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Ishq Shava

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Katrina Kaif Shah Rukh Khan Chikni Chameli Jiya Re

and I performed on Ishq Shava on the 23rd April :)
no 1 wants to beat chikni chmeli ishq shava ty. We r happy with Deewani mastani ATSH
I feel like Ishq Shava (and Ishq Dance) is so underrated!! This is pure romantic fun and Katrina was HAWT!!
Thanks for playing Ishq Shava as well Ishq Wala Love on . Amazing show :) .
Tell me you get me? I question myself so much. But I'm stubborn to a fault. " Ishq Shava " in music you can't find good or bad
[[Katrina Kaif dancing in ishq shava Jab Tak Hai Jaan hd - YouTube] is good,have a look at it!
"dancing n 'Ishq Shava' was mind blowing!:
Shah Rukh Khan really brought the dance moves to top level in JTHJ 'Ishq Shava' showed us full on hot!
if you thought dancing in 'Ishq Shava' was mind blowing! VIDEO:
.A personal favorite, Ishq Shava for hope all enjoy my SRK and Katrina doll tribute:) ht…
Ishq shava best dancing sooong ever πŸ˜»πŸ’•
I saw this movie in cinema.. Katrina was looking hot.. Specially in that Ishq shava song.
Ishq Shava my fav, when I watch I keep on rewinding it
Rohan Gupta has voted for "Ishq Shava" on the poll Best song of movie JAB TAK HAI...
Srk dancing on Ishq Shava song of Jthj .
Srk dancing on Ishq Shava song of Jthj ..
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I really want this shirt which SRK wore in Ishq Shava song
i still can't fathom if i should laugh or cry. But while you are at it the Ishq Shava song from JTHJ has huge potential:D
Now Anushka is smashing it with Ishq Shava, Mushq Shava from Jab Tak Hai Jaan! Blast it!! 😘 😘
Ishq Shava, Jiya Re I think are tied, the top two.
JTHJ- which song is most unforgettable? Saans, Heer, Ishq Shava or Jiya Re?
Ishq Shava, Challa, Saans, Heer, Jiya Re. Who can forget those beautifully shot songs. Which one is your favorite?
Some errors of Jab Tak Hai Jaan In a scene taking place during Samar and Meera's romance in 2002, a Mercedes Benz S-Class is parked outside Meera's house. However, that S-Class model was not available until 2007. Meera's family owns a Rolls Royce Phantom and Buggati Veyron in 2002. However, the Phantom was launched in 2003 and Veyron in 2005. When at the Tube station ,after the "Ishq Shava" song, Intel Ultrabook advertisement board could be seen behind Samar. Intel Ultrabooks were launched in 2011, so could not be there in 2002. In the entry scene of Akira, she starts undressing to perform the jump as a part of the bet .She is wearing a sleeveless top and she removes it. But just as she is about to remove her track lower, we can see silver colored sleeves of a top which obviously she wasn't wearing. At the beginning of the film, Anushka Sharma's perfect 'dry' body has been captured jumping off a small island in the middle of a lake. How did she reach the island without getting wet? In a flashback scene, K ...
SRK songs on FM 104. Ishq Shava and now Khudaya Khair.
Have you. Ever thought to learn to speak another language like hindi and sing ishq shava
Ishq Shava Mushq Shava !!. Katrina looks fedorable in that song ^_β€’. Her fedora & that black dress *oomph*
Watching Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Ishq shava song. Srk's energy at this age. and Katrina as always gorgeous.
Just when I listen to Ishq Shava so many times, my mind is playing the music video in my mind that it is unnecessary to watch it online.
I'm not indian but this Song is Cool Look for it ( ishq shava ) :D and you'll Dance on The beat !!:)
Out of all SRK's making of i love the making of ishq shava its sweet . this making of made me love katrina again after hating her 4 a while
My bro is listening to ishq shava. My song :)
I really like Katrina Kaif in Ishq Shava. The way she danced was nice - there was something really sexy about what she w…
Ohh lol I thaught you were drooling over SRK's entry :P But yeah I love how Kat dances in Chikni Chameli, Sheila & Ishq Shava.
Since I just watched Jab Tak Hai Jaan last night, how about Ishq Shava?
Let's quickly go for the 8th question! Which actor is dancing to ''Ishq Shava - Jab Tak Hai Jaan' ?
I have "Ishq Shava" stuck in my head. Bizarre to think I can sing some Hindi and not know the meaning...
whats wrong with that.Check YT..Lat lag gayee is a bigger hit than Ishq shava & fevicol se..check
Throw my bag on the floor, jump on the bed and continue listening music on my itouch. And sing out loud ishq shava song heh :D
Listening todays missing 26 mins from .. :)) Ishq Shava...
you should definitely do more Bollywood tracks :-) i loved Ishq Shava!
I added a video to a playlist Ishq Shava - Full song with Lyrics - Jab Tak Hai Jaan
Ishq shava remained much underrated song . Everything is awesome in this song. I really love this song
Just hoping that there is something like ishq Shava in Dhoom3 :D Then we will see how much Aamir will have to struggle while dancing :D
she may be,but being a brit what she does is perfect, btw kat's salsa movement in ISHQ SHAVA was electrifying
Watching my baby, SRK, dance to Ishq Shava because it's the hottest thing I've ever seen.
I'm so tired of Ishq Shava because my mom ALWAYS has it on.
Ishq Shava... Ok bas. Before we both get blocked.
So is the new track from but for me, Khushamdeed will always refer to Ishq Shava β™₯
Want see Katrina with Hrithik Dancing together in Bang Bang like Kat with Srk in Ishq Shava...waw
Aww.. Ishq shava Gosh I love to hear it now..
I forgot how much I love the ishq Shava song ! and the other songs from Jab Tak Hai Jaan movie! 😍
You know Khan i'm very likes with song Ishq Shava,i'm very like you with Katrina Kaif,in of a film Jab Tak Hai Jaan very in heart
He's around, he sang the song 'Ishq Shava'
Why am I listening to ishq shava at this time 😐 I'm just watching the vid for Katrina though.. Allow the song *cough*
My fav scene of Jab Tak Hai Jaan is whole scene of cruze prty or dance or ishq shava wala whole scene
...really breathtaking performance ..Meera & Samar .ISHQ SHAVA β™₯
ISHQ SHAVA. HI. ISHQ SHAVA. HOY. Woop I know a few more words to the song
lol I'm tryna learn a feW word so at least I can get past just saying ISHQ SHAVA
Jab Tak Hai Jaan is still trending! The train scene & Ishq Shava/Dance has got the most votes for best Katrina Kaif scene so far
Ishq Shava Mushk Shava... (Can't spell it) marhaba. Hayyee not head this song in so Long!! β™₯β™₯β™₯
In Ishq Shava from JTHJ, amongst all the dancers, SRK is the worst. Even the car parked in the background seems better.
Kick start your Monday with the romantic 'Ishq Shava' from Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Link:
Just love to hear "Ishq Shava" again n again. Almost heard 50 times by now. lovely voice.
"Ishq Shava.. Doesn't just look great with Kat?
when she is with SRK at the train station, after ishq dance and ishq shava.
Just getting "Ishq Shava" on my IPOD right now...along with Angel Eyes & Kya Se Kya *** Gaya β™₯
Why is ishq shava stuck in my head :|
heer aint up my street. A song like ishq shava though >
Katrina Kaif's dance in ishq shava just makes me love her again
Dancing to Ishq shava on my brothers wedding. Don't care ~~~
Watching Jab Tak Hai Jaan and waiting for ishq shava to come on
Don't you just love the dance katrina does before Ishq shava starts? Teach me how to dance like that pls.
I actually have the instrumental to saans and Ishq shava on my phone Wait I also have Saans the reprise you know the sad version
Favorite Katrina Kaif dance? β€” Arghhh,,,I cannot choose:( All are beyond perfection:D but Ishq Shava makes me wa...
Can someone please explain the lyrics of Ishq Shava to me?
Ishq Shava.. Doesn't SRK just look great with Kat?
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RTIshq Shava.. Doesn't SRK just look great with Kat?
yeah! And as far as ishq Shava is concerned I hated the choreography, both SRK and Katrina danced terribly!
I likes song Saans and Ishq Shava , i always hear song that's,i cant dance dont clear if hear song that,hihihi :D
She gave her career best dancing performance in Ishq Dance & Ishq Shava.
Hey fans good news! Sunday morning surely can get no better.. Rumors are up that the JTHJ sizzling Ishq shava...
||YRF Dance Dhamaka|| Prove everyone who ever doubted you wrong… Dance to the Ishq Shava song -->
do u know who katrina is? Like seriously? Dance? Have u seen the music video Ishq Shava? ;)
Tell us which song is playing in the promo? a. ishq shava b. kaisa yeh ishq c. ishq hua Catch the latest...
Basically its the ishq shava song then they kiss then the heer song for her dads bday comes?
arggghhh addicted ngan tarian Ishq Shava ! someon epleasee teachh me how to dance !
Listening to song 'Ishq Shava' via on iPhone
ishq shava ... won't know I guess :D
Ishq Shava has been on repeat for the past hour
Hope you had a blast :) More ishq shava's and "Khuda jaane " u have a lot of hit songs comin up :)
Katrina's move in ishq shava reminds me of engineering curves of
Wonder how katrina moves her body like that in ishq shava.. Woah..!!
am posted in Mumbai, are you gonna do any show in Mumbai, dying to listen ishq Shava and magical no's live
Even aftr 50+ time continouslly i cannt tired too watch dis video song of my last RT.Ishq shava b'se of & my love KattY.
Ishq Shava is like my favorite indian song ever lol
Well, no... But Ishq Shava always plays in my mind :P
It was the on which Kat danced, not Ishq Shava
Never knew Raghav Mathur the singer of 'Angel Eyes' sang 'Ishq Shava'😍😍
yes :P in fact I avoid to listen to her song Sheila chikni or ishq shava when I'm walking coz I end up dancing on the road
Hehe! Flawless! Looks like an ishq shava step...or Disco Deewane? lol..idk..I'll go w/ Ishq Shava though..
Ishq shava, mushq shava.. .LOL I'm listening to it now
adorable! I just can't wait for her performance. Ishq shava all the way. :D
Why does Kat hardly perform on Ishq Dance & Ishq Shava on stage?
Ishq Shava !!:) Watching JTHJ again!:) Katrina Kaif was fab men, why cant one love her in the movie?
dunno why terdgr ni lagu Ishq Shava and i fvckin miss you like gila babi laa nisha. made me laugh remembering you singing in ngantok voice.
.got the lovely Ishq Shava by from x
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If Priyanka sang Ishq Shava one more time, I would have strangled her.
for ishq shava, that song annoys me! Only song i like i Jiya Re
Someone needs to link Mashallah and Ishq Shava to her to remind her of her fav's ways lol Hypocrite ***
*** RIGHT WE WILL And I'm gonna spoil like mad doe and then we go celebrate at night by dancing to 'ishq shava' going cray cray
ishq shava... I like the dance sequence better than the actual song
Ishq shava song is funny on so many levels. It is a classic mix of under-dancing and over-dancing- if there can be such a thing.
oh i thought you still doing ishq shava:P im thinking what to eat have a craving on medetterian or italien
when I first heard ishq shava! this has every gif reaction correct!
I'm thinking of lat lag gayee, disco deewane and ishq shava! summer is gonna be no less than a wedding loool
fir nahi toh!? It gets on my nerves when I see ishq shava and challa
HappyBirthday! Its ur day to feel on'Top of the world', have 'SoMuch' fun&jam out to 'ishq shava!You're 'one in a million!
Angel eyes can't get enough let's work it out ishq shava i think jb tak hai jahan ka TOIFA, she'll dance to Ishq Shava, so I AM MUCH MORE EXCITED.
Katrina.. y dnt u dance lyk u did in Chikni Chameli and Ishq Shava??
Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif will perform on Ishq Shava together I think at IPL :D
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Happy Bday - our office is playing only your tunes today! We're also trying to copy the Ishq Shava dance but ssh :/
I was listening to ishq shava & realized it's your bday! Hope you dont hate this one as much as the others. Have fun!! xoxo
So ishq shava and saans is too much vulgar? people liked that. Then wat about kurbaan. Shareef film hai nahi?
Listening to Ishq Shava from the album Jab Tak Hai Jaan
to ishq shava after/at the end of your workout. It'll keep you feeling sexy
I'm super-excited! But a little disappointed coz she is not performing Ishq Shava. :)
LOOL I got it on my iPhone (what is happening yaar) but I only like that one and ishq shava and Jiya Re lol that's it!
OMG i'm So Happy katrina will dance on Ishq shava at can't wait she will set stage on fire as always β™₯_β™₯
Ishq shava's been stuck in my head all day ffs
I love India,and the clothes and the food,its beautiful,and this song is when you learn the words: Ishq Shava ( try it )
Really want Katrina to dance to Ishq Shava at either TOIFA OR IPL Ceremony!
…hand, Meena Iyer criticised her performance, saying that "[although] she's [...] a delight to watch in the song Ishq Shava, [...] when it…
For Heaven's sake, what does Ishq Shava Mushq Shava convey? Lyrics gone wrong. An attempt to write catchy lyrics that fell flat on its face.
Dancing to ishq shava because I can
Perfect dance perform by in 'Ishq Shava'
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Now 'Ishq shava' on my fav song tariannya cool
yes indeed! I miss Madhuri & Karishma in the moviess! & their dance remembers me of Ishq shava in JTHJ
That Ishq Shava song from Jab Tak Hai whatever movie is so good!
After I watch your movie " JAB TAK HAII JAAN" , I've learned about 3 days to dance like KATRINA in "ishq shava" ...
Hey Ishq'z going the reharsal??
Katrina Kaif check it out on youtube ishq shava lol ayesha told meh 2 tell u
Listening to Shava frm the song but not the film ..
I wanted to sleep,to study but I ended up watching it.who can resist I am in the part of ishq love
Its been so long but how am i still not getting over how hot Katrina Kaif looks in ishq shava
oh I had my ishq shava phase.. SLOWLY getting out of it.. I'm obsessed with race songs!
Amazing dance in your previous movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Saans and ishq shava song in your dance is very nice.
lol I was going to show my dance in ishq shava
lol I love all of them specially Sans ishq shava Jiya Re and heer challa is k lol sans is my fav
when I tell people that ishq shava was sung by you..they are always shocked and impressed!
Awww I was hoping Ishq Shava or Radha would win
Congratss. for star guild nomination. Great work in ishq shava ...
My suggestion is to not Ishq Shava.
Honestly have no clue as to why I like all the Jab Tak Hai Jaan songs especially ishq shava
ISHQ SHAVA! Fgs, someone just get married so I can dance to this already.
Some *** decided to GIF Kat in Ishq Shava and now I have a gif set on my Tumblr timeline that is worse than the ads on PirateBay! Ew
Ishq Shava makes you wanna get up and same πŸ’ƒ
I really wanna go outside and start dancing to Ishq Shava in the snow πŸ’ƒπŸŽΆβ„
khalbali is well sung from 3G,,, ur voice has a different magic from other singers,,, ur khuda jaane, ishq shava are top class
I just posted Ishq Shava's whole translation and now I love the song even more.
Last 40 seconds of Ishq Shava is SO hot.
Ishq shava Mushq shava: means if you fall in love every thing will be fragrant.
Come home to hear Ishq Shava on a Tamil radio. Uhmm.
someone somewhere.. enjoy this night.. β™« Ishq Shava by A. R. Rahman β€”
with Yash ji during the song Ishq Shava β™₯ β™₯ β™₯
What is it about this Ishq Shava song from Jab Tak Hai Jaan that I love so much that I listen to it almost everyday? So weird.
yeah come fast wil dance on ISHQ SHAVA
Can't remember the last time I listened to ishq shava
It's 4 am in the morning in Malaysia and I'm listening to Ishq Shava from Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Energetic enough, huh?
WOW GREAT! Both song choreographed by her last year Mashallah & Ishq Shava was AWESOME!
he liked jthj due to katrina snd prob her shaking in ishq shava :P grrr his other habit going w/o saying
you said ishq shava so don't even talk. Bout I'm dumb -_-
mhh.Ishq Shava or Heer.what should i play after Saans.? Khanfused :p any suggestions? ;)
Oh right, and ishq shava is stuck in my head now..
4th True / False - Vaibhavi merchant Choreographed the Song Ishq shava. - Capital of Bangladesh is Shylet. - 30th march is Sunday. - ÄñΓ₯$ β™₯
Katrina looks suppa' sexy & mindblowing dance by her in Ishq Shava.
yeah wil dance on Ishq Shava too nd u knw my baby sis is more beautiful den any1
My brother attempts to play Ishq Shava on the piano πŸ˜›
Ishq shava is one of my best videos, Katrina kills me when she dances I WANT TO DANCE LIKE HER
Which is ur favourite song from JTHJ ? My fav song is : Challa,Jiya Re,Ishq Shava :):)
ishq shava from JTHJ with lyrics and sub arabic via
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What song do you love to dance to? β€” Ishq Shava. even though I'm a very bad dancer :P
I love these songs from jab thak hai jan: challa ishq shava and title song student of the year: ishq wala Radha and disco song also vele
says the one who was singing 'Ishq Shava'
Bollywood Hot Songs : Shah Rukh Khan & Katrina Kaif are in a naughty mood as they groove to the peppy and refreshing Ishq Shava.The pacy number is different
right!! yes the charecter is following her mind so she was sad all the movie.. but if u realised in Ishq shava n saans
Ishq shava mushq shava , and now wats chawal ?? Sick of such lame trends :(
I love the song ishq shava so good I am always listening to this song in my car.
Bosco-Caesar are equally great but Aunty Ji didn't deserve it when Chikni Chameli & Ishq Shava were also there.
It's disappointing how she has been badly ignored at award shows, ishq shava-ishq dance was the best ever choreography
I really don't know why but I love Ishq Shava from JTHJ. Such a SRK song.
den I would say SRK can't dance... :P but his few steps were good in the song Ishq Shava.. isn't it?
Ishq shava, omfg I luv this song, Bollywood never seems to disappoint
I'm definitely not a Katrina fan, BUT she does have some of the best songs in Bollywood, so I made a collection of my favorite songs of hers. NOTE: Song & mo...
The song Ishq Shava from the movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan is soo cheessy:S
And I love Rahman, but REALLY struggle with 'Ishq Shava', so credit to u for making ur version likeable :)
Agar D3 ke kisi star ko nachaana *** toh kisse or kis gaane par nachaana chahoge ? Lem'me see how fast you can comment :D Hit like for your favourite star (y) -Vinita-
He ensured Katrina gets warm outfits when they were shooting for 'Ishq Shava' .
And then, you can also dance with him in Ishq Shava...
Ishq Shava on TV. Miltey hai break ke baad..
Aathmika's discovery this morning : mamma, 'ishq shava' & ' mashallah' aunty are the same ;)
Then let's play 'Ishq Shava'.do u like it ??
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Ishq shava, mushq shava! Sitting in the train on my way to school :D
Ishq shava, mushq shava . Khushamdeed e Marhaba. Thanks this song is stuck in my head :P :P
Ishq shava, mushq shava Khushamdeed e Marhaba β™ͺβ™₯ . Love is all love is sweet welcome to the world of love :p !
Srkians pretending dat dey like Frooti.LOL they are the same ones who were found telling Dj's to play Challa and Ishq Shava
for some reason i cant stop listening to the song ISHQ SHAVA from the movie
I added a video to a playlist Katrina Kaif - Ishq Shava
Ishq shava mushq shava, Khush AAM e dinay merhaba. Wow he loves aams so much e included it in his song!
Now aamsutra has competition with srk claiming Frooti is his mango. Now super ishq shava Lol
after superhot mashallah and ishq shava Vaibhavi Merchant is set to choreograph Katrina Kaif again for
Ishq Shava Mushq Shava .splendid performance by and Katrina...loved that..
Ishq Shava by A.R. Rahman.ravin to this on holiday. From a shahrukh khan collection CD! Baddd bro!
tell thm to see KRAZZY 4 n ISHQ SHAVA DANCE
I'm still surprised how none of the award shows till date have gotten SRK & Katrina to dance to Ishq Dance/Ishq Shava
Ishq Shava from Jab Tak Hai Jaan.. Katrina was just awesome in that song.. Instrumental is too good.. :)
Our King SRK will also dance to Challa at Harvard or do Ishq Shava with the Dean, then media will report King charmed everyone
Yeah I know.. She was amazing in Ishq shava.
I don't know how people tolerate SRK's movies, thought watching JTHJ to night left half way ***
It takes me great displeasure and discomfort to admit that I actually like the way Katrina dances in ishq shava.
What about the lyrics of the song Ishq Shava from the movie JTHJ? Ishq shava Mushk!? shava? o.O :p
| 01:25 WIB Watch : Trans TV Listen : Mp3- Ishq Shava Feel : silence of the night and the noise from the fan. Accompanied : Blade
My guitar cover of Ishq Shava from the 2012 Bollywood movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan starring Shahrukh K...
Watch making of ishq shava Video Song in hd quality with FREE Options to Download in 3gp.
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In the end they'll judge me anyway, so ishq shava.
Maahi singing ishq shava to me lolll
Me: what do u wish for? He: my wish would be spent on mixing my breath w/urs from the first attempt of meeting ,, Ishq shava β™₯
Okay start...Ishq Shava β™₯ plzzz don't stop...keep on dancing :)
SRK I'm so eager to knw who ws the choreographer of ishq Shava coz tht song's steps rock I luvd the soft dnce u did luvd it fantasti
I surey heard u takin care of kat at the sets of JTHJ in the song ishq Shava where u hv her a jacket after each shot &kept her warm
busy admiring the beauty of Katrina Kaif *Plays Ishq shava*
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Was watching 'Ishq Shava' and came up with a new name..'Shah Rukh Jackson' :D What else should i call you seeing you dance like that
I know the distance from Saamne ghat to Ramnagar peepa pool is equal to Ishq Shava. :D
nice nice that's some quality stuff lol but ishq shava and Saan are the only songs I like
Do not tempt me to start dancing on Ishq Shava :P
hoyeahhh thurga listen2..listen too all that u now listening to ISHQ SHAVA
when I read ishq, I thought u were talking about ishq shava
the meaning of ISHQ SHAVA is faboulas (
i wondered about ishq shava video makingRT Would u watch others videos of songs making of? ?
I'm in love with this Ishq Shava remix.
hey, do u know what brand leather jacket Katrina wears in Ishq Shava? I really want to buy the same one.
Which is your Most fav song of Jab Tak Hai Jaan??
in which srk look cool. Questn for Zaisha Malik , Harmain Zainab? 1) Dard-e-DISCO 2) Ishq Shava. lol ;-):)
I just cant stop watching ishq shava music video
People, songs that have the word 'ISHQ'. Start.
Woww dance ishq shava with is amazing☺
"When we were shooting the song Ishq Shava, it was freezing cold. As soon as it was called cut, via
Now we got Chikni Chameli, Ishq Shava, Mashallah, and now she's doing that Dhoom 3 dance song.
very nice song Ishq Shava with substitle
. did you see her in ishq shava... did you. Shes so fit. I swear I am not lez. LOL
Really prefect! ,,even u have ranked ishq shava 50 but , u r not fraud ,at-all prefect!
Whoever said that SRK danced better than Katrina in the ishq shava video is blind :p
I was about suggesting if use ishq shava daripada lagu lama itu...
- I think Ishq Shava can be made an exception though
if you dont think Katrina Kaif is fit, you have problems, (Jab Tak Hai Jaan: ishq shava) SEXYYY ***
I think ishq shava will won coz we all know how amazing srk n kat in that song..
Gulzar sahab on stage. I think the audience must ask him to explain the lyrics of "Ishq Shava.. Mushq Shava."
3rd Hit Song was Ishq Shava from Jab Tak Hai Jaan! Katrina rocked the song with SRK!
Ishq Shava full song with lyrics by Gulzar from Jab Tak Hai Jaan favee song
Kinjal Mehta-10 Vishal Jaiswal- 10 Shikhar Sharma-10 Q4 Name any 3 songs from the movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan n name of the dirctor of the film prakriti
I hope Shah and Katrina will have a Ishq Shava dance in Muscat *_* OMG, I Think I'm Going To Die!
: so now u remember the pact ! Brownish-White-ish girl is what you need to keep your eyes open for !!! ha ha ..ISHQ SHAVA :P
*ANTAKSHARI!! I will sing a song, and the last letter of the song, you have to write a song starting with that letter! My song is: Saans mein teri saans mili toh mujhe saans aayi... So the letter is 'i'!! Write a song starting with i!!
Ishq shava from JTHJ. Katrina Kaif dance was superb.But got to admit for the first time srk spoilt everythg.Guess he's too old for all this
yeah ._. "Jab Tak Hai Jaan" has only one good thing. Thats the song Ishq Shava. :p
sounds like a plan to me ! You and me, ishq shava, mushq shava khushaam deed e marhaba ! Let me setup the dance floor !
will you be my dance duo on "Ishq shava, ishq shava..khush amdeed marhaba"?
Happy Promise Day :P No use of this promise day, cz there z nothing new to Promise. I'hv already promised in the first day we started our friendship dat I'll alws be with you as a friend in every situation in your life, .. .. :) :) :) And for now also I'll be ur friend nt nly JAB TAK HEY JAAN bt aftr my dEaTh also :P
rocking tarang 13 pro. in IIITDM JABALPUR with SHILPA RAO. touching songs present by shilpa rao. (tose naina lage. sajde me yu hi jhukta hu. ishq shava. and meny more good presenting by shilpa rao).
I have played Ishq Shava 11 times. I might be addicted.
Ishq shava, mushq shava Khushamdeed e Marhaba... Do u like this Song ?
can you make cover dance 'Ishq Shava' from Jab Tak Hai Jaan movie? I Love that song. please :)
yeahh sure very nice song me also lesteing often time And also like ishq shava
Love is all, love is sweet ( ishq shava, mushq shava full song )
DJ Moody Aap Keliye - Your Saturday Night Live on FunAsiA Radio 104.9 FM.Dallas are you with me.
Sharukh khan meant a lot saying "ISHQ SHAVA" - ISHQ anedi SHAVAM lantidi, it may go to *** or heaven or stay with us as a devil,.. whenever its desire is fulfilled it leaves,.. ;) :P
watch Jab Tak Hai Jaan for Ishq Shava! Erm, trying to think which movies there are!!!
And if our love was a story book we would meet on the very 1st page and the last chapter would be about how i m thankful for the life we've made .;) ;
What is the most played song in your music library? β€” Ishq Shava πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
I will dance in ishq shava and jumping heheheh :))
yes now show this with dialogues. Then full ishq shava song. Luckily I saw this :)
Tell me ur favourite song from Jab Tak Hai Jaan in comment an ill share that song in your name fast only first 3
Weekend Poll: Which are your favorite dance songs in Hindi films, in terms of their choreography? Name max 3.
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It was an awesome experience listening ISHQ SHAVA live by SHILPA RAO - the singing sensation..:-)
Wish I cud goto Muscat, hope they do the Ishq Shava challenge there :)
Yes I think same. She will perform on Ishq Shava with SRK. It will be awesome.
Bollywood Flashmob introduces Esha Narvekar's entry for this year's first flashmob 2013.
.Wanna make Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson groove on Ishq Shava
I want Salman Khan to dance like SRK on Ishq Shava .. Salman cant even dance like SRK even he took Revital
( in indian) that's mean in English : love is heal β™₯β™₯'
# ABCD i want prabhudeva to dance on ishq shava
I want Ameesha Patel to dance on Ishq Shava
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