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Islamic Republic

Islamic republic is the name given to several states in the Muslim world including the Islamic Republics of Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Mauritania.

Islamic State Yahya Jammeh Minister Louis Farrakhan

The assaults on Parliament and on the mausoleum of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khome...
Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says his country will react if the US renews sanctions against the Islamic Republic.
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- Iranians vote Friday for the next president of the Islamic Republic, but how...
do you think that Islamic Republic of Pakistan will abide by this?? After all its a Rouge state. Rule of law doesn't prevail.
After formation of Islamic Republic which has lights of Prophet’s state, humanity enemies began fighting essence of such c…
So called"Islamic Republic of the Godfather of the"Islamic State in & was founded decades B4
The Free World should strongly condemn Islamic Republic for its financial and military support to
Free all political prisoners, down with Islamic Republic of Iran
. The council of Islamic Republic puts US Army & NSA Dep. on the list of terror organizations!
INFO: Islamic Republic of Turkey's hostility to Kurds has started since their arrival from Gobi desert in Mongolia 600 yrs ago. Nothing new
sharia law it have show that nigeria is nothing now,but an Islamic Republic state.
India does not have a state religion. Pakistan is an Islamic Republic. Any attempt to compare India and Pakistan should…
Remarks by H.E Salahuddin Rabbani Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on...
If is not victorious in the French Presidential campaign, France will become an Islamic Republic. See my video abov…
H.E. Rabbani, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, speaks at the on 3/21!
Says the newspaper from Islamic republic.
Islamic Republic of prime newspaper makes it a headline (while their country is divided over extra mark…
Not more than 20% people will support India to be a Hindu Rastra but more than 30% will support India to be a Islam…
Never ever believe what even a new born from Muslim Pakistan says. Let her ask first to remove Islam…
Hey Baghdad, Iran, Islamic Republic of. You think Baghdad's congested? You should see how things look in orbit
The Islamic Republic of Britain ! They MUST pay for their crimes against innocent indigenous people world wide.
Ha ha ha !!! I thought it was the other way around in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Miss Mariam !!!🤓😜
1. unfortunately all these could be done without any reward as we called we r living in Islamic republic of pakistan.
Flag colours don't matter. Do you really believe minorities have any rights in Islamic republic? Hatred, intoleranc…
The decomposing & decaying corpse of late is d President of d Islamic Republic of expired zoo niGEria. D zoo has fallen.
Big brass ones. Last chance for Netherlands before it becomes an Islamic Republic
I deeply distrust anyone who does. Just look at what an Islamic Republic is like.
I liked a video from Iranium - The Islamic Republic's Race to Obtain Nuclear Weapons
Made in Iran: Check out the Islamic Republic's new amphibious 'Striker' tank via
Christians are trying to manipulate the situation to keep Anti-Islam govt of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in power
Lets impose not in educational sectors but in whole It's Islamic republic of Pakistan.
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The Zoroastrian kings of our magnificent Persia saved our Jews. The same kings whose legacy the Islamic Republic of Iran now…
Since the founding of the Islamic Republic of Iran, leadership’s main tool for advancing regime's strategic interests abr…
"the United States’ immigration system is being manipulated by the Islamic Republic of Iran."
Check out the Islamic Republic of Iran's new amphibious 'Striker' tank
often says radical islamic terrorism Does Islam radical or not observe Sharia law & is Sharia law compatible w/our republic?
Islamic Republic of Pakistan 🇵🇰 Minister proposes to make hijab mandatory in Punjab colleges . .
Potkin Azarmehr: Islamic Republic of Iran is neither the continuation and nor the “rightful heir” of ancient Persia…
Why did empower the Islamic Republic of Iran? Was it always about Israel?
'Stop the Deportation of Sikhs and Hindus to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan' has 50 signatures -
BIGGEST LIE EVER. The Flag of Pakistan is the Islamic star. The country was created by the Muslim League. It is an…
After 5 marks for female wearing Hijab- . 500 marks for Muslim male students in Islamic Republic of Punjab aka Al Bunjab. h…
What about Iran or any other country declaring itself an islamic republic?
While India is cornering Muslims into second class citizenship. This happening in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight." The Great Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. (Nawa…
WHY 95% of does NOT support planted ⁉️Because he wants to change Bahrain to a Islami…
So no matter what, Nato is stuck with Islamic Republic of Turkey.
Thank dear,. May Almighty Allah safe you and the entire Islamic Republic of Iran
We know Pakistan is an Islamic Republic. Please don't try and pretend to be a democracy
See the flag of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 😂
google it,dat means search it through google,it a search engine?aware of that?. Lol..i said Islamic republic of Pakistan!
Are you google? I'm replying you, who said this is Islamic republic of Islam, & I told this white color is for Mino…
You said Islamic republic of Pakistan, now work on your memory too lady.
Out goes the Islamic State, in comes the Islamic Republic as Iran-Allied Shiite militias are ousting IS in Mosul. https…
I disagree: Time for US to stay in down-sized Islamic Republic of Afghanistan AND Taliban Emirate of Pukhtun Khwa.
There is only one legitimate flag of Iran. Death to the Islamic Republic! Thirty-eight years is thirty-eight years too many…
The international sports event has brought together national beach soccer teams from the Islamic Republic of Iran, Italy, Poland and Ukraine
The state of terror of Islamic Republic will be overthrown by Iranians themselves soon.Get ready for the freedom party!…
Well slavery is allowed so idk why your Islamic Republic has set up a minimum wage and going against Islam.
Party of protects Islamic Republic of & its terrorists like Masood Azhar. But won't wo…
Defense capabilities of the Islamic Republic | Leader of the Islamic Revolution.
Just another story from the Islamic Republic of . .
Islamic Republic of Turkey is a barbaric state.Turkish police in Diyarbekir forced Kurdish kids 2 stripe off clothes
For those of us who study the Islamic Republic, this is big. A part of the Revolution has passed away. Time...
State dept off'l: Former Pres.Rafsanjani has been a prominent figure throughout the history of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 1/2
American patriots may be called on to defend the Republic on January 20th. ISIS Islamic terrorists declare Trump...
British Govt committed all the power to thier slaves the Hausa for indirect rule of the Islamic Republic of Nigeria.
Rafsanjani's passing is the 2nd most important political death of the Islamic Republic, after Ayatollah Khomeini's deat…
Artical of the 1973 Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan prohibits all forms of slavery,forced labour and child labour.
congratulate Mamta for making WB to Islamic republic.Don't worry didi your near and dear ones will be the ultimate victims
Jamaran mosque during the mourning ceremony of one of the late founders of the Islamic Republic, Akbar…
was the main backer of Assadollah Lajevardi,the butcher of Evin, who was extremely cruel even by Islamic Re…
Exactly the type of gov corruption and nepotism you find in regimes like Islamic republic of Iran, Baathist Iraq, a…
NEW from Islamic Republic of Iran Loses a Pillar and a Pragmatist in Rafsanjani…
And all the drugs are smuggled by Islamic republic of Porkistan- that's their primary revenue, managed by Babur's descendant army.
The White House describes Rafsanjani as 'a consequential figure' in the life of the Islamic Republic. Rare remarks on Iran's leadership.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Islamic Republic of Sudan breaks ceasefire (no surprise there) and attacks people of Blue Nile State.
Article 25A of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973 provides for free education to all children.
. I don't care about above mentioned countries, I care about Makkah, Madina and Islamic Republic of Pakistan. ..
Hosseiniyeh Jamaran was the home to the Late Founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini in Northern Tehran
I tell over past decade became "the face of the evolution of the revolutionary figures" in
Welcome to extended Islamic republic of Bangladesh..
this lady should be sent to mental asylum asap to save from becoming a Islamic Republic.
A U.S. Navy destroyer fired a series of warning shots at four Iranian vessels after the Islamic Republic's boats...
: Europe will miss ‘the Iranian Donald Trump’ . The Islamic Republic of Iran lost one of the most influe…
Missing from posh area&That too of Islamabad which is nothing but the capital of Islamic Republic of Pak. Sack Ch.Nisar.
good. We're not an Islamic Republic, nor will we be.
for the head of islamic republic of WestBengal ..its not a big deal 2 do so!
"Could put the Islamic Republic on a collision course with the...Trump administration...fuel criticism from other W…
Its you body who want Zakir naik as best india. you wanted india as "islamic Republic of india". U r not even 1% of Kalam sir😀
Iranian people don't want Islamic Republic . We support iran national council . We dont want war .
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Rafsanjani's death is terrible news for Iranian moderates. He was their powerful supporter in the top ranks of the Isla…
.on how vain dreams of reform haven’t died with Islamic Republic’s corrupt & brutal former president:
Amir Asadolah Allam for the Pahlavahi era was same as Rafsanjani for Islamic Republic of Iran. What will happen after him?
We support . We don't want Islamic republic.
Islamic Republic of Pakistan.ore or less everywhere is the same banana republic of brown sahib
. Sounds like your average day in the Islamic republic of Germanistan.
was martyred in what is widely seen as a covert war against the Islamic republic's nuclear programme.
What was Rafsanjani's role in “the biggest crime in the Islamic Republic" in 1988? FULL STORY:
Arash Sadeghi a political prisoner of the Islamic Republic has entered 69th day of Hunger Strike. Demands freedom for his wife.…
Kyrgyzstan to expand Banking Co-op (The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran)
Iran must come back in the game even with Islamic Republic. It's the only credible power in Middle East
The following is the abridged text of statements made by Grand Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah...
In the not-too-distant-future, will declare itself an Islamic Republic & set out to reestablish the Ottoman Empire.
Aging Chicago gangster vows to remain faithful supporter of the Islamic Republic of Germanistan.
Well good news is that US Govt still recognise & record Hate attacks, Unlike some Islamic Republic
I think this is more suitable for Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Response Unit (CRU) Seizes Explosives-Laden Vehicle (Ministry of Interior of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan)
of Finance Meets with EU Ambassador on Post-BCA (Ministry of Finance - Islamic Republic of Afghanistan)
News: Iran (Islamic Republic of): Situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran (A/71/418) [EN/AR]
“The People's Republic of China and its armed forces are among our very good friends, and the Islamic Republic is...
Open letter to President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania
Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says the Islamic Republic and Russia are cooperating on issues related to the...
The jokes that go on in the Islamic Republic - Ban on ASWJ candidate
Gains Membership of the International Renewable Energy Agency (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Af…
President Hassan Rouhani says the Islamic Republic and Hungary can enjoy peaceful nuclear cooperation.
Release (Office of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan)
Islamic Republic of Iran: Children are auctioned in the streets!
Rouhani: “Results of the US (presidential) election have no impact on the Islamic Republic of policies.”
I've never felt more comforted in the words of the Islamic Republic..
Peoples of amerikan! Obama was the best America president for Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia. Bashar Asad will miss him too
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I added a video to a playlist Charlie Rose - Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Islamic Republic
Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mohammad Nawaz Sharif arrives at UNGA wearing a green tie :)
An element of Islamic Republic of soft power is “absolute distrust in world domineering powers” whose epitome is t…
According to Islamic Republic of Pak; Eid is to wrap the Baloch bodies in coffin as a gift to the old Baloch parents https:/…
of Islamic Republic of Nigeria alias Zoo is not fighting Boko Haram he is recruiting them into NGR armedForces
Happy birthday " Islamic Republic of Pakistan " . May the blessing of Allah Almighty always upon you pakistan :).
The "anti-imperialist anti-capitalist" Islamic Republic is remarkably keen on ties with the Evil West and their...
IRAN WILL NOT COMPETE IN MISS UNIVERSE. Missosology can affirm that rumors about the Islamic Republic of Iran...
Now on stage at Engr. Khurram Dastgir Khan, Minister of Commerce, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
"In his “Coups et blessures”, Dumas also mentioned the Islamic Republic of Iran, which he had visited several...
Islamic Republic of Iran has been the first and the most important regime and thought that teached muslims religious terrorism
p Call by their names ,Islamic Republic of terroist regime.they funded all these terrorist groups, and it's a fact.
Malala is a living embodiment of Westerners attempt to desecrate the reputation of Islamic Republic of Pakistan as a failed state
to Shimon Peres: Israel needs to destroy and defeat Hamas, not make useless pitches to an Islamic Republic.
Nice of the Germans to put the Islamic Symbols of the Turkish Flag on the Brandenburg Gate! Germanstan is already an Islamic Republic!
Boeing deal w/Iran Air is the biggest business deal b/t Islamic Republic and U.S. since 1979
After reports of Boeing deal to sell Iran $17 billion of aircraft, House R's ask if this could arm Islamic republic.
Term meant 2 denote distinction between Islamic & Islamist. There is nothing threatening about an ISlamic republic
A list of US crimes against Islamic Republic of Iran.
Pakistan constitutional name is Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I strongly condemn Afghan insurgence lately at the same time.
Are you beach body ready?. Not if your living in Sadiq Khan's embryonic Islamic Republic of London!. Advert banned!
17% of brides in Islamic Republic of Iran are under age of 18 (child bride)
Made in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, has a whole lotta gas.
Is Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the 53rd State of US (where to do Same Sex Marriage is not illegal)
2 yrs of ZarbeAzab. Lets all show our gratitude to the men and women of the Armed Forces of Islamic Republic of Pakista…
Shame on parliamentarians of islamic republic of Pakistani for disrespecting women.
60% of democrats think Orlando was mostly "domestic gun violence," over Islamic terrorism. The Republic is doomed.
in an Islamic Republic, unless it is on a model of khulfa-e-rashida, dont you think ulema and state become seperate entities
interesting depiction of her in the excellent book 'the Islamic republic of dewsbury'
Nnamdi Kanu is a great leader we must follow his steps, biafra or ntin the Islamic Republic of d zoo called Nigeria must sink.
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Pakistan based banned Deobandi militant group ASWJ/LJ burn Islamic republic of Iran's flag on the streets of Karachi https:…
. Out of 11 Indian army corps,9 r deployed against the Only nuclear Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Arab nations KNOW what the end game is for allowing Islamic Refugees into USA. OVERTHROW of our Constitutional Republic.
Agha-Soltan murdered in 2009 June 20 for political activism in middle of day in Islamic Republic of https:/…
Islamic Republic of Dewsbury south of constituency. Are we to believe grooming wasn't going on there too?
Pakistan is an Islamic republic, a state based on religion.
Seems Muslims are "safer" screwing Hindus in India, than in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Strange !
Boeing to be first major US company to enter Islamic Republic after Iran deal
Dancing to Jola drumming - President who banned same in Islamic Republic of Gambia
B Hussein Obama's islamic republic deletes all references to 'islam' from the Orlando terrorist's calls
Is there any speech in which Quaid was mentioned about Islamic Republic Pakistan...
The National Patriotic Drivers Association of The Gambia has hailed the President of the Islamic Republic of The...
4th June 1989 Ali Khamenei was elected as the new Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran by the Assembly of Experts.
. is enimy of Muslim Ummah although being socalled Islamic Republic, so we should not expect more from
For the first time in the history of the Islamic Republic, women will outnumber clerics in parliament
A senior Iranian commander says the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic are fully prepared to counter any act of aggression by enemies.
Islamic Republic govt 2seek $68billion in moral damages from U.S.for 63yrs of hostile action. ht…
Happy birthday to his excellency Ashraf Ghani, president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
5 citizens still held hostage in Iran.Since its creation in '79 Islamic Republic hasn't had a single day without some…
Unreported World visits the Islamic Republic of Iran to take a rare look at the reality of life for young Iranians
Imagine a film produced by a South African woman and a woman from the Islamic Republic of Iran.This is going to...
At Conf on Environment Culture&Religion by UNEP, UNESCO &Govt of Islamic Republic of Iran representing https…
Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan "Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif". Hope it will help you to understand reality.
Law Enforcement Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran; Special anti-terror unit.
First Lady of the Islamic Republic of Gambia - Let the irony, on so many levels, sink.
absolutely. How dare they call it the ISLAMIC republic of,
God bless You And God bless The Islamic Republic of Pakistan . Thank you . like President 😎
5-10 years of prison for multiple journalists in Iran. The Islamic Republic is one of the largest prisons for...
No religious or political parties protested against him. He was given utmost love and respect from our Islamic Republic.
50Respectable Minister of Intelligence (of Islamic Republic of Iran) we want
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(Am Ent Inst) Turkey's speaker of the parliament has declared that secularism shouldn’t be part of the new co...
Could Turkey become an Islamic Republic?: Just a decade ago, the US State Department downplayed concerns abou...
Once, aspired to be a democracy. Will it become an Islamic Republic?
We asked Shirin Ebadi & experts about the Islamic Republic & civil rights.
In Central African Republic Turkey built a school... but rent it out to UN. More profits for Islamic morals.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says relations with Latin American countries are among the Islamic Republic’s...
don't worry my friend Deutsche Islamic Republic soon
May God be with you Anywhere they put you,Amuche. Islamic Republic of Nigeria shall continue to suffer for all…
the wickedness of buhari and Islamic Republic of Nigeria government. The world leaders have to till buhari to…
Turkey is to become an Islamic Republic and join the EU. This is why we need to leave
In that Islamic republic of Nigeria, prison officials steal money meant for food for Prisoners.
Can Islamic Republic of Pakistan be a secular state?
Respectable Minister of Intelligence (of Islamic Republic of Iran), what is the fault of Dr. Kadivar that should be..
Cleric are disillusioned by shah rule but don't support my vision of Islamic Republic think my visionIsn't compatible with democracy
Pakistan's full name is Islamic republic of Pakistan. Zionists coined theory that state and religion are separate. Not in Islam
Tehran is in Islamic Republic of Iran. Last I checked, no matter how worse, Kerala isn't part of Iran or KSA.
Understanding Iran: Everything You Need to Know, From Persia to the Islamic Republic, From Cyrus to Ahmadinejad
1% of respondents believed that NIAC was a human rights org - 99% believed that worked as a Lobby for the Islamic . Republic
Islamic Republic of Iran to build a statue of captured U.S. sailors
Russia is supplying its S-300 air defence missile systems to Iran ahead of schedule and is now in talks with the Islamic Republic on delive…
Team Thailand to participate in Asia Parliamentary AssemblyIslamic Republic of…
Islamic Majlis member arrested 5 for smuggling cigarettes into Islamic Republic, all freed thanks to connections
2/2 if this was a Islamic Republic Pakistan in real then you would never have become an anchor as your past is full of scandals
Ironic because this "Islamic Republic" enforces an Islamic panel code only, and not necessarily the values?
Remarks by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan H.E. Hekmat Khalil...
And that's exactly what we have no issue with here. Ironic that the name is 'Islamic Republic Pakistan'.
Ending visit to Iran, PM look to Islamic Republic not only for regional leadership, but also to play ro…
Hundreds of executions annually in Islamic Republic of Iran. Nota bene: 'Islamic'
This photo was taken on the National Day of Islamic Republic of Iran in Teheran. Against the Oppression of Women. oIo
well did you know Pakistan is officially called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, bet you didn't
Pres.received Vice Foreign Minister Morteza Sarmadi of the Islamic Republic of Iran today in ARG. (1/3)
Here's yet another terrifying experience of an Iranian teenager in Islamic Republic of Iran
can achieve or could that be the first new Islamic Republic in central Europe. Well, well Mrs.Merkel who does not want to cooperate with...
In meeting with Vietnam president: absolute policy of the Islamic Republic of is cooperation with Asian countries in…
ForMin Comanescu was welcomed by Islamic Republic of Iran President Hassan Rouhani
Just in: The annual State Opening is on Thur 17 March, 2016 in Banjul, Islamic Republic of The Gambia Assembly Building
Ambassador of Ukraine in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mr. Volodymyr Lakomov took a part in the program...
IG Punjab ordered police women not to wear Abia or Shalwar Qameez and only wear Pant & Shirt. Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Interview with Minister Louis Farrakhan in the Islamic Republic of Iran - The Nation of Islam Official Website APDTA
Interview with Minister Louis in the Islamic Republic of |
Iran to swap Azerbaijan's crude oil’: An Iranian deputy oil minister says the Islamic Republic and the Republi...
Understanding elections as Islamic Republic readies to vote (from
Glance at elections as Islamic Republic readies to vote (from
"vacuum exploited by most dangerous anti-American forces: totalitarian Sunni fanatics and Islamic Republic of Iran." https:/…
Votes underway in Iran to decide future of The Islamic Republic.
Will the elections in Iran bring change or entrenchment?: The Islamic Republic may be at a crossroads: two cam...
Islamic Republic of Iran current majlis government
Predetermination Clarence Shepard Day Jr. arrives in Islamic Republic of Iran with reformists advantageously organized to movement gains
Alas, and money will keep pouring in whatever evil Islamic Republic of Iran does. Like paying Palestinian terrorists
This is what Iran disseminates. Yet it calls itself"Islamic Republic". (I can't repeat it)Ask about what this Pig says.
The Iranian elections are another chapter in the struggle over the Islamic Republic’s soul: htt…
Glance at Iran elections as Islamic Republic readies… https:…
'Islamic Republic', 'Islamic State' - six and half a dozen . 'Khamenei: Iran’s war in Syria is a "war of Islam...
Glance at Iran elections as Islamic Republic readies…
Mustafa Hijri: We will restart armed resistance against the Islamic Republic of
Great! But what about Islamic Republic of Iran that is now openly funding Palestinian terror? Why the huge difference?!
Iranian officials made recent proclamations indicating that the Islamic republic will continue its missile program
Looks like PDKI will make an alliance with PAK & other splinter parties to restart the war against the Islamic republic of Iran.
Truth of the so-called Islamic republic of Pakistan. Didn't Islam mean brotherhood? Stop Porkis.
You can't have reform until you removed the Islamic Republic tho
domain names
Cabinet approves provision of Credit of 150 Million USD to Islamic Republic of Iran for Chabahar Port Developm...
Hillary seeking donations from Islamic Republic of Iran front group - Dr. Rich Swier
Jihad Watch: Killary reaches out to front group for the Islamic Republic of Iran for donations.
where there was a tear so fundamental that it left but a few shreds of democracy left in this Islamic Republic. 2/2
Here's detailed coverage of our special trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran https:/…
President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, urges nation not to observe Valentine's Day as it is against Islam.
News: Iran (Islamic Republic of): More than 850 thousands Afghan refugee’s residence cards were extended in Iran
Solar PV is increasingly being deployed in every region of the world, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is no...
Syria : The handy work of the criminal Islamic Republic !.
APRC's havin a valentine's musical event in the 'Islamic Republic of The Gambia' under the patronage of his excellency Dr Alhaji Yaya .
visit to Tehran a milestone, says Islamic Republic of Iran's Ambassador to Greece
U.N. panel rebukes Islamic Republic of Iran for allowing forced marriage, execution at 9-yrs-old
After walls partitioning men & women in public city buses, latest news from Islamic Republic of Telangana. JAI KCR.
How will The Gambia change, now that it has become an Islamic Republic?
Not everyone in the West likes the independent foreign policy conducted by the Islamic Republic of Iran...
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The Gambia is less an Islamic Republic than an absolute monarchy.
How many terms do you think Mamata needs to create the Islamic Republic of Bangla? . I will be conservative: 4 terms.
CMA CGM, Iran Shipping Lines team up: CMA CGM and Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines plan to share vessel...
Saudi King Abdullah and Islamic Republic president Ahmadinejad embrace each other in Ryadh
FORMER Islamic Republic of Nigeria king Oluse­gun Obasanjo, yesterday, gave a damming verdict that the hope of a... http…
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iranians held mass protests on Friday across the Islamic Republic, angered by Saudi Arabia's execution of a Shiite
Israel's "Atomic Energy Commission maintains the pact will prevent Islamic Republic from going nuclear." https…
It ties back to the Iranian revolution in 1979. So before Iran became an Islamic Republic, it was ruled by the king (Shah) Reza Pahlavi
The grandson of the Islamic Republic's founder is entering politics -- and could just be President Rouhani's savior http…
A Recent Slavery Problem. the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, a West African country like Nigeria: Frontpage. .
Yahya Jammeh, The Gambia president that just proclaimed the country an Islamic Republic, holding quran @ ecowas conf
Gambia an Islamic Republic, President Yahya Jammeh Says: On Friday, Yahya Jammeh, the President of the tiny…
. Iranian woman 2014 Fields Medal winner educated in the Islamic Republic:.
the world's newest Islamic Republic, isn't a country of laws, but is ruled by the whims of Yahya htt…
Gambia declared an 'Islamic Republic': Gambia has been declared an Islamic Republic by president Yahya Jammeh,...
Gambia has become the fifth largest in the world, the Islamic Republic of -
The Gambia became the fifth in the world by the Islamic Republic
Honorable Mr Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Khamenei “Guardian Jurist of Iran”
NOTED WITH HOPE: '..Now that the Islamic Republic has successfully negotiated with the Great Satan, is Iran’s “revol…
"Daesh and the Islamic Republic of are the same ideology under different names", Lord Maginnis
Since we already gave Pakistan for Muslims, India should be named "Federal Democratic Secular Non-Islamic Republic of India"
Iran's amazing new banking and finance policy will change the face of FDI in the Islamic Republic
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has conferred Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan...
The fall of the German Federal Republic & the rise of the Islamic Republic of Germanistan.
Islamic Republic of Pakistan is 100 times better than Secular India. . At least minorities of Pakistan are free to celebrate their festivals
Islamic Republic of Sweden: Leftist parliamentarians and Muslims call for "slaughter of Jews"
Excellency Ambassador of Republic of Korea in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mr Jong Hwan Song Visit to Peshawar Museum.
"When it comes to the Islamic Republic, international goodwill is invariably met with contempt and cruelty."
, Saudi financed sunni mosques & Islamic Republic shiit mosques in USA are training terrorists.
We are witnessing the rise of the Islamic Republic of Germanistan.
Speculating & spectating people like Ayan a criminal clearly shows a very low self-esteem being a PM of an Islamic republic
THIS JUST IN: The Islamic Republic of Iran still wants us dead.
. Saudi like Iran (call it Islamic Republic of hostage takers) are becoming good in hostage taking. All R under interrogation
Newest satellite imagery from the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy facilities in Bandar Abbas (Imagery...
Join the rising Kurdish revolution against the Islamic Republic of Iran!
Just a reminder that even the Islamic Republic of Iran's Guardian Council is selected in a more democratic manner than the House of Lords
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