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Indian Rupee

The Indian rupee (sign: ; code: INR) is the official currency of the Republic of India. The issuance of the currency is controlled by the Reserve Bank of India.

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Rise in fuel costs, slide in rupee to hit Indian airlines: report..
Mbia came from the Indian Rupee. We have a real rich Indian history in Kenya.
It'll be very good if Indian Prime Minister re introduce 1000 rupee notes
Why demonetisation will not eliminate black money or corruption A woman holds 500 and 1000 Indian rupee banknotes as she stands in a ...
I just signed this petition. Allow OCI / PIO to exchange old demonitised Indian notes Rs. 500 %... via
Can you help me in my problem ? ?. I need any global btc trading site to accept Indian rupee via wire transfer deposit ?
The demontization of Indian rupee and the deporting of lawful immigrants in America shows our fragile existence at the hands of govt.
Fsm _ – yen wallows on the defensive ground exchange rate of rupee to us dollar
The Indian rupee (₹). ₹199.00 should be about €2.75, not accounting for any rupee value drops in ~6 years.
100 years ago, Rupee had "information" in both words & digits of ALL major Indian languages. Today, non-Hindi bhashas are "dec…
Forex: The Indian rupee staged an incredible comeback via
. 30 Had the Indian Govt receives 100% tax in return, the value of Rupee would have NOT gone down drastically!…
Did you know That Indian Rupee cannot be exchanged for THB? No exchange rate is published in all major Thai banks
Dearpls add Indian currency symbol rupee to your devices keyboard..
Rupee may weaken further, but Indian stocks should adjust on the upside in 2017: Marc Faber
Indian rupee staged an incredible comeback against the US dollar.
The Indian rupee staged an incredible comeback
Deadline for Indian rupee exchange ends as part of government move to clamp down on corruption. . http…
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Forex: The Indian rupee staged an incredible comeback: Fresh unwinding of long dollar positions…
Forex: The Indian rupee staged an incredible comeback
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the deflection of Indian rupee and to smash out its financial stability.
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Fun fact: Before the Dirham came into being UAE used the Indian Rupee as their currency. Two countries go way back
What abt Indian Rupee symbol on keyboard? Did Urdu manage to develop its keys or are they switching to Arabic script?
Amazon. com_ timing techniques for commodity futures markets_ effective strategy and ... -
"Do you accept 1000 and 500 Rupee Indian notes?". Literally heard this today at the DXB KFC.
If Foreign / OCI / PIO could exchange before then why not now exchange old notes via…
Need to sort OCI exchange old notes with them worldwide Need answers via
New thousand rupee nite indian currency will be back soon in the market watch it and subscribe to our channel...
The Gulf rupee notes were in many was identical to the Indian rupee notes that were being printed in India
Good morning BRICS: SA Rand only 1/4 of mighty Chinese Yuan, slightly less than Russian Rouble & Indian Rupee, at par wi…
Hacker News - The Reserve Bank of India Wants the Indian Rupee on Blockchain
A timely update on Fed hike probability and Indian Rupee "QuantArt Market Update" by on
DTN Dubai: Derivatives expiry, results to guide Indian equity markets: Movement of the Indian rupee and furth...
UrmiDas3: Vivek where are we going first?? :)
When you hear something rattling in your suitcase and find a ton of Indian Rupee and Brazilian Real coins floating around.
When does the day come, 1 usdollar =1 Indian rupee
It's so hot in the Indian state of Gujarat that roads are literally melting. via
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Depreciation of Red indian Rupee and Its Impact on the Market qWCF
Abey I am a 2Rs people that too Pakistan rupee which is half of Indian rupee. LOL
Question on What are the reasons for Indian Rupee's devaluation since the time of independence in 1947?
Indian ends at over 2-1/2 month low, down 8 paise to 67.44.
There is a 0 Rupee note present in the Indian currency system, and the only one of its kind in the entire world.
The is not green by any stretch of imagination but green could soon mean big bucks in
Intra day; Indian slips for seventh session, down 6 paise to 67.42 vs dollar.
“at the time of 15th August 1947, the b/w to was 1”
its not about states. its about general citizens of India. Low export, high import, High inflation, rupee fall etc.
Snort! And what are the chances Indian cafes will replace those godawful 300 rupee sandwiches with something actually edible?
Indian rupee weakens by 4 paise to to 67.40 against in early trade
Dollar demand takes rupee down for seventh day However, recovery in the Indian stock marke…
The Indian rupee opened marginally lower by 7 paise at 67.43 per dollar against previous close of 67
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This Saree surely leaves a lasting impression for you in your special events...!!. PRICE : 4350/- Indian Rupee...
The Indian opened lower by 7 paise at 67.43/$ against US on Friday as against the previous
Indian rupee currently trading at Rs 67.43. It is likely to weaken in coming days owing to fed rate hike expectations
In rupee terms, the price of Indian Basket increased to Rs. 3126.44 per bbl on 18.05.2016 as compared to Rs.
I think we've reached peak indian rupee.
Breaking Myth that is an Indian Store. Its an International store & we love America,Great...
I liked a video Indian Rupee Malayalam Movie | Scenes | Prithviraj fix the deal with buyer | Jagathy
Rupee falls 39 paise against US Dollar on fed hike fears: The India Rupee fell due to appreciation of the Ame...
Negative global cues, coupled with lower crude oil prices and a weak rupee, dragged the Indian equity markets… by SI
Intra day; Indian falls for sixth day, down 30 paise to 67.27 against US dollar.
Analysts at Standard Chartered see further weakness ahead for the Indian Rupee:
Indian bonds mixed on weak rupee, tumbling crude
The Indian rupee on Thursday weakens past 67 mark against the US dollar at 67.25, down 0.39% from its previous close of 66.97.
The Indian rupee declined in the early trade on Thursday. It has opened lower by 18 paise at 67.15 p
700 British Pound equals. 67328.39 Indian Rupee ,Which is too costly
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MUMBAI: Masala bonds, the rupee securities touted as a replacement for overseas borrowings for Indian companies,...
Globalization and the Indian Economy: Roadmap to a Convertible Rupee by Nayak Sa
IRFC that raises funds for the Indian Railways, appointed lead managers to issue offshore bonds/rupee-denominated bonds, . .
The way to capitalise on the rupee call is to look at Indian equities that are subsidiaries of larger companies like Hindustan Unilever...
It becomes more when they convert Indian rupee to Pakistani...
Exports and Rupee? What if other's economies are slowing down and don't have the capacity to buy Indian goods?
Why don't India print her photo on Indian Rupee so that youngsters may take her as example, what else India can do?
She is Jem & beyond God, Her history should be thought to all Indian kids. India can print her photo on Indian Rupee
I support to Nana pateker one idea want to share. If 100crd.Indian donation every month 1 rupees. We got every month 100 crd.Rupee's.
Try to find what d *** is wrong with our value of INDIAN Rupee in Global market! Going bad to worst .
Dear ji we need to seek Russian & Iranian support to make more acceptable across nations.
Disconnect between the Rupee and the Indian Stock Market,
'NOTE'WORTHY: eBay puts a price tag of Rs. 7 LAKH on an old Indian ONE RUPEE NOTE!
Indian rupee should depreciate further to 100 for USA economy; India get $60 billion software money but does not buy anything from USA;
I think after some time Indian Government should change its currency Rupee to Onion .Then it'll be stronger then US $.
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$50 million worth of Indian silver Rupee coins from ocean floor at a record depth of 17,000ft recovered.
We need to ask for part payment in Indian if not full.
Sir, i have 100 rupee Indian currency note without serial number, if you are interested in buying it. then plzz contact
Excellently explained by how RBI will juggle fx and bond market operations to manage currency & liquidity.
Indian rupee: choosing to remain the underperformer - See more at:
Price trend Basket Imported by Indian Refiner in for 12th April 2016, PIB release
RBI mops up dollar inflows and keeps rupee steady as the dollar unwinds. in
The Indian Rupee: An underperformer by choice. My latest:
Rupee doesn't have any value? US fill their economic with Indian blood & Indians are ready to give it. Stop working for USA.
B.C. aiming to be first issuer of rupee bonds aka masala bonds. also brings you Indian cooking:
The last few weeks have seen many happy Indians across theworld because of the weakening rupee. The Indian c
mamohan singh probably the worst who devaluated the value of Indian rupee from 18 to 40rs.=1dollar
Indian rupee exchange rate forecast to recover against us dollar _ currency news uk: . April 29, 2015 –...
LMO Indian rupee: choosing to remain the underperformer: Foreign inflows picked up in a big way in the month o...
Indian rupee: choosing to remain the underperformer
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Inspecting some Indian Rupee as part of our money topic in maths
Shame on all those who watch Indian trash on tv screens&wear Indian garments. Each rupee we spend will be used to kill Kashmiris.
what are you saying? 😂 😂 😂 . 1 Indian Rupee is 194 Indonesian Rupiah. . 1 British Pound is about 100 Indian Rupees.
Indian Rupee weakened 3% against the $ in Jan. Asia's worst performer. Lowest level in 2 years. has been steady.
1 Chinese Yuan equals to. 10.24 Indian Rupee,Wow ,you guys are real expert of economy
Indian Rupee likely to trade depreciate: Angel Broking -
Indian Rupee likely to trade depreciate: Angel Broking much total cost will be indian rupee???..I m from India..where r u from.??..I want exodus suho's photocard also..:-))
Indian rupee recovered by 32 paise to close at 63.81 per US dollar
$NJ getting Indian rupee loan from Japan Bank for International Cooperation to finance factories in India
Let's See how speed it was. How much cost it was, I am praying god it will be in budget. not even one rupee increased after ts
Sir, Indian rupee is falling, nothing is being done to prevent it from falling further.
Sir,Due to stagnant reforms INR is depreciating.Indian Govt is not serious about rupee depreciation.
Indian rupee have now distinct identity...its unique indian currency wiil be joining the elite group of dollar,pound,yen euro.
The Indian ended marginally lower by two paise to 63.77 against the USD on mild dollar demand from banks and importers.
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We have so many legendary women in history , would it be a good idea to have an Indian women on Rupee currency :) .
Rupee vs dollar downfall, Being Indian are you aware about this crisis?
Rupee down 19 paise in early trade: Dollar demand from importers also weighed on the Indian currency
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6/8. Today Indian Rupee ends lower at 63.77 on dollar demand.
The Indian rupee remained rangebound against the U.S. dollar on today and ends at 63.76/77
One Indian Rupee is worth about 3 Naira. Important first step towards purchasing Indian Now, seek out and
Expect Indian Rupee to trade lower: Angel Broking: For the month of August 2015, FII inf...
Expect Indian Rupee to trade lower: Angel Broking: Indian Rupee is likely to trade lower as markets keenly aw...
Indian rupee shoots up by 4 paisa against US dollar - ...
and then wait for the Indian rupee to appreciate
The opened flat at 63.77 per today against previous close of 63.75.
Narendra Modi’s Role in Crude Oil Crash Published 4 days ago by Krishna.S.Santosh  Its true. Narendra Modi, the charismatic Prime Minister of India played his part in the global crash of Crude Oil. No wonder he is admired by people in India and Indians across the world. Ever since he was elected the Prime Minister with a thumping Majority, he proclaimed that he would work closely with Russia. He started taking baby steps towards sourcing oil from Russia instead of relying solely on Iran and Arabia who were routinely over-charging Indians on Oil. Modi Negotiated with Russians and I believe the Russians even agreed to accept Indian Rupee for transactions. So on December 11, 2014 when Modi had invited Vladmir Putin to India, he struck a deal with Russia to import oil from them to the tune of US$ 40 Billion (USD 10+ Billion each year, about 61000 crores annually at present exchange rates) in the forthcoming years (Minister Narendra Modi has assured Vladmir Putin, who is on a visit to Delhi, that India op ...
Gold and silver rate today in Andhra Pradesh in Indian Rupee (INR) and in United States Dollar (USD). Gold and silver prices are updated every 60 minutes based on real gold rates in Andhra Pradesh.
FROM AN INDIAN POST!!! May your happiness increase like Petrol Price, May your sorrow fall like the Indian Rupee, and May your joy spread in your heart like corruption spreads in India…!!! Congress is fulfilling its promise, when they said: GDP will rise this year. The only thing we forgot to ask him its full form: G= Gas & Gold D= Diesel & Dollar P= Petrol & Parties Dear Father-in-Law, I deeply regret taking a Car in dowry. Please take your Daughter or Car back… I cannot afford both. Now Tata Nano’s fuel cost will be more than its EMI per month! Soon, Rupee will be SENIOR CITIZEN (above Rs.60 per US Dollar); Petrol has already become VERY SENIOR CITIZEN in Bangalore (Rs.81 per litre) !!! Finally it has happened… After decades, Beer is now cheaper than petrol !!! Now, there will be new slogan: JUST DRINK; DON'T DRIVE !!! Expensive petrol will help solve the problem of traffic jams! Drink and drive should not be a problem now. After all, how many will be able to afford alcohol and petrol on the sam ...
International Affairs Quiz 2014 - Set 4 1. Which African Nation has recently added the Indian Rupee as their currency to be circulated in the country ? 1. Algeria 2. Zimbabwe 3. Angola 4. Morocco 5. Uganda Ans : Zimbabwe 2. Which European Nation's parliament has passed a Bill allowing Euthanasia for terminally ill children without any age limit and it has become the 1st Country in the World to do so ? 1. Hungary 2. Austria 3. Switzerland 4. Belgium 5. Italy Ans : Belgium 3. The 6th BRICS summit was held from 14th July 2014 to 16th July 2014. This summit was hosted by ? 1. Russia 2. China 3. Brazil 4. India 5. South Africa Ans : Brazil 4. Rubber-Rice Pact of 1952 which came in news recently was between which countries ? 1. Pakistan and China 2. India and Srilanka 3. Pakistan and Bhutan 4. China and SriLanka 5. India and China Ans : China and SriLanka 5. Monorails are being operative in which Countries ? 1. China, Europe, India (Mumbai) and Japan 2. Singapore, Australia, America and Dubai 3. China, Thailand ...
Standard Chartered PLC announced that in reference to the Company's 2014 Interim Dividend payable on 20 October 2014, the Company confirms that IDR holders will receive approximately INR 1.67184256 per IDR (ten IDRs represent one ordinary share). This amount was calculated using the US dollar/Indian Rupee exchange rate of 61.4648 as quoted by the Reserve Bank of India on October 08, 2014. As part of the IDR service fee (as disclosed in the IDR prospectus available on the SEBI website US$0.016 per ordinary share has been deducted from the IDR dividend.
Real story of American Dollar v/s Indian Rupee(Very Interesting Article MUST SHARE)An Advice to all who are worrying about fall of Indian RupeeThroughout the country please stop using cars except for emergency for only seven days (Just 7 days)Definitely Dollar rate will come down. This is true. The value to dollar is given by petrol only.This is called Derivative Trading. America has stopped valuing its Dollar with Gold 70 years ago.Americans understood that Petrol is equally valuable as Gold so they made Agreement with all the Middle East countries to sell petrolin Dollars only. That is why Americans print their Dollar as legal tender for debts. This mean if you don't like their American Dollar and go to their Governor and ask for repayment in form of Gold,as in India they won't give you Gold.You observe Indian Rupee, " I promise to pay the bearer..." is clearly printed along with the signature of Reserve Bank Governor. This mean, if you don't like Indian Rupee and ask for repayment,Reserve Bank of India ...
Did you know: Indian Rupee is one of the official currencies of Zimbabwe!! . via
Macquarie Investment: Overweight on rupee sensitive exporters; like Indian healthcare, consumer discretionary, consumer staples.
Indirect Tax Collection, Indian rupee, NSE, Gold price, more on September 16, 2014
I'm off,sorry booked for a class. btw it was the British Indian rupee,countries all over the world are indy &belong to cu's
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When did we start having religious affiliation with our currency? Strange! 5 rupee Indian coin -
The Indian rupee opened higher by 8 paise at 60.97 per dollar on Wednesday. .
SNAPSHOT-India stocks, bonds, rupee, swap, call at 0440 GMT: Indian shares rise, with the broader NSE index hi...
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Indian rupee opens higher at 60.97 per dollar: Rupee is also expected to appreciate with the support of s
Indian stocks open with 0.5 pct gains after two days of losses.Rupee hovers around 61 per dollar.
Answer by to How does the devaluation of the Indian rupee occur with respect to the US dollar?
Indian rupee opens @ 60.97/$ versus its previous close of 61.0550/0650.
INDIAN RUPEE (USD/INR) :-USD/INR shall remain positive with volatility. In October, it can cross 62.00.
Indian rupee rebounds from 1-mnth lows, up 8 p Vs USD to end at 61.05: At the Interbank Foreign Exchange (Fore...
Failing to curb inflation & improving living standards of people Modi regime has sinked the Indian economy further, as rupee faces a new low
Indian rupee snaps 4-day gains on US dollar demand from oil cos (via
Indian rupee nudges up on US data, local shares
Rupee recovers 8 paise against dollar to close at 61.05: Bucking a weak trend in stocks, the Indian rupee on T...
Rupee Ends at 61.05, Gains Ahead of US Fed Meet: The partially convertible...
Rupee gains ahead of US Federal Reserve meet. The Indian rupee recovered on Tuesday from a one-month low hit in...
Indian rupee gains ahead of Fed meet
16/9. Today Indian Rupee ends higher at 61.05 to a dollar against 61.13 on Monday
Do you know how to buy Dollars, Yen and UK Pound in the Indian Currency markets? Read on.
Why Indian rupee is expressed in million, billion and trillion across the indian media ? Aren't we OK with lakhs and crores ?
Rupee marginally up 6 paise against dollar: Indian rupee has appreciated on Tuesday against US dollar on the ...
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ISBPL: Expect Indian Rupee to trade on mixed note: Angel: From the intra-day perspective, Indian Rupee ...
Finally Google Android One is here in India: For just 6399 Indian rupee (104 USD) you get a 4.5 inch, dual sim...
This is absolute nonsense. Rupee value plunging as it did with UPA. via
Mumbai: The Indian rupee on Tuesday strengthened in morning trade against the dollar, tracking gains in Asian...
Rupee gains 9 paise against dollar to trade at 61.06: Indian rupee has strengthened on Tuesday against US dol...
Indian Rupee up 11 paise against dollar in early trade: The Indian rupee recovered from over one-month low by ...
: The Indian rupee hit a one-month low and saw its biggest single-day decline in nearly...
Eid, Diwali comes early for UAE's Indian expats as rupee slumps to 6-month low
ISBPL: Indian rupee opens higher at 61.03 per dollar: Expect the rupee to trade in a narrow range of 60...
Salutations at the lotus feet of SAI, our Divine Mother and Teacher on the Teacher's day. Few years ago , during conversations with Swami in Mandir , Anilkumar Sir asked Swami about Indian students (after graduation) going abroad in pursuit of higher studies and settling there forever. Swami has also publicly spoken about this issue (which is known as ‘brain drain’) during few of His discourses too. ( This Video contains a part of a discourse given on 14.Jan.1998) It is necessary to remind ourselves about it because of the present state of Indian economy and the Indian Rupee and the world in general. Indian Rupee which was hovering around 55 /- against the US dollar for more than a year, till July, has entered into turbulent waters during the last few weeks and is now trading around 66/- , after dipping to an all time low of 68.8/- A weak currency , below 5% GDP growth rate, most of which gets offset by growing population, high inflation and -ve set of IIP(Industrial production index ) numbers ; t ...
in 1971 US President Richard Nixon US delinked the dollar from the gold standard unlike Indian Rupee
If Modi comes i believe that more importance will be given to manufacturing and agri sectors leading to generation of middle class jobs . Indian Rupee might strengthen . Our nation might have a sustained economic development . May God bless India - Gnani Bhavani
Indian Rupee: Climbs Higher The Indian rupee climbed higher at commencement on Tuesday, May 06, 2014 tracking gains in the Asian currencies market. Besides, higher opening in the domestic equity market and strengthening of other currencies against the US dollar overseas also supported the rupee. The domestic currency opened stronger by 12 paise at Rs 60.10 against the US dollar but slipped to a low of 60.22 thereafter. In the spot currency market, the Indian unit was last seen trading at 60.20, up 2 paise as compared to previous close at 60.22. Rupee snapped a three-day rise and retreated from a near one-month high hit early on Monday as heavy dollar demand from oil refiners hurt while sentiment was also cautious ahead of the conclusion of general elections next week. Domestic benchmark indices held firm in morning trade as firmness in Asian stocks boosted sentiment. Asian share markets shuffled higher on Tuesday after promising U.S. economic news helped Wall Street to a firmer finish, though activity was ...
Indian Rupee is powerful than American Dollar & Kuwaiti Dinar. So powerful that it convinced to carry out suici…
The stronger the surety of Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister, the stronger will be the Indian Rupee
Can this guy write Trillion dollars in figures or convert to Indian Rupee? Beyond him
With our Rupee gaining strength on news on a NaMo landslide, I am tempted to ask this old quiz question. Which Middle East country had the Indian Rupee as its official currency till 1932?
Banking/SSC exam current affairs for the Month Jan 2014 31 Jan 2014 • Michel Rogers appointed as Director of NSA • Spain's Euro 2008 winning coach Aragones dies • New Zealand won the 5 ODI series against India by 4-0 • Arun Gupta nominated as CMD of Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) • India became third largest crude oil importer in the World • Kiwi Kathy became the first woman to be appointed in ICC Umpire's Panel • 30 Jan 2014 • Anand Kumar, the founder of Super30 got Ramanujan Mathematics award • Ajoy Misra elevated as the CEO and MD of Tata Global Beverages Limited • NIT Odisha developed technology to turn Plastic into fuel • Indian Rupee to be a legal tender in Zimbabwe • Hero MotoCorp launched hybrid diesel 150cc bike • ICC approved introduction of International Women’s Championship • Sumit Malik stripped off gold medal for anti-doping violation • Tunisia’s new government of independents headed by Mehdi Jomaa sworn in • India ranked lowest in International Inte ...
Pre Market Report: Fed has tapered All emerging markets currencies are falling. Indian Rupee is trading closer to Rs 63 Brazil and South African currencies touched 5 year low. NIFTY OPEN 53 POINT GAP DOWN @ 5067 SENSEX OPEN 155 POINT DOWN @ 20491 BANK NIFTY OPEN 150 POINT DOWN @ 10287 Nifty has been trading in the range of 6000 to 6400 for the past many months. So the markets may find support around 6000 even for position trading. US markets are also falling continuously and may find support somewhere around here. In US financial results are not good by most of the companies. Here the financial results are ok. If there is any short covering towards the end of the day, Nifty may expire around 6080 and if there is any panic selling by FIIs then it may expire around 6020 or even 5980.
What do you suppose this will do to the market value of Bitcoins? Feds to sell $28 million in seized Bitcoins Published January 17, The U.S. government announced plans to sell a whopping $28 million worth of bitcoins, the volatile digital currency that’s taking the Internet by storm. Bitcoins are a form of currency, like the U.S. dollar, the British pound or the Indian Rupee. But Bitcoins aren’t tied to any country or even to physical paper or coins at all. Instead, computers “mint” them according to complex algorithms, adding a new coin to a database at a slow but steady rate. The currency’s exchange rate has seen wide swings, soaring up from about $125 U.S. dollars per bitcoin to over $1,000 apiece in late December. They currently trade for around $800. And the Feds will soon sell a massive stash. The huge bitcoin haul -- approximately 29,655 of the digital things -- was formally transferred to the U.S. government several months after it was seized from the server of the black ...
Indian Rupee was lowest in august. 20013 .according to World federation of exchange (wife).Indian rupee was The worst performer among it global peers during The month of august. was fall of 8.70%during The august which is said to be steepest amoung all global currencies .
Rupees free fall continues against the dollar. Wonder what are the reasons behind this? Read on. Reasons why the rupee hit record low against the dollar ….! 1. Fundamental law of economics If the demand for the dollar in India is more than its supply, the dollar appreciates and the rupee depreciates. Demand for dollars may be created by importers requiring more dollars to pay for their imports or by Foreign Institutional Investors (FII’s) withdrawing their investments and taking the dollars outside India, thus creating a shortage of dollar supply, which, in turn, can also increase the demand for the dollar. Similarly, when the supply of dollars in India increases with respect to its demand, the value of the dollar decreases in terms of rupees. Supply can be created by exporters bringing in more dollars from their revenues or FIIs bringing more dollars in India to spur their investments. 2. Price of crude The price of crude puts tremendous stress on the Indian Rupee. India has to import a bulk of her o ...
After ,the gets own sign. Public voted Russian Letter R (like P in Latin), crossed with a horizontal stripe.
Indian Rupee: USD/INR sparked by India CPI inflation rise to 11.24%
Zero-rupee notes are an Indian anti-corruption gimmick now attracting worldwide interest
Contrarians bet on the Indian Rupee -- The 2014 Contrarian Investment Tour, From Rupees to Copper via
Since they left India the Indian Rupee has been doing better. However, South African rand is going through daily u cycles & losing value.
COMEX Copper Steady, Sentiments Broadly Bearish MCX Copper futures gained minutely today as weakness in Indian Rupee and steady moves in global prices dominated the proceedings. The recent updates from US Fed, as evident in the minutes of its last meeting indicated that the improvement in jobless rate actually could make policymakers cut back their asset purchases soon. The global copper futures had edged up from their three and half month lows earlier in the week but cut back on their gains following the Fed update. Stock markets remained in a bearish mode and COMEX Copper is quoting at $3.1635, up 0.13% on the day right now. MCX Copper futures for November trade at Rs 438.50, up Rs 2.35 per kg or half a percent on the day. The Indian Rupee has eased towards 63 per US dollar mark as the US dollar approached its one-week high against the Euro in overseas currency markets. Copper eased last week amid strength in US dollar and worries about the Eurozone economic growth. The economic data showed that the eur ...
The black money that the Income tax department longs for, comes back only to destablise our stock market and Indian Rupee.
Man starts talking to me on train, showing me his stab wounds. He also pulled an Indian rupee out of his pocket dated from 1906.
Baap PC se bada Beta BC shortselling in Singapore resulting to collapse of Indian rupee Must be prosecuted
Great piece by Arvind Subramanian on what saved the Indian rupee
Indian rupee gives up gains closes at 61.27 to the US dollar
Stock exchange in Mumbai is trading at a 3 year high and the Indian rupee is recovering despite anti govt traders trying to sabotage both.
iPhone Pricing Explained: Its the fall of Indian Rupee which is to blame for the high-prices:
Indian Rupee recovered to 61.26/US$ after post statement. The said it'll continue OMC when rumours fled of ceasing it.
General Awareness Topic: How will the listing of Indian firms in overseas markets support Indian rupee?...
Indian rupee rallies to over 2-month high at 60.92 against US dollar - Business Today
Indian rupee slides after reports that RBI will close FX swap window for oil companies
Facts about India Capital - New Delhi • Size/Area - 1,229,737 sq miles • Population - 1 billion • Time Zone - 12.5 hours ahead of CST • Language(s) - Hindi • Currency - Indian Rupee (Rs) • Type of Government - Federal Republic • Current Leader - Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh • Compulsory Education - 6 to 14 years • Literacy - 73% (male); 48% (female) • Religion - Hindu (80%), Muslim (14%), Christian (2%), other (6%) • India is located in Southern Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and Pakistan. • Although India occupies only 2.4% of the world's land area, it supports over 15% of the world's population. Only China has a larger population. • There are an estimated 35 million orphans (all of sub-Saharan Africa has 43 million). 9% of all children in India are orphans. • No country can rival India’s children in need. Of India’s nearly 400 million under 18, over 70 million are child laborers, 10 million are bonded laborers (a form of slavery ...
Indian rupee trading @ 61.64 per $. Bloomberg reported, RBI is in talks with oil refiners on closing dollar-swap window for the company's.
Rupee gains 13 paise against US dollar: An increased selling of the US currency by exporters and banks as well...
The Indian Rupee seems to be slowly crawling out of Retirement.
Rupee below 61/dollar for 1st time in over 2 month. The Indian rupee extended its gains to the highest in more... http:/…
Western Union creates provisions for students to handle rupee slump! Foreign universities to receive direct Indian Rupee payments Western Union Business Solutions, a unit of The Western Union Company, has announced a new service that will allow universities and higher education institutions around the world to accept tuition payments in Indian Rupee. Over 2 lakh Indian students study abroad each year, making India the second largest market for international students in the world after China. Indian students who choose to study abroad grew by over 250% between 2000 and 2009, with overall numbers increasing from 53,000 to more than 189,000 during that period. Western Union's new service will enable participating schools and universities to offer Indian students the option to pay tuition fees in their home currency. It will be offered by Weizmann Forex and Paul Merchants, the two largest Western Union agents in India. Both Weizmann Forex and Paul Merchants will make this product available to students at mult ...
BJP v/s Congress cricket match. Venue - Ghotala Cricket Ground *built under RGBBY (Rajeev Gandhi Bharat Barbaad Yojna)* Commentators - KRK, Ravi Shastri, Agent1947, Agent0015. Umpires - Anu Malik, Navjot Singh Sidhu. Sunny deol (3rd Umpire) Gabbar singh (Match Refree) Spectators - Samajwadi Party(SP), Shiv Sena, JD(U), Bahujan Samajwadi Party(BSP), AAP, RJD and Trinamool Congress(TMC). Coach - Shah Rukh Khan (BJP),Arnab Goswami (Congress) Captain - Rajnath singh (BJP) and Manmohan singh (Congress). Toss - Ravi Shastri - The atmosphere here is absolutely electrifying and secular. Fingers crossed and arms twisted. We are here ready for the Toss. KRK - And all the 2 Rs people kick on your back and a kiss to Indian Rupee. Finally it's going up. In another blow to Modi, BJP lost the toss. KRK - Hi Manmohan ji... what would you like to do? Not with me but in the match. Ha ha. Manmohan Singh (with a smile) - We will like to Bowl first. Baki sab THEEK HAI. Ravi Shastri - So Rajnath? What you would have done?? Wit ...
This 11th October, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Indian Rupee will reach 71..
Here's a comparative analysis of the Indian Rupee vs Pakistani Rupee in August 2013
Indian Govt. honors Shri. Rajiv Gandhi, Shri. Amjad Ali Khan, its women for Rakhi, while Indian Rupee is beaten up and markets take a dump
Indian Rupee hits all time low 64.13 to $. Wonder if Mamohan Singh still thinks space race is worth it! Hope health budgets not targeted
$USDINR Exchange Rate News: Rupee slumped to new record low
Indian Rupee to add on to the market volatility don't bet aggressively in the market if you are a conservative Trader.
Indian Rupee to be replaced by Indian Onion. Dollar to take a pound ing. Indian housewives lose yen for the
Indian rupee approaches record low on skepticism about new government measures:
Rupee recovers from near record lows
India’s exports have surged in the last three months due to the depreciation of the Indian rupee compared...
Indian rupee approaches record low on scepticism about new govt measures
Indian rupee trims losses vs dollar, still down by 25 paise
The Indian is trading around 60.67 dollar, versus its previous close of 60.88/89.
Rupee falls to within 0.3% of record low on concern steps to lure capital won’t be enough to stem currency’s slide |
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Breaking news: Indian rupee's race towards bottom continues. You have to give 75 rupees for 1 kilo Onion.
ISBPL: Markets gain in morning deals, Sensex revisits 19,000: Meanwhile, the Indian rupee has ...
Than Indian Rupee, Onion prices to touch 100 first.
(13/8/13) The Indian rupee trimmed initial gains against the American currency but was still quoted higher by 14 Paise to 60.74 in late.
Indian Rupee getting depreciated day by day , process continues , futures little far from 62 against US$
NDTV reports: The Indian rupee weakened to 61.62 today despite the government announcing several measures yes...
Markets open on a weak note: Meanwhile, the Indian rupee has weakened to to 61.53 to a dollar.
Rupee weakens to 61.62, nears record low
What will touch the 100 mark first ? Onions or the Indian Rupee. . Bookies are you listening ?
The Indian rupee closed below the 61 to the dollar mark on Monday despite a slew of government anno...
No Chidambaram magic here. Indian rupee continues to fall
Indian rupee weakens further on IIP data, USDINR now @ 61.70.
Lack of Government Action Likely to Weigh Further On the Indian Rupee. The Indian Rupee is likely to open lower...
Indian Rupee has been falling recently. MFN could be excess.Trade which allows retalliation at various levels is better.
6572.70Euros. 534231.21 Indian Rupee. Not selling to any other nations. Had an inquiry from NY, sure it was legit!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
FM P. Chidambaram lays out new steps to aid Indian rupee but market isn't impressed
Did you know that one Indian Rupee was equal to US$ 13 in 1917?
The Bottom is not far(i hope ;)?Fresh government remedies fail to stem Indian rupee's slide
FiREapps CEO slated for CNBC Closing Bell at 1:30PST talking Aussie Dollar & Indian Rupee. Tune in live:
The only time the Indian Rupee goes up is during a Toss.
As rupee slides further, Finance Minister P Chidambaram orders immediate arrest of Indian Rupee to arrest its decline
My new post on Sliding of Indian Rupee along with a face lift for my blog.. please.. please read it and share your views and opinions :) @
After sachin tendulkar its the Indian Rupee which is competing with petrol prices to reach 100 first
LOL. - Pakistan stops printing fake 500 rupees notes due to falling value of Indian rupee Published on June 27, 2013 by Amit Bhandari Islamabad, Pakistan. Indian Rupee’s relentless fall against the US Dollar has claimed yet another victim. Pakistan based printing presses, which were earlier printing fake 500 and 1000 rupee Indian notes, have decided to stop printing the 500 denomination due to rising costs. These currency notes were used by Pakistani government to fund terror in India. “The weakening of the Indian Rupee against the Dollar means it’s no longer financially viable for us to print 500 rupee notes,” said Yasin Anwar, governor of the State Bank of Pakistan. 500 Rupees Note Even Pakistan has downgraded the Indian currency “A few years back, an INR 500 note was worth US$12.5, but now its value is just $8.5. At the same time, costs have gone up because of rising paper costs, rising HR costs as employees, fearing terror attacks, leave Pakistan as soon as they save some money, and general ...
Indian Rupee is now 60. A senior citizen.
Indian Rupee has become Senior citizen today. $1=60.76 rupees
Indian Rupee turns senior citizen, crosses d sixty mark.
Dear Vent Act - I notice that this afternoon the GB Pound fell against every currency in the world, except the Indian Rupee. Result!
Whats happening to Indian Rupee.. 1 USD = Rs. 60.70 and still increasing everyday. Prepare for a serious impact in our economy. Start your own Yard, and Farm your own Food , Buy a solar panel and Get lost somewhere Government dont see you.
In 1947, one USA Dollar was equal to the One Rupee. If you study the history of 65 years, you will see that rupee is continually falling. This is not the question of current year 2012. From 65 years, same question are being asked by you and all the economist are giving its simple answer. US dollars' demand is increasing fast than Indian Rupee. It means USA's demand of Dollar is very high than India Rupee's demand. India becomes the only center to issue new notes for fulfilling the demand of USA Dollars. So, Indian currency is depreciating day by day. For learning purpose and for writing the same answer in your exam, this answer is OK. But, I think, there is big conspiracy behind the falling of Indian rupee against US Dollar. 1st Conspiracy After independence, Indian politics and media are trying to make India as second USA. For this, one side, Indian Govt. has decreased the prices of USA products through free trade. Now, you can understand how did one USA dollar get the power of 52 Rs.. It got through dec ...
LIKELY QUESTION FOR IAS MAINS WILL INCREASING TAX ON GOLD IMPORT / OR STOPPING GOLD IMPORT SOLVE THE PROBLEM ? How do we pay for imports? The most important thing that India imports is crude oil – we import crude oil from countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Venezuela etc. and these countries don’t accept the Indian Rupee for payments, they want us to pay them in an internationally accepted currency like the USD or Euro. It would have been great if these countries accepted the Indian Rupee because India can print as many Rupees as they want but India can’t print the USD or the Euro, so we have to rely on other means to get US Dollars. How do we get US Dollars? There are three main ways in which India gets USD. The first one is obvious enough, when we export goods and services – we get paid in USD. The second one is also fairly obvious which is investment. When foreign investors invest in India – they bring in USD and that’s another way to get USD. The third way which is not very apparent is rem ...
Its difficult to tell what is falling more Indian Rupee or Indian National Congress party spokesperson Manish Tiwari.
Nowadays ,there is a competition between whoz falling very low , Indian Rupee or Indian National Congress?
GOLD WEEKLY REVIEW - SPDR Holdings Down 27 Percent In 2013 pressure points were hit and Gold lost almost $ 100 in a single week, down 6.8 percent to settle at $ 1287.6 per troy ounce in the COMEX division of New York Mercantile Exchange. The fear became obvious when the Federal Reserve Chairman indicated that it will close the gates of stimulus package by the end of this year. US employment is on the recovering ground and is forecasted to fall to 6.5 percent by end of 2014. Meanwhile, Indian curbs on Gold imports like increase in import duties to 8 percent will bring results in coming months. Though any drastic demand downturn is unexpected, prices will be moving in tandem to the international exchanges although Indian Rupee looks like a major problem relating to import parity. Rupee tested a all time low of 59.97 in the week. World biggest Gold ETF SPDR has liquidated its portfolio so much that its total Gold has slipped below 1000 tonnes to 989.94 tonnes. The ETF holdings have come down by 27 percent th ...
Considering all the fuss that has been going around about the continuing degradation of Rupee against Dollar, I thought of giving some insights into the issue. First of all, How is currency determined ? In layman terms, if a currency has more demand than its supply, then it is valuable or priced high and if its supply exceeds demand, it is priced low. Suppose, a foreign investor invests his money in the financial instruments in India (e.g stocks, etc) .Now to invest in India, Indian currency has to be used which requires the conversion of the foreign currency to Rupee. Hence, more and more Dollars (say) are liquidated into Indian Rupee. So demand of Rupee increases. So this is an example of how Rupees can be strengthened against Dollars. The real scenario, however, is vastly different. Instead of foreign investments in India, the situation is entirely opposite. Here are the reasons why: •Inflation : Consider a situation where you loan your money to the bank at x% rate of interest. Now, if the inflation ...
Today's bad news : Indian Rupee exchange rate per US Dollar reaching 60 . Today's good news :. India reaching final in champions Trophy
The only time when Indian Rupee goes up is during the toss period of cricket.. :-D
Only thing sliding faster than land in Uttarakhand is the Indian Rupee and in both cases Dr Yum Yum singh doesn't know how to stop the slide.
The only time the Indian Rupee goes up these days is... during a toss!.:)
Very very important . Save the Indian Rupee!!! YOU CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE TO THE INDIAN ECONOMY BY FOLLOWING FEW SIMPLE RULES SET FOR YOURSELF:- Please spare a couple of minutes here for the sake of India. It's true. We can see this in day to day life. Here's a small example:- Before 12 months 1 US $ = IND Rs 46 After 12 months, now 1 $ = IND Rs 58 Do you think US Economy is booming? No, but Indian Economy is Going Down. Our economy is in your hands. INDIAN economy is in a crisis. Our country like many other ASIAN countries, is undergoing a severe economic crunch. Many INDIAN industries are closing down. More than 30,000 crore rupees of foreign exchange are being siphoned out of our country on products such as cosmetics, snacks, tea, beverages, etc... which are grown, produced and consumed here. A cold drink that costs only 70 / 80 paisa to produce, is sold for Rs.9 and a major chunk of profits from these are sent abroad. This is a serious drain on INDIAN economy. We have nothing against Multinationa ...
Congratulations Congress, Soniaji, Rahul ji..your able financial management has ensured the Indian Rupee touching an all time low against the dollar. In a day it declined 107 paise yesterday recording closing low of 58.14 against one US Dollar. This is the clear indicator of high inflation rate and economic slow down.
Why the Indian Rupee is falling against the dollar?
Indian Rupee seems to be in free fall..the govt should work on to reduce Current Deficit instead of food security Bill to increase subsidies
How do they say Indian Rupee is depreciating? Last week, I got only Rs 55 for 1 USD, today I can get 57. It's actually appreciating: Sushil Kumar Shinde
Indian Idol is an adaptation of the Pop Idol format. It started airing in India with the first season in 2004–2005 and followed that with second (2005–2006), third (2007) and fourth (2008–2009) seasons. In February 2010, Sony Entertainment Television announced the launch of the Fifth season. The Fifth season of Indian Idol started airing on Sony TV from 26 April 2010 and concluded on 15 August 2010, when Sreeram Chandra, participant from Hyderabad, India was named the Indian Idol 5. In addition to a recording contract with Sony BMG, the winner of Indian Idol 5 was awarded a one-year contract with Sony Entertainment Television worth Indian Rupee symbol.svg50,00,000, a Suzuki GS-150R motorbike, a Tata Winger Platinum car and a chance to be a playback singer in a forthcoming movie of Yash Raj Films, said a press release issued by Sony Entertainment Television.[1] One of the Top 5 Contestants will also be given the opportunity to become an RJ in Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. The new series sees two new judges ...
NRN sir back to the Infosys board... His annual salary will be 1 Indian Rupee... time to kick some AajTak
In Short – History about Indian Rupee and Its Exchange Rate with American dollar via
Your Guide to Money Matters Money as a means of payment, consists of coins, paper money and withdrawable bank deposits. Today, credit cards and electronic cash form an important component of the payment system. For a common person though, money simply means currency and coins. This is so because in India, the payment system, especially for retail transactions still revolves around currency and coins. There is very little, however, that the common person knows about currency and coins he handles on a daily basis. Here is an attempt to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions on Indian Currency. Some Basics What is the Indian currency called? The Indian currency is called the Indian Rupee (INR) and the coins are called paise. One Rupee consists of 100 paise. What are the present denominations of bank notes in India? At present, notes in India are issued in the denomination of Rs.5, Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.500 and Rs.1000. These notes are called bank notes as they are issued by the Reserve Bank ...
according to Indian channel they've said it police paid the girls dad 2000 rupee to keep quiet
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