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Ira Glass

Ira Glass (born March 3, 1959) is an American public radio personality, and host and producer of the radio and television show This American Life.

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Ira Glass is talking so intelligently about Dear Evan Hansen here. As are Michael Greif and Ben Platt. It's such a…
Adam Carolla and Ira Glass and Fred Armisen, nobody knows the difference
Every NPR journalist is just using either an Ira Glass or Stacey Vanek Smith voice filter, right?
Ira Glass is my dad, Terry Gross is my mom, Marc Maron, Bob Boilen, & Robin Hilton are my cool uncles. Sarah Koenig is my cool aunt.
Strong Ira Glass vibe in the drawing
Ira Glass and creator Sarah Koenig reveal a new true crime podcast set in Alabama
Sarah Koenig is re-teaming with Julie Snyder and Ira Glass for a new podcast.
Just when did I get to the point when staying at a hotel wasn't fun?...
Working hard until your talent matches your sense of taste - Ira Glass
You know that corner, the one with used needles, where ur neighbor was mugged? I'm Ira Glass, and on today's This American Carnage, we're...
An Evening With Rachael Maddow, Ira Glass, outside, on the hottest day of the year.
Also: Ira Glass, Stephen Colbert (Colbert Report ed.), John Oliver, and Elaine Quijano, who is rocking the moderati…
If you’re free Tuesday night, go see Ira Glass and Monica Bill Barnes. It’s an amazing show.
Mike Birbiglia got notes on his movie from a ludicrously foulmouthed Ira Glass:
Last week I saw Carrie Brownstein, Abbi Jacobson, Ira Glass, Kyle MacLachlan and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. I was very cool about it.
Ira Glass on dancing, podcasts, and Serial
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Your husband Ira Glass drops a huge hint as to how are going to cover the US election
Question: have Spike Jones and Ira Glass ever been seen in the same room at the same time?
Before he brings his dance show to Sydney, we chat to the creator o fThis American Life. https:…
I feel like, in general in my work life, my main goal has been to just...
for me, Ira Glass seemed normal to me. It was the RadioLab guys that altered my world.
Just saw a photo of Ira Glass for the 1st time after imaging someone VERY different for about 2 years & my life is now dramatically altered
IRA GLASS sang an "I wish" song and it is e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. you are my hero
Just heard This American Life's Ira Glass is coming to Birmingham June 11. You going, my friend & fellow public radio nerd
did they condemn the IRA songs an child abuse at the buggerdome, glass houses stones n that
Voice in my head sounds like Ira Glass
get u a man who is the literal Ira Glass
its the morning after and i want to apologize for the things i said last night. i dont think every white man is Ira Glass. just like 40%
Sunday at 3pm brings This American Life to stage
I love how Ira Glass describes Nauru as “home of money launderers and stranded refugees”. 👏🏻 Aussies, you’re actually supporting criminals
This whole saga - the CV, the fury of Ira Glass, waiting for LaCour's response, vs. PSR - was amazing.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I'm only 95% sure Ira Glass isn't just a Fred Armisen character.
Love Ira Glass. I think it comes down to whether you WANT to do something creative, or whether you NEED to.
When you decide to catch up on This American Life and Ira Glass says, "transgendered people" 🙃🙄😞
should it be pointed out that Ira Glass isn't NPR since this American life is PRI? Or is that too nerdy?
We would love the way Ira Glass pronounces a g at the exhibit opening Wed.
"Great happen to those. who tell them."-Ira Glass
I had a dream I was being interviewed by ira glass oh my god
If Ira Glass, master NPR story teller, were to design software, what would it be like?
Play w/ me: Glass is to Beyonce as Savage is to Becky w/ the Good Hair? Moral of story: Don't mess w/ Ira-hive.
your speech was perfect & so was your grandmother's list! Loved the quote from Ira Glass. I always remember it from our Skype!
Michael Savage deleted his LinkedIn exchange with Ira Glass over WBAA canceling TLA and the station reversed course.
In addition to a deal with Lucifer, al yankovic also enjoys a weekly partaking in the blood of ira glass to keep his skin tight as a taint!
Ira Glass is cool and all, but I prefer This Portuguese Life.
Some Friday motivation with Ira Glass by on
Any story that I can consider worth telling is one that you could tell...
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The pledge drive has everything going against it as broadcasting. It's...
Working my way backwards through This American Life. RE last week? Weird how influential "dying Ira Glass" voice has been on me.
I remember that in Baltimore, where I grew up, we would drive by the r...
Ira Glass sings a theme song for This American Life in the newest episode. I'm so blessed
A lot of broadcasting, I think, is doing a tremendous amount of prepar...
The flakier your mission, the fiercer you have to be on the business s...
I never realized before this the emotional power of some really simple...
In general in New York, we all eat like kings. Insane quality, mind-bl...
Ira Glass singing an "I wish" song at the beginning of gives me life.
New tonight: WBAA rethinks decision on "This American Life." Ira Glass is back at Purdue public radio.
Ira Glass shows he has pumpkin sized balls in the intro to this Podcast:
The story is a machine for empathy. In contrast to logic or reason, a ...
At some point, all comics have to go out and be retail salesmen doing ...
I would pay good money for a sleep/calming app that was just Ira Glass talking to me.
The CEO of an Apple supplier just seemingly confirmed one of the biggest iPhone rumors - Business Insider
As Ira Glass points out, he's one of the 1/3 who listen to both NPR & Stern!
Honestly, there are so many things about structuring a story for film ...
The Impact of Glass on Advertising — and Advertising on Glass: This is a guest post by Ira Schlos..
If you saw the argument between Ira Glass and WBAA's Mike Savage about Pandora, this commentary is worth reading. https:/…
The Flash could do everything twice as fast. Except you never saw him ...
I was a freelancer all through my 20s and was very slow to get good at...
I've never so appreciated what actors do and how strange it is.
Ira Glass singing his I Wish song is my new jam.
Only two more spots left for you future Ira Glass-es!
I eat the same breakfast and lunch every day, both at my desk. I emplo...
One man's opinion (mine): Ira Glass sounds like Joe Jack Talcum when he sings. No disrespect to Joe Jack.
Bummed the epic debate b/w Mike Savage and Ira Glass on LinkedIn was deleted. Was going to enjoy the second half w/ my…
I watched Ira Glass talk about video games for a really long time
I just realized that I always picture Ben Folds in my head when I hear Ira Glass's voice.
Ira Glass: 'I feel like I’m actually sort of scared all the time'
Check out the 2016-17 season at Beach Boys, Ira Glass, Kristen Chenoweth and more:
Has anyone ever seen Mo Rocca and Ira Glass in a room together? Because I'm cookin' up a conspiracy theory and I think I'm onto something...
Sorry but for I'd have to go with the "Ira Glass" over the "Kai Ryssdal" (;)
"Don't Wait. Just Make the Thing": Ira Glass on Creative Work, the Podcast Bubble, and How Mike Birbiglia "Tot..
This is still one of my favorite SNL segments. Fred Armisen as Ira Glass:.
I love this podcast! Radio host Ira Glass takes 20 years of 'This American Life' to the State Theatre stage
Did you know Bach was regularly paid in beer? One of the interesting facts in this podcast w/ Nico Muhly & Ira Glass
Tell me you've read Lynda Barry's comic about how Ira Glass was the worst boyfriend ever
I always expect Bernie to sound like Ira Glass, not Larry David playing George Steinbrenner.
Kind of like the people who complain about female reporter's vocal fry on TAL, which is hosted by Ira Glass, Vocal Fry King
Another fine piece of journalism from Ira Glass. . This will take a whole hour, but if you aren't deeply impressed...
Starting in the 1970s, American cars started to lose market share to foreig...
"What's shaggy Ira Glass doing with that baby!?"
I don't think I'm better than everyone else at anything, but I am very quic...
Brian Dunning is a lot more listenable at 120% speed. Ira Glass, not so much.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Ira Glass, who turns 57 today, with some words of wisdom on the creative process:
Happy birthday, Ira Glass. “Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us...
is it because Kenney looks so smart in those Ira Glass glasses?
Oooh Ira Glass. Forgot about him but that's an excellent choice!
Is there anything sexier than the moment Ira Glass' voice overlays "Formation" at the end of ep. 579???!
“We live in a world where joy and empathy and pleasure are all around us, there for the noticing.” . ― Ira Glass,...
"... you've just gotta fight your way through" ~Ira Glass (born 3/3/1959)
NPR using "Triumph" as a bumper. Ira Glass entering the 36 Chambers.
I get a bad enough dude to uphold the status of a BOOGZlEplpie… though be warned… the red unitron, bisected by a terrified ira glass.
I've read the poker books, but at this point, everybody who's playing has r...
I hate dream sequences in movies and T.V. shows generally for their heavy-h...
Definitely! I'm referencing my Team Ira stance on why it's time to move on:
I've been listening to so much This American Life while driving that an otherworldly Ira Glass has started narrating things in my head
PSA it's Ira Glass' bday, the truest maverick of modern storytelling. HBD Ira, your American Life has changed the American Life, thank you 🎉
Happy birthday, Ira Glass! The famous radio personality was born. in this day in 1959 in Baltimore before going on...
Great advice from the great Ira Glass: .
Happy Birthday to Ira Glass, who turns 57 today!
"The thing that we don't learn when we are learning to write in school is how to make it fascinating." -Ira Glass
"Look guys, I may not read the paper or know what an 'ira glass' is, but I have depth!"
I would call Ira Glass daddy if he asked like just being real
Quote of the Day. I have been shocked at the number of people who don't watch television. Ira Glass. Discuss here:
The original video that Ira Glass quote comes from!
Stephen Dubner and Ira Glass are like, voice brothers are something
Is that more or less distracting than Ira Glass-style speech?
it's okay, any entity that has a tacit alignment with Ira Glass or Peter Sagal tends to irritate this grumpy guy
Happy Monday & Remember - Great stories happen to people who can tell them. — Ira Glass
"From WBEZ-Chicago it's 'This American Life'... Distributed by Public Radio International..I'm Ira Glass. Stay with us... ".
Words of wisdom from Ira Glass on creativity via
Traditional broadcast media seems old-fashioned and vague to me. When I wat...
this might be of use to your students? Can still buy pdf for a few dollars
glass Steagall was repealed by bill clinton. Bnks SYPHENED mid class ira's. Bernie missing the point
lmao her husband BILL repealed glass Steagall! # reason for inequality, her endorsers (big bnks) syphening mid class ira's snake!
My dad has thus ruled: Ira Glass is "the most obnoxious person on the face of the earth."
Watch "Ira Glass on Storytelling" on Thanks for sharing to all creatives!
Ira Glass looks like a mix of Elliott Gould and Elvis Costello.
Dream Halftime Show: Ira Glass telling stories. Maybe and Sarah Koenig make an appearance?
Daniel Pinkwater reads Ducks! [audio, about 7 minutes]. Ira Glass, host of This American Life, on Ducks!.
This 1-minute explanation by Ira Glass totally changed my outlook on what it takes to be successful. via
Been up early. Trying to catch that morning inspiration. Here's some more inspiration from Ira Glass.
“You'll hit gold more often if you simply try out a lot of things.”. — Ira Glass
Reporters tend to find in others what they are suited to find, so there is ...
Hi, this is Ira Glass, this week on This American Life, we'll tell stories of people stuck in traffic but they have to go t…
Advice from Ira Glass about what artists/writers need to know when they start out. Helpful. .
"For the first couple years you make stuff," public radio host Ira Glass stated once, "it's just not
Radio comes alive as reinvents radio in
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
if anyone knows, can answer this. Is there an in-character Ira Glass like broadcaster for Eve?
Here’s what I really want: Ira Glass, but for EVE Online. This New Eden Life
I just added "Ira Glass on Storytelling-HD created by from David Shiyang Liu" to...
Great advice for every writer from Ira Glass.
more or less awkward when ira glass interviewed mike daisey over the fabricated story TAL aired?
📹 (via Ira Glass on the Creative Process (- YouTube)
I don't know how to read. I get all my news from Jon Stewart every day.
This is a fantastic idea. I used to use "This American Life" in a similar way, largely due to Ira Glass' voice.
At any stage of any long term creative process (especially the beginning) this is gold. Ira Glass on Storytelling
It'd be pretty tight to chill with ira glass
Ira Glass gives sage advice on how to stay the course and not give up on your creative work as a new writer -
Ira Glass has some wise words for us all...
"Today on our program, Three Kings, Three Gifts, Three VERY Different Stories. I'm Ira Glass. Stay with us.".
Comic books aren't only for kids! Have you read any of these Jewish graphic novels?
It's so brutal. Heard vocal fry before as well -Ira Glass has the most vocal fry out of any of them!
let's forget the Ira Glass tickets and win the lotto instead!
Ira Glass, Nancy Updike, and Dan Ephron discuss the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin at the
Ira Glass isn't talking about crafting here, but the message is so relevant.
Ira Glass has some amazing lines on this.
from "You just have to fight your way through" quote from
Somewhere, Ira Glass is feeling around on the floor, Velma-style.
Don't Give Up!: THE GAP by Ira Glass from Daniel Sax on Vimeo.I thought this was pretty perfect ...
I guess I like opera now. Thanks . via
In fact, everything tastes basically the Ira Glass of making people not embarrassed by posing for a photo?
I only got through Ira Glass's intro and the Michael Lewis story, but it kept me captivated and taking manic notes for hours.
5. Sleepwalk with Me: interesting and funny. Very small appearance by Ira Glass (wedding photographer).
Note to self: do not write Ina May when you mean Ira Glass.
Of course I've heard the original Making a Murderer case because of an old Radiolab episode. Six degrees of Ira Glass.
oh no, I could hear Ira Glass' voice as I read that
I rarely get really inspired or motivated by talks and articles, but Ira Glass does the trick magically well: .
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"Ira Glass explains improv" is both a hacky sketch premise and the actual content of the This American Life Christmas episode.
Ira Glass's vocal fry makes me SWOON
it's not short, but have you seen the Ira Glass quote on taste? One of the most inspirational things I've heard in a while.
"The Gap," a theory on creativity by Ira Glass. (needed to hear this today)
Video: a stunning Chris Ware animation based on an Ira Glass radio piece via
I dont know what Ira Glass looks like but in my mind he is JJ Abrams.
Life protip: listen to Ira Glass at 1/2 speed.
From Ayn Rand to Orthodox Babysitters, the best Jewish graphic novels of
Ira Glass has a good quote on this:
Ira glass and Sarah Koenig say their own names so casually like I could never say anything so casually.
The glass ceiling for SF is caused by Belfast control, they need new image and not past of IRA/SF
I don't read novels, but my semiotics study influenced everything about the way ...
Listened to This American Life on way to work and loved the bit about vocal fry + how Ira Glass tells listeners they're old *** However.
Graphic Novels continue to have their day.
Top 10 Jewish graphic novels of 2015, via What are your picks?
I am sure my dad had these on his reading list b4 me: the 8 Best Jewish Graphic Novels of 2015
This was the latest example: "Ira Glass launches deadly attack on Libyan oil towns."
I don't know if it's a font thing or illiteracy or an extreme podcast bias, but I have been misreading "Isis" as "Ira Glass" far too often.
I wonder if Ira Glass would wanna hang out with me.
Podcast Nico Muhly and Ira Glass on Composers and the Internet | The New York Public Library via
The only glass ceiling I'm tryna break is Ira's
I think the name of the show, 'This American Life' - we named it that just becau...
Read these amazing books! The best Jewish graphic novels of 2015
I bet the person who told Rachel Maddow she was funny is the same one told Ira Glass too
If I can drink a beer alone at Maxine's, I can see Ira Glass by myself
Which is why I have trouble listening to the show - Ira Glass has always had vocal fry. I try to get over it but it's a personal peeve.
Radio brought to life with Ira Glass, company at Zellerbach – Daily Californian...
Squirming in his chair, this is how Mike Daisey tried to rationalize his embellishments/fabrications to Ira Glass.
This is so great - The New York Public Library Podcast: Nico Muhly & Ira Glass on Composers & the Internet
There are times when I'm listening to This American Life and 100% convinced Ira Glass is a Fred Armisen character.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
If Zach Woods got married and invited me to his bachelor party it would just be a group interview of Ira Glass.
Brilliant people I've pointed out the bathroom and balcony to over the past 4 days for theater gig: Ira Glass, John Oliver, & David Byrne.
Very cool partnership with Ira Glass and the for bringing the mag'a latest cover to life.
Just learned that Ira Glass and Phillip Glass are related. Can I go to that Thanksgiving? Please?
This atheist-Christian dialogue gives me hope. Way to go, Ira Glass and Jim Henderson!
Our friend, Stephen Colbert and Ira Glass, host of "This American Life" put together this awesome video for us.
Join Ira Glass, Nancy Updike & Dan Ephron for a special edition of + thx
Me, Nancy Updike and Dan Ephron talk abt 20th Anniv of Rabin assassination tomorrow night at NYPL
May still have a chance if you've got the Ira Glass voice. ;)
Ira Glass is a national treasure. (In other news, Serial will be on Pandora)
I was thinking about that Ira Glass quote about taste: (which I can't hear often enough)
.has a secret movie project + he's letting you in on it tomorrow night. Tickets free, but RSVP required:
I don't do anything except listen to This American Life, I LOVE IRA GLASS SO MUCH I have infinite knowledge of EVERYTHING thanks to him 😘👏🏻
I'm seeing Ira Glass and Nancy Updike speak at the in two days and I can't eat or sleep.
Why does the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin still divide Israelis today?
So, let me get this straight...Ira Glass ISN'T a Dave Foley character?
New blog come my previous one on Ira Glass, This American Life
"Narrative is a kind of back door into something very deep inside us." -Ira Glass
My sleeping Iphone just 'heard' say "did you ever say I love you back?" TAL No.571, and responded by saying "thats impossible"
lol at Max Linsky asking Ira Glass about podcasters mimicking his voice while speaking in an Glass-like tone himself
So, geographically speaking, Ira Glass is Khaleesi and is a Lannister? I think this needs to be mirrored.
I wish Ira Glass would narrate my life.
This week on The Guestlist, talks turbo pop and talks early rock.
I just heard Ira Glass use the word "janky".
"It’s normal to take awhile. You’ve just gotta fight your way through.". Ira Glass
I stumbled across this Ira Glass quote that I'm about to share years ago and it put a lot of things in perspective for me.
Listening to NPR while I'm hiking, because Ira Glass' voice is inspiring.
I'm listening to a This American Life from 1996 and I'm embarrassed for Ira Glass that he hadn't seen Scarface at the time.
Ira Glass of This American Life stopped by on Halloween to do a short piece on the theater! Check out this sneak...
If I could punch anyone in the face it'd probably be Ira Glass
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Ira Glass just said "Janky" on This American Life and has forever validated the use of that word.
Those guys at the truck stop didn't appreciate my Ira Glass impression
the quote from Ira Glass makes more sense now though.
IRA Glass - more fodder for the 20th c. geopolitical improv troupe
Thought I'd try to listen to a particularly interesting-seeming This American Life but I couldn't bear ira glass's voice for over 3 seconds
Come to hear of 20 years after the assassination of Rabin, WHAT?
I got up early to finish some drawings and put this interview with Ira Glass on in the background:
Just home from four wonderful shows of 3 Acts in Chicago... So good to be back on the road with this show. Next...
What if David Glass is related to Ira Glass?
*Ira Glass, to Stephanie Foo, looking at this map*. "No, we don't go over there, that's Kevin Rose territory"
Ira Glass was trolling hard this last This American Life ep. when he tried to explain to the "older listeners" what Put a Ring on It means.
Dear writers: watch this. Ira Glass on "the gap.".
no ken I think your your sons Hero to give him class and show him Ira glass that the making of a good son from a hero dad
personally, I find that Sony products best compliment the Ira glass audio experience
Your telephone is ringing I'm Ira Glass thank you for being a sustaining member of public radio everyone has a story & your phone's story is
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
...that it's ringing. . (Thanks Ira Glass and Bojack Horseman for giving me the best ringtone)
Hey love the podcast map - looks like you have a typo for 'Ira Glass'
Best time with these ladies. Frozen banana stand worker, pikachu, and the sexy Ira Glass.…
Waiting for brunch with when Ira Glass walked by. J.C. fanboyed so hard and shook his hand.
Pretty cool Ira Glass Dance Show themed Halloween with my my true blue BFFs: Laura, Brian, Jennifer…
Did you know Philip Glass and Ira Glass are cousins? I did
LAST Halloween joke: a Trick would be getting phone sex, but the voice is Ira Glass's. The Treat would be Jessica Lange
Reporter did such a nice job explaining why and I are doing this show together
Ira Glass twirling a baton. Because of course.
You would be surprised by how many costume contests you don't win with a sexy Ira Glass costume.
I'm basically looking for a man who has the voice of Ira Glass and the face of Armie Hammer.
A2: The Smithsonian Institute and Ira Glass are two of my faves.
ugggh reminds me of Ira Glass scapegoating Mike Daisey
FWIW Have yet to c debut, my sister who saw test show last week (Katie Couric, Ira Glass & Joseph Arthur) says tht was better
Test taping! I saw Ira Glass do a Virginia Slims ad and heard Katie Couric play the melodica. What…
Celebrity lookalikes on the Z train today: a somehow taller Ray Allen, Margret Cho, Proposition Joe, Ira Glass, and Kris Humphries.
Great advice from Ira Glass, for creatives for sure, but for whatever you aspire to. So good.
Awesome episode of the about media coverage, past & present, to change.
I forgot how good this is. Ira glass
This one-way-glass outhouse is on my pooping bucket.. -
I would think that Ira Glass probably has stronger ankles than poor Jack.
I think Ira Glass and I sound quite similar.
To quote Ira Glass: "if snakes get fire, what will we do?"
I missed earlier this month that This American Life is becoming its own company:
The guy narrating this documentary has a very Ira Glass-esque voice.
That point Ira Glass talks about, where your taste exceeds your skill? Totally there with sketch notes.
Bill Nighy tops VF's best dressed list. By transitive glasses and coif property, Ira Glass should be on it next year:
Perhaps my favorite TAL ever. I LOVE when Ira Glass says, "oh, honey."
All in the Family: Stars you didn't know were related | Ira Glass and Philip Glass | via
Remember in Flash Gordon when Ornela Muti or someone says, "Oh no...not the BORE WORMS?" I'm like that for Ira Glass quot…
There's an Ira Glass parody in OITNB and I recognized who he was supposed to be in a split-second before he said anything
Sarah Vowell's recounting of Ira Glass and Gary Covino hosting The Wild Room in 1995 paints a much different Ira than I'd imagined on TAL.
you know who hijacked this whole conversation? Lou Diamond Philip Roth Ira Glass
Shamu can do, but Dr. Philip Roth Ira Glass... is in "Unbreakable"
While you're young it's important to Philip Roth Ira Glass
as an adult I've learned to prefer Roth Ira Glass
Any time there's an Ira Glass joke on TV I make sure to laugh so everyone (read: my four walls) knows I'm cultured
Had a great day with the Navy, despite my angst about speaking after Ira Glass. Then gave two…
I know we all love Ira Glass. I do. But do you guys thing maybe it is possible that he unbuttons his shirt just like, one too many buttons?
there's a thinkpiece in there somewhere. ira glass lost 30lbs when he was going to be on HBO. those days r over
Old but still just as relevant today as 10 years ago: storytelling mainfesto via transom_org
When you find a cool project + it was inspired by that Ira Glass quote bc OF COURSE IT WAS
idk if it's bc I've listened to so many episodes of this American life but ira glass's voice is so comforting to me
Question is integration, or as host Ira Glass says, “old-fashioned Brown v. Board of Education 1954 technology.”
I have too many, it's overwhelming! Like I kept the cap to the coke Ira Glass gave me from his dressing room. I'll think!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Watched THE GAP loving Ira Glass's words about the gap between one's taste and skills -
On this subject, I IMPLORE EVERYONE EVER to listen to Ira Glass's thoughts on creativity:
First cousin once-removed of Ira Glass of This American Life!
Ira Glass related the adage, "Great stories happen to those who can tell them."
imagine This American Lifehack wherein Ira Glass talks to people doing things slightly better than the rest of us
last one but I have seen NPR's Ira Glass shill Nick Kroll's friends. what was done with is glaring and gross.
when someone is willing to abdicate ethics as Ira Glass did with Tig Notaro, Stef Willlen and Nick Kroll. NPR is not clean
The minute it was known that something very fishy was up with Ira Glass's shilling for Tig Notaro. the story died?
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