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Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery (commercially abbreviated and stylized as ID.) is a television network that is owned by Discovery Communications.

Homicide Hunter

This show on investigation discovery crazy
CI on WEHD: 'A Person of Interest' - The discovery of anthrax intensifies Goren and Eames' investigation into the murder of a former Air F..
I been watching Investigation Discovery the whole day 🙃😂
When your Saturday night consists of Chinese food and Investigation Discovery 😂😂
The Investigation Discovery Roku app Huge difference when I sign out of Spectrum - no streaming issues.
Just watched a few episodes of Fear Thy Neighbor on Investigation Discovery. Umm, be careful.
Sure am glad I've watched so much CSI and investigation discovery bc otherwise I'd be so *** lost Siri couldn't help me find my way 😩😩!
Watch the investigation discovery channel and you'll see all kinds of weird stories 😱
I feel like 7 out of 10 times I watch the investigation discovery channel Missouri is mentioned
It's official. I'm addicted to Investigation Discovery. I could watch this all day ❤️😍
The new season of Web of lies on investigation discovery is too lit
All the reenactment actors chosen for investigation discovery shows are extremely physically accurate to the people it's weirdly impressive
We had a wonderful couple of days in NYC! Thanks to FB, . h…
Investigation Discovery stories be having the quickest plot twists
I like to tell myself that I'm a adventurous person, but truthfully, all I do is babysit kids, cook, and watch investigation discovery 😂
idk I just went online to investigation discovery and they have the full thing on there for free
Little Giant Ladders
I don't watch tv a lot but when I do I either watch food network or investigation discovery
I hope you are watching "Investigation Discovery" right now for the story about rhe mysterious death of Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet.
Investigation Discovery Teams With the guard bees in snow
watched a serial ,A crime to remember on investigation discovery while having lunch cos my knee is hurting me a lot
/2 investigation and repetition. This model holds consistently true…
Investigation Discovery Channel will have me looking over my shoulder and suspecting everybody I know.
Don't get you a girl that watches investigation discovery shows cause if you *** her off she knows how to get away with murder
Just so everyone knows, the episode of Evil Stepmothers that I'm in premieres next week May 11th at 10 pm on Investigation Discovery!
*calls 911*. "Yes, I just want y'all to know how much Investigation Discovery I watch so if you need back up...". *silent…
they just need to give you a show on Investigation Discovery aka ID Channel already bro! I want Unsolved Mysteries w/host you!!!
Watching Investigation discovery waiting on my clothes to dry so I can get my party started 🎉
This new episode of Fear thy Neighbor on Investigation Discovery features Houston now I'm really interested 😂
Does Trump know that by starting an investigation he opens himself up to discovery, potentially verifying…
People who love the natural world tell people to not be afraid of investigation, of discovery. So, don't. Don't be afraid. Investigate.
Tues Apr 26, tune in to on Investigation Discovery ID. They'll be highlighting Mac's case. https:/…
Don't miss this new series on Investigation Discovery (ID TV)! Starts Wed. https:…
I love plane crash investigations & investigation discovery documentaries so much! Murder cases too.
Just finished watching the Casey Anthony documentary on Investigation Discovery. It's clearly obvious that Aaron Hernandez killed her baby.
I watch "Homicide Hunter" on Investigation Discovery; RARELY is the murderer in Colorado Spgs white; mostly Hispanic or black
I wonder if Jason Simpson will sue Investigation Discovery, parallel to Burke Ramsey's lawsuit against CBS
"Homicide Hunter: Lt Joe Kenda" is on NOW for the next 5 hours on Investigation Discovery (ID). .
Scott Foley and Dave Annable to star in true-crime movie FINAL VISION for Investigation Discovery
Investigation Discovery is making a movie!.
my father is clearly in love with Paula Zahn, host of Investigation Discovery series 'On The Case' and we're not allowed to even MENTION it
*** House on Investigation Discovery is the creepiest series I'm never owning a big house
I need someone to watch the Investigation Discovery channel w me cause I get scared alone 😩
I'm watching the Investigation Discovery channel and how people can be such cold hearted murderers blows my mind
Just gonna play guitar, eat, apply for jobs, and study. And probably binge watch the Investigation Discovery channel.
>setting things to sleepu. >"oh, I might 'watch' Forrest Gump". >channel isn't on my programming package. >suggests me Investigation Discovery
I watch a bunch of different shows on Investigation Discovery channel
Is it ironic that Hillary Clintons campaign commercials are played on the Investigation Discovery channel constantly, or nah? 🤔😂
Investigation Discovery is the channel for Saskia's show.
Investigation Discovery is probably the only good channel on local DirecTv.
No... you need to invite me over to watch them with you! Investigation Discovery is my favorite channel!
please add Investigation Discovery! I miss that channel. Also would be great if you could add fox sports Florida to orange package.
I just found out that my cable network has graced me with the Investigation Discovery channel and I literally just squealed.
I watch the Investigation Discovery channel so much to the point where I just turn my TV on & it's always on this channel .
You ever watch the Investigation Discovery channel & wonder how in the world people thought they were actually gonna get away with something
.to be honored by Investigation Discovery for "Mourning Son" documentary
🎶If you wanna be my lover🎶, you've gotta like Investigation Discovery channel because all I ever watch are shows about murder.
When I turn on the TV in my parents basement the only channel that should be on is Investigation Discovery
I watch the Investigation Discovery channel EVERY day faithfully. You know what RACE is committing most of the crimes ?
Investigation Discovery channel til it's watching me!
I watch the Investigation Discovery channel like nobody's business, should of studied forensic science instead of business. 😒
In Puerto Vallarta the only channel in English was Investigation Discovery so now I'm addicted to watching documentaries about kidnappings 😂
*** do you watch the Investigation Discovery channel? White people kill white people just as much tf?¿
I watch Investigation Discovery channel all day... It's all white people killing white people. Where y'all be at?
I watch a lot of Investigation Discovery channel. Do you know what I see a lot of on there? I see a lot of white on white crime.
I just came across Investigation Discovery and it was a channel made for me. It is basically just series after series about murders. 😁😱
All over the Investigation Discovery channel wit it.
I make my TV debut tonight! "Police Officer on The Perfect Murder 9 PM EST Investigation Discovery channel.
Whenever I do get a chance to watch tv, it's literally always on the Investigation Discovery channel 😭
Uh this show on Investigation Discovery is featuring River Oaks and they keep mentioning Lake Worth and Saginaw.
The way my mom loves watching the Investigation Discovery channel these says 😳
Investigation Discovery channel. Its a channel with nothing but true crime murder and mayhem :) love serial killers too
Investigation Discovery is my fave channel. Dankie Multichoice!
I can sit, eat and watch the Investigation Discovery channel all day long.
Be sure to watch my appearance in an episode of 'The Perfect Murder' on the Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel.
I live for the Investigation Discovery channel.
Investigation Discovery is my fav channel. I love shows about serial killers idk idk
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"She thought she was an alien queen sent here to kill the doctor's wife." . Investigation Discovery, indisputably the bes…
See me on Investigation Discovery channel tomorrow at 10/9C for an all new episode of Vanishing Women. If anyone...
This is on Investigation Discovery channel. This is happening to women, 2 counties south of me. I've been...
Ever watch the Investigation Discovery channel & think "That detective has a head shaped like a rococo bedpost.He'll never solve this case"?
Please watch 6th episode of my new TV series "Las Vegas Law" tonight on Investigation Discovery channel at 10 PM/7 PM PT.
Investigation Discovery is probably the best channel.
Investigation Discovery is cable channel watched by millions of millions of people, but yet can only pay their...
I am watching too much Investigation Discovery channel. Nightmares... What is wrong with me? Lol
I have an addiction to the Investigation Discovery channel
Adnan Syed case to be reexamined in new Investigation Discovery documentary
The investigation into the discovery of two bodies in Canora has ended. Details at 6:30 SK time with GX94 News.
Police are to re-open their investigation into the Kingsmills massacre following the discovery of new evidence.
Check me out in the newest episode of "The Perfect Murder" on Investigation Discovery this Wed at 9pm!!...
I love how my Mum is watching Investigation Discovery before falling asleep, so it's the set channel when I switch on the TV the next day.
You know you watch investigation discovery too much when you've seen a rerun of the same homicide show three times
I spend way to much time watching investigation discovery
I can't get enough of the investigation discovery channel 😫
Another fascinating interview for Wives with Knives on Investigation Discovery--this time with LaShonda (and her...
I'm all worked up watching the investigation discovery channel, like how did this guy just vanish with no trace??!!!??!???
There is a 6 part docuseries about disappearances in Chillicothe Ohio called 'The Vanishing Women" & it airs 6/6 😳
Disappeared on Investigation Discovery. Great show. Just flipped it on.
An official's text messages can also be requested as part of an investigation, e-discovery event, or litigation.
Investigation Discovery probably fired 3 people to use their salary to pay for that Ad spot in the biggest game 7 in a few years.
It has also been found in course of discovery that during PSU "investigation" Freeh was wooing NCAA as client.
Friend Killer Chapter 1 APK 3.0: Join the investigation discovery now and help crack the…
The call most likely triggered the investigation, which lead to the moonlighting discovery.
Everyone tune into the Investigation Discovery channel🎬 Time Warner the channel is 138 and for direct tv it is 285!
I'm completely hooked on investigation discovery
truTV and Investigation Discovery have ruined my cartoon viewing
I watch investigation discovery almost all day everyday
that is very creepy and my many hours watching Investigation Discovery tell me she dead.
Investigation Discovery Channel: Teaching people how to get away with murder since 1996.
So bored... watching investigation discovery, their doing a Homicide Hunter with LT. Joe Kenda.
Murder Among Friends. . .people be crazy. — watching Investigation Discovery
I've watched so much Investigation Discovery I feel like I could solve a was probably the mistress.
What I've learned from Investigation Discovery: don't take out any life insurance policies on myself
Investigation discovery never bores me
From watching Investigation Discovery I find it crazy that the more brutal the murder the more likely it was someone close to them
June 2013 discovery of Clinton emails suggests investigation could have been settled by now
The article stated, "Philadelphia police are investigating the sudden death of one of its own. The discovery was...
just like my mom🙄 she sees the world through an Investigation Discovery Lense
Obsessed with Investigation Discovery on Hulu+... is a badass Grandpa Detective
Investigation Discovery is my favorite TV network ever
Super tired. It has been a long past 2 days. Investigation Discovery and sleep. 😴
we can finally have Investigation discovery dates. Aww
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Investigation Discovery will have you scared all hours of the day
Investigation Discovery airing show on missing woman tonight
After a long, horrific day, Investigation Discovery is my happy place.
Hey, let's do something fun today. Cuddle on the couch and watch Investigation Discovery all day.
Investigation Discovery holds True Crime Convention in June in NYC free registration
The Christian Aguilar case is playing on Investigation Discovery right now
Can I just pay for channels I want? I just want Investigation Discovery and that's it
With no rugby this morning, my go-to channels are Crime Investigation and Investigation Discovery.
Find out what ur billboard says w/ legendary defense attorney and star of Investigation Discovery's hit
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