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Isaiah Canaan

Isaiah Canaan (born May 21, 1991) is an American college basketball player.

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Only one of the "Three Alphas" remain after Bulls waive Rajon Rondo, trade Jimmy Butler
Bulls waive Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan - The Chicago Bulls announced today that the team has waived guards R... https:…
The Bulls have released Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan today
Bulls waive Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan, prepare for free agency
Bulls announce they have waived Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan.
According to the team has waived Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan.
Isaiah Canaan waived today along with Rondo by the Bulls ...
The Bulls have waived guards Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan.
Down to 1 Alpha. The Bulls officially waive Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan.
Bulls just waived Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan. Point guard minutes will go to Dunn, Payne & maybe Grant as the rebuil…
Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan have been released by the Chicago Bulls.
Isaiah Canaan is starting a playoff game what planet is this
lmk when they're starting Isaiah Canaan.
Chicago Bulls to start Isaiah Canaan at PG in Game 5 against the
Isaiah Canaan will start on Wednesday at point guard in Game 5 for Bulls against Celtics
Rajon Rondo out, Isaiah Canaan to start at point for Chicago Bulls in Game 5
Neither Gerald Green or Isaiah Canaan started a game during the regular season. And so far in this series they've proven more than worthy.
Isaiah Canaan will start Game 5, but Bulls need more adjustments
Imagine you heard this in 2012: Former Bull Derrick Rose will be seating front row to watch Isaiah Canaan try to save B…
I'm going to buy an Isaiah Canaan jersey 🔥🔥
coach Brad Stevens said has lot of respect for Isaiah Canaan, recalled he went 4-for-4 from floor vs Butler while…
Canaan ball time for the in Game 5.
csnchicago​.com >> STL: Isaiah Canaan's time to shine for Bulls
Regrouping Bulls hope Isaiah Canaan can provide answer at point
Isaiah Canaan starting Game 5 for Bulls the latest twist in unpredictable season via…
Isaiah Canaan is our starting point guard. Sicken
After not starting a game in the regular season, Isaiah Canaan will start Game 5 for the on Wednesday.
Gotta love the NBA playoffs, where guys like Normal Powell, Gerald Green and Isaiah Canaan get put in the starting lineup to change a series
It will be Isaiah vs. Isaiah in Game 5.
point guard counsel spun to Isaiah Canaan in Game 4, via
I'm not saying this is the most bizarre series ever, but neither Isaiah Canaan nor Gerald Green started a single game in…
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Isaiah Canaan's patience has paid off. More on the Bulls decision to start him in Game 5 on Sports Feed w/&…
Isaiah Canaan will start at PG for the Chicago Bulls in game 5.
Isaiah Canaan will start Game 5 as Bulls' point guard woes continue via
Chicago Bulls to start Isaiah Canaan in Game 5 at Boston -
Bulls to start Isaiah Canaan in Game 5 vs. Celtics.
Great watching Murray State legend, Isaiah Canaan, in the NBA playoffs last night! Good luck to in Game 5 Wednesda…
Up at PAE - Isaiah Canaan will get the start in Game 5 for the Bulls vs. the Celtics.
Between Robin Lopez untying Jae Crowder's shoe and Isaiah Canaan playing 34 minutes tonight, is there really anything else to talk about?
Jimmy Butler could play PG and still be better than Jerian Grant, Cameron Payne, Michael Carter-Williams, Isaiah Canaan at the position...
... or Jerian Grant... or Isaiah Canaan... or Cameron Payne. They have more than enough PGs left on the roster.
Check out grades up in the app for every player. Your only stop for Isaiah Canaan and Anthony Morrow evals:…
Jimmy Butler and Isaiah Canaan have the best pregame start up,dance,ritual whatever u wanna call it
Jimmy Butler was not feeling the pregame theatrics with Isaiah Canaan
Isaiah Canaan will play in Monday's game vs Detroit.
S/O Jerian Grant & Isaiah Canaan for inviting and I to tomorrow nights game 🏀
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Steph Curry just Isaiah Canaan with less melanin
Steph Curry just Isaiah Canaan with less melanin and a system
Michael Carter-Williams will play tonight. Anthony Morrow and Isaiah Canaan are out.
Per Fred Hoiberg, Bulls' inactives vs. Clippers will be Anthony Morrow and Isaiah Canaan.
Isaiah Canaan (inactive) is out for Saturday's game vs Los Angeles.
Racer fans, here's a picture of Isaiah Canaan to try and ease the pain a little
MCW is iching to get back in there and pretty disrespectful to not mention Isaiah Canaan
Isaiah Canaan looks down the bench.
The Steph Curry pregame shooting exhibition just ended...but don't worry we can now watch Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan.
Stark has 98 3-point baskets this season. Ties Isaiah Canaan for No. 3 on the all-time list.
Another shooter to surround JB. Plus, could Jimmer Fredette be any worse than Isaiah Canaan?
Look at this 2013-14 Fleer Retro Basketball Rookie Sensations Isaiah Canaan Auto on eBay
- Isaiah Canaan could have contract bought out
Isaiah Canaan: Could have contract bought out -
Prediction: Isaiah Canaan hits a clutch 4 point play in crunch time
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sources say that the team will likely release either Michae Carter-Williams or Isaiah Canaan to clear some space at point guard
Isaiah Canaan, he has been inexisten in the rotation the past 2 months
Isaiah Canaan or Michael Carter-Williams would be my guess. Rondo still holds value in locker room.
I'm sure Philadelphia will love having Isaiah Canaan and Michael Carter Williams back. They must be thrilled.
Gotta be honest, guys: Isaiah Canaan was *not* the answer I expected, considering the whole “We Have Jimmy Butler and Dw…
Dwyane Wade: Me and you are both on the court and Fred calls the play to Isaiah Canaan? Is he serious? . Jimmy Butler:…
call me crazy but i dont think id have Isaiah Canaan taking the last shot over Jimmy Butler or Dwyane Wade
Isaiah Canaan, Dwayne Wade, Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis, and Cristino Felicio are in for the to start the 2nd quarter.
Dwyane Wade and Isaiah Canaan prior to tip.
Murray State great Isaiah Canaan doing work for the Sixers!
He may not be a 76er next year, but Canaan should be an NBA mainstay. Year-In-Review: Isaiah Canaan via
You're joking about Isaiah Canaan going to Weber State right?
The 4th-most 3's in team history. The big steal vs. Golden State. Isaiah Canaan had some standout moments this year.
Isaiah Canaan ain't walkin thru that door
The Great Isaiah Scroll Chapter 19 : Verse 18. On that day there will be five cities in the land of Egypt that speak the language of Canaan
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The Great Isaiah Scroll Chapter 23 : Verse 11. the LORD has given orders concerning Canaan to destroy her fortresses.
I still don't understand why the Sixers would cut Tony wroten and rock with Isaiah Canaan smfh
2015-16 player evaluation: Isaiah Canaan. has more here
Isaiah Canaan...putting 'em on skates for (Vine by
Isaiah Canaan stans gonna come at you
Played at Belmont. Was the co-OVC POY with Isaiah Canaan from Murray State.
Isaiah Canaan and Hollis Thompson are among league leaders in 3pt fouls, so I'm cheating with my hypothesis.
The games that remain are key for Donatas Motiejunas, and for Langston Galloway and Isaiah Canaan, too. We explain:
Great interview with 76ers starter Isaiah Canaan for my sports show ! Stay tuned!
Isaiah Canaan shakes his defender and scoops in the pretty layup.
76ers top injury-depleted Pelicans to avoid tying own league record for fewest wins via
Isaiah Canaan tearing up the Pelicans defense, up 18 (!!) in the 4th
Isaiah Canaan heads to the locker room
Isaiah Canaan has been diagnosed with a left shoulder strain. According to Sixers, he's available to return. Has team-high 16 P.
Philadelphia with a 57-51 lead at half time over New Orleans. 11 pts to Carl Landry, 10 pts to Isaiah Canaan.
Sixers having success getting to rim. Jerami Grant and Isaiah Canaan with drives on last two trips. 57-51, Sixers.
Surprisingly the Ish Smith-Isaiah Canaan backcourt is unwatchable on defense and also unwatchable on offense, as well
Isaiah Canaan drops in 2nd FG. Assisted by Robert Covington, his 2nd. 14-7, Pels.
Watching Isaiah Canaan play is the most frustrating thing ever
Isaiah Canaan gets Sixers on the board with a triple. 6-3, Pels early.
Double clutch from downtown? No problem for guard Isaiah Canaan.
All time rockets team:. PG: Isaiah Canaan. SG: Corey Brewer. SF: Michael Beasley. PF: Marcus Camby. C: Joey Dorsey. How many games they winning
A little trivia!! . This season, Isaiah Canaan has hit more three pointers than Kevin Durant! . 󾌴. -BUST
The periodic outstanding KJ McDaniels performances coupled with crunchtime Isaiah Canaan are slowly chipping away at my sanity
Isaiah Canaan shakes and bakes before draining an acrobatic three.
Robert Covington with triples on back-to-back possessions. Isaiah Canaan follows that up with triple of his own. 55-44,…
And me Ish Smith and Isaiah Canaan too small 😒
Kendall Marshall making his first appearance. Ish Smith and Isaiah Canaan also out there, so looks like a 3-man role for Marshall.
Sixers pull off quality transition play with multiple passes between Ish Smith and Isaiah Canaan. Canaan finishes it off with lay-up. 4 P.
Sixers backcourt out of timeout is Ish Smith, Isaiah Canaan, and T.J. McConnell.
Grant will start, along with Ish Smith, Isaiah Canaan, Hollis Thompson, and Nerlens Noel.
Sixers shuffle it up a bit with personnel to start 2nd half. Going w/ Ish Smith, Isaiah Canaan, Kendall Marshall, Carl Landry, Nerlens Noel.
To Sixers' credit, energized after long timeout. Carl Landry a couple buckets, and Isaiah Canaan adds one as well. 6-2 run. 63-49.
Off the Nets turnover, Isaiah Canaan runs out for the transition layup.
can I get an admission from u he is your new Isaiah canaan in terms of "untapped" potential?
Sixers race out to biggest lead, 36-23. Isaiah Canaan in transition with fastbreak lay-up.
Isaiah Canaan ran into Okafor while he was setting a rare screen. That's what caused the injury. Isaiah. Canaan.
Isaiah Canaan and Ramon Sessions. Pretty much any point guard who shoots near 30% on 3s.
Isaiah Canaan reminds me of Chuck the Condor
The 76ers hopped on Cpt aka Isaiah Canaan's back and upset the tall and well rounded raptors led by Cpt aka the flow
add me on ps4 cuh I'm friends with ya boi Isaiah Canaan
And Isaiah Canaan outscored him last night.
Isaiah Canaan takes advantage of excellent pick set by Nerlens Noel at top of arc. 101-98.
NBA. PHI 72 - 78 HOU. Isaiah Canaan just got an FT
Isaiah 49:12 Sinim (from Canaan's son Sin, the father of the Chinese and Mongols). God will restore His people (Romans 11)
Trying a new fanduel strategy, spend no more then a total of 8k at PG. Tonight is the Isaiah Canaan revenge game, lol.
Sixers doing a great job on offensive glass. With with five offensive boards, and last one led to Isaiah Canaan 3FG. 7 2nd chance PTs.
Houston at Philadelphia. Dwight Howard reunites with his bottom Isaiah Canaan.
stab the ball with a knife, shove it in your pants, and yell PROCESS into the microphone as you swandive into Isaiah Canaan
James Harden called former Rockets Isaiah Canaan, Rob Covington good people, hard workers. "Opportunity key" in NBA.
guard (Isaiah Canaan) joined & earlier. You can listen to it here!.
Baron Davis needs to show up and cut Isaiah Canaan himself.
Where did Isaiah Canaan learn to do that??
Isaiah Canaan just made the nastiest lay up
I'm not ashamed to say it. I like Isaiah Canaan and hope he's back next year.
This just feels like annoying Isaiah Canaan night and I don't like it one bit.
Isaiah Canaan's 4-9 from three territory tonight. Had hit 4 3FG over previous 2 games total. Carl Landry team-high 16 P. Ish Smith 14 P.
Isaiah Canaan game-tying 3FG the final bucket for either team in 3rd. Even at 69. Canaan with 15 P.
When Isaiah Canaan is not shooting threes, you know he's going to lose the ball.
Isaiah Canaan is the worst player in the NBA
NBA. Isaiah Canaan just got a rebound
Isaiah Canaan [Canaan] scores a quick 9 points in the 2nd Q as the head into the break up 49-47. Johnson leads MIA w/ 14. …
Magic can't build on lead as Jerami Grant and Richaun Holmes dunk without resistance, and Isaiah Canaan hits 3 to make it 31-30.
He should've been released from the league after he grabbed Isaiah Canaan's nuts...
Ur really gonna do my boy Isaiah Canaan like that?!!!
Meanwhile in Philly.. Isaiah Canaan is firing 3's in double coverage from half court.
How to turn 21 the right way, featuring cameos from Isaiah Canaan and Hollis Thompson. .
the Warriors were up 6 with but a 4-point play by Isaiah Canaan followed by a steal and dunk .
"Part of being coachable was allowing him to hold me accountable." - Isaiah Canaan on Steve Prohm as his head coach at Murray State
updates Isaiah Canaan for apg 1.9 to 1.8 games 51 to 52 ppg 10.3 to 10.2
we don't need no more Isaiah Canaan's Jakarr Sampsons on this team! Colangelo helps steer him to quality free agents even veterans
them but also parsons, Isaiah Canaan, Ish Smith, Kyle Lowry, Goran Dragic idk man he's too into analytics
The Sixers should just release Isaiah Canaan. With turnovers, poor shooting, and bad fouls, he serves no purpose on the team.
One of the best offensive possessions in recent memory led to a wide open Isaiah Canaan three. Excellent ball movement. back up 13.
If Isaiah Canaan went to New York, he'd be Knick Canaan
Isaiah Canaan draws foul after Jamal Crawford miss on the other end. Goes 1-2. 96-92, 1:10 to play.
completely with you though that Isaiah Canaan is the absolute worst
Yeah I think that Isaiah Canaan air ball is a signal for me to turn the game off.
yet he keeps shooting. It's like Isaiah Canaan earlier this season 🙈
The Clippers couldn't get a defensive rebound, but Isaiah Canaan bailed them out by missing a quick three
Isaiah Canaan is the reason this sixers lose close games. Straight up.
Awesome shot selection Isaiah Canaan, we don't want to run the clock down or anything
Why would Isaiah Canaan shoot that is it because he's Isaiah Canaan?
no game has ever reinforced my disdain for Isaiah Canaan as a player more than this one
Isaiah Canaan is the reason we aren't a playoff team.
Isaiah Canaan has the IQ of a squirrel
solid game for him tonight against the class of East PGs, Isaiah Canaan
Isaiah Canaan with 5 fouls and no points tonight. Okafor leads with 14 points.
Isaiah Canaan has 4 fouls, Ish Smith has 4, and TJ McConnell has 2. Not a great spot to be in for the Sixers.
I liked a video from Midorima VS Isaiah Canaan - Amazing Shot Part 1
Ish Smith and Nik Stauskas getting into foul trouble means more ball handling responsibilities for Isaiah Canaan & that's not going well.
Isaiah Canaan with a turnover. Sponsored by -Plugin . Sponsored by
Crawford takes a hard foul from Isaiah Canaan on the break and heads to the line to adds two more FTs to give him 7 early points
NBA. Isaiah Canaan just got a rebound. Sponsored by
Shooting the Heat should consider trading for (in my opinion):. Isaiah Canaan. Wayne Ellington . Jason Terry . Garrett Temple
Isaiah Canaan NEVER looks off the defender before trying a post entry pass. He stares the dude down and waits
If Ish Smith is out tonight, consider playing Isaiah Canaan and TJ McConnell. Both should far exceed value
"Jah hurts other players production".. yea cause Hollis Thompson, Jakar Sampson, and Isaiah Canaan really need to be maximized. lol
Sixers have brought some subs in. Hollis Thompson and Isaiah Canaan.
Can the please sign aka Jordan McRae & move on from Isaiah Canaan at SG?
it pains me to agree with you because Isaiah Canaan is the father of my children
Isaiah Canaan swears he's Kobe Bryant (the 2005, good version)
I love Isaiah Canaan. But in the 4th quarter of a 76ers NBA basketball game, he should be nowhere NEAR the ball
I love this team more than anyone, but I'm not sure I could handle Isaiah Canaan getting meaningful playoff minutes
Isaiah Canaan questionable vs. Suns with wrist soreness.
Recommendation by :Isaiah Canaan is unlikely to return o...
Isaiah Canaan will not return to Tuesday's game due to an ankle injury.
Recommendation by :Isaiah Originally expected to miss Tu...
Sixers say Isaiah Canaan has a left ankle sprain; return questionable. Nik Stauskas left knee contusion; he is able to return.
Per Isaiah Canaan has a left ankle sprain. Return tonight questionable.
Status note: Isaiah Canaan headed to locker room Tuesday.
Isaiah Canaan needed help getting off the floor. He's heading to the locker room with what looked like an ankle injury.
Isaiah Canaan went down grabbing his ankle. Walking, it appears to be a rolled ankle. But I'm no doctor.
Isaiah Canaan is grabbing his left ankle. (Many Sixers fans probably rejoice)
Isaiah Canaan is down. Looks like it's something with his left leg.
Isaiah Canaan questionable vs. Suns with wrist soreness
Isaiah Canaan has such terrible shot selection
Isaiah Canaan just got a pat on his backside from Brett Brown after that last 3. Sixers lead Suns, 46-33.
Canaan's questionable status (wrists) didn't last long. He's playing in the 2nd quarter.
Hollis Thompson with a -23 in 1 half yet brown keeps him on the court. Isaiah Canaan with a -11, now a -44 in his last game and a half. Smh.
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im also weirdly pining for the raps to get the evolution of Isaiah Canaan in Randy foye
so he isn't an upgrade over TJ McConnell and Isaiah Canaan? What about Ish Smith? Ish did wonders for Noel last year
PG-SG Isaiah Canaan started Wednesday's game at SG in place of SG Nik Stauskas (knee).
The only two Murray State players in the NBA are in the building tonight -- Cam Payne and Isaiah Canaan
The sixers roster with okafor on the bench is: Phil pressey, Hollis Thompson, Isaiah Canaan, Jerami Grant, Christian wood. L O L
They have Phil Pressey and Isaiah Canaan in their backcourt, both are my size... 😐
I told y'all last year Ish Smith is that dude... All those alley oops to Noel.. Sixers said NAH we'll stick with Isaiah Canaan lol
Isaiah Canaan w/ 16pts, 4ast, 3 3PT last night-- Starting PG spot is his & he can splash 3's consistently. Sleeper.
6ers got Isaiah Canaan, Kendall Marshall, Jahlil Oakfor, Nik Stauskas, and JP Tokoto. Some of my favorite college players all on one squad.
yea man they only got Isaiah Canaan & Pierre Jackson lol
There's a good chance Ish Smith gets a boatload of minutes down the stretch with Isaiah Canaan sidelined for the rest of the season.
sauce will grow on me, pumped about that trade, but them 2 together. No thanks. . Here is cannan.
Isaiah Canaan expected to start in Philly; pick him up and see what you've got. Put up big numbers in HOU when starting for Pat Bev.
The Magic's Evan Fournier will be rated 72 in NBA2k16, along with Shelvin Mack, Langston Galloway. One point beneath Isaiah Canaan, CJ Miles
Had an awesome time at the company picnic! Met Jahlil Okafor, Robet Covington, and Isaiah Canaan! I also won an autographed basketball!
Isaiah Canaan has so much potential he is hiding, people need to let him lose one day and tell him: Score. You'll be amazed at what he'll do
Isaiah Canaan is complaining that he's a 73 lmao
Why Isaiah Canaan hooping at my job working these cats out
tell me how someone using Isaiah Canaan and hits 17 threes
Isaiah Canaan was the black guy face in nba2k14 next gen LOOL EVERYONE HAD
With the Sixers signing Pierre Jackson, he should take over as their starting PG better option than Isaiah Canaan and Ish Smith
I've always liked Norris Cole! Question is.. Is he that much of an upgrade over Isaiah Canaan, Ish Smith, or even Pierre Jackson!
"Let's get to the stars of the show...Jordan McRae, Jakarr Sampson, and Isaiah Canaan." - words spoken in real life
Jordan McRae, JaKarr Sampson and Isaiah Canaan are at the uniform unveil.
Current Sixers JaKarr Sampson and Isaiah Canaan in attendance with Jordan McRae
Steve Prohm's selling point to recruits: come to Murray State where our point guards make it to the NBA (Isaiah Canaan, …
Brett Brown just said Isaiah Canaan has a sprained foot and will miss at least 2 days.
Philly's PG's Ish Smith and Isaiah Canaan are a combined 4 for 25 tonight from the field. Sixers at 36.5% overall. 1 mi…
Robert Covington gets a great assist from Isaiah Canaan and Robert Covington, and strokes the corner three.
Kirk Heinrich should retire, post haste. Isaiah Canaan is giving him the bizness
Russ had Isaiah Canaan, JaKarr Sampson and Ish Smith guarding him. Not exactly elite competition.
Just seen what Dwight Howard did to Isaiah Canaan. *** .. 😬😐
Isaiah Canaan gets the start at point guard tonight, and Tim Frazier will back him up.
Nick Johnson clearly looking nervous knowing that he might now be in Dwight's "Isaiah Canaan" role ..
Quick recap of Murray State's Isaiah Canaan in his debut as the Philadelphia 76ers' starting point guard
If he's available, the should use the 35th pick of the NBA draft on Murray St PG Isaiah Canaan. Read more at: h…
Rockets acquired young athletic guard K.J. McDaniels for Isaiah Canaan and a second round pick. Sneaky good move by Hou…
scored those 159 points vs. Reno w/o Isaiah Canaan, Glen Rice Jr. and Toure' Murry. All will be in lineup tonight.
Day 2 tips off at 1pmET on w/ a stacked matchup including Seth Curry & Isaiah Canaan, Nick Johnson
*** James Harden, Josh Smith, Isaiah Canaan, & Trevor Ariza are all at limelight right now 😩
I hope Isaiah Canaan comes back tonight
Watch out for Isaiah Canaan on the Houston Rockets. He's going to be something special.
Recommendation by :Isaiah Canaan was actually expected t...
Rockets won’t have JET tomorrow, but might have Isaiah Canaan and Big Papa. We’ll take it
Isaiah Canaan & Kostas Papanikolaou questionable for tomorrow night in Denver. Francisco Garcia and Terrence Jones sti…
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Isaiah Canaan-G: Isaiah Canaan and Kostas Papanikolaou are both questionable for Wednesday
Isaiah Canaan & Kostas Papanikolaou are questionable tomorrow for Rockets at Denver. Garcia and Jones are out
Rockets Isaiah Canaan and Kostas Papanikolaou upgraded to "questionable" to play in Denver on Wednesday. Garcia, Jones…
Isaiah Canaan and Kostas Papanikolaou are both upgraded to questionable on the injury report for Wed. Garcia and Jones…
Isaiah Canaan & Kostas Papanikolaou will be questionable tomorrow at Denver. Garcia and Jones remain out.
Jason Terry will start at point guard for the Rockets with Pat Beverley and Isaiah Canaan out.
Thanks to a strong fourth quarter from Isaiah Canaan, the move to 3-0 in the preseason, and the dream of 106-0 rema…
Isaiah Canaan, Troy Daniels, Tariq Black and Clint Capela are names that I'll be watching because two of them will be available
you want to watch Francisco Garcia and Isaiah Canaan play...
"Isaiah Canaan in NBA 2K15. Rated 72 overall. I would love to see wat reggie Jackson rating is
“Isaiah Canaan in NBA 2K15. Rated 72 overall. like MyPlayer in 14
Is Isaiah Canaan ready to be the Rockets back up point guard?
U said the Rockets could need a backup PG as if u didn't know who Isaiah Canaan was a better shooter & scorer then Lin RT
I'm guessing either Donatas Motiejunas or Isaiah Canaan will be traded to make room for Jason Terry. Rockets have 16 guaranteed contracts.
The Goose is loose and the Canaan was firing Friday in Murray. Jack Givens vs Isaiah Canaan in HORSE.
I hope Isaiah Canaan gets more playing time for Houston.
maybe not all three combined. But throw Isaiah Canaan in there along with Nick J. and its close
well Isaiah Canaan/DMo have improved, we have a second rd gem in Johnson, Troy Daniels is back, and we got Lost as Papanikolaou too
The Isaiah Canaan speaks after scoring 24 points in a semifinals win:
... key line from post below: Rockets head to training camp with Ish Smith, Isaiah Canaan, and Nick Johnson fighting for the backup job.
Isaiah Canaan is the key to saving the offseason -
Rockets News :Trevor Ariza to wear number one; Isaiah Canaan switches to zero|
the emergence of Isaiah canaan and D mo
Met Isaiah Canaan today that plays with the Houston Rockets 😈🏀
Note from Racer Athletics. Dear Racer Fans - Just a few days remaining to reserve your spot at RacerHoopaLooza 2014! Seats are limited so please contact us today! You will not want to miss this night of Racer Basketball History. Players and Coaches from all eras will be returning to Murray for this special event. Come hear Racer legends Isaiah Canaan, Popeye Jones, Jim Jennings, Bennie Purcell and Guest of Honor Coach Cal Luther. HoopaLooza 2014 is honoring Head Coach Cal Luther and the 1964 team which was the first Murray State team to reach the NCAA Tournament. Come meet former players and coaches and learn how this team started 50 years of excellence and numerous NCAA appearances. Then on Friday, grab some friends and join us at Murray Country Club for a team golf scramble. Come as a team of four or as an individual. Each foursome will play with a Racer legend or current member of the Racer coaching staff. For additional details visit Thursday, August 7th - 5:30 pm - Reception, Dinn ...
The Isaiah Canaan scores 24 points to earn Player of the Day:
Isaiah Canaan going off. Drills a 3 with a Cav in his face. Up to 19 points as Rockets lead 57-51, 5:46 Q3.
Isaiah Canaan going to be good I swear
Isaiah Canaan, no doubt. I think he just made the regular season team for the Rockets.
Off the Radar Performance: Isaiah Canaan Isaiah Canaan scores 15 points and dishes out six assists in Monday's l...
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Ray McCallum v. Isaiah Canaan probably would have made for an awesome NCAA game. It’s working in
Cheering on Isaiah Canaan in the League championship game!
Isaiah Canaan is an excellent 3pt shooter, off the dribble scorer, jump shooter, and at 6ft, quick & squat he can into lane & score
Assist of the Night: Isaiah Canaan: Isaiah Canaan throw a wonderful bounce pass during the third quarter.
him, Isaiah Canaan and montiejunas are hella good
Nick Johnson 17 Donatas Montiejunas 16 Isaiah Canaan 15 for in L they shot 32%
Isaiah Canaan gets comp'd to Eric Bledsoe for a physical squat RB-style, like Percy Harvin cutting it up on the turf
how do the Bucks get Isaiah Canaan before he goes all Eric Bledsoe and TJones before HOU realizes what it has? Need 3rd team
Houston has that PG (Isaiah Canaan) and a perfect PF for Milwaukee in Terence Jones. Canaan, Giannis, Jabari, TJones=upside.
Eric Moreland continues his Summer League block party with a rejection of Isaiah Canaan
Isaiah Canaan I am so happy about coming in the line up
Isaiah Canaan is the key to saving the Houston Rockets' offseason via
Never been a Rockets but I can't lie, I like the Nick Johnson Isaiah Canaan duo them boys nice.
Isaiah Canaan is putting in serious work in the summer league. It's gonna be a tough matchup between him and Ish Smith for backup pg...
Now that we signed Ish Smith again who will be pat bevs backup, Isaiah Canaan or Smith?
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Rockets win! Beat Cavs 96-90 to stay alive in League. Isaiah Canaan was great with 28, D-Mo added 21.
The will have Robert Covington and Isaiah Canaan on assignment from the for tonight's playoff game in Hidalgo.
reassigning Robert Covington and Isaiah Canaan back to for tonight's Game 2 vs. Santa Cruz.
Rockets send Robert Covington, Isaiah Canaan back to Vipers for tonight's playoff game. Guys will have stockpiles of frequent flier miles.
I liked a video Isaiah Canaan talks of his time with the Rio Grande Valley Vipers
Vasquez DROPS Isaiah Canaan in the open court! Like Hoopflix (Y)
That boy Francisco Garcia and Isaiah Canaan in the building!
Isaiah and Canaan never fail to make me laugh and cheer me up when I'm feeling down😂👌😂
Isaiah Canaan called up from the Vipers D league team to the Houston Rockets for the playoffs
recalled Isaiah Canaan & Robert Covington from RGV Vipers. Both played in RGV’s game 1 loss at Santa Cruz last night. Gm2 is Sat
The Rockets have recalled Robert Covington (& Isaiah Canaan (from affiliate
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