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Indian Removal Act

The Indian Removal Act was signed into law by President Andrew Jackson on May 28, 1830. The act authorized him to negotiate with the Indians in the southern United States for their removal to federal territory west of the Mississippi River in exchange for their homelands.

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did you forget about the Indian removal act
History is a long time.. Indian Removal Act? Anyway, it is despicable, hard to ev…
Truth about the Indian Removal Act: the IRA was extremely disliked by the Southern politicians, an…
I'm aware of that. Doesn't discount the thousands that died as a result of the Indian Removal Act.
The Indian Removal Act was signed on this date in 1830. What does it mean today?
From Removal Act, to 7 nations ban went from a blocker to a despot accommodator. Degradation.
GOP working on sleazy transfers to Red States to get votes for that if passed will rate with Indian Removal Act for perfidy.
Indian Removal act/ Trail of Tears and the Short movie series Shaka Zulu.
Having to watch YouTube videos in 144p was part of the Indian Removal Act
There's only 1 Indian Territory in the United StatesDid…
Bernie Sanders called the the most harmful piece of legislation he's seen in his life and that guy voted on the Indian Removal act.
Senate bill is as bad as House bill, so this would be the worst domestic bill signed by a president since the Indian Removal Act of 1830.
And why he left for the freedom of the Republic of Texas after the…
Davy Crockett was a Senator and left to the Republic of Texas after…
You gotta do the knowledge. Look up Indian treaties, Indian Removal Act, 5 doll…
We have Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. How long are we going to act like he didn't pass the "Indian Removal Act"?
It is very likely bcuz that is what happened to many of our GGG's. Look up the…
President Andrew Jackson overseeing the removal of the Creek Indians after the passage of the Indian Removal Act. […
. Known by many as the "Indian Killer" President,. Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act on this d…
If you wanna ignore the Indian Removal Act, then yeah okay
All good (bad?) choices, but picked Indian Removal Act because it's the one we "forget" despite its h…
Man, I hope I don't strike out. Indian Removal Act?
Indian Removal Act probably should be in the running.
It's already happened in our country. Andrew Jackson, Indian Removal Act of 1830. There was one paragraph…
Thinking about the Indian Removal Act, at the National Archives and in the Museum's Exhibitions…
Indian-Killer Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act on Display for First Time via
Today in 1830 Andrew Jackson signs the Indian Removal Act forcing thousands of Native Americans of their land
And they needed the Indians gone to do so. Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act of 1830, meant white America’s “manifest de…
The 1830 Indian Removal Act signed by Andrew Jackson is on view at the National Archives for the first time.
Trump's favorite president was Andrew Jackson A man who approved the Indian Removal Act & causing the Trail…
The history of the infamous "Indian Removal Act" is a study in brutality, deception…
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Andrew Jackson worst present EVER - until YOU that is Indian Removal Act resulted in Trail of Tears
I find it fitting that would compare himself to Andrew Jackson👿, author of the "Indian Removal Act" & the Trail of Tears.
Indian Removal Act, ethnic cleansing of Cherokee, Trail of Tears, rule of law violated for crude profit all blqck-hearte…
Andrew Jackson was responsible for many Deaths through the Indian Removal Act and the T…
Trump would have negotiated for slavery ? Andrew Jackson slave owner responsible for Trail of Tears (Indian Removal Act) !
Trump praises Andrew Jackson, slaveowning prez whose Indian Removal Act led to “Trail of Tears and death”
Jackson's support of the Indian Removal Act ended in the forced relocation of 6 major tribal nations. https:/…
Yea, you're referring to the Indian Removal Act. You know the Trail of Tears stuff.
Continuing his legacy, since all the Indian Removal Act was missing was a wall to keep Native Americans out
i don't care about the "good things" you imagine he did. that man authored the Indian Removal Act. he championed genocide. . face that.
Under the Indian Removal Act, the Cherokee were to be gone in 2-4 years out of GA.
Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act, moving the Indians to the West of the Mississippi River.
How appropriate to visit Pres Andrew Jackson home who pushed passage of Indian Removal Act of Tears nation
Slavery, Indian Removal Act, the atrocities never go away. Trump will lay a wreath at Andrew Jackson's grave Wed.
President Andrew Jackson is known for the Indian Removal Act. Many lives were lost as a result of Trail of Tears an…
Why Andrew Jackson? Because he was a slave owner, killer of Native Americans, & signed the Indian Removal Act, of c…
"...a populist who often spoke about 'the common man' who oversaw the Indian Removal Act..."
Jackson the Indian Fighter, Nationalist, promoter of Indian Removal Act. Trump will lay wreath on Jackson's tomb.
His signature achievement was the Indian Removal Act of 1830.
Read up on the Indian Removal Act of 1830 and the Trail of Tears.
8th grade explains the impact of the Indian Removal Act
Andrew Jackson signed the Indian removal act in 1830. Don't know about your family, my ancestors walked TOT from GA to OK. Fear
it was democrat Andrew Jackson who signed Indian Removal act of 1830. I'm sickened by lack of history of this event.
Andrew Jackson had the Indian Removal Act. Trump has his Muslim Removal Act, Hispanic Removal Act, anyone who disagrees with me
Remember when the Supreme Court vetoed the Indian Removal Act and Andrew Jackson did it anyway? Yeah the Muslim ban is totally gone forever
1830 - The Indian removal act. 25,000,000 acres of land made available for white settlers.
So you want to be "like Andrew Jackson?" He owned 100s of slaves and started Indian Removal Act sending entire tribes away.
Dems have been worse. Jim Crow, KKK, Indian Removal Act, slavery . .
"Jackson’s legacy is also rife with controversy. He signed the Indian Removal Act of 1830, paving the way for...
America's first Democrat, Andrew Jackson, signed The Indian Removal Act...guess what Congressman from TN voted against the law
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Executive order is not an abberation, there is precedent for this across the history of the US. E.g. Indian removal act
Executive Order 13769 will join the Indian Removal Act, the Fugitive Slave Act and Executive Order 9066 as one of America's g…
1830, the federal Indian Removal Act, 1890, Wounded Knee, North Dakota. List goes on!
To some white nationalists, Trump’s executive orders, much like the Indian Removal Act, work to protect the...
Excerpt from the debate on the Indian Removal Act. Capitalism is join or die. Don't tell me about how particularly…
Considering Trail of Tears, Indian Removal Act, Boarding Schools, genocide: he's right -- but Trump probably whitew…
Justice Douglas sided with Cherokee against enactment of Indian Removal Act of 1838, POTUS Andrew Jackson forced Tr…
I have just signed into law the Native American Removal Act. This will allow me to grant unsettled lands in exchange for Indian lands. 👍🏽👌🏽
Currently passing the Indian Removal Act to mark my territory and make some gains
POTUS said "You think our country's so innocent?" Remember POTUS A.Jackson Indian Removal Act. = genocide 4 Indians.
What was the "Trail of Tears" under the terms of the Indian Removal Act of 1830? American History
Republicans condemning Trump's Putin comment need only think of "Cherokee Trail of Tears," "Wounded Knee Massacre" and "Indian Removal Act"
for starters if you don't believe history books, look up Indian Removal Act of 1830
Lrt he chose a portrait of Andrew Jackson in the oval office...the president that enacted the Indian Removal Act & caused the Trail of Tears
What's so different about the Trumps order, from the Policy of DHS, and The American Indian Removal Act of 1830?
that was van burden who executed Indian removal act
Sitting president? Jackson probably made some remarks when he signed the Indian Removal Act
Trumps hero Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act, which coercively extirpated thousands of Natives from their ancestral homelands
1830, Indian Removal Act .. signed to physically Remove Native Americans away from their land in USA.
you 2 rags would crucify Jackson on the Indian Removal Act of 1830 alone; however, you rely on esoteric garble from
Andrew Jackson: founder of the Democratic Party. Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears. The Hill says Trump is…
Native American lived here before us. Did we forget the Trail of Tears Indian removal act
Using American History books? Be sure to include Andrew Jackson's "Indian Removal Act" Not in my sons?
Yes,those who preferd nullification to keep slavery legal or who think the Indian Removal Act was just fine
Large quantities of whiskey to quell populist fervor, no...Resurrect Indian Removal Act & insert Muslim, yes
I will continue to enforce the great Indian Removal Act despite so-called Supreme Court's very biased and unfair ruling!
The inaugural address in 2017 was inspired by Andrew Jackson. He signed the Indian Removal Act 1830.…
The Indian Removal Act of 1830 was a policy of relocating Native Americans from their homelands to reservations. >
The Indian Removal Act in 1830 signed by Andrew Jackson was pretty popular too with Americans.just saying.
that's very insensitive considering we were the first tribe to be affected by the Indian Removal Act.
Apparently you've never heard of Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act.
Andrew Jackson, slaveholder, Indian Removal Act resulting in death of 4000 on Trail of Tears, portrait hung by Trump htt…
1830, Indian Removal Act, the Trail of Tears, did you not pay attention during American History class?
Great another who doesn't know about the Indian Removal Act of 1831. Tomi just another cute b…
You should maybe read into it, it's what caused the decision for Indian Removal Act-against Supreme Court ruling.
Would we still feel the same way about the Indian Removal Act if no one died? Daniel Feller
Listening to Daniel Feller. The Indian Removal Act was the only piece of legislation Andrew Jackson passed. I had no idea.
yes MAD😡 it was wrong, the Indian Removal Act is not humanitarian!!! We are going to fight the Supreme Court!
U are just mad because of the Indian Removal Act. It was in my power and I allowed whites to move onto Cherokee . land.
Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminoles during the Indian Removal Act of 1830... that's a start.
Democrat Andrew Jackson elected President and served from 1829-1837. His first act: Indian Removal Act of 1830.
In 1830 President Andrew Jackson signed into law the Indian Removal Act, which legalized the expulsion of Indigenous peoples from their land
Do you know about Davy Crockett? Indian fighter who opposed the Indian Removal Act of 1830 - called out HATE when he saw it! READ!
Prez Andrew Jackson was founder of Signed Indian Removal Act 1830, Forcibly Relocated Native Americans. Let that sink in! 😡
Soo Donald Trump just compared his campaign to Jackson in 1838 like it was good.. Trail of Tears? Indian Removal Act? White Supremacy?
I fell into an internet rabbit hole about the Indian Removal Act.
The Indian Removal Act resulted in US concentration camps in 1838. Maybe not genocidal but certainly ethnic cleansing.
I would have refrained from doing this,but I had to pass the Indian Removal Act, giving Native Americans land in the Louisiana Purchase
Still writing about Mississippi. Am studying the Indian Removal Act of 1830. . Judgment Day
The Indian Removal Act is passed and Indians have been moved to the Louisiana Purchase. You can now go mine for gold!
Writing about the Indian Removal Act and realizing that not much has changed lmfao
Sam learning about the Indian Removal Act: "such greedy white people." 🙄🙄🙄
The Indian Removal Act would move many tribes (but mainly the Cherokee) from the South to what is now Oklahoma.
186 yrs after the Indian Removal Act caused the Trail of Tears, the feds are still debating the forced removal of Indians…
The beginning of the reservation system really started around when Andrew Jackson signed in the Indian Removal Act of 1…
The Indian Massacre of 1622, the Indian Removal Act of 1830, the Carlisle School in late 1800s, Wounded Knee in 1890, DAPL protests in 2016!
I think of Trump as Andrew Jackson. Helped the economy, but also enforced the Indian Removal Act. Not excited for our envoirment to die too.
I taught my students about the Indian Removal Act, using primary sources. Jackson was very cruel in his treatment.
Indian Removal Act was motivated my money & power. The expansion of land & capital at the expense of indigenous lives. N…
From the Indian Removal Act of 1830 to the mix of capitalism & white supremacy has always taken precedent over…
People NOT knowing history is astounding. "Indian Removal Act" signed by Andrew Jackson. Part of long-term Indian g…
I'd never vote for a party who signed the Indian removal act which forced my people onto reservations
There are 7 generations between me &my ancestors that lived through The Indian Removal Act. Only 3 of those generations I never met.
America been racist. George had slaves. Lincoln woulda kept us as slaves. Jackson enforced the Indian removal act.…
Andrew Jackson's treaties leading up to the Indian Removal Act might disagree
Bringing up removal in 2011. Dedam charged under s78 of Indian Act for giving away lobster,he says. "That's all the government said"
... the Indian Removal Act. Anyone who has admiration for this shameful part of American history is repulsive!
Passed by Congress May 26, 1830. Signed into Law May 28 - History and Text of The Indian Removal Act of 1830
wants to take more land from Natives--Obama’s own Indian Removal Act…
- Come on now:. Democrat George Wallace blocked blacks at U of Alabama. Democrat Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act.
Andrew Jackson is responsible for the Trail of Tears and his Indian Removal Act was an act of genocide
He was key in the slaughter of thousands of indigenous people through the Indian Removal Act / Trail of Tears. Genocidal.
the 17th president, never assassinated, & signed the Indian Removal Act in 1830 whichforcibly relocated a # of native tribes!
Q3) Halting the Indian Removal Act and ending the path of assimilation of NA. Why? It's the right thing to do...
Because blacks came up with the Indian Removal Act that resulted in the Trail of Tears, right? Ok, you still got it.
A civics lesson for "the hornets' nest", Before Indian Removal Act, the first US gold rush was Concord, NC.…
Pres. Jackson eliminated national debt and fought to end the federal reserve system, but also signed Indian Removal Act
s.o.s, who is good with history and knows three good points for an essay on the Indian removal act
The Indian Removal Act was horrendous, breaking of treaties-we have to own up to the bad in history. Much blood on our hands.
your usage of "progress" is the same used by Andrew Jackson to violate treaties & enact the "Indian Removal Act of 1830."
Find out how Andrew Jackson's controversial Indian Removal Act paved the way for the Trail of Tears.
1820 and 1845 tens of thousands of Choctaw Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole forced from their lands under the Indian Removal Act
28 May 1830: US Government passes Indian Removal Act; Tens of thousands of people are forced from their homelands & over 3,000 killed.
The Indian Removal Act was passed in 1830. A history of Native America in 10 artworks https:…
Today in 1830 the House voted to pass the Indian Removal Act--allowed exchange of Indian land, led to Trail of Tears.
On May 26th, 1830 the Indian Removal Act was passed by Congress. Today's politicians continue to sanction the removal of the mar…
On 5/26/1830. The Indian Removal Act is passed by the U.S. Congress; it is signed into law by President Andrew Jackson two days later.
Jackson has a complicated history but Webb shouldn't pretend Indian Removal Act was standard at the time. Was really close vote.
yet he implemented the Indian Removal Act
Andrew Jackson's arguments for Indian Removal Act similar to those of Chrétien and Scott Gilmore today: leave your lands for your own good.
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I'm pretty sure the Native American people didn't want to be kicked out of their homes when he signed the Indian Removal Act.
More like "Most". Indian Removal Act. Trail of Tears. With his Peter Gammons looking ***
Andrew Jackson's presidency is marked by Indian Removal Act, which led to Trail of Tears. His mug has no place on moder…
YES to adding Harriet Tubman to the $20, and YES to removing Andrew "Indian Removal Act" Jackson
Plus the fact that Andrew Jackson, the man that signed the "Indian Removal Act" and killed thousands of Natives is on our $20 bills. Lol.
Andrew Jackson was a slave owner and he signed the Indian Removal Act, putting many innocent Indians to death.
He owned slaves and signed the Indian Removal Act but sure let's keep him on the back.
Indian Removal Act of 1830. The Act provided the President with powers to exchange land with Native tribes and provide infrastructure
Andrew Jackson was a vile and vulgar man...a slave owner who signed the Indian Removal Act...nuff said.
condemnation vis a vis the Indian Removal Act. Also yes remembering figures for their contribution to society is important too.
he needs to stay as a reminder, but is being written out of history by establishment under the excuse the Indian Removal Act
It turns out, I forgot about the Indian Removal Act. Please allow me to apologize for being a terrible human being. Go team Tubman!
Jackson literally signed an act called 'Indian Removal Act' which pushed Native Americans further west out of their tr…
Anyone with an issue with on the 20 go google and Indian Removal Act of 1830
7th grade learning about the Indian Removal Act through role play
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currently preparing material for my history class on Indian Removal Act, Trail of Tears.
This day in history: The Choctaw Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, a first under the Indian Removal Act, is proclaimed (1831)
The cruel racist Indian Removal Act was based on T. jefferson's ideas,but hey he gave free education to white people
You are literally a genocide denier. Go read about the Trail of Tears and the Indian Removal Act.
When the girl in my Native American studies class try's to tell me Jefferson was the pres involved in the Indian Removal Act & not Jackson 🙄
Reading a frenchman's views on the 1830 Indian Removal Act is making me really sad. I really hope there isn't a 2017 Muslim Removal Act.
where were the courts during the Indian Removal Act? Women's sufferage? Civil Rights? you need to grow up if you think laws are infallible
. Andrew Jackson was no Boy Scout he came up with the idea for the Indian Removal Act which killed millions
Trail of Tears Skit in Mr Martin's and Fields' classes. Great job portraying Indian Removal Act!
I get that the Trail of Tears happened because of the Indian Removal Act but it's what the American people wanted
They wanted more land, bam Indian Removal Act. It's why I served two presidential terms, I was the best
Why do I have to use a $20 bill that celebrates a man who wanted to exterminate my people through the Indian Removal Act ?
.Interesting how this increase was around the time of the Indian Removal Act passed by congress in 1830
let's not forget to mention that Andrew Jackson was also an ethnic cleanser : Indian Removal Act.
he woz da 1 who initiated the Indian removal act that led to the Trail of Tears!!??? why is dat fool on u.s. currency
During that time America flourished economically bc of cotton, slaves and credit, credit bc of slaves the Indian removal act helped too
more - Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act into law in 1830 but MVB carried it out in 1838-39.
Thinking about the Indian Removal Act of 1830 today as I consider how some politicians want to make America great again. 😞
I'm reading about the Indian Removal Act. Is it bad that im cheering for the Indians, like when the Seminole totally wiped out the army xD
Lake Calhoun is named after John C. Calhoun, a champion of slavery, hero of the confederacy and author of the genocidal Indian Removal Act
brb tryna get this Indian Removal Act passed so you guys can use the land for cotton
Like Jackson did 2 Natives in Indian Removal Act of 1830. Can you say "Trail of Tears"
Jefferson also implemented the Indian removal act to remove Indians from the carolinas, GA, bama and MS. Ie...Trail of Tears
To all supporters claiming the Feds are stealing your land.I didn't see you at the protest of the Indian Removal Act of 1830.
Wanna talk about unconstitutional removal of your land? Look up Indian Removal Act.
look up Indian removal Act 1830, Indian reorganization act 1934, termination policy of 1954, education not discrimination
completely agree. The Jacksonian era is marred by some pretty horrific stuff. Indian Removal Act etc.
It was fear that made us lockup Japanese Americans during WWII. Fear was an element driving the Indian Removal Act. Let's not repeat
This was Spoken About at My New Hire Orientation: Removal of The Indian Act-. All Because of Self Centered Evil Pigs
BTW it was a Dem POTUS that signed the Indian Removal Act. Just in case you forgot.
Trail of Tears and Indian Removal Act - Webquest with Key - This 6 page document contains a webquest
yes u are right. My history book talks about the indian removal act and the Trail of Tears. Quite the white savior complex.
TDIH John Ross (Cherokee) was born in 1790. Resisted Indian Removal Act & successfully argued his Tribe's case before SCOTUS. US didn't care
The Indian Removal Act was passed by Congress on May 28, 1830, during the presidency of Andrew Jackson.
Even better bc she was native and Jackson did the Indian Removal Act!
"Bring back the Indian Removal Act" Are you uneducated? Ignorant? A horribly disrespectful human being? All of the above?
History teacher: the Indian removal act. Me: so genocide
Hey what are your thoughts on the Indian Removal Act of 1830?
Responsible for the Indian removal act which led to the Trail of Tears
plus he was responsible for the Indian removal act
Ugh, propaganda. We learned about that and so-called "Jacksonian democracy." And ofc the Indian Removal Act/Trail of Tears.
It also included the Genocide of pre-America natives ("Trail of Tears", Indian Removal Act, slaughter of natives..)
The US government tried to EXTERMINATE us, legally and illegally. Can anyone say "The Indian Removal Act of 1830" or reserv…
Thomas Jefferson laid the foundation of the Indian Removal Act. Andrew Jackson insidiously caused The Trail of Tears. http:…
That was called the Indian Removal Act which passed in 1830. And subsequently the Trail of Tears happened.
Little Giant Ladders
he signed the 'Emancipation Proclamation' but also less ceremoniously signed the 'Indian Removal Act'
Good: man led campaign against Indian Removal Act. Not so good: termed a native
series on Presidential Controversies: Andrew Jackson and the Indian Removal Act
5/28/1830: President Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act that led to the relocation of nearly 60,000 people.
Irony, Andrew Jackson denied the request for to stay on their land signing the Indian Removal Act in 1830
1830 Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act. 46,000 indegenous people were removed from their HOMELAND.
Kick Andrew Jackson off the $20 bill, his 1830 Indian Removal Act is a reminder of the genocidal ways.
Jesus, pls refer back to Andrew Jackson, the Indian Removal Act and the Seminole Wars.
Attempted genocide is what happened regardless of intentionality. Indian Removal Act - can't relocate 'em then kill 'em
it's sounds like the "Indian Removal Act" is still being enforced. Thank you President Adams.
Holocaust, slavery, Indian Removal Act, when Columbus killed hundreds of Native Americans just for land, need I say more tho..?
on Andrew Jackson's birthday, we remember how he was singlehandedly responsible for the Trail of Tears via the Indian Removal Act. ***
-- . Pres. Jackson - Indian Removal Act in 1830. Trail of Tears. very sad policy
Treaties with American Indians to end were disregarded by Indian Removal Act of1830
Seriously, Jackson was terrible. Slave owner. Indian removal act. And he was opposed to the Fed. Why is he on our money?
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One of the first laws enacted by the Democrat Party in America was the Indian Removal Act (Trail of Tears) in 1830
And no mention of what a *** Lincoln and Andrew Jackson were. No mention of the Indian Removal Act.
Yall we did this court case in history about the impeachment of Andrew Jackson and we had to defend him bc of the Indian removal act
7th POTUS. Helped create the Democrat party. Brought about the spoils system & signed the Indian Removal Act. Not a fan. Why?
Andrew Jackson was a very racist president who oversaw the truly evil "Indian Removal Act" which forced the...
hold a massive poster that has the Indian removal act on it
missed the point of changing the $20. Andrew Jackson called for & passed the Indian Removal Act of 1830, causing Trail of Tears.
Using a relic as a prop for our Indian Removal Act Persuasive Commercials.
Andrew Jackson can take a hiatus what with the whole Indian Removal Act/Trail of Tears BS. Make way for some ladies!
Signed in 1830, the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek was the 1st treaty signed under the Indian Removal Act
saying Cal is going to out coach Anthony is like saying the crank wasn't utilized during the Indian Removal Act of 1956
The removal of trade barriers and the creation of a single Indian economy was a British act of corruption.
this was inspired by Andrew Jackson? he also was responsible for the Indian Removal Act, and alot of govt cheese.
... to Oklahoma as a result of U.S. President Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act of 1830,
Andrew Jackson up there. Indian Removal Act. Specie Circular & veto of Bank Bill helped lead to 1837 panic.
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Wasauksing's history includes taking in Odawa and Potawatomi pushed north by the U.S. Indian Removal Act
hey mr. McCall, would it be okay if I wrote my paper on the Indian removal act?
"um no, you're still getting off this land." And made the Indian removal act, which made the Cherokee's leave east (Trail of Tears)
1.) Could I write my paper on the Indian Removal Act?
Bank War, Nullification Crisis, and Indian Removal Act. Check out my video on the presidency of Andrew Jackson
Reading the official transcript of Andrew Jackson's message after the Indian Removal Act was signed and-
mine was about Native Americans and the Indian removal act and why they didn't get the "American Dream"
Ever heard of the Indian Removal Act of 1830? yeah, no, me neither, not in school.
Indian Removal Act of 1830? My Cherokee relatives like to tell the story of how my 4xs great grandfather literally sat down and stayed.
I talked about the Indian Removal Act and she said "all leaders have committed atrocities"
In the 1820s, my ancestors were driven off their lands because congress passed the Indian Removal Act.
Indian Removal Act of 2014 was put into action tonight.. see Ya Stephens 👋
yes but to be clear even though Indian removal act was approved by him it didn't happen until Buren's presidency
Tim Bailey, Director of Education, models a class on the Indian Removal Act.
1930 A ran Indians off Their land💀Now trying to erase any trace of them!
The nation built on "Indian removal Act 1830" & "The Trail of Tears", deserves the same fate. History Repeats, you shall see.
I think we oughta have an Indian Removal Act on those clothes you are wearing.
Upset about lessons leading to racist adults, but shares the truth: The Indian Removal Act of 1830
Learn what the Indian Removal Act of 1830 meant in terms of history:
Instead of writing this essay on the indian removal act, I much rather write a 10 paragraph essay on why this class is a joke, and neither..
Davy, not Davey. And he opposed Jackson’s Indian Removal Act (costing him his incumbent seat)
Love the land we get from the Indian removal act
the Trail of Tears results from the Indian removal act that happened bc if manifest destiny,but it wasn't manifest destiny.
Even after Jackson was dubbed as a war hero and went on to sign the Indian removal act, all it proves is that he was bloodthirsty.
Jackson’s Indian Removal Act of 1838 resulted in the Cherokee tribe being marched at gunpoint from Georgia to barren la…
Red Clay State Historic Park encompasses 263-acres of narrow valleys formerly used as cotton and pasture land. The park site was the last seat of Cherokee National government before the 1838 enforcement of the Indian Removal Act of 1830 by the U.S. military, which resulted in most of the Cherokee pe…
I knew I liked Sam Houston Controversy and trial 1830 and 1833 Houston visited Washington, DC, to expose the frauds which government agents committed against the Cherokee.[13] While he was in Washington in April 1832, anti-Jacksonian Congressman William Stanbery of Ohio made accusations about Houston in a speech on the floor of Congress. Attacking Jackson through his protégé, Stanbery accused Houston of being in league with John Van Fossen and Congressman Robert S. Rose. The three men had bid on supplying rations to the various tribes of Native Americans who were being forcibly relocated west of the Mississippi as a result of Jackson's Indian Removal Act of 1830. After Stanbery refused to answer Houston's letters about the accusation, Houston confronted him on Pennsylvania Avenue and beat him with a hickory cane. Stanbery drew one of his pistols and pulled the trigger—the gun misfired. On April 17 Congress ordered Houston's arrest. During his trial at the District of Columbia City Hall, he pleaded sel ...
THE Trail of Tears 4 years ago by Lester Unega Waya The Cherokees in 1828 were not nomadic savages. In fact, they had assimilated many European-style customs, including the wearing of gowns by Cherokee women. They built roads, schools and churches, had a system of representational government, and were farmers and cattle ranchers. A Cherokee alphabet, the "Talking Leaves" was perfected by Sequoyah. "I would sooner be honestly damned than hypocritically immortalized" Davy Crockett His political career destroyed because he supported the Cherokee, he left Washington D. C. and headed west to Texas. In 1830 the Congress of the United States passed the "Indian Removal Act." Although many Americans were against the act, most notably Tennessee Congressman Davy Crockett, it passed anyway. President Jackson quickly signed the bill into law. The Cherokees attempted to fight removal legally by challenging the removal laws in the Supreme Court and by establishing an independent Cherokee Nation. At first the court seeme ...
From our friends at the Zinn Education Project on the horrors resulting from the Indian Removal Act of 1830. (-g)
Thank you for accepting me into your group, I have never traced my lineage however my mother told me her grandmother was full Native American and that during the Civil War her mother and grandmother were held captive by the union army and forced to cook for the calvary. She said that a soldier attempted to enter the bunkhouse through a window to rape them and her grandmother chopped his hand off with a butchers cleaver. She also said that her family had come north into the Ohio river valley to escape Andrew Jackson's raiders after the implementation of the "Indian Removal Act".
It doesn't matter what party you are from; racism is wrong and should not be tolerated. But there is a truth that one party has been consistent in it's hatred and abuse of the minority. From Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act of 1830, Democrats have rejected the equality of minorities and fought against their inalienable rights endowed by God. With the KKK and Jim Crow laws they fought to suppress the Black vote. They fought against Women's Suffrage and against the Civil Rights. Today they fight against the unborn, family, and Christian values. They fight against the right to work and America's exceptionalism. Now they coerce the poor to buy insurance that they cannot afford and deny them healthcare because they cannot pay the premiums. The War on Poverty has only increased the number dependent upon the government: they cannot boast a single city that has prospered under Democrat rule, yet oh, the millions, that are enslaved upon their patronage.
*Mrs. C walks up to ask about our history project*. Rachel: "Were making a game bored about the Indian removal act"
Cherokee Trail of Tears About North Georgia The Trail of Tears Between 1790 and 1830 the population of Georgia increased six-fold. The western push of the settlers created a problem. Georgians continued to take American Indian lands and force both the Cherokee Indians and the Creek Indians into the frontier. By 1825 the Lower Creek had been completely removed from the state under provisions of the Treaty of Indian Springs. By 1827 the Creek were gone. Cherokee had long called western Georgia home. The Cherokee Nation continued in their enchanted land until 1829. It was then that the Georgia Gold Rush became common knowledge. The gold for which Hernando deSoto had relentlessly searched, was discovered in the North Georgia mountains. In his book Don't Know Much About History, Kenneth C. Davis writes: Hollywood has left the impression that the great Indian wars came in the Old West during the late 1800's, a period that many think of simplistically as the "cowboy and Indian" days. But in fact that was a "mopp ...
Here is a brief synopsis of my up coming work, "Spirit of the Wind" Spirit of the Wind is a tale that follows the tattered remnants of a Cherokee tribe during the "Indian removal act" of 1830. As soldiers decimate the population of a proud nation a small band of survivors whom refuse to move west are pursued. In an act of desperation they pray to the Gods for power and guidance. Unbeknownst to them, their prayers are answered but at a cost...The cost is blood...The cost is humanity...
When Andrew Jackson was President, he had what was called the Indian Removal Act. Modern Day Democrats have Planned Pa…
Slavery Indian Removal Act/Trail of Tears Internment of Japanese-Americans for the crimes of Native Japanese pilots. I don't think there's a country in the world with a clean slate.
Andrew Jackson, the worst president in US History, & responsible for defying the Supreme Court & passing the Indian Removal Act, who also happens to be the most Anti-Native American President was the founder of the modern Democratic Party that we are familiar with TODAY! Truth be told.
Could it be that the Indian removal act of 1830 was one of the inspirations of the Holocaust?
Someone read my +2000 word history on the Indian removal act
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