaskarth and jack barakat for Halloween bc why not.
I wish I could have SWAG... Jack Barakat has a lot of SWAG. Yes. Sex With Alex Garskarth. MusicSpeaks
so theres a bouncy house on campus. but its because the victorias secret pink store came to campus. aparently they're giving away free girls underwear? something to throw at jack barakat and a bouncy house? YES
Jenny and I saw Pierce the Veil, All Time Low, and A Day To Remember last night and it was amazing!!! We talked to Zack Merrick, said hi to Jack Barakat, and went on stage for the ADTR concert!! Vic is so much shorter in person omg. We also got Josh Woodard's guitar pick and Jaime or Tony's guitar strap and I still can't believe we met Zack?! It was so fun and we got home at 1 am. Still screaming.
Alex: You may wanna run for president. JACK BARAKAT FOR PRESIDENT. Oh man, that'd be insanity...can you imagine?
House Party tour last night.I got crushed in the pit and witnessed bras being chucked at Jack Barakat. Not MCR related, but good enough? ~ToxicOrchid
'Come here baby and rub my inter glutull cleft' -Jack Barakat
But I bet having Jack Barakat as a brother would be pretty cool because he's jack barakat
*accidentally has pictures of Austin Carlile, Alan Ashby, jack barakat, Alex Gaskarth, mike fuentits, vic fuentits, danny worsnop, Ben Bruce, Andy Biersack and derek sanders in my binder* not even srry Blessthesexicans
I'm going to give jack barakat a few things at the signing . It's a secret.
If you had one wish, what would it be? To meet Oliver Sykes, Kellin Quinn, Andy Biersack, Jeremy McKinnon, Ronnie Radke, Craig Mabbit, Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Victor Fuentes, Hayley Williams, Gerard Way, Austin Carlile, Matthew Tuck, Mike Fuentes, Tony Perry, Levi Benton, Taylor Jardine, And so many more lol I love them all lol c:
Police: everything you say will be held against you. Me: Vic Fuentes. Me: Oli Sykes . Me: Kellin Quinn . Me: Jack Barakat …
if you would kiss Jack Barakat in the lips. Fav if you would kiss Ryan Ross in the lips.
IMAGINE (like seriously imagine): Your sat in your class ready for the teacher to come in and he does. And he walks in and its Vic Fuentes, followed by Kellin Quinn followed by, Alex Garskarth, Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Zack Merrick, Jack Barakat, Tony Perry, followed by Hayley Williams, Aust-okai you get the message basically band members. And they tell you that youll be taken out of school to be taught by them. :o im sorry but what if. XD lol what. i mean who said that o_O
"Friendly reminder that Jack Barakat is younger than Phil Lester" oMFG
3. I am mentally dating Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Oliver Sykes and Brendon Urie. And they don't even know. 😂
I want someone that can make me laugh like Jack Barakat, blush like Ben Bruce, be weird like Oliver Sykes & happy like Jaime Preciado.
I had a dream that i met Tay Jardine and Jack Barakat, why cant that be real
Justin Bieber is not attractive. . Vic Fuentes . Austin Carlile . Jeremy McKinnon . Matty Mullins . Jack Barakat . and Ben B…
Jenna *** *** for free if you're Mike Fuentes or Jack Barakat
can we just, just imagine Austin Carlile or Oliver Sykes, or Jack Barakat or Alex Gaskarth ;-;
Hey you should have Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth on ridiculousness that would be amazing
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Last Friday night, I danced with Jack Barakat, and we took too many shots, think I kissed Alex Gaskarth. This Fridat night do it all again.
Jack Barakat and Chris Lilley are hanging in Melbourne and that makes me happy.
Friendly reminder Jack Barakat once threw up on Oli Sykes
Mattg124 and Jack Barakat in a video together i think i died okay bye
All i want in life is to hug Jack Barakat is that too much to ask
I'm drunk help. help i need to win and meet this jack barakat ppl r telling me
Lourdes-A black kid who will never touch Jack Barakat's.
And I said I know I'm not going to marry jack Barakat but I can continue to ship myself i laugh
Omg did I tell you about the person that told me that I'm not going to marry jack Barakat and that I should stop with jarakat
Matthew made me a pick-up line. It goes: Matt: are u blind? Me: why? Matt: bc you're never gonna see Jack Barakat :( :( :( :( :( :(
'Beauty isn't judged by the size of your jeans' -jack Barakat
I liked a video from No Budget Movies Feat. Jack Barakat
When people say jb, they get my hopes up thinking it's Jack barakat.
as well since Jack Barakat is the alleged guitarist but barely played it at Emirates. What's the point in him? x
no omf I have massive red scratch marks on my chest bc I was clawing at my neck bc jack barakat
this is cliche and stupid but jack barakat is literally my sunshine. i love him so much. I’m sorry.
You've got to love Jack Barakat, it's impossible not to.
I don't think Jack Barakat understands how much it meant to me for him to call me great the way he did. He's just so cute I wanna squeze!
Jack Barakat is my spirit animal goodbye
Jack Barakat playing the guitar with glasses on
Jack Barakat shirtless i'm totally ok with that. *dying*
Photo: just-another-dusty-record: 1/10 pictures of Jack Barakat wearing glasses.
I've had a poster of 18 year old incorrectly captioned 'Jack Barakat' by Kerrang on my ceiling since I was 14.
if u try to claim u love jack barakat more than me you're wrong and I hope you like a bruised neck bc that's what you're going to get xx
Jack Barakat is the worst actor ever but that youtube video was really funny.
No Budget Movies Feat. Jack Barakat - best video, ever.
well, now we know who is responsible for Jack Barakat's sense of humor
Why is it that band members are so attractive? Josh Franceschi, Jack Barakat, Alex Gaskarth, Hayley, Oli Sykes, Dan Smith-All good looking
Jasmine had sex with Jack Barakat lololol
jack Barakat and Austin Carlile, what more could you want?
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Jack Barakat is his fairy god mother omg
I can't sleep , why won't Jack Barakat love me
I bet being Jack Barakat's friend would be so cool he'd always have you laughing and he'd probably flirt with you all the ti…
When someone says they love All Time Low but doesn't know who Jack Barakat is...
I'm gonna play skyrim and cry loudly over jack Barakat goodbye people of the internet
Can I see your phone no. Why. Bc this I have a lot of Jack Barakat in my phone
Someday I will adopt a cat and name him Jack Barakat
I just woke up from a dream where I met jack barakat and he brought me to meet the rest of atl and zack was replaced with my grandad
So I just spent the last 2 hours looking up cute videos of Jack Barakat on YouTube . Help
I met a guy the other night who looks the spitting image of Jack Barakat I think I'm in
“Do people still throw their underwear up on stage or was that just a Tom Jones thing?”. They throw bras at Jack Barakat 😁😂
My life was fine before Jack Barakat
remember when Jack Barakat did the Harlem Shake omfg that was epic
Just be nerd with me, and we can fangirl over about Jack Barakat.
Jack Barakat joins the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber in the new pop rock band JB, JB, and the JBs
Jack Barakat will be too busy sexing me up
One day I hope to have a love like Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat's
God why cant i just like marry Jack Barakat dammit.
Jack Barakat is single only bc he's saving himself for me. And I am doing exactly the same
Hey mum and dad, this is Jack Barakat and he's one of those boys in bands I look up to.
Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? — Alex Gaskarth or jack barakat
it's find babe, I'm like Fallon asleep as we talk. Cx
Who are your heroes? — Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson, Zack Merrick, Hayley Williams, Taylor York, and...
Why? WHY! Mike Fuentes going to Disney the day after I went, and Jack Barakat and Brendon Urie went yesterday. FML. 😩🔫
my biggest dreams are to meet my favorite bands & meet my guitar idols Nikki Sixx, Synyster Gates, Jake Pitts, Jack Barakat
I wanna be Jack Barakat, Hayley Williams, Niall Horan, Jared Leto, Rian Dawson, Emma Watson,one of Oli Sykes' tattoos and Vic Fuentes' hair.
12. I am married to: Jordan Witzigreuter, Kyle pavone & Jack Barakat. Even tho they dont know it
"When serious situations occur, I can hold my own. But when all is gravy, I am gonna live it up." - Jack Barakat
Just remember that in the end. Jack Barakat is still better than you...
Photo: xosimplyalexis: if anyone ever asks you to describe jack barakat just show them this photo
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If anyone ask what Jack Barakat's like. Show them this collage
Remember when Jack Barakat called me a purple haired pervert
Jack barakat's instagram picture is my favorite thing rn
I'm the jack barakat of creepin' up on your butt.
my mom and I just watched a bunch of videos of jack barakat together
I'm the jack barakat of having a dirty mind
Jack Barakat: same shirt, different day.
I am the Jack Barakat of homosexuality
Jack Barakat I love you so much why are you so adorable pls stop it hurts my heart
I'm gonna take jack barakat on a Taco Bell date some day.
Jack Barakat- jacking off in airplane bathrooms since 1988
I fist bumped Jack Barakat and Alex held my hand. Those guys are the best, enjoy! :D
The love between Jack Barakat and Taco Bell is beautiful
I want the death match played as I walk into prom late with Jack Barakat as my date yeah you heard right
Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth talking about Disney princesses:
wearing my who the f*is jack Barakat shirt today and that makes me happy
and to everyone who says I'm weird ... until you've met Jack Barakat, you don't know weird.
had to compare jack and zayn bc of their hair, but of course, Jack Barakat FTW like duh
you're literally describing me right now. I want chicken nuggets and Jack Barakat
When I was in year 7 Cory Monteith was my equivalent of Jack Barakat now, I've already cried over this twice today.
“Who is the most flawless women alive? — Georgii :3. Or Jack Barakat nd me
I've grabbed the butts of: Jack Barakat, Travis Clark, Tay Jardine, Kellin Quinn, Kyle Even, David Schmitt, and Jordan from The Ready Set.
Mrs. Biersack from Music, The soundtrack of life and love asked me all the following questions! Pepsi or Coke? -I prefer pepsi most of the time. Diet, actually. The regular hurts my stomach. Starbust or skittles? Starburst Do you like Thy Art Is Murder? I need to listen to them still... Opinions on Avenged Sevenfold? I like Avenged, but they're not my favorite. That being said, I've seen them twice... Favorite band member? Ooh that's hard. Its a toss up between Adam Gontier, Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, and Austin Carlile. They're all such great people. Drummers or Unclean vocalists? You really can't compare the two, but I tend to notice screamers more. Will your children grow up to like All TIme Low and all the bands you like? *** yes! I want my kids growing up knowing the power music has, so I will definitely expose them to the stuff that got me into it. What will you do if your child starts becoming obsessed with rap music? Now there is something I've never considered before. Um...I really don't know. ...
There's a new Ali King out there filming Jack Barakat eating Taco Bell for 9 minutes.
"A year ago I didn't have chest hair, but now I have chest hair" -jack barakat
Tell me about Jack Barakat so I know it's real.
Want to watch All Time Low’s Jack Barakat eat Taco Bell for 9 minutes? A creepy fan has made that possible.
NO JACK NO, if we were friends with benefits I would not wanna share you. Jack Barakat how could you?
changed the Diamond Crew's names in my contacts to band members names now i have Hayley Williams, Jack Barakat, Ryan Key etc WhatsApping me
Jack Barakat... He just spelled his name wrong... Yeah.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Do what makes you happy, think later. -Jack Barakat♡
I don't find Jack Barakat attractive — agreed i think
Any of u guys fans of John barrowman? (Sorry if I spelt his name wrong I'm not sure who he is :L xD) I have learnt that he's going to get married to a person named Scott (don't know his last name) because its legal in California now ^.^ I don't know who he really is but I think it's beautiful that they are getting married ^.^ ~ EnterChemicalDay
If I was gonna hook up with a random celebrity it would be Jack Barakat bc reasons
Can I just have a Jack Barakat please?
Jack Barakat looks like Tre Cool in this interview OMG STAHP
I'm seriously laughing so hard somebody filmed jack barakat eating at Taco Bell for 9 minutes
“Don't get stressed over the little things and make sure you're enjoying life to the fullest.” -Jack Barakat
Is it acceptable to get a cardboard cut out of 2009 jack barakat now
Album review done, Interview questions for Jack Barakat started, work tonight. Productive day.
hey clayton... Is that show to you like Home Alone is to Jack Barakat?
I'm upset because firefighters died and a Taco Bell commercial reminded me of jack barakat
Are u jack barakat bc you seem to have a problem with acknowledging my existence
"The only thing better than Jack Barakat is a Jack Barakat with glasses"
I just really wanna marry Josh Ramsay and Jack Barakat.
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if I say that I'm in love with Jack Barakat do I get a free burrito or
If you're ever sad just remember Jack Barakat once got drunk and went through a car wash on his own without a car.
Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, and Tea... three things that i did not anticipate happening simultaneously. who's fault is it? Andy's. mate, now is the time to own up. it's all your fault...
Life's too awesome to waste it on someone who doesn't treat you right-jack barakat.
So I started a band called the Kellin Quinn band, and Kellin isn't showing up for the practices soo I think we might kick him out:I And change our name to The Band.
I want a boyfriend that's in a band. Pls. ;~;
Googles Jack Barakat Google Images shows a picture of a pregnant woman And I just sit there thinking ''Jack, what happened, she DOES NOT look like a burrito.'' ~PierceTheSiren who is sorry for not posting
I know this one person who doesn't like All Time Low. EXCUSE YOU. I WILL GET JACK BARAKAT TO TWERK ON YOU. We cannot be friends if you don't like All Time Low ://
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