Itumeleng Khune & Minnie Dlamini

Itumeleng Khune (born 20 June 1987 in Ventersdorp, North West) is a South African footballer. He currently plays as a goalkeeper for Kaizer Chiefs in the Premier Soccer League, as well as the South African national team. 5.0/5

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“I wish I had woken up sooner”‚ says Minnie Dlamini on Itumeleng Khune breakup
| Itumeleng Khune congratulates Minnie Dlamini on her engagement. For more visit 👉
The last time Thulani Serero played a match for his team Itumeleng Khune was still playing with Minnie Dlamini's heart. 😞
Itumeleng khune is the only richest guy I knew who drove a mini(Minnie Dlamini)
Lol Itumeleng Khune and Cassper Nyovest are *** I don't understand why they didn't marry Minnie Dlamini and Boity Thulo
Hm! Itumeleng Khune just done did an EPIC comeback. I am sure Minnie Dlamini recognises!
Minnie Dlamini and the hunky model were reportedly seeing each other behind Itumeleng Khune's back under the...
25-year-old ‘virgin’ Minnie Dlamini reveals why she dumped Itumeleng Khune
25-year-old 'virgin' Minnie Dlamini reveals why she dumped Itumeleng Khune -
Itumeleng Khune is a keeper, but it is too bad he didn't keep Minnie Dlamini. . Life goes on.
Itumeleng Khune mara, gets dumped by Minnie Dlamini and Kaizer Chiefs in a space of 2 years 😂😂😂
Minnie Dlamini on her relationship with Itumeleng Khune: "We were under too much pressure to stay together"
Minnie Dlamini talks about her relationship with Itumeleng Khune!
Minnie Dlamini speaks on her relationship with 'fired' Goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune -
Minnie Dlamini looks oh-so gorgeous on the cover of Grazia magazine. The sports presenter, who blew our minds at...
Minnie Dlamini opens up about her relationship with Itumeleng Khune! .
Minnie Dlamini on her relationship with Itumeleng Khune! .
Get a copy of for more info on why Minnie Dlamini is warned to stay away from Itumeleng Khune.
I wonder how Itumeleng Khune & Minnie Dlamini feels while listening to
Itumeleng Khune & Minnie Dlamini refuse to accept that all of us would rather die before we allow them to become the next…
Minnie Dlamini warned to stay away from Itumeleng Khune -
Itumeleng Khune slams journalists after article on him & Minnie Dlamini! .
according to this newspaper in front of me, Minnie Dlamini is still a Virgin. Itumeleng khune batamela
The awkwardness of that stage when Minnie Dlamini announced Itumeleng Khune's name...
Itumeleng Khune ft. Minnie Dlamini - No more turning back!
Itumeleng Khune let himself, his family and the country down when he did not make Minnie Dlamini pregnant. Look now, she has left him again
TV presenter, Minnie Dlamini, has come out to deny reports that she is back with Itumeleng Khune.
That will be music to my ears whoop! Whoop!"Minnie Dlamini is back with Itumeleng Khune...hmmm"
Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini are back together *** gatta hit the target and produce a lil baby with this Hottie bruh..
So Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini are back together again thts nice.can only mean one thing Itu Won't concede goals anymore LOL
So now that Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini are back together.. lets see if they will trend!!!
So will Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini trend today?
I don't know what Itumeleng Khune's smoking' but I wud never leave some1 like Minnie Dlamini' pls watch on
When is Itumeleng Khune making Minnie Dlamini pregnant? This is what happens when you give money to the wrong people
The only difference between Itumeleng Khune and Brilliant Khuzwayo is Minnie Dlamini
Itumeleng Khune myt hav won a lot in his career, but dis is his greatest loss evam.. I love u Minnie Dlamini
Any player of Platinum Stars that will score Itumeleng Khune must be careful cos Minnie Dlamini won't like that. She will trap hom.
Why is Itumeleng Khune speaking iZulu? Too late anyway homie cos Minnie Dlamini is gone. Go back to Tswana bruv...
Minnie Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune – is it off or on? - SundayWorld via
Minnie Dlamini has denied that her relationship with Bafana goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune is on the rocks.
While Neymar is conquering the world our Itumeleng Khune is taking selfies with Minnie Dlamini *sigh*
Sunday Sun is reporting that Minnie Dlamini and her soccer star man, Itumeleng Khune have ended their romance.
Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini call it a "QUIT"? Can someone answer me because i don't believe what i just read now
I dont know how true is this: Minnie Dlamini parted ways with Itumeleng Khune. Source said Minnie gave Khune a chance to change but all he did was tell a different story every time he was caught
Bafana Bafana and Kaizer Chiefs keeper, Itumeleng Khune has broke up with Minnie Dlamini
"Guys anyone to tell me,is@ Minnie Dlamini n Khune stl tgether?"Yes Dear they are together
Minnie Dlamini is looking ravishing way beyond description ,Itumeleng Khune is a lucky ***
tjo i believe Itumeleng thanking God. for Minnie Dlamini.yah neh..!
News reaching my beer desk is that Minnie Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune broke up last night.
and also vote For Minnie Dlamini&Itumeleng Khune as your on this link Thanks! &Mr K as
: Itumeleng Khune kissed Bonang Matheba infront of Euphonic It girl Bonang Matheba is considering taking “action” against Itumeleng Khune after he groped her at a popular Sandton nightclub last weekend. Matheba remains furious at how the Kaizer Chiefs and Bafana Bafana goalie rubbed her inner thigh and kissed her on the lips at Sway at about 2am last Saturday morning. Her management team is now determined to “get to the bottom of” what happened and “not sweep the matter under the carpet”. Khune, who is in an on-again, off-again relationship with TV personality Minnie Dlamini, accused Matheba’s boyfriend, Themba Nkosi, known as DJ Euphonik, of slapping him in a confrontation after the incident. But Euphonik emphatically denies this: “Yes, I raised my voice because we were in a club and there’s loud music, so speaking normally would not work. I did not put my hands on him or slap him like he claims.” He did, however, send Khune an angry text message the next evening after he had tried ca ...
Do men really know what they WANT???. Eric Bennett cheated on a Beauty like Haille Berry,. Naomi Campbell, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, have had no luck with men. Itumeleng Khune has a Stunning woman in Minnie Dlamini but he CHEATS. DJ Euphonik has another stunning woman in Bonang Matheba but he also CHEATS!. What makes a man cheat when he has such a Beautiful Woman by his side???
Hai empenyana tabena Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune and DJ Euphonik are both dating some of Mzansi’s hottest women. But now it seems as if competition between the two hunks has turned nasty! According to sources, the two nearly ripped each other to shreds when they met at a club in Sandton, Joburg, recently. Witnesses said the men’s friends had to pull them apart. An audio clip of the fight doing the rounds on social networks, it seems Khune, who’s dating SABCsport presenter Minnie Dlamini, has been trying to get together with Euphonik’s girlfriend, Bonang Matheba. In the clip, Euphonik confronts Khune for allegedly rubbing and kissing his girlfriend. He says: “Bonang wouldn’t just come to me and say you disrespected her without any f***ing reason.” Khune responds that he was just saying hello to Bonang, to which an angry-sounding Euphonik says: “How do you say hi to her? You say hi by f***ing rubbing her up her leg?” Khune can be heard denying the allegations. Euphonik also ac ...
They have Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, we have Minnie Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune. :) :) :)
Really sweet of Itumeleng Khune and Minnie dlamini to take a minute and acknowledge the fans after the game
Answer me this, where was Minnie Dlamini back when Itumeleng Khune couldn't even get into Chief's first team? I'll wait.. .. *sips tea*
So Itumeleng Khune paid R1 million for Minnie Dlamini's lobola. Hope the marriage last.
Celebrity couple Minnie Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune are smitten and drunk in love just like Beyonce and Jay Z.
Minnie Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune r just too cute together♥
Itumeleng Khune goalkeeper of Kaizer Chiefs paid a huge amount of R1 million lobola for Minnie Dlamini,uyanya!!
Itumeleng Khune is willing 2 pay R1mil lobola 4 Minnie she worth that money
Itumeleng Khune paid R1 million lobolla for Minnie Dlamini
Yoo...I believe itumeleng Khune when he meet with Minnie Dlamini, Minnie was not a Virgin.. Or should I say Itumeleng was not Minnie's first. Now the Dlamini uncles ba rekisha a second hand goods ka R1m rand. Itumeleng o gafisha ke tshelete there is lot of ladies in mzansi bao ba lorang goba le yena ...
Still can't believe Itumeleng Khune, toke out R1 MILLION lobola money for Minnie Dlamini. I would die!
Minnie Dlamini's family must be Pirates supporters.Itumeleng Khune to cough out R1 Million for Lobola
What's this I hear abt Itumeleng Khune willingness to pay a million bucks(rands) for his wife to be Minnie Dlamini,is she even worth that much?
Rumour has it that Itumeleng Khune paid a million rand for Minnie Dlamini's hand in marriage (lobola) I hope she gives birth to diamonds and gold!
K-word Minnie Dlamini''s uncles are demanding R10 (1 million rand) lobola from Itumeleng Khune's family. Do you think she deserves all that? Is dis a token of appreciation? Really?
Itumeleng Khune is rumoured to pay 1 million Rand in Lobola for Minnie Dlamini.
DRUM cover:Claws come out as ‘haters’ declare war on Mzansi’s most admired couple Minnie Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune
Itumeleng Khune is rumoured to be paying R1million in lobola for Minnie Dlamini . Is Lobola still relevant in modern South Africa ?
Itumeleng Khune finally puts a ring on it , and pays Lobola of one million rand for soon to be wife Minnie Dlamini ..Moer! Yintanga yam kele Madoda..GoodLuck Boy!
1million rand lobola 2 b paid 4 Minnie Dlamini by Itumeleng Khune. . . . . *wow* lucky her! Mara its a lot of money yoh da *** luv his person.
She's beautful, intelligent,successful n nw there are rumours that her bf want 2 give her parents R1 million in lobola 4 her! That is Minnie Dlamini 4 Itumeleng Khune. We madoda!
Itumeleng Khune is willing to pay One million rand in lobola for Minnie Dlamini.
Itumeleng Khune 2pay 1million in the Lobola negotiation for Minnie Dlamini. tjo tjo tjo 1million aiy. Wat da f**k wat does she hv dat other woman dnt hv hai fok da are more beautiful woman dan her
Ao banna o_O Andile Jali once had a fight with Itumeleng Khune, loser of that fight had to date Minnie Dlamini.
Minnie Dlamini can marry Itumeleng Khune he will mos Def catch her wen she Falls LoL
Itumeleng Khune's I want kuku face."When I say Minnie Dlamini you think?"
Itumeleng Khune paid R1 Million for Minnie Dlamini. So your cousin she's 30x HOT than Minnie so I may pay more 4 her
Itumeleng Khune to pay 1million Lobola for Minnie Dlamini, ya ne'
So Itumeleng Khune is going to pay R1m lobola for Minnie Dlamini
Did Itumeleng Khune really paid R1million rands lobola for Minnie Dlamini???
Itumeleng Khune paid a lobola of 1 million rands for Minnie Dlamini! :o
Itumeleng Khune paid/will pay a million lobola for Minnie Dlamini!! :o
I bet Minnie Dlamini got some Good sex they way Itumeleng Khune is so active.
Minnie Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune are going to get married wow CONGRATULATIONS
The secret is revealed, Itumeleng Khune was charged R1million for lobola. Minnie Dlamini was tura straight.
Thabang Banks Leshilo wrote: Itumeleng Khune to pop out 1million for Minnie Dlamini's Lobola .tjeer
Itumeleng Khune to pay 1 million rands lobola for Minnie Dlamini, what do you make out of these, do you think she's worthy the amount of money or its completely madness?
Itumeleng Khune to pay 1million Rands lobola for Minnie Dlamini
Khune has to a million For Lobola Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini trending in my TL, what's happening?
Most loved couple. Itumeleng Khune & Minnie Dlamini♥, Cam Modisane&Thoba(Not sure if they're celebs).
Itumeleng Khune is with Minnie Dlamini at Etihad Stadium watching Manchester City against Kagisho “KG” Dikgacoi club Crystal Palace
In a continuation of the rumours about cheating boyfriend Itumeleng Khune, that just won't stop for Minnie Dlamini, an open letter, from one of his alleged other girlfriends, has surfaced...The Just Curious website has published a letter they found in their inbox, from someone with a
Minnie Dlamini had announce Merried to thubalakhe zwane .it took the Minnie Dlamini announcement to silent the Boom of the Note to be tired between her selve and Itumeleng Kune that roumor had end up into court matter against itumeleng Khune ,Minnie arested him for confisticating her on fifa Kick of Mazene for december 2013 ,where by itumeleng sad hin and Minnie will bemarried . I wrote to her about the bullet on the wire from safm sying she arest .last nighty on Soccer Zone she announce married to Thubalakhe Zwane .She said iam thubalakhe zwane wife when comes to marriage i am so thubalakhe zwane in life in real. So also recieved some massages directed on her Soccer Zone i ped whilste she on slote she suppoted the information as true whne Mr Zwane said we are married too and give her some direction to do .at the end of the slote she Swaer that the she is impress by the massages all the statements are true from zwane and from in life no more asking how is Minnie last man standing her lips roled ou ...
Itumeleng Khune got an sms from Minnie Dlamini saying, "IT'S OVER!" Khune quickly made a call. Itu Khune: If you want to dump me, come and dump me face to face. Minnie Dlamini: Why would I dump you, babe? Itu Khune: So, who sent that sms I just received, saying, "It's over"? Minnie Dlamini: Oh babe, I'm sorry. It was my friend, she is jealous of me. Itu Khune: Baby I knew it, that sms was not your hand writing. Kwa
Minnie Dlamini now dating Itumeleng Khune was rumoured to be dating Khaya Mthethwa,Khaya has since found love in da arms ov Isibaya actress Nomzamo Mbatha who has previously been linked to Tv presenter Andile Ncube and her co-star S'dumo Mtshali.Love Circle in Mzansi yooh
HE caused quite a sensation when he arrived at the SA Sports and DRUM Darlings awards with one of the country’s most beautiful women on his arm. That’s partly because it’s not often one sees Bafana Bafana and Kaizer Chiefs captain Itumeleng Khune and actress and presenter Minnie Dlamini together in public, but lately they appear to be inseparable. In the past the couple – who’s been dubbed our very own David and Victoria Beckham – made a point of arriving separately at awards ceremonies to prevent speculation about their relationship, but now they seem happy to show the world they’re in love. It’s been a good year on the career front for both of them and it looks like their love-life is blooming too.
Itumeleng Khune - Plays for Chiefs, 2nd highest paid player in the PSL, dates Minnie Dlamini & is SA sportsman of the year. He wins at life.
I hope Itumeleng Khune just marry Minnie Dlamini and make her house wife so she can get off my tv forever.
Who are da best couple celebs in South Africa? 4 my side is Itumeleng khune nd Minnie Dlamini
The unknown Semenya cadre who put one past rich kid Itumeleng Khune of the Minnie Dlamini fame herded goats before turning professional. His hunger can be attributed to wanting to rid himself of abject poverty and fighting a maintenance case where he was deemed too poor to can afford a monthly payment of R233. 37 cents. He's also blacklisted for failing to settle a R1200. 00 for nationalising items at a Ga Rankuwa Jet store. It goes to tell you that even the filthy rich stand to be humbled by the dirt poor. Having denied a combination of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF a goal comrade Khune couldn't defend the revolution against a hungry fighter that's Semenya. I hope the ANC is watching closely how things are fast changing. The heavy belly blue light enthusiasts can be toppled by the hungry, beret-wearing fighters. Not to say Khune's fast growing mid section is anywhere near. Amandla maqabane ase Naturena.
1 Day left till Tshepo and Thoba will grace the red carpet at the Feather Awards 2013 this Thursday happening in Kyalami. We will be taking Minnie Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune in the Cutest Couple of the Year category head on. The award ceremony will be broadcast on SABC 1 later.
Real Hot Topics on the 9.7.0: The Drum Darlings Awards took place at the Birchwood Estate in Johannesburg recently and a lot of celebrities walked away with awards. Among many Menzi Ngubane who plays Sibusiso Dlomo on Generations walked away with the best actor, Minnie Dlamini presented her boyfriend with an award for most loved sports personality; Itumeleng Khune. The lifetime achievement award went to Bra Hugh Masekela!!! Congrats to all our celebs;-)
They are so perfect together. My favorite couple♥ Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini♥♥
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Ha Itumeleng Khune a na bapala stix, he never thought one day he'd be married to. Minnie Dlamini so don't tell me that I'm dreaming!!!
I really like the back page of the new age news paper today, they Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini and Senzo Meyiwa and Kelly Khumalo.
Minnie Dlamini Cc someone who is very crazy about Itumeleng Khune.
King of Kwaito, that's true commitment right there"Itumeleng Khune announces his plans 2 marry Minnie Dlamini on SABC 1 :)"
On other news; Itumeleng Khune announced on SABC1 his plans for marry Minnie Dlamini. God is great.
S/O to Itumeleng Khune for talking so proudly about how much he love Minnie Dlamini.
Itumeleng Khune announces his plans to marry Minnie Dlamini on SABC 1 :)
Itumeleng Khune and Katlego Mashego are the luckiest men in the world (Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini), (Katlego Mashego And Lerato Kganyago)
I heard that Minnie Dlamini is engaged 2 Itumeleng Khune love yall
I'm kinda obsessed with this couple Minnie Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune ☺♥
Google e sele neh? I'm searching for this specific story on Itumeleng Khune, results bring with them pictures of Minnie Dlamini as well.
Um sure Minnie Dlamini is watching her man play Itumeleng Khune eish his hot thou!!! Um sure she's singing Go baby Go!!
Minnie Dlamini is good for Itumeleng Khune's english. It sounds better these days.
I don't think Itumeleng Khune was using condom on Minnie Dlamini.
Minnie Dlamini o dira too much..yanong!! she changed her dresses too much..nd xe is showing her breast...dats nt cool fr ada mans out dere..Gauteng sport awards#
Oh wow I enjoyed Noeleen's show today with Minnie Dlamini her agreeing that he is so much in love with Itumeleng Khune but he doesnt like the media exposure oh what a wonderful couple they belong together may they last forever in love...
Wow! Minnie Dlamini finaly admitt dating Itumeleng Khule on SABC3 Talk. Walala, she says thy are happy! Ncoooh what a perfect couple bathong!
Uqalile ngoTrollisha lol |RT Minnie Dlamini dated Itumeleng Khune and she's now a soccer presenter. Coincidence?
So its official.Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini are back together!!!.*
Itumeleng Khune is too much of a farm boy...there was no way he could last with Minnie Dlamini...We boys sometimes think that money can bring us all we want...but the truth is just have to up your personality...saying vanghana
on Sunday were Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini reunion.
THE annual PSL Awards on Sunday night might as well have been dubbed the Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini reunion.
Dat Awkard moment dat Minnie Dlamini has to interview her x Itumeleng Khune
Who came up with the bright idea of having Minnie Dlamini interview her ex, Itumeleng Khune? Hayi, hayi, hayi! LOL!
Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini. Khune deserves as he collected many AWARDS. I bet another one is on line, KHUNE... Nice lyrics from Proffers' BAPHI SONG.
I just the relationship ya Itumeleng Khune nd Minnie Dlamini!!! Good combination
"That awkward moment when Minnie Dlamini is interviewing Itumeleng Khune(O_O)" lol
One can Tell itumeleng still uncomfortable around Minnie Dlamini.
Tension between Itumeleng Khune & Minnie Dlamini on SABC1 Soccer'
when Minnie Dlamini asks David Kau who his favourite soccer player is and he answers, “Itumeleng Khune” and laughs! :'D
I'm looking at Minnie Dlamini being interviewed by on morning live. Yeah ne, Itumeleng Khune has lost out big time.
Minnie Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune back together. The JC bloggers have spoken.
How awkward it must have been when Minnie Dlamini explained Itumeleng Khune's traits to her friends and they assured her that he's a keeper.
Minnie Dlamini z clueless about football and the gal can't even say Itumeleng Khune's name...calling him Lucky Khune's brother
Itumeleng was Blushing when he was being interviewed by Minnie Dlamini!!
Itumeleng Khune's interview with Minnie Dlamini n when asked about celebrity crush, he said "Minnie Dlamini".
That awkward moment when Minnie Dlamini asks Itumeleng Khune who his celebrity crush is during an interview and there's a moment of silence.
Itumeleng Khune being interviewed by Minnie Dlamini, this is gna be interesting
Interview with Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini hehehehehe, let's see if this stays professional
Minnie Dlamini 1on1 with Itumeleng Khune next week on -- i wonder who suggested it!!
One on One. Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini next week on Soccer Zone... Interesting!
That awkward moment when Minnie Dlamini on Soccer Zone and they talking about Itumeleng Khune
I think Oscar's incident was more shocking because he's a white man. If it had been Itumeleng Khune has shot Minnie Dlamini for example, it wouldn't be AS jaw dropping. *jussayin*
Itumeleng Khune is on form, we thank u Minnie Dlamini u were a big distruction!!
Derick Thobejane... '' Only Khune saved Chiefs as he was in Serious Camp after being dumped by Minnie Dlamini,lol.'' Ka Bo Yellow!
I think Itumeleng Khune is proving how counter-productive and downright counter-revolutionary monogomous relationships can be... Ever since he broke free from the shackles of monogamy imposed by his union with Minnie Dlamini this young man's game has improved in leaps and bounds...
EPIC FAIL of the year - Itumeleng Khune for letting Minnie Dlamini go, now he will never be an international soccer. . .
Ahhh heard that Minnie Dlamini dumped Itumeleng Khune, is it true??
Itumeleng Khune has made so many saves. How come did he fail to save his relationship with Minnie Dlamini? Charity begins at home sani!
BREAKING NEWS: Itumeleng Khune beat Minnie Dlamini while she was having fun at Chicago's Hotel with Tray Songz. @ America Day B4 Yesterday
Itumeleng Khune is really engaged to Minnie Dlamini?!?
Hehehehehe, so Minnie Dlamini left Itumeleng Khune for Khaya(SA Idols winner).. Waitse kana..!! Khune is said 2 have paid lobola 4 the gal, now what..? Are they gonna pay him back so good waitse..
A graet couple broke-up, Itumeleng Khune an Minnie Dlamini dats bad news coz dey made a perfect match shame.
Itumeleng Khune i feel sad on break up with Minnie Dlamini but that is not end because they many fish in ocean. But it tym for u get engagement u ar not get young
MIDDAY EXPLOSION on eK FM 103.6. Today's topic"two weeks ago, Minnie Dlamini took back the BMW m3 that Itumeleng Khune bought for her on her birth day. The reason for this, is that she ALLEGES that Khune is cheating on her, if you were her, would you return it? eK FM 103.6 Your konexion, Your voice
Minnie Dlamini only realizes now that Itumeleng Khune is a keeper...# pun intended
Minnie Dlamini broke up with Itumeleng Khune before yesterdays game? That's the highest treason.
Oh WOW! Cc RT"Can some1 tell Minnie Dlamini that Itumeleng Khune is man of the match ...
Itumeleng Khune broke up wth Minnie Dlamini. Justin Bieber broke up with Selina Gomez. i smell a rat for our celebrities 's love life. who else do u knw? P n J
So sadly that Minnie Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune broke up. Read for more. cc
Minnie Dlamini are u still in love with my best keeper Itumeleng Khune
Even if Minnie Dlamini dumped Itumeleng Khune,da boy is still strong dankie poe!!
is true dt our number 1 keeper Itumeleng Khune & Minnie Dlamini broke up? If so Khune be proffesional o ska rejesha 2day.whch i doubt u wil...
Breaking news, apparently Bafana Bafana wants A Strip pole in their dressingroom n guess who they want to strip for them before any kick-off in order to win games!!! Minnie Dlamini""" but Itumeleng Khune said" *** NO"
Apparently the love affair between yummy TV presenter Minnie Dlamini and Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune is over. It was confirmed last year that Khune had paid Lobola to the slutry presenter's family in Durban and the aisle sometime this year, but it seems not all is rosy here as the couple is rumoured to have split late last year. Minnie is now seeing innocent looking idols winner Khaya Mthethwa.
Minnie Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune are OVER: All the gents can finally breath again as the gorgeous lady is single again; Minenhle dumped the goalie and also gave Khune back the BMW he gave her on her 21st birthday of the strongly apparent reasons of the break-up was that; Khune was still seeing his exes...He- CHEATED, this has come down *** Khune, Hence Bafana Bafana Lost the match...Omunye umthombo ongaqinisekisiwe uthi; phela umlisa lo ubefathuza enkonzweni yegumbi Anginicapunele Ekseni Sivuka Nje Nakuba Abanye Bebazi NOt Everyone Knew.
Itumeleng Khune couldn't save his relationship with Minnie Dlamini, so i wonder how will he save the goals! *thinking*
So now after Itumeleng Khune paid lobola for Minnie Dlamini they are no longer an item*aggh that's bad n therez no hope they will be back in each others arms since Minnie is now dating SA Idols star Khaya Mthethwafor days.
Officially confirmed a rumour that Itumeleng Khune & Minnie Dlamini are no longer iterm relationship broke,For several times Khume was accused of cheating, is Khaya Mthethwa Minnie's new boyfriend?, just asking nam
So Minnie Dlamini dumped Itumeleng Khune.Good for him coz apparently Minnie Dlamini is not a nice person at all.I hope Khune learnt his lesson 1.Don't chase a woman coz of her looks. 2.When ur a sports star/celeb,don't date other celebs,especially if ur a guy.Those relationships are too complicated,and they don't end well.
Kodwa how can Minnie Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune break up a week before the Afcon starts? This isnt good for the Nation.mxm
Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini broke up.WE DON'T GIVE A RAT'S *** ! For more exciting content tune to the SA top 30 Charts express every sunday from 16:00pm to 18:00pm only on KOVSIE FM 97.0
if u were Minnie Dlamini,would u have returned the BMW M3 to Itumeleng Khune , after the break up*
Itumeleng khune ke flop straight hw could he cheat on a beautiful gal lyk Minnie Dlamini, tht type of a gal is those girls u can't let go lyk ma bby
Itumeleng khune Lost hiz gf Minnie Dlamini so do S.a Bafana2 lost evrywher in d Field nale Bed room lol 9TT
Its a shame what happened to Itumeleng Khune to be dumped on the eve of a big game like that?anyway there are two things in life you can not control -its the weather and your wife/girlfriend period
'Love bust for Minnie Dlamini & Itumeleng Khune'.this z bad newzz they were so perfect
I doupt if itumeleng khune is in the right state of mind after what Minnie Dlamini did to him pls GORDON put him on the bench on the 19th we badly need to win this opening game. amachery yoh...
Any1 who can call Gordin Igerson da heard coach of BafanaBafana 2 put Itumeleng Khune on a reseve side cz he wont cope he's broken these dayz u Minnie Dlamini said no more.
Apparently Minnie Dlamini broke up with Itumeleng Khune and she had to return the car that khune bought for her Now the question is would you return a gift from bf/gf just because you've broken up???
Minnie Dlamini is unpatriotic I say...for dumping Itumeleng Khune on the eve of the AFCON. Bloody selfish this Minnie girl!
Love bust for Minnie Dlamini & Itumeleng Khune' "Returns birthday BMW to Bafana goalkeeper" Ddnt even know they broke up!! Tje va!
If its true that there is a Love bust ku Minnie Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune,,,kuyosiza ukuthi u Gordon Igesund angamuvimbisi ngoba une stress.# Meyiwa must be incharge
'Love bust for Minnie Dlamini & Itumeleng Khune' "Minnie has returned birthday BMW gift to Bafana goalkeeper Khune after they could not resolve their differences"
An unconfirmed story of Itumeleng Khune & Minnie Dlamini's break-up on the third page of the Sunday Times. Who would've thought.
Is it true that Minnie Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune are getting married? cc
Tweeps! What happened to Minnie Dlamini getting married to Itumeleng Khune cos heard on Ukhozi dat bazoshada ngo Dec
Itumeleng Khune will confirm his engagement to Minnie Dlamini n bar the media from the wedding party
Itumeleng Khune is SINGLE, thought he's dating Minnie Dlamini. via
Hehehe Itumeleng Khune says he's single on soccerladuma what about Minnie Dlamini or she dumped him because Lucky's mother is back?
So I'm having a serious debate with this oak... Guys who earns more ? Minnie Dlamini or Itumeleng Khune ??
Minnie Dlamini wrote: Meyiwa is doing well for me than this fake No1 GoalKeeper Itumeleng Khune!
If Itumeleng Khune's perfomance is anything 2 go by,then it means Minnie Dlamini's kuk is lekke Mhm,keep it up gal,de boi will make it big if not bigger
How the *** did Itumeleng Khune pull Minnie Dlamini off?!
Minnie Dlamini is awesome. I hear she doubles as an english tutor to Itumeleng Khune in between him working as a mannequin at goal posts.
Itumeleng Khune apologized to Kaizer Chiefs Fans for being a flop goal keeper. Minnie Dlamini also apologized to...
Itumeleng Khune's mind is all over Minnie Dlamini...Chiefs is the last thing in his mind.
Since Itumeleng Khune started dating Minnie Dlamini, Kaizer-Chiefs has been losing like nobody's business
Oh no!!! I hear that Minnie Dlamini's going out with Itumeleng Khune; and Psyfo's 30years old!!!
Itumeleng Khune is tapping Minnie Dlamini . Some guys are eating 5star packages :(
So vele Minnie Dlamini and Itumeleng Khune are getting married?
Itumeleng Khune and Minnie Dlamini about to wed? OMW!
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