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Ink Cartridge

An ink cartridge or inkjet cartridge is a replaceable component of an inkjet printer that contains the ink (and sometimes the print head itself) that is deposited onto paper during printing.

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The height of laziness: printer is low on black ink, but instead of changing the cartridge, I just make everything dark blue.
Epson SP5000 Magenta/ Light Magenta Ink Cartridge: Epson has earned a strong reputation for first-class printe...
Just bought a new Zebra 701 - didn't write as well as the old one - I opened it up and found a cheaper ink cartridge. Sigh.
inspiration, Luke Ducette on the radio, the second cup of coffee, a new ink cartridge, Fridays
Photo: Cartridge world on Whitchurch road. Best place for ink refills etc and top customer service
North Queensland Cassowary, 210 x 320 pen and ink on cartridge, by Shelley Lee Langdon. by Shelley Lee Langdon A...
HP Remanufactured Ink Cartridges are Now available Page yields of HP 970XL is 9200
Love that I get money off printer ink in Staples if I bring an empty cartridge.
It's just not Christmas without a full ink cartridge. Get an exclusive 25% off compatible ink cartridges at
why would anyone pay 28$ for a ink cartridge or an extremely high price for ink when I can hook yall up with quality refills for less than half that cost? Let me know who needs INK !!!
Most times when your printer says the cartridge is out of ink, it's lying! Flip the clip on the side of the cartridge and hit "reset".”
Laser printer Samsung 3117 good working going on cartridge rate heavy duty powder ink: laser printer Samsung X...
It may have the last laugh yet, have you got enough paper and a spare spare ink cartridge?
And uss time cartridge wala ink pen honay ka matlab tha, you're the coolest kid in class.
Printing out MS. Naturally, the black ink cartridge ran out on the second page. But ha! I had forseen this and bought a new one.
New 5 star Review on Compatible Canon CLI8C Cyan Ink Cartridge W/ Chip: Works mighty fine. We have been using the CL8
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If you change your font type from Arial to Calibri or Century Gothic can save around 30% in ink!
Printer finally came in but doesn't even wanna work cos ink spilled and stupid cartridge is ughhh.
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on Canon BCI-8C Cyan Ink Cartridge. on office supplies!
New 5 star Review on Compatible Canon CLI221 Magenta Ink Cartridge W/ Chip: excellent product LD has all the bases co
Finally, I can a printer cartridge in 3D, then fill ink to make my own 2D-ink-cartridge .. sound so weird, LOL
really disappointed in my od ink cartridge lasting for less than 25 shipping labels. Thumbs down for value.
Yes it is official I got no ink in the just thinks it has ink.
on Canon CLI-8BK Black Ink Cartridge. on office supplies!
Gonna refill her ink cartridge loll
HP wireless printer. Touchscreen. Works great. Includes ink cartridge that hasn't even been taken out of the package. $60
So I have no clue where my mom put the new ink cartridge. I need to print this amazon return label
Yellow ink cartridges never run out. The same cartridge is in the printer from last semester. Maybe I should print a sunflower.
Someone called me ma'am today. And I'm really pumped about getting an ink cartridge for my printer. This is the beginning of the end.
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Hmmm, if I were my one and only spare black ink cartridge, where would I be? Think, think, think.
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I miss Cos I need to teach the students how to do the ink cartridge test..
- NEW! Compatible ink cartridge for LM200XL, View LM200XL
Why not print your festive photos and make and album? Pop in to see us at Cartridge World for a great deal on ink.
SM SOUTHmall. 👦: do u have an ink cartridge for hp. 💁: none. 👦:do you where else to get?. 🙅: find it urself nlang. talk about being PROFESSIONAL
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: Buy KCMY 1 set empty ink cartridge with chips for HP...
I think I found a new ink cartridge? How tf do I put this in the printer
: Buy 3 sets KCMY empty ink cartridge no chip for...
After 9 hours... 1 ink cartridge... And about 100 pieces of paper. I think it's safe to say I have OCD
I can't figure where the ink cartridge goes in the printer.
HPSupport We know our HP calls home every ten seconds to report ink cartridge ID's but why does my printer need to browse the local LAN
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We'll seeing that my dad doesn't feel the need to buy a new black ink cartridge, my last three assignment have been printed in blue and red
I think I finally managed to finish the job. Spending $ 50 to buy paper and printer ink cartridge. But the work is perfect.
New 5 star Review on Remanufactured Lexmark 10N0016 Black Inkjet Cartridge: ink cartridge This was my second order of
I learned how to change an ink cartridge today. 💁
But why is it that every time I see my bright red and white ink cartridge box for my printer, that I instantly think it’s a KFC chicken box?
I just listed: 'HP 57 Tri-Color Ink Cartridge in Retail Packaging', for $16.00 via
Printing off 30 pages of trombone exercises is not how I wanted to break in my new ink cartridge. I'm gonna need another one after all this.
See how HP engineers created Original HP inks to stay clog free with every print:
How come changing the ink cartridge is like rocket science?
my computer has been telling me my ink cartridge has been low for like a month, OBVIOUSLY IT ISNT THAT LOW HEIFER.
That moment when your coloured ink runs out and although you have a brand new black ink cartridge it still gives you attitude ..
~_ Recycling Toner Office Max ink cartridge has used lots of routes, as the "go eco-friendly" motion has progressed.:
FREE HP INK CARTRIDGES! Do you have an HP color ink jet printer? If your uses genuine HP ink cartridge for...
Whoever put an empty ink cartridge back in the packet thank you so much
I need to remember to buy an ink cartridge and toothpaste today
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My dad didnt know how to change the ink cartridge in the printer, I found him with his hands covered in ink holding a screwdriver
Look at me mom! I changed the printers ink cartridge all on my own.
Chandler was unable to install an ink cartridge correctly. Clemson engineering everybody
reveals Magenta Ink Composition, Ink Cartridge and Recording System and Recorded Matter Using the Same: This i...
I'll throw my ink cartridge at you.
With a super-sized ink cartridge, this pen can write two meters a day for seven years.
I promise you my mom has printed the same web page 1000 times in the last 5 minutes after I changed her ink cartridge
Le talent c'est ça : RTPen and wash. I draw with an ink cartridge pen and then add water See - Venice
How do you replace an empty ink cartridge with a new one?
Finally found a suitable ink cartridge for my pen. Happy days!
Under the laws of the kodak printer, one may not print with only one ink cartridge...
Anyone know why my Kodak printer says offline when it is clearly on. Refuses to print since I changed the ink cartridge
The most expensive liquid is the ink cartridge.
Thinking about buying Genuine High Capacity HP 364xl Black Ink Cartridge (CN684EE)? Read our latest review of the...
There is a new review on Genuine High Capacity HP 364xl Black Ink Cartridge (CN684 via
Mf was getting a refill in the ink cartridge!!! Man I swear!!
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Was blessed today! On the outside chance, in my mind, that the ink gauges on my best printer were inaccuaretly estimating the ink levels I spent big bucks today for a set of all four cartridges. They hold large quantities of quality ink and when the prihter works it prints SWEET photographs. But, they are ecpensive. Well, I just installed all four and after it recognized they were new I printed a perfect test page! It wasn't the prinheads after all. Just no ink in any cartridge. Whew! My backup printer is nice but not as nice and it isn't wireless but had to be plugged into a computer. I am thrilled!
We are having a on our HP Ink Cartridges! STEALSnDEALS
Apparently, I do not know how to change the ink cartridge without staining my hands and my hundred dollar jeans. FU HP!
So little time, so many Ink Cartridge and Christian Mingle spam emails
Did you people say I need to soak my cartridge in water to get the ink flowing? Is that really what I did last time? This is ridiculous.
Wow, ordered a new black ink cartridge on line on the 4th and got it in today's mail absolutely amazing and hassel free. Loaded it in my computer and am back in business for printing again. Thanks Don!
look up how to change an ink cartridge in a Canon printer I can't find my user manual n I forget every time
we moved last year and stored some things. brought home a printer and when it was unpacked a mouse had eaten a piece of the carriage belt. I tried to get a replacement part for it but they tell me it is not replaceable. they belt does not come out. the problem with that is I had already taken the unremovable belt out. all HP keeps telling me is I will need to buy a new printer. What a scam. this is a part that they use in all their printers. I should be able to get one they most likely have millians of them
Mums got an ink cartridge stuck in my Parker. We're not very good with fountain pens.
You know when one day worth of reading uses an entire ink cartridge you are screwed... What the *** was I thinking.
Advice please! Looking for a home printer/scanner. Reasonable cost, but here is the thing. What is the deal with replacement cartridges? Can anyone reccommend a printer that has reasonably priced replacement ink? Oh and how about that it also works through wifi?
Customer likely used more than $1 worth of ink to print this coupon for $1 off of an ink cartridge -_-
and now I have established the black ink cartridge is faulty! Which also happened with my last printer too!
it's an ink cartridge for a large format printer. Lol
We save people money on ink Your ink cartridge should not cost more then your printer!
New: Compatible Canon BCI16C Color Ink Cartridge: 123inkjets offers the best alternative to the OEM (genuine) ...
Its out . Just got new ink cartridge for my :) Have to get on with that this wkend :)
The threat of destroying the ink cartridge worked and i can now print wirelessly. How life should be.
Here's how you can 'Extend the Life of Printer Ink Cartridges'.
1. How Do I Correctly Install My Printer Cartridges? - Your ink cartridges will last longer if you do not remove your cartridge from the protective wrapping until it's ready for use.The ink cartridge should be placed upright for at least 30 minutes prior to use; this will allow the ink to flow down to the print head and allow any oxygen bubbles to rise up and away from the print head.Be sure you've removed the plastic strip from the ink cartridge.Install the print cartridge(s).Run the head cleaning cycle at least one time.Print a test page to make sure the print cartridge(s) are installed and functioning properly. 2. How Do I Improve The Print Quality? - Run the head cleaning cycle 2 - 3 times.If this does not work, please contact us for more information. 3. Why Won't My Printer Recognize the New Ink Cartridge That I Installed? - Be sure that you have removed the plastic strip covering the cartridge vent holes. (the plastic is generally yellow in color).  Try This: (1) Remove the ink cartridge from the p ...
Find Your Lexmark Ink Cartridge at the Lowest Price – ComboInk special offer up to…
I can't believe I actually ran out of ink! This is the first pen I used to completion!
Item for sale in great barr area , small printer for sale
Anyone who goes shopping today is crazy!!
I am told that if you do all your printing in Times New Roman instead of heavier fonts (such as Arial) you will get about 100 extra sheets from a standard ink cartridge.
Free HP black printer ink cartridge (90034)
Definitions Virus- A software that damages your computer system Color Cartridges- a color cartridge is the thing that holds the ink for your computer's printer. World Wide Web- A part of the internet that let's you jump from site to site alot quicker. E-mail- A mail accessory that sends mail over the Internet. Online- When your computer is connected to the Internet. Network- A bunch of computers attached together to share information and programs. Speaker- The part of the computer that plays the sounds. RAM (Random Access Memory)- Memory chips in the computer that hold information to run your programs. ROM (Read Only Memory)- A permanent memory chip that cannot be changed. This memory runs the computer. Bit- A small piece of information that gives directions to the computer. Byte- A byte is also information that gives the computer directions. A byte contains eight bits. Software- The programs that run on the computer. Hardware- The actual parts of the computer. Windows- A program used by computers ...
More time based. I went through this with the BLUE ink cartridge in April, and it meant I had to try to sign documents using the iPad.
Paper jam, empty ink cartridge, I've seen it all tonight BUT printing is finally done. Yay!
20 oz (600 ML) Jumbo Printer Ink Cartridge Refill for Epson Color & Black: Universal Color & Black Ink Refill kit Works best with HP, EPSON, CANON, LEXMARK, BROTHER, OLIVETTI, XEROX, COMPAQ, IBM and others This kit may refill your cartridge many times over and over again. 3 bottles of Black ink – for a total of 10 oz / 300 ml 1 bottle of each – cyan , [...]
This is for my IT friends.where is the best (cheapest) source for ink cartridges?
LF- canon pixma 1200 cartridge both color (41) and black (40)...PM me
Holy cow...after a 1 1/2 hour chat with HP tech support about my printer issue...after jumping through 40 hoops they want me to go spend $60+ on ink to see if it was the cartridges that were the issue...I think I will have to wait for the results, Till I have $60 to blow on flippin ink!! aaarrggghhh
Nick Wolochatiuk Here’s the sales pitch: no batteries required; initial cost virtually nil; constant upgrades not necessary; cannot be infected by viruses; no Wi-Fi signal required; cannot be jammed, interfered with or picked up by malicious electronic signals or virus; silent in use; font style and...
I just got an Amazon Store Card. YAY ! So, I eased my budget a bit this month by buying an art cart on amazon . I was going to buy a cheap one from kmart, but found a more professional and durable one on It will store my oil paints, my acrylic paints, my small drawing pads and other art supplies. I am excited about getting this. I also ordered my HP 60 XL combo pack ink in both black and tri color. I put this on my amazon store card. This really , really helped me a lot because I was planning on spending $41 for just a single black cartridge at Walmart and it would come right out of my cash spending. Instead , I spent $64.98 and got triple the amount of black ink (or 2.5 times the amount of a single cartridge) and also a triple amount of color ink. When you have a little extra money, it is easier to save money this way instead of stretching yourself for the cash just to buy one single black cartridge. Thank God for the Amazon Store card. However, I am going to be wise with it. I j ...
So my printer won't work unless the color and the black ink cartridge are BOTH installed. Even if one is full and the other is empty, they both have to be in it for it to print. I just want to print one black ink page, but since I don't have the color cartridge in it, I can't use a brand new black one. I wanna hulk smash this piece of garbage to the sun.
Home in the air, I made a quick trip to Wallyworld for printer ink, $40 later I walked out of the store. Some good buys in the clearance, Danskin tees and 1/2 zip long sleeved shirts $2 or $3 dollars. Stickers 50¢ and candy oils for $1. Gonna have the best smelling play dough ever at CC!
*** tacky *** *** do things like take an ink cartridge out of the printer because their school semester is over... when they didn't pay for either... Don't you understand it'll dry out either way. *** LOGIC -_-
Ok I have to share this bc I'm so ecstatic it worked! For some reason my iPhone was not allowing me to hear when someone called. Low and behold I found out my 4 yr old stole it this morning and broke the earbuds off in it (and I mean way down in the socket). After freaking out and serious deep thoughts, I finally composed got a medium blue pen out if the junk drawer, used the opposite end of the ink cartridge and shoved it into the socket. One twist and out can the broken piece! iPhones good as knew. This may b useless info that could one day come in handy. Trust me
When Ur grandma has u print off pictures from Ur brothers graduation & she wants double of them tht means over 60 pics. Ran low on ink a little bit ago only got a few done. We went Nd got ink after about half the pics were already low again Nd still have about 30 more pics to print off! This *** ink costs $25 for a small cartridge looks like we're out of luck now or else back to Wally world we go
Where can I buy computer printer ink in Port Aux Basques? The Source and Canadian Tire do not have it. Anywhere else?
Jessica wants to know where you purchase your printer toner. She has a Brother MFC-8440 printer, and their ink can be expensive! She can't buy another printer right now, so does anyone have suggestions for good places to look for less expensive toner? Thanks for whatever help you can offer. :)
Jessica Anderson is looking for printer ink! "Hi everyone! Where do you purchase your printer toner? I'm looking for a cheap/inexpensive place to purchase. Please share your wisdom :) FYI: I have a brother MFC-8440 and their ink can be very expensive and at this time I can not purchase another printer. Thanks for your feedback!"
I am looking to recycle our used ink cartridges, and would like them to go to a good cause. Does anybody know of any good charities that would be interested in collecting our cartridges to recycle for their charity?
Not happy. My printer doesn't work without both the black and white cartridge and the colour so I ordered the colour and picked up the black and white cartridge that the lady in the shop said should be compatible even though not identical to my old cartridge. Needless to say I opened it and took off the strip. 25 quid down the drain. Just ordered the black and white ink, the proper one for 35 quid. That means two black and white cartridges for 60 quid, one I can't use and the other I have to wait for. What a pain in the rectum ergh!
Friday Believe it or Not The difference in the amount of ink that a Pelican M200 vs. an M1000 can hold is only about .3 ml. The Pilot 823 will hold up to 2.2 ml of ink. A standard long ink cartridge holds approx. 1/5 ml.
SERIOUSLY?! All this fighting with the printer, bought a new USB cable spend an hour getting it set up wirelessly and guess what? Out of ink! Yep! Only me!
Cake Help Needed for Nicky.I am looking at buying an edible ink printer to do accents for cakes but there are so many options, does anyone have one that they would recommend or alternatively not recommend. Many thanks
I will never buy another HP printer.
OK i am not buying anymore HP products. We tried using a refilled ink cartridge and it barked at my saying I cant use it. hm Let's see I bought the printer, it is mine and they are trying to tell me they can force me to but their pricey ink? Telling me it's for my own good? "Oh Sir any other ink will harm your printer." That is a lie because I have used them many times. But the new update to printer firmware now stops me. NO MORE HP FOR ME i need a printer that I can ink up and that printer great high resolution photos. ANYONE?
Think I might go get myself a new printer today..."early Birthday to me". I tried to use one of those ink cartridge refill kits, very unsuccessful! Ruined the printer :-(
How do you tell your printer to go ahead and print anyway, even though the cyan is out? Alternate question: what would happen if I put yellow ink in the cyan spot to fool my printer? I suppose I could just try it.
There are an estimated 300 million ink and toner cartridges thrown into landfills every year. Instead, the cartridges can be recycled, which is great for landfills, since a laser toner cartridge takes about 500 years to decompose.
Gr printer won't accept unbranded ink cartridge and I have 700 pages to get printed!
I think there is a job going as a quality control supervisor at the Cheyenne needle cartridge factory if anyone wants one. I'm not 100% sure if this is true.. I'm just assuming they don't currently have one. Why do we have to pay premium prices for products that don't meet the expected standards? Where do I get t-tech needles from?
Okay for one I accidentally tagged myself by name last post. Oops. Anyway, so I really wanna see if any of you guys read the Fanfiction or not. Probs not. But anyway, I'd upload a link to chapter 2, if I WAS ABLE TO WORK ON IT T.T As such, I think I'll make sure to just send a WIP to my Beta, the artist for the Cover, and maybe admin Skippy J because he usually does my Beta-work. Anyway, Ciao loves, I'm trying calligraphy using a broken ink-cartridge from a pen. ~JayJay
back from a very hot day, I caught everything on SALE!!! I am excited,,so I got a 4G and my 3 drivers put in, I got a Samsung Galaxy III for free with a screen protector on it, a 2 yr protection plan from Best Buy on it, I have a brief case style Lap top carrier, a 32 Flash drive, a wireless Canon all in one printer/scanner/copier/fax, 500 sheets of paper, 1 extra black ink cartridge, So if I paid full price it all would all total $687.00, but Allah/God was with me and I only paid $268.12 for everything ! AND I made it home before the storm,, How awesome is that. I have all day tomorrow to set all my new toys up and figure out how to use my new phone. I still have enough money left over to go file in civil court just in case I may have too. Allah/God just keeps blessing me !!! Now I just need to find out how much it costs to go learn Arabic and more of my life will fall into place. I cannot remember any time in my life where so many blessed things keep happening. as well as lessons have been lear ...
Also, if any of you out there still play old gameboy games and the saves don't work anymore, melt the tip of a disposable pen (take the ink stick out first) and while its still soft press it hard against the screw/bolt thing. Wait for it to harden back up and turn counterclockwise. Saves money on a specialized screwdriver
2 surprises today - getting to see Patrick O'Connor this afternoon, then seeing the impressive Super Bowl bling on the left hand of Steelers asst head coach & Tide trailblazer John Mitchell over at Saw's Juke Joint
I can't find my ink. Does anyone have a squid that wouldn't mind giving up some of the goods for my black cartridge ? In return ill give it, plenty of whatever squids eat. Im guessing people. There are plenty of people I would love to see eaten by a squid. I would pay big money, to myself to see that. SQUIDS
UGH Fking printer why does it need 6 ink cartridges and if 1 little cartridge is empty I can not even print in black and white *** you 20.00 cayan cartridge!!!
Does anybody know why black printer ink is about 2 1/2 times more costly than color ink? Is there some shortage on black ink that I don't know about??
!" -2-"! By the time I post again - I should be done printing out the new book! My ink cartridge is still kickin', I've got a spare standing by and 2 full reams of paper left. There's nothing between me and the finish-line but 25 odd pages to review and print.
OK, so I decided that I am done with this dumb printer of mine and I need a new one. I need a lazer printer but I don't want to get a brand that has expensive ink cartridges. Any suggestions? I just need to to print clean and scan. Don't really need it to do a lot.
We need a new printer, and I just had the most enjoyable tech support chat ever with a Microsoft Support guy through the Staples website. He guided me to a reasonably-priced printer that will save money on ink, and he told me about a smartphone app that starts your (specially-equipped) coffeemaker in the morning. It was a little bright spot in my day, and I *never* say that about anything involving purchasing or setting up technology.
Hurry and grab this hot 20% off one item in store coupon for Staples!
So, I know my printer is classed as old because I can't get them eAsily and I'm sure they cost a lot more.:(
I press print, I wait 28 minutes, then printing starts. What's up with that, and what can I do about it?
I bought the wrong ink for my printer and of course I opened it and put it in my printer but it doesn't work!!! lol Any one in the FV area use HP 564 ink? It is free.
I hate Lexmark!They've made me waste £14 on a black ink cartridge that my printer didn't like,then when i wasted all the coloured ink trying to get it to work and put a brand new Lexmark colour cartridge in it was still pouting so that has to waste.It has finally now decided to work because it knows i've spent £40 on brand new Lexmark ink!
waho just got back from seeing the judge , i am hereby legally RE Mungerfied , *** yea babay , think i might go get e a 6 pack to celebrate
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Grrr - the HP printer isn't recognizing the HP ink I just installed. Thinks it might be counterfeit and I have to agree that it would void the warranty before continuing. Gr. Brand new from the store... *gnashes teeth* *grumps*
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Plastic takes up to 500 years to decompose, glass 4,000 years, diskettes 500 years, and ink cartridge 1,000 years. Don't you think it's high time we choose our products wisely and segregate them in order to improve the quality of life for our future generations?
Does anybody have recommendations on cheap places online to get printer ink for an HP printer?
Men have walked on the moon so I know, if I persevere, I can replace the ink cartridge in my printer.
Tell me . . . can we talk budget? Do you mind sharing how much you typically spend each year on curriculum? I'll start -- I remember back to our early days, when money wasn't as tight, and I had no idea what I was doing. I was tempted so much by what other homeschoolers suggested was THE perfect fit for them. I bought (and resold) so much curriculum those first few years, spending literally more than $1000 to homeschool one child in K/1st grade. Now, because of our more unit study-ish approach, and increased confidence on my part to pull together free resources, and all of the review opportunities from the TOS Homeschool Crew, I spend very little on curriculum -- maybe $100/yr?. The rest of the budget can go toward good books and supplies. What about you? What is your budget for curriculum each year?
The Fourth of July sale at Laser Cartridge Plus starts NOW! Enjoy $10 or $5 off any Ink or Toner cartridge with this coupon! But hurry, because this offer expires July 15th! For more information on this great deal, check out the link below:
GoodMorning Eveyone:) hopefully getting a Printer, Ink Cartridge, and Paper today:) so excited:)) Have a Cool Day
Roll on 7 30,dragging,dragging,dragging
A mom's routine grocery store trip turned into a harrowing ordeal after one of her girls was taken hostage in a deadly standoff.
Josh is taking his test right now for work. Praying!! Random blessing too, we ran out of black ink, and I was NOT looking forward to buying it. As I was cleaning out the desk today I found a brand new black ink cartridge! Yay for extra blessings!
As the industry’s largest UK recycling company, The Recycling Factory collect over 8 million inkjet & toner cartridges and mobile phones each year whilst upholding our commitment to zero landfill, which ensures that products are disposed of in an ethical & environmentally friendly way.
Dear HP Hewlett-Packard - I will never buy one of your crappy printers again, and I am taking this opportunity to warn my friends about your crappy products. Your web support is crappy, your phone staff are crappy, and it's even crappy that you charge a premium rate to have it confirmed by the crappy phone staff that the crappy product is indeed crappy, and to get a proper diagnostic will cost £20 to speak to a technician (who I assume will also be crappy) and who inevitably will tell me that I have to pay more to get a crappy repair done. Although one less crappy chappy offered to sell me a new crappy machine to replace the old crappy one, with an extended warrantee for when the new crappy one inevitably broke just outside the normal warrantee period. Presumably I would again have to ring a premium number, get left on hold for ages, cut off three times, and eventually given a brand new crappy replacement. Or maybe not. Maybe the warrantee would be crappy too, and you would find a way to charge me to tel ...
We are a locally owned Cartridge World in Traverse City, MI, providing ink and toner printer cartridges to customers at a substantial savings. Priced as much as 35% less than big box stores in Traverse City.
Trying to get ready to go to Searcy tomorrow. I need to print up paperwork for a couple of mystery shops & will need to scan my receipts after my shops.& out of the blue my printer/scanner has decided it's not going to work anymore! I just spent $16 on an ink cartridge 2 weeks ago. I REALLY don't need this now!
Bit of a Random question peeps. But does any of u lovely people know a cheaper place to get printer ink than staples??? This runnin a business malarky is costing me a small fortune in ink! answers gratefully appreciated!
I've been wanting to buy a laser jet printer for printing out invoices and the like, mostly for tax reasons, for years. Finally got around to it the other day. I couldn't believe the price - only $50. Easy to set up and it goes like a rocket.
3D printing a luxury, but it's a consuming passion BY: STUART KENNEDY From: The Australian July 02, 2013 The latest in 3D printing While not overly cheap, Stuart Kennedy says Cube's new 3D printer is fun for keen tech enthusiasts. The Cube looks the part with its neat, open-sculptured design. DO you really need a 3D printer in your home? Probably not yet, but they sure are fun. If you have the patience. Be aware that 3D printing is not quite like ripping through a stack of paper on a fast laser printer. A consumer-grade 3D printer operates with a Zen-like slowness, as the print head melts tiny filaments of PLA or ABS plastic and arranges them layer by layer into whatever design you have fed it. Take the owl figurine I dashed up using the Cube 3D printer on test. First, ever so slowly, a perch appeared. Then, checking back about half an hour later, a pair of dainty green feet grew on top of the perch, followed by legs, a body and, eventually, 90 minutes later, an entire 7cm owl. There was a similar wait fo ...
The Fall/Winter Close to My Heart Idea Books are in and I love all the new products we have. Lots of great stamps and kits. Christmas card kits, scrap layouts new paper lines. Of course the new Cricut Cartridge is on my must have list. I can start accepting orders August 1. Don't forget the current catalog. Need ink? WE have 40 colors of dye ink and 40 colors of smaller pigment inks 40 shades of cardstock-all white core. You can order directly from my OBA at or meet with me to see what we have!!
Approximately 1.3 billion inkjet cartridges are used around the world annually and less than 30 percent are currently being recycled. In one year, if the world’s discarded cartridges were stacked end-to-end, they would circle the earth twice. Over 300 million inkjet cartridges and 70 million laser cartridges are sold in the U.S. annually. Despite the environmental and bottom-line benefits of recycling print cartridges, every year over 300 million cartridges with a combined weight of 150 million pounds are buried in our nation's landfills. A laser cartridge thrown into landfill can take up to 450 years to decompose. Some components made of industrial grade plastics will take over a thousand years to decompose. Eight ink cartridges are thrown away every second in the U.S. It takes about a gallon of oil to produce every new toner/laser cartridge. People can reduce landfilling when they recycle toner cartridges. Every remanufactured laser cartridge saves nearly 2 pounds of metal & plastic waste from being d ...
I love how buying replacement ink for my printer costs 1/3 the price of what I can buy the same printer for brand new. The new printer would come with ink cartridges.
My printer died!!! I have to buy another one, and I want one that does normal, household printing. I want to print good quality photos, but it doesn't need to have four different cartridges. Any suggestions??
Here's a surprising fact about inkjet printers that I don't think the manufacturers want you to know... Sorry folks, I've turned off comments for this video,...
Does anyone know anything about printers, I have an Epson Work Series 610 that won't work either with the internet nor with the USB cord, I have discontented, restarted, checked for updates and still the *** thing won't work and it's driving me crazy, so if anyone has a clue of what I can do next I would greatly appreciate the help.
I have a new (still packaged) ink cartridge I can't use, and I hate throwing things away. If you can use an HP black ink cartridge please message me with your address and I'll mail it to you. :-)
ARGH! Why is my printer only printing red ink?
Cartridge World will be closed JULY 4th for Independence Day! We will be here all day today to help you with your ink and toner needs!
Arg! Who knew this was gonna be such a pain in my *** so, which do you think is better and why: Hand drawn comic pages then scanned in for inking/coloring? OR Just do it all digitally? Finding an scanner that can do an 11x17 doc is a pain.
Spent half the day trying to print some iron-on transfers. After monkeying about with no success with my old printer, then two trips to Staples to get the right ink tank for my new printer (they gave the the wrong one the first time), finally, results. But now I've wasted hours and there's still a bunch of things I have to pack. Sweaty, ornery, and behind schedule...
OMGosh! My printer stopped working and the message was "Ink System Failure". My first thought was maybe one of the cartridges were empty...but...the machine was indicating all cartridges contained ink. Plus I never received the "ink is low" message that I've gotten in the past. After 2 hours of rebooting, unplugging & counting to 10, removing & replacing the same cartridges, turning the machine off & on as it was telling me to do, going online to the website for help, yadda-yadda-yadda. I decided to open a new ink cartridge any way just to see if this would did so it was obviously low or out of ink! I no longer need to keep my hair appointment tomorrow as I've pulled it all out!
So my lap top DVD driver was dead, bought an external one for $45 at EPO, got the photos onto a disc for my client.yaaay. But in the meantime my printer would not print emails but would print attachments but the blue ink was out. Bought cartridge, installed it, still would not print from the laptop. Opened on the new desktop, something got turned off so got that back on and printed. gezzze, my life!
I just don't get it.I just bought a canon printer, OK? Do you know that instead of buying new color and black ink cartridges when I run out of ink, it would end up being cheaper for me to just buy another printer, which comes with one color cartridge and one black cartridge?
Guzzling Printers Can Waste $100 of Ink a Year, Report Finds Text Size Published: Tuesday, 2 Jul 2013 | 7:33 AM ET By: Herb Weisbaum Source: HP You already know printer ink is expensive. Actually, it's one of the priciest liquids you buy. Ounce-per-ounce, even the cheapest ink (about $13 an ounce) costs more than fine champagne. But here's the real shocker: A lot of that precious material doesn't get onto the paper but ends up wasted. Consumer Reports found that some printers gobble up a significant amount of ink—50 percent or more—for nonprinting functions such as cleaning print heads. The extra cost of using a model that soaks up ink for routine maintenance could be as much as $120 a year, the editors estimated. "We were surprised by the amount of ink some printers used," said Electronics Editor Paul Reynolds. (Read More: 3-D Printing: This Generation's 'Moon Shot' Moment) Consumer Reports investigated the problem of disappearing ink after readers complained that they weren't getting their money's w ...
As one of my old employees used to say...GERZEEPANTS! Comcast fixed the internet, now my printer won't print. Have a full cartridge of black ink so even tho one of the colors is out you would think I could print in grayscale. Nope. It's a techno challenging week here at the Rock :(
Just finished the latest J R Ward book. It was brill. Those vampires know how 2 treat their women. Gr. Thanks 2 my lovely sis. Lovs ya x x
Any one got tips on unblocking epson print heads? or where to get it done
Why does the printer always pack up the week AFTER you spend fifty quid on new ink cartridges???
Did you ever wonder why the ink cartridges in your printer are so expensive but seem to not last very long? Consumer Reports went to work and found the answer. According to...
Can not believe it costs less to buy a new printer than ink refills...on a brighter note I have a shiny new printer :)
Mavco Plumbing is another fantastic ! Thank you so much for being a Mr. Cartridge Ink & Toner Cartridges customer! Check out their website:
Penticton guarantee for Mr. Cartridge refilled or remanufactured ink & toner printer cartridge
If what you print matters, get the HP Ink Advantage. Print more. Pay Less. Risk nothing.
Has anyone told the printer ink cartridge people that its simply cheaper to buy a new printer (that comes with ink) than it is to buy refill cartridges for a printer? Talk about stupid...
Do you remember realizing after this school year that you are out on your own? Were you prepared to hit the ground running or did you lack the skills on meeting your goals at first? My students... My students need paper, markers, and ink to do their projects, tests, notes, and mini lessons.
What laptop repair companies are there in torquay? URGENT
Yesterday I spent the day on the phone trying to get my HP printer to work. Today I'm on the phone trying to get the color feature to work on my Kodak printer.
Hmmm, our printer is out of black ink AGAIN. I just replaced it, two weeks ago. This is either a sign of progress of a bad ink cartridge... We'll go with progress :)
Some money-saving suggestions from Consumer Reports: •Don't change cartridges unless you must. Whenever you exchange an ink cartridge that still has plenty of ink left for, say, a less-costly off-brand one for less-critical work, you trigger an ink-consuming initialization cycle. •Print in draft mode for less critical work. This will reduce the amount of ink used in printing (though not the ink used in maintenance). And, don't print lots of large photographs, especially in high-quality mode, as they use the most ink. •Consider buying a laser printer as a second printer for black-and-white, as they don't use maintenance ink and they do an excellent job with text. I must agree with the last suggestion. A laser printer, even a color laser printer may cost more initially but your total cost per page is far less expensive compared to inkjet.
Does anyone use a EPSON Black T0891 Ink Cartridge, just bought the wrong one and opened it!cost me £11 quid!send me yr address and i will pop it in post to you its a FREEBIE or im binning it!have a good day all!xxx
10% OFF Ink Cartridge refills at Portadown Cartridge Store ... available now on
EU could impose levy on printers and printer ink after ruling The European Union could impose a levy on printer ink and printer consumables after a ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ), says The judgement follows a case in the German Court of Justice in which publisher VG Wort took action against Canon, Epson, Fujitsu, HP, Kyocera and Xerox, demanding compensation for the printing of published works on their equipment. The surprise decision by the ECJ will enable the EU to introduce a Europe-wide levy and could open up printer manufacturers to a slew of compensation claims from "copyright holders". Printer manufacturers, meanwhile, may be forced to raise the prices of their products or to withdraw from Europe entirely. It also raises the prospect of buyers sourcing printers from outside the EU to avoid the copyright levy.
I need something I can write directly onto, with no internet distraction, with immediate printing. At the moment, in this household, we each have a laptop and there are two printers. I can only use the printer that does not belong to me, as I my printer refuses to acknowledge Windows 7, which is what runs on my Toshiba laptop. So, if I want to print out my latest WIP on my Ricoh laser printer (essential for printing a long document if you want to produce it in less than about a day) I have to borrow either my husband's old Acer, or my daughter elderly MacBook. Usually she's at school and I can email my book to the Mac and print off on the Ricoh. But MacBooks seem to use something very fragile in the power cables, or, more accurately, the bit that you stick into the Mac itself. They fray. We get through two or three a year. This can't be right. We aren't using them as dog leads or skipping ropes, just as a method of connecting a laptop to a socket. Meanwhile the laser printer has run out of ink and when I ...
Printer ink for a standard 20 mL HP 74XL cartridge comes out to about $8000/gallon.
I must say I fully agree with Douglas Wilson and must share this today... Life feels like a pen and pencil sometimes. Every moment of our lives are as permanent as ink however there are times we wish that an eraser could remove a misgiving. I prefer a fountain pen, old school the ones that require a cartridge, fluid with moments yet known but its marks cannot be removed. A pen waiting on its marks guided with my hand but inspired by those in my life. A pen yearning to scribe words that will define who I am, today, tomorrow and note with reason my yesterday's richer with worth from the past. No, I care not to erase any of my past nor would I want a future written in graphite that could be altered. I want an old fashion fountain pen to mark each day of my life with a sense of permanence. Good or bad it is my life and every moment counts, so do the moments of those I am privileged by their stain on the parchment that this man calls his story. Recorded by a fountain pen and remembered as we continue to write ...
First world problem for a printer owner, here's mine Whole new set printer: Canon Pixma MP-258 Inkjet. 3-in-1 printer, scanner, copier - RM195 Ink Cartridge: Black - RM95 Color - RM170 Just to get the ink cartridge replaced, it's much economical to throw the whole printer out of the window and buy a whole new set...
opppsss~~~ *Your black ink cartridge is over soon. Please replace one.". XD
Epson to stop sale of consumer and small business ink cartridge printers
Why was I at Walmart you ask?! To get my hp 74 black ink cartridge replacement of course! (I was not invited to drink mini cake vodka...)
An ink cartridge exploded on me. Mmm I always wanted to be pink.
When replacing ink cartridge in printer, it helps to remove the orange sticky tape from cartridge. Not that I forgot, or anything.
My black ink cartridge is getting more "cacat" by the minute. =(
You kno its been bad day when u get home put ink in printer to do best friend wedding invites Christy Shirah and 2 hrs aftr get mad and fighting printer u didnt take paper off thr ink cartridge...dummy me.not to mention pinched nerve in my back. love u girl.its been long day.god willing it will be better morrow.
yes yes your conspiracy theories etc. This ink cartridge was full. The thing is basically a thimble.
I would break both of my printers with an ink cartridge
Lowering the ink cartridge gently into liquid nitrogen before inserting it is the only tricky part.
Our colour printer ink ran out and it was cheaper to buy a new printer then a new ink cartridge
Wondering what to make for breakfast, dinner or everything in between? All you need are Tastefully Simple products, a few extra ingredients and these delicious recipes!
I'm sure they have some around here. Hmm... *begins looking through drawers* Aha! *pulls out an ink cartridge* Here we go!
full ink cartridge and battlemech program... oh yea theres gonna be some mech action soon... already printed off 12 mechs... obsessed? NOPE!
just some good tips Save Ink Whenever possible, print in Times New Roman. You'll get 100 more pages out of a cartridge than you will printing in heavier fonts like Arial or Verdana. mosquitoes ? Dryer Sheets Put a dryer sheet in your pocket next time you go hiking or camping. It will keep the mosquitoes away from you.
How u screw up putting in an ink cartridge?
I had a very bad experience with an HP printer in the last couple of years. I am now reading that lots of people are hating HP for printers. I need a new printer, but I honestly don't trust the online reviews. They all seem a little fake. Even the ones from technology magazines seem untrustworthy. The bottom line is that I want a printer that works and doesn't use far more ink than it said it would. Any recommendations? Espon? Canon? Brother? Specifically I am looking for an All in One, maybe with wireless printing. #
anybody know the going rate for a fry cook? If I dont get out of I.T. I'm gonna kill a retard.
I'm super independent until it comes to taking the ink cartridge out of my printer! 😥😱
SHOCKING Did you know that some wifi printers call home to register the ink cartridge in the printer to stop refills from working.
Finished my test with the ink cartridge
I'm off to FedEx. Seems like we are having the same day. Got so desperate I shook the ink cartridge & stuck it back in
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Made my mum go buy a new ink cartridge from tesco just so I could print an essay 1 and a half pages long I'm so mean
Hower's L.C.R. has been in business and serving Ventura County for 20+ years. We provide and sell only the Highest Quality Made In the USA Compatible toner and ink. We can also provide you with Name Brand OEM Toner and Ink as well if that is your preference...but the HQ Compatible toner we sell is e...
Have to drive to walmart. I ran out of the color ink for the printer and I should just get a black ink cartridge as well plus a bottle of soft scrub. I cleaned some 'old' thick engine grease from some hose clamps with a toothbrush yesterday that I found hanging on a hook on the pegboard in the shop and the grease won't come off the stainless steel sink with out soft It just smears. That will teach
Running low? JetTec inks are a fraction of the normal cost... Need some? They're on offer!
I just changed my ink cartridge and now it's already half empty.
OK people I need printer help. Does anyone know of a printer that is photo quality that takes inexpensive ink? I have a great printer but the ink is outrageous. Ive been working on a project for my gr nephews and Cheep ink wont work and I just cant pay 25-36 dollars a cartridge and it takes 2 cartridges.
Literally well impressed I managed to change the ink cartridge without breaking the printer!
There is a new review on Epson Compatible T557 Picturemate Ink Cartridge - Thanks via
There is a new review on High Capacity Epson Compatible 26XL Magenta Ink Cartridge via
There is a new review on Epson Compatible T0713 Magenta Ink Cartridge - Thanks Haj via
There is a new review on HP Compatible 364XL Multipack of Ink Cartridges - Thanks Bil F..
There is a new review on Jettec Compatible T0715 B/C/M/Y Multipack of Ink Cartridges - Thanks John D..
Dear printer, why can I not print a black and white document due to your lack of blue ink?
1/2 hour in work and head already fried! Gonna be 1 of them there days
that foam is used in Original Ink cartridges to ensure the high print quality? Check it out here:
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Buy and Save with Find My Supplies on HP No.22XL Tri Colour Inkjet Print Cartridge | HP C9352CE - Available to Buy Online - Nextday Delivery
Check out the deals wehave available on the HP 363 Black ink cartridge:.
Slightly irritated that I took the wrong ink I had bought back to Walmart changed it for the right kind got it home and changed it out and now my genius printer won't work. It only needed black ink and when I changed it, it now says I need color ink. And I need to print pictures to finish orders and have no way to print them. That's just fabulous!!!
It has been an interesting afternoon hunting a driver for the printer. I finally stumbled on an HP site that listed all the printers that were incompatible with Windows 7 Pro. Mine was on that list. I will hitting Office Max, Walmart, Target and others tomorrow to find a printer that will work on this new system. I will also be visiting the computer store again to see why I can not log into the contacts portion of my e-mail and enter my addresses. This new technology may be wonderful for many but for some of us a learning curve above horizontal is a serious challenge.
Just great... My printer has run out of ink!!!
I seriously hate this stupid printer!
My 7 year old all-in-one printer finally bit the dust. Friday I splurged and bought an HP all-in-one. I'm very happy with the printer but not happy with all the junk in loaded on my PC and I did the custom install. Had to remove 6 crap programs, reconfigure my browser home age and extensions, and remove a bunch of junk from my startup. And you wonder why people have to call in experts when their PC starts running like crap. Dear HP, I love my printer but feel violated with all the crap that was loaded on my PC without my knowledge.
Why does my printer not like the new Tesco ink cartridge when it worked OK with the old one?!
£40 for printer cartridge in Tesco, £67 in WH Smith.£7 off ebay thank you very much! No wonder the High Street is suffering :-(
When did changing a printer ink cartridge get so complicated? Really?! Scanning the alignment page?! Calibrating the cartridges?!
Our fax machine, which has proudly displayed the date January 1, 1900 since Y2K, is being retired. Cost of a new ink cartridge is not worth the 3 faxes we get per year. We do not accept Telex either, though you may still send us a telegram. Postcards and cash always gladly accepted.
I'm making my "to do" list. Take dog to groomers, pick up FREE i-phone from Verizon, buy ink cartridge from Best Buy, buy groceries (another list), need tennis shoes, lunch ...
If anyone uses a Kodak printer that takes a 10B ink cartridge - there's an unpackaged one here. My printer decided to end it's life :-(
Clickinks offers a great selection of HP Ink & Toner with the best prices & free shipping on orders over $30. Find the HP Ink Cartridges you need and save up to 86%!
Just got home and enjoying what has so far been a fantastic weekend! I checked my email and got this from an Ink supplier I brought some cheap ink that stuffed up my Epson printer: Yes it is a Chinese and I love their attempts at the Ingrish Rangridge - gotta love 'em LOL: Dear Client Have a nice weekend and thank you for support in the past . Thank you so much support in the past, we will give you a better service to express gratitude to customers. Here we just want to remind all customers, in order to keep your printer in good condition, please pre-purchased a set of cartridges as a backup, so you can avoid the printhead and the ink dries Please visit the below link if you want to buy inks and ink cartridges . Please contact us if you can not found the ink cartridge match your printer or even you have been changed a new printer . - Please remove this mail if you are not interest , I am sorry to bother you . Kind Regards Jao From service team of :
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
My air conditioner is not as cold as before. Why is that so? There are three possible reasons for the drop in cooling efficiency: 1) Firstly, it may be due to the air conditioner being old. An average lifespan of an air conditioner is about 10 years and it requires regular preventive maintenance to prolong its lifespan and allowing it to perform efficiently. If your air conditioner is over 10 years, it is probably high time to get a replacement. Older air conditioner with bigger/heavier coil and only electro-mechanical components can last over 15 years. For modern inverter type air conditioner, the lifespan may be shorter than 10 year depending on the part availability of the PCB boards. 2) Second reason may be dirty air conditioning indoor and outdoor units that reduced the efficiency of the air conditioning system. Things such as a clogged air filter, blower wheel clogged with dust (which prevents cool air from being released) and evaporating coil clogged with algae/dirt, create inefficiency within the ...
Printhead on my HP 8500 just went out. Replacement cost: $65. There is one more that could go. This printer has had low usage with me being sick the past 9 months. Thoughts, tech friends? New printhead or new printer? Two printheads close in on $150. New HP printer goes on sale tomorrow for $229. Well?
Boldly embracing Walmart to get printer ink.
Getting all my swag together for RomCon Central next week. I foresee another trip to Staples in the future for more ink for the printer.
I have always bought HP printers. I bought 3 black ink cartridges from them today. none of them work. I have 2 inkjet printers and there website does not have a phone I always thought HPmake good products. Now I am not sure. if anyone can help or has printer they like better please let me know. offers LaserJet, InkJet and other print and postage meter cartridges. Up to 60% less than buying new OEM cartridges. Why pay more to print?
I love the prints from my Canon printer, but the fact that it only used 1/2 a tank of ink before mandating that I replace the cartridge is starting to tick me off (and make me broke). It is also starting to choke on 11 x 17 paper. My next printer might have to be an epson.
The electronics in my house are about to be thrown out a window!!! The printer is "low" on ink but has a new 2x more ink cartridge, the laptop is apparently under investigation by the FBI..seriously there's a window open and that's what it says, and the desktop is thinking about letting me sign on!
Come get it for FREE, else it's going to Goodwill today: Hewlett Packard DeskJet D4260 printer. Comes with an XL (up to 3.5 times more pages) black ink cartridge, USB and power cords. I don't have the software install disk anymore, but it can be downloaded for free from the HP website.
So my Canon PIXMA MP250 printer is crapping out on me this morning, wont recongnize the ink cartridge...anyone have any suggestions? I tried all the dumb re-set options, still nothing
Too early for nonsense, so why is Amazon rejecting my feedback on a purchase of ink for my printer saying it's not long enough? What the more is there to say about a darned ink cartridge..".I bought it, it works, I'm happy"? Puts me a bad mood.
Good evening all, hope you're having a wonderful weekend :-) I am working on a male card at the moment for a customer order and I'm finding it so difficult not to put a butterfly or flower on it to make it look pretty! I can't understand what man wouldn't appreciate a nice glittery pink butterfly on his handmade card ;-)
So Steve goes out for the day armed with an empty ink cartridge, tells me "I love u babe I'm gonna get u a nice present if your lucky..." Well seeing as for valentines day I got a roll of masking tape, and the other week I was treated to a new washing line and bag of pegs, I'm trying so hard not to get excited about the fact he's on his way to a stationary shop and he's gonna treat me to a blue biro pen, or maybe some plastic wallets if I'm lucky today!
NO ! i went to print out some 'VERY' important documents and i've ran out of black ink. help!
Today was awesome: besides the nap, I got in, oh 10 hours of writing! Thank goodness! Warning Melissae: pending document, get out a fresh ink cartridge!
Did you guys know that this REUSE center is a collecting site for outdated and non working computer key boards and computer mice and webcams .? if not please REUSE these items by donating them to us.
Random thought of the day: If I hear one more customer ask me for a UBS drive I'm going to kick them in their gentailea until my shoe is covered in blood.. Happy Thoughts!
Members : The next Competition Topic is LANDSCAPES Submit entries on Monday 1st July. DEFINITION A landscape is a picture of natural inland scenery. It may include houses, other evidence of man, people, animals and even part of the sea provided that none of these dominate the picture.
Looking at the wall of ink cartridges, we must have hundreds in stock for you so you don't have to go to the mainland or up to Oak Harbor! We may have your cartridge, stop in and see!
You have until the 16th! HOP to it! A rare sale for Carrot Ink - Buy 3, get 1 inkjet or laser toner cartridge free!! This runs through Sunday the 16th. Dad will be thankful!
If anyone has a dell 924 printer, I have a new (opened) color cartridge and a black (about 75% left) me.will sell very cheap!
I'd love to make money at home in my spare time... But counterfeiting is harder than you'd think... :o)~
Is there anyone in Hamilton that can fix a PRINTER. NEED IT FIXED ASAP!
Has anyone got a HP inkjet printer that takes the 920 ink cartridges - I have now bought a Canon printer but still have 3 original colour cartridges and one black cartridge from my HP printer and I will happily givthem away free to a new home. Just let me know- it seems such a waste to just throw then away.
A Cost-Effective, Environmentally Safe Option for Activated Carbon Aerovex Systems is implementing a carbon filter return and replacement program for our new "Healthy Air" salon source capture systems. We are initiating a program where we provide a UPS label with a bag to the customers that buy the replacement Activated Carbon filter to return the used one back to us. ( similar to what happens with the ink cartridge programs that various manufacturer have). This will eliminate a secondary hazard that may results in the disposal of the used AC filters. This hazard is of greatest concern to the environmental agencies as simply disposing this with the normal trash and land filling these will result in secondary water contamination with the toxic chemical. Having the customer return the used AC filter back to us, to regenerate the activated carbon and incinerate the fumes is what most of the larger user of activated carbon do. In recent years, a variety of market dynamics have driven the cost of virgin activa ...
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