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Iron Fist

Iron Fist (Daniel Danny Rand-K'ai) is a fictional character, a comic book superhero in the , and a practitioner of martial arts.

Luke Cage Finn Jones Jessica Jones Danny Rand Immortal Iron Fist Misty Knight Power Rangers Colleen Wing White Tiger Samurai Jack Ip Man David Aja

What Defenders represent. Jessica Jones: woman. Luke Cage: black. Daredevil: handicapped. Iron Fist: white man mansplaining about Asian culture
And yes Iron Fist was created two years after Fist of Fury because they just couldn't let an asian guy be the best kung fu fighter, right?
I feel like Iron Fist would've benefited from a flashback structure like LOST. Show Danny's progression from boy to manboy to man.
Not even the world of Iron Fist can escape the Philly connection! Character created by is on the TV show
the spider-woman kicking danny in the face as he tries to meditate poison away is the second real laugh in Iron Fist
You can apologize for Iron Fist by giving us a Lucy Liu Spider-Woman.
When people refer to the "Immortal" Iron Fist, it just means that when one Iron Fist passes, the chi returns to Shou Lao
I have to say I quite enjoyed Iron Fist season one, it wasn't perfect but it was way better than the garbage that w…
The fact that Run The Jewels is on Iron Fist is so far my favorite part of the show
When Run the jewels starts playing on Iron Fist>>>>
Iron Fist gotta be the wackest show bec he only uses that fist like 2 times and Marvel Studios acting like a glow is premium CGI
All these people complaining about a Finn Jones' casting in Iron Fist cause "we don't need a white savior"
I don't understand the hate for Iron Fist. The action could be better but overall the show is better than Luke Cage or Jessica Jones
I don't think that Iron Fist is doing anything improper by casting Finn Jones as Danny.
Yeah...I might just skip Iron Fist. I turned it on and turned it right back off. I don't like Finn Jones.
Iron Fist still just has me annoyed, I've never been so fired up about a piece of art since Independence Day 2
New Marvel stuff is on there now if you'd like suggestions. Civil War if you want a movie, Iron Fist if you want a series.
"I am Iron Fist. I am trained in unconvincing wirework and slow-motion hand to hand combat. Watch me leap with the greatest of laze."
What an amazing year. We’ve already got Logan and Iron Fist. Still getting Spider man, GoTG2, Wonder Woman, Thor, Inhumans & Justice League
So on the agenda today:. Kitchen Cinco. Pigs 2. Iron Fist. NCAA tournament . Shenanigans
Lastnightopics: Iron Fist, today's newest TV hero, and Doctor Octopus, cinema's greatest and most Tommy Cooper-impe…
I'm expecting Iron Fist to be about as good as the second half of Daredevil season 2. I'm hoping it'll be a bit better.
Daughters of the Dragons can be Marvel's apology for Iron Fist to the fans.
Review: 'Iron Fist' is Netflix's first Marvel super-fail via
I'm getting the impression that I do not need to rush to watch Iron Fist
(Toronto Sun):Jessica Henwick spank more evil and corruption in Marvel's..
The look on Iron Fist stans faces after they watch the first few episodes
Starting to believe the early negative reviews to Iron Fist were a PC hit job. Prediction: it'll be pretty OK, but doesn't suck.
People dont like the Iron Fist reviews because they are political nothing like dc fans whining ***
I can't wait for Iron Fist to go up on Netflix man.
The show everyone is waiting for is out Tommorow! The first season of Iron Fist is out on Netflix in 6hrs time!.
Waiting for Iron Fist to drop those episodes so I can get my life from the TL.
Forgot Iron Fist was comin out tomorrow. Looks like I'm staying up until midnight to watch it.
Binge watching iron fist Friday it lit
The streets saying Iron Fist is trash
They talk about a fundraiser, losing power, our nights out, Mac Sabbath, Iron Fist reviews & more!
people are pushing this predetermined notion regarding Iron Fist on others and it's lowkey toxic tbh. People should be able to watch and
Have you watched any of Marvel's iron Fist? is it any good?
If you wouldnt mind pointing me to 1 book in the entire run of the Iron Fist Comics where he was asian and not white? Thanks :D
Going to watch iron fist tomorrow while everyone is running around getting drunk.
"making Iron Fist Asian would have been pretty ridiculous for a number of reasons." . So are you gonna talk about h…
We’ve got all the spoilery answers to your biggest ‘Iron Fist’ questions:
Marvel's 'Iron Fist' comes out tomorrow. Check out our review of it
okay but iron Fist I've been waiting MONTHS and this means the defenders comes out soon
Ooh... "Into The Badlands" is on Netflix now? Anybody know if this'll be a nice alternative to being disappointed by Ir…
Trump back on the road testing the waters to see if he's got support to go all out with an iron fist and he'll get it.
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Yes, I've seen the negative reviews for Iron Fist, but I just can't believe them. You know why?
I was slightly annoyed, but mostly disappointed that they were doing Iron Fist instead of Punisher.
Pumped for iron fist tomorrow bouta be lit
ZAPP COMIC CON is 2 Days Away!! The first 50 ppl inside can take home a limited EXCLUSIVE Iron Fist print by
The only type of people ready to watch Iron Fist
DISNEY: So. Iron Fist. MARVEL: We tried! You can't make a show about Asians!. DISNEY: *calmly sets ANDI MACK on desk*. MAR…
sorry Kate I'm more excited for iron fist
Very much aware. Just hard for me to see that when it comes to Iron Fist is all.
Make sure to buy some extra 5-hour energy drinks to stay awake during your viewing of Iron Fist tomorrow.
Start your training with Danny Rand, AKA the Immortal Iron Fist, with these comics on
& follow for the chance to win a Previews exclusive Iron Fist Pop!
Can someone volunteer to watch Iron Fist&give us the heads up to the specific appearance times for Jessica, Rasario, & Lewis
I need to flex my TV bingeing muscles and power through Luke Cage before Iron Fist comes out.
Let’s focus on the positives of “Iron Fist,” Rosario Dawson, Jessica Henwick and Lewis Tan
was a fan of Iron Fist and Power Man (Luke Cage) Heroes for Hire way before comics were mainstream, all good to me 😀
Can someone do a super cut of Lewis Tan and Jessica Henwick's scenes in Iron Fist and upload it onto YouTube? Thanks.
RLT the only reason I was interested in Iron Fist was the furtherance of Misty Knight's story but I don't think they are going to get there.
Avengers Alliance had the best version of Iron Fist
All of this, but especially on how Iron Fist should be replaced by a Colleen Wing/Misty Knight spinoff show (cc…
Marvel fanboys better not come out praising Finn Jones comments about Iron Fist being for the fans and then diss David Ayers similar comment
Talking with this morning, she tells me that if Colleen Wing was Iron Fist, she and Misty Knight could've been paired up...!
I even talk about Iron Fist on the Misty Knight episodes of . But I don't read comics. Didn't know Danny was…
several Iron Fist comics, and the best run I've read so far is the Immortal Iron Fist. However, I think the
Sorry folks - we won't see Iron Fist fight the immortal dragon Shou-Lao in the upcoming Netflix show.…
I call this review of 'Iron Fist': . "Ser Loras Gets The D".
Walter Ivey, Iron Fist is on Netflix March 17. Misty Knight has to get her bionic arm and Colleen Wing has to...
Imagine Dr. Strange with Oded Fehr in the title role, or Iron Fist with Lewis Tan in the title role.
nah! It's all good. Reshoots are almost exactly on schedule. I'm intrigued by Odinson/Unworthy Thor. Now Iron Fist...I dunno...
Disappointing. Iron Fist can be pretty cool on his own like in the Immortal Iron Fist series. Stinks the show apparently ***
Eddy’s ready for the King of the Iron Fist tournament, and he’s killing it! Tips to main this talented Brazilian?
My review of Marvel's Iron Fist - it's pretty good, but not as good as Daredevil.
About how this iron fist guy defeated by the mutants children. Iron fist guy = fascist,/authoritarian, and the muta…
Which isn't bad either, in general there is a hunt for the bad in the McU, look at Iron Fist
All the people giving Iron Fist bad reviews are also the ones that gave Luke Cage good reviews.
Fox has an amazing marvel tv show and one of the best cbm ever In the same year. Iron fist is getting bad reviews. This is…
Same people happy about iron fist being critically panned are the same ones who say "reviews don't matter" when it comes…
Can't wait for We've seen the first six episodes, and it's pretty good... if a little flawed.…
Half of the reviews are just complaining that Iron Fist is not Asian. Really?. Correct me if I'm wrong, he's never been Asian in the comics.
I liked a video from Iron Fist is the lowest Rated ANYTHING EVER
Every review for Iron Fist I've read has complained about the casting and "whitewashing" but Danny Rand has always been a…
WP & Marvel dudebros watching Iron Fist, realizing they really should've casted as Danny.
Just over a week to go until IRON FIST! 👊 Here's a new promo highlighting Colleen Wing. I think Matt R Humphrey...
What if Iron Fist is actually art house
Polygon says Iron Fist is a terrible TV show. I'll let these excerpts explain why they think so.(Spoiler: It's about cultura…
TFW the Iron Fist review embargo lifts
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"Iron Fist" whoa a bunch of SJWs butthurt over a white character being played by a...white actor?!
Apparently Iron Fist is not doing so well with the critics?.
Who would win iron fist or Luke Cage
Check out our spoiler-free review of the first episode of .
Me, pettily reading reviews for Netflix's Iron Fist
Just because Iron Fist has been Mighty Whitey since his inception and that's part of the character, that doesn't make it not Mighty Whitey
Ouch, Iron Fist at 0% on RT. Here's an idea though, watch it for yourself rather than believe a site that certified Ghostbusters "Fresh".
fails to land on critics: 'Good luck, bingers: Getting through two episodes was a challenge'…
Tried to design a costume for the Netflix Iron Fist. Really enjoyed doing this!
Aw, somebody just told me that I was being "disrespectful" to Iron Fist by suggesting that he need not be a white g…
Guys ... Iron Fist is really, really bad
Here's the thing that fascinates me, the "white savior" trope never works out. Seriously Iron Fist is bad. So was Last Airbe…
Upshot of the Power Man & Iron Fist Civil War 2 trade is that I hate characters being forced into nonsensical characterisation for drama.
Iron Fist has always been a white character, so leave Finn Jones alone. Sincerely, an ASIAN MARTIAL ARTIST
Early Iron Fist reviews aren't great.yikes
*sees Iron Fist is trending*. Oh, cool!. *end up being a bunch of people mad that he's not Asian*. Uh.he's never…
People need to get over the fact that Iron Fist is white. He's always been white. Martial Arts doesn't equal Asians. That's…
First round of IRON FIST reviews are absolutely brutal.
yup cause I get invites for special screening from critic sites am registered to but didn't get anything for iron fist
Iron Fist was never an Asian character in the original comics...yet it's racist to have a white man know martial arts.
Limp is the first complete misfire of Netflix's Marvel shows
She's in Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. She'll also be in Iron Fist. Will she be in The Punisher and Defenders too? 🤔
.So it may be Iron Fist is where that all catches up with them. . Will reserve judgement till I've seen it though!
It's sad. I was looking forward to watching Iron Fist though. Hopefully I'll like it, can't rely on critics these days
Was watching some Iron Fist reviews on Youtube and came across this guys comments. Everyone should read this.…
i agree (especially since it's ranked higher than Luke Cage) but Iron Fist being shunned by the media is giving me life ngl
Comic sites telling us what they thought of Iron Fist, just f'n link to the article and keep thoughts there, most peeps ain't seen it yet
Cannot get over the last line of this review of Iron Fist from
PROGRESS: Most of the awful Iron Fist reviews mention the oddity of a white lead surrounded by Asian culture. Most Great W…
The criticism Iron Fist faced came at a time where it still could’ve been addressed within the show — no matter who Danny Rand was.
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I fought against that because I like Marvel. But they screwed Iron Fist up, it backfired, and now I get to say "I told you so"
Wow to all the stupid ppl out there saying "Iron Fist" should be Asian Learn 2 read a comic Checkout my
Even if the Iron Fist show is trash, he's still a great character in the comics. Read Immortal Iron Fist and The Living Weapon.
If you're interested in Iron Fist - I highly recommend Fraction and Brubaker's run.
Understanding SJW views on... Martial Arts Super Heroes!!!. Batman, white man: :-). Daredevil, white man: :-). Iron Fist, whit…
Oof. Was really worried this was a clunker based on the trailer. Matt Fraction's Danny Rand (Immortal Iron Fist '06…
Iron Fist needs to be American. That's key to the character. And he's also the worst Immortal Weapon, and low-tier Iron Fist
Marvel's Iron Fist, from the man who brought you the Dexter storylines "Edward James Olmos is in a freezer" and "Dexter is…
people are harassing Scar Jo & Finn Jones for their roles in Ghost In The Machine & Iron Fist for white washing the story
Lewis Tan should have been Iron Fist. I'm sure Finn Jones is going to do decent but I'm sticking with this opinion forever.
Samurai Jack, Iron Fist, & Power Rangers in the next few weeks. Y'all *** ain't een on the radar.
Iron Fist 2017 Live Fire. U.S. Marines with 1st Combat Engineer Battalion 1st (CEB) and Japanese soldiers with...
just to let yall know I don't accept Finn Jones as Iron Fist Lewis Tan shoulda been the ONLY CHOICE to play Iron Fist
Marvel's "Iron Fist" shows how always telling stories about rich white guys means always telling the same stories
If you're not following along, Danny Rand (aka Iron Fist) has literal always been white.
Iron Fist has always been a white character. The William character based on true story. Matt Damon the odd one out👍
I'd enjoy never seeing another advertisement for Ghost in the Shell, Iron Fist, or The Great Wall. Okay? Thanks.
I added Iron Fist to the desk. He protects the Tommy Wiseau picture.
*** Iron Fist could be frickin' BOSS. :O. And I was JUST about to watch Ip Man too! :O
I will never forget Wyatt Cenac describing to me the 70's-era Kung Fu-xploitation Iron Fist he wanted to pitch Marvel.
FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! All the Super Bowl trailers and Iron Fist shall be up in a moment!
Idk but I was super unimpressed by the Iron Fist trailer.
he also defeated a dragon to earn the Iron Fist. Not sure if they will use that...
I'm good with this. P.S.: Is that White Tiger?. Marvel's Iron Fist | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix . via
Take a look at the first full trailer for as the last Defender finally arrives...…
He has a mystical iron fist. Not William Tell in a tacky mask. Where's the similarity? Also, only one of them will…
the iron fist looks like he's starting freshman year at Brown after taking a gap year
Iron Fist trailer with "I am dragon" title track. . Best thing to happen today. So pumped.
fortunately, those things were strong enough to carry the show. What on God's Green Earth does Iron Fist bring to the table?
I liked a video from Iron Fist Official Trailer 2017 Breakdown
Great=Netflix is making an Iron Fist series! 😍 Poopy=DAPL got approved.😞
Remembering why I don't read Ars. "Iron Fist trailer looks bland.". Fair enough. "Might be because he's white, not Asian, in 2017.". Uh...huh.
idk the Iron Fist one's were up there too. I learned a lot.
how did I not know that Sir Loras Tyrell is Iron Fist?!?
Wasn't really blown away by the latest Iron Fist trailer but hey I did enjoy the Marvel Netflix shows that came before
Here's a trailer reaction for Iron Fist! Trying to get back into the swing of things!.
Why do you complain about just the lead actor of Iron Fist not being 'diverse' enough but ignore the very diverse crew?
An *** says the Iron Fist story looks like Errow's.
Iron fist looks like a straight up downgrade from Jessica Jones and Luke Cage
I won’t spoil it but I think if fans of a certain early 2000s sleeper hit knew who the big bad in Power Man & Iron Fist was they’d read it.
Watch punch his way out of trouble with | The Verge
There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say they love Iron Fist's costume.
Very fired up to see Power Man and Iron Fist eventually united on screen:
Ready for Iron Fist to arrive on Netflix
I wish hackers made themselves useful, like hacking into Netflix and releasing 'Iron Fist' to the public.
I liked a video from Marvel's Iron Fist | Official Trailer - REACTION!!!
Anybody else think the guy playing Danny Rand/Iron Fist kind of looks like ?
As comics readers know, Iron Fist is a superhero who combines with Iron Arms, Iron Legs, Iron Feet, Iron Torso & Iron Head to…
Saying Iron Fist should've never been white in the first place is like saying Eminem should've never been allowed to rap. F…
Iron Fist trailer looks good and all but I dont know if it will live up to what Im wanting..which is basically Ip Man meets The Last Dragon
My brotha from another motha Lewis in the tracksuit as Iron Fist would've given me all the Bruce Lee feels!!! A hel…
I liked a video from Marvel's IRON FIST Trailer (Netflix Superhero Series, 2017)
*leans into ear piece* what's that? We have more live reactions from the Iron Fist trailer
lol. My TL is a mess cause I said Iron Fist shoulda been Asian American
Watch the first trailer for Marvel's 'Iron Fist' on Netflix via "The final Defender arrives."👊
just released the newest trailer for . Watch it here:
I'm friends with them, and they know I love Iron Fist, so no they don't.
I liked a video from IRON FIST Season 1 Official Trailer (2017) Defenders, Marvel,
Asian characters are always cast as king fu wielding villians or sidekicks and I think Iron Fist missed an opportunity…
Critics: Danny Rand being cast as Asian in Iron Fist is not realistic. . Me: Then what about these or does race bending…
Wow, the Iron Fist trailer looks pretty bad.
Iron Fist looks great. I hope it is great. Do you hope it's great?
Good Iron Fist thread. (I'm not watching that sucker, but I hope ppl who do enjoy it & whatnot. & that they forgive me…
This should have been the template for Power Man & Iron Fist in the first place. Don't @ me
Between Logan, Samurai Jack, Iron Fist, Kong, and Power Rangers, March is looking *** good. Even if two of them suck it'll be a great month
If you're sad because you have no Valentine date. Just remember. Iron Fist, Samurai Jack, Power Rangers and Logan come out next month 😏
Our first look at Marvel & Netflix's team-up series! Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, & Iron Fist. http…
The Defenders (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist) are finally all together in a photoshoot!
Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist stand together as THE DEFENDERS in a new comic series coming this June! http…
I dunno, man. I hope we get it, I really, really do. The costume/mask is like 50% of what I love about Iron Fist...
Might not see it in Iron Fist, but I feel we'll see it in Defenders. Gotta have the mask against The Hand
Harlem is looking like a Just Blaze track in Power Man and Iron Fist
Worried that Iron Fist won't get a mask on his netflix show, or if he does, it won't appear until the last episode
So instead of wearing his iconic mask, Iron Fist will don an open buttoned shirt to seduce his foes before knocking them out.
Iron Fist needs a costume. Seriously, put the mask on him. He's in a world of costumed heroes.
seen it .i love marvel series which are on Netflix Daredevil , Jessica Jones , Luke Cage , coming soon Punisher , Iron Fist
Page to screen : Misty Knight & Rafael Scarfe (from Iron Fist art by John Byrne script by Chris Claremont)
Iron Fist by The Nerd Truth Commissioner Gordon by Cosplay Dad Batgirl by Florencia Sofen Cosplay Marceline by...
Got a good haul of comics from the sale happening rn. Doc Strange, SnotGirl (Brian Lee O'Malley and Luke Cage & Iron Fist.
Margret Thatcher was the "Iron Fist" of the UK... Prime Minister... and trust no one called her or UK weak.
"Imagine if You Will" A land where Corporations Rule with an Iron Fist and Profits are more valuable than People. Wake Up;…
Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Tony Stark, Captain America, and Iron Fist all live in NYC and there's still crime?
It's gonna be so fire when DareDevil, Punisher, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, & Iron Fist start showing up in each others seasons
New trailers: Rogue One, Power Rangers, Marvel's Iron Fist, and more: Just before we started dating, my girlfriend……
Dunno y some people are so agains the idea of an asian Iron Fist. I mean, Nick Fury was white for half a century
as i was growing up: iron man was my favorite marvel hero, but now he is 3 or 4 behind Daredevil (clear no1), Iron Fist, & maybe Moon Knight
Go back in time. Cast Brandon Lee as Iron Fist. All problems solved.
Not going to lie, the first Iron Fist comic I read was the first issue of David Aja's run, and since he never took off his mask and-
wait, I didn't know Erin Silver from 90210 was in Iron Fist
Marvel just showed off a ton of new footage for its upcoming show 'Iron Fist' - here's what we saw
Power Man and Iron Fist together at last.
When Marvel says you have to wait a year to watch Iron Fist
Iron Fist Will Bring a Lighter Tone to the Marvel / Netflix Series - NYCC 2016
Misty Knight stole the show in Luke Cage. Hope Colleen does the same in Iron Fist and then they get a show together. http…
Come as you are. Netflix & Marvel spoil us with first teaser for
Looks likes It's going to be in the Iron Fist series.
The Iron Fist trailer looked too fye
Watch the official trailer for Marvel's new Netflix series 'Iron Fist.'
The. Iron. Fist. They did that. . Bring it on
The Defenders is gonna be so LIT! Super excited but first, Iron Fist.
TOP 8 of TEKKEN 7: FR South East Asia qualifier for the King of Iron Fist Tournament is about to begin!
I'm still not ready to buy Loras Tyrell as Iron Fist.
If "Iron fist is white so he should be white" is the only argument you have to defend that character then sit tf down
Think about it. Luke Cage, Iron Fist, etc. If I'm correct, they might make a series of Nova or White Tiger.
I liked a video from Marvel's Iron Fist | NYCC Teaser Trailer REACTION!!!
THR: Watch the first full trailer for Marvel's
The Iron Fist footage we just saw proves Danny Rand probably should've stayed in K'un-Lun
I just realized that I will probably love the Iron Fist series bc I love kung-fu flicks
Ya know... Marvel really coulda kept the Iron Fist show
I have been waiting for Danny Rand since Brubaker's Last Iron Fist Story Ever
NYC Comic Con 2016 in photos (cosplay, Iron Fist, Stranger Things' Eleven, more)
Iron Fist following both Daredevil S2 and Doctor Strange sure is somethin', ain't it
Watch the first full trailer for Marvel's
Daniel Rand takes off his shirt, showing off the Iron Fist symbol on his chest, “Oh.”, John muttered unimpressed.
Watch: Iron Fist stars on the surprise casting of Sigourney Weaver as The Defenders' big bad
I was only interested in Iron Fist for David Aja's art a while back. The new teaser is making me pick that back up.
Power Rangers, John Wick 2 and Iron Fist trailers all in one day?
Was vexed when threw shade on the NY Giants, but after tonight's game...we could use Power Man. And Iron Fist. And…
March 17th, 2017: Get ready for mystical martial arts action with this teaser (and I mean teaser) for Iron Fist!
did you ever get to the other Daredevil NY (brooklyn) locations? and Iron Fist filmed a great scene at Bethesda fountain.
Misty Knight will appear in she and Iron Fist hook up?
Will have a love triangle between Misty Knight, Luke Cage & Iron Fist?
📷 seanhowe: Power Man and Iron Fist at the Gem Theater, taking in The Outlaw Josey Wales.
...HOWEVER, I DO like the idea of him becoming an Iron Fist, or AT LEAST an Immortal Weapon.
Danny Rand and Colleen Wing featured in new Iron Fist set photos
New series to tie in with Daredevil & Jessica Jones.Leading to Iron Fist and finally The Defenders.Stranger Things will have S2
Netflix has Marvel TV originals. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Punisher, Defenders. Tons of viewers there.
They need to do a time jump for the Ultimate Spider-Man TV show. Luke Cage and Iron Fist should not be children.
Any chance Wilson Fisk will be in other Marvel shows besides DD such as Defenders, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, or Luke Cage?
Cya wait for the punisher, iron fist, Luke Cage and the defenders to come out.
Honest question: Aside from Iron Fist's obvious super soft voice, and her anti-social behaviour, woul you bed her?
Southeast Asia responds to terrorism with iron fist
Daredevil and Iron Fist will be the only costumed characters in .
Brutal honesty is just honesty that assassinates its political enemies and rules its people with an iron fist.
Armor Break Dragon...cast off your armor and turn its protective power into an iron fist!
spider-man, wolverine, vision, scarlet witch and iron fist but I got confused and deleted it
The days of ruling over our classes w an iron fist are long gone. Let go of control/unlock genius!
Give my original song, An Iron Fist a listen and tell me what you think! .
According to Charlie Cox, Iron Fist & Daredevil will be the only Defenders in costume.
Do you think we will only see Iron Fist in costume on the final episode of season 1?
when u read the Russian constitution & realize that its only there for show but in reality, it means nothing under the iron fist of Putin
Ok. I got it. A steel fist. Iron heart. An owl's head. A hammer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And
I don't want a daughter..I DO NOT want a daughter..she will rule over me with an iron fist..I will be powerless against her..
I was really feeling better until Rahjia punched me in my mouth with her iron fist
Who else can't wait to see IRON FIST. 🔥👊🏻🔥
When you try to upgrade iron fist on round 23...: via
from what I've read I wouldn't say he a dictator . But he def rules with an iron fist
Have you already seen your iron fist costume?
I thought we were stronger together? So no changing hearts, only the iron fist of govt.
Power Man & Iron Fist: Iron Fist in jail is not a good look at all. How is Power Man going to get him out?
it like a child does discipline. They're like children, looking for that iron fist. Now that I know you're here -
Danny Rand / Iron Fist will be in full costume for THE DEFENDERS series. (Brian)
Power Man and Iron Fist Lot 60 to 116 17 total issues
The lethal gizmos India's military is adding to its armory | Pix - onmanorama
Ever get that sinking feeling when you get your bill? Ruling Your Resource Groups with an Iron Fist
Fist of the North Star Toki Fantastic Figure of Series Hero Toki Brother of Kenshiro, Figures Comes With Iron
if you Haven't seen or -heard of mavel iron Fist comicbook go and check him out .
Cosplay friends - I really want to be Iron Fist for Halloween. Anyone able to help me with building either costume?
Added this Incredible Hulk fist and Iron Man helmet to the Captain America stomach piece I did…
.rules with an iron fist pump. Watch the premiere of Celebrity Edition September 14.
Looking forward to Luke Cage and Iron Fist's Netflix series, but double looking forward to them teaming up, heroes for hire is a favorite
Marvel's White Tiger to join Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist on Netflix's 'The Defenders?' -
I need to see Finn Jones as the Iron Fist.
Hot Video! 'Iron Fist' spoilers: First look at Finn Jones in... Via News Break:
Emilia Clarke to play a Kentrucky informant, Finn Jones in an Iron Fist teaser, and more.
Netflix debuts the first look at 'Marvel's Iron Fist,' starring Finn Jones from 'Game of Thrones.'
I was disappointed in Finn Jones being Iron Fist. Do better Marvel.
Been playing as Iron Fist in Ultimate Alliance and reading IF comics to psych myself up! Can't wait to see your performance!
Heinemann - I agree with you AND does it with an Iron Fist - Velvet Glove and a bottle of Royal Velvet!
Another amazing speech from was the 2012 'Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove' speech:
Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) really wants to work with Iron Fist, but pretty much confirms its impossible cus of Netflix v ABC.
While Daredevil can point to Miller, Jessica Jones to Bendis, Iron Fist to Brubaker/Fraction/Aja, there's no similar baseline for Luke Cage.
You wanna see the teaser trailer for Iron Fist? Sure you do. Al Aguirre Javier Hernandez
I added a video to a playlist Iron Fist Netflix Series Teaser my Thoughts
Watch Marvel's teasers for 'Luke Cage,' 'Iron Fist' and 'Defenders' series
Thinking about it more man that Iron Fist teaser was whack. Not only going *** the orientalist but it did nothing to show that it's
Lots of Marvel/Netflix news from Comic-Con, including Daredevil renewal and new Luke Cage & Iron Fist footage
ICYMI: Logos for Marvel & Netflix's upcoming and title cards
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