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Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is a breed of domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris), specifically a sighthound.

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Fido the inquisitive irish wolfhound loves to gut my bike
Arabella the protective irish wolfhound loves to hide my face
Ted the active irish wolfhound loves to wreck my skunk
A fine example of David Cornell's work, 'IRISH WOLFHOUND-BEOWULF' can be viewed on
Cecil the loyal irish wolfhound loves to hide my grass
Largest dog is Smallest is All need same. commitment. A dog is for life. All dogs must be
I see spring has arrived in Cheshire like a wet, long-haired, Irish wolfhound.
Cecil the protective irish wolfhound loves to gut my face
This is an Irish Red that is as dark as the night. Nice and malty. Lacking a... (Wolfhound)
The largest dog in the world is the Irish Wolfhound. Some weigh 180 pounds and stand almost 3 feet high.
Cecil the skittish irish wolfhound loves to hide my cake
Bark Obama the active irish wolfhound loves to destroy my curtains
Irish Wolfhound calendar is ordered, now I impatiently wait.
My favourite breed of dog is the Irish wolfhound, because they're enormous, loping beasts AND they are an ancient breed.
Irish Wolfhound, Samoyed, Chihuahua - how did they get their names…
Buddy the obstinate irish wolfhound loves to wreck my face
Fido the playful irish wolfhound loves to gut my curtains
Bark Obama the crazy irish wolfhound loves to destroy my car
If you own a Dobermann, Boxer, Great Dane, or Irish Wolfhound, then you’ve probably heard of the heart condition...
Bertram the playful irish wolfhound loves to gut my dinner
Bertram the loyal irish wolfhound loves to rip up my cat
Bark Obama the protective irish wolfhound loves to tear up my shoes
Pet Fact: The Irish Wolfhound is the largest dog breed.
Scout the inquisitive irish wolfhound loves to destroy my cat
Ted the territorial irish wolfhound loves to *** on my curtains
Arfie the crazy irish wolfhound loves to hide my shoes
He's a good man, but I prefer Richelieu, his Irish wolfhound pup.
Saint Patrick with serpents on his staff, Irish wolfhound and…
Ted the protective irish wolfhound loves to *** on my cat
the Irish Wolfhound is the tallest breed of dog recognized by the American Kennel Club?
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wanna skip to the part where I have two kids and an Irish wolfhound and a modest house and a stable job
Grimm the Irish Wolfhound outside of the Old Ebbitt Grill.
Red & Black Shepard and Irish Wolfhound were gorgeous.
Irish Wolfhound Pub: The Irish Wolfhound Pub will be rocking today 3:00-7:00PM. Copper Sunrise will be playing...
Llewellyn the Irish wolfhound looks around at the St. Patrick's day parade.
Clare Balding is off her barnet on the lemo offering the irish wolfhound a straightener at the back of Kozys
I am now debating whether a dachshund and Irish wolfhound could practically fit into my city centre flat...
I want an Irish Wolfhound now after seeing one on Cruffs 😍😍😍😍
Hope The Pogues do a protest song about the Irish Wolfhound not being shortlisted here
We looked after an Irish wolfhound when I was a kid. It did not appreciate me and my sister trying to ride on it.
Really want an Irish wolfhound or an afghan hound or a saluki or just everything
I love the Irish Wolfhound. So massive though.
Murphy is cheering for the Irish wolfhound
Imagine being spooned by an Irish Wolfhound. 😍
That fox hound looked massive. . The Irish wolfhound though.just dreamy. Hounds are amazing.
I remember my father used to want to own an Irish Wolfhound, but I think we were afraid that we'd look so small alongside one!
Ted the inquisitive irish wolfhound loves to *** on my car
5 yr old James with Irish Wolfhound 'Mojo' enjoying beach life in Wales!
Snap! How gorgeous are they?! Blue must defo have some Irish wolfhound in him somewhere along the lines.
The Hound Group features my favourite breed of dog – the Saluki. Also a fan of the Afghan, Beagle, Borzoi and Irish Wolfhound.
you're just a mini Irish wolfhound 😜
there's an Irish wolfhound on crufts right this second
I'm seriously on the verge of dog ownership. It's between Irish Wolfhound and Chocolate Labrador.
gypsy the lurcher and bandit, Irish wolfhound 💖
Ireland's updated protected species: the pine martin, the red squirrel, the Irish wolfhound, Colm Cooper
I had a dream last night that I got an irish wolfhound and now I can't stop thinking about irish wolfhounds
we could change it to Irish wolfhound for our cousin Tito!
I'd like this kind of dog, please. Irish wolfhound. Largest dog breed. Dog of warriors and kings dating to 7000 BC.
Just had a cuddle with Irish wolfhound
Royal Irish receive their shamrocks at Shropshire base: Kalegh, a three year old Wolfhound, was flown to England…
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what are you doing to me! The lady who's Irish wolfhound had helped her after her husbands death has me in floods of tears!
aww that story of the Irish wolfhound bought tears to my eyes 😥
I want an Irish wolfhound sooo bad now!!!
this irish wolfhound is amazeballs, and his name is Branick ❤️🇮🇪
Saw an Irish Wolfhound today and fell in love 😍
Callie the Irish wolfhound. The smallest one we saw-- the males were all close to 200lbs
Saw an Irish Wolfhound at work today. Crazy dog
A8) Oberon - the Irish wolfhound from the Iron Driud Chronicles has some great dialog & adventures w/ Atticus
Falling in love with the idea of owning an Irish Wolfhound one day. Beautiful creatures.
Begging Hubs for an Irish Wolfhound. It's not going well. I said I'd settle for a Scottish Deerhound, but he's not biting. : /
omg ❤️❤️ a lurcher? Scruffy dogs melt my heart. I'd love an Irish wolfhound cross
Birmingham's Irish Festival. My sister is eating coddle next to her Irish Wolfhound.
Fido the crazy irish wolfhound loves to hide my skunk
Everytime I read the I SO wish I had an amazing Irish Wolfhound to keep me company.
Irish Wolfhound that is the tallest I've ever seen
Gypsy the active irish wolfhound loves to destroy my bike
Gypsy the loyal irish wolfhound loves to gut my skunk
saw this massive Irish wolfhound on campus today 😳
JUST REMEMBERED: I saw TWO Old English Sheepdogs and one Irish Wolfhound on my lunch break today. CRAZY DOGSPOTTING WIN
I don't think anyone knows how badly I NEED an Irish Wolfhound.
Just seen an Irish Wolfhound playing on the Downs. One of god's greatest creatures
I saw an Irish wolfhound in person so obviously today is going to be great
Gypsy the skittish irish wolfhound loves to hide my sister
📷 The three year old Irish Wolfhound, Domhnall, wearing his solid silver collar, leading a parade of...
I want these Irish Wolfhound puppies that are 7.5 hours from me, but I don't have the space : /
That's better than Irish Wolfhound sized for sleeping on your head :)
This is Matilda and I want to adopt her SHES AN IRISH WOLFHOUND/SHEPHERD MIX AND I LOVE HER
you tube has quite a few Irish Wolfhound videos.
Our Irish Wolfhound Ceria, best hair in the morning!
Highlight of my morning is definitely the irish wolfhound with a high - vis jacket on
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Harry the Irish Wolfhound mix from Rockys K9 Rescue loves company and interaction with people - read more about...
No dog is too big when you're Hercules 💪🏻 (not even Wookie the Irish Wolfhound!)
Bertram the skittish irish wolfhound loves to wreck my shoes
The Irish Wolfhound, built to hunt wolves but are gentle giants for sure!
The little Irish Wolfhound (rowdy) puppy Piper was just too tired to take anymore pictures
talk about boring! Give me an irish wolfhound any day of the week over a lab or a beagle.
even an Irish wolfhound...we can blag that one 😜
I know! So adorable. We can't have tiny critters anymore because our Irish Wolfhound is very goblin-y.
I've always wanted an Irish Wolfhound, but they're so big and I move a lot. Loki is basically a tiny version of one.
besides terriers, I love: beagle, sheltie, doberman, and some of the biggies, like Irish wolfhound
Arfie the obstinate irish wolfhound loves to vomit over my car
If I were a dog I'd be an Irish Wolfhound easily we even have similar beards
Scout the obstinate irish wolfhound loves to wreck my car
love giant breeds!! My Irish wolfhound had to be put down at age 11 cancer in her knee miss her
Hello,tonight I'm playing at the Irish wolfhound pub in surprise AZ 5-9pm solo
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BeBop the Irish Wolfhound is ready to order his treat!
is the dog breed you were talking abt an Irish Wolfhound? BC I want one.
my life would be complete if I had an Irish wolfhound and golden retriever
AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION: Paddy, 1 year old, male, Irish Wolfhound X. If you love big dogs then Paddy is for you!...
URGENT Owners PLZ support us time is running OU…
Scout the playful irish wolfhound loves to *** on my grass
When you're a 198 pound Irish Wolfhound you need to keep your energy up somehow
IRISH WOLFHOUND! Wife won't let me have one because she's already stuck with a Scottish Boozehound.
Cali wishing she was an Irish Wolfhound
Wow! They never get chosen. Was hoping for Irish Wolfhound, but good for the Borzoi! Looks like a DOG.
I was hoping the Irish Wolfhound would win that class.
So there is an Irish Wolfhound in the finals and he lives in
The Borzoi took the hound group, according to mom the Irish wolfhound was robbed.
Watching Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The Irish Wolfhound and the Scottish Deerhound are both magnificent, but neither was picked.
how could she not pick that beautiful Irish Wolfhound
She reminds me of an Irish Wolfhound (she's big - but not THAT big though 😄)
Please tell me if Oscar is an Irish Wolfhound Thank You
Are they a genetic engineering experiment? You should try an Irish Wolfhound-Chihuahua-Hoot Owl-Tasmanian Devil mix next
And he's not a small dog. He's a Irish wolfhound
I was thinking an Irish wolfhound. That might be big enough.
m helping Irish wolfhound this week. He pooped in the car. BIG POO
Clu' the is exhausted after a day at the spa. All ready for
The tallest dog breed is the Irish Wolfhound.
Dog Log for Today: Saw 8 dogs, one of them was Biggy the Irish Wolfhound so it's like I've seen a local celebrity too
I met an Irish wolfhound called Otto in the Freud Museum 😍
Scout the loyal irish wolfhound loves to wreck my curtains
Popped into the vets and saw the most gorgeous Irish Wolfhound 😍😍😍
Whoever has the beautiful white Irish Wolfhound in South Utica please let me play with him
Irish Wolfhound piece is complete and ready for the client.
This Irish Wolfhound boy was so fun to work with. He seemed to love being photographed.
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Scout the protective irish wolfhound loves to destroy my sister
our Irish wolfhound just forcibly knocked my sister off the couch and then sat down in her spot
he's so cute! I'm going to ask my mum for another one! I really want an Irish wolfhound!
Bark Obama the inquisitive irish wolfhound loves to gut my grass
A BORZOI CAME IN!!! I just need to meet a irish wolfhound and ive seen all my favs
Arfie the protective irish wolfhound loves to wreck my sister
Franklin (irish wolfhound mix) is here for an overnight stay and has already settled in so nicely! This big guy...
Keef the Irish Wolfhound puppy has been in to see us. He was so relaxed he decided to take a nap on the consult...
Irish wolfhounds viciously attack New Zealand woman: A third Irish wolfhound has been euthanized by an animal ...
My Irish Wolfhound "Big Ben" , they only live 7 years , but a real privilege to have had one of thes
I've always wanted a dog, like the Irish Wolfhound or the Scottish Deerhound.
...reminds me ...his name was Conner and he was my Irish Wolfhound...😃
I can't have an Irish Wolfhound running around my studio apartment bro. I'm going with tiny body, big heart.
At the Doctor's office in the waiting room.and out walks a lady from the back with her Irish Wolfhound. Is...
Today an Irish wolfhound sat on me which was quite wonderful
jcboyce1990 and I just adopted Kimba our new best friend. He is an Irish wolfhound mix and 100%…
I just met an Irish Wolfhound and it's official, I want one. It's about the size of a horse and I need one. OMG.
SEAN help how big is a Irish WolfHound? And do they kill wolfs? A kid said he has one RIGHT now and he is trying to kill me
Met the Irish Guards mascot today. Big Wolfhound called Donal. Nice big dog. Called him Brian Boru. He's the Royal Irish dog. Military fail.
Dusty the dog reunited w/deranged 'owner' who then sends him back to shelter. Because "wild".
Oh I'd love to adopt all the gorgeous lonely pets I see! He is a doll! Irish Wolfhound mix?
lmfao I just want an irish wolfhound and sleep
Hubby wants to get a British Bulldog, Scottish Terrier, Irish Wolfhound and a Corgi. A United Caninedom?
Irish Wolfhound. I think I would like one of these if I were a dog person!!!
Just realized I haven't had anything but Herding dogs.ever. Someone get me a pitbull. Or papillon. Or Irish wolfhound
It's only because it's an Irish Wolfhound and he's a sucker for them.
ok so between your Irish wolfhound, your highland cattle, and your adorable cats...
He's an Irish Wolfhound. Turned two last month - really good dog. Finally. LOL
Marrying the first person to buy me an Irish wolfhound
I had a dream that I had an irish wolfhound named Phillip. I guess every animal I will own will be Phillip.
LOST: A Irish Wolfhound on May 24, 2015 at Russell County Park. Please contact us if you have any information.
give me an Irish wolfhound and an endless supply of weed and I'll be happy forever
I've never talked to anyone more rude than the people of the Irish Wolfhound Foundation. Absolutely do NOT support them!!!
Please help me get an Irish Wolfhound!!. .
Irish wolfhound. She's only 8 months and 105 lbs. Good luck with yours. The teething phase was the worst
Meet Zander, . an Irish Wolfhound. This super breed has got the speed of a greyhound and stamina of a…
Luka is a stunning young girl that is going to make the most loyal of friends.
*It can't be helped that he loves his porch so much and his Howard Zinn book.* Next to Jona. *Pets the Irish Wolfhound.*
Today I've been sniffed by 2 pigs, a rottweiler and an Irish wolfhound
Lhasa Apso: We just learned about the type of dog the Irish Wolfhound.Another type of dog is the Lhasa Apso.Lh...
Police officer (and irish wolfhound) Tonia moved her family to Hanga Roa.
I want an Irish Wolfhound bc it's like 4x my size
Weston is now available for adoption! This male Irish Wolfhound is 1yr 11mths old. Learn more at
I have never seen an Irish Wolfhound here in the valley and this guy is riding around with one. I want one so bad😫
let me know if Stewie wants to borrow my Irish Wolfhound for protection
Breast Cancer Awareness
if you visit the Irish wolfhound, several of my great grandfathers fought there.
oh, that would be a hike pal! I think I might need to hire an Irish Wolfhound to carry me! 😳
Thanks to all the friends and family who came out to the Irish Wolfhound Restaurant and Pub yesterday (May 24)! Glad to see you all!
I’m afraid Irish Wolfhound’s have to be particularly well behaved as hunting on board isn’t permitted ^Al.
Hilda, a very beautiful Irish Wolfhound, not only had the longest legs on show but along with her owner Phil,...
you could fly with an Irish wolfhound at your feet!
On Fri 29th May at 16 Specialty Show of Irish Wolfhound & Scottish Deerhound takes place in Tallinn at Kalevi Stadium …
"Wake me when it's the weekend" . ~ Hagan, the gorgeous Irish Wolfhound.
CDN CH Kalkinny Magic of Starkeeper (aka Phoebe) is now a Cdn champion Irish Wolfhound
James Cowden has a show on 05/26/2015 at 05:00 PM @ Irish Wolfhound Pub in Surprise, AZ
I just want an Irish wolfhound don't even care
Matt and Rooney the Irish wolfhound are besties...
Battling my arch-nemesis Irish Wolfhound-Man...let's be honest, he's not the dumbest Spider-Man…
there was a dog breeds book I think? Can we have the Tibetan monk dog pic of giant Irish Wolfhound stood by fireplace please?
Next time I get an Irish Wolfhound I want to get a brother and a sister. But I really really don't want a boy dog.
Just bought 5 more goats and two Pyrenees/Irish wolfhound pups.
Be happy for us. I just proposed to my Irish wolfhound, he pawed at my leg & hey we're engaged. The future of marriage & it feels so right!
Yay, I'm yet one step closer to marrying my Irish Wolfhound! In your face, conservatives!
I just want a house with an Irish wolfhound and a garden and a porch 😭🏡🐶
I love your hair Pavel. It reminds me of an Irish wolfhound I used to own. It is unique and wonderful. Be…
this is Eddard, sister's Irish Wolfhound at 3months! We call him Ned for short though.
Just taking the resident Irish Wolfhound for a walk.. His legs are almost the same length as mine...…
I pet an Irish wolfhound today so you could say I had a pretty good day 🐶
In other terrible news, Fyo and I are back at the ER vet. He tried to mount an Irish Wolfhound at the dog park, which went predictably badly
Made friends with an Irish Wolfhound today! I love playing with big friends!
There's an Irish wolfhound in this 😆
Irish Wolfhound. I would love to have one.
An Irish Wolfhound and a cat cuddling while sleeping.
Irish Wolfhound Picture. They are huge, gorgeous and awe inspiring!
Hey can I get a RT? Found this Irish Wolfhound loose in Inglewood, now at Animal Services. http…
Update your maps at Navteq
I wanna get an Irish wolfhound and an Australian cattle dog . they're the coolest breeds
Good God! How do you "lose" an Irish Wolfhound!!! They don't disappear behind small things!
that's it. i want an Irish Wolfhound.
My "nephew" Tito is an Irish Wolfhound...good contrast to the vertically challenged basset!
I fully expect there to be an Irish Wolfhound in a stately pose by the fireplace when I return home this evening.
Preordered tickets, wife and I are looking forward to it! Now if we can figure out how to sneak in our Irish wolfhound too…
I'd get an Irish wolfhound and call him Cuchulain.
but I also still need my three legged dog so also maybe that next. A 3 LEGGED IRISH WOLFHOUND.
y'all I think I want an Irish Wolfhound as my next rescue.
We've had a rather large and fluffy visitor today, in the shape of 1 and a half year old Irish Wolfhound Harvey!...
The only episode I saw had Dinny telling how his terrier got an Irish wolfhound in pup.
Irish Brigade monument at Gettysburg, with faithful Wolfhound. "Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked".
It's ridiculous how much I want an Irish wolfhound.
Someone get me an Irish Wolfhound stat 😍
A3: Really, there's another breed? No, he'd be an Irish Wolfhound because he already acts like one.
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Meet sweet Gilbert! She's an Irish wolfhound cross and is here because she's damaged her cruciate…
nah, I will get an Irish Wolfhound though.
was offered a house in Highfields and a black Irish Wolfhound, he wanted a bungalow in Cantley. No chance, gr…
Just saw an Irish WolfHound 180lbs originally bred to kill wolves and elk. Incredible
Lucy nye posts a picture of a Saint Bernard and calls it an Irish wolfhound
Murph, a 9w old Irish Wolfhound in for his first boosters. After 25yrs of waiting, my IW puppy Fergus comes home Fri!
NEXT Wednesday these adorable Irish Wolfhound mix puppies will be available for adoption. Four are missing from...
Had a dream I had an irish wolfhound now I don't 😔
We've been asked if we do BIG dog collars the answer is yes! Here is one of our collars and agility handle modelled by an Irish wolfhound
Currently at an Irish pub in Itaewon, called The Wolfhound. Every item I wanted to try has tomato paste in it.
Soon as I get my own place I'm getting 2 more dogs one Irish wolfhound and a Great Dane
Does anyone have an Irish wolfhound I can borrow?
Heh. I've always wanted an Irish Wolfhound but I wasn't expecting it to be a matching breed for *me*.
When I did the quiz for myself, it came up with Irish Wolfhound.
Tonight I'm @ the Irish wolfhound in surprise AZ 5-9pm
This is my old mutt. We think he's a golden/husky/chow/potato mix. I'm angling for an Irish wolfhound too.
A new addition to the family, 6 month old Irish Wolfhound I'm in love
Who loves Dogs? Well look how much Finn the Irish Wolfhound has grown! 1 of 2
does a Norwegian Elkhound get as big as an Irish Wolfhound?
I can't wait to own an Italian greyhound, a pug, an Irish wolfhound, a wire haired dachshund, a lurcher and a dire wolf when I'm older.
I want an Irish Wolfhound more than anything in this world.
This Irish Wolfhound was feeling nice and happy in his brand new cool coat. And he looked pretty…
Thinking about getting an Irish Wolfhound puppy!
So a Irish Setter, Bernese Mountain Dog and a Irish Wolfhound walk in to a.
The Royal Irish Regiment, Prince William’s regiment, in the British Army has a wolfhound as mascot.
CP3 just looked like a Chihuahua trying to hump a irish wolfhound with that foul on dwight
my friend once dog sat an Irish wolfhound and gasp he was actually the most lovely thing and drank out of their sink
is a mixture of Corgi and wolfhound. depends on the circumstances. Which part did not understand?
A friendly postman. & his Irish wolfhound. a rubber necker. by usual standards. a new friend by mine. funny & kind. hope he'll come fly
This is lovely Liz from Killala, Co. Mayo with her beautiful Irish wolfhound Maeve.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Byrne is an energetic, friendly Irish Wolfhound X waiting for someine to love
my wife saw a kid walking an Irish Wolfhound one time like it wasn't a big deal
This Irish wolfhound got on the elevator with me earlier and I fell in love
I really want an Irish wolfhound when I'm older, such an impressive dog ❤️
I want an Irish Wolfhound so bad ugh🐶
Instead of saving for a car I'm going to save for an Irish wolfhound
is her mum an Irish Wolfhound Freddie??? Sheez verree tall!
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