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Winston Peters to Bill English and Jacinda Ardern. RE: We're out of booze. https:…
Something people need to think about when voting 1.Jacinda Ardern. 2.Kelvin Davis. 3.Andrew Little. 4.Grant Robertson
'I've got what it takes': will Jacinda Ardern be New Zealand's next Prime Minister?
Jacinda Ardern is the Jonah Lomu of NZ Politics and Bill English is that guy Jonah ran over.
"I don't think we should imprison people for smoking weed" - Jacinda Ardern, leader of the New Zealand Labour Party
Bit harsh on one of them, and what a rag . “Jacinda Ardern takes offence at being compared to Trump by The Wall Street Journal.”
New Zealand election: Jacinda Ardern pledges to decriminalise abortion
Jacinda Ardern vows to go *** for-tat on Aussie policy to remove subsidies on Kiwis studying in Oz.
No one had expected New Zealand’s election this month to be much of a contest. Then came 37-year-old Jacinda Ardern.
'I was surprised' - Jacinda Ardern reveals Labour's internal polling not as strong as shock 1 NEWS result…
New Zealand Labour, led by Jacinda Ardern, surges in polls
FYI 'Oh, Jacinda Ardern' fits just as well as 'Oh, Jeremy Corbyn'
NZ Labour Party’s Jacinda Ardern to slap tax on Australian tourists
NZ outdoes Oz on ANZUS, cricket ettiquette & now this: Jacinda Ardern says Labour would make tertiary education free
Jacinda Ardern: a breath of fresh air from New Zealand via
Exclusive: Jacinda Ardern faces the panel in The PM Job Interview
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Jacinda Ardern on youth mental health (video).
Newly elected Labour leader Jacinda Ardern penned a little tribute for us a couple of years back about her...
'We learnt that Ardern ... is a “total policy nerd” but haven’t heard anything about those actual policies.'. YUP. https…
Jacinda Ardern;'Labour will not rest until women have pay equity' - announces cut in leader's pay.
please do more than just providing more hours childcare. Babies need parents love to grow strong brains
Will trade one Barnaby Joyce for one Jacinda Ardern.
Hi I'm with We're running a piece on Jacinda Ardern & would love to chat if possible: isabella.kwai
Chris Hipkins to Jacinda Ardern. RE: My bad! Might have broken Australia!.
Many thanks to for being guest last night on ►…
E tū thanks Andrew Little for his leadership – and welcomes Jacinda Ardern!
Labour leader Jacinda Ardern has pledged to scrap the pay equity bill and start again if elected to government.
Jacinda Ardern as NZ's Obama, Macron or Trudeau? Be careful what you wish for
'Our goal is for free education in New Zealand' – Jacinda Ardern - TVNZ
"Education is a conveyer belt not a destination" - Jacinda Ardern
'We've got to stop the degradation of fresh water' - Jacinda Ardern explains how Labour's new water policy will work
I'm sure English and Ardern are both stage managed to appear authentic. Unlike Bill, Jacinda appears to be competent at it
New Zealand needs to stop talking about Jacinda Ardern's "lack of experience." She's been in Parliament since 2008.
A present from Gerry Brownlee... Accusing me of being "Cheerleader-in-Chief" for Jacinda Ardern. Proof they are scared.…
Labour 'will not rest' until women have pay equity - Jacinda Ardern
Voters think Bill English is more 'capable' than Jacinda Ardern, according to a Newshub poll
And to be a bit party political for a moment, I thought Jacinda Arder…
The National party has also experienced a surge in donations after the Labour Party appointed Jacinda Ardern.
We are the social media army to take back NZ uphold a future under a new direction under Jacinda Ardern and co to restore dignity hope to NZ
If you doubt Jacinda Ardern's political chops: in her first three days as leader she's defused two big bombs & smacked down a c…
New Zealand’s Labour Party is betting on 37-year-old Jacinda Ardern to win back voters
Ken Orr & Right to Life are a blight on the face of the New Zealand society. We don't need them & their bigotry.
Clarke Gayford: Jacinda Ardern is the best thing that's ever happened to me, via
Poll: Is Jacinda Ardern too inexperienced to be the next Prime Minister?
In just a week Jacinda Ardern has delivered a poll-quake to the New Zealand political scene. Watch Now 👉…
Watch: Jacinda Ardern greeted with powerful Maori welcome as she visits her old school Morrinsville College | 1 NEWS NOW | TVNZ
Update your maps at Navteq
Jacinda Ardern returns home to Morrinsville to kick off election campaign - NZ Herald
Jacinda Ardern was a guest lecturer in one of my courses and she's so nice and is a huge feminist and pushes for pay equity, we love her.
also, Jacinda Ardern was a guest lecturer for one of my courses at the start of the year & she's a feminist, so there's that!
David Parker, Jacinda Ardern both said S & F was wrong. only Party stating we will settle Māori Treaty claim in water.
Jacinda Ardern says Labour won't rest until women have equal pay Not sure how much the top woman doing my job earns
What does Jacinda Ardern want? Her maiden speech to Parliament in 2008 explained it all
That's not the real Jacinda Ardern stupid morons, you…
John Roughan: Game on, but Jacinda Ardern should be careful with the women's card, via
I am openly living with a woman who is not my wife. Anyone who thinks that means I can't be an MP is a bigot.
Duncan Garner: Jacinda Ardern has public dancing to her tune as she lines up poll position |
"It is therefore disappointing that Jacinda Ardern is openly cohabitating with a man who is not her husband." Ugh
And that is why Jacinda Ardern said they would meet with interested parties in…
Grant says yes to a capital gains tax, Jacinda says no? Who's right?
Jacinda Ardern as NZ’s Obama, Macron or Trudeau? The left should be careful what it wishes for
Leaders unplugged: Labour Party Jacinda Ardern, via not surprising jacinda has strong network of support
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Jacinda Ardern has been labour leader for 12 days now. Here is a summary of her policy announcements since becoming lea…
Ardern: Labour will not rest until there is pay equity - Labour leader Jacinda Ardern told crowds at a rally in... https:/…
New Zealand, your Minister for Women: 🙄. "Jacinda Ardern lacks 'the kind of brain' to unite Kiwis, says Paula Bennett
New Zealand's Labour leader, Jacinda Ardern, asked about baby plans less than 24 hours into the job
My dad, who is a very right rightie, couldn't wait to talk to me about Jacinda Ardern being nominated as leader of the Labour Party. 😂
Did I hear correctly, Jacinda Ardern leader of the NZ Labour Party?
Jacinda Ardern's temporary custodianship of the Labour Party starts off with copyright infringement - "relentless posi…
James Shaw just gave Jacinda Ardern a stronger endorsement than literally anyone in the Labour Party has
Jacinda Ardern is set to take over as leader of the Labour Party
A party vote for *Labour* is a vote for Jacinda Ardern as Prime Minister.
Let the record show today Jacinda Ardern's first question as Labour leader in questiontime to PM English was on housing.
So Bill English is still more popular that Winston Peters, Jacinda Ardern & Andrew Little combined...
Jacinda Ardern is now trending in New Zealand, ranking 21.
FYI Sean Plunket comparing Jacinda Ardern to My Little Pony is - literally - out of Dirty Politics (convo between C…
Yes Look at Grant Robertson, Jacinda Ardern, Phil Goff, Chris Hipkins, ALL CAREER Politicians! May be others too
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A new terror stalks the land. Gracinda! Grant Robertson & Jacinda Ardern cartoon by Slane in new Listener:
Jacinda Ardern has been out and about on the tour around New Zealand talking to Kiwi families about our policies to give Kiwi kids the Best Start in life. Read more about it here:
Pretty stoked abt being the chauffeur for Louisa Wall Labour Manurewa and Jacinda Ardern in Rotorua today! Visiting ECE (Early Childhood Education) Centres! Message if u want a visit!✌️
What a great day at the Big *** Out! It was great to have conversations with so many of you about voting this year and what matters most to you when you decide your vote. This is Rainbow Labour co-chair David Do and Princes Street members Tessa and Levi who helped out today by talking to people next to the stall. Thanks very much too for the many MPs who came out and supported the Big *** Out – David Cunliffe, Grant Robertson, Jacinda Ardern, Louisa Wall, Carol Beaumont, Maryan Street, and David Shearer.
Appalling CYFs case may not be isolated Wednesday, 15 May 2013, 4:51 pm Press Release: New Zealand Labour Party Jacinda ARDERN Social Development Spokesperson 15 May 2013 MEDIA STATEMENT Appalling CYFs case may not be isolated The appalling case of abuse and neglect of four young Lower Hutt children may be indicative of wider issues within Child Youth and Family, which Paula Bennett must address, Labour’s Social Development spokesperson Jacinda Ardern says. “Ms Bennett confirmed today that CYFs knew about these children. “If it was monitoring the case, then it knew about the neglect. It must also have been aware of the mother’s three previous convictions for leaving young children unsupervised. “The parents were clearly not fit to have children in their care. “The failure to protect these kids in the first instance is bad enough, but the fact they were removed, then found to have been returned to their parents as early as three days later is beyond belief. “Unfortunately information released ...
Maybe Paula Bennett was just telling Jacinda Ardern what she wanted for Christmas.
Paula Bennett's "zip it, sweetie" remark to Jacinda Ardern beats competition for quote of 2012.
Paula Bennett’s put-down “Zip it, sweetie” to Labour MP Jacinda Ardern clear winner in Massey’s 2012 Quote of the Year
- middle class *** - probly similar to anguish of Jacinda Ardern unable to buy in Grey Lynn.
Jacinda Ardern just called this mess an "epic fail". Pretty sure that makes her a hacker.
On at 8am - Paula Bennett, Jacinda Ardern, security expert Paul Buchanen on Huawei, Colin James + Bill and Brian on the media
"Jacinda Ardern, Nikki Kaye and parliamentary rugby team adviser Winston Peters will provide the glamour." my face reading this sentence
Refrains of Jacinda Ardern as a future PM - same was said of Winston Peters and Jim Anderton - the more it's said the less likely it is...
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