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Irn Bru

Irn-Bru is a Scottish carbonated soft drink, for long advertised as Scotland's other national drink .

Jim Murphy Michelle McManus

only it wouldn't have been a bottle of Irn Bru I could get from the shop and drink it πŸ˜‚
Chick Young calling St Mitten a bigger club than United cause they took more to the Irn Bru Cup final ends my listening for…
On the plus side I got 2 2L bottles of Irn Bru😻😻
lol home land of the Irn bru that should be enough to make anyone move πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My grandfather was Scottish. Can I get citizenship? I can't promise i'll support the rugby team. I do like Haggis/Tunnocks and Irn Bru.
anyone else having a drop of IRN BRU and Brandy?
Dear Mr Juncker,. Please let us into the EU?. We have Irn Bru,Tunnocks tea cakes,Whisky. &. Wind farms. CheersπŸ‘
you're a Scottish united fan you irn bru ponce
you can get a irn bru float in Byron burger and I highly recommend it
Irn bru xtra is the best hing since pre rolled pollen jints
Definitely made the right call not to row Watching that made me thirsty as *** Just tanned a litre of irn bru
Working through foods and drinks I've not had in the last 9 months... tonight's treat is a kebab and Irn Bru 😁
Plov is a risotto spices, meat etc. My Uzbek friend guards her family recipe like we Scots do with Irn Bru.
I love Irn Bru, haggis, fried pizza, that weird vinegar/brown sauce thing they have in Embra, Scottish whisky, Scottish pies, the lot
Suprised my teeth haven't stained with the amount of Irn Bru I drink 😳
you can get a post modern ironic Irn Bru in hackney 😎
spiced haggis, mozzarella and Irn Bru chilli jam on a pizza, seriously don't know what to think of that combo πŸ€”
good choices, Hope she took some Irn Bru to wash them down with...
For someone who's just got what they want you seem really upset and angry. Too much Irn Bru. Go get a whisky down ye!
A second independence referendum?. Time to dust down those crates. get my Irn Bru expense forms. Like anyone r…
A real Scottish woman... I like it. Bet she drinks Irn Bru.
Anyone that doesn't like irn bru is an English bastart
Price of Irn Bru will go up, warns AG Barr
Can of irn bru and the remains of last nights subway should see me through this day πŸ’†πŸΌ
"where do you live?" . "Scotland". "Omg do you have ginger hair and drink irn bru all the time!?"
Gonna get me an irn bru can on the way out >:)
From 140 to 66 calories - Irn Bru to half sugar content in regular version as government cracks down on fizzy drinks h…
I'm a hungover mess at Johns flat so he just ordered me pizza, potato wedges and irn bru😍😍
All I need in my life is cheap cola, irn bru and Overwatch. Mostly Overwatch.
Having my usual hauf boatil of voddie in 2 wee irn bru boatils for the trip to the match, fkn grueing at it... frankly it's not on...
hers of it , but wont you need a currency to start with, ps no barnett formulae to buy irn bru outside UK.
I would just bring it up pal if I tried to eat any fried food also just irn bru for me just now x
I've never been caught dancing to Taylor Swift whilst doing a mixture of Irn Bru and sherbet.
Morning. I need Saints to win but first a pint of Irn Bru 😊😬
Bus back to glasgow. Irn Bru and Noel Gallagher. That'll do. πŸ€™πŸΌπŸ’‹
You can get a decent bottle of wine for that.
Tesco have it, fiver a bottle. Cheaper to open the window
Why did I give up Irn Bru. Need it now 😭
What's better than a bacon roll and a cold glass of irn bru??
yer *** πŸ˜‚ send me a photo when yer there I'll send ye wan ae ma fry up n irn bruπŸ‘€
Schoolboy error going out and not having decent juice to wake up to in the morning :((( needing all the irn bru in the world just now pls
a fckn wish it was irn bru I was drinking last nightπŸ˜·πŸ€’
Hurrah for Jazzer's bag, filled with Irn Bru no doubt
Heading into Newcastle this morning to pick up my car...irn bru has been drank
Amazing 21st birthday present, I can now drink Irn Bru the correct way πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Irn Bru and prawn sandwich always fixes me...
Headache. Require Irn Bru. Can't move due to purry cat sitting on my chest. Send help
I liked a video from IRN BRU Soda and Barr Red Kola Drink Review
CRAVING a roll and sausage and potato scone and a wee bottle of irn bru oh my god
I liked a video from Irn Bru Ice Cream Bar Review
I liked a video from Irn Bru Sugar Free Soft Drink Review
: Yep. Scottish media equally poor - current affairs show on Radio Scotland yesterday talked about sugar in irn bru instead!
Belly won.irn bru and French toast it is
told ya, I l spat my Irn Bru listening
"where are you from?". "Scotland". "is everyone actually ginger, wear kilts and drink irn bru all day?"
Buckfast and irn bru should never be mixed.
Vodka and Irn Bru. Mars bar and deep fryer. God *** these Scots know how to pair their food and drink.
dunno why I always think irn bru a good idea after a night out... Too much suga 2 sleep now
A mohunkin thank you to for the Irn Bru and Jaffas.. I like the soda.. taste…
wild Saturday night playing Modern Warfare with a glass of Irn Bru, bloody mad me
I'm back out guys. Doing it Scottish style. Vodka and Irn Bru.
Could do with a cold glass of Irn Bru uno.
today i learned Irn Bru isn't a beer
fair, I'm a live and let live kinda guy when it comes to people's tastes in food. Except diet irn bru, that's just wrong
You'll have the Scots fuming mate, there is no 'O' in Irn Bru. Nice mixer with clear spirits though.
Craving a massage, caramac buttons and irn bru so much rn
They get a bottle of Irn Bru for man of the match award in Scotland. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
"Where you from?". "Scotland". "Well then can I have some of yur Irn Bru?"
My dads pal has a tattoo of irn bru with the word fanny because of the advert
have you risked the Irn Bru nougat yet? Any teeth left?
Being no well is no fun just want to fall asleep with cuddles n irn bru ❀️
I'd have had the Irn Bru in a Mason jar for comfort and ease of access but other than that I can't fault your choice there, Bren
followed by a very bad attempt at a Scottish accent where they almost always say "wee" or "irn bru"
Want all the food/munchies n Irn bru in bed right now
I prefer custard. I did a half an hour round trip to get doughnuts and irn bru. I regret nothing
4 tins of fosters and a snidey irn bru WKD πŸ˜‚
Giving up fizzy drinks for lent especially my beloved Diet Coke and Irn Bru is so hard.
The secret ingredient in irn bru is happiness, which they siphon from the people of Cumbernauld as they sleep.
Pretend gin and irn bru is delicious. Then drink it
Big thanks to the St Mirren Academy for hosting Barrhead Youth at today's Irn Bru cup semi final. Boys had a great day out.
This will be why the "sugar smart" app from Change4life told me that sugar free Irn Bru is a "good choice" when I s…
I'm surprised they didn't go with Haggis, Ally McCoist, Lorraine Kelly and a Bottle of Irn Bru sat on top of the stage on RAW.
Last week Gordon Brown. Next week; Jim Murphy outside Wimbledon on an Irn Bru crate, warning of the dangers of being world No1.
Suspected as much! You have to love Scotland - unicorns, Irn Bru, John Smeaton and a huge pub culture. What's not to like.
Does Stuart Pearce brush his hair with a glass bottle of Irn Bru?
I bet Hazel Irvine pisses Irn Bru and I'd love her to drench me with it.
1st thoughts:"Maybe only thing that makes Irn Bru a viable option" & "5l of any French Tetra-Pak 'd be pref'd
when was the last time you had a roll and square sausage and a bottle of Irn Bru. Best hangover cure ever. Xx
Black pudding, bacon roll and a can of Irn Bru brings me a joy I could never explain❀️
Irn Bru is all that matters, Dr Pepper is satanic
Honestly mate, Buckfast is a central belt thing, Nobody in Aberdeen and points north drink it (or Irn Bru either)
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
A can of coke is too healthy for the Glasgow Science Centre. Ironically, Irn Bru is still available.
My nephew looks like a can of Irn Bru
Irn Bru plays KeyRole in. late night filming.
oh there are times when nothing but an Irn Bru will do. ...
in fairness, the auburn was a much better hair color for Becky than the Irn Bru orange but yeah, point is truly obvious
Sam Heughan reveals how actors stay awake on the Outlander set
HP brown sauce on the tables too (they call it 'steak sauce'). The shop next door sells cans of Irn Bru.
Fundilymundily I think you're right. Slight lack of Irn Bru crates though.
wkd is amazing. Irn bru wkd is nicer than any cocktail or fancy ale I've ever had irn bru is love
lol surely they can't do that? Was probably coz you're ginger and don't like Irn bru lol
couldn't even deliver my Irn Bru with my order, a few hours back. None in stock? Pick another drink or call me?? πŸ™ˆ
"Sugar-free Irn-Bru" is to Irn-Bru what "democracy with Chinese characteristics" is to democracy.
Someone has stole my last can of irn bru. I'm gonna kill whoever it was.
It's 2016 and Irn Bru is still your thing. Some people never change.
Or I'll have no choice but to knock her out with a glass bottle of Irn Bru
you're making me want some Irn bru.. Heard of it like just dunno in what part it is lol
I'm having a very intense craving for Irn Bru right now and I'm hoping can pick me up some while she's in the UK
Think I've just pulled an intercostal drinking Irn Bru
thank you for saying that,when people drink Irn Bru it's like drinking a gingers soul
lol you really don't look ginger.. Your avi looks like it's dark brown.. Can't get over you not liking Irn bru tho.. βœ‹πŸ½
I am Scottish so this matters...Irn-Bru's rich history celebrated with vintage redesign
you're not weird, think about this I'm Scottish and a ginger kid who doesn't like Irn Bru now that's weird
what! How can you not like Irn bru! βœ‹πŸ½ be telling me next you don't like haggis or battered mars bars
Suspect Leicester will be having a very long lie tomorrow. Better send bacon rolls and Irn Bru immediately.
Riyad Mahrez is celebrating with a Pepsi or an Irn Bru probably. JAMIE VARDY IS HAVIN A PARTY
I don't like Irn Bru actually u tosspot
Tablet, shortbread, scones ( from ), cinnamon shortbread, and MCS. And there will be irn bru to wash it all down...
My craving for a freezing cold can of irn bru is shocking. Cant even go to the shop because the waynes sleeping πŸ˜£πŸ˜£πŸ‘Š
yes we will! We definitely will my irn bru loving manga doll! I will call upon u first when I'm free it's been too long
I've been eating so healthy for ages then I just had a Chinese and drank irn bru and I feel like I'd rather be dead πŸ˜­πŸ˜·πŸ’”
A3 And there's always a wee Irn Bru :)
Bet he Father Jack'd the tv with a 1l bottle of Irn Bru WKD.
When you go to the shop to buy Irn Bru but there's none left
Irn-Bru embraces its rich history with new vintage redesign
Cold Irn bru when you're hungover to death really does get you throughπŸ˜›
Think Irn-Bru has replaced Lucozade as my favourite drink.
actually obsessed with irn bru, I think I've drank it every day for the past 3 months
A personal favourite from my shop irn bru craft candle
orange juice is juice, irn bru is juice, diluting juice is juice, JUICE IS JUICE
Chinese & Irn-Bru. Multicultural Scotland makes me proud. . Independence means joining the world.
Back home in Scotland and just had my 1st bottle Irn Bru...πŸ˜‚
Had an irn bru spew earlier and about to give it another shot πŸ˜…
coming from Scotland to Birmingham this weekend. Do u need any messages(glass bottle of irn bru, highland toffees)? Lol
Irn-Bru is as bad mood. Now, mainly in what its history. Without a group of purpose. Or more cleaners, the Scottish public.
Just had large donner kebab and glass bottle irn bru .
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Mr Koolz on Just Eat delivers Irn Bru slushes !!! Ma life is made 😝😍
Cheer up . I hear Sangs, Bon Accord & Irn Bru are fallin over themselves to sponsor you next season.
'Irn Bru is living in the last chance saloon' - pleads to keep the original
Funny you should say that, I already have an Irn Bru! Are there any reported broadband issues on...
If you can fix our Wifi whilst simultaneously slapping all 5 of the 'advisors' that failed, I'll give you an Irn Bru and a hug?
Irn Bru is sugar. Sugar comes from rhinos. Pour children's Irn Bru into The Clyde. Rhinos will come, bringing strength.…
Yippee! I finally get to taste the famous Irn Bru. Next question: Will there be haggis?
Volunteering for San Antonio's Highland Games & Celtic music fest in 3 wks. There better be Irn Bru. Trip to Scotland in 5 wks!!
anyway, I've got Irn Bru, I've got jaffa cakes, I've got a film to watch. see yous in about 2hours 😘
John Barrowman and Eve Myles just had an Irn Bru chugging contest and it was glorious. John won.
IRN BRU! Get your Irn Bru! . We will be selling Irn Bru at the Montreal Celtic Society's Robbie Burns Dinner...
I can't hear Walking In The Air without hearing the Irn Bru advert or playing it a million times in guitar group
Train delayed to extent I'll miss dinner in hotel. Crisps, Malteasers, and Irn Bru qualifies as a balanced meal, yes?
Did you know that if you have over 3 glasses of Irn Bru in a day, . 'Wee Jimmy Krankie' sneaks into your room while you sleep & milks you.
Deila persisting with a guy like Tom Rogic at this level, who disappears if he's no up against a guy wae a diet of Irn Bru and chips. Go.
i think you should come to Scotland and try our lovely drink- Irn Bru
Is it Irn Bru in general or just the ones we get that taste like death😷.
ive just spilt a can of Irn Bru all over my keyboard, looks like ill have to pop to Wilko on my work break tomorrow!
Irn Bru and rum. NOT for the faint of heart.
Mixing soco with Irn Bru cos there's nae mixer πŸ™…πŸ»
1 short shot of espresso + a dash of cold irn bru = a new Scottish brew. Any brave souls willing to give it a try?
Only mildly racist taxi driver and bonus can of Irn Bru. On balance, no a bad night. Those breakfast fringes seem like a bad idea now *_*
I drank gallons and I do mean gallons of irn bru as soon as I wake up as well surely that canny be healthy πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚
I never even realized Irn Bru was a thing.
.You look like a can of irn bru, mate.
it was so heartbreaking but Lauren, all I wanted was a can of irn bru and all I seen was thatπŸ˜‚
Happy Birthday Amy. Hope you get all the Irn Bru you asked for πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ xxx
was great to meet you and glad you got your first taste of Irn Bru!
It wasn't even real irn bru it was tescos own make!!! Absolute mayhem
In Scotland and not had an irn bru yet
I have my Irn Bru. I have my ice cream. Everything is okay.
They're usually on a cocktail of Windolene & Irn Bru, so Scotch is a welcome change.
I'm having a wee vodka Irn Bru but without the vodka. I'm imagining there's vodka. Since it's Friday eh?
I drink Irn Bru, so is proof I am not anti-Scottish.
TY David. Hope you are enjoying the occasional Irn Bru
did you come across any IRN BRU in the Scotland section?
You is probably right... *shoves brandy bottle at Weas and Irn Bru at Kevin*
When your floormate's parents bring you Irn Bru
Wimp. Irn Bru was the drink soft drink for the really hard.
Smoking a Pork Shoulder on our Green Egg.with Irn Bru BBQ at 4 pm today.Jays Game on at...
i got one bottle of Cheerwine and one of Irn-Bru
Bono, with your hair, like a cloud of Irn Bru
Friday afternoon sitting in Las Vegas airport ready to go on 3 flights, buzzin for Irn Bru πŸ˜‚
I've no even been back a day and I've drank two bottles of irn bru x
come to Scotland wee have 4G, Irn Bru and American Nukes.
this is so Scottish stereotypical shortbread and Irn Bru
Had to try the Irn Bru scone at Phenomenal!
All I want is a glass bottle of irn bru πŸ˜”
I tried to talk to my mum but I forgot I was drinking Irn Bru so I just burbled a bit and inhaled the juice and I died a little help
Sque beyond excited and yeah the Irn bru is a great idea xx
And Irn bru for alternate drinks. I felt great on the Sunday after last time. . Sque week to go
Jesus is in the biscuits. Eat them all, drink a Irn Bru and you shall have your strength!. alongside slight nausia >.>
the Irn Bru that is to be had in america just isn't the same. gotta fly to scotland to get my fix
Irn Bru is simply the best hangover cure there is on the planet, but only the stuff in Scotland. They take out something elsewhere
Think I've successfully cured my hangover with dominos, irn bru and a 2 hr power sleep
Drink menu said "large Irn Bru" and this is what I got. . I like their boldness.
Big fat sausages in white bread with butter and ketchup. Chinese Takeaway. Crisps. Irn Bru. Cheese. Good God Saturday, you look AMAZING.
come on man it's irn bru and hurry up and come to Scotland pwese
and yes, Irn Bru is awesome. Also, Vernor's is a much better ginger ale than Canada Dry, IMO.
No match for the Irn Bru ice lolly, though. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I just opened up a can of irn bru and it made a pure loud noise πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
After Sunday I am having me one of these along with a curry chip roll and a glass bottle of irn bru πŸ˜‚
Realising how much I'm going to miss Mairi. Purely for the fact she supplies me with Irn Bru.
One of our physics students Daniel Todd has invented a 'totally Scottish' coffee
(I just bought full fat Irn Bru... what's my excuse?!)
I'd kill for an ice cold can of irn bru right now...
Great show by Rachel Sermanni at Cecil Sharp House. (Got a 2l bottle of Irn Bru for 99p on the way…
And the BBC and roundabouts and Sainsbury and my Oyster card and Irn Bru (lord knows why) and St. Paul's waking me up with its dumb bells
In today's Evening Times, Michelle McManus writes about Irn Bru bottles. Sounds like a crucial "must read" that's worthy of anyone's time.
a Hope you told him to make sure he returns all those Irn Bru bottles he's collected πŸ™Š
Irn-Bru maker ends glass bottle returns "This exciting investment in the future of our glass filling capability..."?
Could this be the end of my empty pop bottle collecting days? Irn-Bru maker ends glass bottle returns
Sad to hear Irn Bru no longer paying out on return of ginger bottles. Remember going to the van with empties to get sweets…
Irn Bru: Money-back offer for empty bottles to end. Great for stakeholder (customer) vs shareholder
Irn Bru bottles reach point of no return - on the history of Scottish fizzy pop ht…
As Irn Bru is to stop a scheme going back 110 years.. money back for returning empty glass bottles, how did you boost your pocket money ??
Irn-Bru maker ends glass bottle returns End of an era...
I just ASSUMED you knew about The British Pantry. :/ Irn Bru, McVities, etc. The sausage rolls are my fave.
Irn-Bru announces end of 30p deposit scheme for empty 'Gingies' - what are your thoughts? .
don't insult Irn Bru in front of a bunch of scottish men
Irn Bru bottles reach point of no return
Irn-Bru maker AG Barr is to end glass bottle returns after 110 years as it invests Β£5 million in new facilities.
Irn Bru to scrap 30p bottle returns - recalls how they bankrolled his childhood
Why is Irn Bru trending on Just cause the return glass bottles are ending this year. Wow.
Barrs abandon 30p deposit on irn-bru. That's Christina McKelvies currency plans up the Swannee!
startupnewsUK. VIDEO: No more cash for Irn Bru empties - BBC
Cant sleep so im thinking about writing a play about the disatrous effects caffenated drinks will do to you before bed. Its called "irn bru"
The hardest thing for a Scottish person to do is to describe the flavour of irn bru
You have to say that Hibs were right to knock back the Sevco bids for Scott Allan - the currency is dying out:
Irn-Bru aren't taking gingies back anymore. End of days
Now you've got me missing Irn Bru here in Florida.
Irn-Bru to end 30p bottle returns; most of Scotland enters mourning period as a result:
It must be said: the removal of the 30p refund for glass bottles of Irn-Bru is far from "phenomenal!"
VIDEO: No more cash for Irn Bru empties
Will speak out as Irn Bru stops paying 30p for glass bottles?.
You can no longer take Irn Bru bottles back to the shop to get money back.In other news Michelle McManus has filed for bankruptcy..
Graham Souness looks like a whiskey and Irn Bru drinking tramp
If so I'm not impressed. Jesse Cox tried Irn Bru once and it was the funniest thing, he went crazy.
Alex Salmond spent over Β£370k on entertaining as First Minister. That's roughly 350,000 cans of Irn Bru and packets of Monster Munch FFS.
Is it James Forrest after too much Irn Bru
Toast and irn bru trying to set me straight 😭
When you reach for your Irn Bru and the fridge is so cold it's already put the ice in the bottle for you :)
Things go from bad to worse for Jim Murphy: experts say tax Irn Bru to tackle obesity -
There was an old advert that said Irn Bru was made from iron construction girders
There really is no better hangover cure than Irn Bru.
You'd be best advised to cut down on your Irn-Bru consumption, sir. It's for your own good.
Tizer doesn't taste the same as it did in the 90s. Irn Bru stay strong.
Sharpy says - grab an irn bru - don't fanny about and sort yourself out - breakfast soon!
He who drinks the Irn Bru calls the tune. Lab…
oohh sounds like a good day have a cheeky WKD irn bru for me
Just spilled a full can of Irn bru on my head ... Not how I expected to get woken up this morning
I'm a mad haggis eating Scotsman, that just wants to win and drink Irn-Bru deal with it ;) :P
hope your ps4 explodes and your Irn bru spills
Can't believe the new Irn Bru is allowed to be aired πŸ˜‚ Don't see how it relates to Irn Bru!
All I want is irn bru a cuddle and maybe some sleep? Please?
I just ate two packets of crisps and drank 3 glasses of Irn Bru in 6 minutes... I now feel sufficiently full to sleep and never move again.
WANT! Please send to Australia for summer, please :) x
Tomorrow I need to lead an army of tiny irn bru cans and tunnocks tea cakes to a muddy field with the most unstable Ferris wheel Ever
just so you can get drunk, be hungover and have a McDonald's with irn bru. Good use of money
If you haven't seen this, you have to give it a watch. Still laughing!
Corby. The only place in England you can get an Irn Bru slushy?
it is. Irn bru does wonders for a hangover. I don't know why you haven't been to a Scottish McDonald's but you should go
If someone can hypnotise me into hating chocolate, irn bru and cheese that would be fantastic 😊
yesss but replace cheeseburger with irn bru. I've had 60 nuggets since yesterday.
sounds nice, you need to try Irn Bru tho
jΓ€ger & Irn Bru, when did scots start adding juice into shots? πŸ˜‚
We dedicated the lecture theatre to Irn Bru m8 tell me we weren't in love with him
What's his favourite sweetie? Does Sam like a wee Bru as in Irn Bru?
Is she British or American? The Irn Bru ad was just on and I was trying to figure out if they would get it down south.
Why not cash in those Irn Bru bottles and chuck a few pennies our way so we can take to the fringe? https:/…
That Irn bru advert I mean really LOL
this was incredible. Spent entire film munching crisps, then opened can of irn bru. Really frustrating
I've tried Irn bru, left over Chinese..even a 2 hour nap.. But your dvd is the only thing making me happy today!
Omg the fanny irn bru advert is back on!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Can of irn bru always sorts out a hangover
Irn Bru 330ml case of 24 average wholesale price 5.74
Finally checked this place out in Bondi. Hooray! PS No kids were actually fed Irn Bru in the making of this picture!
If you had $5 left in your pocket what would you spend it on? β€” Irn Bru
nah no if you mix it wae irn bru or have it with ice. It's amaze promise
smh we all know Irn Bru is the goat
A wish the should would hurry up n open craaaving Irn bruπŸ˜•
Couldn't move to a foreign country cause no irn bru
Also, he met me at the venue with a plastic cup of Irn Bru and a cookie stolen from catering. THE BEST.
it was jus an idea 😐 think I'm Gona stick to my irn bru n blue mist
FELIX, OSCAR, OMAR, OLLY IS A. β€” Felix can't handle coffee/Irn Bru combo . Olly is our best fri...
Currently lay next to my drunk boyfriend who's lay with his back to me cuddling a bottle of irn bru
The Irn-Bru advert is almost as annoying as the old Go Compare adverts. Crack on. Crack off. πŸ˜’
This time next week I'll be lying in my big double bed with a Chinese and a 2 litre bottle of diet Irn Bru πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
the point I think is that if you drink irn bru you're free from embarrassment and life is great and you're cool.
I imagine something like 'you made me fall for you, i don't even like irn bru'. something real deep kwam?
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
how can you not like irn bru you my friend would not last a week as a scotsmen. Irnbru is one of the things that makes scotland
ah but the Scottish know how to do it better with our irn bru and bag pipes
Fraser has now successfully managed to spill a whole glass of irn bru and a chocolate milkshake all up my wall and floor 😊😊
I want some badly man. Irn Bru is so nice :|
I miss you. Soon I shall return from the land of Irn Bru and we will glimpse each other in passing again.
YES McDonald's irn bru I missed you 😍
I drink an unhealthy amount of irn bru...
Abbey and Lucas try Irn Bru for the first time and they LOVE it! Also, my cat won't stop meowing.
Pizza crunch and IRN BRU with the Scottish street team!! ❀️
One shelf cleared already... Pull ur finger out restock is much needed. We must hav our ❀️
I know I asked this before. How does IRN BRU taste like? Flavor wise, not quality wise
Back in the day a used to be a can a Irn-bru
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