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The Kurdistan Region , also known as Iraqi Kurdistan or South Kurdistan, is an autonomous region of Northern Iraq.

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“What you need to know about the Iraqi Kurdish referendum, one month on.” by ||
Technically, the Peshmarga are militias. All it's members recr…
Not simplistic. All of these things operate within that framework and context. YPG ethnic cleansing is US-…
He's an advisor to the Kurdish gov, not to the Iraqi Constitution-drafting committee. His ethics ar…
The getting behind the & in queue for recruiting people as mercenaries with th…
Half of Yazidis kidnapped by Daesh still missing: Iraqi Kurdish officials - Daily Sabah
Iraqi PM's Office says Baghdad is preparing to occupy remaining Kurdish-Baghdad disputed areas and developing mecha…
Of more than 6,400 Yazidis kidnapped by Daesh 3 years ago, half are still missing, say Iraqi Kurdish officials .
Kalar district, the center of Garmiyan Administration, the Iraqi government deployed army forces in the area to sei…
You mean facts? 😂😂 ... Iraqi Kurdish nationalists lost by the way in 1 day when daddy di…
Me in Kurdistan: this place is excruciating. . Me everywhere else:we're fighting ISIS on behalf of the world.My entire famil…
Instead of including voices of Iraqi minorities affected by policy on panel about minorities, &
Christians trying to return home face new obstacle in Kurdish conflict with Iraqi forces
We are in new era, referendum is behind us, says Iraqi Kurdish PM
French Pres “... Constructive dialogue must begin at the earliest time so that the problems are resolv…
forces seek to take control of checkpoint; Police -. h…
France is a great Kurdish ally. French leader Macron urges Iran-Iraqi Ayatollahs to dismantle all militia terrorists.
Thread on current state of Kurdish politics & the legitimacy crisis.
Iraqi flag had been added after this picture. It was near kurdish flag during the press conference
I'm sorry, what is "kurdish lands"? As I know Arbella, Dohuk and Suli are Assyrian cities, other -…
This is pure example of corrupt kurdish lobbyist. He talking about PMU,Abadi,ISF, while kurds literally terrorized…
Mans talking like arabs hate Kurds just for being Kurds. First of all the kids on T…
Actually most of them just lived in Iran as refugees during Saddam. There are probably…
."The cohesion of the people is essential and the presence today in the delegation of the Prime Mi…
A very strong earthquake has shaken parts of Middle East. . In this video, the guest is speaking from Iraqi Kurdish city of…
A mob break through parliament door and attacked journalists in Iraqi Region.
Iraqi Kurdish leader to step aside - Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani will step aside as presi...
BREAKING: Iraqi Kurdistan's parliament approves President Masoud Barzani's request not to extend his term…
Footage of Iraqi army commercial dropping grenades on Kurdish Peshmerga
Barzani to step aside as Iraqi Kurdish president - NBC Montana
Iraqi Kurdish leader Barzani to step down November 1 .
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Iraqi Kurdish leader confirms intention to step down
In a televised speech President Barzani stated that the Iraqi rulers used referendum as an excuse to attack Kurdistan.
Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani to step down
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani to step down -
Iraqi forces, Kurdish Peshmerga start new round of talks, Iraqi State TV says
Iraqi Kurdish leader Barzani confirms intention to step down on Nov. 1
Barzani to step down as Iraqi Kurdish leader
Iraqi Kurdish opposition party Gorran calls on Barzani to step down
Only the Kurds could unite the UN, Trump, Iran, Turkey, and Iraq, who are all against Kurdish independence.
Iraqi and Turkish forces in joint drills after Kurdish vote
Turkey threatens retaliation after Iraqi Kurdish independence vote -
Kind of funny that Iraqi army ran away in the face of in Mosul, but flexing muscles against Kurdish people for h…
Photo of the Day: Iraqi Kurdish President Masoud Barzani casts his vote during the Erbil, Iraq,…
threatens retaliation after Iraqi independence vote via
Erdogan warns of armed action over Kurdish referendum
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Soleimani reportedly traveled to Iraqi Kurdistan this month to get Kurdish leaders to cancel the vote. He failed. Now Q is how he'll respond
Turkey threatens retaliation after Iraqi Kurdish independence vote🙄 Not good Turkey ..
"Israeli flags won't save you!": Erdogan to Iraqi Kurdish separatists via
Turkey's Erdogan warns Iraqi Kurds will go hungry if sanctions imposed
"Turkey threatens retaliation after Iraqi Kurdish independence vote" -
Iraqi Kurdish independence poll: How far will Turkey go?. Turkey has reacted with unbridled fury to the independence referendum in Iraq's K…
With an overwhelming “yes” expected in the independence referendum, focus has turned to what happens nex…
Live: Iraq's Prime Minister Abadi says the result of the Iraqi Kurdish referendum will be "completely rejected"…
Rcv'd messages from many Kurds that disagree with the and Independence. I wonder if their…
Gone with the Referendum: a Kurdish man destroying his Iraqi passport on the day of .
Turkey threatens retaliation after Iraqi Kurdish independence vote
should be mindful of "miscalculating and pushing Arbil more closely towards Russia … .
Iraqi Kurdish referendum only the first domino. Turks r next & Erdogan won’t sit idly by. Things r abt to get ugly>> https:…
Iraqi PM Haider Al-Abadi says Baghdad will 'impose' its sovereignty on Kurdish region and 'not give up t…
Iranian Kurds rally in support of Iraqi Kurdish referendum
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Iraqi Kurds cast vote in historic referendum
PM : "Goverment to halt all flight to Region if reject to handover the airports control." h…
After decades of wars the bullies refuse to listen to the Kurdish people asking for independence with 90% approval!
US continues buildup of Iraqi Kurdish forces
US continues buildup of Iraqi Kurdish forces via
Shameful will report on Iraqi Kurdish "fashionistas" but no mention of kurds on front lines. You are a racist joke.
Iraqi Kurdish fashionistas are taking the internet by storm.
Iraqi Kurds take key IS group-held town northeast of Mosul - Iraqi Kurdish forces have seized the town of Bashi...
Iraqi and Kurdish forces pause their advance on Mosul after a day of fighting
Kurdish & Iraqi soldiers are moving to take back Mosul from is on the front lines
Raw: Kurds pause as Iraqi army pushes to Mosul: Kurdish forces said on Tuesday that they are pausi...
Pentagon spox confirms "over 100" US advisors on the ground near Mosul embedded with Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmerga forces.
"Next, the fight will be between us & the (Shiite) militias" said by a Kurdish fighter just hours into the Mosul op
54,000 Iraqi troops and 40,000 Kurdish Peshmerga involved in move to disloge ISIL from Mosul
"American in harm's way" fight. Some embedded with Iraqi and Kurdish forces. .
Iraqi and Kurdish forces continue Mosul offensive
Air Accident News: Kurds pause in Mosul offensive, say Iraqi army will advance: Columns of Iraqi and Kurdish ...
Iraqi Kurdish forces advance on Islamic State stronghold of Mosul
Iraqis on social media express solidarity toward expected liberation of Mosul: Iraqi forces and the Kurdish…
Reports of around 70 Iraqi soldiers being killed by a Da'ish suicide bomber near Mosul are false. Spread by (disappointi…
Well scripted propaganda. No gains made. ISIS are tormenting the iraqi and kurdish forces.
What U.S. allies are up against in the methodical battle for Mosul:
Iraqi and Kurdish forces say they have retaken a dozen villages outside Mosul, as they press to reclaim Iraq’...
Kurdish commander known as Fahmi Mohamed Qadir, serving with Iraqi military has been martyred during anti-
The advance of Iraqi and Kurdish forces into Mosul has been slowed by suicide bombs, IEDs and oil fires
Retaking a city is never easy.. Luckily, we have a coalition of countries and the best from
The 1st day of Mosul seems to have gone well, but still a long way to go. By & on the frontlines
Iraqi forces and the Kurdish Peshmerga have launched an attack to liberate Mosul from "Islamic…
The Latest: Erdogan says Turkey is determined to be part of operation to free Mosul from... by via…
Didnt appear to be many IS fighters in line of advance of Iraqi & Kurdish forces 1st day
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Kurdish troops advanced on Mosul early Monday, marking the start of a battle to take back the Iraqi city from ISIS.
Iraqi, Kurdish forces make early gains as first day of Mosul operation takes hold |
Iraqi and Kurdish forces halt their advance on Mosul amid conflicting explanations
Iraqi and Kurdish forces pause advance on Mosul a day after start of operation to retake Islamic State-held city.
Battle for Mosul: Isis city under attack from Iraqi and Kurdish forces – as it happened
Iraqi Kurdish Foreign Minister speaks to Al Jazeera about the battle for and post-ISIL plans
AJEnglish : Iraqi Kurdish Foreign Minister FalahMustafa speaks to Al Jazeera about the bat…
An important glimpse into life in Iraqi Kurdistan for fighters in this op-ed:
On March 24, the Iraqi military launched "Operation Conquest" — the newest offensive to push the Islamic State...
Kurdish Military Leader Supports Sunnis in Quest to Oust Islamic State: On March 24, the Iraqi military launch...
What are the current and future prospects for Iraqi Kurdistan? sought to shed light on this subject.
Still looking for and students for something on independence/war w/Daesh. Plz contact me.
Kurdish commander accuses Iraqi troops of leaking confidential information about Peshmerga to ISIS via
Kurdish factions likely to boycott new Iraqi government, official says via
can't join effort to retake Mosul: Iraqi commander.
army's failure proved again To the world that's force is the only force who can defeat
Kurdish commander accuses Iraqi troops of leaking info about headquarters to ISIS https:/…
But Mosul's security was a joint op by Kurdish and Arabic Iraqi army officials?
Kurds likely to boycott new Iraqi government, official says
Iraqi PM Abadi's nominee as oil minister withdraws candidacy due to lack of Kurdish alliance backing
Iraqi Kurdish commander: PKK can't join effort to retake
Anyone would think the "holy" global War on Terror was more about politics than fighting terrorism for the...
Iraqi Kurdish forces 'rescue 'Swedish' girl from IS' -
Hotel fire in Iraqi Kurdish region kills 14 from Philippines, 5 others
“Offensive against Islamic State in Mosul unlikely in 2016: Iraqi Kurdish deputy PM
Kurdish areas landlocked, Iraqi Kurds have been overdependent on oil (it created a dysfunctioning elite) + there's disunity
BBC News - Iraq conflict Northern Iraq, as Iraqi troops, Kurdish fighters and Shiite militiamen backed by
“To destroy ISIL on the ground we need more help,” Iraqi Kurdish PM Barzani tells me. “More weapons,” finances, etc. https:/…
Iraqi Kurdish PM told me ISIS strategy has just been “contain”; UK Amb insists it’s “defeat”:
Kurdish forces retake Iraqi city of Sinjar from Islamic State via
We just heard that USA forces supported by PKK and Iraqi Kurdish Peshmarga defeated ISIL south of Kirkuk
'Americans saved my life': former refugees from perplexed by US fears
I feel bad for that Kurdish guy who got electrocuted tryna burn the Iraqi flag... :/
the Iraqi flag has no place in Shingal! Kurdish flag, Ezidi flags only. Burn it down!
Don't know, Iraqi & Kurdish fighters took a few cities & territories back but how much, I don't know.
this shop sells everything. including pics of Saddam, old Iraqi leaders, and lot of historical pics of Kurdish leaders
These are from British RAF flight logs in 1920-21 Iraqi Kurdish revolt (quotes from my book)
.May they RIP in the arms of our Lord. Where they or Iraqi or Kurdish Christians?
1) The US should take a leading role. 2) We should still leave most of the fighting to Iraqi/Syrian/Kurdish allies
Coalition-supported work to cut main line of communication
Iraqi-Kurdish security chief says ISIS can be beaten in months
SINJAR, Iraq (AP) — Supported by U.S.-led airstrikes, Kurdish Iraqi troops on Thursday seized part of a highway that is u…
Genel sees Iraqi Kurdish gas heading to Turkey in 3 years via
Former from Iraq perplexed by US fears
By voting against allowing refugees in, US lawmakers are sending "a clear message to those Iraqis currently...
Kurdish forces, backed by coalition air support, have launched an offensive to take back the Iraqi town of Sinjar from ISIS.
Why are , Iraqi Rasool and several Kurdish journalists jailed? Their lives are being stolen...
Kurdish gas exports to could start in 2-3 years, says Genel Energy
SINJAR, Iraq (AP) — Kurdish Iraqi fighters, backed by the U.S.-led air campaign, launched an assault Thursday aiming to retake the
"Americans saved my life, and so I worked with them and returned the favor." Kurds say US refugee fears help ISIS: https:/…
Who is worthy enough to be safe? former refugees from Iraq perplexed by US fears
Deputy Secretary of State to visit officials
It calls for "document of honor" to impose respect for the Iraqi and Kurdish flags and the application of "diss...
Kurdish fascist assault a old man from minoritygroup,beats him until he says I'm not Iraqi
Iraqi Kurdish fighters take management of Sinjar, house to Yazidis, in offensive towards IS | Toronto Star | The Standard Times
Iraqi Kurdish civilians bear the brunt of Turkish airstrikes: Language Undefined MEE talks to people on…
UN urges Iraqi Kurdish parties to resume dialogue
Iraqi Kurdish people are right to be angry. Politicians hold meetings, only talk about President, not real problems
The sense of humor remains this despite violence and war.
Mohammed Ismael Rasool, Iraqi Kurdish journalist, is still in prison in remains utterly silent.
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w/GET# Getting started Heyrsh. Here is my latest on Iraqi Kurdish political tensions and splits
DTN Iraq: Is Iraqi Kurdistan splitting apart…again?: On a recent episode of the popular Iraqi Kurdish talk sho...
How is the U.S. supporting refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan? Here's what the U.S. Consul General to Erbil said this week:
Conflict and Cooperation between the Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi Shiʿi Militias via
I wish Iraqi army was half a brave a Kurdish fighters so that western media would cut them some slack.. :( I hate western analysts
Violent clashes between and refugees in
Violent clashes between Muslim and Kurdish refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan
Bare kurds coming up to me speaking kurdish cos of the Iraqi flag loool
7000 Kurdish women stayed to fight,while millions of fighting age Syrian/Iraqi men fled from daesh 👎.
Festive spirit eludes Iraqi Kurds on Eid holidays: A cartoon was making the rounds on Iraqi Kurdish social med...
Salary crisis and political malaise have spoiled the mood during Eid al-Adha in Iraq's Kurdish region.
Refugee crisis: The Iraqi Kurdish men whose pursuit of a better life in Europe ended in mass suffocation...
My article now up Glimpse into Iraqi Kurdish cinema
Hearts of gold: Simon & ur Iraqi Kurdish contact. Any news?
In Iraq, Syrian refugee kids now have permission to attend Kurdish schools. But their parents don't want them to.
In to thank key partner Czech Republic for material contributions for Iraqi & Kurdish fighters in campaign agains…
Escape from New York cinephilia and take a moment to read on the state of Iraqi Kurdish cinema:
You will see Kurdish news organizations from Iraqi Kurdistan publishing less news
Unpaid salaries, outdated equipment and landmines will impede the battle against Kurdish commander warns.
Iraqi Kurdish parties have to reach a political agreement ASAP
The founder and leader of (Syrian branch) is the jailed terrorist head Abdullah Öcalan. Now U.S.
Iraqi Kurds dealt setback by US court ruling on oil sale | (gulfnews)
The diff between me & ppl like is that I can see ALL humans as potential souls to love:Kurdish, Iraqi, etc
We spoke to head of a Iraqi human rights org that serves displaced minorities about the people. Interview:
If authorities truly tolerate criticism as they claim, why detain Esa Barzani for his thoughts on the KDP?
TEHRAN-Media linked to Revolutionary Guard publish veiled threats to Kurdish leader think of getting…
Gen Petraeus making so strong statements!As enhanced U.S. support for Iraqi security forces and Sunni tribal and Kurdish fighters
Iraqi Kurdish, Hama Sour works at his workshop where he repairs weapons for Kurdish Peshmerga fighters.
Bombs kill 7 Iraq Kurds in anti-IS operation: Bombs killed seven members of the Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces...
stop there. I'm not Iraqi. I'm Kurdish. Now accept that and I'll be happy to move on with the rest of the conversation
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People:This Kurdish doctor has abducted his 4 children. He may be in Cologne area or Iraqi Kurdistan
Iraqi Kurdish fighters battle IS between Daquq and Tuz districts, south of Aug. 26
Kurdistan Female-Self-Immolation 10k Kurdish Iraqi women | girls young as 13 Suicide by Fire via
Kurdish fighters struggle to pay bills get half the salary of an Iraqi soldier . via
Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters struggle to pay bills
... and at point where Coalition is supporting both Iraqi Kurdish forces and Syria-based YPG that distinction probably needs outlining too.
UN officials denounce execution of a man and his two wives in Iraqi Kurdistan in kidnapping and murder case.
Turkish air force and possibly supported by “ISIS” attacked Iraqi Kurdish province of Dohuk…
ISIS publish VIDEO to the flight of Iraqi forces from Baiji. And shows that the vehicles delivered by the US TO IRAQ ht…
Isis militants routed from village in Northern Iraq by Kurdish forces - The Independent
Turkey's only goal is Kurdish genocide, Iraqi army is too busy fleeing
Go back to your delusional terror struggle for a marxist kurdish state on iraqi syrian oilfields. Promoting hate.
Gulf Keystone can double Iraqi Kurdistan field output if payment spat solved (E-Kurd)
PKK denies Turkish claims of killing 34 of its querrillas in Iraqi Kurdistan (E-Kurd)
Kurdish and Iraqi Forces Attack in and Provinces . See more at: kaktus
UN rights office decries execution of Iraqi man, 2 wives over kidnapping, killing of 2 girls.
I served for the Peace Corps and taught at Iraqi schools for orphaned Iraqi/Kurdish kids. I have been there brother.
Iraqi Kurdish forces launch attack on IS south of Kirkuk. Area of operation is marked red.
Because of weak representation power of Iraqi Turkmen Front, so Turks accept pro-Kurdish parties like Turkmen national ***
has executed 39 people associated with police and army in Mosul: Kurdish official.
20 prisoners, mostly members of Iraqi security forces & Kurdish Peshmerga , escaped from an Islamic State controlled prison in Mosul
Barzani asks PKK to quit Iraqi Kurdish enclave Iraq's Kurdish regional government called on the Kurdistan Worker's Party to "withdraw" from…
DTN Iraq: Iraqi Kurdish leader urges peace in Turkey: Leader of the Northern Iraqi Kurdish region, Masoud Barz...
Iraqi Kurdish fighters cite evidence that ISIS used chlorine as a chemical weapon in January.
By Jean-Marc Mojon A massage belt, a PlayStation controller, a gold ring — it sounds like a gift list, but the items the Islamic State group left in Iraq are rigged with explosives to kill. The militants still sow death long after they depart, and as Iraqi Kurdish forces regain ground, they — and the civilians returning to their homes — face the threat of unexploded bombs and booby traps. [ 545 more words. ]
G+: . Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani has praised Peshmerga fighters on a visit to Mount Sinjar,…
DE-News : Iraqi Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani speaks with the media at Mount Sinjar, in the town of…
Kurdish leader visits Sinjar after ISIS pushed out: Iraqi Kurdish leader, Massoud Barzani
SINJAR MOUNTAIN, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraqi Kurdish fighters flashed victory signs as they swept across the northern side of Sinjar mountain on Saturday, two days after breaking through to free hundreds of Yazidis trapped there for months by Islamic State fighters.A Reuters correspondent, who arrived on
Iraqi Kurdish fighters have broken the Islamic State (ISIS) group’s four-month siege on Mount Sinjar, where over 40,000 Yazidis fled for their lives fearing a massacre at the hands of the jihadist group.
This interview with Iraqi Kurdish journalist Nawzat Shamdin needs to be read:
Monday 03 November,2014 Beirut/Mursitpinar : Iraqi Kurdish fighters have joined the fight against Islamic State militants in Kobani, hoping their support for fellow Kurds backed by U.S.-led air strikes will keep the ultra-hardline group from seizing the Syrian border town. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the civil war, said heavy clashes erupted in Kobani and that both sides had suffered casualties, while the U.S. military said it had launched more air raids on Islamic State over the weekend. Idriss Nassan, deputy minister for foreign affairs in Kobani district, said Iraqi Kurds using long-range artillery had joined the battle on Saturday night against Islamic State, which holds parts of Syria and Iraq as part of an ambition to redraw the map of the Middle East. “The peshmerga joined the battle late yesterday and it made a big difference with their artillery. ...
A convoy of armed Iraqi Kurdish fighters is traveling through Turkey. The plan to extremists from the Islamic State group in the Syrian town of Kobani. (Oct.
Iraqi Kurdish leader thanks Turkey for Kobani support: The Kurdish regional government in Iraq has sen...
Iraqi Kurdish fighters expected to leave Turkey soon to defend Kobane against Islamic State
Does Turkey Fear the Kurds More Than ISIL?Turkey continues to balk at supporting Kurdish militants in Syria who are trying to reverse the advance of fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a group bent on establishing a caliphate across the entire Middle East. Hence, one wonders what type of endgame the Turks have in mind, which might simply be to keep Assad's Alawite regime bottled up while praying ISIL refrains from turning on Turkey. Although Turkey agreed on Wednesday to allow Iraqi Kurdish fighters to traverse its borders into Syria, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was critical of the U.S. for airdropping weapons into the hands of fighters from the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Syrian affiliate of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which has fought a 30-year long insurgency against Turkey. It also bears mentioning that according to former ambassador Peter Van Buren in a piece for, U.S., NATO and the EU have all classified the PKK as a terrorist organization, ...
ANKARA/BEIRUT (Reuters) - Turkey said on Monday it would allow Iraqi Kurdish fighters to reinforce fellow Kurds in the Syrian border town of Kobani, while the United States air-dropped arms for the first
Midday Roundup: upholds death penalty for mom, to support Iraqi Kurdish fighters
Turks to let Kurds join Kobane fight: Turkey is to allow Iraqi Kurdish fighters to cross the Syrian border to ...
SURUC, Turkey (AP) — In a significant shift, Turkey's top diplomat announced on Monday that his country is helping Iraqi Kurdish fighters cross into Syria to...
Turkey shifts strategy to help Iraqi Kurdish fighters into Kobane |
Iraqi Kurdish Region says it's prepared to send Peshmerga fighters to
Things are looking up for the US airdrops weapons & ammo, now Turkey is allowing passage for Iraqi Kurdish …
Turkey to Open Passage to Kobani: Turkey said it would allow Iraqi Kurdish fighters to cross its territory to ...
Turkey to let Iraqi Kurds reinforce Kobani as U.S. drops arms to defenders
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Turkish Kurds watch the Syrian town of Kobani from a hill near the Mursitpinar crossing, on the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern town of Suruc in Sanliurfa province October 20, 2014. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach BAGHDAD: The Iraqi Kurdish region is prepared to send backup forces from its…
Mevlut Cavusoglu told a news conference that Turkey was facilitating the passage of Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces.
Hours after US military aircraft dropped ammunition and small arms to resupply Kurdish fighters in the embattled Syrian town of Kobani, Turkey's foreign minister said Monday that the country would facilitate the movement of Iraqi Kurdish forces, known as peshmerga, to the city to join the fighting.…
ANKARA: Turkey on Monday said it was assisting Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters to cross its borders to join Syrian Kurdish forces battling jihadists for the Syrian town of Kobane. "We are assisting peshmerga forces to cross into Kobane," Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told reporters in Ankara, adding that talks on the issue were ongoing but without giving further details. "We have no wish at all to see Kobane fall" to the jihadists, he added. The announcement represented a major switch by Turkey, which until now has refused to allow Kurdish fighters to cross its border to join the fight for Kobane just a few kilometres to the south. The Turkish security forces have waged a 30-year conflict with the Kurdish fighters of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), whose battle for self rule has left 40,000 dead. However Turkey in the last years has built up strong relations with the Kurdish authorities in the Kurdistan region of Iraq who control the peshmerga forces.
News, Mideast News: Secretary of State says Turkey was told there was no change in US policy; Ankara allows Iraqi Kurdish fighters into Kobani to reinforce their fellow Kurds.
We finally airdropped weapons to the Kurds in the besieged town of Kobane. Also, bravo to Turkey for allowing Iraqi Kurdish fighters to cross into Kobane from Turkey to fight ISIS. Go Kurds go
Masoud Barzani (Kurdish: Mesûd Barzanî) (born August 16, 1946) is the current President of the Iraqi Kurdistan region and the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party. Barzani was born in Mahabad, Iran, during the rule of the Republic of Mahabad. He has five sons (incl. Masrour) and three daughters. Masoud Barzani succeeded his father, the former Kurdish nationalist leader Mustafa Barzani, as the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in 1979. Working closely with his brother Idriss Barzani until Idriss' untimely death, Barzani was able to continue the Kurdish guerilla struggle through the trying years of the Iran-Iraq War. For much of this time, the Iraqi Kurdish leadership was exiled to Iran. With Saddam Hussein's defeat in the first Gulf War, the Kurdish dissidents were able to retake much of the traditional homeland of the Kurds in Iraq. However, as Iraqi forces regrouped they pushed Barzani's fighters along with other groups and scores of civilians to the mountains bordering Iran and Turkey ...
Tanker "vanishes" in Gulf carrying disputed Iraqi Kurdish oil, and it's not the first time:
Iraqi Kurdish fighters retake full control of the Mosul dam from ISIL Takfiri militants in Northern Iraq.
"Iraqi Kurdish president asks world for weapons to fight Islamic State" -
US determined to kill last of the ISIS Terrorist in Northern Iraq. US forces launched a second wave of air strikes against Islamic extremists near Arbil in Northern Iraq on Friday, destroying a militant convoy and killing a mortar team, the Pentagon said. Shortly after 1400 GMT, US drones destroyed a mortar position and killed a group of militants. Just over an hour later four F/A-18 jets hit a seven-vehicle Islamic State convoy with eight laser-guided bombs. "The US military continued to attack ISIL targets near Arbil today conducting two additional air strikes to help defend the city where US personnel are assisting the government of Iraq," Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby said. President Barack Obama announced on Thursday that he had authorized US air strikes to prevent fighters from the so-called Islamic State from attacking the capital of the Iraqi Kurdish region. The strikes are also designed to break the siege of Mount Sinjar, where IS forces have cornered and reportedly threatened to kil ...
France says ready to offer technical support to Iraqi Kurdish forces: PARIS (Reu...
Iraqi Kurdish president asks parliament to prepare for independence vote, The United States has urged the Kurds to s…
Yahoo! News: Iraqi Kurdish leader visits disputed city of Kirkuk
Letter from Iraqi Kurdish citizen to the US President Dear President of the United States of America Mr. Barack Obama Please listen to expertise and scholars when you make any further decision about Iraq in this moment. You didn't listen before and look what happened. Now if you really want your decisions have any real impact on the ground. Please take advices from all these expertise and think-thanks who write and discuss Iraqi real problem and their options for solving Iraqi problem. You may not need to spend trillions of US tax payers to provide weapons then became under the hands of terrorists. You may not need to negotiate with Iran which clearly your foe rather than friend. You may not need to be criticized by the world and call your policies as a failure and ineffective. Changing politicians can not bring peace to the country that from the date of creation divided. New leader, new policy or even new system unable to change the historical bad experiments between components of Iraqi people. Nothing . ...
The U.S. Must Listen to Iraqi Kurds Aliza Marcus Aliza Marcus is the author of "Blood and Belief: The P.K.K. and the Kurdish Fight for Independence." JUNE 15, 2014 The New York times Iraqi Kurdish strategy has paid off. The Kurds spent the past few years working to strengthen the Kurdistan region while keeping a wary distance from the rest of Iraq. They didn’t trust Baghdad, neither to deal with them fairly, nor to survive as a secular, democratic state. The Iraqi Kurds were proved right. Baghdad consistently tried to weaken the Kurdistan Regional Government through fights over oil money and deals – and now the Iraqi state itself is under threat from the radical Islamist ISIS. The Kurds are in a strong position precisely because they ignored United States pressure to accommodate Baghdad. The Washington approach of putting the Kurds second should finally end. The U.S. should recognize the importance of the Kurds to a stable Middle East. That's why the Washington approach of putting the Kurds second sho ...
The irony,turn on the TV to see a battalion of Iraqi military tanks just abandoned & word that Kurdish militants defended the city from ISIS
More Iraqi Kurdish groups come out in support of Iranian refugees in Iraq:
65 Iraqi Kurdish politicians express solidarity with Iranian refugees held at
The Kurdish militias stand a much better chance of halting ISIS advances in Iraq than the Iraqi military.
are seen removing the Iraqi flag in and replacing them with the Kurdish.
As Iraqi govt forces battling militants closing in on the capital Baghdad, Kurdish forces also take control of parts od Iraq
Iraqi Civilians Flee Advance By Islamists - Agencies work around the clock to help people arriving in the Kurdish-...
Looting by people inside after army left their offices, positions in fear of attack.
fighters drive a tank that was abandoned by the Iraqi army near today.…
Read Defense News Mail How effective is Isis compared to the Iraqi army and Kurdish Peshmerga?
Unconfirmed reports that Kurdish government refused request of regime to attack Sunni fighters.
Iraqi Kurdish crude flowing to Turkey at 120,000 b/d: Turkish minister, despite security situation in
How effective is Isis compared with the Iraqi army and Kurdish Peshmerga?
Western energy chiefs hope for Iraqi profits as Kurdish troops take oil city of Kirkuk   10% Off
Kurdish Peshmerga forces have reclaimed the town of Jalawla from militants,
Al Maliki plans to consolidate his influence among Iraqi Shia,with little regard for what happens to the Sunni and Kurdish parts of Iraq-FA
map of Kurdish, Iraqi army, and US military units in and around via zerohedge
Iraqi Kurds 'fully control Kirkuk' - Iraqi Kurdish forces say they have taken full...
Already started to execute soldiers & today allegedly they executed 15 citizen from
Peshmerga (Kurdish) forces are in position inside fighting against Iraqi army nowhere to be seen.
How effective is Isis compared with the army and Kurdish Peshmerga? via
Iraqi army needs to learn commitment & higher morale says — no questions asked on potentiality of a Kurdish state.
??? Iraqi Kurds gain control of the oil-rich north-eastern city of Kirkuk
Latest:. Kurdish Peshmerga fighters have taken Jalawla from Isis, Reuters reports, after the Iraqi army fired artillery from a nearby town.
u iraqi army, maliki, shiite, turkish, saudi, kurdish, commies, all same crap, no difference. only Sharia :D
It's sad that you forget that we aren't the Iraqi army. We'll not let you capture one cm of Kurdish land.
"The divisions that collapsed were said to be made up of Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish troops,”
Kurdish TV reporting have stolen $425Million in iraqi currency from banks. That'll keep them going. in comple…
Iraq turmoil has one winner: the Kurds: A Kurdish flag has replaced the Iraqi flag flying over t...
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Another photo shows Kurdish forces remove Iraqi flag and fly flag in Kirkuk.
Iraqi government and Iraqi Kurdish forces reportedly coordinate counter-attack on ISIS forces along border with Iran: http:…
Militants close in on Baghdad, Obama weighs options: President Barack Obama on Thursday threatened U.S. military strikes in Iraq against Sunni Islamist militants who have surged out of the north to menace Baghdad and want to establish their own state in Iraq and Syria.Members of the Kurdish security forces pose for a picture as they take part in an intensive security deployment on the outskirts of Kirkuk.Iraqi Kurdish forces took advantage of the chaos to take control of the oil hub of Kirkuk as the troops of the Shi'ite-led government abandoned posts, alarming Baghdad's allies both in the West and in neighbouring Shi'ite regional power Iran."I don't rule out anything because we do have a stake in making sure that these jihadists are not getting a permanent foothold in either Iraq or Syria," Obama said at the White House when asked whether he was contemplating air strikes. Officials later stressed that ground troops would not be sent in.Obama was looking at "all options" to help Iraq's leaders, who took f ...
OBAMA: IRAQ NEEDS U.S. HELP. Obama said that Iraq needs American help to offset the advance of extremist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, but did not specify what kind of help the U.S. would be willing to provide(AP). Iran has deployed elite forces to aid the Iraqi government in its fight against ISIS in Tikrit, where ISIS gained ground this morning (Farnaz Fassihi, WSJ [paywall]). Iraqi Kurdish forces took over Kirkuk, an oil-rich city in Northern Iraq (Al Jazeera). Iraq vets in Congress are watching helplessly (Clara Ritger, NJ).
Iraqi Kurdish forces have taken control of key military installations in Kirkuk and the Sunni jihadi group ISIS revealed its intentions to overtake Baghdad. Jonathan Spyer, Global Research in International Affairs Center in Herzliya, provides the latest updates.
French President Francois Hollande is meeting with Iraqi Kurdish leader Massud Barzani in Paris today -
Police footage of kidnap gang being captured in Erbil. The Iraqi gang had moved to the Kurdish city 9 months ago
Kurdish fighters in Syria say they have captured a town in the northeastern part of the country near the Iraqi...
Syrian activists say Kurdish fighters have captured a northeastern town near the Iraqi border after days of comb...
Iraqi official said Kurdistan had agreed to export oil via the state marketing org, then Kurdish official denied.
Iraqi Kurdish legislation forbids a man having more than one wife outside of very specific circumstances. So those husbands who want two brides simply travel into Iraq, where the law still says they can marry more than once.
Sister wives of Iraqi men circumvent law to marry twice
them blokes down from coach and horses think they Kurdish or Iraqi or summit like that cracking job they do
Spokesman recognizes Davutoglu's contributions to relations between Turkey and Iraqi Kurdish administration.
Kurdish administration (IKBY) spokesman praises FM for improving relations b/t and IKBY
Iraqi Ministry of Defense offers 20 million IQDs for an ISIL member kurdish_news_ag
"Kurdish Travels With the Tramp" by Jeannette Catsoulis via NYT Critics' Pick Chaplin of the Mountains
Here we are with "chaplin of the mountains" in NY Times. Kurdish Travels With the Tramp
‘Chaplin of the Mountains’ A film by filmmaker Jano Rosebiani gets a NYT/J.Catsoulis thumbs up …
In “Chaplin of the Mountains,” two Americans hoping to show silent films to Iraqi Kurds meet a couple of young Kurdish women who have age...
this is interesting to hear that an important Iraqi Kurdish party and one of the two ruling parties in Kurdistan telling that
on Iraqi/Kurdish pop music and Islamist death threats
Saddam is Here - 1st solo exhibition by artist Jamal opens @ London's -
Kurdish singer Helly Luv dismisses death threats after filming video in Iraqi Kurdistan
How many children dream of becoming sports stars, and how many of those dreams actually come true? With his 2012 I Wish series, Iraqi Kurdish photographer and filmmaker Jamal Penjweny captures the ...
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