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Islamic State

An Islamic state is a type of government, in which the primary basis for government is Islamic religious law.

Amal Clooney White House

In Mosul, a heavy but not crushing blow to Islamic State.
Judge says wants a ban in his state. Can someone please tell this *** that it's only for 6 Islamic countries!.
IRAQI forces have seized control of a key bridge in Mosul as troops continue to advance on the ISIS stronghold.
This was actually my screenplay idea- A Palestinian ballet dancer who takes on ISIL with the power of dance
Their rant is so illogical tht I wonder how can they be judges?.
Man fighting Islamic State shocked at European country's welfare for jihadists.
Welcom to the new islamic state of The Netherlands!
Secures border of 94% Islamic African failed state. Opens Canadian border to the scum of the earth.
Kshama supports Sharia Law. She will continue to create an Islamic state in Seattle.The have no clue
In NIA is looking for these operatives.
Barbaric State Slaughter 250 women for refusing to be their sex slaves
Islamic State has tens of thousands of blank passports. And the machinery to print them along with identity papers. htt…
How do you tell a citizen2work construction or plumbing, while Guv gives away housing&cash2nin citizens?
Last letters - From Mosul schoolboys to Islamic State 'martyrs'
In Tamil Nadu, NIA is looking for these Islamic State operatives via
At least 2 Islamic State inspired militants were killed in police operation in Setakunda of Chittagong today.
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why state and religion to be seperate ? Last time i checked it was Islamic republic of pakistan?
in its ‘FINAL DAYS’ as Iraqi forces seize key bridge in Mosul.
that's great, but Saudi Arabia is still a state sponsor of Islamic terrorism
Riyadh and Beijing nurture grandiose plans for military bases in Maldives
Wikileaks proves Soros is behind funding for united BLM & Islamic State attacks to destroy America, EU & Israel.
Southeast Asia's head reportedly killed in via
(6) I BELIEVE that Trump fulfilled his promise to crush the Islamic State. He did so by taking our PC military…
Kurds deserve a state. They have been the most reliable and most effective group in fight against
has become an enemy within - ISIS Co-Creator John McCain Claims Senator Rand Paul is "Working for Putin" -
The U.S. is sending 2,500 troops to Kuwait, ready to step up the fight in Syria and Iraq
Islamic State fighters surrounded in Mosul by Iraqi army - South China Morning Post
Formidable. Two women, and Amal Clooney, working every day to put Islamic State fighters in the doc http…
Out goes the Islamic State, in comes the Islamic Republic as Iran-Allied Shiite militias are ousting IS in Mosul. https…
Amal Clooney: 'Don't let Islamic State get away with genocide' or Assad
Amal Clooney, Nadia Murad and the fight against Islamic State
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Mass grave of hundreds of Islamic State victims found at Badoush prison near Iraqi forces
Assad says yet to see real steps on Islamic State by Trump, US forces "invaders" - Daily Mail
U.S. split over plan to take Raqqa from Islamic State via
Withdrawing citzenship from all jihadis would solve this.
The congressional inquiry follows an AP investigation that uncovered critical problems with the program "WebOps" https…
US split over plan to take Raqqa from ISIS. One idea would see Kurds take Raqqa + hand to regime. Our story
Los Angeles Times - USA - Islamic State attack on military hospital in Afghanistan kills 30 -
We do not want a communist state at our border that valets to the British deep state and would be a barrier in front of Is…
The Islamic State preventing people from selling things in front of shops permanently. JFLDZ Reports.
Desecrated but still majestic: inside Palmyra after second Isis occupation
Rubble, silence and Russians taking selfies - what it was like in the ancient Syrian city just recaptured from Isis. https…
Not to mention Islamic State and the hospital-bombing Russian air force. So please, tell me again about Turkey being the problem
EXCLUSIVE: U.S. weighs deploying up to 1,000 'reserve' troops for Islamic State fight
known sympathiser of Islamic terrorism will oppose the Bill on Pak a terror state.
Amal Clooney urges world to stop Islamic State's genocide in Iraq - Telegraph…
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Graphic photos: Suspected ritualists slaughter four children in an Islamic school in Niger...…
Rubble and ash in Mosul museum retaken from
Amal Clooney urges UN to back Islamic State probe
Islamic State fighters returning to UK 'pose huge challenge' | UK news | The Guardian
Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney urges world's nations not to let Islamic State extremists "get away with genocide."
Said so? It was more of DIGVIJAY loved "IM" stamp all over it Madhya Pradesh cops climb down on Islamic State claim by CM…
Islamic State mortars, snipers take toll on Iraqi forces in Mosul via
BREAKING: U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces have information Islamic State moving part of its leadership out of Raqqa…
Dhimmis in the new Islamic State of Sweden. What a bunch of misguided tossers.
Amal Clooney to Iraq - Allow U.N. probe of Islamic State Yazidi crimes
Syrian Democratic Forces has information Islamic State group moving part of its leadership out of Raqqa - SDF sp…
Amal Clooney tells UN meeting not to let ISIS 'get away with genocide' in Iraq. "Don't let this be another Rwanda."
Amal Clooney calls on UN to bring Islamic State to justice over genocide in Iraq
Trinidad: Imam arrested as part of Islamic State gang, threatens to murder police
Great Mosque of Al-Nuri, where Al-Baghdadi announced the "Islamic State", in the distance as forces took the sil…
Amal Clooney: Don't let get away with | World News
Beating back the caliphate: The Iraqi army is on the brink of defeating Islamic State via
Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi abandons Mosul fight as defeat looms: US and Iraqi officials believe the..
US adds to forces in Syria to expedite Islamic State defeat in Raqqa - coalition
deployes Marine Corps artillery battery in to help defeat Islamic State.
Islamic State: “We will certainly plant our flag over America, China, Russia, and all the infidels of the world”
So-called Islamic State attack on Kabul military hospital ends as "all attackers killed" Afghan spokesman says
Thirty people killed, more than 50 wounded in so-called Islamic State attack on Kabul military hospital - spokesman https:…
U.S. says Iraq removed from travel ban partly for fight against Islamic State
Displaced Iraqis flee their homes as Iraqi forces battle with Islamic State militants, in western Mosul. REUTERS/Su…
FBI investigate 300 refugees for links to Islamic State.
Choudary jailed for encouraging support for Islamic State-well done U.K
Mosul civilians in hospital after possible chemical weapons attack via
the so-called Islamic state does not represent islam and most Muslims find them abhorrent. This is all false. I am a Muslim.
ISIS boobytrapped a mass grave site on the outskirts of Mosul.
when is the next election? Trudeau is turning Canada into an Islamic state. After M103 now this
“The U.S. must adapt to a new era for the Islamic State.
The shocking secret plan for a Muslim state in Australia
yes and I got my answer to whereabouts... I am 💔 .
No safe routes to schools: Sinai teachers intercepted by Islamic State loyalists A teacher from Rafah, who was in …
A member of Islamic State (Republic) of Iran threatens to behead Iranian artists who make fun of the regime (in... https:/…
Why? He has just left the Democracy street car & has pre-primed Turkish Muslims attending IS classes.
2016 saw single largest execution of *** people in history. Not by Muslims in Islamic State. But by a Muslim in a *** nightcl…
..allowing the I.S. to continue to brutalize and oppress women, non-Muslims, and *** to incite jihad massacres...
Is the Islamic State using chemical weapons? Must investigate!
Oh She escaped the Islamic State of & sought refuge where she prayed she'd be safe. . G-d help her…
.Sex with Concubine is allowed in Judaism,Christianity&Islam. Its well researched fact that Islamic State allow sex with Yazidi girls
This dog hate is what led to slaughter in the Islamic State of Kerala. Our "liberals" were out protesting China's Yulin Festv…
Muslim students at high school threatened to behead non-Muslim staff in the name of the
Kwara Speaker stresses Islamic knowledge's importance. The Speaker of the Kwara State House .
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Sufis in preach diversity and inclusion. Now they're being targeted by the so-called Islamic State.
Two Lakh shocking Butchering of in the WB to make WB a Don't Cry Foul.
Why are Muslims so hellbent on causing Islamophobia? It helps their cause,Sharia Law Agenda in Canada. They wan…
Islamic State militants had planned large-scale car bomb attacks in the Klang Valley but Bukit Aman managed to...
Gombe State College of Legal&Islamic Studies,Nafada,built by as part of his educational legacies.Lectures st…
The United States should consider accepting offer to help on argues RAND's
Former US military adviser David Kilcullen says there would be no Isis without Iraq invasion;
Sirji very soon UK will declare Islamic state.
First Public Appearance of Abu Bakr Baghdadi (Head of Islamic State IS) at a mosque in Mosul!
So, France to prosecute Her crime? Showing the world the evil carried out by Islamic State.
As battle against rages on, tens of thousands flee -
Toronto anti-Islamophobia rally opposes war against the
Australia: Muslim arrested at airport, headed for Islamic State and jihad …
recruitment on the rise in as more then 300 returnees pose security threats,. says German Intel
Pentagon plan to take Islamic State capital calls for big increase in US participation | Washington Examiner
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As battle against Islamic State rages on, tens of thousands flee Mosul
Just east of Mosul in the wake of Islamic State you have to be careful where you step - communities littered with u…
Islamic State dumped bodies in desert sinkhole. Full scale of killings might not be known for years.
Also: There are many (in thousands) supporters and sympathizers of Islamic State in Pakistan. One prime example is Red Mosque/Jamia Hafsa.
Read the letters to families left behind when Islamic State abandoned a facility in Iraq:
Because Trudeau is a Najashi. A leader who will betray his country to make the country an Islamic state. Northern Wall?…
A Belarus-born man arrested for allegedly trying to join the ranks of Islamic State in
Iraqi army controls main roads out of Mosul, trapping Islamic State
Islamic State emulates Mohammed exactly, Muslims are taught he was the most perfect man. Can you imagine?
Bloody Islamic State video puts China in cross-hairs
Trump vows to 'demolish and destroy' Islamic State via
And it goes deeper than just recognizing regions.
Bipartisan legitimation of the forever war. What Obama called it is irrelevant. The policies spoke louder.
The leaders of the Dem Party built, Gifted with arms, supported, Islamic state. Read man, But not Fake Stream News.
State video threatens with homegrown fighters
How the Islamic State celebrates the death of high ranking al-Qaida members..
"Syria's army entered the ancient city of Palmyra late Wednesday after fierce battles against the Islamic State."
Syrian army could take back the historic city of Palmyra from ISIS 'very soon' via
After the Islamic State driven out, residents tell us they return home this week to find "75% of al-Bab destroyed."…
Our journey to the front lines in the fight against ISIS \\
McMaster--a non Muslim--has stated that the Islamic State is un-Islamic.
ISIS trolling China: "Oh, you Chinese who do not understand what people say. We are the soldiers of the Caliphate."
Islamic State teaching its jihadis to eat non-Muslims
Harvard graduate also join Islamic state, some College grput are making movies also na?
Isis threatens China and vows to 'shed blood like rivers'
Two British medics who joined killed in -BBC
Former sex slave vows to achieve dream and become lawyer after surviving regular and abuse | The Inde... http…
Private mercenaries create a so called Islamic "State". And are more innovative & efficient than any real Bureau-De…
. Sir , I want ur views on this as is trying to create Islamic State of Canada there
SECRET plan to carve out a separate Islamic state. ★Moslems Shazia Ilmi…
New post: "Syrian army could take back one of the world's most historic cities, Palmyra, from ISIS 'very soon'"
- dig up yard of electrician who allegedly 'designed from Young, NSW…
Germany: Berlin truck jihadi frequented mosque that was Islamic State recruitment center
Women are fighting the "Islamic State" YET Europe & U.S.don't STOP men, from mostly Islamic…
Would there be any real difference between a Palestinian State and the Islamic State? Hate indoctrination at the core o…
Two British medics who joined Islamic State killed in Iraq - BBC...
The Islamic State calls on Muslims to dress like Jews to terrorize and murder them
Indian doctor freed from Islamic State captivity saw jihad suicide bombers as young as 10
Albania will send troops to Iraq to aid the global coalition against Islamic State - Albanian Defence Minister, Mimi Kodheli
Australia man arrested on charges of helping Islamic State develop…
Pentagon chief James Mattis presents White House with plan to 'rapidly defeat' Islamic State
Islamic State is showing stunning resistance as Iraqi troops try to breach west Mosul - Los Angeles Times…
'I spent the night at my Muslim friends': Egyptian Christians flee Islamic State in Sinai
Egyptian president orders government to resettle hundreds of Christians fleeing Islamic State
There is no doubt that the Islamic State has committed genocide, mass atrocities, ethnic cleansing, war crimes & crimes against humanity.
Islamists, the Islamic State, execute second journalist by beheading.
Egyptian Copts flee Sinai after suspected Islamic State attacks
EGYPT – Christian burned alive and another shot, as Islamic State makes new threat to eliminate Egypt's Christians…
Pentagon prepares to give the White House a stepped-up battle plan against Islamic State
Troops have found trenches filled with historical treasures that were apparently intended for eventual sale
Islamic State car bomb kills more than 50 in northwest Syria
Iraqi forces pushes into western Mosul after retaking the city's airport from Islamic State
Islamic state want 'a holy way' & so does the White House chief strategist. That wont end well
Iraqi forces enter western Mosul, take full control of airport from Islamic State
Australia: Islamic leader 'agenda is to create a country within your country'... funded by taxpayers.
Why Sufi shrines are targeted by Islamic State. Excellent article by
Also Jim "stopped going to Paris 4/5 yrs ago." Meaning before Islamic State had even been announced (2014) or…
Based on dropping Hause, what would Edwards need to do? Head of Islamic State, no he'd still play
Pentagon told to refer to terrorist group Islamic State same way Trump does
Hundreds of Christians flee Egypt after ISIS posts death lists
Pentagon told to refer to terrorist group 'Islamic State' same way Trump does
Christians flee Egypt after Islamic State posts death lists
Islamic State car bomb kills dozens in northwest Syria
Virginia man gets 11 years in prison for trying to join ISIS via
Rousseau's "Sparta" resembles the fever dream described by Trumpismo—and close too to the imagined "Islamic State."…
Muslim BBC boss who put an Islamic State backer on a reality show becomes head of religious TV .
you still stand against I wish any of you would have ever read his book "the tragic illusion of islamic state.
The Prophet first founded the Islamic State in Madinah.
Cab driver who tried to help Islamic State gets 11 years via
Christians flee Sinai Peninsula in fear of Egypt's Islamic State affiliate
Deny rape in and to destroy the and
Bought and sold, raped and abused: After escape from the Islamic State group, trauma lingers.
Christians flee Peninsula in fear of 's affiliate - The Washington Post
Private military companies don't stand much of a chance against Islamic State
Virginia: Sudanese Muslim migrant wanted to start sleeper cell for the Islamic State
‘When, NOT if’ Islamic State WILL inspire an atrocity in police chief warns
Israeli leadership claims that Palestinian Bedouin killed by police was a "terrorist" have unraveled
plan looks suspiciously like taken from 2012 Brookings paper advocating regime change. https:/…
'for Iraqi forces liberating from Islamic State
New anti-Islamic State plan Buck Sexton work radio station and duct tape his mouth only for three hours a day until he tells the truth
Tackling the Islamic State: Despite some disillusioned youth leaving the group, its endurance……
HT world news: world News news Islamic State suicide bomber ...
. UK government paid $ millions in "compensation" to Guantanamo terrorist who became Islamic State suicide bomber. htt…
This is war reporting at its very best: on the frontlines of the battle against Islamic State, Highway to *** no…
My interview with Menashe Amir of Radio Israel's Persian Service: US capitulation to Islamic State of Iran ends now. http…
Islamic State vows more attacks on Egypt's Christians.
NSA pick McMaster told the National Defense University that “the Islamic State is not Islamic” via
One alpha band encourages aggression in other band of alphas: "music to the ears of [the Islamic State]."
The Drama of Sinjar: Escaping the Islamic State in Iraq via
Hussein said he also killed about 500 people since joining Islamic State in 2013.
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Islamic State vows to increase attacks on Egypt’s Christians in new video
"One of the hereditary tomb guardians of the shrine is still a Hindu."-http…
'That option, long favored by the Pentagon, is likely to still be on the table when Trump takes over' -
"A radical anti-Sufi movement is growing throughout the Islamic world" on the Sehwan tragedy
'Young men need this' Twisted ISIS militant BRAGS about ‘raping more than 200 Iraqi women’
'These men are not human. They only think of death,' said Yazidi girl . Iraq's Yazidis speak of horrors under Islamic St…
which Islamic state you will fly on aeroplane, used electricity and computer...separate the religion/culture
Islamic State monster admits to killing 500 & raping over 200 women. .
This article is cool, my dream is to be called a lowlife punk in Rolling Stone
Angus Houston says other nations need to step up to the plate in the fight against Islamic State.
After attacks students, campus hosts talk on
Islamic State: Battle for Mosul by land and air
Islamic State has gained a foothold in Pakistan – and the government allowed it | William Dalrymple
Iraqi forces battling Islamic State about to reach Mosul airport
Troubling, incisive piece from on the Sehwan bombing in Pakistan
"Islamic State militant Amar Hussein says he reads Koran all day to become better person. Raped more than 200 women" htt…
'Denver: Muslim who shot transit guard says he did it for the Islamic State, investigators say he didn’t'.
Marine Le Pen from today: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is the only possible choice in the face of the "Islamic…
Islamic State-linked Syrian militant groups on Monday launched a surprise attack on moderate rebels in southwestern Syria near the Golan He…
The Norwegian Day Parade commemorates Leif Ericson Park's liberation from the Islamic State in Sweden
Payne "this is a very quick moving and very fluid environment (on Australia's involvement in the fight to stop islamic state)"
Tel Kepe the home of the Chaldo-Assyrians Christians. . Middle East Eye calls this town 'Sunni Arabs' to protect Is…
Bombings in southern Pakistan and Baghdad claimed by Islamic State kill more than 100 via
Islamic State group claims responsibility for attack
Islamic state in Pakistan bombed near a mosque which resulted in death toll of 100 . want more religion based cou…
ISIS means. . Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ... What are they doing in Pakistan. ..?. It's International Media pro…
Two bombings in Iraq and Pakistan claimed by the Islamic State have killed more than 100 people
In Afghanistan, families from Kerala try to build Islamic State
ISIS claims responsibility for blast at a Sufi shrine in Pakistan's Sindh province. At least 100 people died.
Islamic State attack on Pakistan shrine kills 75
Payne " i think there's been very significant progress made (on tackling so called islamic state)
The two-state solution,a perverse euphemism for carving an Islamic terror state out of the land of Israel and the living…
Why do and need . To remove propaganda from Social Media? . THIS.
Suicide attack on Pakistani shrine claimed by Islamic State kills 72
Death toll from Islamic State suicide attack on Pakistan shrine climbs to 75
NEWSROOM: Donald says his administration is hard at work on a plan to defeat Islamic State
Islamic State attack on Pakistan shrine kills at least 75
Islamic State suicide bombers strike in Pakistan (targeting Sufis) and in Iraq (targeting Shias). More than 150 killed in…
The Islamic State Khurasan have claimed responsibility for the attack in a phone call with CNN. .
It's official: Our enemy is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS
The death toll from an Islamic State suicide bombing at a famous shrine in Pakistan climbs to 75, 200 wounded.
100 people killed, dozens injured when Islamic State suicide bomber blew himself up inside crowded shrine in…
New Releases in Terrorism. The Mind of the Islamic State: ISIS and ... by Robert Manne .
Iraq : On which axis did the Islamic State group attack Kirkuk ?
Young Syrian tells how he survived ‘worst case scenario’ of kidnap and torture by Islamic State
Islamic State supporters held pro-ISIS meeting in a Church in Luton. Yes, this is really happening.
16yr old Yasmin set herself on fire to avoid further rapes by Islamic State. .
Elomar's first wife is in Australia, attends courts for charges of abetting terrorists.
tfw WWIII begins and all your operable planes are bombing the Islamic State
wellis right No sane Industy interested in Islamic state of WB moreso due to LEVY demanded by TMC GOONS
They're young and lonely. The Islamic State thinks they'll make perfect terrorists:. .
Two Muslims arrested in Slovenia on way to join the Islamic State — while under house arrest in France
Western Mosul will be tougher, but rest of city likely to fall to Iraqi security forces in coming months
They’re young and lonely. The Islamic State thinks they’ll make perfect terrorists.
TERROR CLAMPDOWN: ISIS jihadi becomes first to lose citizenship under new Australian laws. ISLAMIC State (ISIS)...
. 7 Syrian army personnel are wounded by an Islamic State drone strike north…
White nationalist movement growing much faster than on social media
"Europeans who join leave parents fretting they'll die in battle"
Syrian Arab women battle both the Islamic State group and social stigma
will be Islamic State with Sharia as law by 2050
This pic by A. Romenzi is very significant, testifies to the campaign without quarter against Islamic State in Sirte ht…
form deadly alliance with elite commandos to DESTROY the West. ELITE commandos are joining up with .
Six Islamic State fighters entered Belgium as “refugees” and went on to participate in the jihad-terror attacks in Paris…
No Islamic state in our country No Sharia law!
Islamic State CHOP OFF HANDS the hands of two boys aged 10 and 12 who refused to execute two civilians
STUDY: The white nationalist movement is growing even faster than ISIS on social media
“What is happening to our children?”: How ISIS is beginning to train child terrorists in the West
The state of terror of Islamic Republic will be overthrown by Iranians themselves soon.Get ready for the freedom party!…
When is going to speak truth to Mamta Bannerjee ? ask her not create an Islamic State in WB?
New York man accused of bomb plot admits Islamic State support | Article [AMP] | Reuters
Meet the 'first' British woman to fight Islamic State on the frontline
Manila defense minister is certain of “very strong” links between Islamic State and home-grown militants.
This is the first page of Loretta Napoleoni's book on the Islamic State, annotated for accuracy. From there on, it's a wild r…
"hostile actors such as the Islamic State group and the Nusra Front might enjoy collateral benefits" yes, that's for sure. But?
Red Cross workers killed by suspected Islamic State gunmen in Afghanistan - National |
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Islamic State group recruits child refugees as next generation of jihadists
Exclusive:PM with Saudi Arabia are 'warming up' despite reservations on both sides .
The intimate invitation: Deciphering the ideological appeal of the Islamic State
Displaced Iraqi children who fled the Islamic State stronghold of Mosul with their...
(EUROPE) "Islamic State is recruiting child refugees to become terrorists as they migrate to Europe" Feb 6, 2017/
Iran makes its contribution to the struggle against the terrorist organization Islamic State (outlawed in Russia) …
Exclusive:PM eager' to establish new relationship with been very helpful .
Coming to your hometown: 'Drones are ISIS weapon of choice' Commandos reveal disturbing details of terror tactics
Exclusive: PM alarmed' by US-Iran tensions because it's a diversion from fight against
Indonesia is midway through deradicalisation of people deported from Turkey with links to ISIS.
Also too bad for ur little narrative it's your führer who is praised by ISIS.
.equates with terrorist Islamic state leader, yeah they're crazy!
Islamic State recruiting child refugees as they head to Europe  via
Don't you hate that when it happens .
WATCH: Trump spoke on Islamic State as he addressed troops at MacDill Air Force Base.
Next forum; Malaysia as an Islamic state: the implementation of 355Bill as proposed by TGHH.
The world’s first civilization is losing many of its animals
Exclusive:Iraq PM blasts remarks on Iraqi oil:'nobody has the power or the ability to take over Iraqi oil'.
Turkey detains nearly 750 Islamic State suspects in nationwide raids via the Android a…
Turkish police detained hundreds of suspected members of the Islamic State (ISIS).
Turkey detains some 400 'Islamic State' suspects in nationwide raids...
Indonesia 'deradicalising' 75 people deported from Turkey over Islamic State links - ABC News:
They want him dead and they can't hide it.
Exclusive:PM tells he can't accept a 'blanket ban' on Iraqis,urges Trump to reconsider.
The U.S. military's stats on deadly airstrikes are wrong. Thousands have gone unreported
Correction its 52 Islamic State-influenced persons arrested by NIA in 2016 .
I do hope that 'Islamic State' show compassion and release John Cantlie.
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