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Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 is an upcoming American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Iron Man, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

Shane Black Robert Downey Jr Winter Soldier Iron Man 2 Tony Stark Guy Pearce Gwyneth Paltrow Captain America Pepper Potts Ben Kingsley Lethal Weapon Rebecca Hall Aldrich Killian Civil War Krysten Ritter War MacHine Ant Man

I added a video to a playlist Singam 3 iron man version |
This is what being in iron man 3 does to people
I liked a video from Top 5 Reasons Iron Man 3 *** ...or Does It?
ISSUE 13 - Iron Man Jan. 1 1997. Story by and & pencils by
Tony Stark using his arc reactor to save a kid in a deleted scene from Iron Man 3
Idk I've been drinking this Chinese milk since I saw Iron Man 2 or 3 and I've found a new community/purpose/meaning
Iron Man 3 was lit. I'm going to bed
photos of Robert Downey Jr from Iron Man 3 behind the scenes.
You were great in Satisfaction, Dinner for Schmucks, The Devil Wears Prada, and Iron Man 3.
And only 4 Marvel movies have grossed over a billion dollars worldwide. Avengers 1 and 2, Iron Man 3, and Civil War. That's interesting.
Iron Man 1 is arguably the best MCU movie, Iron Man 2 is meh, Iron Man 3 is great.
Stan Lee cameo Iron Man 3 is the best. Enjoying this more second time. More Shane Black than an actual Iron Man film. h…
I'll never understand all the hate for Iron Man 3, it's a Shane Black , buddy cop movie set in the MCU, what's not to love?
my Christmas viewing starts with Iron Man 3, contains Die Hard, Gremlins and Trading Places and closes with Uncle Buck.
Peter Parker is wearing the same T-Shirt as Pepper Potts from Iron Man 3!
There's a whole generation of kids out there who only know Blue (Da Ba Dee) as that weird song that plays at the start of Iron Man 3.
I don't care what anyone says, Iron Man 3 is great.
Sometimes i feel like is Mandarin of Iron man 3. Its all a setup. Real villain is
A 'critic' referencing the same film over and over in their reviews is about as dumb as Iron Man 3.
So long as the movies feel different from another, I'm good with superhero flicks. 3 Iron Man's and 5 Spider-Mans, tho... nah.
Iron man 3 should've been a love story... instead it solidifies my dislike of Pepper.
looking like one of the bad guys from Iron Man 3
On my surface pro 3, sunglasses for rainy days and my sculpt from iron man…
Ah, makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up! (I forgot Ellis appeared in Iron Man 3, too.)
Obama could have been president in hsi 2008-2012 term in the MCU, since President Ellis was introduced in 2013's Iron Man 3
We've got all your details from Marvel's Divided We Stand panel, including the return of an infamous Runaway.
as i was growing up: iron man was my favorite marvel hero, but now he is 3 or 4 behind Daredevil (clear no1), Iron Fist, & maybe Moon Knight
Staged ISIS Videos are the Plot of Iron Man 3 via
Gwyneth Paltrow (44). Popular actriz Hollywood. Amor ciego, Shakespeare in love, Iron Man 3.
Name a scene in a comic book movie worse than this: EASY... in Iron Man 3, what they did to Ben…
Avengers 3 and Hulk. Hulk and Hulk . Iron-man 4 and hulk . Thor 3 & Hulk (hulk is really in Thor 3). Doctor strange and Hulk. Spider-Man & Hulk
4Ever Highway To *** I remember when I was whatching Iron Man 2 :3
Audi R8 e-tron - Audi has now stopped the production of its Electric sports car R8 e-tron. The Model, which mad...
Making my friend watch Billy Elliot and Iron Man 3 with me. *** yeah. Today will be a good day
We do indeed...but Luke Cage has hit our stock hard!
No, I didn't go to the Iron Man 3 premiere. The imposter was invited.
Watching Iron Man 3 makes me wonder how many people came to my old job at Home Depot just to build crazy homemade weapons.
As much as I absolutely adore Rebecca Hall they really should've just let her keep her accent for Iron Man 3
US $3.14 (30% OFF) usb flash drive 2014 new for avengers iron man led pen...
Huh, is that the same brain imaging technology that Aldrich Killian used in Iron Man 3 put to actual therapeutic ends?
I actually like iron man 3 even tho they completely ruined the Mandarin and AIM
I'm gonna watch Iron Man 3 and get my mind off of things.
3 more sleeps till the Iron Man Golf Tournament at Deer Valley GC.
can't believe that Marvel Avengers Alliance game will be discontinued. Still bitter that I failed to get Rescue in the Iron Man 3 spec op
Re-watching Iron Man 3 and I personally like the twist with the Mandarin and Tony dealing with his anxiety.
Rare behind the scene photos of Ty Simpkins and Robert Downey Jr on set of Iron Man 3.
MCU has been clamping down even harder since Age of Ultron, also The Winter Soldier, Iron Man 3, Avengers 1 & GotG are already great
Carter Burwell was hired as composer but left over creative differences. He was replaced by Iron Man 3's Brian Tyler
Facts: Shane Black (Hawkins) wrote the script for Lethal Weapon/Iron Man 3 & the monster's blood is from glosticks.
Justin Kucsulain just posted this TBT of Robert Downey Jr and him self on set of Iron Man 3!
Unfortunately, Civil War for me, is like Iron Man 3, Thor 1 and 2 I'll never watch it again. There's a certain underst…
I think this kid needs some upgraded gear.
It's funny seeing how "classic" and aged the Iron Man Mark 3 armor looks now. And it's just 8 years old.
Pics & info for Mark III figure. See more details here:
Something to take my mind off things: SH Figuarts Iron Man Mk 3 is looking all kinds of pretty.
I've halved my body fat from 16% to 8% in 3 weeks following your work ethic. Get up early,cardio, clang iron, repeat. Thanks man!
Every time Tony had an anxiety attack in iron man 3 I wanted to personally extract all the life force from my body and bestow it upon him
I love pepper but I feel like in iron man 3 she isn't being sensitive to what Tony's going through when it's obvious that he's like. In ***
I'm about to watch iron man 3 here's to being ***
at least I can remember what the *** Thor was about. Iron man 3 made me forget in a week.
The first Iron Man movie easily top 5 Marvel movies. 2 & 3 can kick rocks tho
Watching IP man 3,Iron Mike did his thing
Iron-Man 3 isn't even that bad. Still had better action, villains, and story.
Iron-Man 3 is definitely better than 2 but it still ***
3-year-old 'Iron Man' recognized for heroic actions
Its easy to see how Iron Man 3 turned this into something incredible.
What was the name of the actor who pretended to be the Mandarin in Marvel's "Iron Man 3"?
Shane Black defends Mandarin twist in Iron Man 3, but feels bad fans who were disappointed http…
Getting straight into phase two before I run out of days for Time for Iron Man 3
Would be better than Iron Man 3, guaranteed. . - Dave.
Krysten Ritter responds to Iron Man 3 toy controversy: 'Girls can sell toys':
Krysten Ritter on 'Iron Man 3' toy controversy: 'Girls can sell toys'
I liked Iron Man 3 a lot because it had an actual ending; same for Ant Man.
Not a fan of Iron Man 3 but Rebecca Hall would have made a better villain that Guy Pearce. A possibly great movie ruined by stupidity.
I totally forgot that Guy Pearce was in Iron Man 3 till that female villain story came up.
Iron Man 3 couldn't have a female villain because it wouldn't sell toys, I take it those Guy Pearce toys flew off the shelves then?
Shane Black says Iron Man 3 female villain was cut because of toy sales. In Umm.Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian got no toy…
Obviously the best part about Shane Black arguing for a female villain in Iron Man 3 is that he compared the dynamic to Remington Steele.
Shane Black (Lethal Weapon 1-2, The Last Boy Scout and Iron Man 3) will always be one of my favorite...
I meant they should have expanded upon it in Iron Man 3. Also:
I hate to admit it, but I think that Captain America: Civil War retroactively improved Iron Man 3. Still hate that movie though. ;)
didn't President Ellis from Iron Man 3 also appear in AoS?
I forget Age of Ultron essentially disregards the end of Iron Man 3 ans never explains right?
since you guys are my go-to source for MCU stuff, should I definitely watch Iron Man 3 before Age of Ultron?
The Tony Stark assholeness works well in Iron Man 3. Doesn't really work in Age of Ultron
Never seen any movie character as cocky as Robert Downey Jnr's Tony Stark character... — watching Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3 and Age of Ultron are two movies that could prove otherwise!
to be fair, they did give Col Rhodes more to do in Iron Man 3 and Anthony Mackie is the man. So.
I'd forgotten how disappointed I was with how Iron Man 3 handled Maya Hansen 😞☹️
I liked Ant-Man and most of Iron Man 3 and some of Winter Solider and never need to any of the other movies again.
Just watched the end of Iron Man 3. I can still see why so many people didn't like it but still, Guy Pearce & Rebecca Hall were so good.
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I still need to watch Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America The Winter Soldier, Ant Man, and Deadpool.
Today has been Captain America, Winter Soldier, Avengers, and Iron Man 3 while drawing Steve and Bucky
I've heard good things about Iron Man 3, Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, though, so it should be fun.
Did you know that Guy Pearce is going to be in Iron Man 3? He just might out swag RDJ.
for an AskArminSomeBS, can you do CBMs that get too much hate??like Age of Ultron, Iron Man 3, The Wolverine, etcv
why are they called Civil War prelude comics when they are just a repeat of Iron Man 3 & Winter solider? Not cool! Wasted $12 😑
Currently telling the entire Iron Man story to while "Iron Man 3" plays in the background and I high key fan girl about it
Dude u get older now i will cry forever i thought u will stay as u in Iron Man 3
Oh, and Shane Black (director of Iron Man 3, writer of Lethal Weapon) pops up in this religious film.
Best night on tv all over Christmas. .Iron Man 3 then Batman Dark knight rises x
can wait until 8am repeat tomorrow..Iron Man 3 & then Dark Knight straight after..that's my evening sorted 🙌🏻
Robot 2.0 includes huge vfx,action and 3D effects team which worked for Iron Man 3,Transformers series and Jurassic Park.
Hayden Christiansen in Revenge of the Sith looks like an older version of the kid in Iron Man 3 & Jurassic World
If Die Hard is a Christmas movie, so is Iron Man 3. Fight me.
If Die Hard can be considered a Christmas film then by that logic so can Iron Man 3, just saying.
the LEGO set with the Mandarin for Iron Man 3 in his Doc Ock hovercar with missles might be my favorite time that happened
Trying to figure out Ben Kingsley's voice in Iron Man 3 and I think it's an imitation of Richard Nixon?
Why didn't Ben Kingsley win an Oscar for Iron Man 3
Especially since Shane Black (Hawkins in original) is writing & directing in. He directed Iron Man 3 recently
I was really moved by The Great Gatsby. Specifically to the theater showing Iron Man 3.
Iron Man 3 in bed ... has a new fan 😎
Year 3 started their new power of reading book today! Who is the iron man? Where did he come from?
I once saw someone praising Iron Man 3's Mandarin because they said he is like most villains, a privileged white guy
We see this scene of Iron Man 3 movie.
Pinned to Holiday Gift Ideas 2015 on Avengers Age of Ultron Iron Man vs Ultron Exclusive 3 3/4…
I'm most excited to play through both of the Avengers movies,Captain America 2, and Iron Man 3 story levels
📷 jennifergarner: Endless list of my favorite movies: Iron Man 3 (2013) ┖ “My armor was never a...
... December 8 comes packed with 13 discs two each for Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3 is better than i remember. but i havent gotten to the Tennessee part yet
Winter Soldier was better, sure, but I enjoyed First Avenger. That, Thor, and Iron Man were the 3-legged stool MCU was built on.
Little Giant Ladders
// A romantic RP while watching Iron Man 3. Perfect combination, right? 😂
Watching Iron Man 3 with dad in my hospital room. Got meds for pain and sickness and am feeling good now :)
Iron Man claims that his suit is made of a gold titanium alloy. In real life, that would make his suit weigh around 350 lbs. :3
Gordon has a chance to leave NASCAR as the Iron Man, 5 time Brickyard winner, 3 time Daytona 500 winner, and 5 time Champion with 93(+) wins
My blog is 3 years old today, and I've never missed a day of writing a post. I am Blog Iron Man!
Robert Downey Jr will be iron man only in avengers 3 part 1-2 and that is it. Disney and Marvel need more money to film iron man 4.
//Iron Man 3 was supposed to carry this plot
Iron Man 3 is the best of all of the MCU movies, IMHO. You can keep your Captain America. I'll take Pepper Potts saving the day any day. 😊
Concept art by Olivier Pron (Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man 3), made several months before we started filming. http:/…
Shane Black directed Iron Man 3 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and wrote the Lethal Weapon series. Joe Cornish directed Attack the Block.
At what point between Iron Man 3 and AoU did Rhodey decide to go back to War MacHine from Iron Patriot?
I am trying to watch Iron Man 3 now with on the french Channel M6
Ok you BRATS. It is October 1st and We will roll from the Iron Man 3 weeks from this Saturday (12:00 Sharp).
Iron Man 3 is going to make a great episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 some day.
Robert Downey Jr and fans at the Iron Man 3 premiere are goals 😭💕 i want to meet him so bad dude
Hella hyped because Iron Man 3 is finally on FX 😭😩
No Captain America though. Just Iron Man 2, Avengers, & Iron Man 3. But I'll take what I can get!
"AoU was a disaster" yeah, and Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 were the greatest films ever and the Fantastic Four is a classic -.-
please please watch Iron Man 3 he's sooo good.
Hello all. I'm watching Iron Man 3. I'd forgotten how substantial James Badge Dale's role was.
Stan Lee at the 2012 NY Comic Con: "My favorite cameo is in Iron Man 3"
Look at both Iron Man 3 and Thor 2; both feature an abundance of jokes and a massive third act battle. Both of which are in Avengers.
YA movie in Phase IV, feat. Cassie, Harley from Iron Man 3, Kid Loki, and America Chavez (because America).
Iron Man 3 was a great Shane Black movie. It just wasn't a great Marvel movie
Except for Shane Black and how he butchered Iron Man 3
Jurassic World has 4 actors from the world of Marvel: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D'Onofrio and the child from Iron Man 3.
Because watching Jeremy Jahns spoiler review for 'Iron Man 3' is actually more entertaining than the movie itself. lol
"I'm Tony Stark. I build neat stuff, got a great girl, occasionally save the world." -Robert Downey Jr. 'Iron Man 3'
Gwyneth Paltrow falling into a pit of fire in Iron Man 3 has to be the greatest moment in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.🙌🏼
Is heading to Known for her iconic role as the Wicked Witch on & Iron Man 3...
Iron Man 3 is about Tony Stark's PTSD following his involvement with the attack on New York. Captain America 2? Surveillance state.
Ok Lisa Marie Agnelli and Ryan Wonderly, I checked Iron Man 3 and Captain America Winter Soldier off the list.
Photo: Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis at event of Iron Man 3 (2013) - Comic-Con 2012 - Marvel...
Remember the part in Iron Man 3 where Adam Pally is in it and I love Adam Pally and ah Happy Endings I miss you
if we're talking films, Avengers, Iron Man 3, Iron Man
I just tried to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall but Iron Man 3 was in the case and I don't even own that movie.
I love how the climax of Iron Man 3 starts off as Lethal Weapon 5.
Iron Man 3 was basically Lethal Weapon with robots, but carried itself with style and confidence
Up next is Thor, The Avengers, and Iron Man 3, hopefully to be completed prior to Thursday so I can start Agents of SHIELD on my flight
I'm listening to Ready Aim Fire by on
Winter Soldier is the truth. Iron Man 3 probably most relevant to Ultron storyline though.
this weekends movies... The Man with the Iron Fists 2. Take 3. Exodus. Last Knights . maybe FF7 cam
nice! Ty Simpkins was amazing in iron man 3
my favorite film the Avengers my favorite solo film Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3 has an extra scene in the Chinese market.”
Lastly, Iron Man 3 was the first movie to come out after was founded. Go us!
We've established that Tony is a bad story teller and now Banner was how much of the Iron Man 3 was not true?
Watching iron man 3 and it's the part where he's waiting for his armor 😂👏👏
you mean Fox? They seem to have fixed things up. Still haven't seen Amazing Spider-man 2 tho (or Iron-man 3)
Never put iron man 3 on cause I thought I had seen it loads, haven't actually ever seen it, turns out 😒
you seen the first Captain America right? I still need to watch Captain America 2 & iron man 3 & guardians of the galaxy.
Man how can peoples tier lists be so different. No idea how anybody can believe Iron fist is better than Ryu. Ryu bottom 3 apparently.
Iron Man 3 was a let down in the villain department.
Problem solved! HQ torrent of Iron Man 3 downloaded.
My problem is the premise that Batman has to rebuild himself to fight Bane. It's the same reason I didn't like Iron Man 3.
What is the number one thing you hate about Iron Man 3? — It takes nothing seriously
Camping out for iron man 3, it's serious out here
Ian reminds me of Jarvis in Iron Man 3 when he's like "...and then at the end of the sentence I say the wrong cranberry."
My 3-year-old believes he is Iron Man. Do not tell him otherwise ...
That's what I call comic book accurate. I'm looking at you, Iron Man 3.
With all the newest hits like Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, and Wolverine!
Insert here somewhere mom about to kill me because I order 3 MARVEL SHIRTS . Of course one is an Iron Man
Iron man 3 (2013) probably the best of the trilogy. Ben Kingsley steals the show as Trevor.Trevor Slattery!
Maybe, after Iron Man 3, Sir Ben Kingsley has a really, really keen American following?
I've watched Winter Soldier, Avengers, Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 in the last 24 hours.
And the 3 iron man films omg I need a boyf lol
Iron Man 3 is trending. Marvel has the best fan base in the world, all of you are brilliant. Thank you.
Iron Man 3 sucked compared to 2, mainly due to the lack of ACDC in the soundtrack but still a rad as *** film
I would actually rather watch Jurassic Park III over Iron Man 3. Shocking I know. Neither are bad movies I just find JP3 more entertaining.
Another spinoff in the works from Jason "Muppets" Segel and Drew "Iron Man 3" Pierce:
. yoga. spin classes... 31 marathons+ 3 iron man kona. get wiped out in spin classes. yoga. JAMES, stick to stamina. Bobby
'Marvel Phase 3 - Are the rumours true that the Avengers will split into Captain America and Iron Man led factions?'.
My best friend's 3 year old son loves Iron Man and hates Batman. You singlehandedly beat DC in 2008. Jason Momoa should bow
Idk. They do show them always on Tuesday. I've seen TWS on a tuesday too, just as Iron Man 3. But -
The party was at our house tonight. . And by party I mean the Avengers movie. . And by Avengers movie I mean Iron Man 3.
Surely Marvel Studios can make a sequel to the Hulk when you got duds like Iron Man 3 and Thor 2
This just might be the best defense of Iron Man 3's plot twist I've ever read. Absolutely hits the nail on the head. http:…
This $300 cybernetic arm gets its smarts from your cellphone Iron Man isn't the only one 3…
Disney is going to kick off next summer's blockbusters with Iron Man 3 in 3D
Iron Man 3 took over $195m theatrically making it an all-time international opening weekend record.
Here's a concert version of my 3 theme in Spain with orchestra & choir! Nice job! Gracias!
Perfect idea for an episode of Monday night Raw. Ziggler vs Bryan. 3 hour iron man match. Ambrose special ref. Ratings for days
Iron Man 4 is in the works!Checkout 3 storylines they might follow in the upcoming movie HERE:
Ah, if only. I am *always* the Mark XLII armor from Iron Man 3.
Chanyeol and luhan at the cinema to watch iron man 3
Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pearce on why Runaways movie was scrapped
"Iron Man 3 and Robert John Downey Jr. ruined my life.". do you mean Tony Stark or iron man (yeah twice)
Can't wait to see Falcon & War MacHine in You guys stole the show in Winter Soldier & Iron Man 3.
Worst movie: Iron Man 3. Air Force 1 blows up and no one seems that concerned
Watched Game of Shadows, Charlie Bartlett, Weird Science and now Iron Man 3, today is definitely Robert Downey Jr day.
When are us fans helping with the sins again? Loved doing it for 'Iron Man 3'.
breathless-kisses: I want to take a moment to appreciate Iron Man 3 writers’ inclusion of anxiety/panic...
In The Avengers 2, the gang tackles the plots of Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3.
I agree. Look at Iron Man 3...No one could tell me they saw the Mandarin thing coming. Winter Soldier as well.
Angela Marie Smith points out that amputations are "in" in recent movies and TV, including Iron Man 3
Also, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Killing Them Softly are great movies and all this Jarvis talk remembers me I didn't hate Iron Man 3.
Hi we have a bunch of uv's up for trade and they r all HD 1- Iron Man 3 2- Brave 3- Up Disney 4- Little Mermaid 5- Thor The Dark World 6- The Maze Runner 7- The Equalizer 8- Jersey Boys 9- 4 film favorites Blade Collection 10- Rise of the Planet of the Apes 11- teenage mutant ninja turtles the new one 12- Dolphin Tale 13- the rover 14- let's be cops 15- reclaim 16- when the game stands tall 17- the nut job 18- ghostbusters 1 and 2 19- if I stay 20- This is 3 movies in one I robot Independence Day prometheus 21- this is 4 movies in one castaway the last of the mohicans Master and Commander the far side of the of the world kingdom of heaven 22- running scared 23- Tarzan not Disney 24- the Goonies 25- the home front 26- E.T. 27- turbo 28- spawn the directors cut 29- the marked ones 30- your next 31- the purge 32- 4 films in one nightmare on Elm Street 5 through 8 I think SD not sure 33- Saw the complete collection 34- identity thief 35- Dune 36- Billy Madison 37- Tremors 38- this one u pick one of the planet ...
FUN FACT: for real thought the bad guy in Iron Man 3 was played by Barry Pepper. He was CRUSHED when he realized.
Relationship goals:. Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. Watch Iron Man 3 and see how much Tony loves Pepper okay
Iron Man 3. Yes, go butcher a good story. At least it has Pepper Potts in it
So if Captain America 3 is Civil War, is there gonna be an Iron Man 3??
Day two is brought to you by Aldrich Killian! Stay tuned for the Iron Man 3 trailer and a big game reveal soon!
The best Iron Man 3 costumes for Halloween. Check it now!
Thanks to multiple viewings of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Devin gets upset when Killians loses in Iron Man 3.
That little kid that helped Tony in Iron Man 3 is overdue for his own movie
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
It was pretty much the exact opposite of Iron Man 3 and the Mandarin. Not that Fake al Fakey was much better.
Gwyneth Paltrow was a beast at the end of Iron Man 3 lol she was angry as *** 😳
A huge haul in China has rocketed Guardians of the Galaxy's box office haul into the stratosphere as it is now the third highest grossing Marvel Studios movie of all-time behind only The Avengers and Iron Man 3. How does it stack up against 2014's other CBMs? Read on for details!
Just noticed that JARVIS had his own stocking by the fireplace in Iron Man 3.
Robert Downey Jr. - whose contract with Marvel ends with 'Iron Man 3' - discusses his future with the studio and the potential for Tony Stark being recast.
Iron Man 3 on DVD. Ha it's a trick. No one buys DVD's anymore...
Ben Kingsley is really good in Iron Man 3. That Mandarin voice is nuts.
The ATL rapper-turned-actor, who was almost in Iron Man 3, doesn't reveal who he's playing in the upcoming Ant-Man, but he does offer a hint as to whether he's a villain or hero. Check it out!
LOS ANGELES, California — Several posters depicting actress Gwyneth Paltrow as an “Obama Drone” have surfaced near the Brentwood home of the Iron Man 3 and Shakespeare in Love actress. Paltrow is hosting President Barack Obama at her home for a dinner-fundraiser on Thursday night where tickets have been sold for a price tag in excess of $32,000 a person. One poster appeared in front of an elementary school and has a drone with “Hollywood” written on it in the background, featuring a smugly smiling Paltrow furnishing an Obama “hope” logo on her right lapel; the “hope” logo has been emblematic of Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Paltrow is sandwiched in between the words “OBAMA DRONE.” What appears to be a hand-written addition to the poster in black Sharpie ink has the words “kill ISIS” strategically placed on Paltrow’s throat and chest. And surrounding the perimeter of her sho ...
Gwyneth Paltrow is "psyched" about being criticized by Martha Stewart. The lifestyle guru recently slammed the 'Iron Man 3' actress for her Goop brand but the 42-year-old beauty insists she isn't hurt by her comments.
Iron Man 3 is to Mandarin as Wolverine Origins is to deadpool
Who rakes in a whopping $75 million? Who are the highest-paid TV stars? And how much can you make working in an agency mailroom? In its Money Issue, THR reveals how much people are earning now, from stars including Robert Downey Jr., Sandra Bullock, Katherine Heigl and the 'Duck Dynasty' clan to top agents including Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell This story first appeared in the Oct. 10 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. FILM STAR How bad is the decline in actor salaries over the past decade? Despite the huge sums still being raked in by such superstars as Robert Downey Jr. (his $75 million comes from his 7 percent, first-dollar slice of Iron Man 3, as well as his $12 million HTC endorsement deal) and Sandra Bullock (a 15 percent, first-dollar deal on Gravity and about $10 million more for her summer hit The Heat), most actors are feeling a definite squeeze, especially those in the middle. "If you're [a big star], you're getting well paid," says one top agent, "but the middle level has been cut ...
All my favorite suit up and fight scenes from Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Avengers and Iron Man 3
How I'm spending my Friday night with some Sam Adams Blueberry Hill Lager and watching Iron Man 3.…
Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll attempt to get dressed. Tonight my only decision shall be Kindergarten Cop or Iron Man 3. Trust me, it's difficult.
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