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Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is a breed of domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris), specifically a sighthound.

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100% unnecessary vodka tonic. Irish Wolfhound for scale
Just watching Pointless on BBC1 and one of the hound pictures is a beautiful Irish Wolfhound ! anyone know who it was ? xx
Meet Sable, who was adopted through Pedigree Adoption Drive's Feeding Project. Pedigree was curious about Sable’s doggie DNA, so they sent her to us! The results – German Shepherd mix. What is she mixed with? Belgian Malinois, Irish Wolfhound or even a little Weimaraner! You can see her big debut in the Pedigree video here:
Thanks to everyone who came out to our acoustic show at the Raven ! It was a great time ! Today we play the Irish wolfhound in surprise and Sunday night we are back in Prescott at Brick and Bones 8-12! Sleep in Monday morning
That's it. I want a Great Dane or Irish Wolfhound.
Photo: Polaroid of my grandfather with his Irish wolfhound…
Sleeping past 6am doesn't exist when dog sitting an Irish Wolfhound.
Finally something fun for me. No driving people around no running here and there no fence building(well maybe this evening) Going to an Irish festival with a friend and her daughter and I get my Irish wolfhound fix for the week.
Now having some of the parts for my fur suit, I'm reconsidering what creature to make (Afghan Hounds are beautiful… but the fur I need for it is close to $50 a square foot… so, that ain't happening on my budget). Debating between a greyhound, Irish wolfhound, or Borzoi (it's important that it's a sighthound of some sort. What do you guys think? What would you like to see me dress up as in the middle of July while barking and running around like a crazy person? :D
great little pub love the Irish wolfhound the leans on you and eats ya crisps :-)
The tallest breed is the Irish wolfhound. Visit
I'd love an Irish wolfhound or a pug...not much difference really!
The standard of The American Kennel Club describes the breed as "Of great size and commanding appearance, the Irish Wolfhound is remarkable in combining powe...
Is there a reason for own tea? We have an Irish wolfhound in a rinky dink coat as a mascot instead
Top 3 reasons that I have the best job ever: 3. Working with great teachers who watch my class so I can visit an SAE student at a vet clinic (seeing a surgery was a first for me!) 2. Helping students experience their intended careers and get a taste for how challenging taking respiration rates in Irish Wolfhounds really can be 1. Hearing a veteran speak about food insecurity and his experiences overseas to inspire and help my students appreciate the little things... .priceless! Wouldn't trade this crazy life for the world!
Zoe is an awesome Irish Wolfhound ready for you to take her home!
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A poem dedicated to Irish Wolfhounds
My two favorite girls.Luna my Irish Wolfhound and Raina my American Pony. Both are getting the spa treatment this weekend. Frankie Defeo can you create a line of Croftgate for dogs??
gr8 story bout my great uncle joe. We lookin foreword 2his bday.I heard the wolfhound from the Irish Guards will be there
This DOG - IDI am a male, black and white Irish Wolfhound and Border Collie. The shelter staff think I...
Got to hold a Irish wolfhound tonight!
I'm determined to own an Irish Wolfhound or a Northern Inuit 😍
The IWCA Lost Irish Wolfhound Committee reminds you... If your IW is afraid of fireworks and you live in the U.S. you might want to have a Thundershirt, pheromone collar, DAP diffuser, or Rescue Remedy on hand this weekend to help them through any Memorial Day fireworks. A reminder graphic is below regarding the results of fireworks on July 4th. Be safe and plan ahead for them.
Tonight! One night only! Irish Wolfhound Pub in Surprise from 9 to 1! Come out, put on your dancing shoes, bring your walkin' 'round money, and have a good time!
For the record, Sable is not a Samoyed. I understand that you used to have a Samoyed & Sable looks similar to that dog, but for the umpteenth time, she is a Siberian Husky. Repeatedly telling me that she looks like the Samoyed you had does not change her breed. Repeatedly asking me if I'm sure she's a husky & not a Samoyed also doesn't change her breed. Gr! And since I'm on a roll, a reminder that Bandit is a Siberian Husky & not a German Shepherd; and all my dogs are Siberian Huskies not Irish Wolfhounds. 😉
From our friends at Civil Warscapes - The monument to the three New York regiments of the Irish Brigade is south of Gettysburg on Sickles Avenue, just inside the Rose Woods. The monument is a Celtic cross supported by a granite base, standing 19’ 6” tall. It was sculpted by William R. O’Donovan, a former Confederate soldier who fought at Gettysburg. The front of the cross is an ornate bronze ornamented by a 2nd Corps trefoil, the numbers of the three New York regiments, the Seal of the State of New York, and a harp flanked by eagles. At the foot of the cross lies a lifesized Irish wolfhound, symbol of honor and fidelity. The monument was dedicated on July 2nd, 1888. Father William Corby attended the dedication, held a mass for the veterans and blessed the monument. “We have unveiled this pile, and it will stand to perpetuate the fame of those heroes. To keep their memory green in the American heart, this Celtic Cross has been erected. It is an emblem of Ireland, typical of faith and devotion, and ...
.My old Irish Wolfhound, Mordred, had some thoughts on Derby Pie:
Walking behind this Irish Wolfhound who is so brilliant I'm all like "I don't care if you've got an owner, we are destined to be together!"
In case anyone doubted that Oberon is truly an Irish Wolfhound! :)
I want an Irish wolfhound dog so bad!
Ok so sasha has had a very busy day, she has got quite an itch so have spent morning seeking itch remedies etc, then we went for a walk and she met two Irish Wolfhounds that were huge!! ok so back home and tried to apply spray to soothe her itch. she doesnt like spray bottles at all!!. have ordered a mange flea thrush allergy shampoo from amazon as need her to ease up on chewing herself constantly , sprays using at mo should keep her chewing less but she is better if in a shampoo form as she hates sprays ... oh she really hates sprays
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This is an amazing pic of Noble, one of my Irish Wolfhounds, he was 3 months shy of 11,he was a courser all his life, this was taken 2 weeks before he passed away. I shall never forget the pure joy in his eyes that day. He remained in fabulous shape all his life,using the daily hikes up the mountain to keep his rear strong. Happy to have found this group.
There's a statue of an Irish wolfhound that seems like it would be good for posing.
If you get a small to medium breed, the algorithm, so to speak, will be implemented, but if you get a large breed dog, the larger the better (Irish Wolfhound, Mastiff, Newfoundland, etc.), they have an extremely small "footprint" in the house, and they are not furniture jumpers, and you can easily keep them off the bed by getting them one or two dog beds, which you can put wherever you want them, and they need a much shorter time to exercise outdoors but they can do long walks if you're into it. Plus, they are a riot to watch run when they are young. Very impressive. Basically, the smaller the dog, that list is your future!
Centuries old Irish glass with oak carved wolfhound base
I drew my future family (five is kind of a lot but the Komondor and Irish wolfhound are calm so it's okay)
two days old and already totally Irish Wolfhound.
Is an Irish Wolfhound right for you? Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest and heaviest members of the hound group and are classed as a giant breed. Adult male Wolfhounds can grow to around 3 feet at the shoulder and weigh up to 14 stones. (Not sure how much their stone weighs.. Lol) They are most definitely "people" dogs". They do not enjoy being left alone for long periods and, despite their giant size, are much better suited to living in the house as part of the family than in an outside kennel. They are extremely faithful dogs, who have a need to be with their owners as often as possible. Leaving a Wolfhound at home all day whilst his owners are out at work is not ideal. The mournful howls of lonely hound will disturb the entire parish, not just next door neighbours, and may make you most unpopular! "Irishwolfhound"
The Irish Wolfhound standard (the main portion) isn’t long, just 412 words. It has a unique section that was the genesis of this series on breed priorities. Following the breed standard is a List of Points in Order of Merit, a list of 16 Wolfhound characteristics in priority sequence, from most impo…
I have just posted the following comment on an existing thread on the Irish Wolfhound Community page and am re-posting the same information on this Group for anyone who may not see it on the original page: Gary Bee, thanks so much for posting these graphs and I am hugely interested in this type of data as potentially, with help from yourself and others, it would benefit our current ongoing data recording and research. I have been working on a heart health database on behalf of Dr Serena Brownlie for our own kennel dogs and the ultimate aim is to produce a 'heart health profile' of the kennel with full disclosure of heart test data and certificates for each dog which is in keeping with our transparency policy. The data I compile is also open to Siobhan Simpson (Nottingham University Vet School) to assist her with the ongoing heart research being conducted under the direction of Prof Malcolm Cobb. It would be fantastic if we could extend the database to include other kennels and these graphs would be a grea ...
Two Irish wolfhound pups left for sale 1000$ one male and one female
Somehow I think it would be easier to raise a kid than an Irish Wolfhound :)
My 15 year old Irish wolfhound goes wandering off, seemingly deaf & senile. Dad's response - "it's time for a goldfish". Ummm...
I added a video to a playlist Dogs 101- Irish Wolfhound
Schnauzers are great, but I want to get an Irish Wolfhound so bad!
Booked Belfast to Cairnryan 2moro with Irish wolfhound - worlds largest breed. Need to book a kennel? Can you help? Thanks!
Lillian is now available for adoption! This female Irish Wolfhound is 11mths old. Learn more at
A hairy lurcher makes a good pillow for a border terrier . like an Mini Irish wolfhound
tmillerlsu asked: Thank you for the follow sir and or madam xD I appreciate it :D
A German Shepherd crossed with an Irish Wolfhound. . I would call him Chewie. And buy a larger sofa.
we have a GSP, am trying to convince the wife we also need an Irish Wolfhound. I am not winning the battle at the moment.
Of our drunk group of five, two pairs are making out with each other & I'm trying to befriend the bar's resident Irish wolfhound, Aidan.
can i call an irish wolfhound Clover?
The Irish wolfhound on the beach today makes me think of :)
Just working on the rules for when I get my Irish Wolfhound.
Can't wait for the follow up story with a Fallbrook homeowner: "Yeah, this is where I walk my Irish Wolfhound, Patrick."
Irish Wolfhound set. Smaller mugs are for 1/4 litter . Price for each - 30 euros / 41$(US) + postage. Bigger mug in...
There are not many dogs that make Drago look small. An Irish Wolfhound (and he's still a pup) would be…
Irish Wolfhound Tom Ryan puts on notice: warns . AG not to use state resources for campaign Aro!
TE joins and talks NFL and his Irish Wolfhound:
yeah I like dogs. I want an Irish Wolfhound. Biggest dog there is!! He will be like a chic magnet. Babes love dogs big ones!!
FOUND: A Irish Wolfhound on Oct 03, 2013 at 5th and Main. Please contact us for more information.
I love big dogs. Somebody buy me an Irish Wolfhound.
No dogs no Blacks no Irish, so if you are a black Irish wolfhound you have no chance. ©LennyHenry 1989
Comet - IDMy name is Comet. I am a neutered male, white and gray Irish Wolfhound. I am a
Seamus the Irish Wolfhound, a dignified and gentle presence in front of our ever-burning peat fire…
Irish Wolfhound at the start of the Travelodge advert
Hello FB World! Need help figuring this one out... Name that breed?!? He is about 5 to 6 months old very long body, brindle with wired hair, huge beyond bat ears... Plott hound/ Shepard/ Irish Wolfhound??? LMK what you think!
One of the guys delivering my appliances today asked if Effi IW Bell is an Irish Wolfhound. It never ceases to amaze how many people here in the Mississippi Delta can identify Effi as a Wolfie.
My dog was chased by an Irish Wolfhound and two Lurchers on barmaids earlier...i just managed to catch him so he didn't run out into the road. When i politely told the owner they should be on a lead he told me it was my problem then became aggressive when i said i would report it to the police...his son came after me and only stopped as i had my phone out and sounded as though i was talking to the police.the son is the rastafarian looking guy in town and i blieve the dogs have been reported is the third time Fluke has been terrified by them...i'm going to report it officially on 101 but just wanted to make other dog owners aware to steer clear!
This comic comes in it original unopened polybag with trading card. This it the first appearance of Irish Wolfhound. The Guardians have been
We have a two year old Irish Wolfhound 'pup' in need of a new home. She is in Rhode Island now and her 'Dad' is working too many hours. Call me if you know of a suitable home. (859) 368-9498. Lily is very sweet, spayed, up to date on shots and healthy.
"I want want an irish wolfhound for my 18th"
Mum and Dads! Irish Wolfhound/German Shepherd cross. Lovely but absolutely huge and isn't aware of it...
Freya, best dog ever. Irish wolfhound/lurcher cross, still miss her
Yesterday I worked with an Irish Wolfhound. That thing was like if you gave Benji steroids. And some gamma radiation.
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THIS ONE’S A KEEPER! Being a veterinarian, I had been called to examine a ten-year-old Irish Wolfhound named Belker. The dog's owners, Ron, his wife Lisa, and their little boy Shane, were all very attached to Belker, and they were hoping for a miracle. I examined Belker and found he was dying of cancer. I told the family we couldn't do anything for Belker, and offered to perform the euthanasia procedure for the old dog in their home. As we made arrangements, Ron and Lisa told me they thought it would be good for six-year-old Shane to observe the procedure as they felt that Shane might learn something from the experience. The next day, I felt the familiar catch in my throat as Belker's family surrounded him. Shane seemed so calm, petting the old dog for the last time, that I wondered if he understood what was going on. Within a few minutes, Belker slipped peacefully away. The little boy seemed to accept Belker's transition without any difficulty or confusion. We sat together for a while after Belker's .. ...
Someday, when I have the space and the means, I'll have an Irish Wolfhound named Oberon. He'll be my partner in hermit-hood + dearest joy.
Yesterday I adopted a buddy for Diesel. I'm gunna love peoples reactions when they see an akita and an Irish wolfhound together. Lol
I wanna have a female husky or Irish wolfhound puppy and name her Sansa ☺
Andy Townsend qualified for Eire as he had an Irish wolfhound
Liam the Irish wolfhound is a big boy who really wants to go to the park… and he’s letting everyone know it!!! Liam’s family calls his howl singing, but we’re not so sure if he is singing a song of happiness or sorrow. He sounds a little somber, doesn’t he? Imagine waking up to that [...]
Everyone knows that Irish Wolfhounds are the biggest dogs in the land and that a dog’s brain is specialized for scent, but here are a few quirky and mind-blowing facts that you probably don’t know related to our beloved pups.
Join Karen and help raise funds for Irish Wolfhound Health Group every time you shop online, click here.
Free to a good home- Her name is Marley she is very affectionate lovely dog she is Irish wolfhound x border collie Wormed, chipped, vaccinated.
I had a dream last night where I adopted a great big Irish Wolfhound called Howl. I'm bitterly disappointed to have woken up.
He is a cross Giant schnauzer/Irish Wolfhound we think!! He is from Dogs Trust we have had him 4 yrs he is a treasure!
I survived the 4hrs of *** Mainly due to they just got a puppy that wanted to eat me all the time. Irish wolfhound X Mastiff.
Kate, Is that gorgeous dog in your avi an Irish wolfhound or deerhound?
I'm still sore from working with that Irish Wolfhound earlier.
that looks like an Irish wolfhound. King of the dogs
One day I need a Deerhound named Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, or an Irish Wolfhound named Sandor Clegane. One day...
or dogs! I'm an Irish wolfhound you're a Yorkshire Terrier. ;0)
ngl I really want a rottweiler or an irish wolfhound tho...
Beautiful puppies are AVAILABLE for sale - in Slovakia Kennel ! (Irish wolfhound) More info by Breeder: Jana Kačinová
Had a lovely day at Patching Dog Show, loved meeting the very large 18 month old Irish Wolfhound he was huge!!!
This Easter Sunday from 3:30-7:30pm we will be playing at the Irish Wolfhound Pub in Surprise. Located on the...
We had some fun with hay, viking coin making and met some friendly Irish Wolfhounds.
Sweet Irish wolfhound guarding us by the river.
I want a Scottish Deerhound, Irish wolfhound, and an otterhound.. Ahh
Can we just talk about how huge this Irish wolfhound is compared to this boxer ? Insane
Everyone can't wait till they can get married and I'm over here like I can't wait till I can get an Irish wolfhound...
Annie is an amazing dog that I am fostering for Mikeys Chance Canine Rescue out of the Tri Cities! Annie is an Irish Wolfhound/ Lab Mix and is a little over a year old! (now full grown at 55lbs) She is fixed and has had all her shots and vaccines. She is currently doing really well with both a cat and dog in the house and is a lover of almost everyone she meets! Annie is fully house broken, she chews her bones, almost no shedding, great on a leash, and understands the commands SIT, DOWN, SHAKE, COME, and CRAWL. Annie would be best suited with a family who wants the perfect family dog to take camping, on walks, and vacations, or she would do very well with an active runner's lifestyle and be your faithful companion forever! If you would like to come meet Annie and see if shes the dog for you then send me a Private Message or comment here and I will get you the information you need!
Ha! I think the real compromise would be a corgi riding my Irish wolfhound.
I am also an Irish Wolfhound, more Irish Wolfhound than the goats you have here...
I want one for Irish Wolfhounds, AND one for children
In just a few minutes (EDST) the Animal Planet episode DOGS 101 "Irish Wolfhound, Pit Bull, etc" episode is featuring PAPILLONS !!! turn it on ASAP
kind of really want an Irish Wolfhound
I've made up my mind, out next dog is going to be an Irish Wolfhound.
Average lifespan of Irish wolfhound, 7 years. Most mongrels get to 12-15. Cruel to breed that into a dog, IMO. Ghoulish.
Irish Wolfhound cross puppies stuck in a horrible shelter in Hungry.£200 needs to be raised to get them ready to travel to the UK.You can help these lovely pups by donating fostering or adopting.PLEASE SHARE TO HELP THESE PUPS.Contact Hilda Hilda for more info :-)
Mochras Irish Wolfhounds have been established for over forty years, despite my lifetime difficulty of running a work career parallel with a small kennel of this big breed. Numbers have ranged betw...
Love Irish Wolfhound. Was a great show
Woken up with a traffic cone, a pizza box and an Irish Wolfhound on the bed. Assuming it was a good night out!
An Irish wolfhound would be too cool 🐶
We r planning to get a puppy about Sept/Oct. An Irish Wolfhound & he'll be called Harvey. In touch with a breeder now so will keep u updated
My future pets-. Black kitty with a white patch over eye named Domino. Black and White Husky named Lobo. And an Irish Wolfhound named Smaug. 😁💜
Seeing as it's the big Songkran day, thought it might be wet t-shirt time at the Lounge on Pratumnak... what better way to sit and enjoy breakfast. Sadly the Lounge lovelies were nowhere to be seen, the Lounge car park closed. So back to soi 4 and the Irish Wolfhound. This has to be the best 100 baht (including refill) breakfast in town for cost and quality. Ok you might get more quantity at the likes of the Rovers, but I couldn't handle any more than the Wolfhound's 'Full Monty' anyway. Everything cooked to perfection, served quickly, same as always. Daughter had a pancake which was about half an inch thick. Option of honey or sugar, 80 baht, including large glass of apple juice.
His name was Buddy. Name I called him when I saved him from the streets. Had to give him up. Could not keep him. Got him through the winter. Took to humane society and a nice lady aproached me asking if he was half Irish Wolfhound. I had been told he is half wolfhound half airdale. Looked up on computor and picture confirmed. Needless to say, Buddy got a brand new home today! She grabbed him up and could tell was love at first sight. His name is now Ronan...he has the luck of the Irish! :)
Such sad news James the Irish Wolfhound from died info: (via
We ( Irish Wolfhound Club of NSW) had a fabulous Specialty Show yesterday. So many beautiful hounds and worthy winners. A fabulous atmosphere prevailed, thank you to all who participated and those who came along for moral support. Lets's do it again in October!
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I know this is a cat network, but I also know many of you have please forgive me for asking a dog question. My hubby's dog is a Irish Wolfhound mix that is 100 plus pounds. He has been in 7th Heaven this year with all the snow (a true snow dog). He doesn't drink water out of a dish, he eats snow instead. Now you have probably guessed my problem.our snow is melted, got the last bowl full tonight. Now what? How can I get him to drink water from a dish? I am afraid I will have to purchase a sno-cone machine just to get him to drink water. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this.this.this oddity?
DW Breed Notes Irish Wolfhounds - week 17 HOUND Association of Scotland was held on a bright if chilly day at Kelso. From the 31 hounds present, judge Peter Pask awarded DCC, his second, and BOB to a delighted Carol Stirling with her homebred Clanlily Baron Of The Glen (Solstrand Yorick of Baronglen ex C Majestic Moonbeam). Ned wasn’t too happy at missing the Wigan match although Carol felt it was a small price to pay! BCC was Jackie Morris’ homebred Ch Amarach Aidah (Ch Bokra Wallace To Sade ex A Rathnait). RCCs went to Pam and John Sumner’s Ballyphelan Black Adder and Freda and Brian O’Neill’s Hazianne’s Black Pearl with Ballyvonair and BP to Jackie Morris’ Sapwood’s Mystery Man, imported from Finland. The IWS AGM was held the following day, and Mary McBride won the ballot for the 2016 ch show. The only change to the committee was the confirmation of Helen Sheppard, who was co-opted on late last year due to the resignation of Rebecca Peek. Marie Walsh wasn’t well enough to make the jou ...
Yesterday we had the pleasure of doing a dental on Carlin. This is Carlin. He is an 151 pound Irish Wolfhound. As you can see in the pictures, he is easily just as big as a person yet with our extra-large dog kennel he was able to rest comfortably while hanging out at Aboite Animal Hospital:)
Imagine Kris buying an Irish Wolfhound to make him look normal-sized.
Fun Fact: The largest dog breed is the Irish Wolfhound.
You missed! (check out that amazing Irish Wolfhound sleeping in the background!)
Too cute!! My sister got a terrier puppy, turned out to be an Irish Wolfhound! DOH!
My goal in life is to have a big shaggy adorable Irish wolfhound ❤️
“just helping you stand a better chance, should that Irish-wolfhound come along.
A healthy looking Kate and William made friends with the regimental mascot, Irish Wolfhound Domhnall
"is that a Jack Russell?" A large part of me wants to say she's an Irish Wolfhound.
A kiss from a very friendly Irish Wolfhound pup
Aye, if you can help me snag an Irish wolfhound puppy we'll be besties for eternity.
After a short visit to Steppin'wolf Irish Wolfhound in Redwater, Texas Finn is once again headed out to visit new...
Next dog I have is going to be an Irish Wolfhound called Brian O'Brian. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Today at the Kennel Club Building at Stoneleigh Park in Coventry is the Irish Wolfhound Society Show with these...
Happy DeathDay Brian Boru. 1,000 years gone and we're still talking about that hurling match you had with the Irish Wolfhound.
The famous kennel for Seamus the Irish Wolfhound puppy at Milltown House, Dingle
Enjoy Easter Dinner out at Irish Wolfhound Pub this Sunday with us! 3:30-7:30pm!
I totally agree...I sure do miss that amazing Irish Wolfhound!
Lukkas is a handsome 59 pound, one year old male Irish wolfhound mix.
I would like to spend an afternoon with an Irish wolfhound puppy. Please and thanks.
Want a great cocktail to try for the weekend?Try our Irish Wolfhound recipe here:
My new favorite name for my Irish wolfhound puppy: Ozzy Pawsbourne Prince of Barkness. Boom.
still dreaming of this Irish wolfhound I met the other day
Or an Irish wolfhound. Those two aren't gonna happen though, so sadface. :(
Once I'm settled and living in the middle of nowhere in my log cabin I want an Irish Wolfhound.
Wish I could say an Irish Wolfhound not housebroken came to visit the office.
Irish wolfhound, painted in dry brush oils and acrylic ink detailing.
Aww I want an Irish wolfhound, they're so big and cuddly
Then I saw an Irish wolfhound shaking to dry off. Then I woke up.
Very sad day yesterday. Samsam, my SiL irish wolfhound, had to be put down due to chronic condition. You'll be missed, Big Dog.
I'm getting myself out of debt. And then I'm getting an Irish Wolfhound. And then I'm getting covered in tattoos.
Can I be cute and skinny and strong and wear crop tops and get tattoos and and get an irish wolfhound and bake and ride my bike please.
I had a Irish Wolfhound who was that big. Still think they need to be in your lap.
would love another Irish Wolfhound; until then greyhounds and lurchers because they are fab athletes & so gentle
This is Rowan the 135lb Irish Wolfhound 😍 she can put her head on my shoulder when she sits.
Just hung out with Tara the Irish Wolfhound!!! Life = complete!
I liked a video Ireland v France, 2014, Celebrations at the Wolfhound Irish Bar, Seoul. Final whistle
I have a mighty need for an Irish Wolfhound pup.
Irish Wolfhound fruit bowl . Size - 38 cm diameter (approx) / 14.2" diameter. Price of this item changes by the...
My mother in law back in the 60s with possibly the most beautiful Irish wolfhound I've ever seen.…
All I want from life is an Irish wolfhound and ponies
Meet my latest customer. Seamus the Irish Wolfhound (he's the one on the left!) from Milltown House in Dingle.
Thanks Branigan Irish Wolfhound (and handler Jennifer B) for wow-ing the kids at Lucy Read yesterday! :)
Getting ready for Irish President's State visit next week. Irish wolfhound is the mascot of the Irish Guards.
My noble and loyal Irish Wolfhound Convel. Convel is Irish for wolf warrior.
an Iris wolfhound? Assuming theyre not as vicious as Irish Wolfhounds! And thats your problem, Too much running.
Irish Wolfhound Silhouette Vinyl Sticker personalized by blakdogs via
OMD who's da beautiful Irish wolfhound?!?
I need to own a Irish Wolfhound so I can name him Radagast
Arthur the Irish Wolfhound pup is growing like a weed! Happy Wednesday!
An Irish Wolfhound friend helping to make it a happy Saint Patrick's Day 🍀 on set
Im going to get an irish wolfhound and mate it with a husky so I can have a pet direwolf
thought you would have an Irish Wolfhound.
Ok Internet, Let's Find A Home For Chester: Chester is an Irish Wolfhound mix in Australia who was born withou...
now you're just poking at a testy Irish wolfhound
Does someone want to buy me a Irish wolfhound puppy!? I'd love you forever! 💕
There's this Irish wolfhound for sale. HUGE THING. Am thinking u could ride him into battle vs the evil forces in CN. *clicks buy*
Yeah. Somehow I ended up with an Irish Wolfhound.
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Winston, an Irish Wolfhound in KY, needs a home now! See him on
Prayer Warriors needed for two special people in Texas.. Lisa Cheney, fellow horse lover and eventer, starts her chemo and radiation next Wednesday, for a mass that is behind her cervical vertebra and in front of some neck hardware from a fusion many years ago. This may not have been discovered as quickly as it has been except Lisa took a fall on the ice this past December fracturing T1. Her biggest frustration (beyond the physical) is the limitations of her I-Pad and she is tired of yogurt every morning! I can relate! And... Dear Friends of Ann Goolsby - just getting on Fb this morning to find out from one of her friends, she needs prayers again. too. In January, her adopted and rescued 2 yr old Irish Wolfhound cross Tugglebug, jumped the fence to protect Ann's home and was killed by the vehicle of the intruders. She opened her heart and adopted Abella knowing it would be what Tugglebug would have wanted. Yesterday, she lost her house to a fire. All the animals are fine. But the house and contents are a ...
Stanley knew started today but he had a mission! To buy an Irish Wolfhound & celebrate St Patrick's Day.
The Duchess of Cambridge presents shamrocks to the Irish Guards mascot, Conmael the Irish Wolfhound. http…
For the weekend that's in it. "Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked", appears on the coat of arms of early Irish kings along with a shamrock and a harp. It's a lovely poetic line but it doesn't tell us how or when the Irish Wolfhound became a part of Ireland's history and heritage. Through ancient woodcuts and writings, historians have determined that the breed existed as early as 273BC - and probably much earlier. For example, when the Celts sacked Delphi in 600 BC, one survivor was impressed enough to leave an account of the huge dogs who fought alongside their masters. Before Christ was born, Julius Caesar mentions them in his "Gallic Wars", and by the year 391 A.D., the breed was known in Rome, when the first authentic mention of it was written by the Roman Consul, Quintus Aurelius, who had received seven of them as a gift which "all Rome viewed with wonder." Later still, the dogs were brought to fight and die for the entertainment of the crowds in the Circus Maximus. As time went on, the Celts w ...
Jake meets Toby, my mother's Irish wolfhound
Irish wolfhound at Bunratty castle and Folk Park, Co. Clare. Photo credit: Patryk Kosmider
“Hailing Jordan - Wolfhound playing on - ” this is the song that sounds like Irish dancing music
amazing! Sally gunnell must have something awesome like an Irish wolfhound, right?
Enjoy Irish Coffee with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: Ever heard of an Irish Wolfhound? We didn't think so.
Good luck to James (Just in Time of First Avenue) and Gary Jansenns as they compete for BIS tomorrow at Crufts. The last (and I believe only) time an Irish Wolfhound has won was 1960.
2014: Congratulations to the Belgian dog lovers who won today: Terrier Group - Third of the seven group winners at Crufts 2014 was the two year-old Fox Terrier (Wire), King (Ch King Arthur Van Foliny Home), owned by Ronnie and Dieny De Munter from Belgium, who took top honours in the Terrier group. Hound Group - Fourth into Sunday’s final was the three year-old Irish Wolfhound, James (Ger/Bel/Dutch/Lux Ch Just In Time Of First Avenue), owned by Gary Janssens from Belgium. They will both returning to the NEC Arena on the evening of Sunday March 9th for the highly anticipated Crufts 2014 Best in Show final.
So while I do not agree with Ivan and his anti *** laws, my admin will still continue to watch the Olympic medal counts and his favorite events in the Olympics, along with support his nation and the other nations he loves. ((Okay so I don't love Alfred that much, but I do love my country, as corrupt as it is = = You can only blame the people in charge there though.)) Anyways. Alongside the Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show airs in the US tomorrow, and if my admin is awake ((No promises)) He will keep an eye out for the breeds that originally came from our countries such as the Irish Wolfhound, the Scottish Deerhound, The Doberman, the Min Pin, The German Shepherd and many others. So for the next few weeks we will be hopefully pretty active. So stay tuned. ((And also a question. To get a little interactive with you guys, what's your favorite Olympic event? Who are you routing for? Let us know in the comments, guys!))
SIN NIGHT at the Irish Wolfhound tonight from 9:30pm to 1:30am we have our Resident DJ in house. Come on out and get your groove on or come sing some KARAOKE! We will have drink and shot specials all night long. Reverse Happy Hour 9pm to close and Two for One domestic drafts & well drinks from 9pm to midnight (at the bar only). Great selection of drinks, music & VIDEOS.
The Irish Wolfhound...the world's largest breed of dog...awesome!
Meet Lucy!!! Lucy is a 6 year old sweet Irish Wolfhound sporting her new Chase Coat!
DOG FOUND GOSNELLS found a dog roaming on Albany hwy Gosnells. Black, maybe Irish wolfhound, not very old, very loving. No collar or tags. Please message the page for contact details
I on the other hand believe that Irish wolfhound comes from Scandinavia!
Baker Institute | Animal Health Canine Hip Dysplasia Hip dysplasia, characterized by an abnormal formation of the hip joint, occurs in many mammals. Both dogs and humans may fall victim to this disease, although it is far more prevalent in dogs. Who is affected? Hip dysplasia may affect any dog, whether it is male or female, small, medium or large sized. It is estimated however that more than 50 percent of some large breeds are affected, making it far more common in these animals than in smaller dogs. The disease seems to strike certain breeds particularly hard, including the Bernese Mountain Dog, Bloodhound, Boxer, Brittany Spaniel, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, English Setter, English Springer Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Gordon Setter, German Shepherd Dog, Labrador Retriever, Old English Sheep Dog, Standard Poodle, Rottweiler, St. Bernard, Welsh Springer Spaniel, and the Welsh Corgi. Large breeds with a low incidence of hip dysplasia include the Borzoi, Doberman Pinscher, Great Dane, Greyhound, Irish Wolfho ...
I am a male, tricolor and brown Irish Wolfhound and Shepherd.
What a great shot made by Barbara Lukas! The left sweetie is our Nessie playing with two of her friends, Irish Wolfhound Bubbles and Deerhound Cait.
We are a three dog family once again! Meet Dugan, a rescue from Angels of Fur. He is a complete mix, but we think has Irish Wolfhound.
Owning an Irish wolfhound is in my 10 year plan.
Bulldogs are favorites in our extended family. I keep hoping Wojtek will photograph an Irish Wolfhound, but for now, these sweet Goodfellas will suffice!
If I either a. Win the lottery & buy a mansion or b. End up single again, I'm getting an Irish Wolfhound or 2. End of story.
After a football hiatus we are back at The Irish Wolfhound Pub in Surprise today 3:30-7:30pm. Come out and...
Super excited for new track such an awesome song! That Irish/Celtic sound is phenomenal!
yeah her sister was a German Shepherd cross with an Irish wolfhound. Huge dog!
Add in the GR Press. Irish Wolfhound & English Mastiff puppies $1200. I'll take 2!!
but seriously I want an Irish wolfhound, a Great Dane, or a Doberman for my next dog
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Irish Wolfhound and other breeds in postcards, prints and other stuff
I had a dream. Now I want an Irish wolfhound
AND ITS READY !. A mix dog by pic as the handle and an Irish wolfhound at playing pose on the mug it self . Size...
We had a irish wolfhound steal and eat a small roast off the counter in just seconds when I was a kid. :)
Ogert just brought the body count to 129,271 by icing {IMU} [IMU] IRISH WOLFHOUND. {BC&W} eddie was just iced by Ogert, which brings the body count to 129,270 rivals.
Photos from Cellie Roberts's post in Irish Wolfhound lovers
the right way to greet an Irish Wolfhound
He is part Irish wolfhound, greyhound, a lurcher. Which means thief in English. He is well named when it comes to food.
Mark got attacked by an Irish Wolfhound that is supposed to be a service dog! Really?!! He seems to be ok, though.
Hi Irish Wolfhound and Dog Lovers!please if you have time say a prayer or nice words for my daughter's rescued Jack Russell named Saydee and post to her page at Farrah Hibler. She is worried, and her rescue baby is going to surgery tomorrow . I hope this is ok to post this here.Thank you!
I took my two little girls to get their shots today. There they met an Irish Wolfhound who was about 3 years old. All three dogs wanted to play. My girls were just a little bit taller than his ankle but the size difference didn't stop them from making friends. They were so cute! I was surprised how my little dogs knew enough to watch out for his big feet. Well.maybe I shouldn't be surprised because they played with a Newfoundland before.
He looks like a tiny Irish wolfhound
Buy me an Irish Wolfhound so I know it's real.
Seriously contemplating getting an Irish Wolfhound for a service animal. Thoughts? Opinions?
I just got chased by an Irish wolfhound.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Just drove past a man and irish wolfhound walking by Kempton Park in Sunbury on Thames. Boyf refused to pull over so I could meet the doggy because it's apparently odd for an excited crying NZ girl to approach a stranger and ask to meet their dog. I haven't seen a wolfie since ours died back in NZ and I just burst into tears when I saw this one. :(
Well, we lost our current Irish Wolfhound yesterday, his name was *** He had bone cancer as well as being blind, although the blind thing didn't bother him much, and he still ran and played with his best friend Dorrie. They make great friends but are so hard to loose.
Had a dream I had an Irish wolfhound puppy and now I'm up, depressed, and going to the pet store to make that dream come true
"This sweet boy looks like a young James Franco, if James Franco was an Irish Wolfhound Mix" Best 'dog…
I love the IAMS dog food commercial with the Irish wolfhound makes me miss how my dog greets me when I get home
The Iams commercial with the returning soldier & her Irish Wolfhound as big as her. There's nothing like a hug from a Wolfie.
Can't resist a free soapbox. Something I wrote for those getting a raw deal. Read would be good, read and share even better.     Honestly, it really is time to give our collective head a shake regarding Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). This unjust and ridiculous legislation flies in the face of all reputable scientific research and, indeed, defies logic itself. There are currently scenarios being played out where service dogs, vital to the quality of life their owners enjoy, are removed by government agencies based solely on their appearance -- much the same criterion as has been historically applied in the racial profiling of people.   In England, where pitbulls are ironically now banned, they were once known as “Nanny Dogs” because of their affinity for and care of children. They are often employed as therapy dogs, audiences for autistic children learning to read. These are kids whose actions are often sudden and unpredictable, sitting within inches of a pitbull’s notorious jaws (jaws, inciden ...
My old kitties back in ottawa and my step dad's Irish wolfhound (which passed from cancer) :)
It has become apparent to me that I need an Irish wolfhound.
Here's a kid who decided between attending Yale or Harvard by killing the family's irish wolfhound and reading its entrails
Saxons debuts for Alex Waller, Calum Clark and Sam Dickinson, with Tom Mercey also in the team, but they get edged 14-8 by an experienced Irish Wolfhounds team in Gloucester
Fullback for Munster and unfortunately the Irish wolfhound s
Just took this pic of FINN, an Irish Wolfhound, at Petsmart.
We will be back at Irish Wolfhound Restaurant & Pub this Sunday at 3:30-7:30, come join us!
Can the Irish Wolfhounds’ players stake a claim for a place in the main squad today?
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Wow, just watched an Irish Wolfhound on a lead dragging a poor guy across the field to get away from the thunder storm!
The Irish Wolfhound is best known for bringing down wolves in its homeland several centuries ago. The breed was so successful at the task, wolves are now ext...
RUGBY - Irish Wolfhounds v English Saxons on now . Kick off at 5 pm . Front bar ..
If I ever get an Irish wolfhound I'm naming him Sirius. 🐺⚡️
URGENT IN SOUTH CAROLINA. This sweet mama dog was found as a stray with her pups, she and her pups are scheduled up for PTS today, but will stay in the shelter depending on space and health, she NEEDS OUT NOW... who can help her?| Share this pet with Friends | Click a number to change picture or play to see a video: [1] [2] [3] [Play] Animal ID 21916798 Species Dog Breed Irish Wolfhound/Mix Age 4 years 2 days Sex Female Size Medium Color Charcoal/Grey Declawed No Housetrained Unknown Site HEART, Help Every Animal Reach Tomorrow--SOUTH CAROLINA Intake Date 1/23/2014 Adoption Price $5.00
Yesterday we lost a member of our family. We lost our beautiful 3 year old Irish wolfhound. She was the most loving, gentle, caring dog and she is already so missed. To watch her go was horrible but I'm sure she's resting and happy on a nice sofa somewhere. I can tell Shelby is lost without her big sister and doesn't like being alone. R.I.P Cuda. Gone but never forgotten & always loved.
The Irish Wolfhound Club Of Scotland still have some 2014 Calendars available to buy. Please think about having one to support the newest British breed club to be affiliated to the KC. They have some extremely nice pics of Wolfhounds to grace your walls AND they also give you all the dates for British Champion Shows. We will bring some along to Crufts and you can also order them from our sec Linda Forret . You can contact Linda on FB or through the IWCOS website. PLEASE think about supporting our newly KC affiliated Club. Many thanks. :-) :-)
Don't want human cuddles at all on this hangover just want an Irish wolfhound and a huge big mountain walk in that weather
Hehe!. I had an Irish Wolfhound who liked to put his paws on my shoulders and give me kisses. I'm 172cm
Village Paws - Fergus getting his make over. A stunning Irish Wolfhound.
Arianna Palmieri brings this to our attention: IW in need of a place to stay Feb. 3 - April 1 in TX for owner on deployment - any WQers that can help a hound and a member of our armed forces in need?: Pet Name : Jaque Location: San Antonio, TX 78202 Boarding Dates: 2/3/14 - 4/1/14 Irish Wolfhound Neutered Male Pet Age: Adolescent (1-4 years)
Who brings an Irish Wolfhound on a train? I'm pretty sure you could just ride it home
So my mom met an Irish Wolfhound breeder at the vet today. That just reminds me of how much I want one!
The Irish wolfhound is the worlds tallest breed
I just can't wait to own an Irish Wolfhound 😍
Sometimes all I want in life is to get a black Irish Wolfhound and name it Sirius/Padfoot.
This weekend Gloucester Rugby plays host to International Rugby with the England Saxons taking on the O2 Irish Wolfhounds (Kick Off 5pm) and there is plenty going on at Kingsholm alongside the action
Yugi Bell lives in the flat below me. He's a freebase crack addict with an Irish wolfhound named Rapunzel.
Well if being taken after by your neighbors Irish wolfhound doesn't get your blood pumping in the morning I don't know what will.
Just had this urge to say love your Irish Wolfhound pic. so I did.
Just get me an Irish wolfhound for my birth day and a mothership rig.
just sent a text that said "why am I human why can't I just be an Irish Wolfhound" I legitimately think I'm wacko.
My next dog, whenever that may be, will be an Irish wolfhound
if you are a small child you can ride your parents’ Irish Wolfhound around like a horse. i recommend it
and an Irish wolfhound named Pippin.
This Irish Wolfhound is about 6 foot, 5 inches when standing up on it's back legs. But it's a gentle giant 😍
Forget anything else I want a black lab, a greyhound and an Irish wolfhound 😂
would gw be upset if I adopted an irish wolfhound and let it live in ivory with me
I heard back from Iams! They said it's an Irish Wolfhound & it can grow up to 36" tall & 160 pounds!
one more year and were hopeful to have a 4 legged family member again! Possibly an Irish Wolfhound!
yeah.. :/ every pure bred dog is expensive now a days. my husband wants an Irish Wolfhound. I'm like you got 2 grand? Lol
Irish Wolfhound. Standing up to 7-feet-tall on its hind legs, the Irish Wolfhound is one of the tallest dogs in...
love seeing the Irish wolfhound on this dog food commercial 😍😍😍
Lots of info on Hounds today :) Popular Hound Dog Breeds Scent Hounds: When thinking about Hound Dogs, the Beagle is perhaps the dog that first comes to mind. The Beagle is one of the most popular pet Scent hounds. Some of the other well known Scent hounds include: •Dachshund •Basset Hound •Bloodhound Others Scent hounds that are also strongly favored as pets include: •Harrier •Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen •Black and Tan Coonhound •English Foxhound •Otterhound •Plott Hound. Sighthounds: Sight hounds are fast and streamlined, with the most popular being: •Afghan Hound •Irish Wolfhound •Borzoi •Whippet Some of the other Sight hounds that make fine pets include: •American Foxhound •Greyhound •Norwegian Elkhound •Otterhound •Saluki •Scottish Deerhound. Scent and Sight Hounds, Spitz Hounds: Some of the other most popular hound types are: •Basenji •Rhodesian Ridgeback •Ibizan Hound •Pharaoh Hound The Basenji is a Spitz hound that is highly skilled in both sight and ...
REALLY want this Irish wolfhound bubba. 😍
There's a storm building. Have just had to give my Irish Wolfhound his doggy Valium so he doesn't try to eat his way out through the catflap
Meet Murphy, an Irish Wolfhound whose heart rivals his size. You'll see him soon in our backyard...
Some people think Great Danes are the biggest dogs but that's not right at all. The biggest dog I have ever seen was an Irish Wolfhound
Too bad if you own an Irish Wolfhound
Just put my missing Irish Wolfhound on ... fingers crossed! So sad without my pal.
I hope it's not for a long time, but when I get a new dog, I'm getting an Irish Wolfhound
Put your pint pouring skills to the test. This Thursday, January 23rd at 7pm the Irish Wolfhound will be holding their 2nd Annual Perfect Pint Challenge to see who is the Master of the 2 part pour. We will be holding 2 challenges, the first to see which of our staff can pour the most "perfect pint" of Guinness using the customary 6 steps. The winner will go on to participate in the Official Perfect Pint Competition in February at the Tilted Kilt Paradise Valley. The second will be to see which of our great customers can pour the best "perfect pint". We are looking for 8 pint pourers, so sign up and compete for some fantastic prizes. We will have official Guinness judges on hand to decide. Come on out and join in or route on your Favorite Wolfhound Bartender.
Gloucester Rugby second row Elliott Stooke has today been called up for the England Saxons squad for the forthcoming matches against O2 Irish Wolfhounds and Scotland A
Irish Wolfhound owners — we'd like to speak to you! If you own an Irish Wolfhound and would be happy to share your experience of the breed please email m.hallamand you can include a picture if you wish. Thanks to everyone that gets in touch.
The largest breed of dog is the Irish Wolfhound
Connacht players Rodney Ah You, Robbie Henshaw and Kieran Marmion have all been named in Joe Schmidt’s 44-man Ireland Squad for the 2014 Six Nations and the Irish Wolfhounds’ game against the English Saxons in Gloucester on Saturday week.
Im in search of an Irish Wolfhound Pup please give me a shout out if you know of anyone. I knew there was a Lady in Reed City who raised them but cant find her now
Today I met Fin, an Irish Wolfhound, at County Emmet Celtic Shop (via
Is that an Irish Wolfhound in your avatar? I've had 5 in my lifetime. Love em!
I'll read it right after i return from the forest with my Irish wolfhound we are going peasant hunting.
My sister almost just hit an Irish wolfhound.
surely Irish Wolfhound? (Just say big shaggy dug when registering, you never know)
The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest breed of At a minimum, males should be 31 inches tall at the shoulder and 120 pounds
My goal in life: Great Dane, Irish wolfhound, a hairless cat, and an iguana
Make that electric toothbrushes and balloons that Jake, the 93 pound Irish wolfhound, is afraid of.
Dreamt that my mum bought a huge Irish Wolfhound called Sir Michael Huffington.
My mums friend is getting an irish wolfhound, I can't wait to see him
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