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Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas (January 30, 1749 - April 4, 1831), was an American newspaper publisher and author.

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"Isaiah Thomas, Clarence Thomas, Doubting Thomas, Philip Michael Thomas -- it don't matter. I'm the King of the cou…
6'9" freight train from *** barreling down the lane, Isaiah Thomas with the bravest act i have ever seen on a basketba…
Isaiah Thomas and 13 other memorable 60th picks in drafts. (SPEEDonFOX)
Congratulations To Boston Celtics. Love Brad Stevens and Isaiah Thomas . Good for you.. Bad news, The King/ Cavs R Com…
Isaiah Thomas: "This team believes we have a chance. We know we have a chance. We're the No. 1 seed for a reason."
Isaiah Thomas on the doubters: "They don’t ever give us a chance, and we just keep going."
Isaiah Thomas with that court vision 👀
Isaiah Thomas bringing the Garden to its feet!
Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas pushes through the pain
Lets see how the isaiah thomas led celtics do against lebron tho
Isaiah Thomas deserves a Norse epic poem for this playoff effort
Isaiah Thomas said he watched Pierce vs. LeBron from 2008 again today to get pumped up for Game 7.
Brad Stevens says of Isaiah Thomas, "The 12-to-2 assist-to-turnover ratio is as powerful as his 29 points."
Having confidence in yourself is crucial. If you don't, the people and the world around you will tell you who you are…
Isaiah Thomas in the Nike Kobe A.D. and eliminate the Wizards
"They don't ever give us a chance & we just keep going." -Isaiah Thomas on Eastern Conference Finals matchup vs. Cavs
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90% of Celtics fans think Isaiah Thomas was drafted by the Celtics
Isaiah Thomas has ice in his veins.
Just thought about Isaiah Thomas having to guard Lebron at any time or being attacked by Lebron. Cavs in 5.
Isaiah Thomas talks about Game 7 and studying some Pierce vs LeBron game 7 tape.
Isaiah Thomas: 'At this point anything can happen, we really believe it' -
Isaiah Thomas reminisces about his dream of playing in a Game 7 ever since he was a little boy.
Isaiah Thomas prepared for - Game 7 by watching the famous Pierce-LeBron duel from 2008:
Guys surely deserve full credit - Crowder. Isaiah Thomas got better in a team way. Horford seems to…
Isaiah Thomas looking at the Wizards like
Celtics to the conference finals. Isaiah Thomas: King of the Northeast.
"All night last night I watched 2008 Paul Pierce vs. LeBron... I knew it was going to be a big-time game tonight." -
Celtics' Isaiah Thomas pushes through the pain
Isaiah Thomas when he gets switched onto LeBron during the ECF
Yo, I'll let you touch my tiddies if you can reach them
Isaiah Thomas gets the ridiculous finish. His dad approves!
17 points, six assists, zero turnovers, 6-for-12 shooting, 3-for-3 from deep. - Isaiah Thomas in 2nd half
Kevin love and Isaiah Thomas in high school. We get to see this matchup in the Eastern Conference Final.
Isaiah Thomas watched tape of Paul Pierce take on LeBron James to prepare for Game 7. (SPEEDonFOX)
Yeah I forgot Isaiah Thomas turns into Kobe in the fourth quarter every game
Mia Khalifa cracked a joke about Isaiah Thomas' height and it badly backfired on her:.
Isaiah Thomas and John Wall looking at each other like...
Am gunning for Isaiah Thomas mahn...he is more dedicated than anyone I've eve…
Leon Britton and Fernando Llorente after Swansea's win today. Britton is 5'5", 4 inches shorter than Isaiah Thomas.
Isaiah Thomas currently has the highest PPG by a player in a playoff run since Paul Pierce in 2003.
Paul Pierce to Isaiah Thomas: “If [winning] was easy, it would be for everybody. And it’s not.”
Paul Pierce is latest Celtics legend to check in with Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas shares the advice Paul Pierce gave him -
Isaiah Thomas received advice from Paul Pierce about winning in the playoffs
I hope John Wall and Isaiah Thomas have and EPIC game 7 duel like LeBron and Paul Pierce in 08
Chris Paul . Isaiah Thomas . John Wall. Damien Lillard. Kyrie Irving . My favorites point guards(not in this order)
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"Game 7. That's where all the great players make their name. I'm excited." - Isaiah Thomas .
Celtics scare me only because Isaiah Thomas is actually clutch.. Derozen, Lowry, Beal, Wall, Paul George, Steph, aren't :)
Isaiah Thomas just took a Paul Pierce in-the-clutch-playoff-shot. Cold blooded.
Isaiah Thomas is finished with Washington. Huge shot.
Time for Avery Bradley and Isaiah Thomas to just put a knife through the Wizards and end this.
Isaiah Thomas said Paul Pierce reached out to him recently and offered advice on winning in the playoffs and how tough it…
NBA Playoffs: Isaiah Thomas, Celtics look to close out series against Wizards and John Wall in Game 6; watch live in the ESPN App
Isaiah Thomas putting in work pregame... looking to close out tonight in Game 6 on htt…
Isaiah Thomas reached out to Kobe Bryant for advice. LaVar Ball will not.
On a side note...Which NBA rules does Isaiah Thomas have to follow?
Myles Turner breaks down guarding Isaiah Thomas on the drive and the importance
Isaiah Thomas will do what it takes to make an impact.
The Wizards are handing the Celtics their series by not exploiting Isaiah Thomas. (SPEEDonFOX)
Magic Johnson. Jason Kidd. Isaiah Thomas. Chris Paul . Oscar Robertson. Steve Nash . players people would take over the all time assist leader
Isaiah Thomas with three assists already. return after the timeout with Bojan Bogdanovic in place of Morris   10% Off
Ian Thompson joins GameTime to talk about Isaiah Thomas and the Boston Celtics.
If you aren't caught up, we got yer Oubre. We got yer Isaiah Thomas fine. We got yer Ricky Bobby. All here,just 4 u…
Isaiah Thomas needed help, so he went to one of the best to ever do it.
Amir Johnson and Isaiah Thomas have played 50 minutes together in the playoffs. 95.7 oRTG . 121.3 dRTG . -25.6 Net Rating
Nate Robinson vs Isaiah Thomas who y'all got?
Ray Felton knows what Isaiah Thomas is going through and the importance of getting back on the court. (via
Isaiah Thomas makes legitimate complaint about refs
Isaiah Thomas is ready for Game 5. “I’m treating it as the biggest game I’ve ever played in." ➡️…
Kobe Bryant spoke on his recent film sessions with Isaiah Thomas saying he was happy to help the Celtics guard.
All those texts he exchanged with guys like Tom Brady and Kobe Bryant were for moments like tonight. .
Great story idea. We don't talk enough about David Kahn drafting an ineligible player ahead of Isaiah Thomas.
Isaiah Thomas: "I gotta put my foot on the gas and I can't take it off. I know that if I do that, my teammates will follow."
Isaiah Thomas confident heading into 'biggest game that I've ever played'
Isaiah Thomas :" refs need to be more consistent on calls " . John Wall " ReFs nEed to Be MoRe ConSisTent oN CalLs"
Isaiah Thomas: "I'm treating [Game 5] as the most important game I've ever played. Hopefully everybody else is treating it tha…
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Isaiah doesn't care too much for Draymond's claim that Kelly Olynyk is a dirty player. More: htt…
I too lost my brother, who was very close. You have shown me how to reach down and strap up those Celtic green kicks
As John Wall and Isaiah Thomas go back and forth, so do their efforts to work the officials
thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. Your courage and dedication is motivation.
John Wall vs. Isaiah Thomas: A new rivalry is bubbling up in the East
Kobe Bryant on mentoring Isaiah Thomas, "He had the courage to ask... I did the same thing with Michael Jordan." https:/…
The 56th-59th picks in the 2011 NBA draft now play in Japan, Qatar, Lebanon and Spain. The 60th pick: Isaiah Thomas.
Kobe has been giving advice to a list of stars including during this playoff run
Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder took some time out of practice to have a 1v1 today:
Here's a video of Isaiah Thomas having an intense workout with teammate Jae Crowder before tomorrow's game:
Miss the latest No worries. You can catch up on Episode 2 right here:
Jae Crowder playing Isaiah Thomas' son 1 on 1 looks like Jae Crowder guarding John Wall this series.
Isaiah Thomas's son playing 1 on 1 with Jae Crowder is the most awesome thing I've seen today. 👏🏻
NBA is reviewing an incident between Isaiah Thomas and a heckler in Washington. (SPEEDonFOX)
Did you watch magic Johnson played or Isaiah Thomas,the old Isaiah Thomas?…
Remember when your still hired GM drafted JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore ahead of Isaiah Thomas?
Isaiah Thomas laughs off Draymond Green's comments on Kelly Olynyk. "I don't know how he can call anybody dirty."
The best way to understand Isaiah Thomas is through the players drafted before him. They've never played in the NBA. https:/…
The have changed their approach to defending Isaiah Thomas. It's working.
I'd take Isaiah Thomas over John Wall any day tho 🤷
John Wall is the best point guard is the NBA!!! Stephen Curry, Isaiah Thomas and Kyrie Irving are a weakness on defense!
Tim hardaway, john starks, Isaiah Thomas bruh guards back in the g were ignant
Isaiah Thomas complains about the refs after Celtics’ blowout loss in Game 4 to Wizards. (SPEEDonFOX)
Quick look at Isaiah Thomas watching the best PG in the East run down the court.
Fred Hoiberg has an issue with Isaiah Thomas's dribbling
Brad Stevens gave an awesome answer on Isaiah Thomas' pursuit of excellence:
I think it's pretty safe to say that Isaiah Thomas has been the most entertaining player this postseason, so far. http…
Reminder. Danny Ainge gave away Marcus Thornton and a late first round pick for Isaiah Thomas...
God Shammgod trained Isaiah Thomas a bit before the draft. Told Isaiah he was going to be an All-Star. IT laughed. Even h…
Thinking about Isaiah Thomas & his 53 point playoff win on his late sister's bday. Hard to defeat a man with a Why https…
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Isaiah Thomas details how Kobe Bryant has helped him this postseason.
Isaiah Thomas interviews his son, asks him how to stop John Wall. 😂.
BOSTON – Isaiah Thomas was the hero of Game 2, but Brad Stevens didn’t forget to...
Kobe has been reviewing game film with Isaiah Thomas this postseason, per
Isaiah Thomas loses his tooth after colliding into Otto Porter's elbow!
csnne​.com >> Chris Mannix: Postseason has re-enforced you can build around Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas dedicated his Game 2 performance to his late sister. . LeBron believes she was watching over him.
Like, it remains inexplicable that the Kings had Isaiah Thomas and were just like, "Nah, Darren Collison is better."
The poster for "Heart Over Height" . Is it fair to say Isaiah Thomas is the "second coming of Allen Iverson?"
30% of starting lineups are Isaiah Thomas, Markieff Morris & Marcin Gortat.
"Today is my sister's birthday. The least I can do is go out there and play for her." Respect to Isaiah Thomas. 💯.
Isaiah Thomas is officially a legend. That escalated quickly.
Isaiah Thomas is the second Celtics player in last 20 years to score 20 points in the fourth quarter of a playoff game (…
Isaiah Thomas finds Terry Rozier for the clutch 3 for the
On what would have been his sister Chyna's 23rd birthday, Isaiah Thomas scored 53 points and willed the Celtics to an ove…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Isaiah Thomas scores his 50th point of the night and sets the Garden on fire!
Isaiah Thomas has said everything he's doing now is for late sister Chyna. But, again, today would've been her 23rd birth…
Hear from Isaiah Thomas following his career-high 53 points to lead the in Game 2 victory.
Isaiah Thomas' sister would have been 23 today. . Tonight was for her.
Isaiah Thomas just joined a VERY elite group of players tonight 👏🏽🔥
Isaiah Thomas wants to be the illest player in the NBA. You can see it in his eyes. Dude is the ultimate competitor
Points in final 15 minutes of the game. Isaiah Thomas: 27. Wizards roster: 24
The Kings let Isaiah Thomas go to sign Darren Collison. The Suns traded Isaiah Thomas for Marcus Thornton and the 28th overall pick.
Wizards' Otto Porter heads to locker room with blood gushing from nose after blow from Celtics' Isaiah Thomas
Imagine if 5 years ago I told you that Brad Stephens would be coaching an Isaiah Thomas-led team through the NBA playoffs...
Isaiah Thomas wanted to be a Laker, but Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss passed on him to chase Carmelo...smh
I love sports so dang much omg! Isaiah Thomas has me nearly in tears. Drops 53pts on his late sisters birthday, WOW…
Lmao Before tonight i was deciding on whether to get a buddy hield or Isaiah Thomas jersey.
That time when the Kings thought Darren Collison would be better than Isaiah Thomas 🙃
Gonna be a hoot when Mark Wahlberg is the lead actor in the Isaiah Thomas biography
can we finally call out Mazz and Murray for their "Isaiah Thomas can't carry the Celtics in the postseason" narrative?
Friendly reminder the Bucks could've had Isaiah Thomas or the Lakers 2017 pick but chose Michael Carter-Williams instead
Crazy to think that Isaiah Thomas got picked last in the 2011 draft.. Derrick Williams went
Isaiah Thomas: ties the most points this postseason (Westbrook: 51), has the most by a BOS player in playoffs since 2009…
Your reminder that the Kings unearthed Isaiah Thomas at the end of the second round and dumped him so they could pay Darren Collison
Your friendly reminder that the Kings didn't think Isaiah Thomas could do more for them than Darren Collison
Isaiah Thomas is making John Wall look like Michael Carter Williams
Bruh if we talkin bout most unguardable people in the league. Isaiah Thomas top 3 *** near
Brad Stephens' sets make Isaiah Thomas *** near unstoppable.
for a point guard to be successful, he has to be surrounded by a good team. Isaiah Thomas had a great team
Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas loses a tooth, has it put back in, continues to play.
Isaiah Thomas got his tooth knocked out then smacked the Wizards right back with 33 & 9 and a W in game 1.
Kobe Bryant focuses on Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas in 4th installment of Canvas video series.
Isaiah Thomas loses a tooth during a game, trainer puts it back in, and it falls out a second time? Most Tacoma thing eve…
Isaiah Thomas' front tooth goes flying after taking Otto Porter Jr's elbow to the face. .
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Isaiah Thomas says that he got in to Boston at 4 a.m. last night... err, this morning... before scoring 33 points and dishing…
Isaiah Thomas today in game 1 against the Wizards, 33pts 9assists 5 threes 👌🏽 (W)
Him and Isaiah Thomas have something in common, lol! 😃
Isaiah Thomas out there lookin like when ya lil cousin try to guard you at the cookout
ESPN about to be like, "Isaiah Thomas is the first player to lose his tooth in the first game of round 2 since _ in…
ISAIAH Thomas and jeff hardy's tooth's
Isaiah Thomas in the locker room after Game 1
Canvas: The Rise of the Mighty I.T. Watch it here:
Isaiah Thomas deserves this, he looks so unstable as we understand be he still ballin!
If you don't dig Isaiah Thomas, I'm not sure this friendship can survive.
Another emotional day for Isaiah Thomas ends in triumph.
You can actually see the tooth fly out of Isaiah Thomas' mouth, and then he goes to pick it up off the floor
Isaiah Thomas had a tooth knocked out in the first quarter, and Kevin Garnett, watching from home, ripped his own tooth…
Isaiah Thomas gets a game high 33 points to go along with 9 assists as the take Game 1. . htt…
Isaiah Thomas out here looking like Dragonfly Jonez 😭
That *** Isaiah Thomas look like my uncle Lou with that tooth gone
Isaiah Thomas out here ballin like he don't look like every crackhead outside of a shell station
The Celtics assisted on 70% of their made shots, with Al Horford (10) and Isaiah Thomas (9) leading the way. Boston moved th…
Isaiah Thomas such a stand up dude mann.
Isaiah Thomas after his recent dental work. . Credit - Brent Henderson
Isaiah Thomas is reaching Harden & Lou Williams levels of unwatchable for me. Refs are ridiculous.
Isaiah Thomas picks up his tooth off of the court after it flies out of his mouth mid-play.
Slow start for the Celtics not named Isaiah Thomas (12 points) or Kelly Olynyk (10 points), as the team trails the Wizards 38-…
Should be an exciting series between Boston and Washington. Isaiah Thomas vs John Wall and two teams that don't like each…
Isaiah Thomas is taking some bad shots. Settling for contested three's. Boston's bench--and Gerald Green--picking the Ce…
Brad Stevens says Isaiah Thomas will head home after tonight's game to attend services for his sister, Chyna.
Brad Stevens' SLOB and "Fist" series, a pet play for Avery Bradley and how to hide Isaiah Thomas on D
Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford deliver in the 4th Avery Bradley Scores 24
Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley combined for 48 points in tonight's 108-97 win. Down 0-2 to now up 3-2! htt…
Avery Bradley (24), Isaiah Thomas (24) and Al Horford (21) each scored more than 20 points in Wednesday's Game 5...
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Avery Bradley praised Isaiah Thomas' defense and IT had a hilarious response.
Jimmy Butler is shooting 34.9 percent when Avery Bradley and Isaiah Thomas are on the floor int his series. NEVER gonna w…
Bulls head coach walked away from the mic after question about Isaiah Thomas' dribbling
Isaiah Thomas' son showed up to the arena looking game ready. 😂.
Fred Hoiberg when asked if he saw Isaiah Thomas carry the ball in Game 5. 😂.
Fred Hoiberg's opinion on Isaiah Thomas carrying the ball has changed in the past couple of days.
Isaiah Thomas' halftime headband and shoes change seemed to work.
when you watch the tape on this game early in the third quarter Isaiah Thomas committed three consecutive 8 second violations
Isaiah Thomas has attempted 38 free throws in the series. No other Celtic has taken more than 6 foul shots.
Isaiah Thomas has to take over right now ⌚
Isaiah Thomas saying that Jamaal Crawford is due for a big game didn't see the last game.
And you also just tried to say Harrison barnes is better than Isaiah Thomas
NBA Playoff Report Card: IT, Russ, LeBron, crafty old people and more (by
Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas was quick to let the Chicago Bulls' head coach know exactly what he thought of...
Isaiah Thomas on Fred Hoiberg complaining he carries the ball: "That's not why I'm an impossible cover."
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Sources told me Gerald Green was all but signed by last July. But yanked him back to Boston:.
Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg complains that referees allow Celtics' Isaiah Thomas to "discontinue [his] dribble on every posse…
Chalk another one up for Isaiah Thomas:
I know we've been *** but facts matter n facts is we in the east n u heard my mans…
Isaiah Thomas breaks his silence. "Not one man can stop me... Being here keeps me sane during this tough time."
Isaiah Thomas is an amazing human, friend and basketball player. Congratulations on a big game I'm always here fo…
This week's podcast profiles Isaiah Thomas, the printer, Patriot, and founder of the Massachusetts Spy. Listen now!. https:…
Yeah but I don't know a 5'9 *** better then Isaiah Thomas to play in the NBA man. The guy average 28 ppg this year lol
Unless you know, you some how go against Lebron in the ECF.i think he can. And im a Lebron hater lol.
Forget the stats – there has been no more impressive playoff performer than Isaiah Thomas via
Fred Hoiberg criticizes officials for not calling travels on Isaiah Thomas
Love the Chi but IT4 was playing wit them boys
Bulls only chance this series is to sign Nate Robinson for Game 5 to counter Isaiah Thomas' size, I guess.
The family has rallied around during a difficult time, and it was as evident as ever in Game 4. .
The Celtics came back to tie the series, with Isaiah Thomas showcasing why his name was firmly in the MVP conversation. https:… featured in NBC s Science of Love
It’s now 2 apiece in the series between the Celtics and the Bulls following a win from Boston, led by who had 33…
"Mentally and emotionally I'm not here. I just feed off what the guys give me... being here is what makes me sane." -
Isaiah Thomas after big night vs. Bulls: 'Not one man can guard me' - ESPN (blog)
You need a small PG who's as aggressive as Call
Isaiah Thomas's sons want some time on the mic 😂
IT4 speaks to the media for the first time since his sister’s death: "Mentally and emotionally, I'm not here”
Isaiah Thomas saved Boston’s season in Game 4. A night that defined his greatness.
Win or lose - is showing the heart of a true and a true champion tonight!
Since the passing of Isaiah Thomas' sister, Chyna, every player has been wearing a black stripe on their game jerse…
Isaiah Thomas is indeed the best player in this series...Bulls are helpless against his drives to the basket...
Isaiah Thomas in final 17 minutes of game: 17 points, 6-of-10 FG, 5-of-5 FT, 5 assists in 15 minutes. +9.
ICYMI: "Not one man can guard me and that's just the confidence I have." - after Game 4 win. http…
Gerald Green & Isaiah Thomas had a vision heading into the reg season. Now, in the Playoffs, that vision is reality:
Paul George & Myles Turner > Isaiah Thomas & Horford but Boston is a better FA destination.
Isaiah Thomas. Russell. John Wall. Mike Conley. Steph Curry. Chris Paul. PLEASE make a better argument this is…
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Fred Hoiberg and Isaiah Thomas will just have to agree to disagree. .
Michael Carter-Williams gets heated after Isaiah Thomas tells him that he can;t guard him
Fred Hoiberg caught in time warp about Isaiah Thomas' dribbling
"Terry Rozier has entered the game for Isaiah Thomas".
Isaiah Thomas on Gerald Green: "I’ve said it all along: he’s going to win a playoff game for us.". Well, maybe two, but who's…
"Not one man can guard me," Isaiah Thomas says bluntly following his 33-point game.
Isaiah Thomas arrives in the Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Red October" for Game 4
Isaiah Thomas ethering Michael Carter-Williams with trash talk (and on the court), then a 😁
The Celtics tweaked the defense, Brad Stevens says, to protect Isaiah Thomas when he checked back into the game with four foul…
That's why he was always NBA first team something Paul Pierce never was and Isaiah Thomas will never ever ever be
Road arenas don’t even know what to do with Isaiah Thomas.
The Celtics live and die by Isaiah Thomas. Never been more obvious than in this third quarter
Isaiah Thomas be out there yanking *** swear..
Gerald Green and Isaiah Thomas both have 16 points at halftime and the Celtics lead the Bulls 57-46 at the break.
6-8 Paul Zipser is on 4-foot-7 Isaiah Thomas and somehow they're not attacking him. Incredible
Boston offering Isaiah Thomas, both Brooklyn picks, and Marcus Smart is gonna be a thing. But not Terry Rozier. Never Terry Rozier.
Paul George and Isaiah Thomas could be nasty👀
Avery Bradley told ESPN that Isaiah Thomas played a KG clip before the game and that pumped up the Celtics.
Isaiah Thomas played a clip from Kevin Garnett to hype up the team. It's no surprise we won by 17 points
Celtics had Demetrius Jackson run to the back to get Isaiah Thomas a fresh headband when his fell off.
Isaiah Thomas with a quick 6 PTS to start Q3 on
The other highlights are, um, I don't know, acquiring Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder for nothing and signing Horford.
As planned, Isaiah Thomas is back with his teammates in Chicago after going home to Tacoma to be with his family.
Isaiah Thomas would take the last shot. The whole purpose of Melo or Hayward is to be a SECOND scorer.…
Tom Brady to Isaiah Thomas - "It's how you come back...Good luck tonight, we all have your back! It's your turn."
Stevens: Plan is Isaiah Thomas will 'fly back late' Thursday - CSN Boston Celtics h
Isaiah Thomas flew to Tacoma today to be with his family, according to Stevens.
Kevin Durant's message to Isaiah Thomas: The family is behind you
The Celtics fall to the Bulls, 111-97, and will head to Chicago down 2-0. Isaiah Thomas led the C's in scoring with 20 points.…
Jimmy Butler slams Isaiah Thomas' layup to the court floor to the dismay of the Boston crowd that... - via App
It's halftime at the Garden, where the Celtics trail the Bulls 54-46. Isaiah Thomas leads all scorers with 11 pts, while Jae C…
Isaiah Thomas plans to play in Game 2 in Boston and Game 3 in Chicago, per Brad Stevens.
I feel terrible for Isaiah Thomas. I feel terrible for Carmelo Anthony and LaLa. Some things are bigger than basketball (…
expecting Isaiah Thomas to play Game 2 before flying home to Tacoma.
The sports world isn't built to confront Isaiah Thomas' grief, says
Brad Stevens said Isaiah Thomas plans to play in Game 2, fly to Tacoma afterward, and rejoin the Celtics before Game 3.
"I thought [Isaiah Thomas] played an unbelievable ball game, giving the circumstances in which he was dealing with." —
LeBron and Steph played in new silhouettes and Isaiah Thomas used his kicks to pay homage to his late sister ➡️
Al Horford, Jimmy Butler & others discuss the courage shown by Isaiah Thomas as he battled in the wake of tragedy:
Last pick in 1st round of 2011 draft: Jimmy Butler. Last pick in 2nd round of 2011 draft: Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas puts up 33 for the on an emotional day.
Ernie Johnson's thoughts for Isaiah Thomas and the Boston Celtics.
Isaiah Thomas honors his late sister.
Isaiah Thomas during moment of silence for his sister Heartbreaking,
Prayers up for Isaiah Thomas and his family
Charles Barkley: "Isaiah Thomas crying makes me uncomfortable". Me:
I feel so bad for Isaiah Thomas...I don't know how he's playing right now!
Heavy heart and mad respect for Isaiah Thomas. Prayers with you my man ✊🏽
Isaiah Thomas's shoes for tonight's game. He dropped 33 points a day after the passing of his sister. This is bigger than b…
04-17 Isaiah Thomas mingles with legends after 42-point effort in Game 3
Isaiah Thomas fighting through emotions before Game 1 🙏
Isaiah Thomas is about to go off in the playoffs. Mark my words
Isaiah Thomas wearing these shoes in honor of his sister today.
Isaiah Thomas playing after the death of his sister is some real strength. That man is all heart. Bigger than basketball.
"He's got the heart of a champion, there's no doubt about that." -Kevin McHale on Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas has more courage than any of us can imagine. We're all here for you buddy. .
All of Boston got to their feet when Isaiah Thomas made his first basket.
An emotional Isaiah Thomas was introduced by the Celtics to a standing ovation ahead of tonight's game vs. the Bulls. https:/…
Isaiah Thomas crying 1 hour before tipoff after he announced he would play today. Keep him and his family in your prayers…
Isaiah Thomas during pregame warmups just one day after his sister's tragic death 😢
Kevin Durant sends condolences to Isaiah Thomas' family, then talks about his rhythm in Game 1
This is so emotional. Isaiah Thomas we are all rooting you on. Your sister is looking down from Heaven. Isaiah wrote "…
Heartbreaking to see Isaiah Thomas alone crying on the bench after the death of his sister. Prayers to him and his family.…
Even I want to cry for Isaiah Thomas rn. No way I can play a game if that happened to me. Mad respect to him✊🏼 My heart goes out to him rn
Tonight, Isaiah Thomas has "RIP LIL SIS" inscribed on his shoes in honor of his sister, Chyna.
Isaiah Thomas is introduced in front of his home crowd!
Isaiah Thomas starts for Boston. He's wearing sneakers to honor his sister.
Would love to see Isaiah Thomas go off today. But if he simply doesn't have it, that's alright, too. Respect him for even…
Avery Bradley comforts Isaiah Thomas as he gets emotional during pregame shoot around. . He intends to play Game 1.
An emotional scene in Boston as Isaiah Thomas will try to play in Game 1 vs. the Bulls
"Basketball is our sanctuary... It is our safe place." . & Charles on the passing of Isaiah Thomas' sister.
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