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Ivan Lendl

Ivan Lendl (born March 7, 1960) is a former world no.

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Same, always remember my Adidas Ivan Lendl's. Also Gazelles. I did do some Air Max, 95's and 97's.
When he's not coaching Ivan Lendl is leading juniors to victory at
There is Ivan the terrible, but there is also Ivan Pavlov, Nobel laureate and Ivan Lendl. Let's hope he turns out to be a great man.
Michael thinks Murray is Ivan Lendl. Everything he says should be ignored 😉
My serve and my forehand I pretty much always had, but my backhand wa...
Jagr told me his good buddy Ivan Lendl coming to game tonight probably Andy Murray too
Ivan Lendl glad you liked the twett apreciated nice day
The morning after Andy Murray won his first Grand Slam title. .
Hey Ivan Lendl Fan thanks for the follow! Still advertising and talking to complete strangers? Have you thou…
Well done Andy Murray,for me he's got Ivan Lendl to thank a lot for
yeah Ivan lendl been massive help he really seems to help him with the mental side of his game
what I would like to know where was the real main man Ivan Lendl
Ivan Lendl should win , purely for his amazing range of emotions while coaching Andy Murray.
Ivan Lendl has been voted as Coach Of The Year at the Congratulations!
[Courier Mail]Murray is six months into a second stint with Ivan Lendl as a regular, if occasi…
Olympic gold is obviously right up there with a Grand Slam. It's a bi...
.has been coached by Stefan . .has been coached by .. Ivan coaches .
MARTIN SAMUEL: Ivan Lendl teaches victory, not tennis via
I'll give you one from each sport, whose books I read as a future coach: Nick Saban, John Wooden, Ivan…
When asked why he drilled his rival, Ivan Lendl said, "Nobody invited him to come to net." Deal, or stay home.
ask Boris who is . more tough opponent in his time... Stephen Edberg or Ivan Lendl in his view ?
Hey Ivan Lendl Fan thanks for the follow! Check out some great art here:
Many times the players get in there and it's just about as well as they c...
Andy Murray says Ivan Lendl has rejoined his coaching team - BBC News
Other clues: Inspector Morse makes its TV debut, Ivan Lendl wins the US Open and U2 release Joshua Tree. What year is it?
One of my hero.Can you please ask him his view about the epic series btwn him an Ivan lendl ?And why Ivan alwys lost in final
Too many people asking too many questions in tennis. Golf is better.
Considering Andy Murray finished the year as tennis world no.1 for the first time, perhaps Ivan Lendl might get som…
The fall and rise of Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl’s masterstroke - SK Tennis
If you look at any superior athlete, you will find a strong parental inf...
Stefan Barre pictured with world No. 1 Andy Murray and Murray's coach Ivan Lendl (an eight-time Grand Slam champion…
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: Andy Murray buoyed by No 1 ranking ahead of ATP World Tour finals . Andy Murray will step out at the O2…
[moment of 2016: He was stunned in the third-round of Wimbledon …
ATP World Tour Finals: Nole in group “Ivan Lendl“ with Raonic, Monfils and Thiem | Novak Djokovic
Previewed group in Check out for group: h…
Previewed group in Check out for group…
I think if you look at Andre then and now, you look at two different m...
will compete in group ''Ivan Lendl'' at the 2016 vs. and ht…
Marriage is not about age of self-determination to world war in the age of mass extermination. -Ivan Lendl
Does anyone else think the John McEnroe group of the ATP World Tour Finals is far more vicious than the Ivan Lendl group?
Djokovic, Thiem, Raonic & Monfils make up the Lendl group at the after varying seasons of high & lows:…
How Andy Murray has benefited from Ivan Lendl&absence
[ABC News]In the five months since returning as Murray’s mentor in June, Lendl has attended ju…
How Andy Murray has benefited from Ivan Lendl's absence -
[Murray has climbed to the top of the tennis rankings Ironica…
Much like the man who got him to No.1 ... Ivan Lendl
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[Tennis World]Probably the favourite is Ivan Lendl, who is back in Andy Murray’s team since Ju…
Parenting & coach. Lucky it worked. What changed for Murray?.
congrats Andy an amazing achievment. You didnt just scrape the no 1 slot. You did it in style. Ivan lendl. Amazing coach
Nominees for ATP Coach of the Year. Günter Bresnik. Ivan Lendl. Magnus Norman . Emmanuel Planque. Mikael Tillstrom. Tough to call.
Dominic Thiem needs to show some skills too. Ivan Lendl's group looks really tough.
Raonic is ready for World Tour Finals. Ivan Lendl group.
is the Ivan Lendl of American politics. Always tried very hard, but never was able to win that one coveted title - Wimbledon
How Murray has benefited from Lendl's absence: How Murray has benefited from Lendl's absence
For 25 years I was unconditional fan of Ivan Lendl. For 14 years I am your unconditional fan, I prey for you every day Nole!
Ivan Lendl reflects on in 1980s, the focus & dedication he had. And how he is helping Andy Murray.
Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl can be the most lethal partnership in tennis 🔗
7/25/92 swept Ivan Lendl in 3 sets at the National Tennis Centre. *Keith Beaty
Enjoyed a fascinating chat with Matt Little on Andy Murray's fitness, Ivan Lendl's phone call and sitting in the box
Ivan Lendl teaches victory, not tennis... he is as much of a counsellor to Andy Murray as a coach but that is exac…
Wimbledon champion Andy Murray hopes to 'firm up' deal to keep Ivan Lendl as coach: MIKE DICKSON: Their succe...
JOHN LLOYD: Ivan Lendl and John McEnroe would never say it but each of them would love to put one over the other when their respective
Does anyone else think Ivan Lendl and Vern Cotter were separated at birth?
After Andy Murray's performance at Wimbledon, would the FA be better off talking to Ivan Lendl than Stuart Lancaster?
Andy Murray Wimbledon champion!!! Ivan Lendl absolute genius... 3 weeks in to the job!!! Amazing achievement!
has got nothing on Ivan Lendl. So much stern. So much grim.
Battle of the coaches: Ivan Lendl vs John McEnroe
Andy Murray, Milos Raonic Look to Ivan Lendl and John McEnroe For Wimbledon Glory: Andy Murray will face Milo...
Ivan Lendl and John McEnroe renew Wimbledon rivalry - 33 years on...
.and Ivan Lendl take on and John McEnroe in the Final
JOHN LLOYD: McEnroe will be desperate to put one over on Ivan Lendl
John McEnroe desperate to put one over on Ivan Lendl as Andy Murray and Milos Raonic ... -
You have to remember: In youth, the defining athletes from his homeland were Martina Navratilova and Ivan Lendl.
Ivan Lendl has Andy Murray laughing all the way to Wimbo glory, says Jonas Bjorkman
Ivan Lendl shocked to learn Andrea Leadsom was Andy Murray's last coach.
Ivan Lendl to coach Murray. Djokovic trains with Becker. Raonic with McEnroe and Nishikori with Michael Chang. It's 80s again at
Cash: 'Andy Murray has made a very good move in going back to Lendl'
Roger Federer joined Ivan Lendl in second place in the Open-era list for career match...
Ivan Lendl joins era of supercoaches as pundits hail his reunion with Andy Murray | via
Andy reunites with coach Ivan ahead of Queen's
Ivan Lendl seamlessly back into the old routine - mercilessly taking the *** out of every player and coach he crosses…
Andy Murray: Ivan Lendl is definitely more of a handshake than a hug kind of guy...
Tennis: Downing Djokovic the target as Andy Murray brings Ivan Lendl back on board...
Andy Murray made the right move by bringing back Ivan Lendl before Wimbledon...
Reunited and it feels so good: Andy Murray recalls former coach Ivan Lendl ahead of Wimbledon
Ivan Lendl calls on Andy Murray to 'ruin' Novak Djokovic's chance of a 2016 Golden Slam via
Andy Murray 'in a good place' ahead of Wimbledon following Ivan Lendl's return...
Ivan Lendl just started trending in the UK. People are excited... . Read about it📱:
Coach Ivan Lendl reveals intentions to end Novak Djokovic domination with Andy Murray
Ivan Lendl says he and Andy Murray aim to "ruin" Novak Djokovic's Calendar Slam
Andy Murray reunites with Ivan Lendl as Wimbledon looms...
Hamilton Collection
First sighting of Ivan Lendl at Queens & first practice session for Andy Murray as they're reunited http…
.on Andy Murray teaming up again with Ivan Lendl and trying to beat "that guy Djokovic".
Excellent piece I like Ivan Lendl, glad he's back.
surpasses Ivan Lendl in the All Time Ranking, he´s 5th. Sign up & see all records http…
Tennis Podcast: Ivan Lendl back with Andy Murray at Queen's as Goran Ivanisevic offers rain advice -…
Melbourne (Australia) Age - Tennis: Ivan Lendl out to help Andy Murray &Novak Djokovic&plans for title domination
Ivan Lendl out to help Andy Murray 'ruin' Novak Djokovic's plans for title domination
Andy Murray's been in two finals already this year. I'm not expecting any less, with the appointment of Ivan Lendl than a Wimbledon win.
Ivan Lendl wants Andy Murray to rain on Djokovic's parade...
Ivan Lendl: Andy Murray and I would like to ruin Novak Djokovic’s plans https:…
More handshakes than hugs. Andy Murray on his renewed partnership with Ivan Lendl.
Andy Murray expects ivan lendl to have a positive impact: Andy Murray believes Ivan Lendl can m...
Ivan Lendl says his new hips can 'ruin' Novak Djokovic
Andy Murray and are out to ruin Novak Djokovic's 'golden slam' plans, says Ivan Lendl
Ivan Lendl and Andy Murray back in winning ways at Queen's Club
Andy Murray welcomes back Ivan Lendl as coach in time for Wimbledon via
BREAKING: Ivan Lendl to coach British No 1 Andy Murray during the grass court season
Roger Federer ties Ivan Lendl for second-most match wins in Open Era.
The Guardian: Andy Murray would love to work with Ivan Lendl as coach again
Can't. Working on a 'Gregor Mendel and Ivan Lendl walk into a bar' joke.
I enjoy life. I always enjoy jokes.
Walked by a tennis court today and line judged a few games. Uninvited. Didn't end well. Jett can always outrun Ivan Lendl dudes.
Friday mind fart: I wonder if Ivan Lendl hates Michael Chang for defeating him in his best opportunity to win the French Open.
Berdych goes long, and Murray has set point, wonder if Ivan Lendl is watching this one? he'd be impressed with Murray...
You know how kids are. They like to do what parents do.
I don't make a habit of watching tennis matches, but I try to watch all the...
Better back up off that net. Straight Ivan Lendl baby!
You have to focus on the process. You cannot be glued to the results.~ Ivan Lendl
In love with the character of the legends - Ivan Lendl vs Jimmy Connors - 1984
If I don't practice the way I should, then I won't play the way that I know I can. - Ivan Lendl
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I do not understand Vasek why you do not ask for advice from other tennis pros like Ivan Lendl or Pete Sampras Jim Courier?
So many lovely memories of Kooyong. One of best was day Ivan Lendl met GB press for 1st time as coach. Gr8 interview
Greatest rivalries in the history vs Ivan Lendl, see here their H2H .
Ivan Lendl could never crack a grass championship at Wimbledon! Brides Maid!
Ivan Lendl, Mary Carillo, etc., show up @ Casal-Sanchez Academy for the 60th BD of Pavel Slozil, Steffi Graf's coach
Djokovic's coach is Boris Becker, so to win the 18th Grand Slam Federer should have a coach like Ivan Lendl, Pete Sampras or Andre Agassi.
Fed and Djokovic set for early clash: Novak Djokovic has the chance to join Pete Sampras and Ivan Lendl as fiv...
Great move by Had the privilege of developing athletes together. Expect young guns to come out firing.
US recruits Lendl to work with youngsters: Thu, 2015-11-12 20:44. LOS ANGELES: Former world No.1 Ivan Lendl has...
Tennis News. Former world number one Ivan Lendl has been recruited to help nurture the next generation of American…
Lendl to aid USTA in developing young players
Lendl to work with USTA player development program -
Super-intrigued by Lendl's addition to USTA coaching staff.
Ivan Lendl will help USTA try to raise future tennis stars
[Valley Morning Star]Ivan Lendl is getting back into coaching to try to groom the next American t…
Ivan Lendl to coach young players as part of USTA development program - via App
Ivan Lendl, Jill Craybas and Mardy Fish to work with USTA player development program. . Read:
Ivan to coach young players as part of development program - via App
Ivan Lendl, & Jill Craybas to coach w/ Player Development on part-time basis beginning this fall and winte…
8-time Slam champ Ivan Lendl helps USTA try to develop stars
Andy Murray's former coach Ivan Lendl is now working for the USTA working with six 15-year-olds for 50 days a year, mai…
8-time Slam champ Ivan Lendl helps try to develop stars
Ivan Lendl, Mardy Fish and Jill Craybas to Coach with USTA Player Development: From the USTA: (Novembe...
KC has suffered at NY hands since the Roger Maris trade so in the words of Ivan Lendl "Be fair to the both players!"
Oops, how the *** did I manage to miss Bjorn Borg and Ivan Lendl... two of my favourite players from yesteryears...
I could be wrong, but I'll take her against Boris Becker, Ivan Lendl, Connors etc. McEnroe is 56 years old & would be gassed
On this day in 1984, Ivan Lendl defeated John McEnroe at the French Open to win the first of his 8 Grand Slam titles.
Djokovic is bidding to win his ninth Grand Slam title and surpass Andre Agassi, Jimmy Connors, Ivan Lendl, Fred Perry and Ken Rosewall
Ivan Lendl just could not win Wimbledon
I really need to retro the Ivan Lendl in the original colorways. Its been way to long.
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Ivan Lendl former world no.1 tennis player reveals the key traits of a champion
Novak Djokovic on top for 142nd week - goes past Rafael Nadal's record: Jimmy Connors (268 Weeks), Ivan Lendl ...
Spieth is like the Ivan Lendl of golf. Silent, deadly, but hard to market due to lack of personality.
Never seen Murphy and Ivan Lendl in the same room together...
I can picture an uninvited Ivan Lendl monitoring that wedding from a tree outside the venue.
Is Ivan Lendl going to Andy Murray's wedding? He can get quite emotional on these big occasions.
I don't know what to say, ... It has been a fantastic run. I enjoyed playing here. ~Ivan Lendl
Smilin Kenny Hartmann and his golfing buddy Ivan Lendl
If the rest of America only knew NY's own Ivan Lendl, then they too would ...What? From where? Czechoslovakia? Nevermind.
Laettner does interviews the same way he played, very Ivan Lendl-like: "I. had. a. good. game. against. UNLV. that's. for. sure."
Ivan Lendl will coach Mon Amour. He can do virtual coaching, can't he? 😜
bigsimm "riewoldt too selfish" ?. He's having an Ivan Lendl of us, surely
When Andy Murray won the Our show from September 2012 with Ivan Lendl, Kevin Spacey, Sir Alex Ferguson.
I wish Ivan Lendl would just get back on board as Andy Murray's Head Coach.
good move this would be although he's no Ivan Lendl!
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"Lendl was understood to be on a salary in excess of £500,000, + seven-figure bonus foa a major."
Ivan Lendl and I just skyped my father so
Placido Domingo almost got booed courtside at the Federer exhibition for saying he loved Ivan Lendl!
Nice of tennis icon Ivan Lendl to stop by the corporate office today at MSG
You will pass Ivan Lendl this season win match but pls pass Jimmy Conners win match in the few nxt years
Who will beat in 2015 The legend won against Jimmy Connors & Ivan Lendl. Book now
We can only imagine the fun Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl must have when they party together.
Ivan Lendl announces partnership with Flex24 prior to and the
Ivan Lendl is in the house. Promoting his new partnership with Flex24.
Ivan Lendl 2 announce today he's endorsing Flex24 pain patch from Larasan Pharm. Larasan also sponsoring for 3 years the MSG tennis exo
Larasan Pharmaceutical to announce endorsement deal w/ HOFer Ivan Lendl for Flex24 pain reliever.
Today in 1986 - Jimmy was fined $20K & was suspended from tennis for 10 weeks after he threw a fit while playing against Ivan Lendl
Novak Djokovic is equal with Andre Agassi, Ivan Lendl and Jimmy Connors on 8 Slams. One forgets how great that is because of Nadal/Federer.
Djokovic now tied for 8th on the all-time majors list with Andre Agassi, Jimmy Connors, Ivan Lendl, Ken Rosewall and Fre…
This is now 8 Grand Slam, equal with Jimmy Connors, Ivan Lendl, Andre Agassi, in Open Era http:/…
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Andy Murray says he feels in a good frame of mind heading into the Australian Open under the coaching of easygoing Amelie Mauresmo as the pair develop a greater understanding. Murray, a three-time runner-up at the Australian Open, had a surprise split with coach Ivan Lendl, then controversially hired former women's number one Mauresmo, last June. The two-time Grand Slam champion lost his Wimbledon title and briefly fell out of the top 10 for the first time in six years, but feels things are coming together under the Frenchwoman, who won the Melbourne title in 2006. "Last year, for me,…
Roger Federer joins Jimmy Connors (1,253) and Ivan Lendl (1,071) as the only players in Open Era with 1,000 ATP wins.
Title number for Federer in Brisbane, meaning he joins Jimmy Connors and Ivan Lendl on players who have reached 1000 …
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Okey Darren, I am just not sure a X player who was a very good play is the right answer, why he moved Ivan Lendl on ?.
they are, take my word for it. My dad is a world famous dog trainer. Ivan Lendl wanted to meet my dad, because of
Also, Andy Murray vs. Ivan Lendl in first round of Magazine 50 year tennis tournament. Would love to see it.
He's doing an Ivan Lendl here and bottling it! Come on Anderson!
Ivan Lendl did a good job with or .
Hard to say, I would like Ivan Lendl.
What Wimbledon is to Ivan Lendl. English Premiere League is to Steven Gerrad . A LOST CAUSE. .
All winners need a great team. Well done Ivan Lendl & Team Murray for the fabulous win at Can't wait for the US Open
If RF wins all his 4 matches in Brisbane he will have 1000ATP wins! Only behind Connors (1253) and Ivan Lendl (1071)
Gerrard must team up with Ivan Lendl to discuss the trophy they never got!
He's gone back to being aggressive like he was under Ivan Lendl, hope he has a good year. It was curtains for Andy last year
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I just played as Andy Murray against Ivan Lendl in the Daily Challenge
What happened when Jimmy Connors met Ivan Lendl in US Open final? Bill Norris reveals all in "Pain,Set & Match" Find it
CTL's Pune team named "Pune Marathas" Pat Cash This right-handed tennis champion is a serve-and-volley expert. Pat beat the then World No. 1, Ivan Lendl, to win the Wimbledon Championship in 1987. He even coached a young Mark Philippoussis! Agnieszka Radwanska From being named the WTA’s Most Impressive Newcomer in 2006, to holding the title of WTA’s most popular player for 3 consecutive years, Agnieszka Radwanska is a true champion indeed. Known for her intelligent use of the court, she is also the first Polish player to have reached the singles finals in a Grand Slam tournament. Saketh Myneni Born in Andhra Pradesh, he is known as the Golden Boy of Indian Tennis. Saketh, who calls himself ‘a low profile guy’, made a pretty high profile win by bagging Gold at the Mixed Doubles at the 2014 Asian Games. Marcos Baghdatis Baghdatis shot to fame in 2006 when, as an unseeded entrant to the Australian Open, he produced a powerful 4-set victory over World No. 3 Andy Roddick. Since then, there’s been no ...
Novak Djokovic is the 3rd player to win 3 consecutive After Nastase 71,72,73 and Ivan Lendl 85…
I said it was the end of Andy Murray as soon as he departed with Ivan Lendl. It boils down to the attitude of the player. Coaches makes players championship worthy. As soon as players thinks they are better than the coach then they decide to depart. A year later, you see from being number three in the world they struggling to get in to the top ten. Respect your coaches, work *** your game. Attitude can make a huge difference.
Methinks Andy Murray may wish to re-hire Ivan Lendl.
Sounds obvious but Murray is now a shadow of the player he was when coached by Ivan Lendl.
Poor Amelie Mauresmo. Ivan is trending in the United Kingdom.
Great to see Andy Murray has improved since sacking Ivan Lendl. Hard to gauge given Federer isn't at his best. Back to Scottish Andy
features extraordinary estate. Learn more and see photos here.
Ivan Lendl's stock goes up yet again after this, Federer has quality in Stefan Edberg & Murray has Mauresmo, we could see the difference.
who sacks the great Ivan Lendl for Amelie Mauresmo? Hey, but what do i know?
Surely Andy Murray is straight on the phone to Ivan Lendl, telling him whatever it takes, whatever it takes, please come back now!
Think Ivan Lendl may be about to receive a begging letter from Andy Murray.
definitely think he should give Ivan Lendl a call to re-work w/him part time
Campaign for to bring back Ivan Lendl
Think better go and beg Ivan Lendl to come back!!
Get back on the phone we need Ivan Lendl
Roger Federer qualifies for his 12th semifinal, equalling the record of Ivan Lendl (1981-1991).
Why did Murray leave Ivan Lendl? That's the best thing that's happened for him in his tennis career tbh
Murray was stupid to get rid of his previous coach Ivan Lendl
Andy Murray isn't the player he was when Ivan Lendl was his coach.
it all started going wrong when Ivan Lendl left.:(
Andy Murray will never be as good as when Ivan Lendl made him sleep in the cage. Lesson to us all, there.
Best thing Murray can do is get rid of Mauresmo and do all he can to get Ivan Lendl back, this is just shocking.
bring back Ivan Lendl as coach of Andy Murray He needs him they had great success together
he didn't leave Lendl . Ivan didn't want to do it any more .
it cannot be denied that his game has suffered since he and Ivan Lendl parted company
it'll be interesting to see what Murray plays like next year, just wish Ivan Lendl was still his coach, he suited Andy down to a T
Murray and Ivan Lendl shouldn't have parted. He has been the same since they went seperate ways.
Ivan Lendl has a tendency to be grumpy. But with him, it was the only time that AM wasn't grumpy...
Why Murray let go Ivan Lendl as a coach I'll never understand. Murray is no way near as aggressive in his groundstrokes as before
With Federer qualifying for his 12th semi-final, he equals Ivan Lendl's record of final four appearances a…
By reaching the final four, Roger Federer equals Ivan Lendl's record of 12 semi-final appearances at... v
Tennis: Kei Nishikori's win sends Roger Federer to ATP Finals semis for 12th time, tied with Ivan Lendl SC
Roger Federer equaled Ivan Lendl's record of 12 semifinal appearances at the ATP Finals without stepping on court as Kei Nishikori defeated David Ferrer 4-6, 6-4, 6-1 in his final round-robin match on Thursday. Nishikori had to wait for the outcome of the late match between Federer and Andy...
In the first 10 years of his ATP career, Ivan Lendl won 731 matches, well clear of John McEnroe's 665 in second...
Ivan Lendl could soon become coach to Tomas Berdych...
Can you imagine shouting out John McEnroe or Jimmy Connors or Ivan Lendl back in the day?
Ivan Lendl says there are no hard feelings between him and Andy Murray: It was late Saturday afternoon at Flushing Meadows when Andy ...
Ivan Lendl explains the reasons behind his split from Andy Murray - reports
Andy Murray's Wimbledon triumph would have been such a hard act to follow, admits former coach Ivan Lendl
Ivan Lendl has cited family commitments and the comedown after Grand Slam victories as reasons behind his split with Andy Murray
Compare and contrast Amelie Mauresmo & Ivan Lendl. Andy Murray talks to Kevin Mitchell ...
Two of the greatest ever grass court players Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker who fought bitter three consecutive finals at the Centre court (1988-90) are now coaches of Fedex and Djoker... 1985-95 saw an avalanche of Tennis players you dont see now-a-days - Edberg, Becker, Mats Wilander, Ivan Lendl, Pat Cash, Michael Chang, Michael Stitch, Andre Agassi, Jim Courier. Unfortunately the competition now-a-days is between a maximum of 2 or 3 players... Till mid 90s, any of the top 8 seeds had the potency to win a Grand Slam title... The serve-and-volley era of Becker and Edberg would be missed forever not to mention of John McEnroe (a natural serve and Volleyer).
Some Key Stats from the match ::: ■71st match win at Wimbledon equaled him with Boris Becker for the most number of match wins... (Jimmy Connors has the most number of match wins at Wimbledon with 84), followed by Sampras who had 63 wins and McEnroe had 59 wins at SW 19. ■42nd time when Roger Federer has reached the Quarter-finals of a major. He held this record jointly with Connors. The others in the list are Jimmy Connors: 41, Andre Agassi: 36, Ivan Lendl: 34, Novak Djokovic: 29, Pete Sampras: 27 & Rafael Nadal: 27. ■Federer now holds the record of winning the most number of Round 1, Round-2, Round-3, Round-4, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Finals & winning titles at Majors. ■12th successive 4th Round match that Federer has played and won at Wimbledon in his 16 championships. ■Federer is now 42-8 in 4th Round matches at majors. ■Federer is the only player to reach quarter-final without dropping service even once. ■129th match win on grass courts ■961st career match win. ■860th ma ...
Andy was so much less moody these past couple years. Wimbledon won't be the same without Ivan Lendl -
One of the most dominant players of the '80s, Ivan Lendl won 10 Grand Slams and appeared in 19 Grand Slam single finals, a record broken by Roger Federer in 2009. Over the course of his 16-year career, Lendl compiled a 1,071-239 record with 144 career titles.
LONDON: All was as it should be on the opening day of Wimbledon as returning British hero Andy Murray began the defence of his historic title with a accomplished first-round victory on Monday. Under bright skies, with the green Centre Court grass glistening and Murray resplendent in spotless white attire, the 27-year-old walked out to a standing ovation and proceeded to reward his fans by dismantling Belgium´s David Goffin. It has not all been plain sailing for Murray since his spine-tingling defeat of Novak Djokovic last July to become the first home men´s singles champion at the All England Club since Fred Perry in 1936. Back surgery, a split with coach Ivan Lendl and up-and-down form meant there were a few question marks over the third seed ahead of the biggest fortnight of his year, but he answered them with an emphatic 6-1 6-4 7-5 victory. Watched by his grandparents in the Royal Box and new coach Amelie Mauresmo, Murray delivered a dominant display against a lightweight opponent who played the sup ...
Last year's Wimbledon was the most unpredictable in memory. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova - owners of a combined 10 titles at the All England Club - were all gone by the end of the second round. Five-time champion Serena Williams left in the fourth. Add in the record-equaling withdrawals or mid-match retirements because of health problems. And to cap it all, Andy Murray finally gave Britain the men's champion it had wanted for more than three-quarters of a century. What might 2014 have in store? Here are five things to watch at Wimbledon, where play begins Monday: 'MURRESMO': The pairing of Murray and his new coach, Amelie Mauresmo, was quickly dubbed ''Murresmo,'' and their partnership is sure to draw a lot of notice. For one thing, Murray won the grass-court Grand Slam tournament - the first British man in 77 years to do so - with Ivan Lendl in his corner a year ago. For another, it's unusual for a top male tennis player to be coached by a woman. But Murray was coached for years by his ...
Ex-Wimbledon champion says appointment of Amélie Mauresmo to replace Ivan Lendl was 'a total shock'Virginia Wade has done it again: two years after calling Andy Murray "a drama queen" when his back gave up on him during a match at the French Open, she says she doubts his appointment of Amélie Mauresmo as his new coach will work, suggesting it is a stunt by the Scot."It's hard to read him," she said on the eve of his Wimbledon title defence. "Mauresmo was a total shock, I thought they were all fooling around. I think again he's maybe trying to mess with everybody. I don't know. She was a great player, she's a great person. I think she was a little fragile mentally because she had the capabilities of beating everybody." Continue reading...
Andy Murray is expected to name his new coach before Wimbledon after revealing he held talks with a possible successor to Ivan Lendl. The Scot parted company with Lendl in March and a number of names have been linked with the vacant post, including John McEnroe, Mats Wilander and Larry Stefanki. Mur
Amelie Mauresmo to replace Ivan Lendl as Andy Murray's coach. Only second top 10 male player to have female coach.
Andy Murray has made a historic move by opting to replace former coach Ivan Lendl with former Wimbledon ladies’ champion Amélie Mauresmo
Andy Murray had long since discarded Ivan Lendl and it was thought that Amelie Mauresmo will be the replacement in the capacity of coach. Well, that rumor turned into reality recently. "Andy has...
Andy Murray had been searching for a new coach after Ivan Lendl. Good to hear.
Not to sound sexist or anything but what exactly can she provide to Murray that Ivan Lendl didn't give to him?
Nice tribute to Ivan Lendl at beginning of awards presentation.
Could Rafa Nadal be the greatest men tennis player ever?? Debatable. Federer for many, others Ivan Lendl, then there's Sampras, Borg..
cannot believe this, Andy gets rid of a man like Ivan Lendl and hires Amelie Mauresmo - weird!
Nadal has so many RG titles as Wilander, Ivan Lendl and Guga altogether. That. is. so. impressive.
Andy Murray reveals new coach after Lendl split.
Murray got put to shame in the French Open, he was lost without Ivan Lendl, only now he realises he needs a coach! good luck Amelie Mauresmo
Impressed. Glass ceiling again being breached. "Andy Murray reveals new coach.
Big news: Andy Murray has appointed a new coach, and it’s a woman! (Former world Amelie Mauresmo, specifically.)
Andy Murray reveals new coach after Lendl split.
Djoko reminds me of Ivan Lendl in some ways.
Nice to see Boris Becker taking the Ivan Lendl approach to coaching
Now Ivan Lendl is free, I'm wondering how much it would cost to get him to come round and sort out my life. I need a harsh taskmaster
The coaching news made me realize how much I miss Ivan Lendl.
oh yeah, except he didn't get rid of his old coach. Ivan Lendl left him cos he didn't want to coach anymore. Apparently.
Move over Andy Murray has appointed Amelie Mauresmo as his coach... Replacing Ivan Lendl!
Andy Murray showed that he is quite prepared to think outside the box by appointing Ivan Lendl, and now he has done it again by appointing Amelie Mauresmo. The move, the likelihood of which was revealed eleven days ago in Sportsmail, is a groundbreaking one which will make his campaign to defend...
Why would Andy Murray fire Ivan Lendl as his coach?
I wonder if Boris Becker and Ivan Lendl could have hung with Nadal or Djokovic? I think so.
I still feel it was a stupid mistake for Andy Murrau to have dumped Ivan Lendl.He won him 2 competitions.
So new coach is Suppose he's used to answering to his mum, so Ivan Lendl was too much man for him
In the Legends part of and set to have a scowl-off. My money is on Ivan.
Yes, definite. Happened in March. Very sad but Lendl's availability was an issue. Did so much for Andy
Michael & Ivan look ahead to the final. Watch:
Breaking news: Andy Murray hires Amelie Mauresmo as his new coach to replace Ivan Lendl ... Thoughts fellow tennis people?
Ivan Lendl was a far better coach for Murray.
tak tahu. no idea about her playing style. Bukan Ivan Lendl ke coach dia dulu? weird.
"Joker" v/s "Rafa" . Reminds me of some great rivalries ...Jimmy Connors v/s John McEnroe .Mats Wilander v/s Ivan Lendl ...Boris Becker v/s Stefan Edberg .Andre Agassi v/s Pete Sampras ... And now these guys . One of my favourites ..BOOM BOOM BECKER now coach of "joker " Djokovich ... So my money on d Serbian "Joker" today... :+)
Andy Murray appoints former women's Number One Amelie Mauresmo as his new coach.
Well once again Andy Murray has confounded the world of tennis. Having been the first to employ a "tennis great" Ivan Lendl as his coach two years ago, he's now the first male tennis player to employ a female coach in Amelie Mauresmo. Good for you Andy!!
Been counting down the hours for by far the biggest tennis match of the year. The two dominant players in the final of the one they both most want to win. The World No.1 ranking is at stake, (and if Novak wins he'll surely have it the year) The mental edge this will give will dictate the rest of the season as it did last year. For Djokovic, it's the all important career Grand Slam and in the most impressive way possible, dethroning Nadal at the French Open. Federer only managed to grab it that one time Nadal lost early. Only 4 men in the Open Era have managed it. Pete Sampras, Monica Seles, Justine Henin, Ivan Lendl are just some of the greats that never could quite win all 4. Nadal's try to be the first man to win a Navratilova-esque Nine at one slam. (Martina winning 9 Wimbledon's in her legendary career) Only person ever to win 5 consecutive French Opens. (Borg and Federer are the only men to win 5 in a row at any slam) And matching Pete Sampras's 14 Grand Slams. Nadal's nearing the end of his career, ...
Andy Murray, Wimbledon tennis champion from Scotland, has chosen Amélie Mauresmo, French tennis champion, to train him for the grass courts of Wimbledon in two weeks time, when he'll defend his title from last year. Not a common affair, a man choosing a woman as trainer. A few of his past coahces: Brad Gilbert and Ivan Lendl. Can you tell who'll be watching the Men's Final at Roland Garros this afternoon?
WIMBLEDON champ Andy Murray appoints former World No1 as his coach as a replacement for Ivan Lendl
Roger Federer's 5 Most Unbreakable Records Federer has regained his spot at the top of the world rankings and now has the all-time record for most weeks at the top. No one knows how many more weeks he will spend there before finally passing on the reins for good. Those reins may go to Nadal, Djokovic or even Andy Murray, who made an impressive showing However, some of the records Roger is leaving behind will never be broken by any of his successors. Five such records in particular are unlike anything else accomplished in the sport of tennis It is a testament to Federer's consistency and longevity that his all-time record of 17 Grand Slam wins is fifth on this list. His Grand Slam wins record is often viewed as the most important to the game and the one that sets him apart as the greatest of all time. While this is true, it is not his most dominant record. Pete Sampras got 14 Slams in his career and Rafael Nadal has 11. Novak Djokovic might get into double digits as well. Roger's 58 percent Grand Slam-winn ...
When Andy Murray hired Ivan Lendl as his coach Lendl advice was"You've got the game to win Wimbledon, but at the moment you're going onwards and sidewards. You're listening to too many opinions and trying to play a game others think you should play. You have to trust yourself, play your own game and take a few more risks," Fast forward two years of playing more adventurously, winning two Major titles, and Murray is on his way to becoming a Knight, with a little help from his Czech mate. Whilst it's not always easy to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you conform, the reward for conformity is that more people who don't matter like you, but you don't like yourself. The paradox is that when we care less about winning the affection of our audience and instead focus on being creative, more people will be affected by what we do. Sunil Bali .
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