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Ivan Moody

Ivan Moody, British composer, was born in London in 1964, and studied composition with Brian Dennis at London University, William Brooks at York University and privately with John Tavener.

Five Finger Death Punch Corey Taylor Phil Anselmo Happy Birthday Avenged Sevenfold Ryan Clark Jonathan Davis

Corey Taylor, David Draiman, Jonathan Davis, Ivan Moody. They're all just so talented and are amazing in their own ways.
beginning to find Ivan Moody v. v. attractive 😈
One of the best posters that will be on my wall Ivan Moody and a Koala you can't go wrong
Ivan Moody and a koala on a poster what more would you want?
Ivan Moody is the voice that carries a lot of my workouts.
The realization your bff looks like Ivan Moody..
My throat is sore and hurts to swallow, either I hav strep or its because I was trying to be Ivan Moody last night with Joe. "There is a house in New Orleans they call the Rising Sun..." Lol
Listening to cold, Ivan Moody has one *** of a voice.
If you guys could pick one or more vocalists to cover an A7X song with Syn, Zacky, JC, and Arin still doing instrumentals... who would you pick and what song? Personally I would love to hear Phil Anselmo and Ivan Moody do God Hates Us. -Aaron
All i can say, and I absolutely mean this; I owe it all to this man right here, . Ivan Moody. invites readers to vote for Round 1 of the poll "Best Frontman". Who is your favorite frontman Ivan Moody or Phil Anselmo?
How cool wouldn't it be if Ivan Moody could be my singing coach!
reminds me of Ivan moody for some reason 🙈
I absolutely love Ivan Moody's voice. He's cute asf to me idk.
Ivan Moody's voice makes my panties want to fall off. Mmhmm.
Shout out 2 the guys in & Ivan Moody 4 being great musicians & nice guys! Follow them! :)
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this band Five Finger Death Punch is in my opinion an over rated garage band they just make crappy covers of good songs their new song is house of the rising sun they ruined it ruined it i say. My son keeps listening to it and i want to reach through the internet and want to throat punch Ivan Moody.
well well well... boys and girls it's high time to vote :D
Someone who truly loves you sees what a mess you can be,How moody you can get,How hard you are to handle, But still wants …
ima be so sleepy at school. i'ma be so tired and moody not even gonna talk the whole day (x. which cousin? ivan? xD
Ivan moody the legend great to meet you dude your awesome for letting me talk to you !!
Another dream that I met Ivan Moody! I let him sign my phone this time.. Lol
Feeling like Ivan Moody when he was watching the in the
I don't care who you are. Ivan Moody is life.
Is it me...or does anyone else think of Ivan Moody from just chowing on some medieval turkey leg for dinner?
Indeed they are!. I saw them and A7x live in Birmingham last December. What a night. Ivan moody is awesome live
Ivan after Moody or the Terrible? Not against calling my dog Slash tbh
So moody I'm changing my name to Ivan xo
Its like me saying that Ivan moody died though you wouldn't really say rip bc you don't know him
i think you should do a double with ivan moody from ffdp! You guys would sound awesome together!
Ladies and gentleman, enjoy my pic of and Ivan moody from in Sweden at bandit rock awards 👊💀
I've been obsessed with Five Finger Death Punch since 2011 and I'm so happy to say that I've touched Ivan Moody's bum
I voted for this artist in Revolver's Golden Gods 2014 contest! Ivan Moody
So, X Rock Freaks, are you ready?? The 2014 Spring Fling has been announced, and I'm beyond thrilled to announce that Ivan Moody and Five Finger Death Punch are BACK, this time, headlining the X Spring Fling, with special guests Alter Bridge, Adelita's Way, and The Pretty Reckless, Friday night, May...
Ivan Moody is for sure one of my favorite vocalists.
2. Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch. I think we all saw this coming.
Ivan Moody has the sexiest voice ever when he does the talky bits in songs that I normally cringe at. ☔️
moody is filthy right now, Ivan. will be there for Louisville. How you been? Hot knives indeed
Ivan Moody and Corey Taylor write the way I feel inside and never will express.
I now like motorgrater. Ivan moody fans!!!
Got my ticket for and my drawing of ivan moody!:)
Got my ticket for And my drawing of ivan moody :)
On 2014 with Moody of This man is such a sweetheart (shhh - don't tell anyone).
The Society of Saint Romanos is pleased to announce a newly commissioned Orthodox composition by Fr. Ivan Moody: "Greek Liturgy." The Society commissioned the work in memory of Archon John Bartholomew. Fr. Ivan was kind enough to accept the commission to compose a Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, based on Greek sources and suited for liturgical use. The St. Romanos Cappella, a Chicago-based professional chamber choir, will premiere the newly composed work within the context of a celebration of the Divine Liturgy at St. Andrew's Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago. This premiere, as well as a recording of the work, will take place in the Society's 2014–2015 Season. A full press release will be forthcoming. Praise be to God for all good things!
Where's Ivan Drago? I know they had to work him into this opening...
Still can't believe we just named our puppy Ivan after Ivan Moody from 5FDP.
Ivan Moody's deep voice makes me want to melt.
Just found out i can sing *** close to the same voice as Ivan Moody from 5FDP.
Happy Birthday IVAN L MOODY. The front man for the metal band Five Finger Death Punch, known by his pseudonym
Devil's carnival is one of my favorite musicals!! Ivan Moody though... I had no clue he was in it, but I had a feeling that hobo clown was familiar
My best friend has an unhealthy obsession with Ivan Moody from lmao
Getting a little excited about Saturday night! Love me some Beyond the Fade but I must say for once seeing Neil might not be the highlight of my evening! It was bound to happen one day! DoryDrive is one band I really like but have missed out on seeing live for 2 years.. This might be my star struck moment this year unless someone drops M. Shadows of Avenged or Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch on my doorstep. A girl can Dream!
Excuse me but if you don't think Ivan Moody's voice is sexy then you are wrong.
Avenged Sevenfold and five finger tickets. .CHECK at least m shadows wont be bagging ivan moody for no reason at all like *** mustaine did to jason
Is it just me or does Michael poullsen sound a lot like Ivan moody...
Me and Gillie Cool Carter have invented the new art of heavy rock embroidery. Sat embroidering vintage flowers while M Shadows and Ivan Moody scream in my ears. Heaven :)
I added a video to a playlist PASSIONE POPOLARE part 1 by Ivan Moody
"Violence and sin keeps me fearless and keeps me from being you." - Ivan Moody
Just met and shook hands with Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch. Really humble and cool guy.
If you would have told me a year ago that Phil Anselmo was Ivan Moody's dad, I absolutely would have believed you.
Ivan Moody is better live... now that's talent.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I don't think I could be as angry as Ivan Moody if I tried.
Ivan Moody is awesome. Yeah, I know I`m right! :)
Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch sporting one of our Team 556 Jerseys on Shiprocked 2014
Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody reveals in a new interview that he came close to being fired by the band last year over his alcoholism, reports Team Rock Radio - news
Just think Shadows and Ivan Moody on the same stage
People I've been told I look like... Phil Anselmo - Pantera David Draiman - Disturbed Ivan Moody - FFDP Mike Vallely - Pro Skater Fred Durst - Limp Bizkit Dana White - UFC President One or two of these I can see...but basically you guys are tellin me I look like every bald(ish), stocky, tattooed person ever. I mean...just sayin.
Ever wanted to see Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch, Cristina Scabbia and Corey Taylor in a same photo? Well.. …
Ivan Moody is such a great frontman 🎤👍
Only in a small town can you walk through Walmart and see Ivan moody Got to love small town usa lol. Was just listing to the song Far From home too Axle R. Moody
Just saying, but i would love to meet Ivan Moody.
Man i can't wait go to Five Finger Death Punch concert and i got a ticket and i'm going to be on front row and then after concert i will meet lead singer's ivan moody and i'm very exciting.
The Devil's Carnival was different but I liked it. I hope they can make the next part! Ivan Moody had a part in it that was pretty good as well.
Judge me or love me, but I love Five Finger Death Punch. How well Zulten plays his guitar , and the notes Ivan Moody hits in his songs and the meanings behind the man's lyrics, just awesome.
Everyone has two choices—evolve or die. It's that simple, and that maxim holds true for every species. Either you can change with the tides or get swept away in their wake. Either you can grow or you can stagnate. Either you can stand out or simply be another face in the crowd.--Ivan Moody: 5FDP
Mama g ivan moodys step mom is such a sweetheart of lady only on sr you can sit back and meet the bands parents and role models
So guess what! Im sitting here at this table with ivan Moodys step mom momma g :) she is such a sweetheart!
Well everyone it's time once again for another film that's up for review by your's truly. Today's feature is one that holds a somber note, in my book, for some great actors and singers alike. I'm talking about the 2012 short horror musical Devil's Carnival. What is Devil's Carnival, you might be asking, and who are these actors and singers that hold said somber note? Devil's Carnival is a short horror musical directed and produced by Darren Lynn Bousman (directer of the Saw movie franchise) ,and written and co-produced by Terrenace Zdunich (Multi-talent behind Repo! The Genetic Opera [Bousman also assisted Zdunich in the feature film makings of Repo! The Genetic Opera]). In this film, three strangers meet their untimely demises and arrive in *** on the grounds of the Devil's Carnival. The premise of this film is that these three complete strangers must face their sins via participation in the Carnival's games and  interaction with the carnival folk. It is up to them, whether they learn from their past m ...
Best voice in Rock right now (not counting Ivan Moody and Sully because they are Metal).
hm so either my husband has been possessed by the devil, or he's been channeling a little too much ivan moody.holy demonic voices. Think i just lost a couple years off my life, and im pretty sure ethan is scared for life...
So CeeJae Jackson Ivan Moody just doesn't compare to Jason Hook, his dreams were almost shattered but Jason helped
Our second interview* for the site is with none other than Ivan Moody of 5 Finger Death Punch. Leave the Hall correspondant and self-confessed 5FDP fanatic. Wimps & Posers, Leave the Hall, Scotland's best heavy metal reviews website.
It would be a dream come true to do a song with Ivan Moody of FFDP!
ENGLISH: Dear friends, friends of friends, and the friends of those: I’m organizing a concert, to raise funds for a friend who has been diagnosed cancer, already in an advanced phase, and his hopes lie in a treatment which is only performed in Germany. This treatment is completely beyond his financial capabilities. Since we are all subject to this misfortune and given that this is a cause with which we all can easily identify, I have contacted friends, all of them – musicians pursuing successful careers, and to my very pleasant surprise, they all said yes! We will play pieces by Carlos Seixas, Grieg, António Silva, Ivan Moody, Rachmaninov, Bloch,…as you can see, a vary miscellaneous repertoire, as miscellaneous are, too, the musicians: we have a violinist (Luís Cunha), a horn-player (Darcy Andrade), a trio (Ens3emble), pianists (António Silva, Duarte Martins and myself), and a singer (Susana Moody)! Please, help us spread the word, and gather as many people as possible! The tickets’ price will ...
Just ran in Ivan moody and Mallori about had an accident in her pants
Just arrived with Tina Burke and got a chance to talk with Ivan Moody ( front man of Five Finger Death Punch) who joined our flight in Houston.
Nobody's voice will ever compare to the angelic vocals of Ivan Moody
I want to watch that freaky weird movie with Ivan Moody and Emilie Autumn but lazyass
WOW WHY CAN'T I HAVE IVAN MOODY. Why. We're like perfect for each other and I want him and he wants me and were getting married so. Yeah.
lol Matt Shadows is a great singer but his voice is handicapped ._. sadly BUT therefore Ivan Moody's is better.
Jared's jealous because ivan moody has a better voice than matt shadows. lol he's stupid.
I liked a video from Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch brings a kid on stage
In the famous words of Ivan L. Moody "FIA"
Good shout, actually. I really enjoyed the Motograter album too. Ivan Moody's old band.
I get sad because people have touched and met Ivan Moody when I have not
So if I ever do join a band,we'll be quite badass cause one minute I'll sing like a girl and next minute I'll start growling like Ivan Moody
crying cause Ivan Moody is so beautiful and Joe just doesn't care omg
Ivan Moody of has one of the most hypnotic speaking voices I've ever heard
Ivan Moody is such a great singer, like how do you do what you do to my ears, dude.
Bands:. 5. blends aggression with meaningful lyrics to create a sound like no other. Also, Ivan Moody's vocals are WOW!
Ivan Moody, I thank you for your existence right now
If you were a different gender, what name would you want to h... — Ivan after Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch
if it helps, Corey Taylor and Ivan moody are both like 5'4.
During one night, Ivan Moody handshaked me twice, Zacky gave me two picks and Johnny one, plus Matt smiled at me ang giggled so cute!
Cant believe it ivan moody has just walked in
Ivan Moody of ffdp ... by Lizzy Davis :-))
Ivan Moody (5fdp), just got me a $75 ticket 4 noise pollution! I would of only got a warning but I told the cop that when he speeks it's noise pollution,.
Happy Birthday to `s amazing vocalist, Ivan Moody , such an amazing voice!
Imagine if Ivan Moody and Lizzie Hale had kids. Omg. They would have a house full of beautiful sounds. 👍🎈
I have a hardcore lady *** for Ivan Moody, just because of his voice.
I am so in love with this man its unbelievable! IVAN MOODY❤💋😍.
It's official I'm love with Ivan Moody :)lol:
Listening to Ivan Moody sing makes me feel whole.
Ivan Moody and FFDP...thank you for the goose bumps... "I'm gazing upward a world I can't embrace, there's only thorns and splinters venom in my veins it's ok to cry out when it's driving you insane"
im not worries. I know we will but I just dont want be moody before we start drinkin..
Happy Birthday to our very own Ivan Moody!
omg i have a addiction too Ivan Moody
There are still autographed Prints of Ivan L. Moody of Five Finger Death Punch by Rob Fenn ( On the road Where...
I'd like to thank you Ivan moody for making my day 100 times better :)
in other news, Ivan Moody's voice is perfect
I'd marry Ivan Moody in a heart beat.
Proud to say my boyfriend looks like Ivan Moody
If I was to start a band, The music would sound like a mix between and with ivan moody from on vocals.
YouTube account back in good sanding uploading Ivan Moody's first official band demo album TOIZ and the ghost machine remix album
Ivan moody send me some cash please if anyone sees this pass on this message thank you
Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch) such a way with words "Do I care if you hate me,do you wanna know the truth Cest La Ve Addios Good Riddance F**K You!"
Ivan Moody Of Five Finger Death Punch is one of our good friends here at the X. Ivan and all of us go way back, the X was the second station in the Country to play Five Finger, and we were the leading station spinning the song, "The Bleeding", like Holy *** fire back in 2007. In 2014, Five Finger a...
Thank you Eric Foley of Flint, MI for grabbing of 100 in the Ivan Moody Autograph Series!
If Ivan Moody and Amy Lee did a duet I would crap myself with joy.
so apparently Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch did an album with the band Motograter... and just like King Midas... everything he touches turns to gold...
Ivan Moody, Corey Taylor, James Hetfield, seem to understand me so well, I'm glad I listen to their bands and music
Happy Birthday to the greatest singer Ivan Moody! Stay metal and true
Andy biersak Ivan moody Corey Taylor . My fav voices to hear right now
Ivan Moody, lookin' good, sporting the infamous BK crown for his 34th birthday. We're celebrating by spotlighting a 5FDP song at 7:30. Any suggestions? - Micki
Happy Birthday Ivan Moody! Thank you for all you've done for me.
Oh and Ivan moody has a birthday today as well!! Five Finger Death Punch *** yeah
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Happy Birthday Mr. Ivan Moody!!! Thank you so much for all the epicly bad *** music! I love you and your band so much. You guys are super talanted and you make music that is perfect for every mood. Keep making beautiful, *** kicking music, good Sir! ★
Happy bday to ivan moody , the vocalist from Five Finger Death Punch
Happy Birthday to my idol ivan moody and also Happy Birthday to my son ivan adams what an odd coincidence they share the same birthday
Happy 34th birthday to Ivan moody of Five Finger Death Punch ~maggot
Happy Birthday to Ivan Moody. Rock on man \m/
Happy bday to Ivan Moody lead singer from Five Finger Death Punch! What a legend! Rock on! \m/
Let's give a big 'ol birthday shout out to the man himself, Mr. Ivan Moody! (;
Happy Birthday Five Finger Death Punch Ivan Moody, knuckles in the air.
Hey... Ivan Moody... I just wanted to say...
Lets all wish Ivan Moody a very Happy Birthday from the Knucklehead family!!
In honor of Ivan Moody's birthday I think a some Five Finger Death Punch is in order for this mornings sideshow. "The Way Of The Fist" in its entirety right now for this mornings sideshow.Vesely
I just booked an interview with Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch!!
Happy early 34th birthday to Ivan Moody! Hope you have a great one!
Ugh. If you're Corey Taylor, Zacky V, Synyster Gates, M. Shadows, Ivan Moody or Josh Balz then come love me.
How many times do you meet Ivan moody from Five Finger Death Punch?!?! Priceless!
Is there anyway I can hire Ivan Moody to sing to me as I fall asleep?
Gimme some minutes to create a little bit of chaos. - Ivan Moody
When you have a dream so real that you met Ivan L. Moody at the mall and he signed your hip>>> :O wish it was real
Remember Motograter, Ivan Moody's pre- nu-metal band? They're reuniting (without him of course)
Bunch of EMT's in my house and like 5 of them have a striking resemblance to a younger Ivan Moody..brb faking a heart attack
My Favorite Quotations Whatever happens,.. Happens. - Spike Spiegel Only a foolish man puts his Pride before Love. - Me I choose death before dishonor, I'd rather die than live down on my knees. - Ivan Moody Only hands can wash hands, Those who give recieve. - Jet Black Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. - Dr. Seuss We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are. - Anaïs Nin
Five Finger Death Punch has been apart of my life for over a year now. And honestly have to say they still kick *** Keep up the good work Ivan Moody
Ivan Moody's voice is like Red Velvet cake.
Ivan Moody is by far top 3 favorite vocalist.
From Fr. Ivan Moody: "More about St Basil. The Liturgy attributed to him, which I served this morning, is remarkable for its anaphora, which really contains the entirety of salvation history and, therefore, the Orthodox faith." I reckon this means we really should pay attention to the Anaphora prayers when the Liturgy of St. Basil is being served. It tells us everything we need to know!
Ryan Clark, Ivan Moody, & Howard Jones are my favorite voices in metal
Ivan Moody was inspired by Metallica's Fade To Black. Ohhh me too :'3
Watching Pearl Jam Twenty on vh1 classics, thought about the man that sang some song that was playing on tv at work early this morning, something about blue eyes in candle light and a black dress on the floor. I wanted to tell him when he can sing like Eddie Vedder or Layne Staley or Ivan Moody or Ben burnley then you're worth listening too...sometimes the public is so strange!
“Imagine your icon coming to your school and playing the ukulele.” Oh I know Ivan Moody or Adam Gontier!
Ivan Moody has such a perfect voice
Listen to ivanmoody / Ivan Moody Ossetian Requiem | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
Can I just put out there from me, that you look like Ivan Moody and you're really funny. Kbye. :)
Aww Ivan l. Moody looks so unimpressed
Everyone worships Bey or Lana and I'm just over here like. ...I like Phil Anselmo, Ivan Moody and Alexi Laiho's hair...just his hair.
Who else thinks ivan moody from Five Finger Death Punch is hot
Five Finger Death Punch said that Ivan Moody conquered his battle with the bottle that almost got him kicked out and kept him from initially contributing to ...
Greatest vocalists, Ivan Moody from and M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold!
Got some compliments on the sweet *** Mohawk, Ivan Moody status... Jen doesn't thinks so though :-(
It's one thing for Ivan Moody from 5FDP to like Tech N9ne but my only other idol The MF'n Rock likes Tech N9ne. ya world peace lol now we can all get along lol
Accept the truth, Girls are always moody.
Adrian Ruiz and I planning something awful lmfao tieing up Ivan Moody and do unspeakable things lmfao maybe batman involed idk yet
Ivan Moody & make up the best band to jam out to the new years birth
Pretty sure I'm breaking in the new year watching Ivan Moody from in
The thing I like about FFDP is Ivan Moody's voice. It's kinda different than other Metal vocalists.
I've had my new year's kiss.. with Ivan Moody.. in my head.
So everyone knows that I love music (obviously), but not everyone knows who my top 5 favorite male rock/metal vocalists are. Well here is my list and in no particular order (except for Maynard). Maynard James Keenan (Tool, Puscifer, APC) Benjamin Burnley (Breaking Benjamin) Ivan Moody (5FDP) Corey Taylor (Stone Sour, Slipknot) Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter)
oh my GOD i just found out that the hobo clown from the devils carnival is played by ivan l moody who is in ffdp why am i so shocked by this
An optimistic 2014 is upon us...@ the beginning of 2013/end of 2012 I had to do the hardest thing ever; which was make a choice, accept truth & reality of another persons actions that directly affected my life. At the time i thought it would be my end. To those very close to me know how close it really was. Time went on & didn't get better. I was once again faced with an even HARDER decision last May. Once again because of another persons actions & that individual trying to remain in control of my life.Thanks to great friends, battle buddies, brothers in arms & tremendous family support from certain family members i was able to pick myself up & move out as trained. A very good buddy pulled me aside & reminded me of things about me, my personality, accomplishments, what i've lived through/seen & the opportunity @ my feet. A few other very good buddies of mine gave me the reminder what is tatted on my back..."Survive Adapt Overcome" any & all situations...then came June & as if over night everything ch ...
I wanna be able to scream like Ivan Moody.
Its nice to run across a new(er) metal band that doesn't suck. Thanks Volbeat for renewing my faith in metal. :-) Interesting voice. Sounds like Sully Erna from Godsmack and Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch had a baby. Lol
Ivan Moody is so friggin hot holy fudge
Ivan Moody's voice is seriously the hottest one I ever heard and I don't even know why but his voice is turning me on so much
Ivan Moody 's voice is so clear, loud and amazing
Like I said..Ivan Moody has the most insane mic stand.
and Ivan Moody has the most insane mic stand ever. It's so cool
The guy I'm tight with who stocks the milk at my King Soopers just showed me him tattooing Ivan Moody's left arm sleeve.
You know that Five Finger Death Punch song Battle Born & Ivan Moody says- I've been a thousand places and shook a million hands. Well he shook my hand sooo I'm 1 in a million & he's singing about me. Just sayin the facts :)
Being 2 meters away from Avenged Sevenfold and having Ivan Moody sit on my head were honestly the highlights of my life
If I ever met Ivan Moody my life would be complete.
idk maybe the fact that I don't have anything to be moody about is what's getting me moody
I think Ivan Moody should be my babydaddy.
Started off as a Five Finger Death Punch weekend now has turned into a Ivan moody weekend this dudes the dude!!
Ivan Moody laying it down like tarmac to Justin Bieber/Beaver
Personally think I'd sit and giggle if Ivan Moody ever threatened me, his voice is too nice to feel threatened by
Me: the only reason im up is because ivan moody and zoltan bathary told me too. mum: whos that. me: *facepalm then shoots myself*
Two music idols of mine Ivan Moody from 5FDP and Sean Patrick from Fear The Dawn. I hope one day to be as good as them! Practice makes perfect n I refuse to give up
I only asked for Ivan moody for Christmas... Got stupid clothes instead... Guess I was naughty this year!!
I'm watching the Devils carnival and I'm pretty sure Ivan Moody is in it
We just received tickets for a show with Ivan Moody-singer from Five Finger Death Punch!!!
So, i wanted to write a personal top album list of 2013, then i realized my list was from 2013, 2012 and older… so it became "Soundtrack of my 2013, my discoveries and goosebumps". Agnes Obel - Aventine -Such a beautiful album! i love her voice and melodies! the whole album leaves me with goosebumps! "Aventine" is my favorite track, with it's Enya esque melody and deep shivering Cello notes. "Pass them by" is also a favorite with this melody that makes me think of Deadwood and Carnivàle, a slight western feeling to it. beautiful. This is easily my favorite album this year.  Ye banished privateers - songs and curses I love a good ol' shanty and have had an obsession with pirates since i was little, like tiny! i was a hipster kid who loved POTC before it was cool… this is such a cool album for me! best track is "Welcome to Tortuga" and the music video is adorable! "Ye Banished Privateers be inspired by bastardized irish folk, high sea shanties, Scandinavian ballads of the frosen north, plays and court ...
I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't care for Ivan Moody's voice lol or FFDP for the most part lol
But on a lighter not, i REALLY want to meet Ivan Moody
Ivan Moody's voice gives me chills. Like always.
Ivan Moody of is working on a solo album after the second of two planned Five Finger Death Punch albums is out: htt…
Ivan moody is probably my favorite singer. His voice is hust so raw i love it. Plus he looks intimidating as ***
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It's how we live "how we live that defines us" what we change and what we leave behind.You know you can't, you can't take it with you, your day will come It's just a matter of time! -Ivan Moody.
Idk why but i wanna see Ivan Moody Of Five Finger Death Punch do back up vocals on a Whitechapel album
Ivan Moody accepted me!:3 Made my christmas lol Thank you, you're such an amazing artist and person! :D
I don't understand how these guys didn't get bigger than 5FDP. Ivan Moody sounds way better with these guys.
Ivan Moody w/ Five Finger Death Punch accepted my friend request last night! that was my gift! ';)÷\m/
Well the positive has began to spread like wildfire!!! Just got informed I'm getting off at noon! Yea! Then go get some Ivan moody vocals in her ride:) mabe feeling better already
Well the last band i listened to was Five Finger Death Punch so i guess i have to have sex with Ivan Moody
Hmm Ivan Moody would be an interesting Christmas gift I'd have to have him serenade me with Remember everything then of course we'd have to get married so I could have him every Christmas after that :) Lol
Does anyone know what Ivan Moody's email address is? I need to email him and establish that he wants to work with me on my album Mr. Knucklehead
I cannot believe it has taken me 10 years to get to an In Mulieribus Concert. What a tremendous performance!!! Congratulations to Catherine van der Salm, Jo Routh, Susan Hale, Hannah Penn, Ann Wetherell, Kari, Shelynn, and Anna. I was so moved by the choices in rep. I loved every piece, but especially Ivan Moody's premier was just incredible in that space. Kudos to everyone involved!!
Sometimes I feel like Ivan Moody is singing about my life... ;-; ❤
I'm preparing my work agenda so Mr. Offered to give me a hand w/ my chores. He's putting the kids laundry away and it's turned into a concert. Corey Taylor, Ivan Moody & Jonathan Davis have made a vocal appearance in the kids room. Cute!
So one of my friends posted a music video the other night. To my surprise it was 5 finger death punch. (Go Ivan Moody) any who I watched it and was pretty amazed by the video. In my opinion it's a great suicide prevention video. It's "coming down". Warning: pretty disturbing.
Im dreaming when im older i'll have a rouch vocal voice like ivan moody...
The fcc the FBI and every tin god with a badge and a gun ~Ivan Moody~
Ivan Moody stops the song to yell at a guy who as Ivan put it "kicked a chick in the face on purpose" Ivan is amazing. I recorded this but obviously the song...
I think it is fitting. My is the frontman of the most patriotic band there is. Ivan Moody.
If Ivan Moody just added 'ya kossomak' in his lyrics, it would be great. I mean in his voice for sure.
If Pointless had Chris Kael, Ivan Moody and Jeremy Spencer I'd have been like "ZOLTAN BATHORY. HE'S THE MISSING ONE." Or in any order
they are my all time favorite band!Them Five Finger Death Punch. I quote both of their songs constantly! M. Shadows& Ivan Moody! 😍
It is my goal to one day meet sully Erna, adam gontier, Ivan moody and david draiman. One day.
Five Finger Death Punch has the best vocalist singer on the planet. Ivan moody is possibly better than the weeknd
Does Ivan Moody write songs about my life?
Still waiting for this man to come find me and propose.
Apparently there's like some old author named Ivan Moody
I remember telling one of my teachers once I wanted to do my project on Ivan Moody and he was like "I love his work!" And I was like "huh"
Remember in like eighth grade when I was obsessed with Ivan Moody
Ivan Moody has an amazing vocal range
Think I might just plaster pictures of Ivan Moody in my room
Imagine having a Dad like Ivan Moody, nobody would dare to get on the wrong side of you!
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"Your heaven's trying everything to break me down." Ivan Moody's voice. Ah! should do a live show here in India.
Ivan Moody may just be my favorite singer in rock
"It could have been much worse, but it should have been better." Ivan Moody's voice though...
Do I want anything from this world? Other than to get married to Ivan Moody, Jari, Johnny Christ, Chris Adler and Zacky Vengeance? No.
I love Ivan Moody, he's so great. FFDP are such an amazing band with such talented members.
The most EPIC collab track would be Slug featuring Tech N9ne, Freddie Gibbs and Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch. That needs to happen.
For those that missed the memo, the band Motograter has reformed and plan to tour soon. I'm sure Ivan Moody loves...
What the *** Stop what? I mean listen to Ivan Moody. God, that man gives me goosebumps :')
Ivan Moody has the sexiest voice... >
Corey Taylor and Ivan Moody are probably the two best men ever
Not my first choice to listen to but they're still good! Have a listen to Five Finger Death Punch Moody
I love your music! They are perfect. Ivan Moody, I love you man, you're awesome. ❤
Dear Jesus, give me a voice like Ivan Moody's and I'll love you forever
I can't tell the difference between my son singing & Ivan Moody from do I have a future metal singer on my hands?
Idc I really want Ivan Moody's voice! It's amazing!
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I want singing voice like Corey Taylor and Ivan Moody.
My phone wouldn't let me title the pictures I posted, so those would be Ivan Moody (lead singer) and Zoltan Bathory (lead guitar) of Five Finger Death Punch. The rest have titles.
I think Ivan Moody is a blend of Corey Taylor and Fred Durst
He's so dang beautiful & I love him x3 I appreciate everything they did & all the work they put in on the new album but I'm honestly unhappy with it. Can you guys just do a FFDP cd & not a 'FFDP feat. _' cd? .-.
Still can't believe I got the sigs of Ivan Moody awesome album
One reason why Ivan Moody is one of my favourite artists, apart from having amazing metal vocals, singing like this!
Ivan Moody in my magazine, instantly feeling great
I found something new out last week that Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch lives in Fort Morgan!
Ivan Moody's voice is literally perfect.
Ivan Moody your vocals give me such a massive erection
I love me some Ivan Moody. He's my phone bg. LOVE HIM.
Danny Worsnop sounds like Ivan Moody in the new album
Ill always be in love with Ivan Moody
So my top 3 of amazing vocalists of all my life : 3- Ivan Moody 2-Corey Taylor 1- Myles Kennedy (of course)
I still remember when Ivan Moody got a bunch of kids up on stage at Download
I'll download it shortly and give it a whirl. Ivan Moody is one of my favourite metal vocalists
Why don't I listen to Five Finger Death Punch way more often? Ivan Moody is brilliant and his voice is sexy.
Metal heads: What should I ask Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch?
if any of you know real music, listen to the best vocalist on the planet Ivan Moody. from home
I would like to thank heaven for Ivan Moody, Matt Sanders, Rob Halford, and and and the singer from Korn xD
Ivan moody has to be the most legendary lead singer of rock music
Ivan moody's vocals are just mind blowing
hehehe Ivan Moody dressed as a priest screaming "mama said knock you out!"
Ivan moody has a sprocket on his arm...
-> and the things that I've worked so hard to succeed at or achieve." —IVAN MOODY (5FDP)
"Stop looking for other people to give you the answers and take control of your own can control your own outcome..."-Ivan Moody
Also, Ivan Moody and Maria Brink make a great duet, Anywhere But Here is a great song!
Maria brink does a song with Ivan moody in the 5FDP new album 😏👌
"Well you know if it was up to me all 12 walls of my house would be murals of Ivan Moody's eyebrows.."
Ivan Moody hands down everyone go home
New FFDP album is pretty good. Ivan Moody's voice is sexy.
If I did an interview with Ivan Moody of would you guys read it? I've had a few requests for him.
Not unless you sound like Ivan Moody.
Love the song you did with Ivan Moody. His voice is awesome and you as well.
“For some reason, reminds me of Ivan Moody.” 👍👍
Corey Taylor or Ivan Moody.who really has the best voice?
Ivan Moody is one of the coolest frontmen in the world. And his lyrics are badass. He's so real.
You're born alone, you'll die alone.oh Ivan moody, you know me so well
But I just need Ivan Moody to sing me to sleep every night. I NEED IT.
I think I want Ivan Moody as my personal trainer. Seems like there'd be something awfully motivating about him screaming at me. :')
Ivan Moody's voice always gives me the chills. ✨💀✋👊
Here's a shot of Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch from the ATL date of Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival!
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