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Jabu Pule

Jabu Jeremiah Mahlangu (formerly Jabu Jeremiah Pule) (born 11 July 1980 in Daveyton, Gauteng) is a South African football (soccer) midfielder who currently plays for FC Cape Town.

Steve Lekoelea Thabo Mooki Scara Ngobese Jabu Mahlangu Stanton Fredericks Jabu Pule Mahlangu Kaizer Chiefs South African Mandla Masango George Lebese Zane Moosa Thabang Lebese Jimmy Tau

Surely Zac Guildford is NZ's equivalent of Jabu Pule. Chance after chance but abuyekeki😩
Jabu Pule fake laugh gonna be funny forever πŸ˜‚
I was listening to Makgakga and Jabu Pule Mahlangu his stories are very interesting cos he speaks about his past mistakes and his success.
Maggz is the Jabu Pule of sa rap - πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯πŸ’― . this so true . Dude got da north & da hood, so much potential but sleeps on himself
If she doesn't know Jabu Pule or Steve Lekoelea, my boet, she is too young for you.
So embarrassed for her... She gave that jabu pule laugh after
Jabu Pule Mahlangu that's one lucky guy, got so many chances to do things right.
If Jabu pule and Patrick mbuthu,mbesuma ain't on the least I would be disappointed
Tired of feeling sorry for ill discipline players, this ain't 2000, we can't be havin another Jabu pule situation..
Couldn't stop laughing on that Jabu Pule/Mahlangu video, apho mjita ahleka late khona after the joke seyigwityiwe uhlekwa
Jabu Pule & celebrate the winning goal vs New Zealand during an Olympic qualifier in May 2000
Hearing that from Mark Williams or Jabu Pule is not a surprise bcoz we know their history with Chiefs.
my team need just few quality players, players are gonna make difference like old Jabu Pule, P. Mbutho,Stiga,Mooki
I concur with what Jabu pule has said..rebuild the whole team, bcos age has caught most the guys there please.
Lol Jiimy Tau and Jabu Pule think Bobby cares what they think
But guys Jabu Mahlangu(Pule) is one of the best players to wear a Kaiser Chiefs Jersey. Jealous down.
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ohhh my team that I love I feel I can turn back the clock, to bring back abo Trompies, Thabo Mooki, Jabu Pule, 16v, Mokoko,etc
Lmao that video of Jabu Pule laughing is still funny AF!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Tso is starting to irritate me by ducking and diving. That's why I love Jabu Pule, he is straight forward
Jabu Pule must go as one of the over age players
Jabu Pule will be giving a motivational talk during the launch
Jabu Pule couldn't even walk properly in his last game.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
you think Jabu Pule is the Kobe of the PSL
Obama bid Kobe farewell. Msholozi thinks Jabu Pule is still playing.
What kind of people are we? Jabu changes his last name to Mahlangu, yet we still call him Jabu Pule.
Jabu Mahlangu was lost there. Or maybe Jabu Pule was up to his tricks again πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jabu Pule- Mahlangu's story is such an inspiration. He is addressing women Boxer's and officials at BSA Conference
Please lord let him behave! Marco Fabian has bo Jabu Pule discipline! He needs to behave and prosper
Steve Lekoelea vs Jabu Pule is the greatest PSL player rivalry of all time.
When did Jimmy Manyi start being called Mzwanele? Young press-release'nyana? First it was Jabu Pule, now this πŸ˜’
we need players like Zongo to bring the Spark in the Derby (We miss the likes of Scara Ngobese, Jabu Pule, Steve)
Maybe his right. Look what happened to Jabu Pule now known as Jabu Mahlangu
what else are we here for? Is Aaron Mokoena a better player than Jabu Pule because of his nice heart or what?
Jabu Pule had super glue on his boots, he would romance the ball before realising it.
I'm privileged to have lived to witness the craft & finesse of Jabu Pule
About as serious as Jabu Pule's kwaito career!
always have and always will be inkinga...Jabu Pule got skwat on ne
Wow what a mativation from Jabu Pule we need such a people to motivate a young 0nes,Big up man.
Nano just went Jabu Pule on me...mxmxm πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”ͺ
Jabu Pule is not good role model to teach kids not to underage drink. It's like Amy Winehouse telling kids not to do drugs.
Quick example is Jabu Pule... He was probably more talented than Steven Pienaar, no joke.
Jabu Pule trends a sa tshwenya motho, that's a mark of a successful man right there
Last time Kaizer Chiefs had a dribbling wizard a skilful player was wif Scara Ngobese afta Jabu Pule Mahlangu
not yet my authi. That guy is like Jabu Pule, you never find him when you need him😐. Tell him tomorrow after 2pm
Kompela needs to give ekstain a fair chance the boy is pure talent...reminds me of jabu...pule...aka mahlangu
Lebese is playing the s as Jabu pule 'scoring goal's BuT running like a headless chicken
as was Jabu Pule lol, now look at him tltltltl. He would be the next in line BUT discipline's going to stop all of that...
you putting your faith in the the Jabu Pule of boxing πŸ˜‚... Nah no ways mate...
Jabu Pule speaks so much sense, great insight. Simba on the other hand reminds me of Jimmy Tau...
He's bringing back the Scara Ngobese, Jabu Pule football style
that's our soccer style nd we can't change it. It make us remember bo jabu pule le bo jomo
Eisan! Today’s Vodacom Soccer weekly trivia questions are dribbling like Jabu Pule. Dial *117*177# to enter.
Thomas is good cz SA football is back they remind me Steve Lekoelea,Jabu Pule,Emanuel Ngobese&the late Shake may he RIP.Gab
How did an exceptionally talented soccer legend like Jabu Pule settle for acting? Where does South African talent get it wrong?
I'm so embarrassing! Oh my gosh, I called Jimmy Tau, Jabu Pule. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and he even corrected me. I just left
Once again ill discipline costs him and Chiefs having learnt from Jabu Pule quickly offload him to Black Leopards and thats wer it ends
It is important though. It's always problematic when done too late. Look at Jabu Pule (Mahlangu) story
In the semi finals against Brazil in Bolalethu Daveyton Thabiso Malatsi, Junior Kanye and Jabu Pule made one of our defenders quit for life
Jabu Pule was our supreme leader he opened the door for many guys from Daveyton
at Kaizer Chiefs, jersey number 11 used to be worn by Tenage Dladla, jabu pule and Scara Ngobese.
Jabu Pule was wearing number 11 and the late scara Ngubeze.
u dnt understand why Karuru wears No.11 dat numba is for greats, Jabu pule, Scara Ngobese nd musona are one of the greats
@ Jabu Pule and Abia Nale, the soul provider.
Keen to make my debut in the House of the Lord this Evening. Then "Jabu Pule The Comeback Season" at tonight. Churches of Life!
we have our own ways of doing things big up to Myeni, RAKHALE remind me of Jabu Pule/Mahlangu w
He is not there yet, he still need to get to where jabu pule was at in his prime
I take my hat off for this Rakhale boy hope Jabu Pule is watching.
We all have a homeboy that was very talented with soccer but went the Jabu Pule route after the fame went to his head
Jabu Pule ruined his career with booze and girls now he's jealous of our magician (Jomo) Rakhale's skills
I thought at 25 I would have been a national team lad. I idolised jabu pule and makhaya ntini.
Jabu Pule also hails from the Bekkersdal. Its only fitting for Ekstein to have that nickname
No load shedding. Thank you jabu pule❀
Jabu Pule and Steve Lekoelea took over from the footballers we had known and loved. Good for them but they never evolved play. Entertainers.
I remember one of my friend used to love Jabu Pule. Dyed his hair wrote pule on his tshirt . even mmusi call himselves Obama
This boy is the next Jabu Pule Makhosi Amahle
But ... Jabu Pule Mahlangu should still be playing in the
Jabu Pule is actually a quality analyst. Legs of thunder though eish.
Jabu Pule's analysis poor like the way he messed up his football career
So nice seeing Jabu (Pule) Mahlungu on This guy was such a good player and it looks like he can talk football as well.
Reminds me of how Jabu Pule sliced Andrew Rabutla
Thabo Mooki is a hella tycoon what the *** was Jabu Pule doing
What *** was Jabu Pule doing when he was AWOL
Do you remember that Stanton Federicks and Jabu Pule/Mahlangu Combination? Godfrey Sapula and Jose Torrealba Combo
β–Ά No. 13 . I never actualy had a dream of getting a a kid a wanted to be like Jabu Pule...
Thabo Rakhale is at least 7 times better than Jabu Pule. He passes well. He dribbles well. He defends well. He attacks well
Remember the Soweto Derby when the likes of Tso Vilakazi, Thabo Mooki, Scara 'The black Jesus' Ngobese, Jabu Pule were stilll playing. πŸ™
So, Jabu Pule drank and passed out on Sunday, right, woke up on Wednesday, *** ? How is that possible?
Unfortunately heard that Jabu Pule interview on radio,,,
Heehee, eish. , only michaelchaba can behave like this, Jabu Pule wa 999 :-)
jabu Pule,ooh! That kid was *** marvelous to watch..he and Baloyi made me to fall in love with Kaizer Chiefs
VIDEO: Jabu Mahlangu shares his story of how he didn’t reach his full potential because of alcohol abuse
Wise words from Jabu Pule. Probably easier to just not touch alcohol. But will-power is necessary.
VIDEO: Jabu Pule, Oskido share tips on how to drink responsibly
Musasa, Obua and Jabu Pule used to give me sleepless nights as a junior
Today in '99; a 19-year-old Jabu Pule announced himself as a star in the making in the Vodacom Challenge. The rest is a troubled history.
Watching Jabu Pule speak out on how alcohol abuse destroyed his football career + how he wishes; he could've done things differently.
Big ups Jabu Pule Mahlangu, what an opportunity to come out of alcoholism alive.
Jabu Pule I am impressed with your attitude ...its good to see you in the lime against substance and alcohol abuse
Jabu Pule talking about alcohol abuse on Morning Live SABC2.
Money has that effect Wow...Jabu Pule/Mahlangu looking so good. πŸ‘Œ"
Good to see Jabu Pule-Mahlangu being a responsible citizen. Big up!
Cavin Johnson did a remarkable job trialing Jabu Pule. Massive change of fortunes for Shuffle.
Jabu Pule was on "His Story" 2 years ago crying that he cant even buy a loaf of bread. Now a millionaire. Clean n good living.
Jabu Pule's wife stood by him even when he could'nt afford a loaf of bread. Women like that are rare
Jersey no 11 must go to Lebese,he is the only one who can resemble Jabu Pule and Teenage Dladla IMO
How far would have Jabu Pule gone had he remained disciplined?
We are still waiting for 25 year olds like George Lebese and Mandla Masango to do what Jabu Pule did at the age of 20.
ambassador - Former footballer Jabu "Pule" Mahlangu says he's now been clean and sober for 18 months.
Jabu Pule is the closest to Messi anyone can ever get !
Just like Jabu Pule, he won't last. Too bored at home.
Adriano. Cole. Saviola. Quaresma. Affelay. Krkic. All good football nations have their Jabu Pule's that slip through the cracks.
10july1999 unknown little Jabu Pule score in his debut for KC against ASEC MIMOSA
Ppl i hope u watching zola is the jabu pule of presenting! We all love him inspite of his mistakes!
just shows how people will exploit you. It's just sad. Jabu Pule once said Chiefs also underpaid him.
when Jabu Pule was dribbling genius
Jabu Pule is the only SA footballer who stood a chance of winning Ballon d'Or
Jabu Pule will always be the greatest footballer SA has ever had.
The best individual performance in I've seen in PSL? Jabu Pule blowing away Cosmos in Coke Cup. No defence was gonna stop him.
I think they'll bring back the old futbal skills that one's of Jabu Pule, Steve "chippa" Lekolea n Scara Ngobese
Jabu Pule is the Greek god of AWOL. Send all your sacrifices to him.
My guys can't get drunk without me ekse am not Jabu Pule
Next you will ask me what bottle... Mellow Wood. It was good enough for my ex-hero Jabu Pule, it's great for me. 😐
Giving Lucas Radebe a lift to OR Tambo boi Jabu Pule is coming through later nyana
" I was inspired by players like jabu pule and Stanton Fredericks, Doctor khumalo, Jeseph NgaKe, and Steve Lekoelea
The likes of Jabu Pule (now Mahlangu) and Steve Lekoelea used to do all these Neymar tricks
I still remember the day then Jabu Pule was first introduced to the Amakhosi faithful. It was in Telkom Charity Cup
Tefu must ask Jabu Pule hw many Agents he had until his uncle came in picture & still failed 2 secure him 1club, Mike Makaab still standing.
It was Muhsin Ertugral who gave Mandla Masango a PSL debut. I remember he used to refer to him as the new Jabu Pule. MM scored on debut.
Another 'Jabu Pule', this one. β€œKatlego Mphela faces the chop from Chiefs:
Neymar situation reminds me of the Jabu Pule v.s Lovers Mohlala
Messi playing like Jabu Pule right now
we known him as Jabu Pule the legendary of Amakhosi amahle
Hey this is jabu pule and you are listening to Thato to Thato
I need to go awol again like Jabu Pule
Kaizer Chiefs must pay Khune and Tefu. The Motaung family has been making millions for years. They used to pay Jabu Pule 8k/pm lol. Imagine
Jabu Pule/Mahlangu was the soccer player that made me like watching soccer. It was just some 90 minute hack before that.
Jabu Pule asked his wife to leave him because "she deserved better". She refused. Boss.
When last was ANC this worried about losing in elections?! They use Danny Jordan as a FRONT mayor in PE & Jabu Pule in ekuRhuleni (next).
it is already on the cards to be Jabu Pule.(Mahlangu)
"If you always feel lonely in your relationship there's always hot wings from Chicken Licken. And dump that fool." - Jabu Pule
the young talented, Jabu Pule/mahlangu's new version Menzi Masuku deserves to take this one home
Engaged to Tokelo Rantie"Is the Gigi girl married to Jabu Pule?"
Is the Gigi girl married to Jabu Pule?
I am the day Allen Iverson met Jabu Pule
I was Jabu Pule drunk now I'm just drunk "how drunk are you?? Will you soon be drunk dialing/texting???
is the best.Reminds me of his Jabu Pule profile.Still hv a copy in my draw.
Jabu Pule-Stanton-Fredericks-Pollen Ndlanya went down in history of Kaizer Chiefs without league medals for daring to be like 1980s team.
If you go read about jabu pule, lokoelea, junior khanye,etc. This lebese dude has held it down very well
Zongo... possibly de best ive seen afta Jabu Pule
the list is end less Baba mtwetha Thabo Mooki, Thabang Lebese, Jabu pule.
I've seen a lot of individual displays that won games the world over but Jabu Pule vs Cosmos is in my Top 3.
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Jabu Pule once went into a game sober and was drunk in the second half
Jabu Pule could've won the Ballon D'or of they didn't take his alcohol away
I really wonder how far Jabu pule would've been if they didn't take his alcohol
I miss Jabu Pule, Stanton Fredericks, Scara Ngobese, and Thabo Mooki with those skills ka nako tse so.
how can we forget that. .with Pule partnership. .Shoes
Jabu Jeremiah Pule was the darling of Naturena.
R.I.P John Shoes Moshoeu One of my favorite players growing up a Chiefs fan along side Thabo Mooki and Jabu Pule ***
he was the man of our time . Jabu Pule Mahlangu .
I hate the way drugs happened to Jabu Pule / Mahlangu . *** s career looked promising and all .
Eish now i understand why the likes of Jabu Pule always went AWOL, i also feel the same.
Someone must tell Jabu "Pule" Mahlangu it's SWALLOWS not SWAILLOWS!!!
Remember when Jabu Pule (Mahlangu) had leopard spots as a hairstyle and Stanton Fredericks played with band aids on his nipples.
For some reason this Herrera-Mata partnership reminds me of the Jabu Pule-Stanton Fredericks one.
Sitting next to Jabu Pule at the salon.. *** been thru *** His such an inspiration. May the Lord bless his humble soulπŸ˜‡
Jabu Pule noba unxile azibuze where did it all go wrong
Robinho was legend material. But his chiza boy lifestyle killed his career. Like Jabu Pule
Bring back one South African footballer in his prime and put him in Europe? Jabu Pule
Xenophobia is like Jabu Pule burning Elias Pelembe jst because Pelembe held on to his talent while Jabu could...
But he took Jabu Pule's Job"Willard Katsande, is now trending in South Africa
I fully agree with u,she better than Jabu Pule,better than Mcbeth Sibaya,so amandla to Amanda
Amanda dlamini is way better than than the likes of Macbeth "the,the,the,the" sibaya and Jabu pule,good pundit
Legends are not stars. Jabu Pule was a star, not a legend. For example.
They could bring in Jabu Pule's ex girlfriend from 1998 if they want to.
Khune is the only Great player chiefs have produced in the last 10 years,before that it was jabu Pule,not good enough
Jabu Pule said he used to spend R30k per weekend on booze and drugs... Imagine!!
β˜… JABU "Shuffle" Pule has taken Austria by storm. Since his arrival from South Africa 11 weeks ago,...
Suge Knight and Jabu Pule are one and the same.
It was very funny listening to Jabu Pule talking about the unprofessional Itu Khune.
I do need to calm down and retire this Wolf of Bryanston persona. I feel like I'm becoming a young Corporate Jabu Pule of sorts
I still have not seen a better player than Jabu Pule(Mahlangu) in the PSL.
It is sad to see young people dying,they supposed to bury us but it is us who bury them--Jabu Pule
That awkward moment when Jabu Pule talks about footballers' irresponsible behaviours.
Jabu Pule is a changed man. His path through darkness has clearly helped him grow up. He would do it differently if he could.
Buh we can never have another player like Jabu Sdakwa Pule thou ❀
You gotta love Jabu Pule. The lad is so honest, he doesn't want to provide unnecessary sophistry.
Jabu Pule is worse than Zane Moosa and Jerry Skhosana he doesn't know what's cooking
robertmarawa jabu pule must be drunk again! How can he say Khune deserves a red card?
Jabu Mahlangu was known as Jabu Pule in his chiefs days, he had the eyes 4 goals...
Referees are human beings to is that Jabu Pule's comment every week
Jabu Pule must have watched a different match because Khune was not wrong.
Lol Jabu Pule fighting to be a Supersport analyst on Thursday night live with Robert Marawa
Wow Jabu Pule, give that man Chibuku, I love his analysis of the game...qabulapha kwerrin
REALLY NOW! Sies man!! "Wena Jabu Pule/Mahlangu don't be smart nga Khune you faild to play soccer buyela etjwaleni man.
This is exactly what Jabu Pule should be doing right now.. He is good Shem!
Watching my lil bro cringe every time Jabu Pule says something... Shame he's so passionate
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Jabu Pule aint a bad soccer analyst hey?lol! He is better than some of his colleagues
How many times did Jabu Pule use 'unacceptable' there? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lol Jabu Mahlangu (Pule) talking about discipline and role modelling.
No one has even come close to replacing Jabu Pule at Chiefs since we got to know about him
Jabu Pule can't tell us anything about professionalism
Jabu Pule has no business opening his mouth about professionalsim.
Jabu Mahlangu pule saying khune deserved the red. Can we also talk about that challenge on katsande in the 1st half?
Jabu Shuffle Pule is still my favourite SA soccer player of all time."shuffle the best!"
"Khune left his team down. He is role model..." blah-blah-blah, can JABU PULE shut the fcccuk up pls?
What does Jabu Pule know about being a role model? Tyh
Lol jabu pule to perform on thursday night with marawa
ya thats usually the case, great players have great minds. John Barnes, Thierry Henry, Jabu Pule and so on
The more I hear Jabu Pule analysing games on Supersport the more I understand why he was such a great player. Dude is a soccer intellect.
At least Jabu Pule is at work and is not the former PSL and Bafana player who got arrested for jacking a truck, I was worried
Jabu Pule aka Mahlangu is analyzing like he's doing an advert for a chesa nyama outlet
Pule?"I also dig how Jabu has transformed himself"
Jabu Pule on the panel... I like it!
So a former Bafana player & 9 other accomplices tried to rob a cigarettes truck... Please don't let it be Jabu Pule!
our South African style of play was mixed and perfected by Jabu Pule, Steve Lekoelea & Thabo Mooki
South Africa's football style is what Rakhale is doing. Jabu Pule & Scara Ngobese used to do. It's Kasi Flair
Daniel Bennett never loved us,I remember him sending-off Jabu Pule (Mahlangu),it was against Cosmos if I'm not mistaken.
Wow its great to see Jabu Mahlangu the old Jabu Pule on panel he brings variation even his hands are demonstrating
the same way opponents knew it was gonna be a long day when they had to face a Jabu Pule for e.g.
Was nice cing Jabu Pule on super diski tonite. Awesome. Loved that guy. Looking really gud. Awesome.
Good to see Jabu Pule holdin' it down for SS4.
he is doing well Razzmatazz,l am impressed too.Jabu Pule Mahlangu can be use as testimony for the generation to come.
Jabu Jeremiah Pule. Emmanuel Scara Ngobese. Loved watching these guys. My all time favourite PSL Players
yoh Rakhale is killing it he is bringing bo Jabu Pule style and is exiting to c such styles
Jabu Pule is really spicing up in that panel, great to have him..he genuine mzanzi analyst!! *kasi style
Jabu Pule's analysis is on point, quiet enjoyable actually...
Jabu Pule is doing very well on super sport analysis
Seeing and marvelling at how Jabu Pule has his life finally in order, wonder where is Patrick Mbutho thou. .
make sure that Jabu "Shuffle" Pule is there on the studio whenever there's a live game,the boy is always on fire,weldone Jabu
Jabu Pule make good points hey .. Good football brain
Jabu pule has some good chats. Good chuckles
Jabu Pule can quit this soccer analyst nonsense today and be called up to be a Reya Vaya bus driver tomorrow. This ***
Nobody in this country we live in has been given more life lines like Jabu Pule.
Jabu Pule has a point there, players are not consistent
I like Jabu Pule on this show. So much passion
Jabu Pule is very good, he has good opinions about the game. But the constant Zulu lingo all the way nje, specialy on supersports hai
Hollla Jabu Pule Mahlangu Khumalo whatever your surname is hai this analyst job was made 4u
Jabu Pule made a good point with Myeni's inconsistency ..
When Jabu Pule said from bottom to phansi
Rakhale reminds me of some Legends like steve lekolea,jabu pule and Scara Ngobese.
this Rakhale guy reminds me of players like Steve Lekolea,Jabu shuffle Pule and Scara Ngobese.tiki taka! –  10% Off
Jabu Pule is an inspiration, I digs that ninja shem, impossible is nothing
But really jabu pule is a pundit? The next white person that moves to australia please take me with you.
Jabu Pule is having none of this english nonsense today, great move.
Imagine after a night out and jabu pule has to analyse with a heavy babalaz, nah im going back to sabc 1.
I like what has done for Jabu "Pule" Mahlangu. I really hope he doesn't mess this up.
Jabu Pule sounds like someone who will do half-time analysis for thobela FM or ukhozi FM.
Jabu Pule and Zane Moosa are the worst soccer analysts.
Tomorrow 21:30 Jabu le Pule on 161 Dstv staring BHEKI PILOT BILLER & MMASHELA MPATI, making my path in this...
Jabu Le Pule. Wednesday 11th. DSTV channel 161. 9:30pm. check it out
I miss those days of Scara Ngobese, jabu pule. Junior khanye wen coming to the derby
I guess the soweto derby was borin' as usual, I miss the times of Jabu pule, Steve Lekoelea (sp), great Soweto Derbies back then!!!
I see him and Mbazo πŸ˜’πŸ˜žβ€œYou were worried about Jabu Pule? We have bigger problems; Pollen Ndlanya is also a pundit captain_ddz”
Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho, Robihno, Jabu Pule and Scara Ngombese some of the most skillful players to play the beautiful game.
Fans failed Jabu Pule in the nickname department.
I'm still kinda hacked at the fact that we never properly replaced Jabu Pule and Stanton Fredericks.
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Look at nicknames like Doctor, Ace, Scara and Jomo. They completely replaced real names. Jabu Pule deserved that.
Jabu Pule didn't really have a nickname.
if Mpho Makola can just stop being bo Jabu Pule n Steve Lekoelea we need goals eseng stupid flair nxa
"She wanna play drunk, so I call her Jabu Pule"- For now check out
There was a derby in Dbn where Jabu Pule effectively ended Lekolea's career. Think he "spy2'd" him twice in consecutive sequences of play
Gift Leremi, Jabu Pule, Teko Modise etc, can you see where I'm going with this...
You know everyone knows soccer when its the derby.them type that still think Jabu Pule still plays for Kaizer Chiefs. Hai animeni kancane
ask farouk about Pule Ekstein who reminds me of Ace Khuse,Shoes and Jabu Pule
TR what? U can even bring Jabu Pule we are not scared of hammering you
Lol Jabu pule rocking that Zulu lingo once again
Did Jabu Pule just say Wome scored the equaliser?
For me after Jabu Pule he is the best I've seen I Miss Knowledge Musona ☹
Where are the Thabo Mooki's, Mabedi's, Jabu Pule's, Scara's, Mbesuma's, the Stigga's, the Thabang Lebese's, the Ndlanya's? ???
I like it for Jabu (Pule) Mahlangu new kasi flavor keep up the good work boi.
I still believe Jabu pule/mahlangu is one of the luckiest people on earth, life gave him numerous chances/opportunities
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Jabu "Pule" Mahlangu is a pundit? I see supersport employs more people than my Gov currently πŸ‘
Kudos to for giving Jabu Pule an opportunity
We pay to watch TV and Supersport gives us Jabu Pule.
LOL "Jabu pule is trying to speak sense."
Jabu pule is trying to speak sense.
Jabu Pule is a street analysis, much need after the untimely passin of Shake. RIP
Even 34 year old Jabu Pule can play better than Fellain
Jabu Pule"Scara Ngobese "I miss the flair that used to be in the South African PSL!""
Who is Jabu Pule doing at Supersport mara? Lol
useless legend, id rather take a drunk Jabu Pule than him
Morrison's goal is reminding me those goals that used to be scored by Jabu Pule2-0*WHU
Patrick Mbuthu,Jabu Pule and now Lebese got arrested.Nextime when they play freestate stars what is gonna happen? Khune o a thwasa
All that Chiefs needs, at this moment, is a Jabu Pule. One who can produce some Magic
he'll be great until Easter weekend.. That's when they usual go missing ... Cc Jabu pule OJ etc...
Baxter should really give Pule Ekstein a chance!! The last time I saw such a naturally talented guy was Jabu Pule
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Kaizer Chiefs is good at unearthing a rare talent that destroys itself.Mbuthu, Malatsi, Jabu Pule, Now enters George Lebese.
…the love that people have for Mario is like that of Jabu Pule…
Jabu Pule was a troublesome player but he was the 1st name on the team sheet. And he never failed to impress.
Jack Wilshere wants to be Jabu Pule so bad.
Steve Lekoelea le Jabu Pule πŸ˜” β€œNothing worse than a waste of talent”
Paul Perez can jam, but now and then he pulls off a Jabu Pule.
What are your favourite memories from Jabu "Pule" Mahlangu's football career?
jabu Pule grew up dirt poor with no father. He lost his mind when Chiefs were paying him a couple of thousands
Thanx Viv next time I cook, I will make them aware of inviting friends over for lunch should they play Jabu Pule on me again.
/Its like u telling me that Jabu Pule or Scara Ngobese were better than CR7 or Neymar but booze&passion was the difference/
My people have let me down in every form of sport.tsotsobe, ngum, jabu pule, Tso, skapi, Steve, sailor tshabalala. I stay getting hurt
Jomo did this to Jabu Pule β€œ"smh Parker comes in. To do what in 5min?"”
Am happy for Shuffle RTJabu Pule goes from pitch to TV glitz.
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