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Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Marie Trump (born October 30, 1981) is an American businesswoman, socialite, heiress, and fashion model.

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People are freaking out about Angela Merkel's face when she looks at Ivanka Trump
Trudeau hosts Ivanka Trump at Broadway show about international travelers
Ivanka Trump takes centre stage as she sits next to Angela Merkel for White House meeting.
Justin Trudeau brought Ivanka Trump to a Broadway show that celebrates generosity towards foreigners in need
Justin Trudeau hosts Ivanka Trump at a Broadway show about Canadian hospitality
Trump's strategy to "Buy American" is to buy up all the Chinese stuff first.
Preview of what's happening to Trump brand in general as time goes on?
Is there anyone who actually believes Kushner and Ivanka are reigning in this *** They are absolutely complicit. http…
Introducing the newest fragrance from Ivanka Trump.
was referring to this story. Old news though
A one of a kind Ivanka Trump original fragrance: Complicit. 🍊
: Ivanka Trump will discontinue fine jewellery line and focus on affordable fashion jewellery now Repres…
Ivanka Trump's fine jewelry line is being discontinued by via
1/ Dig deeper,. Ivanka was Complicit in all of Trump's worst frauds the last decade. https…
Ok. You can to buy more dresses and Jewels from Ivanka Trump Congratulations. May be you someday visit the White House.
59 tons of Ivanka Trump-branded shoes, bags and clothes have been shipped from China to US since the election
Electronic Device Insurance
SNL debuts Ivanka Trump's new designer fragrance
Ivanka Trump brand will shut down jewelry..
Ivanka Trump bakes with her children for Jewish holiday Purim via
Investigation reveals Ivanka Trump imported 53 tons of “made in China” clothing since her dad became president
Move over Alec Baldwin, we may have found the ultimate Trump family impersonator:
Donald and Ivanka Trump's phony Baku Azerbaijan hotel was front for Iranian money laundering - Palmer Report
Ivanka Trump brand will shut down jewelry line - CNN really who cares
Donald & Ivanka Trump Reported for Trade Violations Involving Iran-Statement from below.
Tell them to vote for Ivanka Trump in 2024 & Barron whenever he's old enough. 😄
$$Ivanka Trump is complicit in her dad’s mission to get rich at the US’s expense.
she is DAD on Chinese steroids more evil more smarter to rob more taxcheats incest perv robs st Jude evil *** evil💩
Yo can someone write a Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump fan fic?
As Trump screams "buy American," his daughter Ivanka's company just ordered 10,000 shoes from a Chinese factory
Everything these people do, everything they touch, is tainted in some way by bad faith or illegality. They're crooks
Looks like will be following in dad's footsteps, selling the COSTUME of being rich w/o anything inside.
All purpose parts banner
I own two Ivanka dresses and they are LOVELY! FYI: Mr Trump DOES pay taxes as evidenced by tonight's leaks.
Ivanka Trump's fine jewelry line is being discontinued
No wonder Trump loves Kushner. Kushner is even a bigger scammed than he is. The question is Will Ivanka remarry while he…
📈'Complicit' is our lookup after an SNL sketch used the word in reference to Ivanka Trump.
Ivanka Trump is exception to dad's 'Buy American' rule, makes her goods in China
Scarlett Johansson did such a great job as Ivanka Trump on SNL!! So glad to see Asian actresses getting screen time 💕
Scarlett Johansson plays Ivanka Trump in a scathing ad:
Scarlett Johansson owned Ivanka Trump on "SNL" last night
Scarlett Johansson is Ivanka Trump in "Complicit" perfume ad on
Scarlett Johansson just gave Ivanka Trump the perfume ad she deserves:
S.N.L. slams Ivanka Trump with “Complicit,” “the fragrance for the woman who could stop all of this, but won’t”
'She's complicit': Scarlett Johansson skewers first daughter Ivanka Trump in faux perfume ad on SNL…
Ivanka Trump had 'private conversation' with top Democrat days after inauguration
Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Kim Davis, Ivanka Trump. Conservative women seem to be all too stereotypical.
Lets stop being PC- Ivanka Trump and all visible people in Trump admin are complicit with Trump's sexism and bigotry http…
Little Giant Ladders
Ivanka Trump certainly is illegal dealings with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard: lock her up!
"SNL" last night: Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka Trump, Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions
"SNL" mocks Ivanka Trump with fragrance ad: “Complicit: For the woman who can stop all this"
Watch Scarlett Johansson parody Ivanka Trump on Saturday Night Live - An SNL parody, she's doing something right.
The actress, who impersonated Ivanka Trump, was hosting for the fifth time and presided over an episode of pure ...
Ivanka Trump's new landlord is a billionaire suing the US government over a controversial $40bn mine
3 things to watch for as Steve Bannon and Ivanka Trump fight over the Paris climate deal
There’s something strange happening with the sales of Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand.
I love Capitalism. Ivanka Trump's clothes are appreciated by ppl who an think for themselves. Love her sales are strong!
Donald comments about raise eyebrows
Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, at least you're in good company! Along with Ivanka Trump, Maria Bartiromo, Trish Regan...
Ivanka Trump clothing and footwear numbers skyrocket in February. CONGRATULATIONS LE…
In DC records, I found the REAL owner of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s Washington house. You'll never guess. https:/…
Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner's new landlord is a Chilean billionaire in a dispute with the U.S. gov't:.
And why wouldn't Ivanka Trump rent her DC home from a shady Chilean billionaire who is suing US government
& Brand? US Ivanka Trump is ringing up some of its biggest sales in history,…
Ivanka Trump's clothing line sets new sales record, up 346% since the boycotts began:
When the people who voted against Trump generate 2/3 of U.S. economic activity.
How has ivanka not spoke about trump abusing her as a child so sad
Can anyone in the Trump family accomplish a financial transaction that isn't tainted with impropriety at its best?
Ivanka Trump’s new D.C. landlord: a Chilean billionaire who wants help from her father
Jarad Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s rich Chilean landlord is getting a tax break that’s not supposed to apply to rental prope…
From diet pills to underwear: Chinese firms scramble to grab Ivanka Trump trademark
Yes it's international women's day but the fact that Ivanka Trump isn't standing against her own father for women's right saddens me.
Ivanka Trump branded products are selling briskly
Ivanka Trump's Chilean billionaire landlord is currently suing the U.S. government
"Another reboot? Already? Just how many boots do these people own?" Many boots! Ivanka Trump boots! The best boots!
BREAKING: North Korea has inched closer to war with America after Kim Jong-un dropped all Ivanka Trump's products in North Ko…
Guilt over gilt: Kellyanne Conway 'felt badly' for Ivanka Trump jewelry remark
Juan Thompson, Jewish center bomb threatener, says Ivanka Trump (a convert to Judaism) should be harassed. .
Most powerful woman in the 🌎 is no more Angela Merkel but Ivanka Trump
Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross' shoes were almost as inappropriate as Melania & Ivanka Trump's cocktail dresses. Sequins, really?
where is Melania's passport and papers? She doesnt even accompany trump to a funeral. we did not elect Ivanka.
A pity Ivanka didn't get media-pre-approval for her dress. When will she ever learn? .
And oh look at that Ivanka Trump in center shot with a red dress. In every shot of this grieving widow.
Trump just put Ivanka's fashion line on notice.
all he could do is think " not going to be a very good 24 years for the Dems " Trump 8, Pence 8, Ivanka 8, get where I am going.
Waiting for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner to stand up for Jews at the White House is like waiting for Dennis Hastert…
1. I'm digging into a couple of things: How did Jared meet Ivanka? Did Kushners funnel money to Trump via shell companies…
Trump is the most disgusting and evil and ignorant family in the world.
we are just so glad Ivanka and Jared were there to comfort her. They r all so genuine and caring. We grieve with her but Trump, NO!
.NEW Photo:Ivanka Trump in Russia w/wife of Russian oligarch-Ivanka was w/her for 4 days
: Tonight Showed that Trump Used the Widow as a PROP 4Ratings! That's really Low,& Disgraceful! Ivanka-MadeUp LikeA WaxDoLL
She should not have been put in that position so soon, Trump nor Ivanka have a heart
Long applause as "Carryn Owens, widow of Chief Petty Officer William 'Ryan' Owens..sat crying next to Ivanka Trump"
I am sure that the DEM psychological strategist, thought Ivanka sounds Russian, lets resurrect the cold war enemy and associate Trump.
Hey look! More lies. There is no way this speech is a "Trump original" unless Ivanka wrote it.
Ignoring Trump's continued exploitation of this family. Family wanted private coming home ceremony, Trump shows up with Ivanka
Why Gloria Steinem says it's appropriate to boycott Ivanka Trump's products.
Donald Trump's address to Congress provided an emotional twist as he introduced the widow of a Navy SEAL killed ...
Trump will send you out on missions for ego. When you die he+Ivanka will greet your body…
Ivanka Trump wore an expensive Roland Mouret dress to Congress via
Every time Trump repeats this, I'm more & more convinced that Ivanka & Jared just don't care & worship only money.
I can understand the American people's anger to Donald Trump. If Ivanka trump was be president, the whole world wou…
Wrestlewar '90 Stan Lane says "the man who stole Ivanka away from Donald Trump, Mr Jim Cornette!". Don't lie, did you try to
Trump exploited her. Period. Look at Ivanka. Is this how you deal with a grieving widow? Not me. Widow was…
Get all the details on Ivanka and Melania Trump's Congress Joint Session outfits:
Amazon has over 170,000 trump items still-including Ivanka.
THE INTERPRETER: CNN attacks Melania and Ivanka Trump for being thi...
Charlie Baker sat next to Ivanka Trump at the Governor's Ball. He promised to make Her Clothing Line Great Again in Mass
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Ivanka Trump is learning more about economic policy as she takes on a more visible role in and around Washington.
I bought Ivanka Trump perfume today .Thanks Stein Mart for having it, Smells wonderful . For my 41 Wedding Anniversary. on Amazon.
Pedophile? Seen pictures of Trump and teenage Ivanka, who he said he wanted to date? Pick your battles. Zero Cred.
President Trump and Daughter Ivanka, Board to Fly to To Honor the Remains of Killed in Yemen.
Ppl who go after Trump's family (or him) don't fare well Armed security guards escort out of Exec Office Bldg
Trump's aides don't want to admit the President is golfing - -
Ivanka Trump's fragrance is number one best-seller on Amazon
Felix Sater has been trying to help Trump do business in Russia since 2005, once went w/ Ivanka/Don Jr. to Moscow.
Ivanka Trump calls for religious tolerance.
Everything liberals do backfires on themselves. They boycott Ivanka Trump and the American people respond. .
I don't care what you have to say until your father can say words like Jew and anti-semitism.
you soulless *** I don't need, or accept, anyone's "tolerance." I require acceptance & respect.
Will you Purchase Something from the Ivanka Trump Brand?; via
Is this like the threats against the Jewish Ivanka Trump or Obama's treatment of the Jewish Israel?
Trump pal and guy who worked with Ivanka as a young model I believe.
Stand up to White House corruption by "dumping" Ivanka Trump - Sign the Petition! via
I didn’t think I’d ever leave the CIA. But because of Trump, I quit. - The Washington Post -
Trump has ignored the rise in anti-Semitism, instead choosing to tell a Jewish reporter to "sit down.". Wish he would listen…
Neither Trump, nor his daughter Ivanka, have made any move to stop sending jobs oversees and start manufact…
Ivanka Trump. Kate Middleton photos cause stir. But why?
Get your dad to say something. 'Ivanka Trump Calls for Tolerance After Threats on Jewish Centers'
Now that Nordstrom dropped the Ivanka Trump line...
Ivanka Trump pleads for tolerance after 11 Jewish centers get bomb threats
Ivanka is the Nazis know this? And they still supported Trump? Hm...
"I resent the implication that this administration is shamelessly plugging Ivanka Trump's clothing line."
SO disappointed to see the Ivanka Trump line carried at
I bought ivanka trump slacks today lmfaoo
I'd love to see Ivanka Trump as president when Trump is done. You would make me proud of…
🚨🚨 fragrance is the number one best-seller on Amazon. You can order right here!! .
Ivanka Trump responds to rash of bomb threats at Jewish centers.
She spent Rs 5.2 mn to look like Ivanka Trump.
Ivanka Trump calls for religious tolerance
Ivanka Trump pleads for tolerance after slew of JCC bomb threats via
Ivanka Trump calls for religious tolerance. .
White women have been livid that Nordstrom would drop Ivanka Trump's line. Meanwhile, we're celebrating.
Every few months I spend a few hundred dollars on clothes at your stores.Won't again until you stop carrying Ivanka Trump's line
Joseph, the son of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, presses his face up again a window in the Oval Office as he waits to board M…
White House should investigate Kellyanne Conway for Ivanka Trump promotion, says https:/…
Ivanka Trump the Next President of the USA , endorsed by Hillary Clinton.
I need a man to look at me the way Ivanka Trump looks at PM Trudeau
Lmao Ivanka Trump looking at Justin Trudeau is me like yup, me too gurl. Me too.
Advisor to President Donald Trump could receive consequences for supporting Ivanka Trump's products.
Ivanka doesn't get enough credit for her involvement in the Trump campaign. Let's make sure she's not excluded from the…
If real life was really a bad spy thriller, this is where the villain's beautiful daughter tries to seduce the hero. https:…
Ivanka Trump is getting a strong reaction online after posting a photo of herself seated at the Oval Office desk
Lock her up: Conway in hot water with ethics office for peddling Ivanka Trump products via
Ivanka Trump becomes a thirsty AF meme when faced with Justin Trudeau
Biggest story is not Kellyanne hawking shoes for Ivanka or Trump criticizing judges. It's the Russia Connection.
Nieman Marcus has dropped Ivanka Trump's line. needs to follow them and and drop her too.
Get you someone that looks at you the way Ivanka Trump looks at Justin Trudeau
Will Ivanka Trump be the Obamas' new neighbor?
Compounding that, the US Office of Government Ethics has recommended that the White House reprimand her for endorsing Ivanka Trump's product
Office of Government Ethics calls on White House to probe Conway’s ‘commercial’ for Ivanka Trump htt…
The Office of Government Ethics says the White House should investigate Kellyanne Conway for the Ivanka Trump plug https:/…
People are fuming over Ivanka Trump's Oval Office photo
Ivanka Trump shared this photo of herself sitting behind the Oval Office desk, which raised A LOT of eyebrows:
Ivanka Trump set social media on fire with a photo of herself behind the Oval Office desk
Committee on Oversight and Government Reform recommends disciplinary action taken against Kellyanne Conway for promoting Ivanka Trump brand
Ivanka Trump joins women business leaders for a meeting with President Trump and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau
What the *** is Ivanka Trump doing in a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump! *** htt…
Watch Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer return to hit Donald and Ivanka Trump where it hurts htt…
White House says Conway has been 'counseled' after touting Ivanka Trump's products - Washington Post
got my Ivanka Trump leggings today at Lord & Taylor! Bye bye Nordstrom.
Please investigate Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump for potential violations of the Fore…
Ivanka Trump has not fully split from family business empire despite promise | The Independent. http…
.Translation: And don't we want her to look her best in Ivanka Trump branded clothing?
Day 88: Kelly Ann Conway violated the law by using her position to try&persuade Nordstrom's not to stop carrying Ivanka Trump's fashion line
Watch Alec Baldwin poke fun at Ivanka Trump's Nordstrom debacle on the
SEE IT: Alec Baldwin brags about wearing an Ivanka Trump men's suit for 95% off in an epic roast h…
Ivanka Trump has a direct line to the president, and China is already courting her
Ivanka Trump front row with Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon at the Japanese PM’s 2+2
Ivanka Trump seated next to Steve Bannon and her husband Jared Kushner in the front row for Abe-Trump press conference
BREAKING: House committee chairman says White House aide's promotion of Ivanka Trump brand was 'clearly over the line, una…
I think saks off fifth avenue did take off Ivanka Trump's line because I can't find it when I search it anymore lol
My wife is getting clothes by Ivanka Trump and Under Armour for her birthday. She'll love wearing both, just not at the s…
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Make no mistake, Ivanka Trump gave approval to her dad & brother Donald Jr. to destroy Nordstrom simply becuz they made a…
Ivanka trump's line should have never been sold in Nordstrom in the first place lmfao the whole brand is so ugly
IMPEACH Too many conflicts of interest 😠😠.
What does Jared Kushner gain, as White House staff, from trump's attack on Nordstrom, since Ivanka never divested from her bu…
I'm sorry, am I supposed to feel bad for Ivanka Trump? Because my dad was an abusive, sexist *** I didn't talk to him…
Just saw this on Amazon: Ivanka Trump Women's Qilted Toggle Coat, Bl... by Ivanka Trump for $161.06
That awkward moment when Ivanka divests her business and then Donald Trump is mad Nordstrom dropped the products she suppo…
You're using the office of the Presidency for the personal profits of a family member. Nixon had the 'character' to resig…
BBC News - Trump under fire in Nordstrom Ivanka row Trump is next
Check out this Amazon deal: Ivanka Trump Women's Hotis2 Dress Sandal, Gol... by Ivanka Trump via
I added a video to a playlist Nordstrom Is Officially Dropping the Ivanka Trump Brand
Belk released a statement earlier today that they will be removing the Ivanka Trump brand from their online and non…
. Now is a good time to RETURN any Ivanka Trump products you purchased in the past.
Trump blasts retailer Nordstrom, raising new concern on business ties | Reuters
Ivanka, Melania brands in the spotlight
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
T.J. Maxx and Marshalls instructed workers to trash signs advertising merchandise from Ivanka Trump's brand
Update: In a statement, confirmed that it is cutting ties with the Ivanka Trump brand. https…
Trump thinks it's unfair to ruin 's shoe career but not the political career of a senator who stands up to him.
Interesting tidbit from new Nordstrom statement: Ivanka was apparently told in early January her line would be cut http…
Just dropped some money at T.J. Maxx to support their trashing of Ivanka Trump signs. .
Trump slams Nordstrom for dropping daughter Ivanka's clothing and accessories line
Trump slams Nordstrom for dropping Ivanka line omg the clown is at it again
Just saw this on Amazon: Ivanka Trump Soho Baby Bag, Black Night Garden by Ivanka Trump via
Ivanka Trump went on a vacation with PUTIN's girlfriend. DO NOT DEFEND THIS TRAITOR to the United States. She's helping dad…
So we're all just going to let it slide that Ivanka Trump said she would divest from her business and Trump just admitte…
*drives to TJ MAXX* . mom: this top is cute. *looks @ tag*. mom:(spanish voice) it says Ivanka Trump on it, I don't buy this pendeja's clothes
Women and men nationwide pull out your card and get shopping after political decision to drop Ivanka Trump line.
UPDATE: Neiman Marcus joins Nordstrom in no longer selling Ivanka Trump-branded merchandise
Nordstrom is not your ~woke bae~. They do NOT want this spotlight. Ironically enough, capitalism is what will hurt Iva…
Nordstrom fires back at Trump: We pulled Ivanka's products because they didn't sell
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Ivanka Trump is confident, beautiful, independent, and a mother. She is all the things a liberal hates.
TRUTH: Ivanka's a filthy rich 35-yr-old w/her own fashion line, is EVP at the Trump Org, she's 1st Lady & not a delicate i…
Man defends daughter against pathetically petty act of political spite by corporate entity - and HE'S the villain.
1. Take a step back and consider how Trump is using the presidency for profit
Wow. Ivanka was a Trustee for Rupert Murdoch's daughters which means Fox News is part of Trump family business ties. htt…
Ivanka Trump had 2 tax liens on her jewelry co in 2015 for $320,310.53.
Ivanka Trump merch is mostly poorly executed copies of stuff Cole Haan did two seasons ago anyway
Ivanka Trump was a trustee for Rupert Murdoch's young daughters, responsible for shares worth close to $300m.
Nordstrom has officially cut ties with Ivanka Trump's brand due to poor sales
Ivanka Trump's foreign manufacturing practices could be her brand's next big headache via
After poor sales and aggressive boycott, Nordstrom is backing away from Ivanka Trump's fashion label
Nordstrom Has Officially Cut Ties With Ivanka Trump's Brand. You know what to do. We know how to boycott, too. https:…
So ready to shop at again now that they've dropped Ivanka Trump's brand! Keep boycotting, keep resisting!
Nordstrom has come under fire from the Grab Your Wallet campaign, a critic of the administration that is asking... htt…
Nordstrom distances itself from Ivanka Trump brand
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Nordstrom dumps the Ivanka Trump brand over weak sales
Nordstrom drops Ivanka Trump brand from its stores.
Ivanka: Daddy, Nordstroms cut my line.😫. Trump: That's ok, Honey Bear. Daddy is destroying the world, anyway. Ivanka: Do it NOW, Daddy!
I've been a customer since 2011 but cut up my card for They finally got the message! 👍🏼 https:…
NO MORE SHOPPING AT who has cut ties with brand NORDSTROM . h…
aw, shucks. What AM I going to do now?.
Ivanka Trump also promised to resign from family business – and hasn’t filed the paperwork. From
Nordstrom took steps to defend its relationship with the Ivanka Trump brand days before Trump was elected…
Thank you for dropping Ivanka Trump! I've missed you and I can't wait to come in and refresh my wardrobe for Spring! !
Nordstrom distances itself from the Ivanka Trump brand
Nordstrom drops Ivanka Trump-branded clothing and shoes. . Scoop from and
Big news everyone. You did this. I am in awe.
Nordstrom cuts ties with Ivanka Trump's brand
Wow! is working. Nordstrom cut ties with . Ivanka Trump Brand. Thank you to all who worked at making
"As of this morning, the Ivanka Trump label is also no longer listed on the list of brands Nordstrom carries."
UPDATE on that story: Trump Org Atty says Ivanka T. will have resigned her posts "effective tomorrow." https:/…
.will stop selling Ivanka Trump merchandise, following a boycott campaign from the group https:…
Are we going to let them get away with this? Don't betray America. Boycott
Nordstrom bows to No word from Donald Trump on how this impacts his edict to
Pres. Trump and Ivanka Trump board Marine One for trip to Dover Air Force Base for arrival of remains of Navy SEAL killed in raid…
Ivanka Trump reminds me of Marie Antoinette and DT of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland
Wendi Deng is rumored to be Putins' girlfriend. Ivanka Trump and Wendi Deng on vacation (in Croatia?). Wendi endors…
Tim Cook making rounds in DC: dinner with Kushner, Ivanka Trump, meeting with Sen. Hatch
I'm over Samsung.but the way how Tim Cook meeting with Ivanka Trump is set up.
Apple CEO Tim Cook was spotted eating dinner with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump
Apple CEO Tim Cook meets with Sen. Orrin Hatch, lunches with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner (AppleInsider)
I wonder how much the girl who hated Ivanka Trump in high school hates her now
Trump had 2 tax liens on jewelry co in 2015 for $370,310.72.
Uhhh called Trump a dog, not Ivanka. Am I the only person on social media that reads complete sentences and understands grammar?
He made news (Sounds like Trump has no interest in prosecuting Hillary and Ivanka could have a role) and gave us insight into Trump’s psyche
Disgusting! 😖🙄making fun of a woman, you are just petty because you will never have a woman like ht…
When I grow up I just really want to be Ivanka Trump.
Trump cares most about ratings, money, Ivanka, ratings, Melania. In that order.
Wonder if Spicer, Conway, Kushner & Ivanka had to staple the curtains shut on that side of WH prevent apop…
Just so we're on the same page here. You just called Ivanka a dog because you don't agree with Trump. Classy.
"Ivanka Trump is poised to be one of the most fashionable first daughters in history"
Joss Whedon is slammed for calling Ivanka Trump a dog via what a silly ill mannered man he clearly is,full of hate trump won !
Maybe 3-5 million dead people voted for Trump. Ivanka registered in two states. So are Bannon and Mnuchin.
Trump says to buy American. Guess we can't be buying any of Ivanka's clothing then.
Trump says Ivanka may be working in his administration. It's a throwaway. ICYMI.
They should ban him & Ivanka from the same countries buying up hotels and Trump Towers 2-3
NEW POLL: Nearly half of voters approve of Melania, Ivanka Trump
I see that. Ivanka Trump in Oval Office.
Ivanka Trump is an accomplished exec & entrepreneur. Katy Perry... married Russell Brand. Great role models you've got th…
Donald Trump for eight years... Ivanka Trump for eight year... Eric Trump for eight years... Barron Trump for eight years...
I'm in tears! Hillary Clinton catches Bill Clinton staring at Ivanka Trump. .
Hillary Clinton catching Bill Clinton checking out Ivanka Trump is the most Bill Clinton thing ever.
Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, dance at the "Liberty" Inaugural Ball. REUTERS/Brian Snyder
Correction! Bill was scoping out Ivanka Trump and got caught red handed by Hillary!
Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr., Vanessa Trump and Ivanka Trump arrive for the
I know I've said this before but Eric and Ivanka Trump are straight of the Purge
Ivanka Trump and her family are Jewish.. why are they going into a Catholic Church for service? What's really goin on in there.
Ivanka Trump's fake, forced voice is enough to make me change the channel from David Muir's broadcast. Wow. Sad.
Ivanka Trump shares touching picture of herself with mom Ivana.
Ivanka Trump shares picture of herself with mother Ivana. .
Viewers blast CNN for airing Ivanka Trump special on MLK Day
We're not sure whether the Kid that Ivanka has are the kids from Kushner or maybe from her own Father Donald Trump.…
4/ Ivanka bragged on her website she was "developing" Trump Soho. She was clearly the boss & oversaw the desecration of…
Well done a reply with manners and class,whilst raising an important issue. Far more presidential than trump's twee…
Ivanka Trump pushes back the release of her new book Women Who Work |
Good For you, both of them need to go away!! and NEVER COME BACK!!!---
just asked if Donald Trump is gonna walk with Melania or Ivanka. yall.
Trump is great, eating some chocolate cake
Thank you for using your chance at fame for
Wow! Ivanka just like TRUMP walking out on interview…
Wow! Ivanka just like TRUMP walking out on inte…
"Trump is great, a woman with real character and class."
Of course it won't be great. She *** like you. No worry, will not be watching. Who cares about Ivanka.
Will Ivanka Trump be the most influential first daughter in decades? via
Ivanka Trump poses next to an inauguration cake made for Donald Trump on Tuesday.
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