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Islamic State

An Islamic state is a type of government, in which the primary basis for government is Islamic religious law.

Amal Clooney French President Francois Hollande Olivier Roy Champs Elysees Saudi Arabia

U.S. Military Drops Massive Bomb on Islamic State in Afghanistan - Breitbart via
Police officer killer & two others seriously injured after man shot them on Champs-Elysees in Paris. Islamic State'…
Paris attack: police officer and suspect shot dead on Champs Elysees in attack claimed by Islamic State.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte warned on Wednesday he might "invade" an island stronghold of the Islamic State-linked Abu Sayyaf to "…
Islamic State claimed credit for attack near St. Catherine in My analysis on attacks in Egypt:…
Islamic State in Sinai claims responsibility for checkpoint attack
If one doesn't know,then read please !. Muhammad Ali Jinnah struggled for an Islamic State. He wanted Pakistan to...
U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis to talk Islamic State, Syria in Middle East via
Pentagon delivers plan to speed up fight against ISIS, possibly boosting US troops in Syria
This crap better stop now this is not an Islamic state we say the pledge of allegiance in English and to God
Al-Azhar, the foremost institution in Sunni Islam, refuses to declare the Islamic State apostate
Abdullah:Are you capable of running govt? No, only can throw Hindus concert with cong to make Valley a ISLAMIC STATE.
Iraq's vice president claims that, as ISIS loses ground, it is talking to al Qaeda about a possible alliance.
🆘 The future Islamic state of America if Americans continue in denial. KSA & Qatar continue to build the infrastructure fo…
Islamic State, ISI, Taliban, Pakistan army are different faces of the same group. Protected Osama Bin Laden. New Calip…
There are 3 options in Islam:. 1) Convert to Islam. 2) Pay Jizyah & live as a 2nd class citizen under the Islamic State…
**Islamic State seeking alliance with al Qaeda👎
Easter Sunday in Tel Esqof, Iraq. The church was damaged by Islamic State militants. (Photo: CNS/Marko Djurica,...
They have largely identical goals but very different strategies.
Turkey was Christians country but today lost to Islamic State, so why Christianity are fight for power ??? Holocaus…
So the deep state is alive and well but it's not exacerbating Islamic extremism?
Did US fund Arab Spring, then turn on it when expedient? Same year DOJ & Homeland Security swept Occupy off streets. https:…
U.S. attacks on Syria, Islamic State unlikely to keep North Korea in check - Press Herald
What if Russia was the shiny object? Turkey/Russia alliance:
As many as 500 Pakistani nationals, including ISI officals, were killed in th the US strike in Afghanistan.
It is a surprise in light of his tough talk about Islamic terrorism. Turkey was formerly a secular…
🇺🇸 | Just How Much Should Be Blamed for the Rise of the State?
Two dictators Erdogan leader of Islamic State of & Nawaz Sharif leader of Islamic State of Both are butche…
For Iraqi Christians after Islamic State, hope amid the ruins
U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria yesterday, conducting 3…
The unrest in Kashmir is slowly turning into a demand for an Islamic state rather than 'Azadi'. KPs h…
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I have a dream that muslims in and create islamic state
Terror nightmare as Islamic State 'talks to al Qaeda about working together'
When Muslims get their hands on democracy they inevitably vote for Islamic State style repression and tyranny. Just as…
The are fighting for Islamic State not for &
Near the blast site of the 'Mother of All Bombs,' U.S. and Afghan forces are trying to dislodge Islamic State
'We want to learn' - Iraqi girls back at school after years under Islamic State
ISIS not really in Afghan. Only a wilayat, Islamic State in Khorasan. & U think we know # blown 2 bits underground?
"Airstrikes killed Islamic State foreign drone experts and destroyed a drones factory in western Mosul on Monday."
ISIS in the Caribbean. Trinidad has the highest rate of Islamic State recruitment in the Western hemisphere. .
Obama killed Bin Laden. He called the enemy ISIS and the Islamic State
Pres Trump did not authorise MOAB strike in Nangahar but he's let his forces of the leash to defeat Islamic State which…
"36 Islamic State" Putin is still laughing at vacuum head Obama
US drops 'mother of all bombs' on Islamic State tunnel - ABC News - via - Just discovered. Obama never knew.
WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. forces in Afghanistan on Thursday struck an Islamic State tunnel complex…
On so-called sovereign nations because of so-called islamic state
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IS claimed several attacks on military posts in Nangahar . …
drops largest ever 'mother of all bombs' on Isis affiliate in military says
I'm guessing that they'll want revenge...? Or did the idea of state terrorism not factor into anyone's equations?…
US military drops MOAB on Islamic State in Afghanistan
Congress needs to be called back from vacation to
Is the US admitting defeat against Taliban by saying they were not targeting the Taliban and rather Daesh(so called Islamic…
U.S. drops the 'mother of all bombs' against series of caves used by Islamic State in Afghanistan: Pentagon.
Trump rocks, this is the method to deal with Islamic terrorism and it's an indirect but very clear message to terrorists State Pakistan 😏
BREAKING: U.S. forces dropped the military’s largest non-nuclear bomb on an Islamic State target in Afghanistan.
Refugee Stockholm terrorist previously tried to join ISIS-EU borders are wide open to terrorists & the EU do nothing h…
Inside Britain’s Molenbeek: Is Sparkbrook REALLY the beating heart of jihadi Britain?
Well-crafted jihadist propaganda can create ticking time bombs behind enemy lines.
Tell me again Afghanistan is a safe country for refugees to return to.
US-backed forces launch new attacks on Islamic State in Syria
UN says destruction to retake western Mosul from the Islamic State group is much worse than in eastern Mosul.
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Borussia Dortmund bus attack suspect 'was Islamic State fighter'
Has this every worked? NO!!! The US military has dropped the biggest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal on an Islamic State...
US military says it has dropped "mother of all bombs" on series caves used by Islamic State in eastern Afghanistan
The bomb struck an Islamic State tunnel complex in eastern Afghanistan, Pentagon officials said.
US drops biggest non-nuclear bomb ever used on Islamic State in Afghanistan
"I want a big, big toy, because I'm a big, big boy". "As you wish, Mr President".
TTP, Afghan Taliban, Haqqani network, LeT defectors all form part of Islamic State in Afghanistan. Big blow to Pak ISI..…
Islamic State in Afghanistan has Hq in Pak, Gen Nicholson, Cdr of US forces in Afghanistan said recently. Tremors in Pak…
Egypt: Muslim who bombed Alexandria cathedral previously arrested for ties to the Islamic State.
US drops largest ever non-nuclear bomb on Isis affiliate in Afghanistan, military says
Islamic State-linked hackers have released a "kill list" of over 8,700 people, mostly from the US and the UK
Sky News Australia - A One Nation senator has accused the ABC of colluding with Islamic State and risking the live..
French President Francois Hollande has declared war on Islamic State
Watch: Defense Secretary James Mattis: Defeating Islamic State still top U.S. priority in Syria https…
📷 Islamic State calls for anti-Coptic and anti-Christian sectarian attacks: An example from over one...
Former DIA Chief Michael Flynn Says Rise of Islamic State was "a willful decision" and Defends… vi…
FLASHABACK!. PUTIN: “I swear, if they (the Islamic State savages) ever bomb Russia, in half an hour every Muslim will die”. "St…
The Latest: Pope Francis, French president Then the brook, where is internation. BREAKING: Islamic State service say to your *** in my
Iraqi Christians rebuild cross after Islamic State destruction. Watch now:
"In the past year, Islamic State militants claimed responsibility for the deaths of more than 100 ppl in Europe"
soldier killed fighting State in Afghanistan -
Soldier killed while fighting State in Afghanistan -
Rape Epidemic In - this is what happens when you welcome Radicals
We will hunt them down. There is no room for the Islamic State online.
Yes very scary sir. Before India becomes Islamic State of India, we should declare India as a Hindu Rashtra & save…
In the mission, United Special Operations forces assisting Syrian Kurdish and Arab...
Join us now broadcast. In defence of Freedom. from the islamic state of Niger…
Russian has become the third most frequently spoken language among fighters of the Islamic State.
Jan 2017: More U.S. troops are being wounded in Iraq and Syria, the Pentagon quietly acknowledges
Islamic State kills dozens of civilians trying to flee witnesses via
What was the clear strategy you used to manipulate, micromanage, and neuter target lists against the Islamic State?
(20) Assad will flee to Russia, and the Islamic State will be wiped out. Then we eat! The end.
US Soldier killed while fighting Islamic State in Afghanistan
The U.S. describes Jamaah Ansharut Daulah as an umbrella group of extremist factions with links to Islamic State
Five Kurdish fighters killed in clashes with Islamic State in Tabqah - Ko...
Saudis must be happy as their pet IS got revived again, Islamic state terrorists were celebrating th…
The soldier was killed while conducting operations against the Islamic State’s offshoot in Nangarhar province,...
Financial Futures of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant via
Civilians flee Mosul to escape fighting and Islamic State [NRT].
U.S.-led force reduces attacks on ISIS in Syria after airstrike
I am planning to bring my friends and their families here as Islamic state got morale boost by Ameri…
Pakistan was never either Islamic or a State. It's an Army territory with a dignified land.
Those who favour Islam should first look at what has happened to Islamic State of Syria, Iraq,Libiya,Egypt & Islamic state…
Jihad and Death: The Global Appeal of Islamic State by Olivier Roy - The Times (subscription)
French President Francois Hollande on Friday called for intensified strikes against the Islamic State (IS) and...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Great discussion today with on his new book "The Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State" at…
Watch speaking now at about his new book, "Encounters with Islamic State."
Islamic State and the crisis in Iraq and Syria in maps citing Report on Financing
In his speech spokesman of the Islamic State Shaykh Abu hassan al-Muhajir does NOT mention at all
While thousands flee west some families vow to hang on via
The White House has signaled its priority in Syria is to oppose the so-called Islamic State, not President Assad. https…
Teenage girls accused of planning attack on French soil charged with terrorism links
This is true of Sanghi extremists as well. Social media, apps radicalization tools for Islamic State
The Islamic State has said the US is 'run by an ***
Islamic State Says U.S. 'Being Run By an *** - Newsmax drop bomb on their *** once and for all!😡
Two Florida Jihadists Plead Guilty to Conspiring to Provide Material Support to the Islamic State
Welp, *** has frozen over. I agree with ISIS on this one...
Sea borne Islamic State terrorists may enter Mumbai, city on alert via
Islamic State celebrates St. Petersburg attack: A metro to *** for the worshipers of the Cross…
Islamic State is on the brink of defeat...but is the biggest battle yet to come?
Devastating ISIS damage to Palmyra's ancient sites do not take away from their sobering grandeur.…
pseudo secular n messiah of Islmic movmnt in Bengl Mamta Bnrj in lead 2 turn once most advncd state 2 den of Islamic terorism
4- some of the most prolific fighters for Islamic State came from Russia & their affiliate has been a worry for some…
The threat of Islamic State and Russia’s renewed interest in Afghanistan
Social media, apps radicalization tools for Islamic State
Although members and supporters of the Islamic State have frequently commented on President Trump and his...
No he can't. We are an Islamic state and the constitution bars non-muslims from such posts
trying to enter Mumbai by sea, warns Coast Guard; city on high alert
Great history and insight into history fighting the Islamic State.
The visit to Iraq by Jared Kushner comes as an assessment of the strategy against Islamic State is being conducted.
Islamic State said on Tuesday the United States was drowning and "being run by an *** via
ISIS call Trump an *** in their first official statement about him Well they aren't wrong!
Islamic State says: "U.S. being run by an *** . Is it bad to say that I agree with the Islamic State on this one?
ISIS says U.S. 'being run by an *** - weird when a terrorist org isn't spreading fake news...
"Altogether in February, U.S. warplanes carried out 45 strikes in Palmyra"
Islamic State says US 'being run by an *** ..
Donald Trump administration stops disclosing troop deployments in Iraq and Syria
& SHARE should, maybe, open Recruiting office for ISIS! They do know him well!
Islam and the Cult of Death (Olivier Roy) - Jihadism and Terrorism in the age of the Islamic State
Islamic State (ISIS) celebrates St. Petersburg Subway Bombing that killed at least 10 via
Brothers in arms: Iraqi armed groups grow as Islamic State shrinks: - Reuters: World News
I liked a video Oswald Spengler, The Decline of the West and Islamic State
Hook handed Hamza's son stripped of British passport. He went to join the Islamic State & that is where he must rot. ht…
Supporter of Islamic State of Palestine cant wait for the Jew hate festival. . Shared with Jewish Film…
FDD report "Islamic State Networks in looks at Ankara's counter-detentions vs. convictions in 2016:
Police arrest suspected militant in Malindi
📷 Islamic State Infographic: Military operations in W. Janub (south of Baghdad) during the first half...
Public documentary from how ISIS indoctrinate kids for war . Watch
Meanwhile in Sweden... State subsidized Islamic ‘teacher’ Zamzam says 12 y/o girls are *** bound if not covered.
Islamic State 'baiting' coalition forces to bomb Mosul civilians
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It's unfair how media outlets like BBC & CNN use "Islamic State" to describe wars that bears no relation to Islam. Ren…
Swedish girls are going to *** a *** that is being deliberately constructed in Sweden. .
She needs to be shipped over to Yemen for awhile to enjoy the Islamic state their..! THE USA is blessed by GOD, Jesus is why i…
While the world focuses on London terror, America has admitted killing 200 civilians in air strike in Iraq
WOW. Clinton Watts - "this happened because we are too focused on terrorism and the Islamic State".
Australian baby killed in cold blood by Islamic State terrorists in a Middle Eastern war zone.
Panic spreads in Iraq, Syria as record numbers of civilians reported killed in U.S. strikes
- execute Australian after father tries to flee the group -
Tillerson meets Turkish officials to seek support for battle against Islamic State in Syria
Tillerson and Turks fail to agree on next moves in fight against Islamic State in Syria
230 people are dead. Nobody will make their flag their profile pic. Nobody will write full bios for each of them
ISIS execute Australian baby after father tries to flee terror group
Trump Has a Strategy for Destroying the Islamic State — and It’s Working
"Saudi, Islamic State, Iranian activity in Latin America “major security threat” to US"
Defeat of ISIS in Syria & Iraq won't end terror threat as it plants its Sunni jihadist flag in Pak. My op-ed https…
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WB on the verge of becoming islamic state within ‘secular’ India. Some *** Hindus love that word ‘secular’ more than…
Daily Tele - Islamic State baby killers: Father had contacted Australian government in bid to escape war
Islamic State trained young boys to kill by using prisoners as human target practice
Female fighters of the PKK may be the Islamic State's worst nightmare Need more of these to fight terrorists!
Islamic State has "perfected the art of using people as human shields" says Former Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton
Muslim slaughtered his wife in front of their children bc she didn't want him to join Islamic State https:/…
ISIS tells Raqqa residents to evacuate over fears that the Tabqa dam on the Euphrates is about to fail.
Islamic State warns a dam in Syria is at risk and evacuated Raqqa residents
The west condemned Russia’s bombs, but now coalition attacks on are killing innocents
ICYMI: AFRICOM chief's Pentagon briefing --> US wants to keep ground troops in Libya & go on offense in Somalia
parents sedate with drugs, fearing discovery by Islamic State:
Islamic State commander from Germany killed in Tabqah by SDF - Kom News
Congress needs to enact a new authorization for the war against Islamic State.
Why Isis claiming responsibility for the Westminster attack is actually a sign they're in big trouble
year 2043, total domination. Predicted when mudskins were not even a thing to take in consideration.
Trudeau needs to get out of office before he turns this country into an Islamic state! This guy is evil!
still complaining about modi. I am seriously done... In no time we'll become Islamic state if u think like this
Airstrikes have weakened dam on river. residents to evacuate over fears dam will collapse
According to Saudi Arabia, the alliance is aimed at fighting the Islamic State (IS) and other militant outfits.
"Our situation socially and economically is a driving factor," says Umar Abdullah, the leader of The Islamic...
the methodology tells us it was an Islamic state inspired attack . ISIS called for this method to be used in EU
Wht else we can expect from jihadi ruled state, a beautiful state transformed into Islamic state. WB tops on all wrong thing…
.Islamic State has called on people around the world to carry out attacks like the one in Westminster…
The Army is sending reinforcements to
BREAKING: The US is sending reinforcements to Mosul, officials in Baghdad tell me. Unspecified # from
After establishing ISI (Islamic State of India) this is how remaining Hindus will be sold in Slave Market 👇 .
`the torture was,victims told police,filmed for...Islamic State`.NB MSM did not report any of this.Your kids' future.
Battle for Mosul: with residents as they flee air strikes and Islamic state.
see Islamic state of Pakistan to hang an ex muslim for leaving Islam
400 Islamic State jihadis have returned to UK, only 54 have been prosecuted
Russia has been in conflict with Islamic regime's in Chechnya since the mid-1990's. Isis is no different.…
Texas public high school defends its Islamic prayer room after warning from state deputy attorney general
US admits it carried out Mosul air strikes that 'killed 137 civilians'
When Putin did this, the US said it was a war crime. Now the US is doing it, is it still a war crime?
Islamic State warns Syrian dam at risk of collapse via
It's time for honesty: mosques all over Europe are being taken over by radical Islamists who want an Islamic state. https:…
Fresh explosions rock building occupied by militants in after 6 killed, over 50 injured in blasts
The U.S. Army is sending reinforcements to Mosul
IRAQ: US Army is sending reinforcements to Mosul - .
U.S. Air Force RC-135s teaming up with U.S. Marine Corps EA-6B Prowlers to detect and suppress Islamic State comms http…
Lest we forget, Islamic State are Wahhabists. As are rulers of Saudi Arabia. The Tories voted Saudi Arabia onto the UN…
Operation to capture Syria's Raqqa from Islamic State (ISIS) to begin 'in coming days': French defence minister - Kom News…
Islamic State claims responsibility for London attack
Islamic State claims responsibility for London attack as PM May reveals killer was British-born known to MI5…
Islamic State group says it inspired the attack in Westminster. Theresa May says the suspect was British-born and k…
dozens British doctors studying at Sudan's University of Medical Sciences UMST have joined the Islamic State to treat jihadists in Syria.
As the so-called Islamic State demolishes nation states set up by the Europeans almost a century ago, IS’s obscene.
"We feel like a toy in the hands of the politicians...” important piece from on Yazidis' plight:
Missing JNU student Najeeb searched for information on Islamic State
Iraq forces push into Old Mosul as thousands trapped: Iraqi forces battled Islamic State group fighters on Monday…
the links are actually to Islamic State, not pork pies
Photographs from Iraq show the desolation left behind in the wake of ISIS.
Missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmad not linked to Islamic State, says Delhi Police
when yudhisthira tried to convince Durhyodhan he did not listen,so is the case with Islamic community. Sad state of them,and india
Tensions between Kurdish factions in Iraq are flaring up, and Yazidis are stuck in the middle
Yazadis have been betrayed once more..".
Flight ban on laptops 'sparked by IS threat': The aircraft ban on electronic devices was prompted by an Islamic Sta…
Yazidis who suffered genocide are fleeing again, this time from the Rojava Peshmerga “No one represents the Yazidis”
Watch "students" at Terrorist Supporting, UC Berkeley, favor the Islamic State (ISIS) over the State of Israel.
Najeeb came from Badaun to JNU to learn about Islamic state.
Yazidis who suffered genocide fleeing again, but not from Daesh. How can this be hapenning again!? This is shameful.
(SYRIA) "Kurdish Commander says Russia is building an anti Islamic State Terrorist base in Syria" Mar 21, 2017/
Yes..I agree wid u homes,I wud rathr say it is bcomin an islamic state aftr wat happend 2 kashmiri pundits and hindus of west bengal
If India becomes an Islamic state, will the mujahideens spare the liberals and not make them their slaves ?…
"Yazidis are wounded and still bleeding...our sisters and daughters and wives in the hands of ISIS, but now this.”
"The majority of Muslims want Europe to be an Islamic state within 15 years" - Moroccan activist.
"Around 150 terrorists who fought for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, have returned to Sweden."
Top Jihadist TOLD us ISIS has agents working in Western airports around World, with the help of Western governments!.
So researched abt Islamic state &how to join IS . Ty JNU for producing such 👌🏻 researchers who lke to practi…
How then will one argue that the zoo called is not an Islamic state. When is to be tried under sharia…
The Tiv people of Benue state -Nigeria, numbering over 4 million in population are being targeted and killed by the Islamic Jihadist in a ..
We have nothing to do with Sharia law. from the islamic state of Nig…
.administration hosting 68 nations in first meeting of anti-Islamic State coalition…
Destroyed by Islamic State, ancient winged bull to rise again in London
Hamas uncovers Islamic State rocket workshop in Gaza
All purpose parts banner
We will find and we will kill you, would-be Islamic State fighters are warned! - Follow:
(IRAQ) "Yazidi minority are fighting with Kurdish minority in Iraq" Mar 21, 2017/
I have been saying this right from day one. Check my time line.
Yazidis who suffered genocide are fleeing again, but this time not from the Islamic State
sharia law it have show that nigeria is nothing now,but an Islamic Republic state.
Discussions will also focus on how to help Mosul rebuild and ways to tackle Islamic State operations elsewhere.
🗣Christians may never be able to return to Mosul: the Islamic State has bred new generation of jihadis
India does not have a state religion. Pakistan is an Islamic Republic. Any attempt to compare India and Pakistan should…
In Mosul, a heavy but not crushing blow to Islamic State.
Judge says wants a ban in his state. Can someone please tell this *** that it's only for 6 Islamic countries!.
IRAQI forces have seized control of a key bridge in Mosul as troops continue to advance on the ISIS stronghold.
This was actually my screenplay idea- A Palestinian ballet dancer who takes on ISIL with the power of dance
Their rant is so illogical tht I wonder how can they be judges?.
Man fighting Islamic State shocked at European country's welfare for jihadists.
Welcom to the new islamic state of The Netherlands!
Secures border of 94% Islamic African failed state. Opens Canadian border to the scum of the earth.
Kshama supports Sharia Law. She will continue to create an Islamic state in Seattle.The have no clue
In NIA is looking for these operatives.
Barbaric State Slaughter 250 women for refusing to be their sex slaves
Islamic State has tens of thousands of blank passports. And the machinery to print them along with identity papers. htt…
How do you tell a citizen2work construction or plumbing, while Guv gives away housing&cash2nin citizens?
Last letters - From Mosul schoolboys to Islamic State 'martyrs'
In Tamil Nadu, NIA is looking for these Islamic State operatives via
At least 2 Islamic State inspired militants were killed in police operation in Setakunda of Chittagong today.
why state and religion to be seperate ? Last time i checked it was Islamic republic of pakistan?
in its ‘FINAL DAYS’ as Iraqi forces seize key bridge in Mosul.
that's great, but Saudi Arabia is still a state sponsor of Islamic terrorism
Riyadh and Beijing nurture grandiose plans for military bases in Maldives
Wikileaks proves Soros is behind funding for united BLM & Islamic State attacks to destroy America, EU & Israel.
Southeast Asia's head reportedly killed in via
(6) I BELIEVE that Trump fulfilled his promise to crush the Islamic State. He did so by taking our PC military…
Kurds deserve a state. They have been the most reliable and most effective group in fight against
has become an enemy within - ISIS Co-Creator John McCain Claims Senator Rand Paul is "Working for Putin" -
The U.S. is sending 2,500 troops to Kuwait, ready to step up the fight in Syria and Iraq
Defence Force’s Joint Operations Command has earmarked a mid-year timeline to clear Islamic State from west Mosul
George Brandis says the massive CIA leak of the spy agency's hacking abilities helps Islamic State.
Islamic State fighters surrounded in Mosul by Iraqi army - South China Morning Post
Defence sets mid-year target to clear Islamic State out of Mosul - The Australian
Formidable. Two women, and Amal Clooney, working every day to put Islamic State fighters in the doc http…
Out goes the Islamic State, in comes the Islamic Republic as Iran-Allied Shiite militias are ousting IS in Mosul. https…
Amal Clooney: 'Don't let Islamic State get away with genocide' or Assad
Amal Clooney, Nadia Murad and the fight against Islamic State
Mass grave of hundreds of Islamic State victims found at Badoush prison near Iraqi forces
Assad says yet to see real steps on Islamic State by Trump, US forces "invaders" - Daily Mail
U.S. split over plan to take Raqqa from Islamic State via
Withdrawing citzenship from all jihadis would solve this.
The congressional inquiry follows an AP investigation that uncovered critical problems with the program "WebOps" https…
US split over plan to take Raqqa from ISIS. One idea would see Kurds take Raqqa + hand to regime. Our story
Los Angeles Times - USA - Islamic State attack on military hospital in Afghanistan kills 30 -
We do not want a communist state at our border that valets to the British deep state and would be a barrier in front of Is…
The Islamic State preventing people from selling things in front of shops permanently. JFLDZ Reports.
Desecrated but still majestic: inside Palmyra after second Isis occupation
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