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Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Marie Trump (born October 30, 1981) is an American businesswoman, socialite, heiress, and fashion model.

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Ivanka Trump: Some things you didn't know about Donald Trump's daughter~!..
Bannon’s reverse Midas touch: Everything he handles flops Bannon has also feuded privately with Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner
Ivanka Trump has an assistant solely devoted to making her feel better if she ever has to make herself an emergency toil…
Luanda on the Potomac: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump: Pillars of Family-Driven West Wing
Samantha Bee: Why Ivanka Trump is not 'your secret progressive buddy' via
Jeffrey Lord logic: Ivanka Trump is just like Sojourner Truth
Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump hit the slopes again - CNN-- "as dad threatens world war three Jared vacations. Shame." https:/…
Ivanka Trump has been invited by Chancellor Angela Merkel to participate in the W20 Summit.
What if Ivanka Trump became an employee so that she could assert "Executive Privilege" when asked to testify? Just a random…
Does the "Ms. Trump" at the end of the article refer to Ivanka or Melenia?
Eric Trump says his sister, Ivanka Trump, encouraged their father to carry... by…
Eric Trump explains that his father fired missiles because Ivanka was upset
Ivanka Trump influenced my father to launch the Syria military strike - Eric Trump reveals: In a new interview with…
Ivanka Trump influenced my father to launch Syria strikes, reveals brother Eric
So basically Eric Trump admitted to the world that Ivanka Trump is running our foreign affairs... Even Trump supporters…
Donald Trump Jr has confirmed that Ivanka Trump was behind Trump's missile strike. Don't underestimate her…
People who need to be fired by the Trump administration: Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Nikki Haley, Rex Tillerson, Sean Spicer.
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have no place in the White House. They are snakes and are polluting the administration with leftism.
Kushner has an unfair advantage in that he has Ivanka, who, in turn, has Trump by the loins.
Trump stands with O'Reilly. Let's get over the idea that Ivanka is awakening Daddy on women's rights. Her role is to mask hi…
How many Americans do you think could have been employed to make 53 metric tons of goods for Ivanka Trump?
'The Daily Show' skewers Ivanka Trump with the -
I saw that, I saw Trump slipping Ivanka the tongue while kissing.
Trump is a turd. Time to flush. I support impeachment. If Dem Jews like Jared/Ivanka are going to run the USA, let'…
Ivanka Trump met with Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards soon after the inauguration for what the group...
Kushner doesn't consider Trump to be family. Trump is a goy to him. He made Ivanka convert. He cares about money and the…
Interesting the left knew to get to Trump attack Ivanka. She'd cave first.
Samantha Bee sums up Ivanka Trump's new White House role in just 8 words via
Ivanka Trump met with Planned Parenthood president shortly after inauguration via
Arabic Memes of start circulating after strike. Cheering "Abu Ivanka" (father of Ivanka) the American https:…
The stupidest thing Assad ever did may end up being giving the world horrible photographs of dead kids that ended up in…
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Yes Trump isn't but Jared is globalist he will have an easy…
Donald Trump aka Abu Ivanka Al-Amriki informed Russia before the US attack in Syria. Russia pre warned Assad. Regime left air…
Syria attack timed to make Trump look authoritative as he hosts Chinese leader Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago. Shocker: Ivanka,…
An hour after the strike and pro-memes have hit Syrian FB. This one says "You will see what I will do"-Abu I…
America first? NBC News tracks 56 shipments of Ivanka Trump products made in China and Singapore since Election Day. https:…
Kushner, more like it. Using Ivanka. Detestable, yet predictable. must be aware, so sent to
Finally, a definition of 'complicit' Ivanka Trump can agree with
He is right i did NOT vote for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner i voted…
mood is Ivanka Trump's neighbor watching protests erupt:
and if Trump has one kyrponyte it's Ivanka.
NEW: Customs records show dozens of shipments of Chinese-made Ivanka Trump brands arriving in US since election. More
You can't sail in Middle Eastern waters without getting wet. President Trump has got himself a new name: Abu Ivanka al-Amre…
I too have heard from several sources that Ivanka Trump was instrumental in convincing her father to launch the strike
Scarlett Johansson on Ivanka Trump "If you take a job as a public advocate, then you have to advocate publicly"
Scarlett Johansson on Ivanka Trump "I was so disappointed"
Ivanka Trump holds secret meetings with liberal special interest groups. No good can come from this
If Trump really wanted to showcase his loyalty to the American People, he would remove Ivanka and Kushner from his admin…
WH Pool says in FL Trump was "surrounded by top aides -- Bannon, Ivanka Trump, Reince Priebus" and others. Ivanka now a…
Trump is now Abu Ivanka al-Amriki in the eyes of the Jihadis... 😂
Scarlett Johansson is not impressed with Ivanka's performance in her father's administration thus far.
Ivanka Trump secretly met with Planned Parenthood. But it hasn't changed anything
One Syrian tells me the new nom de guerre for President Trump on the ground in Northern Syria is Abu Ivanka al Amriki.
2. Turns out China pushed to have Xi meeting with Trump at Mar-a-Lago instead of at WH…. Gee I wonder if Jared Kushner and…
Scarlett Johansson calls Ivanka Trump "cowardly" in a new interview.
Scarlett Johansson calls out Ivanka Trump at the Women In the World summit
Scarlett Johansson on Ivanka Trump "She has an opportunity to really make a big impact just by being vocal"
didn't hold back when asked about Ivanka Trump via
Scarlett Johansson blasts Ivanka Trump: 'You can't have it both ways'
Scarlett Johansson and Ivanka Trump are in a bit of a public feud.
Scarlett Johansson didn't hold back when asked about Ivanka Trump
Scarlett Johansson found Ivanka Trump's interview with Gayle King cowardly and uninspiring
Ivanka Trump headlining nothing about The lie Susan Rice told. Way to go democratic national headquarters!!
MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle just threw down the gauntlet for Ivanka Trump on her so-called passion to help women...
A plea to Ivanka Trump: You can make a difference on equal pay - The Boston Globe
The neighbor watching the LGBT protest in front of Ivanka Trump's house while drinking white wine is definitely invited to ***
The meanings of Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau side by side on Broadway:
TRUMP DAILY: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner retain scores of property assets while in White House
TRUMP DAILY: Ivanka Trump to become official White House employee after ethical concerns raised
This is where the action is tonight! *** dance party headed to Ivanka Trump's place in DC to raise awareness...
WH releases financial disclosures of its top staffers; Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump could be worth as much as $741M
White House release financial disclosures on top staffers
Trump made Ivanka an assistant, JFK made Bobby attorney general by
Ivanka Trump, who is taking an unpaid federal job, was involved in building a... by…
Disgusting. I hope this puts an end to mythmaking about how Ivanka & Jared are the "good" people who'll stop this. https…
Don Jr & Eric in Dubai. Ivanka & Jared in Aspen. Melania & Barron on 5th Ave. Trump on Mar a Lago links. They want to cut NP…
You come across like an unhinged lunatic. thank you. With people like you around Trump w…
What do you think of Ivanka Trump’s official role as unpaid White House employee?
Federal employees Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are still making money with Trump Hotel
Ethics filings show Ivanka Trump will maintain a stake in the Trump Hotel in D.C. despite her new White House position. https:/…
SCOOP - me and Rachel Abrams, Ivanka is formally a government employee, "assistant to the president"
HACKERS LEAK screenshot of NEW iMessage thread between Donald Trump and Ivanka!
Ivanka Trump isn't the first First Child to work for her father: | If it ain't on TV, it ain't so!
Just published - By and me: Empire Leaves Trump Family With Web of Conflicts
Normally - this is boring info. Not today! Wealthy White House staffers' finances detailed in new disclosures:
There's going to be a huge *** dance protest outside of Ivanka Trump's house
BREAKING: Ivanka Trump's financial disclosure shows she intends to keep her stake in Trump's D.C. Hotel, despite her new…
A cogent, damning essay re the enmeshment of &
So how's things going? Do tell! We're dying to know who gets immunity: Trump,…
Ivanka's investment in the Trump DC hotel also brought her btwn $1M to $5M in income since Sept. opening https:/…
More from the White House’s financial disclosures: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump's assets could exceed $700M
New ethics filings show Ivanka and Jared are still benefiting from the Trump biz empire—despite their gov't roles. https:/…
In today's financial disclosure, federal employee Ivanka Trump still holds a stake in DC hotel. Direct violation of lease.…
Ivanka still has a stake in Trump's DC hotel—may still earn income from that stake.
Stephen Colbert knocks Donald Trump for Ivanka appointment: "Bring Your Daughter to Govern Day"
JUST POSTED:Ivanka & Jared r now 1 of most powerful couples in U.S. Also have 100s millions $$$ in assets. Conflict? htt…
An open letter to Ivanka Trump about transgender children like her own thrust Isabel Rose into the spotlight
People w Alzheimer's often rely on close family members to compensate for tasks they once did by themselves.
Ethics filings show Ivanka Trump has kept a stake in Washington's Trump Hotel
Ethics filings show Ivanka/Jared are worth as much as $741 million & they're still benefiting from their businesses https:/…
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump took in almost $200 million last year. Or 100x what Steve Bannon did.
Ivanka Trump is heading back to school with daughter Arabella
Ivanka Trump's new job is against the law, Barack Obama's ethics lawyer says
Ivanka Trump adviser appointment is a ‘violation of nepotism laws'
It's a problem that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are in such high-profile positions, argues
It's a problem Ivanka Trump has an official White House gig. My take today on why:
Ivanka Trump still doesn't get it: statement about new White House role won't ease public concerns via
Frank Rich on Ivanka Trump's official WH role: "They are just flouting all the ethics rules"
He just needs to find a job for Barron now. Ivanka Trump to be assistant to US president
This 'labia majora' hotel by Donald and Ivanka Trump (how fitting) is linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard & poss…
Hot take: Ivanka Trump is the Tim Tebow of Trumpism, the person people think is secretly competent despite all available…
Ivanka Trump is saying she's "voluntarily complying with all ethics rules". Again, ethics aren't voluntary. Republican…
Is calling Ivanka Trump "Incest Eva Braun" a thing yet? Nick assures me that it's not and that I should stop but probably I won't.
I swear,son-in-law and ivanka,conflict of interest and broken promises and treason and lies and bullying.this punk trump has to go.
Ivanka Trump is from Czech Rep here's a pic of her in Prague's Senate building.
Ivanka Trump/Jared Kushner in Croatia w/Wendi Murdoch same time in dossier as "Cohen Prague mtg".
Ivanka Trump to attend women's economic summit in Berlin
READ THIS! >>> Ivanka Trump, the Russia scandal and her billionaire's network
Ron Reagan"Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump have zero expertise in anything" But they got…
Ivanka Trump to travel to Berlin for women's economic summit: report
like Ivanka trump is any example of average working women anywhere. *** does she think she's fooling other than her lap dog fans
Looking forward to promoting the role of women in the economy and the future of our workforce globally
What is Ivanka doing in the White House? Giving briefings about Trump Corporation? Do they know the jig is up anyway?
"German Chancellor Angela Merkel's staff has reportedly invited Ivanka Trump to visit the European country on an...
Ivanka Trump's security detail angering her DC neighbors
Ivanka Trump has West Wing office and will get access to classified information http…
Planned Parenthood demands that Ivanka Trump ‘stand for women’ March 25, 2017 at 12:57AM
Ivanka Trump was once reported "missing" as a teen while in Aspen on a family trip – Law enforcement located her in a hotel…
*** ! Ivanka Trump moving into White House sign of something much, much more worrying says former Cabinet secretary
Former comms director in Ivanka Trump's White House Gig Is an Insult to Working Women
Ivanka Trump has no official title in the WH, no official role, so why is she getting a top security clearance?
Trevor Noah went to an incest place with Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump now has her own White House office, so we thought we'd make her some fitting motivational posters.
Ivanka Trump company is sued, accused of unfairly profiting from White House
Ivanka Trump apparently will have an expansive portfolio in her White House role, not just offer insights.
A class action lawsuit has been filed against Ivanka Trump's company over 'unfair competition'
Alternate theory that was posed to me about giving Ivanka Trump a formal role - White House is having trouble filling many j…
Did Billy Carter have the same access Ivanka Trump will have in the West Wing?
Ivanka Trump, who retains close ties to her business, will take a role in the White House
Ivanka the VP of Development and Acquisitions at Trump Org just got security clearance/office in W. Wing/meets Merkel???
its not the WH any more its trump co.
Get a job where ever dad is. me a frigging break.
Ivanka Trump moves into West Wing office -- no salary, but there's no way this doesn't cost taxpayer $$
Trump daughter to get West Wing office
there is *no need* to get rid of Donald Trump if Pence/Bannon/Ivanka are gonna carry the slack, am I right? LEAVE THE POOR MAN ALONE.
V early on in transition, Ivanka and Jared maintained they weren't seeking security clearances and didn't plan to
The key relation btw & is a serious matter. It shall not be family business. I disagree with pre…
News that Ivanka is getting WH office and security clearance means the answer to this question is 'Yes' htt…
Why is this perfume saleslady sitting next to the Leader of the Free World and pretending to be important?
BREAKING: Ivanka Trump will receive an office in the White House, but will not have an official job
Ivanka Trump has requested security clearance to serve as dad's “eyes & ears,” according to attorney Jamie Gorelick. http…
Reminder: In Summer 2016, Ivanka Trump went on vacation with Putin's girlfriend.
Ivanka Trump is getting a West Wing office and security clearance, reports
Ivanka Trump set to get West Wing office as role expands
BREAKING: Ivanka Trump gets an office in the West Wing & will also be taking ZERO salary!
Happy Nepotism Day!. Ivanka Trump Now Has An Office in the West Wing and Access to Classified Information.
California retailer sues Ivanka Trump's company for profiting off political ties
Who the *** is Ivanka Trump to receive a security clearance? Get this family of grifters out of our White House already.
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were with Dmitry Rybolovlev at key moment in Trump-Russia dossier
Only Manafort & Flynn in Trump campaign had Russia contact?. What about Stone, Page, Sessions, Gordon, Kushner, Coh…
Ivanka Trump is hit with class action suit
California retailer sues company for profiting off political ties
This freak show keeps getting more out of control. He should be committed or jailed!
New reports raise questions about Ivanka Trump's role in the White House
FAT CHANCE. He's here to stay for 8 years! Then, Pence for 8, Ivanka for 8, Donald Trump Jr for 8! We!!! 🤣…
We the people approve Ivanka Trump to access classified Information, if Mr. President Donald J. Trump wants to do so. Shut up CBS
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The same Ivanka Trump apparently implicated in sanctions and FCPA violations in this bombshell?
Ivanka Trump should not be getting a security clearance She has promoted Russian intelligence in public.…
Trump daughter Ivanka to get West Wing office
Ah, it must be "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day" here in the USA today, ja?. Why else would Ivanka Trump be here?. Angela M…
And we do know that if he could make it so, trump would be dating Ivanka so it's the same thing right
Ivanka Trump is getting a West Wing office, but allegedly will share bedroom with daddy just to save taxpayers some money.
Reuters: Trump daughter Ivanka to get West Wing office
Ivanka Trump will have West Wing office, but no official title
Russian oligarch Demitry Rybolovlev was in Croatia same time Jared & Ivanka were allegedly vacationing!
If you wonder why Ivanka Trump will have office in White House, . read James Gibin, Edith Wilson: The Woman Who Ran The United States
Ivanka Trump moves into West Wing: The first daughter will not have an official title, but will get…
Now that Ivanka Trump has a new office in the WH (?!?), guess who'll be spending a LOT more time in the West Wing? One gues…
BREAKING: Ivanka Trump is joining her father's WH staff with a West Wing office. She won't have an official position or…
First daughter Ivanka Trump gets office in the White House West Wing now that's no lie. All the presidents lies.😆😆
Ivanka Trump is getting an office in the West Wing. Too bad about her creepy coworker who just so happens to be her dad.
Ivanka Trump will get an office in the West Wing, a govt-issued phone, and security clearance. She still has no official White…
Ivanka Trump moves into a West Wing office, acknowledging there’s "no modern precedent" for her role
Ivanka Trump moved to D.C. saying she would play no formal White House role. Now, she has a West Wing office.
Why is Ivanka Trump getting security clearance? Because Trump can't focus, stay on topic or read security docs?
Here is Paul Manafort on stage at the RNC convention with and Ivanka Trump. Typical low level employee. h…
People are freaking out about Angela Merkel's face when she looks at Ivanka Trump
Trudeau hosts Ivanka Trump at Broadway show about international travelers
German Chancellor Angela Merkel sits next to Ivanka Trump, Friday, March 17, 2017, at the White House in Washington…
I think is trying to look like Ivanka Trump, but she looks more like Tammy Faye Bakker.
Ivanka Trump takes centre stage as she sits next to Angela Merkel for White House meeting.
Merkel gives Ivanka the side eye at roundtable meeting - Ivanka Trump was present for a meeting with German Cha...
Justin Trudeau brought Ivanka Trump to a Broadway show that celebrates generosity towards foreigners in need
Justin Trudeau hosts Ivanka Trump at a Broadway show about Canadian hospitality
Trump's strategy to "Buy American" is to buy up all the Chinese stuff first.
Preview of what's happening to Trump brand in general as time goes on?
Electronic Device Insurance
Is there anyone who actually believes Kushner and Ivanka are reigning in this *** They are absolutely complicit. http…
Introducing the newest fragrance from Ivanka Trump.
was referring to this story. Old news though
A one of a kind Ivanka Trump original fragrance: Complicit. 🍊
: Ivanka Trump will discontinue fine jewellery line and focus on affordable fashion jewellery now Repres…
Ivanka Trump's fine jewelry line is being discontinued by via
1/ Dig deeper,. Ivanka was Complicit in all of Trump's worst frauds the last decade. https…
Ok. You can to buy more dresses and Jewels from Ivanka Trump Congratulations. May be you someday visit the White House.
59 tons of Ivanka Trump-branded shoes, bags and clothes have been shipped from China to US since the election
SNL debuts Ivanka Trump's new designer fragrance
Ivanka Trump brand will shut down jewelry..
Ivanka Trump bakes with her children for Jewish holiday Purim via
Investigation reveals Ivanka Trump imported 53 tons of “made in China” clothing since her dad became president
Move over Alec Baldwin, we may have found the ultimate Trump family impersonator:
Donald and Ivanka Trump's phony Baku Azerbaijan hotel was front for Iranian money laundering - Palmer Report
Ivanka Trump brand will shut down jewelry line - CNN really who cares
Donald & Ivanka Trump Reported for Trade Violations Involving Iran-Statement from below.
Tell them to vote for Ivanka Trump in 2024 & Barron whenever he's old enough. 😄
$$Ivanka Trump is complicit in her dad’s mission to get rich at the US’s expense.
she is DAD on Chinese steroids more evil more smarter to rob more taxcheats incest perv robs st Jude evil *** evil💩
Yo can someone write a Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump fan fic?
As Trump screams "buy American," his daughter Ivanka's company just ordered 10,000 shoes from a Chinese factory
Everything these people do, everything they touch, is tainted in some way by bad faith or illegality. They're crooks
Looks like will be following in dad's footsteps, selling the COSTUME of being rich w/o anything inside.
I own two Ivanka dresses and they are LOVELY! FYI: Mr Trump DOES pay taxes as evidenced by tonight's leaks.
Ivanka Trump's fine jewelry line is being discontinued
No wonder Trump loves Kushner. Kushner is even a bigger scammed than he is. The question is Will Ivanka remarry while he…
📈'Complicit' is our lookup after an SNL sketch used the word in reference to Ivanka Trump.
Ivanka Trump is exception to dad's 'Buy American' rule, makes her goods in China
Scarlett Johansson did such a great job as Ivanka Trump on SNL!! So glad to see Asian actresses getting screen time 💕
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Scarlett Johansson plays Ivanka Trump in a scathing ad:
Scarlett Johansson owned Ivanka Trump on "SNL" last night
Scarlett Johansson is Ivanka Trump in "Complicit" perfume ad on
Scarlett Johansson just gave Ivanka Trump the perfume ad she deserves:
S.N.L. slams Ivanka Trump with “Complicit,” “the fragrance for the woman who could stop all of this, but won’t”
'She's complicit': Scarlett Johansson skewers first daughter Ivanka Trump in faux perfume ad on SNL…
Ivanka Trump had 'private conversation' with top Democrat days after inauguration
Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Kim Davis, Ivanka Trump. Conservative women seem to be all too stereotypical.
Lets stop being PC- Ivanka Trump and all visible people in Trump admin are complicit with Trump's sexism and bigotry http…
Ivanka Trump certainly is illegal dealings with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard: lock her up!
"SNL" last night: Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka Trump, Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions
"SNL" mocks Ivanka Trump with fragrance ad: “Complicit: For the woman who can stop all this"
Watch Scarlett Johansson parody Ivanka Trump on Saturday Night Live - An SNL parody, she's doing something right.
The actress, who impersonated Ivanka Trump, was hosting for the fifth time and presided over an episode of pure ...
Ivanka Trump's new landlord is a billionaire suing the US government over a controversial $40bn mine
3 things to watch for as Steve Bannon and Ivanka Trump fight over the Paris climate deal
There’s something strange happening with the sales of Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand.
I love Capitalism. Ivanka Trump's clothes are appreciated by ppl who an think for themselves. Love her sales are strong!
Donald comments about raise eyebrows
Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, at least you're in good company! Along with Ivanka Trump, Maria Bartiromo, Trish Regan...
Ivanka Trump clothing and footwear numbers skyrocket in February. CONGRATULATIONS LE…
In DC records, I found the REAL owner of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s Washington house. You'll never guess. https:/…
Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner's new landlord is a Chilean billionaire in a dispute with the U.S. gov't:.
And why wouldn't Ivanka Trump rent her DC home from a shady Chilean billionaire who is suing US government
& Brand? US Ivanka Trump is ringing up some of its biggest sales in history,…
Ivanka Trump's clothing line sets new sales record, up 346% since the boycotts began:
When the people who voted against Trump generate 2/3 of U.S. economic activity.
How has ivanka not spoke about trump abusing her as a child so sad
Can anyone in the Trump family accomplish a financial transaction that isn't tainted with impropriety at its best?
Ivanka Trump’s new D.C. landlord: a Chilean billionaire who wants help from her father
Jarad Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s rich Chilean landlord is getting a tax break that’s not supposed to apply to rental prope…
From diet pills to underwear: Chinese firms scramble to grab Ivanka Trump trademark
Yes it's international women's day but the fact that Ivanka Trump isn't standing against her own father for women's right saddens me.
Ivanka Trump branded products are selling briskly
Ivanka Trump's Chilean billionaire landlord is currently suing the U.S. government
"Another reboot? Already? Just how many boots do these people own?" Many boots! Ivanka Trump boots! The best boots!
BREAKING: North Korea has inched closer to war with America after Kim Jong-un dropped all Ivanka Trump's products in North Ko…
Guilt over gilt: Kellyanne Conway 'felt badly' for Ivanka Trump jewelry remark
Juan Thompson, Jewish center bomb threatener, says Ivanka Trump (a convert to Judaism) should be harassed. .
Most powerful woman in the 🌎 is no more Angela Merkel but Ivanka Trump
Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross' shoes were almost as inappropriate as Melania & Ivanka Trump's cocktail dresses. Sequins, really?
where is Melania's passport and papers? She doesnt even accompany trump to a funeral. we did not elect Ivanka.
A pity Ivanka didn't get media-pre-approval for her dress. When will she ever learn? .
And oh look at that Ivanka Trump in center shot with a red dress. In every shot of this grieving widow.
Trump just put Ivanka's fashion line on notice.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
all he could do is think " not going to be a very good 24 years for the Dems " Trump 8, Pence 8, Ivanka 8, get where I am going.
Waiting for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner to stand up for Jews at the White House is like waiting for Dennis Hastert…
1. I'm digging into a couple of things: How did Jared meet Ivanka? Did Kushners funnel money to Trump via shell companies…
Trump is the most disgusting and evil and ignorant family in the world.
we are just so glad Ivanka and Jared were there to comfort her. They r all so genuine and caring. We grieve with her but Trump, NO!
.NEW Photo:Ivanka Trump in Russia w/wife of Russian oligarch-Ivanka was w/her for 4 days
: Tonight Showed that Trump Used the Widow as a PROP 4Ratings! That's really Low,& Disgraceful! Ivanka-MadeUp LikeA WaxDoLL
She should not have been put in that position so soon, Trump nor Ivanka have a heart
Long applause as "Carryn Owens, widow of Chief Petty Officer William 'Ryan' Owens..sat crying next to Ivanka Trump"
I am sure that the DEM psychological strategist, thought Ivanka sounds Russian, lets resurrect the cold war enemy and associate Trump.
Hey look! More lies. There is no way this speech is a "Trump original" unless Ivanka wrote it.
Ignoring Trump's continued exploitation of this family. Family wanted private coming home ceremony, Trump shows up with Ivanka
Why Gloria Steinem says it's appropriate to boycott Ivanka Trump's products.
Donald Trump's address to Congress provided an emotional twist as he introduced the widow of a Navy SEAL killed ...
Trump will send you out on missions for ego. When you die he+Ivanka will greet your body…
Ivanka Trump wore an expensive Roland Mouret dress to Congress via
Every time Trump repeats this, I'm more & more convinced that Ivanka & Jared just don't care & worship only money.
I can understand the American people's anger to Donald Trump. If Ivanka trump was be president, the whole world wou…
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