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Isaiah Hicks

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News Hoops Insider: Isaiah Hicks - Inside Carolina compiled insider perspectives to create an exclu...
Experts & stats confirm Isaiah Hicks has the most potential of any player this season. Insider Preview:…
ICTV Analysis: Isaiah Hicks Preview. He will have to reduce fouling to reach his potential.
I don't see a better starting 5 than . Joel Berry II. Justin Jackson. Theo Pinson. Isaiah Hicks. Kennedy Meeks
Isaiah Hicks will fill that void I think
North Carolina Basketball: The rising stock that is Isaiah Hicks via
Hey PJ and Coach Washington any tidbits on how Isaiah Hicks looked in the pick-up games during your visit to UNC?
Isaiah Hicks needs to have a big season for UNC to reach another Final Four
Exactly a week ago today, I broke my finger on Isaiah hicks body. In flag football.
Interesting to see all the different names thrown out for UNC as NPOY. Joel Berry, Justin Jackson, even Isaiah Hicks. Will…
Agreed! UNC is a powerhouse! Justin Jackson and Isaiah Hicks could both be first round picks in next year's NBA Dra…
RoyW on the key for Isaiah Hicks in 2016-17: “We have got to keep him in the game.”
Joel Berry II, Nate Britt, Justin Jackson, Isaiah Hicks, Kenndy Meeks, and Tony Bradley are all suiting up 4 in 2016
Ed Hicks, Jalen Butler, Micah Beaver, & Isaiah Kittrell set RP 4x400 record in 3:22. That is 4th fastest time in state, but 3rd @ this meet!
Congrats Courtney Hicks! 3 degrees down 1 to go! We are so proud of you! Love Mom, Stacy, Rachel, Brady, Isaiah, Seth, & Ilias
i seen idec Isaiah hicks going to be working and Joel Berry
Kennedy Meeks will join Isaiah Hicks and Joel Berry for his senior year.
Joel Berry and Isaiah Hicks will return to for the 2016-2017 season:
Received official confirmation that Joel Berry & Isaiah Hicks are not declaring for draft.
Justin Jackson, Joel Berry, Isaiah Hicks and Kennedy Meeks will be big next year. I hope Kenny Williams can grow into a reliable player.
The UNC player who rushed out at Jenkins late was Isaiah Hicks. Jenkins wasn't even his man. It was horrible defensive plan/execution.
Not going to get over this loss until next season starts. Joel Berry, Justin Jackson and Isaiah Hicks are going to do big things next year!
Brice Johnson, Isaiah Hicks, Marcus Paige, Theo Pinson, and Justin Jackson should be on the floor for the
Joel Berry, Justin Jackson, Marcus Paige, Brice Johnson, and Isaiah Hicks are about to be the top 5 draft picks 😏😏😏
Justin Jackson & Isaiah Hicks are gonna need to step up big time
Isaiah Hicks and Justin Jackson gonna go awfff
Area players in tonight's NCAA title game: Justin Coleman (Broughton) and Isaiah Hicks (JF Webb), both of
I'll see that front court & raise you Kennedy Meeks, Isaiah Hicks, Justin Jackson, Theo Pinson, & the addition of Tony Bradley
Joel Berry, Isaiah Hicks, Justin Jackson, Brice Johnson and Theo Pinson should become the first Tar Heels to play 40 games in a season.
HOUSTON -- Justin Jackson had just seen his teammate, Isaiah Hicks, clean up a miss that was so bad it looked ...
Isaiah Hicks reminds me of a smaller version Tyler Hansbrough...Hicks can flat out fly
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Isaiah Hicks: We was highly disappointed the way we played in the first half. After Marcus big shot, we found our confidence.
We know Isaiah Hicks is going to show up but will Marcus Paige show up all tourney?
Brice Johnson emphatic blocks at one end, Isaiah Hicks emphatic dunk at the other. Billy Packer Time in Raleigh. UNC 63-46, 12:01 left.
Angel Rodriguez, Marcus Paige, Isaiah Hicks, Kenney Meeks still on the board. All could go far
Isaiah Hicks with the slam dunk. Nice assist from Marcus!
Isaiah Hicks, who is a top 15 big man according to Marcus Paige, got his 1st double-double, by
Marcus Paige Remembered who he was and Isaiah Hicks is out here eating on the boards!
Great catch on the baseline by Isaiah Hicks before getting up for the dunk. Tricky pass to handle from Marcus Paige.
UNC is on 🔥🔥🔥 right now Isaiah Hicks is play well defensively and Marcus Paige is hitting straight up 🏀🏀🏀.
Brice Johnson named 1st-team All-ACC, Isaiah Hicks the ACC Sixth Man of the Year http…
Joel Berry leads with seven defensive player of the game honors. Justin Jackson and Isaiah Hicks are tied for second with six each.
Larranaga, asking again and again for a travel, looked like a Daunte Culpepper TD celebration after the Isaiah Hicks transition dunk.
10 points (all from Joel Berry and Isaiah Hicks) in the first 1:58 of the second half for UNC.
Isaiah Hicks will start for today instead of Kennedy Meeks. According to SID Steve Kirschner, Meeks was late for shootaround this AM.
Joel Berry, Kennedy Meeks, and Isaiah Hicks. Those three are the reasons why we're winning this game right now.
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great job Brice Johnson playing facilitator and finding Isaiah Hicks under the basket..GREAT JOB & GREAT WIN Fellas
Isaiah Hicks, Justin Jackson, and Brice Johnson shot 20-for-27 against SU tonight. Just light the box score on fire on your computer.
Brice Johnson, another amazing game...but Isaiah Hicks, dude is clutch! 👌🏼💯
Brice Johnson & Isaiah Hicks have that chemistry going
that Brice Johnson and Isaiah Hicks combo is lethal.
Isaiah Hicks is the new Brice Johnson and Brice Johnson is the new Marcus Paige.
Stupid pass by Brice Johnson then he makes up for with the assist to Isaiah Hicks.
Refs crossed up on that last one. Tim Nestor had Isaiah Hicks for a hook. Bill Covington had a foul on Sidy Djitte. Covington’s call stood.
What's this? a spin move in the post by Isaiah Hicks? SORCERY
Isaiah Hicks just went and got that rebound because he could.
Wes Miller takes a timeout after an Isaiah Hicks bucket assisted by Nate Britt. UNC up 15-4. UNCG shooting just 2 of 11. UNC 7 of 14.
Nate Britt hits Isaiah hicks in stride
Hey I see you isaiah Hicks with the dribble drive maybe don't do that as much
Isaiah Hicks and Nate Britt checking in after the timeout. Marcus Paige with five points early on a 3 and off-balance long 2. 9-4 UNC
Brice Johnson and Isaiah Hicks combined, last 3 games: . 45-55 FG, (82%). 39 rebounds (13 pg).
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For those interested in Watch Isaiah Hicks. Since Meeks went down, Hicks is shooting 74 percent and has 10+ pts in 4 straight games.
Forget the former things. Do not dwell on the past. -Isaiah 43:18
Rip Isaiah Hicks. Life is so crazy man
Wat I love most about Isaiah Hicks.he plays to his strength! He knows what he capable of & he doing it! He's Attacking the rim wit FORCE!
Isaiah Hicks proving to be a consistent, reliable force
In the last three games Isaiah Hicks is averaging 18.6 minutes and 11.7 points.
In Meeks absence, UNC's Isaiah Hicks has become a consistent, efficient, productive force.
Isaiah Hicks registers 5 BLUNKS (blocks + dunks…we made it up) off the bench in the win vs. App St:
Laphonso Ellis is the president of the "Isaiah Hicks Fan Club."
Isaiah Hicks is a foul drawing machine
Some solid defensive rotation by Isaiah Hicks forces an App State shot clock violation
NBA scout next to me on that Isaiah Hicks rebound: "He dominated that. Second one."
I'll tackle the elephant in the room...UNC's Isaiah Hicks is more versatile than Kennedy M. Should be the go-to big man.
If college basketball had a 6th man award, Isaiah Hicks would would bring that trophy home
Isaiah Hicks just gets better each year ! 🐑🐑🐑
Theo Pinson lobs it to Isaiah Hicks for the dunk and that's a nice way to get the crowd back in it.
Isaiah Hicks slams the ball home and UNC now leads App 39-26 with 3:44 before the half.
Isaiah Hicks, heck of a ball player
Isaiah Hicks just sent a shot into the stands and is VERY impressed
Can we talk about Isaiah Hicks's moves to the basket this season?!
Isaiah Hicks is finally showing his potential
Isaiah Hicks has a Marvin Williams level of impact off the bench for the .
Nice drive by Isaiah Hicks. He's utilizing his tallness and App State's not tallness to his advantage
Isaiah Hicks is a really good basketball player. Developing in every aspect of his game.
Isaiah Hicks got jealous of all of this Brice Johnson dunkery and decided he wanted to dunk the basketballs too
Isaiah Hicks & his hot licks will be needed to cover for Kennedy Meeks' absence. talked to him on Wed. https:…
Roy Williams on Isaiah Hicks: "He's not a center, he's not a small forward. It's not an easy niche for him."
Roy Williams on Isaiah Hicks: "I think he's getting better confidence-wise. He's gotten bigger and physically stronger."
I hope Roy Williams tells Isaiah Hicks, he only has 5 fouls! Sometimes giving up 2 pts, is better than giving up 1 of your precious 5 fouls!
Isaiah Hicks gets the BIG rejection, pinning the ball on the glass & then feeds Maye for the layup
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So Marvin Williams isnt walking through that door, but Isaiah Hicks is.
Congrats to former Mustang Fball plyr Isaiah () Hicks on being named SIAC Offensive Player of the Week!
Isaiah Hicks of & Tavarius Washington get Week 1 honors
Congrats to soph RB Isaiah Hicks on winning SIAC offensive player of the week.
TOUCHDOWN DADEVILLE: The wheels are off. Isaiah Hicks picks off a pass and takes it 45 for another late TD. DHS leads 40-1…
Isaiah Hicks developing offensive game, with help from David West. Story:
Hooo boy, we got a barn burner here. Isaiah Hicks with a 95-yard kick return touchdown for Dadeville. Tied 20-20 with 11:38 in …
Getting work in with Isaiah Hicks this morning
Isaiah just said he flushed his children😂😂
I am the Lord your God, who holds your right hand, and I tell you, "Don't be afraid. I will help you." Isaiah 41:13
Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas (dropped 50 points at the Seattle Pro Am yesterday.
Happy birthday today to junior forward Isaiah Hicks.
ok yeah Brice Johnson and maybe depending how Isaiah Hicks develops. Kennedy Meeks ehh idk bout that one
really? So Ellington, Barnes, Henson, *** even Isaiah Hicks all should've been one and dones
Isaiah 40:26 . 26 Lift up your eyes on high and see: who created these He who brings out their h
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Awkward when Isaiah Hicks doesn't get cheers...
Isaiah Hicks with a nice turn around jumper to put the Tar Heels up 12-7. He and James are holding down the post for Johnson and Meeks.
What a recovery on the blocked shot by Isaiah Hicks. Goodness.
To start the second half I think unc should go with . Nate Britt . Marcus Paige . JP Tokoto . Isaiah Hicks . Brice Johnson
Nate Britt and Isaiah Hicks in the starting lineup today...I like this 👍
I'd like to see Joel Berry, Isaiah Hicks & Theo Pinson get some additional mins on Sunday! We're gonna need them to contribute this season!
Great note on Isaiah Hicks in notes for the Florida game: Hicks has 43 total points this year...he had 4…
Roy Williams along with Marcus Paige, Justin Jackson, and Isaiah Hicks following the big win over UCLA:
Johnson names Isaiah Hicks as a player to watch out for this season, because he has a year under his belt, now playing his natural position
how could I forgot Kennedy Meeks and Isaiah hicks! Scott your ignorant
Kyle Flood said freshman Josh Hicks is replicating Nebraska's Ameer Abdullah in practice. Isaiah Wharton is Tommy Armstrong.
Kyle Flood's press conference unusually practice squad-heavy today. Josh Hicks will simulate Ameer Abdullah, Isaiah Wharton will be at QB.
Y'all go check out Isaiah Hicks Instagram feed! isaiah_.hicks
My friends gave Me and Isaiah nicknames."Iggy Hicks" and "Swaggy McBee" 😂
Told ya Isaiah Hicks will be a huge factor in determining how far UNC goes...Marcus Paige agrees with me!lol I Expect big things from Hicks!
Isaiah Hicks said he will be moving back to the No. 4 position with the departure of James Michael McAdoo.
the unlimited meals better help players like Brice Johnson and Isaiah Hicks. Hopefully it doesn't affect Meeks or James though
Chanute 3, Parsons 0 Parsons 4, Chanute 3 (eight innings) . Gm 2: Isaiah Hicks of PHS drove in game-winner in extra innings for walk-off win
Isaiah HIcks up 2 spots to 223, passing Charles Waddell, tying JB Tanner
Leslie McDonald and Isaiah Hicks have driven past Parker for layups
Dang Isaiah Hicks beat my high school in the state title game smh and he play for my favorite college team lol
Halftime — Duke 37, UNC 30. Tar Heels' last field goal was at 6:12 by Isaiah Hicks.
Roy Williams need to recognize that Isaiah Hicks can be a force on offense.
Took the SAT with Isaiah Hicks he sat right beside me man crazy how you meet people to
We played Isaiah Hicks when he was in high school at a summer basketball camp. We beat the wheels off his team lol.
Isaiah Hicks needs to look for his shot more!
Isaiah Hicks should play A LOT more than he does.
Everyone had Isaiah Hicks & Desmond Hubert scoring before Marcus Paige & Brice Johnson, right?
Isaiah Hicks don't get near enough minutes
Why is Isaiah Hicks still in the game...
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“Get Isaiah hicks out Roy!” He'd be better with more playing time. He was our 5 star recruit.
I forgot that isaiah hicks dude even played for unc
Carolina is actually defending very well. Show me something Isaiah Hicks.
Why does UNC play Isaiah Hicks like that ?
Isaiah Hicks Oxford turn up for your boy
Said this last week: Interested to see what role 6-8 Isaiah Hicks has, even if it's a small one, in guarding Parker and or Hood
I feel like my young boy Isaiah Hicks finna have a breakout game tonite vs dook
you need to go smoke you a Cuban cigar see can calm your little *** down.
I swear y'all were really hitting that baby. 😂 WHOO AHHH ✋
No minutes for Desmond Hubert or Isaiah hicks in this game, please...
you always sayin to me how I hype the recruits comin in but u was all on Isaiah hicks how's that workin
Isaiah Hicks could step up in a huge way and help defend Parker/Hood. Long and athletic. Still putting it together.
And Isaiah Hicks was a 5 star and Kennedy Meeks was a 4 star because?
You thought Isaiah hicks was gonna be nice eh
No Isaiah Hicks slander will be tolerated. Huge talent but just needs some time. Chill.
Isaiah Hicks has to want to score. Right now he's a triple threat offensively: panic, panic, panic.
Somebody stop making Isaiah Hicks play the 3.
That is why Isaiah hicks never plays he looked like an *** two plays in a row
All three of the incoming freshmen of next season's squad, Joel Berry, Justin Jackson, and Theo Pinson, have been nominated to this year's McDonald's All-American Game. If any or all three are selected, they will play that game on Wednesday, April 2 at the United Center in Chicago. The final rosters for the East and West teams will be announced at a later date. Should all three make the honor, they will add to the list of 67 other UNC commits that played in the All-American Game since it was instituted in 1977, including current players Isaiah Hicks, Kennedy Meeks, Marcus Paige, James Michael McAdoo, and other prominent names like Harrison Barnes, Reggie Bullock, Kendall Marshall, Tyler Zeller, Wayne Ellington, Ty Lawson, Danny Green, Tyler Hansbrough, Marvin Williams, Sean May, Raymond Felton, Brendan Haywood, Antawn Jamison, Vince Carter, Jerry Stackhouse, Rasheed Wallace, Eric Montross, JR Reid, Jeff Lebo, Kenny Smith, Brad Daugherty, Michael Jordan, Sam Perkins, Matt Doherty, James Worthy, and Al Wo . ...
The Tar Heels did not have one of their better games against a lesser opponent, but Carolina led from the opening tap, got the lead to as high as 14 in the first half before Northern Kentucky cut to within five at the half. Coach Williams decided to send a message to his blue team by benching all of them but Marcus Paige to start the second half and did a lot of bench jockeying to complete his message. In the end, Carolina posted their ninth win of the season with a 75-60 tonight against NKU at the Smith Center. Playing with only one guy over 6'4" and in their tempo, Northern Kentucky got to within three points before Carolina finished the half with a five-point lead. Then, with a whole new lineup to start the second half, Carolina quickly got the lead back to double figures and began to hold on to that margin. Also with a size advantage, it was a block party for Carolina, blocking 15 shots tonight, the team's high for the season. Brice Johnson, Desmond Hubert, and Isaiah Hicks each had three blocks, ...
Hicks with the slam! Btw, it's Desmond Hubert and Isaiah Hicks, Mr. Jay Williams. Geez.
Isaiah Hicks up 8 spots to 251. Nate Britt up 6 to 209
Isaiah HIcks moves up 2 spots to 275. Luke Davis up 7 to 264
Ouch McAdoo paid for that foul call. Caught Isaiah Hicks' knee right in the back of his head.
I mean there is a kid named Isaiah Hicks that could play
Isaiah Hicks spins inside and gets fouled. Hits one of two at the line
Isaiah Hicks, Kennedy Meeks, and Luke Davis all entering the game for the Tar Heels
Isaiah Hicks, Luke Davis and Kennedy Meeks coming in for UNC, who trails 12-6 at the under-15.
The verse Rev. Hicks would like to share with us for today comes from Isaiah 40:11.
lol how does UNC pay everybody when this year our highest recruit was Isaiah Hicks? Not even top 10. Open your eyes bro featured in NBC s Science of Love
Isaiah Hicks and Brice Johnson follow me now.
I've been watching random Isaiah Hicks highlights tonight. People are definitely sleeping on him, kid is a stud.
Turning up in the club with Isaiah Hicks and Kennedy Meeks!
Well it looks like your might be only drafting Reggie Bullock into the NBA. PF Isaiah Hicks is comin to Chapel Hill though
here's discussing the impact post plyrs Kennedy Meeks & Isaiah Hicks will have on next yr's UNC team:
Kennedy Meeks, Isaiah Hicks and Nate Britt is still a very talented class. Not to mention the 2014 commits, Justin Jackson and Joel Berry II
A chat with on UNC, Isaiah Hicks, etc., @ Insider: Want to impress me? Record a 34-30 double-double.
wants to send a Shout out to Kennedy Meeks, Nate Britt & Isaiah Hicks! Can't wait to see yall suit up in A few months! LNWR
TRoy Williams and Isaiah Hicks certainly have been ballin!
Getting to know the 2013 class of Kennedy Meeks, Isaiah Hicks and Nate Britt:
UNC adds size with Isaiah Hicks and Kennedy Meeks and another point guard in Nate Britt. Tar Heels look promising
No All star game for Isaiah Hicks either?? Just off of the UNC scholarship alone he should be in the Jordan game
The fact that Isaiah Hicks isn't in the Jordan Brand Classic makes me mad!
but no I'm talking about Joel Berry not James... And we beat Isaiah Hicks last summer
Who's mixtape do you want to see first NC hoop fans: Isaiah Hicks, Anton Gill, or Gary Clark?
Kennedy Meeks , Nate Britt , Isaiah Hicks , Are all going to be impact for Carolina Next Year.
Isaiah Hicks will be a great compliment to Marcus Paige next year. Kennedy Meeks will give us some much needed size.
Kennedy Meeks, Isaiah Hicks, Nate Britt and Andrew Wiggins is exactly what we need! A stronger back bone around the rim! 👌🏀🇺🇸
Kennedy Meeks could be the next Sean May. I just hope Isaiah Hicks will not be another James Michael. Their attributes are about the same
And we are gonna have the same team next year + Isaiah Hicks + Kennedy Meeks + Nate Britt + (hopefully) Andrew Wiggins
Brock I just told u this 2 weeks ago! How I know u don't pay attention! Kennedy Meeks & Isaiah Hicks!
and Strickland did the exact same thing!!! Ill be so happy when Kennedy Meeks and Isaiah Hicks are there next year!
We'll be back next year.. Hairston, Paige, McAdoo, Bullock plus Isaiah Hicks and Kennedy Meeks and maybe Andrew Wiggins?
When UNC has its true bigs in incoming freshman Isaiah Hicks (& Kennedy Meeks then it will be dangerous!
Isaiah Hicks finishes with 34 points on 13-of 21 shooting. He added 30 rebounds and 7 blocks for the Webb Warriors.
Behind a stellar performance from Isaiah Hicks, Webb beat Statesville in OT to win the 3-A title:
I'm worried more about Isaiah Hicks for UNC that dude had 34 and 30 in the state championship
UNC recruit Isaiah Hicks had 34 pts, 30 rebs, and 7 blocks in the NC HS championship game. Hey you have some bigs on the way!!
In the biggest game of his HS career recruit Isaiah Hicks carries his team to a 4A state championship . 34 points 30 Reb 7 blocks
recruit Isaiah Hicks named the Player of the Year in boys basketball:
UNC signee Isaiah Hicks of 3-A state champ Webb HS named District 6 Player of the Year by NCBCA.
I seriously think Isaiah Hicks is underrated and doesn't get credit for what he does, but that's okay he will show them next year.
Isaiah Hicks' championship performance is one for the high school basketball books: Oxford Webb's...
Was recruit Isaiah Hicks 34-pt, 30 rb performance in Sat's 3A final the best ever?
alright, have you seen this Isaiah Hicks kid though?
Watch the YouTube video on Isaiah Hicks!! He's gunna be at UNC next year baby!!!
Rocky Mount High vs. Oxford Webb(UNC commit Isaiah Hicks) for a right to play in the State Championship. As a Northern Nash alum and UNC fan... Go Oxford Webb!
I had Isaiah Hicks down for 13 points, 11 rebounds & 11 blocks. Official box score only has him with 8 blocks.
Crap, Jackson is Class of 2014, We still have Isaiah Hicks, Kennedy Meeks and Nate Britt for next year.
Indeed. Isaiah Hicks and Kennedy Meeks are monsters. Nate Britt has been hurt a lot lately... So we'll have to see about him.
read the book of Isaiah in the bible. Bob Dylan wrote about that.
On the Carolina Blue website: Isaiah Hicks goes off for 17 points, 17 rebounds and seven blocks in state playoffs.
Future player Isaiah Hicks advances to regionals. and were on the scene.
Isaiah Hicks scores 17 in playoff win over Chapel Hill
Next for Eastern Alamance is Oxford Webb and UNC signee Isaiah Hicks, a McDonald’s All-American, in East Regional semis.
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Cutting up highlights of Isaiah Hicks' big win tonight while watching old highlights of Super Bowls VII and VIII
Best part about watching Isaiah Hicks today: his demeanor never changed and he was the 1st person to give hand shakes after the game
Isaiah Hicks finishes with 17 points in the stat sheet as Webb avenges loss with a 57-41 win
Gary Clark and Isaiah Hicks making it to 4A and 3A regionals, respectively, should make it worth a trip for a HS hoops fan.
I unofficially had Isaiah Hicks with 17 points on 8-of-19 shooting, 17 rebounds and seven blocks in a 57-41 win for Webb.
Webb ends 2nd qt on 14-0 run, trails Chapel Hill 27-24 at halftime. Isaiah Hicks has 8 pts, 6 reb for Webb. Mitron Terry has 12 pts
Watching future Isaiah Hicks play against Chapel Hill High. It is live in here.
Chapel Hill leads Oxford Webb 17-10 heading to second quarter Isaiah Hicks has six of Webbs first 10 pts and early foul trouble
and I are here in Chapel Hill watching Isaiah Hicks in a rematch against Chapel Hill HS
Isaiah Hicks scores four early points but picks up two fouls in the first three minutes so hes sitting in this intense showdown
At Chapel Hill High School to watch UNC commit Isaiah Hicks ball!
Erryone better get ready for the Isaiah Hicks Show
UNC assistant coach CB McGrath is here at Chapel Hill High School, where Isaiah Hicks will play at 8 o'clock.
UNC Commit Isaiah Hicks out of JF Webb is playing in Chapel Hill tonight. Big question is... will we see Roy tonight?
Joel Berry to Isaiah Hicks sounds more like it
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Headed out to Chapel Hill High School in a few to cover Isaiah Hicks (& JF Webb as they take on Chapel Hill.
I can't wait to see Isaiah Hicks play for the Heels.
Oxford Webb at Chapel Hill. Conference rivals, playing for the third time this season at Chapel Hill. Webb features Isaiah Hicks
that's great to hear, I matched up against isaiah hicks last night and did good
will be heading to Chapel Hill tomorrow to check in with Isaiah Hicks, as Webb seeks revenge against Chapel Hill.
no plans tom evening? Come to CHHS to see future Tarheel Isaiah Hicks get banged on by Chapel Hill's own Tre Craig!!
Isaiah Hicks .. weaakkk!!! I didn't foul out on him it's these little *** guards smh... I did hit his *** once tho aha
Isaiah Hicks is a great player, but I think Southern Wayne can pull of the upset!
Aha.. Well good luck to my SW boys tomorrow. This Isaiah Hicks guy seems like big threat ! But y'all boys can play.. I have faith in y'all
Isaiah Hicks has a 95% chance of injury tomorrow.. I want him dead
play Isaiah Hicks dirty. Don't let him make a easy shot. Foul him hard
Our boys are playing against Isaiah Hicks tomorrow who signed with Carolina as a sophomore. Y'all better do work!
oh tru.. Asheboro played the team we played last year & they got Isaiah hicks who is like 6'8 committed to UNC
I want to see Isaiah Hicks play tomorrow
Southern Wanye playing against Isaiah Hicks team lol 😳😳😳
Kennedy Meeks and Isaiah Hicks have been named to the McDonalds all American east team! Way to go guys!
oh yes. Kennedy Meeks Nate Britt and Isaiah Hicks
"In his love, He redeemed them and He lifted them and carried them." Isaiah 63:9 💜
yeah dude you seen isaiah hicks and Nate Britt highlights? They real!
Isaiah Hicks (is a future star for Check out these NEW Highlights
Not doing to good today going through something need a pick me up pill
ICTV: Isaiah Hicks HSOT Invitational Footage: Clips of 2013 UNC commit Isaiah Hicks from his first game at ...
“No weapon forged against you will prevail - Isaiah 54:17
we got a *** good center and a great PF Isaiah hicks !
Isaiah Hicks followed me on instagram :D
Unc is gonna need Isaiah Hicks next season
I love how McAdoo was supposed to be like a first team all American. He blows. I can't wait for Kennedy Meeks and Isaiah Hicks
yeah man Nate Britt, Isaiah Hicks, Kennedy Meeks, than hopefully Wiggins would be a monster class.
but next year hopefully mcadoo will be gone and we got Isaiah hicks
UNC commit Isaiah Hicks put up 23 points in Webb's win over Gibbons tonight.
Will be in Oxford tonight covering Gibbons-JF Webb game. Should be a good one & looking forward to seeing UNC-commit Isaiah Hicks play.
Well Kennedy Meeks and Isaiah Hicks coming to town next year so
Also in attendance tonight is future power forward Isaiah Hicks who will be a huge help in a year:
Looks like Isaiah Hicks is sitting behind the bench.
Isaiah Hicks and of course Andrew Wiggins when he signa
Isaiah Hicks scores 24 in Holiday Invitational semifinals loss
UNC recruit Isaiah Hicks had 24 points & 9 rebounds & Mitron Terry 21 points and 13 rebounds for JF Webb last night vs Word of God
recap of w/video ft Isaiah Hicks,Mitron Terry,Josh Newkirk,and more.
Big outings from Mitron Terry, Isaiah Hicks lead Webb past Clinton in Holiday Invitational
lls we got Isaiah hicks PF, Kennedy Meeks C, n Nate Britt PG
*** I spoke too soon Isaiah actually was clutch and made a last min comeback *applauds
The following are highlights conducted during the week from 12/11/12- 12/18/12 nd all the games we followed that week hope you enjoy. Make sure to subscribe ...
2013 UNC signee Isaiah Hicks had a triple-double -- 21 points, 20 rebounds and 10 blocks -- in Webb's 81-75 win over Person on Friday.
Isaiah Hicks front And center behind UNC bench today
Isaiah Hicks is enjoying today's UNC-ECU game courtside behind the bench
Isaiah Hicks is in the state .. wow! lol.
Tyrone Outlaw had 39 pts tonite Person vs Webb. Alot off head 2 head with Isaiah Hicks. Missed a great one.
UNC signee Isaiah Hicks had 28 points for JF Webb HS (NC) tonight in a 81-75 win over Person HS (NC) tonight.
when are the new rankings coming out? Excited to see where commit Isaiah Hicks stands now...Gotta move up, possibly top 10!
that dude from person banged oh Isaiah hicks tonight
suppose to be a good game though. Heard Isaiah Hicks went last game.
(PF)Isaiah Hicks from Webb, NC is ranked in the country!!
UNC signee Isaiah Hicks had 37 points last night vs. Franklinton -- 32 of which came in the first half.
Top 5 Plays of the Week, featuring Andrew Wiggins, Damon Harge, Isaiah Hicks, Donovan Gilmore, Harry Giles & more! Subscribe to EliteMixtapesV2 & follow us o...
Aaron Hicks is Doing his Thing in Baseball for the Twins. Isaiah Hicks is getting his Basketball Game Down for College. And Aaron and Jeremiah Johnson are going to get their thing going on in Football and Baseball. Oh and Soccer. Blessed Family.
Last night Kennedy Meeks committed, and also officially announced the signings of Nate Britt, Isaiah Hicks:
check out Nate Britt, Kennedy Meeks and Isaiah Hicks
Kennedy Meeks to UNC ... With Kennedy, Isaiah Hicks, and Nate Britt, UNC now has recruiting class at this point
North Carolina Tar Heels got committments from Nate Britt and Isaiah Hicks few weeks ago then they just got committment from Kennedy Meeks, center in the country. They should be a better team next year on whether James Michael McAdoo and/or one of the freshmen departing for the NBA or choose to stay at UNC next season. But let's focus on this season first before we jump to the conclusion :-P North Carolina at Long Beach State at 11 pm tonight. Lets go Tar Heels!
Nate Britt and Isaiah Hicks sign this week and then we get a commitment from Kennedy Meeks today. Great day to be a Tar Heel as always.
Kennedy Meeks to UNC. He'll sign and join Isaiah Hicks and Nate Britt in the Tar Heels' signing class.
Great day to be a TarHeel fan, Welcome to the Hill Isaiah Hicks
Isaiah Hicks won't be waiting long to become official. He's slated to sign with at 6p.m. EST today.
Hicks Making It Official: Isaiah Hicks will officially become a UNC basketball player when he signs a Natio...
Congrats to JF Webbs Isaiah Hicks who will make it official tomorr at 6pm...signing with UNC makes me proud as a mother to see success here in Oxford NC.I pray he will continue his education and always keep God first..I tell Shay all the time...that can be u..but that depends on u.Praying in another year I can see my own move on to stardum.Congrats again..may God be with u!
Isaiah Hicks?""Mann wish oomf didn't have have his head so far up his girls *** "who"
JF Webb HS (Oxford, NC) went 3-0 at Northwest Guilford HS scrimmages yesterday. Isaiah Hicks & Mitron Terry had big games.
So my mom told me that Isaiah Hicks sign his papers Wednesday for UNC!
Watch UNC Commit Isiah Hick get ready for his senior campaign as he dominates his schools's red & white game scrimmage!
The isaiah hicks is playing at northwest right now
Highlights of 2013 commit Isaiah Hicks playing in his high school's inter-squad scrimmage.
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