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Islamic University

Islamic University is a public university in Bangladesh financially aided by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference.

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In 1990s,Mahmud went to study at the International Islamic University of Islamabad where he joined al-Qaeda.
Shut down Islamic universities pls . "Copies of the Dr Naik's Answers to Non-Muslims' Common Questions About Islam...
The leader of Isis has a Master's and PhD in Koranic studies from Iraq's Saddam Uni…
A "honest mistake" Uni Islamic society hands out hate speech - Nah, don't buy it. Close it & the rest promoting hate
Durham Uni Islamic Society hands out booklets ‘encouraging written by radical preacher banned from http…
Islamic online university 10th site. Lots of insights to share and benefit. Please support and share. .
Being the only female judge in Islamic University's Declamation contest was a good memory from 2016.Not all things are…
Durham University Islamic Society has apologised for handing out terror booklets written by a hate preacher...
At No 11 comes Islamic University In Uganda Educating Ugandans with virtue and passion. We celebrate you.
The Arabic curriculum used is that of imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic university in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Enrollment Fall 2017 academic session at the islamic online university ongoing. BA in Islamic Studies . BA in Arabic language & linguistics.
Fact: there is an Islamic university in Afikpo, Ebonyi State. The last time I checked…
.Are you aware of the leaflets handed out at your university & what they say about women?
Hmm I'm taking a university course for Islamic Finance. There are books by IBFIM and other institutions…
Sagor Hosen is a student of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Technology, Islamic University, Bangladesh. He came from...
UK - University’s Islamic Society handed out book written by radical preacher
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
You know they are lying when they use the term honest mistake. Having the leader shows they are dangerous
Uni Islamic group apologises for handing out ‘every Muslim should be a terrorist’ pamphlet
Christians and Muslims to rebuild Mosul university library after destructions by the Islamic State
Durham University Islamic Society handed out books encouraging terrorism
Sardar Abrar Riaz & others are standing in respect of National anthem at Islamic University auditorium islamabad.
Ismail Elshikh professor of Islamic Studies at the Islamic University of Minnesota & friend of Judge Derrick Watson 9th Circuit
Honored to host the next Second Lady of the Republic of Ghana at the Islamic University. Tomorrow at 12pm
Emb., in coop. with Hedayah Center organized lectures for stud. at the University and Islamic sch. with the message…
Qatar University College of Sharia and Islamic Studies meet on 'Terrorism and Methods of Tackling It'
New University of Florida Islamic Center launch to feature Muslim Brotherhood supporter via
everybody's pickin sides. Time to bust out that Islamic State University hoodie
Assalam o Alaikium. We need an Islamic College and University in London and your Honor's kind attention and help is required.
nursing in Islamic State university of Malaysia and Indonesia. See u in the next conference..
Emirates Islamic and University of Sharjah join hands to support students in need of financial aid through the ...…
descriptions 4 each info-session event are listed on registration links for each event. See here for IUIU
While Saudi interference in Islamic University Islamabad goes unchecked
Lovely to speak to 250 Bengali students at the International Islamic University Chittagong, who mobbed the stage af…
University College of Bahrain conducted a Thematic Workshop on Exploring Islamic Economic, Finance and Business...
Lecture on "The Traumas of the Islamic State (IS) Survivors". (University of Paderborn, Germany, 15/11/2016)
Al-Qasimi Chair (or Associate Professor) in Islamic Studies at University of Exeter
Bro when should I visit for interview at islamic university of Madinah to make my application strong enough to be accepted.
💩 ♫ Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade (at Islamic University of Syekh Yusuf) —
Dude, it's called Islamic terrorism! They commit over 99% of it! They also lie about being attacked like recently a…
Single historical church in Urfa, ancient Edessa, hand over to Islamic Faculty of Harran University after restora…
Professor and member of the Master's thesis jury at Islamic Azad University. 2010-2011
Just to get a sense of Mosul before the takeover in June 2014 – A hit squad of the Islamic State killing soldiers insid…
professor of the most respected Islamic university in the world on rape
The info-seesion will take place tomorrow at Mbale campus of Islamic University. Register here
"How to Brand yourself in a Competitive Job Mar... Read Blog:
If Sharia Banker cares for Hindus he will ban construction of Islamic Research University at the Holy land of Tirupathi.
Senior students at the Islamic of are carrying out research regarding perception of Islam and...
Chancellor of Islamic University of Maldives - IUM Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed received the honor of being the...
"Official at Islamic University in Italy calls for ‘final solution’ for Zionists" . Hateful Muslims!
Studied at Islamic University of Islamabad. Here is an overview I found in English:
. Muhammed Aloraifi;. he teaches Islamic faith N a university in KSA.He has "theory" about female memory.
Abu Bakr al baghdadi leader of ISIS has PhD in Islamic theology from university of Baghdad
The founder of the Islamic University in Italy claims to be a champion of tolerance and enlightenment. Could it be?
A7 Senior university official demands 'final solution for Zionists': Official at Islamic University in Lucca ...
Italian Islamic university official calls for 'final solution for Zionists' LiveLeak
In government college university only non- Muslims can opt for ethics or Islamic Studies but for Muslims Islamic Studies is compulsory.
Dr Mariyam Shahuneeza Naseer has represented the Islamic University of Maldives at the International Conference...
do you mean Raffaello Villani from Islamic University of Lecce?
Founding dean of kulliyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge at International Islamic University(IIUM) Prof.Anis Ahmed.
Hi I'm Dewi and I'm ready to TAMAH IV FIAI 2016. thank you and see… (at Islamic University Of Indonesia) [pic] —
It took from 1995 to 2002 for Islamic Sharia Banking to infiltrate University Bank.
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Bringing Berber empires into focus as contributors to Islamic culture | University of Cambr… https:/…
Assalaam alaykum! Coventry University Islamic Society would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all new...
Does any1 know any1 who has experience of the affiliated Islamic online University? and future recognition of qualis in EU?
Old white Christian men give big bucks to the university's, who in turn give it away to young, non white, Islamic men, who hate them!
Speech by His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Shaheem Ali Saeed. Vice Chancellor of the Islamic University of Maldives at...
On the Islamic manuscript collection in the Cambridge University Library, issue 7/2 of JIM htt…
Asalamu-Alaikum (Peace be with you),. Lancaster University Islamic Society would like to congratulate the new...
So you know more than him w/ his PhD from Islamic University in Baghdad?.
The Quran contains at least 109 verses, that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule.
OIC Secretary General visits the Islamic University of Technology in Dhaka, Bangladesh
About: The foundation of the Islamic University, Islamabad was laid on the first day of the fifteenth century...
A Bangladeshi who was a former associate professor at a Japanese university is among the 10 suspects sought b...
My students at the Islamic University of Madinah will start their exams, tomorrow. May Allah make them successful, https:…
International Islamic University, ISLAMABAD. IIU announces admission to BACHELOR degree programs in Computer...
Al Ahzar believes ISIS are Muslims. Are you saying your most respected Islamic university's…
Ex-Japan university staff sought for suspected ties to Islamic State
Saiful Islam, student of Islamic University Kushtia, shot dead by police last night.
Ex-university staff sought for suspected ties to State
Fethullah Gulen is one of the distinguished Islamic scholars of our century. Prof. Fethi Hicazi . al azhar university h…
President of Islamic Forum of International Humanitarian Law, Dr. Fawzi Oussedik visited Islamic University of...
A powerful meeting with the rector of the Islamic University of Cairo.
Islamic University celebrated the life, works and teachings of the Holy Prophet, Mohammad…
Finally I joined Diploma Course in Islamic Studies at Islamic Online University. Soon..i will be an authorized Islamic Scholar!!!
& talking about interpretations, you can't just dismiss what Islamic Studies department of al-Azhar University says.
The head of ISIS has a PhD in Islamic Studies from Baghdad Islamic University. . But that doesn't fit the narrative.
so why did Bin Baz work to get a "jahil khariji" a job as a professor at the primary Islamic university for saudi students
The Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University, UNISSA, will be publishing a number of academic and research books this...
Dr Nduom to deliver lectures at Islamic University College Don't miss out!
Parliament outreach team at Islamic University In Uganda, Kabojja Campus presenting about the role of MPs.
Al Ahzar university in Egypt even said ISIS was not to be considered un-Islamic, after burning the Jordanian pilot.
All purpose parts banner
Islamic University of Gaza Commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Land Day.
Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom will be interacting with students of the Islamic University tomorrow 31st March 2016 at the...
Honoured in International Islamic University isd as a guest speaker in women rights in islam .
Islamic Online University presents programs in Business Administration . -Certificate in Business Administration...
International Islamic and Islamic Cultural Organisation agreed to boost mutual cooperation
The US-led coalition bombed the University of Mosul for being an Islamic State headquarters: (cc
A student who is accused of stabbing four people at a California university was inspired by the so-called Islamic State, the FBI says.
So why is it that al Baghdadi holds a University of Baghdad degree in Islamic Studies, ?. Is it a fake degree?
Islamic Jihad has infiltrated social infrastructure of all Western Nations, Schools University, Far Left to Liberal Politics
Hello there. What are the top 3 best university in Turkey if you want to study Islamic theology for undergraduate level?
Every British University now has an Islamic Society warping our young.
... Assalaamualaikum,. The University of Lincoln Students' Union Islamic Society last collection towards the...
of the week from Islamic Online University
Her nickname is Eng. She is a student of Economics at the Islamic University of Indonesia.
A new initiative by al-Azhar Islamic University in takes online ideological battle to IS.
Pakistan's security forces today paraded four men accused of helping the Islamic militants who attacked Bacha Khan uni…
1st project of the year and it was all good Alhamdulillah @ International Islamic University
Islamic University takes online battle to IS but it's still the same evil Islam cult.
We go inside one of Islam's oldest institutions now trying to battle ideology online
university student Abdussalam Enesi Yun USA recruiting for Daesh arrested in Nigeria .
the founder of the first university in recorded history was a muslim woman under the Islamic shariah 1200 years ago
Students of Hyd Central University were making it Islamic University which is not good for Hindustan.Saffronising education is good
Men and women 'segregated' during talk at university lecture in
My Islamic school hates me so much they put an 8th grade on notable alumni instead of me going to a great university
... "the one who graduated from Baghdad Islamic University" (but it's a title in this case)
Saudis are building an Islamic university in Burco? We should have nothing to do with this imported Wahabi doctrine!
they were class mates at int.Nat. Islamic university
ISIS removing and burning non-Islamic books from every library in Mosul. University also targeted.
A couple of International Islamic University Islamabad finally decided to marry 💑 few days back.
Islamic Society students disrupt university lecture on blasphemy and make 'death threat'
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look what it did to top Islamic University alazhar in Egypt. It's a govt institution now and we know who runs that.
Islamic State is a joke. Everyone knows University of Islamic has a better jihad program
The amazing survival of the Baltic Muslims. Azhar & Sudan Islamic University to support Lithuanian Muslims.
Dulu my university, Newcastle Uni ada offer MSc Finance and Law with Islamic finance. Tapi ada sorg student je, this year diorg da tutup
yo I dey Islamic university there now. my cell 2 they come go off
How to solve a problem for facing Economic ASEAN Society as I am Islamic University student of Physics Applied in Geophysics?
Pleased that my university Feminist Society proudly backs the Islamic Society. Islamic societies are veritable cauldrons o…
Sh. Ibrahim Ruhaylee is a professor in Aqeedah in the Islamic University & he is a teacher in the Prophet's Masjid.
news flash genius. The leader of ISIS had a PhD in Islamic Studies from university of baghdad
Where are the riots? Firings? The demands for expunging Islamic texts & teachings of misogyny & supremacism?
It's an islamic fake university, a medressa in disguise.
Schadenfreude in Dutch! Callous comments from rector of Islamic University of Rotterdam for the murder of htt…
This rector at Islamic University in Rotterdam praises the murder of lawyer
Parking spot of Islamic Azad University of Photo by Mansour Asadi
We are the part… (w/ Fakhran, Ajisoko, & Erna at Faculty Of Psychology, Jakarta Islamic State University) [pic] —
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A group of dual citizens from Sydney’s west has given up university and luxury cars to join Islamic State in...
Venkateshwara temple in Tirupati destroyed by Hyder Ali.In the temple land Heera Islamic university is now coming up ht…
"he, who lives by the sword dies by the sword". how can he be a rector in an Islamic university? .
Maybe when we see an Islamic university in the holiest of Muslim places, or Christian university at Vatican ground zero.
30 Students Of Kaduna State Origin To Study in The Islamic University of Uganda About thirty students from Kaduna
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (ISIS) BA, MA & PhD in Islamic Studies & doctorate in education from University of Baghdad.
. Activities include:. 🔹Attending the lessons of the scholars. 🔹Applying to the Islamic university of Madinah. …
. This Islamic University's lector: , has praised the murder of !!! Contact Dutch authorities & journa…
Top Pakistani university V.C believes Zionist Jews going to kill 6bill. Now imagine what Islamic seminary teach
Turns out the lowlife & rector of Islamic University in Rotterdam is also sectarian:
Then I would Make a Collage n University in my village Specialy for Islamic Studies⭐⭐⭐
Islamic University in anna aharu Online coursetha fashanee
Kudos to for Protesting against a beef party organised by Islamic Osmania University
President of Islamic Science University in is celebrating the death of : 'He had it coming.'
al-Baghdadi holds an Islamic Studies degree from an Islamic University. The IS flag means "No God but Allah" in Arabic.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi does. PHD in Islamic Studies from the Islamic University of Baghdad, no less.
Egypt: Islamic university to ditch ideas which 'do not suit modern times'.
Register for a Conversation with the Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, at New York University on April 29th
Prominent Islamic university in Egypt pledges reform to fight militancy:
A Look at the Reasons to Buy a Home in 2015 | University Islamic Financial -
A student at Madeenah Islamic University passed away yesterday. His funeral was today at Masjid Nabawi after Jumuah. http:/…
Britain is on the highest ever terror alert but Tell Mama prioritise anti-Islam graffiti
Go tell your dodgy palace scholars that they went to Islamic university to speak the truth. Not to hide the truth and collect a salary for polishing the throne of the taghout
9 hrs Dennis Wagner If you truly wish to understand Islam you must read a book titled, Reliance of the Traveler, it is THE authoritative Hermeneutical text on Islamic spiritual law used in Madrases world-wide. In it you will learn that those named as terrorists, Jihadists, are the ones following Islam best & most accurately, and those the world calls moderates are actually apostates to their "religion". This is also why we see so much Muslim on Muslim violence around the world, each separate group believes they are more spiritual than the others so according to Islamic spiritual law, not only do they have a right to punish the others, but if they wish to remain true to Allah, they MUST punish the others - in effort to bring them back to the fold of course. It does not matter what you or I think the Quran says and it matters little more what any one Imam or Mosque teaches, what matters is that every single day more than 80% of the Imams and Mosques and virtually every Islamic university in the world teache ...
Saudi Cleric al-Madkhali slams European Cartoonists Renowned Muslim Scholar's Criticial Response to Recent Attempts to Defame the Prophet Muhammad through Cartoon Drawings and Accusations of Terrorism [ In the Name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy ] All praises are due to Allah, and may Allah exalt the status of the Messenger of Allah, and that of his family and his companions, and may He grant them peace. As for what follows: Some newspapers and other forms of media have spread hurtful, vicious information that could only emanate from the jealous, arrogant enemies of Islam and its Prophet (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace). That conduct comprises a calumniation of Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah and a distortion of his message by jealous individuals and Christian organizations, as well as envious and irresponsible columnists, like those who write for the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Its writers mocked the best of Mankind and the most distinguished of the Messengers, Muh ...
By The Grace of Allah Almighty I have Completed My Fourth Semester of BBA at International Islamic University Islamabad and My Final Paper Will be Start Insha’Allah from 21th of this Month and it will carry on till 02 February 2015. Dear Friends remember me In Your Prayers Thanks
So I guess Duke will be changing its name to ISU, Islamic State University?
Duke University reverses decision to sound Islamic call to prayer - Episcopal Cafe - -
I really felt not having any, regular Islamic education in 2014. It's something you miss moving from an Islamic school to university.
well said. We put this out on Birmingham graffiti:
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
New Research on Acupuncture to Treat Researchers at Najafabad Islamic Azad University in Iran tested a new...
Swastikas and anti-Islamic graffiti appeared on the University of Birmingham campus this week
Ok. Why the words in the logo written in Arabic? "NO"Was ABU an Arabic/Islamic university before???""
The University of Yusuf (as): a lecture on lives of prisoners, past and present, through prism of Islamic history
A UK based systems design company has agreed to employ the International Islamic electrics
Meet the Radical Professor at the Center of the Controversy for Islamic Prayers at Duke University - Breitbart
Meet the radical Islamic professor at the center of the Call to Prayer uproar at University.
A message from the students of Madinah Islamic university. In all languages, we love youﷺ. . htt…
Mau muncak. Makrab KESSEL 💁🎉 (with LEM at Faculty of Law. Islamic University of Indonesia) —
Finally, it's already over :') (at Faculty of Law. Islamic University of Indonesia) —
Islamic Though and Civilization = Pasrah (the last day of… (at Faculty of Law. Islamic University of Indonesia) —
Umma University which is the first Islamic University in the country, a couple of days ago officially opened its...
Islamic University in Uganda refuses to admit Christian student with a Muslim name accusing her of abusing the pillars of Islamic faith
Recently this statement was made by our President. “ISIL is not Islamic, no religion condones the killing if innocents. The vast majority of ISIL victims have been Muslim and ISIL is certainly not a state.” --Barack Hussein Obama I do not have vast experience as a community organizer. I do not share his vaunted achievements as a constitutional scholar and professor. I do pay attention to my world and THINK rationally. This despicable lunatic, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Al-Husseini Al-Qurashi, is supposedly a graduate of the Islamic University of Baghdad with degrees, BA, MA and PhD degrees in Islamic Studies. I am pretty sure that was not in preparation for membership in the Knights of Columbus, the Baptist Brotherhood or the Young Men's Hebrew Association, Baghdad locals. Al-Baghdadi speaks of a calipate and sharia law. He forcibly converts persons of other religions. This nightmare is brought to you courtesy of Muslim intellectual thought that peaked in medieval times. It is troubling that our de ...
Habib Umar bin Hafiz in Chechnya, Russia All Praise is due to Allah, by His Enabling Grace, Sayyidi الحبيب عمر بن حفيظ - Habib Omar (may Allah preserve him and benefit us by him) has arrived safely in Grozny, the capital of Chechen Republic of Russia, on Wednesday, to attend a number of functions, including a conference on Islamic spirituality and the graduation ceremony of the first batch of students from the Russian Islamic University (est. in 2009) in Grozny. During this visit, Sayyidi al-Habib Umar is joined by Sayyidi Alhabib Ali Al Jifri الحبيب علي الجفري and Sayyidi al-Habib Mohammed Alsaggaf, as well as a delegation of other prominent scholars and figures from the Muslim world (may Allah preserve them and benefit us by them). We ask Allah Most High to bless this visit and all of the gatherings, and make them a source of good and a source of benefit for us and all Muslims wherever they are.
Can anyone let me know, if any university or organization offers courses on Islamic Finance in Rawalpindi?
Princeton University professor Robert George warned Wednesday that the Islamic State will carry out “mass...
VC Islamic University Peshawar Prof Ajmal Khan has been released from Taliban. Sources
Operation Zarb-e-Azb retrieved the vice chancellor of Islamic University after four years . BRAVO PAK ARMY
Meanwhile, VC of Islamic University Peshawar has been freed by the security forces.
Dr. Bilal Philips. "Changing the nation through education" is the motto of my university, the Islamic Online...
Tomorrow Islamic State start their NCAA season with a visit to their arch rivals University of Islam
Got selected in at International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) — feeling excited
can i know where you study? :) — i'm studying in International Islamic University Malaysia :)
dek biomu " ❤ALLAH - I'm trying to love what I'm working on it :) ! Statistic - Islamic University of Indonesia " kamu di Jogja?
Thanks for the advice student from Islamic University of Madinah
The university...was founded at Kadyrov's insistence . Kadyrov Made Honorary Professor at Islamic College
Any University or College Islamic society, in need of materials for their freshers fayre inshaAllaah, get in touch
Dr Ahmed Wesam from Islamic University Of GAZA... he is from department of Civil Engineering…
Can't even - Ramzan became honorary professor of Russian Islamic University in Grozny
Basij university student summer camp on "Imam's Line". Teaches Basijis on doctrinal basis of 'Islamic govt'
The Muslim community is in dire need of REAL scholars- not Islamic university graduates. We have plenty of those.
Australia: Muslim university research explains that there's nothing Islamic about beheading, women have equal...
for giving me status professor at the Islamic University of al-Madinah al-Munawara in Saudi Arabia.
Tilik kampus. (at Faculty of Law. Islamic University of Indonesia) —
Terdampar disini (lagi) 😞 (with at Faculty of Law. Islamic University of Indonesia) —
"The university has turned into a battlefield." fighters settle into dorms
The Islamic University in Before and after, yesterday.
NIMS (Naroorul Islamic University) welcomes Rwandans medics and engineers for training in different specializations.
First day ospek at State Islamic University of Bandung
Curious, does Vanderbilt force Islamic groups to have Jews or Mormons as leaders?
Pus, pus, kampus again.. (at Faculty of Law. Islamic University of Indonesia) —
LAHORE:Punjab University has awarded PhDs to 3 scholars, M. Maaz in Islamic Studies,Muhammad Zafar in Zoology and Samina Kousar in Chemistry
Gimana ga rajin coba, jam segini… (at Faculty of Science & Technology - State Islamic University of Jakarta) —
Former un official for refugees and Dutch pm Lubbers is speaking at the radical Islamic university. Via
in the Islamic University of Uganda most were from Sokoto state. Who is to blame for all this? I don't think they know what to do
One teacher’s attempts to overcome his students’ prejudices have been derailed by Israel’s wanton bombing of his university building During the current conflict, the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG), where I teach world literature and creative writing in the English department, has been hit by many Israeli missiles. The administration building has been seriously damaged. Two departments have been completely destroyed: the personnel department and the English department offices. IUG was established in 1978 and served tens of thousands of Palestinians. Now more than 20,000 students study at IUG which has 10 faculties and more than 70 fields of study, ranging from medicine and engineering to languages, education and psychology. IUG students and Israeli occupation When I started teaching at the IUG, I met young students most of whom have never been outside Gaza and have suffered greatly under Israeli occupation. This suffering became even worse when Israel tightened its siege in 2006. Many of them could ...
The biography of Sheikh Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Amir of the Islamic State in Iraq and Al-Sham Name: Abu Dua, Ibrahim bin Awad bin Ibrahim Al-Badri Al-Radawi Al-Husseini Al- Samarra'i. He is descendant from the tribes of Al-Sada Al-Asharaf Al-Badriyin (Al- Bu'Badri) Al-Radawiya Al-Husayniyya Al-Hasimiyyah Al-Qurayshiya Al-Nizariya Al- Adnaniya. Marital status: Married He is a former teacher and educator and a well known preacher, and a graduate from the Islamic University in Baghdad and he studied in it the academic levels (Bachelor, Masters and PhD) he was known as a preacher and erudite in Islamic culture, and Sharia knowledge and Fiqh, and an expert in the sciences of history and noble lineage, and he has a wide relations and clear impact on the members of his tribe in Diyala and Samarra until they declared on a fully voluntary and total certainty their Baya'a to the Islamic State of Iraq and its first Amir (Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi Al-Qurayshi) when they gave Baya'a to the Amir and the State in the beginning ...
Dr. Bashir Ibrahim al-Hajjar was an Assistant Professor of Nursing at the Islamic University of Gaza. He…
The only time the polite, bespectacled student shone was on the football field, while playing for the team from the local mosque. “He was the Messi of our team,” said Abu Ali, a fellow player and worshipper at the mosque, making comparison with the Lionel Messi, the Argentinian striker. “He was our best player.” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the impressive striker, is now one of the world’s most wanted jihadist leaders. In interviews with the Telegraph, contemporaries of Baghdadi trace the life of a man who went from being a shy religious scholar who eschewed violence, to one a infamously dangerous extremists, self-appointed caliph and reputed heir to Osama bin Laden. Born Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badri to a family of preachers, the now leader of the Islamic State, lived his childhood in the Sunni heartland town of Samarra north of Baghdad. But it is in the Iraqi capital that he spent his formative years, studying for his undergraduate and masters degrees, and eventually his PhD at the Islamic University ...
Introduction of Reciter: Qari Sohaib Ahmed Mir Mohammadi, born in Pakistan in 1975, is a Pakistani national, a world-renowned qari and Islamic Scholar. He studied in the College of the Holy Qur'aan and Islamic Studies at the Islamic University of Madinah and has specialized in the ten readings of the Qur'aan, Tajweed and Islamic Studies & Sciences. He had been Imam at Main Mosques of Islamic University - Madinah Al-Munawarah, Al-Farooq University - Riyadh and Ibn Baaz University - Saudi Arabia. He has also written several books on Islamic Values & Code. He visits Middle East countries and several cities within Pakistan frequently for Islamic Lectures and Qiraat Conferences. At present he is Principal of Qur'aan College & Islamic Training Institute -Pakistan.
ANNOUNCEMENT Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh! The PRE-RAMADHAN Dawra continues TODAY - JUNE 15, 2014 (Sunday) and ends TOMORROW - JUNE 16, 2014 (Monday) @ Mahad Assunnah For Teaching Qur’an and Arabic Language in Kasanyangan , Sta Catalina Zamboanga City from 1PM - 3PM. It will be conducted again by Sheikh Fahad Haris (Kulliyatul Shariah, Islamic University of Madinah, KSA/Lecturer at Mahad Assunnah & Mahad Moro Al-Islamy /Adviser: Mahad Assunnah Mampang Sattelite School) from THE BOOK OF FASTING of BULUGH AL MARAM. Please join us in making ready for the upcoming Month of Ramadhan and reaping the knowledge that will make us a better Muslim In Shaa Allahu Taala. SNACK is FREE. PLS SHARE —
THE AMIR by Hamid AbdulMalik Al-Hassan The word Emir is the Anglican form of the Arabic word Amir/Ameer. The word Amir has its root in the Arabic word Amr which means command. This makes the word Amir an adjective qualifying a person who gives command, a commander Under an Islamic State, Amirs or Emirs (Umaraa -plural in Arabic) serve as represenratives of the Khalifa in different parts of the Khalifate, he is what we have come to know as a governor today. Our Khalifate was headed by non other than Khalifa Uthman Bin Fodio, a graduate from the Islamic University of Timbuktu in Mali. During its reign on Allah's planet, the University knew no rival, as scholars from Baghdaad, India and Even Islamic Spain (Andalus) humble themselves in the presence of its scholars. My Khalifa, our Khalifa was a jurist, mathematician, astronomer, economist, lawyer, judge, historian (just to mention a few) in one. One of his CV was his daughter, Asma' Bint Uthman. I will not even mention any of his sons or brothers who like As ...
Yes, I know a lot about it. I have read full book on Islamic Escathology by Prof. Jamal Ameen of Al-AZHAR Islamic University.
What the South wants. The south wants the majority to allow them to rule in what I term as consensus democracy. The south wants complete resource control to allow them to use resources in their region exclusively. The south want Nigeria to operate under a lose federation to enable them to secede when they want to. The south calls for secularization of government but advertise the "people of the same faith" way of life. The south wants the abolition of Federal Character and indigeneship to enable them occupy offices in the Northern states. The south is advertising for the abolition of Qur'anic/Islamic education under the guise of attacking the Almajiranci. The south will cry "Shariah" when a government/company worker go to office with turban/Niqab, but will look the other way when another worker go to work with a cross or any symbol of christian faith. The south will kick against the establishment of Islamic University but applaud the establishment of christian universities. The south will call Northern L ...
Allama Ehsan Elahi Zaheer was born on Thursday, May 31, 1945, in the city of Sialkot in Pakistan to a prominent and wealthy Punjabi industrialist family with a history of involvement with the Ahl-e-Hadees. He memorized the Qur'an at the age of 9 years. His father recognized his potential of learning at an early age. Education He studied at Jamia Islamiyyah Gujranwala and at Jamia Salafiyyah in Faisalabad before leaving to study abroad at the prestigious Islamic University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia , where he studied under well known contemporary salafi scholars such as Muhammad Nasiruddin al- Albani and Abd-al-Aziz ibn Abd-Allah ibn Baaz . He got first position all over the world with 93.5% marks in Madina University. After graduating from the department of Sharia he returned to his country and pursued further education and received his Masters in Arabic , Islamic Studies, Urdu and Persian . During his final year of study at Medina Bin Baz asked him to deliver lectures, a very rare opportunity amongst at ...
♛♛ Sokoto Sponsors 394 Students To Study Abroad: Sokoto Sponsors 394 Students To Study Abroad Ankeli Emmanuel — May 10, 2014 Sokoto State governor, Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko, has approved the sponsorship of 349 indigenes of the state to study various science-related courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Bangladesh, India and Ugandan higher institutions. This was revealed by Alhaji Jalani Kalgo, executive chairman, Sokoto State Scholarship Board. He maintained that the gesture further confirmed his government’s manifest resolve to promote human and capital upliftment. The governor has approved N657,705, 951 for the exercise. The money covers tuition, registration, accommodation, transportation and all other costs to be incurred during the their 2014/2015 academic session. According to a statement by the information officer of the state scholarship board, Isa Shuni, the institutions to provide the services include Islamic University in Uganda, Rajiv Gandhi Univ ...
MY JOURNEY TO ISLAM, BY BILAL PHILIP My parents accepted Islam 21 years after my conversion Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, born in Kingston, Jamaica, grew up in Toronto, Canada, where he reverted to Islam in 1972. He first acquired a B.A. from the College of Islamic Disciplines at the Islamic University of Medina (1979), then an M.A. in Aqeedah (Islamic Theology) from King Saud University in Riyadh (1985), and finally a PhD in Islamic Theology from the University of Wales (1994). Dr Bilal Philips, who was on a visit to Nigeria, spoke exclusively to Daily Trust. Excerpts: Can you tell us your story on your conversation to Islam? Dr. Philip Ameenah Bilal: If I have to start talking about my way to Islam it will take me about an hour and a half. To cut it short I will politely ask everyone to listen and watch my full story on YouTube on how I converted to Islam. Tell us the turning point for you. What really touched you into becoming a Muslim? Okay I will sum everything up, though I was raised a Christian, d ...
Nigerian student DIES in Bangladesh: TAHIR MANNI ADAM, 26, at Islamic University of Tech, Gazipur, found in a lake at …
| ON DR. YASIR QADHI | By: Ibn Nasser Mandangan Relatively seven years ago that which I first heard his lectures on Peace TV and I was benevolently admiring his speech and logic. As a student in Ateneo de Davao University, I also took a minor-degree in Philosophy, and maybe for such reason I have found his relative arguments convincing. I only knew a few things about him, (1) I believed him as a scholar of Islaam, who graduated with a degree in usul al-hadeeth in the Islamic University of Madina who founded Muslim Matters website and their group in New Jersey, USA. And (2) that he is currently taking up his Doctorate Degree in Yale University. I admired his articles, his lectures, and his manner of approach in many contemporary issues our Ummah is facing today. If you didn't know much about him like I did, you would have admired him as much as well. True, he is indeed one who has quite an astonishing intelligence and brilliance, cognitively speaking. It was two years ago that I learned about Salafiyyah, i ...
"Sheikh Ja'afar Mahmud Adam Today In History: MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE! 7 years today. Shiekh Ja’afar Mahmud Adam was born on February 12, 1960 in the town of Daura in Katsina State. In 1984, he was admitted into the Government Teachers’ College, Gwale, now Government Arabic College Gwale Kano, (G.A.C Gwale Kano). He graduated in 1988 and in 1989, he secured admission into the Islamic University in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, where he studied for four years and graduated in 1993. Upon his return from Madinah, Ja’afar set up the Usman Bin Affan Centre which became autonomous in 1995. There, Shaikh Ja'afar taught various classes. He also conducted Tafsir annually in Maiduguri during Ramadan. He was the head of the Usman Bin Affan Islamic Trust. At various times, he represented Nigeria internationally in Qur'anic recitation competitions. He was a member of the "Ulama Consultative Forum" in Zamfara and Bauchi states. He also presented various Islamic programmes on radio and television stations like Radio K ...
Alon-alon waton kelakon 😀 (at Faculty of Law. Islamic University of Indonesia) —
Ku-li-ah (with Nurendah at Faculty of Law. Islamic University of Indonesia) —
I'm sorry my sissy untuk kali ini gw gbs… (w/ Trisha at Faculty of Law. Islamic University of Indonesia) [pic] —
Hai kampus~ (with Tomy and Gilang at Faculty of Law. Islamic University of Indonesia) —
Dr. Trag calls on Governor. Jammu, April 11: Dr. A.R. Trag, Vice Chancellor, Islamic University of Sciences and...
Price Kassim Awarded PhD:Assalaam alaikum, This is to share with you the good news that Price Kassim Nakibige Kakungulu has been awarded a Honarary PhD in good leadership by the University of Lahore. The function took place at Kibuli Muslim Hospital where a foundation stone was also laid by the OIC deputy secretary General for the Faculty of Medicine at the Islamic University in Uganda. Another good news worthy sharing is that the IUIU University Council issue has been resolved. The Government has confirmed its representatives as Hon. KirundaKivejinja, Hon. Kadunabi Lubega and Hon. Nusura Tiperu
Photos: Pir Muhammad Amin Ul Hasnat Shah welcomed and had lunch with Dr Muhammad Bin Sa'id al-Mammari, Special Adviser to the Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs of the Sultanate of Oman. Dean of Islamic Studies at the Islamic University, Dr Tahir Mansoori, is also present.
Which one is better;. 1- Establishment of a new Islamic University; or. 2- Increasing the capacity of Faculty of Islamic Studies, MNU?
Last nights election results, could not have made me happier!! The twinning policy with the Islamic University of Gaza passed and a formidable young BME, Palestinian, Muslim woman, who was living through occupation, a mere 7 months ago, smashed almost every oppressive ceiling to become our new Education Officer. She's done so much already in the past 6 years to fight for the right to education for all and to let the world know about the Palestinian struggle and I am so happy and excited for Malaka Mohammed and ever so proud of her. The role of President was won by a lovely human being and radical, progressive Jewish activist who has filled my mind and our campus with greater awareness about *** and Gender Issues and dedicated hours to liberation campaigns and fighting for fairer pay for our university staff. Congratulations Yael Shafritz. Across the "border", these two lovely students would have grown up hating one another but here on our campus they will be working side by side to do some good and hope . ...
Saudi Arabia is More Cruel than Modi Says Nadwa tul Ulma Hind Report: Saut ul Muslim India via The Times of India, printed on 11th March 2014. LUCKNOW: Describing the government of Saudi Arabia as more 'zalim' (cruel) than Narendra Modi, Nadwatul Ulema in Lucknow cancelled its March 16 appointment with a delegation from the Islamic kingdom as a mark of protest against its decision to declare Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. The institute has compared Saudi Arabia's move to tag Muslim Brotherhood as an act "more cruel than the genocide of hundreds of Muslims in 2002 that was allegedly led by then chief minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi". Official reason assigned for the cancellation of this trip was described as a move in line with the institute's commitment towards the religion, community and reformative ideology. Nadwatul Ulema happens to be one of the most renowned Islamic University in Asia. Dean, Faculty of Shariah at Nadwatul Ulema Maulana Salman Nadwi confirmed the cancellation of th ...
Dr. Iqbal Masood al-Nadvi served as President/Ameer of ICNA Canada for the year 2010 and 2011. He is a well-known Muslim scholar in Canada, one of few who have the authority to give an Islamic legal ruling (fatwa). He is currently Director of Religious Affairs at ICNA Canada and Imam of Al-Falah Islamic Centre (Oakville, Ontario). Previously, he was an Imam in Calgary, Alberta. He is also Resident Shariah Scholar at Al-Nadwa Institute, Mississauga, Canada. He holds Ph.D. in Islamic Shariah (law), with specialization in jurisprudence (Fiqh). Prior to that he got M.A. from Islamic University, Medina Munawwarah. He taught Islamic Shariah and Jurisprudence at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, for six years and dealt with various subjects such as principles of jurisprudence (Usool Al-Fiqh), Islamic Culture, Islamic Political Thought, Islamic movements and Fiqh of Organization. Dr. Nadvi will InshaaAllah be teaching the Hadeeth course, starting Thursday March 20, 2014 at Adduha Islamic Institute of Islamic Sc ...
Pembukaan MONAS(with and at Faculty of Law. Islamic University of Indonesia) —
Islamic University, Kushtia was founded on November 22, 1979 at Shantidanga-Dulalpur (Kushtia- Jhenidah) by the late president Ziaur Rahman based on the recommendation of Islamic University Planning Committee headed by Professor Dr. M. A. Bari. The Islamic University Act was passed by National Assembly of Bangladesh on December 27, 1980. On January 1, 1981 the government of Bangladesh appointed Dr. A. N. M. Mamtajuddin Choudhury as the first vice-chancellor and the university became operational that year. [4] As construction of several important buildings began, a presidential decree was issued on May 15, 1982 to shift the university from Shantidanga- Dulalpur to Boardbazar, Gazipur on an area of 50 acres. The construction of an academic building, two residential halls and other necessary infrastructures were completed. Initially two faculties (Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) with four departments (Al-Quran, Dawah, Accounting, Management) were establishe ...
Hot On The Heels with Sarah Biryomumaisho at 6:50pm Uganda's president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has this afternoon signed a controversial anti *** bill that allows penalties for "homosexual offences". Parliament’s appointments committee has today vetted four new high court judges, two industrial court judges, members of the Uganda Land Commission, Education Service Commission and Human Rights Commission. The Bubulo West MP seat has attracted about 16 aspirants with Richard Michael Nataka, the former Secretary General Uganda Red Cross Society, former Bubulo West Member of Parliament Sylvester Wanzusi Washieba, the former Manafwa district woman Parliamentary contestant Rose Mutonyi and Samalie Wanderema, a lecture at Islamic University in Uganda – IUIU being part of the group. The Assistant Personnel Officer Mbarara district Michael Mande has been implicated for creating ghost workers on the government payroll. Business, The High Court in Nakawa has today ordered Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to release ...
When class gets boring, selfies get going. :v — at Islamic University of Technology (IUT)
Executive Secretary, National Universities Commission (NUC), Professor Julius Okojie has lamented the dearth of admission spaces for the over one million students jostling for university education every year. He noted that although we have 50 private universities which complement the 79 public universities, admission spaces are still inadequate. Okojie who was represented by the Deputy Executive Secretary, Mr. Akinbode Agbaoye, disclosed this when he received a delegation from the Islamic University, Uganda, led by the Deputy Vice-Rector, Academic Affairs, Dr. Mouhamad Mpezamiligo, on a study visit to the Commission. He said, "All the 129 universities are contributing to the development of the system. However, access is still a challenge in the country, as the current enrolment is about a million." He, however expressed optimism that when more universities are licensed and existing ones fully develop, their capacities to absorb more students would grow in multiples of millions. Welcoming the team, the Exe ...
1000 years old Ancient Hindu Temple Uncovered in Yogyakarta ,Indonesia under Islamic University Archaeologists in Indonesia have uncovered a 1,000-year-old temple that could shed light on the country's Hindu past. The intricately carved statues and reliefs are some of the best preserved in Indonesia, but the dig is being conducted under tight security to protect the site from well-organised relic thieves. The temple was found on the grounds of Yogyakarta's Islamic University as workers probed the ground to lay foundations for a new library, and they realised the earth beneath their feet was not stable. Digging soon revealed an extraordinary find: three metres underground were still-standing temple walls. Heavy rains then exposed the top of a statue of the god Ganesha in pristine condition. A few weeks into the excavation, archaeologists are declaring the temple and its rare and beautiful statues an important discovery that could provide insights into Indonesia's pre-Islamic culture. "This temple is a quit ...
International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) How should be an Islamic University? IIUI to further reshape its vision Acquisition knowledge was always a hallmark tradition of the human beings. First ever human on this planet was surely Hazrat Adam (A.S.) who was given distinction of knowledge by the Creator – Allah Almighty. There was a dialogue between Hazrat Adam and angels on that occasion in which angels were ordered by Allah Almighty t...o bow down in his honour that was due to knowledge which was given to Hazrat Adam (A.S.). The Holy Qur’an spoke on this issue very clearly. The tradition of acquiring knowledge was always advanced by the coming generations of human being on this planet. The chain and cycle of this tradition came to its peak by the advent of last Prophethood of Hazrat Mohammad (SAW). The first revelation of the Qur’an was an emphasis on knowledge. Iqra was first word given to the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW) which further highlighted the importance of knowledge for human bei ...
Dear Colleagues, You are kindly invited to attend the fifth International Conference on Engineering and Sustainability (ICES5) which will be taking place from November 4th – 5th 2014 at Islamic University of Gaza, Gaza City (Palestine). ICES5 is jointly organized by the faculty of Engineering at Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) , Gaza City (Palestine) , and UNIVERSITI SAINS MALAYSIA (USM), Malaysia. The conference aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the world to exchange and share their experiences and research results in different aspects in advanced engineering and sustainability. You are welcome to join the conference to meet the distinguished speakers and share your research results. You may send your abstract in any of the following themes via Email: ICES5. The submitted abstracts should not exceed 250 words. Themes: 1. Building Design and Construction i. Extending the lifespan of structures (assessment, renovation, reuse, strengthening, etc.). ii. Green ...
ANOTHER UGANDA MUSLIM TO INSPIRE THE YOUNG: Professor of Literature, Abasi Kiyimba- He was among those that led a team of Muslims to investigate the 1979 massacre of Muslims in Ankole.He brought life into the teaching of English, into Islamic Work and into debating life at Kako Secondary School (Masaka). As he made his entry into Makerere University in 1979, former President Idi Amin Dada was making his exit from Uganda, deposed by invading Tanzanian forces. These were very trying moments for members of the Muslim Community in Uganda. “It gave us an immediate role in the community,” he recalls. Led by Hajj Imanullah Kalinaki, who is now Kawempe Division Education Officer, Kiyimba, together with Ahmad Kaweesa Sengendo (currently Rector of the Islamic University in Uganda) and others, traversed the width and breadth of the country, comforting Muslims who were feeling threatened by the events that followed Amin’s ouster. They were later joined by Sam Ahmad Sentongo (now the Makerere University Imam), I ...
University of Kashmir, Central University of Kashmir, Islamic University of Science & Technology, Awantipora has...
Reposted : Candidates who want to do MBA in Kashmir University/Central University/Islamic University need to...
District Collector K. Ramgopal has instructed the revenue and police officials to demolish the unapproved floors of the building that houses the Heera International Islamic University in Thondavada village of Chandragiri mandal(tirupati,Andhrapradesh). Hindu Jana Jagruti Samstha spokesperson Akula Krishna Kishore and Adi Hindu Parirakshana Samithi president Kalluri Chengaiah, who held a joint demonstration at the TUDA office in the past, called it their ‘first victory’ and announced to continue their protest against Islamic University.
Pls Share, High Court orders to stop work of Islamic University in Tirupati
But don't put up a cross or a Christmas tree!
It's very difficult to balance University knowledge and knowledge of current affairs along with Islamic knowledge. . My head hurts.
Proud feeling proud saab is an Islamic University Islamabad graduate, Feeling proud of my university.
hear about Nasr Al Fahad and scholar of such high esteem that the Islamic university called him back after graduation to ask
Stop the International Islamic University at Tirupati. Hindus must realize that their temples are in danger in...
Can I ask you what you think of Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh?
Held by Islamic University of Science and Technology “And how many people have heard of Verite Film Fest?”
Mohammed Khalid M. Alshafei, president of the Saudi Students Club at Wesleyan, had a meeting in 2012 with...
Creeping Sharia at Methodist University in Texas: Wesleyan gives Muslims prayer room, now they want Islamic footwash http:…
sidang. (with wury, Restu Darma, and Harfie at Faculty of Law. Islamic University of Indonesia) —
Collector instructed the demolition Heera International Islamic University in .
Illegal' floors of Islamic university facing demolition - The Hindu
District Collector has instructed the officials to demolish the unapproved floors of Islamic University at Tirupati.
Why build an Islamic University in Tirupathi? Have we run out of sites? Why tease the harmony?
Agitation to continue till cancellation of Islamic University at Tirupati...
Hal biasa (at Faculty of Law. Islamic University of Indonesia) —
Inanity at its zenith. What can one make of this prestigious Islamic University which is the highest authority after this.
BREAKING: New Islamic fatwa says women who swim in the sea commit adultery & should be punished. via…
New Islamic Fatwa: "Women who swim in the sea commit adultery, should be punished."
UNIVERSITY NEWS There was a very interesting meeting at the Islamic University on Friday among Sierra Leonean students. The future sheikhs of Sierra Leone were ready to throw punches at each other at that meeting. The conflict is about the students' representative in the university, who was choosen by a particular tribe( within themselves ) since the days of Dr. Somebody. What happened in that meeting is a whistle blower for future trouble.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Bokharam leaders; Muhammad Nazeef, Umar Musa, Mustapha Yusuf, Ismaila Abdulazez, and Ibrahim Isah, with plan to attack Kogi state, now arrested. Nazeef, the spiritual leader, a lecturer in the Department for Islamic Studies, Kogi State University, schooled at Saudi Arabia's Islamic University of Medina was arrested in Jos Plateau State while the others were arrested in Abuja.
'The best time of your life is now when you're a student. Enjoy your studies in UIA. Thank Allah to be in this Islamic University.'
Mustafa George DeBerry (hafidhahullaah) Nov 06, 2013 1:10pm بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم With regards to myself, my name is Mustafa George DeBerry Junior. I was originally born in Brooklyn, New York City, United States of America in September, 1975. I entered into the wonderful religion of Islam when I was 16 years old and by the grace of Allah, I migrated to Saudi Arabia when I was 20 years old. Before travelling to Saudi I used to study Arabic and Islam from the likes of Dawood Adeeb (may Allah bless him and preserve him upon the Sunnah), and others whom I don’t care to mention due to them changing their methodology. Allah blessed me to be able to study and complete the Islamic University of Madina. During that time and till date, I have benefitted and continue to benefit from a number of scholars including: Sheikh Muhammed bin Saleh al Uthaymeen I attended his lessons in the Haram in Mecca several years and I benefitted greatly from his gentleness in teaching , his love of Aqeedah and th ...
Say NO to Islamic university in Tirupati 19/09/2013 13:28:02 G V Chelvapilla The ruling Congres party is an ally of Ittehadul Muslimeen party which is a successor to Razakars. Razakara led by Kasim Rizvi massacred thousands of Hindus in Nizam ruled parts of Andhra, including Hyderabad until it was liberated by Sardar Patel. It did not take long , once inimitable Sardar was gone,for Congress to make allies with Moslem league in Kerala and with this outfit in Andhra. Asaruddin Owasi and his brother Akbaruddin Owasi inherited the party from his father who was a speaker of Andhra Pradesh legislature and prevented vote count in the assembly that would have gone against Congress in favor of N T Ramarao. Asaruddin Owasi, you can view his speech on you tube, demanded 'just 15 minutes without police or army'. Perhaps to renew where his predecessor Razakars left of. Congress is discharging its obligation for the vote bank support by permitting an Islamic University in Thirupathi, one of very few temple towns left . ...
ASUU strike: Ugandan Universities woo Nigerian lecturers on November 5, 2013 As the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) continues with its industrial action, the services of their members are now needed in other African countries. One of the countries is Uganda, where an Islamic University, Mbale has submitted a written request to the Nigerian authorities for 57 lecturers in various fields. This request is sequel to a bilateral pact signed between the Federal Government and the Republic of Uganda last month in which Nigeria renewed its pact to assist the East African country with skilled personnel, The Director-General of the Directorate of Technical Aid Corps (TAC), Mr. Pius Osunyikanmi, said the request was submitted through the Nigerian Embassy in Kampalla. Directorate of Technical Aid Corps is an agency of Nigeria’s Foreign Ministry responsible for implementing the mandate of assisting needing African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries from the vast pool of the country’s human resource ...
Do we still have the Uztaz guys and their babes in the Universities? These student zealots used to disrupt any activity in the university that is not according to their religious doctrine or standard violently, forgetting that the university is not a religious institution. Even the school authorities are afraid or rather encourage them. Uztaz were like the cultist in other Universities. I remember when they disrupted activities of Mass Communication Student Association this one time in Old Site around 1998 in Bayero University Kano, because they said women were dancing advertising a show that was supposed to happen that weekend. The show never took place. I remembered when they attacked English students who were doing a show sometime in 2003 at University of Maiduguri. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi is a Uztaz haven as they have almost turned the University to Islamic University of Afghanistan as even a student was killed one time for what they termed blasphemy. Another haven for Uztaz activitie ...
Jeff Halper's last lecture is being streamed 'live' to Islamic University of Gaza from Nottingham University...
Furore over establishment of Islamic University in Tirupati cc The news u were seeking y…
Foothills of Tirupati are gateway to a sacred HinduShrine... Youll have to pass thru an Islamic g/way if this happens http…
Furore over establishment of Islamic University in Tirupati
back in the concrete jungle namely International Islamic University of Malaysia . a lonely night though i have a (as if not exist) company
Nvssprabhakar demands the govt to stop the proposed Islamic university at tirupathy
This action in favour of Islamic University at Tirupathi by Govt. is for forthcomming elections to win vote bank of Muslims.
I'm at The Islamic University of Gaza w/ 3 others
The Govt.& TTD should take back land given to Islamic University and cancell permissions given to it.
It is not appropriate on part of Muslim brothers to try to start Islamic university at Tirupathi. It is onlyProvocate action
SOS!!! AP congress building ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY at Tirupati on TTD(temple) land even after protest! STOP! cc:
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