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Irish Republican Army

The Irish Republican Army (IRA) was an Irish republican revolutionary military organisation. It was descended from the Irish Republican Brotherhood, an organisation established on 25 November 1913 that staged the Easter Rising in April 1916. In 1919, the Irish Republic that had been proclaimed during the Easter Rising was formally established by an elected assembly (Dáil Éireann), and the Irish Volunteers were recognised by Dáil Éireann as its legitimate army.

Sinn Fein Northern Ireland Gerry Adams Provisional Irish Republican Army British Army Bobby Sands Gerry Conlon Jean McConville Boston College Tamil Tigers South Armagh Irish Free State Peter King Bloody Sunday Irish Volunteers

Martin McGuinness, former Irish Republican Army commander and Sinn Fein’s leader, died shortly after midnight He was 66 years old.
Martin McGuinness, Irish Republican Army commander who laid down his arms to become a key part of Northern Ireland's peace dies in Belfast
MARTIN MCGUINNESS OBIT- VO TUE0053- Former Irish Republican Army leader who led it toward reconciliation with Brita…
confirms Irish Republican Army commander-turned peacemaker/statesman Martin McGuinness has died at the age of 66
McGuinness was diagnosed with a rare heart disease in December
Martin McGuinness, Irish Republican Army chief-turned peacemaker, has died at age 66, his Sinn Fein party announces…
The Irish Republican commander and Northern deputy first minister, Martin McGuinness, dies at 66. https…
Telenor group wht this EU opinion...yes they gone it's want Irish Republican army or Scottish freedom if is gone as others party
Remembering Capt. James Devaney, Toomevara, 1st Tipperary Brigade, Irish Republican Army, who was murdered by Briti…
heard she was very fond of the Irish Republican Army mate
Also a member of the Irish Republican Army.
Proof of violent actions of the Irish Republican Army? Yes. Protestors? No. That was never the topic
Allies and political opponents are paying tribute to Martin McGuinness, the Irish Republican Army commander-turn...
Acronyms can have multiple meanings, like: IRA can be an Individ…
Late 80s, NY Newsday. Mom's friend got busted running guns for the Irish Republican Army. In Queens, NY.
I thought you were talking about someone from the Irish Republican Army.
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Pity there's no 12th Rooster w/ as Lucky O'Dooley of the Irish Republican Army. Lucky charms for unlucky foes.
Not at all. You missed my point. Italian mafia. Irish Republican Army. Both very violent groups.
Mafia is down the hall on the right. Just a bit further, you'll find the Irish Republican Army. Careful as you ente…
1939: The Irish Republican Army begins their “S-Plan” of bombings and sabotage in England.
in 1975, the Irish Republican Army would call an end to a 25-day cease fire in Belfast.
1939: The Irish Republican Army (IRA) begins its bombing and sabotage campaign (the S-Plan) in England.
his same-name reasoning, D’Souza should thus have no trouble claiming links to the Irish Republican Army.
its like comparing to Gandhi to the Irish Republican Army. U totally ignore the spiritual foundation of MLK's activism.
England - Queen Victoria. Australia - The Provisional Irish Republican Army in the Arctic.
long live the Irish republican army
Bobby Sands was an Irish member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army who died on hunger strike while imprisoned…
1973 2 Royal Ulster Constabulary officers are killed in Derry by a booby-trap bomb attached to their car by the Irish Republican Army
The UDR tried to intimidate a 26-County army checkpoint following unionist protests over the Anglo-Irish Agreement.
So I guess I should be Universal Star, son of Henrik, of the Provisional Irish Republican Army.
The only meaning of my last name that I could google while not high on caffeine was: " Provisional Irish Republican Army"
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Do you agree that former Irish Republican Army volunteers should monitor the NI border to keep refugees out?
IRA= IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY: The then formed constitutional army of the wartime Irish Government.
Not trolling. I'm trying to listen. Are you being hyperbolic, or don't consider Timothy McVeigh, the Irish Republican Army...
PartAlso included in the cables are new documents on the Irish Republican Army (IRA), who in 1979 killed Lord Mo…
Yes rightly criticise evil but where is the outrage at crimes committed by Irish Republican army? Criticise all evil acts .
Yeah, I don't think the Irish Republican Army has a pension plan.
Our team's expertise goes back to the Irish Republican Army (IRA) days, murders, bombing both in Northern Ireland an…
the Irish republican army are catholic
The Irish Republican Army originated in the 1800s and even before that, though not widely organized.
Sounds uncannily like republican terrorists with Brit army. Brit army full of english scots irish and welsh
. Yes, not exactly a radical white guy's tool. Irish Republican Army, etc.
I have always advocated calling the Shining Path and the Irish Republican Army Terrorist Groups.
'Barry's Column' A song about the 3rd West Cork Flying Column of the Irish Republican Army. Brave men.
The Irish Republican Army is to combine with the Irish Defence Forces to create a "professional fighting force", states…
Under the section Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA). Assuming you can read of course xxx
27 NOV 1975: Co-founder, editor of 'Guinness Book of Records', Ross McWhirter, murdered by Irish Republican Army
1920: 14 British security operatives are killed at various places in Dublin by the Irish Republican Army. h…
Louis Walsh killed Ian Gow, MP for the Provisional Irish Republican Army. Never forget.
it's like they've never heard of the Irish Republican Army or something
In 1916, the Irish Republican Army were recognised by the First Dáil as the legitimate army of the Irish…
1974 Irish Republican Army is outlawed in Britain following deaths of 21, "A rebel I came; well I'm still the same!"
'The Cairo Gang' were a British death squad that operated in Ireland. They were executed on this day in 1920 by the Iris…
November 25, 1974 - Britain outlawed the IRA (Irish Republican Army) following the deaths of 21 persons in a pub bombing in Birmingham.
on 1922 Nine Irish Republican Army members are executed by an Irish Free State firing squad. Among them is author Robert Ersk..
On this day in 1920, Irish Republican Army volunteer Michael Fitzgerald died on hunger strike resisting the British Empi…
The IRA is a bonafide army, Irish Republican Army. Ireland is a republic
Niall Plunkett O’Boyle, a young Donegal soldier of the Irish Republican Army was ruthlessly shot down whilst...
Kolo Toure welcome to the sporting wing of the Irish Republican Army.
DALLAS SHOOTING | Does this now mean Black Lives Matter has spawned a militant faction? Reminds me of Sinn Féin's Irish Republican Army.
I would like to know if the Irish Republican Army has still got a course left in the world or wer thy just outlaws/terrorist
I'm really worried about the Irish Republican Army. They attack while yelling, "Pope Francis Akbar."
The IRA (Irish Republican Army) fight against the British in order to gain Northern Ireland territories.
Irish Republican Army aka the IRA--that's where Middle Eastern terrorist got their inspiration--CATHOLIC
"the Irish Republican Army was a perversion of Catholicism" Cardinal Dolan of New York two weeks ago.
1972 Four members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) die in a premature explosion at a house in Clonard Street, Lower Falls, Belfast
You realise that when the Irish Volunteers & Citizen Army engaged the British in 1916, they became the Irish Republican Army?
Today in 1962 due to "lack of support", the Irish Republican Army ends what it calls "The Campaign of Resistance to British Occupation"
well they do, they use Republic as a word to mean no monarch hence the IRA Irish Republican Army
Irish Republican Brotherhood recruiting inside the British Army: It is estimated that 15,000 soldiers were rec...
u think it is time to help the Irish Republican army...feed Britain its own dose..??
Whatever happened to "The IRA- Irish Republican Army"? I remember decades ago they were Fighting for Independence from UK
1975 A feud begains between the Official Irish Republican Army and the Irish National Liberation Army; the two groups assassinate a number
Padraig Pearse, of the and Elizabeth O'Farrell of the Irish
The Irish Republican Army has kept every commitment made by its leadership. - Read full quote @
Irish Citizen Army pledged to fight for a Republican Freedom for Ireland - Connolly
is not only a communist but also supported terrorist group, Irish Republican Army.
My fears are not any influence but monies exchanged without consent with the Irish Republican Army, war cannot be as avoiding.
1991: England - the Irish Republican Army exploded bombs in the early morning at Paddington station and Victoria station in London.
If TTP changed their name to IRA ... will they become Irish Republican Army or Alien Reserve Army ...-:)
Stephen, that's an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) not the Irish Republican Army (IRA)
General Dinny Lacey, 3rd who was killed...
Anyone else no just pure love the Irish Republican Army
The La Mon restaurant bombing was an incendiary bomb attack by the terrorist Irish Republican Army (IRA) . It...
Gerry Adams is the Nelson Mandella. . irish republican army same same Spear of the Nation.
The War of Independence (1919–21) pitted the army of the Irish Republic, the Irish Republican Army (known...
Not sure the Irish Republican Army has jurisdiction in Spain.
there is Isis, Isil, Jihadist, Al Qaeda, Boko haram, taliban, Irish Republican Army, hezbolla, should I go on
I can't believe Josh, the Irish Republican Army member, tried to kill the entire team
1972 The British Army and the Irish Republican Army engage in gun battles near County Armagh; British troops fire over 1,000 rounds of
do u have know how of Irish Republican Army ... Tamil Tigers ? First come out of ur well Mr
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Sectarian violence broke out in what is now known as The Troubles. The Irish Republican Army and Ulster Volunteer Force fought a war.
US coped with Klu Klus Klan. UKcoped with Irish Republican Army. S Africa coped with ANC's militancy. We should cope too
let's ask some Brits whether they share that same charitable view of the Irish Republican Army's tactics
Please investigate for links to Irish Republican Army
By your definition, the Irish Republican Army was never a terrorist organization. So who's dumb now? Hint: It's you.
he means irish republican army of today.. mislead people about a diary I found frm 1900
GOP is to pro-life terrorists as Sinn Féin was to to Irish Republican Army. ACCOMPLICES.
I liked a video from What Is The Irish Republican Army (IRA)?
1974 - In Britain, a bill that outlawed the Irish Republican Army became effective.
an unlawful organization, styling itself the Irish Republican Army, otherwise Oglaigh na hEireann, otherwise the IRA
I.R.A (Irish republican army) letter to ISIS: LMFAO! What's the craic lads! I don't think we have officially met.…
except like Timothy mcveigh who everyone called a terrorist. Oh and the members of the IRA (Irish Republican Army)
Oh give me the Irish republican army, give me the green white and gold every time.
2day 1905 Sinn Fein is founded in Dublin Ireland, long the political face of the Irish Republican Army.
A large Provisional Irish Republican Army bomb destroys forensic laboratories in Belfast occurred closer to the moon landing than today
abortion clinic bombers and shooters, Irish Republican Army. Need more, Ralph?
I added a video to a playlist Lunitic - Kill or be Killed Irish Republican Army rap
1971 - Two Customs officials are shot by an Irish Republican Army sniper firinge upon a British Army patrol investigating a bomb attack on
Oy irish republican army. You and your scottish masters have fought your own kin and and given the Catholic Church a bad name for the...
this is clearly taken out of context. I have never, and will never, support the Irish Republican Army. RR
the FARC is very similar in a way to the IRA ( Irish Republican Army ) fighting the British . they both LOST.
The Irish Republican Army was something far different by Daesh btw
TIL: Members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army assassinated Ross McWhirter, co-founder of th…
The Free Syrian Army. About as moderate as the Irish Republican Army. Fools
Osborne: He (McDonnell) has always wanted to cut the British Army, while sitting on platforms with the Irish Republican Army
Btw, Irish Republican Army google translated into Irish then back into English comes out as Defence Forces :/
IRA is not catholic! It is called Irish Republican Army you dangerous ignorant Left wing apologist!
That's like asking how many Muslims will join the Irish Republican Army.
Reality check: If one considers the Irish Republican Army as Catholic, then the number of bombings, etc. increases.
The IRA were IRISH not Catholic u thicko = in the name IRA=Irish Republican Army not Catholic army u twisted thicko
the IRA were Irish & u R a Scot = *** = in the name IRA= IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY does it mention Scots r Catholic u thicko
see Irish Republican Army who went to England with their family.
Look familiar. The IRA (Irish Republican Army). Terrorism is not new. It has many colours.
The Republican who openly supported the Irish Republican Army is now concerned about terrorists.
on 1979 In Dublin, Ireland, Provisional Irish Republican Army member Thomas McMahon is sentenced to life in prison for the as..
Kevin Barry became the first Volunteer of the Irish Republican Army to be executed since 1916 on this day in 1920 https:…
Breaking news: IRA Formally Deny They Still Exist LEADING spokesmen for the Irish Republican Army have today...
Northern Ireland's Sinn Fein tries to distance itself from its Irish Republican Army past
A report on the recent activities of the Irish Republican Army will be published later today, writes
LONDON (AP) — An expert report into the current state of the Irish Republican Army and other outlawed Northern…
Give me the Irish Republican Army,Give me the Green,White & Gold every time..Come out you Black & Tans,come out & fight me like a man..PEACE
Oregon shooter was an Irish Republican Army admirer who killed Christians. Every IRA member is Catholic and so Christian.
you know there are other terrorist orgs in the world. RIRA, FARC, KKK, Irish Republican Army, Aryan Nation to name a few
I know at a publishing company IRA stands for international reading association but to me it's Irish Republican Army... I laugh every time.
Occupy London were named alongside al-Qaida and the Irish Republican Army (IRA) as potential terrorist attackers in the UK
In 1991, the British government negotiated with the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and brought a lasting solution.
1972 - Bloody Friday: within the space of seventy-five minutes, the Provisional Irish Republican Army explode twenty-two bombs in Belfast;
On this date in 1972, Irish Republican Army bombs devastate Belfast in what is known as “Bloody Friday.” 9 killed, 130 hurt.
In 1972, Irish Republican Army carried out 22 bombings in Belfast, killing 9 people, injuring 130 in what became known as "Bloody Friday."
Bobby Sands of Provisional Irish Republican Army lead the 1981 hunger strike in Prison Maze. He died on hunger strike 1 of 3
An IRA... O_o What has become of the Irish Republican Army? :P
the irish republican terrorist army loving Peter King up NEXT on the morning joe
we wanted 32 ye wouldn't give it hence where the Irish Republican Army started from I forgot they prob only teach
Good News in History, July 19: 18 years ago today, the Irish Republican Army declared a ceasefire, ending thei...
Today in 1997the Provisional Irish Republican Army resumes a ceasefire to end their 25-year campaign to end British rule in Northern Ireland
Sean MacBride is in my work. Chief of Staff of the Irish Republican Army and Nobel Peace laureate. Sean MacBride.
I see the BJK Republican Faux Irish Army are in again tonight
1972 - Leader of the British Labour Party Harold Wilson holds meeting with representatives of the Irish Republican Army
The BJK Republican Faux Irish Army are spouting pish I see again
I really would rather walk into a bar full of Irish Republican Army hitmen and yell "God Save The Queen" than talk with music snobs.
"This is a famous photo for those with a knowledge of the history of the Irish Republican Army." ... 1941 Thanks m f
Did you know?. In the 1960s and 1970s the Irish Republican Army was so popular in certain areas of Northern...
the same Peter King who has ties to the Irish republican army
Oh, Good, Irish Republican Army supporter calls for more rolling back of Bill Of Rights for Muslims.
I just woke up from a long nap. What did I miss? Has Harrison Ford appeared in yet another movie involving the Irish Republican Army?
BJK republican faux Irish army are in I see
NEW The Provisional Irish Republican Army and the Morality of Terrorism by Timot
Doherty, like his fallen comrades, was a member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army.
Remembering Mairead Farrell IRA -Irish Republican Army volunteer murdered in Gibraltar by Thatchers assassins...
"The armed organisation that calls itself the Irish Republican Army."
1966: The Ulster Volunteer Force declares war on the Irish Republican Army in Northern Ireland.
Today in Irish History: 10 April 1923 – Liam Lynch, chief of staff of the Irish Republican Army, is mortally...
I came face to face with the Irish Republican Army. As a child. Compared to that you're a bumblebee.
Cathal Goulding was the Irish Republican Army's Chief of Staff. You were born on birthday? Perfect. I❤ U2
Think I know all there is to know about the Irish Republican Army 🙅
Seán Moylan (19 November 1888 – 16 November 1957) was a Commandant of the Irish Republican Army . After the Irish...
Irish Republican Army (IRA) graffiti was painted on the wall around A. A. Garthwaite Stadium.
Sean P. Keating (July 14, 1903 – July 2, 1976) was an Irish Republican Army member who opposed the Anglo-Irish... |
On this date 1971 - Three members of the Royal Highland Fusiliers are killed by members of the Irish Republican Army.
What relevance was your question regarding the Provisional Irish Republican Army earlier today when at Celtic Park?
“The IRA claimed to be Catholic. They were baptized. They had a Catholic identity.” ~Cardinal Dolan
Don't usually agree with much that these guys say , and they still have one *** of a long way to go to catch up...
Cardinal Dolan channels Obama, and Pope Francis: "ISIS is as Islamic as the IRA was Catholic"
Interesting analogy by about ISIS and Islam. Peace in not war in religions name. via
In 1985 when BBC interviewed leaders of Irish Republican Army ,the then govt. of Lady Margaret Thatcher had banned the
Dolan: Militants are a distortion of "genuine" Islam like Irish Republican Army was a "perversion" of Catholicism
The Irish Republican Army are so hard to write about and I'm expected to become a genius about it😔
A great man, also a brave volunteer of the Irish Republican Army. You will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace, Patsy. htt…
Seawright are from Irish Republican Army, Bacchae are from Llanelli
UK harps on RIGHT 2 FREE SPEECH! Ask did Government put restrictions on broadcasting interviews with members of Irish Republican Army (IRA)?
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.says the Islamic State is Muslim like the Irish Republican Army was Catholic. From
.at - Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Islamic State is Muslim like Irish Republican Army was Catholic
The IRA was wrong but Dolan is an *** .. Cardinal Dolan Likens ISIS to Irish Republican Army | CNS News
History question - Did we call the Irish Republican Army "Roman Catholic Terrorists"? - Democratic Underground
my friend said the shamrock shakes proceeds go to the Irish Republican Army. Is this true?
What have the Irish Republican Army got to do with your bile?
We dont call the Irish Republican Army, Radical Catholics, same logic applies here. They are bastardizing that religion
African National Congress of Mandela was tagged a terrorist group. Irish Republican Army was a terrorist group. What did UK do?
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has defended his government's decision to give Irish Republican Army fugitives written assurances that they would not be arrested, and denied keeping the deal secret. Blair spent two hours answering questions Tuesday from an all-party British...
LONDON, Dec 2: Dublin-born video artist Duncan Campbell won the prestigious Turner Prize on Monday (Dec 1) for a complex film spanning African art, dance choreography and images of Irish Republican Army fighters.
Bloody Sunday SUMMARY EXECUTIONS OF THREE IRA VOLUNTEERS *** McKee with Peadar Clancy and Conor Clune, were killed by their British in Dublin Castle on Sunday, 21 November 1920, a day known as Bloody Sunday that also saw the killing of a network of British spies by the "Squad" unit of the Irish Republican Army and the killing of 14 people in Croke Park by British forces. Following the attack on the British spy network ‘the Cairo Gang’on Saturday 20 November *** McKee, Peadar Clancy and the other IRA high-ranking officers, who had planned the attack, met upstairs in Vaughan’s Hotel. McKee and Clancy had just left the building when crown forces surrounded it. McKee and Clancy returned to the house were they were lodging in, Fitzpatrick’s, Gloucester Street, they were arrested shortly after on a tip-off. McKee had managed to burn all incriminating papers, including the list of those officers to be executed that morning. McKee, Clancy and Sean Fitzpatrick were arrested and taken to Dublin Cast ...
Bishopsgate, 1993. Irish Republican Army (IRA) detonated an ANFO truck bomb in London.
Today in Irish History: 9 November 1893 - Birth of Liam Lynch. He was an officer in the Irish Republican Army...
On Sept. 10, 1973, the Irish Republican Army detonated a bomb at the Euston railway station in central London. htt…
"Seasons Greetings from the Irish Republican Army" flashed on electronic board in famous Times Square, New York City
[R . S . F news] Oration by Peig King at the grave of Wolfe Tone, Bodenstown Churchyard, June 22, 2014 Role of women in the Irish Republican struggle marked at Bodenstown Speaking at the annual Republican Sinn Féin commemoration at the grave of the father of Irish Republicanism, Theobald Wolfe Tone, in Bodenstown, Co Kildare on Sunday, June 22, Ard Chomhairle member Peig King (Dublin and Tyrone) said: "It is an honour to be here today at the grave of Theobald Wolfe Tone, the Father of Irish Republicanism. He and his fellow United Irishmen began the long struggle for a free Irish Republic and so June will always find Republicans gathering together at Bodenstown to honour him. It is also a time to ask ourselves are we doing enough to remove the English presence from our shores. "This year is the centenary of Cumann na mBan and it is fitting that we remember the part that Irish women played since the 1790s in the fight for Irish freedom and also for equality. "During the 1798 Rebellion many women throughout ...
Today in Irish History: 22 June 1922 - Field-Marshal Sir Henry Wilson is assassinated in front of his home at Eton Place in London. Field-Marshal Sir Henry Wilson left his home in London to unveil a war memorial at Liverpool Street railway station. When he returned at 2:30 that afternoon two young men, Reginald Dunne and Joseph O'Sullivan, were waiting for him. Wilson was deputy chief of staff of the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front at the outbreak of World War I and was appointed Imperial Chief of Staff in 1918, a position he held until he retired in 1922 to become MP for North Down. Wilson was shot dead in London in June 1922, by Joseph O’Sullivan who had lost a leg fighting with the British Army at Ypres and Reginald Dunne who also fought in the British Army. Neither Dunne nor O'Sullivan had been politically active before or during the war (Dunne, in fact, had joined the army after the Easter Rising), but they displayed the zeal of converts once they became committed to the cause of . ...
Soliciting opinions, resources, etc. on the Irish Republican Army
I was digging around in my dusty archives this morning and found an oldie but goodie. Hope you guys like it! Havelock’s Irish Connection: Back in the year 1891, Havelock was just a train depot between Lincoln and Omaha until it was placed on the world map by Irish railroaders. Descendants of those railroaders now own the pubs along Havelock’s main street, their names reflecting their heritage: Misty’s, The Isles, and Castles. The Pubs or the bars along Have Ave. caused quite a stir back in the day when Havelock was getting annexed into Lincoln. Protestants from University Place and Bethany raised quite a stink about the Pubs. One night while playing pool at Misty’s, I spotted two crossed swords above a wooden plaque on a beam above the pool table. When I climbed up on a chair to read the plaque, I discovered the words, “Dedicated to Robert Milton from the Sinn Fien (Shinn Fayne).” When old Bob Milton, the proprietor of the famous steak house, spotted me up there reading the plaque, he said, ...
Membership of the Irish Republican Army (the IRA) was declared illegal in Eire today in 1939.
Today in History - 23rd June 1314 - Preliminary actions began for the Battle of Bannockburn, with the main battle beginning not long after daybreak the following day when the Scots began to move towards the English. It was one of the decisive battles of the First War of Scottish Independence. 1661 - A marriage contract was signed between Charles II of England and Portuguese Catherine of Braganza. Catherine's dowry secured to England Tangier, the Seven islands of Bombay, trading privileges and two million Portuguese crowns (about £300,000). 1683 - William Penn, the English Quaker, signed a treaty with the Indian chiefs of the Lenni Lenade Tribe in an attempt to ensure peace in his new American colony, Pennsylvania. 1757 - British troops, commanded by Robert Clive, won the Battle of Plassey in Bengal - laying the foundations of the British Empire in India. 1894 - Birth of Edward, Duke of Windsor who was King Edward VIII from 20th January to 10th December 1936 before abdicating to marry twice-divorced Mrs. ...
The Irish Republican Army (IRA) (Irish: Óglaigh na hÉireann[1]) was an Irish republican revolutionary military organisation. It was descended from the Irish Volunteers, an organisation established on 25 November 1913 that staged the Easter Rising in April 1916.[2] In 1919, the Irish Republic that ha…
'''Sir Felim O'Neill of Kinard (died August 1653), better known as Phelim O'Neill', was an Irish nobleman who led the Irish Rebellion of 1641 in Ulster which began on 22 October 1641. His first name is also translated from the Gaelic "Féilim" as Phelim, and "Cionn Ard" as Kinard or Caledon''. He was a member of Confederate Ireland during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, where he fought under his kinsman Owen Roe O'Neill. He was captured and executed during the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland in 1652. Phelim O'Neill is also believed to be the source of the name "P. O'Neill" used to sign official statements from the Irish Republican Army during the twentieth century.
Gerry Conlon, who was wrongly accused of a bombing carried out by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) ...
Gerry Conlon, whose conviction was overturned after he served 14 years in British prisons for a deadly Irish Republican Army terrorist bombing in the 1970s, and whose ordeal was depicted in the film “In the Name of the Father,” died June 21 at his home in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He was 60.
Some Police & Official Misconduct Reports 6/21/14- 6/22/14: (A few media reports selected at random, and is "not" a complete list of all incidents.) Ex-BPD cop pleads not guilty Bloomington Pantagraph BLOOMINGTON — A fired Bloomington police officer pleaded not guilty Friday in connection with forgery and official misconduct charges. Brenton ... Woman claims Wood River cop harassed her Alton Telegraph EDWARDSVILLE — A former Wood River police officer charged last August with official misconduct is now facing a lawsuit claiming he used a cell ... SALEM, OR: Former OSP captain pleads guilty to official misconduct KCMB Cpt. Jeff Randall Lanz, 39, was sentenced to a year of probation and three days in jail in connection to the charges of first-degree official misconduct. Judge in western Illinois dismisses official misconduct charge against Pike County sheriff Greenfield Daily Reporter PITTSFIELD, Illinois — A judge in western Illinois has dismissed an official misconduct charge against the Pike County ...
BITTER FIGHTING AS 'ISIS' EXTREMISTS TAKE SYRIA BORDER CROSSINGS, BATTLE IRAQI ARMY & SHIA MILITIAS IN AL-ANBAR BAGHDAD,IRAQ- The crisis in Iraq deepens daily with jihadists from 'the Islamic State of Iraq & Levant taking control of major border crossings between Syria and Iraq allowing them to bring reinforcements, heavy weapons, ammunition, food, medical and other supplies in unlimited amounts along a major highway. 30 Iraqi Army troops were killed at the largest of the crossings in Qaim, as the militants launched a fierce attack with large numbers of determined, well-armed fighters. Besides having taken large swaths of territory of the country including Mosul, Tikrit and Samarra, 'ISIS' claims to have overrun Rawa and Aneh along the ancient Euphrates River. The fanatics hold very large portions of the invaluable oil refinery in Baiji, and in Muthama, about 45 miles north-west of the capital Baghdad, they now hold a disguised chemical weapons factory. The militants effectively control 90% of al-Anbar Pr ...
Warriors Irish Republican Army was just iced by Brock, which brings the body count to 607,797 rivals. OMERTA V Shadeslayer was just iced by Brock, who has whacked a total of 607,796 rivals.
When Sunday, Bloody Sunday happened there was an inquiry held by the British. Their conclusion was that armed Catholics had fired first on British soldiers, and the soldiers responded. For the West, the case was closed. For the Protestants of Ireland, the case was closed. The people of Derry however, knew differently. They claimed from day one British troops had fired at unarmed peaceful protesters. No one believed them. In the days that followed lines of people showed up to join the I.R.A. They no longer trusted the British, who had at first been welcomed by cheering throngs of Catholics. But the world did not trust them. The IRA would say when innocent people were arrested for being IRA they weren't IRA, but the answer was always the same. According to the British, you lied about Sunday, Bloody Sunday. How do we know you're not lying now? Over time things got worse. Violence begat violence. You could not say IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY or print the letters I.R.A. in papers or on the news! In June of 2010 the ...
[Toronto Star] DUBLIN—Gerry Conlon, who was imprisoned unjustly for an Irish Republican Army bombing ... [Canada]
Irish Republican Army aren't playing in this WorldsCup mate
OK, OK, Wikipedia says the Irish Republican Army hasn't existed since 1922, but the dude was from N. Ireland and in retrospect, creepy.
6 Horror Movie Sets that were actually Haunted... The Exorcism of Emily Rose Jennifer Carpenter, the actress who played the title role in the 2005 film "The Exorcism of Emily Rose," reports that her radio would turn itself on in the middle of the night several times while filming the movie. Not only that, but it would also play a section of a Pearl Jam song that recited: "I'm still alive," over and over again. We hope this is just a case of faulty electronics, because that is seriously eerie. The Omen Possibly one of the most cursed movie sets ever, cast and crew involved in the original 1976 "The Omen" were plagued with mishaps. Executive producer Mace Neufeld and actor Gregory Peck were both on planes that were struck by lightning (on different occasions). An animal handler was eaten alive by lions and one set location was bombed by the Irish Republican Army. The curse continued even after filming stopped; a special effects artist was in a car crash that decapitated his passenger in a manner similar to ...
Last time I checked I didn't have an Irish Republican Army
Happy reading to the woman who shares the initials of IRA ( Irish Republican Army ) :)
Tyler, I don't think you should invest money in the Irish Republican Army & calling it "my IRA" doesn't make it any better.
. Because the Irish Republican Army (IRA) are what the joke is about, google it
King is also a supporter of the Irish Republican Army, a terrorist group
Big talk from an Irish Republican Army sympathizer who's going to be thrown out of office in his new congressional district
Twin Towers crumbled. Once that happened all of a sudden the funding that came from there for the Irish Republican army (part 2)
is not about Sunni Islam, but Arab Wahhabism. To explainthe Irish Republican Army (IRA), you don't blame Catholicism. …
WRITING THAT, is the fact the FBI and Middletons were giving the IRA weapons. Irish Republican Army IRA. I was there in person & Carol was
the Irish republican army isn't fielding a team this year
When I saw I thought it was the Irish Republican Army vs Lil Wayne. I was disappointed. Very disappointed
The hashflag for Iran surprisingly isn't the acronym for the Irish Republican Army.
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1996: England - The Provisional Irish Republican Army exploded a large bomb in a van in the middle of Manchester ~ 212…
A British lawmaker has criticized Sinn Fein leaders for refusing to answer questions in public about their secret agreement with Britain shielding Irish Republican Army fugitives from arrest. The Irish nationalist party announced Saturday night that a leading figure, former IRA officer...
Women from the Irish Republican Army (IRA) search a man. I want this worldwide, for real. Just pure badass.
Sinn Fein leaders say they have nothing to hide about their deal with Britain granting effective amnesties to Irish Republican Army fugitives — but won’t testify to a British parliamentary investigation into the controversy. …read more Source: Daily Herald
FORMER IRA MEMBER APPOINTED TO CONSERVATIVE FRONT BENCH. A former member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) has...
The song concerns an incident during the Border Campaign launched by the Irish Republican Army during the 1950s.
as for ur special forces? They aint no match to my soldiers and brothers of the Irish Republican Army
Thursday 28 May 1981 Martin Hurson, an Irish Republican Army (IRA) prisoner in the Maze Prison, joined the hunger strike to replace Brendan McLaughlin who had been taken off the strike on 26 May 1981. Margaret Thatcher, then British Prime Minister, paid a visit to Northern Ireland and made a statement indicating the British government's belief that the hunger strike was the 'last card' of the IRA.
Thursday 21 May 1981 Third and Fourth Hunger Strikers Died (MURDERED) Raymond McCreesh (24), a Irish Republican Army (IRA) prisoner, and Patsy O'Hara (23), an Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) prisoner, both died having spent 61 days on hunger strike. Tomás Ó Fiaich, then Catholic Primate of Ireland, criticised the British government's attitude to the hunger strike. Raymond McCreesh Died May 21st, 1981 A quiet, good-natured and discreet republican The third of the resolutely determined IRA Volunteers to join the H-Block hunger strike for political status was twenty-four-year-old Raymond McCreesh, from Camlough in South Armagh: a quiet, shy and good-humoured republican, who although captured at the early age of nineteen, along with two other Volunteers in a British Army ambush, had already almost three years active republican involvement behind him. During those years he had established himself as one of the most dedicated and invaluable republican activists in that part of the six counties to which ...
On This Date By The Associated Press 1818 Political philosopher Karl Marx was born in Prussia. 1821 Napoleon Bonaparte died in exile on the island of St. Helena. 1891 Carnegie Hall (then named Music Hall) opened in New York City. 1892 Congress extended the Chinese Exclusion Act for 10 years. 1893 Panic hit the New York Stock Exchange; by year's end, the country was in the throes of a severe depression. 1904 Cy Young of the Boston Americans pitched the first perfect game in modern major league baseball history in a 3-0 victory over the Philadelphia Athletics. 1925 John T. Scopes was arrested in Tennessee for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution. 1955 West Germany became a sovereign state. 1981 Irish Republican Army hunger-striker Bobby Sands died in prison in Northern Ireland on his 66th day without food. 1985 President Ronald Reagan attended a wreath-laying ceremony at a military cemetery in Bitburg, West Germany. The visit drew worldwide condemnation because 49 members of the Waffen SS were buried there ...
CNN: Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams was released Sunday after four days in police custody in connection with the 1972 abduction and killing of a mother of 10 by the Irish Republican Army, police in Northern Ireland said. Read More...
Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has been arrested by Northern Ireland police on suspicion of involvement in the Irish Republican Army's 1972 abduction and killi...
Sinn Fein chief detained third day over IRA killing: Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams was in police custody for a third day on Friday as detectives questioned him over his alleged role in the Irish Republican Army killing of a Belfast mother of 10 in 197...
Since the start of the troubles in Northern Ireland the British government have always known every finger on every trigger every crimp on every wire of every IED. The Irish Republican Army were double crossed from the word go. They have always known about the blood on Gerry Adams's hands And Martin Mcguiness too top bomb maker proven to be linked to many death But they have waited And waited If Adams falls Mcguiness will too Good enough for the scum Now resume normal life Don't mind me
RIP Bob Hoskins. You may remember him from Roger Rabbit, but his best performance was as an evil crime boss who made the mistake of taking on the Irish Republican Army in the movie Mona Lisa.
"Blondie's better than Brit, so I'm cool with that. As far as the Irish army; are you referring to the Irish Republican (c)
IRA leader still in custody over 1972 murder: Gerry Adams, leader of Irish Republican Army’s political wing Si...
BELFAST, Northern Ireland (AP) — For decades, Helen McKendry has demanded that Sinn Fein chief Gerry Adams come clean about the Irish Republican Army's abduction, slaying and secret burial of her mo...
Ed Moloney on Gerry Adams Arrest WORLD NEWS 05.01.14 Sinn Fein Boss Gerry Adams Wanted This Murder Bust The killing of a widowed mother of 10 has been hanging over Gerry Adams for 40 years. His arrest is a calculated gamble to clear his name—and began with the Obama Justice Department. It was, nearly everyone agrees, one of the most cold-blooded and pitiless killings in Northern Ireland’s 30-some years of bloodshed and conflict. Now, 42 years later, it threatens to place Gerry Adams, the man most responsible for ending the IRA’s brutal violence, behind bars for murder and put the Obama Justice Department in the dock for endangering a prized monument to American diplomacy and peace-building. On a cold December evening in 1972, 37-year-old Jean McConville, a recently widowed mother of 10 young children, was with her family in their cramped apartment in Divis Flats, a working-class housing project on the edge of Catholic West Belfast, when the door was forced open and a gang of masked young women burs ...
HANDLING A BOMB THREAT: Some of the tips might not apply to the Nigeria situation, but kindly learn a few tips from this posting. *8 The director of security at a manufacturing plant finds a suspicious package lying in the middle of a break area. The management office at a large shopping mall receives a phone call that a bomb has been planted somewhere in the five-acre facility. A hotel employee discovers a note taped to a guest room door indicating that there’s a bomb inside. Featured Resource Presented by Citrix Systems 10 essential elements for a secure enterprise mobility strategy Best practices for protecting sensitive business information while making people productive from Learn More Is the device a fake? The call a hoax? Or is it a terrorist plot? Reliable statistics specific to bomb threats are hard to come by. Anecdotal evidence suggests that any given threat is most likely benign, but with hundreds or even thousands of lives at stake, organizations can’t afford to take chances. And while em ...
Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness has claimed Gerry Adams' arrest is due to a "dark side" within policing conspiring with enemies of the peace process.   He added that the detention was a "deliberate attempt to influence the outcome of elections" in three weeks.   Mr Adams is being questioned about the 1972 murder of Jean McConville but has denied involvement in her death.   Prime Minister David Cameron said there had been "absolutely no political interference in this issue".   (Source: BBC red button service, press red button on TV remote control, select News Index, select Main Headlines, select ‘Dark policing’ behind Adams arrest 01/05/14)    - Between war and peace To some, Gerry Adams, is hailed as a peacemaker, for leading the republican movement away from its long, violent campaign towards peaceful and democratic means.   Mr Adams has said: "I never will disassociate myself from the IRA. That doesn't meant that I agree with everything that they did because I don't, particularly in the case o ...
Northern Ireland haunted by shadow of the Irish Republican Army's 'Disappeared': The Mirror's Real Britain col...
Sinn Fein was once the political arm of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) paramilitary group, which waged a bloody campaign over three decades for British-controlled Northern Ireland to become part of Ireland. Needs replication in Punjabi occupied Pashtunkhwa.
History friends: can anyone recommend a good history of the Irish Republican Army?
SUNDAY 30TH APRIL 1916 On Sunday night April 30th many of the Volunteers found out that they were to be transported under guard to prison camps in England. There were probably 300 to 400 prisoners all penned in the cargo hold of the ship. One bucket of water had been placed there, but before half of us had reached the cargo hold the supply of water was exhausted… Seeing my approach, one of the soldiers immediately halted me. I told him I was seeking water as there was none in the hold, and his reply came quick and sharp, leaving no doubt of his intention. ‘You dirty Irish pig, get back in the hold or you won’t require any water.’ This was rather a shock to me because, generally speaking, the ordinary British soldiers had shown a different attitude during the day towards their prisoners. Most of us then endeavoured to settle down with the object of having some rest, but there was very little space for this purpose. We made all kinds of attempts to be as comfortable as possible under the circumstanc ...
THE arrest of Gerry Adams over a notorious murder in 1972 has given hope to the many people who believe the Sinn Fein leader is not only the politician he claims to be but also a man who, as a senior figure in the Irish Republican Army, carries the blood of many on his hands.
"For many years, Sinn Féin was the unacknowledged political wing of the Irish Republican Army". I mean, like, ***
Hope they get Gerry Adams for this old murder case,we know that Sinn Fein are the political wing of the Irish Republican Army ,always have been and always will be ,good to see the Police Service of Ireland are doing there jobs ,even with cold cases .He doesn't deserve to be a politician .hes a tyrant and a killer .
Police on Wednesday arrested Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams for questioning in connection with the 1972 Irish Republican Army abduction...
Sinn Fein chief Gerry Adams accused of ordering 1972 killing: The leader of the outlawed Irish Republican Army...
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Photo: mo7med88: Female members of the IRA   Irish Republican Army. 
Sinn Fein leader remains in custody: Gerry Adams has been arrested in relation to the Irish Republican Army's ...
Irish Republican Army: acceptable to use IRA on first ref?
CBC - Police in Northern Ireland arrested Sinn Fein party leader Gerry Adams on Wednesday over his alleged involvement in the Irish Republican Army's 1972
Thing 8 of 10: Gerry Adams - the acceptable face of Irish Republican Army terrorist activity - has been arrested
Shergar The strongest suspect for the theft is the Provisional Irish Republican Army,motive to raise money for arms.
Forget Roger Rabbit you wanna watch Bob Hoskins best movie 'The Long Good Friday' London gangsters vs The Irish Republican Army classic
You heard "IRA" (Irish Republican Army. Did you hear "IRB"? (Iron Republic of Bellary). The private republic of the Reddy and Reddy.
the IRA, i love them. Irish Republican Army, yes, good. I support the cause!
Oh and who could forget singing about the Irish Republican Army
Female Irish Republican Army members search a man in the street with an AR18. 1975.
What does the IRA have to do with the Simpsons? Is this the Irish Republican Army?
up the South Armagh real continuity Provisional Irish Republican Army
such as the Tamil Tigers, the Irish Republican Army, or Colombian drug lords.
“The Contemptible Heroes of the Irish Republican Army is ridiculously one sided.
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I'd rather not hear you as the Swedish Chef from The Muppets, but rather an Irish Republican Army revolutionary
they were never a muslim group it's in the name IRA= IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY - fighting 2 end partition of IRELAND
Betty Williams was drawn into the public arena in 1976 after witnessing the death of three children in her hometown of Belfast in Northern Ireland. The children were hit by a car whose driver, a young member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), was fatally shot by British authorities. Williams was dr…
Radio Free Eireann on Ivor Bell TPQ features a Radio Free Eireann interview withCiaran Mulholland on the political imprisonment of Ivor Bell. John McDonagh (JM) and Sandy Boyer (SB) interview via telephone from Belfast Ciarán Mulholland (CM) an intended independent Republican candidate from the Black Mountain ward to run for Belfast City Council. Radio Free Éireann WBAI 99.5FM Pacifica Radio New York City Saturday 22 March 2014 (begins 1:38 PM EST) SB: We're going over to Belfast to talk to Ciarán Mulholland about the arrest of Ivor Bell, former Chief-of-Staff of the Irish Republican Army, now seventy-seven years old, suffered two heart attacks and Ciarán organised a protest this morning for Ivor. Ciarán, thanks very much for being with us. JM: No - we're going to go to a song and then make the phone call. And when we come out of the song we'll head over to Belfast and we'll talk. ... Because of the Boston tapes – remember - Boston College gave up these tapes – based on these tapes Ivor Bell is n ...
(Photo of Tom Barry, seated front & centre, with surviving members of the 3rd Cork IRA Brigade at a memorial of the battle many years later) 1921: Tom Barry and the West Cork Flying Column engage in one of the largest battles of the Irish War of Independence in Crossbarry, Co. Cork. Almost 100 Irish Republican Army (IRA) volunteers managed to engage and escape from the Essex Regiment of 1,300 British troops who attempted to encircle them encircle them. During the hour-long battle, between 10 and 30 British troops and three to six IRA volunteers were killed.
😜 WHY ST. PATRICK'S DAY IS CELEBRATED EACH YEAR IN AMERICA The reason the Irish celebrate St. Patrick's Day is because this is when St. Patrick drove the Norwegians out of Ireland. It seems that some centuries ago, many Norwegians came to Ireland to escape the bitterness of the Norwegian winter. Ireland was having a famine at the time, and food was scarce. The Norwegians were eating almost all the fish caught in the area, leaving the Irish with nothing to eat but potatoes. St. Patrick, taking matters into his own hands, as most Irishmen do, decided the Norwegians had to go. Secretly, he organized the Irish IRATRION (Irish Republican Army to Rid Ireland of Norwegians) Irish members of IRATRION passed a law in Ireland that prohibited merchants from selling ice boxes or ice to the Norwegians, in hopes that their fish would spoil. This would force the Norwegians to flee to a colder climate where their fish would keep. Well, the fish spoiled, all right, but the Norwegians, as everyone knows today, thrive on ...
- wow! your very own Irish Republican Army ...
Republican congressman Peter King (R-NY), an unapologetic supporter of Irish Republican Army terrorists, wants you to know that criminals shouldn't be using cell phones, and that he would absolutely make a better president than Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).
Terrorism Scaremongers Are The Ones Promoting Terrorism The Media Needs to Point Out the Hypocrisy of These Blowhards By WashingtonsBlog January 06, 2014 "Information Clearing House - In response to the revelation that the NSA spies on Congress, Congressman Peter King says that the NSA should spy on Congress, to make sure congress members don’t call Al Qaeda. King is a fine one to talk … he supported the Irish Republican Army for decades, even though the IRA was designated as a terrorist group. The heads of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees – Diane Feinstein and Mike Rogers – are always yelling ooga booga … saying that the terrorists will get us if we don’t let the NSA spy on all Americans. Feinstein and Rogers both support Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria. Rogers supports torture, which has been recognized for thousands of years as a form of terrorism (torture also creates new terrorists.) And Rogers supports the widespread drone war, even though indiscriminate drone strikes are war .. ...
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