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Jabu Pule

Jabu Jeremiah Mahlangu (formerly Jabu Jeremiah Pule) (born 11 July 1980 in Daveyton, Gauteng) is a South African football (soccer) midfielder who currently plays for FC Cape Town.

Junior Khanye Thabang Lebese Kaizer Chiefs Jabu Pule Mahlangu Stanton Fredericks Orlando Pirates Supersport United Josta Dladla Pollen Ndlanya Collins Mbesuma Steve Lekoelea Arthur Zwane Lindokuhle Mbatha Teko Modise Lehlohonolo Majoro

Football so intresting this season, e Spain, barcelona signing young player(17yrs nice one) and real madrid, must watch out atletiko madrid, England, chelsea watch out for liverpool is coming, Nedbank cup, Makhosi watch out for Jabu Pule is back nd Hot, kodwa kuthina mabakujuju bafa abantu!! Pasop sandawana
Mi all time best footballers in Mzansi is Jabu Pule & Teko Modise period!!!
I think the communications aspect of our beautiful game has become too honest and hence boring. I remember in times of Loui Tshakoane and Patco Mafani they cud report just before the derby that Doctor Khumalo or Jabu Pule is not available for the game. Hoho come game time qham thushu uPule. Wa manje if they say Khune will not be available u know nje ukuthi uKhune akekhoo finish. Can we bring back mind games plz? Jst for this Derby nje yaksasa
South African football use to hv Jabu Pule..Steve Lekoelea,,BENEDICT vilakazi n many more talented indiscipline destroyed their careers...n supportas neva cared abt their off the field behaviour..they jst wanted to see thm kick da ball...they hv Steven Pienaar n Cream rytnw who are flying their flag high in thei aint getting same recognition lyk the fallen stars..i mean frm the fans here in Bots we hv Dirang 'many nicknames' Moloi n Mogakolodi Tsotso Ngele...the two are off the field one is leaving fast lyf forgettin gr football is his lyf,,us as fans we kip on sayin he s da best le fa a sa tshameke tota..we encourage his selection ko national team.golo moo ke go mmolaeleng pele..o tsile go relaxer a re ene o itse bolo.. * are we going to call him a Legend after retiring frm the field
is not our language we shouldn't be ashamed of some insults we getting here. 1) Bashin Mahlangu Interviewer: Bashin how do you feel about scoring such a beautiful goal? Mahlangu: I feel immediately!!! 2) Lucky Lekgwathi Interviewer: So Lucky tell us about your family Lekgwathi: I have one KIDS. I also have two brothers: There is one in front of me and one behind me. 3) Bhele Nomvete: Interviewer: Firstly, Bhele we would just like to wish you a happy birthday. Nomvete: Thank you, thank you, same to you 4) Steve Lekeolea Interviewer: Steve you seem to have hit such a rich vein of form you also seem a lot fitter. What is your secret? Lekoelea: In the morning I get up and I run away. (This one takes the trophy) 5) Steve Lekeolea Interviewer: Steve you have just played an amazing game to help Pirates win, where to from here. Lekoelea: I am going home. 6) Jabu Pule Interviewer: Jabu, who do you think will host the 2010 soccer bid? Jabu: Marks Maponyane 7) Peter Ndlovu Interviewer: Peter those were three beautif ...
Junior Khanye, Jabu Pule & Old John would tell Moyes to VOETSEK if he wanted to sign em
*PSL football is missing Andile Jali *PSL football will never be the same without Thulani serero *PSL football is lacking some Scara Ngobese touch *PSL football is missing a Box striker Like lesley Manyathela *PSL football is missing the coca cola cup Jabu Pule *PSL football is missing rud krol(sp) in a pink shirt They made their mark in PSL and they are hard to forget not mentioning replacing.
Like Jabu Pule without Mbuthu or Yorke without Cole... Manyisa is useless without Jali.
Mater peay is my name n i hav worked for dat name jabu pule dey fumialiaris himself wit me
People are cruel out there, No Second Chances or changes are accepted, No-One is giving Jabu Pule a second chance, everyone is against the opportunity given to this Star, no-one gives Dj Cleo a chance to change and see what he got, Ninja is a goalkeeper and people be against it like *** Its said!!!
Cumng 2 think of it, Pie-rats is like that guy hu is always afta yo ex : Jabu Pule Stanton Fredericks Collins Mbesuma Gert Schalkwyk Majoro Lol evn VV
So DJ Cleo is like the reverse of Jabu Pule?
:'-D What happen to Jabu Pule "DJ Cleo wants to be at goalkeeper in a PSL team? And he is serious. I'm done with this country.
Pirates z like a guy who goes after all ur x's,like thy did 2 Pollen Ndlanya,Thabang Lebese,jabu pule,Siyabonga Nomvete,Collins Mbesuma,now majir majoro.
Jabu Pule, Siyabonga Nomvete, Collins Mbesuma, Vlademir Vemazovic, Lehlohonolo Majoro. What do they have in common?
I am just imagining Majoro in Black and White colours walking through the tunnel of Soccer City having to face his former Team Chiefs,the reception,how he will have to deal with fans,I just feel for the boy,he really has to be strong,other wise,I smell rat,I have Thabang. Lebese,Jabu Pule,Sphelele Mthembu,Dumisa Ngobe struggling to cope with the pressure,the way he left Chiefs,,time will tell
Hamilton Collection
Orlando Pirates is like that one guy who's after your EX's Jabu Pule,Mbesuma,VV,Majoro ect
Orlando Pirates is a like a guy who always chase other guys ex's.Eg:Majoro,jabu Pule,Stanton Fredericks & Collins Mbesuma to name a few ex Chiefs players got from us...
Scara Ngobese , Steve Lekolea, Gift Leremi, Lesley Manyatela, Jabu Pule. Man how we had talented footballers in this country. Ae.
George Lebese is the best winger in the P.S.L. Credit must go to Muhsin Ertugral, first it was Jabu Pule, Khune, Masenamela, Masango now G17. Thank u Muhsin
Orlando Pirates are like that guy who's always after your exes, Thabang Lebese, Jabu Pule, Collins Mbesuma, Lehlogonolo Majoro and VV... Our neighbour realy loves left-overs
Majoro join the likes of Jabu pule, the late Thabang Lebese,Pollen Ndlanya n disco makua...leaving Kaizer Chiefs is a curse frm ur ancestors,soon he wl be claiming to be a khosi lagend.,gud luck majoro
Orlando Pirates is like an annoying man whose always after ones exs. From Thabang Lebese,jabu pule, paulin ndlaya and V V.
Lol they say Pierats is like a guy who is after your ex's.Mbesuma,jabu Pule,VieVie and Majoro...da list is endless
Orlando Pirates is like that friend whose after ur Ex's: Jabu Pule/Mahlangu, Colins Mbesuma, Vladimir Vermezovic, and now Lehlohonolo Majoro.need I say more?
The pastor dipz jabu pule in water 3 tymz and says,you are nw baptised,frm today u are a new creation,nd n more alcohok,so u wl be called Jabu Mahlangu.,upon arriving home pule,nw mahlangu,goes straight to the fridge,takes out a cold beer,nd tipz it n water 3tymz.he then says,you are nw a new creation,nd frm today u wl be called orange juice
Orlando Pirates they always took our EX dey took Jabu pule ,Pollen Ndlanya,schalwyk,now majoro &VV
Stan must shooosh and just sign Jabu Pule LOL
SOCCER DEVELOPMENT SAFA cannot singlehandedly be blamed for the lack of effective soccer development in this country to unearth and nurture quality young talent in this country. PSL teams should also take the blame for this. Lately PSL teams are pre-occupied with instant success and therefore, snub local young talent at the expense of old and experienced local players and foreigners. Almost all the PSL teams rarely take any initiative to develop their own players; however, rely on buying players from fellow struggling counterparts who due to financial constraints have become feeder teams to the big guns. Critically PSL teams have embarked on a recycling of players thus ignoring young talent in the country. Even if SAFA unearth some young talent, PSL teams ignore them. In the past PSL teams introduced young talent who went on to become household names in soccer both locally and internationally but that approach has since been abandoned. Steve “Chippa” Lekoelea, Jabu Pule, Steven Pienaar , Benny McCa .. ...
" Hi this is Jabu Pule and you're listening to Thato to Thato "
Jomo Sono, Ace Ntsweleng, Jabu Pule, Scara Ngobese, Teko Modise and Mark Mayambela who is the most skillful player Mzantsi's ever produced??
Goal keeper of wits dj Cleo lol n jabu pule is back at super support
Herschelle Gibbs is the Jabu Pule of cricket. 14 hundreds qha and an average of 42, with the talent he had, that's 'Shuffle' just there.
Dear God, please remove the Jabu Pule in me.
Jabu pule frm soccar star to an actor
[Intro] Man I've been around..why these lads hatin'?.. I'm on the driver's seat..and I'm still drivin'.. And I'm on my I'm doin' me.. They trynna bring me down?..well they should know that I me best; stay on my grind yeah, I the reason why they quit this.. Yeah I a threat as I have been yeah, I Still..make sure the Boy Keeps Jammin'.. [Verse]-1- Ah..gimme that b' (beat) Imma be your post office..make sure that I deliever, I murk that.. Yes sir I murk that b'...put a big D on that B, Corrosive..that's why my scripts filled with red boy softer than the colour pink, And I make {Make Sure}..make sure that I don't fall oh *** no.. *** Noo}, Bring it a good song bring this flow back..this the type to make count stacks, More racks..if you a hater fall back..or I'll show you Hellen Back, Yeah I'm on another level..somewhere you won't reach..even if you 'wealthy' can't reeaach ('rich') my standard, So preach..and Bow Down as I teach - school these bo . ...
Is it me or modern wingers in SA can not take on defenders 1 v 1. Hai nna I miss bo Jabu Pule, Skappy Malatsi, Junior Khanye, Gift Leremi!
Was wth Jabu Pule now,hes going to sign wth Super Sports United on tuesday,wow dts good news life goes on
it was Thabang Lebese, Jabu Pule , Syabonga Nomvethe, Stanton Fredericks, Majoro now its V V who's next ? Khune nidakiwe zinja thathani u Nkatha
What's the difference between Mandoza and Jabu Pule..they got different memorial dates!!!
Nee fok bo Jabu Pule ba kak baie in Kimberley and they all blame our sporting facalities and I say as sportsmen there is a reason why they shouldnt have hit the bottle in the 1st place.
Was with superstars dis nyt,1st it was jabu pule den da rising star thabang monare from jomo cosmos!wat a nyt wit my zuluboy
MARKS MAPONYANE:JABU PULE can you briefly tel us about your family background!JABU PULE:i hv 1 kids and 1 wife and 2 brothers the other 1 is in front of me and the other 1 is behind me.
Yes and Ace Ngcobo "Thabo Nthete has got a similar look to Jabu Pule."
I coached Sugar Ray Xulu in the 70s, some great players in the 80s, and the likes of Doctor Khumalo, Shoes [Moshoeu], Phil Masinga and Mark Fish, but Themza Zwane is the best player I have ever coached in my career. “It’s injustice that he is not in the national team"-Clive Barker. I think he starting to smoke pot this old timer to compare this kid to the likes of Shoes and Doc, this kid doesn't even come close to Jabu Pule.
Ey im on dat Jabu Pule right now...dope one bouyzin!
Hebana! Lundi just released an album called Lundi and Friends in Gospel And his friends are Jabu Pule (Mahlangu), Skapie Malatsie Junior Khanye, Blade Nzimande, Jackson Mthembu and Lesego
Former Bafana Bafana star Naughty Mokoena talking to Jabu Pule on the events leading up to his expulsion from the 1998 World Cup squad.
remember Jabu pule he used to be a great player untill they made him betray the Holly herb...oh!!! not forgetting Rian Gibbs
You are allowed to have an opinion until you tell me Jabu Pule is not a Kaizer Chiefs Legend.
Looking at this past Decade who did it the best in the PSL... Jabu Pule? Steve Lekolea? Teko Modise? Thulani Serero? Who's your pick of the litter?
Sorry for da luv if u havnt if u have thank u . Jabu pule song download! Download !
so i gt almost errybody calling me jabu pule wanna know why? Jabu pule song download! Download !
Jabu Pule must go over to the UK to interview Ravel Morrison.
hey please listen Jabu pule song tel me what u think
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Aowa, it was JaBu Pule nw is DjCleo playing Soccer
great Show ever from a musician to a soccer player verser versa ku jabu" pule " mahlangu
another Jabu Pule coming back I think He's playing too much playstation
BREAKING NEWS! DJ Cleo has given up his music career his now venturing into football. LoL Jabu Pule Tendances
Pule u mentioned is it Jabu pule or another Pule I dnt know?
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I used to love the PSL when it had Bo Jabu Pule. I can't sit through an entire match anymore, rather go watch majita mo kasi.
Kwaa! Jabu Pule wena. RT“hey honey... eish I couldn't make it 2day.. was suffering from excitement lol”
Guys we might see jabu pule tonight united
This boy's have bright future ahead of them, I just hope they dont end up like Jabu pule and Naughty Mokoena
A Lesson To Young PSL Players... by Clint Roper 19 Feb 2014 There is a great football movie currently out simply called, The Class of 92 which documents the football careers of six special players that came out of the 1992 Manchester United youth teams and went on to be world stars. For those of you who are Man United fans, you will know that those players were David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt and Gary and Phil Neville. Even if you’re not a Manchester United fan, it’s well worth a watch if football is in your heart. It’s goose-bump stuff from start to finish. Having followed the careers of all these players, with almost all being massive heroes of mine, I knew everything there was to know about them already. Well I thought I did… You see what many of us never get to witness is what happens leading up to actually stepping onto the pitch for the Manchester United senior team for the first time; the journey that gets you there and the fine line that exists between those that made i ...
I was not SURPRISED after hearing Vladimir Vermezovic's apointment as PIRATES' coach.bcoz PIRATES are always after AMAKHOSI REJECTS. they took MARKS MAPONYANE, Stanton Fredericks, JABU PULE .COACH TED DUMITRU and MAJORO just to mention a FEW.
hesh sometimes talent can be wasted by the talented,u look at: Steve Lekoelela Jabu Pule Masibuzane Stuart Zongo PoonyaneDirang Moloi.
Guys we might see Jabu Pule back on the soccer field... Supersport United gotta make it happen soon!
Hai mun bring back jabu pule,his fit enough now supersport is wasting time
Please download and spread new song jabu pule
Did u knw jabu pule back 2 psl team matsatsantsa a pitori lol
Ijo. I thot Jabu Pule Mahlangu will be legend by this time ke yole o dlalela Supersport United ijo.I witch to see him in the field by his old age
are we still gonna see Jabu Pule Mahlangu playing ?
What works and goes well for us "Kaizer Chiefs" can't always work for other teams .. For example; •Stanton Fredericks •Jabu Pule and they "ba ikitse" converted him to Mahlangu •Siyabonga Nomvethe •Collins Mbesuma
We planted Jabu Pule to Pirates (whom they tried so hard to change his ways even went as far as changing his surname to Mahlangu). Nini nini sathi Stigga, just to psychologically disturb them. Then it was a striker's chance to make sure no goals are scored, we plante...
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Eyo please download my track and share it with your fwends yeaaap Jabu PuLe .
Wow Shame on You Pirates,you always take Kaizer Chiefs' Left Overs : Jabu Pule,Gert Van Schalkwyk, Collins Mbesuma,Majoro,now is V.V,Maybe you like Expired things lmao
Long at last Jabu Pule Mahlangu gets down to serious matured soccer after years of foolish lifestyle that ruied his career. He is signed to Super Sport and Bidvest is eyeing him also aftter getting shocked with his man of the man moment during a game!
So eyo guys tmrw thurs a track iam droppin called Jabu Pule please be on da look out
Beware of the people in your company, some people are only there for your material possessions and to distract you from reaching your ultimate goal, my heart goes out to Mike Tyson, Tupac, Jabu Pule, Vinolia or V Mash, Skappie Malatsi, Steve Lokeolea, etc no matter how great they were, they all got misled
Up the bucs and I love Vv and other previous rejects bucs got from us,Pollen,Jabu Pule .add others. Ke motho wa Gap nna.
Tjo tjo tjooo...lmao 204 junior khanyi coverage...lmao nagana who is giving him advises???lmao jabu pule(mahlangu)
Pirates are like Chiefs dustbin. They always luk 4 our rejects...they tuk Pollen Ndlanya, Jabu Pule, Gert Schalkwyk, Majoro nw't they build their own?
Thabang Lebese, Stanton Fredericks, Jabu Pule, Syabonga Nomvete, 'Majoro' and now former coach V.V...Orlando Pirates is still trying to meet KC standards
I wonder hore ba2 ba hhs remember me wth what bc we hv the likes of barthez nmbr goalkeeper eva 2 come out 4rm hhs fede aka the brains zile aka jabu pule carter aka the "one" i wonder wat abt me?
Its valentine weekend, shout to jabu pule wife, she was always there when jabu went down , only few can do that, voetsek to oscar pistol, lets cherish our loved 1ns
Jabu Pule is interviewing his friend Junior Khanye about his life he is wearing a ZCC badge for a change..
watching former Chiefs player Junior Khanye's interview with Jabu Pule made me realise how having fortunes of moola at a young age can possibly destroy u
Jnr Khanyes story on SS4 by Jabu Pule eish diz guyz were football gods, wish can c a new star lyk them or playin 4 legends sum day
Jabu Pule interviewing Junior Khanye on His Story, so much talent on 1 screen, so much Phuza face on 1 screen...
Watching "HIS STORY" a program of ex talented soccer play,hosted by Jabu Pule,teaches us ukuthi alcohol is the 1st DESTINY DESTROYER.
tjoo guyz I'm enjoying tv watching Jabu Pule interviewing Junior Khanye,dey r doin it in isizulu
Jabu Pule tells Junior Khanye during his interview that he missed a big game against Sundowns because he was out drinking and that the next day he read the paper n it said THE NEXT JABU PULE gotta love the shuffle!
A has been interviewing another has been. Jabu Pule interviews Junior Khanye phuza face tjo tjo tjo#
Good day, welcome to call center, for excuses on valentines day follow our voice prompts get mugged on valentine's day press have a dog to eat her present press get arrested press get kidnapped press pull a jabu pule press be in a coma press go to moria press be broke press change your sexuality press
Watched His-Story repeat hosted by Jabu Pule Mahlangu, last 9t and it profiled Thabiso Skappie Malatsi, wasted talent gone down the drain with alcohol as th core cause. The moment a young player touches alcohol, thats our breakpoint. You Can Only Feel Death When its Closer To You
Jabu Pule scores a brilliant freekick during a soccer game on Saturday evening. On Saturday night he celebrates with friends throughout the night (a combination of girls, alcohol and drugs), continue on Sunday and report late on Monday for a training session that start at 09h00 am. Lionel Messi, already established and idolized scores two goals on a match on Saturday evening, he celebrates later on friends but rests properly afterwards. On Sunday he devotes 6 hours of practice and Monday report at training 06h00 am to perfect his trade before the rest of the team join him at 09h00am. The same pattern is repeated over and over again…sooner or later a distinction will be as black and white. is about habits, habits and more habits…#
Jabu Pule wrote: It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man by argument.
Im lesson to a story of former Kaizer Chiefs player Junior Khanye interview by Jabu Pule its painful SS4
Guys who were the Best Combination ever in Our Team. mine was Jabu Pule and Stanton Fredericks, OMG what a lethal Combination, If you dont believe me ask Jomo Sono ka Coca Cola Cup Final 2002 versus Jomo Cosmos, 5-0 favour to Chiefs. Whats yours?? Whats yours???
Tears roll down my face When watching skapie and jabu pule what a wasted talent. Alcohol ur a destroyer I hate you
Watching his story hosted by jabu pule featuring skaapie malatsi,what a talent to a loss
I hope our current footballers do watch this program on SS4 named His Story hosted by Jabu Pule .
Skapie Malatsie nd Jabu Pule on SS4 moer what a talent wasted in SA football.
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This is interesting Thabiso 'Skaapie' Malatsi being interviewed by Jabu Pule MahlanguStory on SS4
I was watching jabu pule le junior kanye on Ssu 4 last night ke jabu pule le thabiso skapie malatsi people iyoh MOST SKILFUL players I've ever seen
Tired after playing street soccer ko 11th ave with my homies,eyoh I was so surprised I still have those jabu pule moves
Chiefs has had a problem with drug addicts... was Jabu Pule ke Josta Dladla and ke utlwa gote le Athur zwane a kile boa foo.
I will still pay to go and see Jabu Pule play if his deal with Matsatsantsa happens...the best ever player after Steve Lekoelea...
Jali has gone AWOL - unlike Jabu Pule, he's not at a strip joint, he's gone for a medical to Belgium. What a G!
So many good men and women have married ama-vuilpop. Some knowingly (Jabu Pule) and some unknowingly (Tiger Woods).
changing name won't be a solution even Jabu Pule changed to Mahlangu but no solution is just like running away so face it
I don't see changing a name helping even Jabu Pule tried to change to Jabu Mahlangu but it never help
Ladies who are in a relationship wif a good men, please dont mistake his love for stupudity. Men also get hurt and u know our words are sharper dan sword, take it easy on de insults. Good men dont cheat on their partners. There is no award for being a player. Ask urself gore wht happened to those good players e.g Jabu Pule, Andries Sebola, fire Masilela etc.if u going to live ur life like a soccer career, i wish u all de best.dont be hurt when we call u "A WAS"
My mom be worried, "Lisa,you love bad boys". Lil' Wayne,Zola aka Bonginkosi,Jabu Pule-Mahlangu,Snoop ...
I once said it and I still repeat it we don't need Majoro let him go Kaizer Chiefs is not 1 man team Jabu Pule, Brain Baloyi , Stanto Frederick E.T.C come and go Quantum N1 u will never catch it
I foresee Zungu becoming another promising prospect that'll end up like Jabu Pule, the way we always drinking with him :(
latest news: Jabu Pule aka Jabu Maslhangu on his way to Manchester on a Donkey for his medical, speculation of flu might see the deal fail due to the sports minister's lack of confidence in sa football.
Every Kenny, *** ton and Desmond is starting his own Political party. Like really now, who is next? Jabu Pule-Mahlangu? Brickz? Khanyi Mbau?
Bieber is turning into a Jabu Pule. Does he have a father figure in his life with so much money though
weather they change the name or not.they 'll still be BAFANA BAFANA Polokwane is still Petersburg Jabu Mahlangu is still known as Jabu Pule Silver Stars sounds much better than Platinum Stars I know FNB stadium not soccer City Telkom knockout is still called SAA super 8 So changing the name won't have an effect on the nation's performance and it 'll always be BAFANA BAFANA (bunch of loosers)
And then there's the Jabu Pule of Toronto, Rob Ford
I became a Fan in 2001 because of Jabu "Shuffle" Pule..He was a menace to all PSL teams
Is there a player like CRISTIANO RONALDO OR MESSI nor our own SHUFFLE. Jabu pule 18/19 year old I wonder in the east rand hola bak.
Change the Bafana Bafana name for what??? Jabu Pule changed his surname to Mahlangu but that didn't stop him for minying imbamba.
Even Jabu Pule-Mahlangu never changed his bad behavior even after the then State President Thabo Mbeki begged him to behave. So I doubt is this losers*Bafana Bafana* will change even after the good words by Minister Mbalula.
Ricardo Quaresma, Jabu Pule, Geovanni Dos Santos, Ricardo Kaka ( at Madrid ) . . . Football in its meanest form.
Ok neh m at de kitchen nge lunch I see ppl giving this guy attention I hardly recognise de soon as I get on ma desk I've been asked if I saw Jabu Pule in de kitchen jho kubi lokwe muntu
sitting with a bunch of guys ka lunch then gotsena a guy i knw with a friend of his den all the guys gve the friend attantion, after the friend and guy batsamaya i am like who is his friend dy looked at me and said Jabu Pule. i am like wht
We had the likes of Steve, jabu pule, Scara Ngobese, mayambela and that malatsi boy
When I coach Bafana Bafana, I will have midfield of Pienaar, Serero, Furman, Dikgacoi & Jabu Pule.
South Africa is not a soccer Nation, de sooner we accept dat da better. We are better in criket, Rugby,Hokey,swimming u name dem, But not soccer. We love it but dont play it. We not gonna compit with da world out der on football. As long as we stil fill pity for Jabu Pule, we are not going anywer, let bygones be bygones
Pull a Jabu Pule on the 13th Feb 2014
The late Lesley Manyathela & Leremi,Jabu Pule,Stanton Fredericks...I think about this players and get depressed,looking @ what we have now
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What does Jabu Pule dream of, when he takes a lil Jabu Pule snooze? Does he dream of downing beer? r winning a drunken master tournament?
I Luv Bad girls -Bo satan jumpa mafence -Bo jabu pule Disappear the whole week -Bo most of my friends are boys
/Rather have a Tiger Woods than a Jabu Pule, smart father,give this man a Jameson!!! /
I can't wait to see Jabu "Shuffle" Pule/Mahlangu make his debut once again, SuperSportUnited did good by giving him a chance yazi...
What goes up must come down!!! e.g.Juju an you can asking Teko Modise, an not forget Jabu Pule.
The question we have to ask ourselves is,did it help Jabu Pule (Mahlangu),Mabhuti Khanyeza (Khenyeza),if not then we just wasting time.
Pollen Ndlanya and Jabu Pule are prolly just out there skipping child support payments and making more babies.
is there a future Lucas Radebe, Benni or Steven Pienaar there? Or just Jabu Pule & Steve Lekolea's?
Watching Iron Mike's one-man show at Broadway, Undisputed Truth, channel 103. He's a really funny guy. One guy I'd love to have at my dinner table, along with Schumi, Rosario Dawson, Joey Rasdien, Denzel, Jabu Pule.
We chose the right words and we all know where it took Jabu Pule.the minister must not pull punches
Lindokuhle Mbatha he ws my plyr of th tournamnd,wsh Chiefs scoutrs could bring hm to naturena,he's helluva of a plyr n he also calibre or remind me of jabu Pule.
Remember how/why Jabu Pule was dropped in Europe?
Yes, Danny. I'm with you. Change the Bafana name. It worked wonders when Jabu Pule became Mahlangu.
Lindo Mbatha jersey no 12 is waiting 4 u undikhumbuza u Jabu Pule boy.Naturena matirial mbatha no jokes.
We have had Benedict Vilakazi, Steve Lekoelea, Jabu Pule, Steven Pienaar but all these players couldnt carry a team in their shoulders and currently we dont have a genius player ,,, reality check : we are not world-beaters we are a bunch of losers
Why isn't Jabu Pule in the national team?
In order 4 Bafana Bafana to win they must make Jabu Pule to be their coach
Mbhatha reminds me of Jabu Pule before he became Mahlangu.
We witnessing the worst generation here guys,one day we will have the likes of Doc Khumalo,Jabu Pule,Nomvete etc.One day is One day.
They should somma call Jabu Pule to come back ge
Before Jabu Pule there was Lovers Mohlala. Gifted technically and physically, the best left-back that never was.
This boy mbatha remind of jabu pule
Bafana Bafana will not do well until we sacrifice Jabu Pule to appease the gods!
Bafana's jersey number 13 is a very exciting player. I haven't seen such kind of a player in SA for a while. Both skillful and useful. No useless showboating. He reminds me of Jabu Pule before he discovered Mellow-Wood.
Jabu Pule is alive and in the pitch , lol just kidding it's Mbatha RSA what a player
Lindo kuhle mbatha reminds me of Jabu Pule in his timebafana
Lindokuhle Mbatha is the name, we can finally forget about Jabu Pule.
What ever happend to Jabu Pule??Last time I saw him he was on Live performing some wach *** kwaito track
Jabu pule is back in action Calvin johnson he gave him another chance to prove himself shuffle watch the space join ss united
After 20 yrs of watching & supporting this game,tuning to Radio,TV,Going to the grounds & stadiums, I decided to retire from watching & supporting local football at the end of this season.Through local football I had to see Jabu Pule,Manyathela,Daniel Mudau,Raphael Chukwu,Roger Feutumba,Dr Khumalo,Arthur Zwane,Lebo Morula,Junaid Hartley,Gilbert Mushangazhike,Botente Eshele,Rowan Hendricks,Thabo Mungomeni,Wilfred Mugeyi & so forth.So I have no regret at all... I just lost interest.
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Diya bowa mo even Jabu Pule Mahlangu and Lerato Shabangu are here!!!
Jabu Pule is available ntwana RTso Andile Jali is engaged? -_- well *** -_-
In recent history, player move from chiefs to pirate, Sphelele Mthembu was a flop,Nomvethe flop,Jabu pule/Mahlangu flop,Mbesuma he stil a flop.pirate to chiefs Jimy tau.captain both teams.that lead me to Majoro.wat is he gona Be?
Jabu pule is back on top flit football in supersport utd colours
To clarify, the Pule on SSU's bench is goalkeeper Boalefa Pule not Jabu. Javas uses the surname Mahlangu. He hasn't signed anyway.
I'm a Pirates fan, but i can't wait to watch (Jabu Pule Mahlangu) playing. Ma home boy
Jabu Pule is selected for game against Pirates dc afternoon.go Matsatsantsa go
OMG just saw jabu pule on supersport camp ,dont wary pirates he is nt playin today bt he will soon
Haven't heard that but u can check Soccer_Laduma Khosi lam..."Wait did Jabu Pule signed with SSU???
Is Jabu Pule gonna claim royalties for Drunk In Love or what?
is jabu 'pule' mahlangu registered to play for caf? Is he going to play today?
Manyama and Jabu Pule will destroy 2day
How would this interview had gone if Jabu Pule was interviewer?
Most of our players come from the townships and the nutritional value they get outta hood food is minimal. Jabu Pule hs a body of a 12yr old
Supersport have registered Jabu Pule for CAF but couldn't register Dino Ndlovu
Yak I bn abusing my phone lyk jabu pule abusing a bottle in his heydays lol
Most of the time we as soccer followers don't know the full story. Take Lehlohonolo Majoro's troubled soccer career for example. Vladimir Vermezovic didn't like him much and played him mostly from the bench. He had to tell us about his 'balls' to get VV's attention. Recently Stuart Baxter had problems with him causing division in Chiefs camp. Even Gordon Igesund to some extent has issues with this boy. All successful coaches. No matter how talented the player is, if he's not disciplined and professional in this game you won't survive. Football lovers are insulting the coaches and not looking at player and judgement is always clouded by emotions. If Majoro continues in this manner his name will perish. He must ask Jabu Pule, Naughty Mokoena, Steve Lekoelea, Masibusane Zongo to name a few. All immensely talented but ill disciplined and unprofessional.
Jabu Pule is officialy back gotta c this match hopely majoro,manyama,dino ndlovu n pule will play hauweng
Talent alone has proved not to be enough in the world of soccer. Discipline and sound decision making are also crucial. We have seen great players such as Jabu Pule; Tso Vilakazi;Shakes Ngwenya; Ace Mbuthu; Junior Khanye etc. destroying their careers by either one of the afore-mentioned aspects. If Majoro wants to join Pirates, despite 7 strikers they have be it. Soon he will be playing internationally, either in Botswana or Swaziland. .Adios The General, you will miss the KHOSINATION!!
What does Thabang Lebese, Jabu Pule & Gert Schalkwyk have in common? (All the best to Majoro)
All Great Chiefs retire and dim at Pirates: Pollen Ndlanya Thabang Lebese Jabu Pule Collen Mbesuma & Lehlogonolo Majoro # They move but never conquer!!
Zimbabwean jersy no:10...reminds me of jabu pule...
We wish u all de best Major we used 2 luv n believe in ur ability and ur athletism, may u enjoy ur football career @ Mayfair no hard feelings bt always remember dat Kaizer Chiefs will always conquor nomatter what u can ask Nomvete, jabu pule Mahhlangu, Schalwyk, Stiga fredericks and William Shongwe
A Hero indeed. Jabu Pule must learn from this.
Friends Good day, I'm with Jabu Pule Now,God is so great,Jabu is an amazing creature of God,conversation with him,out of this world,is like I'm with Robert Shuller,the other of the book ,though times never last only tough people do, Super sports united soccer team,P R O,the team couch,and the team great people, And thank you for opportunity to be with you all, I pray God protection and favour to you. Big up super sports united
Hw du u feel about the return of JABU PULE??
whn Bafana Bafana went to the 2002 world cup thn president Thabo Mbeki met the players 2 wish thm luck sources say as he gt 2 jabu Pule he said'Jabu u must behave yrslf'.lol'Ngwana watshwenya'
money wise we a top league in Africa yes!! Footbal wise we jst an ordinary bunch. Cn't we jst make copies of Jabu pule, leremi, mokoena, skaapie only betr dscplind. We dnt hv flair n drive in our play.
The next Jabu Pule Lindokuhle Mbatha watch this boy
A new Jabu Pule of Bafana Bafana is raising his hand up...Lindokuhle Mbatha...i am impressed...
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This Mbatha kid is on fire. He reminds me of the olden day Jabu Pule. vs
Ai ntwane Mbatha e stout man lol. I like hopola Jabu Pule
Mbatha reminds me of Jabu Pule the way he attacks defenders...washa!
He riminds me of jabu pule Lindokuhle Mbatha skil ful player
Can jabu pule make a return into south african football...?
Josta Dladla of Kaizer Chiefs has failed drugs testing, we not suprise Arthur Zwane, Jabu Pule,Isaac Mabotsa, Cyril Nzama, and Josta is well educated he knew exactly what he was doing! The supply could be Bobby Motaung, watch the space!
Josta Dladla tested positive 4 illegal/banned substance,not so long ago it was Arthur Zwane,then Jabu Pule,and others.What does this mean abt Kaizer Chiefs players in your opinion?
TALENT is nothing without the following : Dedication Hardwork Discipline Passion Ask Jabu Pule..
im watching this Jabu Pule's show its very sad to see our former football players being broke former Kaizer Chiefs player Malatsi can't even afford to buy bread for his kids because of alcohol it ruigned his career he even cried
Watching diz show abwt Thabiso Skapi Malatsi yho da worse part z tht he z interviewd by his partner in crime Jabu Pule
Eish I am watching thabiso malatsi interviewing by jabu pule its so imotional mushin really killed many ppl career abo scara ah I hate dat guy
He he we 'r nt scard 4 Pirates keep on uzing nyaope 2 hv dat strength 1st it waz Jabu Pule nw huz next.enjoy u day mense
here s Kaizer Chiefs s fan busy making noise Gordon those who don't know Josta Dladla tested positive with drugs * Jabu pule * Skappie malatsi * Arthur Zwane * Patrick Mbuthu they also tested positive somethin is not right at naturena
Hawu, Chips player caught for taking drugs to win the derby. From paying to get ref decisions, to sinking to the low of drug abuse. Snyman for Jabu Pule must be found at Naturena quickly.
Jabu pule/mahlangu is training with Supersport United.
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I get excited at second or third chances, after all we all make mistakes. Wishing Jabu Pule/Mahlangu all the best, seems something interesting is brewing there.
Kaizer Chiefs middlefielder Josta Dladla tasted positive for drug usage. He becomes the fourth Chiefs player in history to taste positive for the usage of a banned substance after the likes of Patrick Mbuthu, Jabu Pule and Athur Zwane
Lehlogonolo Majoro in hot boiled water for refusing to join Matsatsantsa pitori this is kaizerchiefs my boy worldwide brand not a national brand like Bucs ,Brazilians etc no one is bigger than the team my boy ask Gert van Schalkwyk ,jabu pule ,Sbusiso Dlamini ,Jabu Mendu is like a small heaven on earth were everything is run profesionaly in times of logistics ,accomodation ,tranfer deals etc
The are three things, actually four that I never thought I will live to see on this life, something close to that I will never see the sun setting the east. 1 I never thought that I will hear Sindiso Msibi aka Cash playing Reggae,but I was with him playing Burning Spear, the guy is an a keyboardist @ church and on praise and worship team 2 Mpho Mlabo praying, the guy is not an atheist, but he is a happy go luck jabu pule-sque kind of a *** always on the wrong side and working outside boundaries of normality. So the bugger caught sick and that stayed for some days. When it got worse I spend the night watching over him[ Yes, inside this never mind persona there is a caring man], we talked for a while before he slept, the *** knelt down and prayed, yours truly was touched and I am happy the *** got well and started the mischief. 3 Chris “Mr Loverman” Masenya, the coolest and humblest human being I came across, he is never into confrontation and has his own sense of humor.Chris religiously follows ...
Football is a crazy game. Players are banned for using perfomance enhancing drugs but not for recreational drugs. Josephs was in trouble for using Salbutamol an asthma medication which contains unwanted substance in sport. Jabu Pule, Ace Mbuthu & a lot other guys used cocaine but were never banned. Infact 50% of players from Downs, Bucs & Chiefs smoke weed or do drugs but are never banned because of the so called "random tests" IS THE SYSTEM FAIR?? Just now via Nokia 3310
When i met him in Khyelitsha he said " Im not jabu pule" I replied "i know jubu pule would never wear a dirty DH jeans" He looked at me dirty and i threw his beer out and walked away, Having said that my boy is back watch out Psl
They don't call me die hard for nothing... Jabu Pule back in training with Supersport United!!!
Majoro is a qulified radiologist and he has comfortable future after soccer,so no matter his behavoiur he wont end up like Jabu Pule Mahlangu or skappie malatsi and thabang band lebese
Choose name and comment next to it. Jabu Pule. Tso Vilakazi. Junior Khanye. Steve Lekwelea. KOENA.
Jabu Mahlangu aka Jabu Pule is back on the field,now he is training with Supersport United
Jabu Pule might be making his way back to top flight football against his former side Orlando Pirates. I'm happy for him and would like to wish him all of the best
Jabu Pule returns to Supersport United training, now I'm excited to see him back in action again
News Jabu Pule is training with superspot united.
Jabu Mahlangu well known as Jabu Pule is back at training at Supersport United
Supersports singed jabu pule. The manger of the teams say jabu is not fit but he will fix him and be on his best yah. Some teams can still have believe
The day I won't forget is the day I got 07 from Acconting test and the othe guy laughed me calling me Jabu Pule. From that day I worked very hard and passed Accounting.
Power FM's Thabiso Mosia tells me Jabu Pule Mahlangu is looking very very good at training and friendlies :)
Friday I watched Skaapi Malatsi interview by Jabu Pule. What a shame, the man says it's difficult 2 even by a Kota of bread. Why is sports so cruel to suck out of players then spit them when finished. Yes they made mistakes as they got both fame & money when they wr not ready 4 it. Cant they be used to coach schools, as talent scouts, in the sports media like Jabu is by Supersport? I bliv we all deserve a 2nd chance in life. Also These boys don't come 4rom stable families & don't get life coaches or role Models. It's the same in Rugby, I bliv Mbaks in his focus on school sports shuld include ex-players somewhere so that they can tell the young their stories so not to do same. This way we will b moving 4ward as a Nation & not b repeating mistakes!!!
"When I got to chiefs no one was drinking alcohol, until I met le Authie u Patrick Ace Mbuthu" I met my match" Jabu Pule
"I was suprised when the media made a fuss about my drinking cos that was my life b4" Jabu Pule
I was very impressed with Lindokuhle Mbatha he reminds me of Jabu Pule.
This Mbatha guy is a marvel to watch, reminds of Jabu Pule.
Lauryn Hill is the Jabu Pule of music. Comeback nyana asseblief...
what about chiefs under Paul Dolezar with Pollen Ndlanya,Jabu Pule, Thabang Lebese,Thabo Mooki with that Reebok Jersey?
I miss watching Jabu Pule doing his thing, that guy!
Jabu Pule & Herschielle(sp) Gibbs were the prodigal sons of SA sports
Awu :-( he can't do that to us Another Jabu Pule. Let's go & guys"
Quality strikers gone AWOL majoro and Mphela,abaphatheki,they must ask jabu pule
So he drove them ro drink and misbehave? No!Listen to Jabu Pule, he's owned up, Skapie? Not to sure... but anyway its all sad!
Or Jabulani Mendu he is one big example,not forgetting Jabu Pule
*** who want R.Kelly's swag on Jabu Pule's budget... What nonsense is this? Stay in your lane!
Maybe Jabu Pule should be a Dancer coz he managed to drink his way out of being a soccer player, 'kwaito' singer, n sports p…
I'm not expecting any miracle from u but hope u will do well.I c many ppl make a mistake by expecting a Jabu Pule or Khuse.
Junaid Hartley-Thapelo Liau-Jabu Pule-Skappie Malatsi-Lebo Mokoena. 5 of the Best dribbling wizards in 21st Centuary!
so Killer pulled a Jabu Pule vele, nowhere to be found? cc
I like what Jabu Pule/Mahlangu is doing, wen he saw dat his soccer carrer was dead, he is now working wit Supersport United development, he's a motivational speaker & he has his own show on SS4 called "His story".wow he's a hustler I'm proud of him
Hu is da most ill-discipline futbl plyr of al jyn in south africa myn is jabu pule
Thabiso Skapie Malatsi, the second best midfielder after Jabu Pule, akasenayo nemali yokuthenga ikota, ugugile utshwala! Idimoni leli!
Mmmh what theSo touching by Thabiso*Skappie* Malatsipresented by Jabu Pule What a talent he had.
eish le show ya Jabu Pule 'his story' ei imnandi bt it touchng ei
don't want to see you on SS4 in the His Story programme being interviewed by Jabu Pule.
lol. He should partner with Jabu Pule and go super cray.
SS4 telling the story of Thabiso "Skaapie" Malatsi. Jabu Pule asking the q's. Man alcohol ruins careers bruh
Legowa is the reason Jabu Pule-Mahlangu thought he too could release an album
His story wit thabiso skaapie malatse wat a player he was,whc's presented by
Can't wait to watch Thabiso 'Skaapie' Malatsi, he was once dubbed the next 'Jabu Pule' at Chiefs.
Jabu Pule- His Story FALLEN soccer star Jabu 'Pule' Mahlangu, who went from hero to zero because of his naughty habits, has told pupils at Giyani High School that he wasn't prepared for the fame and glory that came his way. Thwana Songame supporting her husband. Jabu "Shuffle" Mahlangu or "Ngwana wa Tshwenya" literally "troublesome child" to his supporters, for his ability to turn defenders around. Booze ends careers of soccerites. Phil Masinga leads sporting chance for future stars "We are not car thieves" - Jabu Pule and actor Madluphuthu "Can you imagine at the age of 18 getting everything you need in life?" He says most of those whom he considered friends were actually not interested in his welfare as all they did was to supply him with booze and women. "It is because of my bad habits that my career ended prematurely," he said. Mahlangu said he was now 33 and happily married with three children. He added that he chose to become a motivational speaker because he did not want to see young people blow th ...
I was watching 'His Story hosted by Jabu Pule and the guest was Thabiso Skappie Malatsi'.ai alcohol idlalile ngabantu and there is no turning back
Watching "His Story" on SS4. Thabiso "Skaapie" Malatsi talking about his fall, interviewed by Jabu Pule (Mahlangu). It's sad!
NOW on SS4 Jabu Pule is interviewing Thabiso Skapie Malatsi eish these Boys mara
Jabu Pule/Mahlangu's wife, Thwana, epitomizes the word "life-partner!
"His Story* Jabu pule..hope all soccer players watched this..
He really learned his lesson n is living positive - he learned form his past n now living to empower others , big ups - " Jabu Pule"
The Jabu Pule story again ah this is sad ah.
What a wife you got there " Jabu Pule" take care of her - she's a wonderful supporter , friend, she stood by u always no matter what.
Jabu Pule's(Mahlangu) story is very touching... Now on Channel 210.
The problem about being fame is that people ( fans) expect more from you n forgetting that you also are human - Jabu Pule"
You have the power to either build your own future or destroy it - "Jabu Pule"
So paid him R6000 for 2 seasons. Mmh " Jabu Pule"
Watching listening to Jabu Pule's story on channel 210. Ya neh life. I'm learning something.
Someone should have told jabu pule that talent alone is not enough i feel pity for him just by watching his documentery ,,,
This is interesting watching him telling it - " Jabu Pule"
Dear God I long for the day you will open the eyes of a 'Black' African child like me who has 'achieved' in life that the only worst enemy and witch you can have is yourself wena mong. We have seen great man and women for that matter who were all of a sudden the talk of town and admired by many vanish into thin air not because they were bewitched by their 'ugly' neighbor no just because they let fame and fortune to get into heir heads. The Jabu Pules of this world weren't destroyed by their community because of jealousy they destroyed themselves . Dear 'Acheived' African Child Please behave, don't think you own the world even if your bank account or friends and family might suggest that you do. Sera sa motho gase pelo fela le monagano ke sera. Thinking you are now IT won't get you anywhere. Remain humble and be a role model do good. Let gossipmongers run out of things to gossip about don't provide them with gossip topics . Be a good boy or girl 'achieved' African child. I thank you
Please type name and discribe him with one word. Jabu Pule. Mark Manyambela... Junior Khanye. Tso Vilakazi... For me... Jabu Pule~Star
Major is a fool,he'll end up like jabu pule
Jabu"pule" mahlagu is one that has failed in soCcer nd kwaito nd Morgan Gould would do best in rugby nd boxin
Talking about Jabu Pule; DID YOU KNOW, today, I had a great time - at Jabu Pule's expense. Madaflickurr!!!
We need Jabu pule on da show dis year..if u can locate him "Hide & seek" champ Lol
I hustle more than Jabu Pule these days...
Majoro will regret the day he sign a promising contract to play for pirates those soccer bosses are heartless he must ask the likes of Jacob Tshisevhe,Steve Lekoalea, Jabu Pule and many more he must know that this is PSL u must behave or else u jump.
Lol nah on my music player .. I like how it works "Jabu Pule?“Thank God for shuffle”"
I'd have a drunken Jabu Pule over Cleverley any day. Nxa!
Hebanna, did I see Jabu Pule training with Supersport United?
He banna, was that Jabu Pule Mahlangu I saw on training with Matsatsantsa?
So happy for Jabu Pule/Mahlangu. Saw him at the SS training today ☺
Its so packed I might ride around on my coach back like Jabu Pule in da club...
Kaizer Chiefs striker Lehlohonolo Majoro must make up his mind, if not he will be the next Jabu Pule or David Vilakazi.
4rm Jabu Pule..Novethe..Mbesuma..late Thabang Lebese..Punch Masenamela...all left chiefs! Cld neva harm us!
I mis old days when used to release players like Jabu Pule and Tsiki-Tsiki not signing old crocks like Mphela
Skappie malatjie, Junior Khanye and jabu pule... Yall remember em? What happened to em??
It started with Mark Maponyane,William Shongwe,Pollen Ndlanya,Thabang Lebese,Jabu Pule,Siyabonga Nomvete, Schalkwyk,Colins Mbesuma and today its Majoro ya this team likes chiefs refuses ne.. "Gudmrng Bangani"
This Majoro guy marha. so disapointed tjo. .Pollen Ndlanya, Thabang Lebese, Jabu Pule took that failing path before you and kiss their career good bye before due time.
noo man let him go Thabang Lebese , Jabu Pule and Stanton Fredericks never lasted there after us let him gooo
Saw great talent 4 pirates in grunau. I took his details but family s black africa he says. Youth days of jabu pule. In short replica of Patrick jagger
Lets go down the memory lane: Arthur Zwane, Dikgang Mabalane, Jabu Pule, Clement Mazibuko, Joseph Ngake, Steve Lekolea, Joseph Makhanya, Junaid Hartly, Richard Rantjie, Alois Bunjira. These are the best right wingers I've witnessed in my football following ere. Their impact in the team was unquestionable.they took on defenders, put in some sublime touches and skills and provided some quality crosses.are we still having dis kind of right wingers in the the current PLS generation??? Add more if u remember other best right wingers of the previous generation.
The weekend after New Year has to be thee most boring as broke as Jabu Pule.
Jabu Pule Mahlangu's football movie "Umdlalo we Mpilo Yam" now on Mzansi magic 161,this should be
Who ws the best between Thabo Mooki nd Jabu Pule(Mahlangu)?
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