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Inman Park

Inman Park is a neighborhood on the east side of Atlanta, Georgia, and its first planned suburb. It was named for Samuel M.

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Route 6; Northbound from Inman Park Station at 5:05 am delayed. Unsubscribe:
Victory Sandwich Bar. Decatur or Inman Park, can't lose either way.
Route 9: Southbound 2:10 PM trip from Inman Park Station is delayed. Unsubscribe:
What’s your state’s best farm-to-table restaurant? Ours is the unbeatable in Inman Park- you’ve got t…
there's a revolution ~10 mins away from inman park station, and chrome yellow is about 10ish from MLK, too!
We haven't received mail all week in Inman Park - sounds like othe…
Save the date: the 47th annual Inman Park Festival will be April 27-29, 2018!.
if you're from the 404. The actual city of Atlanta . Buckhead . Midtown. Va Hi. Little 5. Cabbagetown. Inman Park. Bank…
While we have some stylish shades here at our Inman Park | Atlanta, GA store, none are quite as expensive as the...
TOMORROW! We’re taking the workout over to in Inman Park for ——-. Meet at the usua…
Try Publix on Ponce, Savi Provisions in Inman Park, or the fab new Grant Park M…
Parking at Inman Park Station is full at this time due to. game traffic.  Please proceed to Candler. Park Station.
A Georgia fan at Hampton and Hudson in Inman Park just called trump the greatest president ever so I just want that to be on public record
Problem cleared WB at Inman Park, delays continuing on the Blue & Green line.
Due to a problem WB at Inman Park, delays occurring on the E/W line.
Let’s have Elon Musk put it underground starting at the King center and add stops for Krog Street, hig…
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You have to try Barcelona wine bar in Inman park!
Honestly, deserves a for playing any ONE of the THREE distinct characters he knocked…
I don't know when I became broke *** Seinfeld but I was just staring aimlessly outside of a coffee shop window and…
Always great and outstanding at Victory Sandwich Bar in Inman Park. Delish sammiches at reasonable p…
Inman Park, Elv. 3 (EB platform to concourse) is out of service. Alternate Access: Continue EB to Candler Park, return WB to Inman Park.
Thanks! It was great having your group on the tour. 🙌 ・・・. Our team…
Wedged between Midtown and Inman Park, Old Fourth Ward provides the perfect Intown neighborhood. Made famous for be…
will parking saver ban be enforced this year I hope? People are saving spots in Inman sq,…
Inman Park, Elevator 2 (Westbound Platform to Concourse) out of service: Alternate Access: Continue WB to King Memoria, back EB to Inman Pk
We are currently Single Tracking from Inman Park and Candler Park. Westbound platform closed. Unsubscribe:
We are currently Single Tracking from Inman Pk & Candler Park. WB platform closed.
ATL native here. I suggest 04W (see pic of one below but they have a lot of murals, Krog Street Tunn…
Lots of great sights on the beltline, turn off under bridges or buildings driving on Dekalb Ave near…
Sutherland Place at Lake Claire is a stunning community of Craftsman-style homes located ne…
Axis is a community of stylish contemporary townhomes located off Dekalb Avenue near Morela…
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Will Inman Park MARTA station parking be available throughout the weekend and on Monday for CFP - for MBS employees?
Neighborhood Spotlight: Virginia Highland⠀. Nestled between Morningside and Inman Park to the north and south, and ……
Single tracking is in effect at Candler Pk & Inman Park; WB platform closed.
Inman Park- elevator 3, (eastbound platform to concourse); Alternate Access: Continue EB to Candler Park, back WB to Inman Park.
Color by Erin Collins at our Inman Park studio / / Redken
Missing cat adopted from our friends at PAWS Atlanta is missing in the Little Five Points and Inman Park areas of...
Lighting vigil for Mel & Kort tomorrow Inman Park off Main street at 6 if you want to bring a small gift, flowers or card.…
Walk on the historic side with stops at Inman Park, Old Fourth Ward + more long-standing neighborhoods.…
How do you feel about these changes coming to
Beautiful Fall day in the park. Been a rough week, I know. Life goes on, hope you too can find some beauty. That's all I…
Hale Street one of my fave design by Adam Stillmam On Inman Park Tour a few years…
build over Hyde Park too. Year's output of magic mushroom farm consumed. .
I love Inman park too but it's on the hubby wants to move back inside the perimiter since he works in Buckhead
Atlanta is amazing! From Buckhead to Midtown to Inman Park, some many good options. 👍🏼Just say no to downtown dining.
I'd planned on doing my normal "park near Inman Square and walk to Central" thing, but after being on my feet for half an hour I feel weak..
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I checked in at Barcelona Inman Park on
Color & Cut by Louie Lieberman at our Inman Park studio / / Joico
Cut by Lindsay Seimer at our Inman Park studio /
Via American-Indian fusion restaurant opens in Inman Park
American-Indian fusion restaurant opens in Inman Park
Inman Park, Elevator 3 is back in service.
I loved pulling up at a street with leaves falling and parking behind a car with a sticker in Inman Park
Cliff Bostock: A night of Korean barbecue at Char in Inman Park
Come out this Saturday to meet the author of "Wounded but not Defeated" Apostle Vandarray at Inman Perk Coffee in…
See the menu at Amara “upscale Indian” now open in Inman Park: Dubbed an “upscale Indian-inspired American…
breaks down ATL dining + drinking by the neighb. Thanks 4 naming us an Inman Park must-do 4 cocktails!.
Finally finished prep for tonight's gig at Hammonds House. Alarm set for 7am for main kitchen gig in I…
Color & Cut by Kelly Sleep at our Inman Park studio / / Framesi USA Framesi
Hampton + Hudson, best addition to Inman Park since Barcelona Wine Bar
Save 30% OFF our products at our Inman Park and Marietta locations only. 🌟🌟🌟. FREE…
When u know the next song fire. . [Pic by This past Saturday at Barcelona Inman Park . .
More exciting stuff coming to the Old 4th Ward / Inman Park!
When a guy who has "lived in Atlanta all [his] life" doesn't know the difference between Grant and Inman park or where the Belt Line goes. 😒
Congratulations! Pure Taqueria Inman Park showed ya'll mad love last night.
Color by Kelsey Chlopecka at our Inman Park studio / / Wella Education
Listening to Bishop Sue address laity in the Atl. Emory District @ Inman Park United Methodist…
Brisk walk in the park (@ Inman Park Neighborhood in Atlanta, GA)
Color & Cut by Beth Anderson at our Inman Park studio /
Another happy group at solo and ensemble. @ Inman Park Middle School
Solo and Ensemble today! Congrats to all who performed. Way to represent AHS! @ Inman Park…
Police respond to protesters in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward and Inman Park.
is going to do for Memorial Dr what Krog Street did for Inman park. Projects that transform commun…
In heart of Inman Park, half-million dollar condo looks like this...
Single tracking in effect at Inman Park and Candler Park stations; westbound platform is closed
Echeveria parva now ready! 723 Lake Ave NE Atlanta 30307 in Inman Park
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
This Valentine's holiday, join Made Again at Inman Park in Atlanta for a themed "Lover's Lane" gifting and...
Volunteer with Trees Atlanta in Chosewood Park, Dekalb Avenue and Inman Park! -
Great lunch with a great brother ! Food is really solid here and friendly folks workin (@ bartaco Inman Park)
This Saturday, February 13th from 2:00-6:00pm the Inman Park neighborhood gang is going to…
Neighborhood guide: Wicker Park - Over the last decade, the Wicker Park (and Bucktown) ...
welcome! Make sure you head to Inman Park, Beltline, Ponce City Market, and
Billy Allin's new Inman Park cafe has our food critic all gushing and giddy
Nice pic from IG: out on the Tuesday Night Yoga in Inman Park on the Beltline ju…
Butterflies for Billy Allin's new Inman Park cafe: . I have fallen hard for Billy Allin’s ... via
Try Wisteria Restaurant is located in the historic Atlanta neighborhood of Inman Park.
ATL indigo meet up @ 1am ... Come to Inman Park, time to share ideas 💡
Taking everything in me not to jump off at Inman park/Reynoldstown and devour everything in Proof Bakeshop.
daydreaming in bed about living in Inman Park
Leaving the jazz fest on Bus Route 6 - heading home via Inman Park rail station.…
Wrecking Bar Brewpub Barcelona Inman Park Holeman and Finch Public House made the list, which one is your...
Bus Route 6 zooming into Inman Park Station to take me to within 10-12 minutes.…
Transferring from the train to Bus Route 6 at Inman Park Station. Taking the 6 to for…
The benches at Inman Park Station now provide back support. Can do this for others?…
Park Lane Hotel renovation put on hold via
Yet to start on that New Years resolution to get fit and hit the gym? Not to worry! Snap Fitness Inman Park had...
Mark your calendars because the Inman Park neighborhood gang is going to sweep you off you…
New post: "Park Lane Hotel renovation put on hold"
Park Lane Hotel renovation put on hold
As someone that loves sipping Amaro, I'm pretty excited to hear the Bocado boys are opening "AMER" in Inman Park.
add Barcelona Inman Park and bartaco Inman Park, West Midtown, Chastain Park to that list please!
Ace night at Witton Park bonfire. Guess the common subject.. Other than me being in every photo.
We're nearly done counting in Inman Park only a handful of quadrats left and then we crunch the numbers!
Live action shot from Inman Park! :) It's definitely getting close to HoLiDaY time!!
Did you say you'd go down to Witton Park today? If you are going down, can you bring my carrier bags with you?
Witton Park bonfire tonight! I'll be there whatever the weather! Best bit will probably be ... the fireworks may come close.
Brewhouse, I'm there for almost every weekend matches (live in Inman Park so it's a 10-15 minute walk)
3-D home of the day: A sophisticated and stylish modern home located behind the gates of the private Laughlin Park…
well it's what Stratford is for! Oh, and changing trains. Mind you I like the Olympic Park...
this past saturday Jas and i ate at Barcelona Wine Bar in Inman Park and loved it. read about our…
We really do! I was thinking of how much I miss Inman Park today.
we too fancy in Inman park for that or banks
We're happy to share more details on our upcoming Inman Park space with
Zach Galifianakis rented my friend's house in Inman Park when he was filming "Keeping Up With the Joneses." Sorry, I was sworn to secrecy ;)
This is the man says is flashing multiple women on Edgewood Ave in Inman Park.
Home Quarterly: Trendy Inman Park hopes to retain electic charm: Inman Park is a neighborhood on the east side of…
Can't quite recommend Inman Park for dinner just yet... shoulda known they'd be packed at 9 PM on a Tuesday :-)
KOP yoga in the park, beautiful experience @ Inman Park
Inman Park, elevator 1 out of service, westbound platform. Alternate Access: continue west to King Mem and return east to Inman.
The Mtn Dew for all the rad, 38 yr old Inman Park moms with tattoos.
I agree , ever made love at Inman Park, I have , isn't that a fine how do ya do? 😭
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Promotional offer on our Enomatic Wines.BUY FOR $10 and get $5 FREE!!! . SAVI INMAN PARK
Residents-only parking in effect on some Inman Park streets
Who wants to snag this spacious condo in on the
So close to opening, we can almost smell the yum...Proof Bakeshop Opens This Week; Scope the Menu - Eater Atlanta
Remember the day when the lights went out in inman park. Took that from a song in the seventies (thats the night...
Sorry it took me a minute to respond. We have a window shop on Bernina x Elizabeth in Inman Park open daily from 11-8pm!
Hi sorry for the delay but we do have some onesies at our window shop in Inman Park. It's on Bernina x Elizabeth!
Take a look at the menu for Proof Bakeshop, which soft opens this week:
Started carrying Dutch Treats at Savi Inman Park.all time favorite gourmet nuts.
Despite views & proximity, this Inman Park unit lingers. .
On the Market: Despite Views & Beltline Proximity, Inman Park Unit Lingers: This spacious condo in the burgeoning…
Victory Sandwich Bar is now open in Inman Park! It's the perfect summer lunch spot!
Saw Marilyn in the Inman Park neighborhood of Atlanta, GA this weekend:
Also good palascinta at Julianna's Crepes in Inman Park
Atl Fire carry a person from burning Inman Park home. Details at 4:30 on
Update your maps at Navteq
Visit my lovely friends at tomorrow at Inman Park. Say hi to George the wonder dog
Inman Park and Fourth Ward is looking awesome. (@ Atlanta BeltLine Corridor under Freedom Pkwy in Atlanta, GA)
The John B. Gordon school in Atlanta closed in 1995 but was purchased for $200,000 by Inman Park Properties in 2006. htt…
Great photo from Inman park spring fest I've been meaning to post when did a sketch of me…
Inman park is one big ironic mustache.
looking for houses in cabbage town and Inman park
Quick Bites: has soft-opened in Inman Park, slated to debut May 11 + more food news:
Freedom Park is the collaboration of the Poncey, Inman Park & Little Five Points. See all of the homes on market here
Candler Park, Elevator South Bus Bay to Concourse, out of service; Alternate Access: Shuttle provided upon request at Inman Park.
NEW: This home is in the highly desired neighborhood of Inman Park, a stones throw from The Crabtree Valley Mall!...
Inman Park, elevator is out of service, Westbound platform to concourse; Alternate Access: continue westbound to King Memorial and,
Tonight, I'm going to wear my Old Fourth Ward sweatshirt in Inman Park. Anarchy will ensue.
Me and Jack Stenger rode the Tandem about 10 miles today from Inman Park to West End and Back. Singlespeed Baby. We jugged up somehills getting our Xtreme Urban Tandem Cross on!! XUTX!!
The May 2014 print issue of Monocle--an international magazine focused on "global affairs, business, culture, and design"--has appeared in bookstores and subscribers' mailboxes. It includes a great six-page story on the Atlanta BeltLine, with quotes and photos involving a number of District 2 people and places, including the Eastside Trail, Historic Fourth Ward Park, Ponce City Market, Bantam Pub, Krog Street Market, our friends at Inman Park's Icebox, Atlanta BeltLine Bicycles, Kim and Matt Janke of Janke Studios, and Kwanza. When an e-version is available, we will share it with you!
Everyone, I'm starting at Adore Hair Studio in Inman Park next week!! I'll be working Sunday and Monday (by appt). Tuesday, Friday, and every other Saturday (evenings too!) Y'all come see me! Very cool spot, very cool vibe... ✌️
Passed by the new home of At The Collective Art Gallery at the corner of Lake and Waddell in Inman Park! It will be part of the new Krog Street Market complex! Wow! Things are looking pretty juicy! Can't wait for the space to open and set up my jewelry display!
Inman Park restaurant week is the best. Katie Jones they use gluten free vodka here.
Single tracking in effect at the following locations: Lakewood and Oakland City; northbound platform closed. / Inman Park and Candler Park;
NCAA BCS National Championship Game tonight at 8:30pm. Come watch it on the only big screen in Inman Park!
I'm on the Hunt for a 2 to 3 Br House or Apt for Rent in Grant Park, Old Fourth Ward, Midtown, Candler Park, Inman Park, Cabbagetown, Reynoldstown, Lake Claire or Little 5 Points. Any suggestions? - with Kevin Shands
We are looking for a Front Desk Coordinator / Owner's Assistant for our Inman Park location! Take a look at the...
We are pleased to announce that Pete Schulte's exhibition, "Between Moth and Flame" will be on view in whitespec during the duration of "re / form" by Amy Pleasant in whitespace. We're thrilled to have Pete exhibiting in whitespec. An accomplished artist based in Tuscaloosa, his most recent exhibition "A Letter Edged in Black" at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Visual Arts Gallery was selected as one of Burnaway's Best of Dixie Exhibitions 2013 We hope all of you are able to make it to Inman Park on Friday, January 10th for the opening reception for both of these fantastic shows!
Win an Inman Park Town House Architecture Set from Bridge Street Toys. Bring out the little architec
Champions! I just guided Inman Park FC to 1st place in Non-League B
8°F with the wind chill. But beautiful views. @ Inman Park Neighborhood
Victory reopening in inman park this spring right next to my apartment and out of that terrible condo development.
Inman Park on Dekalb Ave. Literally the heart of Lil 5 Pts.
Anyone ever post video to YouTube? Can't get a 1.8 GB .avi file to upload. Takes an hour, then fails. Any suggestions, anyone? Paul made a great video of the annual Polar Bear Swim at Inman Park Pool, but can't share it if we can't upload it!
During my walk back to Inman Park to get my car yesterday, encountered this peregrine falcon (?) eating a squirrel
just so you know we live by Inman Park and there are only three houses lived in and there are three houses empty
So, I've been trying to guess what neighborhood you're in. Seems definitely ITP. Inman Park?
Hamburger Hill ( Belt-Line Inman Park ) this will get UR head right. We Doing it!
Apparently I lost my wallet at a random intersection in Inman Park last night. Some really nice folks found it, googled me, found my online teaching portfolio and messaged me through it, and returned my wallet to me this morning. I've always depended on the kindness of strangers. Happy New Year!!!
Barcelona Inman Park was insane tonight. Best NYE party I've played so far. Shoutout to all my peoples who made it there, great times & memories.
Eek, OTP! But the houses you can get OTP are unreal compared to what you can buy in town (former Inman Park resident!)
Scratch that. New pieces for show/purchase TOMORROW at Julianna's in Inman Park
Stayed in to finish some more pieces last night. Head on over to Julianna's Coffee & Crepes in Inman Park later today to check them out!
Barcelona Inman Park wishes you all a Happy New Year.
Gunshots are getting close in inman park.
Bridge Street Toys Inman Park Town House for your little architect. 2 WINNERS!
Park I'm one with the Earth right now
Hello out there! Are you looking for something fun to do this New Year's Eve? Head out to the Albert at Inman Park for music, food and a complimentary champagne toast! The best part? There is no cover charge for this fantastic event!
Proof above differently above park are sweep in inman aligner
Explore Atlanta spring festivals taking place in March, April and May such as the Atlanta Dogwood Festival, Inman Park Festival, Sweet Auburn Festival, Atlanta Jazz Festival, as well as the Atlanta Braves baseball season.
working on it. I'll be with Griff and Temple in Inman Park around 4-5ish I think. Let's rendezvous!
Br it's cold out there! New Years is coming up so make sure to stay warm and increase your consumption of high-nutrition foods to boost your immune system: Perfect time for some Rainbow Natural Foods Decatur, Savi Urban Market Brookhaven (Inman Park), Boxcar Grocer (Castleberry hill), and Life Grocery and Cafe (Marietta) are all restocked with fresh Chuice to give you that extra natural nutrition to get you through what little of 2013 remains!
Inman Park and Reynoldstown are both hidden gems of Atlanta.
In this segment, Inman Park resident Cathy Bradshaw provides an introduction to this intown Atlanta neighborhood and then discusses the fight over Freedom Parkway…
BoccaLupo is looking for server assistants & key front of house people (Inman Park): BoccaLupo restaurant is...
Who's up for a morning fun run? Join us on Day 2 of for a scenic run through Central Park!
an Inman Park Town House Set from Bridge Street Toys on via
Any mamas in our part of town have any mom's morning out programs to recommend? I'm thinking something one (or two?) mornings a week, something close to Inman Park/East Atlanta/Decatur? I'd love to hear!
🌝 A good evening painting for you. Moonlight Skating, Central Park, the Terrace and Lake, J O'Brien Inman, 1878 http:/…
Dearest *** 176 of you missed an amazing Queerfit yesterday. We talked about recharging, and refocusing for the new year and every new day. Then we hurled ourselves on to the wall, did perfect reserve wall sits, overhead squats, and 90 degree handstands (Glo did the full 180). We missed you all. Maybe in the upcoming days, weeks, months, year more of you will resolve to bring your faces to queerfit. And for you regulars, what say ye to some queerfit resolutions/goal setting? I know what I said about hating New Years resolutions, but these are Queerfit resolutions - a twice weekly mental/physical check-in with your favorite group of fit *** Maybe its finally completing a 95# thruster, or beating Monaco Jones in a 400m race (that's not my goal - my goals will actually be attainable), or maybe it's just to show up more and gripe less. Whatever your goal/resolution, join us, check-in, sweat, grunt, repeat. Tuesdays 6:15pm @ the skate park on O4W (through the winter months) Saturdays 10:00am @ Inman Pa ...
Great Expectations. We're moving into 2014 and with that we all should expect great things. Great success, great relationships, great friendships, great health, great wealth, and great travel! With that being said we are kicking 2014 off with the ultimate meet and greet event.a cocktail party full of beautifully dressed people, delectable dishes, yummy cocktails, sublime music all designed with you in mind and last but not least a night of friendly gaming. This is your opportunity to meet each other, network, socialize like grown folk, and dance and sway the night away. This event is hosted by Just Trippin’ Travelers Club with Fab Frosting, RLM Photography and CultureShock Travel Management Company for Trippers AND Friends to celebrate YOU and what 2014 is sure to bring. Try your luck at Roulette, Craps, Black Jack or Texas Hold ‘Em! We’ll provide each guest with chips…all you have to do is play to win! Enjoy a lavish buffet of surf and turf accompanied by yummy cocktails. We’ve got a beautiful ...
Located in the Inman Park neighborhood in Atlanta, this historic church has an active, community-focused congregation.
I have enjoyed reading all of these posts.I lived near Little Five Points on Sterling St. My parents grew up there and attended Bass High School. I LOVED looking at my Mom's old scrapbooks. I attended Candler Park Baptist Church and Mary Lin Elementary School (19651968). I remember Inman Park Library, The Varsity, Krispy Kreme Donuts, Zestos, flying kites at Candler Park, Rich's Great Tree, The Pink Pig, shopping with my aunt downtown, the hippies,.too many memories to mention. These things are just a small part of my heritage, memories I will always treasure!
I need good healthy gluten free food delivered to Inman Park. Anyone??
Attention! We are searching for a 2 bed apartment/townhouse/house to rent. Pet Friendly for 2 dogs. Safe area. Areas for walking and jogging. We are looking to move between Feb-March-April. Max rent is $1400. Currently we are living in VA highlands and want to stay in this area, but we are open to renting in: Midtown, Inman Park, Candler Park, West Midtown, Morningside, Emory. If you have any info or already live in a good place, please drop some information. Thanks!
I'm looking to rent a studio/ 1bedroom condo (no apt complexes) in Inman Park. Please help spread the word. Also, renting out my roomy 1bedroom in W Buckhead (N of the Westside) $800/mo. (Inc. water) -7 restaurants across the st., gym, pool & sand volleyball court! I tagged the Eastsiders I know, and anyone who may be interested in renting my place. Don't forget to cheer on the Pack tonight against Missouri!
Had a most fabulous Christmas dinner with my Sistah & her Hubs! Finally got to see their new house (well new to them as it's almost 100 yrs old!) In Inman Park. Kisses!!!
Amazing.called yesterday to see if I could fill the Pulpit at Inman Park Baptist Church in Winter Haven this Sunday. can't believe the requests for a non-preacher to preach for these different churches.
This is a shared space to place your most comical and most relevant pub bum postings. These pub bums are a threat to the safety and sanctity of Inman Park and it's local establishments and neighbors.
Lunch..GOOD food and nice people watching. Inman Park with my BFF.
One week from today - the first classy affair of 2014 is right here at Parish - - Inman Park's favorite wine night. Click for more info, and make your reservation today at 404.681.4434
We hope you had a restful holiday filled with good food, good cheer, and time spent with your loved ones! We've got some for you today to help you get back on track to start a healthy 2014! Nuts 'N Berries , Health Unlimited, and Savi Urban market (Inman park) are restocked today with fresh Chuice! Come on by!
Gunshow. This week's top dish from Eater Atlanta... INMAN PARK— Park's Edge, now shuttered in its original Bernina Avenue location, hopes to relocate to a new space in Midtown...
NYE: 800 East Studios in Inman Park. 8:30-12:30. Full Buffet with great Entertainment all evening including Bill Hatcher, Tom Woods, Jared Lanham, Marla Feeney, Rita Graham, and yours truly Deb Bowman. FREE Parking available. BYOB. Wine glasses provided. $45 in advance/ $50 at the door. Reservations recommended. Inbox me for reservations. A great event at a beautiful location with amazing talent for a great price!
If you or anyone you know is looking to move intown or to a new place, I am looking for someone to sublet my 1BR/1BA in Inman Park - available 2/1 - PM me for more details.
Inman Park restaurant Park's Edge is now closed in its Bernina Avenue location. The restaurant does plan to relocate to an as-of-now undisclosed new spot in Midtown and is...
Lunch with mom, looking at mansions in Inman Park (when we finally win the lottery) and getting ready for Matt Smith's last turn on Doctor Who this evening.
We hosted a lovely family brunch for 13 this morning. We then brought homemade carrot-zucchini bread to our elderly neighbor across the street. After that, we took the girls to their first Christmas Eve Service, and drove through Inman Park and Candler Park seeking out awesome Christmas lights to be able to hear the squeals of excitement from the back seats. We're so excited to see their joy tomorrow morning! We've got lots of love all around us, and we are thankful every day. Merry Christmas!
Its Christmas Eve nd dis man was turnt up on da 107 dis mornin he spit on da bus nd he was talkin bout ppl den da police stopped him nd asl was he da person dat did all dat nd dis man gon say nal i was on da 86 knwin *** well da 86 dnt go 2 Inman park train station I need 2 be wat he on
Seasons greatings from your Inman Park family! Have a pawsitively happy holidays everyone!
In the midst of planning a sisters/best friends portrait session around Inman Park - can I please request a sprinkling of sunshine and rainbows tomorrow?
Christmas party with the Inman park crew
If you are in the metro Atlanta area you know we had a whole bunch of rain today, buckets. The good news is that we did church anyway and had a quick lunch before starting preparations for the Christ Mass and a vestry meeting. We did all that was planned and I can safely say the building did not leak. Should you pass bye our little church on the corner in Inman Park you might notice something new and different. Then of course we are in an urban environment and stuff can get up and walk off. Do hope you can join us for Mass sometime this week and if not are able to worship Our Lord at His Birth where you to can join a church family. Blessin gs Terrence+
APD seeking missing 19-year-old with “diminished mental capacity" - was on his way to visit friend in Decatur and last seen Saturday at Inman Park MARTA station. Please share.
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Since when was it cool to drive around in golf carts around the Inman park/ Elizabeth st/ lake ave area? I guess I missed the memo? I almost got ran off the road by one today. I'll be sure to be that ignorant guy blasting his horn the entire time your in front of me. No problem. By the way, I hate you guts golf cart dude :)
Ok, peeps we are having a few rooms opening up at Kinetic Hive. Rooms for Rent! Kinetic Hive is a a live work (aerial,movement and all around circus) space. We have 4bedrooms, 2bathrooms, good size kitchen, washer/dryer and 1000 sqft aerial studio all on the Beltline in Inman Park. PM me if you have interest.
Anyone know how bad the traffic is traffic is going through Atlanta on 75? Coming from Buckhead heading to Inman Park area...
Exciting New Tenants for ATL Krog Street Market, the Inman Park development opening in former Tyler Perry studios -
Great turnout for the Friends of Newton Trails Bike Ride on the Atlanta Beltline and PATH trails. With an adventurous group of 21, we toured from the Downtown Connector to Moreland Ave and from Inman Park to Piedmont Park. One of those times you can honestly say: A good time was had by all!
17 miles around Atlanta Georgia As I walked on Saturday, I was struck by the Druid Hills Baptist Church sign welcoming Boy Scouts, I am very pleased by that statement. Next I found this huge new park adjacent to the Masquerade that goes on for blocks to the 4th Ward, with a Sprayground and all. Then to Inman Park for refreshments and to watch as the moon arrives from the Carter Center. Ending the evening at The Nook to catch the 3rd Period of the Stanley Cup, as they say in Chicago, Go Hawks.
Good start for us. A good win and guaranteed finish above the scruffs across the park would be a nice send off for Moyes.
The weather is perfect for getting out. Check out these 5 fun family activities near the Inman Park MARTA station:
Inman Park is a historic intown Atlanta neighborhood that is full of parks, historic houses and several commercial districts. If you are visiting the area or l
Brannu let's intoxicated people ride his horses through the streets of Inman Park. One woman was severely injured.
Ayee i Just Seen u at inman park reynolds town like 30 min
If you didn't make it to Kirkwood today be sure to swing by At The Collective in Inman Park.
try the Inman Park area. the Albert has good BBQ pork, Victory Sandwich, cafe 640 or Manuals Tavern in the Highlands also good
Proud of our team! Solid day of golf in the books. Now onto ATL, checkin out my old Inman Park hood & important stuff like eating
Must get ready for JTfest in Inman Park tonight. After last night's throw down I must rally.
It was established in the early 1900s as thecommercial district for the adjacent Inman Park and Candler Park neighborhoods,
They have a BP, Inman has his second and it's game on at Eden Park.
I told you I'm 12 so going to the park is a normal thing for me
I'm going to South Park Monday to scope things out. I'm broke though 😭
This is one of the official pics I shot at the Inman Park Festival. Recognize these super heroes?…
Bout to yoga in Inman park between hustles
Come see me tomorrow at Savi Urban Market in Inman Park. I'll be slinging free Slap Sauce from Noon…
DMI'm in for tonight. Have a meeting at 4 in Inman Park then free.
Oh hello there, Friday. We knew you were coming. Fridays are for Fish Frys here at Parish in Inman Park...we...
Is this why there were so many sirens in Midtown/VaHi/Inman Park at about 7:45? I've never heard so many! Or was that unrelated?
Spoke card chillin' in Inman Park. Come n get it.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Stevie can play the guitar behind his back better than Eric Clapton can play the guitar in front of himself ! :-) Thumbs up if you agree.
Guys. The Inman Park neighborhood in Atlanta is fantastic. You should visit.
Whew! all of the designs from the Inman Park Festival are now in our Sketch Phrases Etsy Shop - That was some work :-)!
Had my first experience on the beltline jog/walked to Inman park and back. So much cooler than I thought!
Time for the annual apology to O4W/Poncey-Highlands/Inman Park residents and Path travelers for my pale *** legs.
Great, MMA finally comes to my gym at Inman Park, and I'm not allowed contact sports.
Happy birthday to me! Lunch with my amazing wife in Inman Park. (@ Across the Street -
Inman I wish I lived here.
Here is a never before seen pic from 4/27 on the day of the Inman Park Festival (post parade). Another…
to the Inman Park festival with my loves. (I really liked this picture and wanted it on…
Hayward is ok. Just north of the ball park there. Or south is emeryville which is pretty nice. Or Berkeley but its $$$
Quinn look at new Inman Park Italian restaurant
Seriously, people. Seriously. See, this is why rational, thinking people have to say "BUT" when we way we are Christian. I am sick of it.
New! Explained Names: BoccaLupo opend in Inman Park last... - BoccaLupo opend in Inman Park last month, and now we...
in Inman Park is a favorite pick of ours for Mother's Day.
[on djing] This banger at Pcheen w/ Source One, etc; or *** Night at Barcelona Inman Park with Sinton DJ holla
Um, P'cheen is in Old Fourth Ward, y'all. "P'cheen gets new look and new menu [...] in Inman Park
P'cheen gets a new look and a new menu. Get ready for some Octopus Bar influences in Inman Park
Top Flr’s Jeff Myers plans to infuse new life into the Inman Park restaurant
Unique people, delicious food, good-for-the-earth goods and lively music all come together in this melting pot of Southern vibrant culture within Inman Park – PARISH. Chef Edward Russell leads the kitchen that has received great local acclaim, most recently with a 3 star review from The Atlanta Jour...
Tell me how it is, I live near the one in Inman Park!
I've been to their Inman park location and it kicked my butt!!
New MMA and Kids BJJ class comes to Inman Park: We’re excited to announce that our new MMA class, as well as a...
Outside of the Midtown MARTA station area, the Inman Park station is another best bet for going out fun and activities. With the station in walking distance to
I want to move to Inman Park, Atlanta
Yeah I'm in. 'Parade route' goes right by my place in Inman Park too.
Just published: Inman Park MARTA station nightlife. Find out where you can drink over 700 beers...
DANA!!! I went to a pig-roast at Dana's house in Inman Park once. She's a super-nice lady, and she's giving the CocaCola American Classic...
Thanks, Creative Loafing Atlanta, for the shout out!...
Quick Bites: Victory Inman Park to close, a countdown to Gunshow, and more: Nick Melvin,... via
Just replenished Savi Market in Inman Park with the goodness
Thank you to the Architectural Tourist blog for featuring our Hale Street renovation in Inman Park!...
Read the latest sport news for sport in the North East, Tyneside, Tyne & Wear. Football, rugby, basketball, ice hockey, horseracing, angling and more.
This was the weekend for our Sabboth for Service. Many people came out to do various project for our community. It's such a fun weekend. People went to Wil-Hi and did landscaping project for them. Out to Camp Lutherwood, to the Eugene Mission, worked in our park and also painted the parking lot. 20 quilts were tied, 14 of them, finished, three were pinned and are ready to finish the edge and another three went home with Pauline Petersen to finish. Clothes were sorted for the Clothes Closet, Food collected for Food for Lane County, flowers delivered to our senior citizens (80 and over) and a gift for each of the female residents who will be moving into the new Eugene Mission Womens Wing. Lots of laughter, many hugs and great social time. So good to feel that we were doing something completely selfless for people who need a little bit of love.
After 18 years in Inman Park, Dad’s Garage Theatre has received notice that its building, as well as the entire property at 280 Elizabeth Street, is changing
Join in the fun at 7 pm tonight in Inman Park.
Wet weekend in store for all us mountain folk.
This is part of a series of historic structure reports on the historic architecture of Georgia and the Southeast by Tommy H. Jones. It is posted here for educational purposes only and may not be used or reproduced for commercial purposes or without the express permission of the author.
Atlanta bonus. they are filming Anchorman II in Inman Park today.
I want to discuss a beerfest in Grant Park. DM so we can arrange a meet (fyi we met at the Inman Park beerfest, friend of Curt's)
Fifty one years ago a shy, timid sophomore entered her new class room at South Cobb High School, after her parents moved from Inman Park in Atlanta. She was stubborn, thinking she knew everything and was somewhat rebellious. After her first report card with a grade of 'C' in Algebra I, her mother was furious. A wonderful patient man, the Algebra teach, Coach Frank Worthy, made this silly girl, who did not get it (Algebra) finally 'get it.' At the end of that year, my final grade was an 'A.' Thank you Sir!! I will be forever grateful. Coach Frank Worthy passed away last night. His family will be in my thoughts and prayers...
Did I just see a few flurries in Inman Park? Hopefully this will be the extent of winter weather in ATL.
Where's the best place to live in as an artsy person in ATL? Coffee Shops, Bars, creative people, and blend of different cultures. East Atlanta, Castleberry, Cabbagetown, Inman Park, or etc?
ATLANTA CAMP is proud to announce its participation in the worldwide “GLOBAL CANNABIS MARCH”. The event is scheduled in Atlanta to begin at Freedom Park in Little Five Points on Saturday May 4th. The public will assemble @ 11:30 am in Freedom Park on the southside of Moreland Avenue, in front of the Freedom Park sign. The MARCH is scheduled to begin at 11:30 am and will stay on the sidewalks to Findley Park in Little Five Points. From Findley Park the march will proceed southwest down Euclid Avenue to Inman Park at Euclid Avenue and Hurt Street. (behind the Inman Park MARTA station) If you didn't march with us ~ TAKE MARTA to the festival. THE GREAT ATLANTA POT FESTIVAL WILL BE HELD IN THE PARK. SPEAKERS, MUSIC and INFORMATION for cannabis reform efforts in Georgia will be featured in the Park. The public is invited to join us in support. We have had successful events in Findley Plaza for the last five years. In the past we have sponsored many events in Piedmont Park. In 1992, we assembled over 50,000 ...
eastbound to Inman Park.-King Memorial; Elevator out of service, Eastbound Platform. Alternate Access: Continue east to Candler Park
View properties in the neighborhood of the week: ~Inman Park in Atlanta~
Living across from an Atlanta MARTA station, Matt Duncan likes to ride the train to downtown or hop a bus to Buckhead or Inman Park. More than a wa...
The Publix Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon will take place on Sunday, March 17 at 7 a.m. The race course will travel through metro Atlanta’s most interesting and historic areas, including the Sweet Auburn District, Inman Park, Decatur, Druid Hills, Virginia-Highland and Midtown areas. Along the way, runners will pass landmarks, including the King Historic Site, Carter Center, four college campuses and Piedmont Park. Race day will also include the Cuties Luckie 5K at Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta’s Luckie Marietta District beginning at 7:30 a.m. Participants can sign up online at
I am proud to announce that George Skaroulis is now part of the Gamble Music Production and Archive team. We support his music and are an advocate for his concerts and music projects. His last FB post we'd like to share at this time: Skaroulis... to me: Im looking forward to my first concert performance on a beautiful Bosendorfer Imperial Grand piano, next Saturday January 19th in Atlanta at 4pm. join us! — with Lisa Frank and Brian Baron at Inman Park.
Finally put my commercial fishing license to use, selling 6 nice Oconee blue catfish to the chef at One Eared Stag in Inman Park. Had the same adrenaline rush as when I sold my first poem. Jake got his 20 percent deckhand share of course.
"I WAS on my way to Rua Seis when Rafael texted me they were taking the night off. Well, I pulled over and jumped on Jambase and found this gem of a show. How did I NOT hear of this? Tommty Talton opened up with a short set backed by Drippin' Wet (Wet Willie without Jack). Awesome 11 minute On Your Way Down. Now up some bluegrass featuring John Hopkins of Zac Brown Band, Darren Nicholson, and Steve Sutton. Jump on and check it out as I have wifi!" ZMAN — at Inman Park, Georgia.
Whitespace is a contemporary commercial art gallery located in a converted 1893 carriage house in the historic neighborhood of Inman Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Named Critic’s Pick for Best Gallery 2010 by Creative Loafing Atlanta, whitespace provides an opportunity for both emerging and mid-career ar...
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