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Jabu Pule

Jabu Jeremiah Mahlangu (formerly Jabu Jeremiah Pule) (born 11 July 1980 in Daveyton, Gauteng) is a South African football (soccer) midfielder who currently plays for FC Cape Town.

Steve Lekoelea Doctor Khumalo Kaizer Chiefs Jabu Mahlangu Scara Ngobese Junior Khanye Gift Leremi Stanton Fredericks South African Jomo Cosmos George Lebese Teko Modise Thabo Mooki

Tomorrow 21:30 Jabu le Pule on 161 Dstv staring BHEKI PILOT BILLER & MMASHELA MPATI, making my path in this...
Jabu Le Pule. Wednesday 11th. DSTV channel 161. 9:30pm. check it out
I miss those days of Scara Ngobese, jabu pule. Junior Khanye wen coming to the derby
I guess the soweto derby was borin' as usual, I miss the times of Jabu pule, Steve Lekoelea (sp), great Soweto Derbies back then!!!
Boring Soweto Derby as usual, I miss the times of Jabu Pule, Steve Lekoelea(sp), great Soweto derbies back then!!!
I see him and Mbazo 😒😞“You were worried about Jabu Pule? We have bigger problems; Pollen Ndlanya is also a pundit captain_ddz”
Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho, Robihno, Jabu Pule and Scara Ngombese some of the most skillful players to play the beautiful game.
Fans failed Jabu Pule in the nickname department.
I'm still kinda hacked at the fact that we never properly replaced Jabu Pule and Stanton Fredericks.
Look at nicknames like Doctor, Ace, Scara and Jomo. They completely replaced real names. Jabu Pule deserved that.
Jabu Pule didn't really have a nickname.
if Mpho Makola can just stop being bo Jabu Pule n Steve Lekoelea we need goals eseng stupid flair nxa
"She wanna play drunk, so I call her Jabu Pule"- For now check out
There was a derby in Dbn where Jabu Pule effectively ended Lekolea's career. Think he "spy2'd" him twice in consecutive sequences of play
Gift Leremi, Jabu Pule, Teko Modise etc, can you see where I'm going with this...
You know everyone knows soccer when its the derby.them type that still think Jabu Pule still plays for Kaizer Chiefs. Hai animeni kancane
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ask farouk about Pule Ekstein who reminds me of Ace Khuse,Shoes and Jabu Pule
TR what? U can even bring Jabu Pule we are not scared of hammering you
Lol Jabu pule rocking that Zulu lingo once again
Did Jabu Pule just say Wome scored the equaliser?
For me after Jabu Pule he is the best I've seen I Miss Knowledge Musona ☹
Where are the Thabo Mooki's, Mabedi's, Jabu Pule's, Scara's, Mbesuma's, the Stigga's, the Thabang Lebese's, the Ndlanya's? ???
I like it for Jabu (Pule) Mahlangu new kasi flavor keep up the good work boi.
I still believe Jabu pule/mahlangu is one of the luckiest people on earth, life gave him numerous chances/opportunities
Jabu "Pule" Mahlangu is a pundit? I see supersport employs more people than my Gov currently 👏
Kudos to for giving Jabu Pule an opportunity
We pay to watch TV and Supersport gives us Jabu Pule.
LOL "Jabu pule is trying to speak sense."
Jabu pule is trying to speak sense.
Jabu Pule is a street analysis, much need after the untimely passin of Shake. RIP
Even 34 year old Jabu Pule can play better than Fellain
Jabu Pule"Scara Ngobese "I miss the flair that used to be in the South African PSL!""
Who is Jabu Pule doing at Supersport mara? Lol
useless legend, id rather take a drunk Jabu Pule than him
Morrison's goal is reminding me those goals that used to be scored by Jabu Pule2-0*WHU
Patrick Mbuthu,Jabu Pule and now Lebese got arrested.Nextime when they play freestate stars what is gonna happen? Khune o a thwasa
All that Chiefs needs, at this moment, is a Jabu Pule. One who can produce some Magic
he'll be great until Easter weekend.. That's when they usual go missing ... Cc Jabu pule OJ etc...
Baxter should really give Pule Ekstein a chance!! The last time I saw such a naturally talented guy was Jabu Pule
Kaizer Chiefs is good at unearthing a rare talent that destroys itself.Mbuthu, Malatsi, Jabu Pule, Now enters George Lebese.
…the love that people have for Mario is like that of Jabu Pule…
Jabu Pule was a troublesome player but he was the 1st name on the team sheet. And he never failed to impress.
Jack Wilshere wants to be Jabu Pule so bad.
Steve Lekoelea le Jabu Pule 😔 “Nothing worse than a waste of talent”
Paul Perez can jam, but now and then he pulls off a Jabu Pule.
What are your favourite memories from Jabu "Pule" Mahlangu's football career?
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jabu Pule grew up dirt poor with no father. He lost his mind when Chiefs were paying him a couple of thousands
Thanx Viv next time I cook, I will make them aware of inviting friends over for lunch should they play Jabu Pule on me again.
/Its like u telling me that Jabu Pule or Scara Ngobese were better than CR7 or Neymar but booze&passion was the difference/
My people have let me down in every form of sport.tsotsobe, ngum, jabu pule, Tso, skapi, Steve, sailor tshabalala. I stay getting hurt
Jomo did this to Jabu Pule “"smh Parker comes in. To do what in 5min?"”
Am happy for Shuffle RTJabu Pule goes from pitch to TV glitz.
Jabu Pule goes from pitch to TV glitz.
John Shoes Moshoeu and Jabu Pule will always be my all time South African players
Jabu Pule is lucky. He's a soccer analyst on now
Jabu "Pule" Mahlangu, God loves him, I mean he gets opportunity and opportunity
If Ravel Morrison was just a bit more disciplined he'd easily be Top10 best young players in the world. He behaves like a young Jabu Pule
/These *** are paid so they wanna get drunk instead of playing soccer first, such Jabu Pule tendencies *** me off/
n da playas he was with in PSL are nowhere to be seen...Tso Vilakazi,Jabu Pule,Makhanya...n we doubted his age then,SMH!
There's nothing wrong with our game plan here. But we're lacking a bit of magic. Is Jabu Pule on the bench?
Anyway, how does your best Kaizer Chiefs XI not include Jabu Pule, how??!
Mabedi has himself, Martin Zwane and no Jabu Pule in his best 11 smh
in one word how would you sum up the Jabu Pule vs Lovers Mohlala battle?
You call a road in whiteman's land,Jabu Pule ST. Does that bother him or help hungry Jabu?
where is my Fifa14.. plus CR7 won.. and this all happened in my life time, Pele, Doctor Khumalo, Jabu Pule, Zinedine Zidene yoo ama Player
Can't wait to get fit again and play on the left side. Whipping in those balls and tormenting the right backs. I'm a young Jabu Pule
Mamncane just sent me a Whatsapp "My 17 year old niece has pulled a Jabu Pule\Tevez on us..."
Pull a Jabu Pule. LOL "Mine does..."Do employers really expect people to be at work today?
if you ddnt see Doctor Khumalo n Jabu Pule play. then you knw nothing abt South African soccer
If you can't love me at my Jabu Mahlangu you don't deserve me at my Jabu Pule.
Jabu Pule still hot even after the big fall
Jabu Pule /definition - disappearing when you're greatly needed.
Might go to bhola lethu again today because Jabu Pule lmao
A person named Jabu Pule just shelad
I thought his music career died even before it started? |"Jabu Pule... this guy is multi-talented"
Jabu Mahlangu AKA Pule's game analysis are bit confusing. He is just making noise, i can't hear him.
Jabu Pule 😂😂😂 you can tell this guy is from Daveyton. Iyaphapha le outie
Jabu Pule is actually a good soccer analyst
Mahlangu Jabu Pule is on Supersport now?! I hope this works out for him...”
Jabu Pule is a natutal, i enjoy his commentary, ba mogwinyile. Ha
Thought jabu pule was just a kasi boy who didn't go to school, his english is so clear
Not at all! “Jabu Pule's analysis is not bad at all.
“Jabu Pule's analysis is not bad at all. I think he is absolutely BRILLIANT on the panel.
Jabu pule or mahlangu great to see the guy on
Jabu Pule talks about lack of discipline in the pirates defence. My mom : O tshebang ka discipline Jabu!
Jabu Pule's analysis is not bad at all.
Every time Jabu Pule's talks about discipline and consistency I just think look who is talking
E! I like him"Skhosana is the worst football analyst I have ever seen. This guy irritates me even Jabu Pule is better"
Jabu Pule has some telling remarks.
it did nt start wit nyovest being gold its an old fashion jabu pule was gold Stanton federicks was gold
Egyptian players are good, disciplined and committed. SA players are Jabu Pule-types & "celebrities"
Jabu Pule & Stanton Fredericks were fabulously talented players. But they go down in sporting history as having achieved nothing
Kaizer Chiefs, led by Jabu Pule and Stanton Frederick's devastating combination, swept all before in 2000/01 except in the league.
Thulani serero and Jabu Pule from this man is PSL missed this guy ?
Jabu Pule will always remain my all-time favoutite player!
did u say "LEGEND",is jabu pule a legend as well,wat classifies a legend,wat did he do to be called a legend,lol
/Mbulelo OJ Mabizela is a jabu Pule that managed to play for a little longer/
Ah ah ah mfano ba re ke Thabo Rakhale o blyn!!.. Jabu Mahlangu (Pule) and Njenje were right about him.
There a select few players who have an undeniable swag about them, Jabu Pule, Thabo Mooki, Steve Lekolia, Teko Modise..
Watching most PSL games will make one miss the days of Jabu Pule, John Moshoe
we had Ngobese, Jabu Pule, they all mesmerized Downs with their skills. Today I need you to go out & show case ur talent boy
I'm gonna start watching Orlando Pirates matches to see Menzi Masuku. I hear he's being compared to Jabu Pule.
What happened to the much anticipated return of Jabu "Shuffle" Pule to the playing fields?.cc
Ahmed Musa is a marvel to watch. His footwork reminds me of a young Jabu Pule
*dies*SMH!!! RT"Jabu Pule released only 1 track but he's
Lol wahlanya"Jabu Pule released only 1 track but he's
Jabu Pule released only 1 track but he's
Jabu pule went broke so u know I'm more focused
Also Big Up to Jabu Pule on his acting gig, you really can't keep a good man down!!
Are SA rappers enteribg their Jabu Pule phase with all this peroxide?
Romantically speaking, if you don't shoot you wont score. . Just don't be Jabu Pule trying to score against Real Madrid though.
English is not our language we shouldn't be ashamed. 1) Bashin Mahlangu Interviewer: Bashin how do you feel about scoring such a beautiful goal? Mahlangu: I feel immediately!!! ... 2) The Late Lesley Manyathela. Interviewer: So Lesley tell us about your family Manyathela: I have one KIDS. I also have two brothers: There is one in front of me and one behind me. 3) Bhele Nomvete: Interviewer: Firstly, Bhele we would just like to wish you a happy birthday. Nomvete: Thank you, thank you, same to you 4) Steve Lekeolea Interviewer: Steve you seem to have hit such a rich vein of form you also seem a lot fitter. What is your secret? Lekoelea: In the morning I get up and I run away. (This one takes the trophy) 5) Steve Lekeolea Interviewer: Steve you have just played an amazing game to help Pirates win, where to from here. Lekoelea: I am going home. 6) Jabu Pule Interviewer: Jabu, who do you think will host the 2010 soccer bid? Jabu: Marks Maponyane 7) Peter Ndlovu Interviewer: Peter those were three beautiful bab ...
huh? Jabu Pule? i watched him against Wits at Milpark, the bloke is decent. Hendrck Ekstein at KC, thats crus talent
To those who follow the how good is the Menzi Masuku kid from Bathi he's the new "Jabu Pule"...
Locally I was all about Scara Ngobese, Jabu Pule, Gift Leremi, Shoes, Nengomashe, it was so much better supporting football then.
Gardee ke Jabu Pule Commissar Gardee is holding up nail polish for Dlakude. Baleka calls it “objects”. Maybe she objects."
How many next Jabu Pules have we had? RT"Pirates' Masuku The Next Jabu Pule? via
.youth mentor, Augusto Palacios has spoken highly of Menzi Masuku, comparing him to
Check how NJ aka Jabu Pule wins the ball, then goes on to score! That's why I went blond Lol. What an…
Jabu Pule says Mahlangu's contract expiring this month after 9 mnths injury he must be worried about his potential contracts.
Watching Jabu Pule in the establishment's TV (Game On repeat). He's really a proper example of We Started From A Tavern Now We're Here.
I wish Doctor Khumalo, Roger Feutmba, Khama Billiat and Jabu Pule would have made their names at
But Jabu Pule once took Lovers Mohlala to the cleaners
Just waiting for one pierats legend who didn't get the nod on the legend team to pull a Jabu Pule on whoever is in charge of this
unlike Chiefs we offer recognition where it due. Jabu Pule was left of. When Chips legend played liverpool
Guys like Xolani Mdaki can rewrite/change the distasteful history that was left by players like Jabu Pule, Skapi Malatsi and Junior Khanye.
he is the Jabu Pule of our generation.talented lad he is but his love for booze dragged him down
3 this boy, he must ask Jabu Pule and Naughty Mokoena, booze and soccer do not mix
I don't watch TV much. When I saw Jabu Pule acting, I knew why.
Lundi and Jabu Pule,God gave them second chance in life.
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One thing that inspires me the most abt Life thers always a come back,a 2nd Chance and unlimited Opportunities to redeem urself...Jabu Pule.
On Powerlife...Jabu Pule (Mahlangu) Jer, this guy has been to *** and back, it now all makes sense. God is Goodo!!
Forget Jabu Pule, I read the chilling account of Vilakazi. Once an outstanding Buccaneer, reduced to being offered a job as a taxi driver.
Gamaldien must learn from abo Zungu and jabu pule !many youngster are looking up to him! He must lead not disappoint
Hai Ngeke! 200 copies ?? . I don't even think Jabu Pule sold that less.   10% Off
ai that is why im a Kaizer Chiefs fan atleast Chiefs gives you a chance you the who screws everything except for Jabu Pule
So even Jabu Pule has a statue at SAB
"After this tragedy, Kelly is going to SING.and we will be brought to our knees." think about Jabu Pule 4a minute
In that we allow talent to perish to thin air. Look what happened to Jabu Pule and Tso
I tell myself such an individual has never read or listened to stories of Jabu Pule, Steve Lekoelea, Junior Khanye, Thabiso Malatsi, Nunens.
The Fan Park crew and the legendary duo of Jabu Pule and Steve Lekoelea!We were honoured!
Everybody has his/her own time,the likes of Jabu Pule came & played with opportunities.dont be like one of those
. Jabu Pule rocked it when he said you are listening to Thato to Thato!lol. I'm on radio today cause of that show.
Rubbing shoulders with legends of the game. Grew up watching both Jabu (Pule) Mahlangu &…
If iam not mistaken Jabu Pule and Steve Lekoelea never scored in a derby???
Yall should invite (formally known as) Jabu Pule to assist with Ask a man...
Today we got two South African legends in Jabu Pule and Seve Lekolela visiting us.
Today both Steve Lekolela and Jabu Pule will be in the SL offices. Looking 4ward to it
if Senzo has taken their parent's advice,he will still be alive,Jabu Pule has a second chance but for Senzo
Nywe Nywe Messi and Ronaldo, Jabu pule and Zongo did all that after a hectic night at a tavern
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If it was Jabu Pule he would have been gone for decades. Justice is for the rich.
FACT: Just like Jabu Pule,Tokollo of TKZee drank his promising career
I thought I saw Jabu Pule acting in some comedy. What was that?
Masibusane Zongo looked promising but his inner Jabu Pule wasn't balanced
Will we ever have another Jabu Pule? A player that's not scared to take the ball and run at two or more players with purpose
Hayi bo, Jabu Pule is an actor now. I'm really happy for The brother. Long may it last.
Hebanna Castle is sponsoring Barcelona? Messi will be cursed just like Jabu pule
yeah bruh Check Lennon,Hazard,Jabu Pule and messi...
Jabu Pule's. Allover "If mbalula was to be a soccer player! Which position do you think he will b good
it is Muhsin Etugral no doubt about that,he introduced Jabu Pule,Skaapi Malatsi,Patrick Mbutho those days were awesome
Bathong am I that bad today? I feel like Jabu Pule or something ke neng le kgalemela. Lol
Paul Dolezar back in the days of Jabu Pule
Putco Mafani brought life to the stadium and Jabu Pule was a wonder to watch.
Still Dinho for me, then Luis Ronaldo, Zidane & Jabu Pule. In that order
I hate Black Label. It deprived us of the talent of Jabu Pule. We would not have to contend with Siphiwe Tshabalala and his dreads
Jabu Pule is the greatest soccer player SA will ever see
Jabu Pule and Zongo give back by buying lots of booze
My favourite local players of all time..da late Asande emmanuel Scara Ngobese and Jabu shuffle pule...
Kaizer Chiefs 2001 team alongside Doctor Khumalo,Jabu pule and fredricks
Meeting Jabu (Pule) Mahlangu on flight back to Jozi and realizing that I am still quite a fan!!!
Jabu Pule just wanted to be the next Chester & Scara, Papa Action... :(
The Jabu Pule influence "I once dyed my hair blonde back in high school... I was unwise & young."
Jabu Pule is probably the best player this country produced.
Long before The Ronaldo/Messi debate, there was The Steve Lekolea/Jabu Pule debate. People lost their eyes over the latter.
I applaud Jabu Pule for being able to pick up the pieces in his life and soldier on.
It'd be quite refreshing if former PSL players; washed out or not, would pen their own stories. I'd like to read Jabu Pule's story
When I become a film maker someday, one of my dream projects is going to be a Jabu Pule biopic.
ever since Jabu Pule signed at Super Sport I haven't seen him play, is e still there?? What's up with him
Jabu Pule, Dirang Moloi, Cannibus etc see where I'm going with that..talent alone..
Jabu Pule Who was better between Nomvethe and Pule during their days
But... "Ima pull a jabu Pule tonight hmmm ...bazongi khomba here at home"
When did PSL start? How long did Doctor Khumalo play in that PSL? How many years Jabu Pule played in PSL?
Jabu Pule did better in the PSL era than Doctor Khumalo
Oprah?...Jabu Pule? :"""D smh that was biggest and baddest lie I've heard
I wanna hear Jabu Pule's comment.The less you talk the great your chance against Chiefs
Jabu Mahlangu (Pule) and answered the players questions during the Life Skills Workshop.
"back then he was at the same level as Messi and Ronaldo" guy on fb describing/exaggerating how good Jabu Pule was
Jabu Pule could have still made a better coordinator
Jabu Pule says Pirates will win tomorrow. I no longer acknowledge him as a Chiefs legend.
. I remember Jabu Pule saying I'm listening to Thato to Thato!lol
I keep seeing six pack on my tl and cant help but think of utywala. The evil spirit of Jabu Pule should release me
Turns out Jabu Pule can act. I'm one of those. he'll always be Pule to me.
"They say I pen like an '06 Lupe, pentsela like an '03 Jabu Pule"
Jabu Pule retired to become amabassador of both Supersport and Multichoice Diski Challenge, Good income stream, I think.
By the time The Diski comes to an end, Chain will be more famous than Jabu Pule cc . What a…
"Jabu Pule would disappear and make Khumbulekhaya look useless"
Was looking 4ward to watch hm again"after 2 years "Jabu Pule returns in football""
"Jabu Pule retires from football" really? which football did he play? If Jabu can do dis trick, im also gonna die and pronounce myself dead
.Is there anywhere I can get a recording of Jabu Pule's Chiefs vs Cosmos, Coca Cola Cup Final 2001?
Jabu Pule-Mahlangu has retired like 4 times in his career idlozi le
"Jabu Pule has retired from football.. AGAIN"
Jabu Pule has retired from football.. AGAIN
Jabu Pule has retired from football again. LOL. I find this funny.
Let's keep it a hundred! Jabu Pule never been great since he stopped taking em drugs,he is just like maradona! His greatness is debatable
I really wanted to see some more flair from Jabu Pule though. I guess when it's time to go, it's time to go. Jabu Mahlangu retires
At last Jabu "AKA Shuffle Pule" Mahlangu has retired from football, he played with his chances the when everyone praised him.
I was listening to the Jabu Mahlanu (Pule)Podcast on Power fm, with powerfull stuff. Power to you shuffle.
"Chiefs tried, Pirates tried, Plat Stars tried. but it didn't work.. Only one person. saved my life, that's God" -Jabu (Pule) Mahlangu
Convo with Mr Jabu Pule in the queue
My ps3 controller has fallen more times thn Jabu Pule's soccer career! Ayikho le
Jabu "Pule" Mahlangu, what a talent he was and could have become.
A few years ago Jabu Pule was the highest paid soccer player in Swaziland, getting 6k per month.
''God works with you not for you''Pule
A friend of mine says Jabu Pule could have won a Ballon D'Or during his prime. Cc
We collectively agree that Jabu Pule is part of the country's sporting history. A rather tragic one though. He almost became great.
Our love for Jabu Pule never died because he was always the luckiest. Like Oscar he could kill and still make a come back.
We welcome Jabu Pule back to our frequent meetings at beer halls because he cannot and may never say, "phela mina ngiya jima bafethu".
Jabu Mahlangu (Pule) retires from playing football for after making his comeback at the end of the 2013/14 season
God realy loves Jabu Pule or his ancestors r realy looking out 4 him.No soccer playa EVER was given opportunity after another like this man.
An inspiring talk by Jabu Mahlangu (Pule) had the players full attention.
I heard journos say Jabu Pule retired frm da game!!! His body dd so long ago only his spirit on d field remains...
I remember jabu pule mahlangu telling us how disciplined a player should be... lol I kept laughing cos I know how the *** rolls
Edward Motale, Jabu (Pule) Mahlangu and Doctor Khumalo part of the MultiChoice Diski Challenge workshop
Jabu "shuffle" Pule Mahlangu has called it a day in his football career. -Which moment of the great shuffle...
Tweeps is it "True" dat Jabu Mahlangu known as Jabule Pule has retire from Football ?.
Jabu Pule is not the oldest player at the Supersport camp, Michael Morton is
I'm guessing at this rate Jabu Pule will spend more TV airtime apologising than he has playing football. It must stop.
Every time Jabu Pule appears on TV he is apologising for making bad career decisions in his previous life. It is awful. It must stop!
Jabu Pule seems like he sorted his life out, Carling Black Label is not that bad moss!
The quality of this match is so bad I think I saw Jabu Pule in the squad
And Erasmus Of Pirates is the Nex Messi ☑"Mandla Masango reminds me of Jabu Pule somehow"
I will always hold Cavin Johnson for giving Jabu (Pule) Mahlangu a second chance.
Finally bro Gordon penned with hope he keeps Jabu pule & play him.
Crazy thing is, U23 squad from 2000/01 has Bhele Nomvete, Jabu Pule, still active
I still can't believe Jabu Pule is still playing professional football God is really great
Steve Lekoelea, Jabu Pule/ Mahlangu (don't know) and the late Gift Leremi were way ahead of their time!!
Ok. With that said, we cannot to welcome u back in our shores... At SSU u will a familiar face... Jabu (Pule) Mahlangu.
I want to put it on record that I'd take arms for you Pali, abo bani laba abakbiza Jabu Pule?
Isn't it crazy how Jabu Pule is still playing professional football
Jabu Pule was unleashed in the Vodacom Challenge.
Where on earth is Jabu Pule/ Mahlangu? We were told Supersport were reviving him. Cc
Toni pulling his Jabu Pule stunts again
Retired from the game. Around the same time Jabu Pule took that first sip of iwash.|
Kudos to Ernest Fakude for the Jabu Pule interview in . And to JJP himself for opening his heart
Jabu Pule, Scara Ngobese and Steve Lekolela should have left South Africa as Fortune, McCarthy and Pienaar did. They would have killed it
Lol almost all of them jabu pule teenage dladla shakes scara even knowledge Musona last season please rt
Chris Brown is the Jabu Pule of Music, no matter how much he messes up he's still good at what he does..
Like Jabu Pule before the name change, before dude even hit his actual prime. Fame alludes feeble minds.
Jabu Pule's DVD against Jomo Cosmos in which he teared apart Cosmos with ha-trick. DVD for sale. Contact...
Gone are those days when Jabu Mahlangu was Jabu Pule.I miss those days
Jabu Pule saying "young players can learn from him he's done everything", I hope he won't teach them to be "Ngwana wa Tshwenya"
Pls ask Dr about his feeling regarding Jabu "Pule" Mahlangu comeback to the PSL
Portia Modise is the Jabu Pule of Women's footbal in SA... Bad girl by birth but a brilliant player
So they say, haven't payed attention on his play yet... "Jabu Pule still plays soccer ?? Is he still as good though ??"
The don Jabu Mahlangu (Pule) says he's guiding youngsters at SSU. Good to see.
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Ntokozo reminds me of Jabu Pule Mahlangu as she use to go out with him.
Jabu Pule served as a great reminder that Talent alone is not enough.
As for Jabu Pule-Mahlangu, we all know his story. Whom do we blame; agent, club or the man?
Sad. And Vilakazi isn't the only one. There're many who when their football career ends, they're more broke. Jabu Pule.
I remember when you introduced him against Thanda Royal Zulu & he scored on debut. You compared him to Jabu Pule.
remember he once said he was better than Jabu Pule. He still has to prove it & he'll be on the bench against FSS
I hope Jabu Pule Shuffle Zolman Mahlangu is going to play tonight.
sadly Villa's agent is the same agent who handled Jabu Pule's private affairs
sadly Villa's agent is the same one who managed Jabu Pule's affairs
What happened to Jabu Pule wasn't he signed to Supersport United ?
Jabu Pule had a stunning soccer career before he decided to ukuhlalisana.
Kaizer Chiefs used to promote skillful player like :Jabu Pule,Lucky Maselesele,Jnr Kanye,Thabiso Malatsi and J Sethole
I'm at Jabu Pule's grandparents' house right now, I almost forgot my hood got living legends
joe Wat do u knw abt Mngadi is he players Jabu Pule.Myeni
How many of ya'll on the TL Jabu Pule'd your talent?
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They made some of us to develop more love into football. I nearly supported Kaizer Chiefs because of Jabu Pule.
That Jabu Pule syndrome. Overwhelmly gifted but no discipline.
I was told that he was given ample chances but kept on pulling jabu pule stunts (disappearing acts)
Jabu Pule plays for Supersport, he is relevant again
lol don't take chances Jabu pule is not broke!
I'm not A G' and Jabu Pule didn't have a liquor problem
Last time i enjoyed a chiefs match, was in the days of Jabu Pule ( Mahlangu)...
we must remember that vodacom challenge produced the likes of jabu pule and khanye..let vote Ekstein and matombo..amakhosi
Don't even want to talk about players who were failed in terms of discipline, players like Jabu Pule & Junior Khanye, to name a few (cont)
Dear and Please bring back thje Glory days ! The Jabu Pule and Steve Lekoelea days ! Yours truly
Barca vs Madrid, Inter vs AC... Hype is crazy, Soweto Derby is boring, hasn't got people excited! Where are the Jabu Pule's man
I have never seen a player as good as Doctor Khumalo in SA bro..Never!!!Not even Jabu Pule
My favourite player in the PSL: George Lebese. My favourite legend: Jabu Pule
I remember Jabu Pule saying part of his down fall was that before the game, he already knew where he is going to drink, which chick to chow
how old are you? You can still make it if jabu pule can come back you surely can make it
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
When last you play?? Yho I'm Jabu Pule to aoccer nowadays! shett!
to tell the truth I really missing Vodacom challenge it really produced young taleng player the likes of jabu pule...
there is no real guidline. David Claasen played his first game with me at Ajax when he was 17. Aswell Jabu Pule.
Did you know that Jabu Pule was drunk the morning of the Coca Cola final against Jomo Cosmos.
Even jabu pule would play better then messi right now
“I would've went with higuain off and play a flat 3 upfront” I would've just brought on Jabu Pule.
They need to bring on Jabu Pule now to shuffle the pack.
But Jabu Pule had the potential to be one of the greatest in the continent.
Mueller and his Jabu Pule sock game
"Why is supersports importing presenters?"Jabu Pule can't speak english so is Steve Lekolea
Jabu Pule"MTEVERYONE is better than her! “I was a better farmer than Modise, says Malema":
Happy 34th Birthday to Jabu Mahlangu "Pule"... Wish him all the best in life and keep pushing in this football industry!
happy birth day 2 shuffle Jabu Pule (mahlangu) 1 of the few players who display'd the true nature of South African football
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