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Indigenous Peoples Day

Indigenous Peoples' Day (also known as Native American Day) is a holiday celebrated in various localities in the United States, begun as a counter-celebration to Columbus Day.

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Columbus Day will become Indigenous Peoples Day in Los Angeles County starting in 2019.
L.A. County approves motion to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day
Columbus Day will be replaced by Indigenous Peoples Day in Los Angeles County by 2019
Los Angeles votes to rename Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day
Tomorrow the Council will consider resolution declaring 2nd Monday in Oct. Indigenous Peoples Day. Resolution does not rena…
The City Council has decided Davenport will mark Indigenous Peoples Day on Oct. 9, not Columbus Day.
In LA, Columbus Day now Indigenous Peoples Day. De Blasio won't say if Columbus statue should go. He did say no new name for Columbus parade
The Los Angeles City Council voted to eliminate Columbus Day and replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day.
PC Police- Los Angeles replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day. on FBN7p
L.A. City Council replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day on city calendar
Los Angeles replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, and 4th Graders in CA no longer have to build model mission…
Indigenous Peoples Day will replace Columbus Day in L.A. Passionate speeches from both Native Americans and Italian Ame…
Hundreds of indigenous people & allies pack LA City Council as the City prepares to vote for Indigenous Peoples Day to repla…
Los Angeles city council voted to rename Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day.
Maybe instead of Presidents' Day we can celebrate something else like First Ladies or finally declare Indigenous Peoples' Day.
Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day, may not attractive unless you're running out college
So 7 members of are so partisan they voted against Indigenous Peoples Day? In a better world this wou…
On World Indigenous Peoples Day I'm reminded how fortunate this Māori is to live & work on Aboriginal land htt…
Alaska House weighs permanent establishment of Indigenous Peoples Day
L.A. is considering joining a movement to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day (via
Dear Please help us gather signatures to establish Indigenous Peoples Day in Los Angeles https…
Today is Indigenous Peoples Day. Celebrate this morning at Whatcom Community College and this afternoon at...
Minneapolis abolished Columbus Day like 2 years ago, it is now Indigenous Peoples Day!
Spokane, the city named for my tribe, changes Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day! Amazing!
Congratulations on Spokane ditching Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous Peoples Day (or some such). . . 😀
Me at city hall tonight in supporting changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day!
Today is International Right to Truth Day - use to help spread truth in your classroom!
Bozeman will celebrate indigenous peoples holiday on Columbus Day
can we count on your support to honor Indigenous Peoples Day in Los Angeles?
I'm sure it kills them to include Columbus Day instead of "Indigenous Peoples Day."
celebrated the name change of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day today. We…
UCO is only the 4th college in the U.S. to make Columbus Day indigenous peoples day!😱
react to resolution establishing Peoples Day https…
Columbus Day celebrates the discovery of America. But how can you discover something that already had history?
Los Angeles Getting Closer to Saying “Goodbye to Columbus” and Hello to Indigenous Peoples Day - Native News Online
Sen. Dabakis' bill to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day is in committee tmrw. ...the Health and Human Services committee
Another state legislature will hear a bill to change C-Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. Go Utah! Go Colorado!
UU NatAm stds present to std senate to change Columb Day to Indigenous Peoples Day
Sign the petition and share if you support Indigenous Peoples Day in Colorado!
In honor of the area's native inhabitants, Ann Arbor will now recognize Indigenous Peoples Day instead of...
TO City Council public speaker requests change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day, like the good folks in Berkeley.
Nadeem Mazen submits a policy order to the Cambridge City Council to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. . h…
"Hey hey, *** *** Columbus was no hero!" Indigenous Peoples Day at Seattle City Hall.
Out with Columbus, in with Indigenous Peoples Day? “Durango is also the hometown of Fort Lewis College,” Edd said,…
Seattle celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day with march from Westlake Park to City Hall.
My small city, San Fernando CA, 2 1/2 square miles, surrounded by the vast Los Angeles City, declared today Indigenous Peoples Day.
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Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day? It depends where you live - Religion News Service
We have finally begun the Indigenous Peoples Day here in San Antonio/Bexar County, Texas thanks to Texas...
Portland to recognize Indigenous Peoples Day - Daily Astorian: Portland to recognize Indigenous Peoples DayDai...
St. Paul joins Minneapolis in replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day!
Sending congrats to the city of Seattle for changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day!!! this is important!
Various indigenous peoples lived in the territory of the present-day state of Montana for thousands of years.
changed Columbus Day to Indigenous peoples day. .
no longer celebrates Columbus Day. I LOVE that. U.S. History just got truthier. Indigenous peoples day instead.
July 4th should be a national day of mourning for Indigenous peoples just like Thanksgiving LOL. Eat, sure, but be MOURNing *** it!
replaced Columbus Day with Peoples Day. Couldn't they have just called it Native American Day?
considering there is a national doughnut day in America - an event created by The Salvation Army in 1938 to honor...
I swear. just gets cooler all the time! They replaced Columbus Day with "Indigenous Peoples Day." Right on.
Seattle changes "Columbus Day" to "indigenous peoples day" you have GOT to be kidding me. So far, Seattle ***
Despite being a federal holiday, Washington is among several other states and cities that no longer recognize...
Progress!. is how you honour ppl. Seattle City Council replacesColumbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day htt…
I didn't know Seattle replaced Columbus Day with ‘Indigenous People's Day’ The whole nation should do this!
Happy Canada Day! Home of lakes and parks, many cultures and indigenous peoples, and limitless potential.
Seattle replaced Columbus Day with indigenous peoples day ...
"I ask you to reflect on what this day means to Indigenous Peoples on the territory you are living on..."
How about following Seattle's lead and replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day.
Read an interesting article about colonization of Indigenous peoples and Canada Day
Well happy Canada Day. From what I read Canada treated their indigenous peoples a tad better than we did. But they're trying to make amends.
Indigenous Peoples Day declared in Seattle, Washington in substitution of Columbus Day. One victory towards "Righting a Wrong".
Mother Canada and Indigenous peoples as seen from England on Canada Day
Columbus Day is now Indigenous Peoples Day in some places. Turns out Columbus really discovered political correctness.
Staff Sergeant Old School gives his take on Columbus/Indigenous Peoples Day. Sounds like he just wants to be...
Seattle City Council unanimously votes to change name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.
Seattle City Council says Columbus Day is now Indigenous Peoples Day but quickly adjourned when asked if their homes w…
I was reading The Seattle Times today. There was an article about changing Christopher Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. Here are my two cents: I feel certain that my Italian Immigrant Grandparents would have chosen good citizenship and good manners over ethnic identity any day of the week. They also would never celebrate at the expense (pain) of others. I say - change it!
.has unanimously voted to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day -
.Looking forward to celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day w/you from afar. Congrats,
The Seattle City Council, embracing symbolic acts that is its trademark, unanimously voted Monday to proclaim the second Monday in October as "Indigenous Peoples Day", a date previously and popularly celebrated as Columbus Day. A major celebration is planned next Monday at City Hall, on
"Indigenous Peoples Day," not Columbus Day says Seattle Human Rights Commission - Seattle City Council will consider changing the name of Columbus Day after a resolution initiated by tribal community members.
Jannie Lasimbang, JOAS SecDir is on now speaking on the World's Indigenous Peoples Day
A group presented a resolution to Traverse City commissioners requesting Columbus Day be renamed to Indigenous Peoples Day.
In honor of Indigenous Peoples Day in Brazil last month, a group of high-profile Brazilian artists announced that they were fed up with the mounting attacks against Brazil's indigenous peoples and called on the public to take urgent action in support of indigenous rights.
Christmas to be replaced in New York City by Or maybe
States can change holiday name-SD adopted Native Americans Day in '89.
The re-education of America... This will expand.
The City Council of Minneapolis, USA has decided to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day plus Columbus Day.
Congratulations to Minneapolis that passed what use to be Columbus Day to "Indigenous peoples day"Time to teach truth in our schools. V
Minneapolis renames Columbus Day Indigenous Peoples Day-change that has gotten some people fired up.
Take a look at what Minneapolis renamed 'Columbus Day'
Angry white guy completely offended by Day”
Check out: Columbus Day renamed 'Indigenous Peoples Day' in Minneapolis via
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clutch my pearls! : Columbus Day renamed 'Indigenous Peoples Day' in Minneapolis
Way to go Minneapolis! City Council voted unanimously to rename Columbus Day Indigenous Peoples Day.
Bothersome for reasons not likely showing up infront.Changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day, Using...
Columbus Day renamed 'Indigenous Peoples Day' in Minneapolis Clearly no Mafia there!
Minneapolis designates the second Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples Day, after the city council heard concerns that hailing Columbus as the discoverer of America is inaccurate.
I think I know at least one person who wouldn't be in favor of changing Columbus Day into a Day of Indigenous Peoples.
Minneapolis to mark Indigenous Peoples Day as alternative to Columbus Brace for the mascot.
Oh, although I totally disagree w/ on Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Hardly took much time to do, but means a great deal to many
Way to go Minneapolis! I want to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day this year too.
Minneapolis no longer celebrates Columbus Day - it is now Indigenous Peoples Day!
Picture this: Minneapolis Replaces Columbus Day With Indigenous Peoples Day. What’s an indigenous peoples? Basically, anyone who is known as the “first” people to inhabit a land anywhere in the world. If there is no evidence of anyone having existed in a certain area before “those” people, they’re “…
The Minneapolis City Council has given Columbus Day a new name: Indigenous Peoples Day. The resolution drew cheers from Native American residents who packed the City Hall chamber today. "We discovered Columbus, lost on our shores, sick, destitute, and wrapped in rags. We nourished him to health, and the rest is history," said Lakota activist Bill Means. "He represents the mascot of American colonialism in the western hemisphere. And so it is time that we change a myth of history."
YES FINALLY!! Now we need to follow suit CO. Indigenous Peoples Day!
This October, Minnesotans in the Twin Cities will have the opportunity to celebrate the true first explorers of the Americas with Indigenous Peoples Day. T
After unanimous City Council and mayor approval of a resolution today, Minneapolis will now recognize Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day.
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The most important thing that has happened this whole week. . In Minneapolis, Columbus Day is now "Indigenous Peoples Day".
Nicely done! How 'bout the rest of US now? Minneapolis changes Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day via
to recognize Indigenous Peoples Day on Columbus Day. After all, Columbus didn't "discover" America.
Minneapolis to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day as Columbus Day alternative - Rename Labor Day as GREEDY Peoples Day?
Best *** news I've heard in a donkey's age. I think that naming it Indigenous Peoples Day is long, long overdue, and if we really do need to have a day to honor the contributions of Italian Americans in the building of this country, then let's create one in the memory of Enrico Fermi, or Guglielmo Marconi, or Fiorello La Guardia. Those people are worthy of our admiration. Columbus was guilty of genocide and arguably one of the most putrescent and odious individuals ever to walk the Earth. Might as well have a day dedicated to Heinrich Himmler as to Columbus.
In what seems destined to become a new battleground in some culture war, the Minneapolis City Council unanimously passed a resolution renaming Columbus Day as 'Indigenous Peoples Day.'
Way to go, Minnesota, for joining the ranks of several other states and not celebrating Columbus Day; opting for the alternative and more appropriate Indigenous Peoples Day. I haven't celebrated Columbus Day in years, since at least 1993 when we started homeschooling. Glad to know I'm not the only one who feels this way.
So...Minneapolis changed Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. I say we start a movement to do this in Milwaukee...who's with me??
Columbus Day has officially been changed to Indigenous Peoples Day in Minneapolis. Spread the word !
The vote passed! Columbus Day is now officially Indigenous Peoples Day in Minneapolis! Celebration! Share with friends!
Events happening TODAY, October 14, 2013: Fight against impunity on Mexican border is talk topic. Time: Noon-2 p.m. Location: Sid Richardson Hall (SRH), Benson Latin American Collection 2nd floor conference room Dr. Melissa Wright presents "Feminicidio, Narcoviolencia, and Struggles Against Impunity," a talk examining the North American securitization and neoliberal gentrification along the Mexico-U.S. border and the feminist fight against impunity in the drug war. Wright is professor of geography and women's studies at Penn State. Peoples Day observed on campus Time: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Location: South Mall Indigenous Peoples Day reexamines Columbus Day by challenging the narratives surrounding the "discovery of America" by Christopher Columbus, which resulted in the brutalization and death of thousands. Indigenous Peoples Day celebrates a future in which the rights of indigenous peoples are respected, as are the natural environment, gender equity and free and equal speech over hate speech. addition, "Two Spi ...
I like this idea! What are we doing for Indigenous Peoples Day? cc: Reclaim. Rename. Reoccupy.
MT schedule for Indigenous Peoples Day in Berkeley on Oct 5th: cc
The City of Berkley, California, replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day in 1992. It was done...
Reading about this: Out with Columbus Day - In with Indigenous Peoples Day - Powwow in Berkley - idea here
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Whose interview is this? Indigenous people play the background on "Indigenous Peoples Day" - a liberal thanksgiving http…
We are getting ready for Aug 9: Indigenous Peoples Day - what is this years theme - biodiversity?
On "Columbus Day" — known to many as Indigenous Peoples Day — we’re joined by Dennis Banks, a legendary Native American activist from the Ojibwe Tribe. In 1968, he co-founded the American Indian Movement. A year later, he took part in the occupation of Alcatraz Island in California. In 1972, he assi...
All-day celebrations to be held on Oct. 13 for Indigenous Peoples Day's 20th anniversary at MLK Civic Center Park.
South Dakota correctly acknowledges Native People by celebrating Native American Day instead of Columbus Berkeley, CA, Indigenous Peoples Day is honored today...
. . .Celebrating this Indigenous Peoples Day 2012 putting in work in the City of Sealth, living as the very quintessence of Indigenous resistance, survival and selfhood (in all the incumbent complexity and sometimes-madness which that does entail); red heart your Native guts & faces, Relatives & comrades: you are so flippin' beautiful. . .
The Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin is recognizing Monday, October 8, 2012 as the first official Indigenous Peoples Day on the Oneida Reservation.  The Oneida Business Committee adopted a resolution to this effect on Wednesday, September 24, 2012.  The Oneida Tribe from this time forward w...
Wow, didn't realize ours was first. Canadian Thanksgiving The very first Thanksgiving celebration in North America took place in Canada when Martin Frobisher, an explorer from England, arrived in Newfoundland in 1578. He wanted to give thanks for his safe arrival in the New World. This means the first Thanksgiving in Canada was celebrated 43 years before the pilgrims landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts! Thanksgiving for Canadians is about giving thanks for the harvest season rather than the arrival of pilgrims. Both Canadians and Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with parades, family gatherings, pumpkin pie and a whole lot of turkey! Columbus Day Columbus Day is a holiday in honor of the explorer who first came to the New World on October 12, 1492 - Christopher Columbus. Since 1920, Columbus Day has been an annual holiday. Columbus wasn't really the first person to see America so some peeps call the holiday Native American Day or Indigenous Peoples Day since Native Americans lived in North America long befor ...
The Trading Post is closed early today due to packing for this weekend's shows. Janet and LeRay have already left for Paradise for the Johnny Appleseed Festival this weekend. This is the longest running such Festival in the US - since 1888. We are happy to be participating this year. Meanwhile Susan and Thomas will be at the local Indigenous Peoples Day hosted by the Tsi Akim Maidu at Sycamore Ranch on Hwy 20 both Sunday and Monday. Both events are free to the public so drop on by and say HI.
Indigenous Peoples Day, the new holiday replacing Columbus Day. Powwow and Indian Market in Berkeley, California.
A box set devoted to Indigenous Peoples Day is an ambitious idea. So let us take the first step and begin thinking on which songs to include in this set. What
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