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Iron Lady

Iron Lady is a nickname that has frequently been used to describe female heads of government around the world.

Margaret Thatcher Meryl Streep Indira Gandhi Iron Man Theresa May Indian National Congress Maggie Thatcher Nancy Reagan Hong Kong Geoffrey Howe

Overheard a lady say "I'm trying to save my bones" which is a perplexing thing to hear out of context
I'll take over President Creep any day. Bravo Iron Lady! .
Let her soul RIP.. Iron Lady and lovable CM of Tamilnadu.Dr.Jayalalitha.. learned confidence from u Mam.Ur a great inspir…
Our Lady Thunderbird Basketball Team is playing in the MLC Classic in Duluth on Monday vs. Mountain Iron-Buhl... game time is 10:00 a.m.
. . . Iron Lady of our TamilNadu our beloved CM Amma has…
Who knew Carrie Lam favored barring new immigrants from social security, just like localists Baggio and Yau...?
The Argentinian invasion of the Falklands/Malvinas was to be her saviour. The Iron Lady had a war which she could win. T…
Remember that time Meryl Streep did a spread without makeup in Vanity Fair? And that time she donated her entire Iron Lad…
- I just sleep alot because my iron be low and pressure be up my pregnancy test is negative THANK YOU want see me knocked up till 2023 bby
Yes, Iron Lady. Yes. 👍🏽 All the best to in Brooklyn next month at
I mean, Viola Davis deserved an Oscar for The Help much more than Meryl Streep did for The Iron Lady.
There can be no one like Great Iron lady of India, and will never come.
nice. An adaption of "The Man in the Iron Mask". The Pretty Lady in the Iron Mask 😀
I love Amma I miss you and the best regards Amma one women iron lady
Meryl Streep proved to be much more "Miranda Priestly" and much less "The Iron Lady" on Sunday night.
Nesting x100 today. Watch out pillowcases, I might iron you!
are u stupid taslima nasrin is as indian as we both she is iron Lady who fought with radical Islamist
and iron out the details later. I wasn’t particularly excited about marrying a polygamous man with kids. My mother insi…
Book Launch"Everyday is A Miracle", by an iron lady on her own way. Congrats & also Happy b'day dear.
•The Iron Lady, 2011 // 3rd oscar win!!🏆 that transformation!! regardless of your opinions of thatcher you can't deny th…
SCMP: Hong Kong’s ice cool Iron Lady with a will of steel
After shameful AntiNational wiggle by Iron lady warns amazon for apologize or she revoke visas http…
oh come on, she won for Iron Lady! Mary Poppins Returns is looking to be one of the big films of 2018 so I bet that one won't.
Loved and reviled: The 'Iron Lady' who wants to lead Hong Kong My profile on Chief Exec contender…
Those who were tensed for bani. She is back!she wants to stay!. She is our iron lady so keep voting. . I M SO HAPPYY…
You might be a lady redneck if you use your hair straightener to iron your dress 😊😊😊
Agree w the favorable style matchup for Iron Lady. I don't see an advantage anywhere for her against Holm. Especial…
your staying with iron lady in indian politics. ..Sonia mam
Iron Lady of Tamil Nadu Watch full show here:
No Wonder she is called the "Iron Lady". Karan Thapar almost peed in his pants..
a memorial to be built to the greatest Iron Lady of South India
Dravidian politics from south India she is the Iron Lady we miss u mam and I came chennai exactly at 2011 when u took wove as cm
Had a chance to meet the Iron Lady of Malaysia Datuk Seri Dr.Wan Azizah. Salute for her courage and resilience…
My mum tried to call me stubborn but couldn't think of the word, so she called me Iron Lady 😂 is my name Margaret Thatcher
Hiding her pain and putting up a smile every time someone walks in. Iron lady! I promise, I will do something for u when the time comes
Graham an Poppet walked up snowdon wiv him & and lady paws ov iron
My Tuesday nights; consisting of Haribo Strawbs and The Iron Lady wby
Venezuela’s “Iron Lady” Calls for New Opposition Leadership after Failed “Dialogue” with Maduro…
You are a misteken lady. This is not an iron grip but, red_handed caught culprit.
To be fair the SNP propped up Tories a few years before that, which let the Iron Lady in power!
Hope I can own all of her movies one day ! (I have the Iron Lady but a friend is borrowing it)
She looks like the ultimate iron lady respected and loved by every country i'm feeling things right now
I also struggled with the film The Iron Lady: found it boring, seemingly just a vehicle for Meryl Streep to do some acting.
the lady that just checked my iron is BAD 😍
'Iron Lady' Irom Sharmila kicks off her poll campaign.
Can also recommend Campbell's Grocer's Daughter and The Iron Lady in search for sources?
Tribute to the Bharat Ratna,Iron Lady of India, Our beloved former PM Smt.Indira Gandhi on her 100th Birth Anniversary…
Jung sahib term is going to end nxt year & we need iron lady like to handle Kejriwal. Pls use this 1 yr as…
Leading the charge at the European Championships in in 2020 will be Hungary's "Iron Lady" .
My grandma is definitely the "iron lady" of this family, cause I could break both my legs and she's still say "just walk it off you baby".
Iron Banner Control is live, Guardians. Visit Lady Efrideet in the Iron Temple to claim your bounties.
Iron Banner ends tomorrow. Today is your last chance to earn rewards from Lady Efrideet and complete bounties.
Mrs.Indiragandhi Founder of excellent reforms,Iron lady leader,worked honestly and not corrupted.
Powerful words from Anson Chan, the "Iron Lady" of Hong Kong via
enjoy Iron Lady and make sure that you come back with new songs there.
Indian National Congress pays tribute to the Iron Lady of India, Smt.Indira Gandhi on her birth anniversary today.
Tributes to iron lady, 1st female prime minister of Mrs Indira Gandhi on her birth anniversary today.
B'day wishes 2 Iron Lady of Gujarat who has put every brick herself in building up State in a way every Gujarati dreamt of.
when U receive a call from the Iron Lady,bareness bulldozer you know that a divine encounter is taking place.
Begum Nusrat Bhutto,Iron Lady of the women behind the success of every other grandmother, passed…
.Ironically on that same year (May 03, 1898) The 4th elected Prime Minister of Israel "Golda Meir" aka Iron Lady was born.
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Bill Federer: Words of wisdom from the Iron Lady. |
The "Iron Lady of Asia" Miriam Defensor-Santiago passed away today at 8:52 AM. She was 71.
To the brilliant Iron Lady of Asia/Filipino politics, Senator rest in peace. 😟
Senators pay tribute to Miriam Santiago: Iron Lady of PH Senate via
The Lord will guide you Mrs wherever you are right now😢 may the lord bless your soul Mrs strong woman. Iron Lady Of the Asia😳
If Indira Gandhi is Iron Lady for 1971 . is Iron Man of today undoubtedly
may you rest in peace, Iron Lady of Asia 🙏🏻
Rest in Peace Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. The iron lady of Asia and the best president we never had.
We've lost a president we never had. You will never be forgotten Iron Lady of Asia. 🙏😭
Iron Lady of Asia, your spunk lives on.
Salute to the iron lady of the Philippines, you will always be remembered Thank you! ❤🇵🇭
Former Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, known as the "Iron Lady of Asia", has passed away at the age of 71. https:…
You've done well, the Iron Lady of Asia. It's time to rest. ISR Miriam Santiago! Padayon!
She is the Iron Lady of Asia, and she fought a good fight. Rest in Peace,
Through her prowess, sharp wit, and most especially, honesty in service, she was the Iron Lady who gave hope to the Filip…
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to the most erudite and feistiest iron lady of asia, RIP. 🙏
Para kanino ka bumabangon?. 1. God. 2. Family & friends. 3. To that Iron Lady of Asia who taught me to never give up.
Sen. Miriam Santiago is one of the most prominent woman in Philippine politics. She served our country 'til the end. RIP Iron…
Nation too sad because the Iron Lady of Asia did say goodbye to the Philippines who had left sad because of senate still full of crooks
Her intelligence, heart to serve and courageous spirit are among the traits that I wish to emulate should I...
The Iron lady of Asia is already passed away. RIP Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago
People talk about Indira Gandhi of 1971 as the Iron Lady.I would say Narendra Modi is the Iron Man of today:Saurabh Shukla
Now that the Iron Lady is dead.I wonder what Juan Ponce Enrile is thinking/feeling somewhere hmmm 😶
We at Rye House are so proud of Irene the Iron Lady! 88 years old in kart 5. In her words... " another thing...
Maggie got it; Hill is clueless. If Maggie was the Iron Lady, Hill is the Tinfoil Twit.
World Cup-leader Hosszu dominates in Berlin. Hungary's 'Iron Lady' Katinka Hosszu earned four more victories on the World Cup circuit on We…
Riri Williams will call herself Ironheart. Big upgrade from "Iron Lady", b/c she's not Margaret Thatcher. htt…
Lucy Taylor won the Iron Lady with a score of 27 points on the back nine from Jane Challinor, Sue Nichols and Di Coles.
Insurgency in . India's Iron Lady ends her 16 year old hunger strike against the Indian Army.
Salute to the iron lady She will continue fighting for removal of We love her for standing against colonial act.
Finally the Iron Lady breaks her fast but not d battle. Looking forward to her next step.
Dear friends, . is out to satisfy her real hunger - hunger for power. .
Maybe she is talking about the "Iron Lady" chick from Hungary who is afraid to lose cause her husband/coach will beat her.
Best of luck to "The iron lady of India", hope u wont disappoint ur supporters (like Kejriwal did) aft becoming d politician.
Katinka Hosszú hasn't only done extraordinary in swimming but also in building the Iron Lady brand. We are...
'Iron Lady' ends 16-year fast. recounts her past struggles and plans.
Go n watch Deepa Karmakar...all yr hangover wd be over...Everybdy wd wanna hv a selfie with that iron lady of our country
Birth of another NAUTANKIBAAZ!!! Kejariwal is more than enough madam. -
"If U.S. government couldn’t bend the law for the Iron Lady, it is unlikely to do so for Erdoğan"
VIDEO: ‘Iron lady’ Irom Sharmila to break her fast after 16 years, Irom Sharmila set to break her fast against AFSPA.
"I want to join politics as I have been called 'Iron Lady of Manipur'& I want to live up to that name" h…
Recently read this article; 'Iron Lady of Manipur': World's longest hunger strike to end.
Why did fast for 16 years? Why end it now? Here's all you want to know about the Iron Lady of
"Iron Lady of Manipur," a rights activist, to end hunger strike after almost 16 years.
All 13K families of NSEL investors perennially indebted to great A virtuous iron lady
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Me too, if an extra CM post is available 󾌸
addressed the media after breaking fast. See the full video here-
Irom Sharmila ends fast, says ‘want to join politics, become Manipur CM’ via
.to produce 'Imphal', a movie based on Manipur's Iron Lady, The film will be directed by Vi…
Another gold for the Iron Lady! Katinka Hosszu wins her 2nd gold medal in Rio. American Kathleen Baker gets silver. https…
Theresa May is a new kind of Iron Lady, one who knows the flaws of Thatcherism
Iron Lady, II. Britain's misfortune that a Jo Cox leadership was not to be.
U.K.'s next prime minister, Theresa May, is formidable like "Iron Lady" Thatcher.
Honestly, I knew that Starks days as Iron Man were limited given the finite amount of movies on Downey's contract. Iron Lady now?
So what's the deal with Theresa May? People are saying she's the next Iron Lady
is the next Iron Lady! Unfortunately not a contender tho 😞
I may not agree with how the Iron Lady governed, but Britain once again needs a prime minister with the strong will of Margaret Thatcher.
Indian women.. Hats off to this Iron Lady- Swati Mahadik, Wife of late Col Santosh Mahadik
Margaret Thatcher came to mind when I saw this, but then I realized she was "Iron Lady", not Iron Maiden
For us Brits, the Iron Lady was Margaret Thatcher. The Eiffel Tower is much better!
Must watch.. I have watched the film "the Iron Lady" of Margaret Thatcher.. I can't wait to watch this Asian...
This day in 1979, Margaret Thatcher, "the Iron Lady" later played by Oscar winner Meryl Streep, became Britain's first female Prime Minister
Iron Man changed some lights on the Iron Lady but lights up the sky!!!
I think she was robbed for a best actress nomination beaten out by Meryl Streep for Iron Lady playing M.Thatcher
I want to be America's Margaret Thatcher. I will be the next Iron Lady.
The £12million Central London mansion where the Iron Lady spent the last years of her life is owned by an...
And don't forget to thank the Iron Lady. "may she rust in peace" :)
I liked a video Martha "Iron Lady" Karua, Speaks harshly about the non event at Afraha Stadium
I still cannot believe that was compared to the indomitable Baroness Margaret Thatcher. What an insult to the Iron Lady!
& Check out a Supernatural inspire tribute to one Iron Lady
battlefield little lady. I know warrior women." He says as he Pops his neck "Earn the Iron lands trust."
Been given the opportunity to meet the Iron Lady in entrepreneurship, the famous
an Iron Lady with a soft deft touch
... planned to say it was GDH Dole. Thus forcing the Iron Lady to correct him, saying: "It's Cole not dole." :-) (2)
Nancy Reagan was the driving force behind Ronald Reagan... the epitome of the iron fist in a velvet glove. She was one awesome lady. RIP
Bravo Judge Jeanine, you are the Lady with IRON Fist.
If u see this lady at Wenatchee Walmart pretending to be homeless don't give her anything
I'm thinking Meryl Streep - if she can play The Iron Lady, she just might be up to playing my mum!
.was "the iron lady" of America. She was someone who stood so firm and so protective at President Reagan's side.
The Iron Lady. You'll throw away ur old phone when you win a brand new iPhone 6s from us! Check my bio to enter!
Ronnie was clearly too busy focusing his attention on the Iron Lady to see what was going on IN FRONT OF HIS FACE!!
The Iron Lady, R.I.P. I read a couple of her books.
The lady that comes to iron, I went to fetch her from town early fam
Iron Warrior workout with the lady Titans
This *** Kaeson was laughing and having fun then picks up the iron and hit the old *** lady in the head. Smh
The real power behind Ronald was really the iron lady ...RIP
Class, devotion to her husband and country, and iron will. RIP, First Lady Nancy Reagan
Nancy Reagan aka speaker of the house aka The Iron Lady...hardly knew ya. Rest in peace
We wish that also. If the Iron Lady was about she would be playing cricket with Merkel's head. 😊
Please . explain why Highlander was a correct answer and The Iron Lady was incorrect.
Was semi- affectionately known as "The Iron Lady." A strong lady although she made things very difficult for a lot of people
Iron Lady Karua is about to have a long week.
This bunny eating fruit is cute and terrifying at the same *** time
Showed Invincible Iron Man to my nephew. He was amazed at the concept of Rescue. "Look! It's a lady Iron Man!".
The friendship of Ronald Reagan and the Iron Lady
Tony award winner Phyllida Lloyd will be speaking at Ilkley Playhouse next Sunday talking about Meryl Streep, Mamma Mia and the Iron Lady
Nancy Reagan was the first true Iron lady. It is a shame she lived long enough to see her husband work undone
Irrespective of how you felt about her husband, Nancy Reagan was a transformational First Lady.
The world just lost a second Iron Lady. Nancy Reagan was beyond an inspiration. RIP with the skipper on Rancho del Cielo now.
Nancy Reagan died in 94. Remember she was first from iron curtain, who kiss Raisa Gorbachev, first lady of USSR?
she is an Iron lady... bravo madam No. 1 political Reporter
BREAKING: Former U.S. first lady Nancy Reagan has died at 94, reports.
Undoubtedly The IRON LADY who RIPPED into pieces... CLAP👉for the BOLD & BEAUTIFUL !
This is not a woman who wavers. Iron Lady.
Getting in the mood for our show tonight in Vienna!
Connor MacLeod aka the Highlander eponymous? Maggie Thatcher aka the Iron Lady not eponymous! Please
Dr. Margaret Gachara was jailed at Langata Women's prison for stealing National Aids Control funds courtesy of Lucy Kibaki, th…
Congrats to the Iron Lady Indians and the great year they had and the 3 ladies headed to state.
U-turn when you want. Another iron lady who is not for turning.
The Iron Lady’s views are definitely not for turning
Europeon white rights have heard that d chancellor of a certain eu country was voted d worst eu leader ever,ahead of d iron lady.
I didn't see Lady Gaga do the Nat'l Anthem, but my mom said she knocked it out of the park. Hard to impress a voice coach. .
Lady Gaga nails the national anthem at
Lady GaGa is cool cause she thinks Iron Maiden is badass
Lady Gaga costume makes it look like she'd be on team Iron Man.
Lady Gaga looks like she's about to fight Iron Man.
Another good time to remind you that Lady Gaga's favourite band is Iron Maiden
Margaret Thatcher and Euroscepticism: how the legacy of the Iron Lady is in connection with the debate on
Work in progress for a high profile iron lady in the corporate world!
Would Margaret Thatcher have backed Brexit?: The Iron Lady's former lieutenants disagree over what stance she ...
Off to Ireland tomorrow to research part of my next novel. Watching The Iron Lady. Meryl Street is astonishing in it. Outstanding actress.
I've shown my daddy. He now calls me iron lady 😩😂😂
I wish we had an Iron Lady these days, at my age I could say" Not my problem" but I have 3 kids[ grown up] and 5 grandkids.
In lov with that iron lady she deserves justice
Decor lady runs her business with an iron fist and professional
Have a spare £30m?the iron lady's old house is for sale - includes original Louis XV1 fireplaces
"If aliens attack, I am ready." By far, the best poster from Iron Lady, via
An industry obsessed with fair skin gets together one night a year to vie for a black lady. Irony just shanked itself. …
doesn't really fit the Iron Lady image, does it? 😉
The Iron Lady left a strong deputy behind her.
Iron maiden- the trooper, westlife- flying without wings, Eminem- you're never over and lady antebellum- looking for a good time.
Zainab Ahmed is giving me a first impression of "Iron Lady". She speaks wonderfully
Cameron: No use descriptive word, ISLAMIC before Extremist. Iron Lady used IRISH before Republican Army!
Miriam of house Santiago, Iron Lady of Asia, the incorruptible politican, protector of our motherland, mother of dragons …
And Teresa may wants to be a iron lady like ex Tory prime minister Margaret Thacher. No way!
... Be reminded the Iron Lady was strongest when she was utterly uncompromising,
Geoffrey Howe: ... the Iron Lady was strongest when she compromised
Me for Obituaries of Healey and Howe by and Ken Clarke both diminish Margaret Thatcher's greatness
Thatcher memo reveals aide advised Iron Lady to soften ‘strident and bossy’ image: Margaret Thatcher was advis...
if Martha fixed Ruto then Ruto did something wrong andthe iron lady was just protecting nyuba ya mumbi.
It wasn't Healey or Howe that saved Britain ... it was the Iron Lady. Great from
Neither Healey nor Howe saved the British economy: it was the Iron Lady. (for
Anne Williams epitomised the fight for justice. Strength, dignity and unwavering courage. The real Iron Lady.
there's an Iron Lady in the EFF, Mama Sonti uyamazi?
The director is Sarah Gavron (Brick Lane) Writer Abi Morgan (The Iron Lady) and was one of the producers on my fave Jane Eyre.
wasn't Dennis skinner in the Iron Lady film?
You've hears of the Iron Lady? That woman is the Iron Labia. Stodgy old curmudgeon
Where have u been all this time iron lady ???
nice to see you back iron lady similar like Margaret tharcher. All the best. Praying God for keep you in good health.
Second hand 'lady at the gas station' testimony. Now THAT'S iron clad. Forget the fact your birth cert says you're White.
Loved the Iron Shiek. Old lady hit me with an umbrella at the Capital Centre because I cheered for him over Bob Backlund 😀
LOL Well there it is! Second hand 'lady at the gas station' testimony is iron clad.
State Ownership is a dead end. Thatcher was right to close the mines. Arthur Scargill didn't run Britain. The Iron Lady did!
From launch to burnout in five years: One Direction's withdrawal was inevitable
amazes me everyday with her wisdom, love, and faithfulness to the Lord. thanks for being my iron lady. ❤️
Finally upping my iron intake thanks to my lovely boss lady ! Thanks for the recommendation 💁🏻😘
Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking. …
My best friends and with the Iron Lady. 🗼💕 @ Tour Eiffel
Hi Iron lady so tell me how can we make ur feature on happen?
I'm glad i met a super woman, an iron lady. 😌 such an inspiration to all of us, ladies
One Direction fans react to hiatus reports as fans of defunct boy bands attempt to console
I was wowed by the Iron Lady, The Eiffel Tower. with
Anyway. In other news, I can't decide if I should romance Sera or Iron Bull with my lady Qunari mage. Life choices are tough.
Great. Iron Lady to teach the naughty boy who kill their own families.
You remind me of the iron lady Martha Karua... A very strong woman who will stand by her words.. Keep it up
domain names
"You look like an iron lady, but you need care." Half right, anyway ...
Power is like being a lady.. If u hv to say it then u aren't -Iron lady 👊
Lady Gaga has told CR Fashion Book magazine that she would rather be called the next IRON MAIDEN than be compared to pop veteran
What's latest on the 'Iron lady of who has been on since November 2000!
When the Iron lady within you hides and leave you hanging and the game face change to pudding face :'(
Lady Gaga Wants to Be the 'Next Iron Maiden' - Ultimate Classic Rock: Lady Gaga has never been content to be seen…
This lecturer status update is very toxic and depressing. Mental abuse by the husband, then strong iron lady in the making then.. Tak larat.
Tom Mulcair channels his idol, the Iron Lady.
Final jeopardy question is asked. "Idk I'm gonna guess the Iron Lady. Margaret Thatcher.". "She was also known as the Iron Lady.". How
"It was treachery with a smile on it's face." - Margaret Thatcher . The Downfall of the Iron Lady:
Nicknamed the "Iron Lady," Margaret Thatcher becomes the first female Prime Minister of Britain.
Watch your actions for they become habit. Watch your habits for they become character. . -Margaret "Iron Lady" Thatcher-. 👏🍻
Happy Birthday to the real Queen of Sarcasm, the Iron Lady of Asia, Senator Miriam Santiago ♥ htt…
Agreed. If the Iron Lady were in no 10 and Reagan in the White House it would have been very different.
Ive never understood why Maggie Thatcher was called the Iron Lady
Ruth Davidson riding around in a tank brings back memories of Margaret Thatcher's Iron Lady stunt.Guns before butter.
We owe our appreciation to D iron lady Mrs. Eye Ezekweseli who kept reminding us dat d gals are still alive & must not be forgotten
Half an hour into The Iron Lady and Margaret Thatcher seems lovely. No wonder she's so fondly remembered.
From memory that was the Iron Lady's original intention…. …meanwhile up here, it's being stopped at the end of next July.
Instead of calling her an Iron lady,why don't you call her a Fe-male
the main Defenders reference I caught was Iron Fist on the Chinese lady heroin. The clan symbol was on the package
Thatcher's legacy and a Reflection on
Hillary Clinton may be the most hated woman in China: "Old witch" and "iron lady” are just some of the comments…
+ forward, throwing her body at the fire? The Iron Lady listened to her advice anyways and tried to relax herself, she +
"I can not die washing tea cups. One's life must matter!" The Iron Lady
Just a remainder lady it a plus and a must when lagging to take iron pills and multiple vitamins
"Game of Thrones" meets the "General Election 2015". The Iron Lady rises from the dead to occupy the Iron Throne in Westm…
I had 3 yrs of having to treat nits as BM would say "get your step mother to treat you!" & I used to iron & fold uniforms
for example, Iron Fist needs to be an asian actor. Spider-Man desperately needs to be Miles Morales. maybe even Lady Thor too.
Swipe lady saw my iron maiden shirt and told me she really liked my shirt. I replied saying "Dude, I love nickel back!" . Her face. Lul
I aint called myself iron lady for nothing.
This lady at sonic look like a crack head but she sound like an overzealous telemarketer
please know and always remember that you're a Iron Lady in my eyes. You are a Leader! A Leader that many is following.
wow, christmas in style with u iron Lady, u blessed still of worship
Well done a lady taking risk just to uncover the untold. You are an Iron-Lady. Big up
That iron lady flag from indonesia, right? "HT: Liverpool 1-0 Newcastle
The Iron Lady. What an extraordinary film. I find I'm losing the ability to hate Maggie. Despite everything.
Queen B on the Iron Throne. Lady in waiting! Game of Thrones will fill the gap The Walking Dead has left!
She's not an Iron Lady, just an Old Lady. And I can say that because I'm an old lady (but not THAT old)
Hillary Clinton has already been a national political figure for 24 consecutive years .
The Iron Lady: Larry Sabato and Kyle Kondik: “As she launches what is likely to be a frontrunning and cautious primary campaign, ther...
Y'know that islands belong to Argentine Land, what military clowns & Iron Lady got was a bloody history...
Germaine let loose at the end of that round. Dominant round for the Iron Lady
Margaret Thatcher: A new book explores the Iron Lady's religious faith, and reveals how she modelle
TONIGHT Zainab Ansell our Director the Iron Lady of giving out the speech to one of the...
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on one end we have and on the other we have pro Hindutva BJP and Iron Lady and
In some of the media,Dave now being compared to Iron Lady. Well I say he's not fit to lick her jackboots.!
Delhi has to decide now, they want 'Iron Lady' or 'I-run Man'
As a father of five daughters, whenever I think of Muhammadu Buhari, what comes to my mind is a regime that was completely insensitive to the feminine gender. First of all, Muhammadu Buhari had an all male cabinet at the very time when the world had very good examples of the sterling nature of females in power including the Iron Lady herself, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher of The United Kingdom and the phenomenal Indira Gandhi of India. Does it mean that neither of these women could inspire Buhari to have included even one woman in his cabinet? All his ministers and advisers, his Military Governors and the ambassadors he appointed were men! And to rub salt to injury, Buhari is promising to close down the office of the First Lady if he is elected! In the year 2015! Are we moving forward or backward? President Jonathan has been campaigning and everybody sees his wife by his side. If I may ask, where was Mrs. Buhari until recently presented for political purposes? Is she wrapped up in seclusion somewhere? Does her c ...
Lol! America's "Iron Lady" is more like a pot metal hag. She's a hero in her own mind, kind of like John Kerry. Trash politicians.
6. Most recently Hillary Mantel's "The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher" imagines alternative world attempt to kill Iron Lady in 1983.
NGOSA SIMBYAKULA APPOINTED PF CHAIRPERSON FOR DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE PF President Edgar Lungu has appointed Minister of Home Affairs, Ngosa Simbyakula as PF Chairperson for Disciplinary Committee, a position he (Lungu) held. Lungu made the announcement at a rally held on Muchinga grounds in Mansa, Lungu also disclosed that he has also called for party elections countrywide to help reorganise the Party. Lungu who introduced his wife Esther gave his entire speech in Bemba. His wife also took time to thank the people and expressed gratitude to the leadership of PF for showing confidence in her husband. She thanked PF National Chairperson,Inonge Wina whom she referred to as the 'Iron Lady' for her leadership during a very trying period. Lungu encouraged party members to allow as many new people in the party as possible, saying that a political party should be like a growing Church that should allow as many new members as possible. He also called for Discipline and Order in the party stating that; "Ilyo ba Sa ...
Reminds me of when I watched The Iron Lady: the next day Thatcher died.
Great .the iron lady.thanks.for the post.
The Performance what This PP Gov't have done in development in Trinidad and Tobago no other Gov't in the past have never done and is still doing for our Country in "Serving the people/nation East West North and South schools roads bridges health transportation social benefits and the list can go and go .We need a better sevics from the public service offices to the peple ( that is where you and I comes in) the people in high offices their PR and they have to put in a honest day work and help the oublic...and assist and and help in solving their problems ...The community has to get together and clean up their enviorment the the water ways your back yard the front of your homes empty land debri so when there is a outbreak of any disasters break out it for your savety.. Report the criminals in your district you can help solve crime because more than half of the crime are solved by John Public let' "Servics to country is service to God" Let's work together and make our country a safe and paradise... ...
It feels like yesterday that you lay still with ur eyes closed and yet you looked so peaceful with a smile on your face. They say time heals all wounds but for us it has not. We dearly miss you and cherish every moment that Allah blessed us with you on our side. You will always remain our IRON LADY. May Allah rest ur soul in His eternal paradise until He reunites us all again. Rest in peace MAMA
We met & in Milan:this is what they told us about their and in general http…
Deziani - Soft Iron lady. . You don't need to make too much noise to be Loud.
Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, dubbed as the Iron Lady of Asia, graced the Public Relations PILLARS…
I hope my future husband can iron or hires me an ironing lady 💗
Watching The Iron Lady because Netflix told me too.
Iron Lady (2011) reviews the life of Margaret Thatcher as framed by her late life dementia.
Hey i discover something you know what aluminium man iron lady wow
I liked a video from Minecraft: Yogcraft with Hannah & Nilesy: The Iron Lady!
the most Demise Started with the iron lady allowing activity in parliament within the government of Westminster
Hope her panautipan does magic this around too... . Iron Leg Lady..
An excellent way of charging crowd jana at Uhuru Park. I support ur presidential candidature cz yu are an iron lady Kenya needs
US court filing alleges First Lady took $5.3m in bribes for iron-ore mining rights by
At -- Can I go back to that day when me and the Iron Lady hung out all day? ☁️ [Eiffel T...
The romance with Iron Bull...oh my God, thank you! I am very fulfilled by that big lug!
: how many terrorists are exchanged for this lady?. Still can you call her as a Iron Lady?.
iron bull just took a shot at lady armor with cleavage. I love him
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