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Indira Gandhi

Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi (Indirā Priyadarśinī Gāndhī , née Nehru; 19 November 1917 – 31 October 1984) was an Indian politician who served as the third Prime Minister of India for three consecutive terms (1966–77) and a fourth term (1980–84).

Rajiv Gandhi Sanjay Gandhi Sonia Gandhi Rajeev Gandhi Golda Meir Morarji Desai Iron Lady Jawaharlal Nehru Beant Singh Indira Gandhi International Airport Garibi Hatao Manmohan Singh Priyanka Gandhi Prime Minister Narendra Modi

At the same terrace Winston Churcill was sitting while Indira Gandhi enjoyed walking to the…
If Indira NEHRU married Ferooz KHAN & *** up with a Gandhi.?? Anything is possible & Dhimis r there j…
Home frickin hot burning home (@ Indira Gandhi International Airport - in New Delhi, Delhi)
So god came down to Stop Indira Gandhi - right??
Where there is love, there is life. ~ Indira Gandhi.
Participated in a seminar​ on Smt. Indira Gandhi as part of her Birth Centenary Celebrations, along with Shri
Seminar is organised to remember the contribution of Smt.Indira Gandhi towards Science & Technology by KPCC Centenary Cel…
Back to work!! — travelling to Indira Gandhi Airport - IGI Airport Delhi
RSS helped Indira Gandhi get back to power after she imposed emergency. Both Cong& RSS participate…
First betrayer to the cauvery issue is the DMK who withdrew the case which was in favour if TN on compuls…
Congress, BJP, TMC, JD, AAP vying for the same political space. Indira Gandhi called it the 'Garibi Hatao' space. O…
Why'd you killed greatest PM of India and women of millennium. Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Ther…
After short break!! Back to work!!! — travelling to Dubai, United Arab Emirates from Indira Gandhi Intrntnl...
Do any of your politicians have guts to do what indira gandhi did. And u peopl…
Did Sagarika accused Madhu Kishwar of working for Indira Gandhi during emergency? By the way, Sag…
Indira Gandhi did it so many times in states where Cong was in power.
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And one reason given by research groups (from Indira Gandhi's time) for dowry deaths among Hindus is the difficulty in di…
My grandfather also left Congress long back. Indira gandhi prayed for one of our elder generation to die so…
Indira gandhi free 90 pak soldier but she didn't want bring back our Indian soldiers how can we be…
The Allahabad High Court found Indira Gandhi guilty of electoral malpractices,.
Have successfully arrived at the Indira Gandhi international purgatory...I mean airport at a godaweful hour.
(1967) Indira Gandhi with Rajendra Kumar, Shankar, Mehmood, Dev Anand, C.Ramchandra, Raj Kapoor & others at an even…
Off to Manipal. See you there! — traveling to Manglore international airport from IGIA T3: Indira Gandhi...
traveling to Indira Gandhi International Airport from Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport
Just a regular day at Terminal 1 at Indira Gandhi International Airport. Insane crowds.
are you absolutely sure about this? Then need to acknowledge 100s of crimes. Indira Gandhi to Sonia Gandhi, all.
Where is Priyanka Vadra hiding who bcums part time Indira Gandhi during election?
Nehru was PM of uneducated, Indira Gandhi was PM of uncertains. is PM of educated seculars.
Delayed! :-( 1 hours.. — traveling to Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport from Indira Gandhi...
I wish they'd be told to be like Rani Laxmibai, Sarojini Naidu or Indira Gandhi. Madame Curie even
Indira Gandhi got power in 1980,made sure that copies of Shah & Kapur Commission report do not see light
Sir, it is hard work done by Indira Gandhi,Rajeev Gandhi,Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi; stop giving credit to 😉
I look at tpump and remember that my grandmother survived the British, and my parents survived indira gandhi. My turn now.
You can't shake hands with a clenched -Indira Gandhi
Only save Congress, Bring to become the substitute for Indira gandhi
Watching assassinations of Shrimati Indira Gandhi made me feel overwhelmed with the sacrifice&cost ur family has paid.
Me whenever I see people praising Indira Gandhi
another gift of indira gandhi! She planted the communists and today we suffer .
Smt Indira Gandhi, on the train which carried ashes to Allahabad |1948 https:/…
so you mean oath ceremony of Rajiv Gandhi was right on the death day of Indira gandhi. How can you be so shamelessly say that
father Rajiv Gandhi was sworn in on same day when Indira G was assassinated . Probably even Rajiv G ha…
Indira Gandhi said Garibi Hatao so there's no pverty in India
"Throughout the Budget speech, you will find emphasis on Aadhar, Direct Benefit Transfer, MNREGA, PM (Indira Gandhi) Avas Yojana" PC1/4
Great economists were Indira Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi to have formulated and presented India's budget in the past.
What a great economists were Indira Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi were to have presented Budget? Rahul will never get the opportunity.
So it was Manmohan Singh and Indira Gandhi's Tax Terrorism of 1973-74, which created black money in India. Darkest period for economy.
Hamilton Collection
The cover page of 1984 khadi India calendar didn't have any picture of Mahatma Gandhi,. Second page had Indira Gandhi http…
PC had to resign after expose in 1985. He was Principal Secretary to PM Indira Gandhi for long years. CIA documents are 30…
Extend your hand, open your heart. "You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist." Indira Gandhi
Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave.-Indira Gandhi.
Pranab Mukherjee wanted to become PM after Indira Gandhi's death but couldn't as Rajiv Gandhi was made PM in haste:…
"People with clenched fists can not shake hands." – Indira Gandhi
Indira Gandhi was assassinated and his son stood up to calm the nation and aboid further chaos. shame on u.
Who is topped the list with 10 budget presentations. - Morarji Desai. Who is the 1st female finance minister presented Budget. - Indira Gandhi
Party of hadn't wait a day, made Rajeev Gandhi as PM d day when Indira died.
The most Elegant and graceful lady world has ever seen..You are gone our dearest PM but not forgotten.missed . Indira Gan…
For all her faults, only Indira Gandhi had real guts , the kind that Trump is showing now.
muslim rascal Babar ki Oulad Nehru photo is sufficuent to show,the occupant of room is a ***
Priyanka Gandhi is a fighter. Giving up fashionable cloths once in 5 years and wearing saari to copy Indira Gandhi's look i…
My biographical portrait of Indira Gandhi, coming soon from
The nation, today, pays homage to former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on her martyrdom day. 1/5
On this day, Indira Gandhi laid down her life, fighting for India's unity and integrity. We salute her martyrdom. https…
. Why Rajiv Gandhi became pm on the day when Indira got assassination??. Any answer.
If Rajiv's mother, Indira Gandhi was in the grip of KGB, Rajiv was involed with CIA since the 70s.
So cool to see ReNew adverts at T3, Indira Gandhi International Airport:)
Indians never truly loved a "weak" democrat. Do a poll and "Iron Lady" Indira Gandhi will win the best PM contest hands down.
Indira Gandhi did not postpone even though her own cabinet colleague , a minister of State had passed away…
Yes in 1984 when Indira Gandhi was killed , congress wld have waited for a day before rajeev was nominated
Smt Indira Gandhi, on d train which carried ashes to Allahabad |1948
The commercial area near Indira Gandhi Stadium in Palakkad was inspected by QCI Assessors for
"KGB funded 40% of Indira Gandhi's MPs". This isn't funding, this is RUNNING the Indian government.
Indira Gandhi's Congress and Communist Party of India received huge funding from USSR during 70s and 80s
Corazon Aquino but no Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, Benazir Bhutto to name but a few.
Did you see list of names she's honoring? So many missing, not just Hillary. Indira Gandhi. Golda Meir. Coretta Sco…
JAN19. 1966 Indira Gandhi becomes Indian Prime Minister. She was India's first female head of government. 2017...
Navjot Singh Sidhu talking about sacrifices of Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh after…
Garibi Hatao When: 1971 The slogan coined by Indira Gandhi resonated with the nation and secured a landslide victor…
If we can Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Indira Gandhi airport, we can have Modi's App. Suck it up, Namazi.
Go "Feel" the "Auroville" !! — travelling to Chennai International Airport from IGIA T3: Indira Gandhi...
That mini heart attack when Capt. Announced Welcome to Indira Gandhi intl. Airport instead of Chhatrapati Shivaji intl. Airport 😂
we all owe a debt of gratitude to Indira Gandhi for wildlife protection act and Project Tiger
Poor support by jet airways at Indira Gandhi International Airport,delhi.NEED HELP
Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi visit Mount Vernon, a news bureau photo; also their visit to Albert Einstein in…
Indira Gandhi converted to Islam when she married to Firoz Khan.
We can make memorial for Rajiv Gandhi , Indira Gandhi , Jawaharlal Nehru., but we should not make
The new Indira Gandhi - In more ways than one I'd say. Superb piece by .
Modi and the RSS are the true successors of Indira Gandhi, as notebandi shows, argues (no paywall) .
Indira Gandhi surrendered all territory our army captured on the western front with in one year while China still h…
Indira Gandhi and Yahya Khan on the Cover of Time Magazine during
And the mention of transfer of power from Indira Gandhi to Rajiv Gandhi compared to her political struggles. 👏👏🙏
Who was NathuRam Godse?Who were killer of Panjab CM, killer of Indira Gandhi, Killer of Rajive gandhi?
Narayan - Media is comparing Priyanka with Indira Gandhi - Will she enter politics?!
Tribute to the Bharat Ratna,Iron Lady of India, Our beloved former PM Smt.Indira Gandhi on her 100th Birth Anniversary…
Indian National Congress pays tribute to the Iron Lady of India, Smt.Indira Gandhi on her birth anniversary today.
Indira Gandhi in the gardens at Anand Bhawan, her ancestral home, after becoming Congress president (1959). Allahabad,…
Indira Gandhi had the unique distinction of serving nine Presidents of India, from S.Radhakrishnan to Giani Zail Singh. 👏
Ratan Tata and Tata Sons: Why Cyrus Mistry in 2016 is like Indira Gandhi in 1969
There were men in White around Indira Gandhi's dead body at Teen Murti Bhavan and all chanted Khoon ka badla khoon: Sanjay Suri on 1984
For your kind information, Indira Gandhi didn't step down even after her election was declared invalid by Allahabad High Court.
Delhi Congress pays tributes to Indira Gandhi: New Delhi, Oct 31 (IANS) The Delhi unit of the Cong...
Dear Sir i want Five Line in Sanskrit On - Dr Rajendra Prasad Rani Laxmi Bai and Indira Gandhi if u hv any wbsit than plz link
Indira Gandhi became Prime Minister of India in 1966, 2 yrs before Golda Meir in Israel.
Qualities of Indira Gandhi & Congress. as per Field Marshal Manekshaw who won 1971 Pak war.
H N Bahuguna left Indira Gandhi in 1977 to join Janata party. Vijay Bahuguna and now Rita Bahuguna have left the Congress
. A Mystry, Teen Murti converted into museum then why Dead Body of Indira Gandhi kept in museum .. Evidences taken out from 1SJ
Congis should tell what was the qualification of Indira Gandhi,Rajiv Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi & Rahul Gandhi ? -
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Conspirators of Sanjay Gandhi plane-crash and Indira Gandhi killing are roaming freely in India. Investigation failed to nab them.
By taking care of kitchen of Indira Gandhi, Pratibha Patil became President of India. Priyanka is also on the same path.
What about action against Indira Gandhi for killing Feroze Gandhi yet shamelessly used his last name.
Indira Gandhi never had good relation with her husband Feroze neither her father Nehru with Kamala.For info ,moron
India is not a small country like UK: Mrs. Indira Gandhi as feisty as ever, 1978 interview
Indira Gandhi enforced emergency as per Constitution and Law because of situation prevailing. Even rss supported Mrs Gandhi
Mr.P.M you are really dynamic after Mrs.Indira Gandhi to show the place for Pakistan
Our Govt. must help Baluchistan 's as Mrs. Indira Gandhi helped in 1971 to the eastern Pakistanis (today Bangladesh's ).
Didn't Mrs. Indira Gandhi and her party Congress I take all the credit for the '71 war and subsequent liberation of Bangladesh?
Today we are featuring Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Shri Jawaharlal Nehru for our campaign
Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the former PM, would ask for broccoli-based delicacies whenever she visited the ***
Why is Mrs. Indira Gandhi regarded as a dictator rather than a contributor to Indian development process?
Not true. It damage congress party's image which had nationality first. Our great PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi achieved and you loosed it
Disgusting the way Rahul has surpassed in words of his own party man. . His own grandma Mrs. Indira Gandhi will be sitting in her grave
Rahul Gandhi brought so much shame 2 India's Iron Lady,Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Had she been alive, she wld hv strangulated him
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: Pretty sure that Mrs.Indira Gandhi wouldn't have been happy with what her grandson said about her army. :")
Did Mrs.Indira Gandhi earned 2/3 majority in Mid term election after 1971 war by khoon ki dalali
themselves are KHOONKIDALALI.They encashed the blood of Mrs.Indira Gandhi and Rajeevgandhi in earlier elections.
@ Rehamani , U say mrs Indira Gandhi -from grave/Manmohan Singh should confirm the strikes , it's dirty politics from you.
Even after Pokhran-II tests, Congress's (even though its premier Indira Gandhi conducted Pokhran-I) stand was:...
1971 credit goes to Mrs. Indira Gandhi not 2 Mr. Manekshaw but Surgical strike credit goes to army not modi WOW
People talk about Indira Gandhi of 1971 as the Iron Lady.I would say Narendra Modi is the Iron Man of today:Saurabh Shukla
Can PM Modi shape South Asia like Indira Gandhi did in '71?
Can I think about next Indira Gandhi in Priyanka Gandhi or you will take concrete action..plz answer
Priyanka Gandhi is nothing in front of Indira Gandhi. Don't make fun of India's ex-PM.
Mr Prime-minister will you act, we miss Indira Gandhi. No need of achche din and congress mukt bharat. do something
Indira Gandhi has to be blamed for her blunders. But I still think Nehru is a bigger culprit bcos he had no rival and h…
- he hasn't yet learned that from your CONgress party. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna , Indira Gandhi rojgar .
. Will documentary come out? . Factually it has to praise bold actions of Indira Gandhi in liberating East Bengal despite USA threats
Only Priyanka Gandhi ji lead our country after Indira Gandhi ji and give us new horizon and path.✋🇮🇳
Remember stories of Indira Gandhi rushing to the site of Sanjay Gandhi's plane crash to find something? Similar attachments.
Thanks to Jawaharlal Nehru and ofcourse Indira Gandhi. We must salute her vision on GST 😉
& Indira Gandhi was immortal? Was killed by Satwant & Beant Singh . open mouth after seeing mirror
Indira Gandhi asking Sanjay Gandhi to apologise to the victim of forced sterilisation.(1970s)
The great Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel elected 1969. Indira Gandhi who died for her country. Real women
And 34 years after election of Golda Meïr as president and 29 years after Indira Gandhi
by your logic, I would not be able to criticize Indira Gandhi, Morarji Desai, or Hitler..just bcoz they cannot respond back ?
they say ahe is replica of Indira Gandhi. Very true. Indira had Firoz , Prinyanka has Robber Vadra
like Indira Gandhi /Jawahar Lal Nehru if they have retired maximum after two terms they would have been great pm
Replying to Indira Gandhi bout his view on the Shimla Agreement whr India frittered away the 1971 war military gains https:…
Bad Weather. No take off. The day that refuses to end. Airport @ Indira Gandhi…
Time will prove RG a well competent politician. Example of Indira Gandhi is in front of us from 'mom ki gudia' to 'Iron Lady'
Nationalization of agri sector ? even indira gandhi didn't do dis. besides money to pay salary to 50crore popln?
He was a nightmare the thenPM Indira Gandhi,her intl.agencies trolled him but failed, only person escaped arrest.
25 June 1975 emergency declared by Indira Gandhi. Today is 25 June, after 41 years now by Modi Ji. https:…
The Greatest Indian All-rounder to play under the captaincy of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Narendra Modi.(1984) htt…
"Constitutional Dictatorship imposed by Mrs Indira Gandhi forty one years ago"- Shri article
This is what Indira Gandhi did all her life.Her Own Journalists .Old habits die hard.https:/…
You are 1st PM to take so much of intrest in FP. - Hello Arnab, Ever read about Nehru, Indira Gandhi, NR & MMS ?
25th June 1975. Indira Gandhi imposed emergency on The darkest period in Indian Democracy. .
One of the few good things Indira Gandhi did was to show 500 odd kings their rightful place. But very wrongly became a dy…
Know the secret of Mrs.Indira Gandhi could stay unchallenged PM for 18 years.Publicity could not sustain even Atalji for 2 term
Atalji was best Fgn.Minister but could not sustain a second election.Know the secrets behind Mrs.Indira Gandhi's successful rule
who created bhidrawale,mrs Indira Gandhi she is the main culprit for bhindwale and akali rise in Punjab
Check your knowledge: Was the Indian Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi assasinated?
If someone asks me as to whowas the daring Prime Minister of India I would say Indira Gandhi. No one can compete her
The Prime Minister at the time Indira Gandhi ordered the army to attack the holiest shrine on Earth but the Sikhs soon seeked revenge on her
05.6.1984 – The Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, orders an attack on the Golden Temple, the holiest site of the Sikh religion.
Brave heroes of the Sikh nation who killed Indira Gandhi. - the Prime Minister of oppressive Hindu extremist...
Modi govt to revive Indian radio channel in Bangladesh.Indira Gandhi started it in 1971, UPA discontinued it in 2010 ht…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Indira Gandhi , the Prime Minister herself asked directors to cast Amitabh Bachchan in their films LOL & Today Amitabh is doing NaMo Namo :P
I don't think Modi is the first presidential Prime Minister. I'm sure Indira Gandhi was more presidential or more specifically dictatorial.
Golda Meier, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher--THAT is the caliber of woman we need as our first female president
this what Balasaheb said about Indira Gandhi.
Borivali National Park was renamed after Sanjay Gandhi , just because he was son of Indira Gandhi ?
How did Feroze and Indira Gandhi come to adopt the 'Gandhi' surname?.
India saw this courtesy Indira Gandhi where free speech was curbed .
to be fair, that was my college at Oxford. The next two most famous alumni are Indira Gandhi and Esther Rantzen.
Indira Gandhi imposed president rule for exactly 50 times, Manmohan Singh 12 times & PV Narsimha Rao 11 times
his father Srikant Varma was very close to Indira Gandhi just like today's Digvijay Singh.
"Hindus of Bharat" couldn't even protect Indira Gandhi or Beant Singh 😂 & ur last name is a myth g
World’s largest chakra to be.Indira Gandhi
To god's own country! *strictly on business* — traveling to Cochin International Airport from Indira Gandhi...
Sikh massacre had nothing to do with separatism. It was in response to Indira Gandhi's killing. Please read some history 1/2
Mamata Banerjee could meet the same fate of Indira Gandhi: Narendra Modi via
Your dad should have been educated to use a condom. I impute this to bad education system of Indira Gandhi.
Smt. Indira Gandhi with K Kamaraj & GL Nanda after her election as leader of the Congress Party, 1966
Sam Manekshaw used to call Indira Gandhi "sweetie" both won war for us ..of course time has changed since☺
Rakesh Sharma's reply to Late PM Indira Gandhi from space.
BITTER TRUTH. Indira Gandhi was refused entry at Konarak Temple. Prez Zail Singh refused entry in Guruvayoor. Surprising, both…
India's nuclear weapons program would have been far ahead of China's today, had Indira Gandhi not blocked it.
Indira Gandhi blocked India's nuclear weapons development after the Pokhran test in 1974.
TN was happy as people were fed up of DMK Govt, Indira Gandhi dismissed them.
He is a PhD scholar at ? CPI, parent party of AISF, backed Indira Gandhi's Emergency and was a collaborator. https:/…
2/2 While in Delhi Rajeev Gandhi was neither directlyor indirectly involved nor was he in Delhi when Indira Gandhi was killed
- It is hard for paagal Sanjay Jha to digest how Indira Gandhi was a democrat??
Indira Gandhi had released a commemorative stamp of Savarkar and donated Rs. 11,000 to a trust in his name from her personal…
1964 Indira Gandhi and Vijay laxmi Pandit in Funeral of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (via LIFE )
Indira Gandhi forcing Amjad Khan to recite the famous dialogue "Hm. Kitane aadmi the?" from the Sholay.(1975) htt…
Never tire of this: When the legendary Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw confronted Indira Gandhi's Cabinet in 1971.
Modi: PM praised Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, but made no mention of Lal Bahadur Shastri and Sardar Patel. Why just family, PMji?
IPS officer Kiran Bedi towing Indira Gandhi's car along by the hand for traffic rule violation. (1980s)
Indira Gandhi || created Operation Blue star and killed 3,000 Sikhs in approx 3 days in the Sikh Genocide of 1984 http…
Amarinder owes to clarify role of Indira Gandhi in unfair water award in 1976: AAP
Indira Gandhi's husband was not Gandhi. He was Ghandi , a Muslim.
Is it true "someone from Opus Dei masterminded the killing of then PM Indira Gandhi as she alienated church from negotiations in Arunachal?"
Best part of the speech: "'84 emergency was declared by Indira Gandhi, Sir!" 😂😂😂😂
where is Indira Gandhi at international Airport???
How little we know of (or care for) our own country. For eg: Indira Gandhi bombed Mizoram. via
50 years ago today, Indira Gandhi got the Indian Air Force to bomb its own people via scroll_in
extremism in Punjab that led to the assassination of Indira Gandhi & the Gas Tragedy in Bhopal in Union Carbide plant.
Congress leaders meet Sonia Gandhi on birth centenary celebration of Indira Gandhi - Yugabda - via
Were not we talking about Satwant Singh Randhawa and him killing PM Indira Gandhi??
thank god we had satwant Singh and Beant Singh to deal with Indira Gandhi !
Photo by for An elderly couple wait at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Terminal…
If afsal is glorified by rahul then Beant Singh executor of Indira Gandhi has to be glorified by him
Dear Sir, it's becuz of the same Indira Gandhi we had bluestar operation which ended up with Sikh riots.
don't forget it was NSA Doval007 not Indira Gandhi behind the success of Operation Bluestar 😜😜😜😜
All of India remembers how free speech hero Suhel Seth bravely opposed the Emergency by taking on Indira Gandhi https:/…
A10) PM Indira Gandhi asked the first Indian in space, Rakesh Sharma, about how India looked from space.
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru with his daughter Smt. Indira Gandhi in America, 1961
Predecessors of Narasimha Rao: From Indira Gandhi to Chandra Shekhar: A look at the budgets present...
‘Pranab, I know of the consequences’ - Indira Gandhi to Mukherjee on Operation Bluestar
Just like the revolutions Eva Peron, Indira Gandhi, and Margaret Thatcher led in their countries?
some people at AICC ruining the party values. Come to villages you can see the devotees of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. (3/3)
*Indira Gandhi orders Operation Blue Star*. Me, one of the good cishet men: Wow. So empowering. A true inspiration.
Women who predicted killing of John F. Kennedy, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi
Superb NatGeo documentary on Siachen glacier captured by India by our great army acting under toughest PM ever, INC Iron Lady Indira Gandhi.
THEN after defeat Bhutto came with folded hands and Indira Gandhi allowed 90 *** soldiers to back but Zia ul haque the demonic general.
USSR Academy of Science gives honorary Dr to Indira Gandhi. So let her be awarded Nobel Prize in Physics! :-)
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1966 Indira Gandhi was chosen to be Prime Minister of India. See her swear-in ceremony https:/…
1980, Indira Gandhi split the party to form a separate party with dynastic characteristics instead of democratic
which had the election symbol of Bulls & Yoke and that party was brutally butchered and buried by Indira Gandhi in 1971,
Congratulations for this wonderful piece (with a small contribution from me) 2.3K Shares and growing
So how many Congress PMs did we have who didn't study beyond 10th class? Indira and Rajiv Gandhi? Dolts, you said?
A man has been arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle gold worth over Rs one crore at Indira Gandhi International Airport.
India and the World:Essay by Smt Indira Gandhi, from Oct 1972
congress had been playing politics even on death of Indira ji n Rajeev Gandhi.
Did you know Indira Gandhi was elected as Prime Minister today?
To teach correct lession to pakisthan & terririost, we recall to smt. indira ji Gandhi today.
Today in History (1966) Indira Gandhi was elected Prime Minister of India.
Only one deviation made by Indira Gandhi in case of Gen Vaidya vis Gen all on seniority.Babus play no role
our pm has not even courage to teach a lesson just like former pm indira Gandhi & general manekshah
Indira Gandhi - 1917-1984, 362 from East Germany in 1986
On this day in 1966, Indira Gandhi assumed office, becoming the world's longest-serving woman Prime Minister
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Seminar on tomorrow at Indira Gandhi Open University. Everyone's welcome.
No Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Nehru scheme? We are not used to such names.
Indira Gandhi became 1st female PM on this day!
A famous politician of the Nehru-Gandhi family, Sanjay Gandhi was born on December 14, 1946. He was the younger...
In a global first, World Bank, which is now funding a India's Indira Gandhi Zoological Park (IGZP) in Visakhapatnam
A few months after escaping China for India, visited PM Nehru and daughter Indira
Indira's American 'spy' and Gandhi family's 'draconian' attempts to 're... via
its very true. But in congress is very opposite, Indira Gandhi was left by her Husband. No love within Family.
"People tend to forget their duties but remember their rights. -Indira Gandhi"
He is trolling dadi Indira Gandhi and the emergency.
You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist. ~Attributed to both Golda Meir and Indira Gandhi. Women whose stories i will tell my daughter.
In 1971 India was not under Wahabi influence as it is now. Today even Indira Gandhi would not risk attacking Pak
Today in1966,Indira Gandhi elected as leader to succeed Shastri asPM:Assured members to preserve path of predecessors,but brought Emergency?
"There are two kinds of people, those who do the work(Congress) and those who take the credit(TRS)". - Indira Gandhi
On this day, Indira Gandhi was elected as Congress leader to succeed the late Lal Bahadur Shastri -
Today in History: Indira Gandhi becomes first female Prime Minister of India -
Solidarity walk with Indira Gandhi on 16th Jan 2016 at 4.30pm at Polo Grounds Ipoh. All welcome.Organized by PWW.
PRESS STATEMENT by MOHANA MUNIANDY. Wanita MIC National Chief. Madam .Indira Gandhi's plight as a mother of her...
So if you use the ratio thingy; poor Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Janet Jagan, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
Tributes paid to killers of Indira Gandhi at Akal Takht - Economic Times
Martyrdom anniversary of Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh, assassins of Indira Gandhi, observed at Akal Takht
Modi ji .Nation's security is in peril defend it like Lal Bahadur Shastri&Indira Gandhi respected as DURGA by ATAL ji
One-eyed justice delivered in Indira Gandhi case | Free Malaysia Today
You read about Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi in textbooks. Why not Sam Manekshaw, Capt. Vikram Batra etc ?
MIC Central Working Committee member M Saravanan has told the party's critics in the M Indira Gandhi case to...
Akalis celebrate terrorists: ' The event is organised to honour killers of former PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi
Reading the Role of Former PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi to independent Bangladesh. :-)
Only a leader like Mrs. Indira Gandhi cod have dealt with such situations. Present leaders are only paper tigers.
P N Haksar was the principal secretary of Indira Gandhi. He was a KP & had Indira's confidence. Why didn't he push for ab…
US had Operation Neptune Spear ...India . "Operation Trident Star" or call heaven and ask advise of Mrs. Indira Gandhi
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He should have served as Minister in Dr.Manmohan Singh's cabinet. Late PM Indira Gandhi served as cabinet Minister in Lal
Keeping 2nd is tradition which has been started fr Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi & Sonia Gandhi.
Should name after famous freedom fighter, self made Bharat Ratna, Indira Gandhi, or her son Rahuk Gandhi
facts:. interestingly 37yrs ago Indira Gandhi on Dec19, 1978 was arrested by Morarji Desai and sent to Tihar !
Interestingly, 37yrs ago, on 19 Dec 1978, Indira Gandhi was arrested and sent to Tihar Jail by the Morarji Desai Govt.
How jailing Indira Gandhi gave her a new lease of life & sank the Morarji Desai government
bcoz someone told Soga that she is not Indira Gandhi and is not charan singh
No hope to get GST cleared this session unless Govt. rename it on either Rajib or Indira Gandhi as RGST or IGST .
needs"" Sonia Gandhi Mukt Bharat"". She has damaged the image of Indian National Congress of Smt. Indira Gandhi.
Feroze Jehangir Ghandy became Feroz Gandhi,so that Indira could become Indira Gandhi. Hhmm,btw he served as publisher of The National Herald
Had it been so country wouldn't have produced kalpana Chwala,Sunita Williams,Indira Nooyi,Indira Gandhi just research
Nehru, Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi were very well dressed. But when Modi dresses well, he is ridiculed & it becomes a s…
Indira Gandhi was a power crazy woman, why should we honour people like her and Rajiv: Katju on stamps row
didn't marry Rajiv but son of of Indira Gandhi. No wonder now she is using her name
explains why Sonia Gandhi's invoking the parallel of Indira Gandhi won't work this time
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Mrs. Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay Gandhi couldn't 'tolerate' the 1977 film 'Kissa Kursi Ka'.
Where I find out that Indira Gandhi's 1978 template may not work for Sonia Gandhi in 2015--
In this photo Indira Gandhi is with Gamal Abdel Nasser..President of Egypt *** .
In 1971 under Indira Gandhi's leadership a junior judge of the Supreme Court superseded 3 senior judges to become CJI.
Documentary on Indira Gandhi. Very well documented by .
Ram Gopal Verma: Where you scared after watching my movie Phoonk?. Sonia: Why? I am the daughter in law of Indira Gandhi.
also paid floral tributes to Smt. Indira Gandhi at 1, Akbar Road, New Delhi
Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi visited Orissa shortly before their deaths :...
You will not be disappointed after reading this. 1. Jawahar Lal Nehru – 16 years 286 days. 2. Indira Gandhi – 15...
"Garibi Hatao desh bachavo" was the slogan of Indira Gandhi's 1971 election bid? Whats Current status of Garibi Hatao Mr RaGa?
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