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Irish Guards

The Irish Guards (IG), part of the Guards Division, is one of the elite Foot Guards Regiments of the British Army.

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the Royal Welsh & the Welsh Guard should be merged. As should the Royal Irish & Irish Guards. Into 2 battalion regiments.
Yes, it's partitionist for the Irish state to act as anti-EU British border guards now they've decided to leave EU.
Meeting some mates from & guards tonight for a pint (s). Hope they've had a haircut and smartene…
Changing the Windsor Castle Guard today are the 1st Battalion Irish Guards by 1st Bn. Irish Guards Corps of Drums.
Head Gardener Irishman Robert Armstrong formerly of the Irish Guards in died in German POW camp rea…
haughey helped the early IRA get arms, do u think he thought they would shoot Irish prison officers and guards,its no defence
Irish Guards veterans of Aden 50yrs ago recall 9 colleagues killed in the 1966 emergency in moving ceremony with to…
The Irish Guards are Changing the Windsor Castle Guard today Music by either the 1st Bn Irish Guards Corp of Drums…
Changing the Windsor Castle Guard today are 1st Bn. Irish Guards wMusic by Pic: David Whitecross
Irish Guards in the Great War - The Second Battalion by Rudyard Kipling + 2nd
The Band of the Irish Guards are busy rehearsing for next week's Royal Windsor Horse Show.
You really can't help but march and quickly to music like this. Yeah, I love bagpipes and double snares.
It's half-time & the score's still 0-0! Fans watch a marching display by the bands of the Grenadier, Scots, Irish & Wel…
He was a member of the Irish Guards in his time and a piper was playing as we left the church, a fitting tribute
Was he in the Scots, Welch, Irish, Coldstream or Grenadier Guards??
The Irish Guards Regimental Golf Team have been touring Ireland this week. Hosted by the Irish Defence Forces,...
British Army Irish Guards visor cap in excellent condition
Also the Irish Guards' mascot is 100% the star of the changing of the guards.
Jerusalem - Grimethorpe Colliery Band and Band Of Irish Guards*. ~ Tune in now at
The Irish Guards marched out from here to Elm Park Station (I think) on their way to war in 1914
Anger as Kate Middleton breaks 115-year old shamrock tradition for Irish Guards
Other scenes, the Irish Guards Shermans being knocked out, Urquhart in attic are reasonably accurate.
Prince William presents sprigs of shamrock to the Irish Guards on
The King and Queen, accompanied by Lord Kitchener, visited the Irish Guards today and presented shamrock to the officers and the mess.
😫 William to join Irish Guards for St Patrick's Day - Belfast Telegraph 😫
HRH Duke of Cambridge presents shamrock to officers of 1 Irish Guards
Gerry using the age old Irish trick - saying he has friends in the Guards to get out of a tight spot.
NI papers-service for 1916 VC recipient Bgdr John Sinton and passing of Ken Lewis - Mil Medal with Irish Guards Aden
Jesus I hate that. We don't have police. We have Guards. We are Irish. Ah
As much as I hate posting this, but truth hurts😒 Muslim&Black guards overseeing execution
A video for all the Guardsmen. Keep an eye out this year for more interviews with veterans from the Irish Guards.
at the end I was brought to the infirmary and the guards were dealing with this drunk Irish guy who was out of his mind really
Please could any Irish Guards please check out . George Darroch's post, in the "Posts to page" on the left hand...
it's more, the Irish guards don't want to politicise a criminal gang who sell drugs/guns & hide behind politics for sympathy.
The Irish Sun was this close to the action the guards didn't respond.
Gardaí Eireannach got up and running with their first outing in a challenge match against
Irish Guards well beaten by Harlesden Harps in first challenge match
did you see the footage I put up of the Irish guards mate
Most of the legends that I was in the Irish Guards with will know this guy.
The Regency hotel could not get an answer when they rang the Guards yesterday.
What do you think Wayne v Irish Guards. I think it would be a ***
The British Army will attempt to gain affiliation for an Irish Guards team within London at a meeting on Monday ht…
My father served there then in the Irish Guards. Was always angry both sides trying to kill him.
1 Irish Guards: relief by 2nd Regiment Grenadiers was completed.
1 Irish Guards: Enemy's artillery became v. active and shelled heavily all the ground between HQ and Brigade HQ
1 Irish Guards: and with the CO proceeded round the trenches to discuss again what had best be done to them
1 Irish Guards: The Brigadier and Ac Lt Colonel Jeffreys, Grenadier Guards, came up to HQ
1 Irish Guards: CO went round, when the enemy were again rather active with their trench mortar bombs
But I was promised the Irish Guards? ;) Your Gallopoli Co dinner performance was great. Thanks for the favorite!
1 Irish Guards: The total casualties this day were 5 men wounded. Lt & QM H Hichie went home on leave this day
Check out our pics of Army fun day for Irish Guards and their families in Hounslow
1 Irish Guards: Brigadier came & discussed in the trenches the best method for putting them in a good condition again
1 Irish Guards: The night passed off quietly and the CO went round the trenches at 6am
Guardsman Paul Hooper of the Irish Guards (and Regent Hall) lines up in front of the ISB
1 Irish Guards: The trenches will require a very great amount of labour expended on them
1 Irish Guards: they are in a deplorable condition and no trouble seems to have been taken to keep them in repair
1 Irish Guards: The relief was completed by 4pm and the CO went round the trenches
Paul from the Irish Guards is keeping everyone in order at the march down the mall!
Guardsmen of 3rd Irish Guards in a Loyd carrier, wrapped up against the clouds of dust, during Oper…
1 Irish Guards: the line taken over extends from La Bassee Canal to within 100 yds of the main La Bassee-Bethuse Road
1 Irish Guards: and marched to take over trenches at Cuinchy from the Kings Liverpool Regt of 6th Brigade
1 Irish Guards: the Battalion left its billets in Bethune
5 weeks till I get the phone call about joining the Irish guards
Punkie with the Irish Guards Mascot. A beautiful Irish Wolf hound!
1 Irish Guards: Services were held for Roman Catholics at 8.30am and for those men of the Church of England at 11am
Sea-Source with the Irish Guards at the Tall Ships Race in Belfast.
This is all a Stanford Prison Experiment. Greeks have been made the prisoners & Irish gov has enthusiastically adopted role of prison guards
Armed forces day put my name forward to the Irish guards
.to my grandad, Bill Chambers of Royal Irish Dragoon Guards. later A bookie in Newcastle and lifted the lid on gambling for Thompson's
1 Irish Guards: The CO attended a conference at Brigade HQ with reference to taking over trenches on Monday July 5
Pipes & Drums of 4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland and Pipes & Drums of the Irish Guards. http:…
2 weeks for Snowdon Challenge 5 to raise money for Irish Guards Welfare. to donate on line
1 Irish Guards: This was the first drill parade held as a Battalion since it left England
1 Irish Guards: a Battalion parade for drill took place at 8.15 am on theChamps de Manoeuvre
Band of the Irish Guards in Banbury today.
. The Guards are going to have to decide which side they are on. The people or the fascists.
and why is "foreign national" relevant? What? Irish prisoners don't attack guards
1 Irish Guards: Training as usual was carried out morning and afternoon.
Irish Guards Piper John McCrea from Wicklow appears in the Wicklow Voice at Armed Forces Day in Ballymena
AMAZING Band of the Irish Guards everything in style
On QM2. Too many oldies. and should there be women in Irish Guards?
The Irish Guards entertaining passengers as the rain starts to fall.
Sergeant John Patrick Kenneally, VC, of the Irish Guards, son of Neville Blond, was Jewish
HRH PoW clearly wearing Dress uniform of Welsh Guards, William of the Irish Guards.
Prince of Wales, Col of Welsh Guards. Duke of Cambridge, Col of Irish Guards. Princess Royal, Col of Blues & Royals
(3) the guards already appear siding with Janhavi. Is Reliance CFO to appear after all clear signal?
The Duke of Cambridge is the Colonel of the Irish Guards. He has become the Irish Guards’ first Royal Colonel. (2011)
Having proud moment myself, my boy just announced he wants to join the Irish Guards!
Watching the 'Trooping of the Colour' with dad and reminiscing over his 28 years with the Irish Guards 😊👍🏼
Want to know what G.B is all about,watching Trooping the Colour; Scottish,Irish,Welsh Guards united by dedication to Her Maj.
Needs to be a Royal Colonel (e.g. Irish Guards, Blues and Royals) etc. So no Harry on horseback this year.
& Presentation of Colours to the Irish Guards by the King (1902)
Combined Pipes of the Royal Dragoon Guards & the Band of the Royal Irish Regiment perform Highland Cathedral
The Band of the Irish Guards will be leading this years Armed Forces Day Parade in Banbury.
NEW The Irish Guards in the Great War - Volume 1 - The First Battalion by Rudyar
and my father was in the Irish Guards hence the inspiration (and bias admittedly) behind it
*** guarding the guards and the bigs gotta salute his luck of the Irish head ***
'Smart Irishmen Wanted for HM Irish Regiment of Foot Guards'. Coloured chromolithograph recruiting poster after...
A rather good version of the Game of Thrones theme - by the Irish Guards at Buckingham Palace one random day:
piers morgan and his security guards in the NWO
“Irish Guards in London, England, remain at attention after a fellow guardsman faints, 1966.
Found this photos from a couple of weeks ago irish guards helping in the 18 hundred!
Irish Guards with their mascot outside the Wellington Barracks on St Patrick's Day
Met the Irish Guards mascot today. Big Wolfhound called Donal. Nice big dog. Called him Brian Boru. He's the Royal Irish dog. Military fail.
IDK @ the Irish Catholic Church, but we of all nations have let our guards down, allowing a casual approach to Mass
Four former US security guards jailed for their roles in a 2007 shooting that killed ... - Irish Independent
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
served in nahr e saraj mate for 7month over the winter period spend my career in the Irish guards
When in doubt, brew up. Guardsman from 1st Bn Irish Guards with mug of tea, Basra, Iraq, 2003. Photo WO2 G. Penfold.
Guard Mount from Horse Guards this morning! Catch the Irish heading down the Mall at 0945 towards Horse Guards Parade.
1935 Press Photo The parade of the Irish guards from Madeline in Paris France
At -- Kate presented members of the irish guards with shamrock for St Patrick's day.
History of the Irish Guards in the Second World War - Major D J L Fitzgerald
Stragglers from the other companies of 2nd Battalion as well as from the Irish Guards, Pioneers, Royal Engineers, French troops and refugees
proved herself all last season. Was a freshman and still better than all the other 3 guards Cooper played over her.
The programme for this evening's reception for the Irish Guards, and The Duchess of Cambridge at Mons Barracks in...
Great sounds from The Welsh & Irish Guards Bands this morning at changing the guard
What former (think guards) have joined Fighting Alumni for hoops tournament? Irish Stew here:
07.30hrs 23rd of May 1940. 2nd Panzer Division overran the defences of the Irish Guards outside Boulogne.
By 17.00 hrs 22nd May 1940 2nd Panzer were attacking the Irish Guards in the Boulogne suburb of Manihen.
PC 1724 Guy S Raftery of - died on this day in 1915 serving with 1st Irish Guards in France
06.30hrs 22nd May 1940. 2nd Battalion Irish Guards (of 20th Guards Brigade) arrived in Boulogne to take up positions in defence of the port.
- last man to leave beaches- Capt Hon H Alexander MC DSO Irish Guards- later FM Lord Alexander of Tunis...
Irish guards in carrick I'm in love 😍😍
.. fighting a desperate rearguard action to stop *** Irish men and women having the same rights he guards so jealously.
Will you come and join the Irish Guards says the grand old dame Britannia
get on Arthur Dooley a liverpool sculptor that was a sergeant in the irish guards and a corporal in the PLO and a fine artist
An angel guards St Ronan, 9th C Irish. hermit who taught people of Locronan to weave. Town later famous for sailcloth
Irish Coast Guards rescued boy from boulder: A frantic mother flagged down a passing tour bus after her son be...
Is anyone else sick of these videos of Irish water 'protesters' being 'man handled' by guards popping up?
1st Irish Guards machine gun team group. 1914. (Colourised by Royston of the WW1 FB Group) . htt…
my God awful. THESE are the people changing legislation with stroke of a pen, setting violent Guards on Irish people. Shakes head
And we are supposed to trust the guards
Hey what happened to the guards? They don't seem all that impartial since you took over.
Edward Charlton VC. Irish Guards. Because no surviving officers or NCOs had witnessed Charlton’s act
A camouflaged Sherman Firefly of the Irish Guards and infantry guard a section of the Bremen-Hamburg
Recovery vehicles prepare to tow a Sherman tank of the Irish Guards out of a stream where it landed
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Oh dear, bad news: North-South Irish border to become "manned by border patrols and customs guards" under a
yes because he got security guards out there to make sure Jack can't get away
Great to welcome some of the Irish Guards to today for a day's clay shooting instruction!
All the way from Wexford, Irish Guards Sgt. Joe Dunne - obituary - Telegraph
Shame on this government. There is nothing irish about a british-run gov. Fascist guards arresting protesters.
Given anti *** violence, would argue that it's not at all political to suggest guards aren't bigots?
1967: A platoon of Irish Guards engage a company of local dissidents during the Aden Emergency, losing four guardsmen
If u want to hire guards for an eviction ring global risk solutions they will supply u with army and guards up 2 50 to help evict Irish ppl
1/2 yesterday, a mad Irish man was admitted into my ward. He was fighting security guards and all sorts. Absolute lunatic.
Sherman tanks of the Irish Guards Group advance past others which were knocked out earlier during Operation Market-…
In Belfast the town of my birth for the Irish Guards Ulster Branch Dinner, which was an outstanding success. Very well organised.
At -- On St. Patricks day the Cambridge's made their annual visit to the Irish Guards in A…
Indeed, the Irish Guards' regimental motto is "Quis Separabit" - who shall separate us? (Romans 8:35)
Teen protagonist tries to investigate shifty government facility, can't get past the security guards, goes home.
Duchess Kate in Catherine Walker for Irish Guards appearance: lovely?
marked the 100 year anniversary of the heroic deed of Michael O'Leary Irish Guards
Tickets are on sale for Band of the Irish Guards' concert for Pick yours up from -
Danville PG Kendle Moore is one of top 2018 guards in state! Scouting & more here!
for L/Cpl *** O'Leary of the Irish Guards on this day 1.2.1915. amazing character living in Canada, USA and dying in London.
Commemorative plaque unveiled today to remember Michael O'Leary VC Irish Guards
Happy St Patrick's Day: This is Conmael the Irish Wolfhound, who is the mascot of 1st Battalion The Irish Guards
Irish Guards entering Basra me in iraq
1st Battalion, Irish Guards prepare to leave Wellington Barracks, Westminster, London, following the outbreak of...
Today Michael O'Leary (not of the Irish Guards from Macroom won a VC for bravery at Cuinchy.
Privates Thomas Cummings and Albert Smythe (Irish Guards) are shot at dawn for desertion - they had deserted in November 1914
The Irish Guards actions at Cuinchy on 1st Feb 1915 (courtesy of R Kipling)..
Irish Foot Guards Uniform part of the British Army that is tasked with protecting the Queen but they are also...
Who were the Black Guards and how did they come to earn such a bad reputation in Irish culture?
Sir John French writes that soldiers from Coldstream and Irish Guards fought with "indomitable pluck" as they captured three German trenches
IG I think, the cardinal points of the Irish Guards are distinctive, Kensingtons more uniform
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Monroe says Happy New Year! He wants to be the mascot like is for the Irish Guards!
Breaking News: Dublin Guards announce beard amnesty for all Irish hipsters and musicians in 2015.
Red Irish Lords guarding eggs. Any expert know what's going on here? Female laying clutch while male guards?
Guards are bunch of crooks and a failure. Irish policing begins with the disbanded of the GS.
In the uniform of the Irish Guards.
What do you think of the Dutchess of Cambridge’s green ensemble? We love it
An Irish Guards machine-gun team in 1914. Not a single one of these men pictured here survived the war.
Photographs from the Irish Guards' Carols from the Trenches service which took place in Christ Church Cathedral,...
Irish guards mix it up in the paint
// Groundbreaking exhibition of Father Browne’s Greatest Photographs comes to Farmleigh Gallery on 23 October // Frank Browne took his first photographs during a European tour in 1897, just before joining the Jesuits. These pictures convey something of the remarkable talent of a man who was to emerge as the most significant Irish photographer in the first half of the twentieth century. In 1912 his Titanic photographs brought international fame and by 1916 he was a WW1 chaplain to the Irish Guards. In 1921 took his final vows and still suffering from war wounds he went to Australia to recuperate and made a superb series of photographs of life in that country. On his return to Ireland he continued to record aspects of Irish ways of life both personal and corporate which, when added to his pictures in South Africa, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Spain and England constitute a fascinating interpretation of a rapidly evolving world. He was active in the photo-exhibition world and wrote articles for “The Kodak Magazine ...
British author Hugh Lofting mostly associated with his novel 'Doctor Doolittle' fought in WWI with the Irish Guards
Safe Pass (Sauf-Conduit) for John Gwynn SJ, chaplain to the 1st Irish Guards, 1915
we look forward to hosting you at The Irish Guards Experience at Altcar
Irish Guards remain at attention after one guardsman faints, 1966.
Windsor changing of the guards Bagpipers {Irish} 1st Batt Irish Guards
15th October 1999 – Josef Locke, Irish tenor who lied about his age to join the Irish Guards in the 30's, died.
Tickets available for Great War Commemoration Evening £5 all proceeds go to SSAFA & Irish Guards Choir
🇬🇧💂🍀 Good Morning College I hope you enjoy your day with us at Altcar at the Irish Guards Experience
Irish Guards Sniper engaging from a airborne platform.
Leo arrives Hazebrouk today as Irish Guards move towards Ypres
Translation: Irish Water will get additional security guards.
Band of the Irish Guards performing for command group at
Weird seeing so many SECURITY GUARDS at once... it was like a convention aimed at strategizing new and innovative ways to implement amasimba
The guards were too busy protecting and escorting Irish Water workers.
"No, don't write in, I know the Irish Guards are different..." How I adore Vicky Coren's dedication to the nerdy
not just Irish Guards... None of the five foot guards have Corporals, they have as Lance Sergeants, ex LSgt Irish Guards, me
Sgt Richard Nugent, Irish Guards, enlisted into the Irish Guards in 1901. He served throughout
Tell her to ring Irish Water for a meter she will get 20or30 Guards outside her house immediately
Irish Guards Regimental Support Team just arrived at Altcar Training Camp. — at Altcar Ranges
And they know the tune unlike the Irish guards
Field Marshal Harold Alexander commanded a battalion of the Irish Guards during the Great War. .
Those Irish Guards look to be in 5'9" range
I bet Guards sounds weird to people who aren't Irish... The Gardaí are the police
Welcome to the new members of the 1st Battalion Irish Guards. You have completed some of the hardest Infantry...
"Coalition to increase spending by €450m on sons of their supporters. Extra teachers and Guards
Only Two weeks prior to the Royal Wedding, 1st Battalion Irish Guards was Operating in Helmand in Afghanistan.
If you want to be a Sharpshooter on Operations, join the Irish Guards.
If you want to serve your country, join the best. 1st Battalion Irish Guards.
Money raised at the event also goes towards Help for Heroes and the. Irish Guards Appeal Fund.
Irish Guards. He was probably as Irish as the Queen of Englands ***
Band of the Irish Guards BY THE CENTRE QUICK MARCH all over the warm up cones. Squaddies 1 Eng 0
Pharrell Williams's 'Happy' being played beautifully by the band of the Irish Guards at Wembley. from 7
May interest you to know OSS secreted Fascist Italian Royal Family out of Italy while Irish Guards were hunting for them.
In front of an audience of 6,500 people HRH Prince Harry's brainchild the Invictus Games got underway with a moving and uplifting opening ceremony. Showcasing the best of Britain's ceremonial troops and inspiring stories from our wounded, injured and sick personnel, the ceremony also included a few surprise moments. The event was opened by the Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines Collingwood, Royal Marines Band, The Band of the Irish Guards, and the Central Band of the RAF who played the national anthem and fanfare as the RAF Aerobatic Display Team, The Red Arrows, performed a fly past in their distinctive red Hawk jets. On giant screens the audience was shown videos of wounded service personnel overcoming adversity, moving from despair to success through the medium of sport. In a surprise broadcast on big screens in the Olympic Park, First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, gave a special message to all the athletes. Before declaring the Games open, HRH Prince Harry said there was one thing that a ...
WW2 vet and former UUP MLA Sir John Gorman given guard of honour by Irish Guards at St Mary's in Killyleagh
Update your maps at Navteq
Top Tip for anyone wanting to have a go at this (writing 'n stuff) Google Earth is a good piece of kit for seeing the ground you are writing about without spending a fortune on airfares to do the recce in person. 'Two miles north of Nowra, New South Wales. Same day, 0730hrs The abandoned township of Cambewarra Village had been occupied and hurriedly fortified, stopping the Irish Guards again soon after they had overcome the first line of resistance. A further tank, a Hussars Mk 10 Chieftain, and three Warriors had been lost. 2CG had hooked right, its vehicles threading their way through trees and on to Tannery Lane, chancing to luck and driving fast along a road straight enough to seem Roman in origin. Passing scattered dairy farms until reaching dead ground to the north of the Cambewarra hardpoint. 1 Company’s Warriors crossed a small ford before crashing through fences and hedges into a field to the right. 2 (Support) Company entered the stream via the ford and used its banks for cover. The Mortar Pla ...
Irish Guards mascot, Domhnall, shows off his new coat for the first time in Northern Ireland after being presented with it by Irish President Michael D. Higgins in front of HM The Queen at Windsor Castle during the Irish State visit to London on Tuesday. Immediately after the state ceremonies Domhnall and his handler Drummer David Steed, left to bring his new coat to Northern Ireland to show it off. His first “parade” was in Bangor but Domhnall and David will be making a number of appearances in Northern Ireland over the coming days. President Higgins decided to make the presentation after learning how the Irish Guards presented a ceremonial coat made by the regimental tailor to the 5th Battalion Irish Army for their Wolfhound masot on St. Patrick’s Day in 1973. Domhnall is the Irish Guards’ 16th Regimental Mascot. The mascots are provided by The Irish Wolfhound Club, who presented the Irish Guards with Domhnall, at the Ambassador’s Residence in Dublin in October 2012. His full name is Domhn ...
The Irish President Michael D Higgins today gifted a red coat to the Irish Guards for their mascot Domhnall the Irish Wolfhound. This returns a gesture from 1973 when the Irish Guards gave a coat to the wolfhound mascot of the Fifth Battalion of the Irish Army. That unit was disestablished in 2012 and I can't find the name of their mascot from 1973, if anyone knows their wolfhounds name from the time I'd really love to know. Domhnall, pronounced Donal, is Irish for 'world leader'. How awesome is that! What a cool dog. :)
Getting ready for Irish President's State visit next week. Irish Wolfhound is the mascot of the Irish Guards.
Prince William: 1 Baby's Enough for Now Another royal baby? Britain's Prince William says no thanks — at least for the time being. Asked whether he and his wife, Kate, are planning to expand their family, William said: "Maybe one day. One's enough at the moment." A soldier asked the prince the question Monday as the royal couple visited the Irish Guards at their military base in Aldershot in southern England to mark St. Patrick's Day.
Kate Middleton and Prince William still had their island tans when they participated in their annual St. Patrick's Day tradition of visiting the Irish Guards...
Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton greets the Irish Guards' mascot, bones found in Egypt show cats may have been domesticated 2,000 years earlier than previously believed, Doris Day raises money for animals for her 90th birthday and more animal news.
“of Cambridge looking stunning in green for Guards Parade in
The Duchess of Cambridge hand delivered shamrocks to the Irish Guards today
BBC News/UK:- Duke and duchess visit Irish Guards
The Duke of Cambridge is Royal Colonel of the Irish Guards. You can find out more here:
For the third year in a row, Kate handed out sprigs of shamrocks to the Irish Guards in Aldershot, Hampshire. (The Duke and Duchess are also the Baron and Baroness Carrickfergus — Carrickfergus is not far from Belfast, in Northern Ireland.)
In happier news, Kate and Wills looked smashing this morning, had some early afternoon booze like the rest of us:
Gallery: William & Kate celebrate St Patrick's Day with the Irish Guards
Duke and duchess visit Irish Guards (via
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge present to the Guards at parade
Green hat + coat + shoes + eye shadow. Kate is decked out for St. Patrick's Day:
VIDEO: Prince William & Kate with the Irish Guards in Aldershot for St. Patrick's Day...
The Duchess of Cambridge goes top-to-toe green for St. Patrick's Day via
The Duke+Duchess of Cambridge have arrived at an Irish Guards St Patrick's Day Parade in Aldershot. Kate's in a Hobbs co…
BBC News - Home // Duke and duchess visit Irish Guards
The Duke of Cambridge and Baron Carrickfergus in his Irish Guards tunic during Trooping the Colour last year.
Duchess Kate goes green for St. Patrick's Day: Prince William and his wife visited the Irish Guards for their ...
Prince William shoots down rumours of another stating: "One is enough at the moment." PHOTOS:
Duke and duchess visit Irish Guards -
Top Stories Today: Duke and duchess visit Irish Guards -
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Irish Guards - BBC News
News: D e and duchess visit Irish Guards
William and Kate were visiting the 1st Battalion Irish Guards for their annual St. Patrick's Day Parade at Mons Barracks, Aldershot.
Duke and duchess visit Irish Guards from BBC News
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Baron and Lady Carrickfergus) enjoy a drink with the Irish Guards for
The Duchess of Cambridge wears an emerald green Hobbs coat today at the Irish Guards parade
Kate Middleton Gives Shamrocks to Irish Guards on St. Patrick’s Day—See the Pic! -
[Mail Online] Prince William reveals there are no more Royal babies on horizon for him and Kate
The Duchess of Cambridge presents shamrocks to the Irish Guards mascot, Conmael the Irish Wolfhound. http…
Will and Kate posing with the Irish Guards (and wearing shamrocks) on St. Patrick's Day
Before the Duchess of Cambridge, the late Queen Mother once presented shamrocks to the Irish Guards.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are special guests at this year's Irish Guards parade at Mons Barracks, Aldershot
Update Status Add Photos/Video Kate Middleton passes out shamrocks with the Irish Guards and Irish Guard Dog.
Happy paddy's day to all our friends in the Irish guards past and present x:)
St Patricks day at Mons Barracks with the Irish Guards And HRH William and Kate QS
Kate wearing high street to the Irish Guards’ St Patrick’s Day Parade. Surlike!
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today visited Mons Barracks in Aldershot, Hampshire, as the Irish Guards regiment marks St Patrick's Day.
Duchess Kate honours Irish Guards with shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day
St Patrick's Day live: Kate Middleton and Prince William in visit to Irish Guards at Aldershot...   10% Off
In case U've missed it - LIVE: Kate & Prince William in St Patrick's Day visit to Irish Guards:
As Duchess Kate wears high street to visit the Irish Guards, look back at her style evolution over the years
Forgot to mention that yesterday, I heard one of the most heartbreaking things anyone has ever told me... General Sir Sebastian Roberts (Colonel of the Irish Guards before Prince William was appointed) - "It's a shame we didn't meet a few days earlier. I could have arranged for you to come out with me to Aldershot to see the battalion for Saint Patrick's Day. I would have been glad to introduce you to His Royal Highness." SO CLOSE!
A sunny morning at Mons Barracks, Aldershot, where the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge will join Irish Guards for their St Pa…
Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be joining the Irish Guards this morning for the …
Rachna Thakur In Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother used to present bowls of shamrock flown over from Ireland to members of the Irish Guards, a regiment in the British Army consisting primarily of soldiers from both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The Irish Guards still wear shamrock on this day, flown in from Ireland.
£16k . That is all this country pay as a "wage" to its Coldstream guards Grenadier Guards Welsh Guards scotts guards irish guards . Which all do service in afghan and it's other wars . Disgrace !! I work in a factory and am on 2k more and ticket collectors on trains are on £13k a year more .
D The Gods of the Copybook Headings by Rudyard Kipling, 1865-1936 • Background Published in October 1919 when the poet was 53 years old, "The Gods of the Copybook Headings" has proved enduringly popular, despite the fact that copybooks disappeared from schoolrooms in Britain and America during, or shortly after, World War 2. A copybook was an exercise book used to practice one's handwriting in. The pages were blank except for horizontal rulings and a printed specimen of perfect handwriting at the top. You were supposed to copy this specimen all down the page. The specimens were proverbs or quotations, or little commonplace hortatory or admonitory sayings — the ones in the poem illustrate the kind of thing. These were the copybook headings. Kipling had lost his dearly loved son in World War 1, and a precious daughter some years earlier. He was a drained man in 1919, and England, with which he identified intensely, was a drained nation. Though he was no atheist, was in fact a Christian of an eccentric . ...
Nurse Burrows, Main Street, Wicklow has received a letter from her brother Corporal William Burrows, Irish Guards who was taken prisoner of war on the 15th November at Ypres, and who is at present in Greissen camp, Germany. In his letter he says 'I am in the best of health and now getting parcels from home regularly. I was captured while trying to do my best for my dying Captain.' (August 28th 1915.)
Happy Valentine's Day from all of us in the Band of the Irish Guards!
I’m sure the guards are this diligent in hunting down perpetrators of similar crimes against ordinary citizens.
Cullybackey Guards on parade: A very smart turnout from Members of the Irish Guards Cadets, Cullybackey detach... http…
These blasted floods,,, they are causing me real grief at work,,, Bronze command centre,, silver command centre, gold command centre, The place is overflowing with police, fire, army, people!! Carol Brown, you have missed your chance for a man in uniform overload,,, My favourite were the two Irish guards,!! Phew talk about distractions!,
The Duke of Cambridge presents operational service medals to the Irish Guards:
Another committee meeting took place today,the Irish Guards Association and Cork Branch of the British Legion(Dublin and Limerick RBL branches already support) fully support are campaign! We will also have media coverage with World Reach(UK) with an article being released soon,and the Guardian(UK) are interested.
Gents look at details and get along and enjoy the crack. Mr Trevor Gregg 25 Willow Green West End Woking Surrey, GU24 9RH See Distribution February 2014 RE: THE IRISH GUARDS GOLF SOCIETY VISIT TO THE CURRAGH 2014 INTRODUCTION 1. The Irish Guards Golf Society will visit the Curragh Camp, Co Kildare over the period of the 28th April to 2nd May 2014 to compete for the Curragh Quaich Bowl against the Irish Defence Force and hopefully visit a number of the other golf courses in the local area. PARTICIPATION 2. The tour is open to all current, paid up, members of the Society on a first come first served basis, to secure your place please fill out the attached proforma and return it with your payment for Package 1 to the Secretary as soon as possible, if you choose to partake in events listed in Package 2 or require to book a Golf Cart then please add the required amount, shown on the proforma, to your payment, please note that we are limited to a maximum of 25 tour members. GUESTS 3. The names of any guests you ...
Shamrock ordered for the 16th March, the Irish Guards Association St Patrick's celebrations commencing at 11:00 hours in St Francis De Sales RC Church, Hale Road, Walton. Folowed by presentation of shamrock by the Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside and Lord Mayor of Liverpool. Buffet in St Francis De Sales Parochial Club afterwards. QS
Seventy years ago today, 10 February 1944: "At 0430, 10 February, the 5 Grenadier Guards and the paratroopers were under attack from three sides. With the help of a squadron of the 46 Royal Tank Regiment they held out. North of Carroceto the situation of the 1 Scots Guards gradually deteriorated during the bitter-cold, moonlit night. All contact was lost with the two forward companies, and the remainder of the battalion, in danger of being cut off, withdrew within the perimeter defense of the 5 Grenadier Guards protecting the overpass. Company B's tank destroyers, acting as a rearguard, covered the withdrawal with their .50-caliber machine guns. The 'fighting tank busters,' as the British troops called them, appeared to be all over the battlefield. In addition to their normal role, they operated as tanks, as mobile pillboxes, as assault artillery, and even as infantry. The British troops, fighting against odds, needed their support. At 0530 General Penney reported that his troops had been fighting all nig ...
We would like to wish WO1 Andrew Porter a very warm welcome home. He has spent the last 8 months deployed in Afghanistan. We would also like to wish him luck in his new post as Bandmaster of the Band of the Irish Guards.
Former Irish Guardsman John Stout who was blacklisted by the post war Devalera Government and Amnestied in 2013 has died peacefully. John's contribution to the campaign effort was crucially important towards clearing those affected by Emergency Powers Order 362 of 1945. To acknowledge his passing, a talk reference the pardons campaign given in Athens Greece, on the 6 and 7 February 2014 reference the pardons was dedicated to his memory at a conference on resistance during world war two. STOUT (Clonard, Ballyvolane, Cork): On January 31, 2014, peacefully, at the Mercy University Hospital, JOHN (Sean), (WW2 Veteran Irish Guards Division & late of Gouldings), beloved husband and friend of Doreen (nee Cowhey), darling father of Marian, Sean and the late Sandra and Bill and brother of Mary, Breda and the late Jim. Sadly missed by his loving wife and family, grandchildren Liam, Niall and Carl, sisters-in-law Brenda and Frances, cousins, nephews, nieces, relatives and friends. Lying in repose at The Coburg Stree ...
Never before have we seen the families of the fallen honoured so well as we did tonight at The Mark Burgan Memorial Fund's Hearts & Heroes Ball. The Irish Guards put on a great show with pipes and drums and every mother and father in attendance who have lost a serving son or daughter were presented with very special gifts. Well done Ian and Colette Linden - what a fabulous evening!!
There was also a Vandeleur who was in Comd of the Irish Guards at Arnheim. Knowing the *** it's fair to say that they were of the same family. Quis Separabit
To all Irish Guards Past and Present with regards to the dinner on the 17th May, cheques are to be sent to Major Robbie Kelly at 99 Park Road, Chorley, PR71QZ. Dont forget to send a self address envelope plus how many u need, the names of the people who is going and what meals u all want the price is 30.00 non member and 25.00 if u r a member of the Northern Branch Association Many thanks QS lets make it a great dinner.
36,000 soldiers of the Irish Guards Visit To Belfast 1919. Sir Edward Carson on the City Hall platform.
On this day in WW2 history Febryary 6, 1944...Although it was certainly possible to survive severe artillery bombardments they were practised for their effective lethality. They were to become the constant presence on both the Anzio beach head and the hills of Cassino. In both situations the Allies were under observation and any untoward movement could attract a storm of fire. Major Malcolm Munthe was fighting an unconventional war. At Anzio his job was to try to get an Italian volunteer across the lines from German occupied Italy. The man had found a route through, via a cave right on the perimeter line where the Irish Guards were holding him. On the 6th February 1944 he set out to bring the man back, accompanied by a young officer, Michael Gubbins, who had volunteered to accompany him, although his presence was not strictly necessary. Perhaps not being in the ordinary line of command they were not fully aware how much the lines had shifted in the face of the recent German attack. They waited for a lull ...
anyone got access to the historical military records of the Irish guards regiment circa late 1920 's early 1930's
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ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY 14th January 1742 The death of Sir Edmund Halley, aged 86; astronomer, geophysicist, mathematician, meteorologist, and physicist. He was Astronomer Royal who gave his name to a comet. 1878 Queen Victoria watched a demonstration of Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, by W.H. Preece at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. Preece called it 'Signalling through Space without Wires'. 1886 Birth of Hugh Lofting, creator of ‘Dr Dolittle’. He trained as a civil engineer prior to enlisting in the Irish Guards to serve in World War I. He wrote illustrated letters home to his children from the trenches during World War I when actual news, he later said, was either too horrible or too dull. These letters became the foundation of the his successful Doctor Dolittle novels for children. 1896 The first public screening of a film in Britain, at the London headquarters of the Royal Photographic society. 1898 The death of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson , who wrote under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll and wh ...
Irish Guards on parade in Aldershot on St Patricks Day 2012.
I'm trying to get some Army Personnel together for my Grandad's funeral! He fought in World War Two with the Irish Guards, Royal Fusiliers, and The Royal Artillery. He was also part of the Territorial Army for many years. I think it would be a fitting tribute if any of these regiments could attend his funeral. He lived his life dedicated to the army and saw them as family and I know he would be as pleased as punch to have as many soldiers past and present to send him to his final resting place. If I could get this to go viral I know it would make him so proud!!! The funeral will take place on the 30th December 2.30pm at South London Crematorium also know as Streatham Park Cemetery, Rowan Road, Streatham SW16- 5JG. Please Share! Thank you x
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Any past or present soldiers able to attend this man's funeral, especially if you are or were in the following regiments; Irish Guards, Royal Fusiliers, Royal Artillery. Tuneral is tomorrow, see details
Old one but I think it is funny and attacks just about every unit, and I have to fair about this AMENDMENT TO UK FORCES (AFGHANISTAN) UNIT SPECIFIC SOP’s: ACTIONS ON: IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVE DEVICE (IED) 1. Household Cavalry Regard IED with haughty disdain and rustle Daily Telegraph angrily. Maintain that presence of IED in Knightsbridge is “absolutely preposterous”. Return to regimental main effort of defending Central London from the Roundheads. 2. Cavalry Declare IED as best thing since tinned champagne; hold impromptu Pimms party to celebrate. Declare subsequent IED detonation as even more “Wizard prang”, extend Pimms party and incorporate mandatory drinking of champagne from remains of IED as regimental custom for next 300 years. 3. Footguards Reduce words-of-command and halting in quick time to a minimum. Deploy No.1 fatigue party in close-order to polish IED to acceptable standard, followed by No.2 fatigue party to paint IED blue-red-blue and swab immediate area. IED detonated by massed band ...
Chucked out of pub cause the Guards have shown up. Irish that.
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