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Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is a small breed of dog of the sight hound type, sometimes called an I.G. , or Iggy for short.

Kylie Jenner San Clemente Great Dane

i wanna Italian greyhound really REALLY bad
Silver the Italian Greyhound. I'm surprised Theresa May hasn't been round trying to deport her for being an immigra…
All I need in life is another Italian greyhound❤️
Violet is a female Labrador Retriever/Italian Greyhound mix looking for a furever home!
"Pootalian" (Poodle/Italian Greyhound) Puppies 8 weeks old 1st time out playing in the yard
I had a dream I was playing with an Italian Greyhound puppy and it was amazing
I've seen 3 dachshunds, 1 corgi, and an Italian greyhound since I got off the train. It's a good day.
FB is my main link to my youngest and the Italian Greyhound community
My day has been made by someone in the office bringing in their Italian Greyhound, Louis 💜💜💜 I've had the best Frid…
I was stressed so I followed a bunch of Italian Greyhound instagrams
I really want to get an Italian Greyhound and name them Dobby.
Italian greyhound sleeping on the moon / Lynch signed folk art print by watercolorqueen via
awesome I had days like that with my Italian greyhound until he passed away. They were great times
Officially the new owner of an 8 week old Italian Greyhound named Luna. Luna can't use her long legs yet. I love Luna…
I was going to say jisoos dog is ugly but I remembered I want an italian greyhound
really want myself an Italian greyhound
Who wants the most loving dog on the planet? Rosie, a part Italian Greyhound and chi from Humane Society of North...
I just looked back at this pic and can't stop falling in love with the Italian Greyhound it is too cute!! I love them all!
Snoop dog look EXACTLY like an Italian Greyhound
Porter is now available for adoption! This female Italian Greyhound is 2yrs old. Learn more at
This incredible Italian Greyhound has a huge passion for fashion
Kind of want another chihuahua kind of want a Pomeranian kind of want an Italian greyhound kind of want a frenchie kind of want every dog
Snoop dogg looks like an Italian greyhound
So funny. I named my dog the same. Middle name Blue, as she was a blue Italian Greyhound.
I want an Italian greyhound they remind me of myself. Awkward and nerdy.
Italian Greyhound Puppy Available . Fiona is an 8 month old female…
This is my total fruitloop of an Italian greyhound.
PUPPY ALERT!!!. The Henderson Animal Shelter has 2 Italian Greyhound /Chihuahua mix puppies. They are both only...
Mum on hold to dishwasher repair people. She's googling Italian greyhound stuff. Our images are now on leggings?!?!
Valentina, the beautiful italian greyhound, loves her TickledPet Chicken Jerky! Look at her sitting so nicely in... https:/…
can't wait to get an Italian greyhound and name it chicken
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
me and my boyfriend want an Italian greyhound they're so cute!
Lost Dog Alert in gaithersburg, MD!. Phone alerts near time of post. Bandi(Tan & white Italian greyhound) missing...
this Italian greyhound has a perma red rocket
something like this have my sister xD
Emily is a petite 3 month old puppy. We think she could be Italian greyhound and chihuahua possibly. She's...
I saw a chihuaha i didn't hate (i hate chihuahas), a white husky pup, an italian greyhound & more, it was a real good dog day, i'm tellin u
Can I just have an Italian Greyhound please?
Pets For Sale Animal - ITALIAN GREYHOUND PUP: . 1 male, white with a split black face,...
Meet our Italian Greyhound: Linguine! via /r/aww
Italian Greyhound 10" Ceramic Dog Bowl for Food or Water. Personalized at No Charge. Signed by Artist, Debby Carman
I want an Italian greyhound to cuddle with whilst I'm sick sigh
omg, I'm so jealous, in a good way! I have to be content with an Italian Greyhound :-)
Well it says you are an Italian Greyhound! How come you haven't got on
does anyone remember the Italian Greyhound (or miniature greyhound) named Gypsy who lived in Arthur St around c2000-2010?
don't forget the Italian greyhound and yours truly❤️🐾
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
This is my pup... An Italian greyhound= Iggy
Preview of tonight's booth theme for - have some greyhound w/ your Italian!
Does anyone have a Doberman Italian Greyhound cross?
jacks planning on getting our Italian greyhound a turtleneck 👀
- Mummified dog found on probably Italian greyhound
future dog is actually an Italian greyhound
and I have decided that we're going to get an Italian Greyhound and name it "Stroober." I am so excite.
I've been thinking about getting an Italian greyhound for months now... I'm not even a dog person.
Italian greyhound or a boxer is what I want.
Proud to be part of the Italian Greyhound TX Rescue, fostering Pawlette until she gets adopted 😙
and a whippet or Italian greyhound plz
Id name a Italian Greyhound That vc they already look like Meth heads
Please say there's an Italian greyhound at this show
HI EVERYBODY MEET MY NEW ITALIAN GREYHOUND, ATLAS. after weeks of researching I finally found and met my new pup.
As much as I want a big dog, I don't think I can handle one right now. Also the Italian Greyhound breeder in MI just had a litter in August
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
She's an Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix. Her mom's a chihuahua, but she's pretty much all Italian Greyhound, lol.
not too sure he's a rescue, possibly doxie, Italian greyhound or chihuahua
we are going to the Italian Greyhound Rescue Meetup in san juan Capistrano. We volunteer to bring awareness for breed & rescue
I am looking at Italian Greyhound pics and the want is overwhelming.
Okay so guys, Christmas list, very important. . Dalmatian. French Bulldog. Italian greyhound. That is all.
I did see a cute dog today tho... an Italian Greyhound with no eyes?? No eyelids or anything, just a smooth furry face x) STRA…
Home at last! Gizmo - Jack Russell Terrier Italian Greyhound from is home safe & sound. Message:...
Before I got an Italian Greyhound when I was a young adult, I purchased a book on caring for it and prepared apartment
Duck is all better and ready for his home!! This cutie seems like an Italian greyhound mixed with min pin :)...
I want an Italian greyhound so bad ❤️❤️
This is my other Italian Greyhound Farro as Capt, Jack Sparrow
The steps of the chaise were let down, the door opened, and out leaped an Italian greyhound
This is my Italian Greyhound Chloe as a Southern Belle.
I don't wanna feel like an Italian greyhound anymore
I honestly would probably get another Italian Greyhound they are just the best dogs ever💗✨
This is Oliver The IG. THE Italian Greyhound of the neighborhood. Follow us in his dog days!
I feel about England as my Italian Greyhound feels about me; she knows what a pill I can be, but she loves me anyway!
italian Greyhound Whippet Fairy Secret Garden by tinyartjewelry via
Jenna Marbles and Kylie Jenner got their Italian Greyhound pooches -- Kermit and Norman, respectively -- together...
I added a video to a playlist 12 week old puppy Italian Greyhound learns new trick
I added a video to a playlist Italian Greyhound puppy running in the desert slow motion.
I added a video to a playlist Al Quadra Lakes, Italian Greyhound puppy.
someone photoshop my puppies head on the other Italian greyhound
My Italian greyhound Romeo's tail is an antenna.
Meet 2 year old Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix Maverick, a sweet and playful boy. Visit him and his friends at...
This is how my Italian Greyhound sleeps. Get more LOLs with us |...
On the plus side I had a dream that I saved an Italian greyhound and and came to say well done
Kinda want an Italian Greyhound. Kinda want a Great Dane. Quién me entiende?
I want a new dog, like a Great Dane or an Italian Greyhound.
I want an Italian greyhound so bad now😍😭😭
I want an Italian greyhound and I want his name to be Merv.
I want a French bulldog, an Italian greyhound and a pug :/ I don't think my loan will cover it though :'(
By February I will have my Italian greyhound 🙊
Kylie Jenner makes me want to get an Italian Greyhound. Norman is 2 cute
The great difficulty Miss Mackenzie finds is in obtaining fresh blood of the real
Stoked that our newest client means we get to add a new breed to our docket. Meet the Italian Greyhound named General
LOST OH,USA, Red with white markings Italian Greyhound, Oct.04/15 via
My Italian greyhound looking for deer.
amp; Follow this sassy Italian Greyhound for a chance to this week's £30 voucher! Good luck! http:…
$5 bonus for new ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue supporters!
$5 bonus for new Texas Italian Greyhound Rescue supporters!
Rocket is an Italian Greyhound missing from Ipswich since 8th January 2015
This dog went from a bull terrier to a Italian Greyhound (I've also purchased a dashing collar, now all I need is a name!)
A couple puppies got some time in front of the camera today. Meet Taco, the Pug, and Maggie, the Chihuahua and Italian Greyhound mix.
has he/she come out I have a male Italian Greyhound can send him under with the little dog to comfort he/she
I'd love a dog like Kylie Jenners but I feel like an Italian Greyhound would just be too edgy for Vicarstown and the farming community
Vet: 'Dobby is an odd name for a dog' . *Italian Greyhound walks in* . Vet: 'No wonder it's called Dobby'
Porsche! Italian Greyhound "Cute Customer of the Day"! What a beautiful dog, a pleasure to have visit us.
Breed: Italian Greyhound. A sighthound in a small package, the Italian Greyhound shares its larger relatives'...
Someone buy me an Italian Greyhound for my 16th please
Should I get a corgi, Italian greyhound, or a chihuahua..?? HELP ME.!!!
I want an Italian Greyhound. Like . I really want one
Someone get me a dog. Preferably an alaskan Klee Kai, Australian shepherd, French bulldog, Pomeranian, husky, or Italian greyhound. Pls&thx
I really want an Italian greyhound and a husky and a kitten
Mr. & Mrs., the painting of two grand dogs, Nell and Henry, part Basenji, part italian greyhound. A wonderfully...
Latest picture illustration for Etsy, loving this little Italian Greyhound
Dog Hair INCluded created a special bandanna after being inspired by a little Italian Greyhound we rescued named...
Do I have friends that are willing to take my dogs for me? Chihuahua and medium sized Italian greyhound? Both are good dogs need a good home
her life,Sarah Bernhardt kept 2 Borzois,a Wolfhound, Poodle,Bullmastiff, Toy Manchester, an Italian Greyhound, & a…
The next fur baby I buy will be an Italian Greyhound named Harold.
Update your maps at Navteq
I knew I wanted to rescue and looked into rescuing and Italian Greyhound since I had owned…
I want an Italian greyhound sooo much
One day I will adopt my italian greyhound puppy, but today is not that day so I am sad
Does he realize Flash is not an Italian Greyhound?
tell her to keep an eye on Craigslist. But be careful who she buys from there. Also look up Midwest Italian greyhound rescue!
Whenever I see any of or videos it makes me want an Italian Greyhound puppy REAL bad.
True life: I'm about to buy an Italian Greyhound. 😍😁🐶
When is doggie adolescense over for a 15 - pound chihuahua Italian Greyhound mix?
big up 4 ur post Italian Greyhound 🐶💕
Where did you find Paesh and Cermet? I really wanna get a Italian Greyhound like Paesh but I can't find any!!!
yeah! He arrived from Adelaide today. He's an Italian greyhound. How's Melbs?
When your Italian greyhound jumps a six foot wall and you have to get her before the giant dog next door does 😅
Internet, meet Fitzroy! He is mine and Josh's 10 month old Italian Greyhound. :)
Candystore Italian Greyhound sleeping. Watch her ears at the end! She's 17 years old this month.
Bring Tino Home--Missing Italian Greyhound (Carmichael): Our beloved Tino has been missing more ...
We're perplexed at what Bella is--Min Pin, Min Dachshund, Italian greyhound? Maybe rat terrier, too!
Adorable Italian Greyhound at the Free People SXSW Showcase 2015 at Friends + Neighbors in Austin, T
Meet Jet a wonderful Male Italian Greyhound dog needing a forever home - Jet is a three year old Italian...
Italian Greyhound sticks out his tongue
how about an Italian Greyhound then ? Like a whippet that's been in a 90 degree wash
if you need motivation to get through the day here is a picture of an Italian greyhound. He's cute af
I really wish I could find another Italian greyhound to adopt. I think Bella needs a buddy. & I think they're meant to be in pairs.
LIFE GOAL: To own an italian greyhound and a st. bernard 🐾
how old is your Italian Greyhound and how much do they way? Generally, 1/2 cup of high quality food, twice a day is ur best bet
She looks like a chihuahua but she's really a min pin/Italian greyhound
Italian greyhound could be on the cards!
I've wanted a grey Italian Greyhound for too long
Hello luvwhippets! I used to have an Italian Greyhound, they're so amazing :) What kind of tips were you looking for?
Whenever i buy my own house I'm buying an Italian greyhound.
.my Italian greyhound also does that. He's rather catlike (& horse-like). He just woke up and is now demanding to pee on things.
I want a Doberman or an Italian Greyhound
Our wonderful clients our rehoming their ADORABLE italian greyhound, Chico! If interested in giving this little...
Excellent Italian evening event at the Lavenham Greyhound last night.
the Italian greyhound is a species known for its grace and beauty
I'm in love with Frisbee the Italian Greyhound.
You may have seen this Bertie the Italian Greyhound video, even so… Ohmagerd! Great way to start the day.
I was wondering how you found Kermit and peach? I live in iowa and I want an Italian greyhound really bad! Thanks!
I have a sort-of ferret now. She's an Italian Greyhound, quite small, looks like a ferret x stick-insect.
Our German Shepherd and Japanese Chin. We're one Italian Greyhound away from completing the Axis Powers.
I want an italian greyhound they are so adorable 🐶💕
~ An Italian Greyhound in the cutest giraffe outfit! Just look at that happy face ~ ❤ ~
Just saw an Italian greyhound puppy and a French bulldog pup being walked together and it turns out I can still smile after the Zayn news.
I want to get a chocolate italian greyhound because HOW FUNNY would it be to see our skinny brown legs walking beside each other!!?!?!?
Told my parents im getting an italian greyhound and they didn't take it too well
Next dog I want is an Italian greyhound I love their floppy ears 😰
Thank u 4 following us Pippy the Italian Greyhound and Huey the Whippet we represent the in state of Washington
big up 4 ur post How to hypnotize an Italian greyhound? Eat. 😄
Italian Greyhound clothing and toys for your small dogs and cats!
“Italian Greyhound sticks out his tongue
new goal in life is to convince my mom we need an Italian greyhound
and I'll have my Italian greyhound and Sphynx kitten. 💜
Lost near Marcus HS! My friend's dog escaped some time today, he is a brown Chihuahua/Italian greyhound mix with a blue collar, no tags and not microchipped. Skittish, so don't chase. They live off of Waketon in FM in Timberview Estates. Could be in any neighborhood along Morris, 3040, by the hospital, etc. Please message me if you have a sighting. Thank you!
Rescued Blake, deaf Italian greyhound puppy, 9 months. He was wearing diapers which I disagreed so I work on him. He do gets better outside potty. He is fine with my other little dogs Maltese mix and chihuahua/miniature American Eskimo mix and cats. Good dog!!
Scott Hardy is looking for his missing Italian Greyhound. Have any of you living in Columbus or Ohio area seen...
So now instead of doing work I'm looking at picture of Italian greyhound puppies and eating cashew nuts 💁
One of my goals in life is to own either a whippet, Italian greyhound or greyhound 😚 they're so sweet ❤️
When I put my italian greyhound in a onesie it's displacement of my own desire to be in a onesie.
My cousin Kathy sent me this cute photo of an Italian Greyhound cookie jar that she saw in…
My pup Opie will snuggle you 5ever. He's a dauschund-Italian greyhound mix that looks like a mini lab!
I just realized that there's an Italian greyhound on my pajamas..😃
Something like an Italian Greyhound/Whippet needs a coat when outdoors as very fine coated. Each breed & species so different!
THE WORLDS BEST DOG PHOTO His name is Movitz, an Italian Greyhound who lives in Sweden and belongs to…
Kylie Jenner's new Italian greyhound Norman around L.A. on Monday:
I wish this was me with my italian greyhound
Idk why but I want an Italian Greyhound so bad 😭
I want a pug or an Italian greyhound!
Stray Italian Greyhound by Vienna Teng is absolutely beautiful. And the lyrics are beautiful and so relatable too.
. 18)storms. 19)nicole. *back to 8*: uh idk, i just really want an Italian greyhound tho 😂
oh, Il Veltro is Italian for The Greyhound. now the mystery of *** animal their crest is, is finally solved
We r diehard puppy parents...r firstborn was r beloved Bodhi, a cuddly, rambunctious bundle of Italian Greyhound love. ;-)
People ask what kind of dog Mickey is: he's an Italian greyhound (whose original owners got too old to take care of him). I'm t…
Wynona is 5 years old, she looks like a cross between an Italian Greyhound, and a wire hair JRT. She's a...
I found my Italian greyhound I want. Only need $900 dollars! 😍
Kylie Jenner what is like having Italian greyhound as your favorite dog
This is my new dog Sprinkles! She's a 3 month old Italian Greyhound, Pointer mix.
My Italian greyhound gets so rattled when he can't actually crawl into my skin.
My birthday is coming up and all I want is an Italian greyhound puppy
I need a this tiny shakey weak sassy judgmental Italian greyhound and I need it right now
I'm defo getting an Italian Greyhound when I move out. How cute
Two of my favorite things in life are joining up: art and animals. My friends at Gallery 529 are putting together a Valentine's Day fundraiser to benefit pets! Visit their page for details--theirs handcrafted pet bowls, an auction, goodies etc. Those of us at the Gallery have been writing about pets in our lives. I don't need to be asked twice. I've had fabulous animal friends of the purebred variety--several feisty stubborn souful basset hounds, a thoughtful Sheltie who herded everything, and 12 pounds of pent-up whooosh Italian Greyhound. But two dogs ago, I took the turn to rescues, thanks to a nudge and a kick from my daughter Emma. I'd lost the Iggie and Sheltie within two months of each other and my heart was broken. Months later, I was ready to fill the void. No sooner did I breathe the idea then Em was googling through the rescue organizations. I passed on the 3-legged Iggie and some very worthy other dogs. It was a tangled mess of a pup at MSPCA at Nevins Farm that caught my eye. I called and t . ...
Today's breed is the Italian Greyhound. The Italian Greyhound is a small breed of dog of the sight hound type, sometimes called an "I.G.". The true breed origins are unknown. The Italian Greyhound is the smallest of the sighthounds, typically weighing about 8 to 18 lb (3.6 to 8.2 kg) and standing about 13 to 15 inches (33 to 38 cm) tall at the withers. Though they are in the "toy" group based on their weight, they are larger than other dogs in the category due to their slender bodies, so owners must be careful when sizing clothing or accommodations. The Italian Greyhound's chest is deep, with a tucked up abdomen, long slender legs and a long neck that tapers down to a small head. The face is long and pointed, like a full sized greyhound. Overall, they look like "miniature" Greyhounds. Though many Italian Greyhound owners dispute the use of the term "miniature Greyhound" in reference to the breed itself, by definition of the American Kennel Club[5] they are true genetic greyhounds, with a bloodline extendi ...
Italian Greyhounds Can't wait to get a new puppy, hoping in July we become new parents to one! Miss our Sienna!
My wife would love your dog. She has an Italian Greyhound and volunteers at a Greyhound rescue.
Lost Italian Greyhound (mini greyhound) Florence Rd. off Old Nashville Hwy. Got out around 10pm Friday night (10/24). Answers to not microchipped & was not wearing a collar. PLEASE CALL...
Italian Greyhound Art Print. Sitting in the sun. by TailsMeAboutIt
“Lost Italian Greyhound near Nashville/Murfreesboro. . keep an eye out for this pup & RT
Happy Monday! Meet adorable Italian Greyhound puppy "Sunny"! Sunny has been a wonderful patient at all of her...
I don't care about anything atm other than getting an Italian greyhound and to start loaning a horse again 🐶🐴💕
There's an italian greyhound in this coffeeshop I'm dying its so cool
Italian Greyhound puppies for sale, Dogs / Puppies - Rustenburg
I liked a video Foxy Roxy the Italian Greyhound- No Iggy No Cry (Cover)
Mom and I were arguing about what our cousin's italian greyhound's name is. Loser has to rub the other one's feet. She forgot that I love
Saw a man walking an Italian Greyhound today
Oh, the indignities of indoor urban Italian Greyhound playgroup...
Seems to be an italian greyhound mixed with a husky. Unique dog. It's pretty hard to make it as a basketball player in the states.
“Gracie the Italian greyhound is ready for
DO YOU KNOW WHERE I BELONG?. This friendly but scared little boy is likely an Italian Greyhound and was found on...
A dog is now available for adoption! This male Italian Greyhound is 5mths old. Learn more at
Italian Greyhound me a new friend in a dog Manhattan dog park.
5 days until This Italian Greyhound is quite a catch dressed up as a largemouth bass!
I have no clue what IG is... It has always been Italian Greyhound to me, I know that's not what ya'll are talking about. . Don't wanna know.
Dogs to get when I'm older:. Italian greyhound, pug, maltese, husky
I can't wait until the day where I get my italian greyhound 😊
Had such a blast today! Went to St. Petersburg for an Italian Greyhound meetup. Roo got to socialize…
Someone get me an Italian greyhound or a mini french bulldog...
Aw... :(. I have an Italian Greyhound, and you could tell whether she felt like she was abused before you even...
License plate frame of the day: . "My Italian greyhound can lick your honor student!"
You never have to wonder if you're loved!
Just saw an Italian greyhound in a tiny medieval dress and I think my life might have flashed before my eyes that's how deadly cute it was
big up 4 ur post cushion. greyhound. Various breeds made to order check da new
Dreamt last night i got an italian greyhound puppy & i named him Whip... Cutest thing ever. What does this mean? I know Oreo was haps 😏🐾
Haus & Beau will be here tomorrow with the Italian Greyhound Rescue Group. Stop by and learn more about this amazing breed!!
There's a 5 month old italian greyhound up for adoption. This life is not fair.
panicked a bit too much xD she is fat enough not to feel that bump , check italian small greyhound, they can break a bone easily
I want an Italian greyhound so I can coordinate sweaters with him and pick up all the cuties at the dog park.
I’m officially in love with this little lady. Kaydance, the Italian Greyhound puppy, is so tiny and so sweet. I’m...
Tilly the adorable 1 year old Italian Greyhound is looking for a home. She might make it to Spalloween…
When I get an Italian greyhound called pesh my life will be 99% complete
my italian greyhound, a pumpkin
Greyhound excited for owner's return.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Anyone wanna bless me with a cool Instagram icon? Preferably me as an Italian greyhound?
Please share.lost in the Talega, San Clemente area. 8 year old Italian Greyhound mix and goes by the name of Tiny.
Please share this...Tiny was lost from his home last Sat. from the Talega area of San Clemente. He is around 8 years old, he is an Italian Greyhound/Chi mix, looks more like an IG.
Will someone please get me an Italian Greyhound
I wish I was with an Italian greyhound right now
Freedom Friday! We rescued this little Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua mix today. Her name is Molly and she is...
I will have an Italian greyhound when I'm older😍
Italian Greyhound Discovers iPad, is Deliriously Happy - BarkPost - Violet sure knows how to play! Adorable x
Really want a pug or an italian greyhound
Here he is, doesn't he look handsome. He's an Italian Greyhound. Would have been nice to get a photo of him next...
I want an Italian Greyhound puppy so much 😭
This puppy is hilarious. It's a feel good Friday and it's been a pupster kind of werk with the posts. You have...
Two new albums almost exclusively this week: Shellac's (great, but tighter than Excellent Italian Greyhound, which I still prefer) and...
Guys, this is an Italian Greyhound, NOT a "greyhound puppy" - a completely different breed of dog.
My Italian greyhound did not look like that at all
domain names
what kind of dog would you be? I'd be an italian greyhound cause they're the coolest
One day I’ll have an italian greyhound.. One day.
When I grow up I will get an italian greyhound and a yellow lab named Lemon and Bo.
LOST: A Italian Greyhound on Nov 14, 2008 at Main St. - downtown. Please contact us if you have any information.
Really trying not to impulse buy an Italian greyhound.
Meet the dog who is obsessed with the iPad!
All I need in my life right now is an Italian Greyhound puppy 😍
Violet the Italian Greyhound goes absolutely berserk over iPad game (cc
Oops, Italian Greyhound is the toy. I meant an original Greyhound, which is still thin but much taller.
I WILL own an Italian Greyhound someday *-*
How about an Italian Greyhound? They're the "fastest couch potato." They're tall and elegant and they're chill with cats.
for all those asking: surf is an Italian greyhound!
I absolutely need to own a corgi and an Italian greyhound as soon as possible
Someone is currently walking their Italian greyhound and it's so cute I'm dying. ITS IN A PINK FLORAL RAINCOAT.
you have inspired me to choose an Italian greyhound when I get a puppy.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
A 5 minute capture of my dog Chapel, an Italian greyhounds' sleep positions
“This Greyhound puppy is better at gaming than you Looks like a full-grown Italian Greyhound to me.
I just sang a song to my Italian Greyhound, which had the lyrics: “Hey, little B / Your butt is made of gravitons / And other scalar bosons”
"Cat Fishing 2" is a mobile game made exclusively for cats. Violet the Italian Greyhound puppy doesn't care. ...
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