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Inspector Morse

Inspector Morse is a fictional character in the eponymous series of detective novels by British author Colin Dexter, as well as the 33-episode 1987–2000 television adaptation of the same name, in which the character was portrayed by John Thaw.

Colin Dexter John Thaw Inspector Lewis Mike Harding Kevin Whately Sherlock Holmes Roger Allam Shaun Evans Miss Marple Hercule Poirot

For Colin Dexter, Inspector Morse's creator, who has died
One for Inspector Morse, I reckon! Colin Dexter would have loved this... ;-)
Colin Dexter, creator of Inspector Morse, dies at 86
Farewell to Colin Dexter. Many thanks for creating my favourite detective. The one and only Inspector Morse ❤
Top story: Inspector Morse creator Colin Dexter dead at 86 | Books | The Guardi… see more
BREAKING NEWS: Colin Dexter author of Inspector Morse series has died. via
Inspector Morse creator Colin Dexter has died peacefully at his home in Oxford, aged 86
Author Colin Dexter, who created Inspector Morse, has died:
BREAKING: The author of Inspector Morse has died. Thank you, Colin Dexter. You created a true icon of the genre. https:/…
Saddened to hear of the loss of Colin Dexter, author and creator of Inspector Morse. R.I.P
Publisher Macmillan says author of the 'Inspector Morse' series Colin Dexter has died at his home in Oxford
Author Colin Dexter, speaking about Inspector Morse in 1993. He has died, aged 86.
Colin Dexter (center), who created the beloved character Inspector Morse, has died at home in Oxford. He wrote... https:/…
Inspector Morse author Colin Dexter dies peacefully at home at the age of 86
Inspector Morse: George Raistrick (Sir John Balcombe) played Guard in Day of the Daleks in 1972...
I was never a big fan of Inspector Morse but I absolutely love this. Roger Allam and Shaun Evans are brilliant.
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Inspector Morse creator Colin Dexter bows out of TV cameos, takes "tea in the pavilion" at 86: via
Sometimes in Oxford you feel like you are about to meet Inspector Morse.
2017 sees the 30th anniversary of U2's Joshua tree album, the holodeck in STNG, inspector Morse and Canon EOS system!!!
returns on Sunday. Celebrate the 30th anniversary of
celebrates its 30th anniversary this week. Is it Our weighs in:
Looking forward to the return of Celebrate the 30th anniversary of
Looking forward to the return of this week? How about celebrating the 30th anniversary of...
please continue the Inspector Morse legacy
i've heard of them both. You should also get Inspector Morse.
Is that Inspector Morse tattooed on her wing?
Brought to you by Cracking the Morse code: Shaun Evans, who returns to our screens next... htt…
Blogpost about my new ENDEAVOUR: The Complete Inspector Morse ebook features a plug for publishing skills: https…
brilliant actor, I remember him best for the fantastic Inspector Morse series and…
You're rockin as well as John Thaw did Inspector Morse... well done!
I know he did a lot,but he was Inspector Morse to me.
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I've just done an 'inspector morse'
Raise a glass at to the actor John Thaw, aka INSPECTOR MORSE, born 74 years ago today in Manchest…
Abigail Thaw endeavours to follow in father John&27;s Inspector Morse footsteps
Endeavour returns to mark Inspector Morse's 30th anniversary
in 1942, the late, great John Thaw CBE aka 'Inspector Morse'
love this guy. From Inspector Morse Lewis and Endeavour. Thank you for giving me something to watch over and over.
endeavours to follow in father John's Inspector footsteps
Shaun Evans returns to our screens as Inspector Morse in Endeavour via
Mysteries like Inspector Morse remind us of lost Eden, writes
or inspector morse bc I think it's too soon for Sherlock 😉
Endeavour: The Complete Inspector Morse covers the first 13 eps of plus all Colin Dexter's stories & 33 eps of Inspector Morse.
Other clues: Inspector Morse makes its TV debut, Ivan Lendl wins the US Open and U2 release Joshua Tree. What year is it?
Watching an old 'Inspector Morse' where Richard Briers is EVIL and Roger Allam is YOUNG. Dunno which is more disturbing!
that fits with my theory that Hercules Morse is named after Hercule Poirot and Inspector Morse
No I didn't. I shouldn't have to channel the spirit of Inspector Morse or Hercule Poirot to get a decent train service.
It’s the Inspector Morse prequel. Rather excellent. And thank you. x
Still reeling from how bad the Inspector Morse Goes to a Rave episode was.
Dr Laura Hobson has pushed back. in a male-dominated field. for over 20 years. Respect.
Watching the pilot episode of Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour. All done with wonderful care and attention to detail.
I just opened my laptop in the Gladstone link and it started playing an episode of Inspector Morse really loudly
Endeavour to pay tribute to 30th anniversary of Inspector Morse: THE 30th anniversary of the first episode of...
Just finished great Inspector Morse. Did you know John Thaw died in 2012, of esophageal cancer? Was only 73.
He was in that advert. Bring back Inspector Morse, that's what I say.
It has Julia Sawalha in it. Obvs grown a bit since she appeared as a schoolgirl in an early ep of Inspector Morse
Glen sleep tight going 2 watch Inspector Morse myself
That's true! Especially for Inspector Morse. Beginning to feel the same way about Endeavor too.
Crime fiction does justice to Colin Dexter and Jeffrey Deaver
Two and a half episodes into Inspector Morse: so far it's a charming show made more charming with clever sound mixing.
not forgetting it was a favourite watering hole of the great Morse
1981 Colin Dexter’s ‘The Dead of Jericho’ published the fifth novel of the Inspector Morse series
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Westgate Sainsbury's loomed quite large in my life when I lived in Oxford. And the car park featured in an Inspector Morse.
Have we seen that character before? She used to be in Inspector Morse.
I'm not here for the night inspector morse.
I talked about the Inspector Morse rave episode 'Cherabim & Seraphim' in a pitch document today. Niche. And nice
I am watching Inspector Morse on Netflix, and my air conditioner is on. I don't think that's what they meant by "netflix and chill."
in the same way as we once discovered they one of the most common collocates of thaw was . John! Inspector morse.
Fridays 7 am: the sane thrill of Inspector Morse on CUNYTV, followed by soothing history & literary programs.
Endeavour series 4: Fans to get blast from the past for Inspector Morse 30th anniversary
I shall be reading as many Inspector Morse novels as I possibly can over the next couple of weeks.
It's fun to see the original Morse & see how characters were in their younger years. Inspector Lewis returns in Aug
have we discussed my love for Endeavour? I want to marry Morse, but also secretly crush on Inspector Thursday.
Enjoying the crusty erudition that is Inspector Morse.
‘Endeavour’ will return for a fourth season next year, marking the 30th anniversary of 'Inspector Morse' on
Inspector Morse is back! We review The Dead of Jericho by Colin Dexter:
This is almost as complicated as Inspector Morse. That was a flashback? I see.
The Cockerell building, a k a the Taylor Institution. You just missed Inspector Morse, too many murders in Oxford!
My fave det. show is Swedish - Wallander (not BBC version). Will always love Inspector Morse.
Hope you got your nite off apres the French. We watched an old Inspector Morse tonite.
I'm enjoying this. Bring back Inspector Morse, that's what I say.
Detective drama Endeavour, the prequel to Central Television’s Inspector Morse, will return to ITV for a four...
Endeavour: Season Four Production Begins, Casting Announced: Inspector Morse is back on the case. Today, ITV ...
Endeavour IV to mark the 30th anniversary of Inspector Morse on in 2017
Inspector Morse prequel releases details of its fourth series .
Here's what to expect from the fourth series of Endeavour.
Endeavour is to pay tribute on Inspector Morse's 30th TV anniversary next year
Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour releases details of its fourth series via cc.
Apparently Colin Dexter makes cameo appearances in Inspector Morse and Lewis too
Brilliant, old Inspector Morse ep, Gina McKee as none more 80s girl in bookies.
Read that you like Foyles War on Netflix. Take a look at George Gently, Inspector Morse,& especially Doc Martin.Great shows
Rare look at John Hurt as TELEVISION actor: (And, yes, the lead is John Thaw of Inspector Morse fame)
I love all police programmes. Inspector Morse. Murder She Wrote. Midsomer Murders. Diagnosis Murder. All of them.
. When you say interview, do you mean like Paxman or Inspector Morse?
I suppose with the UBC situation being what it is, it's a good time to re-read Gaudy Night. It's either that or Inspector Morse.
inspector morse, as the things that kept him going was his 1960 Jag mark 2, Booze and his love of opera music lol
yes, John Thaw immortalized Chief Inspector Morse. He was an amazing actor, so sad he died young(60). Will miss him too
talking of TV, can we just take a moment to appreciate how good the opening theme for Inspector Morse was?
The Rolls-Royce Inspector Morse is the epitome of Bespoke design, inspired by the cult TV British detective. ht…
So obsessed with all things It's the most 🇬🇧 thing to ever 🇬🇧Now watching all of Inspector Morse to appreciate it even more.
Just had two sightings on old Inspector Morse episodes. makes a too convincing coroner.
Inspector Morse theme Brings back memories of my childhood! Sunday night (bath night) before school
Morse Code: Who is Inspector Morse? A. John Thaw. The first thing I thought about was ice. Now I have spent months trying to make.
Now and I are debating how the Inspector Morse theme goes. Hashtag married life.
Slowly making my way through my new Inspector Morse DVD set. Keep forgetting it was so long ago and being shocked at how young people are!
Think I've worked out the USP of West Mids PCC David Jamieson - Inspector Morse, but without the Jag
This is good fun by on the acid house rave episode of Inspector Morse directed by Danny Boyle.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
On hols in Ardmore with just RTE 1 & 2. Luckily the homeowners of this rented house have left old Inspector Morse DVDs. V relaxing.
Lobbying for two episodes of Inspector Morse tonight.
Remember the time Inspector Morse got into acid house and raves?
You know what I want all Americans to watch? Inspector Morse. What a great show that was. That's how you do detective work.
Right, off to ring Inspector morse. Someone has stolen the voice and it ain't pretty
Introducing Kris to Inspector Morse with 'Twilight of the Gods', AKA 'The One With John Gielgud'.
Just watched Inspector Morse arrest the wrong man. Again. (Earlier he called Lewis a "fool" !)
Love this episode of Inspector Morse. Woman in a power suit has ordered a cinzano and soda 😂
Inspector Morse . The silent World of Nicholas Quinn on next 14/40
The revelation of Inspector Morse's Christian name only created another mystery, of what the N in N. Devver stood for. .
Inspector Morse: "The Sins of the Fathers" - Very interesting camera work. Why the repeated use of mirrors and distorted images?
I didn't realise 'Endeavour' is Inspector Morse as a young policeman just starting out He's very attractive. I shall watch more of this.. :D
Nah Inspector Frank Morse is the cop who solves crimes by rollerskating under lorries
I had an Inspector Morse dream last night and one where classmates and I faced ghosts in a repeating school.
Satisfaction is watching the last episode of Endeavour and the first episode of Inspector Morse straight after.
I am. Inspector Morse and Lewis are my favorites! I've also seen all Touch of Frost and Foyle's War. :)
Endeavor is a prequel to Inspector Morse, Lady L. I do hope you will enjoy watching that.
"And light beer is an invention of the Prince of Darkness." This is why I love Inspector Morse
BC: If Inspector Morse and Get Carter can't solve it I'm no hope
Aha, well done Inspector Morse! Hopefully it can be resolved without involving Kath, as she's gone through enough already.
Murder, mystery and mayhem: Top 10 TV detective destinations you MUST see
Discovered a couple of seasons of Inspector Morse on Netflix. Doling them out to myself one per night.
I have the song Inspector Morse tattooed on me and you should listen to it .
Watching Inspector Morse in bed. Every time Oxford is mentioned by name I want to go “bo!” 😜
Of course !! I'll represent you in court. I've never studied law, but i've got the complete boxset of "Inspector Morse" 😉
I've read all Inspector Morse novels multiple times – though I realise that's not quite the same thing! 🔎 😊
I think he's auditioning for the role of Inspector Morse
For spectacularly awesome cheesiness you really can't beat Early Inspector Morse episodes.
Inspector Morse is the best thing that's ever happened to me since I've exhausted every Columbo &Piorot. So bitter.
Has to be the one and only Inspector Morse 😊
Gotta say "Inspector Morse" was kinda skeevy.Basically hit on anything that moved.Even woman whose husband was just killed.Yuck.
As opposed to New Power Generation which is probably what he was listening to in 1992. That and the Inspector Morse soundtrack.
fans, our lovely in Inspector Morse. episode Greeks Bearing Gifts. On the Amazon Boxset
absolute *** on, I'd ring the busys or inspector morse son it's a case for kavanagh QC
RIP John Thaw (1942-2002). He was brilliant as Inspector Morse but I did particularly love his role in Goodnight Mister Tom (1998).
Indiana Jones and the box set of inspector Morse
Though if I were astralling-projecting, I'd have thought Oxford was more likely, as I was in the bath reading an Inspector Morse book.
No stone left unturned in new Inspector Morse companion guide … – Oxford Mail
Poirot, Inspector Morse, Inspector Lewis, Midsomer Murders, why are British mystery series so great?
new addiction (after Midsummer Murders and Lewis and Barnaby and Death in Paradise) "Inspector Morse"
He's fantastic. My favorite all-time actor is actually the late, great John Thaw. (Inspector Morse and Cavanaugh QC).
.on and missing out on an Inspector Morse hat-trick
I've watched all the Inspector Morse and Lewis episodes... can i become a detective please?
They got me into Inspector Morse, then we watche Lewis together, and now The injokes are endless.
I love the relationship between Inspector Morse and Lewis. I keep expecting Lewis to loose his patience and to go off on the Inspector.
is filling the Inspector Morse void for me too. I still have to shout "Lewis!" occasionally for old times sake!
it is never too late for Inspector Morse
"No one had heard of Oxford before Inspector Morse." - Alan Partridge
It's our 7th wedding anniversary soon. Apparently gift is 'copper'. Getting my wife a signed pic of John Thaw as Inspector Morse.
nobody had heard of Oxford before inspector morse
The last episode of Inspector Morse is an iconic piece of British TV a fitting end to a fantastic series which will stand the test of time
Hey I see you follow the guy from Inspector Lewis, I love that show even better that the original Morse mysteries IMO.
Also dont think i wanta know about your index linked divorce contracts.. the best endeavours phrase sounded like inspector morse novel
Inspector Morse was in Oxford; this is from Cambridge. And besides, thou has not committed -
You mean Oxford as in Inspector Morse and Brideshead Revisited? Only in his wildest imaginings I believe. Too much cottaging?
Inspector Morse, putting unwanted senior advances back into criminal investigation. One case at a time
Inspector Morse checks out women as casually as one sports an obvious erection at a funeral, not very casually at all
How many times in his career do you think Inspector Morse has flashed his wrinkly yam bag at a female suspect?
I have gotten to Inspector Morse and this show has the WORST death scenes. Also, Morse is an untouched walking erection holding some booze
Fitzrovia News Charlotte Place features on cover of Rowling crime novel Fitzrovia News Oxford had Inspector Morse,…
NO!!! I was only just getting over saying farewell to Inspector Morse... ((sob))
V is a great actress but you were pretty *** good in Inspector Morse last week. Verona looked amazing too. x
"Inspector Morse" was an excellent show. I'm afraid I've haven't seen "Lewis" as of yet.
Even 6th year, 16 years old he was doing bits. I was drinking WKD and listening to SOAD. He was like inspector Morse. Foiling Draco.
Why, all inspector get older, and they still work, why stop the series, if you really do it think of Morse why!
Watching an 'Inspector Morse' from 1990. Look, it's a sign for HMV 'Radio TV'. I feel ancient!
- Maybe will end up with TV. Loved the Endeavor series and now want to watch all the original Inspector Morse series.
I've been watching loads of old Inspector Morse episodes lately and just loved this photo.
Sad to say goodbye to .If you're fm Oxford like me Inspector Morse was part of my childhood.They were always filming in town. [1/2]
Lewis star Kevin Whately bows out so he doesn't out-do Inspector Morse
Thank You to for giving us Robert Lewis from Morse to Lewis ♡ the best Detective Inspector! ♡
Don't mess with an Inspector Morse anorak
I felt the same at the end of Inspector Morse so fingers crossed!
oh yes of course, my partner spotted it the other day while we're watching Inspector Morse (and also having our tea at 12:30)
Bye bye Robbie Lewis thanks for the memories (and Inspector Morse & James Hathaway)! 👍🏻
If you want an exam paper written on Inspector Morse or Sherlock Holmes stories just ask
Did 'Inspector Morse' pull you in, in the end?
I only found out about Es through an episode of Inspector Morse :-O
mate tried to say it as he lived in LH on worsley road . Oxford road is in rusholme never seen inspector morse once mate
When this picture first came up I thought it was Inspector Morse.!
Exit the nicest copper on TV: Inspector Lewis bows out
It's the final ever episode of tonight! See Morse/Lewis countryside like you've never seen it before
The Chief Inspector Morse sign is back in the Oxford Police Station (the real one). Hope Lewis and Hathaway follow suit.
Inspector Morse spin-off drama Lewis airs its last-ever episode tonight. Brining to a close one of ITV’s best-...
it's fun watching an episode of Inspector Morse I've seen before and remembering the characters but not the particulars of the mystery
That's why they didn't film Inspector Morse (or Lewis) in California...
Inspector Morse - about an atheist cop - has introduced me to more glorious church music than any other show.
I agree, he was great in inspector morse.
📷 Started watching the first of the Inspector Morse box set with Curtis on Friday night. ***shakes head...
Never watched the last episode of Inspector Morse. Expect tears.
British are 5.6x more likely to vote for Inspector Morse on our The Best TV Detectives list. Vote
A nice glass of red wine a bowl of cashew nuts and an inspector morse book
South Oxhey on the TV moonlighting as a council estate of Oxford in Inspector Morse!
- Production Tech needed in at Fairbanks Morse Engine. Apply now!
The judge in this Inspector Morse has got a gavel.
got me watching Inspector Morse on YouTube again
Inspector Montalbano isn't like Morse, he is in bed nuzzling the huge breasts and nipples of his blonde girlfriend or wife. Surprised.
A "murder bath?" I don't remember those on Inspector Morse, hunni xx :P
Books on the small screen has to be Inspector Morse. Old-y but goody.
Inspector Morse: Death Is Now My Neighbour - oh yeah, you heard me. Can't beat a bit of Morse
Would you like to try again nomes? 'INSPECTOR MORSE'. Think we'll just leave it there shall we...
Endeavour, the young Inspector Morse series, that was good.
. says the man who will be appearing on the next series of Inspector Morse.
.thinks he's Inspector Morse making notes all the way through Cluedo 😂
it's so you know it's a clever pun. Endeavour is Inspector Morse's first name
Feel a bit like Inspector Morse though. Constantly stumbling in the dark!
"What do we want?" "Revolution!" "When do we want it?" "After Neighbours has finished but before Inspector Morse!"
Watching inspector morse and dr Laura Hobson appears! She looks so young, baby Laura!
TV Idea - John Lewis; Inspector Morse spin off as old partner has to settle for work selling aftershave in night club toilets
let's work allusions to Deus Ex and Blade Runner and I don't know, Inspector Morse and Krazy Kat into our poetry
More TV series Inspector Morse star John Thaw (right) and Kevin Whately, who plays Sgt Lewis, pose by Morse's Jaguar.
People discredit it but frankly I absolutely love speaking of which Inspector Morse very shortly
finished Inspector Morse: The first three novels by Colin Dexter and gave it 5 stars
Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse books are also good, also can't go wrong with Agatha Christie's Poirot or Miss Marple series
Inspector Morse tour: highly recommended. Today came with bonus views of Lewis film crew.
is he a fan of Inspector Morse? Just case someone suggested the name Morse square as tribute to the late John Thaw!
Finished reading 'The Riddle of the Third Mile', an Inspector Morse mystery by Colin Dexter. Pure genius. Wish I had mind 4 plots like his!
Fan of Inspector Morse & the late, great John Thaw? My all time favourite sleuth. The Unforgettable John Thaw Story: htt…
Never mind Inspector Morse, here's THE MURDER BOYS - at 99cents today. …
Kevin Whately and John Thaw from Inspector Morse being adorable together.
John Thaw listening to Wagner and staring into space in the final Inspector Morse episode.
I added a video to a playlist Radio Drama of Last Bus to Woodstock (Inspector Morse)
In Cambridge. Drinking Pilsner Urquell, still no sign of Inspector Morse
I think I just saw Mike Harding's green work wagon in the desert on the outskirts of outback town of Hereford in tonight's Inspector Morse.
The - not ABC TV Australia - is what's needed by Inspector Morse to get the word out about missing UK fugitive Mike Harding
Inspector Morse is in New South Wales just to keep villains in jail and to find out: Where is Mike Harding? Mike phoned her this morning!!!
Enjoying Australian episode of Inspector Morse with Mike Harding Lawnmowers, packed pub watching the Melbourne Cup & sheep-shearing farms.
Watching an old Inspector Morse. It's very ropey, but John Thaw is so good in it that it barely matters.
Thanks for the follow tonight only Inspector Morse House of Ghosts comes to 730pm
really looking forward to Inspector Morse House of Ghosts tonight.
Hi Inspector Morse stage play! House of Ghosts tonight only Tues 14/Apr
Looking for a replacement for its successful "Inspector Morse" series, ITV solicited ideas and picked "Foyle's War" out of 300 submissions.
Everyone is staying up later than I am. This is wrong. Even the maternal unit, who is locked in to watching Inspector Morse.
continues on as two great detectives race to solve the case! Don't miss Inspector Morse at...
THAT IS A REALLY GOOD RINGTONE. I totally watch the Inspector Morse credits just so I can listen to it!
Update your maps at Navteq
Thames Valley Police could 'cope with more cuts' says Theresa May - What would inspector morse say ?
It's on Don't miss the premiere of Miss Marple at 8p, followed by Inspector Morse at 9p...
I mean, what are they gonna do with my fic? Write Inspector Morse novels? This isn't my intellectual property in the first place.
Inspector Morse House of Ghosts is coming to Bognor this Wed 15 Apr
TAKEN: complete set of Inspector Morse books Sale (M33)
The amount of texts I've received tonight saying "hey this is my number" then no ones put their name. I'm not inspector morse 😭😂
Why are ITV Dramas all shot the same? Endeavour for example: Inspector Morse had a v. unique style but Endeavour is no diff from Broadchurch
I feel like an odd mix between Inspector Morse and Hannibal Lector right now
ooh. I was there last trip. Truly one of my favourites. Too much Inspector Morse et al. If I end up welshing on Cardiff I will
Inspector Morse, and other heroes with a dark side.
Why being a paramedic is like being Inspector Morse (FR BLOG):
I'd rather drink the neck and shoulders off a bottle of Adberg and watch an episode of Inspector Morse.
The number of opera singers Inspector Morse meets is truly too *** high
all they have is The remorseful day, the final Inspector Morse novel. JJ Jance is SOL
Kevin Pietersen fans grasping. Excited about a ton against the cast of Inspector Morse. Wait till Brooksy takes his middle at headingly
the only morse I do now it watching inspector morse on TV
Watching old Inspector Morse eps & keep being surprised at how many of the extras were my fellow students...
Absolutely going mental and watching Inspector Morse. That's how you spend a Sunday evening, kids! Rock and freaking roll!
Doing a little research, writing and typing... whilst Chief Inspector Morse shouts at Lewis.
First ever episode of Inspector Morse 'The Dead of Jericho' showing on right now. As brilliant as it ever was.
First episode of Inspector Morse is on. And there is my friend Norman *waves at screen*
Gammon cooking, bread dough rising, white wine in one hand, Inspector Morse novel in the other.
Watching an old Sherlock Holmes where Inspector Morse is rolling around in mud and pretending to be from the West Country
I'm on you're side,but he's only playing against Inspector Morse and a couple of his chums.
Pronounced Cecil! I love it. "Your suite is ready, Professor Warhouse". I'm picturing it in the cinematic style of Inspector Morse.
Bloody *** I've been drinking & already forgotten about that! LOL I'm watching Inspector Morse now-shh lol
Miles behind, in fact i only just heard Inspector Morse is dead *** Inspector Morse...not a complete halfwit ;) drive a hard bargain...right, throw in a Inspector Morse DVD and it's a deal
Once watched an Inspector Morse in which Morse had to go to a cricket game. John Thaw got it right by having him...
All I need now is Inspector Morse and my day would be complete
how about "Endeavour" (was also first name of Inspector Morse!) 👍
I thought it was being pulled by Inspector Morse
1st dog named Inspector Morse, 2nd Sgt Lewis and now we have Marlowe (detective).
A bit like Oxford during the time Morse was an inspector...
Yeah. I can hear that. Try watching Inspector Morse on Netflix, I always fall asleep about 45 minutes in. :D
got to be an Endeavour. Inspector Morse.
Watching an episode of Inspector Morse from the 90s. They're investigating a series of rave-related deaths. And E.
Off to as Inspector Morse in tour of House of Ghosts tonight. Tomorrow it's Wendy Carr in Princess Ida
Just fell into and I never knew how much I needed a young inspector morse. Or I guess constable morse. Also opera murder mystery!
Inspector Morse is coming to Trinity this week, find out what TV detective you are! We'd like to know!
I know John Thaw is dead but I'm pretty sure I sat next to Inspector Morse on the train
Stunning opening night infront of a full house. Proud of my cast and crew. Inspector Morse House of Ghosts
I am related to Inspector Morse. True fact.
exactly! Like, inspector Morse too :D They're like big jumpers too, warm and comforting.
I am basically in love with Inspector Morse as a character. He’s my perfect man.
Yes, indeed, although I preferred the earlier Inspector Morse (and the subsequent Endeavour but you need to watch Morse first).
Well, Inspector Morse, Sherlock Holmes, and Omega Snook have done that thing, probably more 'tecs have too!
Inspector Morse is really good for falling asleep to.
Inspector Morse house of Ghosts opening tonight. Pretty much a sell out. Very proud of my cast and crew
You have to remember that of the 9 murders in Oxford during the run of Inspector Morse he solved all 23 of them.
Inspector Morse is especially thirsty in this episode. 
Patently unfair that inspector Morse lived on as Inspector Lewis and then CI Foyle but Jonathan Creek got terminated
This guy is surely the murderer from an episode of Inspector Morse
I'm watching Inspector Morse. I only started watching this show just recently, and found Morse is now in heaven. Too bad. I think he's sexy.
No morse job then cheif inspector Phlilipson?? Good for holly though! Watch the roads! Its a long way back
Only 8 seats left for first night of tour tmrw
Watching some old Inspector Morse episodes... Really young Kevin Whatley reminds me of Rupert Grint. 😆
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