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Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurdistan or Kurdistan Region ('; ') is an autonomous region of Iraq. It borders Iran to the east, Turkey to the north, Syria to the west and the rest of Iraq to the south.

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Response from my State Rep in Congress, . "Our first goal would be to keep hostilities away Iraqi Kurdistan, wea…
Matters are becoming complicated in the Iraqi Kurdistan [Voltaire Network]
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the US does not recognise the independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan
Soleimani reportedly traveled to Iraqi Kurdistan this month to get Kurdish leaders to cancel the vote. He failed. Now Q is how he'll respond
Voting in Iraqi Kurdistan has officially closed
Iraqi Kurdistan holds referendum in defiance of intl. community
closed its airspace to flights to/from Kurdistan at the request of Iraqi government, SNSC announces .
America's most effective allies against ISIS are voting on independence today . ht…
Iran shuts its border with Iraqi Kurdistan in response to its independence referendum.
People of Iranian Kurdistan, defying strict security measures, poured to streets to celebrate the
Erdogan threatens to invade. and cut off oil pipeline. from Iraqi Kurdistan. 25/09/17 Reuters | Haaretz.
Pres. of Iraqi Kurdistan Barezani delivers speech as region is set to hold independence vote on Monday
Al-Arabiya: Voting in Iraqi Kurdistan Kurdish Referendum has officially closed
A new secular, democratic country will be born today in the Middle East!
Voting in Iraqi has officially closed
Iraqi Kurdistan becomes completely isolated as Iran, Turkey closes land borders as independence referendum is ... -…
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Iraqi PM orders deployment of army to areas disputed with Kurdistan Region as referendum vote nears close http…
Kirkuk’s governor slams deployment of Iraqi forces to disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad
Iraqi PM Abadi orders security services ''to protect citizens being coerced'' in Kurdistan.
Iraqi Kurdistan in historic independence vote
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. Iraqi Kurdistan in historic independence vote -
Iran insists land border with Iraqi-Kurdistan is 'still open'
Voting starts in Iraqi Kurdistan's independence referendum
BREAKING: Iraqi parliament decides to close all crossings into Iraqi Kurdistan
Voting in Iraqi Kurdistan extended as police impose curfew in Kirkuk
BREAKING: Iran has closed its land border with Iraqi Kurdistan Region
UPDATE: reverses position, says land border with remains open
Iran will strain ties neither with Baghdad nor Iraqi Kurdistan following independence vote,…
'Do not expect us to turn a blind eye': warns Turkish army at Iraqi border, ready to take 'necessary steps'
Iran launches war games near Iraqi Kurdistan border
When Iraqi's & hashd says they will declare war on kurdistan
BREAKING: Curfew announced in Kirkuk, a city contested by Iraqi Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi government.
closes airspace to all flights to and from Iraqi Kurdistan
Do you support the Iraqi Kurdistan Region becoming an independent state?
Abadi under pressure to take concrete measures to counter Krexit
Hashd al-Shaabi forces say they are prepared to do battle in after Iraqi PM ordered troops deployment…
What is the independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan? Why is it so important to the Iraqi people?
opposition to Iraqi referendum is a strategic mistake, it may push Kurds all 2 unite & seek gre…
Erdogan threatens to halt oil exports from Iraqi Kurdistan via Turkey
Russia is positioning to overtake the US as Iraqi Kurdistan's closest ally. It's already the biggest oil investor
Independence vote in Iraqi Kurdistan: ‘We have no place in this artificial country called Iraq’ ht…
Calls grow to delay Iraqi Kurdistan vote for independence - Al Jazeera English
Iraqi Kurdistan president: time has come to redraw Middle East boundaries
KRG Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs announced Ramadan will officially start on Saturday in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Women at the wheels of Iraqi Kurdistan's first all-female carwash | Daily Mai...
I have been to Iraqi Kurdistan four times & I call on all Christians to stand w/our Muslim Kurdish friends against geno…
The Iraqi Minister of Migration and Displacement said Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) don’t contribute to an……
Iraqi Kurdistan: intrepid skiers break new ground.
Intrepid skiers break new ground as ski resorts in Iraqi Kurdistan lure their first overseas tour groups
Think tank based in Kurdistan.Written by British Imperialist pontificating on and to pay onl…
Iraqi Kurdistan: intrepid skiers break new ground | Travel -
Three months after 2017 budget approval, receive no salary https:/…
.talks to Qubad Talabani, deputy prime minister of Iraqi Kurdistan, in the latest
Checkpoints on between Erbil in the Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi capital of Baghdad are affecting production.
was the last city of to fall into hands in 1991. Pic: Iraqi army tank captured by Pesh. htt…
While Americans can't currently visit Iran, Iraqi Kurdistan is nearby and offers an incredible experience:…
Iraqi intrepid skiers break new ground .
Iraqi Kurdistan: intrepid skiers break new ground - the guardian
feat. analysis and reporting from on Syrian children, in Iraqi Kurdistan, on Yemen, on US role in Syria
"relations with Barzani are based on economic interests such as oil and Turkey’s design to use Kurds against Kurds"
Iraqi Kurdistan: intrepid skiers break new ground - Three hours’ drive from Mosul, the small unspoilt pistes at...
The U.S. dollar to Iraqi dinar (IQD) exchange rate was down in the Kurdistan Region’s currency markets.
Canadian Air Force CH-146 Griffon flying in Iraqi operated by the Canadian Special Ops. Taken about 45k…
Iraqi Kurdistan: intrepid skiers break new ground .
Iraqi Kurdistan: intrepid skiers break new ground
The deputy P.M. of Iraqi Kurdistan speaks about the battle against ISIS and what America First means for the region
Images of Iraqi Kurdistan show a place caught between present and past, modernity and tradition, freedom and danger…
Mountain view from one of the 40 Sadam hussein’ palaces – Amadiya // Iraqi Kurdistan
Displaced people in Iraqi Kurdistan can’t move freely, HRW says
Independent news on Kurdistan: Islamic State fighters in Iraqi Kurdistan a paranoia, or justifiable suspicion?
. It'll be like going to Kurdistan and exchanging Dollars for Iraqi Dinar. lol
Yet Iraqi Kurdistan has ties with Erdogan and Iran.
Very ignorant! that flag is the flag of Iraqi kurdistan, not Syrian kurdistan. The 'kurds' are are persians
IRAQ: Kurdistan Region threatens to cut Iraqi water supplies if economic pressure continues .
agree Arabs can own real estate in Iraqi Kurdistan, sparking controversy
With & President of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region earlier tonight in https…
Independent news on Kurdistan: Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – June 24, 2016
"I need a haircut...I ride a bicycle...there's a stupid photo of me with a rifle in Iraqi Kurdistan..."
69 years ago today,4 Kurdish officers who were part of the Kurdistan republic of Mahabad were hanged by Iraqi regime
.In the Kitchen. One day Iraqi Kurdistan will become something like Pakistan İnşallah
Literally no one is stopping an independent Kurdistan other than Kurds
1000 BC. Kurdistan site & evolution towards the first cities of Mesopotamia
Fantastic,moving but deeply disturbing talk on the plight of the Yezidis in Iraqi Kurdistan at by
Iraqi Kurdistan site reveals evolution towards first cities of Mesopotamia -
Taking on Isis in Iraqi The Female Fighters of the
.on the Iraqi Kurds dreaming of a Kurdish state - and how Ottawa is helping to build one:
Is Canada's support of Iraqi Kurds a form of state-building? Beautiful, important read from
News: site in Kurdistan reveals details on first cities in
This is why I love the Kurds: "Iraqi Kurdistan hosts 'Refugees Got Talent' contest":
Iran close to oil pipeline deal with Iraqi Kurdistan - Middle East Minute
cleric based in expected to be expelled from 4 speaking in favor of to an Iraqi TV. https…
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Can someone help me please . My parents are Kurdish (obviously) but dad was born in Iraqi occupied Kurdistan and my mom in Iran…
Broader thoughts: PKK leadership still has relative freedom of movement in Iraqi Kurdistan, despite airstrikes
Intern explores the independence of Kurdistan's internet from Iraqi bureaucracy.
On November 13, the Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Iraqi Kurdistan, backed by an air cover from the US-led coalition...
The Archaeology News Network: Historic castles in Iraqi Kurdistan in danger of c...
Up in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan, exiled Iranian Kurds prepare to enter Iran
Bill Bell, Research Director at discusses media consumption in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Wrote a blog for about facilitating music engagement workshops with in Iraqi Kurdistan
An important glimpse into life in Iraqi Kurdistan for fighters in this op-ed:
What are the current and future prospects for Iraqi Kurdistan? sought to shed light on this subject.
Islam is a peaceful religion. . Genocide was conducted on the Yazidi Kurds of Iraqi Kurdistan because the worship Iblis (Melek Taus)
Check out the new article by CIES fellow for on Turkish business in Iraqi Kurdistan... https:…
Oil reserve downgrades in Iraqi Kurdistan another blow to region's production and future revenue stream.
Iraqi Kurdistan agrees to oil deal with Baghdad:  Regional government accepts salaries-for-...
Iraqi Kurdistan agrees to Baghdad’s oil-for-wages deal: Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government says it has agree...
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President of Iraqi Kurdistan receives Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to Iraq
Hero from Iraqi Kurdistan carries her four-year-old son, Lawey, across the mud to her tent in the Grande Synthe re…
By the meeting of the President of Iraqi Kurdistan,. Masoud Barzani, Erdoğan showed that territorial unity of Turkey is not important to him,
Meeting with the president of Iraqi Kurdistan,Masoud Barzani, Erdogan acknowledged the existence of Kurdistan as an independent republic.
How many Assyrian Christians found a safe-haven in Iraqi Kurdistan Region?
Ruling party forces opened fire on protesters in two cities of Iraqi Kurdistan on October 9 and 10, 2015
Political tea in - The democratic republic of The People's Teahouse
NEWS - Iraqi Kurdistan’s Brewing Crisis: Demonstrations turned violent earlier this month as thousands of peop...
How will the cause impact and wars? Where are things heading between the and
Iraqi has to cope with domestic crises that may require intervention by US and Europe
Soldiers not getting paid: "...Iraqi gov't not paying the Kurdistan government money they are owed"
If the Hydrocarbons section of this report is anything to go by, it's a load of cobblers.
American report on independence: An "independent...Iraqi Kurdistan is a win-win."
Spokesman: urges Deputy Speaker of Iraqi Parliament to be Spokesman & Adviser against Cause.
Kurdish authorities should, as a matter of priority, get to the bottom of why five people are dead.
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President of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani meets w/ & US Amb. to Iraq, Stuart Jones in Erbil htt…
Ruling party fires on protestors in Kurdistan. Independent investigation needed.
"The have coffee, but the have their tea,"
NEWS - Political crisis in Iraqi Kurdistan raises tensions in Turkey: With lingering political crisis in Kurdi...
Nechirvan Barzani says Kurdish parties are confused over Iraqi Kurdistan’s presidency (E-Kurd)
Nechirvan says the parties are confused over Iraqi presidency
Dahuk, Kurdistan, Iraq is the capital of Dohuk Governorate in Iraq and part of Iraqi Kurdistan, with
A CIA officer describes how peshmerga geolocate "the terrorist positions" in 2002 in Iraqi Kurdistan
that's why I said rolling over.. overview here good: but I'm actually more pessimistic
Sr Fellow writes for | Iraqi Kurdistan Needs a Referendum to Resolve its Political Crisis
Amid stalemate in People should decide what kind of political system they want: By ht…
Short film Eva's Parlor by A beauty salon for Syrian refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan
How is the U.S. supporting refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan? Here's what the U.S. Consul General to Erbil said this week:
Violent clashes between Muslim and Kurdish refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan
You will see Kurdish news organizations from Iraqi Kurdistan publishing less news
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Why is Daniel not talking about a Kurdish state when Erekat said the Kurds must never have a state in Iraqi Kurdistan.
RWE no comment on size of Iraqi Kurdistan claims: FRANKFURT, Sept 11 (Reuters) - ...
Greetings to Maiara Walsh, California Dreamer from Iraq Lawyer in Iraqi Kurdistan. Fascinating web site not like any other ...
People:This Kurdish doctor has abducted his 4 children. He may be in Cologne area or Iraqi Kurdistan
UN officials denounce execution of a man and his two wives in Iraqi Kurdistan in kidnapping and murder case.
Gulf Keystone can double Iraqi Kurdistan field output if payment spat solved (E-Kurd)
PKK denies Turkish claims of killing 34 of its querrillas in Iraqi Kurdistan (E-Kurd)
Does it matter that Iraqi Kurdistan isn't a sovereign state? By Zeynep Kaya
Turkey accused of expanding air strikes on Iraqi Kurdistan to target Syrian Kurds - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (abc)
Barzani calls on PKK to leave Iraqi Kurdistan Region: The leader of Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)...
Iraqi Kurdistan to establish “national oil company”: Autonomous region could form new companies to handle prod...
it's called Iraqi Kurdistan, but yes. They are an autonomous region :).
Freedom of the Press at a Crossroads in Iraqi Kurdistan via Just discovered this informative article.
The fighters taking on Islamic State for no pay in Iraqi Kurdistan
. Denis why didn't you talk about a Kurdish state in Iraqi Kurdistan. ops, Obama opposes one.
How Exxon helped make Iraqi Kurdistan immaculate, timeless reporting from here
"In addition to the Germans, there are American, British, Canadian, Dutch and Italian advisers in Iraqi Kurdistan." And Aussies?
Steve Renette on the enormous potential of Kani Shaie in the Bazyan Valley in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Iraqi Kurdistan is already de facto independent.
Pleasure meeting General David Petraeus in Sulaymaniah, Iraqi Kurdistan. The man who brought Iraq back from the brink
Iraqi forces enter IS-held Tikrit after 10-day push. Bad news for Kurdistan fighters in IRAQ/Syria. the ISIS/deash will now focus on them
Street clashes continue in Tikrit: Iraqi soldiers and the Shia al-Hashed al-Shabi militia have ...
Standing ovations for kaka Hama who gave the most honest insights to what Kurdistan is going through under Iraqi rule.
Dr Barham Salih draws comparison to the establishment of Iraqi Kurdistan in 1991, and Rojava today
Barham Salih : with all the difficulty of Iraqi Kurdistan, but post 2003 kept the best relations with its neighbors
Hilterman;" kurdistan can only be safe when the southern areas of Iraq are secured by the Iraqi army both shiia and Sunni" ...
Hilterman: but you dont want Iraqi so strong that they will threaten Kurdistan Region, but I can assure u that'll not be soon
The only way to secure the southern border of is to have a stable state.
Hilterman: only way to secure southern border of Kurdistan, is to have a viable Iraqi state south of you, so not pose threat
Iraqi troops clash with ISIS in Iraq's Tikrit: Recapturing Tikrit is seen as a key step toward roll...
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I'm coming with a report soon on & will summarize some points from that.
Special Interview with minster of oil about the situation betwen & at via
Kurdistan, Iraqi lawmakers to look into Ashti Hawrami's possible bribery case
Kurdistan, Iraqi lawmakers to look into Ashti Hawrami’s possible bribery case: SEOUL/ERBIL,— A g...
Iraqi lawmakers to look into Ashti possible bribery case
Greetings from Iraqi Kurdistan and thanks for the follow
Were they with the PKK or Iraqi Kurdistan?
"ISIS succeeded in doing what no Kurdish leader has ever done: uniting Kurds."
Iraqi, lawmakers to look into HSBC case - Further pressure on minister Hawrami
Outside of the regular Turkish special forces contingent in Iraqi Kurdistan, I estimate there are now ~45 troops in Iraq
Does anyone know if there are in Iraqi Or which rivers/streams might hold them? Or who might know?
Iraqi president weighs broader role in Islamic State fight
Kurdistan Region of Iraq's Texas oil tanker unloads in Israel.
Like in some women in in 1967 Kurdish women used to be much less conservative! http…
Iraqi Christians receive military training in fight against the Daesh militants
.Recognition of full autonomy and independent nation status for Iraqi Kurdistan makes sense.
.Autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan has been functionally independent since 1991.
.Iraqi Kurdistan differs from other examples in that it has had an autonomy agreement since 1970...
Kayhan Kalhor wrote the piece to commemorate the Kurdish village of Halabjah (gassed by Saddam) in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Give the Kurds their own country. When I was over there, they were some of the better Iraqi troops we worked...
."I think it's unfair for the Iraqi Government to only pay $200mln to Kurdistan Region since January 2015.…
Read what we said about it: Almost two years after it's still validates us, unlike our competitors...
U.S. lawmaker urges Obama to support Iraqi Kurdistan in Islamic State fight
Head of PUK's bloc in the parliament: strictly adherent to complete -oil agreement
Appears neither or is willing to uphold deal. potential consequences for govt
Masrour Barzani: We cannot go beyond areas that are not Kurdistan
The economist has a big article and an editorial arguing for iraqi kurdistan's independence this week.
Finance Minister to send 250 billon dinar to for Jan. salaries. ar: . en:
KRG Met Representatives of Kurds in Iraqi Parliament and Cabinet . The Kurdistan Regional Government Cabinet held...
[2] not killed in Al-Jabri is a sheik from Anbar province and leader of the Office of the Iraqi tribal Revolution in
Baghdad sent 250 Billion dinars to the Kurdistan Region: decided Iraqi Ministry of Finance…
The FGM is concentrated in 27 African countries, Yemen, Iraqi, Kurdistan, and in Asia, and Middle East.
Syrian and Turkish Kurds were right. Iraqi Kurds aren't that smart!
yeah CUZ u an IRAQI. I'm from the Kurdistan Region who are you pls. Be happy footy got cancelled today or I'd embarrassed u again
. because is still in power. government is Shia &for 90% controlled by Shia. Thats why "State" &
When asked why West is against independent iraqi diplomat said"bc of violence that wd ensue after secession".A…
'Travel news' Iraqi Airways launches Kurdistan routes from Manchester
Iraqi Airways launches Kurdistan routes from Manchester - Iraqi Airways announced the commencement of two new serv...
Iraqi Kurdistan: No safe haven for human rights defenders and independent journalists:
"US no direct arms deliveries to Iraqi Kurds
World Compassion helps provide monthly food distributions for 4,000 and in
US no direct arms deliveries to Iraqi Kurds
"Iraqi Kurdistan is very unlikely much in the way of direct rule from Baghdad ever again", yes that seems true.
& in today received a new shipment of weapon frm Iraqi Kurdistan
Honour-Based Violence: Experiences and Counter-Strategies in Iraqi Kurdistan/UK Kurdish Diaspora out in June 2015
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PM Barzani discusses with Al Nahyan, strengthening -Iraqi relations and the war on
Iraqi Kurds take revenge as Islamic State atrocities unearthed
: no direct deliveries to Iraqi Kurds
Peshmerga literally "one who confronts death") are the military forces of Iraqi Kurdistan. I'm learning
Washington to Iraqi Kurds: Either you accept control by the Badr Brigades militias, er, "Iraqi government...
New magazine for women in Iraqi Kurdistan breaks with tradition
Akon is throwing a charity concert in Iraqi Kurdistan
Iraqi cabinet approves on opening a Republic consulate in
Committees of oil and energy in the federal parliament and Iraqi Kurdistan making a deal to pass laws
USAs bombing by air is assisting everyone, in Syria, Iraq, iraqi and syrian kurdistan too.
US: no direct arms deliveries to Iraqi Kurds via
Instead of iraqi army going for mosul, falujah, anbar etc, they have their eyes on kirkuk. Why kurdistan? Go save iraq.
Change the policy, get them the weaponry! “no direct arms deliveries to
"no direct arms deliveries to Why not?
ruling party announces that 500 Iraqi Kurds have joined via
Iraq: destroys industry in Kurd region; instead of tourists, Kurds hosting the displaced
New analysis of employment opportunities for Iraqi IDPs and Syrian Refugees
You will never blame your Iraqi brothers for stealing Kurdistan's 16 billion USD from 2014 right? You don't care.
Akon will be performing for the Peshmerga in Iraqi Kurdistan
What the *** is going wrong in Iraqi Kurdistan, that's no behave of real kurds plus this destroys our unity& means loss of public support
Angelina Jolie made a UNHCR trip to the refugee camps of Iraqi Kurdistan
Moving from Kobane to Iraqi Kurdistan this piece by is an excellent piece on ISIS & sexual slavery
Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani warned that despite victories in the war agai…
Union of Arab tribes in "Our tribes have armed themselves, without the consent of the Iraqi government." .
NEWS - EU to Open Office in Kurdistan: The European Union (EU) is to open a representative office in Iraqi Kurdistan.
aid worker, Sardar, based in Iraqi-Kurdistan – reports on how the harsh weather is...
There are 1.4 million Iraqi Arab IDPs in Kurdistan. Suspicion, frustration and anger abounds. Some Kurds are sympathetic.
Some Joke the Iraqi Army. Iraq no longer exists Let the Arabs keep Mosul the rest is Kurdistan Have the Iraqi Army handle Mosul
Great snapshot of one refugee's life in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Iraqi Kurdistan are the only thing which iraq could brag about, you should be smart and earn more leverage like KRG.
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Iraqi Kurdistan 'expected' to contribute approx $4 billion but will recieve approx $18.7 billion from Iraq Federal gov
As Iraqi Kurds gain ground from IS, local Sunnis are wary
bro, do you need visa to enter Kurdistan territory if u have Iraqi passport? Looking for internal guidelines, can't find them
leading the way! Iraqi Kurdistan Endowments determine the age of marriage at 18 years and warns violators
Remember when the Iraqi army fled ISIS? Many fled to security in Kurdistan, here they are in their pj's in Hewlêr.
AFTER the war w/ isis. What do u think will happen w/ iraqi army and Kurdistan? Train KURDS!! Not iraqi army
at most they should just leave Turkey and go to iraqi kurdistan
Angelina Jolie arrived unannounced in Iraqi Kurdistan Region to visit refugee camps. .
U.N. envoy Angelina Jolie visits refugee camps in the Iraqi Kurdistan
Urgent! The Parliament confirms to send the %17 of budget to the Region of
Special Envoy Angelina Jolie visits Syrian refugees & displaced Iraqi citizens in the Region of
Congratulation. Iraqi Budget Now Approved with zero Punishments for Kurds & Kurdistan
Iraqi parliament voted on payment to foreign companies operating in for extracting
Parliament identifies portion of Region within State .
Harsh winter conditions in Iraqi Kurdistan: more must be done now featured in NBC s Science of Love
BREAKING: parliament approved 17 percent share of the public budget for Region.
HOPE not hate’s Joe Mulhall visited Iraqi Kurdistan in December 2014, witnessing the fate of those forced to flee their homes by the ‘Islamic State’.
As their Leaders Support Kurdish State, Israel’s Kurds are Smiling By Lazar Berman JERUSALEM, Israel – Israel’s Kurds are grinning with satisfaction, following statements by Israeli leaders in support of independence for Iraqi Kurdistan. “The National Organization of the Jews of Kurdistan blesses the Kurdish people with independence, and sees a shared fate between the Kurds and the state of Israel, the people of Israel and especially the Kurdish Jewish community,” said the chairman of the organization, Yehuda Ben Yosef,” an educator and politician in Jerusalem. He said the organization, “prays for Greater Kurdistan.” After decades of quiet cooperation between the Jewish state and Kurds in Iraq, Israeli leaders have come out in succession in support of full Kurdish independence. First, Israeli President Shimon Peres told reporters in Washington on Wednesday what he had said to US President Barack Obama: “The Kurds have created their own de facto state, which is democratic. One of the sign ...
UN calls for funding urgent action to support Iraqi displaced.
Survey reveals widespread knowledge of FGMs dangers, with 68% of people saying it should be elimi
ISIS fighters 'have contracted Ebola' via
... Most common in 27 countries in Africa, as well as in Yemen and Iraqi Kurdistan
whats an "iraqi kurd"? do you mean a kurd from southern kurdistan... Also dont be so regionalist
I will end it by saying I'm the most pro Kurdistan Iraqi Arab you will ever meet, I love ur ppl
The unexpected side of Iraq. Mountains, fairgrounds and holiday resorts in Iraqi Kurdistan. Photo…
Appalling fate for thousands of Yazidi women captured by ISIS, as told to in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Israel isn't doing anything for us now, in the fight against ISIS in neither Iraqi or Syrian Kurdistan.
The Islamic people of kurdistan, if iraqi government sale there soil to terrorist Islamic regime of Iran they...
Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – January 4, 2015: Peshmerga locked in house-to-house battles to b...
My Future, EPOS course in Darashakran Camp for the Syrian Refugees near Erbil (Iraqi-Kurdistan) has started today...
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Personnel from the Iraqi Army burn the Kurdistan Flag, whilst in uniform. Via
Interesting to mention, Iraqi Kurds who get killed fighting in the other parts of will have same privilege as a killed Peshmarga.
TIL that in Iraqi Kurdistan, The Toyota Landcruiser is called the Monica (Lewinsky), The Chrysler 300 is called ...
PM: There will be a Palestinian State. We are happy to see our brothers.
New post: Christian girl sheltering in cave from Iraqi bombing. From "Much More on 4" 1965
Kurdistan Region Premier hopes to settle disputes of 2014 - Iraqi News
On 11-12 May 1966 defeated a full sclae iraqi offensive into iraqi Pesh killed about 2000 iraqi Soldiers in 1 day
Iraqi Min of Finance Zebari said PM al-Abadi, has agreed to send arms and ammo to Kurdistan. Good. About time.
Zebari: Abadi approves sending send arms to Kurdistan Region as requested by Barzani - Iraqi News
Opinion: Why Canada should support an independent Iraqi Kurdistan
This YPG fighter in he is from South Kurdistan (iraqi) he talks about the ressistance there. …
Iraqi Kurdistan in 2014: a year of unexpected changes, nasty surprises (ekurd)
When will it be that a leader with some guts rise and stand against Turkey's acts against the Kurds, probably never. For a long while now, the ISIS terrorists are flying all the way from their havens in Europe to the ‘Turkish highway of terror’ and then cross into the Syrian war to have the innocent people killed. For instance in Rojava and particularly in Kobane they've been supplied by Turkey with any kind of help that you could ever imagine, just in order to kill the Kurds and undermine their democratic gains in Syria. Nov 29's attack by the ISIS terrorists on Kobane-Turkish border crossing (Mursitpinar) directly from Turkish soil was the clear example of this coordination between Turkey and the terrorists. And now Kurdish fighters who were wounded defending Kobane and then receiving a poor medical care by individual volunteers in North Kurdistan [Turkey], 4 of them have been arrested and sentenced to prison by the state of Turkey while 2 are critically injured. From Kurdistan, the oppressed nation ...
Pictures of Egyptian falcon launcher in Iraqi Kurdistan in possession of Peshmerga to fight against
One more from the road - Christmas tree on the road to Suleimani in Recycled beauty.
'(space) Soldiers' a new popular term in mean to refer to the fake soldiers scandals in the Iraqi army.
Still believe our never-ending war isn't for resources: How Exxon helped make Iraqi Kurdistan
especially not as the waves of Syrian refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan start returning home.
Useful in-depth analysis of Iraq/Kurdistan deal: Making the Iraqi Revenue-Generating Deal Work
How Exxon Helped Make Iraqi Kurdistan: Kurds like to say they are the world's largest ethnic group w...
Kurds expel Iraqi Arab refugees from Kurdistan to maintain Kurdish majority for eventually independent country
Excellent piece: How helped make Iraqi Kurdistan via
we need to learn from the mistakes of Iraqi Kurdistan. This one party rule has come to hurt Sulimaniya.
Iraqi Kurdistan: Can a Bastion of Tolerance and Democracy survive in the Middle East?
‘Iraqi Kurdistan’ – Western Fifth Column in the Middle East » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
Spokesman of the Armed Forces of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region appreciated Iran for its assistance to Iraq in fighting the terrorist groups.
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