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Ironman Triathlon

An Ironman Triathlon is one of a series of long-distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) consisting of a swim, a bike and a marathon run, raced in that order and without a break.

Lake Placid New Orleans Ben Nevis Jordan Lake

Top 10 tips from locals about what to do on race day! ht…
At Muskoka 70.3 last year, I thought there were lots of hills. Tempted to return 4 the 140.6! htt…
close to home and tempting my sanity: IRONMAN Muskoka Set for August, 2015
News! IRONMAN Muskoka Set for August, 2015 - Set in one of Canada's premier destination areas, IRONMAN Mu... h…
Endure It! Clubbers, we already have 36+ people who are taking advantage of our guaranteed entry to IRONMAN...
me! Hope you have something good planned. Last tough day of training for Ironman Triathlon!
I'm stoked to witness this next Sunday.
The 2016 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship will venture to the Southern Hemisphere
This just in! The 70.3 World Champs are heading Down Under in 2016! Get the scoop: h…
Make sure you have a look at the traffic closures for Sunday during Ironman Canada, the roads will become a stage http…
Anyone wanting to follow my progress on Sunday's Nottingham Ironman. I'm no 1100
For those interested in following my progress at look for bib
Vincenzo Cavaliere is lined up and ready to race 2014 IRONMAN Canada . via
Triathlon News : news, results and videos about and :
We r so excited to host right in the heart of triathlon country. for tons of info
10 days to We've got tips to help you master the course:
Only 50 general entries left! Then Ironman Foundation entries open-gives back to the Oside community!
Buddy testing the swim exit ramp for this weekends
Good luck 2 our Head of IT Simon T this w/e, taking part in the Bolton Ironman Triathlon to raise funds for Fantastic cause
Any other triathletes suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Triathlete Disorder?
Graduating to 70.3? Some nutritional advice from For carbs, we like real things you can chew vs. gels.
WOW! is selling fast. Less than 50 entries left. DON'T WAIT
my teammate, a visually impaired triathlete competing at Kona this year!
to when Scott had a triathlon on Mars. I mean Lake Mead/Ironman St. George
Triathlon coach & Ironman ref Jimmy Riccitello offers up his advice on race-legal swimwear:
Alexandrian Kristina Ament is among the Champions. IRONMAN® triathlon athletes received the AWA designation in...
We're all set for the Ironman this weekend! Are you taking part?
Under 10 days to guess Nathan’s Outlaw Ironman time for Get involved here:
Breaking down the phases of the swim stroke. What's going wrong & how to fix it:
Team Wales cannot call up a double CHAMPION because she was not nominated by Welsh This has to be a joke!?
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An race is the perfect distance in so many ways. Sign up & get training w/ this no-frills 4 month plan.
still recovering from an Ironman on Sunday, plus had to drive to Wales this morning :)
Ironman UK: 'watch' it all about... - How are your nerves this morning? If you are racing the tenth ann...
Double Ironman champion Leanda Cave says she is "embarrassed" by the Wales triathlon selectors
Our trustee is taking on the triathlon this weekend to raise money for our children in Kenya
The Cobra Energy Drink Ironman 70.3 is a qualifier to the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship triathlon.…
Best way to beat the winter time blues? Commit to a spring
He is going to be taking part in an Ironman triathlon on Sunday! 2.6 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride followed by a 26 mile marathon...
The challenge for people that usually struggle with finding their motivation is they expect motivation to come first.
For real, yo!!! My ultimate goal is to qualify for, and compete in the Ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii 😏😏
LexisNexis team competes (and sponsors) Raleigh Ironman 70.3 triathlon today! - Monica Bay
Shoutout to my roommate for finishing the ironman triathlon in Raleigh today.
You should see some big rides from me coming up, I've an Ironman Triathlon to train for :-)
Naples Fitness Challenge Triathlon: Wreski, McMurrer break through to win titles: McMurrer is an Ironman-calib...
Crazy to see the difference from my first triathlon to Ironman Texas. trossgolf…
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Over a year later, and triathlete Linsey Corbin's training playlist still stacks up!
Here are my results with splits, paces, and rankings. Finished 1353 overall with a time of 06:39:31. via
Triathlete injured in crash with SUV in Raleigh: Authorities say a competitor in the Raleigh Ironman triathlon...
DT completed the 2014 IRONMAN 70.3 Raleigh in a time of 06:03:21. via
Best Bike Training For Ironman Useful tips to be the best!
WOW! I wonder if the run course was legit?…50% of the field under 1:20
Congrats to Braden Walsh completing the Ironman Triathlon in Raleigh today. Swam 1.2 miles in Jordan Lake. Biked 56 miles thru Chatham and Wake Counties and finished with a 13.1 mile run thru Raleigh. 5:43 and 20 min. Faster than last year. It just blows my mind.. don't be late for school tomorrow Braden. Might be some testing going on, You wouldn't want to miss it.
How does amateur and professional compare in racing? SRM takes a look!
3,000 participate in Raleigh Ironman 70.3 competition: Nearly 3,000 people registered for the triathlon, 400 more...
Helgi Olafson from Waikoloa HI USA has completed the 2014 IRONMAN 70.3 Hawaii in a time of 05:09:24.
What happens when you mix a night of cousins, more than a few cocktails and at least 3 bottles of wine.apparently you wake up with a email confirmation that you registered for a 1/2 Ironman triathlon relay!
I have also completed triathlon on my way to my 70.3 Ironman in October!
Race volunteers needed to help work the Mile 5/8 water station of the BSLT 70.3 Ironman triathlon (June 29th) and...
Thanks 4 the follow! See all Tri, Bike, Run News. Plus visit our Partners Store.
Congrats to on the Win at Ironman 70.3 Italy today. Fantastic!
It's hot out there: hydrate! MT Training Tips:Ironman Brendan Brazier shares his tips on Proper Hydration
Triathlon / Marathon Training Tips: Ironman Triathlete Brendan Brazier shares his best tips on Proper Hydration
Setting new fitness goals. For me and out of spite at society. 1. Triathlon this Aug. 2. Ironman Sept 2015. 3. LIFT A HUGE *** TRUCK TIRE
just popping in for a teeny bit to say hello! Been preoccupied with hubby doing his 1st half ironman triathlon today, so proud!
The Ironman Triathlon finish line, a short run from our Raleigh Eyewitness News Center. More on abc11 tonight http…
Very proud of son Jon who completed a half Ironman triathlon (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and half marathon). Great time of 5:44!
Exactly one year ago today, I started officially training for my first ironman triathlon. So what to do this year? Well I could try to plan a vacation that doesn't involve an endurance event like a normal person. I guess maybe I can try that next year. For my fortieth birthday this year, I decided to complete the NYC marathon. Let the miserable heat training
I'm FREE! When it comes to health and fitness, and my sport of triathlon I'm a very type A personality. I train with a very structured plan, and heaven forbid that I miss a scheduled workout. Long course triathlons such as Ironman 70.3 and Ironman 140.6 require daily workouts (sometimes 2 or 3). Your life and the life of your family becomes shackled by your training sessions resulting in what I call training bondage. My family and I lived under that bondage for the past three summers, and because of my competitive nature we were headed into another summer of the same as I began training for Ironman 70.3 Muncie. This week I decided to pull the plug on Muncie. This was my decision and came as a welcomed surprise to my family. Don't worry, I love Ironman triathlon and it's challenge, I just need a summer without that level of training. This summer will be spent training and racing with team Burch, and pursuing our new organization Mission 1:37. Next Summer you will see me once again at the start line of Iron ...
Brian is doing the ironman triathlon today in Raliegh NC
Good Morning! Just a friendly reminder if you live near the Southern Wake, Lee, Chatham County or in and around the downtown Raleigh area; please avoid the Jordan Lake, Lake Wheeler Rd area in bound towards Raleigh @ all costs due to The IRONMAN TRIATHLON. If you remember this from last year; traffic will be an absolute nightmare.
Huge congratulations to my brother Andrew for completing an Ironman triathlon - including running up and down Ben Nevis! - in 18 hours 3 minutes and 4 seconds. A 2.4 mile swim in the Firth of Forth, a 112 mile bike ride to Glencoe, topped off by a full marathon distance of 26.2 miles up and down the mountain. What an incredible achievement. I've had to sit down just thinking about it (I stick to running 4k and don't like cold showers). Somehow 'well done' doesn't seem to cover it!
My pales into insignificance compared to what 2 friends are doing today, an ironman Triathlon finishing a top Ben Nevis. Go Darren Checkley & Colin Durrant and to Fran Checkley & crew supporting them.
Kelly Williamson (Pulled in her first Ironman Triathlon victory yesterday at Ironman Texas!! From everyone at Rudy Project, Congratulations Kelly! Read more at: Trizone:
On behalf of the Members and Officers of the New Market Fire and Rescue are thoughts and prayers go out to. Sgt. Frank Guinn, a firefighter at Station 21, was killed while training for an Ironman Triathlon in New Orleans. Sgt. Guinn was bicycling with his brother-in-law when they were hit by a car on the Chef Menteur Highway. His brother-in-law is in critical condition. "Sgt. Guinn's brothers and sisters in Atlanta Fire Rescue are devastated at this news," said Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran. "He was a dedicated professional and devoted to his family. As a Department, we will wrap our collective arms around his wife Kim and his three beautiful girls. We ask that you keep them and Sgt. Guinn's entire family in your thoughts and prayers."
FOUND RACING BICYCLE I'm riding around in the Big Blue Truck and I find a bike on the side of I-80. It must have fallen off someone's car. So I stop the truck and walk back and pick it up, then strap it to catwalk on my truck. It has a bent rear wheel & no front wheel. Seems pretty light. I could use a bike is what I thought. Anyway, I took it out of the van yesterday, I'm looking it over and I find an Ironman Triathlon sticker on it. Curiosity peeked it's head up, let's look this up on the Web. So here it is: This bicycle is worth about $1500 dollars easy. So if you can repost this and we can find the owner, then the good guys win. Simple right? Let's see how small the world is! FOUND RACING BIKE!
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RaceQuest Travel clients rave about the time they spend learning from 3x IRONMAN Champion Jessica Jacobs, and...
if you want to follow my race tomorrow. . bib number 225. . New Orleans should be live in the morning.
Ironman 70.3 New Orleans bike check in done
Sad-Atl FF Frank Guinn killed today in New Orleans training for the Ironman Triathlon. Hit by car. (more)
Well done on achieving your goals today - Luke Harrop Memorial. Check out your results online
IronMan traffic restrictions and race route: New Orleans – The 2014 IronMan triathlon will take place on Sunda...
It was a beautiful final workout day - this week: 520km & 40…
Here we go - tracking the Tritons on Athlete Tracker Putrajaya 70.3...
Here we are, volunteer for ironman 70.3 triathlon event
Pollen outside, I have to run inside
Proud of this girl!! Finished her first ironman triathlon today, pretty sure that's a 1.2 mile swim,…
Thinking positive thoughts for my big brother, who's doing a half-ironman triathlon tomorrow!
Checked in! 70.3 Florida. Practice complete. time to relax.
Post navigation← PreviousNext →Ironman Triathlon Coming to Dorchester CountyPosted on April 12, 2014 by Dorchester County MdDorchester Count Md News Source- Delmarva NewsDelmarva Business News- Dorchester County Md Business Eagleman and Chesapeakeman have both taken place in Cambridge over the past…
Canadian pro shares the stage with Ironman World Champ at the Cannes International Triathlon. We'll...
Inspirational News "We can do anything we want if we stick to it long enough." - HELEN KELLER
I want to compete in the IRONMAN triathlon
...And today marks Daph's first triathlon in Vegas.many more to come on way to goal of ironman
Then my brain must be ready to do the Ironman Triathlon.
Open water swim sessions that will help you power up your 2014 performance:
It's the IronMan Triathlon of Bulldog Sports!. Hope all is well with you.
You guys are my inspirations. Next step, try a Duathlon race. Only then, try to finish a Triathlon race like Ironman in the next 10 years.
Two participants in this weekend's Ironman triathlon were struck by a car while on a bike ride this morning. One was killed, the other is in critical condition.
We have updated the very sad deadly accident news
Cannes International Triathlon ! . Frederik Van Lierde , Ironman world champion and Victor Del Corral are getting...
First race of the year tomorrow at 70.3 Florida! Thank you for all the support
for and for moi. Race season has begun.
In what kind of a jacked up world have I gotten myself into when myself and teammates consider a Half Ironman Triathlon a warm-up event?!?!?
My mistress, left at the transition area earlier today
Sad news: Atlanta firefighter killed while prepping for Ironman 70.3 New Orleans Father of triplets
Used to say the league is not a sprint its a marathon. Now I reckon its reaching Ironman Triathlon proportions!
Ever wondered what it would be like to train for the Ironman Triathlon? This video, brought to you by K-Swiss, offers an insight into the gruelling regime th...
LOOKING for a two man JET SKI and 1 operator for this Sundays IRONMAN TRIATHLON in New Orleans, LA. Must be an accomplished rider with history on that ski. Because of the use of this ski, rescue Certs are not a requirement, but First Responder w water rescue training is preferred.
Tri’ing for Scholarships It is that time again, and the Community Church of Lake Berryessa is raising money for college scholarships for local youth. For the 4th year Pastor Bob is challenging the waters and roads of Lake Berryessa in a Half Ironman Triathlon on April 12th at 0700 hours. The church is accepting pledges to go into our scholarship program and be awarded at the end of the school year. Any amount is greatly appreciated and last year four scholarships were given out totaling $1,250. Our local Lake Berryessa youth are selected for the scholarships, and your help is greatly appreciated in helping them pursue their higher education. To donate contact the Church at 252-4488 or pledge sheets may be found at various locations around the Lake. Donations will be collected after the event and, as always, if Pastor Bob does not finish you don’t have to pay. Thanks again! God Bless, Pastor Bob
Holy moly, it just set in that I have a half ironman triathlon in less than 48hrs!
Heading out this morning to New Orleans for Todd's Ironman triathlon on Sunday!
Dear Inge HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew, who completed his 226km IRONMAN triathlon in 15hrs and 29mins! Thank you so much for your pledge which has contributed to a total of R94 120 raised from agents, staff and managers from around the country. PGP Head Office will be matching these contributions ‘Rand for Rand,’ which means that we have raised R188 240 for the Heart of Gold Trust. To reiterate, the Heart of Gold Trust has been formed with the express purpose of discovering and investing in exceptional, yet undiscovered, young talent in the fields of academia, sport, art or culture. In order to ensure the optimal success of this important PGP endeavour, we have recently formed a strategic partnership with the MAD CHARITY (Make a Difference), experts in the corporate social space, who have successfully changed the lives of many talented young South Africans over the past 10 years Watch this space for exciting details as we go forward together. Once again, well done, Andrew! Regards Niki
Nicholas, Emma and I participated in the north country community recreation center's swimathon today to raise money for the swim team. Watch out Ironman Triathlon, my boy has got your number. If you want HIS number, it is 5...years old. He'll see you soon...
Since Aleister responded first, and he came up with a manageable number, here are my 4, in no great thought-out order. 1. Before I screwed my back up, I thought it would be really awesome to run the Ironman Triathlon when I turned 50. 2. The only thing I actively dislike about working retail is the presumption that speed equals quality. 3. My favorite movies, in no particular order are: Patton, The Count of Monte Cristo, and The Muppet Christmas Carol. 4. The dog barked relentlessly at my bust of Julius Caesar when the office was being repainted so badly that the parents had to put a towel over him. Considering his end in Shakespeare where he pulled the toga over his head, this has always made me wonder if Brutus is still serving out karmic *** in dog form.
I didn't know Chef Gordon Ramsay competed in the Ironman Triathlon. Pretty impressive.
A KA`U TEEN IS LOCKED UP IN KONA after interacting with swimmers practicing for this weekend’s Ironman Triathlon. The 100 lb. monk seal, born six months ago at Kamilo near South Point, was swimming Tuesday off Ali`i Drive in Kailua-Kona among a slew of Ironman triathletes. Apparently looking to play, the monk seal swam circles around swimmers and nipped one man on the knee and another on his side, according to a story in this morning’s West Hawai`i Today. The two incidents follow reports over the last month concerning the monk seal teenager interacting with fishermen, beachgoers and swimmers along the Ka`u, South Kona an Kona Coast, including hauling out on boat ramps and at Kailuea Pier. After biting triathletes, the seal was captured by wildlife biologists who decided to cage him for a short time before releasing him back into the wild, perhaps at a more remote location than Kailua-Kona where more than 2,000 triathletes will compete in the Ironman this Saturday. The youngster, one of less than 200 e ...
Duffy & Sweeney Attorney Tyler Ray Competes in Ironman Triathlon to Raise Money for Breast Cancer Cause
If I could complete a Ironman triathlon before I die, it would be great 🙌
Planning to race an Ironman triathlon this year? Here's a quote for you:. "Think and feel yourself there! To achieve any aim in life, yo...
The only thing standing between you and your goals is time and effort. - great ride today, even if it was inside. featured in NBC s Science of Love
TIP 4 all Athletes: Focus on YOUR race-pace and stick to what you practiced in training. GO BIG!
I'm missing trading by supporting our daughter in her first Ironman Triathlon in Lake Placid
Such an honor to witness Julie Lane Murdaugh's amazing accomplishment!! Half Ironman Triathlon complete in under...
Ironman triathlon her in Lake Placid
Congrats to my sweetie who just finished her first half-Ironman triathlon in 6:19:58, 11th in her division and 77th overall!
Dad came 18th in the ironman triathlon today! Pretty proud
It's a rainy, book-reading type of day, have you read "A Life Without Limits" by
I need to start preparing for the ironman triathlon
I really want to do an ironman triathlon but im not even close to being able to do any of the components :/
Sitting on sofa watching '13 Ironman triathlon on TV. Pretty sure I could do that. Minus the swim & run..and if bike ride was a lot shorter.
On 4th August I will be attempting an Ironman triathlon for Cancer Research. Just 1 week to go. Sponsor us at:
Strong article in this month. The Reality of being a 'professional triathlete'
37-year-old mum takes on gruelling Ironman with no previous experience - This I
Getting some good mojo from Snoopy for my half ironman triathlon tomorrow!
Our Director of Research completed a half-Ironman triathlon last weekend. What an accomplishment!
Lake Placid for the weekend. Camping, hiking, and volunteering at the Ironman triathlon (@ Lake Placid, NY)
Ironman Triathlon World Championships, Hawaii. Photos with medal to preserve an awesome…
Best of luck to my big bro in his IronMan Triathlon this weekend! Kick some butt 🏊🚴🏃💪
140.6 = miles traveled in an Ironman triathlon. Good luck to the athletes in Lake Placid this weekend doing just that.
4 Cebu Hotels for Ironman 70.3: Every year, athletes from all over the world join the Ironman triathlon, one o...
2Toms Athlete, Tony Rich, to attempt a Guinness World Record for Fastest Indoor Ironman
Someone come watch the Ironman triathlon in Lake Placid with me on Sunday !
Come visit the North Country Chapter of the American Red Cross at the Ironman Triathlon in Lake Placid this...
looking for race wheel set advice. 1st on race wheels. Have access to either the HED 5 or Zipp 404's?
The Check-In: NBC IRONMAN Show to Re-Air in August: Get your IRONMAN television fix, IRONM...
If you're in need of some motivation, do what I do. Watch IronMan Triathlon videos and keep replaying them.
Good luck to Kim and Dan Ashworth of at the Lake Placid, NY Ironman Triathlon this weekend.
Why It's Never too Old to Become One: Never say never, even at the age of 60. That’s when ...
Timex ambassadors & coaches give tips on surviving the ultimate endurance test of the Ironman triathlon in Sports
In 2016, I WILL take part in my first IronMan Triathlon... I will have those who doubt me, but I will be the one who proves them all wrong
All packed & off to switzerland for dad's IronMan triathlon! 14 hour car journey, fml 🔫🚘
“I'm gonna have sex with every race before I die.” the Boston marathon...Indy 500.. IronMan triathlon? ;) couldn't resist
Local athletes to compete in Ironman Triathlon
2,800 competitors will be tested to the max in Sunday's Ironman Lake Placid Triathlon.
I shared some advice for a first time participant :) /cc
“Why is Brad Pitt taking out my trash?” Seriously, the guy is a total stud. being
Local athletes to compete in Ironman - Gloversville Leader-Herald
Had a dream I was doing the huge ironman triathlon.. 🙅💀 no
It's part 1 of the Ironman Triathlon that I will never do. There's a 1500m race also.
Farm Sanctuary founder and longtime Gene Baur will compete in his first Ironman Triathlon this weekend!
Who's heading out to Lake Placid, NY for the Ironman Triathlon this weekend? Kim and Dan are racing this year---look for them there!
Family of Five Racing Together in Lake Placid: For the Seedes family, triathlon—and an act...
TIP 4 Athletes: Don't forget to pack your Foam Roller!
Tony gears up for Ironman challenge: An Exmouth man is preparing to take on an epic Ironman triathlon t...
Siobhan O’Donnell (aka Siobhan Moore of Dublin Airport) on her preparation for the ironman triathlon in Frankfurt
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Officially registered for the Ironman Triathlon at Wimbleball 2014, yes me, a reformed fat man with asthma and who has trained himself!
Oh you did an IronMan triathlon?. Well, I once cut an English muffin perfectly in half.
Out there when no one 's watching. triathlon training!
I would love to compete in an Ironman triathlon some day.
We are for the race this weekend. Come see us at the event…
I want to finish an ironman triathlon before I graduate.
Juice Plus+ Announcement: Jason Fowler earns coveted slot to compete in Hawaii IRONMAN Triathlon
Brian Boyle, from a deathly car accident to Ironman Triathlon
any one for Puerto Rico, San Juan, Trip in August 16th? I will ride the Ironman Triathlon route to explore it for next April..
Boulder, Colorado, named host to new full distance Ironman Triathlon
Boulder, CO named as host for new Ironman Triathlon. Full details and to see when you can register (dont miss this!):
Ironman Triathlon is very likely coming to Boulder Colorado!
Lidbury and Alexander take the wins at Ironman 70.3 Kansas:
You can still get in! Entry to World Championship Up For Auction - (via
Triathlon Basics - Try a Tri? Wednesday, June 19th 7:00pm @ REI South Side Is it time to TRY a TRI? From Sprint to IronMan, triathlons offer a variety of opportunities to challenge yourself and help get you into shape. Join us to discover the ins-and-outs of triathlons: types, distances, how to get started, how to train, and what to expect on race day.
Only 6 days to my first ever half-ironman Please support the fantastic DEBRA charity by sponsoring me via
A few more results to report from the past weekend of racing: Nancy Agrillo rocked her NHBC jersey to 1st place in her division in the Half Ironman discipline at the GR Triathlon, and Don Goetchus took 9th in his! Outstanding! Tessa Perez also added to her impressive spring campaign with a 4th place finish in the Tour de Mont Pleasant Criterium! Great job by everyone who raced this weekend! Keep being your awesome selves and representing our sponsors so well!
Potts and Naeth Soar at IRONMAN 70.3 Eagleman and so did many RVA triathletes!
The lake, which covers more than 1,000 acres, is ideal for a day of swimming, boating or tubing. Fishing is also a popular activity in the area, as bass, perch and rainbow trout are plentiful. To the east, is a stunning view of the Cascade Range Mountains, which offers numerous parks and trails desi...
Career defining wins in Cairns for McKenzie and Blatchford
Two years ago, Ben Postlethwait participated in the Ironman 70.3 Kansas triathlon, but his race ended early when his bike malfunctioned in the middle of the course. At the time, he was suffering symptoms of Hodgkin’s lymphoma — he just didn’t know it yet.
Hi everyone, just a quick reminder that this afternoon is our Zone 3/Bodyworks XTC wetsuit trial day - the weather's looking great, we hope to see as many of you down there as possible! Full details below... On Monday 10th June we are hosting a wetsuit trial day in association with Zone 3 and Bodyworks XTC. The swim will give triathletes and open water swimmers the opportunity to try out the 2013 range of Zone 3 wetsuits in an open water environment and experience the training environment that has produced top ITU athletes such as Ollie Freeman and Todd Leckie and also Ironman UK winner Yvette Grice alongside an ever increasing number of age group athletes. Olympic women's triathlon coach and general UK triathlon legend Glenn Cook will be on hand for swimming tips and advice as will Sarah Coope, South East Regional Academy Coach , Club Coach to Team Bodyworks XTC, Ironman Hawaii 3rd place and 6 x European Triathlon Champion. We will also have a fleet of ex-hire suits for those who haven't swum open water ...
Here's some video of 2013 Ironman Boise 70.3 run course and finish triathlon
Former Biggest Loser went to Mexico and feels ALIVE! See the epic challenge she took on!
"Ultramarathon", "Triathlon", "Ironman" sounds like a cool title to be grabbed, but my priority at the moment is as simple as "S.E."
Getting my point across, talking about at a Careers in Sport Day last Friday
WTOP: Biz reporter nails Ironman Triathlon, while on chemotherapy
Photos of and more from yesterday's by
Congrats to Kingdom Multisport athlete Nathan Brock who had a blast in a "fun" triathlon this week. No times goals, no pressure, just have fun... REV3 Williamsburg is next, and Nathan will be getting into "Race mode" and attacking that course! Congrats to Ryan Ford who did a 2.4 mile open water swim race and placed 3rd OA with a screaming 59:08 min swim! Ryan is in his taper for Ironman Coeur de' alene in less than 2 weeks! It's also worth noting his 14 year old son placed first OA in the 1.2 mile distance with a 29:08. Way cool! Congrats to Ryan and Nathan!
Great to see all the Ironman Triathletes in full training mode up here in Tahoe! Remember ladies - we have a triathlon clinic package specifically for this September's IM, "Iron Out The Kinks". Ladies will swim, ride and run parts of the course, experience altitude training and learn tips, strategies for sustaining these long distances and SO MUCH MORE to get you through your race!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Join me for my Ironman Oz camp in Port Mac, Australia in September
Eagleman takeaways: (1) Swim times were 5-6 minutes slower generally across the field. A local Cambridgian (?) told me that when it rains like it did that so much water flows into the Choptank way upstream and currents are effected for days afterward. He told me we would be swimming against a strong current on the falling tide. Regardless of that, my SWIM time REALLY sucked..9 min slower than last year. Guess what I'll be working on? (2) The competitive field was really unbelievable. My 55-59 age group was indicative. Last year, 4 athletes did the race in less than 5:10. This year, 15 did. (Even with the slower swim times. How many would have if the swim had been "normal?") W35-39, same story, last year 14, sub-5:10's and this year, 22. I'd love to hear some theories about why the field was so much stronger. Bottom line, I had an aggressive plan which I met, by and large, for transitions, bike and run. In order to be more competitive I have to swim more and get better at swimming in adverse conditions.
Very proud of my Bro-in-Law Marcus! Came 5/177 for his age group and 22/1141 overall in the IronMan Triathlon in Cairns. He also achieved a Personal best of 9:28:58 and has qualified for the world championships in Hawaii! What an achievement! Well done mate!
Run 16 miles, swim 2500 yards, bike 95 miles. I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.
Does navigating the running shoe maze sometimes leave you a bit confused? Fret not:
Ironman 70.3 Podium Results, Highlights & Analysis from this past weekend of racing
Had a first great half Ironman yesterday at Eagleman
Looking forward to meeting the other Team members. Bolton or bust!
Well I've officially started training for an ironman triathlon!
Sunday, June 10 was the Grand Rapids Triathlon and it happens 1 mile from home each year, in Ada Michigan, and I ran into three of my first cousins there. Pictured are Paul and Jim Linck, identical twin brothers, one from Atlanta, the other from Texas, as competitors, and Tom Linck, this day a part of the audience with me. This was a half Triathlon, and the guys did well. By the way, Tom, (with the bike) has competed in the past in the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii, and had just completed a 105 mile bike race in Mount Pleasant the day before. Amazing the work that goes into being in shape for these things!! Was great to see my cousins!!
Hines Ward crossing the line of a Triathlon: *Hines Ward competed in The Oread IRONMAN 70.3 Kansas in Lawrence...
Want to swim fast? Check out this week's Monday Swim Set! Flashes of fast...
SUPER MUM WARRINER CLAIMS WIN IN IRONMAN 70.3 CAIRNS Whangarei’s Super Mum Samantha Warriner, coming back to triathlon after the birth of her daughter, has claimed the Ironman 70.3 Cairns today. The former world number one ranked Olympic athlete and Ironman New Zealand winner pushed to a nine minute lead on the bike and held off the fast-finishing Kiyomi Niwata from Japan to claim the title. Warriner was in a class of her own early, exiting the water with more than a two minute lead and growing the advantage on the bike. “This is my fifth race in five weeks and I’m glad I held in there for the win. I love racing in Australia and to come back and win nine months after pregnancy is fantastic,” Warriner said. “The course was so beautiful, but the wind was there the whole time.” Warriner built on her lead out of the water and by the time she hit the 5.5km mark of the run she had a nine minute buffer. At that stage she looked like she had the race all sewn up, the only problem was nobody remembered ...
So, the Expert and I haven’t been doing so well. And I wasn’t going to say anything, but the proverbial fan hitting of the poo kind of happened yesterday.
Huge wins for Liz Blatchford and Luke McKenzie at Ironman Cairns!
Emma-Kate Lidbury in outstanding form as she & Craig Alexander win Ironman 70.3 Kansas:
In preparation for my first triathlon and half Ironman Wendy Mader has me doing the crazy thing called "training". Wow I have not done something structures like that in a long time. She also has me "swimming" and "riding". Strange words in my book. I am so out of my element...AND LOVE IT!!!
Cairns Ironman 70.3 Race Report Firstly, Cairns for me has been significant because it marks exactly 12 months of my Triathlon journey, starting 12 months ago at 110kg and having ambitions to get fit I have managed to exceed expectations of others and my own but, I am that competitive that I continue to strive to see constant improvements so thank you to everyone who continues to support me and help motivate me. Leading up to race day I had a lot of uncertainty around how I would perform due to a knee injury after falling sick 3 weeks prior but, I guess it was a way for my body to tell me to pull back slightly. No doubt I knew even with my knee issue my swim, bike and run form is the strongest it has been with a great base and also key specific training sessions to develop my strength. On race morning it was near perfect conditions with heavy rain over night the clouds opened up to the sound of Aboriginal music being played as we walked along the pier to the Swim start. The water was as calm as it could b ...
Joins Sponsors of BIZNET Bali Triathlon 2013 Gold Sponsorship of BIZNET Bali International Triathlon Includes Support for Helbalife Individual Participants and Teams (6/10/2013) Herbalife - a global nutrition company based in the USA, - has joined a gold sponsor of the BIZNET Bali International Triathlon to be held on Jimbaran, Bali, Sunday, June 23, 2013. A long-time supporter of the Bali International Triathlon, 2013 will be the 6th year that Herbalife will have a presence at the world-famous challenge to swimmers, cyclists and runners held on Jimbaran Bay and along the southern peninsula of Bali. “Herbalife, as nutrition manufacturer, is very supportive supporting sports in Indonesia. We’re actively engage in healthy lifestyle to create new culture in Indonesia through sport and good nutrition,” said Andam Dewi, director and general manager PT Herbalife Indonesia. Andam said that for the 7th BIZNET Bali International Triathlon, Herbalife would be providing nutrition to 7 athletes and 1 team from ...
Pros of Ironman Triathlon: Pure adrenaline of the whole race week and race itself is just incredible. Physically in the best shape I can be!
Cons of Ironman Triathlon: up early 5 days a week to Train, expensive, huge commitment, unforgiving.
Dear nutters, (i.e. Hellfire participants) we have to change the date of the Hellfire Triathlon and Team Relay to the 28th of July. Comments?
this is the 36 week ironman training plan I follow:
Just 6 days til and several hrs of pain. Feel fit enough but unsure if troublesome calf will hold up. Half
Set in one of the world's most iconic tropical locations, the Cairns Airport Adventure Festival features 10 jam-packed days of events for people of all ages and abilities.
This expo will give all those interested in Ultra Running a chance to listen to inspirational speakers from the world of Ultra Running and Triathlon, try and buy kit from exhibitors, book events from organisers and generally network with like-minded people. Many of the subjects covered will be of gr...
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Erika Csomor and Horst Reichel won the third edition of IRONMAN 70.3 Italy in Pescara.
"With the wind, hills, deserted landscape, superb organization, This race has a Kona *** Lanzarote feel to it." – Normann Stadler, Ironman World Champion
Congratulations Anthea Howard for completing the Cairns Ironman 70.3 triathlon yesterday!!! From all reports, the weather was very up and down and there was a massive headwind on the bike. Fantastic effort and it definitely gives you bragging rights at Boxing!!! Well done.
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Australia’s (Crowie) won his second race in seven days and Great Britain’s Emma-Kate Lidbury dominated the women’s race at Ironman 70.3 Kansas. Congrats to everyone who participated in this weekend! It was an amazing
What a splendid way of ending a weekend. Very fruitful. Attended a wonderful interactive session with India's Ironman Anu Vaidyanathan. She's given many valuable insights on feminism and women empowerment and shared her Triathlon and bike riding experiences with her audience. I definitely got something to learn and derive from her personal experiences.
One thing I love about Ironman is that it's the only race in the world that you get to line up on the start line with the pros. Our British in that race said to me on the line 'Stay in the moment, no one single moment defines a race' and I gave her a hug because I knew those words would help me enormously and they did! Triathlon is an individual race but it's also a community - not many other races that a pro would take the time to dish out advice on the start line!
Check out what the Ironman triathlons are all about, with my story on the one at Clinton Lake this weekend:
Got Energy Triathlon: Riley hopes win is good training for Ironman qualifier - La Crosse Tribune
Photographed the Ironman triathlon today from 6a-4p. Awake at 3:30 in Lawrence by 5. I'm ready for bed.
Thought I did better in cairns ironman 70.3 team triathlon I thought I did bout 5 mins better than last year but ended up being only 30 secs better still did a 1.9km swim in 45 mins
Great race for at Grand Rapids Triathlon, clocking 4hr 15min. and change in his first half-ironman
Lebron James is the best athlete in the world right now, his dominance in basketball is amazing to watch.
Looking for a triathlon training plan for an upcoming event? Beginner to elite, sprint to Ironman, pwr meters too!
Emma-Kate Lidbury wins 1st place at 70.3 Ironman in Lawrence Kansas and Sarah Piampiano takes 5th at Columbia Triathlon in Columbia, MD. Congrats to you both! You guys Rock!
I love that is doing an ironman this year. Helps bring mainstream into the sport of triathlon.
I know that on any given day I (and YOU TOO!) can wake up and complete an OLY triathlon. This does not mean I will be happy with my perfomance six days from now. Hmm, but maybe it's just what I need to get back on track. I don't know what happened; I used to be so devoted and driven with tunnel vision for the podium, but now I have too much fun on the weekends and devote all my focus to lab work. I guess I can't do everything :-/ I will have to sacrifice something to regain my racing mindset, and it's not going to be the lab work if Howard has anything to say about it...
Congrats to Second Wind Triathlon team member Coleman Myron on his finish at Ironman Eagleman 70.3 today! Way to go Coleman.
Congratulations to all of the finishers of today's half-Ironman race at Clinton State Park.
Hundreds of spectators gathered at Clinton State Park this morning to watch the Ironman triathlon
I have all the respect in the world 4 every1 who competed at the half in MD 2day! Can't believe 70.3 miles is a HALF!💪
Weather cleared.this future hit the trails!
Kingdom Multisport is excited to announce the addition of Don Felicella to our group! Don is getting back into triathlon after a hiatus for a few years and racing Ironman Augusta 70.3 along with many of the other Kingdom Multisport athletes. 2014 proves to be a big year for Don as he continues his journey to Panama City Beach at Ironman Florida! Big things ahead!!! Welcome Don!!! - Coach Trevor
There are some things you can't go cheap on: running shoes, seafood, sports bras (if you're well endowed), lasik doctors, and of course making your home your CASTLE. I just green-lighted myself to decorate the new pad to the nines! Sofa, dining table and chairs, and bedroom set already picked out. So fun! My dad would be disappointed by this status.
“We are hosting an training camp June 29-30 Tickets only $99
Fresh off her Ironman St Croix win; BH athlete Catriona Morrison wins the Zarautz Triathlon. She is back from...
Great day at triathlon with daughter Jenny and wife Cindy. 1/2 Ironman. Couple of studs!
Today I completed the Wendy's triathlon with my training partner Michael Tolle. It was a very good practice race to learn about competing triathlons and the transition. This was my first tri since doing Wendy's 16 years ago. In that race, my Dad convinced me to do the tri only two weeks before the race and I had no experience in any of the three sports. This time it was much easier since I'm now a runner and working on the swimming and cycling. I still have a lot to learn before the ironman, but I'm thankful to have one race behind me.
Another great weekend of racing. Well done Harrison Smiddy at the Grand Rapids half ironman. Diane Ramthun winning her age group at the cap triathlon. Luke lengfeld 3rd overall cap view tri,and and a PR on the course by 7mins! Nice race Gus Newcomb 14 years old and winning triathlons overall!!! Crazy...And about time you won a 70.3 race this year Bevan Docherty Boise 70.3 chump.
Take a look at the leaders out of the water here in Cairns
In light of Meredith Kessler's unfortunate crash today with a fellow cyclist at IM 70.3 Eagleman (and subsequent hospitalization), how do we make triathlon bike courses safer, to prevent, among other things, athlete-to-athlete head on collisions? Discuss. (We will happily pass on suggestions to WTC, Rev3, Challenge and other race organizers.)
Congrats to Dan MacPherson for 1st in AG at IM Cairns, and 13th overall. Is that his first IM; not a bad way to start.
I couldn't be prouder of my husband Bill, he finished a 70.3 mile Ironman triathlon today! He did so well and I am so happy for him. He's my Bill !
Training and competing in an Ironman triathlon is a very self-centered, almost selfish thing to do. I would like to thank for their support my dear friends, whom I almost never saw during these last 8 months; my family who really worried for me but supported me nonetheless; my lovely co-workers who gave me space to train me and put up with my sometimes not-great productivity; and of course the wonderful Sara for dealing with my daily ups-and-downs and believing in me and supporting me every day, though it was not easy. Thank you! I couldn't have done it without you.
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Coach Sean Reincke ran the IronMan triathlon today in honor of Justin Hand ... He meet his goal and PR'ed!! The kids took colored paint on their hands and pressed them on him as he passed by... we wanted him covered in "Hand's" :) They announced over the loud speaker that he was dedicating his run to Justin :) zoom in close on the group picture and look at their hands!!! He was sweaty and covered in paint but it didn't matter... one of the best hugs I got all day!! Love you Reincke!! Miss you Justin!!!
Andy Potts displayed that he is virtually unstoppable at this distance, while the Angela Naeth’s fastest bike and run splits on the day netted her first win of the season.
Back from EagleMan 70.3 IronMan Triathlon. 3 of our 4 finished strong. Unfortunately one got pulled after the swim:( thanks to baltimore for your help this weekend. Hope you aren't stuck in Bay Bridge Traffic for long.
I really want to start running or at least walking more but would love company. If anyone else would want to join the boys and I in the morning please let me know! Hope to beat the heat and go early, maybe to waterfront park.
Wow just went to watch an ironman 70.3.. I was so impressed with how my baby brother did ! Going to do the dc triathlon in sept with him. Gonna start training like crazy.. Let me know if you wanna work out with me :)
First every triathlon completed today at the Bala half ironman. 2km swim, 81km bike and 20km run. Open water swimming conditions were the best of the year so far, but the bike ride was a tough hilly course, followed by a brutal half marathon due to the very hilly route and the baking heat. Finished in 5hrs 32min 132/263 overall and 47/112 in the vets. Not too bad for a old fat lad and another rung on the way to Challenge Roth (full iron man distance) in Germany on 14 July. Eek!
Watched this yesterday: humbled by so many 55-59 & 60-64 aged entrants! I couldn't have done one in my 20s much less 60s!! I'll stop whining about my uphill Turks where I live in Sydney from now on!!!
You are about it enter into the head of Heather… Sorry for my vague post this am. I heard news of a horrific accident at a triathlon training sessions. My TRI training session; my routes, my TRI friends who trying to reach the same goals as me. My mind has been spinning with many many thoughts. My 1st thought went to Heather B, and the horrible tale which happened last year. I did not know her, but she was the “Heather” that I have been striving to be my whole life. Well respected, admired, friendly, athletic and an Iron man! “WWHD”- what would Heather do? They say she would have wanted us to keep going, so that is what I did. I found a group of people who share my goals and together we will be safe. But then I received more news, no car involved, he simply lost control and wiped out. My fears, my childhood memory, my nightmare, that one that I am trying to overcome to reach that ½ ironman goal. Heather + Bike=Speed. How does one overcome a fear to be successful? Why am I doing thi ...
Super weekend in Boise...more than 70 homes painted for "Paint the Town"; Ironman triathlon; time with family and friends; checked out a new restaurant; yard work...and...drumroll...3 good hours in the office. I know...but it will make waking up that much easier tomorrow morning. Special thanks to Margaret Gail Stevenson and Dawn Lane for making the yard so pretty.
So proud of Casey Diekmann for completing a half IRONMAN triathlon today! You too - Niki Stamp Strotman! You guys are amazing! And CRAZY!
HEY GUYS AND GIRLS, IM ALIVE, my full race report is at Ironman Triathlon Training or Athleticka Ironman James i got in done but there was some hiccups on the way.went to the awards party last night and sat and enjoyed the night with the Aussie/american/austrian and swedish the spirits up to fight another day. so happy to hear that my uncle is pulling through also after a massive heart attack, whether he got my strength or i got his.effort and battle in life go hand in hand.
Bexhill Sprint Tri Survived the Bexhill Triathlon. They had reduced the swim distance from 750m to 500m as the sea was 10C last week, it had warmed up to 12C but they still kept the reduced distance which people were not complaining about. The swim was a challenge with the heavy current, if you aimed right at the buoy you'd end up way downstream, I finished better placed than normal owing more to my maths skills calculating a conservative angle of attack, there were a couple of swimmers who ended up downstream and had in effect ended up in an infinity pool swimming straight into the current and had to be rescued! The cycle and run went well both tough when into the wind with some undulations, the run finished mercifully a bit short, I beat my parkrun time yesterday by 40 seconds! pos/ 60 Swim 500m 00:12:21 41 T1 00:02:00 40 Cycle 20 km 00:42:13 27 T2 00:00:42 12 Run 5k 00:21:02 20 overall 01:18:03 25
IRONMAN 70.3 Italy, set in Pescara on the on the spectacular Adriatic seashore, promises an exciting day of racing.
PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH A DAD--BELIEVER OR NOT AND WISH THEM A HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. A Heavenly Dad's Example of Fatherhood The You Tube video of Team Hoyt is a remarkable picture of the lengths God goes to be with us. In 2 Samuel 9, King David also shows the greatness of God's love for man as he reaches out to the grandson of Saul, Mephibosheth. When David defeated Saul, the grandson was rushed out of danger and was dropped becoming lame in both feet. It was customary to kill all members of the former royal family to prevent insurrection to the new king. You can imagine the years of terror this young man had in hiding from King David. However, years after become the undisputed ruler of Israel, he remembers his promise to his dear friend, Jonathan to care for each others family no matter what had happened between Saul and David. David has this man brought to him and instead of having him executed, he restores his lands, gives him servants to care for the man, and states he will forever eat from the kin ...
Scott Rigsby did an amazing job today at Avalon Church! 1st double amputee to complete the Iron Man Triathalon.
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Luke finished his half IRONMAN! Such a proud sister right now. 70.3 miles worth of triathlon!
Way too go KIKI, 2nd overall and 1st girl cross the finish line in her triathlon today. I'm in trouble when she makes the move to ironman. Lov ya
Well done to Chris Stilgoe competed in the Bala middle distance ie half Ironman (hilly) Triathlon today. Completed in 6hrs 22 mins 2k swim 80k bike 21km run
Fun time at the grand Rapids triathelon today.Jeff and CJ did a great job! Swim. .9 miles Bike 25 6 miles! no way!
Congrats to my mama on her ironman triathlon today. Have a fun 70.3 miles. Wish I could be there. Proud of you and love you. Amazing.
Relaxing and reflecting after completing my 50th triathlon with a 4th place finish in Clermont on Saturday. Thinking of Michelle Alonso, Kim and Nikki whose encouragement and support got me to enter that first race and helped turn a fat man into an Ironman. Thanks ladies, I miss you guys! Here's to the next 50!
Hines Ward finishes his first IRONMAN 70.3 triathlon in a time of 5:53:18!
Congrats to Liz Lyles, professional triathlete for winning the Boise Ironman Triathlon! Liz wears Prospecs athletic shoes to recover after races.
I competed in my first (outdoor) triathlon since 2006 this morning. While I made some mistakes due to lack of recent racing experience I still am pleased with how the race went. I am eager to see how I can do in the next race.
6mins faster than last year @ Liberty Half-Ironman Triathlon. Came in 5:50:28. Swam 1.2miles in 61F degree water. Felt great in the 56miles bike. Avg 20.5 mph. But the 13.1miles run really killed me and I need more work on it.
Finished the Capital View Olympic Triathlon this morning in 3:26:26. That's 3:34 better than my goal and more than 40 minutes better than last year. Next challenge is a sprint next Sunday and then a half ironman in July.
I am so proud of my friend, Kimmy, Brick House. I met her when I was at the Biggest Loser Resort in March and her goal was to do a Triathlon. Well today, Kimmy did it! She finished in an IronMan Eagleman competition, which includes swimming, biking and running. I am inspired. Yay Kimmy!
Completed my first triathlon and I wasn't last! I'm so new at this I have no idea whether or not to be impressed with my finish time.
Before and after at the Blenheim Palace triathlon today. Great day in the beautiful sunshine.
24 mile bike/ 5 mile run done. Keep checking stats on my Jersey Girl teammates kicking some *** at Eagleman Half Ironman in Cambridge, MD as I write this. They inspired me to push harder today because I can. I WILL, I WILL do the Olympic distance at NJ State Triathlon next month because you all reinforce my belief that anything is possible if you're willing to work for it (no matter how old I am) You are amazing athletes. So happy and proud for all of you!! Bravo!
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Deauville triathlon completed! Rough water conditions, stomach issues on the bike but really cool to pass the finish Line if front of friends and family. Merci mon Lolo pour les encouragements
Excellent Ironman 70.3 Eagleman age-group results 2013 posted by triathletes across all categories. Check out Ironstruck for top finishers.
Frustrating day watching Mark Bowstead race (try to race) Eagleman 70.3, he got properly screwed over by officials. However It was interesting watching as I realized ironman triathlon is the most unprofessional, "professional" sport!!
Having a great time at Eagleman, :until the ahole announcer just announces " we have a couple Clydesdales coming in, can we get more volunteers? If these guys go down, we can't catch 'em"
12 miles along Sacramento's American River Trail this morning! Had to get up and get them done before it gets too hot!
Triathlon done - came last (sorry WTC) but took 2 mins off last years time. My run did it I was hopeless. Need lots of help on that :-). Well done all other who competed and thanks for all the support :-D
MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Runners' Choice employees and IRONMAN athletes, Laurie Lockerbie and Sue McIver, will be running an INTRO TO TRIATHLON SEMINAR at the store Thursday June 20th from 7-8pm. This seminar is intended for those beginning in the sport of triathlon (or duathlon!). It includes suggestions on what to wear, how to prepare, what to expect race day and more! Come learn the ropes from these wonderful ladies.
WOW, can't believe my amazing Auntie Jess has completed the freaking Ironman triathlon in Australia! What an utter dude - she is such an inspiration! Cannot wait to see ya two weeks today AJ argghghghg! x x x x x
Posted a 5 minute PB in the Tokio Millenium Sprint Triathlon today! 1:14:35 and 4th female overall :) Could not be happier!!! Finally managed to pull it together for the swim.
Rode 45-50 miles on the bike with friends at mamoth cave yesterday. Did my 16 mile long run this morning. My legs are tired, but it has been fun. :)
My cycling speedo says 118 miles in 6 h 13 m for this week.thats good yes? Includes two very hilly rides.
Lawrence, KS is a great town. IRONMAN Triathlon is a great community. So thankful for this sport and lifestyle
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