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Ja Rule

Jeffrey Atkins (born February 29, 1976), better known by his stage name Ja Rule, is an American rapper, singer, and actor from Queens, New York City.

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My love for you can basically be described as every ja rule /Ashanti and ja rule /j lo song
Oh yeah and now all we need now is Disney buy DC Warner Square Enix Capcom and some other companies o…
So Ja Rule is still alive. The end of 2017 is gonna be 🔥💡.Uhm... Anyone remember where I landed on the…
Where would I be without you (uh) . I only think about you. I know you're tired or being lonely (lonely) . So baby girl put it on me. -Ja Rule
You are lying about China, presiding over human rights abuses in PNG, frustrating the…
I wonder what ja rule thinks about the loss of net neutrality
I dont get why anyone trusted Ja Rule. Being a girl about how powerful women are.
So when Ja Rule said 'What's my motherf*n name??' J'Lo actually responded and said 'R.U.L.E'.and not 'Are you ready?'…
Why am i just realizing that Ja Rule used to call charli Baltimore chuck in the song credits lmaooo
Also, there's a movie on Netflix with Ja Rule and Adrienne Bailon lmfaoo. Who tf cast this movie?!
I liked a video 50 cent on Jimmy Henchman setting up 2pac plus mocking Ja Rule during his
Finally the experts are beginning to weigh in on this. When do we hear from Ja Rule? Where is Ja?
*Rick and Morty is 50 Cent and Family Guy is Ja Rule
The history of 'clapback' involves way more Ja Rule than you'd expect.
Adina Howard, Kut Klose, Xcape, Avant, Joe, Pharrell, Ja Rule & Ashanti, silk . I can keep going lol
Murder Inc needs to tell their story. I wanna hear that Ja Rule and Ashanti story
Fyre Festival: Promoter of Ja Rule's 'disaster' music festival arrested on fraud charge
Murder, Inc was the record label of Ja Rule and Irv Gotti.
y'all paid thousands of dollars to go to a festival promoted by Ja Rule and Kendall pepsi disaster Jenner..
Internal emails appear to show there were many warning signs ahead of Fyre Festival. Billy McFarland & Ja Rule now face several la…
Related: Song was so fire, Def Jam threw Ja Rule, Irv Gotti and Eve in the video as extras. Not cameos—extras.
"Trump is a politician like Ja Rule is a festival organizer.". –Michael Che,
More trouble coming for Ja Rule, Billy McFarland and the entire Fyre Festival.
"Ja Rule is working on a new song & can mention your name, nickname, company name, etc for $450."
It gets even worse for Ja Rule... The FBI is now involved and a criminal investigation taking place. American Greed.
I just want y'all to know that my ultimate two stations will forever be Ja Rule radio, and India Aire radio.
Can we let Ja Rule plan the next Republican National Convention?
Ja Rule and Billy McFarland are facing a $100 million personal injury lawsuit for the disastrous display they put...
Ja Rule & Billy McFarland have been banned from doing another festival in the Bahamas / via
It just keeps getting worse! founders Ja Rule and Billy McFarland have been hit with a $100M lawsuit
The cofounder of Ja Rule's disastrous Fyre Festival has lots of excuses...
Fyre Festival organizers Ja Rule and Billy McFarland are being sued for $100 million in a class action lawsuit:
Everyone crying for victims of Fyre Fest when there are children in African who've never heard Ja Rule say "What's my…
Can't believe that at some point in the last 15 years Ja Rule became Bane from The Dark Knight Rises
Ja Rule is coming over to play tony hawks underground with me later
. "What an embarrassment at Ibrox, an absolute shambles" - Ja Rule + the Fyre Festival bosses.
I added a video to a playlist Fyre Festival a Complete Disaster!! Billy McFarland and Ja Rule
Ja Rule and Ashanti had the best duets in hip hop. PERIOD
I woke up to Ja Rule's Thug Lovin' featuring Bobby Brown playing in my head. Such a delightful oldie.
Ja Rule - Thug Lovin with Bobby Brown on the hook deserves a Grammy lol
That’s bc Ja Rule doesn’t have more No 1’s than those three. Ja Rule: Springs…
Breaking, Ja Rule rips off hundreds of rich millennials who paid 2k for a 'villa', got FEMA tents and chips.
"Who would put Ja Rule in charge of organizing a music festival?". -- People who live in a country that put Donald Trump i…
Curtis Jackson really did warn us about Ja Rule.
If you think what Ja Rule did was an interesting scam (and I find it fascinating), then you'll enjoy reading this.
Ja Rule has done more to push than anyone yet, including Martin Shkrelli and Richard Spencer.
What if Ja Rule (the singer of Thug Lovin'") is - IN FACT - a genius who devised as social commentary on the 1%?
As a manager is the music industry ...if he has Jay-Z on his hands, will be industry changing. Could also be Ja Rule
I can't believe Thug Lovin is now the second worst thing Ja Rule has ever been involved with
Since there's Ja Rule & Bobby Brown talk on the TL... might as well play this...
They got finessed by Ja rule in 2017, anything up to a death is hysterical.
things not looking good for former hitmaker and burgeoning scammer Ja Rule
Me watching this situation play out just to realize Ja Rule scammed white kids & donated money to help feed…
Comrade Ja Rule is the best anti capitalist leader we had
Moral of the story: leave Ja Rule's *** back in 2001 next time.
Ja Rule finna be in court after Fyre Festival like No!! Monica!!!
So a moneyed 23-year-old White dude from the US and Ja Rule organize an abysmal festival for "influencers" and the isla…
Fyre Festival, a luxury music weekend in the Bahamas, crumbled shortly after it began and has been postponed
Great to see Ja Rule back in the news
Why am I finding this Fyre Festival fiasco w/ Ja Rule so funny? via
Having our own at the office, playing only Ja Rule cuts and then we're flushing our wallets dow…
What if was just a TRADING PLACES experiment and Ja Rule owes someone $1 now?
Ja Rule dancing with Bethenny while goes up in flames is very Marie Antoinette, and also destroying of any r…
was Ja Rule's revenge on everyone for choosing 50 Cent over him during their beef
It's flipping amazing 😂👏🏼in this day n age they got duped this bad by JA RULE or summin?
If I was at , I'd be meeting Ja Rule in court like
I love that Ja Rule is a conceptual artist now. Fantastic career arc.
Rich millennials paid thousands for Ja Rule's Fyre Fest and are now stranded on an island in disaster-relief tents
"You thought I said Chance the Rapper? No I said there was a chance a rapper would be there." -Ja Rule probably
So happy our plane never took off. We were about 5 minutes from joining "Lord of the Fyre Flies: Ja Rule's Revenge."
If you actually paid for a ticket to see Ja Rule you deserve to be here
It's hosted by Ja Rule. They deserve the worst. 😂😂😂
No offense, but if you paid money to go to a MUSIC festival organized by JA RULE in a FOREIGN COUNTRY, have a seat, take your L.
This Ja Rule revenge for confusing him and Jah Cure in the paper
quick summary of Ja Rule and dozens of Instagram models lured trust fund kids to an island and are now hunti…
I pray that someone is filming Ja Rule through this situation so we can all get some great memes
Can't wait until Ja Rule declares himself Lord Rule (Ja Ruler?) over his captive bourgeoisie and forms the Sovereign State…
Truly a great day for people like me who have had "Ja Rule maroons the one percent on a freakin island" on our vision boar…
You paid $12k to go see Blink-182 headlined festival hosted by Ja Rule in 2017?!?!?!?!?
Ja Rule in the news? I had no clue the guy was still alive LOL
Ja Rule ripping off & stranding a bunch of rich white people at is about as close to reparations as you're…
Ja Rule is about to become Ja Broke.
If you told me yesterday that Ja Rule would start a prison camp for Instagram kids in the Bahamas, I woulda called you…
why did y'all trust JA RULE to put together something LUXURY?!
We have a lot of cool events coming up this summer. None of which were organized by Ja Rule.
Fyre Festival is the *** child of Ja Rule and Wayne World 2
So Fyre Festival has become Lord of the Flies. Good job Ja Rule.
Y'all have no idea how weak I am at Fyre Festival 😂😂 y'all paid $12k for a festival where Ja Rule the headliner? Lmfaooksjkhhdk
Holy 💩. If you're not reading do it. The gyst? Ja Rule put a festival on an island, charged $12k, & things have gone south!
Ja Rule is a hero for creating a penal colony for instagram rich kids
Bobby Brown had to drop from helicopter Thug Lovin' by Ja Rule ♫
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Ja Rule on the midnight train to Georgia
Just learned about aka Ja Rule's Concentration Camp for instragram models and rich white kids
Millenials: Nobody can pull off a con like Donald Trump!. Ja Rule: Hold my beer. .
And to think, Ja Rule turned down a STARRING role in 2 Fast 2 Furious because he thought it wasn't the "right move"
but I have Ja Rule and Phat Joe in my play list 😏
if you can't bump to. Bow Wow. Aaliyah . Fabolous. Ja Rule . Biggie. Diddy. R. Kelly. or Usher. then I can't fw you 💯😐
America is the best because I just witnessed a middle-aged Latino woman and southern white man gush over Ja Rule. Let freedom ring.
Jude Law's first words as pope were, "Ja Rule"
Dammit. Why is Big Boi in this movie? Can get 1/2 of Outkast,Ja Rule, Wendy Williams & Charlie Murphy for this gig but no Maas?
Inauguration is days away and I'm still waiting on Ja Rule to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS
😂 You trolling right? On Nate Dogg, Lauryn Hill, Andre 3000, Ja Rule, PLEASE tell me you trolling
50 Cent out here having a full boxing match with his son imagining he's Ja Rule 😭
This Special Edition of Ham4Ham brought out Ashanti & Ja Rule! by via
A dude tried to talk to me when Put It On Me was on but he didn't know Ja Rule's part so it was instantly deaded. I have sta…
she's using king push to get the black vote that's so blatant lol Trump needs to get Ja Rule if he's going to compete
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Ren and Stimpy. Cow and Chicken. CatDog. Cory and Topenga. Drake and Josh. Craig and Dada. Louis and Clark. Ja Rule and As…
but the funny part was Ja Rule, front row - bc I instantly thought of Dave Chappelle's "I wonder what Ja thinks about this"
My playlist be going from like legit gangbanging music to Alicia Keys or Mana or Ja Rule ft Ashanti lol
This reminds me of Dave Chappelle's bit about MTV asking for Ja Rule's opinion on 9/11...
"You make me feel like a Ja Rule and Ashanti song"
shawty make me feel like Ja Rule in a Ashanti song ✨
it's ja rule ft Ashanti : all Ways on time 💁🏽
That made me wanna listen to Ja Rule & Ashanti!!! lmao
Hank is always on Skype, but never there when I call. He'll never be my Ja-Rule.
*** Ja rule & Ashanti are performing here in San Diego ?! 😂😂 what is this 2005?!
Just feel like listening to Ja Rule all day
Nah I just know we can't afford Ja Rule & Ashanti so what's the point 😂
make me feel like a Ja rule n Ashanti song 💟
wish i was listenin to dat ja rule record wit u today on tay i hope its magic 💰 JA RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME
I wanna feel like a Ja Rule in a Ashanti song
"Y'all gon' respect Ja Rule in this car!" . This is ME!!! 😩😂
Bruhh they took this man Ja Rule outta the Fast and Furious series so fast 😂😂😂
NY *** gotta collect a Durag in every color to summon a Ja Rule.
The time that Eminem bodied Ja Rule on Hail Mary, mocking the fact that Ja wanted to be Pac so badly.
Lol did you just send for G unit? Didn't you hear what happen to Ja Rule you dumb sket.
I go from Keith Whitley to 2pac to Nirvana to Dave Matthews to Steve Miller to Ja Rule to Dixie Chicks. Keep up if you…
35. Mesmerize - Ja Rule ft. Ashanti. they make great music together
Busta Rhymes deserves an award of honor if for no other reason than ending Ja Rule's career on the Hail Mary remix
I never gave a double ilovemakonnen life time achievement award! But here it is for DMX and Ja Rule! Tears of joy http…
Remake the David Hyde Pierce SNL sketch where teens submit classic rock lyrics as original poetry in class but w/Ja Rule songs who's with me
I liked a video from Pee Wee Kirkland on Being Mentioned by The Clipse, Fat Joe, Ja Rule in
it's a hit dance of 2015 and it's on alix radio. Matoma - The Notorious B.I.G. - Ja Rule - Ralph Tresvant- Old Thing Back
ESPN covering Ali's death is like the Chappelle joke about asking Ja Rule what he thinks about 9/11... "Let's bring in Tom Jackson!"
Alex Proyas is the Ja Rule of film-making. How did we get here from The Crow/Dark City??
But she's cool and hip with the times. She knows who Kevin Rudolf and Ja Rule are
I could let Ja Rule slide, but Nick Cannon and Will Smith? Then the worst LL song? Go away from me with this satan.
Ashanti and Ja Rule were the best combo back in the day😏😏😏
Monday's Live Trivia clues:. 1) "Peace in our time". 2) Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, Ja Rule, Nick Cannon and Stanley Tucci
Ja Rule & Ashanti collaborations were way more fire than any Drake & Rih record if we telling the truth for once in our l…
Ja Rule and Ashanti had more dope records than Jay Z and B if we are being honest here.
let's make love to Ja Rule's Pain is Love album.
The and ja rule concert was fire tonight >❤️
Rap Ja rule's part while I sing Ashanti's so I know it's real
Why are y'all crying about Drake not making a classic album when cats like Fabolous, Ludacris, Ja Rule, Nelly, etc. fell sh…
Listen to Wonderful by Ashanti, Ja Rule & R. Kelly on
In my day a remix sounded entirely different from the original song. Ja Rule and Jlo days 😩👵🏾
Perfect day for a cruise and a biggie/Ja Rule mashup.
I have played Ja Rule and Ashanti's 'Always on Time' 255 times on my iTunes.
13. Mesmerize - Ja Rule; maaannn Ja rule had the bangers too!
Drake & Rihanna are the modern day Ja rule & Ashanti
Boxden so trash. People out here saying Ja Rule washed Eminem / 50 .. Ja held his own but the buzz of shady/aftermath killed him
Really wanna go see Ja Rule and Ashanti tomorrow but that's not a show to go by yourself too.
Everything Ashanti and Ja rule made together was a banger. Don't @ me.
I used to think Ja rule was nothing without Ashanti, turns out it was the other way around lol
*** poor guy lol this reminds me of when Ja Rule loses Monica in Fast and Furious "MMMONNNICCCAAA
Ja Rule had some bangers back in the day
Oh yes. It's and back at it again at For real.
They're playing Ashanti and Ja Rule at work. This is going too far. Lol.
Any good bars in Williamsburg in 2016 with a good burger that i can wear a Ja Rule t-shirt in and won't want to give the whole bar a wedgie?
Anyone who really knows me knows I LOVE and right now his is 🔥. Watching an & Ja Rule sing all…
Don't you DARE compare Aubrih to Ja Rule and Ashanti. DON'T
Ashanti and Ja rule really r gona be my fave hook up forever. Old R&b is my best vibe x
Before I die I want to see ja rule live
Goo Goo Dolls, Ja Rule to perform in in May
My coworkers today were unfamiliar with Mesmerize by Ja Rule. I must have played it 10 times since they admitted that
Ja Rule gets the short end of the stick because of where he is now, but ppl 4got that he was on top. Hit after hit!!
I thought that was Ja Rule for a second.
Chillin on the porch vibing to old Ja - rule
I gotta karaoke put it on me by ja rule
When Puff n Mase danced in shiny suites to mo problems. Culture shifted. When Ja Rule made back to back hits with females.…
if Ja Rule ever done anything for military
"Every little thing that we do, should be between me and you." - Ja Rule and Christina Milan, on their way to kidnap an heiress.
Ja Rule, Ying Yang Twins, and Yung Joc in the caf today 🔥🔥🔥
I thought it was pretty cool when Ja Rule gave Bobby Brown a warm meal, a steady paycheck and a new sense of purpose on the Thug Lovin track
Bobby Brown was gone off a fat rock in that Thug Lovin' video with Ja Rule
Lauren Hill Bone Thugs& Ja Rule brung the rappin/singing *** to fame and u can't tell me other wise
Matoma and Notorious B.I.G. feat Ja Rule and Ralph Tresvant - Old Thing Back (Clean) on
Who's down to go see Ja Rule & Ashanti at The. San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino, Highland CA. Thu. May 05 2016, 07:30 PM
Does rnb still exist? Where have all the heroes gone.. Ja Rule. Ashanti. Kel. Ush. City High. Mario. Christian Milian.
WAit so at this hour my neighbors NEEDED to hear Ja Rule and Lil Mo "put it on me"..ok.
Ja Rule must have been influenced by Louie Armstrong.
Ja Rule talks about his first encounter with Suge Knight
Didn't realize Ja Rule was so good with a basketball. Oh. That was Bridget Regan.
Dave Chappelle said we should always consult Ja Rule first. What would he do?
I had a dream J. Lo & Ja Rule made a new song & Ja Rule rapped how he'd "rescue" J. Lo in a John Taffer accent...I think its *** genius!
Ja Rule & deserve everything for this collab
My impression of Ja Rule is freaking awesome 😂😂😂
Update: Ja Rule is in fact a figment of our collective imaginations that only truly existed in a metaphysical sense
Ja Rule gets me through my workouts 👅
sorry T.I., only Ja Rule will make sense about all of this
we have a Ja Rule sighting at the barclays center. i repeat, Ja Rule sighting. this is not a drill
talking to her on the phone now sounds like I'm interviewing ja rule
But where does Ja Rule stand on this?
*** be hating on Ja rule like he ain't make rainy days and was in the rain the entire vid
Do you think Ja Rule will perform at my 21st birthday party if I ask nicely enough
just left me a voicemail informing me that it's Ja Rule's birthday
Ja rule's daughter's ex hit me up & now both he & his daughter have me blocked, whoopsy daisy!!
I'm listening to Thug Lovin' by Ja Rule - Thug Lovin' on
2/29/16. Henri Richard is 80. Monte Kiffin is 76. Tony Robbins is 56. Antonio Sabato Jr. is 44. Ja Rule is…
Waiting room is playing proper throw back jams! Destinys child, Tony Braxton, Ja Rule.
EVERYONE did that. That's how Irv Gotti got Cash Money Click on The Box where Lyor Cohen saw Ja Rule @ Def Jam
Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, YFN Lucci grew up listening to the likes of Tupac, Ja Rule
Ja Rule and Irv Gotti are working on a drama series about Murder Inc.
A Murder Inc. series on HBO? Ja Rule says it could be a reality.
Ja Rule leaks drama series about Murder Inc. -
Today in 2003 Feds raid Murder Inc offices. Irv Gotti brought them DMX & Ja Rule but now Def Jam keeps its distance https…
Today in 2002, Jennifer Lopez "Ain't It Funny" ft Ja Rule written by Ashanti produced by Irv Gotti is at Billboard htt…
Gimme a piece of a team to work with and I'm bringing HIT records! I feel Irv Gotti in '96 when he brought JayZ, DMX, and Ja Rule to Def Jam
DMX, Nas, Mobb Deep, JAY Z, GUnit, WuTang Clan, B.I.G, KRS-One, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Ja Rule, Busta Rhymes off the top of my head
Ja Rule has to be the worst actor ever!
Half Past Dead (Steven Seagal, Ja Rule) Movie Poster A2. Check out my listing on via
People forget when was going after Ja Rule, Ja was making love songs. 50 was trying to end Ja Rule and Murder Inc.
I heavily appreciate Rules of Nature blaring over the Zaibatsu's final battle with Ja Rule
Michael Wilbon said he wanted Ja Rule to perform at All Star Weekend so I think I'm done watching Pardon the Interruption.
A new favorite: Ja Rule - Wonderful Ft. R. Kelly Ashanti by Christopher Tocas on
R. Kelly voicing an opinion about Bill Cosby is the same as Carson Daly calling Ja Rule on 911. Why?
New York *** gotta collect all 7 of these gold Timbs to summon Ja Rule so he can grant them one wish
Listen to Can I Get A... by Amil, Ja Rule & JAY Z on
Ja Rule and Irv Gotti were lucky men to be hitting that
Jay Z can thank Swizz Beatz, DMX, Irv Gotti and Ja Rule for his success.
"I want some answers that Ja Rule might not have right now"
Cannot lie Ja Rule daughter is kind of hot
I kinda like ja rule's daughter's hair
Ja Rule has gotta be the coolest dad ever, loll.
Ja rule put an atm in his crib for his kids to do chores for their money lol that's a dope idea
I wonder what Ja Rule has to say about this
i always thought dude was wack but its funny people acting like they never liked him. Ja Rule part 2
Just making all the wrong moves Meek. Should have been a solid fight but he took the Ja Rule approach to beef smh.
It's been 7 minutes not 6, I can't tell time and also I just really wanna finish this episode of Ja Rule's reality show tbh
Lmao I'm dead watching Ja rule's show.
Nothing like a bit of Ja Rule before the 😉
Ja rule is really my guy. I love his voice
Just saw an old lady working at Dixons Travel do an excellent (and quite aggressive) shoulder dance to Livin' It Up by Ja Rule. …
Ja rule's face always looks like he's bout to get called down to the principal's office.
It's facts in there. But what 50 did to Ja Rule was way worse. Ja Rule was actually among the top of the game. https:/…
"I used to love being famous. It was the dopest, funnest thing. Not anymore.” -
Idc what ever next drake song comes out nothing will ever top Ja Rule ft J lo that song is my child hood jams
For some reason I have "I'm Real" by Ja Rule and J-Lo in my head. What is wrong with me?!?!?
Don't understand Spotify. I'm listening to "Discover Weekly" & it just played old *** Ja Rule & Missy Elliott. Thx for the tip on "Work it"
I used to have the biggest love for Ashanti and Ja Rule when I was younger lmao
I need some new Ja Rule and Ashanti in my life
currently building my holiday playlist. it's only DMX and ja rule. will burn CDs for holiday candy.
What ever happened to Ja Rule? I'd like to know his take on current events.
Daphne Joy, Ja Rule, and Christina Aguilera round up our must-see photos of the day
Ja Rule sounds like someone who got stabbed in the stomach through an ulcer - Aziz Ansari
There's this cheesy black comedy called The Cookout with Ja Rule and Tim Meadows where the talk about golf...
Ja Rule is on that strong high grade
.on playing Ja Rule's ('3:36' album for Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles: https…
Jadakiss done killed Ja Rule and Fat Joe on New York then went and humbled Guru on Rite Where You Stand lol. Original legend killer 😢
Dave Chappell did a routine about what Ja Rule thinks.
Everybody who throws shots at 50 first always loses in the end. Ja Rule, Rick Ross, The Game
50 had time to talk about Ja Rule and Rick Ross, he don't have time to talk about this booty snatcher stuff
Two ARTISTS I need back right now r Fred Durst nd baby boy Ja Rule. Collab album would be even more right.
from Notorious B.I.G. - Want that Old Thing Back feat Ja Rule and Ralph Tresvant Listen Live
I would be excited for a new Ja Rule project if it was as dark as his debut album
Chance the Rapper Joined by D.R.A.M., Ja Rule and More in NYC, Jay Z ...
I would like to know where the following are: Ja Rule, Akon, Taio Cruz & Petey Pablo. Thank you.
I've been asking for years for Ja rule to make a comeback and now all my dreams have come true
This mug ja rule got his own show what do I gotta do to get my own show
The commercial for Ja Rule's new show is the funniest thing I've seen in a while
ugh TOO real ok i need to accept ja rule is an american icon
Who thought a show about Ja Rule was a great idea?
Ja rule is a funny man. I'll watch that new little show or whatever 😊
Would you believe me if I told you that Gandhi quotes sound like Ja Rule (rap lyrics? https:…
Ja Rule have a whole TV show. Interesting .
Ja rule n Ashanti in mesmerize video still the only possible couples costume that valid
Put it on me by ja rule gone be my wedding vows
Irv Gotti, Fat Joe, Ashanti, Ja Rule.. That whole lil clique was the bizness!
Underground Hip Hop Classic - Grand Finale. DMX, Method Man, Nas and even Ja Rule are hot on the track. If you don't know get familiar.
Augie just ripped a Ja Rule poster off a pole in front of a New York prep school.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I'm the puerto rican Ja Rule when Murder Inc was a thing.
The Notorious BIG ft. Ja Rule - Old Thing Back Songs on fire killing it
Ja Rule is back with a new MTV series, a double album -- and a tour and film project with Ashanti:
whenever i would hear this song i wanted to find love LOL Ja Rule - Down A** Chick ft Charlie Baltimore via
Ashanti and Ja Rule songs were gold in the early 00s
Let's start this morning off right Ja Rule - Down A** Chick ft. Charlie Baltimore
Today in 1998, the Rush Hour LP drops, Ja Rule gives Jay-Z "Can I Get A..." He tells Hov he has more hits to come. http:…
Irv Gotti had a good lil team with Ja Rule, Ashanti, Vita and Charlie Baltimore.
I would die if Ashanti brings out ja rule
I added a video to a playlist Jerzee Monet - Twisted (Feat. Ja Rule)
There is sooo many low key concerts out here it's crazy . Ja rule is performing LETS GO
Ashanti and ja rule used to be lit. Don't debate me.
That will go over just like when Ja Rule and Ashanti performed at halftime of the 2003 NFC Championship.
Ja Rule and J Lo collabed on a couple of bangers.
I added a video to a playlist Ja Rule - Always On Time ft. Ashanti
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Always on time // Ja Rule brings back some good memories 👌
Props to this driver for not knowing where he is going, but for putting on Ja Rule over my directions.
*Waits patiently for Ja Rule's comeback album to drop*
Ja Rule really got screwed back then lol
A Ja Rule song came on the radio while I was at a stoplight and I hate knowing everybody at that stoplight thinks I'm a punk now
this girl is cute but she has more bass in her voice than Ja Rule.
just as I thought your stream couldnt get any better, you go and play biggie ft ja rule, oldthingback matoma remix Kreygasm
Ja Rule was tryin get cool points Goin at 50 and was feelin himself to much
Ja Rule was dumb Goin at 50 cent if he would had just been friends with him he would still be relevant
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