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Iron Throne

The fictional world in which the A Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R. R. Martin take place is divided into several continents.

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Was Daenerys sitting on the iron throne during that preview??
I think Daenaerys will claim the Iron Throne while Jon Snow will become the next White Walker or smth commanding the undead
Daenerys is the rightful one to sit on the iron throne.
little finger is trash but I wouldn't even be mad if he got the iron throne he played the best game and deserves it
Game of Thrones stars reveal who most deserves the Iron Throne
I want Lady Lyanna on the iron throne.
Who do you want to sit on the iron throne?
was watching a theory video. People saying John Snow is gonna use White Walkers to take the iron throne. 💯🔥
I guess Tiffany Trump really will be the one to sit on the Iron Throne
Thanks for my 3k followers s pagfollow here is some simple treat for all of us. Daenerys sit down on the Iron Throne of J…
a way to the prince of the Iron Throne.
Pulling for Sansa. Don't care if she gets the Iron Throne. Just don't kill her.
I have a feeling he might end up on the iron throne somehow. 😒
Specials Props & Odds on the Season 7 - Who Will Sit on the Iron Throne at End? -…
Petyr Baelish is the only one who deserves the Iron Throne and that is all
Game of Thrones cast on who deserves the Throne & Lena Headey on the Walk of Atonement, Jaime, and Cersei as Queen http…
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From now on, you can find me hosting SportsCentre from the Iron Throne. 😂
Game of Thrones cast talks spinoffs, season 7, and who should sit the Iron Throne
Need an action figure for my replica iron throne. Any hints as to which character I should get
POLL: Who is most likely to be on the Iron Throne at the end of season 8?
I want to have a GOT viewing party so I can sit in my Iron Throne and drink wine from a goblet without it being totally weird
Join 4 people right now at "Game of Thrones Stars Discuss Who Should Rule | Screen Rant"
Only 6 more days until Daenerys Targaryen takes the Iron Throne
returns this Sunday! Who do you think will claim the Iron Throne and why?
It is like Hodor winning the Iron Throne, except Hodor was smarter than Trump.
cast talks spinoffs, and who should sit the Iron Throne via
Always naked, always drinking wine. I belong in GoT prepare the iron throne
Because HIS claim to the Iron Throne is better than hers! If anyone should get a consolidation kingdom it's her.
Yeah he has claim to the Iron Throne over everybody. Even Daenerys. Especially…
We all know the series will end with Aragorn sitting on the Iron Throne.
Guys, who do u think will have the iron throne at the end?
Game of Thrones odds. (Season 7 begins July 16). Who will sit on the Iron Throne at end of season? The faves:
Imran Khan, the Jon Snow of Pakistan, will he take the iron-throne?.
If we don’t put aside our enmities, and band together we will die. And then it doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne
Sunday I'll be sitting on an iron throne though
Since you're going to spend more time thinking about than working this week...who ya got??
Ridiculous.Israel has more than the "Iron Dome" looking after them...there is a certain THRONE that keeps…
Game of Thrones stars reveal who deserves the Iron Throne most
I will win the Battle of Winterfell and I will sit on the Iron Throne.
In fairness, you admittedly did almost no preparation. And Lyanna Mormont would be a good I…
I assume you know everything except how to ascend to the Iron Throne?
crowned as queen. The blonde sat down in the iron throne with her crown placed upon her head, her emeral…
threaten her reign. Her features was kept emotionless like stone while she stood next to the iron throne…
of looking at the iron throne it was hers at least and father would be very proud of her right now. Wear…
For your Game of Thrones premiere party: Dubai's $25,000 cake with Tyrion Lannister on the Iron Throne:
It's appropriate that the Iron Throne will be at Leeds because I have been making some Theon Greyjoy levels of bad life choices
Sam Anderson walks by playing a trumpet and Lindsey Morgan shouts she needs to sit on the Iron Throne
Maybe AI are the White Walkers while terrorists are fighting the rest of the world for the Iron Throne 😳
"It doesn't matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne.". -Game of Thrones
Throne after the Kings of fire against the Iron Throne after the rains weep o'er his hall with
Why hv none of the kings in GoT ever decided to put cushion on the Iron Throne? You royal af & you sit on a metal chair that hurts your ***
The first Game of Thrones promo has arrived and the battle for the Iron Throne is coming with fire and ice.
Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer: Cersei seized the Iron Throne - Business Standard
It's funny because Jon Snow will never sit on the Iron Throne and he doesn't even want to so
The rivals for the Iron Throne are preparing for war in the season 7 teaser trailer:
Cersei stood. "Ser Barristan Selmy, stand forth." Ser Barristan had been standing at the foot of the Iron Throne,...
. "Tommen has the Iron Throne now, but he is under Cersei Lannister, and Tywin Lannister's ruling. We are --
- are of things that she desires to have. For example, Khal Drogo himself, their unborn child, and the Iron Throne. ))
Sat on the Iron Throne at Titanic Studios in Quarter of Belfast this afternoon. Great Belfast success stor…
Governor General King Ajimobi First of his name, King of the 7 kingdoms of Oyo and Sitter on the Iron Throne!
I am Daenerys Stormborn, of House Targaryen. Rightful heir to the Iron Throne, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros,
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And they called me crazy when i said i want Klaus Mikaelson on the Iron Throne..😍.
What do you think about cersei on iron throne?
I'm just sitting here waiting for the number of boxes to go high enough to make a Game of Thrones iron throne :^)
The queen of the iron throne has just looked S01E01 of Skam! #
it was at comic con Birmingham it is the replica of the iron throne from Game of Thrones. luv
this surprisingly comfortable Iron Throne. Bad luck *Laughs*
And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, & to His throne. 👑
His Grace is slapping buckets for the iron throne .
His Grace is selling stuff with the iron throne .
His Grace is teaching rain with the iron throne .
Just realized that Pop! Made a Game of Thrones iron throne pop and it's $32 on amazon .
Claim the Iron Throne. Get a photo on the Iron Throne at the experience in today.
His Grace is selling iphones with the iron throne .
In Westeros, You Win or Die the Iron Throne is mine
So this apparently is where the Iron Throne room is located, inside this studio. And the cast is…
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General Hux is not impressed with the Iron Throne. Wonderful, a smirk on the lips and still looking disgusted, I...
Are you fit for the Iron Throne?. Take a photo on The Throne at the experience in today. Doors c…
Hot takes that aren't politics this Tgiving. A hot dog is not a sandwich. Khaleesi deserves the Iron Throne. Peeta was use…
Then get on the iron throne, Larry, though this world is a more cultured, polished yet savage version of Westeros. 👑😼👑
His Grace is tickling family because the iron throne .
We interview the designers of COSMIC ENCOUNTER and learn what they think of Game of Thrones: THE IRON THRONE!.
Thanks to for stopping by our Iron Throne
Omani version of the Iron Throne. It's called the 'Chair of Power' (Swahili: kiti cha enzi)
I can turn him into a walking Iron Throne with the forge spire upgrade, yet I can't bend and file down the poopy parts.
John Snow ends up on the Iron Throne. I know that's the obvious choice. It better happen.
His Grace is skating family because the iron throne .
His Grace is tickling tennis balls because the iron throne .
on the iron throne obviously, thinking a big one :D
The big plot twist on 'Game of Thrones' is probably that they're gonna give Beyoncé the iron throne tomorrow night and call…
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Thanks for following Follow my love as we take the Iron Throne. via
I AM A JON STAN and I don't want him to sit on the iron throne. That's for Dany. And I don't want him to rule the north. That's for Sansa.
Jillegend is about to take her rightful place on the iron throne in the Oval Office
Well I guess I'd be at Winterfell and helping Jon reclaim the Iron Throne
His Grace is building silverware because the iron throne .
His Grace is vining grapes with the iron throne .
I want elements of this song playing when Daenerys is finally crowned and sits on the iron throne!
His Grace is kissing crowns because the iron throne .
Finally got the Iron Throne ornament this year
His Grace is golfing stuff with the iron throne .
This Jill Stein recount business is going to end up revealing Jeb Bush as the true heir to the Iron Throne.
His Grace is singing the river with the iron throne .
You've decided - The Fancosmic Iron Throne made your weekend! Maybe we should all meet in a field to decide who…
Jill Stein needs less than a million to put our on her Iron Throne. Valar Morgulis.
His Grace is building great lakes with the iron throne .
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His Grace is waterkiing balloons for the iron throne .
Hillary after she takes the iron throne
Cushing Library is full of fascinating artifacts & soon it will house an Iron Throne from
Rewatching Game of Thrones and realizing the only person worthy of the Iron Throne is Eddard Stark.
Who do you think will end up on the Iron Throne?
like said in08.."she will say 2 and do nothing". She just wants to win the iron throne. We mean nothing.
They've added dragons and fire, and an iron throne into the mix. This thing is going full blown GoT.
I want an iron throne replica in my room ⚔️
pretty sure trump thinks he's running for the Iron Throne
One does not simply sit comfortably on the iron throne. One has to…
"Assad was smart to align with Russia and soon he will cross the Narrow Sea and conquer Westeros unless I take the Iron Throne." -Trump
Wahh Syria the economy boo. Who sits the iron throne? The real battle is north of the wall my cuck
More prepared to trust Cersei Lannister with the Iron Throne than Donald Trump with the nuclear codes.
White Walkers are to the Iron Throne as is to the Presidency
Trump: I'm not gonna tell you my plan. It's a 3 part plan. It's very good. You have to give me the iron throne and then you get my plan
"Who does that?" - Hilary . Me - *yeah, who would get a statue of yourself when you can have an iron throne*.
Let's be honest here, neither of you are fit to sit America's Iron Throne.
It's so weird watching Joffrey and Cersei fight for the iron throne like this
Who will be on the iron throne when Game of Thrones ends
Trump really thinks this election is for The Iron Throne
I kind of want the characters in Game of Thrones to have a presidential-style debate on why they deserve to sit on the Iron Throne
Hillary's suit looks like something Daenerys Targaryen would wear once she has been on the iron throne for "over 30 years."
Watched S06E06 & realised Walder Frey reminds me of Walder not a good leader - no Iron Throne for him then.
If Game of Thrones ended with Missandei on the iron throne i dont think I'd be disappointed one bit, her and grey worm. 💏👑👑
His Grace is waterkiing the river because the iron throne .
I feel like there is a greater than zero chance of the imp ending up on the iron throne though
HT "Trump apparently has about as much chance of becoming president as Tyrion Lannister" of sitting on Iron Throne..
Who will win the Iron Throne of Join us tonight at 8PM and it could be you! Categories: HBO shows & the Mi…
His Grace is washing tennis balls because the iron throne .
. My favorite moment was when Leonidas won the iron throne
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This unaired skit reveals who will win the
His Grace is wearing puppies for the iron throne .
His Grace is calling tennis balls with the iron throne .
His Grace is writing fire for the iron throne .
Hope you ready I'm coming for my rightful place on the iron throne this week
Join the conquest for the Iron Throne!. >ASOIAF/GOT. >OCs accepted. Please help to spread the word by RT!
His Grace is slapping puppies for the iron throne .
Sansa Stark conspires to put Ser Labslet Arryn on the Iron Throne. Then Sansa gores him in the tooth with a spear.
like i'm getting my iron throne FINISHED next wednesday & my mum has an hour booked for friday that she doesn't want. should i do it ?
It took FOREVER to get these shots of Jaime killing the Mad King and sitting on the iron throne
Conan O'Brien knows who the rightful heir for the Iron Throne on 'Game of Thrones' is
Conan O’Brien Knows Who the Rightful Heir for the Iron Throne on Game of Thrones Is
2nd Queen Cersei,. Congratulations on your ultimate victory over those opposing you and accession to the Iron Throne. (c)
Baratheon was last of her Great House to stake her claim to the Iron Throne. Maliena never thought that she would hear from ~
We just put a Dire Wolf on the Iron Throne...
once I've claimed the nine realms, the Iron Throne is next.
If Jessica Fletcher doesn't end up on the Iron Throne, then there's nothing left in this world
Ser Sam Tarley conspires to put King Mamys Cassel on the Iron Throne. Then they sneak off to get incestuous in a brothel.
Into the Sierra Nevadas and this Iron Throne looking mountain peak.
Sophie Turner on who she thinks should sit on the Iron Throne.
Sophie said she wants littlefinger on the iron throne. I don't know her !
Sophie Turner says that Sansa is more prepared for the Iron Throne than Jon.
We should build an Iron Throne for open mic
The cast chose who they think should sit on the iron throne at
Someone photoshop Roman on the iron throne NOW! Please
cast reveals who they want to sit on the Iron Throne:
Who do the stars want to see sitting on the Iron Throne?
well I think he’ll make a good consort to Dany when she holds the iron throne
me: I LOVE SOPHIE SO MUCH MY FAVE. sophie: i want littlefinger on the iron throne. me:
Who Do the Game of Thrones Stars Want to See Sitting on the Iron Throne?
screenrant: Who The Game of Thrones Cast Wants to Sit on the Iron Throne -
While visiting Comic-Con, the actors on HBO's fantasy phenom offered some wildly differing solutions to the l...
Sophie Turner is baiting the crowd telling them she wants Littlefinger on the Iron Throne. It's a trap.
Sophie Turner on Sansa: she doesnt think John Snow is ready to take the Iron Throne. at
"I have an image of a White Walker siting on the Iron Throne, the Night King w/ a leg over an arm smoking a cigar."—Liam Cunningham
I still support Renly Baratheon for the Iron Throne.
Just realized: In Game of Thrones, the fight for the Iron Throne is left vs. right, gun control, etc. The White Walkers is cli…
Which house will rule over Westoros? Tell us who should claim the Iron Throne!
For the record, I think if there's someone who should sit on the Iron Throne, it is either Dany/Jon (if the R+L=J theory is true)
she's my dark horse for who Jon Snow puts on the Iron Throne
she's my pick for the iron throne Dany can fly her dragons straight to the sun HOUSE MORMONT 🐻🐻🐻
I know it's only a tv-series 😁. But, admiring him and hoping he's gonna sit on the iron throne? COME ON!!!
Before guests arrive, upgrade to a TV that makes every seat feel like the Iron Throne.
You can't seize the Iron Throne with 1.8 Million dollars.
I don't think I even care who sits on the Iron Throne, all that really matters is that the Starks have Winterfell ❤️
She had one shot and she nailed it! Lyanna Mormont, I support your claim to the Iron Throne. 👸🏻
the Hound takes the iron throne and arya becomes the top actor in westeros
Cavaliers take a seat on the iron throne.
I think Varys jumper ship and he's against Danaerys taking the iron throne , remember he thought Stannis was dangerous cuz of blood magic
Ha ha. I need Skip to start watching Game of Thrones so we can debate the Iron Throne too.
Danaerys for the iron throne. Yara Greyjoy for the iron islands. Sansa for the north. Sand snakes in Dorne. Gabriela for part…
When and collide. Which "Potter" character do you think would win the Iron Throne?
LeBron James' insane Game 7 blocks were him reclaiming the Iron Throne
+ Iron Throne without foolish men who desire your power and would tell you what to do. Euron is not a kind of man who +
Lyanna Mormont should be the queen on the Iron Throne. She could be the President of USA. All at the mere age of 10.
“To be honest I want a combination of Jon Snow and Daenerys on the Iron Throne.” - Richard Madden, in...
'...but thanks to his resurrection, he has now severed ties to the Night's Watch. Now he's a potential contender to the Iron Throne ..'
"My watch has ended." ~Jon Snow. Now it's time to get a dragon and take the Iron Throne!!
So now Jon leaves the Night Watch and goes to the White Walker, raises a zombie army and sits on the Iron Throne.
So he admitted his watch has ended so he can now take the Iron Throne
Mind blowing => There's a new heir to the Iron Throne, and nobody on 'Game of Thrones' noticed via
They would make a fantastic couple to sit on the Iron Throne, wouldn't they? (fire and ice)
Who would inherit the Iron Throne if Tommen dies?. This is an interesting theory: (GOT spoile…
Am I the only one who thinks the ending of will be the death of every character in show and Iron Throne will be ruled by White Walker?
"The rest of Seven Kingdoms plays musical chairs with the Iron Throne while The Night's Watch do our jobs. Disgraceful."
Arya girl you gotta learn how to fight so you can be on the iron throne!
All hail the ruler of studies rise to royalty
I think Davos should sit on the iron throne
We don't have an Iron Throne here at the Library and Museum, but we do have three Gold ones
A sneak preview into when the Mother of Dragons will rule the iron throne
political risk affecting Zim economy, investors deem it too big an uncertainity not to knw hu'z tekin the iron throne
"for the first time being taken seriously as contenders for the Iron Throne". Um, Cersei and Dany since S1
This weekend was brought to you by HBO: Queen Bey bout to rule the Iron Throne.
Game of Thrones: The Ruler of the Social Media Iron Throne via
Daenerys gets 4 feet away from the iron throne and gets shot by Rick Grimes. Rick becomes King of Westeros and sends Negans h…
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I hope Arya gets to walk over the cold corpses of her enemies, as she mounts the Iron Throne for the first time.
1) From Ned Stark's goatee to his last name to the "Iron" Throne to the graphic content, on is a beat-to-beat ripoff...
Sitting on the Iron Throne trying to channel Captain Jean-Luc Picard.
Whites as we are all hoping cause that's the real war we want to see forget the Iron Throne
Can you tell the difference between this replica Iron Throne and the real thing?.
An exact replica of the Iron Throne..
I hope he is alive and takes over the Iron Throne
LadbrokesBingo: Who will be next to sit on the Iron Throne? Bet on our specials here... …
An exact replica of the Iron Throne.
don't worry I'm sure "big *** Podrick will take charge and one day sit on the iron throne.
How do I use the Game of Thrones iron throne emoji ???
Do you think Jean Grey could sit on the Iron Throne?. .
hmmm true. I don't think I want her on the Iron Throne either but I still love her!
"dishes worthy of the successor to the Iron Throne. Because Thanks
Game of Thrones spoiler for Season 6! It's me that ends up on the Iron Throne 😉
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"Pretty *** high." -- women of on chances a woman ends up on Iron Throne. But who!?
He is Aliko Dangote.The first of His Name, Lord of the 36 Kingdoms,Protector of the Realm. He owns the iron throne https…
Roger Goodell trying to suspend Brady is like the obsession the showrunners thought Stannis had to sit the Iron Throne.
Man, it was crazy that the end scene of Game of Thrones was just Gregg Popovich smiling, sitting on the Iron Throne.
If you’re downtown on Sunday, swing by the Alamo Ritz 9a-5p for a free photo op on the Iron Throne.
We'll have Seven Kingdoms, Iron Throne & Take the Black beer at our Party!
I liked a video Lord Varys and Oberyn Martell - Iron Throne
why dad we need Jon back to take the Iron Throne and defeat the White Walkers
Anticipation is building so much. Who will claim the iron throne?
Is Daenerys Targaryen destined for the Iron Throne? Everything you need to know about Emilia Clarke's Game of…
But as you can see in my profile picture, I sat on the Iron Throne. SoOoOo, this a$s be royal.
COUNTDOWN: Is Daenerys destined for the Iron Throne? Watch now
(Spoilers Everything) Thoughts on Willas Tyrell: Willas Tyrell to sit the Iron Throne I...
PMB the iron throne is not for ever. Go ask Lord Nerd Stark. King Robbert of Barathone. The Lanester and even the...
The Fading look well on the Game of Thrones Iron Throne!
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"I swear to you, making the iron throne is a thousand times harder than winning one."
Daily reminder: Robb Stark should have been the king of the iron throne he did not deserve to die like that
see that iron throne... Winter is comin
"You helped me win the Iron Throne, now help me keep the *** thing."
my mom has a pic of me on the iron throne on the fridge bc she knows I'm winning the Game of Thrones
Idea for an anti smoking advert: A Throne like the Iron Throne in but made from used cigarette butts instead of swords.
Okay but seriously, where would you rather sit? On the Iron Throne or Jon Snow's face? 😉.
House Kardashian shocker: Underdog Rob just hustled his way onto the celebrity Iron Throne
My theory: Arya, with her newfound powers, saves Jon Snow to claim the iron throne after near-defeat by Daenerys :)
Hearing Tom Baker sell sky is giving me a cheap thrill, if only for the fact that is the 4th doctor talking about the Iron Throne.
Great citrus nose & taste hint of clove I really liked it. - Drinking an Organic White @ The Iron Throne -
So the story is a metaphor? Keynesian economics are coming. The hidden subplot of 'Game of Thrones':
This is why Dany deserves the Iron Throne. .
Neil Nitin Mukesh set to sit on iron throne...
Ommegang Game of Thrones: Iron Throne (is on, replacing Finback Tropical Nightz Ale (
ahh, the Queen of the Iron Throne. 😊
Winter is We're excited to have an Iron Throne from Game of Thrones at Volapalooza!
Atleti defending like its the iron throne Barca want to take. Solid!!!
It's coming...look to spring with our Feast of the Iron Throne Beer Dinner.
Westeros desperately in need of some competent central bankers.
Strongly suggest all Game Of Throne fans to play Iron From Ice. Downloaded it the other day & haven't stopped playing it
Ugh, daydreaming of in Game of Thrones. A True contender for the Iron Throne. I can see it in Klaus to be the King.
This hidden subplot of 'Game of Thrones' spells out the real trouble for the Lannisters
I like to spend my nights watching videos and thinking about who will sit on the Iron Throne.
Daenerys Targaryen conspires to put Reignolne of Kings Landing on the Iron Throne. Then Daenerys eviscerates him with a short sword .
Markret Mallister conspires to put Queen Elizadeth of Kings Landing on the Iron Throne. They are stepped on by a giant.
Khaleesi Fortane Payne conspires to put Queen Cersei Lannister on the Iron Throne. Then Fortane disembowels her with a short sword .
that big throne with swords is the Iron Throne. I don't know any character names either, but that I know :P
Lea Salonga and the Iron Throne your argument is invalid.
Fun Fact: The Oscar backdrop is also the new Iron Throne on this season's Game of Thrones
Paul Atreides is the rightful heir of the Iron Throne. Why not?
A must read from Boss Madigan's Iron Throne in play
So, it’s and I just called Squirrel Girl “Queen of the Squirrels.” Need fanart of Squirrel Girl in the Iron Throne.
I'm Varys, the Master of Whisperers. Join me on my quest to bring Daenerys Targaryen to the Iron Throne.
Things I will keep and cherish forever: that time doodled one of my characters on the Iron Throne.
Is there? I have seen I think two... He has one of them. and the dam iron throne
I'm gonna say yes & that she marries Jon Snow & they take the iron throne together after defeating the White Walkers.
New profile pic. It was hard letting the Iron Throne go 😞 but it was time. (I'll probably change it back in April 🙃)
You can get piles, sitting on an iron throne.
Love it how always emails me with questions relating to GOT like today's was "Who has the best claim to the Iron throne?"
~ still there. . "Once I will be sitting on the iron throne, you will be hand of the Queen." She told Rolly and left his side ~
White Game Over Mug 10oz Gift Game of Thrones Deadpool on the Iron Throne by (6.99 GBP)
Game of Thrones, except they're all gnomes. Demons, people, dragons.. All gnomes wanting to sit on the iron gnome throne. Game of Gnomes
Shoutout to Drew Duff for sitting on the Iron Throne and uniting all 7 Kingdoms!
Only one person deserves to be on the Iron Throne and that's
I sit the Iron Throne when no one's looking. To keep it warm.
Shooting a video about the Iron Throne
I highly doubt that. She loves the Iron Throne more than my lap.
I would love to have the iron throne if you're the one sitting on it…
"...who needs Seven Kingdoms and an Iron Throne when you've got spectacular tales of soldiers, stalkers, royals,...
Just saw this on Amazon: McFarlane Toys of Iron Throne ... by McToys for $29.99
I was mad as *** They were supposed to rule supreme and take the Iron Throne 😭
The first season of Game of Thrones is so salty lol King Robert and Lord Stark swore they was finna rule the iron throne together 😭😭😭
So my family all universally agreed that Sansa Stark wins the Iron Throne.
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