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International Affairs is Britain's leading peer-reviewed academic journal of international relations founded by Chatham House in 1924. It is published bi-monthly by Wiley-Blackwell (earlier volumes by Cambridge University Press).

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Another great job - researcher on the international affairs team
Santa for President, for Vice President, for International Affairs, for Secret Service
UN was created to prevent another World War. Focus is on international relations. They have no buss meddling in domestic affairs
I just bought: 'Georgetown Journal of International Affairs: International Engagement on Cyber V' by... via
BA/BS Philosophy and Physics; MA International Affairs; JD with specialty in taxation. IQ 160.
We supports clients’ global activities in the areas of international tax matters, financial affairs, and accounting in Japan in ENGLISH!
Assassination could alter Turkish relations with Russia, US
your lack of knowledge on international affairs is astounding. You sir are a special breed of ign…
"Let’s “make religious peacebuilding a force in international affairs”"-– CEO at the
Long interview with FM about diplomacy and international relations in 2017
Interested in an international internship next summer? Check out our website for more information -
Apply to be an intern on our PPPA team - learn comms & international relations. Apply by Jan. 2!
role as an transit state makes recent attacks dangerous for global energy security. Op-Ed https:/…
I congratulate Russian International Affairs Council on the fifth anniversary
Interesting job available in international affairs in potentially of interest for int and eu lawyers htt…
please make sure the U.S international affairs budget is as well funded under the Trump administration
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Enjoy having those conversations with other intellect people who know about international affairs. 🙏🏿
. Neil,. Remember when you and your panel discussed the Economy with respect to national & international affairs?. Can we go back?
I really hate politics. Good thing I got my Bachelor's in International Affairs and am working on a Master's in Political Scie…
Mohamed bin Zayed receives Russia's Chairman of Committee on International Affairs of State Duma to discuss friendship, cooper…
Wishful Thinking and Vital Interests - Harvard - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Advance your global career in The New School's Graduate Program in International Affairs in NYC. Join us next fall! https…
Iran crude oil price in November 2016. According to the Dept. of International Affairs at NIOC, Iran sold its light
Our Dean Didier Gosset and Prof. Miguel O'Ryan Gallardo director of International Affairs of the Medical Faculty…
Future Leaders in Foreign Policy and International Affairs. Who from XLA made the list?
Interested in International Affairs? Join the Johns Hopkins University presentation on 21 Nov 13:00-14:00 at UCL Careers, Student Central
The Austin W. Marxe School of Public and International Affairs at Baruch College, City University of New York,...
The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University is the hub
South African Institute of International Affairs' Chelsea Markowitz says Americans are despondent with current leadership
Leadership: ANC General Secretary Alfred Nzo, President Oliver Tambo and Thabo Mbeki in charge of International Affairs (ANC a…
Call for Editors: Indian Journal of Law and International Affairs: Apply by Nov 5
This is a very real threat and I'm glad that Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs,a UK...
Cape Fear Literacy Council is very grateful to UNCW's Department of Public & International Affairs and the...
Please join the Queen Elizabeth II Academy for Leadership in International Affairs and have an opportunity to find o…
The cultural event 'TANABATA Festival' just started at the OIA(Office of International Affairs) building and a...
Memories of Alumni of the College of Public and International Affairs
The RBS Student Ambassadors are having a blast! You can find them at the Centre of International Affairs.
"Sophia A. McClennen is Professor of International Affairs and Comparative Literature at the Pennsylvania State University…
Special issue of International Affairs on 15 years of Women, Peace and Security still free!
Just came across this in an academic journal ; Journal of International Affairs .
These millennials are shaping the future of Canadian foreign policy:
Meet the making a mark in international affairs
Trump may have some (or a lot) of negatives, but when it comes to national security and international affairs, Trump's the man.
She's the most stupid politician in US.Obama & She have been doing a terrible job in international affairs,as her husband did
Check out new issue of International Affairs Forum focusing on and
Foreign Affairs, East African, Regional and and International Co-operation: Alama za Jumuiya ya...
Yup. . "The international community shows a level of understanding and interest in global affairs that is both...
I definitely enjoyed this article by but it needs to be said: Where is the diversity?
It was his responsibility for foreign affairs that gained him international prestige.but not!
Jackie Huggins blasts Coalition indigenous policies for not meeting international human rights standards
Looking forward to speaking with Canadian House Committee on Foreign Affairs & International Development shortly:
New opportunity for SOAS, University of London students to intern with an International public affairs firm! Apply:
Cooperation – Public service – Presentation of diplomas to foreign students of ENA’s Long International Course
Right To Rise has spent $250,120 on this "Desk" ad on international affairs issues
Cambridge's pro-VC for international affairs' ideas on “global universities”
Yeh, Sam Harris is not a scholar on any religion, state security or international affairs. Just an atheist propagandist.
*Me at the meeting with SRH Hochschule Berlin's VP for International Affairs*
Alumna, one of Canada’s best & brightest working in global affairs
I believe would be highly involved in international affairs as Pres, & live in DC bubble w/little thought/concern for Amer ppl
My piece on Foreign Policy and Defence Implications of launch event
Jim Gilmore has spent $74,970 on this "Trust" ad on international affairs issues
Commissioner for Peace and Security meets the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Relations of the…
Comm. for & meets Minister for Foreign Affairs & Int'l Relations of
Taipei (dpa)- Taiwan's new president stresses domestic affairs in inauguration (
Interested in international affairs? If so, please apply.
Excellent advice for graduates who want to work in international affairs.
Here's what the Canadian gov't can do to better engage young professionals hoping to work in international affairs: https:/…
All-expenses paid conference opportunity to for those interested in public policy/international affairs
You know what's really boring? International affairs, world trade, and domestic politics.
Any suggestions for foreign policy/international affairs reading? Either significant case studies or broad introduction into the thought.
After several long yrs, sleepless nights, & weekends writing papers- I did it! My Masters in International Affairs!
US, not China, militarising the South China Sea: Foriegn Minister:  China's role in international affairs con...
Don’t work on today’s problems. Work on tomorrow’s problems. What’s simmering today that'll be a big problem later?
WIAC I: The Rise of Asia - Ralph Cossa. International Affairs lecture on ...
To the graduate who wants to work in international affairs — The Development Set — Medium
Inspiring list, But we have great Canadians contributing to FP outside of gov too.…
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International Trade Minister to travel to Japan and South Korea: Published: 2016-05-19
Watch report of my visit to Nigerian Institute of International Affairs:
This shows how Trump will handle international affairs:he'll gin up hatred and blame toward his favorite enemy before…
Dear I've received a reply from The Swedish Institute of International Affairs. Thank you so much.
Join the Center for International Affairs at the CLE Gladiators game on Fri, June 3rd. Reserve free tickets here:
Good speech today by - Speech to NZ Institute of International Affairs
Senior fellow at the Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy Dr Vladimir Antwi Danso says there are...
*** "Professor of International Affairs & Islamic Studies at Georgetown University" is not a terrorist, but...
Benjamin Jealous will join the Wilson School of Public and International Affairs as a visiting professor/lecturer.
I'm attending 2016 Conference on Diversity in International Affairs - CFR
I got into the Elliot School of International Affairs at George Washington University 😭
Conference papers considered for inclusion in journal Irish Studies in International Affairs
Strategic Engineered as a Weapon of - Harvard Belfer Center for Science & International Affairs
The New Harvest: Agricultural Innovation in - Harvard - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Give a warm welcome to Vice Provost for International Affairs, Professor Mark Elliott with
Associate Provost of International Affairs - Herzing University -.. see➔
Its sister organization is the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
International Affairs - Jazz & Suites (d'hotel) Ep, via ain't dropped any new music in like 4 years
Fellowship in Global Security and International Affairs at American Academy of Arts an...
Just got an email from my publisher. "International Organizations and Military Affairs" has arrived
Recent humanities PhD looking to start a career in international affairs? There's an ACLS opp for that! (1/2)
Would not put too much faith into Shamnesty-International. Modi-ji has clamped down on their funding, so they create JNU-Affairs !
Read to understand politics and international affairs today.
Pakistan's Ministry of Religious Affairs strives to decrease HGOs' Hajj package.
Audio of Benjamin Habib's presentation at the Australian Institute of International Affairs (Victoria, 25 Feb.
Dr Joy Ogwu at the UN. Fmr DG of Nigerian Institute of International Affairs. is an exception&has been a true diplomat
We're joining forces with the Bureau of Gender Affairs this International Women's Day
My short case note on recent GCHQ "hacking" judgment in investigatory powers tribunal.
Check out this interview with the Ambassador to via
Patricia de Mieulle - Musial, Head of International Affairs at keeping the show on the road at Al Rayyan https:…
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Mike Huckabee has spent $74,970 on this "Thanksgiving" ad on international affairs issues
Nordic countries on HR covenants anniversary
Right To Rise has spent $70,490 on this "Proven Leader" ad on international affairs issues
It's mandatory that road contractors acquire necessary permits for all their international staff from Internal Affairs ministry
Q&A about my new book "International Organizations and Military Affairs"
"If we don't include women, we are doomed" Maha Yahya on "Women in International Affairs"
Panel 1: Women in International Affairs — focusing on the Syrian Immigration Crisis.
Camilla Council Member International Affairs on her first-rate Council experience. Nominate now
John Kasich has spent $72,570 on this "Defending Our Way Of Life" ad on international affairs issues
Professor of International Affairs Sakiko "an overall positive trend in governments fulfilling obligations
Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs Amos J Hochstein travels to & -
first panel:women in international affairs on the Syrian immigration crisis
in international affairs Former french minister in charge of
Panel 1 in international affairs on the syrian immigration crisis
that and I think prioritizing strength of the state on the international scene over domestic economic affairs
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Chinese lead race to study in Australia: Record numbers of international students are flocking to Australian u...
What is propaganda and the role of media in international affairs?
Inc Stand For Truth has spent $479,380 on this "Here At Home" ad on international affairs issues
You all do comprehend what a dynasty is right? You do realize Chelsea didn't change her name & got a doctorate in international affairs.
IGIA airport bagged three international awards: These awards were given by the Airports Council International ...
Min Dion meets with Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Development of
International trade to be focus of forum in San Bernardino - Redlands Daily Facts
these billions spent international and foreign conflicts should be spent in US internal affairs.
New Releases in International Affairs. The New Rulers of the World by John Pilger.
New Releases in International Affairs. The Euro: And its Threat to the Future o... by Joseph Stiglitz.
Roundtable with Mr Kerim Balci, Editor-in-Chief of the "Turkish Review" - Australian Institute,International Affairs
Larry Korb, mentioned in this story, is a former Dean of the Graduate School of Piblic and International Affairs...
Harvard Weatherhead Center for International Affairs has awarded $250k to David Keith Group to research the economics and governance of SRM
Featured Member of the Week: Daniela Mora Savovic, a sophomore majoring in International Affairs with...
This might be a great fit for you: Associate Provost of International Affairs - WI
(Part 1) Symposium on the Role of Religion and Faith Based Organizations in International Affairs
Latest on the Job Registry: is hiring a Vice Provost for International Affairs!
do you have a contact for your marketing department / international affairs? Would love to get in touch. Thanks!
Hillary would do well in domestic and international affairs. Bernie seems like he'd only do well domestic
I really hope Hillary becomes the democratic candidate. I just don't see Bernie doing well in international affairs. 🐸☕️
I still don't hear about international affairs enough from the Bern 🤓🙄
Correct! The next president will be chosen by the Royal Institute of International Affairs.
Clinton has real experience working in the WH. As well as real actual international affairs exp.
Singapore Institute of International Affairs top local think tank: Ranking
Yeah and young wippersnappers the chance to comment on international affairs...
Wang Yi Holds Talks with Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation George T ...: Although the ...
“Germia Hill” international conference opens tomorrow in Prishtina. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the...
tells Iowans he has lots of experience in international affairs said Trump dating foreign girls is not experience
IDI Chair Dr. Vamik Volkan and in the Georgetown Journal of Int'l Affairs:
International research into teen driver education & night laws makes top 10 list of Health Affairs Journal
We really do need to hear more about foreign policy and international affairs. The job is world leader.
A violent weekend in leaves at least 45 dead, reports:
Wow, Malcolm Farr reports senior US figures were keen to consult puppy with a bow tie on international affairs.
ASU hosts international migration expert as part of its Holland-Harrell Foreign Affairs Speakers Program tonight
Minister of State for Media Affairs Momani: International community should shoulder its responsibilities towards the refugee crisis
Get ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The Center for International Affairs is looking for volunteers to help:
The is encouraging public service careers, especially in national security and international affairs:
I'm with Hillary for President because she has vast and time tried experience in international & national affairs, was at w Bill for 8 yrs
Symposium on the Role of Religion and FBOs in International Affairs...
Celebrate the Lunar New Year with the Center for International Affairs | the daily
.'s Dr Simon Curtis has been appointed to the prestigious Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Check out American University's first student-run magazine for international and public affairs, The World Mind,...
Come get your FREE Student calendar in the Office of International Affairs! Stop by Mon - Fri between between 8-5. https:…
I'm in!! I received admission into the Public Policy and International Affairs Junior Summer Institute at the University of Michigan!!!
The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs has published a series of articles produced from the...
domain names
I keep telling yas.I reject the ethnic .reject the nationality ...angles .and above all .I stay out of international affairs
Working hard at BOMA INTERNATIONAL'S Winter Business Meeting. Membership, education, government affairs, awards and more committee meetings.
Thankful to share my journey in international affairs, and with the world
quite a few new opportunities, especially in international affairs atm. :D
30th Surajkund International Crafts Mela started at Faridabad The 30th edition of the Surajkund Interna…
Pule is ready to represent the South African Institute of International Affairs at the United Nations
We're Click to apply: Associate Provost of International Affairs - WI
Now Open: is seeking an Associate Provost of International Affairs
Suehaila Amen of the Office of International Affairs said Jeh Johnson met w/ 20 student leaders in private roundtable before speaking today
The International Committee is looking into getting a phone that can make international calls in the Office of International Affairs.
Trilateral Commission,the Roundtable Group, Bilderberg Group,the Royal Institute of International Affairs,the Power Elite,The Bohemian Club
A great op-ed by Sophia A. McClennen, iProfessor of International Affairs and Comparative Literature at the...
Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA or Chatham House) is nothing but the Milner Group “writ large.”
Ethics & International Affairs, Winter 2015 (Issue 29.4) free for limited time. The Journal of Carnegie Council
Organisations such as The South African Institute of International Affairs are there to tackle such issues
Conversation with Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter - Harvard Belfer Center for Science & International Affairs
The Key to Henry Kissinger’s Success - Harvard - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs: Mission and Impact via
We face a three-headed monster - Harvard - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Proposed new names for Woody Woo, take 2: the Samantha Harris School of Public and International Affairs
Latest issue of International Affairs (Chatham House) 'United Nations: before, during and after 1945' via
Dr. Cheryl Ann Matherly, a UH Alum, has been named VP & Vice Provost for International Affairs at Lehigh University.
Call for Papers: Innovation in Higher Education - Harvard - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Department Of The Treasury is hiring a Counsel (International Affairs), apply now!
Workshop is funded by the Henry Luce Foundation Initiative on Religion and International Affairs.
Don't forget about the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs virtual graduate fair on...
India's Demands Grind Nepal to a Standstill - Australian Institute of International Affairs
The Trilateral Commission has a strong relationship with the CFR, itself the sister group of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.
"Climate Change is the greatest ethical dilemma this world faces" Joel Rosenthal, Carnegie Council of Ethics in International Affairs
Fr. Ibrahim Shomali - Commission of the Churches on International Affairs of the World Council of Churches,...
Fancy a CAREER in... . - Human Rights Commission. - New Zealand Institute of International Affairs. - Kilmarnock...
More volunteers mean more VA help: A recent news release from the Office of Public and International Affairs a...
Think Tanks on International Affairs. Drectories, analysis of the functions, impact, and transparency of think tanks.
CFTC Chairman Massad Announces Eric J. Pan as Director of the Office of International Affairs
The Radio One Lecture held on Wed 26th August, 2015 at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs. On behalf...
Academy Asia Senior Fellowship at Chatham House of The Royal Institute of International Affairs -
Iran and the Arab World after the Nuclear Deal - Harvard - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
The NCSU Pipes & Drums, along with the Office of International Affairs kick off the festivities of Packapalooza...
A second masters in International Affairs and Diplomacy from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
NEW Churches in International Affairs, Reports 1987-1990 by World Council of Chu
The World Today, published by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, sought my advice on books on greece
Enjoyed speaking on America's role in Asia at the Singapore Institute of International Affairs last week
Australian Institute of International Affairs review of my North Korea: State of Paranoia - via
Jindal School of International Affairs (JSIA) Haryana announce admission to MA (DLB) Programs for the academic...
Nina Khrushcheva, the Associate Dean and Associate Professor of International Affairs at the New…
Looking for a of History and International Affairs
Just released: new essay on international affairs
"The great soul of power extends far beyond states, to every domain of life, from families to international affairs."
Pretending like you care about international affairs, miss me with that
USIU was a military, international affairs school in Oxford, UK, Kenya and Mexico City
2day SRK will b given d highest French Honour by Mr Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Development
A bulls-eye analysis on the importance of an international affairs education & why its funding should be increased.
Glad to see a international affairs issue among Indians
interested in study abroad? FIND THIS: the office of international affairs
28 Jun : 10th International Organ Festival, organised by the Department of Cultural Affairs
I 2nd that! Dunga as Brazil's manager is like having America in charge of all international affairs in the world.
scarily right.This fear factor is creeping into local, national and international affairs. Fear/apathy a bad mix
Lobbying me, lobbying you: Transparency International shames EU for its lobby affairs
International business or foreign affairs
Climate Change, Drones, Global Governance, and Much More. Read All About It in the New Fall Issue of Carnegie Coun…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Covering international business and related affairs. Live webinar starts in 30 minutes!
Don't be so quick to turn your attention to international affairs like injustices aren't taking over our nation
"Good int'l affairs education [produces] an appreciation for people, practices, and ideas that are not one’s own."
But does writing a paper on the contemporary view of a new international system that shapes our world affairs REALLY make me a better person
Don't just blindly vote because he promises of a "better America" learn about his international affairs strategies
Here's a roundup of upcoming academic conferences on and international affairs:
CANT MAKE IT UP: Iraq War promoter slams Obama for not being a "peacemaker" in international affairs
Clinton is a man who thinks international affairs means dating a girl from out of town. ~ Tom Clancy
The Decline of International Studies Professional schools of inter'l affairs have difficulty with job placements.
We're Read about our latest opening here: International Affairs Support Staff - DC
Doesn't read about international affairs? This isn't just about "PC"
I'm not suzerain but I am a nation that controls another nation in international affairs but allows it domestic sovereignty.
Sanctions Against Iran: A Guide to Targets, Terms, and Timetables Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
İzmir University of Economics, Office of International Affairs | İzmir University of Economics |...
I don't expect much if any coverage from FOX regarding international affairs tbh.
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international affairs folks spend a lot of time on this I think - might be worth checking back issues of Political Analysis
We are troubled by international partners' interference in domestic affairs. ..Pakalitha Mosisili AU Summit 2015...
Canada's ministry of foreign affairs makes statement on Palestinian statehood and the ICC:
Great essay in July/Aug 2015 Foreign Affairs on "The Decline of International Studies". Totally agree.
It bothers me when people don't understand that International AFFAIRS and International STUDIES are two completely different things!!!
The Ethics of Immigration by Joseph Carens - Ethics & International Affairs |
Sketches of Exodus: Stories of who Fled by via
But everyone's entitled to their own opinions. Tbh I'm more upset that this was a priority over international affairs with Russia and China.
Glad to say that most of our social issues are now gone! Now can we get someone in office who can fix our economy & international affairs???
It's According to the 230 million people around the world are using drugs...
news release on International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
Starting tonight in Berlin:159th Bergedorf Round Table on cooperation along the Silk Road:
International IDEA co-organized first ever gathering of ASEAN’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Election Management Body leaders
General Karenzi arrest: why Rwandan bluster and fury won’t change the law - writes:.
Our international affairs correspondent reporting from Coatbridge on the terrorist attacks around the world today.
Interested in what alumni of the International Affairs Fellowship Program do after graduation? Find out here:
Rebecca Braun (alumna of the CAA International Affairs Fellowship Program, on her work in Cameroon.
UN nerds, history aficionados & international affairs enthusiasts will love this episode. via
General Karenzi: bluster and fury won't change the law
International Day Against Drug Abuse: A day forgotten in haze: Prime Minister Narendra Modi forgot to even twe...
Vancouver: not mind-numbingly boring, but vacuously vain
My blog and video on General and the fury of his President.
Interested in international affairs? http:…
Scholarly research in global affairs has come under growing attack.
Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not want an international cou…
Transparency International demands rollback of amendments to CrPC in Maharashtra
I enjoy making money so maybe economics, or business. I also enjoy international affairs. Yeaa, I can put these languages I speak into work.
Rwandan spy chief granted bail: Rwanda's intelligence chief has been granted bail by a London court - after he...
Private organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Trilateral Commission,
Looking forward to the UK Council for International Student Affairs ukcisa conference next week. Have a look at...
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PTI Govt will have strong international relations because Khan sahb is expert in foreign affairs. Jamima & myself are the t…
Typical A lot of talk, little action.
The annual lecture series/cocktail party held at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Victoria...
Apply now to work for Federal Government Jobs as International Affairs in
Earn graduate credit at the Summer Institute on International Affairs next week
International Financial Reporting Standards(IFRS) is a global language for business affairs to understand the accounts of a company globally
Is managing the everyday affairs of international artists your cup of tea? We are hiring an Artist…
Join me & on 6/10 to celebrate 20 years of promoting women's leadership and voices in international affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ‘Ukraine Today’ launch project promoting Ukrainian universities worldwide
Engage. Empower. Impact. . Future Foreign Policy is the first International Affairs Think Tank, dedicated to...
5. Participants from 16 countries will participate in case studies with LAN, KPK, Transparency International, ICW, Min. of Home Affairs,...
Next up on 'the journey to transparency,' Kata Gey, Director, Office for International Financial Affairs, Liechtenstein
"That's true whether it's personal affairs or international affairs."
Amos Hochstein, Special Envoy & Coordinator International Energy Affairs, US State Dept: we are in the midst of an revolution
EU interior ministers to discuss a EU Commission plan on June 16 to disperse 40,000 asylum seekers to member states
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I'd seriously make all Scot Gov international travel subject to agreement by UK gov't. External affairs is not devolved.
Last week I was on board this ship which yesterday rescued 372 people
Jindal Global University's Jindal School of International Affairs is inviting applications for its PhD programme.
Honored to join EIC, International School of Communications & Public Affairs as Faculty member
'Violating right to freedom': Greenpeace international member denied entry into India: New Delhi: Months after...
Turkish foreign policy after the elections... Re-reading &
Thinking of graduate study in international affairs - overseas? Here are 4 good reasons.
Minister and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs at inauguration First International Conference
Chinese money exodus flooding Vancouver because we're unrestricted and have no gatekeepers.
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