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Jack Antonoff

Jack Antonoff (b. March 31, 1984 in Bergenfield, New Jersey) is the guitarist of the American band fun.

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breh Jack Antonoff is voluntarily porking that. dude could have a dime every night & settles for a dirty penny
Jack Antonoff defends Lena Dunham over molester allegations via
Jack Antonoff defends Lena Dunham over molester allegations...
Jack Antonoff discussing Lena Dunham ""molesting"" her sister...
Jack Antonoff discussing Lena Dunham ""molesting"" her sister
the reason OOTW is a masterpiece is because of Jack Antonoff okay we all know this. bless him
I can't believe musical genius Jack Antonoff is in a realtionship with white feminist rat/child molester L*na Dunham
I strongly believe that Fun will be Taylor's opening act since Jack Antonoff was a part of this album.
Jack Antonoff went from dating ScarJo to Lena Dunham.
I'll talk about her a lot she dated jack antonoff who I mET
There's a lad at the gym right now who looks like Jack Antonoff
My aesthetic is Jack Antonoff getting punched by Andrew Dost
Jack Antonoff's Shadow of the City Fest Brings Alt Pop Cool, LGBTQ Activism to New Jersey via
Why is lorde acting like she just in the studio when i could spot Jack Antonoff's orange fridge from a county away
We saw & more rock and bring LGBTQ activism to New Jersey
me: . me: Bleachers is an American indie pop act based in New York City formed by Jack Antonoff
Been studying for the chemistry test while listening to Jack Antonoff, and I've memorized his whole album, but no polyatomic ions🙃
Jack Antonoff Tracks the Glory Days of the CD in a Coming Book
Lorde is in the studio with Taylor Swift collaborator and Lena Dunham boyfriend Jack Antonoff!
Only good can come from jack antonoff and lorde in a studio making music together
Taylor Swift's Instagram photo with Jack Antonoff and Lorde during the Coachella festival on Saturday.
the members thrive as behind the scenes composers/writers, Jack Antonoff works a lot w Lorde.
Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff were Tay's inspiration for "You Are In Love" :)
Nicki Minaj wrote and Jack Antonoff produced a song for Fifth Harmony and I already have a feeling it's going to be my new favorite 5H song
Social paralysis is strong and stands firmly in the way of change on the gr...
Chris Evans playfully told Jack Antonoff he would fight him but it came out too forceful and now Jack avoids him.
As straight Americans we have two choices: we can choose to sit back and en...
Y'all watch out for flex bc it's written by 5H, squeeze bc it was by max martin and dope bc of jack antonoff
Nate Ruess went solo and Jack Antonoff started another band, Bleachers and does a lot of production for other artists.
Taylor with Austin, Martha Hunt, HAIM, Brit Maack, Serayah, Lorde and Jack Antonoff at Coachella yesterday!
I dont feel like being in love with jack antonoff but
Don't mind me just crying in the back of class over Lorde and Jack Antonoff.
Jack Antonoff describes swift's status as "almost like being president" he adds, she's the…
"Jack Antonoff describes Swift’s status as 'almost like being president.'"
team hoping Taylor works with Jack Antonoff a lot for album 6
I was just reading about someone pushing this idea:
.(of is writing a book about record stores and CD culture
my only real goal in life is to be best friends with Jack Antonoff
My new haircut makes me feel like Jack Antonoff
jack antonoff created bleachers and they all 'took a break' but like I HAVE BEEN WAITING TOO LONG THEY NEED TO GET TOGETHER AGAIN
"I want everything about this festival to feel like New Jersey" MY BABE ❤️✨
Max Greenfield and Jack Antonoff?! I just bought tickets for tomorrow's showing.
Looks like Jack Antonoff of had as much fun as UP did last night!
Lorde's in the studio with Jack Antonoff, but it's...
"We'd be thrilled if his name was perilously close to jackin' off."-Jack Antonoff's parents
I touched Jack Antonoff's guitar and it felt like love
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Jack Antonoff and AlunaGeorge both liked my leather overalls/skirt. I can die happy
me at a job interview:. "i think im qualified for this job because my friend Erika met jack antonoff"
Nothing is more boring than Jack Antonoff's snapchat stories.
Sitting in bed, listening to Taylor Swift and looking at pictures of Lena Dunham and jack antonoff. and you thought you were weird.
Lorde working with Jack Antonoff on new album...
The 1975, Carly Rae Jepsen to headline Jack Antonoff's Shadow of the City festival -...
Jack Antonoff calling Taylor to tell her she won a GRAMMY.
I'm really going to this and meeting Jack Antonoff who's going with me
I haven't seen jack antonoff in months I can feel the hole in my heart this has left
Update: Sally Field has re-evolved as an adorable new form of Gidget that somehow also totally fits in with Jack Antonoff trendsters.
my only comforting thought is that Jack Antonoff would wear this
i love Jack Antonoff he's such a good man
I'm still freaking out about jack antonoff and Lena last night
If u don't think Jack Antonoff is cute as heckie then get outta here, you're obviously in denial
Sally Field is absolutely terrific throughout, but the Max Greenfield/Jack Antonoff bits...yeesh.
In a year I've seen Jack Antonoff perform 4 times, all free and by luck. He gives me heart palpitations.
I accidentally met Jack Antonoff today. that was a thing
This guy at the bar looks so much like Jack Antonoff but in p sure it's not him idk tho
When Jack Antonoff puts you on the guest list for the Bleachers show tonight
you mean the amazing guy that's got a picture with Jack Antonoff? 😭
Dance Rascal Dance written & performed by Jack Antonoff for 'Hello, My Name is Doris' via
Video of Taylor accepting Best Pop Vocal album via phone call from Jack Antonoff! video via
Sxsw celeb siting: jack antonoff or as I exclaimed "Lena Dunham's boyfriend!!"
See Jack Antonoff rock out in exclusive clip from Hello, My Name is Doris
Exclusive: See rock out in this clip from
This movie looks so cute, and c'mon, we all know how much I love
fun.’s Jack Antonoff: ‘Kesha and I can make music together’ -
Zedd and Jack Antonoff offer to produce tracks for Kesha following the Dr. Luke verdict
Jack Antonoff offered to produce with Kesha
Jack Antonoff who produced Out of the Woods and I Wish You Would has reached out to work with Kesha.
Two huge musicians just offered to produce Kesha's music post-court ruling:
Jack Antonoff and Zedd offer to produce new music for Kesha amid her court battle. God bless them💕
Jack Antonoff offers to help Kesha with new music following court battle: Musician and producer Jack…
my Taylor Swift guilty pleasure is Out of The Woods bc you can 100% hear Jack Antonoff's influence on it
This weekend, I photographed and interviewed Modern Baseball and Jack Antonoff of Bleachers. Jack…
Does Jack Antonoff ever leave the recording studio???
I'm screaming. 2013 adrie watching fun perform the grammys didn't even look at jack antonoff
15 year old me listening to fun. Singing all alright. Unaware of who jack antonoff was
Haven't proclaimed my adoration for Jack Antonoff in a while, so here's TSwift on the making of Out of the Woods.
Oh, also, it was weird reading positive things about Jack Antonoff since he and I have been feuding since 2007.
Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff are my new favorite style couple 💁
Audio: Jack Antonoff released the stems for “I Wanna Get Better” last year sometime; since I’ve been on a...
Why recruited and others to cover debut:
I would very much like a jack antonoff/charli xcx collaboration album
I want to get a pedicure with Jack Antonoff
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Apparently I look like Jack Antonoff from Bleachers? People keep letting me know of this when I go out.
Jack Antonoff's snap stories are my reason for existing to be honest
After last night I can definitely confirm that scruffy Jack Antonoff is a stone cold fox, wow
Jack Antonoff's snapchat is the weirdest most random ever I love it.
Also Jack antonoff singing bloodbuzz Ohio on his snapchat bye
I have a Jack Antonoff vibe going on with my hair, honestly don't like it
Sia with Jack Antonoff & Lena Dunham at GEMS' 2015 Love Revolution Gala in NYC (Oct 15).
I just imagined a collaboration between Jack Antonoff and Ezra Koenig and teared up
Lena Dunham made a public pledge&several occasions&she and her musician boyfriend Jack Antonoff would…
Jack Antonoff 'gets better' with each album;Terrible Thrills Vol. 2: All-Female cover of Strange Desire by Bleachers
Jack Antonoff: all-female Bleachers cover album is a 'peer into my head' via
Jack Antonoff on why Sia and Carly Rae Jepsen (but not Taylor Swift) redid his vocals for a free Bleachers LP:
probably going to die when I see jack antonoff in person this weekend 😭
Lolol oh I was talking about jack antonoff's documentary series!! But yes he is!
oh whoops lmao no I think that Nate is still with Jack Antonoff's sister
Marlee was so stoked AND nervous to meet Jack Antonoff she forgot to get a hug. http…
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If you are planning out your weekend, here are a few event highlights: bonfires on the beach on both...
hey! I stan Coldplay, bleachers (or anything jack antonoff), echosmith, LM, pvris, Charli xcx, and marina so follow me if you do too ☺️
lol I know Jack Antonoff and those 💪🏼 😍🙌🏼
My optometrist today looked like Jack Antonoff so that was cool.
News Designer Rachel Antonoff says brother Jack is more stylish
im going to bite directly into jack antonoff's flesh on Saturday (metaphorically) (maybe literally who knows)
I met Jack antonoff yesterday ... I can't believe this
I was suppose to see jack antonoff this week but charli xcx just had to ruin that
I'm in the same room as Jack Antonoff and Tavi Gevinson right now, keep it cool Kathryn
Chris called me right as I was getting off the subway to tell me about blurting out "DORITOS" at Jack antonoff and I bark l…
I dreamt about meeting Jack Antonoff :-(
Will we ever lay eyes on jack antonoff again in 2015 ever
I miss jack antonoff so bad right now
when jack Antonoff has helped you a lot and is your but you haven't met him that's cool though Im fine with it i love being poor
Jack Antonoff is in raleigh tonight and I'm not.
Jack Antonoff just signed my shirt.. *** is the nicest guy.
Yessica's bday message consisted of references to Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff and that's how you know she just gets me.
Me not being able to stop thinking about the fact that I'm meeting Jack antonoff later
also my touring partner in crime/BFFL interviewed me for this so make sure u get a copy! ❤️ http:/…
"This is my friend Daniel. We grew up together and he's very attractive." - a real quote by Jack Antonoff that I have on video
Guys, + are the weirdest, best pair of friends ever:
i love jack antonoff this is all I can say
Pepsi Pops Open Ultimate Fan Experiences in New York City with Kid Ink and Jack Antonoff to Unveil…
So I was on the front row for Bleachers and I held Jack Antonoff's hand and got a big smile. My life is made 😍💁🏼
Also, Dan Auerbach and Jack Antonoff are two of the best guitarists in music today...and I saw both play in the span of three hours!
Jason Mantzoukas and Colin Quinn join Jack Antonoff of Bleachers in new comedy doc Thank Y... via
Jack Antonoff reminds me of an indie Andy Samberg
Andy Samberg got that Jack Antonoff haircut goin' on.
Check out 'A Million Stars' by Andrew Dost (feat. Jack Antonoff and Andy McCluskey.) it's for
Jack Antonoff at the MTV Upfront presentation in NYC (1) - by Jamie McCarthy
fun.'s Andrew Dost scores THE D TRAIN, collabs with Jack Antonoff and more for original song "A Million Stars":
Actual top celeb couples (in no order):. Jack Antonoff and Lena Dunham. Blake and Steak Anderson. Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti
Actress Lena Dunham and musician Jack Antonoff attend the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre...
You are in love- Taylor Swift. Every song she wrote with Jack Antonoff is just out-of-this-world awesome.
St. Vincent and Grimes to debut new songs on "Girls. (Grimes' is a collab with Jack Antonoff.) http:/…
Lena Dunham stars in her Hollywood power-player role at Elle magazine event Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Lena Dunham with her boyfriend, musician Jack Antonoff, at the series premiere of ‘Girls’ this month. Partygoers at Elle Magazine’s Women in TV reception in West Hollywood say “Girls” star is shaping into a woman of note. “Lena Dunham worked the room and came across like Gertrude Stein or Elaine Kaufman (of Elaine’s restaurant fame) as she mingled and conversed with various actresses,” said an insider at the Sunset Tower Hotel. “She is really blossoming into the new Sue Mengers.” Elle’s editor-in-chief,, who was enamored enough of Dunham to put her on Elle’s new cover, gushed about the 28-year-old writer/actress at the mag’s party. And she broke out the thesaurus to do it. “It’s extraordinary to be able to watch a polymath at the start of what will be a life of incredible influence on the way women are understood and apportioned power,” she said, counting herself as a “ ...
So.. Jack Antonoff, Lena Dunham, Lorde, Haim, Selena Gomez, and WAY MORE of Taylor's friends have arrived at the
The year 2014 as told by Jack Antonoff:
If u take the "Anton" out of jack antonoff his name is jack off
Urania is saying that Jack Antonoff looks like he's addicted to organic mac and cheese okay
I love how Jack Antonoff is in like three bands he's so great
did u know that "YOU ARE IN LOVE" by taylor is abt Jack Antonoff n Lena Dunham's relationship.Its "the wedding song".
Has Lena Dunham got engaged? The evidence? She's wearing a huge rock on her wedding finger.
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Lena Dunham And Jack Antonoff Engaged?. Lena Dunham has sparked rumours she is engaged.
Lena Dunham sparks rumours she's engaged to boyfriend Jack Antonoff as she flashes new ring on her wedding fin...
One of my favorite Taylor Swift friendships: her and Jack Antonoff. They are literally the coolest people ever I'm pretty sure.
Is Lena Dunham engaged to Jack Antonoff? Star’s new ring sparks specu... via
Are congratulations in order??? We're not quite sure! Lena Dunham may or may not be engaged, but this picture is...
I'll bet you didn't know that the singer Jack Antonoff for Bleachers dated Scarlet Johansson back in 2005
"This whole place smells like one big joint, I love it!" - Jack Antonoff (lead singer of Bleachers)
Anyone can sell a song if Jack Antonoff wrote it. He's a genius.
Jack Antonoff tells Billboard magazine how he and Taylor Swift came up with Out Of The Woods, and how they developed a close friendship over '80s flicks.
Lyrics: - taylorswift: Out Of The Woods Written by Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff Produced by Jack Antonoff...
No Griswolds or Jamie N Commons but they have Foster The People + Jack Antonoff!! 10/31 is my bday btw ;)
jack antonoff romanticizes his precious NJ turnpike, but has he ever been on the OHIO TURNPIKE !!!?!?!?
my mom was saying jack Antonoff wrong so I scream ANT ON OFF
Jack Antonoff just compared himself to Claire Underwood. I am okay with this.
Jack Antonoff is my newest obsession.
Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff are not opposed to sending nudes / I think we all know what happens in their relationship
Popularity of Unboxed Videos Explained on Q for 9-2: TODAY on "Q" -- JACK ANTONOFF, guitarist for the popular ...
"The best pop music is the songs that [people] can dance to but, you can also listen to in your bed and cry.". -Jack Antonoff on The Beatles
Jack antonoff is my favorite person that isn't tegan or Sara
Julie Luu. Jack Antonoff, you are my favorite human being.
Seeing Jack Antonoff at tonight? Check out our interview with him first.
🙏Jack Antonoff please bless me with your music for today🙏
Oh my god I had a dream where I met Jack Antonoff in the city and we took photos and then went to a restaurant where we met George Ezra
is month. Bleechers is the side project of Lead Guitarist Jack Antonoff from FUN
Is there a couple with a more annoying presence than Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff?
Will Lena Dunham Direct Bleachers’ Bloody New Video?: Jack Antonoff reveals that there will be blood... in his...
I'm excited about Lord's collab with Ryan Tedder, and Jack Antonoff. Sweeter Than Fiction is a bop.
The song won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year / Writer(s) Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost, Jack Antonoff, and Jeffrey Bhaske
Despite the stadium-ready anthem anchoring much of the album’s build up, Bleacher’s debut full length record, Strange Desire, is better experienced as an intimate affair, the always steady songwriting hand of Jack Antonoff (Steel Train, Fun.) blending such intimacy with the project’s buzzworthy soun…
This is srsly the best compliment any musician or person can get!. Some artists ten...
Featuring Jack Antonoff, is nostalgic and unapologetic on Strange Desire.
Watch Jack Antonoff and Bleachers play 3 songs live from The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas:
fun. star JACK ANTONOFF praises Taylor Swift: 'She's one of the best songwriters ever'.
Jack Antonoff's side project "Bleachers" is killer. Strange Desire is an awesome album, definitely worth a listen if you haven't heard yet.
I wonder what Scarlett Johansson thinks of Jack Antonoff right now. Or vice versa. . Aw
Jack Antonoff talks about Taylor in a recent interview for GQ Magazine
In his GQ interview, Jack Antonoff spoke about Taylor as "the closest thing today that hearkens to Michael Jackson."
Jack Antonoff says Taylor Swift is the closest artist we've got to Michael Jackson these days:
Jack Antonoff on Taylor as a songwriter!
"And I think is one of the best songwriters ever." -
AWARD SHOWS:: Ludacris to Host 2014 Billboard Music Awards, Sunday May 18th at 8PM on ABC...Hosting this Sunday's annual music celebration on ABC is one of hip-hop's all-time most successful artists -- Ludacris. Stars who will present awards alongside Ludacris include Shania Twain, Phillip Phillips, Josh Groban, Lucy Hale and fun.'s Jack Antonoff. There will be performances from Shakira, 5 Seconds of Summer, Florida Georgia Line, Imagine Dragons, Jason Derulo, Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, Lorde, Luke Bryan, Miley Cyrus, Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, OneRepublic, Pitbull and Ricky Martin. The BBMAs, which are produced by *** Clark Productions, will be broadcast live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena on ABC from 8 p.m. ET.
The members of the band are the latest artists to pledge their support for Free & Equal by helping to spread campaign messages and materials via social media. “We as musicians stand with the LGBT community in any way we possibly can,” said fun. member Jack Antonoff. “Together, we have the ability to…
Jack Antonoff from fun. is bringing his band Bleachers to the Hangout Music Fest Discover Great Thursday Kickoff Party!
Fun-Some Nights * ALBUM * Some Nights * GENRE * Indie pop, power pop, Afrobeat * RELEASE * June 4, 2012 * HOMETOWN * New York City, New York, United States *BACKGROUND* "Some Nights" is a song by American indie rock band Fun. It was released on June 4, 2012, as the second single and the title track from their second studio album of the same name. The song was written by Jeff Bhasker, Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost, and Jack Antonoff. Lyrically, the song speaks of the protagonist's feelings of self-deprecation and loneliness. Musically "Some Nights" is an indie pop song with elements of power pop and Afrobeat with similarities to Simon & Garfunkel's 1970 Hot 100 top-ten hit song "Cecilia". In the United States, "Some Nights" has been a sleeper hit, spending approximately seven months on the Billboard Hot 100 before reaching a peak of number three for six non-consecutive weeks beginning the week of September 29, 2012. The song became Fun's second single to enter the chart's top ten, as well as their second song to ...
9 reasons Lena Dunham & Jack Antonoff are the new cutest celeb couple on the planet:
my goal this whole time was to turn Brandon into Jack Antonoff to further my ongoing transformation into Lena Dunham
Watch the Lena Dunham-directed video for "I Wanna Get Better," the first single from Bleachers' Jack Antonoff:
Lena Dunham Directs Video for Jack Antonoff's Solo Project, Bleachers - Read more on
Lena Dunham of is so good. Her video for Jack Antonoff of Fun. in his debut single "I Wanna Get Better" is simple and fun. Enjoy the production design and cinematography by WPA | Worldwide Production Agency PD ANNE COSTA and DP Larkin Seiple! This video will make you smile!
In a world where life mimics Instagram, Lena Dunham reigns supreme. She sees the world with a permanent Hudson filter and everyone, including her own significant other, Jack Antonoff, can't escape the perils of quarter-life crises — a.k.a. Millennialism — fictional or otherwise. She of the
Because being nominated for an MTV Music Video Award is one of the final steps to the GIRLS creator getting her own EGOTMV. Yesterday, Lena Dunham and boyfriend Jack Antonoff debuted their first co...
Somehow, Fun’s Jack Antonoff managed to convince his girlfriend, Lena Dunham, to direct a new music video for his new band. The clip for Bleachers’ “I Wanna Get Better” is, like a lot of Dunham’s work, bleak yet wryly funny. Set against the catchy track, Antonoff plays a recently dumped therapist wh
Jack Antonoff is my favorite musician of all time
Lena Dunham snagged the cover of Glamour’s April issue, with some different revelations on her life! In her interview, the Girls actress and creator admitted that she may let acting go in the future, as well as opened up about her relationship with boyfriend Jack Antonoff, and her simple thoughts on
So, it is no wonder Lena Dunham was upset to find that her boyfriend of two years, Jack Antonoff, was pictured with then-girlfriend
Lena Dunham and her bf Jack Antonoff of ‘FUN’ have been dating since 2012…but she isn’t the 1st celebrity he’s dated! Read below how Lena found out this shocking info!
Lena Dunham's boyfriend Jack Antonoff dated Scarlett Jonahnsson in high school, and she found out on Tumblr.
These days, fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff can brag that he's dating Girls star and creator Lena Dunham, but it turns out that back in high school, his girlfriend was someone who's even more high profile: Scarlett Johansson.
There's nothing quite like discovering a current boyfriend's ex-girlfriend is a bombshell. That's exactly what happened to Lena Dunham when she stumbled across a photo of her man Jack Antonoff with his ex … Scarlett Johansson!
Girls star Lena Dunham says finding out her boyfriend dated Scarlett Johansson was a shock: The brunette beauty says it was surreal to come across a picture of her boyf, fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff, and the Avengers actress on a Tumblr blog called Old Loves
Interview: Jack Antonoff introduces new solo project
Which hot actress did Lena Dunham's boyfriend used to date?
NEWS: on Jack Antonoff's solo album? Well, Hayley is definitely into this project! Read more:
Lena Dunham reveals the surreal moment she discovered her boyfriend previously dated Scarlett Johansson
Lena Dunham reveals surreal moment she discovered her boyfriend's famous ex
fun.'s Jack Antonoff is working on a new project. Watch the interview and hear new Bleachers music here >>
People we know Taylor have written with for album Jack Antonoff, Diane Warren, Max Martin, Shellback and Ryan Tedder.
What happens when Lena Dunham finds a photo of her boyfriend Jack Antonoff and his ex Scarlett Johansson?
Wait, is that ScarJo? During an interview with Grantland's Bill Simmons, Lena Dunham shared a hilarious story from when she stumbled upon a photo of boyfriend Jack Antonoff with his former girlfriend...
Fun.’s Jack Antonoff wants you to meet his new band: Bleachers — VIDEO - Jack Antonoff,...
Taylor Swift Praises Jack Antonoff's New Project Bleachers!: is loving new project!
Lena Dunham shocked by boyfriend: Lena Dunham was shocked to discover her boyfriend Jack Antonoff once dated S...
my sister is trying to see this guy Jack Antonoff from the bands fun. and Steel Train. idgaf about him, i would just go along
Lena Dunham admits she thought she ‘was hallucinating’ after learning her boyfriend Jack Antonoff dated…
Jack Antonoff dated Scarlett Johansson and he's with Lena Dunham
Jack Antonoff, one-third of the Grammy-winning indie pop band Fun, is at a Hollywood recording studio previewing tracks from Bleachers, a side project he’s spent the last year secretly crafting.
Wait, is that ScarJo? Lena Dunham has "surreal" moment about boyfriend Jack's ex Scarlett Johansson:
Jack Antonoff from the band FUN. has given a video interview about his new side project Bleachers, in which he talks about having collaborated with Vince Clarke on some of the material.
FUN. guitarist Jack Antonoff has launched his new project Bleachers with this incredibly infectious track 'I Wanna Get Better' that is destined to dominate radio's everywhere very soon. It's simila...
Many artists spend tour downtime resting or engaging in more debaucherous activities. For fun.'s lead guitarist Jack Antonoff, it was holing up in...
Fun. co-founder Jack Antonoff has officially announced a solo project named Bleachers. This spring will bring a proper album, co-produced with John Hill (MIA., Phantogram, WAVVES) and Vince Clarke (member of Depeche Mode, Yazoo, and Erasure). Today's Song of the Day, "I Wanna Get Better," is the debut single, an idiosyncratic pop blast that mirrors fun.'s fearless grandiosity and features cut-up piano, an array of odd samples, a ripping guitar solo that feels plucked from the 80s, and Antonoff's buoyant vocals.
Grammy Award winning artist and songwriter Jack Antonoff announces his new project Bleachers with the release of the debut single “I Wanna Get Better.” [ 357 more words. ]
Grammy winner Jack Antonoff announces new project Bleachers, debut single out now
It is hard for me when I am reading about a new band or song and I see, “inspired by John Hughes.” That phrase needs to be expunged from your band’s bio. Today it is Jack Antonoff of fun. using phrase to describe his new side-project, Bleachers. Antonoff was talking to, ““There’s somethin
We all know Grammy Award winning arist Jack Antonoff as the current lead guitarist of Fun. and former vocalist of Steel Train. Now he is out with a lo-fi debut single called "I Wanna Get Better" fr...
Jack Antonoff reveals the origins of Bleachers, and what his new band means for Fun.
Jack Antonoff, lead guitarist of the band fun., has a new side project called Bleachers. The new band, which will be performing at...
For all you fans of fun. and Steel Train, Jack Antonoff released his debut solo track yesterday and it's utterly fantastic. Quick key chords and a guitar solo reminiscent of his previous projects, ...
Jack Antonoff, one-third of chart-topping band fun. and one whole of Lena Dunham’s other half, released a song from his latest side project today. “I...
Fun.'s Jack Antonoff has just released the first slice of music from his new side-project Bleachers, and it's a doozy. "I Wanna Get Better" is an excellent piece of power-pop that goes from a rapid-fire baritone to an arena-blasting shout. Overall, it's
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A new trailer from 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and new music from Fun.'s Jack Antonoff are today's top stories.
Fun.'s Jack Antonoff has unveiled a brand new solo/side project, Bleachers, complete with a debut single, "I Wanna Get Better," and a handful of tour dates. Additionally, Jack, who fronted New Jersey's Steel Train before joining Fun., took to his blog to explain the project's origin and why he...
Jack Antonoff from fun. has a new side project! Listen to the debut from Bleachers on the Kade blog!
Is there a rocky future for Fun.? Lead guitarist Jack Antonoff just announced a new album with another band, Bleachers.
Fun.'s Jack Antonoff is going solo with 'Bleachers' project. Have you heard the single, 'I Wanna Get Better'? Listen here:
New music from Bleachers a project brought to you by Jack Antonoff of Fun. Must have!
Bet you didn’t know about the hardcore beginnings of fun.’s Jack Antonoff! Find out here:
As part of artist Miranda July's "We Think Alone" project, Lena Dunham shared a truly adorable love letter she wrote to her boyfriend and the lead singer of fun., Jack Antonoff. Read the full email below, which may elicit "aw" sounds.
Day 19: I am still not friends with Jack Antonoff
Day 18: I am still not friends with Jack Antonoff
Brooke rocking the jack antonoff look
Day 17: I am still not friends with Jack Antonoff
So will this movie be making its way here?
# I would use the money to go see fun.(Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost & Jack Antonoff) I'd be the happiest lady in the world 2 meet thm
Jack Antonoff's name is exactly one "Anton" away from being tragic and hilarious
fun.atics. here I present Jack Michael Antonoff and some other random kid
I am Emma Watson X'D. It would be funny if u got married to jack and u would be rachel antonoff and ra will b rachel antonoff
Day 16: I am still not friends with Jack Antonoff
Lena Dunham shared an intimate love letter she wrote to her significant other (via email) lovely stuff
And I thought of you, like always, and I felt I could spend four days on a bench with you and it wouldn’t be enough time to hear all the stories you have to tell— I literally want to know everything you have ever seen and what you felt like while you were seeing it. And I will be so much better my whole life for knowing those things. — Lena Dunham to Jack Antonoff; We Think Alone
Saturday:Working out keyboard parts 4 a song by Jack Antonoff & John Hill. According to Logic, the track is 159.5176 BPM (my favorite tempo)
Day 15: I am still not friends with Jack Antonoff
.teamed with Jack Antonoff for her new single
Hellogoodbye – Would It Kill You? Record Label: Wasted Summer Release Date: November 9 2010 My favorite bands have one thing in common: none of their records are truly the same. They’ve all changed their sound in one way or another. California indie-pop band Hellogoodbye is no exception to this. Debut record Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! Was a straightforward synth-pop/power-pop record that didn’t have much substance behind it, but was still enjoyable with its silly and cutesy lyrics. Four years later, sophomore album Would It Kill You was quite a dramatic departure, incorporating more organic instrumentation and less auto-tune and synth. A few tracks on Zombies showcased this sound, but Would It Kill You turned Hellogoodbye’s sound on their head, and surprised critics and fans. They became a much more mature and refined band, and a band that this reviewer ended up loving a lot more. It surely surprised me, but in the best way possible. It’s an impressive shift that truly showed the band ...
Day 14: I am still not friends with Jack Antonoff
Nate Antonoff and Jack Ruess. Yes, one of my friends said that once. Without meaning it to be a joke.
Day 13: I am still not friends with Jack Antonoff
Read it. The co-writer for Sweeter Than Fiction, Jack Antonoff, says there was no label involvment in the collaboration.
What is the role of straight allies in the fight for LGBTQ equality?...
Yes. Jack Antonoff, prev said STF was done with no label involvement. Shows TS is not controlled by SB. STF is eg of that.   10% Off
"Crushes turn into pumpkins. And then it turns into love." Watch this absolutely charming short film, "Crush", made by two siblings (musician Jack Antonoff and fashion designer Rachel Antonoff) to tell the story of how their parents met and fell in love. Our own Gillian Jacobs plays the wife!
"She’s just like the most incredible writer and singer and performer. She feels completely unaffected by all the stuff happening around her, so working with her was like the most amazing experience…It made me better at what I do just watching her process." — Fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff on co-writing ‘Sweeter Than Fiction’ with Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift gave us some short, but sweet insight into the song ‘Sweeter Than Fiction,’ which she co-wrote with Jack Antonoff of fun. The ’80s-inspired song is featured on the ‘One Chance’ soundtrack. We love how she says, “Hi, I’m Taylor,” in the intro, as if she’s not one of the most recognizable faces and people in the world. It’s just T. Swizzle being T. Swizzle — super adorbs. We see footage of Swift dancing and laughing in the studio, headphones and all. She’s clearly in her element when she is recording and making music. “The struggles and triumphs of someone who never stopped chasing what he was after really inspired me,” Swift said. Swift always sides with the underdog, doesn’t she? This clip also features lots of footage from the film, which tells the story of Paul Potts, who pursued his dreams of being an entertainer against all odds and appeared on and won his season of ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’ “It’s a beautiful movie,” Swift said. “I just wanted to ...
Sweeter Than Fiction, an original song by Taylor Swift and Fun guitarist Jack Antonoff for the movie One Chance. About One Chance: From the director of The D...
The Weinstein Company has released a One Chance music video featuring Sweeter Than Fiction! The video shows Taylor speaking about the inspiration for writing the song as well as why she felt it was important to write it. The video also features behind the scenes footage of Taylor writing and recording the song with Jack Antonoff!
Going to become best friends with Lena Dunham and she's going to convince Jack Antonoff to force Fun. to play The Gambler at my wedding.
"Sweeter Than Fiction" is a song recorded by American country music singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. The track was co-written by herself in collaboration of Jack Antonoff, guitarist of the American ...
Lena Dunham's love letter to her boyfriend Jack Antonoff is kind of the cutest:
New post (Lena Dunham Shares Adorable Love Letter To BF Jack Antonoff) has been published on CelebofTea
Remember that time Nate Ruess called me "sweetheart" and Jack Antonoff grabbed arm so she didn't fall?
Lena Dunham has opened up about her love for Jack Antonoff.
Read an intimate love letter Lena Dunham once sent to boyfriend Jack Antonoff.
Taylor Swift Rumored to Join 'The Giver,' With Meryl Streep & Jeff Bridges Casting rumors are rarely so tantalizing, but sometimes we just can't resist. Page Six is reporting that Taylor Swift is joining "The Giver," with Brenton Thwaites, and Oscar winners Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep. According to Page Six, "Sources said that Swift was offered a supporting role by Harvey Weinstein in Toronto when she hit town for the premiere of 'One Chance,' for which she wrote the song 'Sweeter Than Fiction' with Jack Antonoff of fun." (Other gossip mags reported Swift and Thwaites hitting it off during TIFF, so, you know, grain of salt, etc.) If Swift really is cast in "The Giver," the most likely role for her would be Fiona, the friend and possible crush of Thwaites's character Jonas. Swift's acting credits include "Valentine's Day" opposite Taylor "Llamaface" Lautner and the voice of Audrey in "The Lorax." Another rumor has her in a small part in Matthew Vaughn's "Secret Service," though her reps have denied it. I ...
yesh :) OMFD my music teacher looked @ my binder & he was like is that Nate Ruess, Jack Antonoff, & Andrew Dost from the band fun.
Just heard Jack Antonoff on the radio 😊
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Did you know Jack Antonoff of dated Scarlett Johansson? 24 other things you might not know--->
Emblem 3 song Spaghetti was co-written by them with JACK ANTONOFF!!! WHAT?! So downloading that after dinner XD
Why can't i just get to the part where i marry prince Harry or Jack Antonoff?
Macklemore and Jack Antonoff are in the league of menbians (male ***
if you say fun. I will stare u down like jack antonoff stares his hands down in an interview
Video: dostam: jack antonoff is my hero, man
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