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Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget is an animated television series that revolves around the adventures of a clumsy, simple-witted cyborg detective named Inspector Gadget – a human being with various bionic gadgets built into his body.

Matthew Broderick Ferris Bueller Ray Lewis Cree Summer Don Adams Steve McManaman Benedict Cumberbatch Maxwell Smart James Bond Kellyanne Conway Knight Rider Carmen San Diego Star Trek Troy Williams Drawn Together Frank Welker

I should of done the original inspector gadget film. Simply becuz it would of been fun. I wasn't thinking at the ti…
Game Theory: Inspector Gadget and Minecraft were a government plot by France, Sweden, and Japan to overthrow the United States
I love getting rewarded for watching Inspector Gadget with
I'm watching Inspector Gadget and getting rewarded for it!
Y'all Inspector Gadget new season is available for streaming today on Woot!
come to think of it. the metro cross theme sorta reminds me of the Inspector Gadget theme. Is Inspector…
Trump is hours away from naming Inspector Gadget . as the new FBI director.
and here it is so well like what I want to know about this DVD is obviously you can see it's inspector gadget is on like the Mario DVD yes
*** said why you always keep to yourself.. I said the same way you keep your phone on DND face down.*Bihh move with yo inspector gadget ***
👍👍for the plethora of pop culture references in Inspector Gadget.
Inspector Gadget: Gadget's Crazy Maze - Any % in 41:19 by Bam4rd:
I added a video to a playlist The Airport - Inspector Gadget Racing
But Batman has a gadget for everything. E V E R Y T H I N G. He'll have a "Bat Inspec…
Yeh. I think after it got cancelled they moved on to inspector gadget so at least people got that
there's also hope for Inspector Gadget as well
Yep. Penny from Inspector Gadget, Emyra & Merrie Melody from Toons and Black Arachnia from Beast Ma…
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Tons! Button Moon, Count Duckula, Knightmare, Inspector Gadget, Ducktales etc I could go on and on! Kids…
I've always assumed that Claw from Inspector Gadget was bankrolling Carmen San Diego.
Rumour: George Entwistle has plagiarised Inspector Gadget by scribbling The Joker.
Who among us can forget Inspector Gadget's frequent inspection of gadgets, the centerpiece of the show bearing his name
I mean she truly seems to think Inspector Gadget inspects gadgets . which honestly couldn't be further from the truth
BEWARE: Inspector Gadget has our battery operated appliances under surveillance. My ‘Donald J Trump’ Vibrator cannot be trusted anymore.
Finally, she speaks truth. Matthew Broderick concurs "I played Gadget. Gadget was a friend of mine. CroneWay, you are no Inspector Gadget."
3) Inspector Gadget had lots of cool devices, but Penny was the actual brains behind the operation. Why invoke him?
I still don't get how Inspector Gadget had all those tools inside one hat.
KAC I'm not inspector gadget. Pfft no ur Barbie on crack.
Just remember, by her own admission is not...I repeat, NOT Inspector Gadget.
Kelly Anna Conway: I'm not Inspector Gadget. World: Yeah, Inspector Gadget was a good guy.
Is this real life? How can someone be SO dumb as to think inspector gadget was an inspector OF gadgets!?!?
Kellyanne Conway: “I’m not Inspector Gadget. I don’t believe people are using the microwave to spy" on Trump
Kellyanne Conway said she's not INSPECTOR GADGET, but evidence suggests otherwise.
Kellyane Conway: I'm not an Inspector Gadget. Me: Obviously, since you don't understand how microwaves work
Kellyanne: I'm not Inspector Gadget. Me (wondering): Then why'd you open your mouth so fast?
KellyAnn says she's not Inspector Gadget, *** ,,,She's not even human !
"I'm not Inspector Gadget" is gonna be my answer for just about everything going forward.
This Inspector Gadget story brings me back to one of my first jobs, where I acquired the nickname Gadget. Still one of my favorite nicknames
Ah, yes. If it isn't the famous evidence-based detective, Inspector Gadget.
Overlooked in all of this: Kellyanne Conway seems to think Inspector Gadget was an inspector of gadgets, not a gadget-fille…
Utterly brilliant: Peaches Geldof's spirit has injected Night Nurse into the chest cavity of a statue Inspector Gadget.
You gave me He-Man! Can I get the original Strawberry Shortcake too? And the original Carebears and Inspector Gadget?!
Chrispy - Inspector Gadget (Dubstep) u write her nickol kid man and u wait next
Having a hot flash, flash black of Matthew Broderick as Inspector Gadget. Also Milo from Atlantis 🔥
The hideous Vladimir Putin has devised a gameshow the top prize is a gold statue of Inspector Gadget.
Ingram is like an amalgamation of Michael Jordan, Jack Skellington, Mr. Fantastic, Plastic Man & Inspector Gadget..…
Inspector Gadget and both the Robot Chicken and Nostalgia Critic segments satirizing Inspector Gadget
Fraser Forster will become Inspector Gadget against Arsenal but is so useless against other teams.
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is Inspector Gadget for adults, in all the best ways. Gosling=Gadget Rice=Penny Crow=Brain Detroit= Dr. Claw
P.S I loved Inspector Gadget too when I was a kid! ☺️ It was such a fun show! 😃
We don't even have it in the UK, instead we get Lazytown, Jungle Bunch and that crap Inspector Gadget reboot.
Yes! Chip & Dale are awesome! Also can't forget Inspector Gadget!!
he identified a sixteen y/o white girl as a "20 something y/o Asain." They have Inspector Gadget out here identifying bodies. 😩
love hearing my son scream inspector gadget in my ear as I fix the lawn mower.
happy Cinco de Mayo from inspector gadget
Them goggle lines, look like inspector gadget
Still watching trailers, why was there an Inspector Gadget 2 staring French Stewart? Why would anything star him?
A early night for me I am already in bed with my daughter watching Inspector Gadget! Movie night with kids!
I added a video to a playlist Inspector Gadget - Theme
mystery men, the digimon movie, shrek, live-action inspector gadget. did you notice all the best movies have All Star by Smash Mouth in them
This icon needs to become part of the default devtools theme eventually
. . NF can't remember all that dialogue.. You can only improvise so much... Inspector gadget.
Jocelyn come like some inspector gadget in this season
I will buy both of these award worthy films at this very moment? you got inspector gadget?
¡your design Of Penny(Inspector Gadget) is amazing.Can You upload a pretty imagen Of final Penny for the Gadget fans?.thanks!
pretty sure Jyleen is the Latina female equivalent of inspector gadget
How'd u figure that one out?!?! OMG are u sum sorta BRaYNiaC GALACTiC detective / inspector gadget type niga? WOW DUDE!!!👍
One successful pree and you think you're inspector gadget 😂
I hope the second season!Penny Is adorable.I love new series Inspector Gadget!.Can You upload a pretty image for the Gadget Fans?
My mom tries to be like inspector gadget ssooo bad🕵
Yeah, okay Inspector Gadget. If Trump is going to define the party now, I'd rather not be a republican.
AWOL is extreme in a van that says on the side? He/she clearly never watched inspector gadget as a child 🙃
inspector gadget *** Lol she gone find where they parents stay 😂
If you missed it in the shuffle, it might have been more Inspector Gadget the coat than Columbo but still...
come with the deadest excuses as well "I had ur number saved as Unknown wanted to see if it was still active" OK den inspector gadget
Centurions. Visionaries. Jace and the Wheeled Warriors. Transformers. Voltron. Inspector Gadget and Trapdoor. To name a few.
Fam...Gargamel from the Smurfs, Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget and oh - The spirits from Poltergiest!. Lit. As. ***
Hate an inspector gadget actin mf. Lol you wanna know the answer to a question you better just ask it.
*** on god I'm inspector gadget right now really trynna get a ticket 😂
Haven't worn my fedora in forever! I'm going to rock it today..Just call me inspector gadget! 🕵😂
I added a video to a playlist Honest Trailer - Inspector Gadget (1999)
The homie made a comment & she went full inspector gadget into it.
Hot Dang! This will surely be appreciated by James Bond, Jason Bourne & Inspector Gadget. I want one 2!
Real *** rock bucket hats instead of carrying umbrellas. Inspector Gadget forever my ***
lol make it like inspector gadget xD i wish i could really make it self destruct though
When you have an Inspector Gadget audition at 6:30, a tour at 7, a snowstorm at 10 and a drug deal at midnight
I was tightening my brace and grubb started singing the inspector gadget theme song:((
I had a big crush on Cree Summer in the 80s and thats before I knew she was the voice of Penny on Inspector Gadget
Happy Friday folks! We're starting the day with Matthew Broderick's turn as Inspector Gadget at 11am.
the fact she played both Penny from Inspector Gadget and Foxxy Love from Drawn Together will never cease to amaze and amuse me.
Ferris Bueller was so good in Inspector Gadget
Is Robo-Cop a gritty reboot of Inspector Gadget or is Inspector Gadget a Robo-Cop kids show?
If Troy Williams is Inspector Gadget then who is Corporal Capeman?
All purpose parts banner
Indiana is 9-1 in Big Ten games when Troy Williams scores in double-figures. The X-Factor for the Hoosiers. Inspector Gadget.
Inspector Gadget by Matthew Broderick, and Joely Fisher (watch on)
Special Agent Oso and Inspector Gadget must have gone to the same academy.
Dustin 'Inspector Gadget' Fletcher as GK, Adam Goodes at top of midfield diamond.
this isn't a film but Penny Gadget from Inspector Gadget was hero of mine growing up.+ Gadget from Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers
Paul Pogba taking the *** out of Claudio Marchisio because he's looks like Inspector Gadget.
I watched the Muppet Babies, Garfield, Inspector Gadget, and lots of Looney Tunes, The Flintstones & The Jetsons.
Count down the with your kids!! Puffin Rock, Inspector Gadget, King Julien & Mr. Peabody & Sherman
Gemini's, your ruling planet in Cap means you are Inspector Gadget for the next few weeks! Your mind is on the mysterious, the dark and DEEP
Jesus Christ: Superstar was scarier than The Babadook. Actually, no... Inspector Gadget (Matthew Broderick) was scarier than The Babadook
Remember when Steve McManaman went the match in fancy dress decorated as Inspector Gadget.
Which receiver did Antonio Brown call 'Inspector Gadget?'
/sees new bugs bunny cartoon. /watches it. ... This is weird and I don't like it and it reminds me of the new Inspector Gadget show 8'c
Meghan needs to stop playing Carmen San Diego and worry about herself! I'm sick of her being Inspector Gadget! Mind yo business boo!
I remember hating Inspector Gadget because his voice was the same as Maxwell Smart's. Who gave me the creeps.
this is like a middle wolverine and middle inspector gadget!! I love you men!!
"Why would people lie to you? You're like inspector gadget and the FBI mixed into a really attractive human" 😂😂
Wasn't this Dr. Claw's name in the Matthew Broderick Inspector Gadget movie?
everything i know about inspector gadget is such a blur I have no idea
bruh I'm inspector gadget, let's get it
I don't know any chick around here would pass up the 1-2 punch of taking virginity and a Inspector Gadget ***
I'd quite like to watch inspector gadget right now
he went to great lengths & inspector gadget type stretches in attempt to insinuate Sark is an alcoholic. Lol
Doubt very much indeed that 'Inspector Gadget' account is run by a serving police officer.
Pretend cop accounts not our cup of tea. Especially this lunatic 'Inspector Gadget' edition.
Does Vito Mannone get an opportunity tomorrow or will *** stick with Inspector Gadget?
they were hidden in his hat aswell. Kept calling him inspector gadget
I want to be the bad guy from Inspector Gadget just so I can slam my fist on the cats tail everytime my plan gets foiled.
I liked a video Inspector Gadget Soundtrack - Car Race
When you feel suspicious a girl is lying to your friend so you go full on internet Inspector Gadget.
Oh! "Penny," in Inspector Gadget, made the first back in 1983, not IBM with their WatchPad ;)
Inspector Gadget 2 is on Netflix so, you know, there goes my afternoon
Vacation, John Wick, Shaun of the Dead, Inspector Gadget & DoS. Seen more movies in 2 days than the rest of the year.
It's 2015, how is there not an anime remake of Inspector Gadget yet? +
Extend your reach better than Inspector Gadget! Grab items easily without bending over!
Bought a trench coat just so I could feel like Inspector Gadget 😳
lol so yesterday I was inspector gadget 😂
If I see anyone playing inspector gadget at carnival and looking for 'deceptions' I'm blocking you.
See how the Right Knowledge will either destroy my Inspector Gadget arms off
Morning world, having breakfast with the kids and watching inspector gadget
Just had another nightmare about the Robo foot from Inspector Gadget
Cba with the commentator on match of the day saying inspector gadget arms
Up watching inspector gadget episodes
4realz she gon have morals cuz I'm like inspector gadget I'll find everything out lmao
Cory and Topanga, NCIS, Inspector Gadget: New to Netflix This Week - Forbes -
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It's like the puppies watched the worst scheme Dr. Claw came up with on Inspector Gadget. and said "let's run with that".
lmao I called this in my podcast last week. But it's cool. Inspector gadget back in full effect
Yall need to chill with theses inspector gadget hats 😩
My *** is inspector gadget when it comes to peeping
Just saw two fake movie posters on for gritty reboots of Inspector Gadget & Space Ghost: Coast to Coast
omg I loved cartoons, this is so hard! Road Runner, Inspector Gadget, Woody Woodpecker, Doug...I could go on!
I added a video to a playlist Five - 5ive - Inspector Gadget - Video
That's incredible! Clive Dunn's has set Inspector Gadget's webpage alight on the streets of Beijing!
Sister's 30th Birthday Party next week. 80s theme. I'm going as Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles and my brother in law is Inspector Gadget lol
Stiff Little Fingers there, being led, by the sound of things, by Inspector Gadget's nemesis Dr Claw.
Harold Hill, Inspector Gadget, Ferris Bueller, The Voice of Simba, Leo Bloom, and tonight he was…
Yesterday's Conclusions: Inspector Gadget must have used WD40, flopping a straight flush feels nice, I have never seen an Easter bunny
The amount of investigation going on in my house about this 1Direction/Zayn split makes the Warren commission look like Inspector Gadget
Netflix is bringing back 'Inspector Gadget' and 'Danger Mouse' -
Netflix picks up the rights to Danger Mouse and Inspector Gadget
Don't tell Frank Underwood, but 'Inspector Gadget' is more important to Netflix's future: $NFLX
A few years back I had a dream where the show "Inspector Gadget vs. Carmen Sandiego" was loosing ratings, so it was spun off into
Inspector Gadget. Yosemite Sam. Horus, the god of the sky. A man with some large birds. These are my childhood crushes.
lays into Steve McManaman for dressing like Inspector Gadget! Brilliant watch!
Here I am in a towel trying to play Inspector Gadget in the middle of hurricane sandy
“Why is Tom Brady out here with the Inspector Gadget trench coat? Brady or Ted Bundy?
Congratulations! Felipe Massa has designed himself a apartment block in the shape of a zinc statue of Inspector Gadget.
I would love for Inspector Gadget to get its own bafflingly great reboot a la Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated
Why is Ray Lewis dressed like Inspector Gadget? “Steve Young does his best Ray Lewis squirrel dance
Ray Lewis did look like a low budget Inspector Gadget
Ray Lewis looks like he borrowed Inspector Gadget's coat
What's up with Ray Lewis dressed up like Inspector Gadget?
Why Ray Lewis stylist got him looking like Inspector Gadget ...
who is your favorite fictional tech early adopter? Doc Brown, Zack Morris, Inspector Gadget.
best wishes and a speedy recovery. Bionic Man or Inspector Gadget which do you think he would prefer? 😊
Now: Inspector Gadget. Next: Legends of the Hidden Temple. After: The Adventures of Pete & Pete.
Currently have the theme song to Inspector Gadget stuck in my head 🔊🎶
It's 3am so I'm watching Inspector Gadget cartoons. What else would I be doing?
🅾 & i may play dumb but trust me when I say I'm FAR from it😌 t's get dropped everyday & not only that ; I lurks hard inspector gadget 😂😂
Is it me or does Rudolph's coach sound like Inspector Gadget?
Watching Inspector Gadget, and I really wish I had one of those GoGoGadget Mobiles!
Nothing good comes from me playing Inspector Gadget 😁
Inspector Gadget Asx Bxtch's , ALWAYS screenshooting some shxtt for they Friend ... Say Hey Mesha 👋 they watching 😂
"this is like a bad episode of Inspector Gadget" - 2014
I'm not going thru no *** phone💯 I shouldn't have to play inspector gadget just so you can act right 😴📖🙌
Inspector Gadget was not a good detective. He just had a lot of stuff.
Idk wats funnier the dog in the bushes like that or the inspector gadget part lol
When something ain't right I swear I turn into inspector gadget. Idc.
I feel like I'm inspector gadget sometimes
tThat remind me when I was in that elevator in Tucson I just didn't have Inspector Gadget getting after every 1 wasn't me
I had a game with Microsoft Excel and publisher and inspector gadget, so weird
ofy inspector gadget is on HBOgo i know what i'm doing tomorrow after work
lol I not gone be inspector gadget behind thigh gap mam ...I'm just assume you're as thin as paper 😂❤️
I swear I'm like inspector gadget or sum lol
Eventually they're gonna run out of real superheroes and we're gonna get a gritty Inspector Gadget reboot
I tried to delete it before anybody said anything 😩😩😩 but of course khaliels inspector gadget *** be on it
Chrispy - Inspector Gadget (Dubstep Remix): Am i the only one whi finds this song Sick
You go lookin, you're *** sure gunna find somethin you ain't wanna see. Stop tryin to be Inspector Gadget & setting yaself up for failure.
Laying in bed watching inspector gadget eating pizza rolls👌
"Berenstain bears are over, I telled you! Now it's Mister Gadget!". "Inspector Gadget, honey". "Yeah. Mister Gadget, that's what I said"
Inspector Gadget - possibly the funniest cartoon of all time
Playing around with editor scripts and got a weird error, suddenly an inspector for the Unity editor popped up!
100 Club Fighting Clutter Crime Every Monday with Inspector Gadget . I woke up this morning with a
Inspector gadget – picks 7 hot new gadgets this September >
The Leather Jacket I got from you makes me feel like Inspector Gadget, so many pockets!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
cheers! I feel a bit like inspector gadget
I look like inspector gadget today 😂
Powerglove - Inspector Gadget Now playing on Geek Tunes Radio your home for 24/7 geeky tunes
Oh, last stranger shout out for the day. can you use your inspector gadget arms to sign my guitar?
I hate people who can't mind their business 😂 she isn't even going to homecoming with him so run along inspector gadget👋
"bucky Barnes is the inspector gadget of death. He's going to pull out a shark with laser beams"
BO$$ by Fifth Harmony totally reminds me of the Inspector Gadget theme song.
a spy! That's a good one. Like inspector gadget kinda spy? Lmaoo! 😂
"I think about inspector gadget at least once a week."
0wned by DodePersie ~ Inspector Gadget's car, The Gadgetmobile, was a 1983 Toyota Supra.
Break kuliah 👩👧👧 ★ Inspector Gadget (with Auntie and Sist at Auntie's Home) —
Help me find my good friend Jen's incredible Inspector Gadget truck, stolen last night in Melbourne:
WAIT WAIT WAIT What if Ike comes back with a bionic arm like Inspector Gadget and catches all the footballs??!!?
I literally bag everything so s/o to the next man who decides to step up cause Inspector Gadget him ah deal with.
Looks like Rocket has plans for Inspector Gadget. =X
Update your maps at Navteq
Watching a fantastic Nat King Cole documentary but the reconstructions are awful. They've dressed him as an Inspector Gadget flasher!
"The Show" (Doug E. Fresh/Shock Rick) stuck in my head, but if I hum it, people will think it's just the Inspector Gadget theme song.
In '84 to '87 I moved onto an apartment on the economy. If I recall correctly I had a very basic cable connection. A good number of German stations. It seemed odd that they could play a full un-cut show of dubbed Nightrider, followed by a half hour of commercials. I quickly fell in love with both Formel Eins and Peter's Pop Show. I also had a English language channel, SKY Channel maybe. All I remember is it ran a lot of the Inspector Gadget cartoons and a black and white show called Ivanhoe. Anyone else also have this channel?
What's the best Julia Roberts movie? My Best Friend's Wedding. What's the best Rupert Everett movie? Wrong. Inspector Gadget.
CS Reviews: The Pink Panther (1963) Is it bad to state my opinion on "The Pink Panther" (1963) as a boring movie? The main characters didn't do much throughout the movie, although one character reminded me of Inspector Gadget due to his bumbling behavior when being with the woman who the bad guys were after. The actors had their decent performances, but they delivered too much comedy of errors and it gets boring when I don't see any seriousness involved. Honestly, it's not to worst I've seen from Turner Classic Movies earlier today, but I was not expecting to see how boring and stupid it was meant to be filmed. I know it was also meant to be a classic for fans and movie buffs, and I have their respects on how they like the 1963 original, starring David Niven, Peter Sellers and Robert Wagner. However, it didn't fit into my taste of the film's writing as far as the stupidity played in my eyes. For some reason, I believe that pink cat in the movie used the magic wand to put me asleep.
You’re never too old for a good pantsing. Pantsing is childish and immature. It it for eight-year-old boys. And it’s totally hilarious. So when the Netherlands were done playing Ghana and Wesley Sneijder saw Sulley Muntari standing there talking with teammates he knew there was only only thing he could do — pants him. Pants him for the entire stadium to see. Pants him for, hopefully, the TV audience to see. Pants him to win the popularity contest in second grade gym class. With stealth skills presumably learned from hours of watching Inspector Gadget, Sneijder swooped right by Muntari and with one hand — an underused pantsing technique — pulled off the deed. Wesley Sneijder, King of the Playground. H/T Reddit
Is it just me or does Coach Quenneville look a bit like Chief Quimby from Inspector Gadget? Coincidence?
Don Adams (April 13, 1923 – September 25, 2005) was an American actor, comedian and director. In his five decades on television, he was best known as Maxwell Smart (Agent 86) in the television situation comedy Get Smart (1965–70, 1995), which he also sometimes directed and wrote. Adams won three consecutive Emmy Awards for his portrayal of Smart (1967–69). He provided the voices for the animated series Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales (1963–66) and Inspector Gadget (1983–86) as their title characters. He voiced Sid Pickles in all episodes of Spike & Mike (1993–99), and two follow up films, Spike & Mike Movie and Spike and Mike: Got Hostaged. Adams was born Donald James Yarmy in Manhattan, New York,[1] son of William Yarmy, and his wife, Consuelo (Deiter). Adams and his brother Richard (who later became prominent as actor *** Yarmy) were each raised in the religion of one parent: Don in the Catholic faith of their mother, and *** in the Jewish faith of their father.[2][3] Dropping out of New Yo . ...
was a pleasure to close the main stage at Knockengorroch Festivals with the Bombskare lads last night. We did A Pink Floyd cover and a re-working of `Inspector Gadget` obviously
"Real Name: Francine Smith the Second. Mother: Penny (from Inspector Gadget). Father: Steve Smith (from American Dad)". what
reminiscing about Woody the Woodpecker and Inspector Gadget and Grapico Grape Soda and Sunkist Orange Soda wit Vodka
Today I realized I don't hate Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Inspector Gadget, or the last Godzilla movie. I just really can't stand Matthew Broderick as an actor.
While rewatching Election, I reflected on the fact that Matthew Broderick's other starring role that year was Inspector Gadget.
Some of them, no question. Some you'd never know from the parts and language. List of Christians in entertainment and media This is a list of Christians in the Entertainment Industry and Media - actors, singers, filmakers, authors, etc. The list includes Christians of any Christian affiliation (Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, non-denominational, or other). The list specifically includes Christians who have expressed their faith through their words, works or religious affiliation. A *Chris Ackerman actor, Tattoo in Elektra *Don Adams actor, Maxwell Smart Get Smart,voice of Inspector Gadget. *Michelle Akers, soccer star *Shaun Alexander, runningback for the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL *Kim Alexis model, *Athlete, band *Alan Autry former NFL quarterback, actor "Bubba" ', Mayor of Fresno, California. B *Angela Bassett actress, oscar nominee. *Bono real name Paul Hewson, lead singer for the band U2 *Stephen Baldwin actor *Justine Bateman, "Mallory Keaton" of Family Ties *Daniel Bedingfield singer *Natasha Bedi ...
That moment when u find out the Secret Service for Inspector Gadget is screenshotting and pumping tea as if i even care!
SUNDAY EDITION Special Investigation Unit: "The Murdoch Mysteries & Lost Girl Correlation" The Showcase TV series Lost Girl () has had many an actor that guested on Murdoch Mysteries. This week, our column showcases - Rainbow Sun Francks! He is another "reverse" correlation: In 2011, Rainbow was on Lost Girl, as Cameron, in the episode, "If a Fae Falls in a Forest." Then in 2014 he was cast in MM as Sam Carver, in the episode, "The Death of Doctor Ogden" - seventh season finale! Fun Factoids: From 2004-2005 Francks was in "Stargate: Atlantis" as Lt. Aiden Ford. Plays Dev Clark on "The Listener." Was featured (as voice talent) in two webisodes of the "State Of Syn" series. Is the brother of Cree Summer (who was the voice of Penny in the animated series "Inspector Gadget.") Tune in next week to see who we "Showcase!"
Isn't it funny how some tunes just pop into your head? Yesterday it was Inspector Gadget (!) & now hubby whistles Karma Chameleon?!
Happy Birthday to the kid who was OBSESSED w/ Top Gun, The Three Amigos, Inspector Gadget and Gameboy! I hope you have given up your signature dish of ketchup over rice and Country Chicken Gravy over rice. If I eat Sun Chips by you, will you still throw up? Have you given up wearing cowboy boots with jeans and an aloha shirt? (I think mom said you used to sleep with those boots!) And do you still recite Andre the Giant's part in The Princess Bride? Remember when you fell through the ceiling in MY ROOM?! And when you brought home a pit bull puppy the night before MY WEDDING that snuck out of your room and went jnto mom's room?! It was a ton of fun growing up w/ you. Even if you were a LOUD, whiny pest who followed me EVERYWHERE!! Happy Birthday LITTLE Brother. Remember, Gram loves me best. You're mom's favorite. You should call them sometime. Hee hee.
This generation of Continental is favored by collectors and has appeared in many motion pictures, such as Goldfinger, The Matrix, Last Action Hero, Kalifornia, Spider-Man 2, Hit and run, Animal House, and the Inspector Gadget films. It has also appeared in the television series Pushing Daisies, in the opening sequence of the television series Entourage, and as the vehicle of choice for Michael Chiklis's character Vincent Savino in the series Vegas. Ford produced several concept cars which recalled this design. In 2007, Lincoln's Navigator and MKX SUV lines adopted chrome grilles in the style of these Continentals.
they put on Inspector Gadget jacket quick. Yellow gloves and all lookin for hair follicles😩
Little man has never seen Inspector Gadget 😳!!! I. Am. A. Failure!!
Cree SummerSummer’s career began in 1983 when she was cast as the voice of niece Penny on the original cartoon version of Inspector Gadget. Her unique, throaty voice was instantly recognizable to casting agents (as well as viewers even today), who began frequently casting her in animated programs. M...
Look-a-likes spotted today: Victor Garber, John Waters and Jon Hamm masquerading as Inspector Gadget.
Hi! My Name's Chad(High Chad!)and I'm almost 30 and I'm a cartoonaholic. This is my first time at CA, so I guess I'll begin by telling you how I got here. When I was young child, I used to watch cartoons all the time; I loved them and lived for them. I watched Inspector Gadget, My Pet Monster, Thunder Cats, Muppet Babies, Duck Tails, Dark Wing Duck, and then, The Amazing Spiderman, X-Men and Batman, the list goes on and on. When I was 14 years old, I thought to myself, I guess it's time to put these cartoons on the shelf and start doing more grownup things and watch grownup programs. And I quit cartoons cold turkey, never looking back, not for 7 years. When I was 21 years old, I looked into my past and remembered the cartoon watching days and said, one cartoon wouldn't hurt, after all, it's been 7 years, I deserve a treat. But that one cartoon, turned into many cartoons. I began waking up at 6:30 in the morning, just to flip on my t.v. to watch Captain Flamingo, Grossology, Viva Piniata and many ...
The more I see him as Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness, the more I imagine our modern day Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) as The Joker. And he could also pull off some other comic-book villain roles like Mephisto, Spider-Man's Chameleon, perhaps even Inspector Gadget's Dr. Claw? No? Too much?
The voices of Tennessee Tuxedo and Inspector Gadget were done by ? a) mel blanc, b) jim nabors, c) Don Adams, d) james earl jones
I don't even think Inspector Gadget was a man.
Errant thought: Do you think Inspector Gadget was a man of faith?
It seems we are this much closer to The Six Million Dollar Man. And Inspector Gadget.
I'm not saying that a live-action Inspector Gadget would ever have been a good idea, but Ty Burrell is much better for the part than Matthew Broderick.
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I want to see a dark reboot of the Inspector Gadget movie. Yes it was a kids cartoon/movie but a darker, more adult film would be amazing. And none other than Benedict Cumberbatch would play the main hero!
Hines Ward needs to give Inspector Gadget his coat back.
I was given the letter: I. Something I hate: Instagram Something I like: Illustations. Somewhere I been: Inside. Somewhere I want to go: Ireland. Someone I know: Ichabod Crane. Best film: Inspector Gadget.
MY REVIEW OF INSPECTOR GADGET: Want to know what I really hate? Families showing their kids movies that would most likely make them dumb! Movies like Spy Kids 4, Son of the Mask, and this pile of dog turd that I have to review. Inspector Gadget is the worst adaptation of a classic late 1980’s cartoon I have ever seen. Even worst than the Michael Bay’s TMNT (oh wait, that didn’t even come out yet, but that is still going to be crap) and Transformers films. Not only that, but it is one of the few movies that I think are absolute crap. Well, the idea of a live action Inspector Gadget could have been good, but the execution was way off. It is not well acted, not well written, it is not well directed, and it just not well to see. So what is the film about? The film is about John Brown (played by Matthew Broderick) who hopes to become a hero cop. He works as a security guard at a generic lab run the love interest of the movie and her father. Then a group of tycoons come in to kill the love interest’s fa ...
It seems to have been Michelle Trachtenberg morning: Ice Princess and Inspector Gadget. All we need now is Harriet the Spy and Eurotrip
Love me some cartoons...Inspector Gadget, Tiny Toons, Young Justice, Bonkers, KND..whatever she's in, she r…
The kids are watching the Inspector Gadget movie. Ferris Bueller, you should be ashamed of yourself.
You may know Cree Summer from her work as a voice artist, with credits too numerous to list (though a few hits such as "Inspector Gadget," "Tiny Toon Adventures," "Rugrats"/"All Grown Up," "Atlantis: The Lost Empire," "Danny Phantom," "Drawn Together," &q...
Voice Actor of the Day: Frank Welker. Welker is mostly known for voicing Fred on Scooby Doo this entire time. Now he’s also Scooby. Also Marvin the WonderDog on Superfriends (based, as you may have guessed, on Scooby). He has done many voices for Hanna-Barbera, most notably Jabberjaw (based on Curly of the Three Stooges). Other famous characters: The Shmoo, Fangface, Droopy, Heckle & Jeckle, Dr. Claw (Inspector Gadget), Nibbler (Futurama), Abu (Aladdin), Tortoro, Garfield, Curious George, Gargamel (and his cat). Other frachises: G.I. Joe, The Real Ghostbusters, Jonny Quest, The Animaniacs, Family Guy… and probably half of the Transformers. In live-action films, he does monsters: The Thing (Golden Child), Sil (Species) Malebolgia (Spawn). Oh, and he’s Leonard Nimoy’s voice double. Due to the large number of films he is able to work on in a given year, films with Frank Welker had grossed more than those of any other actor in Hollywood from 1980 until 2011.
I like to think that Ted King is Penny to Peter Sagan's Inspector Gadget--go, Peter, go!
I'm watching an episode of Inspector Gadget featuring a French-Canadian lumberjack and I swear Jean Chretien did the voiceover work.
SO, looking at the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch... Probably the sickest James Bond, Knight Rider, Predator, Power Ranger, Inspector Gadget wrist watch I can get... I want it...
Bob Saget, Danny Tanner, and Inspector Gadget are all the same person right?
Ken Tamplin COMPOSER OVERCAME DRUG-DEALING PAST A Mother’s “Camel Knees” Made The Difference by Mark Ellis, Senior Correspondent, ASSIST News Service With a rich four-octave range, he’s been called a “singer’s singer,” and his luminous songwriting and production abilities have led to film scores and source music for feature films like “Perfect Storm” and “Inspector Gadget,” as well as numerous television series such as “Melrose Place,” “90210,” “The X-Files,” and “Baywatch.” His efforts on behalf of victims of genocide in Sudan through his “Make Me Your Voice” CD project earned a trip to the White House. But few know the full story of a life that nearly ended prematurely in a haze of youthful rebellion, misdirection, and family mayhem-until a new door opened in his life. “I smoked my first joint at six-years-old and did my first line of cocaine at nine,” says Ken Tamplin, 40, the recipient of several Dove Awards and founder of Tamplin Music. “I was raised in ...
My number is here are 8 random facts about me that you may not already know: 1) I have my own rainbow loom. 2) My favorite concert I went to when I was in high school was Kenny Rogers. 3) When my ex (finally) moved out, one of the first changes I made to the condo was to paint my kitchen cabinets purple. 4) I really enjoy going to MMA live events, but I cannot watch them on tv without cringing the entire time. 5) I have not been able to watch any of the Lord of the Rings movies. I fall asleep every time I try. 6) There are currently four sewing machines and one serger in my home, but I rarely sew. 7) I have freakishly long toes. 8) While I was working on my 8, I was also given the number 7, so here are 7 more random facts: 1) I am left-handed but cannot use left-handed scissors. 2) I won $2000 on Wheel of Fortune. The puzzle I solved was "Inspector Gadget." My other spins resulted in a bankrupt and lose a turn. 3) I saw the movie Goonies while on vacation with my family in Canada. We had to stand u ...
One thing in life I never understood was.why Matthew Broderick played Inspector Gadget. Terrible decision.
My favorite part of "Inspector Gadget" is when they replaced Matthew Broderick with French Stewart
Tim Krul having the game of his life - like the lovechild of an octopus and Inspector Gadget.
I actually want to go as Phil Spector. Or Phil Spector as Regina Spektor as Inspector Gadget. (ran out of celebs w/ the last name Spector)
Just saw Inspector Gadget on Capitol Hill...gotta love Halloween time!
13 things Benedict Cumberbatch looks like (including Inspector Gadget)
Samsung Taps *** Tracy and the Jetsons to Help Sell Its Galaxy Gear Watch not clear yet whether customers want the smartwatch that Samsung has built. But there’s no doubt that Americans have long been fascinated with wrist-worn tech. Samsung plays this up in one of its initial Galaxy Gear ads, which traces the obsession through its TV roots. Indeed, the notion of wrist-based communications has played roles on everything from “Star Trek” and “The Jetsons” to *** Tracy” and “Inspector Gadget.” All those shows and more play a cameo in the Samsung spot, which is posted on YouTube. A second spot traces the same evolution in slightly different form. Of course, how the Galaxy Gear lines up with science fiction and TV fantasy is another question. The device is a smartphone companion that, for now, is limited to working in conjunction with the Galaxy Note III. It displays texts and emails and can even mirror the phablet’s screen, but it is clearly being marketed as a phone accessory rather t . ...
I wonder if Chief Quimby from Inspector Gadget and Mayor Quimby from the Simpsons are related
Each generation brings more of their childhood dreams to life. Flash Gordon was brought to life by the moon landings, and robots (and laser guns, which turned out to not be that useful), Penny's Computer book (Inspector Gadget) is here already, KITT (Knight Rider) as soon as someone installs Siri in google's self-driving car, flying cars (Jetsons, BTTF) have been invented already (though they might never be consumer-level), and Predator drones fighting our wars for us (Terminator). But all of this will pale in comparison to 5000 years from now, when they genetically engineer the Totoro Cat-Bus. I kinda wish I'd been born 5 millenia later.
"I'm always on duty!"- Don Adams as Inspector Gadget. 8 years 2005-2013 :'(
Still angry that Matthew Broderick was cast as Inspector Gadget instead of David Schwimmer.
Wrote a list up of the kids movies still available at $1 ea.: VHS kids/youth movies available are $1 ea. or negotiable. Below are: Dunston Checks In, Born to be Wild, E.T. (one with and one without case), Free Willy 2, Flipper, Flubber, Fly Away Home, Shiloh 2, Black Stallion (no case), Black Stallion Returns (with case), Casper (without cover, but has case), Richie Rich's Xmas Wish, Pagemaster, Love Bug, Small Soldiers, Care Bears 1 & 2, Mighty Joe Young, Old Yeller (one with case and one without), Pinnochio, Inspector Gadget, Bambi, Summer of the Monkey's, Puss in Boots and another Toys Story with case. One's without cases but in good shape are also available: Aristocrats, Jumanji, Thumbelina, Spirit (has cardboard case), Rudolph & Frosty with friends, Pokemon: MewTwo Returns, Thief and the Cobbler, Fantasia, Land Before Time 1 & III (with cases, I think) and The Cat in the Hat also with case, I also have Stuart Little II without a case though. If interested, PM me or comment here~!
Or Mel Brooks? He did co-create Get Smart which was what Inspector Gadget was based off of.
I can't decide what to be for Halloween. From least to most involved: Dana Scully, Penny from Inspector Gadget, or a chick from a Roy Lichtenstein painting.
We have all the videos, from Inspector Gadget to Inspector Morse.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Vanity Fair take a tenuous look at whether Inspector Gadget predicted the future tech
It would be quite a list. When I was a kid I fancies Penny from Inspector Gadget. Velma, Daphne, Betty Rubble,
Tagged with the actor Matthew Broderick. Liked him in: The Music Man; Ladyhawke; Inspector Gadget; The Lion King Loved him in: Ferris Bueller's Day Off; The Producers; The Cable Guy Hated him in: Nothing. It's impossible to hate Matthew Broderick. Anyone who says otherwise is LYING. Comment for an actor/actress of your own.
Stretch Armstrong or Inspector Gadget - 11ft arms.
Innocent Deception Elmo. Barney. Mickey the Mouse. Those Backyardigans. That Gandalf Wizard. The Superman. The "Big Bird". Dora the Explorer. Humpty Dumpty. Alice of Wonderland. Luke Skywalker & Sherlock Holmes. Buzz Lightyear. Little Nemo. The Friendly Giant. Santa Claus. Conan. Nancy Drew. Twilight's Edward Cullen. Green Shrek. Green Kermit. Harry Potter. Thor. Inspector Gadget. Optimus Prime. Cinderella. The Lone Ranger. You get the idea... These are popular and beloved characters. We like them so much we are constantly feeding them into children's brains. This seems completely normal. After all, our species has always made use of myths, legends & stories to share lessons about our world and about ourselves. Nothing wrong with that! And clearly there is a tremendous diversity among these characters. Barney the Dinosaur and Sherlock Holmes are not the same. These characters appeal to very different ages and all sorts of different types. Some are well-rounded, benevolent and reasonably intelligent. Other ...
Woke up from a strange dream this morning in which Scott Baio was the new Doctor, Andy *** was his new companion, and they lived in a future world where the origin story for Inspector Gadget was actually plausible and made sense from a narrative standpoint. It's no Silent Hill dream, but my God that was disturbing on a "writing fan-fiction" level.
Slightly different to the usual easy quiz, find the films :- a, what links Fast and the Furious to Aladdin and Rocky Horror to the Usual Suspects? b, what links Death Becomes Her to Pretty Woman and Poseidon to the Lost Boys? c, what links Minority Report to Badlands and Princess Bride to the Walking Dead? d, what links From Dusk til Dawn to X-Men and Pearl Harbour to the Hobbit? e, what links Rabbit Hole to Shaft and the Art of Woo to the Big Kahuna? f, what links America's Sweethearts to Miss Congeniality and the Haunting to Wyatt Earp? g, what links the Box to the Day After Tomorrow and Roadhouse to Suckerpunch? h, what links Doc Hollywood to Inspector Gadget and Beauty and the Beast to Star Trek? i, what links Spiderman to Alpha Dogs and Mystic River to to Die For? j, what links Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy to Tenderness and Trust Me to Real Humans?
Certain episodes of Inspector Gadget are actually based on excerpts from the memoirs of Sir Richard Branson.
We waited for a long time to be seen by the doctor (who was so great and worth it), but it was getting late and almost dinnertime. I am filling out his forms and the pen runs out. Logan produces a pen from his pocket and hands it to me. I got the hiccups, then the sneezes. Logan pulls a tissue from his pocket and hands that to me. As I'm finishing the forms and blowing my nose I complain "ugh I'm so hungry" and he just looks at me. I go back to reading my magazine. 10 minutes later he nudges me and whispers "You hummree Al? I'm have it nuts" and whips out a giant bag of peanuts! I'm kind of stunned for a second and then ask him "where the *** did those come from?" almost wondering if he found them in the waiting room. He just shrugs and says "pocket. want it nut? c'mon hurry up". He's like a friggin Inspector Gadget.
Teletoon Canada is planning to reboot Inspector Gadget. This according to news.
Messages Remembered would like to remind you that you're a child of the 80's if- You have a tendency to turn the collar up on your Polo shirts. You know where to go if you "wanna go where everybody knows your name." Partying "like it's 1999" seemed SO far away. You wore the little bootie socks with the colored balls on the back. You had a crush on Jon Bon Jovi, or know someone who did. "Poltergeist" totally freaked you out. You remember when Ricky Martin was a member of Menudo. You actually believed for a minute that K.I.T. (The night rider) actually was real. Ooh, you could crush a Grape! You own any cassettes or records. You knew what Willis was "talkin' 'bout." You know what movie the phrase, "Number 5 is alive!" is from. If you ever said "I pity the fool". You fell victim to 80's fashion: big hair, crimped, combed over to the side, and you wore spandex pants. You can, right now, hum to yourself the theme to 'Inspector Gadget' You thought Molly Ringwald was REALLY cool. You can still sing the rap to "F ...
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