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Indian Territory

As generic terms, Indian Territory, The Indian Territories, or Indian Country are used to describe an evolving land area set aside by the United States Government for the relocation of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas who held Aboriginal title to their land.

Civil War Fort Sill Choctaw Nation United States

We r not jealous brother... CPEC can't pass through Indian t…
J&K: says 70 meters long tunnel used by terrorists to enter into Indian territory at forward area of Chamliyal,
Indian Army has already snatched back pak occupied territory on many points.
. Dialogue with Pakistan only possible after it returns India the Entire Indian territory it Illegally occupies. Straight and Simple
Oho..Great sirjm.. What about CPEC going through Indian territory of Gilgit? Isn't that intrusion of Sovereignty of…
True but Indian can not go in own territory in Kashmir . Building something in POK is just a dream.
it should also be first Indian film to Cross 1cr FFs in A Single Territory in OverSeas...
The entire Indian territory and its diversity…
Great .. It is message to China's infiltration in Indian state Arunachal that India is never going to give up an inch territory
I presume you've translated the text with the source. It references the British Indian Oversees Te…
True it is passing thru Indian territory of POK India will collect revenue from Chinese & ***
First learn your history n don't blv prop…
Kashmir is indian territory its better you don't interf…
It's amazing to hear terrorists sneaking into Indian territory, are from Pakistan, who are their handlers in Kashmir, provide shelter.
Dork, it's Indian, not BD or Nepal territory that China has occupied. They l…
Dear how is he allowed to visit an anti India gathering undermining Indian territory of PoK.
Construction on occupied Indian territory is act of war by China
Hannah Tomeo, Northwest Indian Youth Conference Princess, pictured in the traditional territory of the Methow people.
No Kashmiri from Indian side has ever objected to1) Settling of non-Kashmiris in POK by Pak. 2) Gifting…
Great to have direct road connectivity with AF and Russia. CPEC passes through crucial Pak occupied Indian territor…
Baltistan is Indian territory. India should offer Baltistanis benefits like scholarship etc
Its not Indian territory, it belongs to and India is occupying territory of Pakistan since 1947.
What is this British Indian Ocean territory?Why can't I select Indian Time Zone?Can you help
than 38,000 Sq Kms + illegally ceded 5180 Sq. Kms. of Indian Territory for past 40+ Years & CONSPIRIN…
Muslim majority or not This is not the criteria of concerning the territory with Pakistan.Part of geo…
6). Conquest of Goa was first annexation of Indian territory since Alexander
By forcibly making roads in Indian territory without India's consent..That's not how families are made . That's​ co…
The UN should not support this. The chinese have encroached into indian territory,invaded tibet and want south china sea.
3rd step is to back off from Indian territory Aksai chin. 4th step is to recognize Taiwan as independent coun…
first step for Xi would be to stop CPEC which is an unauthorized project in Indian territory
Why don't they practice what they preach in the case of CPEC which passes through Indian territory illeg…
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will world believe these two friends ? Would d project CPEC wl legalize the illegally occupied Indian territory by both ?
CPEC passes thru Indian territory illegally ceded to China by Pakistan. Our participation would in fa…
Has Rajnath sir done Kadi Ninda of China on OBOR project yet. Guess that's what going to stop China from making roads in Indian territory.
First China should stop CPEC through Indian territory!!!
No reservations here in what was once Indian Territory.
It is. Indian territory too. Where I live and now part of
Their can be no compromise with territorial integrity of India , CPEC passes through Indian territ…
Highest single day for any indian movie in an overseas territory, it has…
The silent departure of five Indian families for territory controlled by ISIS is a serious threat to regional peace.…
Ingrates like Geelani sneer at Maj Arya's facts while living in Indian territory, so much 4 their hollow 'Sufism'!
you *** sit inside the Bharat territory and carry the Indian passport and abuse my bharat.Who the *** are you?
Gilani Kashmir a disputed territory where Indian army always in the forefront in time of crisis!!
China shouldn't be building CPEC through disputed territory till such time Indian and Pakistan resolv…
is an assault on territorial integrity. Attending it would have been admission that PoK & Aksai Chin…
Use Prithvi, Brahmos to destroy terror camps.It is Indian territory illegally occupied by Pak that we R…
Read 'Black, Red, and Deadly: Black and Indian Gunfighters of the Indian Territory'
Growing examples of cooperation within countries: can import power from via
In the fifth book of the Indian Path, a woman is abandoned at a mission in the Idaho Territory.
Don't you know the narrative? Kashmiris aren't Indians. They have illegally occupied Indian territory.
First Indian flag on liberated Indian territory was hoisted by Subhash Chandra Bose (First in Andaman and then in I…
The Chickasha daily express. Chickasha, Indian Territory [Okla.] came from the commander of…
Indian forces have stepped up frisking and searching across the territory ahead of January 26, the Indian...
This just gets better & better. Sometimes I scare myself w/my predictions. We are entering Benedict Arnold territory now.…
It wasn't just tea taxes. Britain was ending slavery in its colonies, and told the Americans not to expand west to Indian territory.
& the Chisholm Trail are 150 years old. See the cattle trails thru Kansas & Indian Territory:
Hindutva Settlers from Punjab led by RSS Sarpanch attack Muslims in in Indian occupied territory
My mother's family was born and raised in Indian territory or on reservations. Where did your family grow up?
KRK is a bloody dirty *** He don't deserve to stay in India. Kick that *** out of our Indian territory.
President Authur [sic] insists that the order for removal of all intruders in the Territory must be enforced. Indian Chieftain in 1885
anybody trying to dismantle Indian territory would be cut into pieces
Pakistan asks India to stop work on 2 hydro projects in J&K-:- Who is Pak to ask India anything pertaining to Indian territory?!
as Indian govt has agreed to plebiscite; therefore, Kashmir is a disputed territory
Indian soldier Chandu had accidentally gone into the Pakistani territory on the night of September 29 last year.
We have no right to Celebrate Indian Republic Day Because We are Kashmiri and kashmir is Dispute Territory.
Pakistan released an Indian soldier who had crossed into its territory within hours of the Indian Army's...
2 cowboys stray into Indian territory . Shhh. Listen. I don't like the sound of them drums. I know. It's not there usual drummer.
Please note this:. What Spicer just did is part of a concerted strategy that goes well beyond crowd sizes:.
India gives permission for all nations to move into Indian territory to fight giant alien warm
where's Mahira? Dubai isn't Indian territory & is full of *** audience.India earns money but disrespects.
Dubai isnt Indian territory! 60% audience in Dubai is frm Pak. India wants 2 earn from *** but doesn't want 2 give respect
we came from Indian territory in Oklahoma to represent a our nations ✊🏽
We will make the nation great again by expanding DHAs into the Indian territory. -- Anonymous
Man, Mingo and Daniel bout to blow up a bridge in Indian territory.. Gotta beat them British . — watching...
'Bangladesh can use Indian territory to import power from Nepal'
There's an article on a black girl, Sarah Rector, a millionaire around the 1900's based off of living on Indian territory.
Third rate Islamist Terrorist Nation Pakistan has the nerve to ask India to stop developmental activities in Indian territory
Aadhaar linking is now in scary territory. A bad Govt can shut down a person digitally within few hours with no where to g…
"We have received Indian consent to import power from Nepal. Now Bangladesh will sign a deal with Nepal to set up a…
you ppl r too stupid that u built tactical Nukes 2 attack Indian army on Pakistani territory 😂😂
WTH News Of The Day. Indian ambassador to country whose territory was raided, chills with leaders of terror group wh…
Around 15,000 Choctaws left the old Choctaw Nation for the Indian Territory – much of the state…
Better make it an autonomous Indian Territory
Abdulla; J&K (ENTIRE) is Indian territory; tumhary baap ka nahi hai ask your father if you know
What the heck is a "free-speech" ZONE if it's supposed free speech? And accord to treaty it's Indian territory.
Things were open before statehood. When it was Indian territory.
There are more *** on Indian territory than you might think:.
they're trying to put pipelines thru the Indian territory and they told them no and are protesting and the government is like
Awesome! Queuing outside ATM in Raebareli, territory of the Italian waitress and praising
sounds like these are federal lands, not Indian owned territory.
"It is uncharted territory": Trump's global business entanglements could shadow his foreign policy. Here's how.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
A Pakistani soldier who shot down Indian drone after entering into Pak territory
This pipeline is not okay with whites in Bismarck so let's move it to Indian territory and arrest them if they protest peacefully?!
How surviving in a territory surrounded by all indian states?? 2 finish !
9 Pakistani martyred due to Indian territory in Azad Kashmir. Shame on India. .
Indian maps should show Crimea as disputed territory, if not Russian territory.
We had who Gifted Indian Territory to Pakistan & China & Now
Dear Pm U started man ki baat today u had gone to China border on diwali sir u gone to Indian territory adjacent..
words have neither won any war nor any territory... as an indian I wish our defence minister shud not use street language
Or why the residents of Bismark successfully got the pipeline rerouted through Indian territory
BD was lost even before indian invasion. India lost more territory in 1947
I heard they were going to detour around the Indian territory! What happened with that???
India has full right to call Britain as Indian territory.
Considered a loss at the time (UP was Indian Territory) but discovery of iron ore, copper, & lumber improved Mich economy-Cu ~pure
Truth is Pakistan is occupying part of Indian Kashmir and Indians are useless at recovering it's own territory
our army in indian terrirory ? I meant indian troops in indian territory
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Judiciary needs to realize that era of coalition politics is over for now. It will have to cede back the occupied territory…
“Indian Territory rarely if ever appears in studies of the U.S. sectional crisis and the fights over...”
No more Colombo, my territory has changed, now only Maharashtra and Gujarat :(
Tonawanda was under French control until the British claimed the territory in the French and Indian War
We should not allow this beggar of Pak to enter indian territory
Indians don't go on war for non Indians and will take back Indian territory at will ...make no mistake Mr Adullah...
What ur army doing in Indian territory why they killed our soilder?. Our army respond hits innocent civilian
is Indian territory and should release it as soon as possible
This the US army moves into and occupies Sioux Indian territory
As soon as the Indian drone entered Pakistan's territory, Pak army shot it down courageously:
If not ready to take the gamble, come on and kick them out of the Indian territory!!!
"Back before Jackson signed a deal to make it Indian territory..."🙌🏼
congratulations ! but for us 26/11 will be remembered as Attack on Indian territory in Mumbai
is driving in Indian territory w :45 left to play in the half
What you going to do, gov, round them up, send them to Indian Territory, to Bosque Redondo, to Round Valley on Dec 5? Internment?
India doesn't have power to reclaim territory from Pakistan: Farooq Abdullah - The New Indian Express
So Congress' tribal appeasement turns Indian territory into a tax heaven and a conduit for laundering money. God! W…
Chinese navy ships to be deployed at Gwadar: Pak navy via CHINA BUILDING ILLEGALLY IN INDIAN TERRITORY
Indian Submarine tried to sneak out in Pakistan's territory but our navy made them flee away:
Jack Stilwell (at right) stands with James N. Jones, a fellow scout at Fort Sill in Indian Territory
160 years ago today, former Chickasaw Nation Governor Douglas H. Johnston was born in Indian Territory.…
Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Indian Territory. guess I will be judged. Oh well... so what else is new?
A Frazier: argues that Reconstruction in Indian Territory did not end until Oklahoma statehood
Oklahoma Land Rush. "Those who wanted land, and those who wanted land in the Indian Territory. There
The original territory of the Five "Civilized" Tribes that were forced to move to "Indian Territory"
What happened to the Indian Territory tribes when it became part of Oklahoma?
he also forcibly removed tribes from their ancestral homelands to "Indian Territory" now Oklahoma. Thousands died.
writers don't realize Oklahoma was still Indian Territory in 1868, I guess.
it is one of the earliest settlements in this area of Indian Territory. Now known as
Will Rogers was born on the Dog Iron Ranch in Indian Territory, near present-day Oologah, Oklahoma.
I've lived my whole life below the Mason-Dixon Line and in Indian Territory
. It is an insult to injury for the Jawans & their families who are guarding Indian territory round the clock.
for assaulting veterans on for taxing EPF, for gifting Indian territory to Bangladesh, for sending Italian marines back.
Hey brother! Pleased it came to some use. Just don't go opening an indian restaurant; that's my territory. 😂😘
I get to guest lecture on the Trans-Mississippi Theater/Indian Territory tomorrow in a military history class. You jelly? You should be.
Interior min tells Senate that Pak shared intel "abt the entry of 10 to 15 men within Indian territory frm Pakistan"
Kashmir isn't an inseparable territory for indian Union. Its like Scotland for UK , Flanders for Belgium & Catalonia for Spain
Students invited to experience Cherokee culture at Indian Territory Days
See how the JNU teacher is saying that “Kashmir is not Indian Territory”.
"40% Indian territory is forcefully occupied" -It's not seditious or inflammatory but free-thinking & liberal. Bravo JNU Prof Nivedita Menon
our gov is wrkng 4 ppl of India frm kashmir 2 kanyakumari n sm ppl claim kashmir as an occupied indian territory
100% Oklahoma was the end of the 'Trail of Tears' & 'Indian Territory', so tribal vs place names are often very confusing.
The Cocos (Keeling) Islands is a remote territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean.
kashmir's were never Indian. Kashmir is a disputed territory and this issue should be solved as per kashmir's aspirations
. Pl take actions if Kerala is Indian territory
This women is delusional. First Kashmir is indian occupied territory. Now, gaznavi was Mahatma Gandhi
Kudos to alert BSF personnels who have detected tunnel inside Indian territory dug by Pakistanis n foiled their designs.
Part 2: The Dawes Act Started the U.S. Land-Grab of Indian Territory. Read more at
British idea for security on the northern border of the Indian territory: the frontier -meant to move forward with the empire
Pakistan has always proactively released innocent Indian prisoners, such as the fishermen that come into…
Hats off to BSF Jawan! 5-year-old deaf-mute girl enters Indian territory, handed back to
Dr. Iwasaki's research traces tribal history from 1600, through removal to Indian Territory and up to the period just before the Civil War.
J& K High Court decision to flagging Indian Flag in territory is really remarkable step towards sovereignty of country.
“Roma people are an Indian nation, the autochthonous territory of southeastern and western Europe, but also in...
Why the Secular and award brigade helping Govt to find the missing students are they on Pakistani or Indian territory
We believe every fantastic Indian take-away is lost territory!!! We want our country back!
That chant of "Nepal" "Nepal" in the Indian territory makes emotional..Great win today in SAG football after 23 years..
Nepal goalie kicks deep into Indian territory.
yes we are when some INSANE antinationals abuse their motherland and yell 'Pakistan Jindabad'. Throw them out of Indian territory!
you are as much corrupted as Indian politicians. In fact worse than who are siting outside Indian territory.
here comes one more...we hv Pakistan inside indian territory itself.both needs cleanup
In the 5th book, the Indian Path, a woman is abandoned in the Idaho Territory.
Lets talk about the places they don't have to invade. TPP invites invaders into American Indian territory.
India's unicorns are so deep in "enemy" territory that they don't know the way home or out:
A part of India's territory is under non-Muslim insurgents' control. Foreign media has published reports, but Indian media remains silent.
If one fielder you have to name from this Indian team in Jonty Rhodes territory that would be Ravindra Jadeja he's just brilliant.
hello What d *** r u saying.Ol dese things r done by Indian forces here... n its our territory,so our rule on our land
the campus is within the Indian territory and has to abide by some basic principles. Y cnt dey march agnst corruption, reservn,?
all those who raise ANTI INDIA SALOGANs,being Indian citizen,that too from Indian territory are enemies to country - NOT ACCEPTABLE
Kiowa Boys, photographed at Fort Sill, Indian Territory, 1890 by H. P. Robinson. Part of the Lawrenc
For your information Pakistan has occupied Indian territory in Kashmir.Read history books b4 blabbering.
I am from India can I get clear space image of Indian territory please?
No sir, that's more my friend's territory. She is into indian watches. . Anything needed to be asked?
why aversion to police on campus? They've jurisdiction. Campus' still Indian territory
2 nation theory won us our separate homeland..taken from Indian that's absolutely amazing😉
cunning& crafty JNehru ceded Indian territory to China in 1962, followed by his daughter in 1971 by returning POWs with no quid quo pro
We don't need External Enemies when we already have such Anti-national inside Indian Territory. https:/…
Do one thing, leave the Indian territory and transform to complete international airlines, shame on you guys, lonely girl,Rohini
forcing native Americans to move into Indian territory
Is JNU out side the territory of Indian Nation where the Indian laws are not applicable..
Today: 1) If you're evangelical worried about job, paying bills, US workers losing to foreign competition, you're in Trump t…
found was tagged, is it an Indian name? Looks like Australia was an Indian Territory.
Sensex is dropping because Kashmir and JNU Campus are still in Indian territory!. - Economist ji
You travel on ISI-approved Pakistani visas, criticize India on enemy territory and bring their scripts to write reports in …
Belle Starr of the Indian Territory was another lady attracted to outlaws.
Learning about his family's history in Indian Territory on the PBS Series African American Lives, Cheadle's ancestry is tied to Oklahoma.
Historic Drawings of Indian Territory uncovered in OKC high school remodel https:…
Yup. Welcome to the University of Oklahoma, situated right on top of Indian Territory.
Civil War in the Indian Territory by Steve Coittrell Illustrated by Andy Thomas
MURDER AT TURKEY CREEK: From the archives, an Indian Territory murder mystery.
"For most of the 1800s and earlier, Eastern Oregon was largely the territory of the Northern Paiute. A part of...
If Nawaz Sharif unable to handle terrorism in Pak, he shouldn't object if Indian Army enters & kills in Pak territory.
What about for Indians, those allowing terrorists to enter freely to Indian territory, inspite of high alert?
but PoK is Indian territory, each time they send terrorists, show aggression, take back what's our's. Do something.
Why no one to question govt how those terrorists enter Indian territory ,why our brave soldiers die
Lt. Gen Panag - Sir, how can terrorists so easily sneak into Indian territory & that too Air force base ?
why POK? Let's clean these cockroaches from Indian territory first.
Seems like an army of terrorists have entered into the Indian territory. Be vigil!! Esp metro cities
want to get technical about who land REALLY belongs to, that is Paiute Indian territory currently occupies
There can be no terrorism of this nature without safe bases. Those safe bases are not on Indian territory
What about Indian media's initial reports? Seems like someone found tracks going deep in Indian territory,!
What was India losing by not holding talks with Pakistan? It is a known enemy that boldly enters our territory and kills Indian soldiers.
Indian authorities are still not sure as to the exact no. of PAK terrorists who have sneaked into our territory , to accomplish their design
Ha..Ha..That operation was held in Indian Territory.Sanghis are very good in lying featured in NBC s Science of Love
Trained men enter deep inside Indian territory, engage militarily with an air force base. Why is it called "proxy" war? Why not just WAR?
Mother Nature..plz be kind to Indian territory!Hope,the plate tech tonic activities beneath our soil,are settled now
:Akhand Bharat is not at present viable for lack of cultural assimilation. Indian territory but unmanageable relig…
In winter of 1838, Martin Van Buren ordered the US army to move 12,000 Cherokee to the Indian Territory.
What every Indian wants to get back our territory illegally occupied by Pakistan for past >60 yrs.
Jackson turned OK into The "Indian Territory", an area that if the indian's go to, they can live their lives without interruption
it is part of Indian territory, stern action is warranted to protect our territories at any cost in the interest of our Nation
In the Winter of 1838 the POTUS orders US Army to move 12,000 Cherokee to Indian Territory. 1/3 of the Indians die
That was not the question, amb. :) it was: whether Pak was willing to tolerate an Indian strike on its territory.
China may in future occupy POK. just like it has not returned occupied Indian territory since 1962 war.
Indian Territory and the United States, 1866-1906: Courts, Government and the Mo
kashmir is India n something shd be done to get back pak to indian territory
I added a video to a playlist six terrorist intrude indian territory through Nepal
United Nations also does not consider Indian claim as legally valid: it recognizes Kashmir as a disputed territory
Pakistan is confused about out maritime boundary & captures Indian fishermen often, Time to capture more territory & finish its confusion.
Soviet Union fought Untrained Taliban & lost 1/4 of her territory 2become Russia.Now Russia fighting all her land &become Crusha
Colonel (retd) BS Joon, now settled in Vallabh Vidyanagar, recalls Indian Army’s strikes in Pakistan territory...
The Indian Army retaliated to Manipur Attack & ambushed NSCN Terrorists in Foreign Territory under Never before
ShyamSaran: must develop & as a major transport and shipping hub instead of merely an outpost of In…
stay out of Afghanistan, its an Indian territory.
"Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" was written by Wallis Willis, a Choctaw freedman in the old Indian Territory in what is now Choctaw County
Photos taken by David Stanley in outlying areas of Christmas Island, an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean.
. Wrong News. Fishermen can't be caught on Gujarat coast which is Indian territory. They must have crossed over "Territorial Waters".
Why would you show Indian territory as part of China??
that Oak Hill Industrial Academy was a school in Indian Territory for the children of Choctaw freedmen? http:…
“Not a blade of grass grows in Aksai Chin; loss of Indian Territory to China is a loss too little.” A fellow...
first read Rules of delhi territory state. U cant changes rules of Indian Constituion in one day
Answer on by to What do you think every Indian should know about your state/union territory?
sir, in india, garlanding someone's picture means they r dead. Last I checked, Jhatkhand was Indian Territory
Oklahoma wasn't a state during the Civil War. Recognized as Indian Territory. Don't tell me the confederate flag represents your…
Whiskey is pouring into Indian Territory. Sasa, Wheezer & a coyote are looking for a way to stop it.
Deeds and Misdeeds of an Indian Territory Doctor by Elleta Nolte and Joyce...
USA is an occupied indian territory,that's a scandal!!White persons must go back in Europa!!!
incorrect MAP. Indian territory is not shown properly.
Oh, did i tell you Imphal is burning. Under Curfew for 3 days. One dead. Some injured. Dont worry or bother: the Indian territ…
All of the tribes in Indian Territory that sided w/the Confederacy & had own Confederate flag imagery within Nations
1775: The United States divides Indian Territory into three divisions
. True depiction of Indian history. Despite all power never annexed other territory only repulsed the attackers
An uninhabited group of volcanic islands in the southern Indian Ocean, they form a territory of Australia. Heard...
Lynn please bring up in federal intel committee all staff in federal indian territory for schedul review
British Indian Ocean Territory (information completely reviewed and updated - don't miss this IO jewel
Confession of ex Indian army chief. Pakistan army inside Indian territory and india was helpless.
My interview with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor on how the modern Indian kitchen gives gender bias a miss.
Why Indian banks are trying to mimic tech cos:
UN observers visit working boundary for unprovoked firing on territory: Inter-Services PR
this is about the Confederate flag, not mascot. Has everything from the Confederate units of Indian Territory been removed?
- Tecumseh (1768?-1813) in a speech at Vincennes, Indian Territory
Isn't the Central Govt. the caretaker of the entire Indian territory on behalf of the people ? Useless to argue with
46 years ago at this exact minute I was sitting beside my great grandmother who walked to Indian Territory (Now...
In a field in Denver Indian territory
App will oneday govern the Indian territory.
Modi to become first Indian PM since Nehru to visit overseas Indian territory of Silicon Valley, California.
Allow the infiltrators to cross the border. Watch them quietly. As soon as they are on the Indian territory, kill
979 people living in Indian enclaves inside territory choose to go to
On July 20, 1850, Anson Dart received his orders as the first superintendent of Indian Affairs for the OR Territory.
is Indian real estate in bubble territory yet? Any interesting data or report you can share?
The Revenant: The Revenant: When Willie arrives in Indian Territory, she knows only one thing: no one can find out wh
CPEC comes from illegaly occupied Kashmir by pakistan. Its Indian territory, so forget abt it. Do any thing in ur territory
That is immaterial to central question; Kashmir is Indian territory and Pak can fight covert or overt war and never change that.
Kashmir is Indian territory. Until Pakistan acknowledges that there can be no peace in neighborhood. But Pak wants war.
China didn't even accept that there forces were in Indian territory when our PM was swinging with their Prez
Recce picture of PA M48 Patton tanks in Indian territory taken by FlgOffcr Utpal Barbara of 101 Sqdn.
SPENCE JOHNSON was born Free, a member ot the Choctaw Nation, in the Indian Territory, ca.,1850's. |
ok, but just remember the last CSA General to surrender was Cherokee/Choctaw from Indian Territory: Stand Waite
Today's Oklahoma Fun Fact: Originally Indian Territory, the state of Oklahoma was opened to settlers in a "Land Rush" in 1889. On a given da
“The most dangerous outlaw in Indian Territory,” Ned Christie was shot to death in 1892. His body wa
4/22/1889-With cannons sounding, thousands of settlers rushed into (now) Oklahoma to claim cheap land set aside as Indian Territory
OK History: Polecat Station, OK (circa 1873) A stage stop in the Cherokee Strip of Indian Territory, Northern OK
Texas Day by Day - Kiowa Indian Chief White Horse Surrenders at Fort Sill in the Indian Territory. On 19 April...
Jesse Chisholm, part Cherokee, a trader and founder of the cattle route across Indian Territory into
is a word that means "two is enough," in reference to the 2 trips made by Cherokee elders to Indian Territory
[ History ] Open Question : Why was the transcontinental railroad route across the Indian Territory initially ...
Lest We forget, The Trail of Tears of Indigenous People and Enslaved Afrikans... The Trail of Tears commonly refers to a series of forced relocations of Native American nations in the United States following the Indian Removal Act of 1830. The removal included members of the Cherokee, Muscogee, Seminole, Chickasaw, and Choctaw Nations, who chose not to assimilate with American society, from their ancestral homelands in the southeastern U.S. to an area west of the Mississippi River that had been designated as Indian Territory. Native Americans who chose to stay and assimilate were allowed to become citizens in their states and of the U.S. The phrase "Trail of Tears" originated from a description of the removal of the Choctaw Nation in 1831. Many Native Americans suffered from exposure, disease, and starvation while en route to their destinations, and many died, including 2,000-6,000 of the 16,543 relocated Cherokee. European Americans and African American freedmen and slaves also participated in the Chicka ...
Elizabeth "Bessie" Coleman was an Amerikkkan Afrikan civil aviator. She was the first female pilot of Afrikan descent and the first person of Afrikan descent to hold an international pilot license. Early life Coleman was born on January 26, 1892, in Atlanta, Texas, the tenth of thirteen children to sharecroppers George, who was part Cherokee, and Susan Coleman. When Coleman was two years old, her family moved to Waxahachie, Texas, where she lived until age 23. Coleman began attending school in Waxahachie at age six and had to walk four miles each day to her segregated, one-room school, where she loved to read and established herself as an outstanding math student. She completed all eight grades of her one-room school. Every year, Coleman's routine of school, chores, and church was interrupted by the cotton harvest. In 1901, Coleman's life took a dramatic turn: George Coleman left his family. He returned to Oklahoma, or Indian Territory as it was then called, to find better opportunities, but Susan and the ...
Thanks to Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida . clarifying to Chinese that ARUNACHEL lies on the . contested border is "Indian Territory".
While appealing for complete and statewide shutdown on 26 January Monday, Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani Thursday strongly condemned the circular by the administration in which the participation of the government employees in the 26 January function of government has beentermed compulsory and wherein they have been directed to remain present into the Bakshi Stadium on the day.In a statement from New Delhi he said, “India is claiming to be a big democratic country in the world and celebrates 26 January as its republic day but its democratic claims are being badly exposed in Jammu & Kashmir and this country is denying the democratic right of the people of Jammu & Kashmir from last 68 years. Kashmiris are nether the enemies of India or its people and nor are they opposed to their republic day celebrations within the limitations of Indian Territory but as far as the Kashmir is concerned, it is although an occupied territory held by India with the help of its military might so, they have n ...
Jammu on high alert in wake of inputs of terrorist attack Jammu: High alert was on Thursday sounded and security stepped up in Jammu and Kashmir in the wake of inputs about possible attacks by Pakistan-based terror outfits on "soft targets" ahead of US President Barack Obama's India visit later this month. Ahead of Republic Day celebrations, security arrangements have been strengthened in the entire Jammu region to thwart the nefarious designs of the militant outfits. "Quick reaction teams (QRT) of the police, PCR vans have been kept on high alert and new check posts have been set up at a distance of every eight to ten kilometers to ensure that the Republic Day celebrations go incident free," Deputy Inspector General of Police (Jammu Kathua Range) Shakeel Ahmed Beigh said. He said that extra vigil is being maintained at every entry and exit points of Jammu and every vehicle entering or leaving the region is being frisked. The army today said that 200 heavily armed militants were waiting in 36 launching pa ...
Fortify defence framework to combat threats To be able to deal with threats, we have to first identify them. Historically, the threat to us has been from the west. Today, Pakistan has become the embodiment of that threat. We had no historical threat from the north, but now China embodies it. The eastern part of the country remains disturbed, with local insurgencies there having some external connections even now. Southwards, seaborne threats are rising. The 1993 Mumbai attack and the subsequent 26/11 attack were staged from the sea, opening a new area of vulnerability. As our Home Minister has pointed out, while our major ports are well secured, there are over 200 minor ports and 1,500 landing points which still appear vulnerable. Further south, with the Chinese presence growing in the Indian Ocean area, we have to increasingly contend with a new threat to our security. India is, therefore, uniquely challenged as the threats are from all directions. India's territorial integrity is threatened. Two countr ...
The Dauki river in Jaflong is around 25 km away from Sylhet city. The place is known as stone collector's river, where huge amount of stones are collected every day. One can see the Indian Territory Meghalaya (Cherapunji) located just behind the hills. I went to Jaflong in November 2012 to catch the beauty and essence of nature with my camera. It had been raining continuously over three days, so I had to take the landscape in the rain. It was an awesome experience to shoot in rain that I have never done before.
Oh that.. thats just an Indian needle to sew back torn territory.. nothing much.. dont worry..
''Situation very serious, Pakistani shells have landed 3 to 4 km inside Indian territory''
Today on HD 11964 c: Indian Territory & Oklahoma Territory join to form Oklahoma, which is admitted as the 46th U.S. state (1907/11/16)
On this day 1839, over 1100 Cherokee from TN, GA, and S/NC camped just 1 mi from my present day apartment on their way to Indian Territory.
'You've got no right trespassin' our territory!' - Apple Chief Indian.
its not God, its that *** Indian that is buried on unsacred territory! we need to dig bones
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