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Islamic State

An Islamic state is a type of government, in which the primary basis for government is Islamic religious law.

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Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) save 3 children forced into fighting for Islamic State in western Raqqa on 18 Jan.
Two cabbies and a repairman – anti-ISIS informants – have helped kill more than 100 Islamic State fighters.
Islamic State kills villagers as fighting with Syrian army rages near Hama via
The interrogation of Islamic State sympathizers in India has reportedly revealed plots against Hindu groups.
How Vulnerable Is India to Recruitment by the Islamic State? - World Politics Review
(7) The Iraqis. All the highest-ranking commanders of the Islamic State are former Ba'athists who worked…
During the brutal sweep conducted by the Islamic State through Iraq as many as 9,900 member of the Yazidi...
Another reminder: White supremacist terrorists are growing even faster than Daesh terrorists (& WS are here en mass)
The US-allied SDF made a deal to let ISIS flee Tabqa in Syria then the US bombed them as they fled. By
What becomes of the region, after powers achieved their mission of fragmentation?
German Chancellor Angela Merkel will NOT step up Germany’s fight against the Islamic State (ISIS) even if NATO does htt…
When comparing who caused violent attacks, remember that US is partly responsible for rise in extremism
France is over. Sorry but they won't be coming back. Islamic state in 10 years.
TIME "Airstrikes on ISIS-held Syrian village and town kill at least 32, say activists
Syria's Kurds have a payment in mind in exchange for fighting Islamic State via
Iraqi forces close in on Islamic State's Mosul stronghold
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Syrian Kurdish forces to push on Islamic State group’s de facto capital of Raqqa this summer.
17/ Why did you release almost all the Islamic State terrorists from Turkish prisons after 2014?
[FLOOD]. Questions Erdogan Can’t Shirk. 1/ Do you consider the Islamic State as a terrorist organization?
9/ Why did you provide private and free medical treatment to the Islamic State members?
8/ Similarly, the Islamic State obtained materials from Turkey for its homemade weapons including steel pipes for mortars…
6/ Why did you allow the Islamic State to establish a logistical supply chain acquiring almost ++
If I'm you castratos I'll start praying. Merkel said your country is he…
4/ Why did you allow over 25.000 Islamic State foreign fighters travelling through Turkey to join the Islamic State?
2/ Why did you halt all ongoing police investigations against the Islamic State and other Salafist Jihadist te…
Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow is not planning to arm Syrian Kurds to fight Islamic State group
Pakistan is an Islamic Ideological State and Corruption is the Core Issue.
At interfaith panel today, the Muslim student speaker said that apostates will be killed or banished in an I…
What is it with them wanting to change Europe into a Islamic state? It's very disturbing.
Poland and Hungary should leave the EU. If France wants to become an Islamic state that is their business. Don't force it on…
Bcoz neither of them was an Islamic State
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The is facing setbacks...does it have enough money to survive & adapt? My lastest on w/http…
A new strategy to defeat the Islamic State needs to remove the conditions that allowed the group to emerge & thrive. h…
Merkel says Germany won’t step up fight against the Islamic State even if NATO does
With Mosul's capture all but certain, tensions within the coalition fighting the Islamic State will flare once more.
Air raids on Islamic State-held village and town in Syria have killed at least 32 civilians over past 2 days:
In the last 2 days US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria have killed 35 civilians, including many women and children
Islamic State threatened Germany called for attack on international airport .
25 killed in Pakistan suicide attack by Islamic State, Senate deputy chairman injured -
Islamic State suicide bomber, Abu Handhala Al-Khurasani who attacked the convoy of Senate deputy chairman in that…
Iraqi forces secure major district, parts of Tigris River from Islamic State [NRT].
UN warns of 180,000 Anbar refugees NEW YORK – Advances by Islamic State militants in the western Iraqi provi
Syria war: US to arm Kurds fighting Islamic State
Donald Trump wants to defeat the Islamic State. So Donald Trump is going to arm the Kurds. piece:
On who created terrorists in Syria. For regime change project.
Lolz...she sued the police but ends up facing charges herself. Elzahed is one of the wives of Islamic State recruiter Hamdi…
After Le Pen has lost we welcome you to the Islamic State of France.
(5) Turkish intelligence funds, trains, and arms al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. Flynn knows this.
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis suggested that the United States wants a military partnership with Turkey in Syria.
Russia will suffer terrorism at home and a war of attrition in Syria in its lost cause to keep Assad alive
U.S obsession with the Islamic State in Khorasan distracts attention from a more urgent task: negotiating a peace deal with the Taliban.
Islamic State says it beheads Russian officer in Syria: SITE
French police seek three men suspected of plotting an Islamic State inspired attack on a Paris train station
The girl whose school was run by so-called Islamic State
US President Donald Trump has approved supplying weapons to Kurdish forces fighting so-called Islamic State (IS) in Syria, the Pentagon says
A new book examines the links between individual jihadists and wider networks
Nawaz is hurdle before Pakistan’s becoming Islamic welfare state: Imran. Read More:
Former Obama DHS official on Islamic State slaughtering Egyptian Christians: “how what goes around comes around”
Head of Islamic State in Afghanistan confirmed killed via
We are now arming the Kurds directly. It's about time.
US President approves supplying weapons to Kurdish forces fighting Islamic State terror group in
Islamic State video shows beheading of Russian intelligence agent
Iraqi forces chip away at last Islamic State-held districts in Mosul
📹 VIDEO: Ritual purity and purification (Tahara & Ghusl) according to Islamic State
ISIS is openly recruiting lone wolves to buy AR-15s at gun shows. Why the *** r we intentionally arming the enemy? http…
do you think that Islamic Republic of Pakistan will abide by this?? After all its a Rouge state. Rule of law doesn't prevail.
An Islamic student on an interfaith panel at Portland State University says that non-believers will be killed.
says the US and Islamic State are the same thing "I do not differentiate at all between Daesh and America"
Mike Haines, brother of David Haines the aid worker murdered by Islamic State, discusses the need to spread tolerance and…
Online operatives of Islamic State become most-wanted targets
BREAKING: Abdul Hasib, the leader of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Afghanistan and Pakistan, was killed in an Afghan-U.S. raid,…
Egypt: Islamic State jihadis murder Christian in barber shop
Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has called Islamic State a "US product" and asked the US to explain routine... http…
New Jersey: Muslim plotted pressure cooker bomb jihad massacre in NYC, wanted to join the Islamic State. Yet...
Man accused of planning to NYC to help Islamic State - May 5 @ 2:20 PM ET
Man arrested after police say he stabbed dog is charged with supporting terrorism, planning NYC bombing. Story:
"Man Accused of Planning to Bomb NYC to Help Islamic State" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
They're losing ground, but Islamic State still has social media as a weapon. How the U.S. is fighting back
Thanks to his obsession with ISIS, Trump is forgetting about al Qaeda and the Taliban, writes
The US military is targeting Islamic State's virtual caliphate by hunting & killing its online operatives one-by-one
'Children of jihad: The long birth of Islamic state'
READ | 350 have returned to Britain from Islamic State. Many are trained and dangerous. Politicians must wake up!. htt…
Route from Islamic State’s capital of Raqqa dotted with discarded women’s veils
Man Accused of Planning to Bomb NYC for Islamic State - - See More @
PT: He then calls on people in Egypt to join the Islamic State and for those unable to join to conduct lone-wolf attack…
ISIS & liberal talking points meet again.
Islamic State urges jihadis to get into hostage-taking business, buy weapons at U.S. gun shows - -
Islamic State jihadist crashes his spy drone and give himself away
My dream is to make Pakistan an Islamic Welfare state like what Allama Iqbal dreamt of & Quaid e Azam struggled for- IK
The ventures of Turkey and the spread of Islamic morality greatly bothered the British deep state.
The Mother of All Terrorist Groups Isn't the Islamic State - Foreign Policy (blog)
I'm sure the would all of a sudden want strict We can't have brown folk buying guns now.
Man accused of planning to bomb NYC to help Islamic State - Breitbart via
Welp. ---> Islamic State magazine steers followers to U.S. gun shows for ‘easy’ access to weapons.
Sen. John McCain direct ties to Islamic State & terrorism.. Look like we uncovered that John McCain is the Islamist senator from…
Islamic State defendant to remain in jail
My comment on France 24 on Islamic State in Egypt, the Copts and the Pope's visit
Yazidi activist: My escape from Islamic State - BBC News
Eight-year-old son of Islamic State jihadi asks father, “How do you kill a non-Muslim?”
UK: Muslima gets year in prison for downloading Islamic State magazine and bomb-making instructions
Kashmir turning in to Islamic state
Option was given to kashmiris after partition of india ,stay in secular India or cross t…
Sharrouf terrorist video 'reprehensible' -
Historical record of slaves in Middle East! Islamic state = Slave trade!
Islamic State kills senior Afghan Taliban official in Pakistan
Erdogan says Syria's Raqqa will 'turn into a graveyard' for Islamic State
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The advances are in preparation for the eventual assault on stronghold of More:
I was referring to the Egyptian goddess Isis, not the islamic state or anything to do with that gl…
Group of 36 Yazidi survivors rescued by Iraqi fores after three years of “slavery” under Islamic State…
Pentagon: 45 civilians killed by coalition strikes on Islamic State - The Telegraph
- looks like your wonderful immigration and integration is basically changing Sweden into an Islamic s…
driver allegedly told he wanted to up Parliament
7) Examine the causes of rapid and violent rise of the Islamic State (IS).
Tayyip Erdogan in India LIVE updates: Turkey President to hold bilateral talks with PM Modi today
Pentagon: Strikes against Islamic State group have killed at least 352 civilians
After formation of Islamic Republic which has lights of Prophet’s state, humanity enemies began fighting essence of such c…
Uber driver allegedly told Canberra passenger he was involved with IS, wanted to blow up Parliament
Uber driver allegedly told passenger he wanted to blow up Parliament via
When you say Islamic State, do you mean Iran or the Caliphate? You are ISIS. Not Israel. Re of your absurd propaganda.
So-called Islamic State has wreaked havoc in eastern Afghanistan since 2015
As always suspected Kashmiri struggle is only for a Islamic state. Stone Peters providing cover to te…
ISIS attacked Israel and then apologised
Iraqi commander says to complete capture of Mosul from Islamic State in May
ISIS is a group of people that want to help establish this Islamic state. Stand with us!
When you bomb an ally, you apologise. When you bomb an enemy, you don’t. What does that make IS to Israel?
Most don't know that the Otis in Otis Elevator Company is an acronym. Official Transit of Islamic State.
8year-old son of a notorious Islamic State fighter was filmed wearing a suicide vest and threatening to kill austr……
Dozens of Yazidis enslaved by Muslims in the Islamic State in Iraq are now free - BBC News
Jihadi Terrorism, Insurgency, and the Islamic State by Dave Dilegge & Robert J. Bunker, Eds. via
Francis to meet President al-Sissi and Coptic Orthodox Pope. Comes weeks after Islamic State killed 46 people at church on Palm Sunday.
Hundreds of ISIS jihadis have come into Europe 'disguised as refugees
Islamic State fighters control new sites on Al-Qurnish Street in the outskirts of the Bab al-Tub area in western…
Wonder if its worth rounding up a few thousand feral Texas hogs and floating them off a C-5M... 😏
Iraqi forces seize ancient UNESCO site of Hatra from Islamic State as jihadis execute Mosul civilians…
.boars mauled three Islamic State (Isil) fighters to death near the Iraqi city of Kirkuk.".
A senior officer in the 10th emergency regiment was killed in an attack by Islamic state fighters south of
Islamic State developing new weapons despite losses: arms monitor.
UP police begins 'Ghar Wapsi' of radicalised youth misguided by ideology of Islamic State & terror.
. Kill Isis entirely. Secure Iraq as a refugee state, from islamic state totalitarianism. Should fill up quick.
BBC News - Russia says Islamic State, not Assad, the danger in Syria
.6. As I noted, Russian gov't has said the bombing was “financed by an international terrorist group fr…
“Islamic State has projected a narrative of momentum and success,”
test BBC News crid:438p4s ... of the so-called Islamic state group in Syria. As Theresa May campaigns for the upcoming election ...
which discourages foreign terrorist from staying in Islamic State & they will eventually try to escape or surrender
So called"Islamic Republic of the Godfather of the"Islamic State in & was founded decades B4
Because you've been to an islamic state? I've actually been there and u r so wrong - pathetic
Former Israeli defence minister confirms Israel's collaboration with ISIS in Syria
Large numbers of foreign fighters and sympathisers reportedly abandoning Islamic State and trying to enter Turkey:
.well, this is AUSTRALIA not Israel's 'Palestine'. We do not 'shoosh here' but we do NOT do 'Islamic state' within sovereign state here.
`I was made victorious through terror` -- Mohammed (founder of Islam & terrorist leader of the 1st Islamic State).
Pork has its day. Wild boars overrun position, kill 3 militants via
Scott - Check out the byline from USA Today's edition of this story:
Turkish state is terroist state. Erdogan is the firstly terrorist Islamic terorist tc…
Pigs are considered unholy in Islam and the boars are a litttle upset about this hate speech
The attack killed a UK citizen who joined the Islamic State terrorist organization.
BREAKING: Supporting Real Madrid is now forbidden in the Islamic State. It's either FC Barcelona or GTFO.
British soldiers should have 'cups of tea' with Islamic State terrorists, says Jeremy Corbyn ally. Moron.
Revisiting Myriam: the Iraqi Christian girl who forgave Islamic State via
Soldier who supports war against Islamic State files lawsuit calling it illegal via
5 - Islamic State has declared war on Lionel Messi after his penalty landed in Syria 5 minutes ago. Airstrikes.
Russian Supreme Court bans Jehovah’s Witness, putting it in same category as Islamic State.
Islamic State claims Paris shooting, one policeman killed
.says Australia and the US are fighting together to ‘utterly destroy’ Islamic State in the field https:/…
Be aware of who your kids are talking to online. They might be talking about more than video games or sex.
They found a note defending islamic state near his body. So as he was engaged in a gun fight, he had time to reach for…
Trump’s troops WIPE OUT aide of Islamic State kingpin in furious ground assault
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no Islamic state uses mass propaganda in poor areas of western countries, to make muslims commit…
One of our Senators walked out of the session. However, it's disconcerting that as a s…
Navaid Hamid, President of AIMMM, on options before Muslims in would be 'Hindu R…
New post (U.S. Raid Killed a ‘Close Associate’ of Islamic State Leader, Military Says) has been published on S ...…
Paris gunman named as small-time criminal apparently inspired by Islamic State.
Women of the Caliphate: The Mechanism for Women’s incorporation into the Islamic State (IS)
Islamic State inforgraph on coalition/Iraqi army losses during 6 months of Mosul battle. Estimates it at more than…
was captured in Bashiqa in november, was nicknamed "battle tram" by see this article:
At Mosul waterfalls, Iraqis savor small joys of post-Islamic State life
Islamic State killed 15 civilians who declined to allow snipers at home in Mosul
Not "without knowing". Its deliberate & intentional, with only objective of setting up Islamic state in India.
claims responsibility for the two church bombings in Egypt
Family of terror suspect have allegedly had links to ISIS for years via
Islamic State suspect says he met with AKP mayor during Kobani clashes - Kom News
is rooted in Pakistan's identity as the Islamic state. Sub-nationalities need external support.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Say thnx to that corrupt pervert Clinton. They are an islamic failed state enclave, war is gonna happened sooner or later.
My interview with the violinist of Mosul, who performed yesterday at the Nebi Yunus shrine
As long as there is Quran/Hadith, there will be Islamic State movement; even if ISIS is eliminated, new one with same idea…
Iraqi Christians join forces with the Kurds to fight against the Muslims of the Islamic State via
I wonder to this day if reactionary droolies know that ISIS means "Islamic State of.". It's liter…
operative Abdurakhmon Uzbeki linked to Istanbul nightclub attack killed
Two-year-old orphan of Islamic State militants trapped in a Libyan jail
Former prisoner speaks about it, and her current situation as a in
IS operative linked to Istanbul attack killed - Police have secured the area outside the nightclub
In India, 2,000 madrassas and mosques in UP State are under security scanner for Islamic extremists
Belgium:Boy found with bag full of bombs marked 'Allah Akbar'. 'Cos you kuffar are dumb'
US forces say they have killed man responsible for Istanbul nightclub attack (via
BBC reporting pro-ISIS letter found near Paris terrorist. As we reported 3 hours ago. There was a Koran as well. https:/…
"RUSSIA TERROR: ISIS claim responsibility after shooting leaves two people dead"
ISIS claims responsibility for shooting in Eastern Russian FSB office that left two dead.
Bengal was famous for Swami Vivekananda, Tagore etc. Now Bengal is becoming an Islamic State with the help of Mamata👇.
WE NEED SAY NO to Islamic state of Nigeria, we reject Islamic bokoharam and Islamic herds…
TO & We want a secular state and all the other factions want a religious state, an Islamic…
"The Islamic State has visibly attracted young Muslims from all over the world to its violent movement to build a...
Indian deaths in Afghan 'fake news,' says Islamic State recruit from Kerala.
U.S. Military Drops Massive Bomb on Islamic State in Afghanistan - Breitbart via
Police officer killer & two others seriously injured after man shot them on Champs-Elysees in Paris. Islamic State'…
Paris attack: police officer and suspect shot dead on Champs Elysees in attack claimed by Islamic State.
So-called Islamic State claims responsibility for shooting in central Paris in which one police officer was killed https:/…
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte warned on Wednesday he might "invade" an island stronghold of the Islamic State-linked Abu Sayyaf to "…
Islamic State claimed credit for attack near St. Catherine in My analysis on attacks in Egypt:…
Islamic State in Sinai claims responsibility for checkpoint attack
If one doesn't know,then read please !. Muhammad Ali Jinnah struggled for an Islamic State. He wanted Pakistan to...
U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis to talk Islamic State, Syria in Middle East via
Pentagon delivers plan to speed up fight against ISIS, possibly boosting US troops in Syria
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This crap better stop now this is not an Islamic state we say the pledge of allegiance in English and to God
Al-Azhar, the foremost institution in Sunni Islam, refuses to declare the Islamic State apostate
Abdullah:Are you capable of running govt? No, only can throw Hindus concert with cong to make Valley a ISLAMIC STATE.
Iraq's vice president claims that, as ISIS loses ground, it is talking to al Qaeda about a possible alliance.
🆘 The future Islamic state of America if Americans continue in denial. KSA & Qatar continue to build the infrastructure fo…
Islamic State, ISI, Taliban, Pakistan army are different faces of the same group. Protected Osama Bin Laden. New Calip…
There are 3 options in Islam:. 1) Convert to Islam. 2) Pay Jizyah & live as a 2nd class citizen under the Islamic State…
**Islamic State seeking alliance with al Qaeda👎
Easter Sunday in Tel Esqof, Iraq. The church was damaged by Islamic State militants. (Photo: CNS/Marko Djurica,...
They have largely identical goals but very different strategies.
Turkey was Christians country but today lost to Islamic State, so why Christianity are fight for power ??? Holocaus…
So the deep state is alive and well but it's not exacerbating Islamic extremism?
Did US fund Arab Spring, then turn on it when expedient? Same year DOJ & Homeland Security swept Occupy off streets. https:…
U.S. attacks on Syria, Islamic State unlikely to keep North Korea in check - Press Herald
What if Russia was the shiny object? Turkey/Russia alliance:
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As many as 500 Pakistani nationals, including ISI officals, were killed in th the US strike in Afghanistan.
It is a surprise in light of his tough talk about Islamic terrorism. Turkey was formerly a secular…
🇺🇸 | Just How Much Should Be Blamed for the Rise of the State?
Two dictators Erdogan leader of Islamic State of & Nawaz Sharif leader of Islamic State of Both are butche…
For Iraqi Christians after Islamic State, hope amid the ruins
U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria yesterday, conducting 3…
The unrest in Kashmir is slowly turning into a demand for an Islamic state rather than 'Azadi'. KPs h…
I have a dream that muslims in and create islamic state
Terror nightmare as Islamic State 'talks to al Qaeda about working together'
When Muslims get their hands on democracy they inevitably vote for Islamic State style repression and tyranny. Just as…
The are fighting for Islamic State not for &
Near the blast site of the 'Mother of All Bombs,' U.S. and Afghan forces are trying to dislodge Islamic State
'We want to learn' - Iraqi girls back at school after years under Islamic State
ISIS not really in Afghan. Only a wilayat, Islamic State in Khorasan. & U think we know # blown 2 bits underground?
"Airstrikes killed Islamic State foreign drone experts and destroyed a drones factory in western Mosul on Monday."
ISIS in the Caribbean. Trinidad has the highest rate of Islamic State recruitment in the Western hemisphere. .
Obama killed Bin Laden. He called the enemy ISIS and the Islamic State
Pres Trump did not authorise MOAB strike in Nangahar but he's let his forces of the leash to defeat Islamic State which…
"36 Islamic State" Putin is still laughing at vacuum head Obama
US drops 'mother of all bombs' on Islamic State tunnel - ABC News - via - Just discovered. Obama never knew.
WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. forces in Afghanistan on Thursday struck an Islamic State tunnel complex…
On so-called sovereign nations because of so-called islamic state
IS claimed several attacks on military posts in Nangahar . …
drops largest ever 'mother of all bombs' on Isis affiliate in military says
I'm guessing that they'll want revenge...? Or did the idea of state terrorism not factor into anyone's equations?…
US military drops MOAB on Islamic State in Afghanistan
Congress needs to be called back from vacation to
Is the US admitting defeat against Taliban by saying they were not targeting the Taliban and rather Daesh(so called Islamic…
U.S. drops the 'mother of all bombs' against series of caves used by Islamic State in Afghanistan: Pentagon.
Trump rocks, this is the method to deal with Islamic terrorism and it's an indirect but very clear message to terrorists State Pakistan 😏
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BREAKING: U.S. forces dropped the military’s largest non-nuclear bomb on an Islamic State target in Afghanistan.
Refugee Stockholm terrorist previously tried to join ISIS-EU borders are wide open to terrorists & the EU do nothing h…
Inside Britain’s Molenbeek: Is Sparkbrook REALLY the beating heart of jihadi Britain?
Well-crafted jihadist propaganda can create ticking time bombs behind enemy lines.
Tell me again Afghanistan is a safe country for refugees to return to.
US-backed forces launch new attacks on Islamic State in Syria
UN says destruction to retake western Mosul from the Islamic State group is much worse than in eastern Mosul.
Borussia Dortmund bus attack suspect 'was Islamic State fighter'
Has this every worked? NO!!! The US military has dropped the biggest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal on an Islamic State...
US military says it has dropped "mother of all bombs" on series caves used by Islamic State in eastern Afghanistan
The bomb struck an Islamic State tunnel complex in eastern Afghanistan, Pentagon officials said.
US drops biggest non-nuclear bomb ever used on Islamic State in Afghanistan
"I want a big, big toy, because I'm a big, big boy". "As you wish, Mr President".
TTP, Afghan Taliban, Haqqani network, LeT defectors all form part of Islamic State in Afghanistan. Big blow to Pak ISI..…
Islamic State in Afghanistan has Hq in Pak, Gen Nicholson, Cdr of US forces in Afghanistan said recently. Tremors in Pak…
Egypt: Muslim who bombed Alexandria cathedral previously arrested for ties to the Islamic State.
US drops largest ever non-nuclear bomb on Isis affiliate in Afghanistan, military says
Islamic State-linked hackers have released a "kill list" of over 8,700 people, mostly from the US and the UK
Sky News Australia - A One Nation senator has accused the ABC of colluding with Islamic State and risking the live..
French President Francois Hollande has declared war on Islamic State
Watch: Defense Secretary James Mattis: Defeating Islamic State still top U.S. priority in Syria https…
📷 Islamic State calls for anti-Coptic and anti-Christian sectarian attacks: An example from over one...
Former DIA Chief Michael Flynn Says Rise of Islamic State was "a willful decision" and Defends… vi…
FLASHABACK!. PUTIN: “I swear, if they (the Islamic State savages) ever bomb Russia, in half an hour every Muslim will die”. "St…
The Latest: Pope Francis, French president Then the brook, where is internation. BREAKING: Islamic State service say to your *** in my
Iraqi Christians rebuild cross after Islamic State destruction. Watch now:
"In the past year, Islamic State militants claimed responsibility for the deaths of more than 100 ppl in Europe"
soldier killed fighting State in Afghanistan -
Soldier killed while fighting State in Afghanistan -
Rape Epidemic In - this is what happens when you welcome Radicals
We will hunt them down. There is no room for the Islamic State online.
Yes very scary sir. Before India becomes Islamic State of India, we should declare India as a Hindu Rashtra & save…
In the mission, United Special Operations forces assisting Syrian Kurdish and Arab...
Join us now broadcast. In defence of Freedom. from the islamic state of Niger…
Russian has become the third most frequently spoken language among fighters of the Islamic State.
Jan 2017: More U.S. troops are being wounded in Iraq and Syria, the Pentagon quietly acknowledges
Islamic State kills dozens of civilians trying to flee witnesses via
What was the clear strategy you used to manipulate, micromanage, and neuter target lists against the Islamic State?
(20) Assad will flee to Russia, and the Islamic State will be wiped out. Then we eat! The end.
US Soldier killed while fighting Islamic State in Afghanistan
The U.S. describes Jamaah Ansharut Daulah as an umbrella group of extremist factions with links to Islamic State
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