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Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Marie Trump (born October 30, 1981) is an American businesswoman, socialite, heiress, and fashion model.

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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner always seem to be on vacation when Trump "goes haywire," says Seth Meyers
Melania, Ivanka Trump criticized for wearing high heels
For those people clinging to the hope that Ivanka will keep Trump respectable.
Revealed:reality of life working in an Ivanka Trump clothing factory
Trump gives Nazis a boost! Well, Ivanka always said her father would be transformative.
The hypocrisy of the Trump family now reaches from the White House to the poorest corners of the globe.
Trump went ballistic on Nordstrom when they quit carrying clothing line but commended the people who threatened her.
i.e. two people named Ivanka and Jared
Ivanka & Jared tried to get Trump to moderate his tone, say two sources who are probably Ivanka & Jared. . But they still we…
Ooh!! There were a lot of Slave owners, Ivanka Trump.. LOL.. They did say they wer…
We have a disgraceful CA Congressman so divisive & rude that Ivanka Trump had to block him. Please follow
Ivanka Trump doesn't have and will never have a Jewish heart.
15 Barrack then adds his recommendation, and passes the memos to Trump's closest advisers - Jared and Ivanka.
Today's topic of discussion at work: Who gives Trump his spray tan? His assistant? Ivanka? Is it an all-body tan or just his hands and neck?
As soon as trump is finished with his second term.. on to ivanka both of which are amazing…
Saying Trump can never do something anti-Semitic b/c Ivanka is Jewish is like saying he can never do something sexist b…
Per sources: Ivanka/Jared among those pushing Trump to more forcefully denounce neo-Nazis, KKK and white nationalists over…
Every controversial White House announcement triggers an alibi from “people close to Jared and Ivanka.”
Ivanka and Jared Trump (I'm sure he'll eventually get around to name change), how ignorant are you for your silence over anti semitic Nazis?
can't argue with this > Helen Mirren Says Ivanka Trump "Talks a Good Game, but There's No Substance"
How can Trump hate Jews. Ivanka is a Jew along with Jared and his grandkids smdh
Exclusive footage: Ivanka Trump watching her father go off-script today.
Hey Tommy. Each time there is a new Trump nightmare, Ivanka and Jared's PR people manage to drop a s…
Aging disgracefully full ugly and hate an envy for GORGEOUS via
Trump SR Jr Ivanka Melania Eric how does it fill to be the most hated family in America Aryan pigs KKK make me sick
Dame Helen Mirren says Ivanka Trump "talks a good game, but there's no substance"
are kids so desperate for his affection (he's never shown any except to Ivanka) & money they can't tell him he's a moronic fool?
Trump is stupid, does not know he is wrong. Ivanka KNOWS her father is a racist pig.
& children Don Jr, Eric, Trump all part of Trump International Hotels management, may be held liable
As a Jew who is deeply proud of my heritage, culture, and faith, I want to say that Ivanka Trump is an absolute abominatio…
An earlier version incorrectly reported the vacation location of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. The couple was in…
At the end of the movie he grabs Ivanka and climbs Trump Tower, and they have to shoot him with airplanes.
Lol wow they keep doing it. Can we pls just name these kleptocratic kapos w/good PR skills "Jared" & "Ivanka" thx .
Trump called out disgruntled counsel members for manufacturing out of country, where does…
What do Jan Brewer, Ivanka Trump and Kellyanne Conway have in common?. They’ve all been smeared and attacked for being conser…
I'm hearing that Ivanka actually supported Rubio in the primary; isn't sure if Trump is her biological father.
Helen Mirren on Melania, Donald, Ivanka, and old rich white guys.
For the record,Ivanka Trump does Not consider herself a conservative,she calls herself an independent,for…
The first lady, Ivanka Trump, and Vice President Pence all condemned the racism before the president did.
If Ivanka Trump had any belief in Judaism, she'd walk out of the White House and tell her father he will never see his…
Wonder if trump is going to have some of the "very fine people" from Saturday's alt-right anti-Jew fest over for dinner wi…
So much this! Now to see what Mnunchin, Cohn, Kushner and Ivanka Trump will do. Oh, Miller can go to but for differ…
Helen Mirren has some strong words for Ivanka Trump
6 of Trumps CEOs left his advisers board Trump said they left failing their making their Items overseas Trump&Ivanka items r made overseas
Bear in mind that Nazi said on Vice News that how can *** Jared Jew be with Ivanka! That's who Trump supports!
I think about how Topher Grace used to date Ivanka Trump once a day.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Ivanka Trump: "There should be no place in society for racism, white supremacy and neo-nazis". Me: But there's in place…
If Trump were to my bet is he will replace him with Ivanka. 😇
Trump's political climate justice' outside ivanka's home on North Korea is
Your follows trump and ivanka on instagram 💁🏽
And Ivanka is the most disturbing part of Trump's Zionist infiltrated administration. .
The Chinese Are About to Take Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump to the Cleaners via
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: S IVANKA TRUMP navy floral dress. via
Fake blondes are Trump's fav. Look at Ivanka.
Lady Ivanka and your father Donald Trump are a dirty wild boar
The Administration is committed to supporting military spouses in the workforce. Thanks Kim for sharing your story! https:…
If really wanted to empower women she would condemn her sexually abusive father
IMPEACH TRUMP NOW DONNYTHECONJR KUSHNER AND IVANKA all need to go too prison. Slimy. Are you going…
Dinner with Putin and a President's stand in: How Melania and Ivanka Trump saved the day at the G20.
READ: Get to know the REAL Trump. He's been sexually exploiting/assaulting young girls for decades. Ivanka knows. https:/…
Ivanka Trump’s fight to trademark her first name is raising some eyebrows. Ugh I hate this family
Update your maps at Navteq
Jonah Peretti explains his claim that Ivanka Trump uses lewd language - Business Insider
Ivanka Trump lawyers up: retained white-collar defense lawyer Abbe Lowell, same as her husband
Demented MSNBC’s Joan Walsh slams Ivanka Trump. “her girly dresses are making her look like property”. “It is ruining her street cred”.
Opinion: Ivanka Trump is part of the problem
Times asked for White House comment on the impetus and reason for the meeting. During breaks away from the summit, Kushner and Ivanka Trump
If trump depends so much on Ivanka, then that is where he is weak. If somehow she were to be banned from…
Do you know the sorts of things they make?. Ivanka's products, for one.
And this is just NYPD. How about SS agents for Jr, Eric, Ivanka, Jared & families. Even DeVoss needed SS!…
Real News Ivanka Trump Goes to U.N., Meets with Secretary General Guterres on ‘Women’s Empowerment’
Look, It’s Time to Collectively and Officially Give Up on Ivanka Trump
And how about SS protection for Jr, Eric, Ivanka, Jared, DeVoss, and families? Every time Jr…
The people this piece is most embarrassing for: Its 2 authors and whatever editor signed off on it.
Do we really give a hoot? At this rate of turn-around, Trump will be firing Ivanka & Jared in about…
Ivanka and Jared find their limits in Trump's chaotic White House:
Dreamt that Trump died and no one went for his funeral except Ivanka 😒
Ifunkaka 666 beast Trump seeks to lower expectations of influence. Honey we sadly had lowered expectations all along
Oh, Ivanka is reading Eleonor Roosevelt's biography and pals r 'bucking her up' because of all that she's been thru https:…
"She wants to be held accountable on issues she is actively working". We destroyed institutional precedent for her. https:…
This is a good thang folks. They're WAYYY too liberal for this White House. Like em, but.
In related news, Ivanka Trump's husband now works at the White House, and Beyoncé's husband has started maki…
Amplifying earlier thread with about Javanka- this from -- Ivanka keeps on movin on
Great commentary in : Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner cannot comment at this time
Ivanka Trump looking to lower expectations about her influence on her father: report
Can we think less of her?... Ivanka Trump seeks to lower expectations of her influence: report
Don't show that suggestive photo of Ivanka to Trump, he could get awfully excited.
Rights groups: Either Ivanka Trump *** at advocacy or her dad doesn’t really care what she thinks h…
Top Model Escorts worldwide. This is the Trump family. Don’t think for a m…
The funniest line in this promotional piece: "both Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner declined to comment for this story".
Ivanka Trump, Donald-whisperer: 'I try to stay out of politics' - Daily Kos
Trump blames and belittles WH staff for his failures but Ivanka and Jared pitch stories distancing themselves from him. Just…
Ivanka and Jared find their limits in Trump's White House via
Still unclear how Ivanka Trump became the only 30-something WH Special Assistant ever to have a private lunch w UN Sec…
So, "desperately wants to lower expectations of what she can achieve.". Mission Accomplished.
That Jared & Ivanka thought hiring Scaramucci was a good idea is all you need to know about their political acumen. https:/…
And not only trans military ban, Trump regime is suing to make sexual orientation unprotected in Civil Rights Act https:/…
Ivanka Trump reportedly 'blindsided' by her father's stance on transgender military service
Ivanka Trump is 100% Lindsay Bluth; she claims to be an activist for the environment/animals, but when Michael points out her hypocrisy...
The year is 2020. Dwayne The Rock Johnson has just selected Josh Peck as his running mate. Their competition: Ivanka Trump and Drake Bell
and when an "Ivanka Trump' clothing label is on a beautifully textured spring coat, at a burlington coat factory, wow...
Most clothing is made in Asia and so is Ivanka Trump's...stay woke!
Alternative facts: Ivanka Trump called out by Einstein estate for misquote
Revealed: the sad reality of life working in an Ivanka Drumpf clothing factory.
.holds herself to the highest ethical standard, says Ivanka Trump.
Other people who have donated more to Democrats than Mueller's entire team: . Kushner. Ivanka Trump. Scaramucci .
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
You don't get around conflicts of interest by temporarily "stepping down" from companies, you do it by divesting
Ivanka Trump clothes are made by women - in sweatshops. Macy's should drop them.
Ivanka Trump Turns to Abbe Lowell as Husband Testifies on Russia Contacts via Who pays 4 Grifter's lawyers?
SIGN: It's time to investigate Ivanka Trump's security clearance
There's a theory I've been working on re: Trump, Ivanka and the Trump "modeling" agency. 1/
The entire world will be a better place when Trump, Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka are in prison. And when an…
trump telling Boy Scouts about TRUSTWORTHINESS?. What's next, Ivanka tells Girl Scouts how to be "authentic" and NOT complic…
Beyond Hypocrisy! Trump is the and Melania is an like 2nd Lady Ivanka
A new petition calls for Macy's to drop Ivanka Trump's line from stores over poor labor conditions at international production…
tRUMP doesn't really listen. . While Ivanka is reading to him (he doesn't know ***
The entire family, and entire WH, has to lawyer up, six months in. Amazing.
When Ivanka was 13, he had her sign on to model with a known pedophile. And that's the least of it...
So, only Qusay, Tiffany, Melania, and Barron have yet to lawyer-up. via
LEAVING LEAVING LEAVING! How do you explain Trump and Ivanka having ALL their products overseas? Think of all the jobs!
Miss Complicity just lawyered up. It's Ivanka and Jared vs. The World now. .
Nat'l Law Journal: Ivanka has retained criminal defense lawyer Abbe Lowell to counsel her through the Russia probes. http…
Ivanka Trump misquoted Albert Einstein and is being mocked for it
Maya Rudolph reveals the sexy secret to her stellar Ivanka Trump impression
so your saying buy American or in other words don't buy Trump or Ivanka Trump products
Ivanka Trump, whose brand is made overseas, flies under the radar during 'Made in America Week'
Maya Rudolph has noticed that Ivanka Trump always talks like she has a sexy secret
Maya Rudolph teaches us how to do a spot-on Ivanka Trump impression.
Maya Rudolph reveals the secret to her Ivanka Trump impression: Talk like you work at a lingerie store
Maya Rudolph is LAME. 😴 She really thinks she can successfully imitate Ivanka Trump? . Newsflash: if you're imitating som…
Maya Rudolph does a perfect impression of Ivanka Trump
A female team of women robotic students from Syria finally get to compete. Who does the news give time to? Ivanka Trump opening remarks SAD
Here's how Maya Rudolph figured out the "secret" to doing an Ivanka Trump impression
Maya Rudolph debuted her insanely good Ivanka Trump impression
My only piece of Ivanka Trump apparel. I bought it by accident Off Fifth. Sans specs I thought th…
MUST READ: Slumlord Ivanka, makes girls work for $3.75 a day in sweatshops-Go inside Ivanka Inc.
Dems call for scrutiny of Ivanka over Kushner's Russian contacts, want to know what she knew and when.
Just Who in TF is Jaon Walsh? You're a 2 Bagger...Ivanka Trump is a natural beaurty and her dress was…
Sr. House Republican says Trump should remove Jared & Ivanka from the White House.
We told you it was coming: Ivanka Trump has been implicated in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal
We traced every cargo ship carrying Ivanka Trump's goods back to Jan. 2016. Look at 'em go!
BREAKING: Robert Mueller Adds Ivanka Trump to His List of People to Investigate, All Thanks to Don Jr. [Details]
Ivanka Trump’s brand collides with her mission to improve the lives of working women. Hypocrisy…
This is another sick & perverted talking point from the left that President Trump sees Ivanka as m…
If she did not declare it before, has Ivanka Trump's SF-86 been updated to include disclosure of this meeting which her hu…
The for Ivanka Trump Can't Afford to Take Care of Their Kids | via
Politico says she applied last Spring!. Dems want scrutiny of Ivanka Trump over Kushner’s…
Republican says Trump should fire Ivanka and Jared Kushner from White House roles | Via
Ivanka Trump talks about working women, and her father says "buy American": Here's a look inside Ivanka Inc.
Ivanka Trump, champion of working women, hasn’t done much for those making her brand’s clothes | via
NEW: Dems starting to ask: What did Ivanka know about Kushner's contacts:
The exhausting hours, subsistence pay and abusive supervisors at factories making Ivanka Trump goods
If you say Ivanka Trump 3 times in the mirror, the ghost of feminism appears.
Ivanka Trump implicated in Russia scandal via
Again, this isn't just nepotism. As a couple, Jared & Ivanka are serving as president on Trump's behalf b/c he isn't ment…
The first picture made me see the ultimate Ferengi holding bars of gol…
Jared Kushner's updates to his security clearance form related to this Russia meeting raise new questions about his wife,…
Meanwhile, Democrats are criticizing Ivanka Trump for wearing pink.
If you want Trump to Cave the best way to do it is to go after Ivanka
Donald Trump Jr. Ivanka Trump. Eric Trump. All spawned from the demon seed of POTUS Donald Trump. That g…
The Trump-Russia Conspiracy Is Now Very Simple | deep ties to She's just as guilty
Jared Kushner's mentor is FoxNews Chairman Rupert Murdoch & Ivanka Trump's best friend is his ex-wife Wendi—the Trump fam contr…
Democrats want scrutiny of over Kushner’s Russian contacts
Ivanka Trump was on the board. Peter Thiel's Palantir donated to it. Meet the private player funding the NYPD.
Usa News – Gayle King on her revealing interview with Ivanka Trump –
Why were Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump kickin it with George Sorros on Independence Day?
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner should be removed from the White House, Texas Republican says
Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton are coming together, but not in the way you might expect:
Ivanka Trump brand secures China trademarks on day US president met Xi Jinping
When will Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon, etc fraudulent top secret clearances be revoked? .
List of women who've triggered SNOWFLAKE MELTDOWNS this past week. -Ivanka Trump. -Kellyanne Conway. -Sarah Huckabee Sanders…
Trump on Media Outrage over Ivanka: They'd Say 'Chelsea for Pres!'
Everything always works out when u believe in urself, & when u’re wearing the Ivanka All-American Striped Midi Dress
Ivanka Trump briefly sat in for her father during a session at the G-20, prompting an outcry on social media
Translation: Donald Trump asked Ivanka to hold the seat for her daddy, as her daddy gave our country away to Russia.
The difference between Chelsea Clinton who has a PhD in International affairs and Ivanka Trump wh…
Ivanka Trump sat in for the President at a G20 leaders' meeting
"It’s just like Mahatma Gandhi famously said: 'Be the change you want to see in the dress code.'"
Ivanka Trump took that Sheryl Sandberg "lean in at the table" thing a little out of context this weekend.
Trump defends decision to let Ivanka hold his seat at the G-20 summit
Trump asked Ivanka to hold his seat while he gave our country away!
President Trump tells world leaders at G20 Summit how proud he is of his daughter Ivanka. 👌🏻
Trump on Media Outrage over Ivanka: They’d Say ‘Chelsea for Pres!’
As for Azerbaijan, you might want to review the dealings behind failed Trump Tower Baku. Key player in tha…
Trump: [returns holding a gift bag he bought at the gas station on the way] Do you think Vlad will like the color? . Iva…
Ivanka Trump & Kellyanne Conway are two women who are making a difference in the world & Dems are CONSTANTLY trying to s…
Trump inadvertently hints here why he keeps putting Ivanka in positions where she is mixing with the powerful. Grooming…
So.daddy Trump and daughter Ivanka are both throwing Junior under the bus to try to save daddy Trump and Kushner? h…
Ivanka is an unqualified fashion model who insulted world leaders by filling in for co…
This kind of thing happens all the time. In dictatorships.
Donald Trump just admitted he asked Ivanka to hold his seat while he was giving America away. This is a stunning Freudian slip.…
If ever caught in such a clusterfck I know Chelsea would be infinitely more qualified than Ivanka "Chinese Handbags…
VIDEO | Trump defends sitting of daughter Ivanka at the G20 main negotiating table
People complaining that Ivanka Trump sat in for her father at the G20 forget about the 1978 Jimmy Carter incident
Ivanka Trump's qualification for sitting in at the G20? She's part of the 1% | Arwa Mahdawi
Trump trolls Chelsea Clinton in defense of letting Ivanka take his chair at G-20 Should have been removed from room
Leftists seem to have a problem with successful strong women like Kellyanne Conway & Ivanka Trump. Don't they claim to be fig…
New interview with me on Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka, the G20 and whether anyone in the admin will be prosecuted
For context: Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump used to be quite good friends. Trump is now using her as cover for his own br…
What would world be like if women like Kellyanne Conway & Ivanka Trump stopped apologizing for men like Donald & Donald…
Are you talking about Ivanka Trump's Saudia Arabia deal?
2 women, 2 stories. Chelsea Clinton uses money for Haiti at her wedding. Ivanka Trump sits in at G-20. Guess what Dems are…
MSM's been hyping up Chelsea Clinton for years & now attack Ivanka Trump who is actually DOING something for America?…
Ivanka Trump fills a chair. Chelsea Clinton fills her pockets. Stole from Haitians for her wedding. MSM selective outrage.…
Ladies and gents, tie yourselves to a chair. Ivanka Trump is now the only singer for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
People were not happy about the fact Ivanka Trump sat in for her dad at the
That appears to be Ivanka Trump sitting at the G20 table between UK PM Theresa May and Chinese President Xi Jinping. htt…
Merkel defends Ivanka Trump for sitting in for Trump at G20 meeting
Nikki Haley defended Ivanka Trump at G-20: "I think she sees herself as part of a public servant family"
Ivanka Trump sitting in for her father at a session...once again this administration is breaking barriers for corruption and nepotism
Ivanka Trump took $100 million from the king of Saudi Arabia. Try harder, hater.
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Ivanka Trump: I try to avoid politics. Also Ivanka Trump: My father has to take a dump so I'll just sit in on this G20 su…
Based on Ivanka Trump example, I'm going to ask Speaker Ryan if my son can sit in for me at the next House Foreign Affairs Com…
This is Ivanka Trump, an unelected real estate executive, sitting between British PM Theresa May and Chinese Pr…
Ivanka Trump strikes a deal with the World Bank to help female entrepreneurs
This is the World Bank fund Ivanka Trump initiated:
Ivanka Trump and the World Bank have a new idea to help women globally
Ivanka Trump listened to World Bank President Jim Yong Kim during the Women's Entrepreneurship Finance event at the G2…
Ivanka Trump and World Bank launch plan to help women in business - The Washington Post
Ivanka Trump, unelected, unqualified, daughter-in-chief, is representing the US at the G20 summit next to May, Xi, Merkel.…
Ivanka Trump is right - Entitlement programs like paid family leave that invest in our security and properity a...
Man arrested at Trump Tower after telling Secret Service he’s there to meet with Ivanka Trump
Man with two knives and claiming to be a U.S. senator was arrested at Trump Tower after trying to see Ivanka Trump https…
Ivanka Trump responds to Wall Street Journal editorial board
Ivanka – ever silent as Trump butchers women's rights – speaks up now to defend her More Nannies for the Rich Plan. 🙄
TRUMP Gas Prices could go even lower. $1.67 in Cleveland!.
Ivanka Trump is in her mid-30s and has a job in the White House but is treated like a child bc men think she's hot & wa…
Way to go Ivanka. And my twin brother Trump. Love u all.
Patrick Bateman and Ivanka Trump Swap Swamp-Draining Stories With George Soros in the Hamptons h…
Ivanka Trump makes pitch for paid family leave policy, arguing the proposal is not an entitlement, but an...
According to conservative think tank, White House gender pay gap more than triples under Trump. Where ya at, Ivanka? https:/…
Ivanka© Trump® always sounds like America's most vacuous pageant contestant just got a softball question. h…
Ivanka Trump defends paid leave plan for new parents in Wall Street Journal
Are you accounting for an outlier such as Ivanka in your assessment?
So Ivanka Trump, making a real difference, right?.
Ivanka Trump recently sparked accusations that she used her children: via
Melania and Ivanka Trump in lavish star-studded DC ceremony of reasury Secretary…
Republicans and Democrats partying together with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Washington is political theater.
Three WH employees work for free: . Reed Cordish . Jared Kushner . Ivanka Trump
Ivanka do an Undercover Boss-. China releases activists who investigated working conditions at Ivanka Trump supplier…
Ivanka Trump spotlights global human trafficking, an issue she calls an "ugly stain on civilization" https…
Sec. of State Rex Tillerson, Ivanka Trump to release report on human trafficking on Tuesday:
In about four hours Rex Tillerson & Ivanka Trump will address sex trafficking. will the pedo scum MSM now finally cover…
Watch live: Ivanka Trump and Sec. Rex Tillerson unveils the Trafficking in Persons report
.on Ivanka Trump joins Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to discuss human trafficking
NEW: Sec. of State Rex Tillerson, Ivanka Trump to unveil 2017 human trafficking report at State Dept. tomorrow.
On now: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Ivanka Trump unveil latest Human Trafficking report
Ivanka Trump astounds with contradictory comment | The New Daily
Ivanka Trump opens up about faith and family just women to women, the best regards to you and yours with God blasts😇
And, I try to stay away from reading about Ivanka Trump, who should be out living her own life, instea…
Ivanka Trump says she leaves 'the politics to other people'
Ivanka Trump, first daughter and adviser to the president: "I try to stay out of politics."
This has Ivanka Trump theft of design happening soon all over it.
Ivanka Trump's advocacy for women and girls takes her to a women's conference in Berlin.
Ivanka Trump helped to normalize trump throughout election cycle, knowing full-well he was mentally ill, she imperiled…
Yes, Chris, but how did her HAIR look when she said it?.
Keep an eye on this story-Chinese premier Xi's pal, Iowa governor Terry Brandstad, is now US ambassador to China
So it's just the Chinese trademarks, then. "Senior Presidential Adviser" doesn't worry about politics
Ivanka says 'I try to stay out of politics' .. She uses her position to make corrupt business deals
Ivanka Trump, Assistant to the President, Claims: ‘I Try to Stay Out of Politics’
Ivanka Trump—a Senior Adviser to the President of the United States—says, "I try to stay out of politics"
"I try to stay out of politics," senior presidential advisor Ivanka Trump says on television.
Ivanka Trump 'tries to stay out of politics.' Um, what?
Ivanka should be sure to give Trump his meds to manage ALL his Behavioural Disorders.
Total BS - get her OUT of WH . Ivanka Trump says 'I try to stay out of politics' despite assisting at White House
EXCLUSIVE: Sources: Donald Trump desperately trying to scrub from poker co related to Kelhios https…
Ivanka Trump: 'I try to stay out of politics':
Ivanka Trump Ordered To Testify In Lawsuit Over Copied Shoe Design . This is the last thing she needs right now!…
CNN President Jeff Zucker is a friend to Trump & Ivanka. He's now clamping down on every Trump / Russia story. What's our…
Ivanka Trump sports a sultry red lip and flashy gold sunglasses in Washington DC
Ivanka Trump's two kids, Arabella and Joseph, are ready to go if wants a day off tho.
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Oh my gosh I hate these people. THEY TOOK ACTION. McConnell didn't, and Trump hasn't. And "complicit" is for Ivanka.
"Ivanka Trump: It's much easier to criticize than to effect change"...should have told DJT 8 years ago of Obama criticism.…
Ivanka Trump senior adviser to the president of the United States. Politics. You are In It!
Ivanka lies like her father. She sold herself to be involved in all aspects of her shoe biz-Now claims she wasn't https…
Ivanka Trump, Who Has an Office in the WH (paid for by tax payers) says she tries to stay out of politics. . 😂
3b: Let's not forget Trump Tower, Baku funded by the Iranian Revoluti…
Watch this film, Donald. And Ivanka, HIV/AIDS is one issue where none of us can afford to "stay out of politics."
HEARTWARMING: Ivanka Trump opens up about her experience at the Western Wall, says it was ‘BEYOND SPECIA…
Call it official 'Madison' by Bailee to be released soon. Move over Ivanka Trump make room for a real fashionista
Ivanka Trump needs to stop trying to act like Eva Peron. She is a disease ridden sewer rat compared to Evita peron. She'll never be her
“Ivanka Trump is a fake feminist who will go down in history as someone who really betrayed human beings."
Ivanka Trump returned to Capitol Hill on Wednesday for a meeting with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca...
I'm confident Trump couldn't hand the WH to Ivanka b/c the GOP would grow spines to fight, not for democracy, but to keep a woman from power
Marco Rubio's attempt to hug Ivanka Trump is peak awkward.
Ossoff Loss: The Ivanka Voter remains steadfast, even when she's not voting for Trump
you are being investigated hehe lol ⚡️ “Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump laugh off their awkward hug attempt”.
Ivanka Trump arriving at the Capitol greeted by Sen Rubio. She's now meeting with lawmakers on child tax credit.
Ivanka given 3 trademarks for her clothing and Donald given trademark rights.think Trump is really gonna pi…
if trump gets to 2024, presidential races are over... he will hand throne in this fascist country to Ivanka
Ivanka Trump says administration will ease burden of child care costs |
Lying still making shoes at China factory despite brand's denial
Rubio jokes about failed Ivanka Trump hug
That feeling when news is Rubio investigating photo of himself failing to hug Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump lies about discontinuing shoe production at Chinese sweatshop:
⚡️ “Marco Rubio's exchange with Ivanka Trump is getting memed”.
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