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Iraq War

In the context of the Iraq War, the surge refers to United States President George W. Bush's 2007 increase in the number of American troops in order to provide security to Baghdad and Al Anbar Province.

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People who participated in Iraq War lies and let drug cartels launder money in the US should be in jail—not leading…
New: US Senator Tammy Duckworth, a veteran who lost both of her legs in the Iraq War, responds to President Trump's transgender…
Chilcot report: Tony Blair's Iraq War case not justified
The false & self-serving "centrist" label gave us the Patriot Act, Iraq War, impunity for bankers and torturers, and you know…
CIA/VA wanted me to die valiantly in the Iraq War so they could prevent me from finding out about my Spina Bifida.
9 August 1999. Charles Kennedy became leader of the Liberal Democrats. Staunchly opposed the Iraq War
Bush & Co threw out fed bidding process for Iraq War awarding contracts to Repub donors (Halliburton) and others (C…
Dr. William Luther Pierce's chillingly prescient 1997 prediction of the Iraq War and beyond.
Competitive analysis is useful but also easily abused. Echoes of Team B and PCTEG before the Iraq War.
selling public lies: weapons of massdestruction before Iraq War & Syrian gov attacked its own people w chem weapons.
Frank LaRose has emphasized background as decorated Green Beret in U.S. Army Special Forces and an Iraq War veteran.
High Court blocks bid by an Iraqi general to bring a private prosecution against Tony Blair over the Iraq War
High Court rules that Blair prosecution over Iraq War has "no prospect" of succeeding. Speechless.
High Court blocks bid to prosecute Tony Blair over Iraq War | The Independent
WHY WE NEED - Attempt to prosecute Tony Blair over Iraq War blocked by UK High Court
Tony Blair gets away with his crimes again- the High Court have just blocked his prosecution over the Iraq War.
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No private prosecution for Tony Blair over Iraq War - judgment explained here in plain English
Iraqi general fails in High Court bid to bring private prosecution against Tony Blair over Iraq War
Jul 27 1987 US asked Iraq to stop attacks on shipping in Persian Gulf in hopes that Iran would follow suite Iran-Iraq War
British politicians are masters at playing for time. Remember the inquiry into the Iraq War?. That took more than a decade.
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, et al were never punished for starting the 2003 Iraq War using 9/11 & nonexistent WMDs as false pretenses.
Coincidentally electing Jeremy Corbyn would also lead to Tony Blair being held to account for the Iraq War
Tony Blair was not straight with the nation over the Iraq War, says Sir John Chilcot
Ralph Peters who offered his full support for the Iraq War just compared to a Nazi sympathizer for not b…
I added a video to a playlist Tony Blair should be prosecuted for Iraq War, High Court hears
This is Robin Cook's powerful resignation speech that tried to stop the Iraq War
Tony Blair was not straight with the nation & the inquiry about his decisions in the run up to Iraq War - Sir John Chilcot…
UK to Consider Stripping Tony Blair of Immunity Over Role in Iraq War ht…
I very much hope that Tony Blair can be prosecuted for the Iraq War. There is a powerful case to answer:
Tony Blair must be prosecuted over Iraq War, court hears
Tony Blair's immunity from prosecution over the Iraq War is to be reviewed by Lord Chief Justice
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Tony Blair must be prosecuted over Iraq War, High Court hears
Tony Blair's immunity from prosecution over Iraq War to be 'reviewed'
Free for 60 days: My book on how Tony Blair took Britain into an Iraq War many people thought was illegitimate: https:…
Mike - every time Corbyn voted against Blair - it was on a moral issue - Iraq War, PFI, ID cards etc. N…
Eli explains it all. There is precedent and it gave us Star Wars and the Iraq War
On Earth 1, Al Gore was president and you didn't help start the Iraq War.
Judy Miller whose lies led to trillion $ Iraq War worries about media giving inappropriate coverage to liars
Iraq War booster Judy Miller on Fox worries about mainstream press giving inappropriate coverage to liars.
"Democrats signed off on Wall St bailouts, mass incarceration, the Iraq War - giving up what the Party stood for." - Tho…
Memory hole: the Iraq War was about oil, but now we have ISIS. And the Exxon Mobil CEO as Secretary of State.
This is what Uncle Ben secretly said about Battlefield: "McDonald's has always been a big fan of the Iraq War."
Leigh Day lawyers cleared of wrongdoing over Iraq War torture and murder claims via
Rise up & switch off Boris Johnson. He voted for Iraq War & promised £350 Million a week for the NHS
Something big is coming - Iran/Iraq War big. Qatar is a threat to Salalfi domination, thus easy for Saudi to play t…
Andrew Marr tries to explain to Theresa May just why she was wrong to vote for Iraq War. She won't listen. h…
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Did u include the Pakistani-American US Army Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed in '04 during the Iraq War? Or i…
Gaffney is a neocon who lied us into the Iraq war.
i'd argue unpopular with their opposition. Republicans never wavered from Iraq War support while Dems…
You do know Mike Gapes became an MP in 1983? Are you sure you know your history…
Forty-five civilians killed, injured in airstrikes by coalition in Mosul’s Old City
Tim Farron: Iraq war now threatens the safety of all of us.
Actually millions of Americans are waking up. The big lie of the Iraq War was the tipping point.
David Davis comments on the publication of the Chilcot Report into the Iraq War.
Brexit Secretary David Davis also thinks British foreign policy "increased risk of terrorism at home"
and what is Trump doing about this? Btw, Iraq War created ISIS, not the fall of Gaddafi.
True but the disastrous Iraq war - which aims included the ambition to turn Iraq into Swe…
instead the only thing the US made with the trillion it spent in Iraq is a mountain of corpses that grows every day beca…
Jeremy Corbyn was right about the Iraq war, he was right about Libya and he is right about Tory cuts to our police forces
Russia didn't start GW Bush's war in Iraq, or continue his structurally racist policies at home and abroad for 8 years unde…
Obama/Clinton are responsible for ME, Syrian War, millions dead, Refugee crisis. Withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq crea…
Another prison for detaining Yazidis found in Qairawan, west of Mosul via
Come on Theresa May! One of your chief lieutenants published opinion that going to war in Iraq increased chance of…
The words of the Foreign Secretary on the Iraq War are put to Sir Michael Fallon by
Transatlantic relations have had their ups & downs (Suez, de Gaulle, Iraq War II), but this rift goes much deeper. https…
What happened today in the world. Bush said chemical wapons in the iraq and…
Funny thing is Farron has always been against the Iraq war. Now he's suddenly…
Um... KNEW. We looked at her ACTIONS over 25 yrs & asked. It wasn't Citizens, Nation, o…
in honor of Lori Piestewa born 12/14/1979 of the Hopi Nation, 1st Native American woman killed in combat--Iraq War 3/2…
Mosul Between the Islamic State and the state of Imam Hussain. Winning Battles but Losing the War for a United Iraq
After defeating ISIS the next war in will be between KDP and alliance of pro-Iranian militia Hashd Shaabi with
Corbyn is correct in saying there is a strong connection between terrorist threat in Britain & wars in Iraq & Libya. ht…
Proof that truly Dude who helped George Bush launch and promote the Iraq War given platform on the Dem Pa…
Iran is not Iraq - they have a huge army and it wouldn't be a slam dunk..…
A PUBLIC SERVICE MESSAGE: This Memorial Day, take time to remember that 2/3 of Republicans still think the Iraq War was…
That's what happens when thousands were sent to Iraq. People get sick of war & death. Imo that's why…
The chief of MI5 concluded that the Iraq War "undoubtedly increased" terrorist threats.
Zbigniew Brzezinski, neocon who helped lie us into the Iraq War, is no more. Press S to spit on his grave
Sean Hannity encouraged a boycott of the Dixie Chicks for opposing the Iraq War.
Post Truth: is this really a new era of politics? John Gray's verdict: Back to Blair and the Iraq War
"Joe Lieberman" the most vocal Leftist supporter of the Iraq War. Why so pro war Joe? Ah are an Israel Firster.
Good advice. Feel free to consider it the next time you opine about the Iraq War.
You sold your shriveled souls to pimp W's Iraq War: Nuremberg hung men for this. Medical ethics are beyond you…
Iraq War veteran James Mackler has risen as the first challenger to Bob Corker in 2018
Ulysses S. Grant was our greatest general of the Iraq War.
Yeah, but GWB brought us all that Iraq War stuff, recession and Global Financial Cris…
Phenomenal first novel about experiencing Iraq War in 04. Little nod to Billy Pilgrim in here too.
Retired Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Randolph Alles, an Iraq War veteran, named the next head of the U.S. Secret Service.
Remember that time when Bill O'Reilly called (now Saint) Pope John Paul II "naïve" for speaking against the 2003 Iraq War? 😂
Attorney general tries to block Iraq War prosecution of Tony Blair
hum I'm curious why one of the architects of the Iraq War, Robert Kagan, is suddenly concerned with human rights https:…
A change in position since your attacks on the British army during the Iraq War...Always good to see a hack…
Paul Wolfowitz: What Comes After the Strikes: Neocon architect of Iraq War explains what should happen next
Whispering Jews got us into the Vietnam War (Walt Rostow), the Iraq War (Paul Wolfowitz), and now th…
Paul Wolfowitz helped bring about Iraq War. Here he weighs in on Syria, with thoughts any mafia don would appreciat…
Omg, me too! I got arrested as conscientious objector the day before the Iraq War started.
John Negroponte, who supported Honduran death squads and facilitated the Iraq War, is speaking on diplomacy and security tonight
during the Iraq War, Brian Williams dropped acid and recited the full lyrics to Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots as bombs burst over Baghdad
From Anglo-Saxon anger to Wyclif, Quakers, Iraq War and Greenham Common - attitudes to war on
That George W admitted he began the Iraq War to distract America from his love for Condolezza Rice.
"In 2004, the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said that as regime change was the prime aim of the Iraq War, it was illegal
Every person in my family with 1 exception has been in military. From Vietnam to Iraq War.
When France expressed little enthusiasm for the Iraq War, we had to switch to 'freedom fries' for a time.
That fact-free NYT story prob as impactful on election as Judith Miller lies on Iraq War
Karen is an Iraq War veteran, restaurant-owner, and mother who is currently in her 14th year as a Navy Reserve Public Affairs officer.
Russ Feingold is a true liberal Dem who voted against NAFTA & Iraq War. He ran for Senate in Bernie-loving Wisconsin and lost.
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Tony Blair is beyond redemption and will never be forgiven for Iraq War lies
Please RT: Should Tony Blair have gone to the opening of memorial for Iraq War soldiers?. Call 020 38 29 1234.
New Spoke to about the Iraq War, Islamophobia, film and TV’s role in perpetuating it. h…
Lets not forget Tony Blair is a crypto Jew who conned the UK into the Iraq War for the Jews
Iraq War proponent Tony Blair doesn't like populism
I'm not sure the guy who gave us No Child Left Behind, the Iraq War, and compassionate conservatism was all that conservative
Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq War vet who lost her legs in combat, has some thoughts on Trump saying US forces "don't fight to win…
Very good. fast track it. Tony Blair could be hauled before the courts over the Iraq War via
Tony Blair, the Iraq War, and the words of mass destruction that continue to deceive:
What happened to key players in the Iraq War - Hans Blix, Colin Powell, Dr Kelly?
My boss jokingly said Pat Tillman got fragged. Ended up reading his Wikipedia; turns out he was atheist, anti-Bush, and anti-Iraq War. Huh.
Phil Shiner, who brought abuse claims against UK troops after the Iraq War, was struck off for misconduct last week
"From our point of view and the UN Charter point of view, it was illegal." -UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Iraq War
I used to follow her during the Iraq War days, excellent coverage of Valerie Plame affair
Ever hear of Vietnam war, Iraq War, the Indian wars, Slavery, bombing of Libya, arming of terrorists in Syria, Jim Crow?
Joey Pants said the Iraq War was a mistake. i'm driving into a brick wall at 100 mph
Rep. Seth Moulton, an Iraq War veteran, pulls no punches on Trump: "I am ashamed that he is our president."
This article was written by Elliot Abrams, one of the *** who orchestrated the Iraq War, which started the mess…
Last time US had a GOP president, there was:. 9/11. Iraq War. Hurricane Katrina. World finan…
Holy freakin' WOW! Pretty impressive. I was in SF for the Iraq War protests. That was nothing seeing this.
First night of the first Iraq War. The green glow of night vision showing anti-aircraft fire shooting up
Interviewed o/going Army Under Secy today, first Iraq War veteran to serve in the House. He's not ruling out…
Nonprofit founder, Iraq War vet, and KU alumnus William McNulty to receive honorary degree:
I hold Lee Greenwood personally responsible for the Iraq War
All the best to our new Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth(D), decorated ARMY Iraq War vet, who succeeds GOP Sen. Mark Kirk! ht…
Tammy Duckworth, who lost both her legs in the 2004 Iraq War, is the now the first Asian American Senator from the state of…
And only gullible morons take the word of the CIA about anything without evidence. Thanks for Iraq War & torture.
Jan 1 1984 Report US told Persian Gulf allies that it supported Iraq in Iran-Iraq War
'Just as the 2003 Iraq War has been linked to oil in the Persian Gulf, Syria may turn out to be all about gas.'.
British government's role in the Iraq War swept under the carpet.
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The last time the US Coast Guard Fired A Shot In Anger (1970s Vietnam? 1st or 2nd Iraq War? ) Aug.2014 Persian Gulf:
When it comes to dignity republicans are second to none. Watergate, Iran-Contra Affair, WMD Iraq War.
Jake Holland getting rid of the Iraq War . .
Proud of my alma mater for honoring Army Capt Humayun Khan, UVA's lone alumnus killed in Iraq War, w/Rotunda plaque
Social Security $$ Bush stole to fund Iraq War went to H…
Why an Iraq War and vet walked from Maryland to Camp Pendleton
.Why an Iraq War vet walked 5,800 miles from Maryland to Camp Pendleton
the last Iraq War started the same way (with a lie of Colloin Powell) and had a catastrophic outcome for both, Iraq and USA.
Byrd was one of the biggest oppositions to Iraq War in Congress 2002/3. Didn't believe the lies.
This is becoming an article of faith among liberals. Juan Cole blocked me after I reminded him the Iraq War had big Dem backing
From the American Enterprise Institute, bringing you great foreign policy moments such as the Iraq War, which kille…
MPs vote against motion accusing Tony Blair of misleading parliament over Iraq War
MPs vote overwhelmingly against parliamentary investigation into Tony Blair's conduct during build-up to Iraq War .
MPs vote down motion to hold Tony Blair accountable for Iraq War
MPs vote that Tony Blair didn't lie about Iraq War. By
Tony Blair did not deceive Parliament to take Britain into Iraq War, MPs rule and Corbyn hides
.I would call [Giuliani & Bolton] unrepentant advocates of Iraq War. They haven’t learned any of the lessons in the…
3. The visuals, the words. This one by Hersi, a Somali-American formerly in the US Marines and veteran of the Iraq War, is e…
Imagine if the WashPost edit board hadn't pushed the Iraq War or worked so hard to destroy Bernie Sanders
"You think The Dark Knight endorses the Bush era?!" Rises seems to ask. "How about after we inflict the Iraq War upon Gotham?"
Will investigative reporting really restrain him? Also did free press function properly in run in to Iraq War?
Chuck Schumer, the new Senate minority leader, voted for the Iraq War and the Patriot Act, and has defended torture. http…
Yes, and they lose credibility every time they do that. Piers Morgan resigned over a hoax during the Iraq War.
. They claim to be neutral,. But OPD actions at. Iraq War, Oscar Grant, Occupy, BLM and Trump protests reveal right wing bias
Joy should watch her back at MSNBC - Phil Donahue was fired from MSNBC for being alone vs. Iraq War. Most at netwo…
The network that fired for Iraq War criticism & for TPP
Bill Rausch, an Iraq War veteran and Executive Director is answering your questions tomorrow at 2pm EST…
"I can't support anybody to be our secretary of state who didn't learn the lesson of the Iraq War,"
1-*Representative Mark Meadows on the Republican A.. | 2-British Inquiry into Iraq War, Part 1 | 3-Science Education
John Bolton didn't want to go to Vietnam because "it was already lost." Strong advocate for Iraq War in 2003. Future UN Ambassador?
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Yikes. John Bolton, the guy who says no regrets on the Iraq War?
and she's 35 and an Iraq War veteran. She's the future, not Howard Dean and Tim Kaine
We had a veteran from the Iraq War in the 90's at our breakfast this am... we made sure to thank him for his servic…
Benjamin Busch, a Marine veteran of the Iraq War, returns to the country ten years later
It makes you think: John Redwood has said the report into motorcross corruption 'as useful as Iraq War veterans'.
Overcoming adversity, veteran of Iraq War opens local
Tulsi Gabbard is an Iraq War veteran who represents people in Congress and surfs. That's an inspiration
Daniel Tobon, Iraq War veteran and co-founder of Chicago based startup - Starchup. Photographed…
ON AIR: James Petersen, Iraq War and student at Washington U., discussing veterans with and how he plan…
A special Veteran’s Day shout-out to newly elected Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth, who served as a U.S. Army...
Mission Outdoors - In July, Sierra published a personal essay by Iraq War veteran Garett Reppenhagen about his ...
To my brother Dan Hoedl, who is a veteran of the US Navy and the Iraq War and who served faithfully and gallantly...
This veteran and former elementary teacher is sharing experiences from the Iraq War in a children's book tour. Read…
I deprogrammed a Trump hating Iraq War veteran *** latina friend, weeks before the election, with one word: Benghazi.
It's Veterans Day. Here's a piece written last year by Iraq War veteran, Logan Isaac, about the soldiers of...
When the government had simple ideas about national security do people die.Suspension of Habeus Corpus, the Iraq War, and many more
1-Obama care, ended the war in Iraq, 3-sent the mission to kill Osama.
I haven't felt this ache in my gut since the Iraq War began and CNN became a thing.
How is voting in favor of the Iraq war a positive qualification? Also, Bernie supporters' votes? DNC + DWS screwed him.
He was right about the Iraq war and he called this race over a year ago. Why doesn't anyone listen to ?
and ended the war in Iraq(which cost us about 2 trillion dollars) and eliminated Osama Bin Laden
right it's almost like he didn't get us out of the recession, end the war in iraq, and turn around the US auto indu…
iraq war brought to you by Hilary Clinton
Iraq, Libya, Syria. she's extremely war happy why is she less likely to do something to start a conflict?
I don't remember feeling this anxious about the state of the country since the buildup to the Iraq war, and that didn't turn out great.
When Bush and the Iraq war proved to be terrible ideas it didn't even feel good to say 'I told you so' and it won't this time either.
They certainly stopped the Iraq war and bank bailouts.
The Republicans Had This kind of Power ! With Them in Control of WH and Houses of Congress, They lead America into IRAQ war
I mean idk, just helped millions gain access to health care, ended the war in Iraq, improved other countries views…
-3rd party votes are good. -GWB wins, starts Iraq war. -I need to vote 3rd party again because Hillary went along with Iraq war
the irony of this is that DT has held liberal positions on Iraq War and and abortion. Also not at all.
Slavery, segregation, civil war, Vietnam, Iraq ... no? police vehicles until the Iraq war ended? Remember that time Hillary ran against Obama on "And I would also nuke Iran"?
No but he's done PR for various autocratic regimes just for money. Coupled with Iraq war legacy, he's loathed by many.
You know how I said it was lonely to oppose Iraq war at VU in 2003? That's how lonely I feel now.
She had Kissinger and the Iraq War architects so ….
and all stopped denominating their in U.S. See the pattern?.
reporting credibility literally just tanked. This is like their Iraq war run-up
republicans favor war more than democrats do. Iraq is a huge example of that
as muscular as her unwavering support for the Iraq war.
Iraq war - approved by Bill Clinton in 1998, executed by Neo con Bush, carried fwd by Obama
-Voted for Iraq war. -Deregulation . -Patriot Act. -Pushed for TPP 45 times. -Rigged a primary against someone who'd be…
at your age, politics weren't my thing. know what changed that for me? The Iraq war and Bush lying to us. I opened my eyes
This feels exactly like when I was protesting the Iraq War. Everyone said it was a horrible idea. We did it anyway
Thought of an a whim, the Iraq War has killed more than half a million people. America and Trump, are a match made in heaven. Lovely jodi.
Hamilton Collection
my baba deleted this post of his brother who was martyred in the Iran/Iraq war after i told him. we learn together 💕
in the 2004 election: "does your chosen candidate make you proud to be an American?" No Iraq war questions
trump has shipped jobs out and he support the war in Iraq (it's on record too)
Hey Max, how much blood do you have on your hands from provoking the war in Iraq?
the Middle East is week, Iraq WOULDNT start a war with America especially since they basically have one on their own rn
The flames of nationalism, stoked by the MSM that brought us the illegal Iraq war, have ushered in President Trump.
GOD this World-America has had enough of Gutless War Crimes & Qatar-Saudi$ Wars in Lib…
Remember that time Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War and the Patrtiot Act? That was all Nader's fault.
On issues driving the vote - Iraq War & free trade - HRC is perceived as Republican. Bubba & Wanda don't care about affiliation
Friendly reminder that Hillary has gotten thousands of arab Christians killed through her proxy war with Iran in Syria…
At last my liberal friend admits that the Iraq war - where CPT Khan was killed - helped spread freedom. 2016 is one wei…
Nader is the whole reason we got BUSH. Ugh! All Hillary did was vote for the Iraq war and the Patriot Act.
But that's exactly what it's been especially since the 2000s. Perpetual war no UN backing
I can't believe I have two friends who are open about not voting, even someone who recently served in the Iraq War.…
Dana Perino is TV's most ardent Iraq War supporter still -- the Bushes will go out WITHOUT any class whatsoever
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‘Thank You for Your Service,’ Stories of Soldiers and Suicide. Kenny Toone, an Iraq War veteran, hugs a Vietnam...
.Recall Brokaw's media "defense" post Iraq War: when USG wants to promote war, hard for media to resist
"Tony Blair". Millions mobilised against the Iraq War. Did you listen? No. We should mobilise to see you at the Hague for…
Tony Blair came to the Northeast,sold his war mongering lies for Iraq War. killed 1million through…
Wow. Dennis Kucinich on Iraq War and Foreign Policy Establishment spoiling for more war |
HuffPo: Hillary Clinton supporter Colin Powell lied again and again to start Iraq War
Feds promised soldiers big bonuses to re-enlist during Iraq War. Ten years later, Uncle Sam says never mind
Wow! Epic clapback by Condoleezza Rice at a congressional hearing about the Iraq War!
The architect of the Iraq War who approved torture techniques is "all of us" because Trump is a bad person, I guess.
Donald Trump supported Iraq War before it began
Hillary voted for Patriot Act and Iraq War. She is a republican.
And yet you're about to vote for a democrat who supported the Patriot Act and the Iraq War. Hypocrite.
check out the votes that they differed on, Iraq War, Patriot Act, etc shes a moderate conservative
Dude-what favors did the Scalia/Thomas court do you? Would you have minded losing out on Citizen's United and the Iraq War?
Oct 10 1984 Tariq Aziz complained that Western Europe was sending military equipment to Iran despite US efforts to stop it Iran-Iraq War
Update your maps at Navteq
"Howard Stern says Trump backed Iraq War in 2002" last week.
Howard Stern to CNN: I never 'confirmed' Trump backed Iraq War via the Android app
Political Incorrectness was invented by liberals. Being against the Iraq War, Occupy Wallstreet, even MLK's protests. 🔄
Will Fischer, former United States Marine, combat veteran of the Iraq War and executive director of the Union...
After 36 years and 3 parliamentary victories I was expelled by Tony Blair over the Iraq War. I refuse to be quiet. I mu…
My thoughts on the Iraq War...picked up by
.quizzes on Trump's debate performance, his positions on the Iraq War & trade
Good lord, only 1 person in the race voted for the now despised Iraq War. Only 1 was SecState as Obama squandered the victory
said he was against Iraq War cause he knew it would be messed up by like they did Viet…
CNN's looks at Trump's record on the Iraq War
sad to think that gold star mother and Benghazi survivor gets to see the media spending more time on birt…
Neil Cavuto with a look back on the Trump pre-Iraq war comments to him.
2. - Iraq war lie, won’t matter to voters but he is flat wrong. - ‘Just take the oil,’ illegal. - Stop/frisk. Performance…
FACT CHECK: Trump is telling perhaps the biggest lie of all right now, that he always opposed the invasion of Iraq http…
"Wrong. Wrong. Wrong." Donald Trump interrupts Hillary Clinton to deny that he supported the Iraq War https:…
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Did Trump just "yadda yadda yadda" his interview with Howard Stern where he flatly said he supported the war in Iraq?
Trump is still claiming he was against the war in Iraq, and belligerently so.
Our complete timeline of all of Trump's comments about the Iraq War: not strongly against it until 2004
Oh see Donald Trump at did not lie about supporting the Iraq war - Sean Hannity will vouch for him.
NEW TONIGHT: At first debate, Trump claims, again, that he was against war in Iraq. But that's False.
► VIDEO: and clash over Iraq war and 'birther' controversy during lively htt…
Holt: "Mr. Trump, the record shows otherwise" about your supposed opposition to the war in Iraq.
Also, before signing off, Trump did NOT NOT NOT oppose the Iraq war.
Donald Trump back in early 2003 OPPOSING the Iraq War. Our Media literally paid Hillary Clinton propaganda
Trump supported the war in Iraq. And now, he's lying on national television, per usual.
I agree with Trump on Iraq withdrawal but not on the oil. They're missing the real creator of ISIS: Assad and the Syrian…
"I don't know... Maybe... Who knows... Essentially" -Trump on Iraq War/me when asked if I finished the cereal
Did he forget that Pres. G.W. Bush stared the war & set the date to remove troops from Iraq? Does he even know?
Hillarious! Hillary's bemused stare during Trump's Iraq War tirade was my favorite part of http…
Caught in Iraq War lie, Donald Trump cries "Hannity" by
I wondered what happened to the $20B Clinton said she got from Bush in exchange for her Iraq War vote.
Who the *** cares what a private citizen said about the Iraq War more than a decade ago, Hillary VOTED for…
Lies I didn't support war in Iraq. He talked about it in 2004, a year later after invasion
Trump claims he did not support the war in Iraq, but he spoke in favor of it during a radio interview in 2002.
Hillary Clinton is the only candidate on stage who voted for the Iraq War.
With ISIS, al Shabaab, Boko Haram, Libya, Hamas, jihad terror in US -- Holt and Clinton are attacking Trump for Iraq war?…
Here's what the candidates said about the Iraq War during the first
got the tax returns, birther issue,Iraq war, bankruptcy,women names out of the way 2nd Emails,…
.again says he opposed the Iraq War. That's still false
Donald Trump blames the "mainstream media" for doubts about his Iraq War position
Trump WAS AGAINST the Iraq War!. Hillary was not only for the Iraq War, but voted for it too!. SHARE THIS VIDEO!.
Donald Trump says "wrong" when Hillary Clinton says he supported the Iraq War. But he did so publicly,
Aside from Howard Stern interview, Donald Trump has been consistently AGAINST the Iraq War. Only made things worse!
Hillary VOTED for the war in Iraq, which was the biggest foreign policy disaster in modern US history. That is a fact.
You voted for the Iraq War. You are a liar.
Flashback to 2003: . Interview w/ Trump: He WAS against the Iraq war!. Spread this video! . ht…
How Saddam was tricked into invading Kuwait- China probably drawing lessons fm there
You claim you regret voting for the Iraq war. Do you also regret voting for these other six forei…
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