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Ivana Trump

Ivana Trump (born Ivana Marie Zelníčková ; February 20, 1949) is a former Olympic athlete, socialite, and fashion model noted for her marriage to billionaire American business magnate Donald Trump.

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Ivana Trump: 'I am glad Melania is there and I am here' - The Hill
Ivana Trump: "I am glad Melania is there and I am here"
The real contribution of Ivana Trump is to provide a safe outlet for the expression of Melania’s feelings about Ivanka
Don't we wish this were the only Trump family drama at the White House. Melania Trump responds to Ivana Trump
Melania Trump responds to Ivana Trump, President Trump's first wife, calling herself "First Lady" https:/…
Ivana Trump calls herself 'First Lady,' First Lady fires back Jesus Christ this is a joke. All of it
Ivana Trump: I am Trump’s first wife. I am the First Lady. Melania Trump: You are just seeking attention for your new b…
The office of Melania Trump slams Ivana Trump for calling herself "First Lady"
Melania Trump responds to Ivana Trump calling herself 'First Lady' - CNNPolitics
Ivana Trump's "First Lady" comment prompts curt response from First Lady Melania Trump, White House ht…
Ivana Trump: I'm the First Lady!. Melania Trump: No, I'm the First Lady!. Me: Ladies, ladies, stop fighting. You're both awfu…
White House tells Ivana Trump: There's only one First Lady and it's not you
Ivana Trump says she has Pres. Trump's direct White House number: "I'm basically first Trump wife. I'm First Lady." .
Melania and Ivana Trump are having some "Real Housewives"-type drama right now .
Ivana Trump says Donald Trump doesn't deserve the credit for raising their kids
Melania Trump denounced the claim that that Ivana Trump, as Donald Trump's first wife, is the actual "First Lady."
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Ivana Trump says Donald would not be the person he is without her and that she raised Ivanka, Don Jr, and Eric. I wouldn…
Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana Trump and current wife, Melania Trump, are publicly feuding over the "First Lady" title http…
President Trump's first wife, Ivana Trump, says he would not be who he is today if it weren't for her http…
Ivana Trump turns down Donald's offer of Czech Republic ambassadorship to keep her "perfect life"
Ivana Trump says that the president offered her the ambassadorship to the Czech Republic. (via CBS)
Ivana Trump says she turned down offer to become ambassador to Czech Republic as she already had 'perfect life' -…
Ivana Trump to CBS News: “I was just offered to be the American ambassador to Czech Republic.”. Sane America: Is this re…
Ivana Trump tells CBS that POTUS offered her the ambassadorship to Czech Republic. Trump said, "'Ivana, if you want it, I g…
Donald, Melanie, Donald jr. Ivana,Jared, the entire Trump family are a bunch of's just how they roll…
Next Up Melania to Speak on . Illegal Immigration ✅Followed By ex Wife Ivana Trump on Nazi Memorab…
Not big fan of HRC but she was assigned, under protest, to that case. . Ivana accused…
Trump's first wife Ivana said she found Hitler's book kept at bed side of Trump.He plagiarized his speeches&imi…
Trump discriminates about age. Ivana's wealth is not about short skirt…
Have you seen Ivana Trump, of course she's off limits with her toy boys, she likes her men hard, why don't we see her
Donald Trump has Mein Kampf on his night table according to his ex-wife Ivana
How appropriate, quoting Ivana Trump and the Trump family motto.
Years ago->Trump kept by his bed "My New Order"a book of Hitler's speeches. Was he studying the art of propaganda?
Coworker mentioned how he once met Ivana Trump - the First Lady of the USA. . Good thing he's not republican.
There’s really nothing I like about any Trump. Despite this picking on Ivana because English is her second language is in poor taste.
Dr Oz.. Ivana Trump... together at last... I'm hoping for a Xmas album...
If you were alive in the 1980's you should be fully aware of how he t…
Maybe. I never did get over the rape of Ivana Trump,DT ripping the ha…
Señor Trump has no clue about the Mexican people.
It is false that Ivana Trump wrote this book, "The Lost Tycoon". She has denie…
A UN speech in a time warp? Wasn't the Japanese kidnapping back when he was married to Ivana?. via
Ivana hired bodyguards in 2006 bec she was receiving death threats from the Russian mob. My feeling Trump…
Under this bill, people with metastatic cancer will pay $142,650 more a year to get coverage. That is not reform. That…
Watch clips: Trump bragging about his superior genetics & german blood. Then read from 1990: https…
Czechoslovakia spied on Donald and Ivana Trump, communist-era files show | US news | The Guardian
2005-2006 is also when Ivana Trump had to hire bodyguards for her and Ivanka because of death threats from the Russian mob
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Trump basically said he will pull out of the Iran Nuclear Treaty. If only he had pulled out with Ivana.Would've spared…
Uh, Ivana Trump completely disputed that, put it completely to bed, ea…
And of course there were all kinds of front page photos of Trump out on the town with Marla well before him & Ivana separated
Solar wall wasn't his idea by the way. Another Trump lie. He has ZERO intelligence & NO MORALS.. ASK Ivana.
Court filing: Ivana says Trump was violent and raped her.
1993 book 'Lost Tycoon: Trump forced himself on Ivana after her plastic surgeon botched…
Exploding Bill Withers is better than frozen Ivana Trump
Trump violently raped Ivana. If you aren't outraged by that, you don't get to be outraged about Depp.
At least he didn't pin his wife down, rip out her hair and vilolently rape…
Ivana accused trump of rape theres that
Trump raped Ivana. Pinned her down, ripped her hair out of her head & raped her bc she had recommend…
No. Ivana never said that about trump for fame. She actu…
Have you ever seen a close up of Ivana Trump his first wife? What was he thinking? Woof, woof!
"We think about all of our tomorrows, but we don't know how many they are, so let's start making the most of our Todays…
Ivana said that Trump never beat her 🙃
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Also Donald Trump and 1st wife Ivana named their kids Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka like honestly can you be more narcissistic
" He would also measure his *** every night to see if it had grown.” ~~~ Ivana Trump
1st wife Ivana has already spoken of Trump's copy of Hitler's greate…
Depps a moron for sure. But DT hit ivana, verbally abused her and raped her. As per ivana. And trum…
Oh, so Depp is the same as You remember Ivana Trump right? You're also familiar with grab em by the p***y right?
According to ivana trump so does Donald. Kind of hypocritical to rail against depp
MT Donnie loves his wives much he tares 1 of wives hair out+? rapes her
During his marriage to Ivana, Trump had an affair with Marla Maples.
He's always been like this. Idk why ppl ever expected a 'pivot'. 1990:. Donald & Ivana Trump's Divorce: The F…
The Part of the Book That Caused the Most Controversy Concerns Trump's Divorce from His First Wife, Ivana. Hurt... •
Hmmm, what about Trump raping his wife Ivana? Oh, never mind forgot "you can't rape your spouse".
Yet you follow Trump who beat and raped Ivana. Chew on this.
Trump battles to keep divorce records under wraps after accusation of rape retracted by 1st wife.
This article is almost 30 years old but feels like a must-read for understanding the psychology of Trump:
Wife beater & rapist sounds pretty similar to the way Ivana described Trump in a sworn deposition.
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And trump raped his wife...she recanted when he wrote her a check. F*k trump.
Well Ivana, trumps first wife (the one he had when he was cheating with Marla, Tiffany's mom) said…
Shouldn't be the Czech president rather relieved ...?
Czech president "furious" at Ivana Trump for turning down Prague role
Ivana Trump's cameo in First Wives Club is severely underrated.
"Thank you for posting this. We needed a good laugh today." . -- Ivana Trump, Marla Maples, and Melania Trump, et al. htt…
Earlier this morning, Trump declared May 1st Loyalty Day. Mara Maples, Ivana Trump, and Gabriela Sabatini could not be reached for comment.
Ivana Trump: My father enrolled me in a Communist training camp for child athletes when I was 12." Read it all here…
Here is some news: SImon & Schuster is publishing Ivana Trump's book, "Raising Trump" about the childrearing of Ivanka,…
IVANA'S book, RAISING TRUMP, will be a YUGE bestseller...ALL her children are outstanding: WTG
Last I checked due to their divorce agreement she can say nothing about it without him approving via
Ivana Trump penning memoir about raising her and Donald's children via
Ivana Trump writing memoir about raising kids
Ivana Trump to publish book entitled 'Raising Trump' via
Trump probably paid Ivana not to talk. If only we could get her on 60 Minutes.
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yuck! 🤢 what happened to she looks like a hung over drug addict. This is what happens to you being married to
Ivana Trump inks deal to write 'Raising Trump,' a memoir about her kids -
Ivana Trump writing memoir about her children with Donald | don't expect gossip (she signed a NDA)
Makes US less of a BIGOT. Trump should learn from the Gipper; Trump was cheating on Ivana w/ Marla Maples when Gipper's was Prez
Ivana Trump writing book on raising Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric Yeah, no thanks
Ivana Trump, first wife of President Trump, is writing a memoir that will focus on the couple's three children.
Ivana Trump to write memoir about raising her three kids with 'the Donald'
In Raising Trump, Ivana will reflect on her life and recount the lessons she taught her children.
Here we go..Ching Ching let's all cash in - Ivana Trump Writing Memoir Abt Her Children w/Donald Trump via
Ivana Trump to publish book entitled 'Raising Trump'
Donald Trump allegedly sent ex-wife Ivana Trump to negotiate blackmail video with Russia
Ivana Trump skips out on Dennis Basso fashion show | Page Six
Ivana Trump makes her way down to DC for Donald's inauguration via
Ivanka Trump shares touching picture of herself with mom Ivana.
"Trump’s two ex-wives, Ivana Trump and Marla Maples, will attend his inauguration
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Eric Trump says his mom, Ivana, will be "front and center" at her ex-husband's inauguration. Interview w
From 1st wife Ivana who was raped by because of hair implant
EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - First (and second) Wives Club: Ivana Trump dons blue fur coat as she joins Marla Maples in...
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Trump zepcoo…
Eric Trump: Ivana will be "front and center" at inauguration. Remember his first wife?.
The Trumps at the Trump Inaugural concert: Donald Trump and all his family members including his ex-wives, Ivana……
Ivanka Trump shares picture of herself with mother Ivana. .
On her way: Ivana Trump was photographed leaving her New York City townhouse on Thursday aftern…
Nah. I'm sure our racist, misogynistic Founding Fathers would love to see Trump as president.
Trump heads to DC for Donalds inauguration
Eric Trump says mom Ivana will be at inauguration (Read more:
Trump's former wife who accused him of will be
This is sad. Too bad SOMEone wasn't in charge of dressing Ivana.
Ivana Trump heads to DC for Donald's inauguration
He was married to Ivana back then. Trump, not Gadaffi. Big brash New York property magnate with a trophy wife and a golden apartment.
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Obama's inaugural concert in 2009 vs. Trump's Inaugural concert today. Tragic
A picture of the Macho Man, Ivana Trump and Miss Elizabeth. On the right is Randy Savage.
According to a 1990 Vanity Fair interview, Ivana Trump once told her lawyer Michael Kennedy that her husband,... https:…
You may want to sit down for this may answer your question.
To all who are interested in international politics...good news!If Ivana Trump can be ambassador,everyone can be!
Lookin like madonna but im flossin like ivana ... trump.
Look, if your ex was about to become president it wouldn't hurt to put in a job application or two!
The | has expressed an interest in taking.
Ivana Trump has asked her former husband for a job - Ambassador to the Czech Republic via
"He travelled as much as he ever has in his life. Thank God he has his private plane ... it was brutal." .
Ivana Trump wants to be an ambassador to Czech Republic. via
I ASKED YOU A QUESTION! . Do you enjoy STALKING people IVANA is it? . IVANA TRUMP By chance or coincidence!
. Um. Adultery disqualifies Trump who slept w Marla whilst wed to Ivana. Not to mention Newt. 🤐
Former wife Ivana wants to become the next US Ambassador to Prague under President
'The last 18 mths Donald travelled so much. Thank God he has his private plane, but still it was brutal.' Ivana Trump.
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I've known Trump since I was a kid when he was Mr. Ivana Trump. The biggest scandal was his affair with Marla Maples.
Trump WIFE Ivana said he had books on his nightstand. Where's that story
Ivana didn't talk about how Donnie raped her, well she wants payback: make me ambassador.
Ivana to Trump: Make me Czech Republic diplomat . Donald TrumpDonald TrumpTrump faces decisions and ...…
She would be great choice! Ex-Wife Ivana Trump: I Want to Be Czech Republic Ambassador
This appointment makes complete sense. After all is Ambassador to our great friend & ally USA.
Trump’s ex-wife Ivana has picked out the job she wants once he takes office
Andrew Breitbart was Jewish as is Trump's son in law Jared Kushner & his daughter Ivanka & his x wife Ivana.
Ivana Trump suggests she would be a good choice for US ambassador to the Czech Republic
- Donald's ex & mom to Don Jr & Eric - ready to serve her country as ambassador!
Trump’s ex-wife Ivana says she wants to be ambassador to Czech Republic
Draining the swamp.Ivana Trump tells Donald to make her US Ambassador to Czech Republic  via
So... Ivana Trump has asked to be made ambassador to The Chech Republic.
Ivana wants to be Trump's ambassador for Czech Republic via
Ivana wants Trump to make her ambassador to the Czech Republic
Trump's first missus wants to be ambassador to the Czech Republic. Well, OK, then.
Is nepotism allowed now in the USA? Ivana Trump wants to be US ambassador to the Czech Republic
Ivana Trump wants US ambassador to the Czech Republic Oh my! S'pose one + is The Donald won't be acc…
Trump: Can I get past. Biden: What's the password. Trump: I don't know. Biden: Losers says what. Trump: What. Obama: JOE ht…
Gilmore Girls S2:E1 has an Ivana Trump reference. You come to an old TV series for escape, and yet ...
Interestingly, either Ivana Trump, or Marla Maples would have made much better potential first ladies. How is it...
Hillary should bring Ivana Trump and Marla Maples to the debate...since we're down that rabbit hole.
lets hope Hillary invites Marla Maples and Ivana Trump
Hillary is no doubt bring Marla Maples, Ivana Trump... Right?
Katie Johnson / Jane Doe, for fun. Jill Harth, business. Ivana Trump, over hair plugs.
>Ivana Trump told her lawyer Michael Kennedy that from time to time her husband reads a book of Hitler’s collected speeches (...)
Sean Hannity Fox News you and Laura Ingraham need to trash Donald Trump if anybody Ivana Trump,accuses him of rape and other hideous abuses
So...just how did Ivana Trump handle the Pregnant Marla Maples that was shoved down her throat...oh wait she wanted the Plaza Hotel for it..
Ivana Trump is "juggling her properties in Saint-Tropez, London, Miami and New York, as well as her 3 boyfriends"
Wow ... wish they'd get the dirt ($$) behind the Ivana Trump's rescinded rape allegation: "
will only be trumped by the real story behind Ivana Trump rescinding her rape allegation ... money makes things disappear.
As if Trump is spotless in that department 🙄 Too bad there's a gag clause in Ivana's divorce settlement...
Woman named in Enquirer says it's not true: but was true:
old news but still hot news: Trump supposedly regretted dumping Ivana for MarlaMaples
I don't want to know about the in the same way that I didn't want to know about Ivana Trump's semen-stained fur coat.
LONG but Somewhat Fascinating History of Trump's backroom deals: After The Gold Rush
Ivana CAN'T tell us how Donald raped her.She's bound by a gag order4LIFE.. https…
Husband sues Ivana and Donald Trump for libel
Ivana and Donald Trump split from their spouses
Ivana Trump confronted Marla Maples on the ski slopes about being Donald Trump's mistress
Donald Trump has really broken the 10 Commandments...1. Adultery (slept with gal pal on vacation with wife Ivana)
Melania better hope trades her in before the "tipping point". Ivana waited too long; now she looks like him.
Ivana Trump pulled that stunt during their divorce and long ago recanted it. She supports Trump for president.
. LOL . So where did TRUMP escape Ivana to meet Marla many times? Was it at church?
I wonder how much paid Ivana to retract those statements? He clearly hates
But you are fine with mega narcissistic, misogynistic, piggy Trump treatment of women..Ivana? One-sided a bit.
Fiction writing is great. You can make up almost anything. Ivana Trump
Ha. TRUMP has him beat in the unfaithful, cheating dept. OMG TRUMP got busted by Ivana with his Mistress
In 1989, Trump returned home from a painful scalp-reduction surgery, blamed Ivana for his suffering then did this ->
it's soul, not sole. Trump cheated on Ivana with Marla Maples, then cheated on Marla with Melania.
Donald Trump's cozy relationship with head of the National Enquirer goes back to to his Ivana divorce. Guess who their "source" then was?
really, what about Trump cheating on Ivana with Marla Maples. Pot. Kettle. Black
By my count 2 women have accused Trump of sexual assault in legal actions. Jill Harth (”groping”), Ivana Trump (”rape”). Mos…
We KNOW Trump cheated on Ivana. The National Enquirer is -accusing Cruz of cheating. I guess that leaves us with Hillary ... NOT!
Ivana claims Donald Trump 'violated' her in violent sex attack . . . .
sorry, Ivana Trump was an honorable model and classy. Melania was very liberal. Democrat Iran deal values
Trump in 1988: Ivana and I don't argue because she "does exactly as I tell her to do" via
Did you forget that Ivana caught Trump cheating and took him to the cleaners? Guess so.
don't 4 get IVANA trump worked 4 Globe Mag owned by Nat Enq
Ivana Trump sounds like an Austin Powers femme fatale.
The new Yves St Laurent is like punk Ivana Trump (or to be less Cassandra-ey, let's say Alexis Carrington) and I am now very scared.
Romney wrong about phrase "the Donald." Never derogatory; term of endearment used by Ivana Trump to Barbara Walters yrs ago.
the cupcake shop? WHOAH look out here comes Ivana Trump
Ivana Trump(1st wife) once said if Donald perceives u 2 not be a friend, he will make your life a Nightmare!
"After divorcing his first wife Ivana..." You're kidding right? DURING his first marriage to Ivana...
Sex Abuser?Trump raped Ivana,& his mistress at the time was pregnant,Marla.Hes given green cards to 4 foreigners.
I want great food and wine, and friends to enjoy it all. - Ivana Trump
Gorgeous hair is the best revenge. - Ivana Trump via BrainyQuote
New game: "Famous" people I sat next to on planes. Michael Foot. Sean Connery. Ivana Trump. OK, scraping the barrel with that last one.
kept Hitler at his bedside. How did I Nazi this coming?.
hasn't changed at all! He is the same narcissistic demagogue he was in this 1990 article
What a sham, Trump is not a good business man, NYC Hyatt, Ivana decorated Trump thinks his name is magic, that's all
Misogynistic megalomaniac Donald Trump: "Nobody has more respect for women than I do."
No more a SS employee than Ivana Trump.
Trump: Ted Cruz stole the election in Iowa so we should have a do-over (and Marla stole your marriage to Ivana, so?)
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Trump was always bought and paid for. Here by Pizza Hut. Wonder if Ivana got half using this.
Read about Donald and Ivana Trump skirmishes at the Plaza Hotel in my book, All Alone on the 68th Floor on Amazon.
Don't you have anything better to do than tell lies about a good man?
I wish all America knew what Trump has done to Ivana. That would change your mind. SICK
you insult yourself. Educate yourself Ask Ivana Trump a few things There are several books on his insanity
Trump beat the crap out of Ivana. First divorce based on cruel and inhumane treatment. Read:
A bit early, but happy birthday: Read if you haven't yet.
Ivana took him to the cleaners (loss), the Taj Majal (loss)...Trump is fallible. So is everyone
Donald Trump's lawyer claims men cannot rape their spouse. Rape is about a lack of consent not martial status!
Michael Kennedy, who gained national attention representing Ivana Trump in divorce from has died.
You're like Ivana and Marla, you think Trump loves you now but as soon as he's elected he's dumping you and going full Democrat
Go troll Ivana, Trump's 1st ex wife he raped. Then go troll Marla Maples, the mistress he married. NOW Hit the bricks, Tinkerbell.
1990 Trump and Maples sat together "fairly frequently" at Sun. services at 5th Ave Marble Collegiate Church, where he married Ivana in 1977.
I hope this is just makeup that has John Travolta looking like Ivana Trump
Do you read up on this dirt bag or just just follow him blindly?
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not cute, not fit, not rich. If Ivana Trump wouldn't look twice what makes you think I'll do it the once?
So, as far as you're concerned Trump getting Maples pregnant while married to Ivana is OK because he's got money
So... Ivana Trump is on my flight right now...
Donald Trumps ex-wife is called Ivana Trump and their daughter is called Ivanka Trump. Wonder which one has been bullied most out of the 3.
“I would never buy Ivana any decent jewels or pictures. Why give her negotiable assets?”
Ivana Trump said Donald kept Hitler's speeches in his bedside table. The hateful nature of what he and his staff say is no…
i'm POSITIVE ivana trump is available to have an in depth conversation about the grand old party's frontrunner's moral comp…
Yeah, but both Ivana Trump and Marla Maples are breathing sighs of relief!!! *No more huffin' and puffin' on that big loser!
Have you ever noticed that Trump married TWO IMMIGRANTS - Ivana and current wife.
You wonder if Ivana and Marla Maples are having a blast over brunch today. And saving an empty chair for Melania.
should run for President of culture-Two wives
if claim that Trump violently raped and beat Ivana didn't stem support, what could Rubio have that would make a difference?
In 1990 asked Ivana if her husband Donald would ever go into politics: "Never say never, it may be politics one day"
What a gem. The late great interviews Donald Trump & his ex-wife Ivana in 1990. Dame Edna's there, too!
When loses to Cruz who will be happier Ivana Trump, Marla Maples or hair
"Ivana Trump told a friend that her husband's cousin, John Walter "clicks his heels and says, 'Heil Hitler," when visiting Trump's office."
Divorced guys will recognize this story: See Henry VIII & V. Putin on ex-wife containment tactics.
-Trump wnts hard questions: What was the immigration status of Ivana (1st wife) when his 3 eldest children were born?
Why so little Melania, so far? didn't enjoy all the attn that Ivana got, so he has not allowed Melania the same exposure.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana Trump is excited about his candidacy, but thinks...
It was also the 25th anniversary of Ivana Trump's divorce filling.
It seems ex Ivana thinks his current wife would be a horrible First Lady.
Ivana Has Choice Words Trump's 3rd wife Trump supporters DON'T CARE that he is unsuitable to be president.
or trump can bring Marla on vacation with Ivana. Oh yea did that.
Fiction writing is great, you can make up almost anything.-Ivana Trump
Phil Hartman and Jan Hooks do Donald and Ivana Trump on SNL
Look, I love The First Wives Club, but I could really do without Ivana Trump's "Don't get mad, get everything" cameo at the end
Gorgeous hair is the best revenge. ~Ivana Trump. on Etsy
>it's ivana. ivanka is th daughter. but, yes, Of Course donald couldawoulda raped his wife as mg was endG
Gorgeous hair is the best revenge. -Ivana Trump. . Woman in frame : .
Here is a glimpse of how things were for him in 1990. Details financial & family troubles.
Interesting how Donald Trump is so against immigrants, yet two of his wives were immigrants (Ivana and Melania).
presumably by "fairly" he meant extensive coverage of bankruptcy regulations. And selling the Trump Princess. No, not Ivana
Unflattering Vanity Fair article from 1990; he threw wine on the reporter who wrote it.
He abused bankruptcy & eminent domain laws, cheated, lied, shady real estate deals. He's not an honest man.
Fun fact: 'to Trump' means 'to Fart' for our friends across the pond. Poor Ivana.
and then-wife Ivana originally bought the 19,773-square-foot estate for $4 million back in 1982.
"What kind of son have I created?” Trump’s mother, Mary, is said to have asked Ivana.
Starter home once shared by Donald Trump and ex-wife Ivana is on the market for $54M
Trump lawyer: he didn't rape Ivana because you "cannot rape your spouse"
Donald Trump's first mansion, which he bought at age 35, is for sale for $54 million: Ex-wife Ivana...
Trump and Ivana's starter home is on market for $54M
.Anyone who survives the degradation of years of captivity is a hero in my book. I don't know how Ivana Tr…
1990 article from Vanity Fair about Trump. He was insulting women then too, threw wine on reporter who wrote article.
.. What's she gonna ask next? Something about his former wife, latest pair of shoes, no doubt..
Jimmy Fallon's Donald Trump impersonation MIGHT be his best yet:
Trump Family Team''speaking to the Heart of Americans you have a lovely family, loved hearing Ivana. excellent character!
Trump is no model of business ethics & in 1990, his finances & family were in shambles. He insulted women then also.
Team Trump: Ivana Trump made 'rape' allegation to 'exploit' Donald Trump in divorce
funfact for you - I found out yesterday that Donald Trump's ex-wife's name is Ivana ;)
The Misogyny of goes way back to the 1990's.
Ivana created the image of The Donald and the Trump Tower mystique. His father Fred had the wherewithal.
Here's the evidence that he's a swindler, liar, & cheat. Long but worth the read.
Ivana Trump is living a life of leisure far from the harsh spotlight currently being cast on her outspoken ex-husband as he campaigns to
Melania, Ivana... I think Trump does well with foreign ladies because they don't know what he's saying.
Read it. Trump patterns himself off of Hitler.
Trump is the CONSUMMATE corrupt crony capitalist.
America please don't be dumb. That's what it was in 1990. Has this thing changed much? thanks for it
Top in-flight celebrity meltdowns from Kate Moss to Naomi Campbell, Liam Gallagher, Ivana Trump and Gerard Depardieu
Ivana Trump property for sale on Long Island sound (Greenwich, CT). 20,000 sqft for $54mil.
Jan Hooks, the actress and comedian who rose to fame with sly turns on "Saturday Night Live" as Ivana Trump, Tammy Faye Bakker, Sinead O'Connor and as part of the lounge-singing Sweeney Sisters, has died. She was 57.Hooks had roles in just a handful of movies
Photo: Jan Hooks, famed for her portrayals of as Tammy Faye Bakker and Ivana Trump on “Saturday Night...
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