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Islamic State

An Islamic state is a type of government, in which the primary basis for government is Islamic religious law.

Syrian Observatory Abu Bakr Human Rights

"Killing the families of terrorist" as a means of strengthening the US to led war against the Islamic State.
Rex Tillerson said Islamic State members are "clearly responsible for genocide" in areas it controlled
Rape as a Tactic of Terror: Holding the Islamic State Accountable via
Eyes in the sky: Inside the hunt for Islamic State fighters in Syria
The article on the work of Hostage UK and Hostage US in the event of a Thank you! .
gov't begins air bombing campaign on city of Tal Afar, reported Aug. 15.…
Therefore you would also object to any future Palestinian state, as it w…
Islamic State propagandists running Nashir News Telegram channels have distributed a FireFox add-on that streams al…
My article with on why some disaffected ethnic minorities in join Islamic State and al-Qaeda.
German court finds Syrian refugee guilty of trying to DEFRAUD Islamic State
Islamic State has lost swathes of Syrian territory to the Syrian army and its allies
Analysis | Three years ago, the Islamic State massacred Yazidis in Iraq. Why?
US decries Islamic State 'genocide' of Christians, others (from
We are at war with Islamic State ISIL but not Islamic Terrorists. 7th grade propaganda.
State Department report on religious persecution accuses Islamic State of genocide
Sec. Tillerson: "ISIS is clearly responsible for genocide against Yazidis, Christians and Shia Muslims."
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
John McCain says Russia is 'premier' challenge to American security
BREAKING: Iran decries Islamic State 'genocide' of Christians, others
CBN Might be less Christian than the Islamic State
💥Would've been nice, even 2 days after, if Obama denounced Islamic Supremacy for:. Pulse. San Bernardino . Boston. Trump Tow…
Tillerson condemns Islamic State 'genocide' of religious minorities
claims slew of attacks by faction Jamaatul Mujajideen Wal Ansar in war with MILF in htt…
US decries 'genocide' of Christians, others
Shameful to destroy this war memorial. Akin to Islamic State/Taliban destruction of statues & historic sites.
RE: Obama had "heated discussion on CNN where he refused to call them ISLAMIST yet 1st 2 letters of ISIS is ISLAMIC STATE
Yes and I believe the Pope is to be appointed Caliph of the Islamic State.
He was an 'Islamic State' prisoner in Syria. After he fled to Germany, he began tracking their terrorists in Europe.
Turkey detains Russian 'Islamic State member' who was planning drone attack on US warplane - The New Indian Express …
Child actor in drama about Islamic State not allowed to watch final cut as it is too gruesome
True civilian death toll in feared to be 40,000, casualties recognised slowly to desensitize public
Everybody has frogotten what ISIS promised two years ago. Obviously they are coming and Europe is ju…
Islamic State used eBay to funnel cash into U.S., FBI says
"Illicit networks may be circumventing conventional financial institutions to send resources to would-be terrorists"
Syrian migrant arrested in Germany for being an ISIS member & committing war crimes. Why let him in to begin with?. http…
Islamic State militants release pictures of mass execution - Times of India
DENMARK - ISIS fanatics given HOUSES and JOBS on Syria return as part of 'hug a jihadi' campaign
(16) McMaster has avoided speaking about the Islamic State in Afghanistan.
‘ISIS sees Turkey as its Ally' - Former Islamic State member reveals Turkish Army Cooperation with ISIS
Emotional footage shows the moment hundreds of Afghan hostages were released by the Taliban and Islamic State
People were right, India has more number of islamic terrorist than other islamic state combined.
But whether it admits it or not, Vietnam has an interest in Philippine security. .
The greatness & braveness of the Islamic Terror State of proven again.
Some more peace from the claims attack on police in | .
Is anything left of Mosul?. The brutal fight to rid Mosul of so-called Islamic State has left the northern Iraqi...
"Authorities said he had also scouted an association of the Alevi religious minority in Adana. He described Alevis a…
"Turkey detains suspected ISIS militant for planning to bring down U.S. plane: Dogan" by on
Islamic State Desecration of Batnaya Church: Christian Genocide. NOT b/c of US foreign policy, but b/c people here were Chr…
We often forget “The concept of an Islamic state is a post-colonial concept” ‘Islam is in a transformative process'
Eight fighters killed in clashes with "Islamic State" in city, pro-PKK media revealed.
Areas of control/influence for the Islamic State and the Taliban in Afghanistan
Police kill senior Islamic State judge in Old City of Mosul via
ISIS used eBay to send money to a U.S. operative, investigators say
- Turkey detains suspected Russian militant for planning to bring down US plane -
The defeat of Islamic State is apparent. What next, then? Islamic extremism will come full circle...…
"Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, denied any cooperation with the Islamic State on the operation"
"And when we see that all these countries have determined as fact that Al Jazeera is a tool of Islamic State, Hamas, Hezbol…
The "Islamic" state fighters when caught by security forces. Bikini jihad.
Syria army ‘takes last IS-group held town in Homs’ - Syria's army seized the last Islamic State group stronghol...
The Pentagon’s Plan to Convert the Islamic State Caliphate into a US-Backed Syrian Rebel Puppet Regime via
Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga founded so-called Islamic State of Block frm entry to AU https…
Important piece from on the scary terror plot just disrupted in Australia.
Syrian forces fully besiege last stronghold in
"[E]conomic factors had become more important as terrorist groups promised wages, homes and even wives"
Arrested ISIS suspects confessed they were influenced by Zakir Naik’s speeches: NIA
Syrian army takes more oil fields from Islamic State in Raqqa and eastern desert
British Special Forces to block IS base in Libya and smash people-smuggling rings
Top police officers & intelligence folks in Kerala tell me they are EXTREMELY concerned about growing Islamic radicalisati…
Lack of meaning in life MOTIVATES violent extremism. Get a life you pathetic weasels
Sad state of affairs whether it was a setup or not. Not a single country in the world allowing islam survives. Bloomin…
United Nations the numpties who helped make the first Islamic state of Kosovo,have a cheek demanding anything from us # htt…
"The duty of muslim citizens is to be loyal to the Islamic State." US 7th grade Islamic School text book. RT.
UN: New study confirms Daesh fighters lack basic understanding of Islam. Muslims Everywhere: We coulda told you that
Islamic State threat in Southeast Asia raises alarm in Washington via
Syrian army takes last town held by Islamic State in Homs
Syrian Army takes last Islamic State-held town in Homs province
Islamic State orders mass conscription to defend Deir Ezzor
(1) Here's the deal: WE'RE not fighting the Islamic State on the ground. The Gulf Cooperation Cou…
Rex Tillerson: U.S. 'Hoping to Avoid an Outbreak of Civil War' in Syria Post-Islamic State - Breitbart
New dangers stalk children still haunted by horrors of conflict
Third major video in a row quoting the dead spokesman al Adnani and not the current spokesman al Muhajir – this time Is…
More Islamic State terror busts in Spain via
Australians see ISIS terrorists as the biggest threat to the nation - 1/3 concerned about taking too many refugees.
Not stateless.. they belong to Islamic state.. burn the passports
I feel Islamic State rallies militants to attack Iraqi borders with Jordan, Syria
- Is there a terror threat in Turkmenistan? -
Islamic State resists SDF today in south city. "Human shields, tunnels, explosives…are facts on the ground." https:…
- rallies militants to attack Iraqi borders with -
They should not be allowed in any political Ofc State or Federal. It is the beginning of the end for non Islamic Americans.
will be the first state and University conquered by the radical islamic jihadists. sad. many dimmis in this state d…
Islamic State and climate change seen as world’s greatest threats, poll says.
Malaysian state introduces public canings for those who break Sharia law
Iraqi general says 30 percent of west Mosul recaptured from Islamic State
A suicide bomber and gunman kills at least 29 people and wounds 63 at a Shiite mosque in Afghanistan
People can't fathom the trauma and suffering sex trafficking causes. It's not just in Iraq, but in our own country. https…
Sydney locals say 'closing the borders' will combat Islamic terrorism via
Islamic State are also Nizari Ismaili, NOT Muslims. Muslims don't blow up their own mosq…
Donald Trump is much a bigger danger to this country then the islamic state.
Isis was an Egyptian priestess. Islamic State are "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL). Get it right.
They actually believe that they will conquer us & make this an Islamic state. They under estimate how much we love…
Our updated numbers of individuals charged in the U.S. for Islamic State-related criminal offenses.
Climate change and ISIS are tied as the most-feared security threat across much of the world — except in the U.S.
Next attraction ... coming soon ... now showing. .
Refugee intake equivalent to open boarders it must be closed down permanently
Women raped daily by Isis are so damaged they are falling into deep sleeps and not getting up
US-backed Democratic Forces liberate about half of the Islamic State stronghold of
Australians see Islamic State as nation's biggest threat refugee intake equivalent to open boarders
Update your maps at Navteq
Islamic State claims responsibility for attack on Iraqi embassy in Kabul
Indians view Islamic State, climate change and China as biggest threats: Pew survey
Kazakhstan — Central Asia’s most stable state — is waking up to the fact that Islamic extremism is here to stay.
News Just In Post-Brexit sanctions plan to hit terror funds - Mural bearing the logo of the Islamic State
Read this on horrors Syrian children in IS territory were compelled to witness & their subsequent struggles w/PTSD: https:/…
29 killed in Afghan Shiite mosque attack A suicide bomber and a gunman kill at least 29 people and wounded 63 at a…
A family affair: Plane bomb suspect is ‘related to a notorious Islamic State fighter’ who traded life as a suburban…
One of those in custody is related to Khaled Merhi & reportedly related to Australian-born Islamic State fighter Ah…
The day after ISIS: the Middle East after the Islamic State | The future of the Jihadi movement
Australians see Islamic State terrorism as nation's biggest threat
Video shows how in shingal escaped from Islamic state after being trapped for days in mountains and Obama did…
(7) Guess who told the Iraqis about this attack?. Saudi moles in the Islamic State.
(5) The Islamic state was within hours of carrying out a series of nationwide car-bomb attacks and suicide bomber attacks…
Well I wasn't angry today... Until I saw this and remembered what the Islamic State scum are doing to the Yazidis. htt…
(8) Since the Islamic State is all but defeated, my guess is we're gearing up for North Korea, or we're cover…
Islamic State captive John Cantlie is reported dead after operations end [via
German women arrested in Iraq worked as Shariah-enforcing "morality police" in the Islamic State.
Iran's Revolutionary Guard fires missiles into Islamic State targets in Syria over Tehran attacks | The Japan Times
“About 100 people have left Australia 4 Syria 2 fight alongside organizations such as Islamic State, A…
Teenage brides in Islamic State's "Little Britain" crowed over reports of terror attacks on Europe…
New report on the Islamic State in the Maghreb.
From 2 years ago. But ex MI6 chief was wrong then & is wrong today. Islamic State terrorists should never come home. ht…
MK Gandhi supported Khilafat movement which was inspiration for Islamic State. Great history, Sir.
Iranians chant 'Death to israel', burn Islamic State's flag at rallies - Times of India via
Very interesting op-ed on the need to rehabilitate European children born in the Islamic State group's 'caliphate': https:…
Islamic State doctor executed, family arrested in Tal Afar
Jihad! Understanding the Threat of the Islamic State in America
Is the West prepared for an Islamic State attack?
Oh yeah that's smart,making Germany a Islamic state makes perfect sense for the German people.
ISIS is so desperate it's turning to the drug trade
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Michael Fallon: UK 'equipped' to deal with terror threats abroad
'ISIS fighters' in hoods and orange jumpsuits shot dead by Libyan fighters in…
ISIS has a suicide squad that's 173 strong & their sights are on Europe.
Airmen are off-loading more fuel now in support of the fight against the Islamic State than we were during Desert Storm…
That's not a bombshell .. keep blaming each other .. at the end of the day it's jihad by Islamists .want Kashmir to be anoth…
Check out this post in the Islamic State vibe:. Yazidi girl held captive by Isis reveals she was raped every day for six months
Women burn the burqas Islamic State made them wear. One woman says they killed her son b/c he refused to pray. .
On FB theyre asking `would you like an Islamic State in Australia`,well Turnbull is trying his best to form one,the dog!
Ethic & sectarian tensions arose when a muslim majority secular state as Pakistan was conceived, gave…
Armenians of Syria, in the front line to destroy the "Islamic State" 🇦🇲🇸🇾
you're right, killing Bin Laden put us in peril as did winning strategy fighting ISIS…
The ultimate destiny of is to become an Islamic welfare state - Commander Southern Command Lt Gen Amir Riaz
ISIS known as a terrorist based on Islam, but why attack the Islamic state. The Palestin attacked by Israel arent helped. that isnt islam
U.S. Army sergeant indicted in Hawaii on charges of trying to help Islamic State | Article [AMP] | Reuters
USA state dep pub rep on global terrorism last wk -445 page report -Majorly there are Islamic organizations.Not a single…
US soldier pleads not guilty to giving classified info to agents he allegedly believed were Islamic State members https:/…
I believe in our POTUS. Obama is out to destroy America. O wants America to be an Islamic st…
Don't let those jehadi terrorists come back to country.
and moments before leaving to carry out a military operation against Islamic State in Heroes
Islamic state? They behave as if they didn't hear the news from Palestine! 🤔
So it was your father Yakub who gave us freedom. Hindus were tortured in Cellular Jail for fighting for K…
I didnt know N. Korea was an Islamic state.
Mosul's face dilemma after Islamic State: "There's no security, no protection for Christians back there". h…
My piece for on the necessity of engaging with PMU for those concerned with Iran's influence in
At 15, she joined Islamic State after converting to Islam. Now this German teen wants to go home.
Yazidi survivor of Islamic State in Knesset: Recognize our genocide
This is completely *** and nothing to do with Islamic State?
Our report on the evolution of in the Maghreb highlights the group’s adaptability & ability to exploit chaos https:/…
Huge!. Yesterday, Islamic State fighters launched a commando attack on in Sahaji village west of 45 PMU militi…
Syria provided medical supplies to the Islamic State in Mosul.
You really think that after the Abu Sayyaf raid the Islamic State security men didn't change procedures until they read…
MUST read & referenced by all including analysts of the Islamic State war tactics & weapons in & https:…
How the Rose, Fell and Could Rise Again in the
BREAKING!!. Around 20 YPG fighters are killed and injured in Islamic State attack on al-Sakan al-Shababi in eastern
US soldier pleads not guilty to support for Islamic State
Islamic State Calls On Muslims in the West to Attack US and Europe
They are not human Grim images of hundreds of ISIS jihadi suspects crammed in jail cells
forces recapture village south of Mosul from police
Iraqi officer admits to executing multiple ISIS fighters in Mosul and vows a 'slow death' for his family's killers
ISIS is dying on the battlefield but winning on the internet
All countries should block weapons export to this rough state that fights own people and gets more and more islamic…
Did ignore then manipulate intelligence community's assessments on so as to hide his compli…
'Iraqi Army' released the pictures of those Islamic State terrorists who were trying to flee from 'Mosul' disgui…
How do you define "Islamic state" ? Most muslims, including non-islamists like me, believe a muslim s…
U.N. slaps sanctions on 8 linked to Islamic State and al Qaeda
Islamic State calls on Scottish Muslims to target businesses owned by Jews
Nigel, Britton is off the rails and is going to become the Islamic State Of Oceania!
Bodies of two journalists killed by Islamic State group south of Mosul recovered
Imagine if 40,000 died in liberation. death toll connoted by the conspicuous media silence.
True civilian death toll in Mosul feared to be 40,000 - eight times higher than previous estimates
Pakistan army is sufficiently convinced of the reality of IS to announce the launching of Operation Khyber-4
Warriors, dreamers and just plain crazy: U.S. civilian volunteers fighting Islamic State in Syria.
Islamic State and the crisis in and Syria in maps -
After Mosul, Islamic State digs in for guerrilla warfare
Thanks to Justin Trudeau, their citizenship can't be revoked.
release of the leadership of al Qaeda in Iraq from Camp Bucca prison,
Scotland: calls on to target businesses owned by
Islamic State flogs teenagers for playing soccer
Thanks to the pseudo dictator in control of a "NATO ally," key Islamic State-linked Telegram channels are spreading in…
Scotland: Islamic State calls on Muslims to target businesses owned by Jews
Islamic State's customised car bombs – in pictures
40,000 civilians? That's so many. Hard to imagine. So much for democratic counterterrorism restraint. .
How many fighters does the Islamic State still have in Libya? By for
In pictures: Islamic State tank opens fire on rebel outpost in western
My first article for Don't attribute strategic brilliance to the Islamic State when not warranted
Zakir is a person who takes money from Soudi's to make India a Islamic state by converting Hindus,dats the truth
Philippines: Duterte offers Muslims an Islamic state…to counter Islamic State
Former Isis 'sex slave' returns home to northern Iraq take revenge on the group
They escaped Islamic State's bastion, but remain terrified
They escaped Islamic State's bastion, but remain terrified: (from
Three ways to defeat the Islamic State in Sinai
& TURKEY is the 1st ISLAMIC COUNTRY which Recognize the PIG ISRA…
Before Assad is removed, the U.S.-led coalition must fully defeat the Islamic State.
Its indeed a serious issue, ppl should not be allowed to take law in their hands, more so b'cos we r a democratic set up…
Iraqi forces recapture village south of Mosul from Islamic State: police
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
The members of record the atrocities committed by Islamic State and publish them on social media
Islamic State retakes areas east of by surprise attack.
Yazidi women join Raqqa battle to destroy Islamic State. .
Anjem Choudary facing 10 year prison sentence for supporting Islamic State | Press and Journal
Egyptian security services warn Islamic State planning bus attacks on Christians going to summer camps
The Guardian got General Stanley McChrystal to comment on Islamic State 'masterplan' I leaked: he says must-read
They will make West Bengal more pure than Bangladesh
My latest for the Four things to note about Isis today compared to three years ago:
Pentagon: Head of Islamic State in Afghanistan killed 'The significance is you kill a leader of one of these groups
I really agree for this !! Kelantan known as Islamic state. So, why not ?
Have you seen ''Global jihad is here'' on Rediff yet?You should... and now
Italy is going to become a Islamic state very near future due to migrant who are from third world will…
IRAQ CONFLICT - Iraqi Christians in Qaraqosh ready to fight back against Islamic State
Your change of perception for KM is appreciated,nothing is political in Kashmir,every thing is power,may be…
'City of Ghosts' examines a courageous band of Syrian citizen-journalists taking on Islamic State
"My Muslim sister, indeed you are a mujahidah" - Narratives in the propaganda of the Islamic State to address an...
Why doesn't LBC employ Burka women, the British police want to, I am sick of seeing the UK turning into an Islamic state?
Iraqi army helicopters flew overhead and explosions could be heard, residents said.
Before and After Satellite Images of Mosul Reveal the Devastation After the Islamic State Was Forced Out
"He was just bones. Just bones." In Mosul's Old City, families return to search for relatives amid the rubble:
Think war on corruption & repression rather than war on terror, otherwise ISIS 2.0 will rise from the ashes
“Despite setbacks including defeat in Mosul, ISIS is merely contained and could fill any new power vacuum”
Russia's military says it might have killed the Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in an airstrike in Syria.
Battle against Families return to to collect bodies. Must read by with
"Isis is not over" A realistic read on what is possibly coming next
.or just wait it out. In 25 years you'll both belong to the European Islamic State?
Remember the mass execution of 2000 Rafidi soldiers by the Islamic State? Now the Rafidis try to avenge that by kil…
.meets the Tiger Forces - an elite unite of the Syrian army waging war against Islamic State militants
After Islamic State defeat, families return to Mosul's Old City to begin a daunting search for bodies:
With global jihadis, Islamic State group has built-in staying power
The search for bodies under the rubble of Old City - strong piece by .
Isis may be on its knees but it will rise again if we don’t break the cycle. A must read by on
Indonesia terrorism: Country 2nd on list of IS fighters arrested in ... -
terrorism in Kashmir has nothing to do wid freedom. Their only aim is to convert Kashmir into an islamic state. Genici…
Islamic State is coming to a street corner near you. Non-Muslims now recognise the Muslim war on the West
We would clearly benefit from an alliance with Putin's Russia in the face of the Islamic State invasion of the West…
Amnesty International accuses Australia of 'war crimes' in fight against Islamic State
Amnesty International accuses Australia of ‘war crimes’ in fight against Islamic State
Central Texas News: Soldier stayed in Army despite support for Islamic State
Turkish police kill five in raid on Islamic State cell in central Turkey
Soldier in Hawaii arrested in terrorism probe, charged with providing support to Islamic State.
BREAKING: US official: Hawaii soldier arrested on suspicion of terrorism charges, connections with Islamic State group.
"every terrorist is a practicing Muslim" . Except it's not true but whatevs .
Obama regime STUPID as *** to not think a US soldier who embraced Islamic State was not a “threat.” THAT much STUPIDITY is TREASON!
Clashes continue in Mosul as Iraqi army focuses on Islamic State group remnants, 📻
UNTVNewsRescue: Syrian Observatory says it has ‘confirmed information’ that Islamic State chief is dead.
Islamic State group chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was reported dead on Tuesday, a day after Iraq declared it had...
Islamic State’s Defeat Doesn’t Mean Victory for the U.S.: Earlier this week, Mosul—the largest city under……
Pope Francis warns of a “very dangerous” alliance between the U.S. and Russia
(1) That's EXACTLY right. The Islamic State offered nothing but death and oppression beyond imagination.
Mosul attempts to start afresh after ousting Islamic State – video
NEW: Pentagon braces for Islamic State insurgency after Mosul via .
Another headquater bombed in State govt seems blind and not responding under the pressure of
New report out today on the civilian cost for "liberating" Mosul from IS
As ISIS is defeated in Iraq, signs is growing of an Asian hub for Islamic State in Mindanao, the Philippines
"If you tried to run away, they'd catch you, kill you, hang your body as warning" Islamic State war crimes in
US soldier expressed support for Islamic State but remained in military
Russia hits Islamic State in Syria with advanced cruise missiles
He is accused of trying to provide classified information to the Islamic State. .
Seems like the Russians were right: Islamic State declares Baghdadi dead
Link for the article: 'The Al Qaeda–Islamic State Rivalry: Competition Yes, but No Competitive Escalation'
There are fresh reports out today, that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed.
BREAKING Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has been killed - Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says it has "con…
(28) On October 2, 2015, the Iraqis paused for about two weeks.
Where are the Christians gone from the Islamic State of Palestine? They were Do…
(25) This was how the Islamic State became the most heavily armed terrorist group in history. The Iraqis simply abandoned…
(15) Then in June of 2014, most of the Iraqi army collapsed when the Islamic State attacked.
(13) The Islamic State sent fighters into Syria in 2013. Bashar al-Assad did not attack them.
(12) By 2012, the newly reorganized Islamic State had reentered all the areas in Iraq where the US had stationed troops.
(10) By 2008, al-Qaeda in Iraq--which became the Islamic State--declared itself on the verge of extinction.
Russia have released footage of missiles obliterating Islamic State compounds in Syria.
Hawaii: Muslim US soldier swore allegiance to Islamic State, tried to pass documents to it.
“The battle for Mosul: How Iraqi forces defeated the Islamic State
The UK is turning into a politically correct police state where criticism of Islam is illegal
Twisted 'ISIS jihadis go on Christian killing spree' in fresh spate of attacks
U.S. soldier charged in Islamic State case
BIG NEWS - IF IT'S TRUE: Syrian Observatory says it has 'confirmed information' that Islamic State chief is dead
'Confirmed information' that Islamic State chief Baghdadi is dead: Syrian Observatory via
Syrian Observatory says has 'confirmed information' that Islamic State chief killed
He nearly died fighting Islamic State terrorists, but now he too is being treated as if he were a terrorist.
Iraqi Prime Minister congratulates troops for ‘victory’ over Islamic State in Mosul
War on ISIS is a Lie “Islamic Jihad” is a creation of the CIA and Anglo-American
“Stunning photos from inside the dying center of the Islamic State” by Washington Post
Michigan needs to get Americans out to vote. Muslim governor about to make your state a Islamic tri…
Facing defeat in Mosul, IS group attacks village to the south as a diversion.
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