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Iron Sky

Iron Sky is a 2012 Finnish-German-Australian science-fiction comedy film directed by Timo Vuorensola.

Paolo Nutini Paulo Nutini Charlie Chaplin Barrack Obama Charlie Chaplins

Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky at Glastonbury 2014 . This will be my theme song for the foreseeable future ✌️
Somewhere in Castine, ME, there is a dormant grass seed under a foot of snow. In August, it will stretch to the sky.+meet my duff iron.
saw movie Iron Sky, was like, lol. Also why in the heck was the words Odin and Vallahlla placed in there when they were German not Vikings
That's literally the plot of Iron Sky. Spencer's actually trying to pass a b-movie plot off as a legitimate talking…
Wouldn't that be more fair to compare to "Iron Sky"? It doesn't exactly depict blackface, though.
.Meh, I have regular fantasies of extreme transformation & humiliating abuse by Iron-Sky-style cry…
based on all the people shouting in my mentions I'm inferring it was called iron sky
Nazis on the moon reminds me that I should watch Iron Sky again.
Not if you count the comics. Iron Sky was basically a precusor to WWIII. They build a whole nation on space tech
My cover of iron sky. One of the best songs written
Oh come on, I kind of thought Iron Sky was kitschy fun.
so Iron Sky was foreshadowing or what 
female if u must know now I am going back to relaxing my chest hurts tonight so I sing now iron sky
The first promo for IRON SKY: THE ARK coming up 13.2.2017
I love the mountains, I love the clear blue sky. . I love big bridges, I love when great whites fly.
Need to hear this without the crowd Mo Adeniran performs 'Iron Sky' The Voice UK 2017 via
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Promo for Iron Sky: The Ark will be released on 13.2.2017! Stay tuned!
: He would have done better funding "Iron Sky."
Remembering that Dr. Strangelove & freaking Iron Sky have turned out to be MUCH more relevant than more serious-minded political critiques.
Snow and frost falling in Norwich this morning from an iron grey sky. Bleak.
. Thanks Michael , I may add that 3 rockets exploded in the sky (Iron Shield) and the other landed in a swimming pool.
Iron sky at Abbey road, that's a true masterpiece
No worries, Israel can knock those missiles out of the sky. "Iron Dome" system works pretty good. 👍🏻
For clarification Wolfcop is better than Iron Sky but slightly worse than Evil Dead 2,
NEW VIDEO 🎥 Barrack Obama timelapse. Credit: Iron Sky- Paolo Nutini. Getting back in the groove…
NEW VIDEO!!!. Barrack Obama time lapse🎥 music credit: iron sky Paolo Nutini this is my largest…
Hello Film Folk, Check this blog for you.
Kinda similar to the trailer for Iron Sky 2 ...
Until another song appears in the sky I continue to raise Hellen Georgia! Iron Bird may appear ?
How about prisions on the moon?. nah. sounds to much like an Iron Sky plot point
Through this iron sky that's fast becoming our mind
⚽🏆 Iron winger Josh Morris has been named on a six-man shortlist for Sky Bet League One PFA Fans' Player of the Mon…
Hiya Film Folk, Here's a blog for you.
To rise over love,. And over hate,. Through this iron sky,. That's fast becoming our minds. Over fear and into freedom.
man, Iron Blooded Orphans is really good
All I wanna do rn is cuddle with my girl and watch sky high or the iron giant
"You don't need planning permission to build castles in the sky" - Banksy.
And we will rise over love, and over hate through this iron sky
I know it was a long *** time ago for you, but that Nazis movie in space is called Iron Sky
Nobody found shot It was "Iron Sky" (2012) by Timo Vuorensola. Next shot in 5min!
Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini is the perfect song for the world atm
Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky [Abbey Road Live Session]. A masterpiece of song and performance. And how relevant ...
Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini is such a great song made even better by the use of Charlie Chaplins dictator. Such a powerful piece of speech.
Iron Sky, Nazis on the moon, inspired a number of sequels.
Iron Sky: The Coming Race Teaser TRAILER (2015) Nazis Dinosaurs Movie HD this is not happening
I will fly in the sky . Like IRON MAN to beat . and throw him down . 😁
If I ever go to Paris I'll first go to see that big, sky reaching, iron, man made tower... ... and then, I'll go see the Eiffel Tower.
Iron Man changed some lights on the Iron Lady but lights up the sky!!!
I would rather go for Sky or Fire Magic, but I can settle for Iron
lights up the Singapore sky...and drops the mic.
Through the Iron Gates to Belgrade, Enchanted by Eastern Europe on
Triangles in the Sky Tell the Story of the Universe’s Birth via cc:
Always forget how amazing iron sky is, love wee paolo
Now am I dead, . Now am I fled; . My soul is in the sky: . Tongue, lose thy light; . Moon take thy flight.
see if they still have Iron Sky on Netflix. You gotta be HiAF. Craziest movie on there. Or Metropolis.
Brilliant speech from at Lanarkshire rally. Iron Sky sung by Tommy
I'm waiting for Now you see me 2, finding Dory, the BFG , iron sky, doctor strange and the man who knew infinity.
my dad has ms, which involves a lot of inflammation for him. Iron is sky high. Not sure about causality...
Take a look at this! Iron Sky Team is looking for a Web Developer
I added a video to a playlist Iron Sky 2 The Coming Race
I also read Iron Sunrise and Singularity Sky, thought those were good too
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Through this iron sky that’s fast becoming our mind over fear and into freedom
Iron sky by Paolo Nutini will always be one of my fave songs🙌🏻
. —features and soon, the pair had burst from their once 'home', into the sky of New York city, propelled by jets in Iron Man's —
Missile used in Israel's Iron Dome defence system intercepts an aerial target on American soil for the first time
omg yes. Autumn just makes me cry. I really do love Iron Sky very much as well.
Cyclical bottom == Point of max pessimism when everyone says sky is falling ??. Like iron ore industry in Jan 2016..
Take a seat on the iron throne at Sky this weekend!
It's not over till the fat lady sings. This song by Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky resonates with…
"Mass confusion, spoon fed to the blind" Well, they're Iron Sky ♥
If you don't like Paulo Nutini's Iron Sky then we can not be friends
lol don't you have a report to write, sky juice reporting for ABS news?
What does it take to be an astronaut? An iron stomach.
Why not? If feminists can fight patriarchy and suck off camel jockies, the sky's the limit.
90s brocore for them iron gains - Strife In This Defiance, Reach the sky so far from home, Hatebreed satisfaction
Murdoch And BT. Remember last time Sky faced a competitor, On Digital was extensively hacked via
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It is as if Polaris keep on staying the Arctic sky and lighting on,my mind will never change.But I'm human.I'm not a woman of iron heart.
📷 Depending on the type and location of clouds, the sky changes size.
It was only Iron Sky for me! Finally gave a whole album a try after stumbling upon a Beatles cover and I like it. Sexy.
my love: I feel your. eternal rain of kisses . falling from the sky... .
Still love kai's reason to be an iron man. It's not to have girls liking him/be his girlfriend but is for him to fly up in the sky ㅋ
I was actually just sky ping you as you said that, how iron ic
Apple Bloom doesn't normally like to visit the Crystal Empire with Iron Will but changed her mind because the sky was falling.
Man, when I listen to "Iron Sky," I still get chills, Freaking love that song.
Possibly the best song written in the past 5 years by a young artist: Paolo Nutini's "Iron Sky" .
Hey, there's a big, crazy light in the sky that craps out demons! Let's worship it!
I'd LOVE to hear your version of Iron Sky. One of my favourite songs. Please??
Hats off to whoever selected the films for Sky Comedy next Tuesday
The Official Nazi Intercourse book is a sure-fire gift that will make your Aryan hottie horny. IRON SKY ht…
Video: “Iron Sky” (cover): A couple of months ago we first introduced you to a you...
I've missed the iron banner on destiny, I've missed the final summit on the crew and I missed double xp on cod Sky have a lot to answer for!
Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini is so beautiful. His vocals on that song are just incredible. 💘💘💘
Love Iron Sky, but feel it's so heavily identified with Paulo, you may end up being compared. You'd make it yours x
Something to keep me going to iron sky 2
What is the best movie you have ever seen? - Iron sky
Away from and James Beattie is now the 8/11 fav for the Iron's vacant managerial post with Sky Bet.
Friendship grows into forbidden love. BENEATH AN IRON SKY.
-turns on my rockets under my feet; flies to your place; snatches you away back to your apartment. I'm Iron Mark.
This is the year that I'll say goodbye 2 the iron sky and hello 2 the inner heavens in which I learn 2 fly. This is it. Do, there is no try.
And my friends go to a field&next thingg yuno some big hole in the sky happens&the iron giant falls through it&is in this massive field
Finally feeling the benefits of my iron IV . Able to do a decent walk .Calm, mild. Blue sky day here in
Iron Sky cause there's nothing like a movie about Nazis leaving earth in 1945 and hiding on the moon to return to power in 2018
Between Iron Sky and Kung Fury, Scandinavia is really starting to corner the market on wonderfully ridiculous action films.
they did the soundtrack of the schlock-y sci-fi literal space nazi movie Iron Sky
I'm watching Iron Sky, less than 15 minutes in.wat
I'm still using sky iron as a storm
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Paolo Nutini's Iron Sky being played on the darts. Sacrilege.
That iron sky Ando montage makes me far too emosh
At least we live under the same sky, share the same moon and stars and we'll be buried under the same Earth.
.If you want to hear the centrepiece set to heart-stirring music, try "Iron Sky":
Shadow fingers rise above;. Iron fingers stab the desert sky;. Behold the power of the earth;. Are your children ready for the fall?
Thanks for the awesome workout. Love these guys!
I'm all about the Iron Horse vs Sonny on PPV Sky next year.
Late to the party as per but just discovered Paolo Nutini's 'Iron Sky'. Wow! My ears may be ruined.
Iron Sky told us that they are on the backside of the moon :P
Loved remix of Iron Sky with the Queen's speech
Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky. We are proud individuals living on the city, . But the flames couldn’t go much higher. . We...
"Tiny towers clustered on three hills above the chilly brine, under an iron-grey sky." -Joe Abercrombie, Best Served Cold
Later, they were sitting on a bench and the sun had shifted in the sky. "Maybe we should head home?"
Iron Sky is such an awful movie yet so funny
I think iron Sky would be perfect family viewing for everyone. Has Palin as Pres.
I too afraid iron for example in the sky. I flew only once when was the baby. awfully I am afraid of height.
Hey angel do you know the reasons why we look up to the sky?
Burned my cheek with my curling iron now I can finally live out my child hood dream of wearing the bandaid like Nelly
Through this iron sky that fast become our minds
Happy big 40th birthday to my favorite metal band Iron Maiden, you guys still rock
The iron sky: Why we must battle climate change to win the war on terror by
I genuinely believed Rousey was a piece of iron. No doubt she'll come back stronger. She's enormous.
Escape this Sunday to the edges of Ukraine in glorious portrait of struggle
had give Sky her iron did tell u she's anemic .. she was so sweet n didn't spit it on me this time :)
Friendship is vast like universe. deep like ocean,. high like sky,. strong like iron,. kind like mother. cute like me,. and swee…
All I can do right now is listen to Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini and think about how terrifying and sad the current state of the world is.
It would be great if a huge magnet appeared in the sky, sucking up everything made of metal. Clearly, humans weren't ready for the Iron Age.
awesome. It's in Paolo Nutinis iron sky, so powerful
Paulo Nutini samples it in Iron Sky. Great track.
it's like they are their own enemy!!! They can't catch a break.. Sheesh. Iron bowl I'll be down there brotha. See u at Sky 😊
Really love this photo of Udo Kier in Iron Sky The Coming Race - photo by Tomi Tuuliranta​
Omdat: You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful!. Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky (Lyrics)
Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky (Lyrics) . Unfortunately, this song fits so well right now.😢
Evidence-free ideologies such as Stalinism, Nazism & Islam are dangerous because they teach that pie-in-the-sky Ends j…
Best answer so far to Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky To rise Over love Over hate ... into freedom.
I cannot stop listening to Paulo Nutinis iron sky ( he is a genius !!
Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini should be a world wide anthem rn considering the horrific events which happened last night
Iron Sky by is a song that I feel, is so relevant now - especially the speech.
Iron sky is a v appropriate song today.
Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky (Abbey Road Sessions)[soul rock], somewhat appropriate with the speech at t…
Paolo Nutini // Iron Sky (Abbey Road Session) , the backing musicians make the song!
Iron Sky by Paulo Nutini is a truly awesome song.
My movie line-up for today. Independence Day, Abraham Lincon: Vampire Hunter, and Iron Sky. I think I have all the ‘Murica covered.
KID: I put a pin on your chair. ME: My iron pants will protect me. [I sit]. [my eyes widen]. These are the wrong pants. [I rocket …
A friend of a friends Band covered Iron Sky
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One day is great. His vocals are soo strong on Iron Sky & I really like Diana & Funk My Life Up 🔥
Watch our version of Iron Sky. Hope u like it!
"Daniel... I had strange visions... Men of iron descending from the sky."
I wanna be Iron man and fly in the open sky.
Root - Recovery and Custom ROM Sky Vega iron A870s
Recommend seeing Iron Sky while you still can. Very funny, completely daft and looks gorgeous despite relatively small bud…
Iron Sky... this either needed to play it straight or go full comedy, it doesn't hit either unfortunately. A good idear poorly done... 1/2
Finland’s General Elections are happening today. Iron Sky -team brings up the Reptilian Party’s candidate.
We’re looking for a suitable space for Iron Sky castings in London in the end of April, like a meeting room of an office or …
"Iron Sky 2"... Sarah Palin, Hitler, dinosaurs, and Jesus Christ using machine guns. Seems like an interesting movie.
[EU]Iron man becomes a terminator after sky net takes over
They'd also be pointing at the sky screaming "IRON BIRD!" every time an airplane flew over, but what Paul said too:
Song of the day: Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky, fell in love with this song since I saw its Abbey Road Session from Googl…
Spoiler alert! Only had 86 years to see this "Spirits in the sky: Dwan and Fairbanks' THE IRON MASK
10 days to go before we get the big iron bird in the sky to Zante. I can taste the first mojito in Busters Alykanas already!!!
chin up Cheri. I bought some iron man I will be putting all over your boobs this weekend.
The iron dragon slayer was too late and the woman started to wail as the sky clouded up once again.
Spirits in the sky: . Allan Dwan's and Douglas Fairbanks' THE IRON MASK
"The sky darkens, my life flashes, the plane that I was supposed to be on crashes and burns to ashes."
gah! Loved your flat iron pic..& the SoL..We had the blue sky versions (but only via iPhone camera)
mentioning on sky sports whilst commentating on the cricket, proud moment for the Iron!
And no trips inside the great iron sky bird.
Businessman balancing on old iron chain with cloudy sky cityscape (Misc):
Iron Sky is now on If you haven't seen it yet, why the *** not?!
They call me the iron blade from the sky
ohh these are the slaves who were mining iron ore and other metals 4 the ancient sky Gods known Zhulloos in southern Africa
she was a highlight. Can I recommend "Iron Sky" if you haven't already seen it. Nazis on the moon. What more could you want!
Sometimes I think the world's pure mundane and then I remember hudson mohawke did a remix of iron sky by Paolo Nutini
hey probably watched Iron Sky as a documentary about the moon
Don't know Iron Sky! The trashy character is intended on AWOTM. Really funny.
No, I do't know that one. But as far as trashy movies go, "Iron Sky" is top of the list! ;-)
oh for sure. I'll see what i still have when I get home, I for sure have an explosions in the sky and an iron maiden
Iron Sky was an odd little film. Not sure if I enjoyed it or not. ;P Space Nazis.
Listened to Iron Sky by Paulo Nutini a lot recently. It'll catch up with Skyfall soon.
Iron Sky team wishes everyone a great Good Friday and an Awesome Easter!
Charlie Chaplins speech in Paulo Nutini's Iron Sky has opened a conduit.I can't stop drawing
Oh a french good article about uchronia with a little bit of Iron Sky ^^ cc
Celebrate Diwali in Iron Man style. Ready to fly high. Up above the sky.
yeah I'm gyming 6 times a week, I've heard they make your body temp sky high... And they work better with iron tablets?
Iron Sky is a really controversial film for Muslims :/
I would love to see you do a sins video for Iron Sky. I'm sure you could make an hour long video.
Singing iron sky with and he's singing orange pie instead of iron sky!! 😩😩😩😩
The Black Hole of Calcutta would be more suitable, smaller space & the iron gratings open to the sky.
Hey folks "Iron Sky 2" has only a week left on its Indiegogo campaign! Give them a help if you can ;-)
It's just the Iron Man suit, open sky, and myself today. Time to wreak havoc on unsuspecting Avengers.
We all live under the same sky,. but we don't all have the same horizon. . . \ /
Guys. There’s a director’s cut of Iron Sky, exclusive to Netflix?!. Why didn’t anybody tell me?
Second is Iron Sky by oor on CD Caustic Love - fact that the talking is Charlie Chaplin is just ace
I just can't stop listening to Iron Sky by 👍
Rinsing with vitamin C in the shower gets the chlorine off your skin. Feels healthier.
In the city of angels she laid. Skin soaked in the chlorine and the cocaine. No love will sail her over this dirty ocean.
the font they used is oddly similar to Iron Sky
Would the sky crash down on me if I didn’t wake up, iron a shirt, and attend a service?
There's a movie coming out calling Iron Sky and it's about Nazi dinosaurs
Let me tell you of my hope of my need to reach the sky let… ♫ The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg by Iron Maiden —
Guys I found:. 69 iron. 1 diamond. 10+ gold
I hear she's gonna be riding her own Parasourolophus in Iron Sky 2.
FRIENDSHIP is vast like UNIVERSE. Deep like OCEAN. High like SKY. Strong like IRON. Kind like MOTHER. & cute like ME
I enjoyed Iron Sky. I recommend it to anyone who likes movies about Moon Nazis in flying saucers and space zeppelins invading Earth.
Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini is in Parade Bar, Bath. Download it now at
Hamilton Collection
We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars, now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.
Spooky. features Charlie Chaplin in 'Iron Sky'. They're the bloomin spit of each other:.
Down from the sky dropped an iron pole, it hit your body, and impaled you.
"so something just fell out of the sky and I'm kinda hoping it was the iron giant" 😂😂😂😂
i'm sorry to late ... Hear another thing it's about iron how mohammed know the Iron Descend from the sky
Iron Sky from the album 'Caustic Love' by Paolo Nutini with lyrics on screen.
Skinny Living's impromptu cover of Paolo Nutini's 'Iron Sky' is out of this world. Check it out for yourself!
The sequel of "Iron Sky" (2012) features The Hollow Earth theory and of course Nazi-dinosaurs
This is why the Iron Sky movies are awesome: Iron Sky presents: Dance, Vladimir Putin!:
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