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Indiana Evans

Indiana Rose Evans (born 27 July 1990) is an Australian actress best known for her role as Matilda Hunter in the soap opera Home and Away and as Isabella Bella Hartley in the children's show H2O: Just Add Water.

Blue Lagoon Harry Styles Brenton Thwaites Phoebe Tonkin Cariba Heine Jennifer Lawrence Claire Holt

Cool, George Shelley, Indiana Evans, and Maya Rudolph have the same birthday!
““do you know if Indiana Evans will play Tessa?7” no but I'm hopeful 😊”she won't
The 4 pretty mermaids Claire Holt as Emma, Indiana Evans as Bella, Phoebe Tonkin as Cleo and Cariba Heine as Rikki
wow two of the world's greatest actors, the Chaperone's Paul Levesque and the legendary wife of mine Indiana Evans
I'm just patiently waiting for the day that Harry & Indiana Evans become an item
I feel sorry for Indiana Evans, all people view her is "Tessa" from a fanfic instead of the hard work she's done
I know now whats actually and why are seeing too much of dt aussie via
no i care but u can tell me when we meet , acha Indiana evans ok , but its not for real right
whoops been tagging indiana as india evans for awhile xD
Ima be in ft.wayne Indiana for the next few days working on music
I'm watching Blue Lagoon and this is so weird bc Indiana Evans and I can't help but think of Tessa lmao
my sister just asked me if i knew who Indiana Evans was?. first thing that popped into my mind was After tbh
in honor of Indiana Evans' name, you should come to Indiana!!
Do you think Indiana Evans might play Tessa or is it too soon to tell???
if Indiana Evans doesn't play Tessa in the movie, I quit at life
Sarah nevins face looks like Indiana Evans face
Petition to make Harry Styles and Indiana Evans meet?
Its wierd to see indiana evans as tessa after h2o.. She was inocent
the day when Harry Styles and indiana evans meet in person is the day I sacrifice myself to satan
but harry I think you should date Indiana Evans you guys would make a great couple ♥:)
did you ever watch the 3rd season of H2O with Indiana Evans?? I am and it's really good!!
Watching my queen Indiana Evans on h2o 👏💁.
you should just make everyone happy and date Indiana Evans. Just sayin...
I really need a REAL pic of and Indiana Evans together. No edit. I want them to meet!!! They could go and see the After movie!
Tbh I liked H2O before they put Indiana Evans on it
I really ship you with indiana evans or emily rudd . They look so cute with you XD
If Harry Styles dated Indiana Evans, this would be the only directioners ship without any hates. Amen.
Okay I've known about Indiana Evans before after lol I use to watch h2o
did you chose Indiana Evans as Tessa bc she looks like you? omg she really looks like you bae
EYYY speaking of indiana evans I'm watching h2o
I think Indiana Evans will always be known as Tessa forever
It's annoying that every time you see Indiana Evans in a youtube video, the comments are flooded with "TESSA"
okayy so you need a girl? I don't think Indiana Evans is dating anyone right now..
Indiana Evans and you would make a good couple.
You would make your fans so happy if you went on a date with Indiana Evans! ♥
Fotoğraf albümü: adorevjpacks: Indiana Evans icons Like/Reblog if you save. But a follow would be nice...
I only ship Harry with Indiana Evans or with me ofc
The only person I ship harry w is Indiana Evans
remember when indiana evans ruined the song in season 3 I was so done x
I just love how on every video on youtube that has Indiana Evans in it most of the comments are 'Tessa!!' 'omg Tessa' 'TESSAAA' lol
search Indiana Evans on google, you'd find Harry Styles on related searches XD
i bet Indiana Evans is more famous for being Tessa than for being an actress
idk like I just can't picture anyone besides Harry... And even for Tessa I can't picture anyone besides Indiana Evans
I love this photo of them. and Indiana Evans
oh I'm really uncomfortable with this whole after thing ugh 👐 especially that they used Indiana Evans as 'Tessa' etc -S
when is the movie coming out or when are you start filming first? Hehehe. I hope Indiana evans is tessa
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can and Indiana Evans have a date please
the after movie would probably ruin everything anyway because I pictured harry as harry and zayn as zayn and tessa as indiana evans and that
omg please please please please please please read After !you have to ! its amazing. you have to meet Tessa(Indiana Evans)
Tessa as Indiana Evans in AFTER MOVIE PLEASE or else..
Indiana Evans better okay TESSA or I'm not watching it
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and I really don't picture her as Indiana Evans but I kinda do it would be cool if they got her for the movie though
My life won't be complete until Indiana Evans & Harry Styles get their picture taken together.
FYI: make it you life goal to marry Indiana Evans
the thing I want most in the world is a REAL picture of Indiana Evans and Harry Styles 😍💗
if Indiana evans won't play as Tessa, Im gonna sue
will Tessa be played by Indiana Evans?
Fans would go crazy if Indiana Evans and Harry meet
but does Anna Todd realize she will ruin both One Direction and Indiana Evans because I don't think she does
Is it irrational that I get jealous of Indiana Evans bc I forget that she's not really Tessa and she's not actually dating harry
Photo of Indiana Evans on set of Gingers!
Some new Indiana Evans photos from the Jungle Paper
The fake Indiana Evans account has posted this on ask. This is not the real Indi!
Indiana Evans declared one to watch:
Who would you cast to play you in a movie? — Jennifer Lawrence or Indiana Evans
pls if u are going to be a Tessa Young roleplayer please do your research on the story the portrayer is Indiana Evans not Shailene Woodley bYE
Follow me if u love Indiana Evans,Rhiannon Fish,Lily Collins,Emma Watson,Jennifer Lawrence i will follow back!!
yesss I think she would be a perf Tessa other than Indiana Evans :)
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I'm just watching "H2O" and I see Indiana Evans and I can't stopping of thinking in "After" Tessa and Harry! tell me Why!
Evans playing on online right now. Bradley versus Indiana state. Mo valley tournament.
is indiana evans going to play Tessa for the movie?? I hope so, ily!! x❤️
I need to watch Blue Lagoon: The Awakening cus Indiana Evans
For our own good and happiness Harry should take loads of pictures everywhere with Indiana Evans
if they ever made after into a movie I would be ever disappointed if harry do didn't play harry and if Indiana Evans didn't okay Tessa
Indiana Evans talked about her new role on ABC's drama 'Crownies' during a Daily Telegraph photo shoot. by
do you think Indiana Evans knows about After?
went to a Monday Q in Evans Indiana a few years ago.. Fire alarm went off night before, shot 63 and qualified.. Go get'em!
Am I the only one that thinks looks like Indiana Evans
Indiana Evans is just absolutely gorgeous
If I made a petition for Indiana Evans to read/notice/audition or whatever for after who would sign it ?
supporting her for being Indiana Evans and not Tessa..idk i just want her to interact with us not "go away" from us..
so much for her talent and then there ppl who be like "Omg I LOVE AFTER BUT WHO IS INDIANA EVANS?"
Dont get me wrong i love Indi as Tessa but I love Indiana for being Indiana Evans an Aussie actress.She has a career and she is about to be
What if harry reads "after" somehow. He'll go and find indiana evans ! Hah :D.
no wonder you picked Indiana Evans as Tessa you look like her
KidsTVChannel uploaded the complete 3rd Season of with Indiana Evans, Cariba Heine & Phoebe Tonkin
Alex Pettyfer, Max Lloyed- Jones, and Dean Grey as Harry. Diana agron, or Indiana…
Indiana Evans will play Tessa's role right? I hope you see this!! :)
Why did you choose Indiana Evans to picture Tessa? She resembles you so much, omf.
Indiana Evans is soo pretty. It's not fair.
I knew you looked like somebody! Yes you look like Kelly Clarkson and Indiana Evans warped together
The Blue Lagoon: The Awakening. Two high school students become stranded on a tropical island and must rely on each other for survival. They learn more about themselves and each other while falling in love. Stars: Indiana Evans, Brenton Thwaites, Denise Richards. IMDB Rating 5.8.
But if Indiana Evans doesn't play Tessa my life will be over and who ever is going to play harry better be hot af like him…
hey Evans lov u vry muh ok ad want ur frdship.pls follow me.
you should use Indiana Evans' song The Girl with Everything.. :)
you are pretty much Indiana Evans' twin
Bob Evans sounds so good. Any takers?!
Anna do you think there's any chance that Indiana Evans will play Tessa in your movie? Bc Tessa wouldn't be tessa without her
Anna how are you babe? And I have a question: what other movies is Indiana Evans in?? Please answer
I wonder if Indiana Evans knows that majority of the fandom knows her as Tessa Young
"Indiana Supreme Court upholds conviction of blogger who threatened judge": Tim Evans of The Indianapolis Star...
Have you heard anything from Indiana Evans lately?
tbh i thought u were Indiana Evans at first! Ur so pretty!
The girl that put on our stamps for X factor kinda looks like indiana Evans OMG
Little Giant Ladders
do u guys think Indiana Evans even realizes that half the human population knows her as Tessa Young?
do you think the producers will try to get Indiana Evans as Tessa?!? Lysm & congrats on the movie!!
😂😂 true! And who will be tessa cuz indiana evans can't be
what made you pick Indiana Evans to be Tessa? I think it was the perfect choice! Xx
Sorry Indiana Evans, you'll be next week's
If Harry is gonna have a beard can they at least make it someone we like? Indiana Evans please
Indiana Shawn and the temple of the kinda crappie dagger:)
Heyyy! Im wondering if you could try and draw Indiana Evans.She is a beautiful Aussie actress. xx
I just. If after becomes a movie can harry and Indiana Evans please play harry and tessa or it wont be the same
Bulls out, OKC on the brink. Indiana too
I wish Harry and Indiana Evans would get together in real life omg
Looking for a place to move. I'm planning on coming back to Indiana in a month or two. I need to find a house,apartment, roommate. Txt me!
We need to start a petition on Harry and Indiana Evans getting together.. :D
I don't even care if it's not woman crush Wednesday. Indiana Evans... 😻 I love her
how Indiana evans and harry won't be casted and be the couple we read in the book
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if Indiana Evans can't play Tessa then Claire Holt should 😁😁😍 just saying...
Anna who do u plan to play Tessa in the movie it would be AMAZAYN if Indiana Evans played her!
if Indiana Evans does not play tessa young in the after movie then i tHINK I MIGHT JUST GO HIDE IN A CAVE AND . LIVE TH…
I'll spam Harry pictures of Indiana Evans and he'll be like 'who iz dat hottie' *flies to australia* *a week later got married with her*
Hi fans!!We have opened a list for Indiana Evans and Angus McLaren fans...RT If you love this real couple and want to…
The only person I would be okay with harry dating is myself or Indiana Evans. Not gonna lie.
Petition for Indiana Evans & Harry to actually date in real life. .
But what if Harry actually started dating Indiana Evans ?
Plot twist is actually Indiana Evans and is married to and after is a true story of how they met and their life
there is no one else i ship with Harry than Indiana Evans and myself o h
All I want in life is for Harry and Indiana Evans to meet and take a picture together and read After together. Is that …
I really wanna put Harry Styles and Indiana Evans in a locked room and force them to read after together
can Harry Styles and Indiana Evans just meet and fall in love already or
Who would like Indiana Evans and Harry Styles be together?! ✌✌✌
Just watched Blue Lagoon: Awakening & all the comments are 'TESSA' & I didn't get it but it turns out Indiana Evans is Tessa in a 1D fanfic
Really want Indiana Evans and Harry to meet bc hessa
// I've been thinking of changing my FC to Indiana Evans...
But if harry and Indiana Evans ever met I think everyone in this fandom who reads after would collapse. I would
Indiana Evans is my literal girl crush
I really wanna know how Indiana Evans feels about being more famous bc of a fan fiction...
It's 2014 and harry and Indiana Evans still haven't met
Indiana Evans looks like the love child of Sophia and Taylor Swift.
Can I please look like Indiana Evans thanks
My life would be complete if Harry and Indiana evans would date!! For real!!!
I wonder if Indiana Evans knows she's better known as Tessa from After :D
Can we all agree that if Harry Styles dated Indiana Evans, they would be the only couple ever to not get hate?
Am I the only one that actually ships Harry and Indiana Evans bc they are life
why do people use clips of Hanna from pretty little liars in hessa videos I swear to god thAT IS NOT INDIANA EVANS
I'm laughing bc Indiana Evans (Tessa from After) has actually read After lol it's only a matter of time before Harry gets …
wow i really want indiana evans to actually date harry and maybe even MARRY omg i just said it
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can you date or or Indiana Evans pls 👫
Indiana Evans your hair are magnificent... Excuse I for my bad English:]
Indiana evans you are an exelent artist!
If course Indiana Evans is an amazing singer so..
Evans Turner(who's not going to get any touches in Indiana) and Kendall Marshall for Iggy??? I hope this *** accepts that trade
Hey guys so I decided instead of having Indiana Evans play Tessa I'm going to have Barbara Palvin play her!!!
There's nothing more I want in this life than for Indiana Evans and Harry Styles to actually meet each other
I don't think so. Hm, who is Indiana Evans? I don't know :/ (my sister)
does Indiana Evans know about After? She must, right?
I'm watching Blue Lagoon and it's real weird bc indiana evans
I wonder what it's like to be as beautiful as Indiana Evans for a day ?
*** yea they did, but whachu think bout the Indiana trade granger for evans
Watching H2O just because Indiana Evans is in it an shes my favourite girl crush
“what's the website with all the Indiana Evans pictures on it I want to make some edits!!!”
I wonder if Indiana Evans knows she's known as Tessa by half the human population
“The day Harry Styles and Indiana Evans meet is the day the whole one direction fandom will collapse”
2. Indiana Evans, Kyla Ross, and Megan Nicole. Lol yup, all three
Indiana Evans got to spend time with Brenton Thwaites in her bikini whilst he was running around shirtless. Can I cry?
La la lalala la la mermaids look like Phoebe Tonkin and Indiana Evans and Ariel and like they did on H2O and Aquamarine la la☀️
The comments on Indiana Evans Instagram make me laugh cause they're all about after
*ships Harry and Indiana Evans because of after*
can you please take some of your time to meet Indiana Evans? It would mean the world to some of your fans
i know the perfect girl 4 u! I think u should date Indiana Evans! u 2 would be perfect foreach other! What do you think?
mostly I only ship harry with louis and Indiana Evans but let's be real he's ***
“quote this with your girl crush I wanna see perfection” Indiana Evans u know
Indiana evans is actually pretty, especially in Blue Lagoon.
I was on Indiana Evans' insta and all the comments are about after omg
I was looking for pictures of indiana evans but all i could find were manips of her and harry o
"look Anna! Indiana Evans at the After 3 premiere! lol did my best xx
Why cant indiana evans and harry just meet so we can get a real hessa picture . NOT A MANIP ANYMORE
It's funny bc Indiana Evans is known as Tessa by thousands of people, and if we all called her Tessa she'd be like ***
Next time 1D goes to Australia Harry needs to meet up with Indiana Evans
random thought. indiana evans isn't even THAT pretty to be tessa tbfh, she reminds me of the taylor lautner girl from the gby video
Omg Blue Lagoon: the awakening with the perfect people is pure heaven. and Indiana Evans
Merry Christmas Anna. I hope you had an amazing day and got what u wanted. (A Harry Doll or seen Indiana Evans on street) ♥♥♥
I searched Indiana Evans and this came up
Evansville, Indiana. Either fickas rd or south Evans ave
Can Harry just date Indiana Evans that would make everyone happy
Now watching 'Blue Lagoon the awakening' with the very hot Indiana Evans :)
Lol apparently Indiana Evans is what Tessa in After looks like..please don't.
You have now gotten me obsessed with Indiana Evans. She is absolutely amazing. Thank you! Xx
“Indiana Evans (Tessa Young) and Harry Styles this saved my life
If I had to, I'd choose Indiana Evans over Jennifer Lawrence
wouldn't it be cool if in the future Indiana Evans and Harry actually dated?! Lol I would freak 😂
Aired when Indiana Evans first joined Home and Away, Girl TV interviews Indi.
So guys, I'm watching 'Blue Lagoon - The awakening' With Indiana Evans in it (Tessa) And seeing her with this guy just doesn't feel right AT ALL. It needs to be Harry, like omfg. -Casee(:
chris hemsworth and Brenton Thwaites have been on home and away. Same as Indiana Evans. But at different times though
So I was watching Blue Lagoon last night and I kept calling Indiana Evans Tessa lol look what u've done to me
but Indiana evans is soo pretty she was in h2o
why does the author of after imagine tessa as indiana evans she's NOT EVEN CUTE SORRY BUT EW
omg watching Blue Lagoon with Indiana Evans 😭
I still can't picture Tessa looking like Indiana Evans
my mom is watching Blue Lagoon but the one with Indiana Evans aka where all after edits come from I'm not ok
Crying because I don't look like Indiana Evans UGH 😔😭
Blue Lagoon is on which means Indiana Evans aka Tessa
half of Indiana Evans fame comes from After 😂
am I the only one that thinks that Ashley and Indiana Evans look a lot alike...?
indiana evans is so pretty I love her in h2o lol
Asdfghjkl! I'm watching Blue Lagoon with Indiana Evans when I saw it I went into fangirl mode yelling "Omg, Its Tessaaa!"
Blue Lagoon came on tv and it opened with Indiana Evans and I yelled "Ah Tessa!" My mother gave me a very strange look...
I watched Blue Lagoon the other day. and it kinda sucked tbh. but indiana evans is really pretty. bye
Like I wore this white dress and the similar shoes as Indiana Evans and gdi njdmdndhej wheres my after Harry
Indiana Evans has the same birthday as me. I live in Indiana. She is so pretty omg.
can you please take pictures with Indiana Evans because we need real Hessa pics 😄?
Just finished watching H2O just add water season 3 , oh god , I just , love mermaids ! Indiana Evans is so gorgeous . Ahh , can I be her ?
currently watching Blue Lagoon which has Indiana evans in it a.k.a Tessa Young. ugh the feels bc 'After' fanfic😨
But just imagine an after movie with Harry and Indiana Evans and Zayn and everyone and just omg I'm not okay SAAAVE ME
Lol imagine if Harry and Indiana Evans met and read After together i
//18//. Omg I thought you were Indiana Evans for a sec!! You're beautiful and u met Luke I'm so jealous! Niall and Luke!
idk why Indiana Evans is but I'll look em up
I wonder if Indiana Evans has any idea that there's over 15 million people who obsess over her fake relationship with Har…
but seriously, you kinda look like Indiana Evans and she's perf. Can I have ur face pls
Can you take a picture with Indiana Evans?
well I only came up with Indiana Evans. Erm, perhaps...Ariel Winter? Or.
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I just realized that I use to watch H2O and Indiana Evans was in it before I knew who she was! lmfao
what made you pick Indiana Evans as Tessa out of all people..? x
OMG! On h2o with Indiana Evans there is a character named Zayn and she hates him but they spell his name Zane :/ BUT STILL!!!
Indiana Evans is the sexiest girl I know.
So Indiana Evans reads After. Petition to get Harry to read it too
Naomi Tate (Indiana Evans), a girl who tries to survive from the cold-air that freeze everything it passed by
with the boys going to Australia, it makes me think of After because Indiana Evans is australian
Blue Lagoon the awakenings two main characters are hot as f. like Indiana Evans and Brenton Thwaites oh god
Can Indiana Evans and Harry date in real life pls
I love how people follow Indiana Evans because of After
I cant believe that indiana evans followed me
thank you :) and they were just under Indiana Evans
Indiana Evans please follow me make my day!
Omg Indiana Evans just followed me and shes Tessa in After and im sorry i cant anymore
Blue Lagoon with Indiana Evans was perfect 💖
AH OMFG INDIANA EVANS JUST FOLLOWED ME! (If you've read the After fanfiction she's Tessa)
My friend is followed by Indiana Evans :D
Watching Blue Lagoon: the awakening and omg the guy is so attractive and Indiana Evans is so pretty :( well perfect
But I ship harry and tessa so hard that I honestly wouldn't mind if harry dated Indiana Evans
when you say Indiana Evans I think OMG I LOVE TESSA
If After were ever made into a movie it would have to have the real Harry and Indiana Evans bc I would prolly refuse to …
I'm crying bc I keep forgetting hessa isn't real. Harry can you date Indiana Evans and be a really mean frat boy?
i have been informed that Indiana Evans has read After. well, this is awkward. hope you liked it,
Indiana Evans is actually so pretty wow
But in real life I would not ship Harry and Indiana Evans. Actually I wouldn't ship harry with anyone besides me because …
Who doesn't love this show? My favorite character is Bella, played by Indiana Evans:the girl in the middle.
I look like a curly fry right now...BUT INDIANA EVANS FOLLOWED ME I CAN'T HANDLE MY SOBS
Yea. Indiana evans from home and away is following me yeaaa. Now. Finally. Good news after 2 weeks of ***
Why should Indiana Evans follow me ? hmm :)
the fact indiana evans follows me is amazing I've loved her since h2o omg
Indiana Evans is like breathtakingly stunning
From Brooke Shield to Milla Jovovich to Indiana Evans. All the ladies in the movie Blue Lagoon are quite stunning and gorgeous😍❤
Would kill to look like Indiana Evans so pretty
thank you for following...and you are real Indiana Evans or only fan?
Hi Indiana Evans, I love you so much!
Apparently indiana evans (the girl who Tessa in After is meant to look like) read the fanfic oh my god
"Even as a mermaid she looks gorgeous"
What if Harry and Indiana Evans dated oh my goodness god would be real
I wonder if Indiana Evans or even harry knows about after.
Indiana Evans is just amazing. She cares so much for her fans, and I have so much respect for her. She's da Queen.
Did you know that Indiana Evans read the first 2 chapters of After & she liked it. c:
hey :)tessa is indiana evans .. Noah- Zach Roerig and who is Steph ? i translate your fanfic in Georgia... and i need her ^_^
indiana evans used to play bella in H20, so she's a mermaid and harry the beast -> werewolf
Why u guys bring these rumours up? Sophia.. Indiana Evans.. I'm so sad! It really hurts my heart! I'm not lying n Idk why my heart hurts! :(
I feel like Indiana Evans gets more publicity from after than from Blue Lagoon😂
Indiana Evans is actually perfect in Blue Lagoon
But I watched Blue Lagoon this morning and Indiana Evans was the girl Honestly she has been my girl crush since she was on h2o
I speak to all the of h2o, Cariba Heine, Phoebe Tonkin, Indiana Evans, Claire Holt and his producer
Cariba Heine, Indiana Evans, Brittany Byrnes and Phoebe Tonkin before a premiere.
Omg, you are really Indiana Evans!! I watch every episode from H2O. You ... — Thank you so much!!! Lots of love. :)
17.Ultima cancion que escuchaste: thnink about you de Indiana Evans.
Indiana evans ! Love her , late but yeah like away :)
indiana evans kinda looks like hehe.. n they're both very pretty aussies. :D
Why can't I look like Indiana evans :'(
you and Cariba Heine and Indiana evans will together turn the series?
I HATE HER and I kind of wish that the author didn't pick Indiana Evans as tess but idk what do you think
can I just say that indiana evans is perfect
Indiana Evans, You. Are. Amazing. Re-watched series 3 all day today because it's the best cause your in it! =D xx
Omg indiana Evans is smokin in this pic lol js
Brenton Thwaites and his sexy aussie accent indiana evans
She is not my favorite actress. I loved Indiana Evans much better.
Indiana Evans is so awesome she is a excellant actress and she is so pretty and smart,etc.she is my role madel now
If you don't think Indiana Evans is hot then I question your sanity.
We added to the gallery some new photos of Indiana Evans so make sure to check them out here: :)
Let me be Indiana Evans. 😭😭😍 Mainly cause she got to make out with Brenton ok.
watching the Blue Lagoon with Indiana Evans ahh this girl is so beautiful
On my phone , i listen Pretty baby, No ordinary girl, now or never and I dont mind. In the "Indiana Evans Song !!!" 's list
All the things that you've been saying to me. No reson or answer. (Indiana Evans-If Only You CouldStay)
Cariba Heine and Indiana Evans at the Nickelodean Kid's Choice awards.
I'm obessed with Blue Lagoon the awakening!! and why does Indiana Evans remind me of Ashley Benson so much!!
But Indiana Evans is prettier! Gonna get myself an aussie hunk one day. Yep. Definitely going on my wishlist!
lol the author pictured Indiana Evans as Tessa :)
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