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Internal Affairs

The internal affairs (United States terminology) division of a law enforcement agency investigates incidents and plausible suspicions of lawbreaking and professional misconduct attributed to officers on the force.

Saudi Arabia Vice President Richard Gere Jamar Clark Special Counsel Russian Federation

If fugitive Pensions boss Abdulrasheed Maina had been a member of the PDP and if he was not under the protection of the Min. o…
You are not part of the EU anymore so should be less opinionated about internal affairs of Spain
Not to mention Sgt Galvin with the internal affairs backing up the US Attorney's Office.
Actually karma for US. 😆. US has been interfered orher countries' internal affairs, elections, and…
This guy's a terrorist. Why is he being allowed to meddle in our internal affairs?
The fact is Clinton is not president and no one cares abt Dems internal affairs
Shokan Community has 2 owners, a Esports manager, Community manager an editor as well as a director of internal affairs.
Can you believe that evil meddling EU which always interferes in everything didn't meddle in the inte…
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Good Day, Mr President! We Malaysians would like you to stop yr Dept of Justice from interfering w…
Thank you for exposing that the internal affairs team/not homicide inv the Metro has destroyed its integrity.
The Special Committee on Internal Affairs has determined that i am hereby exonerated of all parking tickets
Imagine being such a daft *** you stuck your nose into the internal affairs of a democratic state you neither work…
Congratulations to our new IFC VP of Internal Affairs Daniel J, of !.
Ex-cadets say they never saw the infamous "cheat sheet" until internal affairs investigators brought it up.…
Yup. Saying it’s “internal affairs” is ducking their head in sand over the violence. Surely they can’t cond…
Internal Affairs: San Jose councilman faces new challenger as District 7 race shapes up
Per Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine 500 veterans of ATO have committed suicide.
I think All regional state should stop TPLF long arms through National Sevurity apparatus now Stop Military…
Hans Klemm is a Ambassador in Romania who interferes in Romanian internal affairs. He make…
Whatever SPANISH GOV will do inside his borders, EU will consider it internal affairs. Good by any illusion of Euro ideals.
Fla. cop under investigation for sitting during anthem
Check out "Internal Affairs 2" available now on add your favorite song to your playlist!. ht…
I call "true federalism" to be one in which the central government handles external aff…
Thinking about taking this internal affairs job. Gotta go to 2nd interview tho but it’s in the bag
we got the Philly police internal affairs memo detailing why cop accused of having Nazi tattoo didn't get punished: https…
The freedom of political associations to govern their internal affairs such as fundraising allocations goes to the…
You had no credibility, unethical, poor reporting, bias! Stop interfering in another country's internal affairs!
Case by case basis - FBI is charged w/ dealing with those issues when intern…
We don't recognise DOJ. Stop interfering in Malaysia's internal affairs!
Unfortunately, wether we like it or not, an existential threat of that magnitude will always affect our internal affairs.
The state is a committee for managing the internal affairs of the bourgeoisie
Today Meet with Adi discussed the internal party affairs.
The EU says it doesn't interfere in member states' internal affairs. However, the EU has asked our P.M. to sack…
Trial is this time around he had Goodson's internal affairs statement that he provided earlier this year
Massive Corruption Scandal Unravels in Ukraine as Son of Minister of Internal Affairs Detained
EU must not intercede in fundamental Spanish internal affairs regarding future of Catalunya! Would only fuel current climate of separatism!
Hope Social Media will work to save ANY COUNTRY from FOREIGN MEDDLING with their INTERNAL AFF…
Unlike USA who do meddle & leave mass destruction? Other nations have no authority to meddl…
Every time a recall is tried, they move the judge. Internal Affairs: Judge Persky's new assignment via
NAB Supreme Court & Pak Army must not listen any country asking NRO for NS Its our internal affairs so let Judiciary play its role
Would think Speaker would and could do something: threaten committee assignments, send com…
I think Spain is hugely misshandling this crisis, but I can hear the howls of rage if the EU did anythi…
Israel continues to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries through their high level agents of influen…
Senior politicians in Romania have accused the Dutch and US ambassadors of interfering in Romania's internal affair…
no gentlemen is the problem of the spain not of Europe stop putting the Belgians in internal affairs of a country
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Surprise Suprise 😆 it’s ! Internal Affairs showing off their production and interviewing skills
Satire,as it highlights the absurdity of a devolved administration with an internal affairs remit seeking…
Have your lawyers file a complaint with the FBI Internal Affairs on McCabe & the "stunted" Hillary investigation
1986 - Dr Kiiza Besigye takes oath as Deputy minister of Internal Affairs.
Uganda has ministers for:. 1. Security. 2. Defence. 3. Internal Affairs. It's not confusing at all.
The problem is who will police the police. We need a separate police i.e Internal Affairs
Internal Affairs: Ernstrom moves on from San Jose Sports Authority - The Mercury News
Patriarch of Russian Orthodox church making sure that the Ministry of Internal Affairs computers won't get affected by…
correction Temisan. Nigeria Customs Service is under the Federal Ministry of Finance, not Ministry of Internal Affairs
Even Lech was a collaborator - Security Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Peopl…
Sgt. Karen Hughes who I had to file an Internal Affairs complaint about who was remov…
Hear from Deputy Vice-PM & Minister of Internal Affairs, Belgium at on Feb 21. Registe…
International Consultant on strategic development for the Police and Ministry of Internal Affairs from Moldova
Internal Affairs: Who will be San Jose Mayor next vice mayor?
Bugado named deputy police chief. New second-in-command comes from Internal Affairs
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Another Kremlin initiative to try and influence Ukraine's internal and political affairs.
Only 9% of Australians think that political parties have high standards of conduct in their own internal affairs
Netherlands vows to resist Turkey’s ‘long arm’ in internal affairs after diplomatic row
Wait, but when the US interferes in internal affairs of other sovereign nations influencing election outcomes that's OK, yes?
Its like saying that Great Britain wont accept interference in internal affairs of France...
Neoliberal US left & right in-sync on meddling with "others" internal affairs...they're toasting destruction of Ven…
For fairness, should expose the CIA actively interfering in the internal affairs of
Because the former are internal affairs; the latter matters of state & our role in the world.
if trump continue to intervene chinese internal affairs, he will give China a perfect reason to united taiwan province.
It seems like only yesterday that was so very terribly offended at being accused of meddling in the internal affairs of Nedbank.
from a very underrated MC named The Light off his 1999 album "Internal Affairs."
point is US-EU stop meddle in internal affairs of other states, having learned from past failures in Iraq & Libya
“We won't accept any interference in the internal affairs of says the man trying to bomb Hadi back to power
Police internal affairs is amongst the most corrupt departments that you will find in
also few colluded Internal Affairs ones. But I'm not sure about their names as they maliciolusly blurred them
Nigeria is a sovereign country, why should you interfere in the internal affairs of our great nation?!
The leftists in Washington never get it right! Stay out of internal affairs of other countries!
The govt will do no such thing. The Philippines' internal affairs are not our priority.
Saudi Arabia's King Salman warns against external "interference in the internal affairs" of war-torn Yemen
The claiming Russia interfered in our internal affairs is the mother of all ironies..
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King: "We will not accept any interference in the internal affairs of whilst his planes bomb Yemen!!!
This might be a great fit for you: Supervisory Medical Support Assistant - Internal - MA
FOREIGNERS Meddling in Kenya’s Internal Affairs, PAID hundrends of Millions to ”DESTABLIZE” Uhuru
top 3 are Lady of the Shard by Gigi DG, Fantasy Sports 2 by Sam Bosma, and Internal Affairs III by Pat Crotty
isn't Saudi Arabia interfering into the internal affairs of Yemen? Also bombing them with cluster bombs is them not interfering?
Saudi Arabia won’t accept interference in internal affairs of Yemen – King Salman
Unless & until Police are no longer able to "Police" themselves there will NEVER be peace with our Peace Officers. Ban ALL Internal Affairs!
bankers were subdued by police and Russian FSB in Irkutsk (The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation)
African migration figures to Uganda 2015 to date are10800 according to Ministry of Internal Affairs reports given by Hon…
[Political] demand of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the iPhone7 inc...
BREAKING: chief says officers who shot Jamar Clark have been cleared by Internal Affairs.
Just told that chief will read a statement about Jamar Clark shooting Internal Affairs investigation. Will N…
On this date in 1999, Pharoahe Monch released his debut album apart from Organized Konfusion, "Internal Affairs" on…
"The Impossible Dead" By Ian Rankin. "Malcolm Fox and his team from Internal Affairs are back. They've been sent...
Cloud native solutions are now the preference for companies of all sizes. The Ministry of Internal Affairs who wrote…
SVU on USA: 'Internal Affairs' - When Officer Michael Groves ends up in a psych ward after leveling accusations at the 12th Precinct, Inte..
Revenue from tickets & civil forfeiture should fund only Internal Affairs = immediate end to excess
Internal Affairs: Who will be San Jose’s next vice mayor?
Thanks to Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for an interesting meeting today on Impact Assessment process & practice
Hon Fe'ao Vakata the Minister for Internal Affairs is representing Tonga at the 27th Council of Pacific Arts ...
Board against Organized Crime holds meeting: Led by the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs who is also the N...
// that is *Distinguished* Assistant Deputy Chancellor of Internal Affairs for the Office of Employee Compliance to you
Violence against its own citizens that are Muslims? Why conflate the project of American hegemony with its internal affairs?
Associate Dean of Internal Technology to the Office of Dining Affairs -Estimated salary: $237,422 😭😭
So Lucian must be protecting Claudia and he gotta be working with Internal Affairs
Between period 1986-1990 many politicians and ordinary people were charged with treason charges, who was the minister of internal affairs?
I don't think they're as smart and calculated/ manipulative in foreign affairs as they're in internal ones
Esperanza gonna lose her job because Claudia is either internal affairs or a superior or FBI lil dummy
I'm curious to find out what Luscion n Claudia got going on. Maybe she's part of internal affairs?
How can Eddie just never get caught? Where is Internal Affairs?
Shakeup at Oakland PD internal affairs amid investigation into officers’ sexual misconduct with teen girl, NOW at 6.
Interviewed Rajya Sabha MP today on as Pakistan pokes its nose in India's internal affairs.
Ukraine★★★ Deputy head of internal Affairs in Kiev region !
Spanish ambassador accuses Sweden of interfering in its internal affairs due to FM visit ht…
What do you think of continuing interference by in your internal affairs? NOW spite
How does one complain about a Police Agency in the State of CO?? They lack an Internal Affairs Department!
(1/2)I have a case where a Bexar County Sheriff's Officer sexually assaulted me, reported him, Internal Affairs was suppose to investigat...
Social Media Committee Chair, Director of Internal Affairs, & Director of External Affairs • is growing! https:…
Ministry of Internal Affairs draws up corporate plan for 2016-2020- Loop Vanuatu
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Police need to take scams more seriously says Department of Internal Affairs
Police Commissioner Richard Ross has asked Internal Affairs to investigate the arrest of Nicol Newman:
Coard said Newman has filed a complaint with the Police Advisory Commission. Will file one with Internal Affairs as well.
I really had no idea how corrupt Ray Kelly and Bill Bratton NYPD Internal Affairs are = time for new Commission police IA DA corruption
From Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications,. Number of Japan Amateurs = 436128. As of Feb. 13th 2016...
in MI: Nursing Assistant - Extended Care... at Department of Veterans Affairs
Ah Najib .. okies. Najib was a fine man ..and had admonished Pakistan over interference in Afghan Internal Affairs
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New logos for EMSA Department of Internal Affairs, share your comments with us!
This is excellent!! Who is America to comment on India's internal affairs?
clears throat: as president of the class of 2003, minister of internal affairs, sir, this SRC has dealt with UCT accordingly
It's absurd and arrogant that the US still want to interfere in internal affairs of Cuba instead of respecting the national integrity.
Internal Affairs Minister Dr. Henrique Tokpa was last weekend overwhelmingly eulogized by citizens of Bong County...
Sanae Takaichi is the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan is a neo-Nazi.
Internal Affairs and Communications Minister Sanae Takaichi said the government may order broadcasters to susp...
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In the crash under the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ivanovo the person died
New Book: EU Borders and Shifting Internal Security, incl my contribution on Consular Affairs
Their party lobbied foreign gov to interfere in the internal affairs of our country during
Top film on Brit TV today, PayTV: A Richard Gere double-bill on Sky Select kicks off 22:00 with cracking '80s' thriller Internal Affairs
Mariano (AKLAS IVP): Strengthening the internal affairs of the student body is my function.
This is not scare, this is dare that we will not allow a foreign country to meddle in our internal affairs.
The placement of President Buhari's cronies Ali and Dambazzau at Customs and Internal Affairs Ministry respectively are deliberate.
helicopter of the Ministry of internal Affairs has fallen in Vladimir region
They think they hv every right to interfere in others internal affairs First check how intolerant u r
The process cuts deep but if I'm not mastering my own internal affairs, or at least making an effort to, then how can I pour out in2 others?
US has no business meddling in our internal affairs. It's time to show them middle finger regardless of political dispensation in power.
Belated Happy Birthday to our Vice President for Internal Affairs God bless you! 👼🏻
No mind them. Interfering in our internal economic affairs anyhow
India denies visas to US religious freedom body . -via no meddling in our internal affairs.
Remember when not interfering in internal affairs of nations was a Russian thing?
It's not just a comment or observation. They want "action !! That's a ridiculous level of interference in TDP internal affairs !!
American government has no jurisdiction to monitor and comment on India's internal affairs.
Hain! ! You mean allies poke into other party internal affairs? Each party has own businesses to mind and issues to address !
Allies don't poke into the party internal affairs !! It's like CBN telling BJP who should be TBJP president !
USCIRF has no business commenting on internal affairs of India. Good that finally a message has been sent.
Shi'ites/Army clash: Nigerian Protesters call for Expulsion of Iran Embassy 4 Meddling in Nigeria's Internal Affairs
so. one chapter finally closes. :) i am no longer the VP for Internal Affairs of our student org.
It's mandatory that road contractors acquire necessary permits for all their international staff from Internal Affairs ministry
So surprisingly, LAPD Internal Affairs swept its latest scandal under the rug. Never saw that coming, cough cough.
The rebellious residents, reveals the crime of the police? FBI/CIA Internal Affairs-investigating the crime of those officers.
Internal Affairs ministry is seeking a supplementary budget to enable them address scarcity in the country.
Internal Affairs: Carl Guardino is a true road warrior
Confused by aggressive response from strangers on Lambton Quay today when I was unable to direct them to Dept of Internal Affairs...
The Ledger supports of Sen. Barnes' bill to have Attorney General's office supercede Edison PD's Internal Affairs
My interview in with DA Spota Deputy sought Internal Affairs files on SCPD Chief James Burke
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Cop Land. and. Dark Blue. and. Training Day. and. LA Confidential. and. Internal Affairs. and
Somaliland:State Warns semi-autonomous region of Puntland against Interfering in SL Internal Affairs
8. I'm also a former Vice President for Internal Affairs of AHRMS (Association of Hotel and Restaurant Management Student)
Internal Affairs: Cortese may get second year as top supervisor - San Jose Mercury News: Internal Affairs: Cor...
'Blue Bloods' season 6 spoilers: Is Jamie in trouble with Internal Affairs? -
Minister of Internal Affairs: I am not planning to resign, no security flaw at Ankara Bombing.
Jedi not religious enough for a tax break in New Zealand, says Department of Internal Affairs
The body of Internal Affairs minister, Gen Aronda Nyakairima, is in his home district, Rukungiri. Army spokesman,...
Oakland police hire Chicago police oversight lawyer as first civilian director of Internal Affairs:
Keith Moore first gave video to Internal Affairs then did 300+ interviews to get attention on video
appeals to MPs to carefully consider the solid report from Defense and Internal Affairs committee on
Appears lack of wisdom on all sides. Such debates on internal party affairs in public highly damaging. Restraint & sobriety needed
So is Internal Affairs guy the disposable crew member or what?
Yes!! Shift its focus to its internal affairs & let others deal with their stuff.
And then to not put too fine a point on it: "The Chair of the Board should not be able to meddle directly in internal academic affairs."
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Remember that name you all had for me when I was at internal affairs? What was it, Gordon?..Harvey..say it, SAY IT! .2face, Harvey 2face
When you see a cop doing something illegal you should email internal affairs at iab
On the bright side, I've never seen alumni this interested in the internal administrative affairs of
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So who lets them get away. THE DA.Internal Affairs? They are the ones who deserve anger for not prosecuting cops.
2/2 cuz also sits on Faculty Adv. Council, which allows him to "meddle directly in internal academic affairs."
KASHUU'S SURVIVAL GOT HELLA UP thank u internal affairs this is the power of chores
Law enforcement, attorney among 9 arrested in Calif. man's death - Police News
Sad but true state of affairs with many pharma clients. Without internal champions at a very senior level, change wi…
It is sad that today's church is more interested in internal affairs than reaching out to those in need.
So now I gotta deal with DPD internal affairs & their faux confusion "so you're saying he just took your signs for no reason?" No. I'm not.
Whole convo was so frustrating. Internal affairs cop asking: "well do you have an invoice for the signs? how can you prove their value?"
But bc perpetrator is a cop, my only recourse in the criminal injustice system is to file a complaint with internal affairs. What a joke.
Just got off phone with Denver Police Internal Affairs. Ostensible follow-up interview about their officer stealing my signs. Infuriating.
a good idea. Why wait till something happens? Don't they have internal affairs who check such groupings?
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PUNTLAND: Official list of Garowe council members.: Puntland internal affairs ministry has official...
indeed it is yet, what worries is the impact it has on UKs internal affairs. Growing tired of JC hatred campaign against Corbyn
Yes, beautiful looking film too. Internal Affairs with Gere (great as a villain) and Garcia is a top thriller too.
r starting to realize what really ment 4 their internal affairs. Hey Remember S. Hussein's identical position?
yes there always is. Each shooting is investigated by their Internal Affairs. The case goes to grand jury so ordinary
In my country a nurse is the minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security
This is the internal party affairs of Congress. No comments.
Dr. Jean Kalilani is appointed Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security
Can you recommend anyone for this Physician - Emergency Department (Emergency Medicine/Family... -
US Department of Veterans Affairs is looking for a Medicine) in apply now!
the reason i prefer Kajriwal is , he wants to concentrate on internal affairs first.
By d way who are u to interfere in internal affairs of india as far as my knowledge is concerned you aren't a citizen of Ind
Cloutier reviewed SBI and CMPD internal affairs files, as well as the CMPD use of force policy
.training Internal Affairs officers on how to conduct investigations at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies.
Want to work at Department of Veterans Affairs? We're in AR! Click for details:
Why the PM would interfere in the internal affairs of the FM? Will it not be unauthorized and undesirable violation?
The ministry of internal affairs always has a lot of people outside...
Internal Affairs minister, Gen Aronda Nyakairima has warned leaders in northern Uganda to desist from fueling land conflicts in the region.
That's why we're calling on the Department of Internal Affairs not to shut down the Palmerston North branch of the National Library.
Coverup continues in Hamilton about Internal Affairs investigation of Det. Len Gadsby. PBA President Local 66 Mike Kane says "no comment."
With all these sketchy police shootings, are we ready for a procedural where Internal Affairs is the hero?
2011 story suggests Matthew Klein, new CBP Internal Affairs head, not afraid to take on higher ups over ethics:
"My job is to make sure that you do your job. I'm Special Counsel for Internal Affairs, so my jurisdiction's pretty much in your face."
Just 2 wks before he arrested Baltimore PD Internal Affairs was investigating Lt. Brian Rice over this: http:/…
Internal Affairs minister Aronda intervenes in Kipsiro’s death threats case
A hilarious comedy theater play for theater lovers in Dubai, "Internal Affairs" at Grand Midwest Hotel Apartments
20,000 foreign tourists in Nepal at time of Himalayan Times says, citing registration data by Ministry of Internal Affairs
Groovy. We've got enough Internal Affairs goin on.
Internal Affairs interviewing EAP therapists as part of background investigations! What part of confidential don't they under…
I want a cop show where the protagonists are Internal Affairs and all the villains are racist cops, racist politicians, and slimy lawyers.
Whatever happened to Renee Montoya from internal affairs?
Foreign Affairs: Internal struggles and uphill battles
Joseph's internal affairs are greater then his external affairs
on - Simon Says By Paraoche Monch from the album Internal Affairs - Listen …
Mexico investigates alleged police massacre: Mexican prosecutors and the federal police's internal affairs are...
By ajfornjcu "If ellected to be VP of Internal Affairs I would make it my business to make sure the…
Wouldn't that erode the indpnd of the judiciary? Wouldn't want the PM to look like he was meddling in internal affairs
it's quite something that we are finally policing the police an it has nothing to do with Internal Affairs.
Vote Courtney Capdeville 4 treasurer and Allanah Greene for Director of Internal Affairs at the elections; Matthews Hall 311 @ 5 pm.
I propose this similar 2 the individual Internal Affairs or State Police Investigative divisions, but a national entity w national reach.
internal affairs are currently setting up outside Hampden
Deputy police commissioner of internal affairs retiring
Proud that US meddling in Ukraine's internal affairs has helped spark civil war there!
Meanwhile in Tonga where 59% of the population is LDS: "...chief executive of Internal Affairs Lopeti Senituli say…
The Charter is based on sovereign equality, self-determination of peoples and non-interference in others’ internal affairs
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Internal Affairs does a good job and we have a citizen oversight committee as well. Would you prefer a Grand Inquisitor?
Pretty STOKED right now!!! Got a letter today from the Hon Peter Dunne, Minister of Internal Affairs supporting...
Ministry of Internal Affairs (Russia): The Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation (MOI, Russian: Ð...
Yes he'd probably be accused of noodling in HK's internal affairs
Fort Lauderdale police officers fired over racist text messages, video: officials
Voting begins at 8am! PLEASE remember to vote me as your next Vice President of Internal Affairs!
"I will make you feel that you belong here, nowhere else but ELS." -Patricia Salas, VP for Internal Affairs
"I believe that each of us have their own potential to be student leaders." -Patricia Salas, VP for Internal Affairs
I sound extremely healthy but we all know internal affairs are different from the external
oh yeah lmao hachisuka and souza in internal affairs = laughtrip xDDD
Somalia condemns Swedish interventions to the Internal Affairs of Saudi Arabia | Diplomat News Network
Western Interference in Ukraine's Internal Affairs Reason of the Crisis / Sputnik International via
Let the people entertain whatever religion they choose, and a new internal affairs office running the security section
Chief of Internal Affairs Michael Schwartz: has given out over 2,500 Raising Cane's chicken fingers this year.
My warning to all PTI members: Party will not tolerate internal affairs being made public by any PTI member.
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MPD chief says he's not in favor of citizen review board, that internal affairs handles this well enough.
warns that discussing internal affairs in public will not be tolerated. Did he really need to say this publicly?
if we're talking that era you gotta throw in Internal Affairs & Reflection Eternal
Watching one of my favourite films, Internal Affairs. Andy Garcia and Richard Gere. Can't believe it's 25 years old.
7:00 AM NEWS WITH NAKABUYE SHEILAH: Government has set up a high profile team of ministers and technocrats to head and coordinate preparations for Pope Francis’ visit to Uganda later this year, according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office yesterday. The team is led by Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda, assisted by the ministers of Tourism, Works, the minister for Presidency, Internal Affairs, Finance and Foreign Affairs Office. The team will also include representatives from the National Planning Authority, the Catholic Church and other stakeholders. Opposition’s Inter-party alliance has claimed that Kenyans who support the former minister and MP Aggrey Awori, crossed the border and voted for the ruling NRM party candidate Stephen Wanyama Oundo during the Thursday by-election for Busia LC5 seat. Mr Wanyama won the by-election after polling 31,443 votes to beat the joint Opposition candidate, Mr Deo Njoki of the Democratic Party, who polled 21,844 votes. This year’s National Resistance M ...
25th Sheriff of Mono County Sworn into Office Today, the Mono County Sheriff's Office has new leadership. Sheriff-Coroner Ingrid Braun was sworn in during the Board of Supervisors meeting as the 25th Sheriff to serve the citizens and visitors of Mono County. Sheriff Braun was born in Los Angeles in 1967 and raised in La Crescenta, California, graduating from Crescenta Valley High School in 1985. Ingrid attended the University of California, Berkeley, and graduated in 1989 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. She began her law enforcement career with the Los Angeles Police Department in 1989. Ingrid met her husband Michael, also an LAPD officer, in 1991, and they married in 1993. Ingrid rose through the ranks at the LAPD, attaining the ranks of Police Officer, Detective Trainee, Detective, Detective Supervisor and Lieutenant. Sheriff Braun worked assignments in Patrol, Investigations, Internal Affairs, Gang and Narcotics enforcement and Administration. In 2011, Ingrid and Mike chose to ...
OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT PRESS REPORT PRESIDENT KOROMA NAMES AND SHAMES CORRUPT GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS In an extraordinarily tough and uncompromising tone, President Ernest Bai Koroma today decried the behaviour and actions of virtually all the ministries and other institutions in charge of law-enforcement in Sierra Leone.Speaking at a special emergency meeting he called for the purpose at State House, the Head of State told his audience, “I have invited all of you to this meeting and I carefully selected each and every one of you because you form the law-enforcement agencies and are expected to interpret and implement the law to ensure that government functions effectively and efficiently…. You interpret the law on a daily basis in dealing with the public and the international community, but if you compromise your positions, then it affects the overall functioning of the state.”Present at the meeting were the Ministers of Justice, Internal Affairs, Presidential Affairs, Mineral Resources, Marine Re ...
SEE IT: NYPD plainclothes officer delivers body blows to youth as he's being cuffed, Internal Affairs investigating ht…
To European Union :. Just Shut Up , and don't interfere in our Internal Affairs.
September 30, 2014 An Open Letter to Mayor Chris Coleman, Chief Tomas Smith, Mr. Jeff Martin NAACP, and to everyone else this concerns. . Re: I Am Your Brother Police-Community Relations “Police are the public, and the public are the police.” -Sir Robert Peel, father of American policing. In light of the video footage of the January 31, 2014 arrest of Mr. Chris Lollie in St. Paul, and the recent Ferguson, Missouri police shooting of Michael Brown, as well as many other similar incidents now receiving national coverage, and as a life-long St. Paul resident, community servant, VCCC member, and retired St. Paul Police Officer with experience in Internal Affairs, I am compelled to respond. I personally know the St. Paul officers involved in the Chris Lollie incident. They are good, decent people doing their jobs as provided by departmental policy and procedural guidelines. The problem is not these individuals, per se. The problem is modern day police practices, policies and procedures that must be critic ...
Good Cops hate Bad Cops the worst, That is why Internal Affairs is more tactical than SWAT
Read about the hundreds of complaints against the Boston Police Department that go unaddressed by Internal Affairs. Will the complaints ever be resolved?
This is the Department of Internal Affairs -give me a break with the 'no Nazis in BS. http:…
Once a Professor of mine told me that as u move higher and higher in this world of success,more and more of ur job becomes people's development and in working with employees,the big objective is developing thier full potential,not making issues out of their minor error.So he told me sell urself short.Conquer the crime of self-deprecation.Concentrate on your assets.Ur better than u think you are!So i remembered his words when i met him today at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Sequel ts  Smugthe New Uppity” By James C. McIntosh, M.D. The L.A. Times today published the latest installment in themedia lynching of Bill Cosby that is already circulating the internet under theheadline “LAPD willing to investigate Bill Cosby sex assault allegations” Imaginethat, The LAPD wants to investigate someone for abusing women.  I’d like to offer a suggestion for somebody inshow business maybe the LAPD should investigate instead.  He is a former Fox 5 Commentator. Here’s anexcerpt from his online bio: This star’s name has been replaced with the word (He)in parenthesis. (He) “currently serves as a forensic and crime scene expertfor FOX News Channel (FNC). Prior to contributing for FNC, (He) was an on-air consultantfor ABC, CBS and Court TV. He also served as a Los Angeles Police Department(LAPD) detective for 20 years, where he rose to fame as a key investigator … (He)received more than 55 official commendations during his 20 years with the LAPD. (He) is an established author ...
Internal Affairs is investigating the murder of 🙏
here in my town we've had many dirty cops over the years and still don't have Internal Affairs
Miami police officers caught on camera allegedly ignoring 911 calls The Miami Dade Police Department has fired a sergeant and two officers and suspended three others without pay in what is considered one of the worst incidents of delinquency in the department's history, CBS Miami reports. The accusations vary against each officer, but they include: failing to respond to emergency calls, pretending to be on calls when they weren't and falsifying police records, according to the station. The officers-- an entire squad assigned to patrol a large area of Kendall, Fla. -- were followed and caught on surveillance video by Internal Affairs in 2010, but it wasn't until September 2012 that they were ultimately disciplined, the station says. According to CBS Miami, one of the fired officers, Dario Socarras, is accused of ignoring armed robbery and residential burglary calls so he could meet his girlfriend in a mall parking lot. Socarras was caught on surveillance video on two different occasions kissing and cuddlin ...
President Sirleaf Makes Additional Appointments in Government (MONROVIA, LIBERIA – Tuesday, December 2, 2014) President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has made additional appointments in Government affecting the Ministries of State for Presidential Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Industry, Labor and Internal Affairs. Other government parastatals include the National Commission on Higher Education, Liberia Refining Company, Central Bank of Liberia and the University of Liberia. According to an Executive Mansion release, these appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate, where applicable. Those appointed include: Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs Mr. Jordan Solunteh – Director General of the Cabinet National Commission on Higher Education Dr. Momo Rogers - Deputy Director General Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr. Elias Shoniyin - Deputy Minister of the Foreign Affairs Mr. Thomas Kaydor - Deputy Minister for International Cooperation Ministry of Commerce & Industry Mr . ...
What is the proper way to handle an officer that abuses authority? An internal affairs complaint. Get safely out of the situation, and then get a lawyer and file a complaint. Maybe even a lawsuit. Don't get up in the officer's face. Or take out running. You are ASKING for trouble.
1 of the those officers worked for internal affairs. What does that tell you about the legitimacy of internal police investigations?
Clearly internal affairs aren't doing their job..what a corrupt system we have here
Screw off Jack. I find your perspective on another country's internal affairs out of line. Focus on your own garbage
Howard's in Internal Affairs, Tealer's in Administration, McClain's in Communications, Hill's in Marketing. All very good at their jobs.
Do away with internal affairs! Way too much bias there! Let`s try external affairs instead! No one associated with the police to decide these indictments!! The "good ole boys" need to go!
Sounds like a complete failure of the police Internal Affairs and the police force. I smell a civil suite here.
We have discovered a plan where dictator Museveni has been using the following cadres of his to change Uganda and these are Muhoozi Kanerugaba, Kalyekezi Kaihura, Aronda Nyakayirima, Jennifer Musisi, Kajiji Tumwebaze . We have seen this with Kalyekezi Kaihura where he has change the real police we used to know to brutal police, Jennifer Musisi with her KCCA law enforcers who sometimes arrest and kill hawkers for no reason, take or confiscate their belongings, Aronda Nyakairima has also employed former UPDF into internal affairs these people of their choice do work at passport control offices border posts etc. The URA is full of UPDF personel, the Uganda wild life is also full of UPDF, NAADS is now controlled by UPDF, kings some of them are former UPDF members etc. Ugandans this is not going to end up here kubanga Museveni is trying to create an environment where by even if a revolt comes out it can be controlled. We and you there can change this once we come on as one on the 15/12/2014 to reclaim our co . ...
is it really THAT far fetched for some to believe that the USA interferes in other countries internal affairs?
You must be pondering about how Police handled the fraudulently obtained passport case of a Nigerian guy Franklin who leaked Desire´s nude picture. Well, from reliable sources, Franklin has been sending money through a friend to bribe every officer in connection to this case. I must say that he has successfully managed to make one immigration officer declare his file lost. Through the same agent,he has been paying some media editors to burry all stories in this line. This shows you how rotten our immigration system is. One person is tasked to handle such important files which would have helped the ministry not only to implicate offenders but to also help the immigrations in improving their security. When a file is lost,no evidence can be traced. The entire Internal affairs office is in a mess. Look at its physical appearance, buildings looks like those former coffee growers stores in Bugerere. Passports are printed but applicants make various un necessary trips to offices without getting the documents , ...
Why is and charging a fee to release info on their Internal Affairs Policy? Wait is $.65 going to break the bank?
finally the focus is on the internal affairs and prayers to our DP as well as Sang.
Via the San Jose Santa Clara County druggists sue over union dues collection
Officer in Eric Garner case still faces investigations by Justice Department, NYPD Internal Affairs:
New York City Police Department launches internal investigation into the death of via…
PM has to play the role of PM{External Affairs}since EAM Sushma Swaraj has failed to perform! Next role? PM{Internal Affairs}?
Desperate UK ‘activists’ continue to meddle in the internal affairs of , exposing their sick obsession for all to see.
Justice and Home affairs Council conclusions on the Development of a renewed EU Internal Security Strategy:
Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications uses Big Data for conducting road inspections -
Camera yes, indictment yes, if not, then the police Internal Affairs has to do what is right by the citizens they serve.
hi joe, I think rather than getting involved with our internal affairs you better sort out the mess in Ferguson etc.
The Budapest Memorandum assured Ukraine of it's territory provided Russia was given a veto over it's external & internal affairs. IMHO
Omg just witnessed a terrible accident on jinja rd nxt to BAT n internal affairs. My prayers to u Guys.
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