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Islamic State

An Islamic state is a type of government, in which the primary basis for government is Islamic religious law.

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Latest video Deir Ezzor – Islamic State reporting death of Abu Muhammad al Tunisi, emir of the Brigade Abu Bakr al…
So-called Islamic State blows up mosque in Mosul where it announced "caliphate" in 2014 - Iraqi military forces
Nuri Mosque is where Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed himself caliph of the 'Islamic State' in 2014.
So, USG did implicitly aid the Islamic State to corner Syria. Heh...
'Final chapter': Iraqi forces launch assault against IS in battle for Mosul - via
You so they are misguided youth not they are other jinnahs people who once created islamic state of ***
There's no homogeneous extremism. There are distinct groups/trends . with their own ideological/material basis.
Islamic state of Iran is a criminal regime responsible for countless crimes against Kurds and others in ME.…
India is the Second Largest Source of Components Used by the Islamic State to Make Explosives, Report Says
Someone! Should be Govt. Police, but they're too afraid to act! Think you're right we a…
ISIS has been focused for years on attacking Britain and Iran. In the past week, it was successful in both.
(1) I got death threats from al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, Nazis, and lef…
Chinese social media demands payback for Pakistan murders
If the same system of appeasement continues, people fear that West Bengal may soon become an Islamic state.
breaks siege in fight for Old City -
Why the United States Needs Foreign Law Enforcement to Succeed against the Islamic State
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Islamic State threat in Southeast Asia raises alarm in Washington - Military Times
JUST IN: The Russian military claims it has killed the leader of the Islamic State group in an airstrike
forces launch assault on Old City of Mosul
Cementing its influence over lands its proxies have conquered, the Islamic State of replaces ISIS.
Iraqi forces have taken back a vital conduit from Islamic State, but questions remain…
Southeast Asian nations step up cooperation as Islamic State threat mounts
breaks siege in fight for Mosul's Old City -
Hiding Christians in the Basement: Fear and Heroism in a Philippine War Zone
Independent news on Kurdistan: Syrian Kurdish-led forces gain ground from Islamic State in Raqqa city
Islamic State kills 15 houthis in clashes in Qifah in Baydha
Iraqi forces say they have launched assault on Mosul's Old City, the last district held by so-called Islamic State https:/…
Iraq breaks Islamic State siege in fight for Mosul's Old City
Government forces begin storming Mosul's Old City as Islamic State makes a last stand in its Iraqi 'capital'
In the besieged Philippine city of Marawi, 5 Muslim police officers hid 5 Christians for nearly 3 weeks
Ok can all no Islamic following Muslims stand forward and state they do not follow the path set out…
Update your maps at Navteq
Christians in Marawi, Philippines tell of a genocidal nightmare and the Muslims who protected them
2006 Al Quds day: After being "deradicalised" in prison, Maajid Nawaz gave fiery speech calling for Israel to be repla…
'Islamic State' killings: China's censored social media is in uproar, so what's Beijing thinking? - South China Mo…
Kurdish female fighters are freeing women being held as sex slaves by ISIS. Read the powerful stories.
No legitimate strategy to defeat the Islamic State can ignore the underlying causes that contributed to its rise. http…
"Iraqi Forces Begin Assault on Mosul’s Old City" by TIM ARANGO via NYT
Someone should tell these guys we don't live in an Islamic State yet
Welcome to Islamic State of WestBengal.- "Firhad Hakim is New Chairman of Tarkeshwar Temple Board". Hail Sickularism
Christians and Muslims to rebuild Mosul university library after destructions by the Islamic State
ABC reporter Adam Harvey has survived being shot, while covering Islamic State unrest in the Philippines.
2012 Defense Intelligence Agency document: West will facilitate rise of Islamic State “in order to isolate the...
Russia claims it has killed the leader of Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and other militant leaders
Russia verifying whether it killed Islamic State leader in airstrike
Islamic State militants attacked peshmerga and Hashd (PMU) forces in Tuz Khormato last night: two peshmerga killed https:…
Going by your logic, countries bearing "Islamic" in their nation state's name are also lookalikes of ISIS-Crazy
Philippines says it learned of Islamic State-inspired city siege plans in advance
- Is this the next stage of terrorism? In his organ, the Islamic State "(IS) calls on its followers to intensify fire attacks.
सही है। you must support . Khan-geese party. It's clear now. You want to cont with These outdated laws? In…
Has the Grenfell Tower fire been:. a) falsely blamed on Islam by conservatives yet?. b) falsely claimed by Islamic state yet?
"Revenge for Sinjar: Syrian Kurds free Islamic State (Daesh) slaves" -
By Natalie Tecimer , THE DIPLOMAT - As India confronts the threat within its borders, could it find common ground...
“Raising Terror: How the Islamic State Indoctrinates its Youth”. A public video report by SITE Intelligence Group. . ht…
'We thought it would be our end': Marawi workers recount escape from Islamic State
[Iraq News]: Islamic State trying to break the siege on the Old City of Mosul, they captured now ……
If you dont want to protect us from ISIS, what if we join them and declare Marawi as Islamic State? They dont harm Muslims anyway. 😜😜😜
Emily Parker Why I'm calling for a national ban on the terms Isis and Islamic State
Islamic state using Quran after killing infidel.. terrorism ?
Wah. Canada becoming an Islamic state now?
Why arent you bombing the fleeing convoy..US-backed forces fighting Islamic State enter Syria stronghold of Raqqa
eg Greg Hunt: 'state courts should not be places for ideological experiments in the face of global and local threat…
I really feel for Jack Letts' parents, but could he be trusted if he did return?
Cardiff man, 23, jailed for downloading Islamic State terror manuals
A inside the battle for that is leaving the city in ruins
ISIS magazine applauds mass executions of 'Belligerent Christians' in vi…
If it's not stopped, Karnataka & India will become another Islamic state in another 10 years.
This was a few weeks ago old news circulating
Indonesia's military chief says ISIS cells are in 'almost every province' of the country
Just heard Navy VADM Foggo will add fourth star and head back to Naples. My story on his last job there:
ICYMI: from argues that poses a very significant threat to
YPJ, Revenge for the women of Sinjar:. Revenge for Sinjar: Syrian Kurds free Islamic State slaves via
A look inside the battle for Marawi, Philippines, that is leaving the city in ruins
My heart goes out to the civilians stuck in conflict areas
Summary report about what happened to by terrorists of Islamic state in Iraq and Syria.
Loretta Lynch ordered FBI to edit transcripts of Omar Mateen's 911 call, redacting all references to the Islamic State…
Islamic State calls for attacks in West, Russia, Middle East, including the Philippines during Ramadan
An Islamist hated them, an Islamist killed them for something called Islamic State, but the real villain here is Hy…
U.S.-backed Syrian fighters reach Old City walls in Islamic State-held Raqqa
Islamic State burns 19 Yazidi girls to death in a metal cage, hundreds watching, for refusing to remain sex slaves.
Islamic State supporters shun Tails and Tor encryption for Telegram
.reports that the Islamic State killed hundreds in Mosul in past two weeks via
Islamic State threatens attacks in Saudi Arabia. Conspiracist *** continue insisting that they're their proxy:
RAND experts explain why a "legitimated stability" strategy has the best chance of defeating the Islamic State: https:…
Islamic State says it killed 2 Chinese teachers in Pakistan vía
2) Again, used teens for suicide ops in & .The use of kids &teens continues to spike. Watch: https:/…
Islamic State magazine applauds mass executions of ‘be…
"Former Metro Access driver found guilty of supporting Islamic State"
Tillerson calls for easing of Saudi-led blockade of Qatar, says it is hindering U.S. fight against Islamic State
W/today's Kremlin-facilited move, the Mullah regime achieved what it worked for since decades. A Shiite Islamic State fr…
Spared no longer: The jihadists of Islamic State hit Iran
Well, actually...the Islamic State has lost a lot of territory both in Iraq and Syria since KSA and Qatar lost that…
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They scream collusion between Trump and Russia...the real collusion is Obama and Islamic State. Throw in…
It's time to focus the fight and destroy – Islamic State – once and for all. Read & RT.
Iran attackers fought for Islamic State in Syria, Iraq: ministry via
claims to kill couple studying & teaching n | and they say there is no in Pakistan.
Boots on the ground: Elite US troops are in Raqqa near the Islamic State's front line by
ISLAMIC TERRORISM: ISIS vowed that the Manchester attack is a harbinger of what's to come as Islamic State...
This is how to end Islamic State terror by me
Islamic State group claims attack on Iran's parliament and the tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini
I see no problem with allowing ppl to leave the UK to fight for Islamic State in Syria or wherever. However NONE must ever be al…
The only way someone who leaves the UK to fight for Islamic State should be allowed back into the UK is in a body bag.
TRT logic : calls Iran "Islamic Republic" but can't call Islamic State anything other than "Daesh"
Iran attacks: Islamic State releases video of raid on parliament, Khomeini shrine that killed 12
Fatal shootout in Melbourne claimed by Islamic State group being treated as terrorist attack by Australian police
Islamic State's claims of responsibility for terrorist attacks 'part of a smoke and mirrors campaign'
Scotland is backing Muslim community's message to Islamic State says Deputy First Minister
'Gunshots' heard near London Bridge terror raids as armed cops descend on Dagenham
Islamic State claim responsibility for band of cloud moving in from the west causing widespread show…
Clooney to Iraq: Allow U.N. probe of Islamic State crimes. .
Islamic State recruits Vulnerable Unstable young men who are Ripe for Grooming. What does that say about Islamic State Army?!
C'mon now guys think were going to confuse the intelligence services by hash tagging islamic state evening few minutes 😂
Islamic State (claims deadly attack as 7 murdered and now dozen arrested
The Islamic State says it carried out the London attack
Accusation is that Qatar backs Islamic State. Real issue is Qatar's hosting of al-Jazeera, and its ties to Muslim B…
Islamic State claim responsibility for London Bridge terror attack
Please don't Call Islamic state they're Terrorist group
Can we stop reporting about Islamic state . That what they want and you are playing along
Mosul, the last holdout of the Islamic State. You can be armed with love, or you can be inside an M1 Abrams tank. Which…
London Bridge attack latest: ‘Gunshots heard’ as police launch fresh raids in east London after Islamic State claim…
‘Enough is enough,’ says May, as Islamic State claims credit for London attack
The so-called Islamic State group has said it was behind the attack
They knew that they were recruiting for terrorists attacks and Islamic State and wished them happy new terrorist day. Gues why? Corruption.
Grand Mufti Hassoun: I asked why they came to Syria. They said Islamic centers in EU called them to install an Islamic St…
It means the left will say the ISLAMIC state, headed by a man with a phd in Islamic studies and many devout Muslims, is not Islamic.
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. Islamic State: Where key countries stand -
(Don't worry & put the kettle on..). Jeremy Corbyn ally says have 'cups of tea' with IS terrorists..
Some people call them IS, some ISIS, some Daesh. Some argue they're not a state. Most Muslims feel they're not Islamic.
Wondering what it feels like to be in your empty brains. Islamic State has NOTHING to do…
'Both Islamic State and al-Qaida are calling for ‘frustrated travellers’ to stay at home and attack in the west' -
Islamic State claims responsibility for terror attack on London – as it ...
Why Secularism Is Compatible with the Quran and Sunnah — And an ‘Islamic State’ Is Not via
One of the London Bridge attackers was allegedly reported to police for trying to recruit children to Islamic State
The Islamic State terror group has claimed responsibility for the London terror attacks which killed seven and l...
Another U-turn: May wants to strengthen anti-terror laws which she herself weakened. What's going on, May? .
State jihadists lay claim to terror attack
I heard them still scoffing 'so called Islamic State' this morning.
Pro-Islamic State social media users claim London attack 'was revenge for RAF’s love from Manchester air strike'
Moscow’s Connection to the Islamic State. via
As investigators track Islamic State 'chatter' re Amaq releases video showcasing destruction of churches in
Thurs 6/8 - Senate Foreign Relations Committee will convene for hearing on Islamic State's Global Reach. .
The greatest threat to the planet is not the Islamic State, Professor Noam Chomsky warns.
“Evrythng allowed in Sharia is here”: Islamic State recruiter offers young Muslims women to lure them to jihad camps
Has Hillary Clinton been fighting the Islamic State her 'entire adult life?'
This should be the headline: “Islamic State fighters carried out the Manila attack in the Philippines yesterday.”
The U.S. dropped the “mother of all bombs” on an Islamic State cave complex in Afghanistan, the Pentagon said
Almost 500 civilians killed in airstrikes intended to hit Islamic State since 2014
BEIRUT U.S.-backed forces captured a town west of Raqqa from Islamic State on Friday as they push…
Islamic State continue to claim the Resort World terror attack in the city despite a gov statemen…
She was a model but now she's fighting so-called Islamic State.
It's nothing new that young Muslim men held high positions of power in an Islamic State. This was a tradition set by Prophe…
U.S. Air Force veteran gets 35 years for trying to join Islamic State
Shuja Zaffar, gen sec of d Jammu Muslim Front has attributd d prsnt disturbancs like demnd 4 an Islamic state in d…
Last villages freed as Islamic State pushed out.
Could different choices by U.S. policymakers have resulted in a far less lethal Islamic State?
Philippines: Islamic State jihadis shooting people dead for failing to quote the Qur’an
Your dream of converting india as Islamic state will never happen. You better migrate to Pakistan.
The Muslims of have openly come out against the 'azadi' sentiment and are distancing themselves from the demand for an Islamic state.
By the way condom to Islam me haraam hai na do u realise how long world hs be…
The propaganda of the Islamic State and the influence of Western culture
He is one of a few Americans who made it to the Islamic State, and then fled after realizing they made a mistake.…
64. John McCain was right when he told Australian broadcaster Russia was more dangerous to the US than…
"is best to acquaint ourselves with what IS (Islamic State) is, who is behind it, where did it come from, and what it intends to achieve."
The letter N used by the Islamic State to mark Christians in Iraq began appearing in Egypt
PAT was founded on May 25, 1989 for establishment of a welfare, democratic & modern Islamic state. .
What happens when you join the Islamic State — then change your mind
Lulu, you are a child.We do not live in a police state. However, if you want to live in a p…
These Muslims aren't 'praying' to Allah; they r Islamic Supremicists bullying the timid French state under Macron.
And then there's the great Wall of Jordan that Obama built with US tax $ to keep out migrants and weapons
A U.S. veteran who sought to fight for Islamic State in Syria was sentenced to 35 years in federal prison.
Islamic State may be brushing off losses in Iraq and Syria, headed for Southern Philippines. Islamic cowards use...
Putin a bigger threat to world security than Islamic State, according to veteran US Senator John McCain ht…
Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei recently gave a sermon about how Egypt should be an Islamic State because Muslims outnumber non Muslims.
7/ Lie: Islamic State of Iraq & Sham and Israeli Secret Intelligence Service share same acronym: so they're the same…
Vladimir is a bigger threat than Islamic State says
Explainer: how and why Islamic State-linked rebels took over part of a Philippine city | World news | The Guardian
Tinley Park man and his sons killed in Islamic State attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt
Tinley Park man among victims of deadly Islamic State attack against Coptic Christians in Egypt, his nephew says https:…
Among the Copts murdered by the Islamic State in Friday's attack were American citizens
Mosul Between the Islamic State and the state of Imam Hussain. Winning Battles but Losing the War for a United Iraq
Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the shooting in Egypt which killed at least 28 Coptic Christians
Good for Tillerson! Don't understand why the State Dept. would single out an islamic holiday for a special event, t…
ISIS calls 4 attacks in Vegas. Keep your head on a swivel, always. MSM won't inform you. .
After erecting an Islamic State flag at a checkpoint, Islamists kill 9 Christians in the Philippines! WAKE UP⏰.
And to those that say, "if we stopped bombing Islamic State they wouldn't attack us" - this is totally false. In Islamic…
Islamic State claims responsibility for Egypt attack:.
It was not made Islamic State immediately on partition.It was in the year 1956 that Pak was made Islam…
The Latest: Islamic State group claims responsibility for deadly attack on Coptic Christian pilgrims in Egypt.
Islamic State have been clear about their motivations
(6) Islamic State commanders in Syria were killed by men who went through up to ten Syrian and Islamic Stat…
Top story: Isis praises Brexit for destabilising 'crusader Europe' in propagand… see more
Time to bring out the bacon and pork chops.
Iraqi forces launch operation to seize last Islamic State enclave in Mosul via https:/…
FOCUS - Life after IS group: Young Iraqis learn to live together in Kirkuk .
David Cameron blamed for rise of Isis in damning report
I do respect that- I did also question why this lunatic was allowed to h…
Iraq starts new assault on Islamic State group in Mosul - BBC News
U maybe pandering to Congress n Islamic state agenda. So other than that r sense is that any nation loving In…
Muslims got Pak in 47.They declared it Islamic state. Left over India is 4 Hindus. It must B declared Hindu Rashtra. India o…
Islamic State beheads and dismembers dozens of women and children in jihad attack on Shia villages via
Corbyn is right the only way to defeat ISIS is by Cutting Off Its Funds
calls on supporters to wage 'all-out war' on West during Ramadan with new terror attacks . https:…
Hyderabad 1948: Hindu women taking up arms to fight against the Islamic state of Nizam and its Jihadi Razakar army https:…
Islamic State claims deadly shooting in Egypt: statement
How Islamic State got its weapons..from us
RAF crew write 'love from Manchester' on bomb destined for Islamic State.
Flynn was now a marked man in the eyes of John Brennan. Listened to an interview Flynn did on RT.
I wonder whether Corbyn/white lefty commentators think they know more than Sara Khan, Maajid Nawaz and Dr Ibrahim... https:…
David Cameron ‘ultimately responsible’ for Libya collapse and the rise of ISIS, Commons report concludes
Incredible. We ALLOWED in those who now threaten our lives.
🔴 - Islamic State group claim deadly shooting of Coptic Christians in Minya, Egypt https…
Successful? He is a laughing stock. Met with protest at every stop. Sold 150 billion in weapons…
TINY children are being brainwashed by their ISIS supporting parents who encourage them to attack westerners
Hi if you want to know why Islamic State terrorists want to kill us, why not simply ask them?
Are you retarded it's an acronym for "Islamic state of Iraq and Syria"
ISIS calls on German Muslims to carry out Brussels-style attacks via
Marawi, Philippines: → The first day of 9 Christians executed by Muslim Jihadis who aim to transform Mindanao i…
Islamic State group claims responsibility for attack on bus carrying Coptic Christians that killed 29 (AP)
The Destruction of Islamic State is a Strategic Mistake, according to Israeli scholar Efraim Inbar.
Fairly clear that Islamic State is favoured over Assad and fro…
Iraqi forces call on civilians to flee Mosul's Islamic State-held Old City
Outrage as Boris Johnson’s sister says we should NEGOTIATE with Islamic State jihadis
Andy Burnham: 'Language matters: the BBC should use the term Daesh, not "so-called Islamic State"'
The Royal Air Force carries a message on its bombing raid against Islamic State.
An Iraqi commander says allegations that an elite interior ministry unit fighting the Islamic State group in Mos...
Islamic State-linked militants besiege Philippine city - ABC News.
Stop referring to Islamic State as ISIS. It's lazy and irresponsible. Thousands of girls r named Isis. Not fair on them
Brother of Salman Abedi, caught yesterday in Tripoli, allegedly confessed they both were Islamic State – was aware of a…
Analysis: The changing face of the Islamic State in South Africa
JUST IN: Philippine president declares martial law in Mindanao province after troops clash with Islamic State-linked group - s…
Islamic State claims responsibility for Manchester terror attack |
The man speaks that he "start to attack the Crusaders in the name of Islamic State" showing paper related to
Take to skies with the Iraqi military to see a 360 aerial view of Mosul - as they battle the Islamic State group -
Meanwhile in SA. . Terrorism Arrest. . Woman allegedly pledged her allegiance to islamic state. via .
Paris, Berlin, ... The malicious strategy behind terror of
You will pay dearly for your killing the Islamic state and the killing of Muslims in Iraq and Syria
Very sad to think we're almost half way through 2017 and some *** still don't know the difference between Islamic state and Muslims
If Islamic State fighters are going home to Europe to be terrorists, we should kill as many of them as we can while they'…
Islamic State supporters celebrated on social media on Tuesday after a blast at a concert venue…
All said & done, Donald Trump did call out Islamic Extremism & Islamist terror standing in Saudi Arabia. No other head of s…
The Quran promotes division and hostility towards non-Muslims. Why is the UK FUNDING Islamic faith state-schools?
Yazidi activist weary, ‘never’ happy after years of campaigning against Islamic State horrors. .
Pakistan humiliated at Arab-Islamic-American Summit, as Nawaz Sharif is left with his speech in his pocket.
I'm wondering what the welcome refugees crowd thinks.
After screening & accreditation, the boys from Islamic Government Primary School, Modakeke, Osun State are set for ACT…
Tommy does much more good than you. You enable murder thru jihad, get off your high…
SCREENSHOTS Growing celebrations of situation in on key Islamic State-linked Telegram channels. Strong ind…
Note: This is not an official claim from Islamic State for attack $ odd to see this before Amaq report htt…
State claims responsibility for concert
has lost territory & revenue. But it will likely retain enough money to persist as an insurgency, say experts. h…
The Atlantic Alliances Holy War against the Islamic State (ISIS): NATOs Role in the Recruitment of Islamic Terroris
They've been warning us for YEARS. Islamic State declared war on the world and non muslims over 3 yrs ago. Presiden…
Taliban kills girls for dancing. Islamic State has outlawed music. Not because of our drones or bombs. But because of th…
Who are radical Islamists funded by a failed State named Pakistan which foments and gives all support to all Islami…
condemn whom ?? The perpetrator puts out video yup its your religion of peacenicks .Not…
Alleged 22yo Islamic State member shows no emotional reaction as she's remanded in custody until August.
Liberals: This wasn't Islamic terror. ISIS: Islamic State is responsible for Manchester terrorist attack in the name of…
Alleged 22yo Islamic State member arrives at court. Pic by for
(1) There's a problem here: al-Qaeda and now the Islamic State are not well-defined organizations that have o…
Police: definite act of terrorism. . Islamic State claimed responsibility. . Children targeted. Elite has blood on their…
at least 19 dead, Islamic State supporters celebrate online
ISIS secretly testing chemical weapons on human guinea pigs before plotting to attack West https…
Islamic State supporters celebrate Manchester Arena attack which left 19 people dead
Stop referring to Islamic State as ISIS. Not fair on thousands of girls named Isis
So you're saying me, an American is just as good to a member of an Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS) . You better get yo…
As the Islamic State is driven from the Middle East, it'll go to Europe. The Europeans aren't ready.
President Trump’s disclosures jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State, officials said https:…
Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) save 3 children forced into fighting for Islamic State in western Raqqa on 18 Jan.
Two cabbies and a repairman – anti-ISIS informants – have helped kill more than 100 Islamic State fighters.
Islamic State kills villagers as fighting with Syrian army rages near Hama via
The interrogation of Islamic State sympathizers in India has reportedly revealed plots against Hindu groups.
How Vulnerable Is India to Recruitment by the Islamic State? - World Politics Review
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(7) The Iraqis. All the highest-ranking commanders of the Islamic State are former Ba'athists who worked…
During the brutal sweep conducted by the Islamic State through Iraq as many as 9,900 member of the Yazidi...
Another reminder: White supremacist terrorists are growing even faster than Daesh terrorists (& WS are here en mass)
The US-allied SDF made a deal to let ISIS flee Tabqa in Syria then the US bombed them as they fled. By
What becomes of the region, after powers achieved their mission of fragmentation?
German Chancellor Angela Merkel will NOT step up Germany’s fight against the Islamic State (ISIS) even if NATO does htt…
When comparing who caused violent attacks, remember that US is partly responsible for rise in extremism
France is over. Sorry but they won't be coming back. Islamic state in 10 years.
TIME "Airstrikes on ISIS-held Syrian village and town kill at least 32, say activists
Syria's Kurds have a payment in mind in exchange for fighting Islamic State via
Iraqi forces close in on Islamic State's Mosul stronghold
Syrian Kurdish forces to push on Islamic State group’s de facto capital of Raqqa this summer.
17/ Why did you release almost all the Islamic State terrorists from Turkish prisons after 2014?
[FLOOD]. Questions Erdogan Can’t Shirk. 1/ Do you consider the Islamic State as a terrorist organization?
9/ Why did you provide private and free medical treatment to the Islamic State members?
8/ Similarly, the Islamic State obtained materials from Turkey for its homemade weapons including steel pipes for mortars…
6/ Why did you allow the Islamic State to establish a logistical supply chain acquiring almost ++
If I'm you castratos I'll start praying. Merkel said your country is he…
4/ Why did you allow over 25.000 Islamic State foreign fighters travelling through Turkey to join the Islamic State?
2/ Why did you halt all ongoing police investigations against the Islamic State and other Salafist Jihadist te…
Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow is not planning to arm Syrian Kurds to fight Islamic State group
Pakistan is an Islamic Ideological State and Corruption is the Core Issue.
At interfaith panel today, the Muslim student speaker said that apostates will be killed or banished in an I…
What is it with them wanting to change Europe into a Islamic state? It's very disturbing.
Poland and Hungary should leave the EU. If France wants to become an Islamic state that is their business. Don't force it on…
Bcoz neither of them was an Islamic State
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