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Iranian Navy

After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the Imperial Iranian Navy was named Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (IRIN).

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Welcome to Malaysia, Chief of Iranian Navy, Admiral Habibollah Sayyari. See you soon at .
boats pointing weapons it IS the Persian Gulf ;)
Iranian patrol boat trains weapon on US Navy helicopter. A US Navy Seahawk helicopter had what the Navy is calli
Iranian navy endangering navigation in Gulf - U.S. commanders.
Iranian navy endangering international navigation in Gulf -US commanders
Nah, the Iranian Navy is practicing for America's Cup.
U.S. Navy commanders accused Iran of jeopardizing international navigation by endangering warships passing...
US Navy accuses of threatening international navigation through Strait of after navy boats intercept
Navy commanders say harassment by Iranian boats could lead to miscalculation, armed clash
Iranian navy 'harassing' U.S. warships in Strait of Hormuz, say U.S. officers
Iranian Navy set to finish exercises in Strait of Hormuz, the Gulf of Oman, the northern Indian Ocean, and the Gulf of Aden tomorrow
Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei meeting with the Commander of the Iranian Navy [900 x 600]
Iranian weapons cache destined for terror. The real spirit of the
Navy ship stopped Iranian arms shipment headed to Yemen, which is continuing proof that Iran is still sponsoring terror…
Iranian general defies sanctions once again, travels back to Moscow - Russia defends pilots who buzzed US Navy destroyer:
What if you sailed with the Iranian Navy? 1975 exercise, pre revolution days!
you heard about one of our Navy vessels being confronted about being in Iranian waters and forced to surrender?
Iranian Islands are equipped with super speedy Khalij Fars Ballistic missiles.
McHale would have been proud of this little navy.
The 10 U.S. Navy sailors captured and briefly held by Iran in January made repeated mistakes that led them into Iranian territorial waters
.Mechanical issues, poor communication to blame for Navy incident
Blunder, my *** >> Details Reveal Humiliating US Navy Blunder in Iranian Waters:
Details reveal humiliating blunder in waters
1980 – Iran–Iraq War: Operation Morvarid: The bulk of the Iraqi Navy is destroyed by the Iranian Navy in the Persian Gulf.
to hold naval exercises in Caspian Sea - Iranian Navy
Iran to send flotilla of warships to Russia, newest destroyer among them Iranian Navy...
Iranian singer delivers defiant message atop navy warship - See more at:
US navy shooting an Iranian passenger yet. Ukraine shooting down a Russian jet. Did you hate them at the time too?
I'm going to sit on my beach & watch for an ISIS invasion or the Iranian navy. You make sure no one takes 350 million guns.
North... No sign of ISIS or the Iranian Navy
What a load of bull. Regular navy, no ideological force, & its comm been doing a great job of advertising themselves.
Most rappers are happy posing with a flash car, this Iranian rapper prefers a giant warship
Remember the US Navy shot down a plane in Iranian airspace and just said soz abar tha
LOL well if we're going to be historical & fare. We trained Iranian pilots back in the seventies when I was in the Navy
Iranian rapper drops a bomb with defiantly epic pro-nuke video
American navy ships shot an Iranian commercial airliner out of the sky, IN IRANIAN AIRSPACE, killing hundreds. Never apologized.
Watch the most epic video to come out of the Iranian nuclear deal
Iranian rapper drops a bomb with defiant pro-nuke video
A U.S. Navy ship and helicopter were repeatedly targeted by a laser device on board an Iranian-flagg
Many in the Iranian Navy, their Coast Guard and Pasdaran remember their last encounter with the US Navy in the Gulf under Reagan.
GOP Iranian agreement: Full conversion to Christianity.Free access to natural resources,no army or navy & free Netflex for all US citizens!
Under Reagan Admin , Iranian Regime lost it's Navy in 2 days. Next time they loose their power.
I'm going to enjoy picking apart the Iranian Air Force and Navy and watching their pride dissolve as American tanks roll into Iran
The conversation that took place between Saudi Arabia and the Iranian Navy ship. forcing the notification to Djibouti
Chemical tanker latest to be fired on by Iranian Navy
O.K. China, you can join the Iranian Navy in the "Who Cares?" category of threats to the U.S. Armed Forces. Less...
What's Iranian Navy doing? Posturing? They aren't wondering what BiBi is yapping about in Knesset? yah--right.
Yeah, so the Iranian Navy and the Islamic State can sail here that much faster.
U.S. Navy sends two warships to Yemeni waters to block Iranian shipments to ... - Daily Mail
Major potential for a naval face off between and over Iranian aid blockade-running ship. How will US navy respond?
the Iranian navy will become a our newest coastal reef. Happy diving.
Iranian Navy Commander: Tehran will never allow anyone to impair security in the Persian Gulf.
Why is the Army Times commenting on the Iranian Navy?
Ghoshroy on US Navy's Laser Weapon System test: Something akin to puncturing the side of an Iranian rubber dinghy
Iranian navy escorts aid ship to Yemen: report- Xinhua |
Iranian supply ship should make to port by Thursday now being escorted by Iranian Navy. This should get interesting will markets watch
The detention of a Danish cargo ship by the Iranian navy is linked to a long-running legal dispute, Irans foreign minister has said.
BREAKING NEWS: Iranian cargo ship headed to with 'aid' has linked up with 2 Iranian Navy war ships - Pentagon
Just when IS that Iranian naval fleet going to arrive off the US East Coast, anyway??? Still waiting... Waiting..
Navy Seeks to Boost Combat Capabilities: Iran's Navy is prepared to face…
Iranian TV IRIB (18.5): navy escorts the aid ship until it reaches to coast
Iran sending aid ship to rebels in Yemen, special protection by small Iranian navy convoy in Gulf of Aden
aid ship, escorted by the Iranian navy, is less than 50 miles from the coast.
US officials deny reports that a US cargo ship was seized by the Iranian navy, saying a Marshall Islands-flagged ship was involved instead.
Officials say the Iranian navy opened fire on an oil tanker in the Gulf
Iranian navy escorts aid ship to Yemen: An Iranian aid ship destined for Yemen is currently in the Gulf of Ade...
Iranian navy boats fire on Singapore tanker in Persian Gulf -
Iran uses maritime confrontations to project power in Gulf The Iranian Navy can be sunk SO FAST!!. WHAT POWER?
"Iranian navy escorts aid ship to report"
Iranian aide to Houthis subject to Saudi scuttle
When Iranian aide ship breaks the blockade in Yemen, will Saudis send her to Davey Jones
Wonder if Saudis will take out Iranian ship running the blockade?
Iranian Navy Commander said that as ordered by Supreme Leader the Navy's combat capabilities will be boosted.
Iranian vessel carrying aid and journalists (!) enters waters and due to arrive in Aden on May 21:
Iranian Navy Escorting Humanitarian Ship to Yemen: The 34th fleet of the Iranian Navy is escorting the ship ca...
Iranian navy escorts aid ship to Yemen
Navy Warships in Gulf of Aden Ready to Escort Iran's Cargo Vessel to port of al-Hudayda
Monty: I am more worried about Russian Naval Intelligence feeding the Iranian Navy, the exact positions of U.S. ships!
MSR: Iranian Navy scares pirates: Headline of the week… Commander: Pirates Hiding Due to Scary Presence of Ira...
MSR: Iran warns against future threats: Iranian Navy reinforcing its role in the region.  Iran must nip enemy ...
Iran Threatens to Destroy U.S. Navy. Iranian Navy can sink an American aircraft carrier “in less than a minute,”...
Head of Iranian Navy says it has Been Practicing to Destroy U.S. Warships: American warships are easy target, ...
"The navies of Iran and Pakistan plan to hold joint military exercises in the eastern part of the Strait of Hormuz on Tuesday, Iran's state news agency said on Sunday. Several Pakistani naval vessels, including a warship and a submarine, docked at the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas on Saturday, the IRNA news agency said, citing an Iranian Navy statement. "The most important activity of the Pakistani fleet during its stay in Bandar Abbas is to launch joint maneuvers with selected units of Iran's Navy in eastern waters of the Hormuz Strait," Iranian Rear Admiral Shahram Irani told IRNA. Iran's state news agency said the joint naval exercises were aimed at promoting military cooperation between Tehran and Islamabad but gave no details of the plans. More than a third of the world's sea borne oil exports pass through the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow corridor between Iran and Oman. Western navies, led by the United States, patrol the region to ensure their safe passage. A crude oil tanker was shot at last week as i ...
Iranian Navy warships have docked in Muscat, Oman, for joint rescue and relief drill with Omani naval forces.
U.S. Army (Ret.) Lt. Col. David Johnson, now serving as executive director at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies. this guy said the Iranian Navy that is about to enter the Atlantic doesn't even pose a threat to our Coast Guard Cutters
perhaps the Iranian navy can make its way to the 12 mile limit, but I don't think they are gonna like it when they get there. God Bless America.
we invaded their neighbor, think the us military feels its swinging a bigger *** than the Iranian navy.
"Pentagon not concerned by Iranian naval plans in Atlantic"... because the Iranian Navy is just a guy with a machine gun in a speedboat?
I don't get it, keeps treating us & we still do nothing? U.S. 2keep eye out for Iranian ships heading this way
Apparently the Iranian Navy is moving it's entire fleet to the eastern seaboard of the American Atlantic. How dumb can they get? Leaving their country open to attack and messing with the most powerful nation and navy in the world?
via Maybe Obama will want to talk with them. Great, I can't wait to see his next political move on this.
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If the Iranian Navy appears off the American coast we should offer them a liberty call in Norfolk.
Patriots, Veterans - Iranian Navy off U.S.coast, means USA Mil Ldrs, bright as guy shoveling snow into shopping cart at Wal-Mart.
Iranian warships coming towards America described as "Rustbuckets" :P
I hear there is a scare tactic going on with the Iranian navy, bet Obama Nd congress are about to do something unconditional
our NAVY could sink those Iranian vessels and NO One would know any different, straight down to Davy Jones Locker
U.S. to keep eye out for Iranian ships heading this way via routine maybe, but games end and then what?
The powers are talking... near the end!
Sinking feeling: Iranian Navy sends message all the way to the US, the sheep must be tired
The Iranian navy poses a near zero threat to national security. Only people who care are natl security reporters
Check out this article from Iran aims to send message to US ... with 'rust-bucket' warships:
Iran: Now for the not-so-funny part - Is the Iranian navy shipping missiles to Latin America?
Row Row Row Your Boat:Iranian Navy sends "boats" corks and all to Atlantic waters to project it's reach.
"If the ships make it across the ocean to U.S. maritime waters, they wouldn't even be a match for Coast Guard cutters, Johnson said." Hey Vince Clancy and Andy Jones, this is a quote from an expert in regards to the Iranian navy ships headed towards the U.S. . I love my Coast Guard Son. Thanks Vince and Andy.
So nobody has seen the Iranian navy off the beach yet, eh? Boy, I sure hope those guys are okay. Maybe we should leave a big light on for them? It's big ocean out there and maybe they never went this far from home before. Poor little twits all alone out there in the dark.
We have Iranian navy parking ships off our pacific coast, Iranian army commanders publicly stating they plan to attack us from within. Bring it on Haji. I've got lots of ammo, and I am a marksman. Bring. It. On.
What do y'all think about the Iranian navy sending warships to the U.S . Maritime borders
FB friends how many of us belong to a community organization? Ahh not many. How many of us are Americans and Love This Land The Home Of The Free? I don't care if your a Democrat - Republican - Conservative- or Liberal .We have to all come together and solve a problem. The Iranian Navy is going to try their might. steaming closer each day into the Atlantic and said they will troll along our eastern coast! Our government has not issued a warning to them. JFK and Ronald Reagan we need your swagger more then Ever. Iran is also continues to enrich their uranium so they can be a nuclear country. Are we all ready to deal with this threat. not only to us but our friends in Israel? Oh by the way how's that health care law working out? Signed and put into "Law" by our President, but he has on his own chooses to delay his own law 26 times. passing Congress and performing these delays for only political reasons 2014 and 2016 elections. I'm so sad that we are just sitting back not saying a word and letting our govern ...
Do you think the Iranian navy will nuke D.C.??? I hope not.I don't have any popcorn ready.
So we have a Iranian Navy Commander making vows to sink US warships and kill American soldiers just a day after Iranian vessels approach U.S. Waters for the first time in history.So what's this President doing or saying about these matters ?? Are we about to tread some dark waters ? We should not be sleeping on this matters?
The people need to know what's going on with Iran not with a loud music trial that is being covered by CNN . The Iranian navy is headed fir U S Maritime waters and is threatening to destroy our navy and the Obama administration isn't taking heade about this.
Anybody seen the Iranian navy offshore? Did they get lost? How hard can it be to find America?!?! GEZ! Just follow the illegal aliens.
What. Is . The Latest News on the Iranian Navy. Coming to our Coastal waters ? And What Is Our Government Doing About It ? Or Are They ( Government ) TOO busy Tyring to save their political *** That They don't care about any ones navy. Or Enemy. Coming here ? Bunch of numb sculls. That was probably never in the service. And don't know what invassions mean ? Because trhey were not taught in school. About Wars, And Enemies. Just sex, drugs, And Partying .
Remember the Iranian Navy showing us a show of force is no big deal, also they are not building a nuclear bomb.The Administratiion
Just to prove, yet again, that Obumma is THE worst than President, while Iran held our diplomats for 444 days when Carter was in office, the entire coastal population of America is being held under threat of attack by the piddly assed Iranian Navy. Iran can point out weak leaders like nobody else can.
Well...I couldn't sleep knowing the Iranian Navy was on it's way to the east coast...if you look close at those ships, they have oars.
BREAKING NEWS Obama has put a task force to sea to counter the approaching Iranian Navy. The flag-ship is USS Good Ship Lollipop. The victuallers put on board a plentuful supply of halal animal *** for any captured Iranian crew, who will also be given food stamps and mobile phones when they land as asylum-seekers.
By Susan Duclos A very large, very strange looking sea creature was found by the Iranian Navy in the Persian Gulf and has people speculating as to what it is, ranging from “dinosaur like,” to a mutilated whale carcass. Look at the video and photos...
Piracy Situation Risk Assessment, December 2013 Tuesday, 03 December 2013 | 00:00 Piracy Situation Risk Assessment, December 2013 In November the reported criminal activity against shipping was lower than in previous month. However, near Somalia there were three clear incidents of hijack attempts and a number of suspicious approaching events; one short hijacking event near Malaysia including cargo theft; in West Africa one violent robbery was reported near Sierra Leone and some yet unconfirmed attacks and a kidnapping have likely happened near Nigeria in the end of past month. • Iranian Navy says that they have foiled at least two attacks to commercial vessels in Gulf of Aden. In one occasion there were 12 speed boats belonging to the pirates according to high Navy official. However, the incidents do not show up in official reports for some reason. • The two American sailors - the captain and the chief engineer - kidnapped on October 23 in an attack of the C-Retriever, a boat refueling tanker, offshor ...
on 1980 Iran–Iraq War: Operation Morvarid – Over 70% of Iraqi Navy was destroyed by Iranian Navy in The Persian Gulf. The Ira..
Iran is building remotely-controlled unmanned subs: Rear Admiral Habibollah, commander of the Iranian Navy, reported Tuesday that his...
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Iranian Navy plans to build new frigates for the Caspian Sea area
Iran plans to build a new domestically designed warship, named the Persian Gulf, the commander of the Iranian Navy said in an interview
Commander of Iranian says naval forces of & plan to hold joint rescue & relief drill in Iran’s south.waters in March 2014
Iran, Oman to hold naval drill in 2014: Commander of the Iranian Navy says the naval forces of the Islamic Rep...
Is that bc 2 Iranian Navy ships just docked in Port Sudan. R they on the way to Suez Canal & to pick up CW?
Iran building new missile-launching warships 29 June 2013 TEHRAN – Iran is building new domestically designed missile-launching warships, the deputy commander of the Iranian Navy announced in an interview with the Fars News Agency published on Saturday. “New missile-launching vessels and warships, including warships of the Peykan class, are being manufactured,” Rear Admiral Abbas Zamini said. In addition, the Navy official said that new domestically manufactured destroyers were also being manufactured by experts at the Marine Industries Organization of the Iranian Defense Ministry. Elsewhere in his remarks, Zamini said that the Navy planned to retrofit its old warships and destroyers with advanced equipment and systems. Iran’s latest destroyer, the Jamaran 2, was launched in the Caspian Sea on March 17. The Jamaran 2, which is a destroyer of the Moj class, is able to carry helicopters and is equipped with advanced radar systems, electronic warfare systems, artillery and anti-aircraft guns, torpedo ...
Russia’s Navy says Iranian Navy ships will make a stop this summer at the naval base of Russia's Caspian Sea fleet.
Having seen "Porco Rosso" one too may times the Iranian Navy decided to invest in open cockpit seaplanes, look...
January 28, 2013 Iranian Navy Foils Pirate Attack on Oil Tanker Off Oman By MarEx Photo: Iranian Alvand class frigate at sea. Iranian warships thwarted an attempted pirate attack on an Iranian oil tanker in international waters on Sunday. The Iranian Navy stated that the ship was attacked by two pirate boats just 20 miles off Masirah Island off the coast of Oman. Once alerted, the fleet of warships hurried to the scene and forced the pirates to flee by performing successful defensive operations and using heavy firepower, reported Fars News Agency. The Iranian Navy has been conducting anti-piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden since November 2008, when Somali hijackers raided the Iranian-chartered cargo ship, MV Delight, off the coast of Yemen. Different countries are permitted to send their warships to the Gulf of Aden and coastal waters off Somalia to defend merchant vessels against pirates. The Gulf of Aden - which links the Indian Ocean with the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea - is an important energ ...
"Iran will hold Velayat 91 naval drills in the Strait of Hormuz, Gulf of Oman &the northern Indian Ocean on Dec. 28-Jan. 2." Iranian Navy
TEHRAN (FNA)- A Russian destroyer has berthed in the Southern Iranian Port of Bandar Abbas, an Iranian Navy commander announced on Wednesday.
It looks like the Iranian Navy really wanted people to see its new submarine. In a live broadcast on state TV on Wednesday, the Islamic Republic showed off a new Sina 7 submarine that is painted in an unusually bright turquoise blue hue. So, why exactly would any military want to design its ship in ...
Am protecting America buy guarding the Florida panhandle coast from invading Iranian Navy armed only with Mt *** Rum and a Twist as a side arm @ The Haughty Heron at the marina in Port St Joe
Iran says it will counter US presence in its waters by sending ships to the international waters off the US coast, says Iranian Navy chief Admiral Sayyari.
A Balkanized Middle East Set To Blow August 29th, 2012 10:08 AM by Jeffrey Steinberg The situation throughout the Middle East is looking more and more like the Balkans on the eve of World War I. Complex alliances, arms deals, and war provocations are creating the pre-conditions for a regional war that could soon explode into general conflict involving the United States, Russia, and China and the likely use of thermonuclear weapons. * For the first time in a very long while, an Iranian Navy ship, carrying weapons for Syria, was allowed by Egyptian authorities to pass through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean. The decision was made at the same time that Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi announced that he would attend the Non-Aligned Movement heads-of-state gathering in Tehran at the end of this week (Morsi is now in China on a crucial economic mission). He has also launched a regional quartet mediation of the Syria crisis, involving Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran. * TIME magazine has detailed the ...
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Iranian Navy protects the Strait of Hormuz, says Rear Admiral Sayyari
Navy fully prepared to provide security in Mideast: Iran Cmdr - Iran's Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari says the country’s naval forces are fully capable of providing the security of the Middle East. Speaking at a Tuesday ceremony, Sayyari pointed out that Iran's Navy possesses all the required capabilities to conduct surface, submarine, aerial and missile operations aimed at safeguarding the regional security. Relying on efficient human resources, the Iranian Navy has enhanced the deterrence power and security of the region, he pointed out. Sayyari highlighted the threat of enemy’s soft war as Iran's major concern, saying, “Soft war is much more perilous than hard war, as hard war is conceivable for everyone but soft war can be merely perceived by those incurring the damages.” Iran's Navy has been expanding its presence in the international waters since last year, deploying vessels to the Indian Ocean and around the Horn of Africa. It also dispatched two ships via the Suez Canal to ...
19/06/2012 Iran to unveil several home-made destroyers, missile frigates soon TEHRAN - Iran will soon unveil 10 types of home-made naval vessels, including different classes of destroyers and missile-launching frigates, a senior Iranian Navy commander announced on Tuesday. Speaking to FNA on Tuesday, Lieutenant Commander of the Navy for Technical Affairs Rear Admiral Abbas Zamini reminded that the designing and building of Jamaran destroyer, a Mowdge 1 Class vessel, showed Iran\'s high technical know-how and capabilities in manufacturing battleships, and added that the country is already manufacturing a second generation of the hi-tech vessel. The construction phase of Velayat destroyer, a Mowdge 2 Class vessel, is 70% through, he said, and added that the vessel is under construction in Iran\'s Northern port city of Bandar Anzali. The admiral declared that Velayat will be launched this Iranian year (ends on March 2013). \"In addition\" the commander stated \"construction of other Mowdge and Sina-class des ...
On Tuesday Iran’s Deputy Navy Commander Abbas Zamini announced that Iran has taken "preliminary steps” in making a nuclear submarine with hopes of incorporating them in the Iranian Navy in the future. Since 2006, the Iranian Navy has amassed a fleet of 23 submarines including three large Kilo class ...
Iranian Navy saves US cargo ship from pirates
Iranian state media said Thursday that a U.S. cargo ship in the Gulf of Oman was rescued yesterday by the Iranian Navy after pirates climbed aboard.
Iranian Navy saves U.S. cargo ship from pirates.
Pervert Iranian Navy.Daily Caller has a pix of Iranian Navy,if U zoom in,U can C one guy grabbing another guy's derriere:part of training?
Iranian Navy freed an cargo ship from pirates in Indian Ocean: via
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