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Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker (born March 15, 1995) is an American high school basketball player from Chicago, Illinois.

Greg Monroe Rodney Hood Tyler Ennis Brandon Ingram Paul George Giannis Antetokounmpo Jahlil Okafor Kevin Love Jimmy Butler Colin Kaepernick Andrew Wiggins Ben Simmons Jason Kidd Gordon Hayward Anthony Davis Quinn Cook Aaron Gordon

Zach LaVine, Dwyane Wade and Kevin Love were among the NBA players to wish Jabari Parker the best.
this team reminds me of Jabari Parker and Rodney Hood team. So much talent but no chemistry. yet.
Rashad Vaughn and Beasley in, no Jabari Parker yet. Must've been serious.
EastBench: Isaiah Thomas,John Wall, Jimmy Butler,Jabari Parker, Paul George, and Kevin Love. Sad to say Wade and Melo shouldn't be playing.
Giannis Antetokounmpo 2nd and Jabari Parker 9th in Eastern Conf front court votes? Better secure their spots!
In Giannis' absence, Jabari Parker (has stepped up and led the Bucks forward, writes https:/…
Cool twist: Malik Parker & cousin Jabari Parker (yes, that one) both score 27 points on same day at United Center.
Was stumped on this question recently: Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins or Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker?
if you think Aaron Rodgers has a good chance of getting his packers to the Super Bowl this year . Jabari Parker
I want Jerami Grant, Jabari Parker, Aaron Gordan, and Zach Lavine in the next dunk contest
This pack win surely made up for the bucks loss, Aaron Rodgers is a god. RT. Jabari Parker
Hey ya Chicago homie and Milwaukee super star needs ya help man! Jabari Parker !!
Bucks fans u did a good of getting Jabari Parker into the top 10 of the All Star with 64,141 votes now let's get him int…
Because you can't have jambalaya without the jam... Jabari Parker
Jabari Parker is just your average 21 year old who plays beer pong and occasionally basketball. Let's make him an All -…
Jabari Parker currently sits in the top 10 for Eastern Conf. frontcourt, lets keep pushing!
All we're missing now is an all star, so let's make it happen Milwaukee! Jabari Parker
Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker are what Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis couldn't be.
Jabari Parker putting that bionic knee to use
they didn't like the trades I guess, and I ended up accepting this trade: Dragic and Millsap for Jabari Parker and Jrue Holiday
He was happy that Milwaukee drafted him. Jabari Parker.
When Porzingis and Millsap get into the all star game over Jabari Parker
take out George. Jabari Parker > PG this year even. No way George gets in the off the bench frontcourt over Millsap & Parker
Josh Jackson, Jabari Parker, Jalen Brunson. MIchigan State has barely missed on some college stars
My two sleepers: Jabari Parker and Kevin Love. I told dudes that they had Jabari fu**ed up.
Tyronn Lue on Jabari Parker:. "I didn't know he had this kind of motor...his motor is great. His first step is unbelievable.".
The evolution of a Jabari Parker slam. 💪
Jabari Parker with the nasty poster on Robin Lopez! 😳 🔨 .
Chicago needs to appreciate Jabari Parker. shares his thoughts on the young Buck.
That's the second no-look to Jabari Parker cutting behind his defender on the baseline.
Jabari Parker cooking this year. And you wrong about Brandon too
Jabari Parker just did the triple jump on a successful fast break, which is cool if you enjoy Olympic sports.
Where was Jabari Parker going there? Leaving Paul Millsap to try to pick a dribbler is not part of the defensive scheme.
Jabari Parker plays the whole first quarter again - tonight he only gets 10, instead of 13 like he did on Wednesday. Bucks up 30-23 after Q1
Jabari Parker will cut the Hawks to death tonight.
do you like Tobias Harris & Andre Drummond combo over Jabari Parker & DeAndre Jordan?
Jabari Parker, Paul George, and Lebron have been disappointing to me.
Jason Kidd: If I play Jabari Parker, I can easily win this game. Evil Jason Kidd: Bench him. Show the world who th…
Great atmosphere at Bradley Center tonight for Bucks-Warriors. Jabari Parker playing well early. Bucks will contend for playoff spot.
Jabari Parker isn’t scared to stand up for what he believes in
"He’s attacked everything that I am and believe.".
Sporting News - - Bucks Jabari Parker will keep fighting oppression after Donald Trump election]]>
Good conversation between and Jabari Parker here.
I'm thankful I got a chance to sit with & rap with him. He's beyond woke.
This Q&A with is emotional and real and important and informed.
Jabari Parker is my favorite current athlete
Jabari Parker struggles from the field Thursday via
Jabari Parker is so smooth with it 👀
Jabari Parker goes behind his back on the break to fake out the defense!
Jabari Parker getting fancy with it 😈.
Jabari Parker made a gorgeous play last night:
DMC, *** & Big Papa for Jabari Parker, Greg Monroe & Mirza Teletovic. I think that's a good haul. It…
LaMarcus Aldridge Trade Rumors: Traded to Bucks for Greg Monroe and Jabari Parker -
I've been telling people to watch my son Jabari Parker. He's taking over the league soon
This man Jabari Parker hit his head on the rim😩
Jabari Parker with the spin move on Wesley Matthews in transition followed by a one-handed jam. Rick Carlisle calls for time.
Haloti is a distant relative of Jabari Parker. Jabari starts with J and so does Jim so there is your connection.
Time is right for F Jabari Parker to make the leap to stardom. via
Jabari Parker shows support for Colin Kaepernick in new IG post.
Jabari Parker shows support for Colin Kaepernick: 'I got your back'
Jabari Parker is the first NBA player to publicly stand with Colin Kaepernick:
All purpose parts banner
Jabari Parker posts a picture on his Instagram showing love to Colin Kaepernick.
Jabari Parker posts to IG showing love to Kaepernick
. I have a feeling that Jabari Parker is going to have a break out year and begin a star career now.
I can't wait till Zack Lavine and Jabari Parker have their all-star seasons
Jabari Parker dunks twice on defender at Nike Chi League (video): NBA star Jabari Parker recently c...
Must see highlights of Jabari Parker dunking on people
Jabari Parker looks down at the rim!
Jabari Parker joins Isiah Thomas and Vince Cellini to talk about his excitement for the upcoming NBA season.
The will have a solid young slept on team. The Greek Freak, Jabari Parker, Greg Monroe, John Henson & now Thon Maker.
I really like Jabari Parker game hope he level up this year
That would mean Chicagoans would have to stop killing each other to see beyond themselves.
Jabari Parker says he fears for his own safety amid police shootings via
is drinking the liberal drank I think trade him
Jabari Parker was accepted into Duke, but cannot put together complete sentences. Makes perfect sense.
who do u think is a better no.2 pick Brandon Ingram or Jabari Parker
Jabari Parker probably can't name all the states in the union.
Jabari Parker claps back at Joe Walsh: "You ain't landing a single finger on Obama."
.Jabari Parker called out a former congressman who made threats toward Barack Obama. https…
Buck's Jabari Parker told an ex-congressman he won't land a single finger on Barack Obama. https…
Report: Boston Celtics will target Russell Westbrook, DeMarcus Cousins, Jabari Parker and Jimmy Butler this summer, acco…
Derrick Rose had his time in Chicago as the hometown hero. Dwyane Wade is next. Then Anthony Davis. Then Jabari Parker. Th…
Jabari Parker at Duke makes Ben Simmons look average
As "dominant" as Ben Simmons was.. If even. It's hard to see him being better than Jabari Parker or Wiggins.
Eric Bledsoe and Dragan Bender for Jabari Parker and Greg Monroe. Who says no?
Celtics reportedly offer No. 3 pick to the Bucks for Jabari Parker or Khris Middleton
Celtics trying to flip their pick into a proven player. Attempts at Jimmy Butler, Gordon Hayward ,Jabari Parker or Khris Midd…
Report: Celtics try to trade their 3rd pick for Jimmy Butler, Gordon Hayward, Jabari Parker, and Kris Middleton, all tea…
Utah, sources say, is telling interested teams Gordon Hayward is unavailable. Ditto for Milwaukee with Jabari Parker and…
Quinn Cook posting up Jahlil Okafor with Jabari Parker making entry passes
but know who isn't?? Jabari Parker. And I seem to remember reports about the Bucks planning to explore trade options
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so you're doing it at draft night? Ok. So you would take Jabari Parker ahead of Simmons and even Ingram? Lol
Who's the weird guy in knee high socks, LOL. Morning links: Jabari Parker plays hoops at BYU via
Another great one from Jabari Parker and Shaun Livingston in 2004.
This was one of my favorite photos of Jabari from the season. That was a really fun day
Jabari Parker scored 15+ points in 24 of his last 28 games this season
Simmons has said he likes Russell. Simmons has hypothetically traded Russell multiple times, including for Cousins, Jabari Parker, & George.
Cheesehead Report - Podcast: Debating DeMarcus Cousins, Jabari Parker’s fit in Milwaukee and the Bucks’ odds of...
Podcast: Debating fit in Milwaukee and the
Podcast: Debating DeMarcus Cousins, Jabari Parker's fit in Milwaukee and the Bucks' odds of draft night dealing
Kobe on Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins: "Both have great potential. I'd mentor either one".
mine is - LBJ, Melo, Kyrie, Porzingis and Jabari Parker lol
Greek Freak is 6'11" and gonna start at point guard next year? Wow.
Jabari parker was sitting in front of me at the game tonight. We later got a picture with him.
Sam Dekker and Jabari Parker in the house at Miller Park, too cool!
Sitting 4 tables away from Jabari Parker at Miller park
Jabari Parker throwing out one of the eleventy-nine ceremonial first pitches at tonight's Brewers game.
Boy I got d rose,Jabari Parker and Anthony Davis on one team it's ova with
Things I did not expect to see today: Older guy rocking a Milwaukee Bucks Jabari Parker jersey in line.
Why my division player lookin like an angry Jabari Parker though?
I can remember when I honestly thought I was gonna marry Jabari Parker 😕😂
2013 got A Wiggins and Jabari Parker so this a lie
Jabari Parker was at my church today 😱
Jabari Parker with a nasty poster jam!.
In a magazine story, NBA's Jabari Parker shared advice from his father "Be the same person you are in the dark that you are in the light.”
"Thats the kind of guy I want on my team for the rest of my career." -Jabari Parker on Giannis after tonight.
Would you guys trade Boogie for Jabari Parker, Greg Monroe and Bucks 10th pick? . Asking for a friend
The Bucks duo of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker remind me of and me playing together.
I just realized that I meant Jabari Parker yesterday. 😂😂
What if the cavs take Jabari Parker over Wiggins and don't get Kevin Love 🤔
Ballin like Jabari Parker, they say I look like him..
Brandon Ingram has more ncaa tournament wins than Jabari Parker, Austin rivers, Ben Simmons and Lebron James combined
Jabari Parker will be the next Paul Pierce
Giannis Antetokounmpo, Greg Monroe and Jabari Parker all to get a bump in with Khris Middleton a late scratch:
After the all-star game Jabari Parker has been beastin
Tatum joins Jabari Parker as recent Blue Devil commits to win the award—he scored 18 points in yesterday's htt…
Simmons is going to be a Jabari Parker type, a lot of hype but not much substance!!
Bill Simmons thinks the Lakers should trade D'Angelo Russell for Jabari Parker...
Jabari Parker is the Bucks' best player along the baseline since Gustavo Ayon.
King James to Milwaukee next year to join Greek Freak, Jabari Parker and Greg Monroe.
I swear Jabari Parker has a new dunk highlight every game, kid is unreal
What did Rudy Gobert do to you, Jabari Parker? .
Jabari Parker throws it down on Rudy Gobert! (via
Jabari Parker will go with Dr. Charles Tucker as his new agent, per
Lmao I was over it completely when Jabari Parker, Rodney Hood, and co lost to Mercer in the first round.
that duke team with austin rivers/ Jabari Parker & Rodney Hood were not Major Heavy favorites to win lol!
We still win this game though folks. Brandon Ingram not trying to go out like Jabari Parker, Rodney Hood or Austin Rivers
List of top draft picks to lose (& about to lose) in 2nd rd - Austin Rivers, Jabari Parker, Brandon Ingram, Grayson Allen, Kennard.
*** lost too mercer wit Jabari Parker and Rodney Hood smh. Two lottos!
Jabari Parker and Rodney Hood will make hundreds of millions in the NBA. But Mercer still dropped the Nae Nae on them! What a country!
Wrote about Jabari Parker, who is lately looking a whole lot like the player the Bucks thought he'd be:
Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and Rodney Hood the only good players from that draft. We overrated the *** out of it 😹😭😩
It's funny Jabari Parker,Rodney Hood,Jahlil Okafor,Justice Winslow,and Tyus could all still be at Duke right 🤔.With another year to play
Rodney Hood is going to be a superstar. But every time I see him I think how a team with him n Jabari Parker loss to Mercer.😡
Rodney Hood lowkey better than his former teammate Jabari Parker.
Rodney Hood is better than Jabari Parker and I'm shocked.
The Greek Freak, Jabari Parker, Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving, Kawhi, Ben Simmons... The league will be great for many years
Just picturing how great Duke would be if they still had Jahlil Okafor, Tyus Jones, Justise Winslow, Jabari Parker, and Rodney Hood...
Aaron Gordon and Jabari Parker might as well have "6000" tattooed on their heads too
Jabari Parker gets past Nikola Mirotic and slams it in front of his hometown crowd. via
Jabari Parker drives by Nikola Mirotic and dunks.
domain names
Jerryd Bayless leads the with 11 points, followed by Jabari Parker with 8
OKC television voice Brian Davis pointed out to Kidd this was Game 82 for Jabari Parker. Asked if it was last game of rookie year.
Guys i love but never get talked about Power Rankings:. 1.) Serge Ibaka. 2.) Kemba Walker. 3.) Jrue Holiday. 4.) Jeremy Lamb. 5.) Jabari Parker
Haven't seen Jabari Parker with this amount of comfort and tenacity since maybe his junior year in high school at Simeon
The best plays from Jabari Parker as he records a career high 36 points in tonight's win!!
Brandon Ingram is good but not Jabari Parker or Jahlil Okafor good their freshman years.
*** so Rodney Hood, Jabari Parker, justice Winslow and now Brandon Ingram? Coach K recruiting his *** off.
Tongan rising star Jabari Parker was ON FIRE for the Milwaukee over the weekend with career-high...
Jabari Parker should be a all star within the next 3 years
I liked a video A visit with Simeon basketball star Jabari Parker
Two straight 20-10 games for Jabari Parker since the All Star break. Still no threes though
Anyone else think Jabari Parker is a future 3x all star??
VIDEO: "Untradeable" Jabari Parker and Giannis Antetokounmpo star as Bucks take narrow loss to Hornets
Bucks' Jabari Parker is averaging 25.5ppg & 12.0 rpg after the All-Star break!. Admin Coo
Jabari Parker scores a career-high 28 points with 13 boards to top Paul Millsap's 27 and 11, as the Bucks win it in double overtime,…
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Jabari Parker with back-to-back GREAT games after the All-Star break. Has looked much more confident, not just putting up stats. LOVE IT!
Jabari Parker is a stud! He is a taller Charles Barkley at this stage of his career! 🏀er
Who says no? Rubio for Jabari Parker & Greivis Vasquez. Draft Kris Dunn in Summer.
I live in a cyberspace *** where people compare Ricky Rubio to Michael Carter-Williams and Jabari Parker to Derrick Williams.
The Milwaukee Bucks offered Jabari Parker and Tyler Ennis for Aaron Gordon and Evan Fournier (picks involved too). The Mag…
Sources tell me Greg Monroe and Jabari Parker are being shipped off to the Pacers for Paul George.
Report: Bucks not taking calls for Jabari Parker or Greg Monroe.
We may have lost the game, but with Jabari Parker in the house, we won the support!
The slam dunk contest isn't until tonight, but Jabari Parker showed out last night!!
Jabari Parker just wrote these words about on Instagram.
the Celtics shooting 62.5 percent in leading the Bucks 11-6 early. Avery Bradley with 6 on 3-4. Jabari Parker with 4 to pace Milwaukee
head coach Jason Kidd said SF-PF Jabari Parker's game is growing, said he's gotten better as the season progressed.
Of Jason Kidd trades Jabari Parker, I want him run out of town as soon as possible.
Jason Kidd believes Jabari Parker is "growing," and that he's "gotten better" as the season has progressed.
Report: The Milwaukee Bucks are interested in trading Greg Monroe and Michael Carter-Williams OR Jabari Parker for Clippers …
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I wish we could find a way to get somebody like Jabari Parker or Nerlens Noels..
On the always-strange Bucks, and the unmolded lump of clay that is Jabari Parker:
Jabari Parker knew John Henson shouldn't have challenged Paul Millsap at the rim!
Chad Ford / Ranking Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and the 2015-16 sophomores by future potential - NBA
Would the consider trading Jimmy Butler to the for Jabari Parker?
Jabari Parker puts his buddy Jahlil Okafor on a poster!.
Micheal carter williams, Jabari Parker, OJ mayo, Greg Monroe all had 17+ points
So happy for the much maligned troika of Greg Monroe, Jabari Parker, and Michael Carter-Williams for leading the way in beating the King...
Jabari Parker, Antetokounmpo, Greg Monroe, mayo, kris Middleton?? How can we forget Michael-Carter Williams?? Best team ever.
Up next we have a 6'8" forward from Duke University, Jabari Parker!
From Simeon High School in Chicago! Same school that Derrick Rose, Jabari Parker and Nick Anderson!
Taylor Genier once guaranteed that Jordan would come out with a Jabari Parker shoe.
If a NBA team had the opportunity to get Doug McDermott, Andrew Wiggins, and Jabari Parker on their team, they should
Should i trade Rob Covington for Eric Gordon and Jabari Parker. Standard 9 catagories
Kevin Love learned his lesson vs. Jabari Parker (via
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Jabari Parker dunks on Kevin Love for the second time in a week!! 📺
but he loses to Mercer a seed with Jabari Parker, Quinn Cook, Amile Jefferson, etc.
your Forsure going to *** cause Austin rivers , okafor , Tyus Jones , Jabari Parker, grant hill. Your dumb
he not do you watch his games he not like how Jabari Parker and Jahlil was he to quiet 😒
Preview: Washington first up on Milwaukee's three-game road trip without Jabari Parker
Jabari Parker will miss the Bucks' three-game road trip this week with a mid-foot sprain.
Jabari Parker (cat sitter raised her prices again) did not accompany the Bucks on their road trip.
Jabari Parker gets to the rim for the SLAM on (Vine by
Michael Carter-Williams, Greg Monroe, Kris Middleton, Jabari Parker, Greek Freak, Tyler Ennis, & OJ Mayo.and they're in the bum ahhh East
people that will not be slandered on the tl:. Andrew Luck. Kyrie Irving. Jabari Parker. Jahlil Okafor. Tyus Jones. Adam Henrique. Jacoby Ellsbury
5 things to look for in Jabari Parker’s return to the court
Sixers vs. Bucks Preview: Jabari Parker returns to starting lineup vs. Sixers, MCW out
. Jabari Parker is like another Wisconsin player we know and love, Eddie Slobby, they're both fat
theyre on the rise if Jabari Parker can stay healthy
Jabari Parker's Jordan design is now available online. . -->
Jabari Parker makes his return tonight from ACL tear, completing a vital journey for the Bucks:
Glad Jabari Parker is back on the court.
Forward Jabari Parker starts in first game back for Bucks (Yahoo Sports).
NBA rumors: Latest news on injuries and more
Bucks' new owners, Marc Lasry and Wesley Edens, studied Spurs ...
It was good to see Jabari Parker back on the court
Jabari Parker back in Bucks lineup against Sixers
Live coverage: Bucks vs. Philadelphia 76ers: Follow our live coverage as Jabari Parker return...
Windhorst: Jabari Parker set for biggest step on comeback trail: Windhorst: Jabari Parker set for bi...
>> A hesitant Jabari Parker returns to floor for Bucks
Jabari Parker and Tyler Ennis medically cleared to return Wednesday vs. Sixers
Moments before tip, talked about his return
Jabari Parker on his return and tonight's win. WATCH:
I asked Kidd if Jabari played any better on defense tonight than last year. He said sample size was too small but liked how Parker competed.
From Chicago Public League & EYBL to Duke to the NBA! Jahlil Okafor & Jabari Parker after their first NBA meeting! https…
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Jabari Parker and Tyler Ennis medically cleared to play Wednesday. Get Tickets:
Jabari Parker, the No. 2 pick in '14, has been medically cleared to play Weds. vs. Philly:
Jabari Parker expected to make season debut against via :-D
Jabari Parker has been cleared to play Wed night. He'll be active tonight & go thru all normal routines but not play. ( per
(pts, h2h) Do I drop Jarret Jack, Bogdanovic, or Nurkic to pickup Jabari Parker, Covington, and/or Capela? Any combo.
yeah but I'm not even sure if Jabari Parker is considered a rookie. Sometimes when you're injured you stay a rookie like Blake
Tyler Ennis (shoulder) has been cleared for contact and has been playing some 1-on-1 with Jabari Parker.
Bucks guard Tyler Ennis is cleared for contact drills and has been going 1-on-1 against Jabari Parker in practice, Kidd said.
Got told today I don't deserve to own a Paul George jersey because I thought Jabari Parker would end up being a better player
6th Man - Isaiah Thomas . Comeback POY - Jabari Parker . Coach of the Year - Greg Popvich
The returns of Paul George, Kobe,KD, & Jabari Parker got me buggin 😩
NBA season starts tonight so I'll take Anthony Davis or Paul George as the MVP, Emmanuel Mudiay as ROY, Jabari Parker is most improved...
Elsewhere, Quinn Cook looking to land spot with CLE, Jabari Parker returning from ACL tear and Seth Curry in SAC: http:…
Jabari Parker lookin like he ate jerryd Bayless
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