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Iowa City

Iowa City is a city in Johnson County, State of Iowa.

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I am absolutely livid the Froggy Fresh/Money Maker Mike concert in Iowa City sold out tonight 😪
The Iowa Army National Guard team is made up of soldiers based in Davenport, Waterloo, Iowa City, and Boone.
Retiring official says that after four decades in Iowa City, the city has become a part of him.
Ohio State Buckeyes is performing in Iowa City on at Carver Hawkeye Arena on Thu Jan 04, 2018 - 3:30:00.We have t…
Bobcats are 2-1 so far in Iowa City with wins over Durant and Davis County.
Talking union rights & with Iowans book tour stop in Iowa City.…
I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be teaching a workshop at the . Iowa Writers' House in Iowa City, December 1-3. http…
City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to Use SiteSeer Professional for Retail Recruitment Efforts - Benzi...
After a two year absence, the girls cross country team returned to host a meet. Click the link for more results. . https:/…
Watch for areas of fog to start your day, especially in Iowa City and points south:
It's state of Iowa welcoming gangs from Illinois with Section 8 housing and promise of welfare. SE I…
♦◊ Early 1900s postcards of historic Iowa city with horse drawn carriages
Three injured in early Sunday morning shooting in Iowa City
Beautiful day for softball here in Iowa City!
The daily Gate City and constitution-Democrat. Keokuk, Iowa listened to the voice of Pope B…
Iowa City Police Investigate Report of Robbery. The Iowa City Police Department is investigating a report of a...
It seems like Halloween is our group of friend's holiday. Iowa City in Vegas
Two men arrested after shooting in Iowa City Ped Mall
Iowa city bro. Come see how we living
KCRG SYC Spotlight: Volunteers encourage others to clean up city KCRG Cedar Rapids, Iowa…
If you're planning to go to some Hawkeye games, you're going to want to check out how your route might change.
'It just takes one mistake:' Lost floaters rescued by drone in northeast Iowa - Quad City Times | DronePilots -
Middle of Nowhere festival brings electronic music home to Iowa City
With multiple gunshot victims/active shooters, this could have escalated: Extraordinary discipline shown by ICPD.
Check out this new video showcasing some great places in Polk City, Iowa
Due to the large volume of inquiries from parents, Iowa City officers have confirmed the victims are not University of Io…
Observer Online No. 24 Irish pick up one tie, one win in Iowa City Observer Online Facing off…
The average rate for a 5/1 adjustable-rate mortgage in Sioux City, Iowa is 3.08%, up from 3.07% last week.
I'll be in Iowa City, IA on 9/5 for my HAIL TO THE CHIN 2017 Book Tour.
Shots fired in 815: might make the 10pm news, just a regular day. Shots fired in Iowa City:lockdown city, 18 cop cars,…
On one hand I think Iowa city definitely needs a fountain on the other hand I know it's going to be treated like a kiddie pool after 11pm
Is there by chance someone looking for a roommate? In Iowa city or Cedar Rapids.
i'm just happy i moved to iowa city bc El Patron has $1 tacos and $2 margaritas 3 days a week i am living
Almost went to the Iowa city DSA meeting this past Saturday. They're a good start, but I dunno man.
she said "I thought boys in Iowa city were supposed to be nice but you're an *** then like flipped her hair an…
Every day in Iowa city I almost get ran over
Found recent upload of 1992 Hayden Fry 30 min interview from Iowa City library.
Uptown, Minneapolis is whack. Super lame college town, it's just like the Ped Mall in Iowa City. Wanna take a girl shopping there though
UPDATE: Robbers make off with cell phones in Iowa City:
Ames water is better than Iowa City water!!
Omg that's crazy 😂 I guarantee you though, I'm most definitely in Ames and not Iowa City 😉
I say that, but Iowa City actually talks more about ISU football than Ames does. IC is…
Infamous confederate general Jon Miller dreams about his plantation back in Iowa City
Part of the reason ISU likely redshirts women is that, other than the meet in Iowa City & the JV race at Wisconsin, the fields are too good.
We see you Ashley Smith (CIA alum)! Glad to see you back home in Iowa City! She is the one dancing…
Iowa City Press Citizen Equity in Iowa City parks and schools: We will be better off when we are…
No one was injured in Iowa City house fire that caused $30,000 in damage
Here's what seven Iowa City school board candidates had to say on topics such as seclusion rooms:
Depending on where you are, that's just like having breakfast in Iowa City, lunch in Coralville and dinner in North Liberty.
ICYMI: I uploaded video from the Iowa City school board Community Rocks forum. Check it out!
A UI junior studying environmental policy and planning is joining the race for an Iowa City council seat
Iowa City school bond is the right investment at the right time Iowa City Press Citizen As a former…
ICYMI: Here is the lineup for the coming this fall to Iowa City
In addition to "Championship Friday" for tourney, state swim meet returning to Iowa City
6 new Iowa City-area restaurants returning UI students should go to
.will look to to lead. Iowa City-area teams face challenges this fall.
Without or who leads Iowa City-area teams face challenges this fall.
Fall practice begins today. Here are some top storylines to watch for each Iowa City-area team.
Can offense match last season's output? Iowa City-area teams face challenges this fall.
Who steps into shoes for Iowa City-area teams face challenges this fall. https…
Iowa City you did well this weekend, minus my broken hip. Or what ever the *** happened. Don't do cart wheels in the per mall.
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If 1st concerts include ones family took us to, mine was Chuck Mangione in Iowa City...I'd rather keep saying Love…
Iowa City folks! Spencer Williams' (ALIEN PINK is available at Prairie Lights! Snag one while you can…
Here's a cool way to meet new friends. Get out and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!
Iowa City, blew my mind you doing a show here. Be there for sure
"It'd mean everything": Trojans seeking first state title for Coach Stumpff.
See our latest IA and click to apply: Physican - MS -
Five day-trips for Iowa City hikers and nature lovers
It was a great pleasure to participate in this important event. via
Interested in E. Polk boards or councils? It's time to file paperwork!
Nebraska man stabbed to death in Sioux City, police say SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) - Iowa auth…
There's nothing quite like GameDay Saturdays in Iowa City
HEY MIDWEST CITY WITH THAT SHOUTOUT. But for real though OK is in the South. We are not the Midwest. That's I…
Man accused of stealing bike from Iowa City police storage | The Gazette
The commentary is awesome! Hard to believe he's been in Iowa City 19 years!
Former Sioux City baseball player J.D. Scholten to run for Congress in Iowa's 4th via
A former independent-league baseball player from Sioux City will challenge Steve King in Iowa’s 4th District.
Scholten says Steve King is "a representative that talks more about European issues or the Texas border" than Iowa. http…
Remembering I move back to Iowa City in a week
This might be a great fit for you: LPN - Mercy Clinics (Neurology) - IA
Have booked my family's flights to Iowa City! Super excited for this great American rabbinic adventure and our new lives. USA, here we come!
Sioux City radio row at the baseball tournament. and and KFHC Catholic radio ready f…
Do I really want school to start or do I just wanna be in Iowa City lmao
Truly heartbreaking video of a father sending his daughter to Iowa City
Five day-trips for the nature-lover, all within an hour of Iowa City.
Check this out: Iowa City Downtown District hires its first public art director -
Orange city rocks. Great host city for the first night
There's nothing like a summer in Iowa City ☀️🌻
We're Read about our latest opening here: Staff Nurse (Telemetry, 1st Shift) -
Can't wait for Iowa City... where nobody questions why you're from Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, or even Arkansas
I think the dateline for this article is a bit confused. Is it supposed to be Sioux Falls, South Dakota or Sioux City, Iowa?
Did you know that Young Life has adventure camping programs?! 🏕 . . Check out this video from Young Life Iowa City's adventu…
Yeah😂 Koy got a better job in Iowa City 😅
Not quite as nice as what you are looking at, but it suits Iowa City well :)
Chatted w/ seniors about what it'd mean to win 1st state title for Coach Charlie Stumpff.
Iowa City West hopes to add state title to resume
Iowa City is full of amazing access to authors. Maybe this one at is for you!
it just hit me that i'm not going back to Iowa City until my spring break (Easter Weekend) and even that's a very strong maybe
Road construction scheduled for Hebl Ave will require Landfill closure on July 15 - Iowa City
Looking at photos of Iowa City last night led to reading about Iowa's first office building with a net-zero design.…
More fun memories of Marion camp last week! Coming in July are Entrepreneur Camps in Iowa City and Des Moines as...
Full-time scientist for a position as an Associate-Iowa City, Iowa-UIHC, Carver College of Medicine, Department of
had to call the Iowa City fire department, man was on fire!
Tonight will be performing at The Theatre in Iowa City, Iowa. Get your tickets!
Also didn't know you were out in Nebraska, I was in Iowa for the longest time. Iowa City and Dubuque specifically.
Thank you to Sasha Smith and Chris Oehler of Iowa City for purchasing your Dodge Dakota from Scott Leedom. We are...
Little Giant Ladders
I miss all of my Iowa City girls way too much right now 😩😩😩
HI, I miss you. Can you come back to IC now @ Iowa City, Iowa
Iowa City has spoiled me rotten. I'm gonna miss it so much.
When you finally realize that you'll be away from Iowa City for the whole summer
The two day is bringing eight comedic events to Iowa City on Friday and Saturday.
It's going to get weird this weekend with Tony Clifton & the bringing the laughs to Iowa City.
So u ever going to have a town meeting within the city limits of Clinton-Davenport-Iowa City? If u h…
Iowa City man claims $2M Powerball prize from July drawing - Iowa City Press Citizen
The international visit will help the Iowa City of Literature celebrate its tenth anniversary:
Iowa City's Flyover Fashion Festival takes over this weekend with fashion shows, concerts & more
Iowa City's Flyover Fashion Festival is more than just a fashion show via
'Legend of Zelda' dream comes true at Iowa City milk bar via
Plans are moving forward for a new seven-story development in downtown Iowa City
If I rent them some busses, will the entire US Senate take a field trip to Iowa City for a briefing so I can look powerful too?
Iowa City artist to launch new magazine - The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines
Chimney sweep & inspection at this home in Iowa City, IA today. We were able to get...
Read what happens when an Iowa City man finds a mysterious package offering a "part of me" from a stranger
Iowa City police are learning wrestling moves from
Iowa City police officers are turning to an unusual source for their defensive tactics training:
Iowa City police officers turned to an unusual source for defensive tactics training: the team:
Iowa City & officers are working with wrestling team for defensive tactics training.
Iowa City Press Citizen Fred Hersch Trio and more Iowa City entertainment best bets: April 13-19…
Floodwater takes a year off, hosts comedy competition in Iowa City
Always. But I have a feeling you're not coming to Iowa City for it. Why didn't you ask when I was…
Lots of info on 19 Iowa City-area 2018 prospects you should keep track of, + great insight from http…
For the other half of the Iowa City area, has you covered.
Also in today's Rounding up some Iowa City-area track and field a month into the season.
.ranks as the 4th best place to live in the US, behind Rochester, Iowa City & Ann Arbor. Do you agree?
Judge in Iowa City rules the Kinnick Stadium-shaped house can proceed: .
Many options tonight in Iowa City. So glad I chose the reading by at Took lots of notes, had many feelings. A+
Most important trip this summer: visiting Chloe in Iowa City to celebrate her med school white coat ceremony & 21st bday on the same day.
I'm going to Iowa City for my final law school visit tomorrow, which means I also get to go to Prairie Lights!
Desmond King's portrait on Iowa's all-American wall. Kirk Ferentz talks future at 3. Hello from Iowa City
that's sure what it sounds like to me. Iowa City like
.Iowa City location is officially open! 🍻
There is a Masonic Lodge in Iowa City. If I knock on their door will they let me join?
Winter storm watch for tomorrow and Monday now includes Cedar Rapids/Iowa City, as well as Waterloo/Cedar Falls and north Iow…
The Winter Storm Watch area has been expanded and includes Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and...
Say hello to Central Plains' 5th and newest Locker going live today in Coralville/Iowa City, IA!
Congratulations to the for their nail bitter win over Iowa City in the Girls 5A State Tournament.…
Iowa City has TIED its daily high temp record at 66° early this afternoon
At 66° early this afternoon, Iowa City has tied its daily high temperature record set in 1932
Looks like Dubuque, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City have broken their daily high temp record as of 1130. Waterloo tied. More warming left
Behind-the-Scenes shooting at Kinnick Stadium today in Iowa City
Update: first time going back to Iowa City since this. hoping I won't have to call the police this weekend :,)
Checking in on one of my happy places to see if it helps (@ Kinnick Stadium - in Iowa City, IA)
But it's Iowa City. To be expected. More Dems there b/c of University. We're not talking Mason City.
Weekend in Iowa City: ✔️. Next weekend we're headed to the always lovely Cedar Falls. Big 3 Mini Tour baybay c'mon.
As usual Wig and Pen in Iowa City knocks it out of the park. A must-stop for anyone traveling through
We have reviewed the matter in Iowa City involving driver Matt Uhrin. He remains a FedEx employee & we have no plans to change h…
Gas stations in the Michigan v. Iowa City is
Head coach Kirk Ferentz and offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz Monday in Iowa City.
MEET WEEK! open the season Saturday at the Border Battle in Iowa City!
The line for Zombie Burger in Iowa City is hilariously and expectedly long.
I'm at Clarion Highlander Inn and Conference Center - in Iowa City, IA
So there's a Zombie Burger in Iowa City now... when was someone gonna tell me?
The Zombie epidemic has come to Iowa City. @ Zombie Burger + Shake Lab Iowa City
Maybe the reason there is so much sin in Iowa City is because there is a drawing in the public library called "Lucifer Entering Iowa City"
En route to Iowa City. I'll make it wrestling, by car or by husky.
When it's 2:18 in Iowa City, what time is it in Ames?. Oh, right, it's 42 to 3.
Big game in Iowa City today. A win and some help from Minnesota, Nebraska will play for a Big Ten title next week. https:/…
Just 10 of the 23,132 ACTs taken in Iowa this year were perfect; 3 came from Iowa City schools:
Heading to cover Vermont Sen. .at College Green Park in Iowa City. Doors opened at 1:45 for the park w no doors
TODAY: returns to Iowa City, where he enjoyed some of his greatest victory margins in the '16 caucuses. Follow for coverage.
Bernie Sanders in Iowa City today: IOWA CITY — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders returns to Iowa today and Saturday to…
Word of advice if you're in Iowa City;. Do not wear any Cleveland Indians apparel tonight, matter of fact don't even dres…
It's the Johnson County Courthouse back home in Iowa City. Such a cool, Halloween-like pic!
Anyone from Iowa City tryna go last minute to see the Stars Hollow, Internet Dating, Geez show at TRM tonight??
If you are in Iowa City tonight, check out the public forum about the Presidential election.
Best sloth ever is "Rusty' @ the University of Iowa Natural History Museum in Iowa City, Iowa…
I hear Iowa City is nice, I've only visited Dubuque, Ames, and Cedar Rapids in Iowa. Enjoy the midwest and safe travels.
Midwest run with kicks off tonight in Iowa City. this should be an interesting few days 😎
IU Senior Alex Elliott presented at the Midwest Archaeological Conference last week in Iowa City.…
performing "Iowa City" at The Kid Ink Concert!. Catch him live Sept 30th performing at Gab…
had to stop at Prairie Lights in Iowa City of course. got new book "A Culinary History of Iowa," which I've been enjoying in the car
9:29 Clown sighting . Iowa City,Iowa. by mayflower residence hall , they said they were looking for Nicole Miller
Iowa City! You have 2.5 hours left to vote @ the public library! Ready set go!!! (You can vote everyday until Nov 8 at…
Board of Adjustment votes 2-2, the motion has failed. Meaning the board has "no power" to override Iowa City city council ruling
3 and Out: Tenure that's not really tenure. Plus: has Van Ginkel in Iowa City this weekend --
Looking forward to having back in Iowa City this weekend!
Election night I'll be in Iowa City, watching the votes roll in, at George's bar. I'll hug you if you show proof you voted.
🏃cross country is heading to Iowa City on Saturday for the Iowa Invitational: Regional Preview. PREVIEW ⬇️
For all those people who thought staying in instead of going downtown in Iowa City was safer/less weird...
at the Old Capitol in Iowa City for the reception.
The only thing Iowa City is missing is the Willow Run and
The highlights and reaction from Iowa City on another stunning college football Saturday:
If anyone wants to send me some Starbucks gift cards my address is 100 Mayflower Hall, Room 428C, Iowa City, IA, 52245
Iowa City police are investigating an alleged assault over the weekend where they say a man was hit with a bottle.
As much as I love Iowa City and the Hawkeyes, I'm so so glad I go to a university where only like five people my high school attend
It's back to school week in Iowa City! returns 8/24/16. Remember, 1st Ave. is closed. Safety tips:
First Ave will close in Iowa City starting tomorrow, 8/20/16. Watch a brief video update from the project engineer.
I’m dreaming of the day a bar in downtown Iowa City plays El Caballo Dorado 😞
Iowa City holds remembrance for James Alan McPherson -
At a remembrance for one of Iowa City's greatest writers, the own James Alan McPherson at
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Art of the deal: Iowa City siblings' 'woman' cards poke at Trump…
"I just moved to Iowa City, from NYC, where I was working Wardrobe on Broadway's The King and I and Stage 42's...
Stop by Hy-Vee on 1st Ave in Iowa City today and donate to Table 2 Table! A $25 donation goes a long way, plus...
When I say that I went to grad school in Iowa City, people often assume that I went to the ...
I'm reading in Iowa City at 2pm today! Thanks so much to in Chicago for last night.
Bond issue is key for school board hopeful Paul Roseler
Iowa City West receiver Oliver Martin on ESPN U right now playing 7-on-7 at The Opening.
Also today in history,in 2006 he beat Val Venis on Raw in Sioux city,Iowa.
Everyone in Iowa City who likes stories about refuse collectors & animal dismemberment should for sure head to today at 2pm.
Quad City area group adding OB/GYN - Loan Repayment We are currently scheduling interviews for an excell...
Lots of Iowa City area people like to run. This, we can understand.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I was born in Iowa City and spent my early childhood on a hippie commu...
Iowa City officials debating best use of form-based code
summer is cool and all but I'm ready for Iowa city & football games 🏈
The iowa city pride parade was rly small and cute, on children's tv, I feel so alive rn
Lol was downtown Iowa City and I witnessed so many people running and trying to get the Pokémon. What is the world coming to 😂
Officially met the BIGGEST hardo in Iowa City.
Carrying my brother home from the bars in Iowa City was not part of the plan
They play in Iowa City on August 9th. You really should go.
I'm up now cause I want to get lit 🙄 but I bet you when I get back to Iowa City Imma be sleep at this time 😭
I'm in the quad cities!! Lmao not Iowa city plus ur too cool for me anyways
Can't wait to get back to Iowa City
middle of summer and Iowa city isn't hurtin at all downtown. it's... yeah 🔥
Haveli Indian Cuisine on Seriously good Indian food. Best Indian in the greater Iowa city/coralville area, a…
A frat guy just snapped me a video of him peeing in a urinal while opening a bottle of whisky... I miss iowa city
Group in Iowa City spreads happiness following national events
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Save the date: Kids fly for free with the Young Eagles on 7/16/16 at the Iowa City Airport htt…
I had to help my older sister move today but it was worth it bc of this little guy I found in Iowa City
totally addicting i was downtown Iowa City and saw thirty people playing
I'll be back on some weekends & U guys can stay in Iowa city with me sometimes ❤️
an Iowa city native that grew up watching the Hawkeyes? I think we still get a good chance man
Brothers in iowa city is s joke lolol
Sioux City Journal Model behavior: SB-L senior graces fashion mags, runways when not in school…
Complaint: City water official in Iowa faked tests for years
When it's Saturday night and no one wants to go out so u decide to just roam Iowa city and catch Pokemon ok cool I guess
Iowa City community members gather to discuss recent violence
We're very honored to announce that we're bringing the Phi Kappa Psi Grand Chapter award back to Iowa City!...
Bobby Lutz, the coach the Bulls hired to coach the Windy City Bulls, is a former Fred Hoiberg assistant at Iowa State. The
"I'm not gonna call a cab, I'm gonna drink" Iowa City will always be my favorite.
What a lovely evening to walk around Iowa city and help fellow citizens find Pokemon
you sure you're playin Iowa City on the 13th?? I've been looking at website, and you're not listed..???
"Rumor has it that the state of Iowa is one big cornfield. This is…true, minus Iowa City."
EntreFest, which was held in Iowa City in 2015, is under new management and plans to return next year
What Bashu Chinese Cuisine serves is wild and spicy compared to the rest of the Iowa City food scene
.and I invite you to Iowa City for going to be AMAZING!
ICYMI; Get an early look at the findings among Iowa City's underground beer caves.
Educators on the town in Iowa City. Think STEM and Art have a connection? Definitely!
A1: not unique, many people in Iowa City are hurt and angry
Barriers to services, a lack of voice are among parents' complaints about special education in Iowa City schools.
'Road diet': Reducing an Iowa City street from four lanes to two lanes of traffic and a center two-way turn lane.
Initiative that offers work space to visiting black artists in Iowa City to receive state grant dollars
Sons of Beatles come to perform in Iowa City this summer via
Repping at with this sweet Iowa City pin. (Thanks,
if Madelyn can make it to Ames, you can make it to Iowa City
Muscatine softball defeated Dubuque Senior in their 1st game in Iowa City
softball goes 2-0 on the day in Iowa City..defeating Dubuque Senior 8-3 in the second game.
Do you take Dubuque Street into Iowa City? Why you can expect traffic delays, closures:
Starting to miss Iowa City and all the people a very large amount...
Some seem to be overlooking student-run Iowa City forum featuring and two primary opponents.
Jimmy B. and Ryan G. of Iowa City and their 2014 BMW 320i. Jimmy had called and had asked about our BMW, saying...
Baccalaureate is tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Saint Patrick Catholic Church in Iowa City. Come celebrate Mass with our seniors!
Come on over to Iowa City. I'll be waiting in front of Carver. Guarantee you can't take me down.
freeflightbikes represented well today at the Sugar Cubed Marathon today in Iowa City.…
Courtney beat me 2 of 2 games playing the alphabet game this weekend driving to Iowa City and back. This is not okay.
Star Trek memorabilia is displayed at a special exhibit at the University of Iowa's Main Library in Iowa City. - Mason City Globe Gazette: …
Tht kid is very good lol saw him play Iowa City west and I thought he was the best player on the court
just heard you're headed to Iowa and West Des Moines! Friday the 13th is now an extremely lucky day! Check out Iowa City soon.
Crowd at the NAMA meeting at Kinze Manufacturing's Innovation (museum) Center on I-80 west of Iowa City. A must see!
Everyone, this week’s paint out on Saturday May 14th, 2016 will be at Kent Park, just west of Iowa City! Meet at...
Looking live from quarter mile in Iowa City. A little track and field state qualifying action from IC West. No engines today.
West High's Jiung Jung will play City High's Joe Hoff in the Class 2A district singles final at in Iowa City.
Order Miche Bag Online!
So glad to be done for the year 🙌🏻 Can't wait to come back to Iowa City!
The Owen and Leone Elliott Collection Inaugurating the Opening of the University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City
Texas man accused of sex abuse in Iowa City - via
Iowa City man found with meth lab, drugs in backpack - via
In Cedar Rapids, Iowa this morning. Heading down the Cedar River Trail in a few, then off to Iowa City to teach a couple of classes.
Drugs, stolen handgun found in Iowa City apartment - via
Thanks to Trumpet Blossom Cafe for being one of the first places in Iowa City to feature IBC beer!
A nearly 120-year-old house in Iowa City is moving tomorrow. Here's the route
West High girls golf finished fourth and City High finished eighth at the MVC Super Meet Monday in Iowa City.
Iowa City historians try to save part of university building - Dubuque Telegraph Herald
Are you ready for this? is coming to Iowa City and Coralville.
Iowa City siblings ready to deal in on 'The Woman Card': Zach and Zebby Wahls, a brother and sister pair from Iowa…
ACT to close McCarrel Center by 2018, affecting 60 Iowa City jobs via
Iowa City police found a shotgun, body armor and ammunition in the home of a convicted felon:
Looking to catch a ride with Uber in Iowa City? You're in luck now that they began offering rides since Thursday
City High student paper in Iowa City advances conversation on how Iowa schools teach
On the same day the city's ordinance amendment takes effect, will begin picking up Iowa City riders.
Justices toss Iowa City robbery conviction on unlawful search
Yes, Iowa City, the rumors are true: Uber is here.
will soon br broadcasting LOCALLY on the new low powered radio station KICI in Iowa City
Iowa City police found 62 ducks in an abandoned U-Haul van in the parking lot of the old North Dodge
Check this out - you have another great option in the state, not just the options in Ames and Iowa City.
Don't miss the May 2 on college campuses forum Bookstore, Iowa City. Details
Today and tomorrow! 20% OFF Handheld Pipes! Come down to for the best deals on glass in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids!
Early jump this morning to our annual Spring Meetings in ATL. Time to go sharpen the ax and bring great ideas back to Iowa City.
I am located in the Iowa City/ Cedar Rapids area. But luckily get to travel all over working with amazing EC teachers!
ICYMI: Amy Schumer shows some love for Iowa City
More Palace meetups for the Semi-Final! Let us know yours!. Lancaster Pa at Arooga's Rt. 462 Lancaster. Iowa City, IA at 2 Dogs Pub.
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