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Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is a breed of domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris), specifically a sighthound.

Great Dane English Mastiff Siberian Husky

Know your breed time from The Kennel Club: the Irish Wolfhound
Yes and they were magnificent. Every time I see the Irish Wolfhound I want one.
Irish wolfhound on the dog show yes that's right
My favorite was the Irish Wolfhound and friend. Totally charming.
Breeding Protocol – Points to consider before breeding your Heliodor/Bonaforte Wolfhound
I have wanted a borzoi since I was a kid and met my first one, would also do irish wolfhound or a galgo espanol
I want to ride an Irish wolfhound into battle.
You best believe I'm gonna have an Irish Wolfhound when I get my own place
I would love to have an Irish wolfhound... Or at least cuddle one cause they're so big
Always consider leaving Manhattan just to have an Irish wolfhound.
Yes, I am indeed still caught up on wanting an Irish Wolfhound.
In honor of my mutts, rooting for Irish Wolfhound & Australian Shepherd.
Saw a Golden-Doodle the size of a small Irish Wolfhound today. No joke here, just hugged him & he licked my face & life was warm
If you know of or are an Irish Wolfhound can we plz hang out
how intelligent are they? I had an Irish Wolfhound that I mloved tom pieces but he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed ;)
And, now, I really *need* an Irish wolfhound called Maud Gonne. (Don't tell Finn.)
Irish wolfhound is actually a horse.
Happy with the beagle...would have preferred the Irish Wolfhound or Scottish Deerhound.
Congrats to the Beagle, but my pick was the Irish Wolfhound. Did you get caught hugging a Shepherd?
I now want a corgi and an irish wolfhound.
I was pulling for the Irish Wolfhound for Best in Hound Group.
I haven't ruled out a Pyrenees or Irish Wolfhound, but probably what I'll do is adopt a greyhound out of Memphis, name him after Big Daddy.
Scottish deerhound vs irish wolfhound, that would be an insane bar fight
Westminster dog show, they're going through all of the hounds. But where's the Irish wolfhound ?
I've always longed for one of these chaps. "The Irish Wolfhound competing tonight at
I shouldn't be watching the dog show. I could become a crazy dog lady. Irish wolfhound, Irish setter, pug, shih-tzu, Pekingese
Oh no Colin wants to get an Irish wolfhound
but seriously, someone get me an Irish Wolfhound 😍🐶
An Irish Wolfhound knocked me over once when I was a kid
An Irish wolfhound should be able to track and kill a wolf if its healthy, no big deal
If I could support a very large dog, I would love an Irish wolfhound.
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Irish wolfhound Benny has led the st paddys day parade in New York the past three years how freaking adorable 😍
I do love big dogs tho. English Mastiff, Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane, Saint Bernard.
Let's see what happens when Phil brings in a Irish wolfhound
We see all animals in different shapes and sizes here at Zetland. This is Rocket, he is an Irish Wolfhound and...
Contemplating incredible public diplomacy opportunity in my getting an Irish wolfhound. Imagine!
And they called it puppy love! Unconditional. Irish Wolfhound puppy!
it almost looks like an Irish wolfhound but small. I want him to
i want an irish wolfhound n i wanna name it Clifford n i wanna dye it Red n take it Everywhere.
Dog fact of the week: The record holder for longest dog tail is an Irish wolfhound Named Finnegan. His tail is 28.46 inches long.
noo don't worry, he's sound. He's the pub dog in the pub where we're staying. Massive Irish Wolfhound
looks like a mix of greyhound and Irish wolfhound
aw that's adorable. I prefer bigger dogs, but have a pom also. I would love to own an Irish wolfhound.
Weston is now available for adoption! This male Irish Wolfhound is 1yr 7mths old. Learn more at
I will have an Irish wolfhound when it's my own life
noo its just an Irish wolfhound and david bowie's owl form
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Tom 2.0 has a show on 02/15/2015 at 03:00 PM @ Irish Wolfhound Pub in Surprise, AZ
Irish brand Wolfhound Fightwear bringing out a new kimono!
I was in tears when I saw the Irish wolfhound my wolfie just passed away not long ago beautiful dogs they are Jeni Cousins
I've been a big lover of dogs since I was little. So cute!! Irish Wolfhound "Kilkenny" in Ireland
4 John Mayer's and an Irish Wolfhound that is actually also John Mayer driving around in a lifted Jeep solving Ghost Mysteries.
I rescued my Irish Wolfhound and my Greyhound pillows! 😀
Skye at 5 1/2 months meeting Denis the Irish Wolfhound
Saw an Irish wolfhound last night. Gorgeous creatures.
The Family of Bonaforte first official Kennel open day is a huge success…thanks to a team effort
Irish Wolfhound.thanks for nothing auto-correct.😛
it wasn’t an irish wolfhound, must’ve had something else in there too, the head was huge. And stocky legs
An Irish Wolfhound with a Maine *** cat buddy would be the best thing ever. Amazing animals, so freaking adorable.
I'm gonna adopt an Irish Wolfhound someday. and a Maine ***
Pocahontas is now available for adoption! This female Irish Wolfhound is 3yrs 1mth old. Learn more at
Your National Specialty showcases the state of your breed - one more reason to get out there!
Gintaro, a cheerful and special Irish wolfhound, is Dog of the Day.
Gintaro the Irish from Luseland is today's Dog of the Day! Story & photos at
nice Irish wolfhound . Gotta be a big dog to take down a wolf.
Irish Wolfhound, right? Gorgeous dog!! I must say, I love seeing dogs with harnesses on.
I'd like an Irish wolfhound. Please and thank you.
Can I just have an Irish wolfhound please. Thanks.
animal that talks while stoned? Imma have to go with an Irish Wolfhound.
The "is your dog buried under the snow" gauge is pretty pointless unless you have a Great Dane or Irish Wolfhound.
how would one convince their husband that an Irish wolfhound is the dog of choice?
Also, just got my son a puppy, irish wolfhound mix, come to Sac coach and he's all yours
The Irish Wolfhound was considered a symbol of wealth in Ireland. More here:
I messed up and posted pics of our beloved Irish Wolfhound Orson without an explanation. Gorgeous, fabulous...
My dad just told me he wants an Irish wolfhound when he comes home dad that dog is bigger than me why
The Irish Wolfhound came in to the Spot today! She's such a lovely dog.
Performing in Surprise, AZ at 9:00 PM today at Irish Wolfhound Pub
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
We're on our way to to play Irish Wolfhound in Tonight & tomorrow 9pm
Happy St Patrick's Day: This is Conmael the Irish Wolfhound, who is the mascot of 1st Battalion The Irish Guards
Here's more information on the Irish Wolfhound. It looks like the family is warming up to this breed! Any thoughts?
im getting a Irish wolfhound around the same time 0:
I love Irish wolfhound, as soon as I have a big enough house I'm buying one. @ La Foret De huelgoat
Anyways, I'll get off the soapbox. Sorry about that! Here's a 10wk old kitten playing with an Irish Wolfhound:
This could be us but you not an Irish Wolfhound
If it has an 'e' it's Irish, apparently. Could explain your dog's preference (Irish wolfhound, Scottish terrier etc)
Grizzly is a male Terrier/Irish Wolfhound mix in need of love!
Buy me an Irish Wolfhound and I'll love you for the rest of my life
Irish WolfHound hd wallpaper Browse Wallfoy to see more High Definition wallpapers is FREE.
Got a tin-type photo of my Irish Wolfhound, only took an hour to get this pose via /r/aww
Help. I'm being squished by an Irish Wolfhound. 😍😍
Got a tin-type of my Irish Wolfhound, would've killed it on a civil war battlefield via /r/pics
Fish and chips with my kittercat at Irish Wolfhound!
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She did a series back in the 90's called Born in Ice, Fire, Shame -- the heroine in Born in Ice had an Irish wolfhound also!
Ugh I want an Irish wolfhound, Great Dane, or a pit bull but I can't decide between the 3 if I got one 😭😫
I've tried asking for a Great Dane or Irish wolfhound, rents are not for it
In Galway with sis for the night. Saw a huge Irish wolfhound on our walk!
The Irish Wolfhound statue is all done up for Christmas too
This is awesome my favorite hero the versus the
Seeing all the multidog households for makes Humom want another. She'll take a shiba, tibetan spaniel, or Irish wolfhound
Mom, Dad, an Irish Wolfhound, a Chocolate Lab, and my aunt.
I’m more of an Irish Wolfhound man but there is too much cute in this picture. Christmas is for the kids anyway.
Also guys look at this irish wolfhound's coloration!
Found on Thu Dec 25th, a male blonde irish wolfhound dog, under 5 years old. He is not neutered
Best Xmas gift ever: saw an Irish wolfhound today in real life at the park while throwing a football
Kier's owner is one HECK of an artist! Keir is one of our 3/4 Irish Wolfhound pups. The new owners are so...
This dude had an Irish wolfhound at vons 😭😭😭
I want an Irish wolfhound so badly omg
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Meet my Mom's neighbor...Oberon, a 200 lb Irish Wolfhound who is only 2yrs old. Biggest dog I have ever seen!!
I really hope one of these presents under the tree is a bunny, Or Irish Wolfhound.
Google says that he's a mixed species mutt possibly close to an Irish wolfhound if is interested...
Met an Irish Wolfhound today at work.
No one's said Merry Christmas to me yet... But I got to play with an Irish Wolfhound pup so IN YOUR FACES.
I want a really big dog. Like a Irish wolfhound or a Great Dane
I should get an Irish wolfhound. I have a spare bedroom and queen size bed. It's my density.
I dreamed that I was playing with an Irish Wolfhound at the beach and lions came out of the water and ate it. What does this mean.
Just watching an episode of Never The Twain starring Windsor Davies and noted he has an Irish Wolfhound exactly like the one that pestered him in Carry On Behind. I wonder if it was actually his pet dog in real life.
Leonard's Tuxedo on Big Bend across from the post office ... always hired a WGHS student to be a retail sales rep under the assumption and hope that that would attract WGHS seniors to rent their tuxedo's for prom from them. In 1970/71, that was Tom Coonrod, part of a group of seniors I sort of latched onto when I was still a sophomore. Tom suddenly departed Leonard's in early 1971 (I can't remember who-left-who) and recommended me for the job (for which I am ever thankful to Tom.) I wasn't 16 years old yet (late birthday), so technically, I wasn't yet "legal" to begin working for pay, but somehow I managed to do so anyway. The store manager (and only other employee at that store) was a guy named Alan Cupples. Alan drove a VW beetle, on which I learned how to drive a manual shift when shuttling tuxes back and forth to the central office downtown (much to the chagrin of his transmission I am sure.) Alan had a gorgeous wife and a huge Irish Wolfhound, both of which he's periodically bring to the office with ...
Home The Club was founded in 1971 by several breeders in Northern Ireland with the following objects:- to maintain the qualities and type of the Irish Wolfhound, as described in the breed Standard issued by the Kennel Club, and to promote the breeding and exhibition of sound and healthy stock. to pr…
*Newbie* Meet zuki! Check out how scary she is Shes my baby i have had her 5 years, she has the longest tounge ever it gets every1 who sits down, shes the best with the lil ones and loves playing with all types of dogs from a irish wolfhound to tea cup jack Russells! shes fab! my poor girl has not long been diagnosed with chiari malformation with syringomyelia and this took us nearly a year to diagnose, which now is controlled with meds and limited exercise! This is my favourite vid of her! Hope you all find this as enjoyable to watch as i do
The reach of Arthur the Irish Wolfhound (a photo of a photo because I took the pictures on my nicer camera!).
Just saw an Irish Wolfhound. What a beast! They sold it short naming it after the wolf. It's much more impressive.
I'm definitely going to start putting money away so that I can buy an Irish Wolfhound in the future.
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omg there is an Irish Wolfhound x Labrador puppy called Bruce !! :3
you'll love having an Irish wolfhound!! We have three and their great
We have a couple Irish Wolfhound patients but this guy, Zues, is by far the largest that we have. Most people...
Why don't people worship pitbulls or Great Danes or maybe even an irish wolfhound ??!
Quick pitstop at earlier and off to photograph ex-rainbow Irish Wolfhound, William this evening. the Irish Wolfhound Society Show which will be at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh. An...
Photoset: Milo as The Doctor Prince Charming, Prince Eric, and Prince Florian as Sam, Castiel and Dean
I have to say though, my old school mate now has a mastiff/Irish wolfhound called Biggie. Not biggie the iggy.
I want a newfie and he wants an Irish wolfhound 🙈
James Cowden has a show on 09/23/2014 at 05:00 PM @ The Irish Wolfhound Pub in Surprise, AZ
I have just spoken on the phone again to my Irish Wolfhound lady and she is lovely! I'm going to meet her five wolfhounds on Tuesday.
Me and Mr Darcy, the most gigantic Irish wolfhound I've ever seen
Roald Dahl originally intended to write a book about a boy with an Irish wolfhound called James and the Giant Pooch.
Irish wolfhound I thought I showed u her before ??
I want a pug, mum wants a sausage dog and dad wants an Irish wolfhound...
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I want an Irish Wolfhound so badly 💕
"It's creepy but in a cute way like an Irish wolfhound"
Can someone find me an Irish wolfhound pls 💗💗💗💗
The diff between Flynn our Irish wolfhound and Olly
Breed: Irish Wolfhound. The Irish Wolfhound is calm around the house, sensitive, patient, easygoing, and sweet.
Irish Wolfhound Puppies From Heart Tested Parents Only - There is absolutely no excuse why a breeder should...
Have you had your Irish Wolfhound hug today?
"It’s ridiculous when he does wag it because it’s dangerous" - owner of an Irish wolfhound w/world's longest dog tail
3. It's hard to get a giraffe, an elephant, and an Irish wolfhound to fit into the same photo- even if you get the giraffe to sit down
//fighting for dominance of my bed with an Irish Wolfhound named Mars.
Anyone in or around Houston, TX, interested in getting an Irish Wolfhound? They’re huge and awesome and need homes:
Played with an Irish Wolfhound at work today. That was cool enough. What's even cooler was that his name is Malachi. Just an awesome day
This is Samson, he is an Irish Wolfhound puppy. He is only 4 months old and already his feet are the size of Florida!
42. The largest breed of dog is the Irish Wolfhound
get a puppy? I'm planning on a new one soon for the next review date..Irish wolfhound maybe? Ps was that mrc, may submission?
The Irish Wolfhound is a perfect pet for a Moira! And don't forget, my Golden Birthday is December 22 ✨
Finnegan, an Irish wolfhound from western Canada, has the longest tail in the world. I mean, people actually care about this stuff?
seriously won't be satisfied until I have an Irish Wolfhound 🐶😍
FYI ► Finnegan, the dog w/ the world’s longest tail lives in Calgary. He's an Irish wolfhound.
my friend's mom has an Irish wolfhound so now I want to dress her up like little red riding hood.
Totally in love with Oscar who is Irish wolfhound. Wanted to take him home with me
I had an Irish Wolfhound growing up he was my BEST friend! I seriously loved that dog :)
“I will own an Irish Wolfhound some day. worst nightmare 😳😳
I will own an Irish Wolfhound some day.
One day I will own an Irish wolfhound.
Authorities are referring to the rescue of 73 Irish Wolfhounds as "a case of dog-breeding run amok" -- ugh!
Best wagger of them all. Congrats to Finnegan, the Irish wolfhound for having the longest tail on record in the...
A long tail with a happy ending: Finnegan, the Calgary Irish Wolfhound, has the world's longest tail.
And now we have an Irish wolfhound on board...
I've had black lab crossed with a collie a black lab and a irish wolfhound crossed with a standard poodle his name was teddy
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A long tail with a happy ending - Oh, the photos. Amazing. Irish wolfhound has record-breaking tail.
can't wait till i grow up cause i get a Irish wolfhound :)
Irish Wolfhound sort of did (although one of its pups keeps coming back to be fed.)
That is so sweet. I've always wanted a Great Dane or an Irish Wolfhound. Both large breeds.
I was sad I googled irish wolfhound pictures and gosh *** they are so awesome they cheer me right up
Oberon would be proud of the Houston for rescuing fellow wolfhounds
Fun facts: The Irish Wolfhound is the largest The Great Dane is the The Chihuahua is the breed.
Update from the Irish Wolfhound Club of America's rescue coordinator.
Just got it on mail , too good not to share : Being a veterinarian, I had been called to examine a ten-year-old Irish Wolfhound named Belker. The dog's owners, Ron, his wife Lisa, and their little boy Shane, were all very attached to Belker, and they were hoping for a miracle. I examined Belker and found he was dying of cancer. I told the family we couldn't do anything for Belker, and offered to perform the euthanasia procedure for the old dog in their home. As we made arrangements, Ron and Lisa told me they thought it would be good for six-year-old Shane to observe the procedure as they felt that Shane might learn something from the experience. The next day, I felt the familiar catch in my throat as Belker's family surrounded him. Shane seemed so calm, petting the old dog for the last time, that I wondered if he understood what was going on. Within a few minutes, Belker slipped peacefully away. The little boy seemed to accept Belker's transition without any difficulty or confusion. We sat together for a ...
HURRAY FOR BLUE JAY!!! Blue Jay has finished her heartworm treatment and is available for adoption. Blue Jay came to us from another shelter. After she arrived, it was discovered she’d never had a heartworm test. Unfortunately she tested positive. Never being ones to give up on our animals,we raised over $ 900 dollars towards Blue Jay's heartworm treatment back in June. Thank you to everyone that donated towards Blue Jay's heartworm treatment fund. She stayed with two temporary foster homes while in recovery. Our Foster Program wants to say a huge Shout Out Thank You to Lesley and Clark for opening up their homes and helping Blue Jay with her recovery. Blue Jay is 1 year old Irish Wolfhound mix. She loves people. She just wants to snuggle up and give kisses. We don’t know how she is with children. Blue Jay does not do well with other dogs. She needs to live in a house with no other animals. She is housebroken and crate trained. Blue Jay will have to be on HeartGard heartworm prevention once a month f ...
I need 1 more plus an Irish wolfhound
Although one should note it is ALSO the OWNER'S responsibility to know which breeds of dog s/he can handle and responsibly care for. An Irish Wolfhound is never going to be an OK small apartment dog regardless of training. A Blue Healer is a bad puppy to get if you have hojillion small pets and run a daycare. Unless you are a professional dog trainer you are not going to train that Spitz to stop barking if you live next to a high siren-traffic road. You, as the *** Sapiens in the equation, are expected to plan for your dog's need. Your dog will continue to be a dog, as is to be expected, and will plan for little more than dinner, by which I mean eating it.
I want an Irish wolfhound! Jessie can we get one we can use it as a bean bag xxx
I have also come to the conclusion that an Irish wolfhound is needed in my life. There's one walking around sandpoint that I have yet to pet
Irish Wolfhound, Irish Fair of Minnesota. Current front runner for "most likely animal to be mistaken for a wookie."
Mom goes for a run, which results in a very upset Irish Wolfhound. He's trying to convince me to let…
The dog in question is a Irish Wolfhound mix and surprisingly small. Kind of a given that Silver was all "AW PUPPY"
I just really want an Irish Wolfhound.
German Shepard, Irish Wolfhound, Siberian Husky, Shiba Inu, Rat Terrier, Labrador, etc. . I know so many breeds of dogs but cats? idk man
Both of mine were adopted pups who'd been abandoned. 1 is a border collie, the other an Irish Wolfhound.
MISSING - IRISH WOLFHOUND - BOROREN - GLADSTONE REGION - approx 1/8/2014. We've been looking for this guy for...
Nice Irish Wolfhound and its a good song too
Smaller than the Irish Wolfhound and a lot more refined.
Irish Wolfhound these dogs are huge. Slightly blurry sorry
I want to go to concerts every night. Live in a tiny apartment in the middle of a huge city with an Irish Wolfhound and good …
With 2.5 acres I think a Irish wolfhound would be perfect, hopefully it will happen in like 6 months.
My Irish Wolfhound Katie at three months and 5 yrs.
If you had the choice to get any five dog breeds righ... — German shepherd, pit bull, husky, Irish wolfhound, st...
Big Dog Treat Time - Keva The Irish Wolfhound jasper is this u
The Irish Wolfhound shows really well in about four - five of these pups. I will be posting more about their...
Kruimel Irish Wolfhound in knit cap by Paul Croes...LOVE
free standing needle felted Irish wolfhound with the by OkieFolky via im for to
I now really want an Irish wolfhound
I want an Old English Sheepdog, a Newfoundland, and an Irish Wolfhound so badly 😫
I weigh 103 pounds and have a beautiful Irish wolfhound whom weighs 175 pounds so I know what you mean lol!
It's sad, my fave dog breed is an Irish wolfhound, lifespan only about 7 years. :(
it's an Irish Wolfhound. Look at the beard.
A man's best friend is his Irish Wolfhound and his
Ever since the comml re female soldier being greeted by her Irish Wolfhound who lays her flat in the driveway, I want one. Who's with me?
A gourmet 5 course dinner in our waterfront conservatory... then Seamus our Irish Wolfhound joins-in traditional...
Snow's just small. ... But yeah, he's pretty typical for an Irish wolfhound.
is there a member of ur family who had turned into an Irish wolfhound
no they are cute but never seen one wait till u see an Irish wolfhound
Mam got my hopes high about getting an Irish wolfhound this week 😔
I'm thinking about it. ;__; I dunno if my boyfriend would want another puppy, though... We already have a huge Irish wolfhound. D;
Jack Russell Terrier or Scottish Terrier? Which one's cuter? Hmmm... Why not both? Hehehe and an Irish Wolfhound too
Meeting a new friend walking her “wee” dog LOL an Irish wolfhound, and it is only 6 months old!
if dad gets an Irish wolfhound next then I will be very happy
Irish Wolf Hound dog portrait oil painting on canvas
All I want in life is to adopt a Wheaten Terrier or Irish Wolfhound
I have a fictional dog! But still looking for a real life Irish Wolfhound to provide veracity.
My friend's beautiful big Irish wolfhound died today. Giving my little boy an extra big hug
Home at last! Jesse - Irish Wolfhound from is home safe & sound.Message from Owner: "Workers at...
looks like an Irish Wolfhound. or a very harry Great Dane mix.
I want an Irish wolfhound. I'd feel so safe and yet so loved and cuddled. It'd be so great.
The smallest breed of dog is the Chihuahua and the largest breed is the Irish Wolfhound. Do you have a dog? What...
hi I'm Jess Thorn host of Put This On and I told my stylist to fashion my beard in the style of an irish wolfhound
I want to cross a white Irish wolfhound with a black and white husky and have the biggest, best dog.
if I dont get the irish wolfhound I want a wolf/malamute mix. Beeaauuutiful animal.
Waiting for the day I can own an irish wolfhound.
Kaleigh is a beautiful Irish Wolfhound/Siberian Husky mix (our best guess). She weighs about 70 pounds and is...
I'm totally loving the conversation the main character has with his Irish wolfhound. LOL "I’m totally a ninja...
Just saw a man at southbank go to Brumby's and buy 2 large cheesymite scrolls /// he then walked over to the grass and fed them to his 2 huge irish wolfhounds. It's a dogs life
5:38 PM 10TV's Chris Bradley talked to a woman with a friendly wolfhound at the Dublin Irish Festival. Nice dog.
I really want an Irish wolfhound, they are just the best dogs ever!
Get an Irish Wolfhound. I have one and they are the gentlest dogs. :D
My Ireland jaunt wouldn't be complete without an Irish Wolfhound encounter
If you really love me, you'll get me an Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane and a St. Bernard for my birthday.
What a face! MT Finley, adolescent Irish Wolfhound in studio with
Meet Leo! Leo is a 6 year old Irish Wolfhound. Great with kids, good with other dogs. Good with cats, but will...
If anyone wants to buy me a white Irish wolfhound that would be swell
I wish I carried a saddle in my purse so I can put it on this irish wolfhound and ride him all the way back to my house.
KEELAGH THE IRISH WOLFHOUND. This is Keelagh who sometimes acts as mascot for the Irish Army, her brother...
"Hey other giant puppy do you wanna play?" Ceria, our Irish Wolfhound puppy, suddenly realizes while playing that...
Added two more dog prints to Etsy print listings- Basset Hound and Irish Wolfhound!!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
In which trolls Obama on his choice of pet. Personally think POTUS should get an Irish wolfhound.
LEROY. (A1377123) I am a neutered male black and white Irish Wolfhound mix. The shelter staff think I am about 2...
My neighbor's Irish Wolfhound just "dominated" me
looks like an Irish Wolfhound to me
in that case, both. I want an Irish wolfhound.
Call just in from driver coming home from Lismore. Anyone who knows the owners of the great big Irish Wolfhound...
I think I saw an irish wolfhound mix being walked the other day. it was amazing.
Just saw an Irish Wolfhound while out with Phoonie *_*
I definitely want an Irish wolfhound !
Love this! ➡When pups help passengers... - Finn the Irish Wolfhound is lovely!
Irish wolfhound Finn is one of 30 therapy dogs comforting passengers at
National specialties illustrate where the breed stands at that moment in time. See where Irish Wolfhound breeders...
Check out these photos of two Irish dogs in a majestic setting. Tadhg the Irish Wolfhound (who belongs to one of...
The key is what kind of dog? Mexican Hairless Irish Wolfhound fest. Use to please.
I don't have a dog, but if I do get one I want an Irish Wolfhound.
here's our new puppy. Irish wolfhound. 4 months old.
for Irish Wolfhound and Fav for Russian Caucasian Mountain Dog. It's for a school project.
please and thank you before I find myself driving to Florida to buy this Irish Wolfhound I found lol.
This is Tripp and his tuckered out, incredibly sweet Irish wolfhound, Murphy. I met the two of them in…
Just spent a half hour in lowes petting an Irish wolfhound and talking to his owner about Europe, school, and the finer things in life
Irish Wolfhound Malamute pups this morning. 4 days old I think
Anyone who knows anyone with an Irish Wolfhound, please ask them if they would be willing for me to come and frolick with him/her.
I'm still on the hunt for an Irish Wolfhound. (Not to kill.)
7 is the approximate number of years in the lifespan of Irish Wolfhound dogs. Shouldn't we have 7 Californias?
Did you know that Irish Wolfhound dogs can only live up to 7-8 years because of health problems.
Then you might want to check this post out
I thought it was, "who's afraid of Virginia's Irish wolfhound".
These dogs can reach 3’ at the shoulder: Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane, English Mastiff, St. Bernard, Borzol and Anatolian Karabash.
Patrick was the name of President Herbert Hoover's Irish Wolfhound.
Tango is a golden-hearted youngster with the most gentle temperament and he debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA ( We believe he is a Golden Retriever & Irish Wolfhound mix, about 18 months of age and neutered. Tango is large, yet slender, and loves to run. We know he is good with other dogs. The person who found him believed he was left behind when a neighbor moved and he had no sign of responsible ownership. An experienced home is needed due to his size and athletic ability. Please help us find a responsible, loving forever home for Tango where he will never face rejection again.
Home from a long fun day. To much sun standing to long Surrounded by wolfies. I think I have squeezed myself into the Irish wolfhound world. Well at least Sully claims me.
My Irish Wolfhound was terrified of grapefruit.
OK you don't see these much..An Irish wolfhound...Share the shelter is full!!!
100% unnecessary vodka tonic. Irish Wolfhound for scale
Just watching Pointless on BBC1 and one of the hound pictures is a beautiful Irish Wolfhound ! anyone know who it was ? xx
Meet Sable, who was adopted through Pedigree Adoption Drive's Feeding Project. Pedigree was curious about Sable’s doggie DNA, so they sent her to us! The results – German Shepherd mix. What is she mixed with? Belgian Malinois, Irish Wolfhound or even a little Weimaraner! You can see her big debut in the Pedigree video here:
Thanks to everyone who came out to our acoustic show at the Raven ! It was a great time ! Today we play the Irish wolfhound in surprise and Sunday night we are back in Prescott at Brick and Bones 8-12! Sleep in Monday morning
That's it. I want a Great Dane or Irish Wolfhound.
Photo: Polaroid of my grandfather with his Irish wolfhound…
Sleeping past 6am doesn't exist when dog sitting an Irish Wolfhound.
Finally something fun for me. No driving people around no running here and there no fence building(well maybe this evening) Going to an Irish festival with a friend and her daughter and I get my Irish wolfhound fix for the week.
Now having some of the parts for my fur suit, I'm reconsidering what creature to make (Afghan Hounds are beautiful… but the fur I need for it is close to $50 a square foot… so, that ain't happening on my budget). Debating between a greyhound, Irish wolfhound, or Borzoi (it's important that it's a sighthound of some sort. What do you guys think? What would you like to see me dress up as in the middle of July while barking and running around like a crazy person? :D
great little pub love the Irish wolfhound the leans on you and eats ya crisps :-)
The tallest breed is the Irish wolfhound. Visit
I'd love an Irish wolfhound or a pug...not much difference really!
The standard of The American Kennel Club describes the breed as "Of great size and commanding appearance, the Irish Wolfhound is remarkable in combining powe...
Is there a reason for own tea? We have an Irish wolfhound in a rinky dink coat as a mascot instead
Top 3 reasons that I have the best job ever: 3. Working with great teachers who watch my class so I can visit an SAE student at a vet clinic (seeing a surgery was a first for me!) 2. Helping students experience their intended careers and get a taste for how challenging taking respiration rates in Irish wolfhounds really can be 1. Hearing a veteran speak about food insecurity and his experiences overseas to inspire and help my students appreciate the little things... .priceless! Wouldn't trade this crazy life for the world!
Zoe is an awesome Irish Wolfhound ready for you to take her home!
A poem dedicated to Irish wolfhounds
My two favorite girls.Luna my Irish Wolfhound and Raina my American Pony. Both are getting the spa treatment this weekend. Frankie Defeo can you create a line of Croftgate for dogs??
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